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                                   #@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @#	
		   #@ |||||||        |||||||||||       |||        ||||||||||||||||||      ||||      @#
		   #@ |||  |||       |||            |||             |||          ||| |||     @#
		   #@ |||   |||      |||            |||             |||         |||   |||    @#
		   #@ |||    |||     |||            |||             |||        |||     |||   @#
		   #@ |||     |||    |||||||||||       |||             |||       |||       |||  @#
		   #@ |||    |||     |||            |||             |||       |||||||||||||||||  @#
		   #@ |||   |||      |||            |||             |||       |||       |||  @#
		   #@ |||  |||       |||            |||             |||       |||       |||  @#
		   #@ |||||||        |||||||||||       |||||||||||||      |||       |||       |||  @#
                                   #@                                                                @#
                                   #@                      |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||                     @#
                                   #@                          ||||        ||||                         @#
                                   #@                          ||||        ||||                         @#
                                   #@                          ||||        ||||                         @#
                                   #@                      |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||                     @#
                                   #@                                                                @#
                                   #@ ||||||||||||     |||||||||||||     |||||||        |||||||||      ||||||||||||    @#
                                   #@ |||          |||       |||    |||  |||      |||           |||         @#
                                   #@ |||          |||       |||    |||   |||    |||            |||         @#
                                   #@ |||          |||       |||    |||   |||   |||             |||         @#
                                   #@ ||||||||||||    |||       |||    |||   |||   |||             ||||||||||||   @#
                                   #@ |||          |||       |||    |||  |||    |||             |||         @#
                                   #@ |||          |||       |||    |||||||      |||            |||         @#
                                   #@ |||          |||       |||    |||  |||      |||           |||         @#
                                   #@ |||           |||||||||||||     |||   ||||      |||||||||     ||||||||||||    @#

Delta Force 2 Walkthrough

Created on 29/03/2001 by Geodeath   [email protected]



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and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically
mentioned in this FAQ. To continue, this FAQ and everything included herein
is protected by International Copyright Laws.


This game is DYNAMIC. What the hell does this mean?
This means that when i say there is a soldier at your left, it could be wrong!
This is because there is some AI, so if you play as i played the game will be
exactly the same!
If for example you alert a base that i didnt, dont be surprised to see loads
more soldiers coming
in. So when i give locations of enemies, be wary but not CARELESS!
Also there are some words i use through the faq that you may not understand.
There are:

"waypointing"  This means, follow your waypoints. Every mission has a map.
On each map there are waypoints
set for your convenience. So when you see this term just follow the road to
your next waypoint.

"unleash hell mission"  This means that the mission you are playing contains
FAR more soldiers
that i could pinpoint (and this faq would be 1 mb longer!) and that it is rather
If you got a mission that you must kill everyone, i dont think you actually
need help, cause
most of the time enemies are presented on the map!

I plan on making some more faqs too..... I 've already finished sin and it is on
the bounty faq list too. who knows, maybe delta force 3?????
i have done 1, now 2, so i dont think why not to do the third one!!!!!


I would like to say that Due to some idiots out there my email account has
been hacked and shut down. So, i made another free one but this time on a
lame site, so i wont have to worry about it being destroyed or anything.
This of course , means slower reply times. If some of you cannot understand
what a private mailbox is and what it can hold, then just wait for your reply
If anyone wants to contact me for any reason, my email is:
[email protected]
Here i would like to state that i DONT PLAY MULTIPLAYER DELTA
FORCE 1 OR 2!!!!!!! So questions about multiplayer wont be ignored, but i
wont be able to help.
I will be more than happy to solve some problems you got with the specific or
not game,
and to receive credit and suggestions and complaints for what i did.
My greetings and thanks go to everyone that emailed me about the faq and to
say their opinion, as well as all the guyz that sent an email anyway.
This is the best way to know your faq has been appreciated.
Remember that when you see you first email about your first faq.




Mission 1

1) Cold storage

Well, this mission is simple - what would you expect for the first of the game?
Move north to reach the base. You may find a "something like a truck" on the
way. If you do stand by it and shoot the 2-3 soldiers that snipe at you from
inside the base. Else just walk as much as you need to be able to see clearly
tha base. Then kill everyone visible. Instead of procceeding to the left hand
gate as indicated by the waypoint, just head to the rightmost one. This way
you can take the buildings one by one clockwise and safer. :) Enter the first
building. By its entrance there is a guard. Kill him. There are 2 rooms ahead.
The second one contains a soldier. Killing him frees a hostage. Continue
moving inside the house. You will reach something like a ladder. It is! Climb
it by jumping till you reach its end. If your teammates do their job corectly
there is going to be only one soldier on top of the tower. Else you are gonna
face 2 snipers. They are surprised to see you there so take your time. Then go
back and enter the next house. (clockwise). You will find a soldier by its end.
Kill him and continue to the next. There are 2 soldiers inside, one by your left
hand and one at your right hand as you enter. Killing them frees more
hostages. Then go for the central building, that looks like an igloo. As you
approach the door, there is a soldier in front of you in the second floor. He is
the only one visible for now. Head left till you can see a door. Inside are 4-5
soldiers that keeps shooting all the time. Eliminate everyone and go outside
again. There is a soldier at the back of the igloo. By the time you kill him
another bunch of soldiers arrive from your north so zoom and be prepared.
After the are killed, the mission is over.

Mission 2

2) Whiteout

This mission is fairly somple too. All you have to do is to eliminate all
soldiers in the area. Move southwest. by the time you pass the second
waypoint you can see a soldier in front and a little right of you. Kill him and
continue moving on your waypoints. By the time you see the village in the far
south, zoom and look for soldiers nearby. There are 2-3 soldiers that keep
moving around that area so be careful. Then continue moving to the village
keeping in mind the two soldiers that are located at your left, one at a close
range and the other far away. As you arrive at the village zoom again and kill
the soldier by the second chopper (not the one that took off) by your right.
Then continue to the village, entering the tents clockwise (always!) so you can
clear these tents one by one. There are soldiers in EVERY tent! Also keep a
look on the map. It presents enemy locations. With the map as a guide and the
clockwise "technique" clear every soldiers presented on the map. No tricky
Mission complete.

Mission 3

3) Air mail

No tricky parts here too. You got to search a base for a package. You wont
find it so dont despair if you dont! Its a scam. Move along your waypoints till
you can clearly see the tower north of you. Zoom in and kill the 2 soldiers one
at the left handed tower and the other at the right handed tower. Then
procceed to the next waypoint. WARNING! All enemy soldiers wear BLACK
clothes! So be EXTRA EXTRA careful when you run. You might be shoot
down and never find out where from! By the time you can see the village with
the 2 planes zoom in again and kill everybody on the towers first, then
everyone visible, and then go down the hill and take every house clockwise to
see where the package is. You are going to find small resistance though. No
package can be found in the houses, so go for the planes. Be careful! There is
always a soldier in the plane(in both planes) and sometimes you will find 1-2
around it! Package not in the planes too! Then head up the big tower. I bet
you 'll have already killed the soldiers up the tower so take it easy. You wont
find no package here too. Then your teammates speak to you via radio to
inform you to go to the extraction point for immideate removal.
Mission complete.

Mission 4

4) Demolition 101

Well,well,well!!!! A difficult mission! The whole idea is: You must destroy
all vehicles (3 trucks), all boats(2 patrol boats) and the helicopter located at
the base. BUT! While the helicopter and the boats are exposed, the 2/3 of the
trucks  and the 2 tanks are a bit hidden. What you must do: Move north of you
till you hear someone say that you should watch for patrols. Then zoom and
kill the 2 teams of 2 soldiers each. Then turn right and kill the third team that
arrives from the mountains. Then go where they came from and continue
walking towards the river till you can see the boat. Then walk step by step to
see the two soldiers by the boat. Kill them and take out your laser designator.
Point at the boat(Only if you have the zoom enabled you will be able to use it)
and fire! But keep your crosshair where you want the strike to take place, or
you could miss an airstrike! When you hear the bomb coming down its ok to
take your crosshair wherever you like! After the first boat is down, zoom in
and take out the soldiers on the towers and everyone visible (there are at least
10 soldiers running around the base!). Then again, take out the designator and
this time target the second boat. BOOM! Then without even moving target the
first tank (it is a small one with a gun on top of it, it is located near the second
boat in the middle of the two houses) and destroy it. Then strafe right and
target the chopper. It is the leftmost vehicle and it is approximately 380
metres from you. Dont worry, it will be destroyed. After the chopper is down
too, target the second tank (it is located left and forward of the chopper, it has
a big tree in front of it so you may need to search a little to find it), it is
approximately 355 metres from you. Then if you wish you can destroy the
first truck. If you want to do it by hand go on. After you manage all this
oddysey, DO NOT follow waypoints! Just turn left and head far forward!
Walk for a long time then turn right and go towards the river so you can pass
it safely (if you try to pass the river close to the base, it is more likely that you
will replay the mission from the start :) ). After you pass the river go to the
base slowly and carefuly. Always with the map on your eyes watch for nearby
soldiers.  When every close soldier is eliminated approach the silo-like
building paying attention to soldiers coming out of the houses at your right. If
anyone comes out just shoot. Enter the silo-like building and kill the two
soldiers inside. Then exit it carefuly so you can kill the insiders of the house
in front of it. Enter that house and kill any remaining soldiers inside. Then go
out of it watching (as always!) for soldiers coming out of the other houses.
Then proceed to these houses and enter one by one. The one with the crates
inside hold 2 soldiers behind the crates. After you clear ALL the living and
moving af the base destroy the trucks by designating them, or by throwing
grenades. After all vehicles, trucks, tanks and the helicopter are destroyed you
will recieve a message to proceed to extraction point. Do so and your mission
is over!!!!! WHOA! It took me 3 hours to get the exact strategy!

Mission 5

5) Hold up

In this mission you got to stop a convoy's trip to search for a package. Here is
what you need to do: When mission starts forget everything presented on the
map, let it be enemies or anything. Move on your waypoints as fast as you
can. When you arrive at a point where in the map you see a small  cros with a
ton of enemies behind it you are near the convoy! But the first and last vehicle
is a tank like these in the previous missions (1 shot ny these mean death). See
their heading and then quickly leave a satchel charge on thei way and MOVE!
when the tank is at a close range with the satchel blow it using the detonator.
The convoy then stops movement. You then can take your time to kill all the
soldiers accompanying te convoy. They are 10-15. Then destroy the trucks
one by one with your grenades. Behind the last truck, there is the second tank!
Make it see you by closing on it a little and then MOVE! It will continue
shooting at the same way except if it sees you again! So close on it again from
another direction and deploy a satchel charge close to it, get moving and blow
this off too. Then search the trucks one by one. You will hear a teammate
saying to approach extraction point. Mission complete!

Mission 6

6) Blind side

In this mission you got to destroy the communication stuff in an enemy base.
Move onto your waypoints. By the time you see the first enemy in your map
close to you kill him. Then there are 2 more one at your left as you pass by
the lake (always look at the map!!!) an one in front and a little right. Then
proceed to the tall tower and clib at its end. there are 2 soldiers on top of it.
Kill both then stay there and snipe at everyone visible and kill him. Then get
down and go into the base. Remember that there is a soldier in every sandbag
in the base. Take the houses clockwise again and clear everything remaining
(2-3) soldiers. Then destroy the dishes located at the entrance of the base
using your grenades. Then head up the hill to kill the remaining 5-6 soldiers
with your teammates assistance. Once everybody is dead you can leave a
satchel charge at the bottom of the 2 antennas and blow them both off. The
extraction point is nearby. Mission complete.

Mission 7

7) Special delivery

This mission requires that you locate a piece of the virus and eliminate all
enemies so the biohazard team can acquire the virus. So lets go. Move on
your waypoints always using the map, and kill everyone tha gets in your way.
There are very few soldiers and this mission is the dullest yet. Just kill
everyone in your way (the map say it all!) and enter the house presented with
a square on the map. This house contains the virus. Take the briefcase and
then enter the huge cottage by which the orange car is parked. Kill the 2
soldiers inside and wait for the choppers to arrive. When the choppers land
follow the white-suit guyz that enter the house that contained the virus. The
only thing that remains to finish the mission is to move to the extraction point.
Mission complete!

Mission 8

8) Power trip

Your objective here is that you catch an enemy officer before he escapes via
chopper. Sounds simple? It is! But! There are 2 things you should remember.
This mission is timed. This means that if you are too late, mission failed. The
second thing to remember is that, because the mission is timed you must
hurry. So, do not move everywhere and shoot whatever visible on your map!
As you start, move forward till you can see the 3 soldier team north of you.
Kill everyone and after a few steps zoom again to shoot a soldier in the far
north hill of you. Then continue running there. Keep in mind that there are 2
soldiers by you. Sometimes they see you some other not. I generally left them
as they were. When you reach the point the turret is visible kill the sniper on
top of it an go to it. When you are at the turret look your map. You need to
find a place that sees everything over the area with the ton of red and green
marks on your map. Find such place, but beware of the spikes! There are rods
nailed to the ground that will kill you instantly! Walk SLOWLY! Well, when
you find the place, zoom in and kill the soldiers at the sandbags, the 2 moving
soldiers, the 4 soldiers on the boat (2 in front and 2 at the back) and then kill
everyone remaining around the base. There are also : 2 sandbagged soldiers
north of you and 1 directly beyond your level. Then proceed carefully to the
center of the base and enter the second tent. There are 2 soldiers inside. The
second one is a foe. Kill him! The first one is the leutentant you must capture.
Just by walking to him, he starts moving to the boat. Follow him quickly, as if
the boat leaves without you, mission failed! When you are on the boat with
the leutentant simply crouch and let the time pass, until you can see on the
map that you are closing to the next shore. When you do, just look out of the
window and when you can see a soldier shoot at him! When the boat stops
moving, stay inside the boat and kill from there. There are 2 soldiers in each
house, 2 soldiers nearby that you should kill while the boat is moving, and
sometimes there are 2 more soldiers just behind the first's house ladder. If you
want you can enable night-vision mode (button N) and look at the house
entrance. It is easy to spot people like that. When every soldier is dead (there
is a total of  8-10), the mission is complete!
Trick: If you have reach the leutentant, and the chopper is very near, go on!
Dont stop the mission! I have achieved victory even when the choper was
already landed!

Mission 9

9) Counter punch

This one is a small and easy. But it is at deep night! For that reason you
always should wear your night-vision goggles (button N) and be extra careful.
You dont have to do anything special, just move along your waypoints and
kill everyone on your way. The tricky parts are two : The central base, holds
2-3 soldiers in a tent, but when you try to get closer to the tent 2 teams of  3
soldiers each, approach your position. Nothing difficult again, just wait and
shoot. Then proceed to the central tent, but enter it through the right entrance,
as if you attempt to enter it from the left one, soldiers from a nearby tent
northeast of you will start firing at you. Kill everyone inside and then proceed
slowly to the tent i spoke off before. There are 4-5 soldiers around it but be
careful as if you kill one, another gets out of the tent. When everybody is
killed, the mission is over. Not that difficult.

Mission 10

10) Sleight of hand

This mission requires that you intrecept and destroy a convoy. Move on your
waypoints after you land, killing the 2 soldiers at the top of the hill at your
left, and the 2 soldiers around the house. Then continue on your waypoints,
keeping in mind 3 soldiers in front of you as you approach your 3 waypoint
and 3 more opposite of them. Then climb the hill and move in a paralell style
with the convoy, as to not been hit by the tanks of the convoy.After 2-3
minute of walking whith 2 soldiers around (see your map!), you will come
accross your team in the map. Then someone says that it is a trap. Keep clam
and shoot the soldiers coming in. They are 3-4. When thery are dead head for
the extraction point even if not told so and wait for the chopper to arrive.
Mission complete.

Mission 11

11) Hourglass

Here, you must diffuse a bomb before it explodes. It is located on a factory
nearby your insertion point. 2 teams of soldiers approach your position as you
start, so be prepared and shoot. Then continue along your way and kill the 2
soldiers on your right hand and 2 more in front of you by the two trucks. Then
head for the factory. If you are lucky, your and your enemies fire wont set the
bomb off. There are around 10 soldiers in the houses. Wait for your
teammates to arrive and kill everyone, taking out the houses one by one. If
you hear explosions but the mission is not over, its ok. When the factory is a
bit clearer head for the center of it. Within the big white buildings-silo there is
a truck. Just behind the truck, on a barrel is the bomb. Touch it and its
mission complete.

Mission 12

12) Whistle stop

On this mission you must get on a train, and kill everybody on it, so it will not
stop at their camping. What you must do : From the start, head on your
waypoints, and board the train by jumping on it. Start moving on the train and
kill everyone onboard. After the first house on your right, there are 2 jeep
vehicles that will try to shoot you. Shoot them before they get a chance and
move onto the next train-vagon. Actually the train part is no difficult. You just
have to keep shooting everyone you see and keep moving till you reach the
first set of vagons. You should stay there for two reasons :
1) There you have some kind of support if you stay crouched. Remember that
you are going to pass through 2 camps with that train!
2) Just after the first camp 2 sets of jeeps and one chopper will come after
you. If you stay there it is almost immposible for them to kill you.
When you see the 2 sets of jeeps coming, kill the soldiers on top of them.
They 'll stop following you. Then turn back to see the chopper coming. Take
out your law weapon and shoot it! you got only 2 rockets so i would suggest
you notice its movement first before you decide to fire. When the chopper and
the jeeps are off, the train will be close to the next camp. When passing the
camp, just keep lowered into the train and shoot the two guyz at the top of the
building in front of you so they cannot hit you even after you passed the
camp. When the train is off the second camp tha mission is complete.


Mission 1

13) Claim jumper

This is a "kill everybody" mission. Nothing tricky to say really. But you
should be aware of :
1) There are 4 soldiers at sandbags as you reach for the base.
2) There is a soldier at the top of the tower among the three factory like
3) There are AT LEAST 2 soldiers in every tent and house.
There are soldiers not presented in the map, so be extra careful.
Good luck.

Mission 2

14) Critical mass

This is a "save the hostages" mission! You should move forward to the fort,
till you can see its walls. When you can, you should be able to zoom into the
heads of the soldiers around the walls. If not walk a little more and try again.
When you can see enemy soldier's heads shoot them all and then take out your
grenade launcher and shoot at the tanks 3-4 grenades in order to destroy them.
If you can see only one tank, the other one is in the base. Move closer to the
base keeping in mind 2 soldiers among the first two houses on your right.
Then take the houses one by one anti-clockwise in order to find where the
hostages are being held. One nice advice is that you look through the house
windows before entering so you know from the start if the room contains any
hostage, cause if it do, you should be shooting more carefuly.
Anyway, when you find the hostages, just move on to the extraction point.
There is something else i forgot. There is another tank inside the base on the
nortwest corner. Take out your law weapon and simply blow it up!

Mission 3

15) Super nova

This mission is really straightforward.
You got to eliminate everyone around the uranium factory.
From the start head on your waypoints till you can see a bunch of soldiers in
your left. Then move there and take out the soldiers outside the house first (5-
6) then take out the ones in the house. Then proceed CAREFULLY to the
base and kill one by one and quickly! There are not that many soldiers but
they are well placed, so one wrong step and you lose.
Tricky parts:
There are ALWAYS soldiers at the top of the factory buildings! Be careful
and shoot them down. Then take out the buildings one by one to clear the
remaining soldiers inside.
beware! there are soldiers up the towers that is hard to see. If you feel brave
enough, i would recomend playin the mission with a sniper rifle.
Tip : you can have the truck cary you to the first camp. Just hop in the truck
and wai till it gets there. But be warned! It is SLOW! There may be a way to
go to the main base in the truck....

Mission 4

16) Broken arrow

This is a "destroy the convoy" mission!  What you have to do is that:
After your insertion, head to the waypoints killing the 3-4 soldiers that come
in your way as you approach each waypoint, and prepare your law weapon for
a chopper coming on you. When you see the chopper hit it with the law.
Then without putting your law away, hit the first vehicle of the convoy, which
is a tank. Then take out the saw again and kill the nearby soldiers. There are
7-8 soldiers total around the convoy, something easy for the saw! Then
carefully approach each of the2 remaining tanks and hit them with the law.
Finally stay around just in case a soldiers comes. Mission complete!

Mission 5
17) Fallout

This mission is a "kill everyone" mission. It is really easier than the previous
one of its kind. I highly suggest you use the barret 0.50 sniper rifle!
Well, go as close as needed to see the soldiers on top of the tower, then zoom
in and kill them both. There is another soldier in that tower too, remember it
for later. then take out everyone instantly visible and proceed slowly taking
out everyone coming for you. When you can see the hangars, zoom in and
turn the night vision on too, so you can see clearly :). Take out everyone in
your sight and proceed to the tower. Climb to the top of it and kill the third
Then, from up the tower, snipe on the buildings and kill everyone you can see
behind the windows. Then just go explore building to building the rest of
them and your extraction chopper arrives. The place the chopper comes is full
of enemies. Kill them and go to the extraction point to finish the mission.

Mission 6

18) Voodoo

Oh no! another "kill everyone mission"!
I wont give specific info but just some handful information.
There are 2 houses that hold at least 2 soldiers in the first floor and 2 more in
the second. there are towers. On each tower there is a soldier. After you have
passed the first part with the two houses head up the hill to find a soldier on a
tower and 2 more just below it. There are 4 soldiers inside the building with
the dish on it, in the first floor and 2 in the second. Remember that by the
chopper there are 2 soldiers. Also, there is a tower in the distance that holds a
soldeir , which must be eliminated for the mission to complete.

Mission 7

19) Pinpoint

A "take the laptop" mission. Just after you start head on your waypoints. when
you reach the base, kill everyone that is an immediate threat to you, and then
reach for the houses. There are 2 soldiers in and around EVERY house. But
no need to be scared. you got the powerful saw weapon. Just go round-wise
every house and keep firing. I guarantee you that no man will be alive after
you do so. Remember that this weapon can pass through wooden houses!
Anyway, the laptop is located at the fourth house in order. No other threats
are present. Go to the extraction point. But just before you reach it an enemy
plane plans to throw paratroopers! You got one shot with the law. If you miss
dont worry, your enemies in air wont shoot you till they reach ground, so
move quickly and you wont have a single scratch!

Mission 8

20) Supply line

WHAT? This must be some kind of a joke! I havent seen an easier mission
for a long time! You *simply* have to approach the base, kill a chopper and a
tank from a safe distance with the law, and kill the >10 soldiers around!!!!!!!!!
The only hint i am going to give you is that the big building right of you as
you enter the base contains 2 soldiers and that if you succeed to enter the base
without being killed, you can stay there, as the chopper cannot fire at you! I
dont think anyone needs anymore advice on this one..... Even your teammates
join you!

Mission 9

21) Broken wing

This mission requires your absolute speed or your absolute stealth!
The reason? There is  a chopper that is going to hunt you down, without
having any kind of real defence against it, and you must destroy every mig-29
you find at the base. So, you are fast, or silent and careful! I went for the fast
one. So, run like hell and AVOID all possible visual contact with the chopper,
for if it sees you, it is not going to go away till you're dead! Then proceed the
the base, clearing everyone around you, and enter the base, heading for the
silver-painted silo-like buildings. There should be 2 migs located inside these
silos. One at each silo. There is however, an empty silo you should avoid.
As you enter the base, the migs were located for me at the first and last silo
(in case the location of them is random). Leave a satchel charge by them and
blow them sky-high. Then leave immediately for the extraction point.
Generally this mission doesn't have any real resistance except for the chopper,
so if it didnt see you, you are almost done.

Mission 10

22) Knockout

This mission is VERY DIFFICULT and the reason is that enemy soldiers
appear literally from anywhere! And if this was already little, they can HIDE
in the terrain!!!!!! You will sometime encounter shooting and you wont find
from! So please be extra careful and proceed slowly! So, start. At the long
road to your left there is a tank and a soldier. You can destroy the tank and
kill tha soldier but i didnt, cause the laser designator is limited to 2 shots and
the law has another 2 ONLY. Head up the hill. You may encounter a soldier
in the procees. Stand on top of it and snipe on the opposite bunker to take out
the two soldier looking around. Then kill everyone around the first sam
launcher and take out your lase-designator. Target it and wait till it is
destryoed. Move slowly close to the second one and do the same procedure.
There is one more, this time located a little heigher of you. Destroy it with 2
grenades. Then head a little lower to find the two camper-van-like vehicles
that carry a large anntena like structure. These need a grenade each to be
settled off. Then you must capture the general. To go to the place the general
is located however, you must pass through HELL. There is an enemy outpost
that must be cleared of before you can go on. There are 2 buildings in front of
you. The one is a house like and has a soldier inside and the other is a silo and
has 2 soldiers. When you approach the silo remember to shoot a guy in the
distance by some barrels. Then turn right and kill 2 soldiers coming your way
up from the hill. Then you are clear to go. When you reach the next bunch of
buildings kill the soldiers in side the house straight to you and then snipe at
the soldier on top of the left handed building. enter this house and go for the
second floor. There is a soldier waiting for you as you turn right at the stairs
of the seond floor. When he is killed, approach the general and escort him
outside to the chopper. You are then free to go to the extraction point. Go and
the mission is complete! PHEW!!!!!!! was that easy????

Mission 11

23) Mission control

This mission is kinda easy if you are careful to my instructions!
So, lets start. If you move to your waypoint strickly, you want have to
encounter anyone! When you reach the village, enter the big house. There are
2 soldiers in it. The one is by the door and the other one is left of the entrance
by the left most wall. In this house there are all the hostages. The only thing
you must do now is sweep the area of terrorists so the hostages can be freely
ascorted. Opposite of the house entrance is a camouflaged tent. There are 2
soldiers in it. Each at one part of the tent, left and right. Shoot everywhere
near them, the bullets will pass through the tent. then take out any soldier by
the house and the kill the lone soldier that is inside the other camouflaged
tent. The mission is complete!!!!!

Mission 12

24) Steel coffin

This is an easy mission too. You got to destroy every vehicle except trucks
you find in the enemy base. Just as you start 2 soldiers see you and start
shooting. Kill them and continue to the base. When you reach the perimeter,
move around the perimeter killing everyone you can. Ths is the safest method
i have tried for this mission. First go for the soldiers in the turrets of course.
Then head on the perimeter. When you reach the other end of the base, enter
it and turn right to enter the first silo. Enter it from behind, cause if you try to
enter it from the front the tank will shoot you. Approach it and throw 2
grenades at it. Then head for the next silo. There is a soldier before the silo
entrance and another one will come after you enter. When you enter kill 2
soldiers located one at the left side of the building and the other at the right.
The leave a satchel charge and detonate it. Then head for the outside where a
whole bunch of enemy armor is located. Be on your knees, as one tank may
be alive and if it is it will start shooting at you. Leave a satchel charge here
Detonated it. Then leave another one close to the vehicles not destroyed by
the first and detonate it too. If have done as i said, the only remaining vehicle
will be a tank located by the nearby house's entrance. Destroy it too using 2
grenades, and head on the house near the tower. enter it and kill everyone.
There should be 3-4 soldiers. One by the entrance, one by the stairs on the
second floor and one at the top floor. When you have killed everyone the
mission is complete!

Mission 13
25) Scorched earth

This one is the last!!!!!! The whole idea is that you must secure a missile so it
is not launched. To do this you must :
Follow the waypoints killing everyone you can see in the distance. Just after
you start you will see a tank and three soldiers. Kill the soldiers then approach
the tank and blow it using 3 grenades. Then head for the base. When you
reeach the base, wait for your teammates to come too. Then enter the
command center (the big one, obviously) and kill the two soldiers to your left.
Explore the place to see if there is anyone alive. Then climb the ladder to the
top of the building. Kill the soldier in the room (he is at the lowest left
Get down the building, and pay a visit to every house and bunker there is.
There are ALWAYS soldiers at bunkers!!!! at least one. Then follow the
waypoints to the launch area. In the meantime you may encounter a tank and
some soldiers. If you do, just kill the soldiers and run away of the tank, axceot
if you feel lucky. As you go to the launch area you will find 3 enemy soldiers
around. Kill everyone. Before you get to close to the launch area inspect the
place a little and fire around where you think that soldiers are located. There
are soldiers at the too of the buildings, but the most soldiers are located on the
launch tower, one at each floor. So keep firing from a distance so when you
get close thing should be easy. To climb up the tower, find its rear side and
climb the ladder. Keep climbing stairs till you come to the topmost. On the
top top of the building there is one soldiers waiting. Killing him should end
the mission, alse try to find nearby soldiers not taken "care" of.
Congratulations you've finished the game!!!!!!!!
But, hey novalogic, whats with the "no-ending" style?????
Even delta force 1 had not a finishing video or something, WHAT IS
anyway....lets hope land warrior has one......

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