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   wanted dead or alive

    walkthrough v0.1


       by molotov




A. Introduction

1. Characters

2. Averall Gameplay

B Walkthrough

1.  And Old Friend

2.  Southern Comfort

3.  Smoke Signals

4.  Hang´m High

5.  Doc McCoy´s Cabin

6.  High Stakes

7.  A Woman´s Weapons

8.  Into the Lions Den

9.  Like a Thief In The Night

10. Lullaby For Four Aces






A1 Characters

a. John: - the main character, you can enter your own name at the beginning of the

           game but everebody will call you John anyway.

         - tools:   -revolver with 6 bullets

                    -hand, so you can knock your enemies out without having them killed

                     BUT: unconscious enemies wake up after a short period of time...and they will!!! sound the alarm

                    -knife, very effective silent short distance weapon

                    -watch, to attract enemies to a certain location

         - skills:  -John can carry dead or knocked out bodies

                    -after each throw John has to get his knife back

                    -after each use of the watch you have to get it back

                    -excellent in silent killing and carrying bodies out of sight

b. Sam  - your first partner, after saving him in Southern Comfort

        - tools:    -shotgun, very effective, altough at short range

                    -rope, for tieding up enemies, after being knocked down by John

                    -dynamite: very powerfull,but very very loud

                    -snake: very funny tool, just experiment with it. always get it back after use

                    -tnt: great distruction power,can only be used on special locations

c. Doc Mc Coy - another of your alies, you must save him first in Hang´m High.

              - tools: rifle with sniper mode

              - gas: an excellent tool with "balloon" mode, suitable for getting rid of enemy groups

              - medikit heals 20 points

              - "fake doc" another tool to attract enemies

d. Kate - small pistol

        - cards .... alias queen of hearts

        - mirror for blindig enemies for a few seconds

        - womans weapon... for attracting enemies

        - kick: similar to john´s hand

A2 Overall Gameplay

- If anybody of your partners gets killed the mission is lost and you have to start all over, ofcourse if you have

  a save you don´t. So be sure, all of you characters are in safe places even if you just playing with john on the

  other side of the map. You never know if somebody will pass by .

- save often: mostly when you are in critical locations you will often make mistakes and timing is sometimes realy


- The best tactic is to kill your enemies as silent as possible, so you don´t have to deal with huge enemy troops

  which come out of building after alarm is been sounded or you just have been spotted.

- use silent weapons, like john´s knife, hands and gas. after using gas or KO do not forget having Sam tieding

  up the unconscious bodies. silent also means crouching and walking, NOT running. When you run, the enemy will hear

  you and look in your direction.

- In some missions you will encounter civialians, you MUST NOT killed them. But if you act aggresively they will

  look for help and you in troble. If there is somebody in your way just knock him down and tie him up with Sam,

  and he will never make troubles again.

- After tieding up enemies, be sure that their friends won´t find them, because they will set the free...

- Always try to atack the enemies one by one. If it is not possible use gas. More than three enemies at the same

  time means you are toast. And believe me, they shoot much much better than you do.

- try to save your special tools for harder missions. most of all tools like: gas,sniper-rifles etc. Use them wisely.

B Walkthrough


1. An old friend


- just a training mission for John, just follow the instructions and everything should be fine.

2. Southern comfort


- You start in the left top corner of the map, press m - this puts your mini-map on screen

- Sneak on to the nearest enemy and kill him with your knife and carry him to where sam is lying.

- Hide in the small cabin on the left

- Time you attack well and as soon as the man turns away from you...just walk behing him and again kill him with

   your knife.

- Get near the most left building and enter it. Enter the second floor and cut the rope with the hanging bale of


- run out kill the 2 men with your knife and carry them behind the building.

- now you will deal with the man standing near the small door of the center building

- enter it through the back-door, wait until the man at the "smoking" house isn´t looking and make a silent kill. get the

  body inside.

- use the same tactic on the upper man walking around the house

- now take out the man to the right but beware of the man with the shotgun. As there are enough places to hide it should

  not be a problem taking both out.

- Kill the men walking around the fields on the right side. Just time you atacks. It´s that easy.

- Now get rid off the 2 men in the gardens, use the scope to see what they are looking at.

- don´t go to the horses yet, but instead kill the men at small cabin all the way back. It is the man at the watch-post.

  sneak behind his cabin,have your throwing knife ready, wait until he comes out and stops and gets killed by you.

  don´t forget to get your knife.

- forget about the 2 men standing to the right of the villa, it is not necessary to kill them

- now take out the man near the horses first, sneak and use your knife. take his body, so the man at the front door want

  see you.

- The last man is patroling at the frot door. use your throwing knife, when he looks away from you.

- now go all the way back to the starting point and get sam

- get him to the horses, you will automatically get him som refreshment

- get on the horses and ride to the east..

3. Smoke Signals


- just follow the instructions to learn how to use sam´s abilities. you are finished in a few minutes.

4. Hang´m High

- in this mission you have to save Doc Mc´Coy, who becomes your next playable character


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