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Title: Dino Crisis
Producer: Capcom
For: Sony Playstation
Created: 6/10/00
Modified: 10/18/00 
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: [email protected]

  I'll begin this "walkthrough" with a few bits of, I hope, timely information, 
which I believe is nesessary for playing "Dino Crisis". These bits should help 
lessen much of the frustration that most encounter in Dino Crisis. 
   The CUT SCENE - get used to them! Unlike many contemporary games, you can’t X out 
of them in DC. So, when they pop up, take a bite of your sandwich, shoot some soda, 
and scratch that itch the rest of us don’t want to know about.
   You can, however, X out of FMVs.
   Many will notice similarities between Dino Crisis and Resident Evil 2 and 3. They 
use the same game engine and they share similar SAVE, USE, CHECK and COMBINE 
capabilities. Both games allow the characters to have inventories, although Regina 
gets to haul much more than the Resident Evil crew.
  The background rendering is similar in cast. They both have mini games at the end 
of the main game. I’m sure there are other resemblance’s, but I can’t think of any 
at the moment.
    I’m  going to rant just a little bit more about DC being different. This may 
keep some of the RE peeps from damning Dino Crisis from jump street; maybe not. 
Folks, “DINO CRISIS IS NOT RESIDENT EVIL”. So, for all of you out there blathering 
on that Dino Crisis can’t compete with Resident Evil - you’re right, it doesn’t - it 
is not supposed to. It shares some things, yup,(THEY were created by CapCom 
remember?) but it is not and does not try to be RE.  Nuff said!

   Just remember: Dino Crisis is a puzzle-filled action-strategy game and therefore 
is a challenging game to play, but not impossible, and certainly beatable; I’m proof 
of that. You must “BE the PITBULL!”  When you get tired or stuck, unclench your 
jaws, save and take a break. It’s what I did. I started DC, got stuck, saved, opened 
Tomb Raider 4, played, got stuck, saved, opened up Resident Evil 3. I played RE3, 
got stuck, saved, put it away and went back to DC. I continued this way until I 
completed all three games. I completed Tomb Raider 4 first, Resident Evil second and 
Dino Crisis last. They were easier games for me. DC was more difficult. RE and TR 
had their moments and both are EXCELLENT games. I have played them all many times.

   So, let’s see what makes Regina tick. Knowing what she’s capable of may help you 
form strategies that won’t fall apart on you at critical moments. A good portion of 
the information to be discussed can be found in the little manual that comes with 
the game. Unlike this “walkthrough”,  it lacks in detail but gives a decent idea on 
what to expect. I know, I know - real gamers never look at the instructions.

 1. Regina can’t save/store files:  So, invest in a small notepad and write down 
whatever you come across - for you will most certainly need the info somewhere in 
this game. Examples: any letter codes or number strings you find. The location of 
anyone or object. Whenever you solve a DDK code, WRITE IT DOWN in the notepad. 
   I realized early, “I can’t remember all this stuff”, so I begged wifey, “Buy me a 
little notepad, I’ll do anything; I’ll mow the cat in one day, I’ll, I’ll remember 
to put the garbage cans out and I’ll recycle the kids every other Tuesday!” Say 
anything to get the notepad.
    After your second or third game you’ll have dumped all the trash and refined it 
to what is necessary for your game play. 

 2. Regina doesn’t have a health monitor: You must pay attention to her. If she 
takes too much damage, she will start to limp and hold her shoulder. As the damage 
increases, she will limp even slower and hold her waist. Regina bleeds, too - so far 
it appears to stop on it’s own; The few times I’ve tried, I can’t get her to bleed 
out (she stays in the severely hurt mode).  Not to worry, there are medical supplies 
to keep her in tip top shape.  The best way to protect Regina’s person is to plan 
your moves. Locate and use all maps to check out areas before entering. Look for 
nooks and crannies - places for the ugly green prehistoric chickens to hide and leap 
from on to poor Regina. They do love to grab and shake and they’ll leap on Regina, 
knocking her down and grabbing  her by her head, arms and legs, shaking her into 
next week. If you don’t separate them and get her butt up and away pronto, she’s a 

 3. Regina can shake off an attack:  Regina can be mauled; it’s harder to think of 
places where she can’t get hammered. So the Game Gods felt sorry for Pretty Regina 
and gave her the ability to shake off an attack. When the big uglies come out for a 
chew and latch on to her, mash all your controller buttons rapidly until Regina 
either kicks the sod off or it drops her to the ground. Start mashing again to get 
her up quicker - you need to get her throwing lead or running, pronto. The Raptors 
are stupid, but it takes them only a few seconds to get the clue and come in for 
seconds. So, once she’s standing, if she lost her weapon, get it or re-arm with 
another from inventory and pepper the beasty with some shot, otherwise beat feet! 
This technique works with all Dinos accept Mr. Chuckles (T-Rex - my kids name all 
the characters in the games I play). Chuckles is a one bite kind of guy. At best, 
the G. Gun is a distraction only. Shooting at Pteranodons  is a waste of ammo, too. 
I did get one at the big elevator once, but I wasted so much ammo and got hacked on 
anyway that I changed my strategy. Once you get dropped, book. (RUN)

 4. Combat:  Combat in Dino Crisis is dealing with Dinos! Here are the rules of 
combat in DC. If you can come up with others, post it at the site and it will get 
logged with the rest of the “walkthrough”, thereby putting your name up in lights. I 
like it!
   Shoot,  Tranquilize,  Run. 180°spin  Tracking Dinos  accumulated Dino Hits  In 
Your Face Killing  Security Screens   Shot Damage   Danger Scenes  Steam vent
   Shoot:  Simple! If you have to move through an area more than once or twice and 
the area is close quartered, (tight hall, small room) kill everything in the area. 
Sometimes the offending Dinos will rejuvenate and be back when you return later, (I 
hate this kind) so kill’em again!

   Tranquilize:  This option can be used if you’re passing through an area once and 
just can’t get by a Fernando or a Lucien (all standard raptors are named Fernando, 
all super Raptors are Lucien don’t ask me, ask my kids). Darts are good when you’re 
low on ammo, or where there are two Dinos. Dinos drop like a rock when tranqed, so 
it’ll give you a chance to stun and run or switch weps and chunk cloneboy.

   Run:  For me, this option didn’t come up too often in the early games, but when 
it did, I used it! When you start playing speed games, running and avoiding Dinos is 
very important.
 e.g.: The first raptor you meet on the way out from the first generator room - Gail 
is gone and there’s a hole in the fence. Regina has the Glock -  good for plinking 
cans and flies. Fernando leaps over the crates and lands in your face. What do you 
do? “RUN”- Get the heck out of there!  He’ll run you down like a dog, so don’t flake 
out and run into the fence or crates on your way out, or sweet Regina will end up 
being a tasty biscuit for Fernando! There are three or four spots in the game where 
I use this technique, but most times I feel safer helping them meet their maker!

   180° Spin: Regina can do a 180° spin.  I didn’t use it myself until I started 
playing speed games - it looks cool. If you stay close to doors when firing at the 
Dinos, it will help you get out of the room quickly. If you’re in close quarters 
with the green uglies, sometimes a quick spin and run may be more damaging then 
staying to fight, unless you’re standing at a door. You will find ways to use it and 
it could become a valuable tool in playing the game. I have always been able to out 
run Dinos, (unless I accidentally ran into something)
   Regina Tracks Dinos : (She looks right at the beggar and follows it, turning her 
This is a good thing.) She auto-locks with her weapon for a second if she is armed. 
(SHE SHOULD ALWAYS BE ARMED.)  Never leave home without them. Often, if the house is 
quiet, I can hear the Dino in the room or hall even if I can’t see them. This is a 
definite plus. She tracks with head and gun and hears them. Any two of these actions 
warrants one feeler round. If you hear a squeal, you’ve got company. It’s time to 
pull out the best silverware. ITS KILLIN’ TIME! 
   The game keeps track of Dino hits:  I learned this one on the “NET” from someone 
I was writing to. Say you enter a room or hall and there are two raptors or 
Therizinos (Hanz und Franz the tank Dinos) in the area. If they’re at a distance, 
you may be able to take out one before the other can get to you. Wonderful! If 
they’re close (that is not a likely scenario), this is what you can do: Dino Crisis 
keeps track of how much lead each Dino eats. If you pump a couple of rounds into a 
Fernando or Hanz, and the beggars get too close for comfort, you book out the door 
180° spin, and re-enter. Hit them again, exit, repeat, rinse well and dry 
thoroughly. It’s a safe way to kill two. Or, you could dart one, kill the other and 
then deal with Sleeping Ugly. I’ve never used this ploy   (accumulated damage 
technique)- my fingers don’t listen to my brain when I’m in the heat of battle.

   In Your Face Killing:  It might sound harsh, but this is a technique that 
everyone should master A.S.A.P. (As Soon As Possible, pronounced as one word - ASAP. 
A.S.A.P. takes too long to say, having a military background, I know these things.)
You must get within kissing distance for this to work (I know what you’re saying, 
but I’m not mental - well, most of the time.) If you want to cut down on game time 
and ammo use, this technique is a must: a face shot. I have take down raptors with 1 
grenade round. or Three SG rounds or two Slag rounds in the face (more for 
broadsides). Hanz und Franz (Therizinos), on the other hand, takes 2 - 3 grenades or 
4 slag rounds in the face to kill. Don’t screw around with them if you’re low on 
ammo, unless you have an L or Poison dart - otherwise, run.

   Security Screens:  These can be the proverbial double edged sword if you don’t 
have the presence of mind to use them under stress.
Good scenario:  Fernando, Lucien, Hanz or Franz are on the other side of the screen, 
cool! Just plug away with the parabellums until they give up the ghost. Don’t waste 
good ammo in these situations.
Bad scenario:  Run down the hall. Dino enters from door near security screen, same 
side as Regina. You try to get to the security panel to kill the screen, get to 
other side and reactivate it. YOU FLAKE, bounce off the screen and begin to panic. 
You become A.B.C.D.F (Already Been Chewed Dino Food)
    Shot Damage:  I’m not going to put anything in here yet.  I’ll need some time to 
get accurate results. So far I can attest to “in-your-face killing” results. All 
other weapons shot from a distance can miss their target and cloud the results.

     Danger Screens:  These show up at certain points in the game, always when 
Regina is in a cut scene that you can not control, outside of mashing your control 
pad (“make the ugly monster get off, mommy”). When this happens, a  DANGER  Window 
appears, to warn you, (to mash your controller buttons, mash your way to freedom.) 
She can’t avoid them, so, again, the only thing you can do is get out of them as 
quickly as possible with minimum damage and chunk that bugger into bite-sized Pansy 

     Steam vent:  There is a steam vent in the Lecture Room Hall 1st fl. the few 
times I tried to use it as a defense I got hacked on by the Raptor in the hall

 5.  Weapons:  Pistol,  Shotgun and Grenade Gun. There are three basic weapons at 
Regina’s disposal. They all have enhancements (add ons that improve the accuracy and 
efficiency of moving projectiles and increasing the damage quotient.) I’ll start 
from the first possession and work up to the last and most damaging of her arsenal.

   Glock 34 9mm Pistol:  Frankly, I think they were trying to test our abilities 
when the Game Gods stuck us with this cap gun. One of it’s enhancements is the new 
slide. When you slap this monkey on, the pistola turns into a Glock 35. “OH YEAH”!!! 
You can use the 40S&W rounds. More powerful than the 9mm rounds and a touch more 
hell on the raptor and the Super Raptor, even.  “AW GEEZE!” Just what you wanted to 
hear, right? As if the normal raptors aren’t bad enough. The next upgrade for the 
Glock is the Scope. It’s supposed to improve accuracy and ensure critical hits, 
therefore increasing the damage to the beasty. (I can’t say I noticed a big 
difference. I’m always freaking out when I’m not playing with infi ammo so it 
probably slipped by without notice)

   PA3 Shotgun:  (An L Franchi) pistol grip, pump action. It throws darts, standard 
and slag rounds. I don’t know what the slags are, but they do slap the Dinos around 
and call them Susan. Maybe there was a misprint and they meant to write slugs? It 
could happen! Darts, on the other hand, SIC  Mr. Sandman on the Dinos. If you get 
your hands on a Poison dart, hoard it. One shot killers, they are... Yes!
There are two enhancements for the PA3. One is the shotgun (butt stock). This add on 
grants the PA3 a faster firing rate, firing 7 rounds? The other add on (fore stock 
and Barrel) upgrades the PA3 to SPAS12s auto status = more killing power.

   Heckler and Koch Grenade Gun:  This is Regina’s main killing machine. There is 
one enhancement for the G. Gun. It‘s a cylinder replacement that upgrades the weapon 
to auto status. One thing to be aware of - it only shoots three rounds and then you 
have to reload (AUTO?). It’s the reload part that causes problems, if you’re 
freaking out in the midst of a battle and all of a sudden, (“What the”?) no boom, 
boom from the G. Gun. Here’s the trick: Don’t release the ready button (R1). Do 
release the fire button(X), then hit and hold for the next cycle.  There are three 
types of ammo for the G. Gun: standard, infinite and flame rounds. Each flame round 
has three projectiles that fly out of the muzzle and spread out in a three way 
triangular pattern. I don’t care that much for them, (maybe you can divine the art 
of using them) but they do set the bad guys on fire when they hit. Standard rounds 
are the ones Regina picks up through the game. The infinite rounds are granted to 
Regina for attaining a proficiency level. I think I got it when I brought the game 
time down to four hours, or was it completing all three scenarios? I forget.
  I’m not sure why the Game Gods didn’t allow Regina to pick up loose weapons. Rick 
and Gail have some nasty looking weapons, why not Regina? When Tom bites the big 
one - Regina could use his Uzi. 

 6. Things you can push: There are a number of pushable items in Dino Crisis. Nearly 
every pushable has something behind it or under it. The exception to this rule are 
the crates in the Hanger area near the Chopper Pad. All other pushables have 
something you’ll need to survive, so look into every nook and cranny. 
 7. ID Cards, DDKs, and Keys:  This game is full of them!!! 
   DDKs: these are code discs that give Regina access to important areas in the 
game. She must solve each one to proceed. The DDKs have a couple of categories.
  Type 1 is a number to letter or letter to number equivalent where the bottom 
window is subtracted from the top window resulting in the code word.
  Type 2 is a letter to letter. Again, the bottom window is subtracted from the top 
window and the code word appears.
  Last but not least, Type 3, the numbered column subtraction ploy code. Where the 
bottom window is full of numbers and they represent columns of letters in the top 
window, like all the Rest of the DDKs, you must subtract the bottom window from the 
top and VOILA!, you have zee code.  I vill leaf hou to solve zee codes, old man. I 
will put them in somewhere else in the walkthrough for the code-challenged JERRY’S 

   Keys:  There are a few keys in the game, but not close to the number of DDKs. 
There are two types of keys in DC. For one type, you must open the inventory and 
remove the key to use it, like the SOL and LEO panel keys or the B2 1 and 2 Key 
chips. With the normal keys, you can just press “action” when at the door that 
requires it, or whatever, and it’ll respond.

   ID card:  Regina will be required to rewrite the ID Card she finds twice during 
the game. To do this, she will have to find the proper Registration numbers and 
fingerprints to the individual she rewrites for. Many of the areas and machines 
won’t respond without proper clearance. She must find the correct computers to do 
this on also. (Insert evil maniacal laugh.)

 8. Ammo boxes:  Mostly what you see on the floor are consumable ammo crates that 
hover and rotate a few inches off the floor to get your attention. The rest are 
hidden behind or under things like shelves and bigger crates. You just have to try 
to move everything till you find one that moves and take a boo inside You get the 
picture, eh?
    The important thing here is what’s inside the ammo boxes (the consumables). Yes, 
these are the things that help Regina to survive on “Ibis Island”.  Aside from the 
obvious, (ammunition), there are medical supplies, darts,  things called 
intensifiers,  recovery aids and anesthetic aids.

 9. Files and Memos:  There are files, memos and books strategically left all over 
the game that help Regina to do her job. They might not always be acquired in 
chronological order. Sometimes you will have to back-track to take advantage of a 
memo or file. You REALLY should search for and read every file and memo. I get so 
many requests from people who are lost as to what to do next in the game because 
they don’t look for, read and /or write down important information. (Don’t get me 
wrong, I do enjoy helping people get through the game.) If they just took some 
simple precautions, they might still need some help, but I wouldn’t be getting the 
same questions repeated so often.

 10. Hemostats: They look like miniature locking pliers. If Regina is bleeding, a 
Hemostat will stop it. Sometimes the bleeding will stop on it’s own, sometimes not. 
If  Regina is bleeding a lot (you can tell by the puddles she’s leaving), then you 
should apply one. Otherwise, she could bleed out; I have tested to see if she dies. 
She’ll start to limp first. She’ll get so bad that one attack will kill her for 
sure. A Hemostat won’t improve her health, but it will stop the bleeding and she 
won’t get any worse. It will hold until you can get her to a Medpack. 
 11.  Medpacks:  There are three main types of Medpacks; I’ve only found one or two 
Small Medpacks. There are Medium Medpacks all over the place and a couple of  Large 
ones. Each type has three sizes,  i.e., M, M+, M++ (the same thing for Large 
Medpacks). There are many ways to combine Meds to make bigger and better Medpacks. A 
small Medpack will improve Regina’s condition, but not by much.  If she was severely 
damaged you would probably have to take too many to bring her back to 100%. 
   Because of the myriad of combinations, the fact that I haven’t tried them all and 
don’t want to clutter the Walkthru more than I have to, I will tell you of the ones 
I do know and have used. I leave it to you to get fancy with experimenting.
   Small Medpack:  
   Medium Medpack:  Will recover Regina’s health completely.
   Large Medpack: Recovers her completely AND stops the bleeding.

   Mixing Medpack with Medpack:.
  1. Combining two M Medpacks make a Large++ Medpack.
  2. Mix a S Med. with a L Med. and get an L++ Med., etc.
  3. Combine a Hemostat with a M Medpack and you get an M+ Medpack.
   Mixing Additives with Medpacks:  
 1. Add an Intensifier to any Medpack and you bring it up one whole type. 
(Intensifier + S Med. = M Med. With a M Medpack = L Med.
 2. Add a recovery aid to any Med. and you bring it up a whole type ++. (Recovery 
aid + M Med. = L++ Med.)
 3. Add an anesthetic aid to any Med. and you bring it up a whole +. (An. Aid + L 
Med. = L+ Med.)
    Darts:  Standard  Poison
    Anesthetic Darts: Small, Medium and Large. If you mix them with an AN. Aid, or 
an Intensifier or a Recovery Aid, it bumps the dart up to the next strength or 
category of Dart. 
    Example: Recovery Aid and a Small Dart. = an S+ Dart.
                   Intensifier + an M Dart = an L Dart.
                   An. Aid + an L Dart = an L++ Dart.
    Poison Darts: mix a resuscitate with an L++ Dart and get a poison dart. I have 
found four, five, maybe six P. Darts in the game. It depends on whether you’re 
playing easy or hard, I think. I never thought to count stuff when I was playing the 
game for me. I guess I’ll have to pay close attention to this go-thru so that I’m 
accurate. The results will not include objects from the easy version, and will not 
include random objects (goodies) that don’t show up on the run I take to write this 

 12.  Emergency Boxes:  Boxes that are set about in the game, which hold supplies 
Regina needs. I found seventeen wall boxes in my journey through DC.
    Red E. Boxes:  8, R. wall boxes hold mostly ammunition, and some Medical 
    Green E. Boxes:  5, G. wall boxes hold Medical supplies.
    Yellow E. Boxes:  4, Y. wall boxes hold mostly medical supplies, also some ammo.

    I could list the contents of all the E. Boxes, but they change from New Game 
Normal/Easy contents to Loaded from completed saved game contents, at least on my 
CD. That means listing the contents of thirty-four boxes... “I DON’T THINK SO!”
   Therefore, I elect to use New Game E. Box contents. I think the amount and 
variety of objects change because it assumes your new to the game and will need more 

13.  Plugs:  These little things are all over the place in the game. You need them 
to get into the Emergency Wall Boxes. Each wall box requires anywhere from one to 
three plugs to open. I found twenty-three plugs and there are seventeen E. Boxes. I 
total up the boxes and their plug requirements, which equals twenty-six plugs. I 
subtract the plugs found, and I reach a deficit of three plugs. This prompts me to 
state that you have to be careful which boxes you open and where you open them, so 
that they will be useful. This is not to say that there aren’t the proper amount of 
plugs out there in the game, I just haven’t found them.

 14.  Beasties:  There are six different beasty types in Dino Crisis. Ranging from 
the “BIG CHEEZE” to the little RUG RATS. This is a little run down on who they are 
and how they react to Regina. I’m gonna start with the Big Kahuna, the Top Dawg, the 
Ace Coon Boom - I give you “Mr. Chuckles”.

    T-REX:  (Tyrannosaurus Rex / Mr. Chuckles)  This is the Big Mamma Jamma. He’s 
got to be 20 to 25 feet tall and 35 plus feet long. On the Discovery channel they 
say he could get from between four and seven tons. He’s been a featured game boss in 
many a video game; he’s more popular now than he was when he was alive, I’m sure. If 
you try to kill Chuckles, you’re wasting ammo. At best, your G. round is a mosquito 
bite. A round in the mouth gives him pause, but that is only a moment. Regina should 
reload and get the heck out of there. Regina meets up with Mr. T five different 
times in the game. Each instance has a different strategy for staying alive. I 
repeat, you can‘t kill Chuckles. 

    Therizinos:  (Hanz und Franz de Tank Dino twins yah!) Because they’re twins, you 
can never tell which is who. These bad boys appear to be about 10 feet tall, about 
15 + feet long and about 800 + lbs. Whether they’re running or walking, you can hear 
these guys pound the deck. They always appear in pairs and it takes at least three 
grenade rounds at close range, or from four to six Slag rounds at kissing distance. 
There is only one spot where you’ll see one Therizino and that’s in the B3 rest room 
if you try to access the elevator.

    Raptor:   (Velociraptor) (Fernando and his Cloneboys) He looks to be about 6 to 
7 feet tall, about 10 to 11 feet long, and approximately 350lbs, with  lots of 
sharp, pointy teeth. If they look like Velociraptors, smell like Velociraptors and 
bite like Velociraptors - they must be Velociraptors! Like the ones in Jurassic 
Park, Fernando can leap on Regina, swat her with his tail, grab her by the arm or 
leg and shake her senseless and bloody. “Be vehwy, vehwy cahfoo!” Heh, Heh, Heh. 
Killing a raptor is only slightly less difficult than taking a super raptor down. 
One grenade, two or three slags and three or four shotgun rounds, all in-your-face 

    Super Raptor:  (Velociraptor)  (Lucien) Aside from the different color (which 
isn’t that much different), the only way to tell the difference from Lucien and 
Fernando is how much more difficult Lucien is to kill than Fernando. Lucien also has 
an odd attack - well, one of his attacks is the head-butt / body-ram thingy. He 
charges at Regina, hits her with his head and drives her back into the wall. This 
has happened to me only once. He does all the same bite tricks and leaps that 
Fernando does. If you have the G. Gun and you can get up close and shoot him in the 
face you can take Lucien down in two rounds. With the slag rounds same conditions, 
three or four rounds. Just about double that for standard shotgun rounds.

    Compies:  (Pansy-ass Compsognathus) (Pansies) For the most part, they are to be 
ignored. They always appear in groups of six or more. They nip at Regina if she 
stands still long enough for them to gang her. I never hang around long enough to 
find out if they can take her down.. So, rather than waste any energy / ammo on 
them, I leave them alone. 
 They appear to be about 2 feet high and about 3 1/2 feet long, weighing in at what 
may be 20 lbs.

    The End of the Beginning: 
    Sheesh, every time I think I’m done with the Introduction to Dino Crisis, I get 
pulled  back with something else to add. It’s a Never Ending Story, I tell ya!
    Well, I hope this section is helpful to everyone. This is my first attempt at 
writing something like this; well, at anything, really - outside of wisecracking at 
the sites I visit. I hope that the people up line of this will find any mistakes I 
made and correct them before it goes on line. I couldn’t have guessed at the 
beginning of the Intro that it would take this many pages to finish!  I reiterate, 
if all of you out there find things I missed or legitimate improvements on maneuvers 
or paths, post at the site and make it known.  I think it would be cool to have the 
amendments posted and highlighted for recognition of the poster. Remember though, 
the correction and/or addition must be a valid revision to make the grade.
    When the Walkthrough is completed, I’m going to do a Speed Walkthrough game. 
This is what I’ve been playing for a while. There are some killer players out there 
who have way better game times than I do, maybe some of them will grace this Intro 
and walkthrough with some delectable bits of juicy info that doesn’t relate to or 
include cheats, codes or shark devices. I divulge any and all of this information to 
assist Dino Crisis players.      



  Good evening Mr. Phelps. Should you decide to take this mission and you or any of 
your DC interdiction team be eaten, captured, or captured and then eaten, the 
president and his counsil will probably laugh.... a lot! Then they will call up all 
their freinds and tell them that you were captured and or eaten - soooo many people 
will get a good laugh at your capturing and then eating.
 OK, so, this is it from the beginning folks. I hope I do good PA!
 I hope you listened earlier in the Introduction and have a pencil and note pad 

 Put the DC CD into the Play Station and crank it up! Hit the START button as soon 
the DINO CRISIS screen lights up. You can poke around in option if you like to 
change any of the settings to your personal preference
   Hit New Game. As I mentioned earlier in the Intro, I am giving info for the 
Normal  game, not Easy. Be aware that there isn’t much of a difference between the 
two, that I can recall, anyway. The Dinos might be a little easier to kill, but not 
by enough (from what I can remember) to make any difference in the game, so, I would 
hit Normal and play along with the rest of us.


   You will get a synopsis from Tom, an agent who has infiltrated the research 
station on Ibis Island. You’ll get a run down on Kirk and his actions over the last 
three years. Tom suggests that his government take action against the Ibis Island 
Research Station.
   Operation instructions, “Get Dr. Kirk!”
   This is the route I’ve carved out for myself in the game. As I mentioned in the 
introduction, if you can provide a valid improvement on this Walkthrough, you’ll 
have your addition highlighted and you’ll be given credit for the addition.
  Some people will choose Gail’s way over Rick’s way. There is no right or wrong way 
in this game. Each way ends up in the same place, they just diverge a bit and then 
spring back again to meet in the middle. Once you start to play SPEED GAMES , there 
will be a preference to whose path you choose for the sake of time. Each path will 
be given so that you, the player, can decide which way to go.


   This game has some tres cool FMVs. Resident Evil and Tomb Raider all weigh in at 
the top of the heap for the FMVs, that I’ve seen.
   Four people start the game in a military helicopter. They go Geronimo into the 
foggy blackness of night. Three of the commandos land relatively close to each 
other. Cooper - ah! poor Cooper, he’s seen Mr. Chuckles from both sides now.
 Scuze me, (BURP) anyah yous gotsa toofpick? 
   After we see Cooper do a cursory dental inspection on Mr. T, the screen switches 
to our three heroes holed up in a chain link fence enclosure (called “the 
backyard”), just outside the compound. One immediately gets the impression that Gail 
doesn’t care that much for Rick. Gail exits to check out the compound for the crew 
and radios in that the coast is oddly clear.
 Meanwhile, Regina and Rick move into the inner ring of the compound and Regina 
listens to Rick as he tells her what he’s going to do inside the facility’s first 
floor Control Room. Now that Regina is by her lonesome, let’s take a boo into her 
inventory to see what she’s packing. Open up the menu; let’s start at the top and 
work our way down. Hit X, ITEM is lit and ready to go. Supplies pops up first. 
Regina’s packing a clip of 17 9mm rounds for her peashooter. One Hemostat, one 
medium Medpak - not a lot here, lets check equip.  Open EQUIP, top window shows the 
weapon equipped (9mm GLOCK 34) and the bottom window shows the ammo that’s loaded. 
Simple - not much in here, either. Until you learn the game, and where the best 
places to shop for goodies are, you’re going to be hungry for ammo and medpaks. 
Close out Equip and let’s get back to the game. 
   Regina  and Gail are now outside the facility walls. Gail is kneeling down, 
checking out some fired casings (some corny dialogue). As warm as this place is, for 
the shell casings to still to be warm the group would have heard gunfire as they 
approached. There is no mention of this. (Too Bad) The two move to the front of the 
Materials Storage building and Gail gets down with some more casings. An enclosed 
area to Regina’s left shows a floating ammo box. You can’t get in there right now, 
so don’t bother. In front of this enclosure is a crate. Hmm, what to do? Push it? 
Moe, look, an ammo box! Hit action and pick it up. An M Medpak(?) (varies from one 
game to another)- take it. Start trying doors. How about the one near Mr. Anal 
Retentive with the shell casing fetish?
   MATERIALS STORAGE  Enter - to your right there’s an ammo box. Move the shelf to 
get at it. It’s a resuscitate - will you take it? I think you should; you can make 
P. darts with these babies. Over to the left there is a key - take it. (It’s the 
Backup Generator Area Key, BG Area Key for short.) You’ll need this soon. Exit this 
room and head back to the enclosure you all started from and prepare for another 
(cut scene). You’ll have a convo with Rick. Gail will eaves-drop on the 
conversation; he’ll show up, take the key from Regina and proceed out to the BG 
Area - follow his Aryan butt out there. Ignore the boxes on the way out, there’s 
nothing in them. Regina will pass through fenced-in corridors to the Backup 
Generator Room 1 Fl. SHAZAM! - “That’s disgusting”;  it reminds me of the scarecrow 
from the Wizard of Oz.(... “and his torso was over there, and his, well, most of his 
legs were over there....”) Now check him out - what a catch, eh girls? He’s got some 
goodies for you - another medium Medpak. Follow Gail to the building and start that 
generator, would you please? Mr. Panty-Waist in the Control room is waiting .
   Once inside the building, move all the way around to the left of the room until 
you arrive at a window in the wall, and a grid-looking thing with levers to your 
right. This is the BATTERY PUZZLE; you can count on all of them to be the same. Hit 
action and you are told what to do. It’s up to you to realign them. Now that you 
have them lined up, hit Cancel, move to the grid and hit action. Bells and whistles 
and - Voila! - the generator, she is running, no? Now, go out to tell Gail. OH OH! 
machine-gun fire and some muffled noise - let’s go see. Regina exits the building 
and heads over to a gaping hole in the fence - no Gail - then she notices the corpse 
is missing. (cut scene, From atop the crates bounds a Velociraptor, who just can’t 
get enough of that good stuff.) Meet Fernando!
 First bit of good advice: RUN. You can’t match weapons with this badboy and you 
can’t afford to use up your meds when you’ve barely started the game. Run to the 
entry gate, don’t rest yet, Fernando hasn’t given up! (another cut scene) As soon as 
you regain control, move into the compound - he can’t get you in there. (Cut Scene, 
Fernando gives you that “OH, I’ll see you again, Honey” look.) Turn and head for the 
door at the building. (Cut Scene, you get to insult Rick - that’s a good thing. You 
agree to meet up with him in the Control Room and you’re sent his position on your 
locator.) Don’t get confused, the Control room is disjointed from the rest of the 
picture because you don’t have the first floor MAP yet, so just follow me. Triangle 
out the map and let’s be on our way. There is a short alley to another door you 
haven’t tried yet, right in front of you. Head for and through it into a hall, move 
down the hall and look around. You can’t be hurt here yet! You’ll meet up with a 
locked door here. There’s something nasty on the other side. You see your first 
security screen; you can’t operate it yet, that’ll come later. You’ll see a bulletin 
board. Check out the notice. (Not important, just trying to get you into the habit.)
  A grate on the floor - examine it; you have no choice here. The Security Screen is 
locked, (security screens will hence be called screen or screens) so hoist up and 
have a go at the Piping check passageway. Drop down through the first opening you 
approach. (Control Room Hall) and move down the hall ‘til you see a door on your 
left and an ammo box on the floor. Pick it up, it’s a 9mm. There’s a GREEN Emergency 
box on the wall. You can’t get in it yet, so forget it. Enter the Control Room. (Cut 
Scene, Talk to Rick and let the two of them decide on the course of action.) When 
you’re done, leave the Control Room and head back to the ventilation shaft and the 
door next to it.  Enter the Management Office. On the floor is your first good 
weapon - the SHOTGUN. (No ammo for it yet, but it ‘s close.) There’s a switch on the 
wall - turn it on. Now the computer is on and there’s an H DDK Input Disc  on the 
counter and a PLUG in the box. Get them both. To the computer - OOH, E-MAUL! Lets 
look! It explains how to use the DDKs. You should write this down for now; you can 
always dump it later. Move into the next room - DUN, DUN, DUN (scary music) - 
another corpse. There’s an object on the floor, get it. It’s the PANEL KEY # 2 LEO.  
There is a locker with a combo lock. You can’t get in it yet, so let’s head out 
through the other door in this room. (SAVE) Exit. (Cut Scene - talk to Rick, he has 
freed up some screens.) Quickly turn right, walk to the green panel, deactivate the 
screen, walk through and reactivate. You have a friend with you, a Fernando clone, 
and he really wants to get to know you. Try out the pistola, Amigo! Pump some lead 
into this hombre! When you’re done, clear the screen and walk to the door ahead of 
you.  There’s another screen to your left and some doors, but the screen is still 
locked so enter the LOCKER ROOM . There’s an H. DDK code disc on the lockers - grab 
it. On the table there’s a journal - read it. There is important info, like the 
combination to the locker in the Management Office. Pick up the M, ANesthetic. 
Darts. Exit the Locker Room and move back into the Management Office and unlock the 
locker. You’ll find the Main Entry key and a resuscitation case. Take both and head 
back to the Management Office Hallway. Turn right and go thru the double doors. You 
are now in the MAIN ENTRANCE.  There is always at least one box under the stairs. 
Get it and either increase the potency of your darts or medpaks. Sometimes there’ll 
be boxes on each side of the main door; the contents vary when they are present. 
Move to the main door and exit. Regina is now outside. She can’t jump or climb over 
things, so don’t try. Run around to the guard shack and meet Mark Doyle, deceased. 
Get the shells and load them into the shotgun. Get the An. Aid, the N. DDK code disc 
and read Mark’s file. Write down whatever you think you’ll need. Turn around, head 
back inside and climb the stairs to the second floor. There is a movable crate - 
inspect it and head to the door. What I would do here is combine the An. Aid with 
the meds and make two L++ meds that will stop the bleeding. Take the Resuscitate and 
combine it with an  L ++ dart to make a P. Dart, then take the last An. Aid and mix 
it with the Hemostats. Now you have four empty slots in inventory. When you open the 
door to Second Floor Hall, you’re going to see or hear a raptor. Run by him to the 
Chief’s Office on your right, stand in front of the coder and press action. (Once 
done, you’re safe for the moment.) Keep pressing action ‘til you see “will you set 
the DDK? (Yes / No)”  Click yes and solve the code. Subtract the letters in the 
bottom window from the letters in the top window and you’ll have the code. Click 
enter, turn right and enter the door before Fernando takes a liking to you.
   Inside the Chief’s Office, Regina will meet the first live human outside the 
mission crew, but he dies. Before dying he gives Regina the PANEL KEY #1 SOL.  Pick 
up the SG shells and the N. DDK input disc on the counter. There is a safe on the 
wall. Approach and hit X.  Read and respond with the two panel keys. Once you have 
them set properly, it’ll open up and you’ll be asked to input the combination to the 
safe. This is what you’re gonna do: (I was so stuck on this one and my wife figured 
it out, there is no memo that I can find) check each panel key out and write down 
exactly what you see, exactly the way it is written, then turn them upside down. 
VOILA, ze combination! Input said combination and pull out the L Key Card.  What 
happens next will be kind of stressful the first four or five times you do it, but 
it’s survivable. Turn left to leave. T-REX will crash  through the window and take 
our new dead friend. (They never seem to last in this game.) Chuckles will lunge 
again, this time knocking over the desk. Regina will back up against the rear wall. 
Chuckles will give Regina the ogle eye, as he sways and pulls back, your opportunity 
for one of two options begins: 
 #1. To book fast. You can make it out without a scratch if you don’t tangle with 
him. It’s scary but do-able. It’s the pick I use; it’s faster than option 2.
 #2.  After Chuckles lunges and you regain control of Regina, fire a shotgun round 
into his open mouth. Two or three of those makes him back off.
   Now you’re back in the hall. You can stop, switch to L Darts and dart the 
Fernando and/or you can run down the hallway to the door at it’s very end. This 
brings Regina outside. She could use some fresh air after that - Phew!!! There is a 
door to your right; enter the COMMUNICATIONS ANTENNA ROOM , read the memo on the 
counter and scan for important stuff.  WRITE IT DOWN . OK, done in here for now 
(you’ll be back). Head back inside. There’s no need to explore out here. (I can’t 
stop you though, so get it out of your system!) There’s one more door to enter - the 
door across from the Chief’s Office, THE LOUNGE . There’s a Fernando clone in here, 
too. GEEZE!!! Dart him or try to avoid him. There is a resuscitate and sometimes a 
random box on the floor. You have the room to store it, and when you’re down to one 
L++ dart you can make another P. Dart with it. There’s a wall safe at the far end of 
the other room (wonder what’s in it?) and a file on the bar. (It explains some stuff 
about the Anesthetic Aids, Recovery Aids, Intensifiers and Multipliers.) Go back out 
to the 2nd floor hall and through the doors to the Main Entrance, down the stairs 
and under them to the door. (Cut Scene, Rick’s telling you what to do again.) You’ll 
need to pop in the N. DDK for this one. ( Subtract the bottom window letters from 
the top window and yet again the password- WRITE IT DOWN.)  You have now entered the 
ELEVATOR HALL. There is a box with a plug to your right. Get the plug and open the 
RED E. BOX.  (It takes two plugs to open.) Dump the things you don’t want to carry. 
(A personal choice to make.) Move the box near the wall and get what’s under it. 
There is a glass panel in the center of the room.  The first floor map is on it. Get 
the map. (Poor guy on the floor looks anemic, I wonder who he was?) There are two 
elevators and two doors in this room. Go through the second door and head down the 
hall to the screen. Open it up and enter the door on the left. You’re in the OFFICE. 
Get ready to rumble - your shotgun should be ready, Freddie. When you enter the 
room, if you don’t see him, watch Regina’s head turn. Go to weps ready (R1button). 
She’ll track for a second run up and give him a big lead-filled kiss! If you’re 
right up on him, you can dump him in four shots. You can tell a critical hit by the 
way he screams. You want to take him in here. There’s another down the hall - you 
don’t want to be a Regina sandwich. (Where did I hear that saying before?) OK, so 
let’s explore the room. There’s a bulletin board between the tables. Check that out 
and WRITE IT DOWN!  I’m going to stop reminding you in a little bit and if you’re 
not paying attention, you’ll be sorry! A phone on the table - try getting ahold of 
Paul. Follow the instructions. There’s a very important computer over there - go 
check it out. OK,  you’re done with this room. Ignore the other door for now. Head 
back out into the Lecture Room Hall. If you can, try to run by the clone in the 
hall. There’s a vent grill on the floor, near the soda machine, and another corpse 
on the floor. The corpse has a plug - get it, then enter the door on the left. 
You’re now in the LECTURE ROOM. The B1 BG Room Key is on the top of a desk at the 
far left end of the room. (Cut Screen) Get ready to rumble! There’s nothing to do 
but mash the controller buttons to make cloneboy, who drops from the ceiling, get 
off and look for someone of his own species.  WHOA, Gail! Good deal - thanx big 
time. Now, let’s head out down the hall to that grate on the floor and see where 
that takes us. Wouldn’t you know it - right into the toilet. (Of all the times I’ve 
played this game, only once did I find any toilet paper in this room.) Walk out into 
the hall and you’ll find the other door locked and Fernando is back. Save your ammo. 
You can now operate the screen. Back to the Piping Passage! We need to find the B1 
BG Room Drop out of the vent opening and run into and through the Office to it’s 
other door. Now you’re in the Office Hallway  where Regina first entered the 
building. The screen is unlocked now. If there’s anything on the other side, go and 
get it, then turn around and head outside. Remember that fenced-in area outside that 
you couldn’t get into ‘cause it was locked? Check the box out, too. Drop down into 
the opening and get the second generator running. Ignore the door on your right, 
it’s locked from the other side, swing around to the flickering panel. There’s a 
battery in it. Take it, move to the shelf, push it and take the plug. Now to the 
battery puzzle. Move to the right side of the glass and install the battery. Go to 
the center and move the batteries around to get the required sequence. (R,B,G,W.) 
Move to the levers on the right and start the generator. (Cut Scene) It’s Rick 
again. (Is he getting on your nerves yet?) Rick wants Regina to come back to the 
Control Room to tell us something.  Head back to the Control room where you met him 
before. Once back in the building, head for the first Piping Passage you used. 
You’ll be greeted on the way by another clone. Kick him off and shoot him, or run to 
the Piping Passage Vent.( I’m for the run this time.) When you get back to the 
Control Room, you’ll watch a heated argument between Gail and Rick as to what 
priorities to follow. (This is the first decision in the game - to follow Rick or to 
follow Gail.)

You must follow either Rick or Gail. 


  Head out of the Control room, turn left, and proceed down stairs to the Medical 
Room Hall. Stop in the MEDICAL ROOM, read the memo, pick up the ID card on the 
table, and search the rooms. Get the two M. Medpaks, the plug on the counter and 
leave. (SAVE) Turn right outside the door and continue down the hall. Ignore the 
Pansies. Enter the B1 Hall and meet up with Gail. As soon as Regina enters the hall, 
Kirk bolts and Gail rolls under the now lowering Gate. He radios Regina, telling her 
to meet up with him in the Lab area. Head back up to the first floor,  through the 
Management Office. (SAVE if you like.) Once in the Management Office Hallway, turn 
left. Avoid Fernando if you can, otherwise, smoke him.  Proceed down the hall to the 
screen, open it and run into the STRATEGY ROOM.  Pick up the E. DDK code disc on the 
center table, swing around and pick up the Finger Print Device, (hence known as the 
FPD). Read the file and write it all down. Get the plug from the box on the floor. 
There’s a YELLOW  E. Box on the wall. If you’ve been saving your plugs, open it up. 
There is an S med., slags and an intensifier this time. OK, done. It’s time to head 
back to the Elevator Hall and Office to make a new ID card for Regina. Leave the 
strategy room. Avoid the raptor if you didn’t kill it before entering the room. 
Enter the Main Entrance and then the Elevator Hall. If you set Paul’s pager 
on “hold” in the office, it’ll be ringing. He has the prints you want, so get them. 
Now go to the Office, move to the front of the computer and get the ID card out. 
Find Paul’s Reg. # in your notes and plug them in to the comp. Follow instructions 
and you’ll have a new ID for Regina to use. Now it’s time to look for Rick!  Head 
back to where you began the mission (enclosed fence). (cut scene): Regina gets a 
message from Rick - Tom won’t be coming to the Office party on Friday. Exit the next 
gate; you’re outside. Get ready for  some killing or darting. When you get to the 
door, get ready for a short air ride. Switch to the pistol, because you’re going to 
drop it. (It’s mashing time again!) Large elevator - Pteranodons - hungry - Regina 
food. When you get dropped, head for the door in front of you - the  LARGE ELEVATOR 
CONTROL ROOM.  Get the two L. DDK discs: one from the counter and one from Corpse 
Tom. Exit the door at the end of the room, turn right and get the Outdoors Area Map. 
Turn around and head out the next door. The Pteris are back. Do a quick run to the 
next door, trying not to get hacked on in the process. Enter the ELEVATOR POWER 
ROOM. Go down the ladder, move over to and push the shelf. There are slags this 
time. Get the B1 Crane card and move over to the six consoles to do the Pipe Puzzle. 
This one’s not so difficult but it only goes together one way, so take your time and 
get it done. (Does anyone remember Roy G. Biv?) Once completed, head back up the 
ladder and, you guessed it, (cut scene). This one’s likable, though - just remember 
to mash vigorously and you’ll get the GOOD scene; not vigorously enough, and you get 
the BAD scene. Go back through the Elevator control room, activate the elevator and 
travel down to the B1 level. Don’t forget the plug at the boxes. Pick up anything 
you might have dropped before and all boxes that may be lying around the elevator, 
if you have room. Enter theB1 CARRYING OUT ROOM.  Climb the ladder, push the shelf, 
get the goodies, move to the console and use the B1 card on the computer.  Move the 
containers out of the way and head back through the doors on the other side of the 
room. There is a box on the floor. Always check them, just in case it’s something 
you need. Pass through the hall to the B1 hall, move to the Medical Hall and 
up to the first floor. Head through the Management Office. (SAVE) Go to the elevator 


     Let's follow Rick this time and see what goes. This means heading right back 
from where you just came from. Your thrilled, I'm sure. (I suggest saving in the 
Management Office and then moving back out the vent opening.) Climb up, run, drop 
down; either kill or run around Fernando. Go back outside again and return to the 
enclosure you all started in. You'll note that Rick is waiting for you; (what a 
gentleman) follow him through the gate. Get ready to use your darts here - load up 
with them, there are two Fernando Cloneboys waiting for you in this little area, 
also some goodies. Once through this area you can never go back. (Anty EM!) If you 
can't duck dodge or hide your way through this mess, dart them. Get what you can 
carry (slag rounds and a resuscitate this time) and run through the doors. Now your 
in the LARGE SIZE ELEVATOR and getting ready to meet the Pteranodons. I hate these 
guys. They’ll swoop down on your butt and fly off with you, and in this case, 
they’re going to make you lose your weapon. Don’t worry, you’ll get it back in a 
few. (cut scene) It’s mashing time again, kiddies, so hit that controller to make 
the mean old Pteranodon let you go. When you’re dropped, you’ll either hit the wall 
(BAD) or hit the ground (GOOD). Run for the door that’s in front of you and you’ll 
enter the ELEVATOR CONTROL ROOM. Meet up with Rick and Tom. (How did Rick make it 
through all that?) Tom will give you an L. DDK code disc and you’ll find an L. DDK 
input disc on the counter. Then, of course, Rick will start telling you what to do 
again. There’s another door - go through it, get the Outdoors Area Map and exit 
through the next door. Watch out for the Pteris out here. Go serpentine to avoid 
them; you want to get to the ELEVATOR POWER ROOM Climb down the ladder, go to the 
shelf and move it. Pick up what’s there, if you can use it. Combine things in 
inventory to make room, if you have to. Pick up the B1 Crane card and do the Pipe 
Puzzle . Go get ‘em! You need to have that elevator working so you can get Tom to 
the infirmary. When completed, climb back out and get ready for - you guessed it - 
(cut scene). Pteri’s back, and he latches on to Regina. (Mashing time.) If you’re 
successful, he drops you and falls into the elevator fan; (chop, chop) otherwise, 
you do! Run through the elevator Control Room out to the Large Elevator and start it 
up. Get your gun, the plug and anything else out there that you can carry. Go back 
to the Control room and get both men to follow you to the elevator. (cut scene)You 
end up in B1 CARRYING OUT ROOM.  Regina’s got to move the containers, so have her 
climb the ladder and push the shelf. I got an M Medpak and took it for GPs. Move 
over to the Crane Operation Console and activate it with the B1 crane card. You have 
been given four movement cards, a hoist and a release card to free up the room. Once 
you’re done, follow Rick and Tom to the infirmary. There are two doors on the other 
side of the B1 CO room, they both lead to the Hall for carrying in Materials. The 
left door enters a part of the hall that is separated by a security screen. In this 
part of the room there is a door that leads to the B1 BG Room. There is a box near 
the other B1 CO room door with An. darts in it. I took them. (cut scene) Rick and 
Tom make it to the Med. Lab but there’s a sleeping Dino there that wakes up real 
grumpy like and, well, Tom bites the big one in a selfless act of heroism to save 
RICK!! Move Regina through the hall to the B1 hall and into the Medical Room Hall. 
Look - little Pansies, munching happily on a raptor - more power to them. Don’t hang 
too long; they like their meat warm. Get into the MEDICAL ROOM, console Rick, get 
the ID card, the two M meds in the cabinet and the plug in the box on the counter. 
Read the memo from the Doctor. Now head back to the first floor. (I would save as I 
left this room.) Turn left out the Med. lab door, continue up the stairs, over to 
the GREEN E. Box and do all the things you need to do.  Mix, switch, dump - 
whatever. Make some free space for what’s coming up next. When you’re done, move 
down the Hall and go through the Management Office. Remember, there’s a Dino out 
there, so maybe you want to save here before you head out this door. Out in the 
Hall, turn left and left again. Head over to the screen, open it, cross it and start 
it up. Pick off Fernando with the pistol if you like, or leave the screen off and 
run by him again after you leave the STRATEGY ROOM. In this room you’ll pick up the 
Finger Print Device (hence known as FPD) and the E. DDK code disc. Read the file on 
the table, it gives info on the ID Computer in the Office. 
There’s a plug in a box on the floor and a YELLOW E. Box on the wall. There are some 
good things in this box to take with you. You should still have three plugs. Run out 
of the Strategy Room, pass by the raptor, turn right and through the doors to the 
Main Entrance Room. Turn right and head into the Elevator Room. Now, what’s that 
beeping all about? OH, Yeah - Paul’s Pager; so that’s who this is. Go to Paul and 
get his prints with the FPD. If his pager gets on your nerves, shut it off. Head 
over to the RED E. Box and do whatever changing you’re going to need. When you’re 
done, go to the Office and write a new ID card with Paul’s Registration # and his 
prints. Stand in front of the computer, pull out the ID and follow instructions. 
Pull his Reg. # out of your note book and type in those numbers; the computer will 
do the rest. Now head back to the Elevator room. 

  Enter the ELEVATOR HALL and get into the elevator. Head down to the B1 level. Get 
ready for (Cut Scene) another Dino. Fight him off and shotgun him. There isn’t much 
in this room. Go to the Bulletin Board and get the B1 Map. Go to the table and read 
the file. Write the important stuff down! Head to the other door, plug in the 2 L. 
DDKs and solve the password with the information you just got from the file. Enter 
the B1 Main Hallway. Can you hear the 2 Raptors trying to get at you, but hitting 
Mr. Good Screen? Use up whatever 9mm you have left and switch to the SG and standard 
shells. When they are  toast, open the screen and head right, down the Hall to the 
next screen. Open - on to the REDE. Box. Get the P. dart, 40 S&W, Slags and standard 
rounds. Now enter the B1 COMPUTER ROOM. Follow the floor around till you see the 
file. Read it and write it down. See the blue wall panel with the slot on either 
side? Some kind of card goes in there. Find the red tool box, get the screwdriver, 
turn around and move to the panel to the left of the door, access the screwdriver 
and pull off the panel. Go to the door, get the plug and (SAVE) exit the room and 
move down the hall to the next screen. Open it and head to the door on the left. 
Enter the RESEARCH MEETING ROOM. There’s an E. DDK input disc (a comp terminal at 
the end of the table with some vital info on it) and a file on the table. Read it 
and write the info down.  There’s a plug on the shelf. Head back out to the computer 
room and find the computer terminal where you enter in the code for the Gas 
Experiment Room. Head back to the Research Meeting room and go through that other 
door. Enter the GAS EXPERIMENT ROOM.  Pick up anything floating around in this room 
if you have space in your inventory. The Gas Puzzle is one of the most difficult. 
The difference between killing the researcher and keeping him alive is a key to two 
boxes in the Med. Lab that have medical supplies in them. You can only use the key 
once. I never found them useful at that stage of the game, so I never take the key. 
The object of the puzzle is to get the gas to be clear by mixing RED, GREEN and BLUE 
gas to neutralize the haze; I’ll let you experiment. Either way, you get the 
important object, which is the B1 Key chip. Leave the room and (yup, Cut Scene) 
Raptor leaps on Regina and commences to chew. Mash that controller, kick him off and 
run out. Once you have control, you must gas the Dino to leave, so do it! Back out 
in the Research Hall, turn left and greet the two anxious boys behind the screen 
with those S&W rounds. Empty them, then switch to the standard SG rounds. Once they 
are done for, continue along the hall ‘til you enter the LIBRARY. There should be a 
Medpak at the door. Look around and find the Sights for the Pistol. Install the 
enhancement. Now, locate the Blue wall panel and install the B1 key chip. (Check it 
first.) This is the B1 DISC STACKING PUZZLE - the first of the two stacking puzzles. 
It will rewrite the B1 keychip; there is a pattern to the lower left to follow. Once 
complete, go to the locker in the middle of the room with the green light and 
install the B1 chip. You’ll receive the R Key card and a memo -  not as important as 
the other memos, but it hints at a secret lab. When you’re done here, head back to 
the Computer room and go to that funny panel at the end of the room. Now you have 
the L and R Key cards. Slip one through. (“Hey, what gives?”) All right - call Gail 
and let’s get this opened up. Gail arrives and the two of you open the large panel. 
What do you find, but the E. DDK door, of course. Put the two DDKs in, and what’s 
up? - a new password puzzle. Well, if we were paying attention to those memos we 
were getting, and wrote the info down, this puzzle will be easy. It’s just another 
subtraction. This time, it’s columns instead of letters.(SAVE if you like) Enter the 
EXPERIMENT SIMULATION ROOM  and read the file on the table. It contains a little 
background on some things you’ll be in contact with later. Look around the room and 
push the shelf. This is a good thing; you now have the SHOTGUN UPGRADE.  The SG can 
fire faster now.  Pick up the An Darts, if you have room, and exit the Secret lab. 
(Cut Scene) Emergency time coming up; a decision for Regina in a moment. But first, 
you must solve another puzzle before you can proceed. Remember the panel cover you 
removed? The Circuit Panel  Lockdown Puzzle: three little odd-shaped patterns that 
must be arranged so as to reproduce the pattern in the lower left corner of the 
screen. When this is done, Regina will have to decide which guy to follow. 


Choose to follow Rick's or Gail's way


  Lets see what craziness Gail can get us into. Load up with some Standard SG shells 
and head out. Run down the Research Hall, turn left, run around the Dinos, if you 
can, or you can plug them with shells, darts or whatever. Run through the Library, 
avoiding the raptors in there also. Out into the B1 hall and through the E. DDK 
door. Turn right and run through the opening that had the grated door, veer left and 
enter the Carrying Out Hall. Deal with the Raptor if you must, go through the doors 
and meet up with Gail and Kirk. Gee, that wasn’t so bad, was it? OH, DARN! (cut 
scene) Kirk’s ego gets another slapping, he coughs up his communication card, hands 
it to Regina, (man he doesn’t even wipe the phlegm off EEW!) and goes off with Gail 
to be handed off to Raccoon head, I mean Rick.  Gail catches Regina’s attention 
with, “I’ve got something I have to do first” bit! Hmm!
   OK, so now Regina has to make her way back to the Control Room and up the 
elevator to the Communications Room. Head out of the Carrying Out Room to the hall, 
and to the B1 hall to the Medical Room Hallway, up the stairs to the Control Room 
Hall and into the Control Room.  


OK, let’s see what trouble Rick can get us into! Head back into the Secret Lab, run 
over to that big computer console near the Escape hatch, activate it and sit down. 
You’ll notice that the hatch has three red lights, which means three combinations. 
Rick will come on line and give the instructions to complete each combination; they 
are all letter combos. The first set has 5, the second set has 7 and the third set 
has 8 letters. I’ll say right off the bat use a note pad, if you picked Rick’s way 
then you want to do it Rick’s way, right? If you fail, you’ll end up having to chase 
Gail anyway, so use the notepad. The first set of 5 are flashed over the screen. 
When complete, you will copy each letter, in it’s order, on to the verification 
window and press enter. If correct, you’ll get a match acknowledgment from the 
screen and the first hatch light will turn green. The second combination arrives, a 
bit trickier than the first set, and it has 7 letters. Once completed, correctly 
copy them to the code window and press enter. If correct, the second Hatch Light 
goes green. Last but not least, the third set arrives. This one’s 8 letters long and 
now the note pad is a God send, eh? As before, copy them exactly to the code window 
and hit enter. The third light turns green and Rick’s now-grating voice comes over 
the intercom, telling Regina to hightail it out through the Hatch.  “YOU GO, GURL”! 
(I wonder what’s down in this dark and dismal place. Too bad the game doesn’t let 
you explore.) Well, here comes the ladder; climb up and enter the B1 CARRYING OUT 
ROOM.  Looky here, it’s Dr. Kirk! Say “HI” to the Evil doctor, kids!” “HI to the 
Evil Doctor, kids!” Shortly after your introduction to Kirk, Gail pops in, not even 
a bit surprised is he that Regina beat him to the Evil Doctor. Gail threatens to 
drill a few holes in the Prissy Psycho Kirk with his machismo machine gun. (“I don 
need no steenking macheen gun, I gotsa Machismo wan”) I didn’t know Gail was 
Mexican; I thought he was Aryan!
   So, Kirk is talked into coughing up his Control Room Elevator card to Regina (eew 
all that fur) and Gail tells her that he’s going to take Psycho Puppy to Rick and 
take care of some unfinished business. “Gail, there’s no toilet paper in the 
bathroom, I’ve been there.” They walk off, Regina bolts after them, running like 
mad, never catching up to them, needing to be sure Gail heard her. 
  Leave the Cargo room through the door that leads to the B1 Hall, then to the 
Medical Hallway, up the stairs to the first floor and finally into the Control Room.
 Enter the CONTROL ROOM. Enter the elevator and head up to the COMMUNICATION ROOM.  
There’s a Red E. Box , a memo that’s not very important and the antenna key. (You 
need that.) Now exit the room and go out to the roof  walkway. There was a Recovery 
Aid near the door. Run down to the COMMUNICATIONS ANTENNA ROOM. You were there 
before, looking for the combination to the safe in the lounge. Walk over to the 
striped square on the console and use the antenna key. When you’re done, exit and 
get ready for some excrement, I  mean excitement! (Yes, another Cut Scene.) This 
time, Chuckles shows up and he wants to eat Regina. ( BAD, BAD DINOSAUR!) So run, my 
girl, run! ( Fall down, get up and run again; fall again and run again - 
monotonous?) Well, we’ll see. When you reach the Comm. Rm. door it’s still locked. 
What’s taking Geekboy so freakin’ long to unlock the freakin’ door? You have two 
options here: you can try the “run back and forth” method, trying to avoid Chuckle’s 
pearly whites, or you can turn around and give him pause to consider, by firing a 
round or two into his gullet.  Slags don’t hurt as much as grenade rounds, but they 
keep Chuckles away. Once inside, (Cut Scene) Regina calls up the Chopper and talks 
to Rick, who tells Regina where to go, again. (He’s really asking for it.) So, go 
back down the elevator, through the Control room, out into the Hall and through the 
Management Office. Here is an excellent place to (SAVE). 

 So, to be save SAFE, don’t forget to stop in the Elevator Room to get the P. darts 
and whatever else you need to beef up your inventory. Exit this room and go through 
the Main Entrance to the outside. (Cut Scene) Pteranodons again? They’re pissed at 
you for what you‘ve been doing, so be careful. You’ll hit the large doors at the 
guard shack where Mark is (still surprisingly laid back) on the ground; nothing 
bothers this guy! The doors will part and Regina is on the run again. Don’t waste 
any time on the Raptors that come from nowhere and everywhere. Find the door to the 
HANGER. In the hanger there is a CRATE MOVING PUZZLE and some very important things 
to assist Regina. There is a ladder. (“Hmm! I wonder what’s up there?”)  You’d 
better investigate - you really need what’s in that box. ((whispers) - “Grenade 
gun.”) The movable boxes are a lighter color. It will take some thought to move 
them, so take your time and think it out. If you mess up, head back outside and 
return. Everything resets. Did you like what you found on the second floor? So, 
you’ve got the boxes moved around and you’re on the other side of the Hanger. Do you 
have any room for the M Medpak? How about the G. rounds?
   OK, take a deep breath and square away, because one of the coolest FMVs in a game 
is about to happen. Mr. Chuckles is very upset about the way you’ve been treating 
all of his food, so he’s going to try to eat everything this time! I leave this feat 
up to you to figure out. There are a few methods that I’ve heard and tried and I 
have my favorite - tricky, scary and fantastic when it works; infuriating when it 
doesn’t. So, Rick finally gets the elevator to work and fires off a round 
(accidentally shooting a 727 out of the sky two miles away - everyone is shark food) 
to let you know that you can come in now. You do, (cut scene - what’s worse - Rick, 
or cut scenes?)  the elevator screws up and you’ve got to find another way out of 
here. You separate, Regina finds some Pansies (Compies) and the MATERIALS ROOM.  
Another corpse (typical), a memo (read it!) and the C.O.Pass card. Exit this room 
and find the other elevator where Rick is; he has just fixed it. You end up outside 
on the Large Elevator again and drop down to the B3 CARRYING OUT ROOM.  The white 
battery in the battery case is toast, so Regina has to find another one to take it’s 
place while Rick just stands there and pouts. (The baby.) Find the B3 backup 
generator room. Find the White Battery. Remove it and bring it to Rick. Now, follow 
him into the B3 CONTROL ROOM.  RED  and  YELLOW E. Boxes are in this room. One set 
of B3 Crane are on the table and another set is on the console near Rick. There is a 
plug behind the shelf. This is a good place to SAVE. Now, let’s head into the 
GENERAL WEAPONS STORAGE AREA.  Big room - a truck, mobile armor, computer banks, a 
resuscitation box, big containers in the room next to it and the B3 crane. (“OH, 
Moe! Look! Another corpse!”) There’s a W. DDK input disc next to the corpse - no 
time to rejoice, ‘cause we finally get to meet “Hanz und Franz”, the Tank Dino 
twins, ya! Hanz treats Regina with a swipe and knocks her to the floor. He barrels 
in for the kill, but misses and swipes the hoist chain instead, dropping the 
Container down on our heroine, but ever ready Regina, with her cat-like reflexes, 
rolls out of the way just in time. (You were mashing away like mad, right?) Now, 
don’t hang around for Hanz to get another bead on you. Get a move on an’ book 
through that big door! Enter the TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY. There are two “A” Level doors 
in here - a big one and a smaller one. There’s a screen on the right - still locked, 
and a big truck -  on it is the C.O. Area Key and the final B3 Crane card, and, OH, 
Yeah - Franz, Hanz’s twin clone brother (on his father’s side). He isn’t thrilled to 
see you, either, so be quick about getting the goodies and getting out. When you’re 
back in the General Weapons Storage Area, Hanz is gone. (Too bad; I was getting to 
dislike him.) Head for the ladder; climb it and enter the B3 Crane’s Cabin. Pop a B3 
C. card in the control computer and get ready for the B3 CRANE PUZZLE. Let’s move 
those containers out of the way so Regina can get at the W. DDK input disc. You have 
to move the correct four containers to get at the disc. (We belong to the Superior 
Species). So, you’re done and climbing down from the crane. Run to the disc and 
motor out of this joint, back to the B3 Control Room. Head out to the B3 Carrying 
Out Room, sweep around to the opposite side and use the CO. area key on the doors. 
Book down the Passageway to the REST ROOM. Hanz und Franz are in here and they want 
to ask Regina to be supper. Pick up the B3 area map on the wall. Check the dead 
researcher against the wall. (“A puh-luggg!”) There’s a W. DDK door, a double door 
and an elevator door (stay away from the elevator door, unless you’re bored and have 
some ammo to waste) and  a tank  Dinos appear, and there are enough of them in this 
area to call in any extras.  Pass through the doors and enter the CENTRAL STAIRWAY. 
Run past Franz und Hanz, (how the heck did these guys get over here so fast - they 
must be Cloneboys, too) turn right and make it to the stairs before they lay claim 
to some Regina meat. Climb the stairs.  Most times, there’s a box on the floor at 
the corner. You can hear a Lucien around the corner, so get ready to run or shoot. 
I’m going to dart this one for now. I’ve got five P. darts; I want to make another 
one for an even six. There is a set of doors ahead -  lets go that way and see 
what’s afoot. Above is an open vent.  Enter the B2 SECURITY PASS ROOM.   
 Regina runs by this cool “Total Recall”-looking screen and an alarm goes off, 
warning all the dead people that she’s got a gun! There is an S. DDK input disc on 
the central computer console, a B2 key chip and a plug behind the DEAD researcher. 
There is also another ID computer near the corpse. “The Bells, The Bells”,(sorry 
Victor, I couldn’t help myself). That alarm is getting on my nerves and, well, you 
can’t leave the security area until it’s turned off, so - “Make it so, number one.” 
Run over to the console between the chairs and hit action. The red lights go blue 
and it’s back to the monotonous music once again. Resident Evil aint got nothin’ on 
DC in the Monotonous Music Department. (What do you expect for fifty bucks, anyway?) 
On your way out, read the  file on the counter. Head back out to the hall. (SAVE on 
your way out.) I see sleeping beauty is fast asleep on the floor. Move to the vent 
grate and hoist up. Continue until you come to the next opening. Drop down into the 
EXPERIMENT ROOM HALL. There is aother hall to Regina’s left with a door at it’s 
right end. Straight ahead there is a door to her right and at the end of the hall, a 
door on the left, plus a RED  and GREEN E. Box. Behind her is a screen and another 
door ahead. Go down to the end of the long hall and open up the Red E. Box. Oho!, 
another P. dart - that’s six now. I’m out of plugs now, so I’m going into the 
RESEARCHER’S RESTROOM. (“Hey, Gail, long time no see, what? Man, did he fly out of 
there, or what?”) Gail says, “He’s running out of places to hide”, and he’s gone. I 
wonder if he found any toilet paper? Well, have a look around the room and see what 
you can find. A scary journal, which, when opened, has some infighting going on, and 
talk of poisoning. Last, but not least, a WALL MONITOR that requires an “A” level 
card to work it. OK, I’m bored with this room. Lets go out into the hall and check 
out the other door. Oh, well, it’s locked from the other side. Go down the hall and 
bang a right. Oh, joy, a “C” level card. 
Let’s pick it up. (Cut Scene - a Lucien jumps up through the floor grate. “Reginas, 
start your mashing!”) I darted Lucien by accident, got the card and entered the 
STABILIZER DESIGN ROOM.  On the first table there is a message book; read it. It’s 
important, right, so you’ll  know what to do. On the other side of the table there 
is a W. DDK code disc. That’s about all for this room, kiddies, so let’s book back 
to the Vent and make our way back to the B3 area - and don’t forget to save on the 
way through the B2 Security Room Hall. Ooh, did you have an extra Lucien in the hall 
when you came out? Get up into the vent, drop down and head into the Security Room 
hall and (SAVE) exit. Head down the stairs. (Cut Scene - Rick informs you that he’s 
unlocked a few more screens.) Now Regina has two anal-inflamed Therizinos on her 
case, aching for a go at her. Our Dino Honey zigs when they zag and squeezes by them 
yet again - hit the road, slappies! Regina is now back in the Rest Room and heading 
for the W. DDK door. Install the two W. DDK’s and enter the DISEMBARKATION 
IMMIGRATION OFFICE. That’s a mouthful! Let’s see now, a plug on another corpse, and 
Rick! Where did he come from and why isn’t he sliced and diced into little ziplock 
bags? Of course, he starts telling Regina what to do again (she oughta cap his butt, 
pronto.) Pick up the B2 Key chip on your way out and SAVE.  I’m going to load up on 
some P. darts. I have a feeling my luck is being stretched. There are two Therizinos 
in the hall. Dart them if you can’t get by them. HAAA! Made it by both of them in 
the passage. Now, back in the B3 Carrying out room, Regina runs to the elevator and 
hears screaming coming from the elevator speakers. Lordy! Looky who pops his ugly 
nubbin’ haid out from the Large Elevator, but Mr. Chuckles, who proceeds to bite 
some big electrical thing that sends a couple 100 thousand volts through his 
Prehistoric Anus. Knocks him out good, too, but the idiot broke the elevator and 
it’s up to Regina to fix it so she can get the Port Card Key that’s in the elevator 
for “Mr.You-have-to-do-this-and you-have-to-do-that” (Rick). Stop at the battery 
thingy and get the W. battery. Head back to the place where you first picked it up - 
the B3 Backup Generator room. Install the battery and do the Battery Puzzle to get 
things running again. Go back to the Large Elevator door and raise it, get the  Port 
Card Key, the D. DDK, the input disc and the plug. Leave this dismal place and head 
back to Rick. If you can, do another end run around the two clowns in the passage 
and make it back to ol’ Rick. If not, dart the buggers. When you get back to Rick, 
he processes the Port Card key and opens the Passageway to the Port. Here’s another 
Evil Vortex, folks. Rick makes a wish and tosses in a Krugerand. On the way out, 
Regina steps on the S. DDK code disc. Exit the Port area and head for the Central 
Stairway and the stairs to the B2 area. Well, that didn’t go very well - Hanz und 
Franz ganged me in the hallway, and they hacked on Regina. I had to take a L++ 
medpak to continue. I took the plug past the screen but didn’t access the RED and 
GREEN E. Boxes. Onward to the vent in front of the Security room. Drop down, turn 
around and open the screen. Run in; there’s at least one Lucien on your tail. Enter 
the STABILIZER EXPERIMENT ROOM. I darted the Lucien in here to give me some time. 
There’s a plug on the floor, a D. DDK code disc on the table, a glassed-in locker 
with something inside of it and a combination I don’t have yet. Lucien is up and I 
better book if I don’t want to be lunch. Go back out to the Hall and pick up the 
Resuscitate to make a P. Dart. Go up the vent and back to the Security Room and 
rewrite the B2 KEY CHIP CODING PUZZLE. Drop down through the vent. Yikes, the Lucien 
clone is awake and prowling close to the door, so there is a good reason for the 
180° spin after all. Regina is limping a bit, but I’m going to hold off on a med. 
just yet; bumping into all these guys is taking a toll on Regina. Install the two 
chips in their order and punch in the code to start the machine up. (Look on the 
chips; try each number ‘til it works.) Commence with the second of the disc stacking 
puzzles. I like these puzzles. When you’re done, head out the S. DDK door, solve the 
password and win access to the next area. (SAVE on the way out.) Enter the green 
sterilization hall, then exit when cooked and turn right. Head down to the end to 
the D. DDK door. Notice the “A” level door to your left - you’ll be back in a bit. 
Enter the two D. DDK discs into the coder and solve the password. Enter the 
passageway and go to the second of the two B2 key coders. Install the number two B2 
Chip. Proceed through the open door. Go to the number one B2 Key coder and install 
the number one B2 Key Chip. This door now opens up for you. Go through two more 
doors and enter the B2 3RD ENERGY AREA. This is a big room. That’s the top half of 
the Generator to your left. (Cut Scene) Talk to Rick - he’s a bossy and lonely guy! 
Start moving. When you get the scene from between the two upper sections of the 
generator perspective, stop and approach the wall panel and activate the walkway. 
Don’t bother going down there yet. Head down to the next door. Enter the THIRD 
ENERGY CONTROL ROOM, go down the stairs and explore. Move the shelf and take what 
you find if you need it. There is a journal; read it - there is a small bit of 
important news in it. There is also a “B” level card in this area but I have never 
used it. Go back upstairs. There is an elevator, but don’t use it. Go to the raised 
console platform and get the plug. There is a lone computer console and a journal. 
(Read it; it’s important.) Turn around and head into the POWER FREQUENCY ROOM.  As 
soon as you enter the room, get the B2 area Map on the wall. Read the memo on the 
table and write the info down (this is very important). Go to the bluish wall panel 
and find the GENERATOR UNLOCKING PUZZLE. (Another puzzle guys - flex the knuckles 
and get down to business.) This is the second and last squiggly-line alignment 
puzzle in the game - just like the one in the B2 computer room, just a different 
design. Solve it and head back to the computer console outside the Freq. Cont. Room. 
This is the Generator test computer. Do a test. It will fail; you’ll hear a gun 
shot. Go back into the Freaq room. The researcher is now dead, if she wasn’t before. 
There’s blood all over the place and she’s holding something; get it. Also, look 
very close at the wall next to her. “MMMMMMMM, fingerprints” (H. Simpson gargle 
noise). Get them with the FPD. There is a RED  and GREEN E. Box on the wall.  I 
opened both of them and made a P. Dart. Now, go down the hall. Someone’s there; 
chase him. (cut scene) OOPS! Dr. Kirk snuck up on Regina, but Gail comes to the 
rescue and shoots the pistol out of his hand, right next to Regina’s face - what a 
shot! Kirk goes through another prima donna rant session and gives up the info to 
shut the place down. He also hoarfs up his “A” level card. Rick shows up to add his 
two cents to the story. He gives Regina the planning disc and then there’s decision 
time. The crazy thing about this is, if you chose Gail’s way, the Planning Disc 
disappears from your inventory but if you choose Rick’s way, when the conversation 
is done, you acknowledge receipt of the disc and store it in inventory. Before you 
leave the room, after you decide which path to follow, look for stuff in both rooms.


Choose to folow Gail or Rick


  Search Kirk’s Lab, find the plug and read the notice to the staff; it explains how 
to do something important. Go into Kirk’s Library Room, get the M. Med. and read the 
document on Kirk’s desk. He is a naughty boy! OK, you have all there is to have 
here, so let’s boogie out of here and get those completed devices. Exit to the third 
Energy Area, bang a right to the door and blow through the passageway. First you 
want to stop in the “A” Level Room off the B2 Parts Storage area. Once in here look 
for goodies, there’s a real good one waiting for you. Did you find it and attach it 
to the G.Gun? Now that your done in here you want to get Regina back to the B2 
Security Rooms computer to cut a new ID card with Kirk’s info. Stand in front of the 
Computer and put the ID card in, punch in Kirk’s Reg. # and follow instructions. 
Exit the B2 Security Room and “SAVE” on your way to the Central stairs. Deal with 
Lucien if he gives you a hard time. Step down the stairs to the B3 Hall and out to 
the Rest Room Area. We want to get all the way back to the Weapons Storage Area, 
just pass where the B3 Crane Puzzle is. Chuckles is still out cold in the B3 
Carrying out Room. Hanz und Franz are back in every room again, so use up your 
darts, slags and heat and G. rounds. Enter the smaller of the two “A” doors ( it’s 
on the right), run across the room and enter the door at the end. Locate the lift to 
the second floor of the room and retrieve the two completed devices. Now head back 
to the B3 Rest Room. The “A” level card will let you use the elevator back to the B2 
Third Energy Control Room. Ignore Franz, he’s just upset that you didn’t invite him 
to the cast party Friday afternoon. Do another Generator test with Kirk’s ID card 
(it will succeed) and follow instructions. Head to the Third Energy area in the next 
room. Run all the way down to the two doors, bang a right to the lift and drop down 
to the B3 level. Find the Initializer Installation Module, hit the green light and 
install it. Turn around and move to the Third Energy Generator, start the computer 
and get the plug on the way back up to the B2 level. Run back around the 
generator ‘til you arrive at the different perspective from between the two upper 
Generator halves. If you didn’t extend the gantry the first time you ran through 
here, do so now by activating it at the bluish wall panel close by. When it is fully 
extended find the Stabilizer Installation Module and install the Stabilizer. Turn 
around and use the Third Energy Activation Computer. (cut scene, a BIG one, when 
Regina is released from the cut scene, get her back to the injured Gail in Kirk’s 
Library.) Gail has tagged Kirk with a locator; pick him up and get him back to the 
Immigration and Disembarkation room. 

 Back at the Immigration and Disembarkation Room, Rick is still happily plucking 
away at the computer’s terminal. When Rick learns that Kirk has escaped yet again he 
dons his False Bravado Macho face, and claims that he’s going to kill Kirk.(mmm-
hmm!) Everything is set; the Third Energy Generator has removed the vortex and it’s 
decision time again. Gail wants to go after Kirk and Rick wants to get the flock out 
of there. Again, it’s up to Regina to break the stalemate.


  OK, we’re going to follow Rick this time. Search the room, find the plug and read 
the notice to the staff; it explains how to do stuff. Go to Kirk’s Library room, 
find the M. Medpak and the document on Kirk’s desk. OH, he is EVIL!!! Let’s get the 
show on the road and head out of here. Head out the other door to Kirk’s Lab and 
enter the B2 Third Energy area. Turn right and out the door next to you; I’ve armed 
with P. darts and darted Lucien for the “halibut”.  Enter the Parts Storage Hall and 
then through the “A” level door. Search through here and find the G. Gun 
enhancement. There’s a big console in the middle of the room; you need to use the 
planning disc to operate it. Move the cabinet, get the plug and check out the 
wiretap. The tones you hear are going to be duplicated on the CORE PARTS COMPUTER 
CONSOLE in the center of the room. This was a most difficult puzzle for me to solve 
because of all the variations; it took about 15-20 or more tries before I stumbled 
upon it, so when you solve it, write it down. Move to the computer and read the 
file. (This is important; write it down.) Insert the Planning Disc into the 
computer. When you’ve solved the code, two drawers open up at the back of the room, 
with a Core Parts 2 in one drawer and a Core Parts 1 in the other. Get both and 
leave this room. Enter the green sterilization hall and go back to the B2 Security 
Room to process the Id card with Kirk’s info. Install the ID card in the computer 
near the dead researcher and follow the instructions. Using the information you have 
on Kirk, Reg. # and fingerprints, write a new ID card that gives Regina Carte 
Blanche. Exit the room and (SAVE) on the way out to the Experiment Hall. Once back 
in the Experiment Hall, turn left and then right to get back into the Stabilizer 
Design Room. If any of the Luciens give you a hard time on the way, slap them around 
like a red-headed stepchild. (To all red- headed stepchildren out there, sorry, I 
couldn’t help myself.) There are darts at the door of the B2 Experiment hallway. If 
you didn’t pick them up and you should have some P. darts and such, don’t take any 
lip from them. Enter the STABILIZER DESIGN ROOM. Move to the first console on the 
left; it’s straight through the door. Pop in the planning Disc, punch in the code 
and move to the end of the counter to pick up the part. Swing around the room to the 
other console near the back of the room, pop the P. Disc in it and do that code. The 
next two parts slide out; get them and book back out to the Hall. Now move to the 
Stabilizer Experiment Room.
   Enter the STABILIZER EXPERIMENT ROOM. Remember the glass case? Well, lets see 
what’s in that box; we have the combo now, eh? OOOH! new barrel and pump, we’re 
toting the SPAS12 now. Turn right and then left to the next door to your right and 
enter. You must head straight into the room and circle right around the big console 
(clockwise) to find the final part in this room. Put the P. Disc in and pull out the 
sixth part, no codes needed. Now turn around and locate the big recessed area to 
Regina’s right; it has a vertical tube-looking thing reaching to the ceiling. When 
found, access a Part from inventory and click use; follow the instructions. This can 
get tricky because you can never tell from which direction the parts will be coming, 
so you must swing the part around to meet it’s alignment before contact, or it will 
fail and you’ll have to start the process all over again. So, stay frosty, cool your 
jets, Zen out and  “I’VE GOT TO SAVE THOSE WHALES”, (Sorry, wrong movie phrase), 
Let’s Bake! The Stabilizer comes first and then the Initializer. When both are 
complete, remove from device and store.
   It’s time to return to the Third Energy Generator Area and install the completed 
parts. You ought to know the route by now, so I’m going to pick it up from the Entry 
door  there. Run straight through and enter the Third Energy Control Room. Return to 
the Generator test computer and do another test. (Now that you have Kirk’s ID, you 
will complete the test.) Follow the instructions when complete.
   It’s important that the Initializer be installed first, so lets head back to the 
Third Energy Area’s Entry door near Kirk’s Personal Lab. Turn right and make for the 
lift, down to the B3 Third Energy Area. Find your way around to the other side of 
the machine and install the Initializer. Look for the green button on the wall and 
press; the device will open. Put the Initializer in and watch (DUUUH... I like 
moving things huh, huh, huh). Turn around, move to the second console and start the 
Third Energy Generator. A big long tube moves across the room. Get the plug if you 
want, head back to the lift and make your way to the walkway Regina extended earlier 
in the game between the two upper halves of the Third Energy Generator. Find the 
green button on the end wall and push; install the Stabilizer. When completed, turn 
to the big computer console and activate the Third Energy Generator. (cut scene - a 
long one too) When Regina is released, head back to Kirk’s Lab to help Gail. (cut 
scene. You drag Gail’s wounded butt to the Immigration and Disembarkation Room.) 

 Back at the Immigration and Disembarkation Room, Rick is still happily plucking 
away at the computer’s terminal. When Rick learns that Kirk has escaped yet again he 
dons his False Bravado Macho face, and claims that he’s going to kill Kirk.(mmm-
hmm!) Everything is set; the Third Energy Generator has removed the vortex and it’s 
decision time again. Gail wants to go after Kirk and Rick wants to get the flock out 
of there. Again, it’s up to Regina to break the stalemate.



  Whatever decision you made before ( finding the completed Devices or assembling 
them) will be the deciding factor on where Kirk is. If you assembled the two devices 
Kirk will be in the B3 SMALL WEAPONS STORAGE  room, off the B3 TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY. 
If you elected to find the completed devices then He’ll be in the B2 STABILIZER 
EXPERIMENT ROOM. You’ll be notified by the locator (the thing Gail gave you in 
Kirk’s library) if you forgot. Regina just found the completed devices, so Kirk will 
be in the Stabilizer Experiment Room. When we’re done with this scenario, we’ll jump 
back and do the opposite one for a complete package deal.
   What we want to do here is make our way to the Central Stairway and up to the B2 
level where the open ceiling vent gives access to the piping passage. I’m loading P. 
darts for this one. Once in the Piping passage, drop down into the Experimental 
Hall, do a 180° and enter the Stabilizer Experiment Room. Gail and Kirk are there; 
join the clatch. Regina gets to hear all the gory details as to the real purpose of 
the mission. Gail’s wounds have become fatal. He collapses to the floor and dies. 
(What a “GUY”.) Well, no time like the present to blow this joint. Tah, Gail, “See 
ya, wouldn’t want to be ya”. Accept the disc and book. You end up back at the Port 
place. (I’m getting finger cramps typing Disembarkation and Immigration Room.) Rick 
takes possession of Kirk and leaves Regina to ponder the whatever. Get a move on, 
girl, time’s a-wasting. Head through the Port Room and enter the Hovercraft Storage. 
What the heck is Chuckles doing in the port area? The last I saw of him, he was out 
in the B3 Carrying Out Room. When you get to the Hovercraft, Rick has it fired up 
and waiting. Things appear to be flowing nicely, and then - Chuckles is back. Geeze, 
this is a nice tug, and roomy too. Here’s a  YELLOW E. Box.  Maybe, if we talk nice-
nice to Chuckles, he’ll sit calmly for the ride back home.
  “NAH, KILL ‘UM!!!” If you’re low on ammo, take the G. rounds in the case. If 
you’re hurting, there should be some Medpaks in the E Box. OK, hoist up your 
panties, girls, it’s “GETTIN’ UGLY TIME!!!” Get Regina’s buttocks out on the 
Hovercraft’s aft section. (That’s the rear end to you naughty nautically-challenged 
out there.) “KILLIN’ TIME’S COME!!!”( I love typing in bold like that.) With four 
grenades in the moosh, Rick fires off the rocket and fails the job AGAIN (typical). 
What a lousy shot this guy is. The best is yet to come, though, when Chuckles turns 
up alive. Regina goes out yet again and finishes off the Big Prehistoric Chicken for 
the last time by planting an explosive charge down his gullet and setting it off by 
remote. I love that scene; everything looks fantastic. It’s my favorite ending


  OK, this is the second ending. The second ending has an A and a B version in the 
Search For Spock, I mean Kirk. If you went for the completed devices, then Kirk will 
be in the Stabilizer Experiment Room. If you went to find the individual Initializer 
and Stabilizer parts and assembled them, then Kirk will be in the B3 Weapons Storage 
Room. Since Regina assembled the parts this time, we’re going after Kirk in the B3 
W.S.R. So, Gail convinces Regina to go after Kirk. Let’s go already, out into the 
rest area. Head for the “A” door at the end of the Central Stairway and deal with 
the Dinos if they hassle Regina; we’re in a hurry. Enter the PORT TRANSPORT 
PASSAGEWAY. There’s a Horizontal elevator and two floor boxes this time. Go for a 
ride, and when it stops, move through the big door into the HELIPORT TRANSPORT 
PASSAGEWAY. Turn right and go through the big door into the  TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY. 
Be careful, there’s a mad Therizino in there, just waiting to gore Regina - a lot! 
Make way for the small “A” door, SMALL WEAPONS STORAGE. Now, hear the ugly reasons 
for the REAL mission. DAMN YOU GAIL!!!
Gail bites the big one and Regina gets to give Kirk some much needed dental surgery.
Kirk and Regina magically meet up with Rick in the Immigration and Disembarkation 
Room. Rick takes Kirk to the Hovercraft and Regina takes off after them when she 
regains her stunned wits. Enter the PASSAGEWAY TO THE PORT.  When you get there, 
(Cut Scene - how the heck did Mr. T get himself here, lying on the floor and  
bleeding from the mouth? He should be in the B3 Carrying out room.) When released, 
come about and get her to the Hovercraft Storage Room. There is a floor box in here. 
When Regina enters the Hovercraft Room, Rick is ready to go and Chuckles wakes up. 
That wasn’t blood, that was bloody drool from something he just ate. He’s after our 
people again; for the last time, I hope. This is the Luxury Hovercraft. It’s roomy 
and has it’s own YELLOW E. Box, if your hurting and don’t have any Meds - it’s 
always had two M. Medpaks in it. Don’t forget the plug. If you’re in need and you 
have the room, take the G. rounds. This is my favorite ending; I think it’s the 
coolest of them all. OK, get Regina’s Heineken out on to the aft section of this 
scow and teach Chuckles some manners with some in-your-mouth pyrotechnics. Slick 
Rick hits a big tank and blows a lot of stuff up, but does he get the Dinosaur? 
NO!!. So Regina heads back out onto the deck and packs some nitro with four blasting 
caps and gives them a toss down the old gullet of big and ugly, then pulls out her 
trusty remote and ends it all. 


  Since Regina assembled the Initializer and Stabilizer parts this time, we’re going 
after Kirk in the B3 W.S.R. So, Gail convinces Regina to go after Kirk. Let’s go 
already, out into the rest area. Head for the “A” door at the end of the Central 
Stairway. Deal with the Dinos if they hassle Regina. Enter the PORT TRANSPORT 
PASSAGEWAY. There’s a Horizontal elevator. Go for a ride; when it stops, move 
through the big door into the HELIPORT TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY. Turn left, get on this 
lift and take a ride. When the lift stops, get off and enter that “A” level door. 
Surprise, surprise, surprise! - a helicopter. (Inspect it if you like) Now that you 
have this new information, you need to get back and locate Gail and Dr. Kirk. Go 
back to the lift and ride it back to the beginning. Exit the lift and go through the 
big door into the  TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY. Be careful, there’s a mad Franz in there, 
or Hanz, they look so much alike. Head for the small “A” door SMALL WEAPONS STORAGE. 
Now hear the truth about this mission. DAD GUMMIT GAIL!!!
 Gail Doesn’t bite the big one this time. You get him and Kirk to the chopper, radio 
Rick to tell him the surprise, which is a good thing because Chuckles has gone 
berserk and destroyed the Hovercraft. You break radio communication with Rick and 
take off to the horizontal lift. Get in it and zoom to meet Rick at the starting 
point of this lift ride.
 Rick runs in and proceeds to take his sweet old time about getting the heck out of 
 Mr. Chuckles makes his usual grand entrance, wrecking yet another door. (He must be 
Mr. Deep Pockets.) From this point on, the story follows the regular secret ending. 
Chuckles chases the lift and Regina must fend him off long enough for the lift to 
make velocity and out distance him. When the lift reaches the end, Regina and Rick 
get into the Chopper with Gail and Kirk, and vamoose. As always, Mr. T isn’t ready 
to give up the chase quite yet. He almost gets the Chopper’s tail section before 
Rick drops that conveniently placed bomb on the underside of the chopper.



    By choosing Rick’s way, Regina strikes the weakened Gail, knocking him 
unconscious. Rick picks the sleeping Gail up and heads for the Hovercraft. This is 
the branching point for the first ending and the Secret ending. We’re doing the 
first one, so get Regina hopping after the two guys, let’s finish this job and go 
home eh!

    (SAVE), so that you can come back and do the Secret ending from here. Otherwise 
you can do it the way I did - start the game from the beginning and do the secret 
ending in it’s, what I think, proper sequence.
 Enter the Passage to Port Hall, pass through the doors, take what’s in the Ammo box 
if you need it and leave the room. Enter the PORT and explore, if you like; there 
should be one box laying around. I like turning left at the door; go around to the 
next door and enter the HOVERCRAFT STORAGE AREA.  There is a RED E. Box; go down the 
stairs. (Cut Scene with Rick - need some Nuke Food for the Hovercraft.) Rick tosses 
Regina a container; head back out to the Port area to find Nuke Food. (SAVE, if you 
like.) Go straight out the door along the dock to the red-bottomed barrels (Nuke 
Food.) Pull out the container and fill it up; return to the guys and toss it back to 
Rick. (Cut Scene - Now it’s the final conflict with Mr. Chuckles and he’s going for 
broke on this one, so be on your toes.) Rick tosses you a plug and some grenade 
rounds. If you didn’t have the G. Gun out, do so and load with the grenade rounds.   
(SAVE) Do it this time - you never know you - could flake, run into a wall and be 
chowed on, of course you can use continues too! Enter the Port area again for the 
finale. Chuckles is going to break through the big door and chase Regina again. When 
Mr. T gets very close to Regina, you’re going to get the FIRE DECAL on the screen; 
do so right in the mouth and beat feet again. This will happen three times total, so 
try to let him get close enough to get the Fire signal before you complete one lap 
of the Port. It’ll be over quicker this way, one way or the other. When you make it 
around to the dock side again (cut scene- Rick shows up with the Hovercraft all 
gassed up and ready to go). He pops out of the hatch and ineptly fires a bazooka at 
Chuckles and misses - it figures! Everything falls apart at the seams now. Regina 
hops on the Hovercraft and they take off. Chuckles, not wanting to hang around 
either, goes for a swim. They think he’s still after them, but he’s not. He doesn’t 
want to hang around and get blamed for this mess. 
   I leave the rest of the ending to Regina, Gail, Rick and you!


  After knocking out Gail, instead of following the two guys to the Hovercraft, head 
out into the Rest Room and over to the Central Stairs Hall. (Remember the “A” door 
at the end of the Hall?) Let’s go exploring, eh? I’m going to stick with P. darts on 
this outing. Hanz und Franz will be waiting for you. Open the screen and pick up the 
plug. There is a RED  an GREEN  E. Box on the right. If you’re in need of ammo or 
whatever, it’s here, but haven’t found a Med. in them yet. Go through the “A” door 
and enter a new type of room, the PORT TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY.  There’s a horizontal 
elevator to Regina’s right. There may be some random boxes, get on the lift and see 
where it take you; it appears to be a dead end, nope, that’s a door.  Enter it and 
let’s see what gives. Enter the HELIPORT TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY. To your left is 
another Horizontal Lift. To your right, a door that leads to the TRANSPORT 
PASSAGEWAY.  Go left and take the lift. When Regina comes to a stop and exits the 
lift, she spies an “A” door. Move through it - what a surprise, a secret chopper 
hanger - and who do you think is trying to make his weasely escape? Yup - Kirk! Get 
him! If I’ve got to get kicked in the chops, I want her to do it to me! Kirk drops 
like a hod of bricks (the WUSS) pick up the plug and the grenade rounds, if you’re 
low. Head back to the beginning of the Heliport Passageway. (Cut Scene) The guys 
show up; get a move on, Chuckles is coming. He gets in and is on a dead run after 
the lift. Gee, you know, Chuckles looks a lot like Freddie Mercury to me. I wonder 
if he could sing “Champions”? Three or four rounds will put a sour taste in his maw 
for a second or two, but only long enough for the four of you to get to the Chopper 
and book. This is also a very cool ending, so I’ll leave this for you and Regina to 
experience alone.



 Green E-Boxes (Medical supplies) 
1st Fl.Conrol Room Hall
Hemostat         2
Med. Pack M      2
Rec. Aid         2
Resuscitation    2                   

B2 Research Area Hall
Recovery Aid     1
Intensifier      2
Resuscitation    2

B2 Experiment Room Hall
Resuscitation    1
Recovery Aid     1
Intensifier      1
Med. Pack M      2
Hemostat         2

B3 Central Stairway
Hemostat         1
Intensifier      1
Recovery Aid     2
Resuscitation    1

B2 Power Frequency Room
Resuscitation    1
Recovery Aid     4
Yellow E-Boxes (Mostly Medical supplies & some ammunition) 
1st Fl. Strategy Room
Med Pack M       1
Hemostat         1
Intensifier      1
Slag Bullets     5
Resuscitation    1

B3 Control Room 
Hemostat         2
An. Aid          2
Multiplier       1
Resuscitation    1

Slag Bullets     10
Recovery Aid     1

B3 Secret Helicopter Pad
Med. Pack M      2
An. Aid          1
Recovery Aid     1
Resuscitation    1
Red E-Boxes (Mostly Ammo and some medical supplies)
1st Fl. Elevator Hall
9mm Parabellum   34
SG Bullets       10
Poison Dart      1
Intensifier      1

B1 Laboratory Hallway
40S&W Bullets    18
Slag Bullets     10
SG Bullets       10
Poison Dart      1

Communication Room
9mm Parabellum   17
SG Bullets       10
An. Aid          1
Multiplier       1

B3 Control Room 
Grenade Bullets  3
Heat Bullets     3
SG Bullets       5
An. Aid          1
Intensifier      1

B2 Experiment Room Hall
Poison Dart      1
Slag Bullets     10
40S&W Bullets    18
An. Aid          1
Multiplier       1

B3 Central Stairway
Poison Dart      1
Heat Bullets     3
Intensifier      2
Multiplier       1
An. Aid          2

B2 Power Frequency Room
Heat Bullets     3
Grenade Bullets  3
Slag Bullets     10
An. Aid          3
Intensifier      1

Hovercraft Storage Dock
Intensifier      1
Multiplier       1
An. Aid          1


   Battery Arranging Puzzles
   The battery puzzles are all the same, once you’ve solved the first one, the rest 
are a simple repeat. There are four battery colors: RED GREEN BLUE AND WHITEFor 
obvious reasons, white is in black. (I knew you would understand.) This is the order 
that they must appear in to get the Generators to work. Each glassed case has a set 
of buttons that Regina must push to move the Batteries around to their proper order. 
Once the proper order has been achieved, push the cancel button and move to the 
Colored Lever Wall Panel to the right of the Battery case and activate it. If Regina 
placed the Batteries in their proper sequence, the Generator will start and run.  
   Pipe Puzzle
   The Elevator Power Room Pipe Puzzle is an easy one, and probably doesn’t need to 
be elaborated on, but what the heck. After Regina has landed on the floor and picked 
up all the necessary things, head for the Pipe Puzzle. Standing between the six 
consoles with the ladder to Regina’s right side, move to the one furthest away from 
the generator, face the console and press RED. Move to the middle one now, to 
Reginas right. Press GREEN, move to the next one to her right, which is closest to 
the generator, and press BLUE. Do a 180° turn and move across the room to the 
console opposite the one Regina just left. As in the previous three consoles, 
successively press RED, then GREEN, then BLUE. The pipes will be all lined up and 
the generator will start and run. 

   B1 Carrying out Crate Moving Puzzle
   You have to do this puzzle whether you go with Gail or Rick. You get four moves, 
Hoist and Release. The moves are: 2 forward, 1 left, 1back, 2 right
 First container: 2 Forward, 1 Left, 1 Back, Hoist, 2 Right, Release, Start.
Second container: 2 Forward, Hoist, Start.
   Gas Experiment Puzzle
   This was another difficult puzzle for me, not because it’s random, because it 
isn’t, but because it’s odd. Many combinations will work. (Blue, Blue, Red, Green, / 
Red, Red, Green, Blue, / Green, Green, Blue, Red, etc.) I don’t know why you must 
use double colors for the first two. Maybe there are more convoluted formulas but 
the four-bangers are the quickest. I always use the R,R,G,B one cause they’re one 
after another. 

   Library, Disc Stacking Puzzle
   This is a nice, fast puzzle. It starts with a stack of four white discs and four 
clear discs on top of the white. Regina must arrange the stack so as to match the 
stack at the lower left corner of the puzzle screen. This can be done in four moves.
   Go to the bottom of the stack and pull out two White Discs and move it to the 
top. Now pull out the first Clear and White Disc set and move them to the top. Next 
pull two Clear Discs out and move them to the top. Lastly, pull out the top Clear 
and White Disc set. Move them to the top, done!

   Hanger Crate Moving Puzzle
   There are six Crates to be moved in the Hanger to get outside to the Helicopter 
Landing Pad. Only the smaller light colored crates can be moved. When Regina enters 
the Hanger she will make two left turns and face the first pair of crates. She must 
move the one to her right forward then run around it. She will now approach the next 
pair of Crates. Facing the two crates she must move the left one forward, then turn 
right and move the second crate into the space between the large and small crate. 
Advance to the next and final pair of movable crates. Facing the two crates move the 
crate to her right forward, now turn left and move the sixth and final crate into 
the space between the two crates. You have now completed the Crate moving puzzle, 
get your diploma on the way out the door, remember to close the door on your way out 

   B3 Crane Moving Puzzle
 You must move four containers to access the W. DDK Disc. Put any of the three B3 
cards in the control computer, and the same commands come out.
  F= Forward, B= Back, L= Left, R= Right, Li= Lift, Re= Release.
 1, 2R, Li, 2L, Re
 2, 3F, Li, 2L, 1B, Re
 3, 2R, 3F, Li, 2L, 1B, Re
 4, 2R, 3F, 1B, Li,
 5, Exit

   B2 Key Chip Coding Puzzle
 This is just like the B1 Key Chip Coding Puzzle in the Library. This one has two 
stacks: White and Clear on the left side, Red and Clear on the right side. Like the 
B1 puzzle, this one only needs four moves per stack. Each stack must be set up so 
that the White stack can be transferred to the top of the Red stack, which takes two 
moves for a total of ten moves for completion
   Left, White and Clear Stack
   Here goes: bottom Clear/White discs move to top. Next, take the Double Clears and 
move them to the top. Next, take one of the Double Whites and  move them to the top. 
Lastly, take the other Double Whites and move them to the top. Now it stands at four 
White Discs at the top and four Clear discs at the bottom of the left stack.

   Right, Red and Clear Stack
   Take the bottom Red/Clear discs and move to the top. Next, take the double Red 
discs and move them to the top. Now, take the bottom Double Clears and move them to 
the top. Lastly, take the now bottom Double Clears and move them to the top. It now 
stands at four Clear Discs at the top and four Red Discs at the bottom.

   Now you are ready to transfer the White Discs over to the Red Discs. Locate the 
transfer button to the left of the White/Clear Disc stack in the code window. Move 
the cursor to the bottom Double White Discs, transfer with the opposite Double 
Clears over at the Red Disc stack. Duplicate this move for the last Double White 
Discs. Now you have the left stack as four White Discs on top of four Red Discs. It 
is complete and the recoding of the B2 Key Chips will begin.
   B2, Power Frequency Room, Generator Unlocking Puzzle
 This is just like the B1 Computer Room Lock down Puzzle. There are three sample 
patterns and a completed pattern at the lower left corner. You must turn the sample 
patterns and then set them in place to match the completed one. In this puzzle, the 
left and middle patterns must be turned one turn (90°) to the left (counter 
clockwise). The order of placement is: Middle, Right and Left. Puzzle solved.  

   B2 Parts Storage Room, Core Parts Computer Console Puzzle
  The tonal sounds are 367204  

   B2 Stabilizer Design Room Puzzle
 If you read, or remember to read it again, the memo in this room tells you to split 
the Parts Storage Room Core Parts Computer Console Puzzle code 367204 in half and to 
add a -0- to the front of each new code, producing 0204 and 0367.  
   DDK Password Solutions
   As mentioned earlier in the walkthrough the DDK Passwords are simple subtraction 
puzzles. The Passwords are hidden in a maze of letters, your job is to winnow out 
the chaff (unnecessary letters)

 1.  The first type is the letter for letter removal. The Letters in the lower (KEY) 
Window are to be removed from the upper or (CODE) Window. This technique works for 
the first two Password Puzzles.
 2.  The next puzzle form is still a subtraction puzzle but a small change has been 
made. The Key window now has numbers in them instead of letters. The numbers 
represent Letters, i.e. (1 = A,   7 = G). This one works for two of the Password 

 3.   Next in the Password solving puzzle line is the number in the Key Window 
equals a column in the Code Window. That’s correct the number in the bottom window 
no longer has a letter equivalent. It now represents a column in the upper Code 
Window. This trick works for two of the Password Puzzles.

 4.   Last but not least is the Letter in the Key Window gets removed from the 
Letter equivalent number in the Code Window. A reversal of the #2 puzzle type.

   Bare in mind that the Password you are looking for is always related to the place 
your trying to get to. The letter of the DDK is always the first letter in the 
password your trying to solve. If your still stuck the answers are on the next page. 
I hope you stick to it and solve them all on your own.

 Wall Monitor,B2 Researcher Restroom.

   I’m not sure why this door is here. It’s certainly out of place in this area and 
serves no real value to the game, as far as I can tell. There are so many reasons 
that make this option ignorable.
 #1. You can’t do the puzzle when you meet Gail in here. You need the “A” level card 
from Kirk to start and or solve the puzzle.

#2. Once you acquire the “A” card from Kirk, if you agree to follow Rick’s way to 
assemble the Initializer and Stabilizer, you can run to the R. Restroom while you’re 
in the Experimental Hallway and do the puzzle to open the door, but you still can’t 
access the door. You must have the Generator in the overload mode first to enter the 

#3. Who is going to run from the B3 level all the way back to the B2 Experimental 
Hall to use this door?
  Now, you may ask, “But what about when you have to snag Kirk in the B2 Stabilizer 
Experiment Room?” (Gail’s Way/Get Kirk/last decision) Once you have acquired Kirk, 
you end up in the B3 Immigration Disembarkation Room anyway, so the R. Restroom is 
still useless.
  This door takes Regina to the HELIPORT TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY, a Horizontal Lift 
that takes her to the Secret Helicopter and Kirk. It has two large doors, one to the 
TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY  where Regina retrieves the completed Stabilizer and 
Initializer in the SPECIAL WEAPONS STORAGE ROOM. The second door leads Regina to 
the  PORT TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY, a Horizontal Lift that takes Regina to the “A” door 
at the end of the Central Stairway.  

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