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This is my first attempt at a Walkthrough so if you have any questions e-mail me at 
one of my two e-mails.                  
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    When you first start a save file the game gives you the options of going to 
Story Mode, Duel Mode, World Tournament, Practice, Edit Skills, or the Options. I 
went straight to Story Mode. You might want to go to options and put the game 
difficulty on very easy. 
      When you go to Story Mode you see a cut scene about Goku taking Gohan to 
Master Roshi's island for a reunion. Then Raditz shows up and knocks Goku out with 
one kick!! After that it shows a screen that says "Mysterious Alien Attack"- this 
is your first battle. Raditz is not hard, if you just repeat the Kamehameha wave 
and land some kick combos you will tear him apart. After that
it shows a cut scene where Goku grabs Raditz's tail. Then Raditz tricks Goku into 
letting go of his tail. He knocks Goku down then he gets a reading on his scouter, 
Gohan gets angry and headbutts him. Goku jumps up and gets him in a headlock. 
Piccolo starts to power up for a Special Beam Cannon. You then have to keep Raditz 
in the line of Piccolo's attack. Then it shows when Vegeta and Nappa arriving on 
Earth. Nappa beats everybody up except for Gohan because Piccolo sacrifices himself 
for Gohan. Then Goku shows up! Now you have to fight Nappa now. He blocks like 
crazy so be aggressive. After you beat Nappa it shows Vegeta blowing him up. Now 
you have to face Vegeta! Don't bother powering up to Kaio Ken, that leaves you open 
to attack. Keep using kick combos and the Kamehameha Wave combo. After that Vegeta 
turns into the Giant Ape, lucky for you Yajirobe cuts off his tail. Now its Gohan's 
turn to woop up Vegeta. Use the same strategy you used for Vegeta when you where 
      Then it is off to Namek! Now you have to train. First use the block button 
(X) to block fifteen ki blasts. Then you have to go into Burst Mode. When Vegeta 
goes for a punch hit R1 instead of triangle and square. Do this five times and move 
on. Now you just have to beat Vegeta with your remaining health. After that you 
face Recoome. Recoome blocks a lot to so watch yourself. Use the Kamehameha and 
kick combo once again to defeat Recoome. Then you face Ginyu. Just use the same 
Kamehameha and kick combo to defeat him also. Then he snatches your body. When you 
are Ginyu just use the kick combo-it works miracles! Then after you beat Goku
(Ginyu) you have to face Frieza! Can you guess what combo to use... yes, the 
Kamehameha-kick combo. After you pummel Frieza Goku automatically uses the Spirit 
Bomb in a cut scene. Then Frieza comes back and kills Krillin! Now its time for 
revenge... SUPER SAIYAN STYLE. Have fun absolutely beating the living crud out of 
Frieza. That was a cakewalk... now you find out why. Frieza comes back in his own 
version of Super Saiyan power. This is difficult because Frieza starts out with 
more health. Just use the Kamehameha-kick combo. If you have the chance to, power 
back up to Super Saiyan but don't stand there and try to gather energy. 
          Then you see Trunks warn of the invasion of the Androids. First Android 
you fight is #19. Be very, very aggressive because Goku has the heart disease and 
you lose health. Next battle is Piccolo vs. Cell. Power up first thing(Fuse with 
Kami) then use the Destructive Wave-kick combo.It is the same buttons as Kamehameha.
Once again when you vs. #17 use the same strategy as vs. Cell. 
       Now it is time for the Cell Games. First up... GOKU!! Use the Kamehameha-
kick combo again to defeat Cell. Then Goku gives up(what!!!!! after all that hard 
work!!) so Gohan can fight. Use the Kamehameha-kick-R1 button combos to defeat Cell.
Cell then kills #16 and sets Gohan off.. to about Super Saiyan 2!!!!  You have to 
kill all the Cell Jrs. I thinkthere are 6 so be careful because you have but one 
life bar. Yes use the Kamehameha-kick combo. You have to fight Cell again. If 
heknocks you out of SS2 kick and punch him until you get ki gauge to 5. Power back 
up to SS2. Pound Cell into jelly.
      Ok you have beat Vegeta, Ginyu, Frieza, the Androids, Cell's 1st form and 
Cell Jrs. for this moment. THIS IS THE FINAL BATTLE. This is very difficult. I had 
to try about 20-30 times. Use everything you can to defeat Cell once and for allor 
go with the Kamehameha-kick-R1 combo although it might not work this time!!! Good 
luck with this final battle. I will add on to this for the secret story mode later.

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