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Version 1.2 9/17/12

      / `._        \+O+/        _.' \
     ( @ : `.      //`\\      .' : @ )
      \  `.  `.   ((o o))   .'  .'  /
       \;' `.  `.((( - ))).'  .' `;/
        \`.  `.  ((()=()))  .'  .'/
         ) :-._`/`(("Y"))`\'_.-: (
         (`..../ /(_ * _)\ \....')
          >---/ /  )   (  \ \---<
         / .'.\ \_/\\_//\_/ /.'. \
         |o _.-\/_) '*' (_\/-._ o|
         |`'   ;/         \;   `'|
         ".o_.-/           \-._o."
           "._/             \_."
             /               \
            /                 \
           /                   \
          /                     \
         /                       \

Dream Chronicles: The Endless Slumber
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer ([email protected])
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Walkthrough
003.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "Dream 
Chronicles: The Endless Slumber", or as it is more commonly 
known, "Dream Chronicles". This is the first game in the 
series, and it has been released on many different 

If you want to contact me about this guide, use my email 
address, [email protected] 

Thanks to jgs/mk for the fairy artwork, seen at the top of 
the guide.


Chapter 1

The game begins with the main character, Faye, waking up in 
her bedroom. She just had a nightmare about Lilith, the 
Fairy Queen of Dreams, casting a Sleep Spell on the entire 

The door leading out of the room is frozen shut, and Faye's 
husband is missing. Pick up the husband's diary, which is 
on the ground. It will help guide her, with instructions on 
what to do.

Take a match from the can of matches on the fireplace 
mantle, then use the match with the fireplace. The fire 
lights, and the ice on the door melts. Go through the door 
to exit.

Chapter 2

Faye wants to check up on her daughter, whose room is to 
the left. The door is locked with an animal puzzle.

Find all six animals on the screen. A fish is on the left 
wall, and a bird is sleeping in the middle plant hanger. A 
green lizard and green frog are at the bottom of the 
railing to the stairs leading downstairs. A cat is left of 
the right door, and a butterfly is on the railing to the 

When you have the animals, use them on the animal-shaped 
holes on the ceiling. The cat goes in the cat hole, the 
frog goes in the frog hole, and so on.

Getting all six animals into the holes in the ceiling opens 
the doorway to the left.

There are jewels on this screen. For example, one is on the 
ground, right of the right door. There is an optional 
challenge in this game: you can find all the jewels, hidden 
in the various screens. There are 115 jewels in all.

Chapter 3

Use Lyra's lamp, which is on the left side of the room, 
below and right of the yellow light. Look at the bed to see 
that Lyra is suffering from the Sleep Spell.

There is a key, in the frame of Lyra's bed. Pick up the key 
and use it on the chest in the lower/left. Look in the 
chest to get another key. Use this key on the dollhouse for 
a puzzle.

There are six switches at the bottom of the screen. Flip 
three of them to light up all the rooms in the dollhouse. 
The proper three switches are the left two switches and the 
second-from-right switch. This gives you the key, which you 
can use on the door to exit.

Chapter 4

There is a saw and three groups of wood on the walkway. 
Pick up the saw, then use it on all three groups of wood. 
Pick up the rope near the door, then use the rope of the 
sawed blocks of wood to get a bridge section.

Use the bridge section on the bridge. Click on the door to 
the treehouse. Two pieces of chalk appear on the bridge, 
and one piece appears by the treehouse. Pick up all the 

Use the green chalk on the horse, the yellow chalk on the 
bear and the blue chalk with the soldier. You have to use 
the chalk pieces in that order. Then, tap on the door 

Six stones from the sign fall off. One is on the roof of 
the three house, and one is on the roped part of the tree 
branch. The other four are all on the wooden area in front 
of the tree house. Once you have them all, use the stones 
on the door to open it.

Chapter 5

Click on the exit, which is the hole in the floor. A broken 
wagon appears on top of it.

You need to find all the tools here: two wheels, two 
washers, two nuts, a screwdriver, a hobby horse, and an 
oilcan. They are inside the bookcase in the back and the 
bench on the right.

Use the wheels on the wagon, then use a washer and nut on 
each wheel. Use the oilcan on both wheels, then click the 
wagon to move it.

Use the screwdriver on the lock, then use the wagon on the 
trapdoor to open it.

Chapter 6

Pick up the shovel in the doghouse, then use it on the 
ground here. Some parts of the ground are loose, and in one 
of the loose patches of dirt, you find the key. It is, as 
you may have guessed, dirty.

Pick up the bucket behind the doghouse, and pick up the 
crank in the lower/right corner. Take the scissors which 
are in front of the base of the well, and use the scissors 
on the rope ladder at the right to get rope.

Use the rope, then the bucket on the well to tie the bucket 
to the well. Use the crank on the empty slot to the right 
of the well. Click the bucket to put it in the well, then 
click the crank to pull up some water.

Use the dirty key on the bucket of water to clean it, then 
use the key on the door to the left. Go inside.

Chapter 7

Seven books are on the floor here. You want to put the 
books into empty spaces on the shelves.

"Red Hot Tips from Time in a Volcano" goes in Travel.
"Water, The Mysterious Friend" goes in Water.
"The Power of Winds" goes in Natural Forces.
"Nostrapakus" goes in Past, Present And Future. 
"Plants, Flowers and Humans" goes in Plants.
"Studies Of Rocks Unaffected By Water" goes in Geology.
"Dreams and Their Darker Interpretations" goes in Brain and 

Once you've done that, a blue book appears on the 
right/middle shelf of the left bookcase. Pick it up, and 
pick up the globe sitting on top of the bookcase. Use the 
glove on the empty spot on the top/right shelf of the 
middle bookcase to open a drawer.

Look in the drawer to get a crystal. Put your book in the 
middle of the floor and tap it to open it. Use your crystal 
on the book, then use it on the crystal ball in right 
bookcase, upper/right shelf. This opens a hidden 

Chapter 8

This room is dark, and you have to use the crystal to see. 
Your goal is to find all eight cards here.

There are two vibrating vases, which you must find and 
click. One opens the bottom shelf of the bookshelf on the 
right; the other opens the top shelf of the bookshelf on 
the left. There is also a vibrating crystal ball, which you 
must click to get rid of. Click the button behind the ball. 
These vibrating things open up drawers and other things, 
letting you find cards.

Four of the cards are in the room, and four of them are 
inside books. Find the four books and click them to get 

Once you have all eight cards, go to the design against the 
right wall. If you haven't pressed the button behind the 
crystal ball, this is impossible. The design is a 
challenge. You want to place all eight cards on the board, 
opposite of the symbol it is paired with.

The right arrow goes with the left arrow.
The male goes with the female.
The moon goes with the sun.
The plus goes with the minus.
Fire goes with water.
The circle goes with the square.
The two lines go with the X.

Solving this puzzle unlocks the exit.

Chapter 9

This is the parlor room. There are seven portraits in this 
room; one is under the piano, two are on top of the piano, 
one is near the door, one is under the railing to the 
stairs, one is right of the right plant, and one is right 
of the stone face design above the door. Find all the 
portraits, then put them in their proper locations on the 
wall. You'll notice that each portrait is tied to a short 

Pick up the crank, which is left of the plant in the 
lower/right. Use the crank on the hole at the top of the 
piano. That makes a crowbar appear against the right side 
of the screen. Pick up the crowbar and use it on a loose 
floorboard at the bottom/middle of the screen to get a key. 
Use the key to unlock the piano lid. 

Now it's time to play all seven piano songs, one for each 
portrait. Turn the crank and a song plays. Simply repeat 
the tune, by pressing the same keys that are highlighted 
when the song plays. At any time, you can turn the crank to 
see the notes again, or you can click on another empty 
portrait for a different song.

The songs are...


Play all seven songs to fill all seven portraits. You can 
then use the door to leave.

Chapter 10

The walkway here should be decorated. Pick up all the 
various tiles on this screen: four yellow, three red, two 
purple and two green.

Click on the yellow tile on the bottom of the screen to see 
what the pathway SHOULD look like. Use the tile pieces in 
the spots where they should go. Putting them all in place 
opens the door to the next area, on the right.

Chapter 11

Pick up the carnivorous plant on the floor, on the left 
side of the room, and use it on the golden part of the 
shelf on the right. Click on the plant, and he talks to 

Choose the nice conversation topics, when talking to the 
plant, or else the conversation ends abruptly and you have 
to try again. Agree to help the plant, who claims that some 
plants here are out of place.

The shelf below the talking plant should have blue pots. 
The shelf across from it should have gold pots, and the 
upper shelf on the left should have red pots. Pick up the 
various pots here that are in the wrong places, and put 
them on the proper shelves.

The plant will then ask you to water the plants in red 
pots. Pick up the watering can behind the last blue pot, 
then use it on the dying red plants. This opens the exit 

Chapter 12

The statue that should go on the pedestal here is missing. 
Click on it to get the clue "up, up, down, up, up". There 
are five stones at the base of the statue. Click on them to 
switch them from up to down, and vice versa. Make it so all 
the stones, besides the middle one, are up.

The various statue parts appear now. A leg and arm are 
against the left gate, a bust and a torso are against the 
back gate, a shoulder, an arm and the trunks are in the 
grass in front of the pedestal, a leg is against the right 
gate, and a book is hidden in a bush on the right.

When you have all the pieces, put them where they should go 
in the statue. Build the statue from the bottom up, and the 
exit gate unlocks.

Chapter 13

Pick up the rope against the far gate, and the rope on the 
tree on the left. A mask is hidden by the right side of the 
theater, and the other mask is hidden left of the theater. 
Use both masks on the proper indentations at the bottom of 
the theater, then use the rope to pull aside the curtains.

There are five puppets here. Take off their heads, then put 
the puppet heads on the correct bodies. The male and female 
soldier are on the left, the joker is in the middle, and 
the king and queen are on the right.

Pick up the crank by the gate and the two gears by the 
circular things on the right. Use the gears and the crank 
on the gear-shaped thing below the puppets. This opens the 
exit gate. 

Chapter 14

To start with, zoom in on the exit gate. It has five 
pillars here, each with a certain number on it. You want to 
find items, which weigh the same as the numbers on the 

Back away to the main screen. There are ten items on this 
screen, half of which go on the exit pillars, and half of 
which don't. There are also six weights, which you can use 
on the scale at the fruit stand in order to weigh objects. 
Your goal is to weigh the various objects and thereby find 
the five objects which go on the exit pillars.

The problem is that your character cannot carry too many 
items at once, so your inventory quickly becomes full. To 
empty to inventory, go to the exit gate and drop items on 
the wrong pillars. Then, back away. The items you put on 
incorrect pillars will automatically return to their 
original places.

If you put an item of the proper weight on a pillar, the 
number goes to the very bottom of the pillar, where it is 
half-visible. Blue sparkles also appear. If you don't want 
to bother with using weights, your only option is guessing. 
Use the items on the exit pillars, until you find the five 
items which go on the five weights.

Chapter 15

It's dark, here in the forest. Search through the dark to 
find two sign boards, a lamppost and two metallic objects. 
In the middle of the screen is the base of a lamppost. Use 
all your items here to build the lamppost, which lights up 
the forest. You might have to rotate the three parts at the 
bottom of the lamppost to turn the light on.

You can now look at the tree trunks. The tree trunk on the 
left has six pieces. You want to move them around, so they 
look like the picture on the lower lamppost sign. The tree 
trunk on the right has seven pieces; you want to move them 
around, so they look like the picture on the upper lamppost 

When the two tree trunks resemble the two lamppost signs, 
they'll start to glow. Click on the lamppost to reach the 

Chapter 16

Click on the door here to make four stone pillars arise 
from the floor. Look at them all. The pillars have a 
pattern of symbols on them, and some of the symbols are 
missing. All the symbols currently on the pillars are 

Your goal is to collect all the symbols on the pillars (and 
in the scenery here), then put them in the proper places on 
the pillars. If a piece is in the proper place, it begins 
to glow. If all symbols on a pillar are correct, the pillar 

One pillar is Roman numerals, from one to twelve. That is 
I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII. 
Arrange them, as if they are on a clock face.

One pillar is geometric shapes, ordered from least number 
of sides to most number of sides. That is triangle, square, 
pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon and then 

One pillar is the phases of the moon, from full, to 
appearing on the right side, to empty, to appearing on the 
left side.

One pillar has the signs of the Zodiac. They are aquarius, 
capricorn, sagittarius, scorpio, libra, virgo, leo, cancer, 
gemini, taurus and aries.

Finishing all four pillars opens the door.

Chapter 17

It's dark here, even though the lights were on just a 
little while ago. There are four columns here, each with a 
button on it. One button makes the lights flicker once, one 
makes them flicker twice, one makes them flicker three 
times, and one makes them flicker four times. Press the 
four buttons in that order (one, two, three then four) to 
turn on the lights completely.

Click on the stairs. They flip over, and various lights 
appear on the posts here. You want to repeat the pattern: 
click on the posts, in the order the lights appeared on 
them. Every time you solve the puzzle, two paintings appear 
on the screen, and a fourth of the stairs go in place.

You have to do this challenge four times, to fill the 
stairs completely. Then, put the eight paintings on the 
wall on the top floor. This opens the exit door.

Chapter 18 

There are four puzzles on the four walls here. Each puzzle 
has a number of tiles attached to it. The tiles represent 
items you've had in your inventory, over the course of the 

Your goal is to collect tiles from the various walls, then 
fill up the walls with the proper tiles. When all the tiles 
in a wall are correct, the wall starts to glow.

The "Simply Green" wall needs a frog, a lizard and a plant.

The "Essential Powers" wall needs a globe, a watering can, 
a match and a card representing wind (it has three 
squiggles on it).

The "Lightest to Heaviest" wall needs metal things, 
arranged in the right order. From top to bottom, place a 
nut, a screwdriver, scissors, a saw, a crowbar and a 

The "Fake Dream Jewels" wall has a series of clues on it, 
which indicate the order of items. From top to bottom, 
place a crescent moon, III, a cat, VII, a hobby horse, pi, 
a mysterious book and a magic crystal.

Solving all four puzzles ends the game. Our heroine 
confronts the evil Lilith, and she is reunited with her 
husband for a brief time. The story, of course, continues 
in the sequel.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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