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Duke Nukem: Time to Kill

Level 1: Time To Kill 

Their last encounter with Duke ended in an ass-whippin', but the 
aliens are 
back for more. By screwing with history, they intend to deal Duke out... 


Collect the energy crystals 
Activate the alien time portal 
Meet some babes 

Make your way to the subway entrance. Around here you'll find a few 
porker cops that are patrolling the area. One of the pigs has a Key Card 

which will allow you access into the subway system. 

Once inside, head left onto the tracks and down to the end of the tunnel 
running past the office on the platform. Take out the Draks guarding 
utility room door. Now kick the door open, and shoot the pigs. Activate 
the power switch. Head back to the office on the platform. Kill the pig 
inside and press the switch to send the train on its way. This time 
follow the 
tracks to the right - back the way the train came - and blow up the gas 

tanks to enter the next area. 

One of the Draks on the stairs has the Transport Room ID that you'll 
later. But for now you need to collect the three Crystals in order to 
the Time Portal. 

Go down the tunnel opposite the transporter room door. Keep turning 
through the tunnels until you come to the room with the Red Crystal. 
the three Draks on the high, middle, and low platforms. Make your way 
to the Red Crystal - by leaping onto the chains - and pick it up. 

Now head back and take the first right. Follow the tunnel round. Run 
straight through a large room (with water below) and keep heading 
the tunnels until you come to the room containing the Green Crystal. 
across to the other side and pick up the Crystal. Retrace your steps 
continue straight ahead through the new tunnel. 

Destroy one of the crates blocking the entrance into the large room 
contains... um, crates!? Take the ground level exit on your right. This 
take you a multilayered room containing a water valve at the end. 
However, take the right path through the tunnels and into another room 
with a pool of water. Take out the Gatling emplacement at the end and 
then turn the second water valve next to it. Go back to the first water 
and turn that one. Now drop into water below and swim through 
to a room with the Blue Crystal inside. Pick up the Crystal. 

Head back to transporter room - the quickest way is to go back to the 
crate room and exit via the top corridor above you. Power up the 
transporter with the Crystals and you're on your way. 

Level 2: Duke Hill 

First stop - the old West. The aliens seem to have taken up an interest 
the local gold supply. It's up to Duke to find out why and put a stop to 

Find the combo pieces 
Storm the garrison 
Kick some alien con-poke ass 

You need to get into the garrison. The safe in the old bank holds the 
but the combination for the safe is on three pieces of paper. SoÉ Go 
the local bank and get the first Scrap Of Paper in front of the safe. 

Head through the building opposite the bank and emerge in the street at 
other side of town. As you emerge, you'll find a well in the corner of 
to your right. Climb/drop down it. Swim through the sewer, keeping an 
out for a room above you to your left. In here you find an Old Note. Pick 

Retrace your steps back out of the well and proceed left towards the 
garrison. Take out the Gatling emplacements with a few well-aimed 
shots or dynamite; both can be found in the underwater tunnels from 
well entrance. Now head down through the newly opened entrance in 
corner of the area and activate the secret doorway that is straight 

Pick up the night goggles - putting them on - and go through the dark 
tunnel. Continue up the steps to get the Torn Paper in the cell. Head 
to the bank and open the safe to get the Skeleton Key to the garrison. 
Now go back to the garrison (where those Gatling emplacements 
and use the Key to get in. 

Finally head left and upwards. Follow the corridor round until you come 
an elevator; which will take you down to the mines and the end of the 

Level 3: Miner 69er 

By disrupting the mining activity here, the aliens have created a ghost 
where New LA should one day stand. Not on Duke's shift. 

Explore the active mines 
Find the utility lift 
Don't get drilled 

The aliens are converting all the Californian gold into lead to render it 
worthless and cause a huge disturbance in the shifts of time across 
astral plane. You need to activate various levers to open up new areas 
the mine and gain access to lower levels. 

Turn around and head to the end of the passage - where you will find a 
lever to activate. Retrace your steps. Now you'll be able to go into a 
passage on your left. Proceed left into a cavern which houses the 
lever to pull. Ignore the long tunnel directly ahead for the time being. 

Go back - right direction - to find a new passageway and go through it. 
the end of here you'll find a Skeleton Key. Head back and left. This 
go straight through the long tunnel with the wooden pathway. At the 
turn right and you'll come out into a large room of steel gratings. Use 
Skeleton Key on the locked gateway directly ahead of you. Proceed on. 

Avoiding the mining drill(s), you will eventually come out into a 
waterlogged cavern. To cross this you'll need to jump and grab across 
series of platforms. Tip: Keep to the left. Once over, follow the tunnel 
round to emerge in a new area (mine cart just ahead). Walk down the 
path. At the bottom you'll find a long dark corridor. There are two right 
turns here that bring you out into the core mining area. You need to get 
a hole in the ground on the other side. To do this you can either 
yourself from the top grating or drop down and avoid the drill bits. 

Continue ahead and you should emerge into a huge cavern. From here, 
follow the cavern to the left and make your way up to the high ground. 
Jetpack is very useful here. Head down the tunnel - jumping over the 
floor. If you do drop down, you'll fall into a pool of water. If so, swim 
straight ahead, through the next room and into the last one - where you 
climb up a ladder onto the rail track suspended above. 

On this rail track you will notice the exit ahead of you. But first, head 
the next ladder. Grab the Atomic Health, then return to the rail track. 
the lever to open the doors and exit the level. 

Level 4: Gold And Guns 

Shut down operations and eliminate the alien influence in this era. 
gold in lead is no normal task, so Duke should prepare for the worst. 

Deactivate the gold conversion guns 
Power up the elevator 
Get the hell outta Dodge 

You need to shut off all three active Gold Conversion Guns by 
them down, then get to the elevator making your way back to the 
Walk through the first room, continuing into the next one. You'll see 
elevator just up ahead - this will be your way out of the level later. 

To the left of it you'll see a blocked off tunnel. Dynamite/Pipe-Bomb it 
open it up for business once again. Head down the newly exposed 
tunnel - 
across a rail track high above the ground - and you'll find the first Gold 

Gun to power down. To the right of the Gold Gun is a tunnel with a bar 
door at the end. Pull the lever to open it. 

Walk ahead and you'll come out into a deep cavern with a lava pool at 
bottom. Cross over and take the passageway to your left. Jump over a 
pool of water (you'll be diving into it soon) and you should be at the 
entrance to a large cavern with a pulley across it. You can use the 
pulley by 
grabbing onto it and shooting the wall panel on the far side - 
you can just Jetpack over to the other side. 

Head through the first room and into the next one - where you will find 
second Gold Gun. Shut it down by pressing the green wall panel (left of 
so that it goes red. Retrace your steps back to the water pool and drop 
down. From this direction you need to swim to the left. Climb out of the 

water into a new area and head down the left tunnel. Take the left 
from the next room as well. Keep going through the room with the 
and down the long tunnel, turning right at the very end and continuing 

Finally you emerge in another room which is practically filled with lava 
here you'll find the final Gold Gun. The best way to reach the off 
switch is 
to make your way clockwise around the room, keeping to the lower 
Retrace your steps right back to the original deep cavern with lava in; 
way involves going back through the water passage and climbing out at 
first opening. Now cross back over to the other side of the cavern and 
all the way left. The room on your right contains the elevator outta this 
crazy place. 

The Reaper 
You have one more task to do before you can head back to the future 
see if normality has been restored. As soon as you arrive, run towards 
middle and grab the Jetpack. Then fly up onto the tower. From here, do 
Duke-style to that robot Boss and show those aliens what a bunch of 
wimps they are. Using RPGs and Dynamite from above and the Reaper 

shouldn't last long. 

Level 5: Obey Or Die 

Duke returns just in time to clean the house. New LA has seen better 
Explore the ransacked city and find out what's wrong this time. 

Collect all energy crystals 
Activate the alien time portal device 
Don't get burned 

What the hell? It seems Duke's good work wasn't enough. He's gotta 
back, way back, into time and see what else has been meddled with. 

First , climb up the ladder in the alley. Go into the room that used to be 
Dominatrix pad in Level 1 and collect a Warehouse Key from the 
wardrobe. Enter the warehouse gunz-a-blazing and head down the 
corridor to your left. Take the second right. This room contains the 

Go back out to the left, then left again into the first room that you 
From here you can climb up into a passage. Follow it upwards. You 
should come out onto a gantry and see an exit. Jump over to it and grab 
the edge. Down this passage you'll come to a deep opening. At the 
bottom is the Red Crystal. You'll also need to grab the Jetpack to get 
up. Head back to the gantry, but this time drop down. You'll need to 
the Green Crystal to activate that conveyor belt switch. Don't worry, 
be back later to re-collect it. 

Follow the conveyor belt out into a large room that houses some 
alien toxic processing tanks. Proceed out through the next conveyor 
you see (located up one of the ladders to your left). You should now be 
a room with three holes in the floor. Go down the left one. Keep going 
straight ahead, dropping down until you come to a junction with a 
ladder to 
the left and a water entrance. Take the ladder up. 

Through the re-entry point, climb Duke up and out into the great 
You need to find the green dumpster positioned against a wall and push 
to one side; revealing a concealed entrance. Down here is the Blue 
Get back outside and locate another hole in the corner that you haven't 

been down yet. Follow this corridor, continuing along the conveyor belt, 

then jumping onto the ledge with the door to your right - just before the 

flaming corridor. Open this door and head through and up. Don't take 
ladder, but exit to your left and you'll find yourself back in the toxic 

Take the conveyor belt exit to your left and you'll be able to re-collect 
Green Crystal. Now that you have all three crystals, go back exactly 
way you just came to where that conveyor belt entered the fire. 
your way down the gauntlet of fire towards the Time Portal. Place the 
crystals and adieu. 

Level 6: Family Jewels 

The Von Nukem family castle carries the proud tradition of Duke's 
forefather. He put up a good fight, now it's payback time. 

Explore the castle 
Collect the family jewels 
Find a way out 

Take a swim in the moat and head around the right side and through the 

tunnel. You should emerge into an area with a stone bridge where you 
climb out of the water. Cross over the bridge and pull the lever. This 
lowers the main drawbridge into the castle. 

Now drop back into the water and keep swimming around the castle. 
Through the long tunnels you will find another open area where you can 

climb out. On one side there is a room straight ahead - where you will 
a Skeleton Key (collect it) - and a stairway to the right. At the bottom 
the stairway is a Nukem block, behind which is a Steroid pick-up. At 
top of the stairs you'll find Holy Hand Grenades and the first Family 
Now drop down into the water below and head back to the drawbridge. 

This was your starting point of the level. Now you can cross into the 
grounds. Straight ahead of you is the main gate into the castle - but 
need to climb up into the roof above it. Here you will find the second 
Nukem Family Jewel. Use the Skeleton Key to enter the main castle. 

Proceed around to the left and climb up the first set of chains. Using 
grating above you, make your way to the nearest wooden floorboards 
(lowest one). Enter the room with the royal red carpet and a picture of 
Duke's forefather hanging on the wall. Behind it you'll find the royal 
bed, a 
horny young girl, and the final Family Jewel. 

Now, head up into the highest room with the stone floor. Straight ahead 
a small hole. Drop down onto the rafters. Then go all the way to the 
bottom and place the Jewels in the Nukem wheel. A door will open. 
Follow the corridor round through here to the end of the level. 

Level 7: Resistance Is Feudal 

Unable to take out Duke's forefather one on one, the aliens have 
turned to 
Plan B: A bio-engineered plague of death. What a bunch of assholes. 

Locate biomass reactor 
Drain toxin supplies 
Hold your breath 

Those aliens could never take out the Nukem family in an all-out 
Their plan is to wipe out the whole region by unleashing a toxic plague 
biblical proportions. Head deep into the castle to locate and drain the 
aliens' supplies of toxins. 

Proceed into the room with the guillotine and toxic barrels. Grab the 
Bio-Mask. Go and find the ledge that overlooks a long lava pool. Now 
jump down into the water just below you and swim through. Activate 
Bio-Mask before you climb out into the toxic room. Turn the valve to 
temporarily drain the toxins and enter the tunnel to your left. Head 
it quickly as you don't have much time before the toxic gas rises again. 
the end of this winding tunnel is a ladder that you have to jump and 
Head up and continue through the next tunnel. 

You'll arrive at a prison stockade. Switch the lever three times (so that 
to the far right) and keep heading through and over the long lava 
You're now in a lava room with switches either side. Activate these to 
the gate and keep on keepin' on. You should arrive in a room with steel 
scaffolding and raised toxic tanks. You need to climb up to the very top 

and shoot ye olde pig cop who will drop the Gantry Key. 

Locate the closed gantry with the keyhole next to it and use the Gantry 

Key. Go through to the toxic room. Use a Bio-Mask if you have one, 
shoot ye olde pig cop who will drop a Valve Key. Turn the valve 
down below. Retrace your steps back to the steel scaffolding and 
ahead is a switch for the Valve Key. This will release the valve, 
you to drain all the toxins. Now head back up to the higher gantry - 
will have dropped to allow you to exit the level. 

Level 8: Holy Terror 

Their supplies flushed, their plans in ruins, the aliens have retreated to 
sanctity of Church Von Nukem. Get those sacrilegious sows out of 

Locate hidden sewer entrance 
Secure the bell tower 
Use your might to make them holy 

You have those aliens on the run. Pursue them into Church Von Nukem 

and convert them to Duke-ism. Find your way into the church and 
the alien portal to take you home. 

Head through either side corridor and find the main library. You should 
notice a book poking out of one of the shelves. Pull this to reveal the 
doorway to his church. Once you've swum through the waterlogged 
passage, you'll emerge in some underground tunnels. Head straight, 
ignoring the left and right passageways, and into the room with the 
pool - this leads into a water tunnel. 

Emerging from the other side, climb up into the rear of the church. You 
need to shoot out the grate above. By the entrance you just climbed out 
there is a ledge you can pull yourself up onto. From here, climb up the 
subsequent ladder into the bell tower. Now shatter the stained glass 
to drop down into the main church. Shatter the stain glass behind the 
and exit via the portal. 

Winged Serpent 
Before you can get back to LA, you'll have to defeat the winged boss 
faces you. A good tactic is to submerge into the water; this way the 
serpent cannot get you. Or make your way up onto the towers and grab 
the RPGs lying around. 

Level 9: Pig Factory 

Duke returns home to find things still are not quite right. Seems the 
are building an invasion force right in his back yard. Got pork? 

Enter the sewage treatment plant 
Prep the time portal 
You know the drill 

One look at the old Bootylicious and Duke's really pissed. Time to 
up a can of whoop-ass on those devious denizens. You need to drain 
water from the time portal before you can activate it this time. 

The way into the Pig Factory is by the old subway entrance - so what 
you waiting for? Make your way to the central hub area. You need to 
the valve on the mid-level first; this is directly below the room where 
pigs are being fed. From this room is a side office that is flooded. In the 
corner is the Lab Key. Now head down to the time portal at the floor of 
the central hub. Gather up all the Crystals. 

Head back up to the top level. Go into the video room opposite where 
entered. Place the Red Crystal in the wall panel. Get the Valve Room 
that is revealed and re-collect the crystal. Down to the mid-level 
again and 
head down the corridor that's directly opposite the original valve room 
activated. Go left and left again into the sewage corridor. You will 
arrive at 
a sealed door. Use the Valve Room Key. Enter and turn the valve. 

As the water level rises, you have to shoot a grate to reveal an exit 
right at 
the top. Swim through, shooting out the grates that obstruct your path 
emerge safely. Back in the central hub, you need to go to the mid-level 
again. Use the Tank Room Key on the shut door directly below the 
video room. In the tank room, activate the switch that prepares the 
Now back down to the portal and once more back into timeÉ get you. 
make your way up onto the towers and grab the RPGs lying around. 

Level 10: Hog Heaven 

The pigs seem right at home in the land of swine, women, and thongs. 
bad Duke's too busy kickin' ass to enjoy the company of the lovely 

Explore the city 
Take a bath 
When in Rome... 

Keep left as you head through the city and you'll find the entrance to 
villa. Proceed through and you'll come to some steps going down, with 
door on the right. Ignore the doorway for now and head down. You will 
need to negotiate though the corridor of flames to get to a room that 
contains the Skeleton Key. There are safe spots in the fire corridor 
you can stop - so don't worry people. 

Now head back up and take that original doorway that you passed 
It's now on your left at the top of the steps. Continue straight through 
next room and into the bathing room. Use the Skeleton Key on the left 
keyhole to open a grating in the pool behind you. Go down. 

Emerge the other side and head left. You'll come out into a room with a 

bridge and more threatening flames. On the other side is another 
Key. Grab this and return to the first bathing room. Use this Skeleton 
on the other key hole and drop down. Continue through the passage 
that pool. As you swim through the tunnel, take the right passage and 
follow this to climb out. Drop down into the large pool of water below, 
making your way through a series of passageways, until you reach a 
up. Now go through the red room and get onto the ledge ahead. As you 
proceed through the water, you'll find a passage to your right. At the 
end, through the double doors is the exit to the level. 

Level 11: Let The Games Begin 

The aliens have transformed Rome into some kind of half-assed 
ground. Clear out their ranks and teach them a few lessons of your 

Emerge victorious 
Survive the loop 
Don't run out of gas 

Their dastardly plan revealed, the alien fiends are training up crack 
using the Roman Empire as a backdrop for their military manoeuvres. 
for Duke to kick pig-butt! 

Head straight to the core of their operation. Keep going forward and 
come to a closed gate. To your left is the Bootius Maximus. 'Et tu, 
bootay?' Find the Skeleton Key to go back and open the gate. As you 
head up the carpeted area, take the right leading into the Gladiator 
You need to clean out all the alien warriors before you're allowed to 

Continue through the new passage and you will come to a maze. From 
entrance go: left, right, over the lava, then right, left, grab the Jetpack 
your right and head left. At the end - to your right - you should emerge 
outdoors in front of a huge lava moat. You need to drop the drawbridge 
over the moat to enter the alien villa. There are three levers for this 
the lava moat - for which you will also need your Jetpack. 

Fly clockwise (go left) around the moat. The first lever is on a small 
against the left wall - which is around the first corner and between two 

arches. The next lever is on the right wall as you proceed clockwise - 
around the first corner and just before the second, it's on a small ledge. 
your way you should pass under a bridge. This leads into a room where 
you can grab another Jetpack. Opposite this and you will see a small 
where you can collect yet another Jetpack. 

The last lever is around the next corner, under the arch and on a ledge 
against the left wall. Now you can keep going until you get back to the 
main drawbridge. Enter. Go up the steps and into the exit to end the 

Level 12: Blood Baths 

Even Caligula would be disgusted by this place. Eliminate the last of 
alien forces and go home... 

Complete each section 
Mark your progress 
Be prepared 

Finally you've found the epicentre of the disgusting alien operation. 
them for the last time and maybe then you can get back to the good life. 

Use the portals to find the exit. You start off in a room with four time 
portals. Don't move until you decide which portal to take. To avoid 
confusing yourself, work clockwise and mark the portal by destroying 
barrel near it. This way you will know which portals you have already 
travelled through. 

Each level you port into will have an exit concealed somewhere. You 
to find this to get back to the main room. Once you've been through all 
portals, one of them should take you to the final exit area. 

Portal 1 (Left) 
Work your way to the bottom until you find a wide brick bridge over a 
lava-filled area. Back up to the edge of the bridge and drop down, 
grabbing onto the hidden bridge below it. Enter portal. 

Portal 2 (Far Left) 
Make your way down to the second water tank, blowing up a brown 
in one doorway and removing a Nukem block in the progress. Walk 
around the right side of the tank towards another Nukem block ahead 
of it. 
Pull it out to reveal the hidden portal. 

Portal 3 (Far Right) 
Grab a Jetpack as you fall towards the lava. Now fly up to the highest 
tunnel and work your way round until you find the alien egg sacks in the 

middle of a corridor. Destroy these to open up a passageway above 
Now make your way up the ladder, then drop down into the portal. 

Portal 4 (Right) 
Follow the path round until you come to a seemingly dead end. Destroy 
brown web up high to reveal another passageway. Jump up and enter a 
small maze with mirrors. Keep taking the left passage when given the 
choice. Otherwise just follow it round until you reach the portal. 

Final Portal 
You have just one more portal to find before you face the final boss. 
your way through the water, shooting the glass above to get out. 
into the final room. Once everything is done and dusted, head up to the 
passageway on the right side (from entering the room) - you'll need to 
destroy the brown web over it. Continue through to the final portal. 

The Gatekeeper 
You're now onto the Final Boss. His name is Moloch, he likes darts. 

Use your most powerful weapons on him first, as well as the Gatling 
and flamethrower. You best bet is to run and strafe in a circle, whilst 
shooting him. This way he shouldn't hit you - well, too many times at 

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