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|                                 F.E.A.R. 3                                  |
|                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
|                       Contact: [email protected]                       |
|                                Version: 1.00                                |

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I. Walkthrough_____________________________________________________________[W0]

  Interval 01______________________________________________________________[W1]

  Interval 02______________________________________________________________[W2]

  Interval 03______________________________________________________________[W3]

  Interval 04______________________________________________________________[W4]

  Interval 05______________________________________________________________[W5]

  Interval 06______________________________________________________________[W6]

  Interval 07______________________________________________________________[W7]

  Interval 08______________________________________________________________[W8]

II. Extras_________________________________________________________________[E0]

  Xbox 360 Controls________________________________________________________[E1]



III. Achievements/Trophies________________________________________________[AT0]

  Secret Achievements/Trophies____________________________________________[AT1]

IV. Technical____________________________________________________________[TECH]

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                              ||  Walkthrough  ||                          [W0]
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                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 01 |                            [W1]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

First, I'd like to note that if you do this cooperatively, one person will 
control Point Man, the default character that this guide is written for, and 
one person will control Fettle. Fettle's path sometimes diverges from Point 
Man's, so the guide may not be relevant in those areas. Also Fettle's combat
system is different from Point Man's. Finally, after beating a mission, you 
can play through that mission as Fettle in solo campaign. Which is good, 
because Fettle is a fun character to play with.

When you gain control, use the Right Thumbstick to look around and the Left 
Thumbstick to move. Open the door and move down the hallway. Open the door at 
the end and continue on. You will eventually come across an enemy who is 
facing away from you. Melee him in the back and walk over him to take his 
pistol. Go left and aim down sights, then look at the lock. You should notice
that the green iron sights on the pistol turns red. It does this whenever you
aim at something you can shoot. Shoot the lock to break it, then move through
the door and immediately take cover behind the boxes to your left. There's a 
guard on the other side of the boxes. Take him down, then vault over the boxes.

After killing the guard, use the switch in the next room to open the door. 
You'll have to take down two more guards that rush in, but there's plenty of 
cover. When you get to the stairwell, turn on your flashlight. You'll find an
ammo crate with some pistol rounds and a couple of grenades inside. When you 
get to the next hallway, enter cover and use a grenade to deal with the two 
guys talking in front of you. There's a third guard at the end of the hallway.
The guys are carrying SMGs, and you'll automatically pick one up. Press the 
Left Bumper/L1 to switch weapons. You can go either way here. Both paths 
require you to crouch once and jump once.

When you reach the wooden door, you can just open it or you can melee it, 
which causes you to kick it in. Either way, look to your left when you do.
You'll find three guards playing poker at a table. They of course become 
alerted to your presence, but the game automatically activates slo-mo. If you 
manage to kill all three guards with headshots before slo-mo ends, you get an 
achievement. If you don't get it, use the reload checkpoint option in the 
pause menu to go back to the other side of the door and try again. Once they're
down, take cover. You'll have to deal with at least six or seven enemies in the
room. Keep an eye out for a fire extinguisher on a pillar in the middle of the 
room, and for a breaker box on the back wall. Both can be shot, which causes 
them to explode.

After clearing the room of enemies, you'll come to another hallway. You'll 
see visions of Alma floating around, and the music gets annoyingly creepy. You
can open all of the cell doors here, though only the last one on the right 
offers anything useful: some SMG ammo (and gravity-defying blood). The next 
room has pistol ammo on a desk to the left, and a dead body. You should notice
a faint glowing aura coming off of the body. You can perform a psychic link 
with bodies that have this aura. The body will disappear when you do this and 
you'll gain points. Turn off your flashlight when Fettel notes that it gives
your position away.

You should hear some guards patrolling the next room. You can try to sneak in
and take cover, but this cell block is loaded with enemies, so you're going to
wind up with a firefight on your hands whether you like it or not. Keep in 
mind that some of the cover is destructible. You can also make your way up to
the second and even third floors. The doors will have to have their locks shot
off first though. On the third floor you'll find two ammo containers (one at 
each end of the room) and a body you can use psychic link on, near the entrance
side of the room. Also, at least one of the guards in here drops a shotgun. 
When it's clear, get on the second floor and make your way on top of the 
control room. There's a door here you can exit through, with a lone enemy 
behind it.

Go downstairs and you'll find yourself inside the control room. The ammo 
container has a new type of grenade for you: the flashbang. Use the D-Pad to 
switch between grenade types. Pull the switch on the console to open the 
previously locked cell door by you, as well as the locked door at the end of 
the room. A few enemies will come through this door. They'll be using smoke as 
cover, so let loose with flashbangs or frags at your discretion. Once they're
down, move on. Be careful, as there might be another enemy straggling behind 
in the next corridor. Keep going forward until you see a single wood door to 
your left. You need to go through it to proceed, but first, go right. You can
enter another room with some ammo and a body you can psychic link with.

Move through the wood door now and you'll be in a small room with a few guards.
After this you'll come to a large room filled with enemies. There's an 
explosive barrel right in the middle that'll do some damage to the surrounding
enemies. Also, just before you enter the large room, look to the left for a 
locked door. You'll find ammo behind it. As soon as you enter the large room,
you should see a cage to your left. Find the opening and you'll see a body on
the floor that you can use psychic link on. As you move on, a few more enemies
will come out of the kitchen area. Move through the kitchen and head upstairs.
You'll find a couple of people right at the top of the stairs, and one of them
has a shotgun, so be careful. There's another guard or two in the next room, 
along with a propane tank to the left of them, if you want to use it.

Pull the switch in this room. This opens the door next to you and spawns a 
load of enemies on the catwalks. Look to the right of the now open door and 
you'll find another door that's locked. Shoot the lock and go through it for a
safer passage to take the enemies out from. There's also an ammo container and
a body you can psychic link in here. After you take them all out, go through
the door on the other side and head downstairs. Before heading through the 
blue doors, shoot the lock on the gate to your left and use psychic link on
the body here. Keep going down to the bottom and you'll find more ammo and 
another body that you can use psychic link on. Also, crouch and go under the 
stairs and look in the corner. You might see an Alma Doll here. Walk over it to
collect it and get some points. I say "might" because the dolls are known to 
spawn in different locations in each Interval. This is where I found mine 
though, so it's worth a look.

Head back up and through the blue doors. You'll hear a radio message saying 
that there's a gas leak. Shortly afterwards you come to a fork. Go left through
the open gate and use psychic link on the body, then head right, through the 
closed gate. Open the next gate and look left. You should see a gate that you 
can't open with a forklift against it. There's a body on the other side you 
can use psychic link on. Continue to the stairwell, but don't go up the 
stairs. Crouch and go under them and you'll find yet another body to psychic 
link. Now sprint up the stairs. The gas pipes begin to explode, and the 
flames will damage you. An enemy at the top will get caught in some flames.

Coming out of the stairwell, go straight forward into the cell and you'll find
another body to use psychic link on. In the next area you'll have to fight your
way down the catwalks. When you go one floor down, a gas pipe will block your
path. Go into the open cell and you'll find a hole that you can crawl through.
There's a body here that you can psychic link, and you can use this hole to 
get over to the next cell. On the bottom floor there's an explosive barrel in
the middle of the area. Take out all of the enemies here to finish this 

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 02 |                            [W2]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

Move down the tunnel and turn right. After dropping down, look to your right 
for a body to psychic link with. Keep moving down the tunnel until you can 
enter a door on the right side. Shortly after moving through the open door 
you'll come across a dead body that you can use psychic link on. There's also
a pistol here. You'll soon move across a long walkway. At the end, turn left 
and move past the red toolbox to find another body you can psychic link. 
After the short cutscene in the next room, pick up an SMG and continue on. 
After going up the steps, psychic link the body. You'll soon exit back out into
the main tunnel. Vault over the railing.

You'll briefly exit the tunnels, but then you drop back in. Keep going and 
you'll come to a ladder that exits the tunnel. There's a body you can psychic 
link. After getting back above ground, look in the building behind you for 
another psychic linkable body. You'll need to move along the streets here, 
fighting enemies as you go along. After moving through the house, you'll face 
a bunch of enemies. After taking them out you move off of the street and up 
some stairs. Just before you go up the stairs, look to the left for a body 
to psychic link.

At the top of the stairs you'll find a load of enemy troops waiting for you.
They might come from the house on the left, too, so watch your flank. There's 
a sniper rifle in that house, if you want it. Once you clear the area, enter
the door under the "Mini Mercado Leoncio" sign. It's to the right of the 
stairs to leave this area. Go up to the top of this building to find a body
you can psychic link. Move forward until you're inside of a house where you 
have to drop through a hole in the floor. The stairs going up are blocked by
a cabinet of some kind. Before dropping through the hole, look behind the 
stairs for a body to psychic link with.

You'll soon come across more enemies, though not nearly as much as last time.
Clear it out and move to the stairs. Before going up them, open the door to 
the right of them and inside you'll find a body to psychic link. Go up the 
stairs and clear the place out. More people will show up on the ground where
you just were. A couple of guys will also bust through the only other door up 
here where you are. When they do, kill them and go down those stairs. Continue
on until you have to go up some stairs. At the top you'll find a few enemies.
Shortly afterwards you'll come across an ammo container with Zap Grenades.

You'll exit the next building onto the street. As soon as you exit, look to 
your left for a body to psychic link. There's one guy behind a car on the 
street. However, when you move up, you'll have to deal with more enemies, 
including a mech. Your best bet here is to try to take out most of the enemies
before the mech comes to you. When the crowd's been thinned a bit, use a zap
grenade to stop the mech and drill it a bit. You'll find more zap grenades in 
a container on the left wall. Also, if you can make it, you'll find a rocket 
launcher in the building on the far right corner of the area. It's not a long
run to get inside the building, but there is a lot of opposition.

Clear the area out and move through the wooden gate. You'll quickly run into 
more enemies. Some of them will be running around on the rooftops, so be 
careful. If you run directly forward upon entering this area you'll hit a 
house. Enter it to find a body to psychic link with. You can also climb around
on the rooftops if you want, via two ladders on the middle buildings and some
palletes to the left of your entry point, but this doesn't afford you much 

After you continue on your goal will be updated. You now need to commandeer
the helicopter. After leaving the first area with the ammo container, look to
your right for a couple of steps leading up to a porch type thing. There's a 
body on the porch. Climb around some more and you'll spot a blue, electric 
looking guy. He's rather annoying. He'll throw portals down onto the walls 
that enemies will spawn from. Defeat the enemies and push your way forward.
After a bit of fighting, you'll go up a ramp and be facing the helicopter.
At this point, find cover. The blue guy is on a building by the helicopter, 
and he has a beam weapon that takes your health down fast. He also takes quite
a bit of damage, seems to have recharging shields, and will continually spawn
in regular enemies. It's best to head back down the ramp and hid in the cubby
hole by it. If you have a sniper, use it on the blue guy. A few back to back 
shots should take him down. Otherwise, just keep drilling him with whatever 
you've got. After he's dead, make your way to the helicopter to finish this 

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 03 |                            [W3]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

Turn around and move through the broken automatic doors. You'll find a body 
in this area. Now move on. You'll find yourself moving onto the shelves, and 
then you'll drop down. Move forward to the Break Room doors, but turn left 
instead and open the garage door here. You'll find a body behind it. Enter the
Break Room doors. Enter the men's restroom and use psychic link on the body 
here. There's an enemy next to the huge hole in the wall. Keep going and you'll
come across a body when you exit back into the main store area. Climb on the 
shelves until you reach the electronics department. You'll have to move 
through a maze of televisions. There's another body in front of one of them 
that you can psychic link. When you reach the end of the maze, you'll find an 
SMG. You'll also be trapped in the small area with some enemies. These guys 
are quick, but they act more like rabid zombies than actual people, and will 
just constantly try to swipe at you. Take them down and two more will burst 
through the exit door, except they have melee weapons. Slo-mo works 
wonderfully in these situations.

Keep going until you see the lower half of a half-eaten soldier. At this point
you can go through the door, or you can shoot the fire extinguisher next to 
the garage door. It'll blow a hole in that door and you can move through to an
ammo container with dual MP-970s. Otherwise, the two paths leads to the same 
place: the refrigeration area. Some of the bodies on the floor in here aren't
dead, and they'll get up to attack you as you walk by them. As you move 
through this area, keep an eye out to your left for a small room with SMG 
ammo inside. You'll soon walk by a shelf, and something will tip the shelf 
over. Slo-mo will automatically be activated, so just keep moving to the other
side and you'll miss it.

Unfortunately, this stirs up quite a lot of those zombie characters. You 
should see one by the left wall of refrigerators. He's eating on a corpse that
you can use psychic link on. Keep following that left wall and then turn left 
at the end. You can use the door here to get inside this refrigerated section.
You'll then be able to funnel the enemies through the door. It acts as a 
chokepoint. Since they can only use melee attacks, this is also a good place
to try and get your Invincible/Godlike challenges for getting so many kills in
a row without taking any damage. You now have to move from the refrigeration 
area on this side to the one on the opposite side. There will be more enemies
to deal with as you continue through this area, but you can generally put your
back to the wall and take them down. After passing through the first 
refrigerated area here, look for a body that you can use psychic link on in 
the second refrigerated area.

After passing the last part with dead bodies, open the garage door and pick up
the flashbang on the shelf at the end. Head back and enter the other door. 
The first offices here have ammo but not much else. After you turn the corner,
check the first office on your right for a body. After exiting the area with
the offices, look to the left for another body, then open the garage door.
There's yet another body to use psychic link on laying on the ground up ahead.

Be careful when traversing this next area. The crazies/zombies have started
strapping bombs to their chests. Make sure you take them down before they 
reach you. Go up the aisle and then back down the other aisle. There's a 
ladder next to the wooden gate that you can use to get on top of the shelves.
A few enemies come for you when you first get to the top. More will continue to
show up as you make your way across the shelves. They like to swing along the 
rafters, so keep an eye at the ceiling and keep an ear out for the beeping of
the bombs. Drop down when it's clear and then drop into the next area. You'll
be trapped in here for a bit as crazies of all kinds drop in around you. Hold
them off and eventually two suicide bombers will show up at the gate to the 
left of the aisle you dropped in from. Shoot them to blow open the gate.

After some weirdness, you'll move through plastic curtains. There will be a 
body on the cart in plain sight that you can psychic link. You'll eventually
come out into the deli area of the main store. At this point, a lot of 
crazies will come after you, including a new type that can throw knives with
amazing accuracy. Take him out whenever you get a chance. If you can make it,
go around to the outside of the deli and find the ladder. You can get on top of
it, where you'll find a couple of weapons. It's not a bad place to hold off the
horde, either, though the meat cutting area is definitely more ideal. Still, 
if you're running low on ammo, you might not have any other choice.

Move onto the shelves where you'll deal with more knife-throwers. At the top, 
suicide bombers also try to climb up to you. Keep moving around and you'll 
deal with a couple more knife-throwers before you finally drop into an 
arena-like area with a mound in the middle of it. Approach the mound and 
prepare to hold off several waves of crazies. There are plenty of suicide 
bombers sprinkled in here, but don't forget about the other types as well. 
Knife-throwers come in near the end. After they're all gone, soldiers will 
breach the exit doors. One well-timed grenade can take them all out at once.
Move through the door and you'll find soldiers fighting off crazies. Go 
through the door to your left while they duke it out to find a body. Mop up 
the remnants of the battle, probably a few crazies, and head out of the 
garage door to end this Interval.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 04 |                            [W4]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

Try to take out the two soldiers here immediately so that you can pick up 
their SMGs. Use slo-mo if you have to. Take the third one out at the end of the
road and continue on. There are four more in the area around the corner. After
they're all dead, move into the open garage with the ammo containers. Enter 
the extremely creepy house and get up to the second floor. Move through the 
kitchen and go upstairs. You'll come to an ammo container with an assault 
rifle in it. Grab it and drop down onto the busted mech. Look around here for 
a body to psychic link with. Drop out of the house and deal with the soldiers
in the area. Keep moving, dealing with enemies, until you have to walk over a 
partially collapsed fence to get through a hole in the next house. Before you 
walk over the fence, look to the right of it for a body to use psychic link on.

Move through the house and keep going through backyards, taking out soldiers 
as you go. Once you reach the area with the gazebo, you may notice a couple of 
ammo containers with plenty of assault rifle ammo. There's also ammo and 
shock grenades in the little shed. There's also no exit. You know what this 
means...another episode of you being stuck in an uncomfortably cramped space
with something that's bigger than you. That something would be a mech. Don't 
think you can hide under the gazebo either, because it'll just bomb the hell
out of it. Also, soldiers like to trickle in from everywhere while you fight
the mech. Still, they aren't as bad as the mech, so you'll really have no 
choice but to simply run around the outside of the gazebo, using the low walls
as cover. If you find yourself getting shot, a soldier has probably gotten 
behind you, so take them out quickly. Slo-mo is best saved for these occasions.
Just use a shock grenade against the mech, then hit it with bullets and frags.
Rinse and repeat.

The exit gate will open. Take out whatever happens to come through it and 
enter the next house. You'll find a body laying on the floor on the right side.
There's another body in the next room that you can use psychic link on. It's 
at the far end by the pool table. Go upstairs and around to the television. 
There's a body laying on the floor in front of it. Head upstairs again and 
turn right. Take the right hand door here and follow it into a room with a body
that you can psychic link. I also found the Alma Doll in here. Now go through
the other door. After the...thing pops out at you and then disappears, you'll
have to deal with crazies as you move through the house. Before heading back 
downstairs, you can go left to find a bathroom with an enemy in it and a 
shotgun. Go right and you'll enter a room with a few enemies and a television
laying on the floor. There's also a body in here to use psychic link on.

Now head downstairs and move through the kitchen into the next area. The next 
kitchen has two suicide bombers in it, and a couple more crazies will also 
pop out. Now head upstairs and turn right. Go through the right hand door 
here. Move through this room into the next one, then immediately look right 
for a body. Drop down when you reach a dead end and move through the kitchen.
Immediately throw a grenade into the group of crazies staring at the TV, or 
they'll all come for you. Head into the basement and you'll be stuck in this
small room while a horde of crazies come through the holes in the walls. Just 
keep moving and you should be find. Also utilize grenades. Throwing one at an 
enemy that's a safe distance away is a great way to take a chunk of them out.

After you've dealt with them and after the slight intermission, you'll be in a 
playground of sorts. Soldiers will come for you. There's even a sniper on one
of the balconies, so watch out. Turn and look at where the soldiers are coming
from. If you go to the middle of the far right side you'll find a body. If 
you go to the left corner ahead of you, you'll find another body. Take them 
all down and then soldiers will come from behind. Move forward and into the 
house on the right, the one that had the sniper. Another sniper pops in the 
house across the yard. Inside the house, look around on the first floor for 
another body to psychic link. On the second floor you'll find another body and
some sniper rifles. If you opt to use a sniper, be sure to watch your back.

After they're all gone and you hear the loud scream, exit the house and climb
onto the crates to your right and over the bent fence. There's an empty mech
over here, so hop in it. You can melee while in this thing, and pressing the
jump button also melees. Your health is displayed in the left meter, whereas
your cannon's temperature is displayed in the right meter. Shoot the doors of
the house to blow them open. You'll need to move through this house, killing
the soldiers and blowing holes through the walls. At the end you'll come 
across another mech, but he's pretty easy to take down. Move onto the trail, 
taking out soldiers as you go. There's a hallucination, then more soldiers to 
kill, before you finally reach the relay station. Shoot the barrels near the
fence to blow it down, then get out of the mech and hop over to the other side.

There are more enemies over here. Take them down and move through the maze
of electricity. As you reach the end, a few enemies will come out of the 
building. Inside the building you'll face more soldiers. Clear them out and 
open the garage door at the end. You'll now be stuck in this next area with 
another one of those blue guys that can spawn in enemies. This time however, 
he can't directly attack you. He can't even move. The only way you can damage
him is to wait for him to send out pulses to the horizontal cylinders. When 
they turn blue, shoot them. Of course, everytime he does this, he also 
spawns in a ton of soldiers, so you're going to have to constantly fight them
off. After he sends out three pairs of charges and you blow all of the 
accompanying cylinders, he finally blows up. Head down the stairs to finish
this Interval.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 05 |                            [W5]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

You won't be able to follow Jin, so move down the street in the other 
direction. There's a shotgun next to the ambulance and an assault rifle at 
the end of the street by the APC. Move to the alley and into the building. 
Keep going until you reach a fork. Go right and open the door. It won't open 
all the way, but it is open enough for you to shoot the lock on the door you 
passed in the last hallway. Head inside that room to find a body and some 
ammo. Now go left at the fork. You'll find another body just before exiting 
this room. When you exit the building, you'll find some soldiers out on the 
street. There's also one in the guard tower, along with an ammo container.

Move through the gate and continue to deal with the soldiers. These guys like 
to use shock grenades. Use the terminal when you reach it. After you turn left
once, you'll be facing a wall when some fencing. There's a body over there to
use psychic link on. Climb up the ladder here and get onto the rooftop. Jump 
down onto the wooden balcony and you'll have to deal with some crazies. They 
are forced to climb up to your position though, so taking them out is pretty
easy. After they're gone, a couple of soldiers will probably pop out. Drop 
down and look in the area underneath the balcony you were just on. You might 
find an Alma Doll here.

Use the terminal. In the alley, look by one of the dumpsters for a body. When 
you exit out onto the street with soldiers and crazies, look to your left for
another body. Use the next terminal and be ready for more soldiers. The next
area is filled with explosive barrels and ammo containers though, so it 
shouldn't be a problem. Watch for a sniper at the far end though. Get up to 
where he was once everybody's dead and use the next terminal. Enemies will now
come from behind. First soldiers will come for you, then crazies, including
some suicide bombers. They'll eventually mix together, so let them deal with 
each other for a bit. Once the gate finally opens, use the terminal to move 

You'll need to use vehicles caught in the sinkholes to make your way around 
this next area. There's a body to psychic link with along the main path, you
can't miss it. At the end, when the guard tower falls into the sinkhole, enter
the doors to your right and move through the house. After going through all 
the creepyness, you wind up in a courtyard with another blue guy. If you have
a shotgun, this will go a lot quicker, because he likes to get in your face.
No matter what weapon you have, when he gets close, slo-mo and pummel him with
bullets. He's holding an arc beam, so be careful. Of course, when he dies, 
you can pick it up. If you're having a hard time killing him, you'll find an 
ammo container full of arc beams on the other side of the courtyard. You'll 
need them after he's dead, because a heavy mech drops in. Not only is that 
thing powerful, but it's also surprisingly quick. It will come for you, so 
don't stay still for too long. It can also chew through most cover in here. 
Use zap/frag grenades to deal some decent damage and let loose with the arc 

After you've taken the mech down, move into the house. After jumping over the 
tables, look for a body next to you. Once you're outside again, you'll have to
deal with some more soldiers. When you get close to the end of this area, 
two soldiers come out with riot gear on. Use grenades of practically any kind
to deal with them. Pick up their riot gear, you'll need it in the next room.
Use the terminal and move through the gate. There are multiple soldiers in 
here, along with two automated turrets. Take out the soldiers, then deal with
the turrets. Just shoot them until they blow up. Remember that while you're 
reloading, your shield is down, so stay behind the cover as much as possible.

Move down into the tunnel. Shoot the first lock you come across to find an 
assault rifle. The next locked door has a body behind it. In the area ahead 
you'll be forced to deal with soldiers as you move forward. Also, everything's
slightly muted. Once you enter the building, go past the elevators and straight
into the supply closet for a body to psychic link with. You'll come to a part
where you can go left through the exit door or straight forward. Go straight
to find a body and some ammo, then go through the exit. You'll find more 
soldiers outside, including some in riot gear. If you happen to run out of 
grenades, you can always shoot their feet or the hand holding the gun. Move 
downstairs and then through the medical tents. When you reach the end, head 
over the bent fence and through the container with all the bodies in it.

You'll now be trapped in the container yard with the base commander, who is 
wearing a blue suit. He won't spawn enemies in, but he does use the suit to 
portal over to practically anywhere he wants, which means you need to be 
moving at all times. Keep an eye out for containers with locks on them. They 
sometimes contain ammo, which you will need, because this guy eats a lot of
bullets. One of the containers on the left side also has an S-HV Penetrator.
Once he's finally down, a few soldiers come into the area. Use this time to 
stock up on ammo and note some ammo container locations, because another blue 
guy will pop up after you've taken out some of the soldiers. Take him down to 
end the Interval.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 06 |                            [W6]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

Move through the train cars. In one of the cars you'll find a body that you can
psychic link with to your left just after entering it. After exiting this car,
turn left and enter the car here for a couple of grenades. You'll find another
body in the next train car. Eventually you see a soldier get taken at the end
of a train car by something. Grab the pistol that he has dropped. Continue on
until you have to crouch under some rubble. Jump over the rock ahead and you'll
find another body. Move through the train cars again and you'll wind up having
to jump around on top of them as they dangle off the bridge. You'll quickly 
make your way back inside though, and once you're back on the bridge, look for
a body draped over some debris. Keep going until the helicopter crashes. Go 
to the end of the bridge and look for a body, then head upstairs and pick up 
the SMGs on your way. There are several soldiers up top.

Once they're all dead, head down the stairs on the other side of the bridge 
and enter the train car at the bottom. You might find an Alma Doll here. Go '
back up top and make sure you grab as much ammo as you can, then jump across
the gap, landing on the train car on the other side. You'll quickly come 
across a new type of enemy that's quick and relies solely on melee attacks. 
These guys can come out of any nook or cranny, so you must always be watching
out for them. Slo-mo will be a lifesaver here, and the shotgun is a fantastic
weapon for dealing with these foes. After you move through the cars and fight
the demons for a while, you'll drop out of a train car onto the bridge, and 
you should see some stairs up a bit and to your right. You can't use them. 
At this point, however, there are two train cars to your left that are torn 
in half. Both have ammo, but the far car also leads to a body you can use 
psychic link on.

Move through the train cars until you drop back onto the bridge. You should be
facing the water. Turn left and look on the back of the train car you just 
exited for a body. Now you can use the stairs. Up top you'll find a blue guy,
who promptly spawns enemies for you to fight. He has a beam weapon, of course,
but luckily he sticks to the top of the overturned semi. Take out the soldiers,
pump as many bullets into the blue guy as you can, rinse and repeat until 
everybody's dead. Inside the next building, look under the stairs for a body.
Head up top and you'll have to deal with another blue guy in the building 
across the bridge, along with his soldiers. Once they're all dead, enter the 
building and hit the button.

You don't have to get into the heavy mech, but it certainly is fun. You can 
melee, bring up shields, fire two chainguns, and fire rockets. The first 
checkpoint has a few enemies and another heavy mech that nobody bothers to 
use, so just leave it. As you move down the bridge, you'll encounter all kinds
of resistance, from soldiers to lighter mechs to helicopters. If, at any point,
your mech is about to explode, get out and hide behind it. They won't shoot it
if you're not in it, and once you get back in, the health and shields should
be recharged. Keep fighting until you reach the next drawbridge. Head into the
building on the left, kill everybody inside, and pull the switch. Also, 
check outside the building on the right for a body to use psychic link on. 
There's another heavy mech here, if you didn't bring one with you.

Once you cross the drawbridge, take out the gunners on the tanks and 
everybody else here. You'll now have to deal with another heavy mech like the
one you're in. Use your shields to absorb its rockets, and wait until its 
shields are down to shoot your own rockets. Also, pressing the jump button 
makes you stomp, which paralyzes the other mech for a few seconds. Although
the mechs are heavy, their weapons are heavier, so it shouldn't take long to 
put it down. Walk forward to end this Interval.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 07 |                            [W7]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

You'll have to fight off two of those demon dog things right off the bat. 
Check the ammo container next to you for an SMG. There's another container 
up a bit that has an assault rifle. As you move along the tarmac, you'll have 
to deal with more demons. Go up the stairs by the plane that keeps getting 
hit by lightning. Demons come through a portal in the wall ahead, and the doors
close behind you, so be ready. When you get to the large waiting area, go to
the far right and look behind the sliding doors for a body to use psychic 
link on. Keep going and follow the blood trail down the corridor and then to
the left to another body. In the next room you'll find soldiers fighting 
demons, so let them thin each other out, then mop up the rest. The next room
has a few more enemies.

When you get to the room with stairs, look for a body on the first floor, 
then move up. On the upper floor here, you'll have to deal with enemies coming
from straight ahead and some coming from the left that you can shoot you 
through the gate. Move along the upper walkway here and take everyone else
out, then move through the fast food joint. In the next large room you'll face
a load of soldiers and a couple of demons. Drop down to the bottom floor and a
few more enemies crop up. When you finally exit this area, look to the left in
the next corridor and jump over the boxes to find a body.

You'll eventually find your way into the food court. Go downstairs here and 
cut through the elevator, then go back upstairs. Up top, go back towards the
barricade of boxes and you'll find a body. You can also crouch under the 
store gate here to find a grenade and a pistol. Also, if you turn right just
after coming up the stairs, you'll be facing a door that you can go through 
with a grenade, a body, and dual MP-970's inside. Keep going through the 
next fast food place and you'll come to a room with conveyor belts. There's a 
store on the left you can go into with a body that you can use psychic link 

Don't even worry about the demons when you see them. They just kind of run off
somewhere. In the next room, however, you will have to deal with some soldiers.
Make your way up the stairs and then continue along the second floor. You'll 
come to a room with enemies in it. If you go through the opening that you're 
already facing you'll wind up in the kitchen, where you'll find a body. Kill 
everyone and a base commander in a blue suit pops up. Hit him as much as 
possible before he enters a portal and always be on the lookout for his exit
point. Take him out and a couple of soldiers come through the exit. Don't 
forget to pick up the base commander's Penetrator, if you want it.

Keep going and hop over the bent fencing thing. The floor below is crawling 
with soldier, so take them all out, then get down there. There's a staircase 
leading from the first to second floors. Beneath that staircase you'll find a
sniper rifle. It might be useful, since the next area has soldiers and snipers.
Take everyone out on the first floor and go upstairs. A helicopter will start
shooting at you from the skylight. Grab the rocket launcher in the ammo 
container by you and let loose. Make sure you lock on first. There's more 
rocket ammo at the other end of the floor here. Just don't stay out of cover
for too long. Once it's down, head through the torn open store gate and go 
downstairs. At the very bottom, underneath the stairs, you'll find a body.

When you reach the next set of stairs, go up if you need an assault rifle or 
pistol. Go down to continue on. Use psychic link on the body on the cart right
in front of you, and then prepare for another blue guy who spawns enemies all
over the place. This guy is a real pain. He sticks to the upper walkways, 
moves around all the time, but still manages to constantly be behind cover.
Your best bet is to grab the shotgun on the crates near you, head upstairs, 
and take the fight to him, because if you don't, you'll be using way too much
ammo on all those soldiers. Once they're all dead, find the control room on 
the second floor and pull the switch inside, then hop back onto the main 
conveyor belt and ride it out of the room.

In the next area you'll fight demons. At the end of the area, use psychic link
on the body, then double back to the control room. Pull the switch to raise the
gate on the conveyor belt, allowing to go through it. Keep going, through the
next room, until you reach the sliding doors at the end. There's a body in 
front of them. Go through the conveyor belt area and you'll reach some 
escalators. Go behind them on the first floor to find another body to psychic
link with, then go upstairs. You'll have to deal with the main demon thing,
called the creep, that's been messing with you for a while now. He can kill 
you this time around, so when you know he's going to attack, enter slo-mo and
lay into him with some bullets. If you do it quickly enough, you can get him 
to back off.

In the next area, deal with the soldiers, then turn around. More soldiers will
come from behind, including some with riot gear. After they're dead, you'll 
have to take on two of the blue-suited base commanders at the same time. This
isn't easy. You CANNOT hide anywhere. You can simply run behind cover long 
enough for your health to regenerate. Try to focus on one at a time. They look
identical, but if you can get one of them down a bit, he won't be blue anymore.
You'll need to use every weapon and grenade around here to finish them both off
before they finish you off. Never get trapped in a corner or a room. The only
thing worse than them shooting at you is them hitting you. When they're dead, 
move through the door on the wall.

When you drop down, pick up the shotgun. You will need it. Go to the garage 
door and press the button. You will now have to fight off hordes of demons
at the garage door opens. You will need to use slo-mo frequently here, but not
too frequently. You don't want to be caught without it. When the door has 
raised all the way, go and hit the button on the other side to close it again.
By this point the demons should be thinning out a bit. When it's closed, the 
next door opens. Keep going and you'll wind up out on the tarmac. Clear this 
first area and hop inside a mech. In the next area, you'll have to face a 
heavy mech. You need to stick close to a single piece of cover, preferably one
of the fuel trucks. Blow it up first, of course, then run around it in 
circles. He won't be able to catch up to you, and you can shoot him over the 
cover since he's so big. When he's down, the gate opens and two blue-suited
base commanders come out. This time, however, they are no trouble at all. In 
fact, you can just sit there, pummeling them with cannon rounds, and they 
won't even be able to move. Kill them and move towards Becket to end this 

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 08 |                            [W8]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

Move forward and down the steps, then go right, into the office here. There's 
a body inside. Now take the left path. There's a locked gate over there with 
some dual MP-970s behind it. Keep going and you'll come to the room from 
your memories. This place is a dead end, however, so you'll need to backtrack
and go down the other path. On your way, you'll have to deal with boss demon
again. Entering slo-mo and shooting him will make him back off, so do
that everytime he starts to flare up. Sometimes you can just sit there and 
let your slo-mo refill. Do this whenever possible so you aren't caught without
it. Keep moving towards the beams of light. When you move through the next 
door, you'll be in a room with a training ring and some punching bugs. Melee
the punching bags a few times to get the Yo, Adrian! achievement. Now find the
bucket that's glowing red. Walk up to it and destroy it to clear this memory.

You now have to backtrack again and fight off the creep along the way. In the 
next room, look on the left side for a body, then tear up the book and leave.
Fight the creep over to the next room, where you'll find yet another body on 
the left side. There's a toy gun laying on the floor that you need to destroy.
Exit the room, fight off the creep, and enter the room of light at the end of
the hall. You'll now be back in the past, and you'll finally get to take the 
creep down once and for all. Except, he's gotten a little bit bigger. Grab an 
assault rifle and wait for the creep to open its mouth. You should see a 
glowing light. Shoot it. Shoot the light three times and the creep will drop 
down, and three soldiers will spawn in. Kill them and the creep comes back up.
Rinse and repeat two more times to put the creep down for good. That ends the
game. Now you just have to watch the ending cutscene. The ending can vary 
depending on which character you played as going through the campaign, or 
depending on which character had the higher score if you ran through it on 
co-op. There's also a post-credits cutscene. You can skip the credits and still
watch it.

                                ||          ||
                                ||  Extras  ||                             [E0]
                                ||          ||

                             | ================= |
                             |                   |
                             | Xbox 360 Controls |                         [E1]
                             |                   |
                             | ================= |


Start Button.

{Quick Update/Scoreboard}

Back Button.

Allows you to view challenges you've started and/or completed. Also shows you
your current rank and score. Does NOT pause the game though.


A Button.

Mechs cannot jump. Jumping in Power Armor is another type of melee. Jumping in
Enhanced Power Armor sends out an EMP that paralyzes enemy mechs for a few 


B Button(Assault/Southpaw); Right Thumbstick Click(Classic/Tactical); 
Left Thumbstick Click(Chief).

The same button is used for taking cover in every configuration except 
Tactical. Tactical uses the B Button to take cover.


X Button.


Y Button(All except Chief); B Button(Chief).

SlowMo slows everything down, of course. There's a bar next to your reticule
that slowly drains when this is on and slowly refills when it's off. Only 
available for Point Man.

Possess can only be used on someone that you are Suspending. Allows you to 
take control of that person. The bar next to the reticule tells you how much
longer you've got until you're ejected from the body. Collect energy floating
above the recently deceased to fill the bar back up, prolonging your time in
the body. Only available for Fettle.


Right Trigger(All except Southpaw); Left Trigger(Southpaw).


Left Trigger(All except Southpaw); Right Trigger(Southpaw).

The Chief configuration splits Aim/Zoom from Suspend. Suspend is still the 
Left Trigger, whereas Aim/Zoom are mapped to the Right Thumbstick Click.

As Fettle, holding the Suspend button near an enemy will cause them to float 
in the air. You can then possess them, provided you have at least one full bar
next to your reticule.

{Throw Grenade/Throw}

Right Bumper(Assault/Classic); Left Bumper(Southpaw); Melee(Tactical/Chief).

You can cook grenades before throwing them.

As Fettle, you can pick up certain objects in the world, namely explosives, 
and hurl them forward.

{Switch Weapon}

Left Bumper(Assault/Classic); Right Bumper(Southpaw); Down on D-Pad(Tactical);
Y Button(Chief).

{Previous/Next Grenade}

Left/Right on D-Pad(All except Chief); Up/Down on D-Pad(Chief).


Up on D-Pad(All except Chief); Left on D-Pad(Chief).

Note that having your flashlight on will give your position away to human 


Left Thumbstick Click(Assault/Classic/Tactical); 
Right Thumbstick Click(Southpaw); Left Bumper(Chief).


Right Thumbstick Click(Assault); B Button(Classic);
Left Thumbstick Click(Southpaw); Right Bumper(Tactical/Chief).

As Point Man or while possessing someone as Fettle, you can Sprint then press
Melee to do a slide kick that instantly kills. You can also Jump then press
Melee to do a kick in the air that instantly kills.

                                  | ======= |
                                  |         |
                                  | Weapons |                              [E2]
                                  |         |
                                  | ======= |

{Strader Mk. VII}

The pistol. Weakest gun in the game, but one that you start nearly every 
Interval with, so get used to it. Comes with plenty of ammo, though, and 
there's always more laying around. Also has a neat trick where the iron sights
go from green to red when you put it over an enemy.

{Briggs SMG}

Second most common weapon in the game. It's a good all-around gun, though it 
is lacking in power. Still, you'll find it everywhere. Comes equipped with a 
reflex sight.


You'll always dual-wield this weapon. It's an Uzi-type firearm. Great at 
close quarters combat, and comes with a lot of ammo. Still, you won't find 
much more ammo anywhere else, and it chews through bullets. Also has no range,
as you might expect.

{EL-10 CAS}

The shotgun. Great at close-quarters combat, sucks at everything else. A good
choice if you find yourself taking on a lot of melee enemies, or if you're 
trapped in a small space with a heavier foe.

{G3A3 AR}

The assault rifle. You don't come across this one until Interval 04, but once
you do find it, you'll undoubtedly love it. Fires 3 round bursts, comes with a
decent scope, does decent damage, and is fantastically accurate. If you're 
going for any kind of headshot achievement/challenge, this is the gun to do it

{Schuller LDR50}

The sniper rifle. High damage, great accuracy, low rate of fire. Use with 
slo-mo to get headshot after headshot. It's so powerful that you can even use
it to soften up enemy vehicles like helicopters and mechs.


The rocket launcher. Never comes with much ammo, but does massive damage. Can
also lock-on to targets. Will almost always be used in exclusive situations 
involving vehicles.

{Riot Gear}

The riot gear consists of the Briggs SMG with a riot shield. You can take a lot
of bullets by holding this. Just remember that your gun hand and your feet can
be shot if you're not crouching. Also, when you reload, you lower your shield.
When you melee, you just bash with the shield, so you can easily knock enemies

{Arc Beam}

A laser beam weapon. Used exclusively by blue-suited enemies that spawn in 
other soldiers. Powerful, but you still have to hold a sustained burst on an 
enemy for a few seconds to kill them. Luckily, if you shoot someone (in 
campaign), they'll be frozen in place. 

{S-HV Penetrator}

This weapon is only carried by base commanders. It does a decent amount of 
damage, a little less than the assault rifle. It's single shot, but has a high
rate of fire regardless. The killing shot will pin enemies to whatever is 
behind them.

{Frag Grenade}

Your standard grenade. If it doesn't hit anything, it will go off after a 
couple of seconds. If it hits an enemy, it automatically explodes. Can be 
cooked, just like every other grenade.


Blinds enemies for a few seconds. These are probably best saved for situations
where you find yourself trapped by a swarm of bad guys. Toss one and run away
when everyone's not looking. Especially useful if you get cornered in a boss

{Shock/Zap Grenades}

These grenades will pop up into the air and coat the area of effect in 
electricity for a few seconds. It damages enemies, but its main purpose is to 
disable mechs and base commanders, giving you a few precious seconds to lay 
into them with everything you've got.

{Power Armor}

You'll hop into this mech first in Interval 04, and you'll use it again for a 
brief period in Interval 07. It has regenerating health and a main cannon that
will tear infantry apart. Also has a decent melee. When firing your weapon, 
watch the temperature gauge on the right side. Don't let it overheat.

{Enhanced Power Armor}

You'll use this during the last half of Interval 06. You can bring up shields
at any time, which is great for absorbing rockets. Your main weapon is two 
machine guns. Your secondary weapon fires two rockets. You cannot fire rockets
while your shields are active. You can also melee, which can break huge 
roadblocks, and you can stomp the ground, which disables nearby enemy vehicles.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Multiplayer |                            [E3]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

{Cooperative Campaign}

You and another person can run through the campaign together. One of you will
take control of Point Man and other will control Fettle. Point Man has access
to most weapons and can use slo-mo. Fettle has one main attack, which is a 
blast that knocks enemies back. He can also melee and pick up things and throw
them. Fettle's main attack though, is possessing people. He can take control of
most enemies and use them to attack others. He takes a lot of damage while 
possessing someone, which makes running through with him a lot of fun.

At the end of the campaign, the scores of both players are tallied up. The 
person with the highest score determines which ending the game will go with, 
Point Man's or Fettle's. There are a few challenges and achievements that you
can only get by playing cooperatively.


In this mode, you start off in a large building. Waves of enemies will come 
towards the building, and you must fight them off. All windows and doors are 
barricaded, but the enemies will tear them open and climb inside. You can 
repair these barricades in the short time between waves. If you go outside of
the building and look around, you should find supply crates. Grab one and 
bring it back to the area marked on the floor and you will get a weapon to use.

Yes, this is almost exactly like the Nazi Zombies mode from Call of Duty: 
World at War/Black Ops. I say almost, because there's one key difference: Alma.
She will walk around the map randomly and giggle. Sometimes she'll just stand
there. But if you look at her, you will be completely blinded for several 
seconds. Always keep an eye out for her, because she likes to just wander in 
front of you sometimes, even when you're in the middle of a firefight.

{Soul King}

In Soul King, you control a Fettle-type character. You can shoot blasts that 
knock enemies back (but don't kill them). Your goal is to kill other enemies
and grab their souls. Person with the most souls at the end wins! The catch is
that you can't kill anybody. At least not until you possess an enemy. At this
point, you can use whatever gun they were using to slaughter everybody else.
You can jump from one body to the next easily. If the body you're in is 
destroyed, you can always run away and find another one. Or better yet, 
possess the guy trying to kill you. Just remember that possessing someone 
doesn't give you their soul. Also, if you aren't in a body and you die, you 
lose a lot of souls.

                         ||                         ||
                         ||  Achievements/Trophies  ||                    [AT0]
                         ||                         ||

{Master of F.E.A.R.}

Platinum Trophy

Receive all other trophies.

{Mission... accomplished?}

50 Gamerscore/Gold Trophy

Finish the Campaign on any difficulty (all Intervals complete).

{Man Mode}

100 Gamerscore/Gold Trophy

Finish the Campaign on INSANE difficulty.

Complete the game once to unlock Insane difficulty.

{Almost Halfway}

10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Attain Rank 10.

{You've got the Touch!}

25 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy

Attain Rank 21.

{Doll Collector}

20 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Find the Alma Doll on every Mission.

There's only one doll for each of the eight Intervals. The catch? The doll 
can spawn in multiple places, which is why there isn't a section in this guide
for the dolls.

{Spiritually Attuned}

20 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Make 100 Psychic Links (Share or Steal).

You should get this over the course of the campaign. You'll find bodies 
laying around from time to time with a faint glowing aura coming off of them.
These bodies are slightly hidden. You can go up to them and perform a 
psychic link. This makes the body disappear and gives you points. If you're 
playing alone, you are forced to steal, which gives you 1,500 points. If you're
in co-op, you can share or steal. Sharing gives both players 1,000 points.

{Insider Trading}

15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Possess every type of possessable enemy.

You can only get this if you are playing as Fettle.

{Score Monger}

30 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Complete 30 challenges in one Interval.

There are a variety of challenges that you can work towards while playing 
through an Interval. They pop up from time to time with progress bars. Look 
through the list of challenges in the next achievement description, and find
the ones that are easiest. Use weapons until you get their challenges, then 
drop them for new ones. Use cover and slo-mo as much as possible.


50 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Complete every challenge at least once.

Here is a list of challenges:

Pop Gun- 20 Strader Mk. VII (Pistol) kills.

The Standard- 25 Briggs SMG kills.

Butcher- 20 EL-10 CAS (Shotgun) kills.

Assault Pro- 25 G3A3 AR kills.

Bullet Hope- 20 Dual MP-970 kills.

Ghost- 15 Schuller LDR50 kills.

Ventilation Expert- 25 S-HV Penetrator kills.

Laser Pointer- 10 Arc Beam kills.

Like a Hurricane- 3 Goliath kills.

Quiet Riot- 10 Riot Gear kills.

Hot Potato- 10 frag kills.

The Shocker- 3 Shock grenade kills.

Indecent Exposure- Blind 5 enemies with flash grenades.

Sweet Science- Kill 15 enemies with any melee attack.

Et tu, Brute?- Kill 3 enemies using special back melee attack.

The Killer- 50 kills in a row.

Hard Boiled- 100 kills in a row.

Slaughter- Kill 20 enemies in a PA or EPA without getting out.

What?!- Melee or stomp 5 enemies while in the PA or EPA.

Headhunter- 25 headshots.

Executioner- 50 headshots.

Detonation Expert- 5 kills by shooting explosives.

Menage- 3 kills with 1 explosion.

Covert Op- 10 kills from active cover.

Cover-Up Artist- 25 kills from active cover.

Pitching a Tent- Use cover for a total of 100 seconds.

Sir Camp-a-Lot- Use cover for a total of 200 seconds.

Nimble Killer- 5 kills immediately after mantle techniques.

Parkour Deadly- 10 kills immediately after mantle techniques.

Slideshot!- 10 kills immediately after slide kick.

Junk Collector- 30 ammo and nade pickups.

Collection Agent- 60 ammo and nade pickups.

Invincible- 10 kills in a row without taking damage.

Godlike- 20 kills in a row without taking damage.

Ghost Cowboy- Kill 5 ghost soldiers with the Strader Mk. VII.

Ghost Hoser- Kill 5 ghost soldiers with the MP-970.

Ghost Eraser- Kill 5 ghost soldiers with the EL-10 CAS.

Whoa! I know Kung Fu- Kill 3 ghost soldiers with any melee attack.

Ghostly Cover-Up- Kill 5 ghost soldiers from active cover.

Head Dead Prevention- Kill 5 ghost soldiers with headshots.

Nightmare Ninja- Fight back the creep 3 times without getting hurt.

Hurt Him- Damage the giant creep.

Nightmare Warrior- Damage the giant creep 3 times before he vanishes.

Mommy!- Collected the Alma Doll.

Solo Psychic Link Attained- Used the psychic link on a body while playing solo.

Shared Psychic Link Attined- Shared the psychic link on a body while playing

Death from Below!- 3 kills during 1 Last Stand.

Pick-Up Artist- Perform 3 quick revives on your brother.

Helping Hand- 15 assists.

Harm Aid- 30 assists.

Little Brother(Fettle)- 20 Fettle blast kills.

Borrowed Time(Fettle)- 30 total kills while possessing bodies.

Rent to OWN!(Fettle)- 50 total kills while possessing bodies.

Showing Off(Fettle)- 5 headshots during 1 possession.

Time Efficient(Fettle)- 15 kills during 1 possession.

Enemy Within(Fettle)- 5 suicide kills.

Body Snatcher(Fettle)- Attain a total of 120 seconds of possession time.

Head Intruder(Fettle)- Attain a total of 240 seconds of possession time.

Extended Stay(Fettle)- Remain in a single body for 2 minutes.

Buster of Ghosts(Fettle)- Kill 5 ghost soldiers with the Fettle blast.

Possessive(Fettle)- Kill 6 ghost soldiers during possession.

Substitute Killer(Fettle)- Kill 2 ghost soldiers during 1 possession.

Supersonic(Point Man)- 30 slo-mo kills.

Hypersonic(Point Man)- 50 slo-mo kills.

Perfect Soldier(Point Man)- 3 headshots during 1 slo-mo.

Slow Your Roll!(Point Man)- 5 kills during 1 slo-mo.

Highlight Reel(Point Man)- 3 unique melee kills during 1 slo-mo.

All in the Reflexes!(Point Man)- Attain a total of 60 seconds in slo-mo time.

Nothin or Double(Point Man)- Attain a total of 120 seconds in slo-mo time.

Big Spender(Point Man)- Drain slo-mo from full to empty 3 times.

Exorcist(Point Man)- Kill 6 ghost soldiers during slo-mo.

Lucid Dreaming(Point Man)- Kill 3 ghost soldiers during a single slo-mo.

Damage Resistant(co-op)- Point man absorbs 300 total damage during Shield.

Hangman(co-op)- Point Man kills 15 suspended enemies.

The Crusher(co-op)- Fettle kills 5 enemies with special slo-mo melee.

This Isn't so Hard!(co-op)- Fettle kills 15 enemies during slo-mo.

{Supreme Challenger}

25 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Complete 500 total challenges between all categories.

{Earl of Pain}

10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Kill 1000 enemies by any method in any game mode.

{God Among Men}

25 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy

Kill 250 total enemies during Slow Mo.

You can only get this while playing as Point Man.

{Art Collector}

15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Pin 100 total enemies with The Penetrator or Leaper knives.

{No can defense!}

20 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Kill 100 enemies with Jump Kick or Slide Kick.

To do a jump kick, just jump and melee while in the air. To do a slide kick, 
melee while sprinting. Both of these are one hit kill attacks. You can only 
do this while playing as Point Man.

{State-of-the-art. Bang, bang!}

20 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Kill 10 enemies in a row with Sniper Rifle headshots.

You'll find your first sniper rifle in the second Interval. After leaving the 
tunnels, you'll be on a street with houses all around. You will eventually 
leave the street and wind up at a courtyard with a statue in the middle and a 
ton of enemies to fight off. Enter the house to your left when you get to that
courtyard and go upstairs to find the weapon. Getting headshots isn't that 
hard, especially when you have slo-mo handy.

{Footy Foul}

10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Kill 2 enemies with 1 Slide Kick during Slow Mo.

This isn't too hard. If you see two enemies standing together, just sprint 
towards them, activate slo-mo, and melee while sprinting to do a sliding kick.

{Head Crab Removal}

10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

20 kills with a crowbar.

{Little Brother's Helper}

15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

As Point Man, kill 100 enemies suspended by Fettel.

Must be done in co-op.

{Big Brother's Helper}

15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

As Fettel, suspend 100 enemies that Point Man kills.

Must be done in co-op.

{I'm not a Doctor, I'm a Medic!}

10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Perform 50 revives in any game mode.

Must be done in co-op or Contractions.

{We'll Try Again Tomorrow!}

15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Survive 3 waves in Contractions in a row without anyone bringing back a crate.

{I F.E.A.R. Nothing!}

15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Finish a wave of Contractions on INSANE without anyone going into Last Stand.

{Dead Blind}

10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Spend an entire round of Contractions in deep fog without going into Last 

{Hanging 20}

20 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Complete wave 20 in Contractions.

{Handle with Care}

20 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Return 30 crates in one game of Contractions.


10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Possess 20 different enemies in one round of Soul King.


15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Win all 5 rounds of a 5-round Soul King match.

{Soul Gatherer}

15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Attain a total of 6,000 Souls in one round of Soul King.

{Soul Hoarder}

20 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Attain a total of 25,000 Souls across all rounds of a Soul King match.


20 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Win 20 rounds of Soul King.

{A Precursor}

5 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

In the Poker Room of Prison, kill all 3 enemies with headshots before slo-mo

Near the beginning of the game, you'll be told that you can melee next to a 
door to kick it in. Open that door and look left and you'll see three guards
playing poker at a table. Slo-mo will automatically activate, so just take 
your time and let loose on their heads.

{That's a lot of Zeros}

50 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Attain a total of 250,000 points through challenges.


20 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Complete any campaign level on INSANE without reloading checkpoints or going 
into Last Stand.

                       | ============================ |
                       |                              |
                       | Secret Achievements/Trophies |                   [AT1]
                       |                              |
                       | ============================ |

{Prison Impossible}

10 Gamerscore

Complete Interval 01.

{Get To The Chopper}

10 Gamerscore

Complete Interval 02.

{Pain, In Bulk}

15 Gamerscore

Complete Interval 03.

{Town Hall Beating}

15 Gamerscore

Complete Interval 04.

{Through the Haystack}

20 Gamerscore

Complete Interval 05.

{Trouble Cross}

20 Gamerscore

Complete Interval 06.

{Terminal Victory}

25 Gamerscore

Complete Interval 07.

{Homecoming King}

25 Gamerscore

Complete Interval 08.

{Up The River}

15 Gamerscore

Attain a total of 95,000 score on Interval 01.

All of these achievements require you to get a lot of challenges. That means 
using cover frequently, using slo-mo frequently, and using a weapon until you
reach its challenge, then dropping it in favor of another weapon. Don't forget
about grenades either. You also get bonuses depending on how quickly you 
finish the mission and what difficulty you're playing on. Finally, keep an eye
out for bodies to psychic link with and for the Alma Doll. Don't even worry
about these achievements until you've already finished the game. It's a lot 
easier to do this when you actually know what's going on.

{Magna Slum Laude}

15 Gamerscore

Attain a total of 85,000 score on Interval 02.

{Cannibal Run}

15 Gamerscore

Attain a total of 95,000 score on Interval 03.

{House Arrest}

15 Gamerscore

Attain a total of 105,000 score on Interval 04.

{Point Taken}

15 Gamerscore

Attain a total of 110,000 score on Interval 05.

{Crossing Over}

15 Gamerscore

Attain a total of 70,000 score on Interval 06.

{Point Authority}

15 Gamerscore

Attain a total of 110,000 score on Interval 07.

{Dream Score}

10 Gamerscore

Attain a total of 50,000 score on Interval 08.

{Yo, Adrian!}

15 Gamerscore

Find something worth punching!

In Interval 08, you'll come to a room near the beginning with a boxing ring in
it, along with other training stuff. There are punching bags in here. Melee
them a few times to get this achievement.

                               ||             ||
                               ||  Technical  ||                         [TECH]
                               ||             ||

Any website may use this guide, as long as it is kept intact and proper credit 
is given. Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions
about the guide or the game.

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