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                   //       Monkey Hero Walkthrough/FAQ       //
                  //         Written by hand of g0dª         //
                 //             v0.2 - 05/03/01             //
                //                                         //
               //            Monkey Hero ©1998            //
              //   Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.   //
             //      Blam! Video Game Developement      //
            // Licensed by Sony (SCEA) for Playstation //

I.    Disclaimer
II.   Version History
III.  Introduction
IV.   Controls/Story
V.    Items, Enemies, and Moves
VI.   Walkthrough
VII.  Credits


The contents of this file are original material of the author, hand of g0dª.
This file may not be altered, plagerized, or modified in any way. It may not
be reproduced, or published for profitable gains. It may only be printed for
personal use. It may not be used in part, or whole, on any website which will
do so for profit. Webmasters, you MUST have my permission PRIOR to posting
this guide on your website. Plagerism is a crime! Thank you.

-<[Version History]>--------------------------------------------------------

Next Revision: More walkthrough will be added. Maybe more FAQs.

05/03/01 - FAQ Section added. Walkthrough updated. Adjustments to format.

05/02/01 - Initial Release. Game Controls, Partial Items/Enemies list, and
           the begining of the walkthrough.


I purchased this game back in the summer of 1999 for $10.  I figured, if it
is trash, I wont be losing much. Well, it was well worth my 10 dollars. It's
sort of childish in story-line, but so are a lot of fun games.
As of current, I have not found a single help file on this game. Not even
the official strategy guide from Prima that was advertised in the games
So here I am 2 years after I beat it wiping the dust off my case and writing
a walkthrough/FAQ for it.
I hope this helps anyone who may have this game.


DPad - Moves Monkey in desired direction, moves cursor for selecting items.
[] (Square)   - Uses item currently equipped.
X  (X Button) - Use staff, holding X charges for Hovering.
/\ (Triangle) - Opens/Closes inventory screen
() (Circle)   - Action, Talk to characters, open chests, lift/throw, or 
                push/pull and hold to use ramming attack.
R1            - Cycles forward through equipable items
L1            - Cycles backward through queipable items
Select        - Opens Map Screen (Once map is obtained)
Start         - Pause (Save & Quit or Continue Playing)

You assume the role of Monkey, a brave little ape who has great powers. You
live in the Waking World, which is being torn apart by the Nightmare King.
The Dream King has lost his balance of power now that the Magic Storybook of
Dreams has been stolen! You must get this book and return balance to the
3 worlds.

Throughout this Walkthrough/FAQ I will be using some abreviations, so here
are what they mean:
-S- = South, -N- = North, -W- = West, -E- = East

-<[Items Enemies and Moves]>------------------------------------------------

Peach - Restores 1 peach of life meter.
Big Peach - Adds 1 peach to total of life meter.
Mushrooms - If you lose all life, this will revive you.
Pie Slice - Restores health
Gourd - Used to suck and hold fireflies.
Grapple - Used to climb objects.
Magic Statues - Each has a different ability. Costs you for each use.
Candle - Source of light, can carry fires, etc.
Spears - Throw them for a long range attack.
Firecrackers - Use to destroy something or as a weapon.
Hammer - Weapon, also crushes rocks, wooden posts, etc.
Mega Bracelet - Allows you to push/pull heavier objects.
Pie Tin - Holds Pie Slices for you
World Map - Self explanitory
Hover Scroll - Allows you to use your staff to hover over hazzards.

Dive Bomber     - Twoheaded bird will swoop down and peck you, Grapple can
                  get rid of them. Another form of them drops eggs on you.
Jellies         - They look like chunks of jelly.
Rockheads       - Evil Fontunes will ram you will their thick heads.
Tai Toads       - They can jump over walls, so watch out
Fire Elementals - You can light your candle with them.
Nightmares      - Basic enemie looks like a rabbit.
Knife Throwers  - Nightmares who throw knives.
Bats            - Hard to see, mostly in underground caves.
There may be more, but I don't know their names/remember them.

Staff - Press X to swing your staff.
Charge - Press and hold () to charge with your staff.
Hover - Press and hold X to charge, release to hover.
Push  - Walk toward a pushable object to push it.
Pull  - Press () next to a pullable object and use the dpad to pull it.


Page 1:

     After the opening sequence you will be dropped into a mine. Go -S-,
then head all the way over to the -W- wall, and go -N- through the door.
Continue -N-, then -E- through another door. There will be 2 crates to the
-S- if you lift and throw them, they have peaches inside to recover any
health you may have lost this far. Go -N- then -E- and talk to the monkey
there. Go through the door then Up the stairs, press a lever to open the
door. There is a Gold Key in the crate in the -N- section of this room, use
it to unlock the Chest in the -S- section of this room. You will recieve the
Bamboo Staff! The two boulders will now move out of your way. Head through
the door, then another. Roll the barrels that are there and it will kill
most enemies in here. Kill the other 2 slugs in this room for a crate that
will have 20 coins in it. Go -W- through the door. Stand at the edge next to
the tracks and wait for the cart on the tracks to come back, now quickly get
in front of it and cross the tracks. Go -S- through the door. Talk to Master
Sage, he will give you a head band that lets him talk to you through
telepathy, and tells you that you must go to the Library to get the Magic
Storybook. Go to the -SE- corner of this screen and follow the path you will
find there. Notice that patch of blue-ish turnips on the left, we will come
here later on in the game. Continue -S- and you will come across a mushroom
looking person. This is a Fontune. Talk to him and he will move and you can
take that path to the -W- until you reach the library. Enter the library and
talk to the Ghost Librarian, she will move the shelves for you. Go through
and push the shelves over to make your way through until you reach a
fountain. This will replenish your health. Go through the door to the -E-,
knock over the shelves here to get the chest that has a Gold Key in it. Push
the lever for the door to open. Kill all the enemies in this room and the
Ghost Librarian will appear so talk to her. A door will open to the -S- open
the chest in here with the Gold Key for the World Map. Go back and talk to
the Ghost Librarian she will open the door on the right side of the room,
open the -N- door and head down the steps. Push the 2 barrels and go up the
steps where you will find a lever that unveils a chest, open it to get the
Silver Key. Go through the door, Kill all of the enemies and open the door
using the Silver Key. Knock over a shelf to use a lever which will show a
chest that has a Gold Key in it. Go back to the open door and use the gold
key to get the Scroll of Hovering. Go back through the door avoid the
Rockhead, hover over to the door and go through. Push the barrels and go
through the -W- door. There will be a large peach statue that you can push
to get to the door. Move the crates use the steps go to the -E- door. Push
the peach statues in the corner. Get the key, and open the door. Use the -S-
steps to push the lever, now use the -N- steps to go through the door. Hover
across and get the mushroom. Go back, use the -SW- door, and hover -E- then
-S-, use the lever, go back for a chest with 5 coins in it. Go through the
door. Pull the peach over the red button and head through the -W- door, now
go down and hover. Move the crate, and hover -E-, push the lever, hover -W-,
use the door move the crates, push the peach on the button, use the -E- door
go down the steps, head -N-, push the peach into the corner and go through
the door. Move another crate and you will come to the magic storybook!
After a short scene, you will have to battle the Nightmare King, you can run
to either side of the screen, and he will begin to (try to) suck you in, but
just keep walking toward the wall until he stops. Then he will do one of two
attacks, 1, spit out a fire like beam, or 2, spit out some Jellies! If its
the beam, just wait it out, if its the jellies, kill them as fast as he
spits them out. After the beam is gone (or the jellies) hurry up and hit him
with a staff swing then run back to the side. This will repeat. You only
have to hit him 6 times. He will ruin the book and you must now collect 8
pages that are all over the land. The ghost librarian will give you 1 of

Page 2:

     After all the talking you will be taken to the front door of the
library. Take the path -E-, then -N-, then -W- to see Master Sage. Go in, go
-W-, there will be a peach statue, push it to reveal a chest which holds a
dream crystal. Head -NW- and go into the house. Talk to Sage and he will
give you a Magical Big Peach. Leave and head -N- from here, go into the
firecracker instruction house. You have to kill 5 enemies, and you only get
5 firecrackers, so if you mess up, leave and come back in. Push the /\ to
open your inventory, select the firecracker and press /\ to exit this. Now
press [] to light it. Press () to pick it up and again to throw it. Line up
with the 1st one and stand next to the bar and throw. Do the same for the
2nd one, but this time take one step back from the bar. Kill the 3rd from
the bar. The 4th moves but just take one step back from the bar and it will
hit it. The 5th moves side to side. Line up with his right-most point, one
step back from the bar, and wait for him to go to his left-most point, now
throw and it will explode by the time he is back to his right-most point.
Now you can use firecrackers. Leave, to the -N- is a library with some
people to talk to but nothing important. Leave Master Sage's Dojo, back to
the path. Head -NE- to the Mine.
In The Mine:
Hover over the chasm, a Rockhead awaits you so be careful. Hover again.
Kill the cavemen-ish type people and head -N-. Stand on the ramp and wait
for the cart to come, then run onto the cart it will carry you across. Now
there will be another cart between to barrels, but ignore that for now and
go -W- where there are 2 more barrels, stand between them and hover -N-,
then -N- again, and again. Push the lever here, then make your way back.
There will be a Dive Bomber so be careful. Once back go -S- into the room.
Open the chest in here (which appear because of the lever) to get the Gold
Key. Now go back to the 2nd cart and cross, then go -N-, walk onto the
tracks and go -W- then -N- stop about half way across then hover over thru
the opening in the wall. Open the chest here to get the Hammer. Try it out
on the wooden posts right here. Now go -S- out of this room. And make your
way out of the cave. After the 2 carts there will be a large metal crane
type thing. Stop here, to your right there will be a large crack in the
wall. You can use a firecracker on this to open the wall here and inside
you will find a chest with a dream crystal. Go back to the Dojo. This time
go -N- and pound the posts in with the Hammer and follow the path here. It
will take you to a house with Sage inside. Talk to him, then leave. To the
-S- of this house is a cave where you can buy a much better staff for 500
coins. Don't bother going in here yet since you probably don't have that
much. Leave the Dojo area. Go -E-, then -S- and talk to the Monkey here.
Say yes to him, and he will give you orders. Now head back -N- and hit the
posts. Cross the bridge, then there will be a fork in the road. You can go
-N- or -S-. For now we will head -S-, there will be a cave but don't bother
with it yet. Keep going -S- as far as you can, then go -W- and enter Monkey
Village. Go -S-, cross a bridge, talk to the Monkey Lieutenant he will give
you more orders. Now head -N-, then -W-, along this path there will be a
house, go into it. Talk to Ma Baker, she will give you the Magical Pie Tin.
If you want to buy a slice or two, they cost 80 coins and they can be found
in the next room. Leave and continue -W- over bridge. This will bring you
into Town Square.  Talk to everyone here. Go into the house in the -NW- 
corner, talk to Samuel, and his wife Rosie then leave. Go into the house in
the -NE- corner to learn how to use spears. Again only 5 spears for 5 bad
guys, so no room for slip ups. Open inventory and select them. Use [] to
throw them. Just line up with all of the first 4 and throw from any point.
The 5th one moves side to side, but still easy, wait for him to line up
with you then throw. Now you can use spears. Leave and head -W-, talk to the
soldier, go up the stairs to the pub. Talk to everyone, then go through and
talk to them again. Leave and go back to Town Square. This time head -S-. To
the -W- is Pack Rat's shop. Peaches are 10 coins, Fire Crackers are 70 coins
and spears are 50 coins. Fire crackers and spears come in 5 packs. To the
-E- is Rolands house, go talk to him then go back to Town Square. Exit to
the -N-. Once out of Monkey Village go the the -E- side of the exit to find
a chest with 50 coins. Now follow the path -N- and hit those posts again.
Cross the bridge, go -S-, then -E- and follow the path. You will come to
some white and red trees, there is a cave here but ignore it for now. Take
the path at the -NE- corner, then hit the posts to the -N- and enter. Talk
to Pig and say Yes. There will be four of these guys. Swing your staff at
them and while they are stunned hold the () to use a ramming attack, it will
ram them into the wall and kill them. If not just hit them a few more times.
Your prize for beating them is 250 coins! Now leave. There will be a sign
but ignore it and go to the -E- and talk to the scared monkey. Go off the
path to the -NE- and hit the posts to free the monkeys. Go in and it's a
trap. Kill off the nightmares and now the monkeys are free. Hit the posts
behind them for a chest with 100 coins. Head back to the sign I told you
to ignore and go -S-, then go -SE- and you're in Fontune Village. Enter the
1st house the the -N- and talk. Then the 2nd house and talk. Sounds like you
should go to Bamboo Grove! So leave the village and immidiately go -N-. Talk
to the Fontune at the entrance and he tells you to move the 4 peaches back.
This place is a maze so here are the directions. Go in, go -W-, break the
rock with your hammer. -S-,-W-,-N-,hammer rock to the -E-,hammer rock to the
-N-,hammer posts to the -E-,go -S-,hammer posts,move peach number one. Go
back to the 2nd rock you broke and go -E-,hammer another rock,-S-,-E-,-S-,
-W-,-E-,-N-,move peach number two. Go -S-,-E-,-N-,take the first -W-,-N-,
-W- all the way over,-N-,-E-,hammer a rock,hammer a rock,-S-,-W-,hit post,
move peach number 3. Go -E-,-N-,-W-,-S-,all the way,-E-,take the first -N-,
take the first -E-,pass the entrance,hammer a rock,-N-,hit posts,hammer a
rock,-W-,move peach number 4. Go -E-,-S-,-W-,talk to the Fontune at the
entrance. Go back in, go -W-,-S-,-W-,-N-,-E-,-S-,-E-,-N-,-W- at the peach
and enter the cave.
Inside The Cave:
Read the sign, hit the beehive looking thing and fireflys will come out
and light up the room. Follow the path, and talk to the Fontune who will
give you firecrackers. Use one at the end of the path to open the wall and
contine. Stay on the path and go -N- at the end of the path. You will be
in a dark room. Head to the -NE- corner and go through the door. Roll the
barrels. Go in the -W- door, follow the path and go in the -NW- corner's
door. Use the hammer on the skulls twice to get rid of them. Go through
the door and roll both barrels, it should kill all of the enemies and make
a chest appear. If not kill them yourself. Get the Silver Key from the chest
and the door will have unlocked, so leave. Go to the -SE- corner and hit the
skulls, then go to the -NE- corner door. Use the key on the -E- door. Cross
the steps and go to the -SE- corner, and use a firecracker on the wall to get
another dream crystal. Leave that and go down the steps. Go down the steps in
here and hit the firefly nest, then go back up. Hover across, there are 10
coins in the chest, go through the door. Kill all the enemies and the door
will open. Read the sign and go through the -NE- door. Break 3 skulls and a
chest will appear with a Gold Key. Leave this room, leave this room, drop
down and use the steps, and use the steps again. Open the chest with the Gold
Key and you will get the Gourd. You can use this to capture Fireflys by
pressing the [] button near them. Pressing [] again releases them. Go back
down the steps, and down again. Catch the fireflys here, then hover across.
Go through the door and stand near the large crystal ball thing. Release the
fireflys while facing the crystal ball and they will go in and unlock the


Why do I need these dream crystals?
- Once you get 20 you can take them to Master Sage for the Dream Staff, but
  it's possible to defeat the game without this so it's up to you.

Why can't I hover over some of the chasms in the game?
- You probably can. Some of them are meant to be crossed by other means, but
  if you get a better staff, then you can hover longer.

Where can I get the Magical Pie Tin?
- From Ma Baker in Monkey Village. You can also by pie slices from her.

Now where do I go?
- Once you have the World Map, just press Select to bring up the map screen
  and head to the area that has a book page on it. Note- this game is not
  really non-linear, so see the walkthrough if you are really stuck.

What is that cloud rock thing by Master Sages?
- These are called cloud pedestals. By stepping on them and pressing the
  circle button you activate them. They can be used to teleport through
  the world.
How do I teleport?
- You can only teleport to a point you've activated, and you need to get
  the cloud icon. You can use this like any other item in your inventory
  and it will take you to a destination selection screen.
How many cloud pedistal points are there?
- Eight.

Any other questions can be emailed to me directly. If they are asked enough
I will probably add them to this section.


Written by hand of g0dª, with (very, very small amounts of) information from
the Monkey Hero Instruction Manual.
You can contact me at [email protected]

I would like to thank:
CJayC for posting my FAQ
Sony, Take-Two, and Blam!, for making this game.
GameFAQs.com for running the best gaming website out there.
Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com) for their support
FAQ Authors, for inspiring, and helping me.

©2001 hand of g0dª
-<[End Of Document]>--------------------------------------------------------

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