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This faq is written by Mikoz ([email protected])

with the help of Mr. Jerry Webber (no e-mail notified...)
also Tony Hedström for the Game Genie Codes ([email protected])
and Mathieu Gauthier for info on the ports ([email protected])
Version 1.95 (February the 15th 2001)

|                                                                       |
| Hi, and welcome to this walkthrough/faq/guide or whatever, for the    |
| second game of Uncharted Waters, Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons.    |
| First of all I'd like to thank Mr. Jerry Webber, who doesn't want his |
| e-mail here. He did the most actually, I just wrote this faq. Although|
| I like the game very much. I really shouldn't know what to write in   |
| the walkthroughs, not that I can't write faqs, I've written 2 already |
| but there are many ways to complete this game, I just don't know      |
| to start. So if you complete the game in a different way than I write |
| it's not wrong. Also, I do not mention easy stuff, like: "Walk to     |
| building now, say yes" that kinda stuff. I just tell you the big line |
| of the story, it's your job to complete it. I haven't completely      |
| tested all the things, I just wrote them. I think I'll go play the    |
| game once more and than follow my (his!) walkthroughs...              |
|                                                                       |
| I know this game is rather old, but I still think it's very cool.     |
| Not the game itself, but just the story and you learn to trade a bit  |
| and learn to fight :) There are newer Uncharted Waters games, but     |
| they aren't in English, only in Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese. This  |
| game was made for SNES and PC, if you want to know the differences,   |
| look at the faq of PuppyChiFlower on GameFaqs. He/she put the         |
| differences in a Faq. I wrote this one for the PC version, but can    |
| also be used for the SNES version. Just have fun! Enjoy!              |
|                                                                       |
| Note comes with version 1.91: I just KNOW this game isn't old yet,    |
| because I get a lot of e-mails in my inbox for this game, well "a lot |
| of" is too much, but you know what I mean. Maybe those have sent that |
| mail to all of the authors of UW2:NH faqs, but that prooves, this game|
| is still widely gamed.                                                |
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| If you have any questions/submissions/adds just mail me. Especially   |
| submissions, I'd like to add some new stuff to the site. I might be   |
| placing where, waht to buy and stuff like that. Or where you can find |
| battle equipment. Don't hestitate to mail me, please.                 |

Chapter List

   1.  Walkthrough JOAO FRANCO
   2.  Walkthrough CATALINA ERANTZO
   3.  Walkthrough OTTO BAYNES
   4.  Walkthrough ERNST VON BOHN
   5.  Walkthrough PIETRO CONTI
   6.  Walkthrough ALI VEZAS
   7.  Cheats & Codes
   8.  Ports, Goods, Items etc.
   9.  Game Genie Codes
   10. Frequently Asked Questions
   11. Links
   12. Credits
   13. Version History
   14. Copyright Info (just some legal crap)

So let's get started with chaptero uno.
1. Walkthrough JOAO FRANCO

Age:18   Sail:1   Battle:1   Leadership: 78  Courage:   82
                              Seamanship: 75  Swordsman: 82
                              Knowledge:  73  Charm:     89
                              Intuiton:   85
Negotiation Skill

The son of Portugal's Duke Leon. An adventurer who travels around the world
to find the secret of Atlantis.

Joao is sent on a mission by his father Leon
to find "The secret of Atlantis". Joao has $1000, (an aquamarine tiara given
to him by his mother Christiana), a Latino Caravela and a rapier to begin
his journey. He can sell the tiara and equip the rapier and use the money to
remodel his ship to minimum crew and 0 guns. He should also begin donations
to the Round Earth Society. Ten times ten percent investments will bring
good luck. Early donations will also take less gold, since he has little

He stocks his ship with maximum provisions and assigns the crew to 100%
sailors. The Round Earth Society asks that he take Professor Enrico Malione
(Sail:1 Battle:1 -Accounting) to Zipangu and Joao accepts with the condition
that it may take many years. Enrico agrees and signs on as bookkeeper.
Rocco Alemkel (Sail:30 Battle:32 - Gunnery/Celestial Navigation) is sent by
Leon to accompany Joao and turn him into a sailor. Rocco is "The Old Sailor"
from Uncharted Waters. Butler Marco is the first mate recruited on Uncharted
Waters and still serves Leon in this game.

On the first voyage from Lisbon Domingo Manana appears as a stowaway and
is given a job by Joao. Joao sails northwest to find the supply port on
Forel. Restock with food only. Continue west until land is sighted then
turn north again. You must bear north and west around the point of land
then turn east at the ice cap. A village is discovered at the extreme
north east corner where you disembark and give food until friendship
equals 65.

Save the game at this point. You will find the Saber toothed Tiger
discovery and lose two members of your crew. You must plunder the
village for food. (If additional men are lost, restart.) Sail and
disembark at the closest coast south of the ice and "Search" for water.
Load water equal to the amount of food on board then sail west and south
to clear the point then head south for 5 - 6 screens. Turn east when you
start to speed up and dock at Bordeaux.

Turn in the discovery at Bordeaux to Professor Mordes and collect
$100,000. Look in the shipyard for a sloop or LaReale. If these ships are
not available here, save the game and sail to Nantes (north) or Lisbon
and Seville to find one. Be sure and buy 5-7 balms at the guild before
leaving Bordeaux.

Once a ship is found and outfitted (dragon figure, crew - 50, no guns),
load firearms from Lisbon and take to Timbukto in Africa and trade for
ivory. If you have $14,000 available, sail to Seville and rest until
2am, then visit the guild and purchase a Basterd sword.

Take the ivory to Amsterdam in northern Europe and buy "Cartographer" skills
from Mercator and sign a contract. Buy glass beads (200) while in Amsterdam
and return to Africa.

Travel down the coast and discover villages (up the river) and by Luanda.
You will lose some crew at the river village so stop by Luanda for crew and

At some point in a cafe, Rocco says the Prince (Alberto) of Portugal has
been kidnapped. Joao goes to the lodge and shipyard and rescues Domingo
(who is really the prince) from Pirate Antonio Kahn. A hard to win sword
fight takes place here so save the game just before entering the shipyard.
Catalina Erantzo interrupts to save Joao's life even if he beats Kahn. She
wants to fight Joao, but Rocco tricks her by sounding like Commander
Ezequiel and she leaves. They realize that Domingo is the Prince and return
to Lisbon.

If in Africa, proceed around the tip of Africa discovering villages along
the way. The DODO village may be on an island off the southeast coast of
Madagascar. Look for this village as the Dodo discovery is also worth
$100,000. The first port up, the east coast of Africa is Sofala. Disembark
here and trade the glass beads for gold. Be sure and save some money for
food for the trip home.

Now return to Lisbon with Alberto and save the game before entering the
Franco house. Here you will encounter Pirate Kahn again in a sword fight.
Beat the pirate and you will gain 1000 pirate points and battle level 2.

Go to the palace and save Joao's father, Leon. Return to the Franco house
and tell Leon "NO", that you would like to continue your sea travels and he
gives Joao a Flamberge sword. Prince Alberto will accompany Joao to the 
then you are free to trade and sail for Bordeaux with discoveries.

NOTE - To finish the game quickly, do not visit the King of Portugal. He
will ask favors (bring discoveries) in return for royal titles.
Unfortunately, the titles do not add to the adventure points which 
win the game.

Turn in the discoveries to Professor Mordes at Bordeaux and sell the Basterd
sword at the guild for $10,000+ gold. Buy 2-3 more balms if needed. Sail to
Amsterdam to trade and "Report" your sea travels to Mercator. You may 
extra gold in the bank to earn interest. Also donate at the Round Earth
Society. Take more glass beads around Africa to Mombasa. Withdraw any money
deposited and trade the glass beads for gold. Take as much gold as possible
to Mecca and trade for carpet. Visit the cafe in Mecca and Catalina should
appear. Rocco will subdue her then Joao can escape. Proceed north to Cairo
and discover another village. Return to Mombasa to trade the carpet for

Return to the Mediterranean and search for a "used" Venetian Galeass. Try
in Seville, Genoa, Piza, Athens, Istanbul and Alexandria. One of these ports
should have the ship. Remodel the ship for 400 crew and 0 guns. You may
purchase and moor a used Sloop if one is found while searching for the
Galeass. The Sloop is a good ship for long distance travel. Sell the Reale
and pick up as many mates as can be convinced.

This will allow Joao to plunder more of Catalina's ships because while
trying to recruit enough crew for the Galeass, Catalina should appear yet

Equip weapons and assign crew on the Galeass to 15% sailors and the rest
soldiers. Sail to the closest port and when at the dock to debark the
dockmaster should ask Joao to "Set him up with Catalina." This is the clue
to save the game as Cat will be waiting outside the port with 6-10 LaReales.

Joao should "Rush" attack her at sea without getting in a duel and will win
the battle with the advantage of men. Sell all but one of Catalina's Reales
at the shipyard and reduce men to a small number on each ship.

Sail to Lisbon and moor the Galeass and extra ships. Sail to Bordeaux and
turn-in the discoveries. Sail to Amsterdam and "report" the maps. Ali will
appear in the cafe or lodge and say that Lucia has been kidnapped by
Catalina. Ali asks Joao to find Sapha (his long lost sister) and bring her
to Istanbul. Joao goes back to Lisbon to the cafe and talks to Carlotta
about Lucia.

Joao must sail to Basra in the Persian gulf. It is the farthest port up the
gulf. This is where Sapha works at the cafe. She will not go with them, so
Joao decides to go to Istanbul to tell Ali. Sail to Istanbul and find Ali in
the lodge. Tell him about Sapha.

Sail around the north of Asia and discover things along the way. (Stellar
sea cow) Sail down the coast of Asia and up the yellow river in China to
discover several items and ports. Stop at Zeiton to buy a cat, lime juice
and some more balm. Sail south through the islands to the top of Australia.
Sail east and try to discover the Moa and Moai as you cross the Pacific.
Round the southern tip of South America and sail up its eastern coast.

Sail to Bordeaux and turn in discoveries, then to Amsterdam to "report".
Adventure Fame should be 21,000 + at this point. Sail to Naples if you have
$600,000 to buy the Crusaders armor. In Naples go to the bank and see Ali
again. He thanks Joao for finding Sapha and says Joao can find some answers
to the secret of Atlantis in Massawa.

On the way to Massawa, stop in Timbuktu (Africa) to pick up the Crusaders
sword at 2pm if you have an extra $380,000 gold. Sail to Massawa and look in
the Round Earth Society. This will lead to the palace where you meet Meconbe
and Lord Taphali. They tell Joao that Turkey is about to attack Massawa and
that the only way to save them is find the Staff of Poseidon. Return to

In Lisbon, Christiana asks Pietro Conti to find the staff for Joao and
take it to Massawa. He agrees. At this point, Joao must kill some time as
it takes a while for Pietro to find the Staff. One of the most constructive
things for Joao to do is to invest in Bristol or Hamburg shipyards. This
will make large and powerful ships available. Joao must have extra money
for this because it takes (4) $50,000 investments in Bristol to attain

At this level Bristol will build Sloops, Frigates and Barges. Joao's
favorite ship is a Frigate, but a copper sloop would be very handy for
an adventure and the Barge is a much more powerful ship for the final

Joao can sail to his ship building port and invest, then sail to Massawa to
talk to Taphli in the palace. This action will start the clock because at
each shop in Massawa Rocco asks if Pietro has found the staff and Joao
replies that "All that can be done is to wait." They should return to the
ship port to invest again and stop by the African ports for some gold along
the way.

Joao should sail to Lisbon and commission his Galeass and recruit (100)
crew. Sail to Mecca just north of Massawa and "recruit" sailors to (400).
Remember to assign the max percentage as soldiers. Any shop owner in the
middle east should ask if they have heard that Turkey has started the attack
on Massawa. This is the signal that Joao should return to the palace in
Massawa then meet Catalina again at the dock. Cat allows Joao to fight the
Turks and the game should be saved at this point.

Joao must beat (2) Turkish fleets, between which Catalina interrupts and
volunteers to help Joao attack the Turks. Upon returning to Massawa and 
in any shop, Pietro shows up and presents the Staff. NOTE-Joao can use the
saved game to continue to attack Turks and sell their ships for gold (he 
need it), or take the staff to Taphali.

Taphali gives Joao the "Royal Crown". This is one of the lost treasures of
Atlantis and worth $213,750. Joao is finished in Massawa and may return to
his ship building port to finish investment and build a "Barge" or
"Full-Rigged Ship". At the dock in Massawa, Catalina approaches Joao for
revenge one last time.

Enrico interrupts and asks why she seeks revenge and they convince her that
Joao had nothing to do with her brothers death. She exits.

At the cafe in the ship building port Enrico requests to be taken to Zipangu
and Rocco says that Nagasaki would be the place to go. Prior to this point,
Nagasaki and Sakai are not available to Joao. He should take a fast ship and
sail to Nagasaki. Take a mapping route to Nagasaki and discover some items
along the way. Joao comments on the beauty of the port and Enrico bids
farewell at the dock. This is also an opportunity to make extra gold since
silver, pearl and silk are very cheap in these ports. Joao should also buy
an "Atakabune" ship in Sakia since this is a good ship for long-range
discovery travel.

By the time Joao can return to his ship building port in Europe, his large
ship will be ready. He should take this to Lisbon to "Moor". In Lisbon
people will say that Joao has a letter at the Guild. Joao's Adventure Fame
should be 41,000+ at this time. The letter is from Enrico and says
cryptically that he has some news about Atlantis.

Joao sails for Sakia (where Enrico now lives) and sees him in the nobles
house. Enrico tells Joao that a Dutch map maker named Ernst Von Bohr told
him that Neo-Atlantis is in South America up a large river. Joao returns to
Lisbon as fast as possible to retrieve his battle ships and recruit crew.

Sail to Cayenne in South America and visit any shop. Rocco first says "Whew,
we finally made it to south America, what do we do now?" Joao replies that
he doesn't have the slightest idea.

Joao may have to sail around close to Cayenne a few times and attack Spanish
or preferably Turkish fleets. When the time is right, Rocco says some people
are running to the cafe. There they find Lucia being held captive by Pirate
Rudolph. Joao must sword fight the pirate, and even if victorious, Catalina
enters takes over the fight and allows Joao to escape.

At the dock, Lucia explains that she has been captive at Neo- Atlantis on
the Amazon river built by Marquis Martinez in violation of the Treaty of
Tordasillas. She escaped with the help of "an old man" (Raul Franco).
Catalina enters and comments that she has learned that Martinez is the real
murderer of her brother and is now seeking revenge on him. She knows that
Commander Ezequiel is close by and Joao volunteers to explain the situation
to him to allow them all to attack Martinez and his band of pirates at

Upon leaving the port, Joao explains the situation to Ezequiel and Catalina
surrenders, then they move up the Amazon and the encounter the pirates. Joao
must defeat (1) pirate fleet to win. He may now "scrap" all his ships except
a fast one and return to Lisbon and his father's house. His father has heard
of Joao's victory and recommends to the King for Joao to take his place as
Prime Minister of Portugal. This is the end of the game.


1146 Day Voyage

It was a red-haired female pirate, Catalina Erantzo, who saved Prince 
and myself from that evil pirate, Kahn. But it turned out that she was 
after me. Only with Rocco's quick thinking and cunning subter-fuge did we
manage to escape.

At Massawa, I met the last descendant of the lost city of Atlantis, Tafari.
After our meeting a fierce naval battle ensued, as I fought to protect
Massawa from the Turkish forces.

At the port of Nagasaki, Enrico finally had to leave us. After so many
voyages together, it was sad to part. But we wished him good luck with a
smile as he was excited about beginning his studies in the land of Zipangu.

With the help of Catalina, I rescued Lucia from the clutches of evil 
After that, I decided to cooperate with Catalina and Ezequiel's Armada to
stop Martinez's evil scheme.

At Lisbon, we were welcomed by the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd. It 
my father finally acknowledged that I am an experienced seafarer.


Age:18	Sail:8	Battle:10	Leadership: 80 Courage:   86
                                    Seamanship: 79 Swordsman: 92
                                    Knowledge:  65 Charm:     95
                                    Intuition:  52
Gunnery Skill

Spanish Naval officer. She leaves the Navy for a life of piracy to avenge
the mysterious loss of her brother & fiancé.

Catalina is the only character who is not called by a monarch to do favors.
This makes her game the fastest of most as all of her activities increase 

Catalina begins her game by being called to Navy headquarters by Commander
Ezequiel who tells her the sad news about her brother Michael and her fiancé
Hernan being lost at sea. Their ship was wrecked or burned at Santo Domingo
and no one survived.

Catalina must re-enter headquarters after talking to Ezequiel who will give
her Michael's saber. She then goes to the cafe to have tea with Lt. Emilio
Sanude (Sail:8 Battle:11 -Gunnery/Celestial Navigation). They overhear two
swabs talking about the disaster and say that rumor has it that Duke
Franco's private battle fleet was responsible for the attack. Cat returns to
Ezequiel to request ships and men to avenge her loss against the Francos,
but Ezequiel refuses on the grounds that she would cause a war over a rumor.

Cat returns to the cafe and a "crazy philosopher" rides them about giving
up, then she asks Emilio to come with her to the dock. At the dock he joins
her mission (at gun point) and they steal a ship- a galleon she names the
REBELLION. The ship has (10) bars of gold on board which you can sell to
help recruit (50-60) sailors for the ship. Cat must also "Equip" her saber
and "Assign" her sailors to maximum combat.

When she sails, they encounter Rapheal Selpham of Portugal (a battle
captain). She should defeat him by attacking without a duel and return to
Seville to sell the Rebellion and equip the Flemish galleon with maximum men
and no guns. This ship will sail much faster that the galleon. In Seville,
she may be surrounded by "Gruff men", if captured, just restart to keep from
losing your money. Go to the lodge and wake at 2 am to go to the Guild and
buy a Basterd sword.

Sail into the Mediterranean and attack another fleet, like a Turkish
merchant or Portuguese. When docked at any harbor other than Seville, Cat
gets the message that the Spanish fleet is after her. Stay close to a
neutral port such as Algiers and dock after each battle to sell the captured
ship and recruit sailors.

After the second battle with the Spanish Armada, the fleet catches fire and
retreats. Catalina picks up Andreas Paella and he joins as mate. He was the
'crazy philosopher' at the cafe in Seville. In the cafe, Cat will meet Bret
Perot. He tells them Joao's location (Ragusa?) and they take off after him.
Catalina's pirate fame should now be 15,000 +. She must attack any Spanish,
Portuguese or pirate fleet available to increase fame, money and battle

In this port they will search building after building looking for Joao and
eventually Cat will find Andreas and Emilio tied up in the Merchant shop.
They tell her that "Monster Rocco" did the dirty deed. So they return to the
port where they saw Bret and ask him again.

This time he tells them (after being choked by Andreas) that a Portuguese
noble wishes Lucia to be secretly taken to the lodge in Ceuta and they will
be told Joao's location again. She agrees.

They pick up Lucia in Lisbon and after dropping her at the lodge in Ceuta,
find Perot in the cafe. He tells them that Joao is in Alexandria.

In Alexandria, Otto Baynes shows up and convinces Cat that she has been
tricked into kidnapping Lucia for Marquis Martinez of Portugal. She really
has the butt at Perot now and Otto tells her that Perot is headed for the
Black sea. She can easily catch him and beat him in battle. He says that
Lucia is across the world and that the Atlantean armies will conquer the

Cat's pirate fame is now 25,000+ with a battle level of 15. On the next
battle, Emilio says that a scum has been caught hiding on a captured ship.
Catalina questions him and is told that Joao has sailed to Massawa. She
decides to go after him. To accomplish this, and take her battleship, the
crew must be reduced to (100). The Venetian should now sail for 30 days.

In Massawa they learn that Joao is called the "Savior". They find Joao and
company at the harbor and challenge him. He requests to be allowed to fight
the Turks before settling the score with Cat and she agrees. Emilio suggests
joining the battle and they do.

Don't forget to hire more crew at Mecca before docking at Massawa to be able
to fight the Turks. This is a good chance to capture and sell several fleets
and stock up on money if needed. Joao interrupts on the first battle and
Catalina volunteers to assist in the battle.

After docking at Massawa after the battle, they are told that Joao is at the
palace. Here Joao's companion Enrico questions Catalina about the
circumstances behind her vengeance and they find out that the attack on her
brother could not have been accomplished by the Francos since they did not
own a fleet at that time. A Genoese explorer called Pietro Conti verifies
Joao's claims and Catalina lets them go.

She should now sail back to the Mediterranean and may stop at any port along
the way for supplies. When in any building, she is told that a Turkish
merchant is looking for them at the lodge. Ali Vezas tells Catalina that
Pietro wants to see her in Lisbon.

In Lisbon, at the Franco's house, Pietro tells Cat that Marquis Martinez is
responsible for her brothers death. Raul Franco, Joao's father agrees with
Pietro and tells Cat about Neo-Atlantis and how her brother was caught in
this plot. They tell her that Martinez may be found in South America and
that Commander Ezequiel is after her. She must lead the Spanish Armada to
Cayenne and meet Joao to finish the game. A final swordfight with Pirate
Rudolph will lead them to the dock where Joao exits to fight the pirate
fleets. Catalina wants revenge on Martinez, so Joao agrees to talk to
Commander Ezequiel to convince him to assist in the fight. He does this
and they sail up the Amazon river and encounter the pirates. After one
battle, the game ends.


211 Day Voyage

I finally found my enemy, Joao. But unfortunately Commander Ezequiel
interfered, and stole my chance to take revenge. In retrospect, however,
I'm glad that I didn't defeat Joao then.

I was drawn further into the Franco family's affairs when I was tricked into
joining a nobleman's plot. We kidnapped a girl named Lucia for him, but that
turned out to be a serious mistake.

All of the signs had lead me to believe that the Francos were guilty. But
Otto, Pietro, and Joao told me the truth, and I was so confused! I no longer
knew who my real enemy was.

I learned who really set fire to my brother's fleet from Pietro and an old
man named Raul. I went to South America, where I knew my enemy would be
waiting. There, I joined Joao and helped him rescue Lucia.

Michael, Hernan... I finally avenged your defeat. The fire of your revenge
no longer consumes me. Finally I can rest. My heart is now at peace.

3. Walkthrough OTTO BAYNES

Age:25   Sail:10   Battle:10   Leadership: 92 Courage:   88
                                Seamanship: 72 Swordsman: 86
                                Knowledge:  61 Charm:     82
                                Intuition:  43
Gunnery Skill

British Privateer

Appointed by King Henry VIII to the Royal Knights in a secret mission to
defeat the Spanish Armada.

Otto is called to the palace by a page. Sir Gilbert intercepts him and
shows his butt.

The King appoints Otto as the Head of the Royal Navy and requests that he
build a fleet and defeat the Spanish Navy. Otto accepts.
The King gives him:
1) A royal title (Page)
2) Short sword
3) Leather armor
4) Letter of Mark
Sir Gilbert gives him:
1) 300 gold
2) Caravela Latina

Otto picks up his ship at the shipyard and finds that Gilbert named it the
"Simpleton". Save the game before going into the cafe as a swordfight will
take place there with Sailor Matthew Roy. Otto cannot lose this fight, but
the outcome makes more sense if he defeats Matthew.

Sail for Seville to "spy" on the Spanish. Go the cafe to find Matthew. He
is eating and doesn't stop - a regular pig! Matthew steals a ship "the
newest Galleon" named Simpletons" and they find 10,000 gold in the Captains
cabin after they sail from Seville. Assign the crew to max soldiers and
attack the first Spanish merchant fleet available. (Estaban Ortega?) Save
the game just before the battle and restart the game until Otto wins and
plunders a valuable cargo from the merchant such as amber or gold. Return
to Seville and obtain the Basterd sword at 2 am. Sell the cargo and ship and
recruit crew if needed. You must enter Seville at night since hostility is
at max.

Be ready when they sail because a Spanish battle fleet (Bernal Loyal) will
be waiting. Defeat this fleet and sail for Ceuta to sell the plundered ship.

At any shop in port, Matthew will want to eat again. At the dock, the
attendant will ask Otto to go to the merchants place to check out some
'ghosts'? At the merchants they find Andreas and Emilio of the Catalina
game tied up in a sack. Catalina shows up and challenges them to a duel.

They convince her that they do not work for Joao and she agrees to have a
cup of tea with Otto at the cafe in two hours. At the cafe she relates her
story of revenge on the Francos and then leaves.

Otto should defeat a pirate fleet with Venetian Galeass so he can take this
ship. (Khyar or Idin) He needs a Venetian to attack Spanish and pirate
fleets. He may also purchase a Venetian (if he has the gold).

At this stage in the game, King Henry should be looking for Otto. He can see
the King and not detract from his game since the king asks him to attack
Spanish fleets. This is how he gains pirate fame and may also attain royal

At about 25,000+ fame, the King is looking for Otto in a different way. He
reminds him of his request to destroy the Spanish fleet and tells Otto he
thinks he is ready. Otto agrees and goes to the Guild to get information on
the Spanish whereabouts. The Guildmaster tells him that the Spanish utilize
a 3-point attack and that their fleets are at Nantes, Spain and the New
World. Otto and Matthew talk this over and decide to attack the Spanish
before their fleets can converge and use the 3-point attack.

They catch a couple of fleets at Nantes and realize that the Spanish have
departed for the Amazon river. Travel down the African coast and then west
to Cayenne. A shopkeeper will tell them that a Spanish fleet has docked at
Santo Domingo.

They catch this fleet and head back to Cayenne. When they catch more Spanish
fleets at sea and attack, Catalina appears again and convinces them to let
the Spanish go free. Otto does this (much to the dismay of Matthew) and they
sail back to Seville. Crew must probably be reduced to make it back to
Europe against the current.

They must dock at Ceuta and find Ezequiel Roberto in the cafe. He doesn't
recognize them at first, then offers to meet them for a show-down in 30
days off the coast of Bordeaux. They must agree and sail around until this
date comes.

Save the game just before the battle since Ezequiel is a tough customer.

The last act is to return to London and report to the King. Gilbert attempts
to defame Otto by telling the King that Otto let Ezequiel escape. Otto
defends himself by telling of Ezequiel's honor and the King agrees and
appoints Otto to the position of Admiral of the Royal Fleet.


286 Day Voyage

As King Henry requested, I began attacking fleets but jealous Lord Gilbert
tried to hinder our success by keeping us poorly supplied. However, 
sly trick brought me a state of the art Spanish Galleon. The acquisition of
that mighty ship marked a turning point on our path to victory.

We came upon a notorious and beautiful female pirate named Catalina Erantzo,
who was bent on avenging the loss of her brother. She was in pursuit of a
sailor named Joao, whom she held responsible for the dastardly deed. I
couldn't help but admire her determination.

We learned of a Spanish fleet heading for Seville, transporting gold from
the New World. We knew that if we successfully plundered that fleet, it
would deliver a substantial blow to the fortunes of Spain.

We happened upon Ezequiel, Commander of the Spanish fleet, in a rather
unexpected way. We vowed to have one final battle for the glory of our

The final battle between our British fleet and the Spanish fleet has ended
in triumph. We were victorious! The 'Invincible' Spanish fleet has been
crushed. This means that I have fulfilled my mission. I have accomplished
all that King Henry has asked.

4. Walkthrough ERNST VON BOHR

Age:23   Sail:11   Battle:1   Leadership: 78 Courage:   62
                               Seamanship: 92 Swordsman: 53
                               Knowledge:  86 Charm:     90
                               Intuition:  82
Celestial Navigation

Dutch geographer. Hired by his cartographer friend Mercator, to explore
far-off lands and make a map of the entire world.

Ernst starts out in Amsterdam with $5000, a Caravela Latina and a first
mate Hans Starten (Sail:10 Battle:2 -Celestial Navigation) all given to him
by Mercator. He should refit his ship to minimum crew (all sailors) and no
guns to make the exploring voyage to the northwest for the "Saber-toothed
cat". The "Great Auk" discovery may also be available at the southern tip
of Greenland. Bring the discoveries to Bordeaux and Professor Mordes and
look for an adventurers ship. Bring the maps to Mercator and when leaving
Amsterdam, the 14 year old girl Paula shows up and asks to board the ship.
Paula wants to find her homeland and tells her life story starting in
Seville and melts Hans' heart. They let her aboard and continue their

Ernst is an adventurer and must increase Adventure fame to win the game. At
this point, his fame should be approx. 2900. The Governor/General of Holland
should be looking for him (for discoveries) and he can gain rank and play a
slower game if desired, or ignore the Governor and play the fastest game.

Nothing will happen to Ernst through his quest except the occasional comment
by Hans and Paula about their journeys. They should take several planned
excursions to map areas and discover items. Trips can be classified as:

The North Atlantic - around the eastern coast of North America to Africa
and north to Europe.

The South Atlantic - down the coast of Africa then west to the tip of South
America and north to Europe.

Asia - Over the top of Asia then down the coastline by Japan, India, the
middle east then the eastern coast of Africa and around to Europe.

Pacific - Over the top of North America then down the west coasts of North
and South America then "around the Horn" to Europe.

Australia - Around Africa then east along the southern polar regions to
Australia. Around Australia, then across the Pacific to the horn and to

When a certain percentage of the world is mapped, Mercator will
congratulate Ernst and finish the map. He will pay $300,000 to $400,000
gold and Ernst's adventure fame will advance to 50,000.

During the final journeys, Hans will comment that Paula and Ernst should
get married. In the final scenario, Hans will say that he wishes to see
Zipangu, which has been hidden for the entire game. This is the clue to
proceed to Zeiton where they will be told that Zipangu is to the northeast.
Now Nagasaki and Sakia can be discovered. The shopkeepers will confirm
this, then Ernst will comment that Paula looks like the people of this
land. They question her and she remembers a "Yellow Sea" in her homeland.
They question shopkeepers in Zieton and are told that a yellow "river"
exists to the north. Up this river, the city of Changan can now be
discovered. In the Noble building in this town Paula finds her lost home
and family.

Ernst invites Paula to continue to sail with him and she agrees as the game


1149 day voyage

I set sail to map the world at the request of Mercator. But I soon found
another quest, when I met a young girl at a port, named Paula. I was moved
by her plea for my help and decided to help find her homeland.

I'll swear to the ocean, that I never forgot the original purpose of my
journey. But it was hard to see her face, so hopeful before we reached a new
port, so disappointed afterwards. It seemed that her homeland had vanished
off the face of the earth! Where in the world could she be from .. ?

Zipangu that Hans had dreamed of turned out to be no golden country. But I
wasn't disappointed because we finally got a clue to Paula's homeland.

It was as if her homeland was long waiting for her return because it had a
wonderful gift for her; her family. I'm so happy to have helped her see her
lifelong wish come true.

It may be natural for a man and a woman who went through times of happiness
and hardships together to fall in love! "Would you like to go on a voyage
with me, again?", I asked. Her smile was all the answer I needed.

5. Walkthough PIETRO CONTI

Age:33   Sail:4   Battle:1   Leadership: 84 Courage:   53
                              Seamanship: 80 Swordsman: 61
                              Knowledge:  75 Charm:     81
                              Intuition:  87
Celestial Navigation

Italian Adventurer. Roams the world in search of treasure and the unknown to
pay for the debt his father left him.

Most of the merchants in Genoa accost Pietro for money until he goes to the
harbor. The harbormaster (whom he also owes money) tells him that his friend
(Camillo) is at the cafe.

In the cafe, Comrade Camillo Stefano (Battle:2 Sail:3 -Celestial Navigation,
Bookkeeping) tells Pietro that Duchess Franco has agreed to pay their debts
to work for her. They are suspicions but under the circumstance have no

Camillo has a ship Pietro names the "Falcon" (Caravela Latina). Camillo will
Auto-Sail them to Lisbon where they meet with Christiana.

The Duchess asks them to bring discovery reports to her and she will reward
them. Pietro is suspicious and she admits that she also wants them to spy on
Joao and report his condition to her periodically. They agree and she gives
them $5000 and takes care of their debts. She also gives him a telescope and
sextant that used to belong to Leon Franco.

They go to the shipbuilder and remodel the capacity of the Caravela to
minimum crew and max food then take off for the "Saber-toothed Tiger"
discovery. Camillo suggests that they head for the Nile river for
discoveries, but the faster method is the Tiger. They bring the discoveries
to Butler Marco in Lisbon and are rewarded with the $100,000. They use this
to purchase a Sloop or LaReal. Bordeaux usually has used Reales for sale.
Don't forget to stock up on Balm while in Bordeaux.

The Nile is a good target for the next voyage. Stop in Athens and pickup
some art. Camillo has bookkeeping skills, so use him to bargain with the
merchants and shipbuilders.

Next, stock glass beads if possible and sail for Timbukto. Discover any
village along the way and trade the beads for Ivory.

Return to Lisbon with the discoveries, then go to Amsterdam in Northern
Europe to sell the cargo and purchase cartographer's skills from Mercator.
Sign a contract with him and stock more glass beads.

Sail for Africa again and sail up the rivers. Stop in Luanda and go into the
cafe. A swab will tell Pietro of the "Gold Medallion" and El Dorado then
offer to sell a map to the medallion for $2000 gold. Buy the map.

Round the Horn discovering villages along the way and look for the "Dodo"
discovery off the east coast of Madagascar. Sail to Sofala and trade the
beads for gold and return to Lisbon and Amsterdam.

Start a bank account at the Marco Polo bank ($250,000) on December 8, 1522
and ignore the Governor-General of Italy if you wish to play the fast game.
The Governor will request discoveries, which will take Adventure fame points
in return for Italian Rank.

While in Amsterdam, at Mercators', save the game prior to reporting maps, 
ask Mercator to :Locate: the map treasure for 2 gold ingots. By saving the
game you can write down the location and restart to avoid paying the price.

Find the Medallion and discover villages along the way. Turn in the
discoveries and maps to gain fame. Pietro may need to take a trip around
Asia to gain more fame. During this trip, make money by trading at ports and
gain fame through maps and discoveries. After finding the medallion, Camillo
asks to see it. They admire the workmanship and vow to try to find El 

When Pietro reaches 20,395 fame and sail level of 13 on July 28, 1523, he 
$650,000 in the bank. While turning in discoveries, Marco says the Duchess
is waiting for him. She introduces him to Joao who requests that he find the
Staff of Poseidon and bring it to Massawa. Joao explains what the Staff is
and why he needs it and Pietro accepts the challenge. At the dock, Camillo
asks how they will find the Staff and Pietro says that something will happen
on the way to Arabia.

At any port in the middle east, at the cafe, the owner will tell them that
the Fortune Teller in a port in the back of the Mediterranean (Jaffa,
Alexandria, etc.) can tell them more about the Staff. Pietro can trade goods
for gold by stopping by the east African ports to make money.

In the Mediterranean, the Fortune Teller will tell them to return to the
middle east, (Shiraz, Hormuz, etc.) and tell the cafe owner that she sent

In the middle east, the cafe owner gives them a map (after a long speech)
which they can take to a Cartographer and again save the game to find the
coordinates of the treasure (if you don't recognize the location on the map.

Pick up the map and any discoveries along the way and bring it to Joao in
Massawa. He will be waiting in the cafe. Pietro asks him for information
about El Dorado in return and Joao agrees then exits.

Pietro's sail level is now 14 with fame of 26,070, Jan 1, 1524. Take a few
more discovery journeys to build the fame to 40,000+ and sail to 15. The Moa
discovery is on Easter Island West of Calico supply port on the west coast
of South America and the Moai discovery on New Zealand east of Australia.

At the dock (in Lisbon?), Ali Vezas shows up and tells Pietro that Joao has
asked him to find Pietro and tell him that El Dorado may be in the "Golden
Country" of Zipangu (Japan). Pietro decides to go there and see.

In Japan, they must sail to two ports, Nagasaki and Sakai. At the dock in 
second port, Ernst Von Bohr shows up and tells them that he has not heard of
El Dorado either, but that their best bet is in South America around the
Equator. In Cayenne, at the dock, an old man (Raul Franco - Leon's father)
walks in and falls on the floor. He tells them the story of Neo- Atlantis
and that he has been prisoner there for 10 to 15 years. Just before that he
had discovered the legendary city of gold "El Dorado". At El Dorado he had
taken a medallion and given it to some villagers. Pietro's medallion turns
out to be the same one! Raul promises to draw them a map to El Dorado and
they take Raul back to Lisbon to the Franco mansion to finish the game.


903 day voyage

I knew there were many wealthy families in Lisbon, but I didn't think there
was such a generous one! Duchess Franco hired me and promised to pay off all
of my debts. What a chance! It was the deal of a lifetime!

This world is full of liars and con artists. I paid a fortune at a cafe to
get a map to El Dorado. I thought it would bring me fabulous riches, but all
I found was one gold medallion. Oh well, at least it paid for the cost of
the trip.

The Staff of Poseidon - now that was quite an adventure. I never thought
that I would save someone's life until then. When I found it, I was very
tempted to sell it to a Turkish lord. I knew it would be worth a lot.

One thing I've learned from my adventures is that life is full of
surprises. Take my trip to South America - In search of the land of gold,
I journeyed to the New World. The old man I saved was not only the long
lost Raul Franco but also the legendary sailor who discovered El Dorado!

Now that my contract with the Franco family is finally completed, I'm
thinking of heading out on a real adventure, going where *I* want to go.
It's a big world out there. I'm sure that there are still magnificent
treasures just waiting to be discovered by a guy like me!

6. Walkthrough ALI VEZAS

Age:19   Sail:1   Battle:1   Leadership: 80 Courage:   53
                              Seamanship: 86 Swordsman: 42
                              Knowledge:  84 Charm:     80
                              Intuition:  65
Accounting Skill
Negotiation Skill

Turkish merchant. Grew up as an orphan in poverty. A twist of fate brings
him a merchant ship and a chance to make his fortune.

A passerby tells Ali that his friend is looking for him. He goes the cafe
to see Ladia and the cafe owner tells him to forget Ladia and go see his
friend at the shipyard.

In the shipyard Friend Salim (Jahan - Age: 19 Sail:3 Battle:7 - Celestial
Navigation/Gunnery) tells him that his father's ship was found wreaked in
the harbor and that the shipbuilder needs $1000 to repair it. They talk the
shipbuilder into repairing the ship and waiting for his money while they
start their business. He agrees if they will now pay him $10,000. They

They go to the Harbormaster and the Banker and tell them their plan to go
into business and they each loan them $1000 in return for repayment of
$10,000. At the bank, Banker Radino gives them advice on where and how to
trade to riches and they withdraw Ali's savings ($1000). At the cafe, Ladia
also loans them $1000 for the 10 times repayment. The Lodgekeeper offers to
give them "some" money with no need to repay. They have a choice to take it
or not. If they choose 'yes', they receive $500 free; if they refuse, he
gives them a cat (a very expensive "$2000" gift). No other shopkeeper in
town will give them money and they cannot leave town until these things are
complete. They wind up with $4000 and owe $40,000.

Next, they have to go to the shipyard to get the ship and Ali names it the
"Savahni" meaning friends. Go back to the shipyard and 'Remodel' -'Load
Capacity' the ship to minimum crew and 0 guns for $240. Now go to the cafe
and recruit (10) sailors without treating and 'Assign' 100% of the crew to
Navigation. Go to the Merchant before 8pm and purchase 13 crates of carpet
at the lowest price by telling him NO to his first price. Stock up with all
the food and water they can get for the money they have left and take off
for Athens. Salim can 'Autosail' to Athens fastest.

Ali can trade Carpet from Istanbul with Art from Athens until he gets enough
money to buy another ship. He will probably need a small ship first, so 
Athens for a Light Galley. Don't forget to remodel it and add crew.

As soon as possible, $30,000 - $40,000, bring Ladia her $10,000. When this
happens, Ladia promises to find out information about Sapha (Ali's sister),
also Sultan Sulieman II the Magnificent will be looking for him when he
attempts to sail at the dock.

Save the game just before giving Ladia her money so it can be restarted to
try for an easy task for the Sultan. Sooner or later he will ask for Art or
Copper or Carpet, so it pays to have copper and carpet on board before
entering the palace. Art is easy to get in Athens. Next, pay the shipbuilder
and try to purchase a Xebec or Venetian Galeass. He will give Ali some
advice after being paid back.

Continue the trade route between Istanbul and Athens and pay back Radino
the banker. When you do, he will introduce Ali to Banker Howell - the
president of the Marco Polo bank. Last, pay off the Dockmaster. You must
have at least $20,000 when you enter the dock, because Pietro Conti will
show up and ask for a $10,000 loan also. He tells his story and that his
sponsor is Duchess Franco in Lisbon, then leaves.

This pays off all Ali's creditors. He must now increase his merchant fame
by allying ports for Turkey. The Sultan will ultimately ask for additional
favors (small lots of exotic goods or alliances with other ports). Sail
level:3 -Merchant fame: 2500 on June 27, 1522. He has 500 crates of carpet
on a Xebec and $40,000.

Just before Ali's second royal title, the Sultan says, "I wish to see you on
some particular business". The Sultan will explain Turkey's roll in the
world picture and request that Ali expands the Ottoman empire with 
To do this, he gives Ali (50) gold ingots ($500,000) and a free Tax-Free
permit for the Ottoman.

When Ali makes alliances with (2) ports, the Sultan requests his presence.
The Sultan's requests are good ways to add to Ali's Merchant Fame.

December 28, 1522

Sail:7 Rank:Baron Merchant Fame: 13,142 Gold: 100 ingots +

Approximately the next trip to Istanbul, the dockmaster tells Ali that Ladia
has a new boyfriend. They go the cafe and Ladia introduces Joao Franco. He
says he has a piratess after him named Catalina. Ali volunteers to replace
his sail with Joao's to throw Catalina off if Joao will look for Sapha. He
agrees and they leave. Catalina accosts him outside the port, but lets him
go when she realizes that he is not Joao.

After several alliances, the dockmaster says that Ladia has something to
talk to him about. He goes to the cafe and Ladia says that Joao has left
word that Sapha is in Basra. Ali must go to Basra and talk to Sapha, but he
can't convince her to come to Istanbul with them and that he is her brother.
Salim falls head over heels for her and they leave and travel back to
Istanbul to tell Ladia.

Next, the dockmaster in Istanbul tells Ali that Radino the Banker is looking
for him. In the bank in Istanbul, he tells Ali that he has been transferred
to the head office and must go the Venice. He wishes Ali and crew to take
him there. They agree and at the bank in Venice, they meet Howell again.
Howell tells them that he has loaned Pietro Conti some money and he wants
Ali to get it back. Pietro also owes Ali some money so they agree to find
him and collect. They must go to Lisbon and talk to Duchess Franco to find
out where Pietro is. She gives them 60,000 - 80,000 gold for telling her
about Joao and then tells them that Pietro is in Zipangu (Sakia).

When they return to Venice, the bank will take 40 of the 210 ingots given to
them by Pietro. Keep allying ports at every opportunity.

They must now return to Istanbul and see the Sultan. He will give Ali (100)
ingots to continue his travels. He may also asks the Sultan for gold and
ships at each visit. See the Sultan a second time before leaving and he
will request another favor.

Ali may store some of the money he is making in several ways. He can buy
Venetian Galleass's, remodel them and MOOR them at Seville and Istanbul
with 800 lots of gold on board. He can also purchase the Rune Blade,
Crusader Sword, Crusader Armor, and Errol's Plate. Treasure in Timbukto is
also a good investment such as the Crown of Majesty and the Ruby Scepter.

When Ali's Merchant Fame is 40,000+, the dockmaster in any port will tell
him that the Ottoman Empire is causing much hardship throughout it's domain
and he accuses Ali of helping this cause by the alliances he makes with
ports. Ali has a hard time believing this.

When this happens, they can return to Basra and visit Sapha again. This time
she calls him brother and agrees to return to Istanbul with them if Ali will
take Rustem the orphan with them. They return to Istanbul to tell Ladia and
they come up with the idea to start an orphanage. They need a house and
Ladia tells them of the house in Istanbul that Howell owns. They travel
to Venice to see Howell and he tells them that he wants (579) ingots. This
may vary due to the number of ports that Ali has allied??????????

Now the money that Ali has saved to buy the house. By Sept 1522, he should
have 800+ ingots, or more than enough to meet Howells price. After paying
Howell, they must return to the cafe in Istanbul to end the game.


870 day voyage

Salim and I fixed up the fated ship that washed ashore and decided to go 
trading business. We had no money to start with, but I persuaded the
townspeople with my promises of a tenfold return on their investment! An
expensive promise, but I was feeling lucky. I knew I was on to something 

It turned out I had quite a knack for trading. But before I knew it, my gold
had multiplied. I repaid all my debts. Nothing could stop me now. I was
ready to make my fortune.

At the cafe in the port of Basra, I finally found my sister, Sapha. Even
though she couldn't accept me as her brother at first, I knew that someday
she would...

I'm a lucky guy. Just as I grew tired of business, of thinking about
profits day and night, I found a new cause to devote myself to - my
orphanage. The smile of these orphans when I give them a home shines a light
of hope to guide us through this crazy world. They've given my life new


The seven seas were full of dangers - pirates, storms and other sea 
Not every mate had the mettle to overcome the obstacles.
But you, with your courage, wit, and strength of heart, have bested even the
worst of foes. The tale of your voyage will be told for years to come.

7. Cheats & Codes

Yeah, yeah, I already saw you thinking END? No there is a lot more here.
Like cheats. And there are many more ways to complete the game with any
character. I just wrote the shortest way. I mean, MY shortest way.
I only got two cheats/codes. If you have nay more send them in:
[email protected]

* Name your character as Black Beard. Black as first name and Beard
   as last name. Now pirates won't attack you. Excpet from the two
   big ones. You know them.

* How to get people out of ports. Go in the port where your enemy is and
   buy him treats. He thinks you like him and will leave. Now go to the
   sea and attack him.

8. Ports, Goods, Items etc.

This section is for all the stuff containing everytrhing up here:
First all the ports, with help by Mathieu Gauthier.

C: Capital - P:Portugal - S:Spain - T:Turkey - E:England
I:Italy - H:Holland  - N:Neutral  - SP:Supply port





Santa Cruz:N
San Jorge:P
Cape Town:SP






(Remember: Playing VON BOHN (some of) these ports may not be available)



  CENTRAL AMERICA (both ocean sides)
Santa Barbara:SP
Santo Domingo:S
Porto Velho:S

  SOUTH AMERICA(both ocean sides)
Rio de Janiero:P

Oh, I almost forget the principals;
pirate bases are located in Algiers and Tunis.

9. Game Genie Codes

I think you all know what these kind of codes are. You need some kind of
machine for it to attach that on your SNES and then you can fill in these
cheats. Note: Use them at your own risk.
I'd like to thank Tony Hedstrom ([email protected]) for making them.

All of hese codes must be used at the start of a new game.

JOAO Codes

Joao starts with 156 Leadership instead of 78

Joao starts with 250 Leadership instead of 78

Joao starts with 150 Seamanship instead of 75

Joao starts with 250 Seamanship instead of 75

Joao starts with 146 Knowledge instead of 73

Joao starts with 250 Knowledge instead of 73

Joao starts with 170 Intuition instead of 85

Joao starts with 250 Intuition instead of 85

Joao starts with 164 Courage instead of 82

Joao starts with 250 Courage instead of 82

Joao starts with 164 Dueling Skill instead of 82

Joao starts with 250 Dueling Skill instead of 82

Joao starts with 178 Likability (Charm) instead of 89

Joao starts with 250 Likability (Charm) instead of 89


Catalina starts with 24 Sail level instead of 8

Catalina starts with 80 Sail level instead of 8

Catalina starts with 30 Battle level instead of 10

Catalina starts with 100 Battle level instead of 10

Catalina starts with 160 Leadership instead of 80

Catalina starts with 250 Leadership instead of 80

Catalina starts with 158 Seamanship instead of 79

Catalina starts with 250 Seamanship instead of 79

Catalina starts with 130 Knowledge instead of 65

Catalina starts with 250 Knowledge instead of 65

Catalina starts with 104 Intuition instead of 52

Catalina starts with 250 Intuition instead of 52

Catalina starts with 172 Courage instead of 86

Catalina starts with 250 Courage instead of 86

Catalina starts with 184 Dueling Skill instead of 92

Catalina starts with 250 Dueling Skill instead of 92

Catalina starts with 190 Likability instead of 95

Catalina starts with 250 Likability instead of 95

ALI codes

Ali Vezas starts with 160 Leadership (instead of 80)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Leadership (instead of 80)

Ali Vezas starts with 172 Seamanship (instead of 86)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Seamanship (instead of 86)

Ali Vezas starts with 168 Knowledge (instead of 84)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Knowledge (instead of 84)

Ali Vezas starts with 130 Intuition (instead of 65)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Intuition (instead of 65)

Ali Vezas starts with 106 Courage (instead of 53)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Courage (instead of 53)

Ali Vezas starts with 84 Dueling Skill (instead of 42)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Dueling Skill (instead of 42)

Ali Vezas starts with 160 Likability (instead of 80)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Likability (instead of 80)



Start a new game with $250 gold

Start a new game with $1,024 gold

Start a new game with $9,984 gold

Start a new game with $64,000 gold

Start a new game with $196,608 gold

Start a new game with over one million in gold!

There will come more, Tony is still working on those, so stay tuned.

Because of the GREAT help of Tony, I'll place a link to his site here:

10. Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to Keegantfeel (or however his/her name is), he/she asked me a
question which made me create this section. Actually its name shouldn't
be Frequently, but just One Time Asked Questions, coz if you ask something
which can be helpful to other players, I'll mention it here. If you just
got good information, send it too.

Q: How do I stup scurvie? (by Keegantfeel)
A: Buy Lime Juice, this can be bought in several cities, after using this
    item, your crew will be fit again. Nantes is one of the cities,
    Algiers is also one.

Q: Where can I find Amber and Copper Ore? (by Pingh)
A: Aden will give you the best price on amber as this is
    her specialty. Any port on the West African coast
    will produce amber if the market is developed enough.
    An investment of 5 ingots is usually enough.

    Copper is the specialty in Stockholm (Northern Europe),
    and Nicosia (south of Turkey), though you may have to
    invest in the market place to see it offered. Copper
    is also the found in the ports of the Ottoman Empire
    around the eastern edge of the Med, and the Black Sea
    (Alexandria, Beruit, Istanbul, etc.) East African
    ports also sell copper at about the same price it is
    sold in Stockholm (about 90). The Ports in India will
    sell copper for around 70. The only place to sell
    copper for a profit is Northern Europe and the Med.
    (answer by UWNH Listbot Members)

Q: Sometimes, after a duel with another guy, all the graphics screw up,
    what can I do about it? (by Pingh)
A: If you are using an emulator, try these:

    When using the ZSNES emulator, than this problem will show up.
    Try to find the SNES9x, that one works much better. (I'll come
    up with a list of emulators and where to find them around version

    You can also download the whole game, at uwnh.freeservers.com,
    you don't need an emulator anymore.

    If you aren't using an emulator, try to find the newest DirectX,
    I believe it's 8.0 right now. (1.91 faq version)(answer by
    UWNH Listbot Members)

Q: Can you do royal favors with Pietro Conti for the King of Italy?
    (by Andre Leclerc)
A: Yes you can do favors for Italy's ruler. However,
    Pietro usually has a very high adventure rating, so
    the king usually asks for discoveries. If you prefer
    to sell discoveries rather than give them away, you
    will need to build up either his trade or piracy fame.
    (answer by UWNH Listbot Members)

Q: Where can I actually download the game (by Desmond Lee & Sudragon)
A: Well, if you had looked down here, you could've found the answer
    right away, but as long as nobody looks at the links, you won't find
    it. That's not true, when you take a look at one BIG search-site,
    you'll find this page immediately. I'll give you the direct link to
    the file, so it will begin downloading right away:

Q: I am currently using that Ali guy, and the King told me to go get him
    some carpet.. your faq said to have some before he asks that but
    unfortunately I read the faq after the king told me to go find carpet.
    So I go to the item store in Istanbul and they say they're closed cuz
    one of their guys has the plague, so I can't get any carpet.. to my
    knowledge, only Istanbul sells carpets. (by David)
A: At first I wanna say that you don't really have to improve in royal
    rank. So actually you can just play on, don't care for the Sultan.
    But if you really want to it's easy. Istanbul is NOT the only port
    where you can buy carpet, as a matter of fact there are a couple of
    other cities.
    You could try the Middle-East area or Mecca, but you have to sail a
    long time when being in Istanbul, so go to Beirut, it's the most east
    port of the Meditarenean Sea, near Jaffa. Here they sell carpet
    usually. If not so, invest maximum amount of money in the market
    (=$10k) and wait till the first day of the next month, now there
    should be Art & Carpet in the Market. If not again, go to the
    Middle-East after all (it's not very likely this happens). (answer by
    UWNH Listbot Members)

Q: I'm given a job by the King/Sultan and I don't know where to get the
A: If you go to a pub and try to treat a couple of times you might get
    an answer from some of the guys in there. Usually it's an area, not
    the excactly place. (answer by UWNH Listbot Members)

11. Links

Here are some game-related sites placed:

   The Best Site EVER       -- http://uwnh.freeservers.com/
   Official Koei Games Site -- http://www.koeigames.com
   Some Vague Images        -- http://www.vgmuseum.com/newhorizons.html
   More Images              -- http://www.gaming-intelligence.com/artwork/

Other Faqs of Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons (mine is the best, although)
						(by PuppyChiFlower)

			     SNES to PC changes (by PuppyChiFlower)

						(by XYou)

12. Credits

Here some stuff about the guys and corporations that helped me:

Mr. Jerry Webber       Again! For actually making this faq, so I could
                        rewrite it and make it better.
CJayC @ GameFaqs.com   Placing this faq at GameFaqs.com
Koeigames              Making this super game
Dan Simpson            For lay-out, stuff and made me doing faq-writing
Leonid Malikov         Made me solve the game
Tony Hedstrom          Creating the Game Genie Codes
Keegantfeel            Made me creating Frequently Asked Questions
Other webmasters       For also placing this FAQ
UWNH Listbot Members   They helped me with almost all the questions
Mathieu Gauthier       Helped me with the ports

13. Version History

Version 1.0 (21 october 2000) 55,0 kb
  Original Version

Version 1.1 (25 october 2000) 56,8 kb
  Changed something in the top
  Added some enters to clear the faq up
  Added other faqs of mine
  Cleared up a bit more
  Added three permissioned sites

Version 1.15 (28 october 2000) 57,1 kb
  Added a site where this FAQ may be
  Li'l Changes

Version 1.5 (4 november 2000) 60,0 kb
  Added a lot of Game Genie Codes (by Tony Hedstrom)
  Added one site that is permission gaven to

Version 1.6 (21 november 2000) 61,0 kb
  Added the new chapter "Frequently Asked Questions"
  Added a question to that section
  Added two permission gaven sites
  Minor Changes

Version 1.65 (13 december 2000) 61,4 kb
  Added a new Frequently Asked Question
  Removed ICQ, I don't use it anymore, so don't send anything
  Bit moved round 'N changed

Version 1.7 (16 december 2000) 62,3 kb
  Changed the second question, wel actually the answer
  Not even really small changes

Version 1.75 (22 december 2000) 63,3 kb
  Added two new questions

Version 1.8 (30 december 2000) 64,6 kb
  Added a bunch of Game Genie Codes for ALI VEZAS
  Added a link to Tony Hedstrom (for all the help)
  Cleared up a bit

Version 1.85 (4 january 2001) 65,1 kb
  Added a new question (REALLY important one)

Version 1.9 (Januray the 8th 2001) 65,6 kb
  Added a couple of Game Genie Codes

Version 1.91 (January the 20th 2001) 66,5 kb
  Added ONE whole site to the permissioned ones
  Changed something around

Version 1.95 (February the 15th 2001) 68,3 kb
  Added two questions/answers

Version 1.96 (March the 11th 2001) 71,0 kb
  Added all the ports listed in the game (by Mathieu Gauthier)
   (I'll add lots of other things that have to do with ports...)

14. Copyright Info

This document is fully copyrighted by Mike Groels, a.k.a. Mikoz or Maiic.
This means that you may not publish this document anywhere without
permission of the author. If you want it on your site, mail me.
If you see this FAQ on any other page then:

also mail me, so I can take action against them.
Another thing, you may NOT, make profit of this FAQ in any way.

I've wrote faqs for:

   PC   -- Broken Sword 1: Shadow of the Templars
        -- Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons

   SNES -- FIFA International SOCCER

These can be found at:

               Now, it's the END....

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