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  R    E    N    T      A      H    E    R    O      N    o.    1

Rent A Hero No.1                               Sega Dreamcast (Japan)
walkthrough/FAQ                                              ver.0.85
by J.T.Kauffman & Ben Judd                               June 5, 2000


  Getting Started
  Accepting Jobs
  Menu Translations
  Saving/Item Boxes
  Suit Rental
  Getting Started
  Come On! Hero!
  Job 1: Your First Job, Please
  Job 2: A Request From Kent
  Job 3: TakeOut Delivery
  Job 4: Bank Transfer Guard
  A Trip to SECA
  Job 5: Makata Town Patrol
  Job 6: Shopping Request (Misosoup)
  Odds and Ends
  Job 7: Dahane Town Patrol
  Job 8: Shopping Request (Hanson)
  Job 9: Find the Pet
  Job 10: Shopping Request (Book)
  Job 11: Star as the Hero
  Job 12: Urgent! Cave-in!
  Job 13: Bodyguard
  Job 14: Urgent! Clean up the Dud Bombs
  Job 15: Pizza Delivery
  Job 16: A Request from Frio
  Job 17: Urgent! Conbini Robbery in Progress
  Job 18: Request from Hi-To Pharmecuticals
  Job 19: Help with an Investigation
  Job 20: Urgent! Stop Mr. Wood
  Job 21: Excavation Team Missing
  Job 22: Saran is Missing
  Job 99: Complete the FAQ
  To Parse (misc. notes not yet integrated)
  Mini Games
  Rent A Hero Series
  Release Info

             /                                             /
            /     I  N  T  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O  N      /

Rent A Hero No.1 is a Sega Dreamcast 3D Action RPG that is highly steeped in 
humor. Using the Spikeout game engine, Sega has developed a texture-heavy 
world that is filled with all sorts of Japanese quirks and puns. While this 
game isn't difficult per se, the amount of specific things that you must do 
makes the game incredibly hard for those who don't know Japanese well. That 
is where this faq comes in...

Written by J.T.Kauffman, with translations done by Ben Judd, this work will 
walk you through jobs from start to finish, giving you not only directions, 
but also filling you in on the story (although don't expect line-by-line 
translations in this department). The walkthrough is divided up into 
separate jobs so that you can pick and choose between the jobs listed, and 
simply head to the corresponding section. However, it is also written as a 
complete work - you can start at the beginning and head all the way through, 
following our directions to a T, and you'll be fine.

It is highly recommended that you know a bit of Japanese to play this game, 
even if it is just knowing the kana and having a basic understanding of the 
language (what kanji and kana are, etc.) - while this faq doesn't require 
you to know any of the language at all, it will make your life a hell of a 
lot easier. 

We also recommend that you view this faq in a program that can display 
Japanese encoding, as there is a bunch of Japanese Shift-JIS encoding 
throughout the document. It was written in NJStar's Japanese Word Processor, 
a Windows 95/98/2000/NT shareware program available at 
http://www.njstar.com. Another option is to down load the Microsoft Japanese 
IME from http://www.microsoft.com - this will let you display and type in 
Japanese in certain programs, including Netscape 6 and Internet Explorer 
4.0+. If you can't display, or don't want to/can't download the 
aforementioned programs, don't worry - you'll just see some gibberish 
throughout the faq (we've tried to keep it all in [brackets] to make it 
easier on the eyes)... 

It is recommended that you view this document in a fixed width font, such as 
Courier New (the font it was written in). However, due to the Japanese 
encoding, some parts may be slightly off. An attempt to correct this will be 
made later on.

Another note is that occasionally we'll recommend that you play "match the 
kanji" - for things such as shopping lists and food deliveries, you'll need 
to write down, as best you can, names of things in order to complete the job 
correctly. Much of this is randomised in the game, so it is up to you to 
copy the Japanese, and then match it to the apartment/house, or to the list 
of items for sale in the shops. If you're just a bit observant, you should 
be fine in this category.

Finally, this is currently _just_ a walkthrough, nothing more. The gameplay 
itself is pretty easy to figure out, and most of the things such as item 
lists are either unnecessary, or explained as they are come across in the 
game. More may be added at a later date, but there are no guarantees about 

At any rate, enjoy...

             /                                             /
            /          G  A  M  E  P  L  A  Y             /

Gameplay in Rent A Hero No.1 is fairly simple: log online with your SECA 
Creamcast, find a job, accept it, and follow the directions. Once that job 
is complete, repeat. Of course, for Japanese speakers, this is simple; for 
people who can't read the language well, this is a bit harder. The 
walkthrough itself will help you through the various jobs, while this 
section will help you with the basics of gameplay. 

 /_Getting Started_______________/

First off, when you select a new game (by selecting New Game from the title 
screen, rather obviously), you'll need to name your character. The first 
Name Entry is for your character's last name, the second for your 
character's last name. The four choices on the left are Hiragana, Katakana, 
English, and Kanji. Enter your names, and then select the far right option 
at the bottom, followed by the left choice of the two that pop up ('yes', or 
‚Í‚¢ - the other, ‚¢‚¢‚¦, means 'no'). The default last name is Yamada (in 
hiragana; ‚â‚Ü‚¾) and the default first name is Taro (again, in hiragana; ‚½‚낤
). I'll refer to our hero as Taro.


Once again, there isn't anything incredibly difficult here, but it is worth 
going through...

--Normal Mode--
D-pad:            Moves Taro in the direction that you press; press twice 
                    quickly to run
Analogue Stick:   Nothing
A Button:         Examine/talk/accept
B Button:         Jump/cancel
X Button:         Change into Rent A Hero
Y Button:         Enter Menu
Start Button:     Pause game
L Trigger:        Run
R Trigger:        Check job info

D-pad:            Moves Taro in the direction that you press; press twice 
                    quickly to run
Analogue Stick:   Nothing
A Button:         Attack (start Combo)
B Button:         Jump
X Button:         Attack (charge move - hold until the desired level is 
                    reached, then release the button to do the attack)
Y Button:         Guard
Start Button:     Pause game
L Trigger:        Nothing
R Trigger:        Nothing

And before you ask, there is no way to manually move the camera.

 /_Accepting Jobs________________/

To take a job, the first thing that you need to do is to log onto your SECA 
Creamcast (you recieve this about 20 minutes into the game). Press either 
left twice or right twice to rotate the icons around to the Job icon. Press 
A to enter, and Miu, your contact at SECA, will display the available jobs 
for you. At first you will only have one job at a time, but eventually the 
number of jobs will grow (many of them being recurring jobs). Generally the 
last job in the list is the latest one, or the one that will advance the 
story, so if which job to take isn't mentioned in the faq, assume that it is 
the final one. Before you actually take the job, moving your cursor to 
highlight the job will display the job's Employer, Reward, and Place, in 
that order, in the blue box at the bottom of the screen. 

To actually start on a job you'll simply need to accept it by pressing A, 
then selecting the left option that pops up (yes, or [‚Í‚¢]). Miu will fill 
you in on the details, which usually isn't much more than "See [your 
employer] at [the job location] for more details." After you've finished 
getting the info on the job, close out of the Creamcast, and head to the 
location, remembering to turn into Rent A Hero before you speak with your 
employer. After that, she/he will fill you in on the details, and you'll be 
off to do the job itself.

 /_Menu Translations_____________/

The menu itself isn't all that hard to figure out, but again, we've provided 
you with rought translations of if to help your Rent A Hero-ing. 

--Main Menu Screen--

     Item        Moves       Parameters     Options   
    [ƒAƒCƒeƒ€]              [ƒpƒ‰ƒƒ^[]   [ƒIƒvƒVƒ‡ƒ“]

--Item Screen--

--Move Screen--

Combo [ƒRƒ“ƒ{]

Charge [ƒ`ƒƒƒbƒW]

 (note: see the Battle section for more details on this screen)

--Option Screen--


Using a very fast, very smooth battle engine, Rent A Hero is a nice 
combination of 3D fighting and old school Final Fight/Streets of Rage 
beat-'em-up action. The interface is simple, and should be familiar to 
anyone that has played a fighting game. Rent A Hero's life meter is on the 
left at the top, and the current enemy has its meter displayed at the top 
right. In the middle of the two is the Charge meter, which is used to 
unleash powerful Charge attacks. Down in the bottom left is Rent A Hero's 
remaining batter power. Remember that the Combat Armor runs on batteries, 
and needs to have new batteries put in every now and then. 

However, before you actually go into battle you need to prepare for it. You 
do this via the Moves section (the second option from the left) of the menu. 
Once in this section, enter the first option to change your normal attack, 
known as the Combo move in this game. The combos that you have learned will 
appear on the top right, and the moves that they entail are in the bottom 
right. Simply highlight a combo and press A to select it. After you've done 
so, you'll be back on the Moves screen again. To change your various charge 
moves, enter the second option of the two, and then select which Charge 
level, from 1 to 4, you want to assign a move to (you have to buy the moves 
from the B2 floor of SECA before you can do so), press A, then select the 
move that you want, and press A again. You can repeat this for the other 
power levels, again, providing that you have purchased moves for them.

Now that you are ready for battle, let's go over what the various attacks 
are. The basic attack is the Combo (A button). At first, you'll only be able 
to use a weak jab, but by learning extra moves from Mr. Segasa at the Kohjya 
School, you'll be able to upgrade to more powerful Combos. Combos do not use 
any battery power at all, and are usually the best way to attack. Simply 
press the A button in rapid succession to go through a Combo (you don't even 
need to connect to continue in the chain). The other attack is the Charge 
move. There are four levels to Charge, and each can be purchased at SECA and 
assigned through the Moves section of the menu. To use a Charge move, hold 
down the X button until the guage at the top displays the move that you want 
to pull off. Once it does, simply release the button, and the move will go 
off. It's very simple, once everything is said and done, but the later moves 
do suck up a huge amount of battery power, so be careful. A few other moves 
exist as well, such as the Jump Kick (jump, then press the A button to kick) 
and the Dash (press a direction twice quickly, then press A), but we'll let 
you figure those out on your own. 

If you are defeated in battle, you'll end up at the hospital, but with only 
half of your money on hand left. You can, however, avoid some of this by 
opening a bank account, and keeping most of your money in there. 

 /_Saving/Item Boxes_____________/

Saving can be done a couple of places. The most often used will probably be 
your SECA Creamcast. Log onto it and press right once, which should take you 
to the only one of the four icons that has two lines of text on it [ƒZ[ƒu & 
ƒ[ƒh]. It is here that you can save by simply pressing A, selecting the 
memory card, selecting which file you want to save into, and selecting the 
leftmost option that pops up to go ahead and save. Loading is done in a 
similar way, but instead of just pressing A right off the bat, press right, 
then press A. Saving can also be done at a few places around the game - look 
for a small tent-shaped message board that says "SAVE" on it in English. 
They are red, black, and yellow. Just walk up to it and examine it with A, 
and repeat the process above. 

There are also items called Teleboxes in the game. These are boxes that can 
hold up to 128 items, making those items accessable from any of the 
teleboxes. In practice, they are very similar to the item boxes in Resident 
Evil. However, you probably won't find that you'll ever have a need to use 
these, as there aren't a ton of items that you'll need to carry on a regular 

 /_Suit Rental___________________/

Although you are given the suit as a "present", it turns out that it was 
more of a limited time present. After the fourth job you'll get back to your 
apartment to find that the Service Cafe deliveryman is waiting there for 
you. You now have to pay a rental fee on the suit, providing that you agree 
to be a Rent A Hero. The fee differs with which suit you are wearing, but 
starts at 200 Gold. You'll find that you need to pay the fee about once per 
hour of gameplay (not counting pausing). There are two ways to do this. The 
first is to pay the fee at SECA; simply talk to the first woman on the B1 
floor, and select the second option. Your fee will be paid from the money 
that you have on hand. The second option is to open a bank account. You can 
do this by going to the bank and talking to the clerk, who will set up the 
account for you. From there, select the first option to put money into 
savings. When you have enough in your account, SECA will simply do an 
automatic withdrawal, and you won't have to worry about it. If you don't pay 
on time, you'll be fined 25% of the original rental fee, and won't be able 
to change into your Armor. Occasionally, you'll find a box with green text 
coming up on the screen. The first is telling you that your fee is due soon, 
and the second says that you have had the money deducted (or that you don't 
have enough in your account). 

             /                                             /
            /       W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H       /

**NOTE: Please remember that this is not only a walkthrough, but a story 
translation/summation. That means that there WILL BE MANY UNMARKED SPOILERS 
within. While we have left a few of the sight gags out, or talked around 
them, all of the important spoken text has been summarised for non-Japanese 
speakers. Thus, _read at your own risk_.**


      Due to his father's job, Taro was forced to move with 
      his family to a new house in the town of Kohjya. 

      Today, they are celebrating moving into the new 
      neighborhood, and the housewarming party is just now 

Taro's father will start the party off in his own fashion, microphone in 
hand. After he finishes, he asks Taro to walk around and meet everyone. 
First, talk to the five people (besides Taro's father) in the dining room. 
The man in brown, named Casey Hogan, works for a company called Macrosoft, 
who makes an operating system called Wirows 758; this is the first of many 
puns in the game, many of which aren't quite as obvious in English 
(obviously, we're talking about Microsoft and Windows 98, here).  After 
you're done meeting the rest of the people in the dining room, speak with 
the two people in the kitchen (the woman in the middle is Taro's mother), 
and the girl in the entryway (Taro's little sister); no one is upstairs, so 
you don't need to bother going up there. After everyone is spoken with, talk 
to Hiro's father again, then to Taro's mother three times, then to Taro's 
father again. Apparently, there is some sort of food crisis, which can only 
be solved one way: phoning for a pizza!

Head to the entryway, and pick up the phone (which is on the table near the 
coatrack). Dial the first number, 014, the Service Cafe (ƒT[ƒ”ƒBƒXƒJƒtƒF). 
Three pan pizzas are on their way for the sum of 300 Gold (ƒS[ƒh). 
Unfortunately, checking Taro's parameters reveals that he only has 100 Gold, 
so it's time to hunt down Daddy for some cash. You'll have noticed that he 
just went upstairs, so follow him.

Once upstairs, head down the hall to the last room on the left, Taro's 
parent's room. Speak with Taro's dad, and he'll give you the cash that you 
need. He also will show you his latest idea for adding some life to the 
party... :/  At any rate, let him go downstairs, and then head down yourself 
(exploring a bit upstairs if you want, the only thing that you'll find is 
the item box in Taro's room, but it is empty). 

When you get downstairs, the doorbell will ring. Talk to Taro's sis, and she 
will move aside so that he can open the door. The deliveryman will drop off 
the three pizzas, and once you pay him (and the pizzas are taken into the 
dining room by sis), he'll say that he has a present for you. And what a 
present it is...

Open the present, and you'll find the costume of a TV Anime Hero inside! 
You'll now be able to change into your Hero costume by pressing the X 
button. Do so, and go in and talk to Daddy again. After a short 
conversation, the two of you will really get the party started...


This is quite possibly the easiest fight in the history of video games. Dad 
just stands there and growls, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with 
the fighting system. B jumps, A punches, and X charges - B followed by A is 
a jump kick. Basic stuff here, really. Head in and attack Dad with all that 
you have...

After the fight, and the slightly humourous scene that follows, you'll be 
treated to the wonderfully cheesy opening credits.

 /_Come On! Hero!________________/

After the open, you'll find yourself in Taro's room again. Head downstairs 
to find that you father is still alive, and then head to the front door. The 
deliveryman will be there when you open it, and will talk to you for a bit. 
After answering 'Yes' (the top option, ‚Í‚¢) to the question that he asks, 
he'll leave you with a Seca Creamcast Video Game System (128-bits of pure 
creamy power). Grab it and head upstairs with it (the downstairs TV doesn't 
have AV input, so Taro needs to use it on his TV in his room).

After hooking it up to your TV (which is on the bottom wooden shelf), power 
the sucker up and log online with it. You'll have four options here: Mail, 
Save/Load, Job, and Quit (or, ƒ[ƒ‹, ƒZ[ƒu & ƒ[ƒh, ƒVƒSƒg, and ƒIƒƒŠå§
The Mail function is merely a sort of online instruction manual for now (and 
all in Japanese to boot), Save/Load is pretty self explanitory (it defaults 
to save; press left to get to load - select a VMU with at least 20 blocks 
free/the file you want to load, press A twice, select the slot to save in, 
press A, select the left option if need be), and Quit speaks for itself 
(although you can also quit the Creamcast by pressing B). It's Job that 
you'll want to utilise here. Head in, say hi to Miu, your virtual job 
consultant, and select the only availble job: Your First Job, Please (‰Žd“Zë¢
—¢…¢—C†¢‚§. Again, choose the left option to accept it, and you'll be given a 
rundown of what the job requires you to do (see job walkthroughs for 
descriptions). After that, check your mail again for a few messages (again, 
all Japanese - don't expect much English in this game) on the battle system. 
A few moves are given and such, but you can basically head out of the house 
for the first time...

 /_Job 1: Your First Job, Please_/     Pay: 1000 G 


  **Job Description**

  This is your first job from SECA, and it's a simple one. Near the Made 
  Naruto Burger restaurant in Kohjya, you'll find a man named Dr. Trouble. 
  Head there, and speak to him - he'll fill you in on the job from there.

After taking the job, head downstairs, and into town. Instead of finding the 
Made Naruto Burger place (which is a rip-off of McDonald's that totally 
doesn't translate into English...), look for the yellow and white Jumbo 
Cones stand. Directly across from it, and near the Hot Springs billboard, 
you'll see the delivery man that gave you your Armor. Head up to him and 
speak with him; it turns out that this is Dr. Trouble.

Dr. Trouble tells you to pass out 7 fliers as Rent A Hero. So, grab the 
fliers from him, press X to turn into Rent A Hero, and head out into the 
town to spread the word...

If you don't feel like hunting out the 7 people that will take the fliers, 
simply use this list:

      1. The man in the green shirt across from Made Naruto Burgers
      2. The large man in the red shirt walking in front of Made Naruto
      3. The Made employee standing near the door of Made Naruto
      4. The clerk in the back of the Supoon Ufun convenience store
      5. The guy in the gi (karate outfit) in front of the dojo

Upon giving person #5 the flier, he'll take you into the dojo and you'll 
have to fight him; don't worry if you lose - either way he'll teach you the 
Front Kick Combo afterward.

      6. The older man sweeping the stairs near the playground

At this point you'll need to head to the playground, where a mohawked punk 
is picking on a woman. Talk to him in your Armor and choose the top option 
to defend the woman. You'll head into a simple fight after you do so. Upon 
defeating the guy, you'll be able to name your Superhero identity (default 
is RentalMan, or ƒŒƒ“ƒ^ƒ‹ƒ}ƒ“), and selecting the top option will allow the 
girl to give you 2000 G. After you fight this guy, your last person will 

      7. The policeman beside the Jumbo Cones booth

When you're done, you can hunt down the punk again and scare him (he's 
behind a car near the playground), or say hi to the woman again (she is 
across from Made Naruto Burgers), but your final objective is to talk to Dr. 
Trouble, who is still in the same place. He'll reward with 1000 G, and send 
you on your way. Head back to your house, and log online with your Creamcast 
to get your next job (and some new mail as well).

 /_Job 2: A Request From Kent____/     Pay: 500 G 


  **Job Description**

  This is a request from Kent Hogan, who lives in Kohjya. Head to the Hogan 
  house, and speak with Kent there; he will fill you in on the job.

The Hogan house is directly across the street from Taro's house - head there 
and go inside. Speak with Kent, the boy, as RentalMan, and he'll reveal to 
you that he is in love with Alisa Yamada - your sister! His request is that 
you deliver a love letter to her. A simple task, ne?

Heading back to your own house will reveal that Alisa has gone out. Speaking 
with your mother in the kitchen, Taro finds that she has gone to visit the 
Mina Greek next door. Head back out and head over to her house... 

Of course, things would be too easy if they were here. No, says Sam - they 
are making cherry pies and needed to pay a visit to Baron Albright. The 
Albright house is right next to the Greek house, so head over to there 

Now, you can't tell me that you expected them to be here either, can you? 
Nope - they have gone to the park (says Albright in between bites of beef). 
This is the same park where you fought the punk who was picking on the 
girl... Off to there next...

Getting to the park you'll find Mina, but no Alisa. It turns out that Alisa 
met up with a couple of boys and started a game of hide and seek. Mina is 
currently "It," but hasn't had any luck finding the kids. They were supposed 
to stay in the area, but you know kids these days... At any rate, you can 
hunt around for the kids. Alisa has wandered a little ways away from the 
park, but isn't any further than the Yamada household...

After finding Alisa, she will talk to you for a bit, and run back off (if 
you couldn't find her, she is standing next to the house diagonally across 
from Taro's house). Head back to the park and speak with Mina once more. 
Alina will come up and be happy that she wasn't found by Mina. At this 
point, the cherry pie will be done, so Mina will head back to her own house. 
Follow her back, and talk to her in the kitchen, where she will reveal that 
Alisa has gone back to her own house (which happens to be yours, too).

So... head _back_ to the Yamada household, where you'll find Alisa in her 
bedroom. As Rentalman, give her the love letter from Kent. Alisa will say 
that she wants to start off as just friends, and to let Kent know that. Of 
course, now you need to head on back to Kent's house to give him the report. 

Kent is slightly disappointed at the news, but ends up quite pleased, 
knowing that eventually, Alisa will be his bride (yeah, whatever, kid). At 
any rate, Kent pays you 500 gold for your trouble, and you're off back to 
your house for yet another exciting Rent A Hero job. 

 /_Job 3: TakeOut Delivery_______/     Pay: 500 G/delivery 


  **Job Description**

  The owner of the Penguin Cafe in Ohtory has requested that you work for 
  him. They are currently very busy, and they would like you to deliver some 
  take-out food for them.

Head to Ohtory, the next town over. You can go there via the road across 
from the hotdog stand, or by the train station (across from Made Burgers). 
Once you're there, explore a bit, and find the Penguin cafe. Head inside, 
and you'll see that they are fairly busy (although the waitresses don't 
appear to be so). Go to the man in the corner who is cooking, and speak to 
him. After answering yes (although you might want to read the next paragraph 
before doing so), the top option, to his question, you'll be given some food 
to deliver, and a person to take it to. 

Unfortunately, the people that you deliver to are randomised, so there is no 
simple way to do this. There are only two sections that you'll be taking the 
food to, and they are both in Kohjya. The first is your street, and the six 
houses along there. The second is the apartment complex near the park, and 
the mansion right next to it. If you can't read the maps below (ie. no 
Japanese character support), then make your own maps - walk up to each house 
and write down what appears at each door. If you do have Japanese support, 
then just look for the names in the dialogue that the chef says before he 
gives you the food. The names are in the final dialogue box on either the 
first or second row - both first and last names are given, although only the 
last name appears by the door. 

Once you've figured out a way to do the delivery, talk to the chef, as 
above, and select yes. You'll be given the food, and a timer at top - 
deliver as much as within the 11,000 whatevers that are given. When you do 
head to deliver the food, don't forget that you can cut through the alleys 
when you are going to Kohjya to reduce your time. 
           --Coconuts Mansion Apartment Complex--

(stairs)    Rice              Sinclair            Akami Maguro (Tuna)
            ƒ‰ƒCƒX            ƒVƒ“ƒNƒ‰ƒCƒA        ƒAƒJƒ~ ƒ}ƒOƒç,
(stairs)    Wash              Book                Spoid

(stairs)    Rissel            Juice               Enogu (Paint)
                              ƒgƒ}ƒg ƒWƒ…[ƒX     ƒXƒ~ ƒGƒmƒO

               --Actual Mansion nearby--


       Hanson                          Baron Albright
       ƒnƒ“êDŽDê?                       ƒoƒƒ“ ƒIƒ‹ƒuƒ‰ƒCƒg

       Misosoup                        Greek
       ƒ~ƒ\ƒX[Ž£œ?                     ƒOƒŠƒR

                               Yamada (your house)
                               ‚â‚ÜŸ¢ž(or whatever your name is)

After the timer is up, you'll appear back at the restaurant, and will 
recieve 500 Gold for every delivery that you completed.

 /_Job 4: Bank Transfer Guard____/     Pay: 3000 G 


  **Job Description**

  Bishibashi Bank in Dahane needs to hire you. Go to the back of the bank 
  and talk to the Guard - they will let you in. The head of the Bishibashi 
  Bank will fill you in on all of the details.

After finishing your food delivery service, you'll find another job, and 
some new email. It turns out that you are wanted for yet another delivery 
job, and this one has a bit more at stake than the last - you need to 
transfer money from one bank to another. 

Your first objective is to head to Dahane, and to the Bishibashi Bank that 
is within. As Dahane doesn't have a road leading to it, you'll need to take 
the train. Dahane is the second stop from the bottom, or [ƒ_ƒnƒl]. After 
getting off of the train, explore if you want, but head for the bank, which, 
like most things in this game, does have an English sign out front. The 
guard is around to the side, in the parking lot. Talk to him.

The guard will let you in to the bank, and you'll need to take the door on 
the right, which will lead you into an office. Ignore the guard that is 
standing right inside the door, and instead talk to the rather rotund man 
that is at the rear of the room. He'll ask you to take a whopping 1,000,000 
Gold to Sushitoro bank [ƒI[ƒgƒŠ[ ƒXƒVƒgƒ‹âs] in Ohtory. Grab the cash, and 
run (...to the train station, of course - you _are_ a hero, ...remember?)

This being a game with a movielike feel (a B-movie at that), you can't 
expect the delivery to go smoothly. Right outside of the Sushitoro Bank 
(which is a pun on Sumitomo Bank, a popular Japanese bank) you'll be 
attacked by the "Evil Thugs That Would Even Make a Laughing Child Cry." 
Luckily, you're not a laughing child, and can probably beat on them rather 
easily (although one does have a shotgun, which is a little tricky). After 
pummeling them into the ground, the police will cart them off and thank you, 
and you can take the money inside the bank.

Once again, you'll need to talk to the guard (who did a hell of a lot to 
help you out, considering that he was about ten feet away), and go into the 
office on the right, handing the money over the yet another rotund man, who 
will give you a lousy 4000 Gold in return (which is what, .04% of the value 
of what you delivered?)

 /_A Trip to SECA________________/

After your little money transferring job, you'll return to your house to 
find that Dr. Trouble is there waiting for you. He says that he thinks 
you're doing a good job, and that he wants to put you to work as an official 
Rent A Hero. However, from here on out you have to pay him for use of the 
suit. Money will transfer automatically from bank account as long as you 
have enough in the account. If you don't pay the fee, you can't transform. 
Also, if you don't pay the fee on time, you get fined (25% of the normal 
fee). He also gives you an official Rent A Hero Bracelet (RHƒuƒŒƒXƒŒæ£’D”§, 
proving who you are. He also says to go to Service Cafe and look for the 
strange looking, bad smelling place there. If you wait patiently at that 
location, you'll be able to come to the SECA building, where he will be. 

So, head on over to Ohtory, and the Service Cafe. The ideal strange looking, 
smelly place is... you guessed it, the toilet. Head on it, and sit down... 
and wait...

You'll end up in Super Energy Combat Armor, better known as SECA [ƒZƒJ] - Dr. 
Trouble invites you to look around - the women in the booth will sell 
powerups later on, and the men are working on making the armor better (which 
will translate into charge moves later). It also turns out that lots of 
people have been wanting to wear the armor and turn into Rent A Heros, but 
SECA is trying to figure out who is just and good enough to wear the armor.

Once you're done there, it is probably wise to set up a bank account to deal 
with the greed of the corporate man, er, of SECA. Doing so is easy - simply 
talk to the clerk, and she'll set it all up for you, as well as giving you 
an cash card and a passbook. Afterward, you'll get a screen that you can use 
to keep track of your account, and deposit and withdraw money. The screen 
translates as follows: 

     savings      withdrawal      donation

The donation is one to SECA, and comes out of your own pocket, not your 
savings. The more that you donate to SECA, the faster they can do their 
research and develop better armors.

For now, though, choose savings, and enter the amount that you want to put 
into the bank. Remember that if you die, you'll lose half of the money on 
hand, so it's better to put most of your cash in the bank. 

Once that is done, head back to your account, where you can now select from 
two jobs (one being the reoccuring food delivery job).

 /_Job 5: Makata Town Patrol_____/     Pay: 4000 G


  **Job Description**

  From the Mayor of Aero City, you've been hired to patrol the inside of 
  Makata Town. Meet the Mayor in front of Makata Train Station, and he'll 
  fill you in on the details from there. 

Selecting the bottom of the two jobs, as delivering more food won't get you 
anywere, you'll find that you need to meet the Aero City Mayor (Aero City is 
the city that is made up of the five towns, or neighborhoods, that the game 
takes place in). Head to Makata, the very bottom stop on the train line. 
Outside you'll find the mayor. Talking to him reveals that there have been 
lots of people making the streets of Makata unsafe, and he would like you to 
go and teach any of them a lesson while you're on patrol.

Head off and begin to explore the area - there are four groups of punks 
around (each two person groups) which you need to find, talk to, and fight. 
After you've beaten the fourth group, you'll be approached by another Rent A 
Hero, better known as Ultra Great Super Hyper Miracle Strong Dash Top 
Fighting Salaryman. People tend to refer to him as Urusalaman [ƒEƒ‹ƒTƒ‰ƒ}]  
for some reason... hm. At any rate, he wants to challenge you, and what 
better way than a kid that has climbed to the top of the Nomoruwa Chemical 
plant tower!

Yes, a kid is on top of the tower, and you and Urusalaman have to race to 
the top to see who is the real Rent A Hero. After you're informed of the kid 
on the tower, follow Urusalaman to the nearby group of people, and approach 
the fence. You'll be force into a simple button-mashing race to the top; 
simply hit A repeatedly, and you'll be fine. 

Once the kid is down from the tower (he was trying to visit his dad in 
heaven, which everyone knows you can touch if you climb high enough on a 
chemical plant tower), talk to the mayor once more, and you'll recieve your 
payment of 4000 gold.

Right after getting your payment, you'll see a cutscene with 3 punks. They 
say that Rent A Hero being a bit pain in the ass, so they are going to put a 
bounty on his head and then hide in the shadows until it all works out...

The plot thickens...

Er, the plot begins...

 /_Job 6: Shopping Request_______/     Pay: 1200 G


  **Job Description**
  Nipori Misosoup, who lives in Kohjya, would like you to do some errands. 
  Head to the Misosoup house for more details.

You'll once again find multiple jobs when you get back to your house, so 
since the second job (skipping the first, as it is the food delivery job 
again). After you've done so head to the Misosoup house, which is diagonal 
from yours (and next to Kent's). Niposhi is in the pink room at the desk - 
talk to him. It turns out that Niposhi is being punished for a mean trick 
that he played at school and needs to write a long book report. However, he 
doesn't have a book to write the composition on, and has too much homework 
to go get it himself, since the store is in Ohtory. So the solution? Call on 
Rentalman! (Of course, Rentalman has to keep it a secret from Niposhi's 
older sis). More than likely the books that you have to buy change, but the 
books that we needed to get were:


Try your best to just write down the book names in Japanese (three single 
lines of text, one after another - ignore the last character on them, which 
means 'and') and play the good "match-the-kanji" game.

Head on over to the bookstore in the alley in Ohtory and buy the books - no 
gold will be deducted from your account, so don't worry. Once the books are 
in your possession, go back to the Misosoup household and give them to 
Niposhi. He'll thank you, wish that you could write the composition as well, 
figure that it's probably impossible (bingo, kid), and give you all that he 
can - 1200 gold.

Once you've got your reward and Niposhi has his books, head back to your 
house, and select from the two remaining jobs - the food delivery job, or a 
different town patrol job. 

 /_Odds and Ends_________________/    

At this point in the game, if you've donated 1000 Gold or so to SECA, you 
can head back to SECA's B2 floor and pick up some new techniques, ranging 
from the Rent A Somersault to the Victory Pose. Full translations of the 
list follows:

ƒŒƒ“ƒ^ƒnƒ“ƒ}[ƒ_ƒuƒ‹   100  Rent A Hammer Double    0 Energy
ƒŒƒ“ƒ^ƒj[ƒAƒ^ƒbƒN     100  Rent A Knee Attack      0 Energy
ƒŒƒ“ƒ^ƒrƒ‹ƒhƒAƒbƒp[   100  Rent A Buildupper       0 Energy
ƒŒƒ“ƒ^ƒTƒ}[ƒ\ƒ‹ƒg     100  Rent A Somersault       0 Energy
ƒGƒiƒW[ƒ\[ƒh        2000  Energy Sword            8 Energy
ƒ”ƒBƒNƒgƒŠåŸŽ£Ÿ@Ž£?   2000  Victory Pose            4 Energy
ƒtƒ‰ƒbƒVƒ…ƒtƒH[ƒX    2000  Flash Force             8 Energy
ƒ\ƒjƒbƒNƒJƒbƒ^[      2000  Sonic Cutter            6 Energy
ƒhƒ‰ƒSƒ“ƒTƒ“ƒ_[      4000  Dragon Thunder         30 Energy
ƒŒƒ“ƒ^ƒRƒŒƒ_[        4000  Rent A Corridor        30 Energy
ƒGƒŒæ£êDD壒D†ŸŽž     4000  Elentrigger            40 Energy
ƒZƒ‹ƒtƒŠƒJƒo[        4000  Self Recover           48 Energy
ƒo[ƒqƒ“ƒOƒNƒ[     10000  Burning Claw           72 Energy
ƒ\[ƒhƒtƒBƒjƒbƒVƒ…   10000  Sword Finish           64 Energy
ƒXƒy[ƒXƒoƒŠƒA       10000  Space Barrier          96 Energy

Pick up a few if you want, and head back up to B1. You can pay your fee for 
the suit at the B1 desk if you want, and you can pick up a few batteries or 
an item that ups your BT maximum by 16  (for 5000 gold, that is). One of the 
guys in the B1 lab reminds you to look for HiP-PP crystals that have been 
scattered around the town - finding these superpowerful NASU-developed 
crystals can mean for some great armor and weapons and such. 

After you're done at SECA, you can head back to your house and take the food 
delivery job again if you like - nothing has changed here, and it's great 
for a bit more cash. Once you've collected your 500G/delivery fee,  

Now, take the Dahane Town Patrol, the next job, but before going there head 
to the school and talk to Segasa Tanshirou (aka. Sega Saturn Shiro) in the 
gym. He sent an email saying that he wants to spar with you, and now is the 
time to do so (he won't fight an unemployed man). Defeating him will gain 
you another move, the Quick Kick Combo. Now head on to Dahane, and the job 
that awaits you there.

 /_Job 7: Dahane Town Patrol_____/     Pay: 2000 G


  **Job Description**

  From the Mayor of Aero City, you've been hired to patrol the inside of 
  Dahane Town. Meet the Mayor in front of Dahane Train Station, and he'll 
  fill you in on the details from there. 

Head to the Dahane Train Station (Dahane is the second to last station on 
the train line) and, once outside, turn into Rentalman and talk to mayor, 
who is standing, as stated, outside. The mayor says that there are two punks 
that are roaming around causing trouble in the town of Dahane. You need to 
talk to people around the town and find out who has seen them, and catch 

You'll now be able to roam around the town and get into *gasp!* random 
battles! Three enemies at a time, followed by two more, each of which can 
leave items such as batteries and medical kits behind. While you can just 
wander around talking to people, if you wish to get a move on with things, 
head inside the bank and talk to the kid there. This will trigger two 
robbers' entrance into the bank, proclaiming, creatively, that "This is a 
holdup! Don't move!"  Of course, after they attack the kid, you can opt to 
move (top option) or not. Being the hero, you want to move, which will 
trigger a fight, and one of the most difficult ones yet...

After the fight, the cops will come and take away the robbers, and you'll 
recieve a reward of 4000 Gold. From there, head back to the train station 
and talk to the mayor again, who will give you an additional 2000 Gold.

 /_Job 8: Shopping Request_______/     Pay: 1200 G


  **Job Description**
  Scott Hanson, who lives in the Kohjya, would like you to do 
  some errands. Head to the Hanson house for more details.

After your recent bank robbery foiling, you'll find that you have some tamer 
things on the menu - more food delivery, another shopping request, and a pet 
hunting expedition (in that order). Skipping the food delivery, which is old 
school by now, choose the second option, the shopping request. 

This time you're heading to Dahane to do some shopping for Mr. Scott Hanson, 
who wants some things from the department store there. Once again, these are 
probably random, so just copy what he wants (again, three single lines of 
text, one after another - ignore the last character on them, which means 
'and'). Ours were:


Get onto the train and go to Dahane, and seek out the ImoYouCanDo Dept 
Store. Truck on down to the basement using the elevator, and grab the items 
that he needs - again, no gold is deducted, as he gave you money to pay for 
the stuff.

After you have procured the necessary items, head on back to the Hanson 
house and deliver them. Piece of Rent A Cake.

 /_Job 9: Find the Pet___________/     Pay: 4000 G


  **Job Description**
  A pet has been lost in Anamoina's Conteyal Park - head to the park, and 
  find the pet.  

After completing the latest fetch quest, you can take on the good old "Find 
the Pet" job. This will open the final town in the game, Anamoina, which is 
rather... unique looking... Take the train there, and look around for the 
Conteyal Park [ƒAƒiƒ‚ƒCƒi‚̃Rƒ“ƒgƒ„ƒ‹Œö‰€]. Of course, you can also stop into the 
Ro-jin Conbini (a take-off of Lawson, staffed by old men - trust me, it's 

After you've found the park (which isn't hard to miss), scout out the man in 
the blue suit. It is his pet that is lost, but before he hires you, he has 
to see if you're worthy - and what better way than with a little fight.

Once you're done pounding him into the ground, select the top option to take 
the job, and you'll recieve 1000 Gold from the guy. It turns out that he 
doesn't have a lost pet (he just wanted to rumble), but there is someone in 
the park that needs your help - and in order to find this person, you need 
to talk to the kids that are around the park. 

As you talk to the kids, it seems that a strange old man has been telling 
them about something very cool that is hidden around the park. It seems to 
be some sort of treasure, hidden near the trash. Thus, after talking to the 
four kids, go up to the trash can and search around it using the A Button. 
Inside, you'll find a tape recorder with the voice of Nomoruwa Chemicals, 
asking you to be his bodyguard (cue Whitney Houston song). Of course, to 
meet him, you'll need to get a letter of introduction. But to get a letter 
of introduction, you'll need to go to Fujimiya and play the point game, 
recieving zero points. In order to do that, you need to solve a riddle. Oh, 
and the tape is going to self destruct in 10 seconds (..........so it turns 
out that he was kidding).

At Fujimiya, talk to the person behind the counter and select the very 
bottom choice on the list, [“_Žæ‚èè‚¢], which costs 2 Gold. Simply buy it 
until you have zero points [0“_]. After you've done that, buy the top option, 
the [‚Ó‚ª‚µ], for 30 Gold, and take it out and give it to the dog that is to 
the right of the shop. The dog will move, allowing you to get the letter of 
introduction that he was laying on. 

Now, head over to Makata, to the port area, and go into the Nomoruwa 
Chemical building (a blue building, with the name [ƒmƒ‚ƒ‹ƒ‰ÈŠw–{ŽÐ™Û), and head 
upstaris to the third floor (use the elevator). Talk to the receptionist, 
who will let you in after she sees the letter of introduction. The president 
will be waiting for you inside.

As it turns out, the president has been getting life-threatening letters, so 
you need to guard him as he heads to the store-room. His normal bodyguard, 
who you fought in the park, will take the front, and you're stuck guarding 
the rear. Before you go off to the storeroom, you can explore the building 
some. On the second floor you can find a Nomoruwa Lithium Battery if you 
look in some of the cabinets - don't forget to occasionally check around for 
things like this...

Heading outside, the computer will take control of the characters, right up 
until you're attacked (did you expect anything else?) by a rather 70's 
looking guy. You'll be forced into battle while the other bodyguard protects 
the president. After, you'll find that the kid's father was affected by a 
steroid-like drug that Nomoruwa Chemicals created, and now wanders the 
street, mindless. The kid merely wanted revenge for what happened to his 
father, and you, Rentalman, deprived him of that. But you got 4000 Gold for 
doing it...

The scene will change soon after that to the interior of the storeroom, 
where the president is talking to a scientist. The scientist has been 
developing the strongest robot ever put on the market, and to test it, they 
plan on using... Rentalman! (big surprise, eh?) 

 /_Job 10: Shopping Request______/     Pay: 5400 G


  **Job Description**
  Note Book, who lives in the Kohjya, would like you to do 
  some errands. Head to the Book apartment for more details.

Mr. Book, a novelist, is in a huge reading mood, but has deadlines 
approaching, so he can't get the supplies that he needs. This, of course, is 
where you come in. He needs Rentalman to head to the bookstore in Ohtory to 
pick up some books for him. Once again, random items here, so copy and match 
the Japanese... ours were:

ƒn[ƒŒƒNƒCƒ‚ƒm ƒƒ}ƒ“ƒX
•sŽ€g‚Ìš ‚̃LƒŠƒMƒŠƒX

Read enough?

Anyway, he forks over his cash card, and sends you on your way. Once again, 
head to the bookstore over in Ohtory, grab the stuff that he wants, and 
bring it back. After he checks what you have for him, you'll get payment of 
5400 G, your biggest single payment to date! So much for this being a simple 
little crap job, eh? 

Once you're done rolling in your dough, head back to your house, and get 
onto the next job... being a superstar!

 /_Job 11: Star as the Hero______/     Pay: 2000 G


  **Job Description**

  The ImoYouCan-Do Dept. Store in Dahane wants you to be in their Hero Show. 
  Talk to the head of the dept. store for more details; he will be waiting 
  on top of the roof for you.

After making your way to the top of the ImoYouCan-Do Dept. Store, you'll 
find that the normal Hero Show star is unable to come today, so they have 
called on you. They are in dire need of your help, and of course will offer 
payment. Follow him behind the stage, then talk to the woman back there, and 
the show will start.

The story goes... the department store has been taken over by bad guys, and 
the voice of justice, Rentalman, has to be called by the audience (hey - 
it's for kids, what can you expect?). Of course, Rentalman comes to the 
rescue, and beats up the five bad guys (concentrating on the guy who is in 
green, and was in the center - beat him and the fight is over). 

After the show you'll get a word of thanks from the head of the store, as 
well as your 2000 Gold payment.

Once arriving back at your flat, you'll have not one, not two, not three, 
but four jobs to choose from. However, it's less impressive when you 
consider that jobs one through three are food delivery, shopping, and play 
the hero again. Number four, however, is more interesting - an urgent 

 /_Job 12: Urgent! Cave-in!______/     Pay: 4000 G

   [‹Ù‹}! —Ž”ÕŽ–ŒÌ”­¶!!]

  **Job Description**

  There has been a cave-in at Anamoina's Tunnel Koji Gemba. There are a few 
  people trapped inside, so please procede there immediately and attempt to 
  rescue them.

From Anamoina's train station, head straight, and turn to the left into the 
Tunnel Complex. Once inside, head straight ahead, turning a bit to the 
right, and talking with the supervisor at the entrance to the tunnel. He 
tells you that due to an overuse of blasting powder, there are three people 
trapped in the tunnel, hence, the call to Rent A Hero. There is a large rock 
blocking the way that you need to break up, but if you're not careful 
breaking up the rocks you might hurt one of the trapped people, so be 
careful. Unfortunately, they have also sent a call out to your rival, 
UltraSalaryman, as well....

Since he isn't there yet, head into the tunnel and start to do your work. 
While a map for this section was started, it is too complex to do well (let 
alone in a text faq), so you will basically just need to hit every single 
rock. Walk up to the decent sized round rocks and press the A button, then 
select the top option to break it open. Some of the rocks will break, others 
will not (although they will change in appearance). You basically need to 
break every single breakable rock to find the three trapped workers. Once 
that is done, you'll find that there is a very big rock blocking your 
entrance. And just as Rentalman goes to break it open...

You are thanked kindly for your work, and told to pick up the payment at the 
front office, which is right next to the entrance of the area. However, upon 
talking to the secratary in the office, you'll find that the person with 
your money has just had his daughter collapse in the park. 

The park will contain three fairly upset children who are thinking that the 
little girl was taken to Ohtory General Hospital. Off we go to Ohtory...

Heading up to the second open room on the right on the second floor, you'll 
find that the little girl is in there with her parents. Talk to the man and 
you'll get your money, as well as thanks. As an interesting note, this is 
the same room that the little boy who was hurt in the bank robbery is 
recovering in. Possibly a little romance in bloom? Heh.

Once the salary is collected, you're back off to your house for some new 
mail, and another job.

 /_Job 13: Bodyguard_____________/     Pay: 2000 G


  **Job Description**

  Sofia Sinclair, who lives in the Coconuts Mansion Apartments, has 
  requested a bodyguard. Please see her for more details.

You'll find the Sinclair apartment on the first floor of the apartment 
complex, the middle apartment of the three. Enter, and as Rentalman, talk to 
the girl at the back of the main room. It turns out that Sofia has been 
getting strange letters from a secret admirer that is now threatening to 
never let her go. Of course, this makes her nervous, and she would like 
Rentalman to escort her to school.

After talking about the letters, speak with her once more, and the two of 
you will set off for school. Along the way she attempts to make small talk 
about various things. To get the "best" replies, answer in the following 
manner (Yes being the top option, No being the bottom, and the questions are 
set, and are not random; also, go as fast as you can to get all 15 of the 
questions in before you get to school):








No (starts with ƒ_ƒCƒGƒbƒg)





No  (has the numbers 8 & 5 in it)



No (only asks this once they are in the school)




That makes for a total of 15 questions on the way to school, and once inside 
the school grounds, another 4 while you are on the way to the classroom. If 
you answer all of the questions in a section, the rest of the walk will be 
in silence. Again, you need to be quick on the trigger finger here...

After answering that way, she'll say that they might be able to be really 
good friends, then thank you, and ask for your help again at lunch (well, 
she will thank you and ask for more help no matter how you answer). Entering 
the classroom yourself and talking to Ms. Naomi, she'll remark that Taro 
isn't at school yet, and must be sick or something. At this point, change 
back to Taro and talk to her again, and class will start!

Ms. Naomi starts to quiz you, asking you 10 multiple choice questions. As 
before, questions here are random, but we've provided most (if not all - all 
that we saw in six or seven playthroughs of the section) of the correct 
answers for you - if you have Japanese encoding, and one of the answers 
below is in the answer list, select it. If not, simply guess to the best of 
your ability (yeah, easier said than done, right?)

--Correct Answers:--

ƒTƒƒ‰ (bottom)

ƒCƒƒc (middle)

ƒXƒJƒbƒVƒ… (top)

’nÛ (bottom)

for the list that starts with ŽÖ‘«, choose the last one

‚¾‚¢‚±‚ñ (middle)

‘æŽOŽÒ‚Ì•û‚ª•¨Ž–‚̐悪“ǂ߂邱‚Æ (middle)

“ª‚©‚­‚µ‚ĐK‚©‚­‚³‚¸ (middle)

”nŽq (middle)

ƒcƒ‹ƒKƒl (middle)

ƒ[ƒ‰[ƒJƒiƒŠƒA (bottom)

•‡—uŠI (top)

ŒÂŠ (top)

”M‰Â‘Y«Ž÷Ž‰ (bottom)

ƒpƒ^[ (top)

ŠCçŽRç (bottom)

\ (middle)


’nã (middle)

ŽwlŒ` (top)

b•{ (bottom)

After Ms. Naomi's class, it's time for gym with Mr. Segasa, so turn into 
Rentalman and escort Sofia to the girl's locker room (if you didn't answer 
all of the questions before, you might get a few more here from where she 
left off). Once at the locker room, press the A button on the door and 
you'll be asked if you want to look inside (ƒwƒ“ƒ^ƒC!). Answer yes and you'll 
hear a scream from inside - the door will burst open, and it turns out that 
there was someone strange in the locker room, and that they went out the 
window. Head out the window, where you'll find that they had bumped into Mr. 
Segasa. Run toward the gate, where you'll run into the Shinishini Cult. It 
would appear that Sofia is a goddess to them, and they want to make her a 
sacrifice. Of course, this also means that you will have no choice but to 
fight them (again, going for the guy in the pointed hat, who is the leader).

After seeing them beg for mercy, they'll run off, and Sofia will thank you 
and pay you the 2000 Gold that she promised. At this point, school, as well 
as the bodyguard job, is finished, so you can head back home.

 /_Job 14: Urgent! Clean up the Dud Bombs_/     Pay: 5000 G

   [‹Ù‹}! •s”­’eˆ—‚̈˗Š]

  **Job Description**

  The Tsumikino Construction Company in Anamoina wants you to clean up some 
  explosives that did not go off properly, but are still dangerous. Please 
  head to the tunnel site for more details.

One of the easiest jobs that you can do for 5000 Gold, take this and head 
back to the construction site, and the tunnel. Upon reaching there and 
talking to the head, he informs you that there is a bomb in the tunnel that 
needs to be defused. UltraSalaryman, however, is already there and inside, 
working on the bomb. Head inside and find him at the back of the tunnel.

Reaching the back of the tunnel you'll find UltraSalaryman examining the 
bomb. He says that he was about to start in on it, but that you should do it 
instead since it is so dangerous (gee, thanks). He takes off and leaves you 
to the job.

You know the game Simon? Well, this is the same thing exactly. Upon 
examining the bomb and selecting the top option, you'll find a circle 
interface divided into four sections, each of which corresponds to one of 
the DC's four buttons (they're color coded) as well. You'll have to go 
through four rounds, starting with four button presses and heading up to 
seven for the final round. This is random again, but shouldn't prove to be 
any real problem.

Upon defusing the bomb, head back out and talk to the same person who let 
you in. He is very relieved that everything is ok, and asks you to go to the 
office for your payment. Luckily, the owner has left the 5000 Gold payment 
with the secretary, so you can grab it, and everything is all right.

 /_Job 15: Pizza Delivery________/     Pay: 3200 G


  **Job Description**

  Dahane's Do Le Me Pizza would like you to do some part time deliveries for 
  them. Please head to the pizza shop for more information.

Another job that will be a recurring one, this also happens to be one of the 
fun Random Ones. After taking the job, the third one down, ride the train to 
Dahane, and find the Do Le Me pizza shop on the corner. Talk to the owner, 
and listen to the people and kinds of pizzas that he wants you to deliver. 
Again, this is important, so be careful to take decent notes.

The setup of the order information is simple - the first line is where (what 
building, town, etc.) you need to take the pizza, the second is the person's 
name (which really doesn't matter much), and the final is the type of pizza 
that they want. Below is an example:

ƒ_ƒnƒl‚Ì ƒAƒJƒŠ[ o”Å‚Ì  (place: Akarii Publishing in Dahane)
ƒˆƒƒ‹ƒh  ƒJƒJƒlƒo‚³‚ñ‚É  (name: Yomerudo Kakaneba)
ƒV[ƒt[ƒhƒsƒU            (pizza type: Seafood Pizza)

Specifically, the name of the town comes first on the first line, then the 
place. The second line you can skip, and the entire third line is the type 
of pizza. Once you do have the four deliveries written down, hunt out the 
place and enter - you'll automatically start a conversation, and you'll have 
to select the correct kind of pizza from a list. If the pizza isn't on the 
list, select the bottom option, which will allow you to select from more 
kinds of pizza. Continue to do this until you've found the right type, and 
hand it over.

After all of the pizzas are delivered, you'll warp back to the pizza joint, 
and will be able to collect your reward.

 /_Job 16: A Request from Frio___/     Pay: 4000 G


  **Job Description**

  Head to the Ohtory Hospital and talk to Frio, who is on the second floor. 
  He will fill you in on the details. Please hurry, as it is urgent.

Select the bottom job from the list (which is now up to five, four of them 
being recurring jobs) and head to the hospital for the urgent request from 
Mr. Frio (who happens to be the kid that was injured in the bank robbery). 
After finding him on the second floor, sitting on his bed, reading a manga. 
It turns out that this urgent request is a trip to MadeNaruto Burgers for 
some grub. Like so many other people, he only wants to say this once, so get 
out your pen and paper and get ready to copy down the list once more (yup - 
another random one). For reference, here was ours:

ƒtƒ‰ƒCƒhƒ|ƒeƒ` M ƒTƒCƒY

Once you have the list (and his MadeNaruto Burger Card to pay for it with), 
head to Kohjya and pick up the food, then book back to the hospital to 
deliver it. Upon giving it to him, you'll recieve your payment of 4000 Gold, 
and can safely head back to your house.
 /_Job 17: Urgent! Conbini Robbery in Progress_/     Pay: 5000 G


  **Job Description**

  Kohjya's Conveinience Store, Sepoon Ufun, has issued an emergency request. 
  Please head to the store and talk to the manager, who will fill you in 
  more. The police have also been called, and are on their way.

Selecting the bottom job once more, you'll find out that the Sepoon Ufun (a 
pun on Seven Eleven) is being robbed. Bolt out of the house, changing into 
your Rentalman costume as you do, and head for the conbini. As you turn the 
corner, the game will head into a cutscene.

After threatening "if anyone moves, I'll make it so that this cop can't 
move", a voice is heard from above (although you'll notice just how tightly 
the cop is being held). As everyone looks up to see someone new... yes, it's 
Rent A Hiroko, the Rent A Heroine. 

kicks him in the balls, leave him for you - fight, get 5000 gold.

 /_Job 18: Request from Hi-To Pharmecuticals___/     Pay: 6000 G


  **Job Description**

  Hi-To Pharmecuticals in Dahane has a request of you, and will pay you 
  6000 Gold if you're able to help them. Please find out more information 
  from the President of the company.

Once again, choosing the last job on the list will provide you with the only 
non-repeating job: a request from Hi-To Pharmecuticals. Hi-To is somewhat 
hard to get to, as it is in a section that is most easily accessable via an 
alleyway in Dahane. Head there, and, as Rentalman, talk to the guard near 
the elevator. He will tell you that the president is on the third floor. 
Head into the elevator, and it is off to the third floor for you...

Talking to the president will reveal that an important secret file, full of 
important info on a new medicine, has been stolen from a safe on the second 
floor. Unfortunately, if the medicine is used now, before it has been 
perfected, that it will be poisonous. He wants you to get it back, and keep 
it quiet, as the company has a reputation to protect. 

Heading to the second floor and talking to the guard, you'll be let in to 
the research room, as per the president's orders. Speak to the researchers, 
and to the other guard, upon where you'll learn that a person named Beaker 
Spoid recently was the head of the department, but after the embarassment of 
the file being stolen he quit to save face. They also say that he lives in 
the Coconuts Mansion Apartments in Kohjya, and that you might want to talk 
to him there for more info.

At Coconuts, you'll find Mrs. Spoid outside of their apartment on the second 
floor. Talking to her reveals that Spoid has a new job, and hasn't gotten 
back from it yet. She also reveals that our friend Spoid is quite the 
gambler, and has racked up a considerable debt because of it. He did 
recently pay it off in full, which was rather surprising... After that, 
you'll need to talk to the other people in the building; the Spoid's 
neighbor, Mr. Book, needs to be talked to twice. They all confirm the fact 
that Spoid was a gambling addict, and had huge loans from the loan shop in 
Dahane. So now, it is off to talk to the employees of the loan shop...

Before you do that, you can head to the gym and get a new combo by defeating 
Mr. Segasa in a sparring match. He'll teach you the six-hit Hit Strike 
Combo, and then you can be back on your way, dealing with the missing file 
of death.

After the gym, hit the Loan place in Dahane, and talk to the man who is 
standing. He'll ask you if you'd like a loan, which you'll answer no (the 
bottom answer) to, and instead begin questioning him about Mr. Spoid. They 
do in fact know him, and thought it strange that he paid back such a large 
sum of money all at once (although they don't mind, as long as the money is 
coming from somewhere...). 

At this point, you'll need to return to the Coconuts Mansion Apartments and 
talk to Mrs. Spoid again, who says that her husband is home, and is acting 
very, very strangely. Head inside to find Mr. Spoid in the bedroom... 
dancing. He says that he is really happy that he paid off his loans, and 
admits that he stole the file from Hi-To and gave it to Nomoruwa Chemicals. 
They had agreed to give him a job and pay off his debts if they did, and the 
timing was perfect, so... At any rate, they made a poison gas from the file, 
and he got a whiff of it, and now he can't stop dancing. In fact, he is 
going to dance until he dies if no antidote is found. Of course, he asks 
Rentalman to help him however he can...

Heading back to the Hi-To Pharmecutical Company, talking to the owner will 
reveal that he isn't happy that Spoid stole the gas, but says that the most 
important thing now is to create an antidote for the gas. He says that he 
will start his researchers on it immediately, and to not create confusion, 
that Rentalman shouldn't tell anyone about Spoid taking the file.

From here, head back to Spoid's, where Spoid is dancing doubletime now. As 
he is dancing like crazy, he asks you to destroy the file, which is in the 
Nomoruwa lab in Makata. He's sorry that he did what he did, and is glad that 
the people that he just backstabbed at Hi-To are helping him. As the 
conversation ends, he gets even more into the groove, and is saved at the 
last minute by a scientist from Hi-To.  After things have calmed down, talk 
to the scientist again and reply yes to his question to take the antidote 
with you to the Nomoruwa Chemicals in case you get hit with the poison gas. 
Talking to Spoid again will reveal that the guard at the plant is a dirty 
old man, and is destracted by anything sexy that goes by him. The answer? 
Playboy, of course (or in this case, Playboya). Once you've recieved thanks 
from Spoid's wife and kid, head to the bookstore in Ohtory and buy the very 
last item - Playboya [TŠ§ƒvƒŒƒCƒ{žŸŽ£âÛ. Then, it's off to the docks.

Find the company, and, as Taro, talk to the guard. He will see the dirty 
magazine, and will say that kids shouldn't be reading such things, and that 
he will take it off your hands for you. As he does, he can't resist and 
starts reading it, appreciating the girl's assets. As he is, sneak by him, 
entering the lab. Searching in the side room of the lab will reveal a 
battery, which you can grab before you continue on to the room down the 
hall. Inside, the scientists will be arguing inside whether the gas is done 
- they decide that it is, and that they are going home for the day. As they 
are, they see Rentalman, and start a fight with him.

After the fight, grab the file from the back desk, and talk to each of the 
scientists to cure them of their little syndrome. The mad scientist at the 
front says that he is dancing of his own accord, and doesn't want to stop. 

Next, head back to Hi-To Pharmecuticals and give the file to the president, 
who thanks you greatly, asks that you keep everything a secret, and gives 
you your money. Another visit back to the Spoid's will reveal that Spoid was 
forgiven, and got his job back, as well as having been cured of gambling for 

 /_Job 19: Help with an Investigation_/     Pay: 6000 G


  **Job Description**

  The Dahane Police Department has requested help with an investigation. 
  Please see the police chief for more information.

Taking the last job, you'll find that the Dahane Police need your help in an 
investigation. Make sure that when you get on the train that you aren't in 
your Rent A Hero costume yet (if you are, it's no big deal - just skip down 
a couple of lines to get the answers to the questions). After going to the 
station itself, you'll need to find the office of the chief of police, which 
is on the second floor. Talk to him and you'll find there are a lot of 
illegal drugs going through the area, and that the police are preparing a 
huge drug bust. You'll need to help out, and to do so, you need to talk to 
the hula-shirt-wearing, sunglass-wearing, bald-headed guy in Makata. 

As you're heading to the train station, make sure that you're in your 
Rentalman costume so that you'll be accosted by Tomato Juice, who works over 
at the Akarii Publishing Company. She would like to interview you for the 
monthly magazine "Your Friendly Neighborhood Rent A Hero." The questions, 
and the "correct" answers (as well as Ms. Juice's reply to your answers) are 
as follows:

Question 1: If someone that you didn't know gave you 1000 Gold, would you 
take it?

   No - Taking money from people that you don't know is dangerous. Good 

Question 2: Do you like horse mackerel (a kind of fish)?

   No - Because you say the fin of a horse mackerel is better than the head 
of a sea bream (another kind of fish) it proves that you are the true friend 
of an everyday man. (yeah, whatever... it's from a sort of proverb...)

Question 3: Do you like "The Tortoise and the Hare" better than "The Ugly 

   Yes - I agree with your line of thinking.

Question 4: Do you have any friends in the police force, or anyone that you 
would like to have be your friend?

   Yes - Of course: you're the friend of truth and justice, so making 
friends with the police makes perfect sense.

Question 5: Do you like tea better than coffee?

   No - Wow, you're really cool to drink dark coffee like that - it really 
helps you wake up in the morning, too.

Question 6: When you're eating lunch, do you like to eat lunch that has 
hotdogs cut into octopus shapes?

   Yes - Of course, everyone loves those octopus shaped hotdogs.

Question 7: Every four years is a leap year; does having an extra day make 
you happy?

   Yes - You have to live life one day at a time, and having an extra day is 
a very good thing.

Question 8: Are you afraid of heights?

   No - You're a hero, and no heroes are afraid of heights, right? Plus, you 
have to be cool and bathe in the spotlight and strike a supercool pose now 
and then, right?

Question 9: (can't explain in English, but answer No)

   No - (again, can't explain, but this has been confirmed by a native 
Japanese speaker)

Final Question: Are you enjoying being a Rent A Hero?

   Yes - Running throughout the town and helping people, of course, you're 
having a good time.

After pleasing Miss Juice, head on to Makata. You'll find the Mayor a bit 
in, and talking to him will reveal that he saw an old guy jogging with some 
guys in suits, and that they were all sweating. He found the entire 
situation a bit exciting... At any rate, running around for a while, you'll 
find the guys in question ganging up on the old man near the door with the 
Keep Out sign. Talk to them a few times, and eventually you'll get into a 
fight with the three of them. They are rather easy, and you shouldn't have 
any trouble at all with them. After they run away, tails between their legs, 
talk to the old man.

The old man says that he overheard the suits talking, and that there was a 
meeting being set up with the Coronel Family, the ShiniShini Cult, and some 
other crime organizations around town. To prove it, he tells you that one of 
them, a person named Chou Bintan, is staying at the Pri-Pri Hotel in Dahane. 
Your next stop is there...

Once at the hotel, head up to the second floor, where you'll find a woman 
standing outside of a room. Inside is Chou Bintan, who will promptly throw 
you out if you talk to him. The woman, however, tells you that he was very 
generous to her, giving her a diamond ring simply by agreeing to go to 
dinner with him. She asks you if you think that he is going to shower her 
with presents, and is happy if you think that he will. 

From here, you'll need to head back to the Dahane Police Station and talk to 
the chief again, who tells you to investigate this Bintan chap. Next, head 
back to the hotel, and talk to the girl outside Bintan's room again. Walk 
into the room as Taro and talk to him again, and Bintan and the girl will 
head off to the Bistro in town for a good meal.

Of course, now you'll need to go to the Bistro, which bears the lovely and 
high-class name of Bistro Skip. Unfortunately, talking to the doorman will 
reveal that you need a suit and a tie to get in. It's a good thing that the 
ImaYouCan-Do Dept. Store in town has such items. Head there and buy the top 
item, which will set you back 3000 Gold. Back to the Bistro from there, 
you'll be asked if you want to change into your new suit when you talk to 
the doorman this time (select yes, the top option). 

Bintan and the girl are sitting in the corner. Approach them and talk to 
him, where you'll be directed to your own table, asking not to bother other 
customers. As you do, you'll see one of the Coronel Brothers approach Mr. 
Chou, and asks to speak to him up at the counter. You'll need to approach 
the counter a bit to overhear.

Coronel asks if the meeting is gioing to be at the pier, and Chou says that 
it will be. Approaching a bit closer, you'll see that they don't like you 
listening in, and that they want you thrown out. The waiter obliges, and 
outside, you'll meet a few people who you saw a bit earlier in the game. 
They make you a bit more comfortable, and then will attack. While this will 
seem like a tough fight, it isn't that bad, as the Fruit Loop brothers don't 
have much in the way of fighting skills. 

From there, it's back to the police station for a report to the chief of 
police (although you'll want a good supply of health drinks before you head 
there... you've got a big fight coming up). He's rather excited by the news, 
and asks Officer Zenikase to head to the pier. Zenikase, being the good 
police officer, runs off to do so. Follow him to the wharf, and you'll find 
the police officers near the boat, in a little section that is made up of 
shipping containers (Speed Shipping, etc.). Talk to Zenikase, and you'll all 
hide. The police will head in first, and you'll support. They then will ask 
if you think that it will start soon, where we answered Yes (top option). 
From there, you'll see a cutscene featuring our friend Chou Bintan and a 
very expensive car. The Coronel Family arrives next in another expensive 
car. The ShiniShini Cult shows up next, hood and all (no car though). The 
final two people are ones that you've not met before. Once everyone is 
gathered, the scene will cut back to the police officers. Rentalman needs to 
run out, and they will all approach him. They all go to attack, and the 
police run out, Zenikase shouting that he is going to arrest them all. They 
decide that they are outnumbered, and run off. The police follow, and it's 
up to you to hunt down the five baddies and fight them each one by one 
(although they each have some help... go for the main guy, though). Simply 
running around the area should allow you to find them all - they aren't that 
hard to track down, and none have gotten all that far... 

After they have all been tracked down and arrested, Chou Bintan will be so 
shocked at his defeat that he will lose his memory, making it hard for him 
to reveal any of the secrets of his crime syndicate. At any rate, you'll now 
need to track down Zenikase once more and talk to him now that all of the 
criminals have been captured. He will once more proclaim who he is, and take 
the criminals off to jail. Now you'll need to head back to the police 
station to collect your reward from the Captain.

 /_Job 20: Urgent! Stop Mr. Wood_/     Pay: 4000 G

   [‹Ù‹}! ƒEƒbƒhŒN‚ðŽ~‚ß‚Ä]

  **Job Description**

  Go to the Gym at Kohjya School - Jason Wood is going crazy, and you have 
  to stop him. Please talk to the principal for more information.

Choose the last job, and head to the school, where the principal is waiting 
for you on the steps. Talking to him will reveal that Jason Wood is going 
totally nuts in the gym, almost like he has taken some bad drugs or 
something. Everyone is trying to hold him down, but they are getting beaten 
off one by one. Talking to the other kids reveals that Rent A Hiroko went 
into the gym a little while ago, and that UltraSalaryMan has gotten beaten 
as well. It all started after he beat Segasa in Judo practice, and he got 
more and more excited, and eventually lost it.

Head into the gym, and, avoiding the devestation that is strewn about, head 
to the north end of the gym, where Jason and Rent A Hiroko are squaring off. 
Talking to Rent A Hiroko reveals that he is taking a drug called Paapulipin, 
and that is why he has lost it. After that, head up to Jason and talk to 
him. He attacks, but not after taking one more swig of Paapulipil.

After the fight, Jason tells you that he wanted to beat Segasa and be the 
strongest person in the school. He got beaten up in the street yesterday by 
some people who drank the Paapulipil beforehand. They told him that he was 
strong, but that he should take this and be stronger. He took it, but never 
thought that it would make him go crazy. He's sorry, and asks for 
forgiveness. Directly after, he recieves the same sort of speech that many 
of us have gotten many times...

Once everyone has cleared out, head outside and talk to the woman standing 
near the door, who will give you 4000 Gold.

 /_Job 21: Excavation Team Missing_/     Pay: 5000 G


  **Job Description**

  The Tunnel Excavation Team has found something that they believe to be 
  from before 3000 B.C.. However, now three people from the excavation team 
  are missing. Please head to the excavation site and talk to the leader of 
  the team, Mr. Quintin Masuda.

After taking the bottom job, you'll need to head to the tunnel site and talk 
to the leader, who is standing near the tunnel. It turns out that they have 
found some secret rooms, but when they were supposed to all meet up at a 
specific time three people didn't show up. There was a small earthquake, but 
he is assuming that they are still alive, though he is worried. He then asks 
you to look for the three people in the cave.

As you begin to go in, another worker comes out talking about the curse of 
Tsurunsoomen. This person, as it turns out, was one of the lost people, but 
there are still two people inside, having to deal with this curse of 
Tsurunsoomen. The other workers begin to leave, scared of the curse. 

Go into the tunnel and head to the top, where you defused the bomb. Walk up 
to the rock and select the top option to break it, then continue into the 
newly opened room. 

Walking a ways in, you'll find a person trapped under a stone column. Select 
the top option to break the column and free the person (who then proclaims 
you the greatest Rent A Hero ever). Once free, he then says that he and 
another two archaelogists discovered that this is the tomb of King 
Tsurunsoomen, and have been doing work down here. They found a very scary 
and frightening things - a golden mask. Although they were fascinated by the 
brightness of the golden mask, when they put their hands on it, they heard a 
voice saying "I am Tsurunsoomen - you have awoken me from my slumber. I will 
now use your bodies as my vessel!" The mask said that, and they were all so 
afraid that they ran away. It was then that the earthquake struck, and that 
is how he got stuck under the pillar. The final person, Indoa, is still 
inside, by some sort of door.

At that point, another Rent A Hero will come in, and after saying that he is 
sorry that he is late, he'll begin pacing. You'll be quick to notice that he 
is pacing right over a button. Walk up to the other button and stand on it, 
and when he paces over the button, the door will open. The scientist 
explains that you'll need someone to stand on both buttons, or the door will 
close, which means that only one person can go inside. The other Rent A Hero 
volunteers, walks inside bravely, then runs out, saying that there are 
mummies and monsters inside, and that he really doesn't like those sorts of 
things, so he offers to stand on the other button and let Rentalman go 
inside. Head inside, and be prepared for a fight...

After beating on 3000+ year old mummies, head into the next room to find 
Indoa Jones (pun of Indiana Jones) as good old King Tsurunsoomen. He says 
that he is the great, invincible King Tsurunsoomen, and that he is borrowing 
Indoa's body. He says that he has never lost a battle in his life, hence the 
nickname "invincible". Yet another fight will start.

Apparently, the 3000+ years of being dead has affected Tsurunsoomen's 
fighting ability, and he does down hard with defeat. He then says that it 
was the body's weakness that did it (great excuse, eh?), but until he finds 
a better body, he'll just wait for you. Jones wakes up and thanks you very 
much for helping him, and the other Rent A Hero is impressed as well.

Outside, everyone is glad that they are all right, and that they are now 
going to take the injured to the hospital, as well as going to see Dr. 
Gusto. Talk to the leader again, and he'll give you the 5000 gold reward.

 /_Job 22: Saran is Missing______/     Pay: 2000 G


  **Job Description**

  Saran has gone missing from the Ohtory Hospital. Please find out more 
  information from her parents at the hospital.

Once again, take the last job on the list and head out, this time to the 
Ohtory General Hospital. Saran's room is on the second floor, and her father 
is standing near one of the beds. Talk to him, and he'll begin to tell you 
how Saran about how Saran is missing. She was worried about the heart 
operation that she needs, and ran away. He then says that he is going to go 
look for Saran himself.

Heading to one of Saran's favorite hangouts, the park in Anamoina, you'll 
find her father there, but no Saran. Talking to the kids will reveal that 
she was a big fan of the Hero Show at the ImoYouCan-Do Dept. Store, and that 
her mother used to always take her there. 

Now, go to the Dept. Store in Dahane, and upon reaching the roof you'll find 
that the normal Hero for the Hero Show is late, and they want you to do the 
Hero Show instead (and will pay you, of course). Agree by selecting the 
first option, and you're off to play the hero once more.

After completing the Hero Show, select the top option to take the normal 
payment of 2000 Gold for your duties. As you head out, you'll notice that a 
single girl has stayed behind. Talk to her, and you'll find out that this is 
Saran. She says that she wants to be strong like you, but now, she is weak. 
She is surprised when you say that her parents sent you to come find her. 
She was terrified of the heart operation, and ran away because of it, then 
promptly begins to cry. 

After Rentalman got her to stop crying, the department store called her 
parents, who come to get her. Saran says that she is sorry for making her 
parents worry. They are just happy that she is safe, but they were really 
worried about her. Saran's parents then thank Rentalman, and say that they 
will pay Rentalman when they get back to the hospital. 

Head back to the hospital, and you'll recieve the thanks, and the money, of 
her parents. Talk to Saran once more, and she'll ask if she goes through 
with the operation, if she will get better - reply yes to make her feel 
better. As you are leaving the room, she will go into surgery, and the 
doctors promise that it will go well. 

Heading to the operation room and talking to her parents, you'll find out 
that Saran's surgery was a success, since she was able to face her fears, 
and stand up to them on her own.

 /_Job 99: Complete the FAQ______/     Pay: 0 G

   [ƒRƒ“ƒvƒŠƒbƒg ƒU ƒtƒ@ƒbƒN]

  **Job Description**

  Wait for J.T.Kauffman to complete the FAQ/walkthrough, and then continue 
  from there.

As FAQ/walkthrough authors J.T.Kauffman and Ben Judd live 6 hours and 
roughly US$400 away from each other, and only J.T. has the game, players 
have to wait for J.T. to trudge his way through the rest of the game, as it 
is Ben that was doing all of the speedy translation to bring us to the point 
where we are now. The walkthrough will be continued, however, although the 
time that it will take will be slightly longer. 

--To Parse--

These are some notes that we have yet to truly integrate into the FAQ - most 
are things that caught our eye from the official Sega Rent A Hero No.1 BBS 
(http://www.sega.co.jp/rentahero/) - we haven't tried them yet, but offer 
them for your purusial. 

 - SuperSalaryMan's family gets kidnapped - need to hunt down the Dynamite 
Dog gang - four each, four different towns, (every one except for Ohtory). 
Then you'll get four keys that you use for the manhole in Dahane.

 - Do the Hero Show, then transform into Rentalman and talk to the person 
(the mayor?) in front of the train station in Dahane - you'll get to give 
him a piggyback ride. Multiple piggyback rides can be done. O_o

 - After the first Heroshow, go to the gym, no Segasa, but note on the 
ground. Find him at in front of the hall on the first floor, and another 
event will start.

 - Ito Yokado [ƒCƒg[ƒˆ[ƒJƒh[] Department Store - real store - take-off of 
Dept. Store in game

             /                                             /
            /       M  I  S  C  E  L  L  A  N  Y          /

This is merely a collection of other info that doesn't fit into any of the 
other sections.

Q: My instruction book was put in backwards and upside down! What gives?

A: The Rent A Hero No.1 instruction manual is modeled after a Japanse 
magazine, and thus, reads in the opposite way that English magazines are 
read. In other words, what we think of as the front of the magazine is 
actually the back, and vice versa. This also explains the style of the 
instruction manual (discounting the 'real' cover), with its magazine-styled 
front, the ads contained within, and the manga-like instructions. 

Q: Where did they come up with the names for some of these stores? 

A: Practically everything in the game is a joke, pun, or take-off, and this 
includes the stores. While the Romanized (English) names end up looking 
quite funky (eg. Sepoon Ufun), the Japanese versions are very similar to 
well known places (in this case, Seven Eleven). A possibility for a later 
release of the FAQ is a list of these, as well as short explanations.

Q: Why can't I change into my Rent A Hero costume?

A: You probably didn't pay your costume rental fee to SECA. See the Suit 
Rental part of the Gameplay section for more details. The other possibility 
is that you are in the middle of a job that doesn't let you change, such as 
the food delivery job. These jobs are always short ones, so simply complete 
the job, and if you still can't change, _then_ start worrying.

 /_Mini Games____________________/

Like many other Dreamcast games, Rent A Hero No.1 contains a couple of 
downloadable minigames for your VMU. However, they are hidden within the 
game, and must be found. Below are the locations, as well as summaries of 
the games:

 (descriptions, names coming later)

 - Mother & Father's Room, box that contained the Gachilla (monster) costume.
     (file size: 61 blocks)

 - Arcade in Ohtory, one of the machines at the back along the rear wall. 
One more game has been confirmed, but not found. More on this later.

 /_Rent A Hero Series____________/

With the release of Rent A Hero No.1, Rent A Hero actually became a series. 
The original game, titled simply 'Rent A Hero', appeared on the Sega Mega 
Drive (the Sega Genesis in N.America) in 1991, and became a nearly instant 
cult hit. Unfortunately, like it's successor, Rent A Hero contained many 
Japanese cultural references, and although it was an excellent game, it 
never left Japanese shores. To this date, the game is extremely hard to find 
in Japan, and fetches prices of around US$100 (from 9500-10500 Japanese yen) 
in Tokyo's Akihabara district.

Since Rent A Hero was a cult hit, and not a mainstream one (hence the high 
price and the rarity), Rent A Hero No.1 did not recieve a very large budget. 
This is obvious in a few places. Lack of camera control is possibly the most 
obvious, as is the lack of analogue control. Many of the detail work is 
simply texture only, and not made up of polygons (eg. look at shelves, 
etc.), and thus occasionally appears very flat. Voicework was not done for 
the game (past a few grunts and shouts), and many of the tunes are re-used. 
From reports, the game uses the Spikeout engine (Spikeout being a Sega Naomi 
board beat-'em-up that has yet to hit the Dreamcast), and borrows moves & 
animations from both Spikeout and other games (Outtrigger and Virtual 
Fighter 3 have been mentioned various places). Popup is occasionally seen, 
and seeing inside of solid objects is quite common as well. Finally, the 
game uses an odd blurring/distance filter that appears quite strangely on 
good TVs (such as Trinitrons). Of course, if you're merely thinking about 
buying the game, and haven't yet, please don't think that Rent A Hero is a 
'cheap' game. It is quite fun, quite unlike many of the other games out 
there, and very much worth a purchase.


Rent A Hero No.1 has a few added bonuses for those DCers with computers - by 
inserting the GD-ROM into a computer, you can view three bitmap wallpaper 
images as well as a text file.  

 /_Release Info__________________/

Title:     Rent A Hero No.1
Company:   Sega Enterprises
Release:   May 25, 2000
Format:    1 GD-ROM
Genre:     3D Action RPG
Supports:  VMU (saves: 20 blocks, mini games: 61-? blocks), PuruPuru Pack 
           (Jump Pack), VGA Box

             /                                             /
            /             O   U   T   R   O               /


ver.pre, June 5, 2000 - Gameplay, Miscellany sections added.
ver.pre, June 5, 2000 - J.T. left Ben's house (6 hours from where he lives) 
  after 22 Jobs completed, so walkthrough completion speed will drop 
ver.pre, June 2, 2000 - Ben Judd joined the project, speed increased 
  tenfold. Walkthrough continued.
ver.pre, May 27, 2000 - Initial version of the faq started by J.T.Kauffman. 
  Slow progress was made due to lack of Japanese, although the walkthrough 
  was started.

Rent A Hero No.1, Dreamcast, Rent A Hiroko, Creamcast, Service Cafe, SECA, 
and all other game-related names/etc. are copyright/trademarked by Sega 
Enterprises. All other copyrights are properties of their respective owners. 

This document is copyright J.T.Kauffman 2000 and cannot be reproduced for 
profit in any form. It can be freely distributed over the internet as long 
as it is unaltered and is only distributed on free (i.e. non-subscription) 
sites. If you do choose to post this document on your site, please email me 
to let me know.


 - The Official Rent A Hero No.1 BBS (misc. tips)


[email protected]

Ben Judd
[email protected]

  note: please do not contact J.T. for translation questions; Ben was the 
  one that did 98% of the translations/story info/job info/etc, and while 
  J.T. does know some Japanese, he can't really help out much. On the flip 
  side, Ben doesn't currently own the game, so basically if you have a 
  translation question, you're out of luck. However, if you have an addition 
  to the walkthrough, or spot an error in it, please don't hesitate to 
  contact J.T. with it.

since May 27, 2000
Mie-ken & Miyagi-ken, Japan.

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