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Walkthrough for Kingdom Hearts
by 501st.alpha1

                         1.Table of Contents
1.Table of Contents
2.Version History
4.The Walkthrough
 4b.Destiny Islands
 4c.Traverse Town
 4d.Olympus Coliseum
 4e.Deep Jungle
 4f.Traverse Town II
 4h.Traverse Town III
 4k.Halloween Town
 4n.Traverse Town IV
 4o.Hollow Bastion
 4p.Traverse Town V
 4q.Hollow Bastion II
 4r.End of the World
 5c.Donald Duck
 5f...I'll add more later
6.Contact Info

                         2.Version History
04-04-2008: Walkthrough created, up to Olympus Coliseum
04-05-2008: Completed up to Monstro
04-06-2008: Completed the Walkthrough section
04-09-2008: Added section 'Characters'
04-10-2008: Completed Characters section (Sora through Kairi)
05-17-2008: Added sections 'Contact Info', 'Legal'.

If any area says (INSERT), this means I have not developed a strategy for it
yet. Eventually, I will go back through the game and fill in the gaps.
Also, for most of the Heartless boss', I don't know the names for sure, but I
will put what I have seen in other walkthroughs posted here.

                         4.The Walkthrough

4b.Destiny Islands

4c.Traverse Town
When you first come to Traverse Town, it will show a cutscene. It shows Sora
awaken to find Pluto sitting next to him. Afterwards, go to the Second District.
Go into and out of the following: Hotel, Alley, Gizmo Shop, and Accessory Shop
(in First District). Then you have to fight Leon. If you beat him, give yourself
a pat on the back. If you don't, it doesn't change anything. You will see a
cutscene that explains the Keyblade and the Heartless. When it is over, you must
fight some Heartless with Leon. After that he will tell you that the First
District is secure. He also says to try to find their leader. The leader is in
the Third District. To get there, enter the Second District, and go to the open
space below. Take a right about halfway down and follow the corridor to the
Third District. 

Boss: Guard Armor
HP: ???
After another cutscene and you must defeat a large Heartless. This is where you
meet Donald and Goofy; they help you fight it. The Heartless has several parts
that hover near each other (i.e.: a head, two arms, two legs, and one body
section). When you destroy one part, it will release a lot of HP balls.

When all are destroyed, you talk to Donald and Goofy in the First District and
they offer you a ride in their Gummi Ship. When you get in, you can choose one
of two unknown Worlds. It doesn’t matter which one you choose because they just
go in a circle. I will assume you are going to Olympus Coliseum first.

Olympus Coliseum

Boss: Cerberus
HP: ???
This boss is actually quite easy if you remember one thing: use the Cure spell,
not a potion. There are three different actions by Cerberus that are repeated
several times. In the first, the three heads are low to the ground and snapping
at you. Get a target lock on one of the outer heads and attack from the side. If
you get hurt, run away from it and Cure yourself. On all the other actions, you
can't attack it; you must just run away from it. On one, it shoots balls of fire
out that follow you. You may either dodge them (Dodge-Roll works well) or attack
as they are about to hit you and send them back at it. The latter is recommended
because, not only do you hurt it, but you get tech points as well. In the other
action, Cerberus shoots darkness into the ground and small round wells of
darkness shoot up around you. Warning: these follow you so you must be
constantly on the move. After Cerberus does one or both of these actions, before
its heads get down again, it slams it front legs on the ground, sending out a
shock wave that will hurt you but is easily dodged by jumping over it. These
actions will repeat until you kill it.


Deep Jungle

Boss: Clayton/Stealth Sneak
HP: ???/???
To beat Clayton, it is best to have Tarzan in your party. Replace Donald with
him, since Donald is not very good. Tarzan will usually heal you when you are
low on HP. In the first part of the battle, you may leave at any time. When get
to the Cliff, it will show a cutscene. Once it is complete, take out all the
Heartless before you attack Clayton. When you attack him, just follow him and
attack steadily because he will heal himself if you don't. Once his HP has
reached a certain point, there will be another cutscene. In it you will see a
barrier go up so you cannot retreat. He will get on the Stealth Sneak, which
will slowly fade from clear to full color. You must take out this and then he
will jump off and you can attack him. When you beat him, it will show a third

World Lock:
To lock the World Deep Jungle, defeat Clayton (above) and then go in to the
waterfall cavern. Navigate up some rock ledges to reach a new area that says ???
Go into it and it will show a cutscene. You have now locked the Deep Jungle. In
the cutscene, they find a Gummi Block that they don’t recognize. They decide to
take it back to Traverse Town to have someone help them.

Traverse Town II
When you talk to (i forgot the name) they will tell you that Leon is practicing
in the underground cavern in the Alley. To get to this, go to the Alley toward
the end next to the Dalmatians House. In the water, activate the Trinity Mark if
you haven't yet, and it will show a cutscene. In it, Sora is standing there and
Goofy and Donald crash into him, breaking the grate. Enter into the hole and
swim over to the rocks where Leon is practicing. Talk to him and he will tell
you that the Gummi Block is a Navigation Gummi but is useless without another
one. Get in the Gummi Ship and head to Wonderland

When you first come to Wonderland, there will be a cutscene that shows the
rabbit saying, "I'm late, I'm late, I'm very, very late." When you walk down the
hallway there is a door that leads to the Bizarre Room. For the longest time, I
thought that to get to the rest of Wonderland, you had to wait for the doorknob
to wake up. Wrong! In reality, you must push the bed into the wall, drink the
potion and then walk through the hole into The Queen’s Castle. Every time you
get small, however, Heartless will appear. You can just walk into the hole
without fighting them though. When you go through, it will show a cutscene
involving Alice's trial. Your first goal at this World is to find evidence that
she is not guilty. When you go through the hole into the Lotus Forest, you will
see a cutscene with the Cheshire Cat. He will tell you that you must find four
pieces of evidence and that three are quite easy, but one is harder. Once you
find the first three, report back to a card near the Queen. He will ask you if
you want to present your evidence now. Answer yes and the Queen will take your
three boxes and two of her own and lay them in a row. She will tell you to pick
one of them. If you pick the middle one (Theory: no matter which one you pick)
it will show a cutscene that shows Goofy and she will declare you all guilty.
The cards start to come at you and Alice is raised up high. In the middle of the
area is a 'Tower'; when you break all the wheels and then the tower itself,
there will be a scene showing Alice's cage come down. Then they find that it is
empty. The Queen then tells you that you must find Alice. Go to the Lotus Forest
and you will see another scene. The boulder in it is the same boulder that was
earlier at the other end of the forest. In its place is a hole leading to the
Tea Party Garden. If you go in there and then in another door, you will end up
on the ceiling of the Bizarre Room. After you fight some more Heartless, jump up
on one of the lamps and select 'Touch.' The lamp will light and the Cheshire Cat
will tell you to light the other one. Do so and he will tell you that there will
be shadows in this room, but in another place. When on the first lamp facing the
second, turn left and go to the door. Your fourth command will turn into
'unlatch.' When you unlatch it and jump through, you will be up high in the
Queen’s Castle. To the left is a box with some Dalmatians in it. Jump down and
go to the right, into the Bizarre Room. The Cat will be on the table and will
tell you that the view is better from up there. Jump up on to the table.

Boss: Trickmaster
HP: ???
After a cutscene, jump off of the table at it and attack its head and upper
body. Usually it only takes one or two jumps before it falls down. When it does,
attack its arms. After a moment it will get back up. Repeat until the chair is
destroyed. Then you must jump on the bookcase in the corner instead. Repeat
until you beat it.

In the ending cutscene, the doorknob wakes up and he is the Keyhole. You have
now locked Wonderland. In the cutscene, you find the other Navigation Gummi. To
Traverse Town.

Traverse Town III
When you take the other Gummi to Cid, he tells you that he will install it while
you deliver a package to the magician. After you deliver it, go to the empty
house in the Third District. On your way there, when passing through the Third
District, there will be a movie clip in which you find Riku. When you get to the
house, talk to Cid. He will tell you that your ship is ready to go and will also
tell you to check out the bell above the Gismo Shop. To get there, go into the
Second District and through the Gismo Shop. Climb the ladder and activate the
Trinity mark to your right. Pull the bell’s cord three times and you will see
the Keyhole. Jump down to lock the Keyhole but uh-oh, a Heartless is blocking
your path!

Boss: Opposite Armor
HP: ???
This boss is similar to the above boss, but its body section can turn into a
cannon. This isn't that hard of a boss, but don't use too much magic, save it
for Cure.

When you beat it, there will be another cutscene and you have locked Traverse Town.

When you first land at Agrabah, you will see a cutscene.
Go into the area marked Bazaar. Jump across the platforms to the left and then
on top of some boxes to the right. Turn right and jump across the gap. Activate
a keyhole (not Keyhole) and then exit the area. Go to the right and then toward
the Plaza but turn left at a series of platforms. Jump up like you are going to
Aladdin’s house but stop at the top next to the fire pole. Walk onto the canopy
and jump across. Enter the once gated area into the Palace Gates.

Boss: Pot Centipede
HP: ???
After a cutscene, you must fight a boss. This is one of those bosses that are
not quite hard, but are very annoying. Save all your magic for Cure.

After you beat it, Aladdin will tell you to go to the desert. Go there.

Boss: Cave of Wonders Guardian
HP: ???
After a cutscene you have to fight the entrance to the Cave of Wonders while it
is controlled by Heartless. This boss' pattern is to lift its head up high,
shoot some projectiles out, and then spit out enemies before getting close to
the ground. While it is close to the ground, ignore all other enemies.

After you defeat it, go into the Cave of Wonders. Jump down in one of the dark
areas and you will land in the caverns. In one of the caverns is a post, jump
toward it and attack. Then go back up and go to the Treasure Room. Go through
the opening the post left and you will be in the Lantern Room.

Boss: Jafar
When you fight Jafar the first time, just follow him and when he stops, jump up
on the nearby platform and attack him. Repeat until you defeat him.

Boss: Jafar (as genie)
Jafar as a genie is actually pretty easy. Don’t worry; you can’t fall off the
edge. Ignore Jafar and attack the lamp. If you lose too much HP, use Cure. When
you defeat him, there will be a cutscene. You have locked Agrabah. After that
you gain Green Trinity and the Three Wishes Key.

When you first arrive you will see a cutscene. Swim over to the ship and you
will see another. Follow Pinocchio into the Chambers. Try to get to #4. When you
do, you will see another cutscene. Then go to the Bowels.

Boss: Parasite Cage
HP: ???
After a cutscene you must fight this boss. Use no magic. After the cutscene,
jump into the hole.

You will land on the ship. Open a treasure chest and you will gain the High Jump
Ability. Jump over to the left of the other opening you just came from. When you
get to the higher opening, go into the Throat. Jump up the pads, ignoring the
Heartless, and go into the Stomach.

Boss: Parasite Cage
HP: ???
Now you must fight the above boss again. The green stuff around you is acid; it
will hurt you if you touch it. After you defeat it you will see a cutscene and
you will leave the world.

Halloween Town
When you first arrive at Halloween Town, there will be a cutscene, as always. Go
into the Graveyard and back out and there will be another. Then go through the
Lab Entrance and into the Lab. After a cutscene, you must find Sally. She is in
the Graveyard. After you return the item to the Lab, go back to the Graveyard.
Examine the coffin and you will go into it. Then talk to the mayor. He will tell
you to examine the gravestones in the order that the ghosts come up. Once you
get it right he will tell you to look at the pumpkin. Open the chest and then
return the item to the Lab. Then Lock, Shock, and Barrel will steal the heart.
Go back to the Graveyard and enter the coffin. Go over to the gravestone and
examine it. When you go in to it, defeat all the Heartless and then examine a
gravestone on the hill. You will go across and enter Bridge. Go across the
bridge and enter Oogie’s Manor. Go up to the top and into the Evil Playroom.

Boss: Lock, Shock, and Barrel
HP: ???
After you defeat them, go back down to the front door. When outside facing the
front door, turn left and jump down. Explore the area to the left and you will
find a green door. Enter the Torture Chamber.

Boss: Oogie Boogie
HP: ???
This boss has a simple pattern. First he throws dice at you that you can hit
back at him. Then he raises up a platform so you can get up higher but puts
fences on the edge of it. Therefore, always stay directly beneath him. When the
platform goes up, attack him until he knocks you back down. Use very little magic.
Boss: Oogie Manor
This boss is quite easy if you know what to do. Jump down after the opening clip
and climb up the house. There are some blobs of Darkness at different locations
around the house, destroy these and you defeat him. You do not have to destroy
the lantern. After you defeat him there will be a cutscene. You have locked
Halloween Town.

After the opening cutscene for Atlantica, you must swim around and tag Flounder
several times. Then you have to go to the palace, to do so, just follow the
Tridents. After a cutscene at the palace, exit the area and follow Ariel to her
cave. After another cutscene, go out and find the something trident (I forgot
where I found it). Go back to Ariel’s quarters and there will be another cutscene.


Boss: Ursula
HP: ???
To defeat Ursula the first time, use some, not all, of your magic to shoot at
the cauldron. This will make a ball of fire come out of it and hit her. To
regain your magic, hit the eels which she will heal soon after you kill them.
Occasionally, she will float around limp; hit her when she does this. When you
defeat her, you will learn the group ability Mermaid Kick.

Boss: Large Ursula
HP: ???

Swim upstream to the other side of the current and go into a hole labeled ???
Cutscene. Then you must fight large Ursula. When I first fought her, I tried and
tried but couldn’t defeat her. After visiting Neverland, however, I came back
and defeated her on my first try. Cure had been upgraded to Cura among other
things. Cutscene.

World Lock:
Go to Ariel’s quarters and there will be a cutscene. Atlantica Locked.

Opening cutscene for Neverland. Go out the door of the Hold, up the ladder and
turn right. Go in the door and down the ladder. In the room below, go up the
other ladder. After a cutscene, jump up on something and there will be a hole in
the ceiling. Jump through it and there will be a save point. Go out into the
hall and go in a door on the same side down the hall. There will be a save point
and a Trinity. Activate it and climb up the ladder.

Boss: Anti Sora
HP: ???
In a cutscene, Riku will make your shadow turn into a dark replica of you. To
fight it, remember to use Cure if your health gets low. I also used a Mega
Potion near the end of the battle. After the ending cutscene, Cure is upgraded
to Cura.

Examine something on the floor and a trap door will open. Jump through and there
will be another cutscene. Then get back up to where you were and go through the
door. After another cutscene, you are told that while in Neverland, you can fly.
Then you must defeat some Heartless.

Boss: Captain Hook
HP: Three Bars
Cutscene. Captain Hook has three bars of health, but he is one of the easiest
bosses in the game. Use normal tactics to defeat him. Cutscene.

At the clock tower, go around the platform and you will find a chest with
Dalmatians in it.

World Lock:
To lock Neverland, fly around the clock tower until you find the minute hand
that is at the :45 position instead of the :00 position. Hit it a couple times
at the tip and it will move to the :00 position. Cutscene. Neverland locked!

Traverse Town IV
Go to Cid, who is standing near the Second District. Talk to him, and he will
leave to install the Navigation Gummi. Cutscene. After he gets back, you can get
back in your Gummi Ship. When at the world select screen, someone will recommend
that you go back to other worlds before you go to the new one. That is recommended.

Hollow Bastion
Opening cutscene. Navigate your way up the platforms and there will be another
cutscene. Go up some more platforms and go to the Palace Gates. Turn right when
you get off the tram and continue until you get into the waterway. Then navigate
through the sliding wall sections and activate something. Go back to the gate
near the tram. It will be unlocked now. Cutscene.
Boss: Riku
HP: ???
This boss was about medium difficulty, and although I used no magic except Cure,
I probably could have, because I had a lot of extra magic. Cutscene.

If you go to the door directly across from the one you entered in, you can
examine it and it will tell you that there are four slots in it. There are four
pieces that you must put into them. To find the first, navigate around in the
Library and you will find it somewhere. Go out the door on the upper level and
you will be on the upper level of the Entrance Hall. Light all the candles along
the wall and the flame in the middle of the room will go out; fly over to it to
get the second piece. To get the third and fourth, you must do something else up
there, I forgot what, but one of the pieces will end up in a chest and the other
in the water fountain, both down below. Go through the door that you open and
your will be at the tram stop. Go out the other door to your left and navigate
your way around the palace until you get to the Castle Chapel. Cutscene. Step

Boss: Maleficent
HP: ???
Cutscene. To defeat Maleficent, I used almost no magic (except Cure), but I did
use Summon. Be sure to summon Tinker Bell last, as she does not go away until
you use the Dismiss command. Maleficent has the following attack pattern:

     1.A shield-like thing goes around the rock and it rises in the air. Attack
it and then the rock will fall to the ground and you may attack her.
     2.She says, “Bolt of lightening, strike them down!” Lightening will come
from the sky and it will follow you. You can try to dodge it, or you can stand
under the rock and it will not hurt you.
     3.She says, “Meteors of heaven, release thy fury!” Then you will see a
wormhole that reaches into space. Meteors will come out of it. There are two
ways to dodge them. One is to set it up so you are walking away from the
meteors, and are walking toward the screen. The other only works at when the
meteors are coming from the end of the chamber opposite the way you entered.
When they are, you can get behind the wormhole and they will not hit you. When
Maleficent is defeated, there will be a cutscene.

After it, turn to your right and there will be a save point. Save your game and
then walk up to the dark mass.

Boss: Maleficent (Dragon)
HP: ???
Cutscene. Summon Dumbo right away. When he leaves, summon Genie. When he leaves,
summon Tinker Bell. I used almost no magic besides those and Cure, but I
probably could have. Cutscene.

Go back out through the dark mass. Save the game if you wish, then go past the
save point, down the hallway into the Grand Hall.

Boss: Ansem
HP: Three Bars
Cutscene. Ansem starts out his attack by just using his sword, and each time you
take one health bar away, he adds another attack. In the second attack he shoots
some round disk things at you. You can try to avoid them or attack when they
come at you and they will go back at him. In the third attack, you cannot hurt
him, and he will shoot across the room from several different angles. As far as
magic, I only used Cure and some Summons, and I forgot if I had extra magic. In
the cutscene, Sora unlocks his heart to save Kairi. In doing so, he turns
himself into a Heartless.

After the cutscene, you are Sora as a Heartless. Walk out the exits, and keep
walking off the edge until you can get back to the Entrance Hall. Cutscene. Back
to Traverse Town.

Traverse Town V
When you return from Hollow Bastion, you will talk to some people. After that,
go to Cid and talk to him. He will tell you that he hid a gummi block in the
secret waterway. Go there. Cutscene. Go to Cid and he will install it for you.
To Hollow Bastion.

Hollow Bastion II
When you first arrive, you will talk with The Beast. Navigate your way back to
the Entrance Hall and go through the door to the Lift Stop. Continue around
until you reach the Castle Chapel again. Go into the Grand Hall. Go up to the
Keyhole and it will say Dark Depths. Go in.

Boss: Behemoth
HP: ??? (possibly Four or Five Bars)
Although this boss has # health bars (4? 5?), it is actually not that hard. It’s
attack pattern is as follows:
     1.It makes lightening strike, to counter, just keep moving and try to avoid it.
     2.It will throw a ball of something up in the air and it will explode,
causing projectiles to fly at you. Try to block them if you can, if not, just
keep moving.
     3.It will jump and then land with its head down low.
This is the only point at which you are supposed to hurt it. I have also hurt it
by jumping up on it’s back. Attack its center horn. You can either get on the
ground near its head or get on top of it to do this. Magic: I probably could
have used more than the Summons and Cure that I did. Cutscene. Hollow Bastion

End of the World
On first arriving, you will be standing on the Save Point ‘Gate to the
Darkness.’ Go out of the room you are in. Cutscene. Walk out (you can’t fall)
and go around to the various chests and open them. At about every third chest,
you will be taken somewhere else and will have to fight Heartless before coming
back. On one of them, you will fight the boss that you fought right before
locking Hollow Bastion. After all of the chests are open, go to the glowing mass
at the end of the area. You will again fight the aforementioned boss. Then you
will be transported to a different area. Go down to the bottom of the ravine and
you will find a save point. Jump into a pot of stuff and you will be transported
to a different area. Go into the glowing mass in the middle and you will be
transported to Wonderland. Fight some Heartless, open a chest, and then go to
the exit. Once out, go to another glowing mass at the edge and it will take you
to another platform. Go in the middle and repeat the above for Traverse Town,
Deep Jungle, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah, Atlantica, Neverland, and Halloween
Town. Then you will go to The Hundred Acre Wood. Save at the save point and then
walk in any one direction. On the final platform you will go into a new area.
Defeat some Heartless and come back out. Enter it again.

From Game Manual
Main character. Age 14. As a teenager he has his share of concerns, but he
manages to keep an upbeat attitude. He may seem simple-minded at times, but he
has a strong sense of justice.

From Game Manual
Captain of the royal knights, a soldier who despises weapons. Under the king's
orders, he accompanies Donald on the quest to find the key. An easygoing, clumsy

5c.Donald Duck
From Game Manual
Court wizard and loyal servant to the king. He embarks on a journey to carry out
the missing king's orders: to find a mysterious 'key' and its owner. A feisty,
impatient magician.

From Game Manual
Age 15. He may seem cool and collected for his age, but he is far from the quiet
type. Always curious about the unknown, he begins to question the small closed
world in which he lives.

From Game Manual
Age 14. She moved to Sora and Riku's island a few years ago. Though she may
appear delicate, she possesses a strong, unyielding will.

                         6.Contact Info
If you have any questions or comments, email me at
[email protected]
I check my email at about 9a.m and 2p.m. every day I am on the computer (which
is usually Monday through Saturday). If you have read many of the other FAQs on
this site, then you should know what to email about, and what not to.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright 2006-2008 Scott Weldon (501st_alpha1). All
rights reserved.

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