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|----------------------------------Kirby Air Ride---------------------------------

|----------------------------------Table of Contents------------------------------
1.Air Ride
2.Top Ride (Coming later.)
3.City Trial
5.Secret Machines
6.Checklist info
7.FAQs [NEW!]
8.Special Thanks
9.Contact Us

|-----------------------------------Air Ride--------------------------------------

First off you start with the Warpstar. If you want to go ahead and get different 
colored Kirbys you can. I haven't gotten all of them yet, but most of them I have.

White Kirby: Air ride: CELESTIAL VALLEY  Finish 2 laps in under 2:20:00.
Purple Kirby: Air Ride: BEANSTALK PARK  Finish 2 laps in under 2:18:00.
Green Kirby: Free Run/Air Ride: Swallow a sword wielding enemy 3 times or more 
finish in first place.
Brown Kirby: (Coming soon!)

You need to push X or Y to change colors of your kirby.

You can also get different machines. See part 4 for details. Here's how to get 
Jet Star:Race over 4,500 feet in 2:00 at the Machine Passage course.
Formula Star:Finish under 3:14 in Time Attack mode at the Frozen Hillside course.
Winged Star:Finish in 1st place while flying through the air.
Warpstar:You start with this star.
Compact Star:Cannot be unlocked.
Flight Warpstar:Cannot be unlocked. (Only for City Trial's Free Run.)
Shadow Star:Use the Quick-Spin ability (rotate the analog stick) to defeat 10 or 
more enemies.
Wagon Star:Finish 3 times at any stadium in any place.
Swerve Star:Finish 2 laps under 2:05 at the Sky Sands course.
King Dedede:KO King Dedede in under a minute.
Rocket Star:In Free Run mode, finish 1 lap under 1:05 at the Machine Passage 
Turbo Star:Use all of the rails at the Magma Flows course and finish in first 
Bulk Star:In Time Attack mode, finish under 3:20 at the Celestial Valley course.
Slick Star:Finish 2 laps under 3:05 at the Checker Knights course.
Wheelie Bike:Race all of the standard Air Ride courses.
Wheelie Scooter:On the final lap, finish in 4th then finish in 1st at the end.
Rex Wheelie:Defeat 100 or more enemies with exhaled stars.
Meta Knight:Glide for 30 minutes.[ALL NEW!]

                                     More coming soon!
|-----------------------------------Top Ride--------------------------------------
                                  Coming later.

|-----------------------------------City Trial------------------------------------

I have a whole lot of this part. In City Trial you can find Secret Machines (Part 
5), Powerups, and cool weapons like bombs to kill Kirbys who have lack of respect 
for you. I'll start out with stadiums. You get stadiums after you play a game of 
City Trial. 
Drag races are straight speed battle races that you have to beat in a certain 
if you want more boxes checked off on your checklist. Air Glider is a stadium 
lets you glide and see how far you go (a good star for that would be the Flight 
Target Flight is a gliding system  that lets you glide to a large square and hit 
for points. The maximum amount of points you can get is 200. High jump lets you 
as high as you can with any star. Dragoon is probably the best at this. Kirby 
lets you kill enemies who have lack of respect for you. Use their powers! 
derby is another way you can punish and torture your enemies with cool weapons. 
Single races are like small Air rides as stadiums. You race to win for prizes 
your checklist. VS. King Dedede is pretty tough. I had to do it with my friend, 
it took like 9 tries. If you beat him in less than a minute then he would show up 
vehicle selection for Free Run.

The next thing is Free Run Info, aren't you so glad!?! One thing about it is if 
go into the yellow ramp next to the buildings you'll find all of the standard 
Run Stars and Wheelies. If one of them busts they will respawn back there. I like 
call it a car dealer. If you've gotten the legendary vehicles they will show up 
there also.

                           That's almost it for this part
                                  More to come!


Jet Star:Speed increases while it's in the air.
Formula Star:The best top speed of all! Keep moving...
Winged Star:Slow on the ground, but a great glider.
Warpstar:Great for cruising and gliding. No real flaws.
Compact Star:Good acceleration, good cornering, but a tad slow.
Flight Warpstar:A prototype with upgraded gliding capabilities.
Shadow Star:One hit punishes foes! Fly on evil wings!
Wagon Star:Can't charge up, but... it has good points.
Swerve Star:Cruise! Stop! Cruise! Stop!
King Dedede: King Dedede on a bike? Is he really a king?
Rocket Star: Charge all the way and get a super Boost!
Turbo Star: One speedy ride! But... steering can be tough.
Bulk Star:Charging gives it fuel! It can take a beating.
Slick Star:Slippery handling makes for tough control.
Wheelie Bike:Only has one wheel. Controling is unorthodox.
Wheelie Scooter:Jumps really high. Charge up for quick rotation.
Rex Wheelie:A sturdy ride if you can handle the speed.
Meta Knight:Meta Knight with wings spread. Fear the sword!

|---------------------------------Secret Machines---------------------------------

Dragoon Parts
A:Stadium: HIGH JUMP Jump higher than 1,000 feet!
B:City Trial: During one game, fly through the rings in the sky 5 times or more! 
C:Stadium: AIR GLIDER  Fly more than 1,300 feet!
INFO:A legendary machine that cuts the sky!
Hydra Parts
X:City Trial:destroy all of the dilapidated houses! (The ones that look like rock 
Y:Stadium: DESTRUCTION DERBY (All) KO enemies over 150 times!
Z:Stadium: KIRBY MELEE (All) KO over 1,500 enemies!
INFO:A legendary machine with extra battle power.+

|-----------------------------Checklist Info--------------------------------------

Red:Boxes that you've won. You get a prize from these.
Green:Boxes that you've won. Easier to get than the red boxes.
Purple:A prize from another red box. Choose wherever you want to put it.
Gray:Goals that you've acheived but not yet won.
Clear:Goals that you haven't acheived yet.

Q:What is the status of the Legendary Machines?
A:For Dragoon it can fly SO high that it might be able to exceed 1,500 feet in 
air! For Hydra it has the longest health bar. It's speed limit is 116 mph! It 
kind of
takes a while to charge it up just like the Bulk Star.

Q:Which Legendary Machine do you think is better?
A:I actually think they have the same frequencies and are not better than the 

|-----------------------------Special Thanks--------------------------------------

From Alex Bond and Me, Dan Bowman

|-----------------------------Contact Us------------------------------------------

Alex                                 Dan
AIM-AcidJudicator                    AIM-PhishEStuff
MSN-Legion_Cluster_Attack            MSN-PhishEStuff
[email protected] [email protected]

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