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Moves List
Control Pad- Move up, down, left, right using the arrow buttons on the keyboard.
X- jump
XX- by pressing xx quickly two times, you can make Croc jump up and stomp down
XXX- a triple x means you jump higher than the double x
Spacebar- tail attack
Z- only works when you have the binoculars
Page up, page down- views your backpack
a snd s at same time with going forward- flip jump
x, then spacebar- jump and tail attack(looks kinda cool)

Level Walkthrough

 When you begin the game, you see a movie preview. By pressing ESC, it will go 
away. Next, you pick your initals for you. There are only 3 spaces, so choose the 
letters or numbers wisely. After you've done picking your initals, there will be 
another movie preview. Press ESC again to get rid of it(you can watch all of the 
movie previews, but I think they are really a waste of time.)
 When you land on the Sailor Village island, a Gobbo will talk to you. If you don't 
want to talk to him, press the spacebar. Either way, you will get a Swap Meet Pete 
money card. All the money you earn is stored here. You can always see how many 
money you have because the card is in a corner. As you continue, you will see a 
Gobbo standing next to a box with a question mark on it. Jump on the box and use 
stomp(press xx quickly) to break the box. You now can take the bincoulars. You will 
also notice the heart icon on the top that says 5/5. It represents how many live 
you have. The one on the bottom represent how many full hearts you can get. You can 
also buy heart pots, but that's later on. As you continue, you will see a closed 
door with a Gobbo standing beside it. If you talk to the Gobbo, he'll tell you 
what's wrong. Again, if you don't want to talk to him, press spacebar to make the 
talking sign disappear. Push the gate and go in, wait a few seconds for it to load 
and your first level will begin.
 As the scenes reappear, you will find yourself in a different places with the gate 
behind you. If you ever want to quit this level, go out the gate or press P and 
press the button to Return to Hub. You get transported back to the Gobbo. But this 
level is so easy you just have to continue. Right away, you see something noy good. 
The ground near you gave away and they are covered with spikes. DO NOT TRY TO JUMP 
ACROSS THE SPIKES!!!!!! YOU WILL ONLY GET HURT!!!!!!! As you turn right, you will 
see a wooden bridge. Cross it to get to the other side safely. Once you safely 
crossed the bridge, you will see a creature that's like a giant Gobbo pirate. Do 
not be fooled by him, he is not a friend, but a minion of your enemies. Go near him 
and tail attack him once he is within range to kill him. When you continue, you 
will see a Gobbo trapped in a cage. You must find the key to free him. Continue and 
you will find crystals. Gather 50 crystals and your energy will go up one on the 
top of the fraction bar(if you have 5/5 energy, then the 5 does not go up to 6).
Collect 100 of them and your life will be filled to the fullest.If you continue, 
you will see a bee guarding a bridge. Kill the bee to cross the bridge. You will 
see a brown box. It is useless to you unless you have money to buy Gummi Savers
(I'll explain that later on). You willalso see a cave. It's useless unless you are 
collecting the colored crystals( I'll also explain that later on). If you continue, 
You will see something like a flat bell. By tail attacking it, it makes a noise. 
Now every time you lose a live you come back here. If you lose all your life, 
you'll be taken back to the gate with the worried Gobbo. When you continue, you 
need to jump over fallen away grounds. Some of them you need a rope, which you will 
see if you need it. After you got through that, you will come to a broken wooden 
bridge. To get over the broken parts, just jump over them. If you've been 
collecting every crystal you see in this level, you should be able to get at least 
50 here. Beware of one thing on this broken bridge, Creatures on ropes will swing 
around. If they hit you, you lose a life. At the end of bridge, you will see 
another  flat bell. Tail attack it. Kill the bee and continue. If you follow the 
path, you will soon come upon a ramp. Go p and follow the direction it leads to go 
inside a cave. You will see a balloon in the cave. Grab the balloon and it will 
transport you safely to the other side. Grab the key and exit the cave. Jump down 
the cliff. Kill the Pirate Gobbo again and free the trapped Gobbo. Now head to the 
exit and you've beaten this level.
[Note]The exit is to the left in the key cave.
[Note]You can buy Different kinds of Gummi Savers at Swap Meet Pete's shop. To use 
a Gummi Saver, go to the right color circle. Press page up, or page down to find 
the Gummi Saver in the backpack and press enter. You will see a large thing that 
look like jelly. Jump on it to jump very high.
[Note]If you collect all five colored crystals(one color crystal), you can find a 
Golden Gobbo trophy somwhere in the level and use it to give the Gobbo outside of 
the gate a trophy.
[Note]If all the Gobbos in a village outside of a gate has a trophy (besides the 
bonus level and the hidden level) you can enter the  level with the huge Gobbo face 
on it.
[Note]Somewhere in a village, if it hasn't already appeared yet, a bonus level 
might appear. It only appears after you beat several levels.
[Note]If you beat all the levels in a village, your main enemy will send one of his 
strong minions in an attempt to destroy you. That level is the hidden level.
[Note]You can play any level over and over again for money.

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