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                                 faq  number 01  
                            written by shortmouse18
                         undercover walkthrough on the ps2
                        email at [email protected]                  
                             last updated on june 30,04
                          CONTROLS FOR THE GAME

square-brake n reverse/toggle weapons
triangle-handbrake/draw weapon
L1-enter and exit vehicle/climb ladders/action
L2-look left/crouch n roll
R1-fire gun/horn
R2-look right
left analog-steer
right analog-camera view/steer
select-change ur view to first person


      MIAMI                   NICE                                 ISTANBOL             
-police head quarters      -welcome 2 nice                       -surveillance
-lead on baccus            -smash n run                          -tanner escapes
-the siege                 -18 wheeler                           -another lead
-rooftops                  -hijack                               -alleyway
-impress lomaz             -arms deal                            -the chase
-gators yacht              -booby trap                           -bomb truck
-trapped                   -calita in trouble                    -chase the train
-dodge island              -rescue dubois                          
-retribution               -hunted


go out the door and look to your right get into the car and drive down to the street.
look on your map for your destination, after u arrive there go inside the
building.you will  start at the desk after the cutscene is down with.from there took
to your left u should see a sign with a gun on it u want to go through this door.go
to the first door in the hallway,follow the hallways and shoot only the red targets
since they are the villains and the blue are civilians which u don’t want to
shoot.just follow down the hallways and u will come to the end where it will tell u
how good u were.


quickly get into the cop car in front of you.follow the cop with the red dot.he'll go
straight for a while and than he takes a right,follow him down the next road till he
turns left,follow him again till he turns right,follow him down till he takes another
right.a cutseen will cut in n thats the end of the mission.


you have two options in this mission.you can jump into the car and wait for the
cutscene or u can run to the left and turn right and go right at the end of the
buildings and head for the red arrow.two guys will run out in an opening in the
fence,shoot them,walk toward where they came out but dont enter because there are
still two men inside.shoot the first guy you see in the opening  the second guy is on
your left which u can run in and shoot or go  by the opening on the right and shoot
him.after you killed them a cutscene will come.you will have to chase after this guy
to get out of there you drive forward and take a right.this is one of those chase
ones where each time u fail he takes another course.so all i can can say to u is good
luck.its not a very hard one,but it does take a few tries in the beginning.after you
have  done that you will see a cutscene and thats the end of the mission


turn on your map and drive to your destination .once you are there get out of your
car and go  up the stairs. go inside the building and go up the stairs till you are
on the second floor. draw your weapon(triangle) and shoo the guy  in the door, keep
your gun drawn, now continue up the rest of the stairs and enter through the door,
run into the room and go to your right, open the door and shoot the three guys. you
will see a building on the roof use that for cover if u need to. behind that building
u should see a flight of stairs, run down them and hide behind the furthest left
tank, now shoot the guy that comes out from across u by the other tank, walk out into
the middle n shoot the guy on the ground in front of u ,go behind the tank again
quickly, move your aim  up to take out the guy on the stairs, after has dead run up
the stairs the first building you come up onto has a health pack on the right
side.after you  pick it up there will be a guy diagonally right to you hidden in the
dark,shoot him,then run towards the middle wall where the tanks are,make sure u hug
the wall and turn right now u should be facing the building where u shot the guy,now
turn to your left and inch your way out shoo the two men who are standing there.walk
up to where u shot them and run across to the next building follow it 2 the end.looks
to your right ,shoot the guy theres another health pack there also.,go inside the
building.CUTSCENE dont run out of the elevator just walk  up to it and let it  
open.shoot the 3 guys in front of u and another guy is hiding in a little booth
across from  u shoot him also.inch your way out of the elevator with your body facing
the right.shoot the remaing guys.now from there go to that little booth where u shot
that guy n flip the switch.go outta the booth and take a right there are two guys
there who just got off the elevator shoot them after u shoot them go to their bodies
because they have bullets on them which u can use.then look around the garage till u
find the car with the red arrow above it.get in it and drive it outta there.look on
your map to see where you have to go.once u get there.end of mission.


go outside and go right go towards the boats.back out and go left.drive the boat
alongside the roads when you see the red in the map there should be a turn up ahead
that will be on your right follow that down you'll see the red arrow.get off the boat
and go up the ladder and go to lomaz.walk with him to the car and get in.now u have
to wreck  ticos place.drive into every building that has a red arrow over its.the
first one is after you drive thru the gate.the second one is straight ahead or
you.the third take a right when you get outta there and drive thru the building.the
fourth one is drive straight ahead make sure u hit the board to make the jump the
fifth keep going stra8 its slightly off 2 your right.6th is straight ahead of u 7th
turn right after u get out hit the tank 8th turn right to see the other one 9th now
take a left n go thru that one keep going straight to wipe out 3 more.10,11,and
12.the 13th one is on the left then take a left 4 the other one the  next one is no
the roof use the board to  up there.then after u get there u have get outta there
just turn around n head for the red dot.now u have to go to red river bar.look on
your map  to see where u have to go.drive there.once u are there get outta the car
and draw your weapon preferably the machine gun..enter the building n follow the
hall,there are 4 guys in there.one is at the bar,one may be in front of u if hes not
go straight into the next room turn right and shoot him..now go back to where u came
out n go right two guys will come out.shoot them. now go back to the bar and shoot up
the fridge behind it..that will fill up the meter half way or close to it.if u need
more shoot the tvs,game systems,the jukebox.if u still need more then shoot up the
things on the bar.after u have the meter fully filled there mission will end.


this level took me a few times to pass considering that there are alot of guys to
kill..but with this hopefully it wont take u as many times as it did me.when you go
to the outside take a left to go to the back yard go down the stairs that are behind
the pool and get into the boat.dont go to the yacht just yet..u want to go pick up
the c4.so head toward what i call boat docks.dont drive your boat straight to your
objective tho.you'll see the 3-4 docks there.once your in the middle or where u can
see all them,hit L1 and look on each dock.there should be at least 2 men on all of
them.shoot as many as u can see.now after u shoot them drive your boat to the
objective.you'll have to get off the boat and swim toward the ladder since u dont
want your boat to be shot n it broke down so just swim over there once u get a little
closer that is with your boat.once u get on the dock there usually are 1-2 guys above
u.if u dont run up the stairs right off u usually can see one of them.shoot
them/him.after that go up stairs and enter the building.shoot the two guys in there
and go to your left to pick up a bomb,a health pack is right behind u if u need
it.now look 2 your right there is another door open that and shoot the guy,grab the
bomb on your right and then the other is on your left on the bed.now go back
out.there will be a cutscene after that.now get back on your boat and head towards
the yacht.climb the ladder and a guy will run down the stairs.i cant really tell u
what flight he runs down since the 3 times ive played this level he went right left
right..so just be on your toes.go up the stairs  on the right side and go down the
hall on the right(!!now remember this place because after your done planting the
bombs u have to come back here n flip a switch to lower a boat in the water for your
get away!!)take a left when u get there and u should see a door.dont go in just
yet.run across to the other side and shoot the guy  down there.now go back to the
door and enter it,go to the next door and  shoot the two guys n there.after coming
out the door go to your left.u should see an area were u plant a bomb.to plant it
push L1.then turn around and take the right go thru the door and shoo the two guys in
there.run down into the next door.shoot the guy in front of u,walk out and shoo the
guy thats on top of the next flight of stairs.go up the stairs and enter the door in
front of u.shoot the 3 guys in there they are all on your left.health is on the table
on the right side of the room if u need it.now go down the hall and shoot the guy
that comes out.open the first door in the hall and shoot both the guys,after they are
dead run towards them to pick up bullets.now go to the end door in the hall and there
are two health packs.go to the end of the hall and open the door shoot the two guys
both should be on your left,go to your left after they are dead and plant the bomb.
now get back outside and shoot the guy to your left.go up the stairs and shoot the 4
men  up there.run down and there is health pack and a gun.now go back down to the
deck where u planted the 1st bomb.once u get down those stairs though dont go left
this time u go right.open the door and move slowly down the steps.there is a guy in
front of u another on the right side of u,shoot them both.now once u get to the
bottom another guy will appear in front of u shoot him.if u need a health pack there
is one up where he is.now if u got the health pack turn around n go straight to the
end of the boat.kill the guy and look to your right there u should see where u plant
your last bomb.now run up the stairs and take a right and head down the hall..find
the switch to get the boat lowered into the water.its on the other side of the wall
across from where u went thru the door.once thats lowered and your in it drive
off..the yacht will blow up and the mission is done.


this level was so fun theres really no strategy or hardness to it.i pretty much
summed it all up for you in here so u dont go into ne walls.you'll be going through
the mall and there are so many turns,so ill just tell u which way to turn.a cop may
be behind u i wouldnt worry bout him tho just take your time and make the right
turns.the 1st turn is a right.the 2nd turn is another right.the 3rd turn is a
left..the 4th is another left,the 5th one is a right,6th is a right.7th turn is a
left and the 8th is a left also.once u get passed this corner tho turn sharp on the
right.now get in the middle because two cops will try and block the way out.once your
outa take a left.look at your map and drive there.now u have to ditch its.just look
at your map again and drive there.make sure u hit the boards to make the jump
tho.once your car is in the water..end of mission


if u remember the mission in driver 2..*escape the compound*well this mission is just
like it.but the difference is u  have to go on foot most of the way.but trust me its
much easier this way.
look at your map to see where u have to go.once u get there go inside the
building.there should be a cutscene.quickly jump into the car and jump out the
window.once u land on the other side get out of the car and draw your gun.i usually
go for the machine gun.shoot the guy whose barely hiding in the crates in front of
u.now run to where u shot him go thru the passageway,there will a guy on the 1st
corner u make..shoot him,proceed down the passageway.now usually there is a guy on
the next corner but he usually runs out and hides behind the next corner u have to
take so if he pass that corner and the next corner he will be there shoot him.after u
shoot him take a right..there is a guy on the ground,now head for the stairs,dont go
up them yet.move your aim up there and shoo the next guy that comes out.now go up the
stairs and go inside the room there are two health packs.in the next room there is a
guy on your right.he sometimes hides behind the white thing in there or right on the
corner as soon as u walk out.after hes dead walk towards the white thing look out in
the opening and u should see two guys,after they are dead jump down and take a left
there is a health pack up there if u dont need a health pack then u can just take a
right ease your way pass the 1st corner n shoot the 2 guys there.there is another
health pack there is u need it.now walk slowly up the path a guy will come out at u
after hes dead walk straight and kill the next guy that comes out.take a right and at
the end of those crates look to your left.there are two guys there.now you’ll see
this building off to your right.go up there and hide behind that.a van and a car will
pull up.shoot the guys by the car 1st.then look at the van there are two more guys
there,now slightly to the left of the van u see a trailer.two guys are standing
there.after u killed all the guys get into the car.turn the car around and head 4ward
to where the van is and the two guys by the trailer where.now the the vans will start
and pull out in front of u.so drive slow down it u will want to go right and then
left and then left and another left and then u wanna take a right.now get outta or
your shoot the guy in front of u he has a health pack right beside of him if u need
it.the guy who is chasing u so since u have your gun out id just shoot him that way u
dont have to worry bout him.u can either get back into your car or u can take the
motorcyle..me i took the motorcycle which seemed to be better because its faster.now
once u decide what your gonna drive go thru the opening and hug the right side a semi
trucks floors out towards u on the left so stay tight on the wall.now drive down to
where there isnt ne where to go.from there u wanna take a left and then go to where
there isnt ne where to go.u wanna go left,u want to take an immediate right so u can
get outta there.jump off the bike or get outta the car and draw your weapon.there
will be a van chasing u so shoot the driver.now walk up the road and shoot the guy.u
should be at the tolls.u will see a switch on the 1st toll.go back n get your vehicle
and drive thru the gate go as fast as u can because u need to jump the bridge.now
once your over the bridge look at your map and go to where u need to go.once u get
there mission is done.


this was a little tricky at 1st but its really is a simple thing.u want to take out
the escort car as soon as u can.just shoot it right from the start.once that is outta
the way just do your best to keep up with gator.now u have to protect lomaz,shoot the
3 guys and head in the garage shoot the 1st guy now head down shoot another guy..then
4 guys will come running in shoot all of them.after they are dead take a right and
there will be another guy ,head down to where u shot him and enter thru the door.on
your left shoot the guy in the room.there is a health pack on the shelf on the
right.now go thru to the next door and shoot the guy on the right he will have a
rifle on him and there is also health in that room also.go to the next room and go
out the next door shoot the two guys to your left as soon as u can n run down n hop
into the boat on the left.follow gater to the little boat docks.u want to do the same
thing u did with the level with the yacht.shoot as many guys as u can b4 u actually
get to the red dot.stop in the same place as b4 and take out the guys.there are bout
5-6 guys.once u shot as many as u can see proceed to the red dot.swim to the dock and
climb the ladder.go up the stairs and turn tanner to the right,walk up the stairs and
ease your way outta the door.u may want to use the 1st person view to shoot the guy
on the left so u dont have the boards in your way.once u shoot that guy go up into
the room another guy will come out shoot him.dont go down the hall just yet.stay in
the 1st room and look at the wall where u shot the guy.u see thats weird looking
board that looks like a person just scrapped some bark off a tree..shoot that and
shoot the guy inside on the right..go inside and there is a health pack on the
left.now go back out n head down the hall.shoot the guy that comes out at the end of
the hall.enter the 1st room u see in the hallway and shoot the guy and get health
again.continue down the hall open the last door,dont go out tho stay in side the
hall.shoot the guy who’s a little off to the left of the door.now  point your gun
down to where  u see the dot thats gator.now just stand there and shoot him.once hes
dead the mission is done.


the 1st part of the mission is easy its the 2nd part that is the hardest.
make your way out of the hotel and get into your car.turn on your map and drive to
calita.shes in an alleyway which is hard to actually locate but just keep looking at
the map and the green dot and you'll soon be there.make sure u have your gun drawn
since u will have to kill alot of ppl.once u get to calita shoot the guys and take
the health pack where she is standing.now u have to follow her shoot all the guys
that you  come up on.u must not let calita get shot.once u see the van the 2nd part
of the mission will start.this is the hardest part because u dont know when the truck
is turning,your gun runs outta bullets quick.but the best i can tell u to do on this
part of the mission is to shoot the cars that are coming up on u is to shoot them in
the grills or u can shoot the driver.i know its hard but you'll get passed it give it
time.once u get to the the hotel the mission is done.

this level is based on timing and driving skills.it seems like it would be easy but
its actually difficult.
look on your map to see where the 1st car is loacted,drive as fast as u can to get
there.u will find the car in a underground parking lot.drive down there in your
car,get out and jump into the car with the red arrow turn around and drive out wait
for the truck to come,try your best to get the car in asap.its best done when the
truck is going straight.once u have the car in there hit L1 now grab any car by u
quickly.look on your map and drive to the next car.the 2nd car is in the garage the
door to it is on the left side open the door and quickly get into the car.pull out n
go diagonally fwd u should see a gate with n opening.if your having trouble with this
opening just go out the one u came into.locate the truck(it will be  a green dot on
your map if u do lose it at any time in the game) and drive the car onto the back up
it.hit L1 and grab another car as soon as u can.check your map to se where the 3rd
car is.the third car is at a car dealers.u can either drive thru the window or u can
shoot out the window.driving through it though is faster.once your in there get outta
the car and into the one u suppose to have.locate the truck.the road that the truck
takes is a very hard because its all twisty but do your best at getting up there to
it.if u dont make the car onto the truck but your right behind the truck once it
pulls into the place u will still pass.thats the end of the mission

look on your map and see where your objective is.drive there.u will see this little
ledge that looks like it will be a drop off almost  by the red arrow..there should be
a driveway to get down.its a hard driveway to see since its really dark.once your
down there go towards the water.u should see a gate if u followed the building.if u
do u will be able to wipe out most of the guys here n not when u get into the
compound,id say u shoot about 5-6 guys thru the gate.once your done go to the
water.you'll see like a opening where the water is able to flow inside n out.u want
to go in there.so jump in the water and swim down this little tunnel and climb the
ladder.once your on top take cover there are still two men up here(that is if u shot
most of them thru the gate).shoot the guys.if u need health go out in the opening u
should see what look like a hanger there is health in there,aslo in the building next
tot he hanger and right by the ladder to the crane.once u get health go towards the
crane.climb the ladder.u will need to grab the blue crate to do that u will have to
move another crate off of it..so once on the crane go right two times.then go forward
pick up the top crate and take it to n empty spot,now go back and get the blue
crate.once u have this picked up go all the way to the left and then go backwards.the
trailer should be under u.now just lower it down on to it. move the crane back to
where it 1st was.climb back down the ladder and turn left u should see a building
where a rig  is get into the rig and drive it up to the trailer.back the rig up to 
it and it will latch.then your on your way to the docks.the cops are after u but dont
worry bout them to much.just bust thru any road blocks. your an 18 wheeler nothing to
be afraid off!! watch out though for sharp corners because if u crash its confusing
while backing up n u do have to take alot of skinny roads so just go slow.once u get
to the docks thats the end of the mission.


follow the road down the truck will turn up a road but  a van quickly closes the path
off to where u cant get thru it.just keep on the road.there are alot of shortcuts
down the hill.if u take them u will be done that much faster.the 1st short cut is
right after u pass the van it will on your left...turn down.if u stop here also u can
get a motorcycle if u want to.continue down the bath..the next corner u will see an
area where it looks like the are bushes that the short cut.continue down dont take
the next short cut because its going up just take the turn go around the turn but
slow down because the short cut is right after u make the turn now just continue down
to the main hwy.follow the truck for a little while.it will go up this really steep
hill  once your at the top of this hill go right just a little down the road.if u
want to u can just get out of your car at the top of the hill n go right.draw your
gun and walk down.there will be two guys at the arch.shoot them both.now go towards
the entrence.there are 6 guys to shoot in here so dont run in.use the outside of the
entrance as cover.once u have them killed go in there but right when u get in there
look to your left n look up there will be another guy.shoot him and then get into the
car.drive down the hill and onto the road.(look at map to see the fastest route this
is the way im taking u)there will be a road block up ahead but if u look on your
right there is a steep hill take the hill at the top take a left ,down the road u
should see the red arrow drive the car thru the gate park and that the end of the


look at the map,drive to it.there will be a short cutscene.once when it starts back
up get out of your car and draw your gun walk up the road a little bit and on your
left there will be  3 guys will run out at u.walk a little further and there are 3 
more guys.walk down and shoot the 2 guys there is health inside the building.now get
into the truck.look at your map.be sure not to crash or u will  blow up.after u get
to the red arrow that will be the end of the mission


this level is pretty much self explantory.just keep your car above 50 and if u dont
the bomb will go off.just make sure u dont crash alot.once u get down to where lomaz
is suppose to jump do this as quick as u can because the shore isnt very long.to jump
push R1  watch out for the rocks on the right side also.once he jumps into the truck
then u have to go drive to fabienne.what i did was took the ramp up and went
straight.look at your map a couple of times and u can probably find n easier way up
to it.but once u get to the objective u have to run the car into the truck,but u need
to roll out.if u do it to late u will die due to the blast.due it to early car may
blow up to early.u have to time it just right.once it blows up though thats the end
of the mission.


to get out there reverse take a left and go out onto the road.dont worry bout
stopping the truck just get to calita.when u are almost there there will be a small
alleyway u have to take.one turn is very hard to take and once u take it there are
two guys to shoot.so what i do is get out and shoot the guys and then drive the car
down.once the truck gets there u will have to shoot the driver.once they are gone
turn around and go up the stairs in the building.shoot the 2 guys up there both
should be on the right,once they are dead walk out and go to the left  now  look down
and shoot the two guys down there.now there will be a little cutscene.now u have to
stop fiabenne follow her everywhere she goes.yea they didnt make this one to easy,but
she does give up the chase after a while and she will get out of her car.once she
gets out u get out and u start to shoot her.once shes dead.thats the end of the mission.


drive to the restaurant but dont drive right up to it try and  stay a good distance
between u and the guys.after your comfortable with your position shoot the 5 guys
outside the resturant,they all should be on your right.now go up the stairs and shoot
the 2 guys in there on the left .walk inside there is  a health pack on the right if
u need it. now go towards where u shot the two guys,go slowly down there  u will see
a door  two guys will come out shoot both of them.there is a health pack on the left
b4 u go inside the door.go thru the door and walk down a little.two guys will be to
the left open the that door and shoot the 3 men in there .then go to the next
door.there will be a cutscene.now u have to go on a chase.this chase is the easiest
one to me.jump into the car as quickly as u can and chase after the car.shoot as much
as u can.it will stop eventually u will need to get out and shoot 2 body guard.that
will the be end of the mission.


watch out with driving the boat thru this canal because there are alot of rocks.once
u get outta of the canal u want to take a right.there u should a see the red
arrow.now u have to get vauban.this part is really tricky.dont worry if u dont get
the hang of it the 1st time u do it.its really a hard mission.get into the forklift
and lift one of the boxes up,move slowly since these things are very light.move the
forklift to the gap in b/w the bridge.now get out and climb the ladder. jump to the
box then the box to the other side. grab a gun now climb down the ladder. there is a
health pack behind it if u need it u don’t have to shoot the guys that are to your
right. there should be a shotgun a wee bit ahead of where the ladder is. once u pick
it up head towards the door. open it and shoot the4 guys outside.2 on your right two
on your left. quickly jump into he car. two cars will com e and try 2 block u in just
go in between them n you'll make it out but there is another one up ahead so drive
off a little bit on the grass. once u get passed them u want to take a right. look at
the map to see the fastest way there.vauban goons will chase u can get out and shoot
them if u want but they will do the same things so be careful at doing this. when u
get to the part of the map that looks like is has circles in it if u zoom up on it
there is a little road to where u wont have to do the whole circle take this road,
follow it out it looks like a dead end but its not there will be a hill on the right
go really fast i mean rabbit and turtle fast type of deal up the hill because there
is a roadblock. with any luck u will jump over it if your going fast enough. now
follow the road down. turn on the road that leads up then at the top of that road.
stop reverse and turn around the road that leads up again is behind u,take that road.
keep going up till u get to where there is a high slope on the left side of the
road.dont drive your car all the way down yet.u will see a little thing up on the
slope. get outta your car and shoot the 5 guys up over the hill. now run down the
road till u see a little driveway on your left. go up there. take a right. follow
that down. there should be a health pack close by the entrence.draw your gun if u
don’t already have it drawn,alot of guys are beyond this opening so be careful.id say
7-9 guys. shoot any guy that comes in your way. once u have killed the guys run out
into the opening and go thru the other way to get to your objective. that the end of



its the same thing that was in driver 2.u cant follow to closely and u cant get to
far behind. use your proximity bar to tell u how close or far away u are. the higher
the bar goes the further your away the lower the bar goes the closer u are. try and
keep it about mid-way. after following him there will be a cutscene.the way to get in
is right behind u.u can either reverse to the opening or u can get out and walk. its
on the left side of the street at the end.u should see the opening in the brick
wall.go down the steps draw your weapon and equipped your silence pistol’s have to
get in undetected. go thru the door and shoot the 1st guy u see in the head. now take
that stairs on your left. when u get the 2nd flight of stairs there will be  a guy
standing at the top walk up a few steps so u can shoot him in the head. after your
done with him continue up the  stairs. once your at the top turn quickly to your left
and shoot the guy that’s standing there in the head. if he happens to move run back
down the stairs and hide behind the wall of the stairs and wait for him to come back
up and stand there again. once u kill him u want to walk down the hall take a left in
the next room there u should see a guy standing there shoot him in the head. after
hes dead drop down to the next area for your next mission. after the cutscene is done
with change your gun to the machine gun. shoot the guy in the door way. open the door
but don’t go out u want to stay in this room for a little while longer. shoot the 5
guys that are across from u.u sometimes may have to wait for 2 of them to come but
don’t get out till after u shoot 5 guys. after your done take a left and head for the
stairs.dont go up them yet though a guy will be coming down after u shoot him after
that proceed up them. at the top shoot the 2 guys that u can see in the door way.
stay inside. look to your right there is a health pack. there is also another one in
back of the building when u get out. walk out the door and shoot the two guys that
run up to u.walk passed the tank and u should see the stairs.dont take them yet.
there will be a guy that runs up them. shoot him. walk towards the edge where the
stairs are look down and u should be able to see 3 guys. after shooting them go down
the stairs. take cover behind the 1st tank. a guy will come up beside of u shoot him.
now go to the right side of the tank u are taking cover on and shoot that guy. now
run over to the 2nd tank. look out to your right where u should see stairs.3 men will
be running up them kill them when they come. now walk towards the stairs but once u
pass this little wall turn around and kill the guy that’s hiding behind it. now don’t
go down the stairs just yet. look at the building across from u.there is a guy in the
window. shoot him. after hes gone 2 more guys will run out shoot them both. now u can
either take the stairs or u can either drop down step by step on what looks like a
vent system. either way u will be down on the same spot. once u get down there  get
the health packet. if u took the steps its right by the vents. if your too the vents
after dropping down turn slightly to your right to grab it. now go thru the building
where u shot the guy  go to the back of the room n look to your right.u should see a
passageway down. go down the stairs and turn to your right. shoot the 4 guys that
just came running out of the other room if u go slowly out the door way u can shoot
the guys without being shot that much. after killing them go into the next room kill
the guy that’s right there in front of u.take a right and go down the next flight of
stairs turn right there is a health pack in front of u.once u are by the health pack
put on 1st person view u should see the 2 guys down there shoot them both. after they
are dead run back to the wall. use the wall for cover n slowly make your way into he
room. shoot the 3 men in there. after they are dead there is another health pack in
the back of the room. now run back to where u came into he room. look to your left
and look down. drop down. there will be a cutscene.once that’s over stick to the
right side. ease your way out and shoot the 7 guys that are out there. now once they
are dead get into a car turn on your map. every time someone is after u can get out n
shoot them. get 2 the objective and the mission will end.


all u have to do in this level is protect your  truck from the cops ramming it. its
like the 3rd part to welcome to nice. they give a grenade launcher so u can wipe out
the cars much quicker. its best used when far away but once the cop hits the truck
and bounces back  u can shoot him with the it. after that part is over there is a 2nd
half to the mission.u begin on a boat. all I did was take a right and go by the road
and looked for the 1st flight of stairs. now get on the road and grab a car. look on
your map to see where u have to go. if u get to the destination with cops on u will
not be able to finish u have to loose the tail 1st.u can drive around on various
roads. or u can just take out the  grenade  launcher and have fun with them. once u
loose the trail and get back to the objective then the mission will end.


this level is pretty hard to begin with because u start off on wet grass. burnout but
don’t hold the button in long since there are thing u can crash into. while going up
the hill turn midways up so u go out into the road sideways to go off down the road
and chase after the people.i cant tell u exactly what way it goes because it changes
each time u fail so just do your best and try and keep with it. once he stops kill
the guy in the gate go through the opening and shoot the guy on your right. there is
a health pack 2 your left if u need it take a right and shoot the two guys who run
out in front of u take a left and shoot the two guys run down a little and take a
left. shoot both guys and run down n shoo the guy on your left where there is a
health pack then there is a guy who runs in front of u take a right and shoot the 3
guys head down the hall and on your right is another halls shoot the 2 guys turn
around to see a door with steps going there to find another health pack. now run out
back across the hall 2 where u just shot the 2 men. go down and take a left and shoot
the 3 men run  up and get the health pack  walk up and take a left. that is the end
of the mission


get into the car quick and follow the car he will take u on all the small narrow
roads after u turn on the road that has a car covered in bullet holes at the front of
it .now get out of your car and shoot the 4 guys and go enter the building shoot the
guy that comes up on the balcony 1st and then shoot the guy whose on the ground with
you. walk up the stairs on the right look out and shoot the guy far across from you
on the balcony. now run to the other side of the door and look  out the door and look
up. shoot the guy that be slightly to your right. now go out the door and look
straight up shoot the guy on the highest balcony now go left and turn around after
the ledge above u is gone put your aim up there and there should be a guy after u
take him out turn around and run to the end and get the health pack now run back to
where u came out and go passed that door and go to the 1st door on the right a guy
will be there so shoot him go inside and walk up about one step a guy will barge thru
the door shoot him and continue up the stairs turn right and shoot the guy that’s
right in front of u run into the back of the building and look right and there will
be a door and head down the stairs there will be a one guy on the right, run
diagonally across the room 2 go thru another door go down the steps take a right and
go down the next steps shoot the guy in front of u shoot the guy from across the
opening of u.then step out into the opening  and step back in shoot the other guy who
just ran down now get into he care back up with the car turning right drive out. look
on your map head to objective. end of mission.
you have to chase calita.you need to burnout and hit reverse and then hit x b4 you
hit the wall.since the roads are very slippery and your car skids alot its hard to
keep up with her. she takes the same path every time but its hard to go it so just
keep at it and you will get it sooner or later.calita will jump the bridge. it will
tell u to find another way, go to the boat and on the other side of the bridge. look
for u objective. now u will have to race on bikes, follow calita down thru this part
there will be a roadblock soon calita will jump it don’t even try to jump it its way
to difficult u will come under heavy fire follow calita when she turns left take out
the 1st guy by the car from a distance and go onto the road stop where u see two
phone boxes that are being hit by the sun this is the back entrence.walk up the
entrance take a right and there u will find calita.run up to her. end of mission


take a left and start shooting at the truck if your able to get on the trucks back
bumper and shoot it and if u cant stay back a distance so u wont hit the bombs and
just shoot it. by getting right up on I found it so much easier because u don’t have
to deal with the bombs they tend to bounce over u.some bombs are further rolled out
then some others so be on alert. once u shoot the truck full that’s the end of the


this is pretty much the easy part of the mission keep the pedal to the metal and
stick only to the left side of the track because another train passes u and also
there is a dead track. so once u get close enough to the train go far off to the left
u have to try n get ahead of the train just keep your gas on and watch out for the
building that sticks out try n stay by the train just don’t hit it because it will
make u veer of course try and pass it quickly because the grass ends soon and goes
just to track so be quick after your ahead keeping going fast and all u need to do
now is beat the train to the bridge.cutscene.shoot the all the guys in front of u go
down to where shot the guys and look to your right u should see a wooden looking
fence and shoot it now walk out don’t run forward yet just walk out straight and turn
and shoot as many guys as u can after u clear them u can start up the hill u have to
protect the officers and jones that are with u if they die u will fail go to your
right and make your way up the hill shooting the guys there is a health pack and a
gun on the left behind a car grab them and continue up the hill take a right and
follow the road down shooting everyone that gets your way there is health pack about
mid-way down after u get down to where the road ends some more guys will come out
shoot them after your done go where they came from shoot the rest of the guys now
once u see jericho u don’t have to get  right on him to kill him.i stayed hidden by
the last dumpster in the alleyway and killed him its better if u kill him from a
distance that way he doesn’t have a chance of killing u.end of mission.
                           ©04 shortmouse18

if u have any questions or if you are still stuck on a mission. you can feel free to
email me.

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