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Walkthrough for Ganbare Goemon : Tengu-to no Gyakushu!  (Color Game Boy)( Version 1.0)
BY Gerimon-Impact 

Walkthrough and battle screen transltions.

THIS GUIDE ALSO APPEARS AT www.goemon.8m.com, and www.gamefaqs.com mainly because 
I work for the mystical website of Goemon and this guide was posted by The Mystic ninja
(Visit his site at www.goemon.8m.com!) at Gamefaqs.

A little about the author of this FAQ ( In other words a message from Gerimon-Impact)

Hello, I am known as Gerimon-Impact. I work for the Mystical website of Goemon, you should 
recognise me from the Ganbare Goemon 4 walkthrough, and Goemon's great adventure/Mystical ninja2
Walkthrough, I wrote this guide for those of you who are that little bit stuck on what to do in this game,
this guide is not entirely finised because there is a bit that I am completely stuck on, if you know
what I need to do, E-mail me at [email protected], I also have my own website at 

1. Introduction

Okay, this is Ganbare Goemon for the colour gameboy, the first GREAT Goemon for GB.
This is basically a heavyly RPG Based game. Final Fantsay ,Zelda and Pokemon players will get the hang of it quickly.
In a Zelda-esque fashion there are two worlds... Mystical world (Where the great Goemon 4 live and the Real world 
(Where Hajime comes from)
You may change worlds via the enchanted tree ( You can quickly warp back to this place by pausing
and selecting the option on the very top of the menu and you will be shown a map, select the tree 
and you can instantly return here!)

First I'll start with who's who.
The little boy with the blue cap and yellow jersey is Hajime.
The fat Guy with the Blue suit is Ebisumaru.
The short fella with the green suit and ponytail is Sasuke.
The girl in the pink suit and green hair is Yae.
The bloke in the red with the mad blue hair is none other than Goemon.
The HERUUGE Hulking Robot is Goemon-Impact

Now I'll explain the battle screensand how the heck it works.

You are prone to being attacked when you are outside towns in Mystical world.
You will not be attacked in the real world.

When you are in battle, your party is displayed on the left and the enemy group on the right.

The menu will be displayed on the left and the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

The menu in the bottom right says.

TAKE ACTION	RUN (50/50 chance of escape remember!)
SWAP TEAM MEMBERS (Change who is in battle and who is in reserve)

If you select the TAKE ACTION then you will get the list on the left

Here is what the menu says (In order)

ATTACK (then select the foe you wish to attack)
MAGIC ( Select one of of your character's three spells)
POWER MOVE (If at least one character's power bar is full.)
ITEMS (use an Item)
DON'T ATTACK (Character will not attack this turn)

The POWER BAR fills up as your character(s) attack of get hit, when it is full they may use a 
power move.

The List of power moves for your character at the head of the team are as follows.
DOUBLE ATTACK (Two allies spring forth and attack one enemy)
G-HAMMER (Goemon-Impact is summoned into the battle and attacks the entire enemy group)

Okay...... on with the Main walk through!!!

1.1: Beginning your adventure
1.2: Meet Ebisumaru,Sasuke and Yae!
1.3: In Oedo town
1.4: Scaling the troll's mountain
1.5: The Mystical ninja
1.6: Troll Ninja castle
1.7: Troll Tank boss

2.1: West of Oedo town
2.2: Down on the lake
2.3: Port town
2.4: Tengu galleon
2.5: Clawed Robot Goemon clone boss

3.1: Life on the rocks
3.2: Island village
3.3: The Deadly cave
3.4: The mystery of the missing Goemon
3.5: Return to the Real world 
3.6: Rescuing Goemon

Part 1.1: Beginning your adventure 
first you will start at Hajime's House. listen to the old bloke and then leave the house at the 
bottom. Head right past the oldmen and keep going across. When you see the bridge, go up and 
cross the bridge, when on the other side, go right Keep following the path to the big Mystical 
tree. Listen to Hajime's mini-conversation, then go inside the tree, and just go forward. 

Part 1.2: Meet Ebisumaru, Sasuke and Yae! 
When you come out the other side of the tree, follow the path. When you arrive on the next screen
, a ladybug enemy will pop up out of the blue and start menacing you, Ebisumaru will arrive and 
stick up for you, and you will end up in a fight. Defeat the three Bugs , then listen to 
Ebisumaru. after the conversation, Ebisumaru will join you! Now with two characters in your 
team, you will have to get used to being attacked frequently as you try to get to Oedo town 
Keep following the path, you should then be found by Sasuke and Yae, after you've talked to 
them, they will join you. Defeat any enemies that attack and keep following the path until
you arrive in Edo. 

Part 1.3: In Oedo town 
Now that You're in town you're safe from being attacked by enemies. Go to the Inn and you can 
get your health restored for 20 coins. Head off to the left of town, and look for the house with
Omitsu in it. listen to what she has to say, then head to the north of the town. talk to the man
and he will move out of your way.

Part 1.4: Scaling the Troll's mountain!
Ooh, nasty, Tigers, baboons and Racoons inhabit these parts and they're quite tough to kill, 
fight a few to gain experience points and money, and when your health is low, go back to town 
and recharge, then come back. work your way up the pathways, you'lll know if you are heading the
 right way if you arrive at an inn on the mountain side where you can recharge your health. 
Work your way along the path fighting monsters to gain experience points and you'll make it to 
the top.

1.5: The Mystical ninja
As soon as you arrive on the top, Hajime will then notice someone at the entrance to the enemy 
castle, He'll go over and discover that it's GOEMON! Hajime will try to talk to Goemon, but 
Goemon will attack Hajime with a magic attack, when Hajime gets blown away, Yae will come and 
tell Goemon off for attacking Hajime (Cheeky little Goemon!) Goemon will explain himself and 
say sorry ( He attacked Hajime because he thought Hajime was an enemy,) Goemon gets a bit a
annoyed because the rest of the gang is here, because he was here to face the enemy alone. 
He will join you ,now you have all five characters! Plus, if you go back to the left and 
pay one coins in the shrine at the top of the screen, you'll get a nice surprise!

1.6: Troll Ninja Castle
Now that you're in the castle, keep going upscreen, fighting your way past the Trolls, and Troll 
Ninjas. Before you attempt the boss in the last room, try to be at lv5 of experience with all 
the gang,seeing as the first boss can be annoying if you're not prepared.

when you enter the final room, the two main villains will spring out and menace you with threats
 before sending the tank out to kill you. For this Battle, put Goemon at the head of the team, 
and Ebisumaru and Hajime behind him, with Sasuke and Yae in reserve. The Tank only has one 
attack, which does quite alot of damage if it hits, Have Hajime and Ebisumaru cast magic at 
the tank, and Goemon attacking with his pipe, if you get desparate, Use G-hammer to make 
Goemon-Impact attack the tank. Although G-hammer may not completely kill the Tank, it'll 
take off alot of it's health. Once You've defeated the Tank, watch the baddies escape. T
hen go Right into the next room. Check all of the objects, the gang should then start 
talking about something. When the conversation is over, head back down to Oedo Town.

2.1: West of Oedo town
Find Omitsu's house again, and find the path that heads off to the left underneath it. 
If you go along the path, you'll be on the western outskirts of the town. Talk to everyone and 
then find the exit to go down onto the lakeside.

2.2: Down on the lake
Now that you are out of town, head east along the paths, but BE WARNED... much harder enemies 
like Chickens and rams and plucked Chickens will attack you here, and these enemies are capable
 of poisoning your party of heroes. keep heading across, and watch out for the padogas, go inside
 to find a chest with goodies in. Also be on the lookout for shrines around the place. eventually
 you should find yourself in port town.

2.3: Port Town
Life on the coast isn't what it used to be, find the market if you want to stock up on energy 
refilling items, to restore NP's and HP's. You can't go ahed of this town untill you've freed 
the Galleon from the Tengu, untill you defeat them, an old seaman will guard the exit onto the 
sea path, and won't let you through. Look around and find the boat.

2.4: Tengu Galleon
This small ship has been overrun by The Tengu ( Crow Goblins) Make your way downscreen, fight 
or flee if you are attack by the Tengu, when you get to the bottom of the ship, the two villians
 will appear again and send out a boss.

An absolute insult to Goemon's image, even Impact is more Goemon-like than this tentacled 
monstrosity! Use the same tactics as you did for the Troll Tank, but this time have Goemon 
cast his fire magic at the boss too. Make sure you saved before this fight as this can be 
annoying. The Goemon robot can cause ALOT of damage if you aren't at the correct level of 
experience for fighting him. keep hammering him with magic and heal when needed. once you've
killed this poor excuse for a clone, the villains will escape again. Leave the boat and head 
back to the seaman. he will now let you proceed out of town! Hooray!

3.1: Life on the rocks
This bit can very extremely annoying because it's like a maze of rocky paths across the Ocean, 
with VERY DIFFICULT enemies prowling around the place. you'll have to keep going around untill 
you find the Island town. On the upside, there are quite a few chests to be found ,so be ready 
to find goodies. The Enemies here consist of Otters, Bovine warriors,Snakes and Singing Seahorses
, most of which are quite hard to kill. Keep following the paths to find Town.

3.2: Island village
Here you will find many shops, it's VERY expensive to heal here, so I suggest you use the magic 
map to go back to Oedo, and then se the map to come back here. Work your way up town, when you 
come to the two exits, head to the one on the left and then head up.

3.3: The Deadly Cave
This Cave is filed with VERY VERY hard monsters and animals, so be VERY carefull, head upwards 
and find the path off into another caveroom. then... disaster will strike....

3.4: The Mystery of the Missing Goemon
Goemon will tell the gang to wait and he will go off, and get trapped on the other side off a 
rockfall!!! OH NO!!! You will lose Goemon for this point. when the conversation ends, exit t
he cave, then Yae will tell you that the rest of the team will wait here. You will now only 
have HAJIME to play as. Use the magic map to warp back to the Mystical tree and go back into 
the real world.

3.5: Return to the Real world
Go back to where your house is, you will now find that the Woman blcking the entrance to town 
has vanished, go down to go into the city. Walk around speaking to EVERYONE YOU CAN. Also where 
you come back from the mystical tree, you'll notice there was a pathway blocked off earlier, 
near an old man, you now have access here too. Go up this blocked path and you'll notice a 
reporter, talk to him, and then go to the city and find the museum, talk to the attendant. 
if this doesn't work keep talking to everyone. If you've got it right, an old man will be
 stood on the path ,blocking the way to the mystical tree, talk to the old man. He should 
move out of the way and you can return to the Mystical world.

3.6: rescuing Goemon
warp back to the island village,and find Yae, speak to her, and everyone should re-jion the 
party in a quest to find Goemon. Head back down into the village, speak the the man in green 
blocking a path and he should move out of the way. now head up onto the mountain.

3.7: Dragon Mountain
Okay, this bit is Tricky, You have to search the mountain for A way to save Goemon, there are 
many tricks , traps and Beasts waiting for you here, like Dragon men, Vampire Bats, Equine 
warriors and Male/Female Hammer Beasts. Fight them to toughen up, but they're nasty so be 
careful! Keep searching and get to the top, you will find a metal plate in the ground...
but how do you remove it...? hmm. Also, whilst heading up, watch out for chests strewen 
everywhere, there may be something here that can help you remove the plate so you can go 
downwards into the mountain.


Big thanks to

The Mystic ninja ( For posting this and spurring me on to write it!)
Justumaru ( For being the mightiest Gaijin in the universe!)
Maguamaru ( For helping me with this)
Dochuki ( For being a bralliant friend!)


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