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GetBackers - Jigoku no Sukaramushu

By: Shizo
Version 0.2
Email: [email protected]
*Email me any comments or suggestions related to this walkthrough. Ask me if you 
want to
put this on your site.

1  : Updates
2  : Introduction
3  : Controls
4  : Options
5  : Walkthrough
5.1: Act.1
5.2: Act.2
6  : FAQ
7  : Credits

1: Updates

Version 0.2 - 15/10/02
Contains the first 2 acts and some of the controls.

2: Introduction

The game is totally based on the manga GetBackers. It's a 3D RPG, which I think 
is, rather
long. It isn't all that fun, as it is pretty repetitive overall. But if you liked 
manga, and feel like you need to see how the game is, then you'll have to play. 
Like most
RPGs, you have special powers and fight against people. But this time, it's not 
for peace,
it's for your own survival. Also, this is my first time writing a walkthrough, 
hope it can

3: Controls

Direction pad: move, highlight option, redden the location you want to go to (in 
the map)
A:             talk (press to accelerate), select, search for items
B:             cancel
L:             (in menu) go to first option
R:             (in menu) go to last option
Select:        same as start
Start:         Pause menu, (in menu) press to see how much exp. points you have

4: Options

Before the game:
-New game: start a new game
-Continue: continue from where you last saved.

In the game:
-Affinity: Select a character to the good/bad side. You can't have all characters 
on the
           same side. I think this affects the dialogue.
-Tools   : The items you can't give away. You use those on special conditions.
-Special : The character's powers. There are 8 for each. You gain them as you 
level up.
-Items   : There are 24 kinds in the whole game. They each have a reserved 
-Change  : Change the order of the characters. Sometimes, a different dialogue 
comes up
           when another character speaks to one.
-Enemies : A collection containing all the enemies you've fought. Press A to view 
           attack movement.
-Save    : Save your game.
-Back    : Go back to the previous screen.

In a fight:
-Attack : Choose the opponent to attack. You can choose yourself, and some 
enemies can't
          be attacked (ex: dog) but they can hit you.
-Guard  : Defend yourself. It lowers the usual damage done to you.
-Tension: You'll need it to perform special attacks. You can only have 8 levels. 
          goes up as you attack. Select to add 2 levels.
-Escape : Escape the battle. Doesn't always work.
-Items  : Use you items.
-Special: Use special powers.

5.1: Act.1

At the beginning, some kind of weird company people talk between each other.
Next, you'll be in a park begging for some food. You start flirting a girl,
presenting yourself as the GetBackers, they seem not interested so you go
telling her how beautiful she looks (apparently, she's supposed to look like
a Japanese star), until when you ask you to buy you some food. She hits you and
goes away. Your partner asks you how much money you have. He plans to buy food
instead. When you gain control, go find Ban on the same screen. For now, you're
Ginji. After talking you have to find a car looking like a restaurant. Go
south, then east. You realize you don't have enough money. The stuff you want
to buy is 84 yen. You're 4 yen short. So go back to your friend. A kid will
show up and you're supposed to get back his lost FF game for some money. Accept
by selecting the first option. Go east from here, you should find a fat kid.
He'll escape, go south and east. He's hiding behind the chairs, talk to him and
he'll attempt to escape once more. Go west twice and you'll find him hiding
behind the big black thing (I suppose it's the toilet but since you can't get
in) Now go east and north. You should be able to recognize him. Now talk to him
and get in your *first* fight. Actually it's not really a fight since you don't
have to do anything. After the first round he'll start crying and people around
will notice how cruel you are (even if you didn't choose attack him). His father
will come and you'll to fight him. Strange thing is that he looks skinnier in
the battle. Well again, and sadly, this isn't a real fight. Well, lucky! The
kid left the game behind him. Go back get your money from the kid by heading
west. After this, you can finally buy the food... Unfortunately, the dog seems
to have taken it away. Now go west and talk to the man near the northern exit.
Go through it and north again. You'll fall on the ground because you're too
hungry to move. An old man will offer you food and the night falls. You tell
him that you're the GetBackers who get back stolen things. The old man will
ask you to return his daughter from some Yakuza company in exchange for all his
money, which is about 1000 yen. At first you decline, but Ginji will insist and
tell you to do it since the old man's been nice by giving you food. Go back up
and press A on the shiny spot. It replenishes HP. Head south, west, south (here
you'll find that dog but you can't beat him up), and south again.

Choose the house. Here you'll start having random battles, so be prepared. Go
up to the door but it's locked shut. Go west or east until you get to a screen
where there's an electricity panel, don't worry, it's pretty straightforward.
Ginji will use his electric power to open the door. A guard then passes by and
notices that the panel's broken, he walks down and you'll have to fight him!
Level up a bit if you need before going up to the panel. When his hair blow,
his attack won't hurt you so much. When you win, you'll receive an item that
will give you back a few hp to all members. You'll also threaten him to tell
you where the old man's daughter is.

Go in the door you just unlocked and up another door. Turn left, north, west,
up a bit and east, east and go up the stairs. Go east to find a shiny key to
access the rest of the house. Go back down, west, west and south and up the
stairs. Go east since the guy won't let you pass. Now go south, west and south
to find the girl. Doesn't she look innocent? Well don't be fooled! She leads
you into a trap which, unfortunately, you can't avoid. Anyway, once you're done
with the conversation, follow her to the door and down the stairs. Go up, turn
then up, and up for the last time to catch up with the girl. Talk to her again
near the door and get ready to fight the Yakuza gang. The girl was in fact the
girlfriend of the Yakuza boss and you'll have to fight his henchmen (the girl
hates her father since he's not rich...). Nothing to worry for this battle,
like the previous guard, the middle guy will have his hair blow up and lose
attack power. Now you'll have your very first boss battle, notice how the
"opening" is different as well as the bgm. Don't be afraid to throw all the
special attacks you have on him. You should have at least 2 for each member
now. This boss can shoot twice during a turn so he might hit both of your
characters. When you win, you'll get 1400 exp, which isn't all that much.
Well he isn't down yet and it appears that he's killing you and everyone
becoming a zombie. Actually this is just an illusion produced by Ban's evil eye
so that the girl opens her eyes and goes back to her father. But she still
doesn't want to come with you so you leave. Outside, you'll meet your old
friend, Hevn. She found a nice job for you. At first you refuse as you remember
the past times you took one of her jobs. But a woman has her tricks for making
a man do whatever she wants. At the end of this act, you will learn more about
the plot of the game.

5.2: Act.2

It begins in a restaurant where you meet you employer (it's the girl in purple).
She explains you that someone has stolen her valuable family treasure passed
down from generation to generation. The objet is said to bring luck. Anyway,
when you gain control, you find yourself back in the park. If you go back to
the restaurant and talk to the man behind the counter, he'll replenish your hp.
Also, you can't go back into the Yakuza house; the policemen seized it.
Remember the old man? Well go a screen below and talk to the red haired guy.
Now go up to meet the old man. You can't do this before talking to the red guy.
You tell him about his daughter and he's sad he couldn't see her, but he'll
still go get you something. Here I don't know what he gives you, if anyone
knows, please e-mail me and I'll put it up. Now leave the park and go to the
new place. Another of those dark scenes will show. Once the conversations
finish, go north and through the path, not the door you see, just a bit up of
it. Enter the door, go west twice and you'll notice something bothering your
ears. Go all the way up, turn left, and enter the first door you see. Press A
on the cat door, a scene will follow. Ginji will try to open it without avail.
Exit this place, go to the restaurant, talk to everyone and go back to the
house from act 1. Try to go in it and a policeman will stop you. Basically you
have to go in there.

6: FAQ

None at the moment

7: Credits

Thanks to:

People reading my walkthrough. Yes, I'm really honored that this is up on on 

Konami. They made a good game out of a manga.

This walkthrough is (c) Copyright 2002 by Shizo.

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