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Sega Dreamcast
Godzilla Generations Maximum Impact
Walk-thru v0.5 By Rich Depping

Feel free to distribute this document, but only unaltered and not for profit.
(Tho anyone paying money for a guide is out of their friggin skull anyhow...)

Well, nobody else has come up with a guide so far, and this is the sequel of 
sorts to my personal favorite (well, at least til Crazy Taxi ships) DC game 
Godzilla Generations, I decided it needs to be done. =)

The game is pretty straightfoward. You Godzilla. You stomp thru Japan cities. 
You trash everything in sight. But, unlike the predecessor, which was nearly a 
3d Godzilla 'sim', you automatically walk fowards and have a 3/4 "bird's eye" 
camera view of the action (giving a feeling not unlike playing AfterBurner, 
actually). You charge your atomic breath with A, move the targeting scope over 
the enemies you want to blast, then let loose. The helicopters, jets, and tanks 
are MUCH more combatant and prevelent than in the first game. Also, they got 
smart and added MONSTER BATTLES! Yes, now you can throw down with Mothra (which 
is one of my deep dark secret shameful desires)

Getting Started

Weird... it must be legally required for games in the states to have that 
'insert CD into game console' instructions in all manuals or something. Well, if 
you don't know how to put cd into a system, I can't help you. 

Thankfully for a change GGMI is entirely in english. In fact, the only real 
katakana or kanji is from the on-screen saving messages (All it says on your VMS 
is LOAD, SAVE, NO! and OK!). The options explain themselves (feel free to linger 
on testing track 3) so we'll cut to the chase. Start a game and get ready for 
wholesome devastation.


First board, pretty much target practice. Out of curiosity I let Godzilla run 
thru the entire course one time w/o any control whatsoever and it made it thru 
with 3/8 health, so you really have to try to get yourself killed here. Get 
accustomed to charging your breath and hovering over the black dots in the 
distance and quickly targeting multiple enemies. Not only does it save your big 
green.. er.. grey butt from being shot when the choppers circle around if you 
miss them, but you points multiply incrementally for each chopper taken out "in 
a row".

1st x1
2nd x2
3rd x4
4th x6
8th x16

I believe it quadruples after a certain # of kills but I haven't been able to 
nail down a specific integer. 


He's fairly simple, Just keep sidestepping and charging your breath and target 
anything targetable. Keep in mind those vines that pop up can be blasted, and 
it's a good idea to do it frequently because they attack more often than 
Biollante itself =D  Bio occasionally hocks up some green sludge in your 
direction, which is fairly easily avoided. Sometimes you can duck it, sometimes 
not - depends on your proximity to Bio.


Now they up the tempo by speeding up the choppers, putting in more building 
'obstacles', and adding fighter jets & ground tank batallions. Still a fairly 
simple board. Only chance in the game I am aware of to get a 64x bonus as well.


'King' Ghidorah? Well, he's a royal pain in the @$$, that's for sure. 
Try and keep as close as possible to him as he circles and flies around. Take 
your time and avoid leaving yourself open for attacks by being too far away and 
in the line of fire - Godzilla doesn't move fast enough to get around Ghidorah's 
rays once you see them charging up if you're in the path. The only monster that 
really gave me any trouble too.

*Mothra (Larva)

Er, yeah. Weird level. You basically sit there and pick off "small" wormlike 
Mothrii as they crawl out of a temple. (The 2 singing midget women are nowhere 
to be seen either =/) You CAN be hurt by them if you just stand there and wait 
20 sec for them to crawl out, stand up, and eventually decide to attack you. 
Just keep charging your breath to nuclear when you get the chance and take the 
buggers out w/ one shot.


HOOOO-YEAH, the main event Chester! Mutant lizard vs mutant insect!

Sadly, this is the easiest of the boss battles. Just keep moving as usual and 
picking off shots as you go. Mothra has similar flight patters to Ghidorah, but 
not as sharp, and unlike Ghodirah you can stop Mothra from attacking by hitting 
it in the face. 


Now the Nippon Royal Army is getting smart. They've upped the airborne firepower 
and increased the tanks, and got sneakier in where to stash them. Keep an eye on 
both your radar AND spotting 'black dots' or you're likely to get cut to pieces 
by the tanks. Also don't forget to take out any oil refinery tanks in your path 
for a better view (and faster transit time as you don't stop ans scream in pain 
when they blow up in your face) This is one of the few areas I advise dodging 
into buildings to give yourself a bit of cover from the @#$#@$% tanks - they 
tend to fire just before the choppers so you can get hit by air fire several 
times just because of 1 tank.


I'm assuming that's supposed to mean 'Super Mecha Ghidorah 2' because it sure 
looks like MechaGhidorah. Hard, but not unberable. Keep varying your circling 
and moving patterns and keep a healthy distance - he's the same size as you and 
on the ground so there's no advange to being in close proximity =) (in fact it 
highly increases your liklihood of a roasted skull)  He is also capable of 
grabbing you with dual tether rods and spinning you for about 15 sec before an 
undignified skid to a stop. Oh, you can stop the big midsection plasma blast 
with a well placed breath shot as well.


MechaGhidorahRobot 2? Dunno... similiar attack pattern to SMG2 but closer to the 
ground and alot quicker. Bide your time with this sucker and waste him with 
nuclear breath when he charges you. Not overly difficult if you keep your 
distance and time the shots properly.


The city is already partially trashed and peppered with huge icebergs by the 
time you arrive. Now you get to contend with clearing a path AND trying to shoot 
down ion projectiles flying at you that you can't see til a 1/2 second before 
impact. VERY frustrating level. Thankfully it's fairly short :) 


No I am not making the name up, look at your manual. =D

Moves like SMG2, shoots like MGR2, frustrates like hell. Keep an eye open for 
the icebergs all over the place while dodging and biding your time for a clean 
shot. If it looks too easy it is - he also has a reflective energy shield and 
attacks with a atomic blast at almost the instant it drops. Get ready to 
continue if you don't start the level with full health.


The 'Death Star Trench Run' of the game. Fend off choppers, tanks, and barrages 
of ballistic missles. Short but intense level. I advise plowing into the airport 
to the far left ASAP for a somewhat functional level of cover. Oh, those weird 
hoverships pack a fairly hefty bite so take them out FIRST.

*Super X III

A highly maneuverable jet with nuclear warheads. More like a pesky fly. The good 
old dance n shoot routine applies here. Keep in mind his missle firing cycles 
have *4* rounds so wait it out =D Always move TOWARDS and never away - closer 
attack are the easily dodged missles - distance attacks are crippling energy 


Very odd and mean beast. Makes Godzilla look like a widdle bunny wabbit. You're 
going to have your work cut out for you on this one. Keep charging and circling 
as close as possible (nearly underneath if you can manage it, safest place to 
be) and rack up as many hits per shot as possible to ramp up the damage. Every 
time you knock his health down 1/4 he'll crash in a big heap and split up into 
little bloodthirsty spider creatures that you have to blast 1 by 1 or they'll 
jump at your juggular. Keep in mind this does 0 damage to his health but a 
fairly good chunk if you let them bite you. Might take you 20 mins but just 
think - this is the last guy.

Woo, you beat it! Now you get to see some entertaing credits set to the beat of 
some mediocre music

Now make sure you have space on your VMS cause do you really want to go thru all 
that again?

Now you're back at the main menu you might notice the new option 'Viewer'. Now 
you can have a looksee at the 3D models of all the monsters. You can even zoom 
in all the way and see inside Biollante's midsection. Not that you'd want to, 
but you can.


Control takes a little getting used to. Sometimes Godzilla decides he's going to 
just stand there, thrash his head around and get shot instead of the frantic 
escape you're slamming on the pad to make him execute. L and R sometimes let you 
rotate, other times it sidesteps. 

A strange useful tip for monster fights - get as many lockons (ESPICALLY head 
neck and face) and try and charge to nuclear before firing. While firing hold 
down L or R and direct the blast. For some reason this sometimes elongates his 
breath attack, other times it actually causes a misfire and usually results in 
you standing like a dullard helpless as Godzilla gets toasted right before your 

I have used my Godzilla VMS most of the time during play, and have sadly seen no 
extra bonuses for using it. You'd think they would at least put SOMETHING extra 
in if you have one plugged into the system...

I have only beaten it so far on Normal mode. I have too much pride to set it on 
easy and not enough intestinal fortitude to venture into hard. Maybe there are 
more bonuses for demolishing 'hard'? We'll see... (hey, it DOES say only v0.5 =)

Sega in their infinite wisdom has not yet (and has not announced plans) released 
either this or the original Godzilla Gen in the US or Europe, so you have to 
have an asian system of one type or another to play.

If you don't yet own a copy (why the hell are you reading this then??) I suggest 
scrounging your local import game shops. Godzilla Generations did not sell well 
in Japan or imported in the US, even over the summer when the price was reduced 
to 1990¥ (~$20 give or take) as part of Sega's big Dreamcast push, so you might 
have to do alot of searching to find someone who was willing to bring it over.

At the time of this writing we have Godzilla Generations as well as Maximum 
Impact in stock at Video Game Depot (http://www.videogamedepot.com) as well as 
just about any other japanese title you can think of.
However we make no gurrantees of availabilty. 

If you have a import DC system you should know where to find games anyhow...

Well, I hope this proved somewhat useful and entertaining. Any comments, 
additions, death threats, etc., can be sent to me at: [email protected]
I'd like to thank:

Sega of Japan
for making such an excellent game

Tom Keller
my boss, for not looking at me funny as I drooled all over the controller 
playing this for the first time

Ron Depping
my dad for making me watch all those rubber suit monster movies when I was a wee 


for making said rubber suit monster movies for the past 5 decades

that's it. go print this out or something.

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