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                                                by H. Chen


I.     Introduction
II.    Updates
III.   Walkthrough
          A.  Carbo Village
          B.  The Black Forest
          C.  Garmia Tower
          D.  Inor Mountains
          E.  Agear Town
              -- Durham Cave
          F.  Baked Plains
          G.  Liligue City
              -- Liligue Cave
          H.  Lumir Forest
              -- Garden of Dream
          I.  Mirumu Village
              -- Mysterious Fissure
              -- Aira's Space
          J.  St. Heim Mountains
              -- Halfway Up
              -- Pilgrim Road
          K.  St. Heim Papal State
          L.  Raul Hills
          M.  Cyrum Kingdom
              -- Cyrum Castle
              -- Underground Plant
              -- Boat
          N.  Cecile Reef
          O.  Garlan Village
          P.  Grail Mountain
          Q.  Ghoss Forest
              -- West
              -- East
          R.  Nanan Village
          S.  The Great Rift
              -- Demon's Law
          T.  Valmar's Body
          U.  St. Heim Papal State 2
          V.  Valmar's Moon
          W.  Cyrum Kingdom 2
              -- Birthplace of the Gods
              -- New Valmar
          X.  Raul Hills (Optional)
IV.    Characters
V.     Magic & Skills
VI.    Others
       -- Legal
       -- Credits


This is not the first time I am writing a walkthrough, but it is the first 
time I am posting it on GameFAQ.  Please email me for any comments or 
suggestions.  If you find something that I had not found or if you know any 
secrets, please feel free to let me know.  I can put it up, including your 
name and contact info.


[email protected]

*** II. UPDATES ***

02/17/2002   Walkthrough finished
02/16/2002   Magic & Skills created
02/10/2002   Walkthrough updated
02/06/2002   Walkthrough created




Items: Poison Antidote, Wound Salve, Blizzard Charm
Enemies: Mottled Spider (250)

Just follow the road.


        8                     E. Entry of the Town
   ----   ----                1. Carbo Inn                   
  / 6       7 \               2. Carbo General Store
 |      3      |              3. Fountain
  \ 4       5 /               4. House 1
   ----   ----                5. House 2
                              6. House 3
    1       2                 7. House 4
        E                     8. Carbo Church


You can learn more about combat in the General Store, and buy necessary 
equipments or items if you have enough money.  Also, you can save in the Inn 
if you want.  Otherwise, there are not many things to do, so head up to the 


Afterward, head to the Inn as the Priest Carius asked.


Go to the Church.


After Elena joins you, leave the town.


Items: Medicinal Herb, 50G, Myriad Power Nut
Enemies: Dodo (230)

Follow the road and fight the enemies that come along.


Items: Wound Salve, Wind Charm, Hand Grenade, 50G, 150G, Wound Salve
Enemies: Mottled Spider (250), Gargoyle (380)


While you are waiting outside, you hear screams inside the church.  Enter the 

The First Floor:  You can see several Mottled Spiders on this floor.  I 
recommend to kill them all so that your characters can level up, not to 
mention making some money.  There are items located in some rooms, so it is a 
good idea to explore. 

The Second Floor: Just follow the corridor.  Do not forget to grab 50G before 
heading up.

The Third Floor: Similarly as the first floor, this floor has many enemies.  
In addition of Mottled Spiders, you see Gargoyle the first time.  Do not need 
to worry about your character's health.  There is a Save Point near the stair 
to the top floor.  If you are low in HP, you can just recover at the Save 

The Top Floor: Kill the two Gargoyles.  Afterward, since you cannot open the 
door, break the window nearby instead.


The Game automatically brings you back to Carbo Village.  Return to the 


HP: ????

One word: Impossible.  You cannot win this battle.  She is much too fast and 
more powerful than you at this point.  However, you can practice how to 


Leave the town.


Items: Muscle Mushroom, 50G x 4, Goblin Toadstool, Poison Antidote x 2,
       150G x 2, Climbing Hat, Yomi's Elixir, Crystal Brooch
Enemies: Crag Snake (280), Dodo (230), Mottled Spider (250)

Walk along the path, and you will see mushrooms spreading around.  By cutting 
them, you can get items, face enemies, or have nothing.  The main path leads 
to a rocky mountain and into the next area.


There are many enemies at this area.  None of them is new, but they attack 
you in groups, instead of individuals.  So, the battles are a little more 
difficult.  Also, in this area, there are rocks to play with.  The first one 
leads to 50G.  Later, along the path, you will see a chest surrounded by 
rocks.  A bigger rock is on the top of the hill, which will break those 
smaller rocks by rolling toward them, when you get close to it.  Among all 
those rolling rocks, pay caution to the one near a cave.  Do not trigger this 
one because it will reveal Crag Snakes inside the cave.


     - 4 ---                  E. Entry of the Town
  / C       \                 B. Blocked on Arrival
 |           |                C. Durham Cave
  \         /                 S. South Silesia
    2                         1. Agear Inn
           1                  2. Guards' Tent

Buy equipments or items in the Guards' Tent.  Because the road is blocked at 
this moment due to monsters' appearance, go to the Inn and talk to the 
Innkeeper, Vyx.


Head to Durham Cave and find Roan.


Items: Medicinal Herb x 3, Firebomb, Yomi's Elixir, 100G x 2, Sleep Charm,
       Poff Nut x 2, Calming Harp, Stone Head, 300G, Torte's Reedpipe
Enemies: Crag Snake (280), Frost Frog (400)

Soon after you enter the cave, rocks fall onto the ground so that you can 
step down to the lower level.  You will see a "squirrel-fox-rodent" thing, 
Carro, but nothing it can help at this moment.  So, ignore it for now.  Go 
further and jump off the ledge.  Fight Crag Snakes after pushing the giant 
rock toward the wall.

Then, go toward the center of this area so that you can maneuver the lever.  
Cross the bridge that has just been raised, and enter the entry nearby [Note: 
the one with no bars].  Along the way, you need to push a rock for later use.  
After fighting a few monsters, you are back to the center area.

Move the lever again to raise the other bridge.  Then, enter the entry where 
you just fought the monsters, and use the rock you just pushed to return to 
the center area.  Cross the bridge.  After you enter another entry with bars, 
there are two directions.  One leads to an item near the center area, and 
another leads to next area of the cave.  [Note: I recommend you to save 
before going into the next area because you'll face a more difficult monster 

As you see Roan, you are to save him by defeating those three Troglodytes.

Troglodyte x 3
HP: 980
Received: Mist Egg

Millenia's Fallen Wings can cause lots of damages to all enemies at once, so 
using it is helpful although it causes 75 SP.  Also, I found that destroying 
one by one is easier than delaying the one which is about to attack you.


After fighting some more monsters, recover and save at the Save Point before 
going to the last area of the cave.

Durham Minotaur, Troglodyte x 2
HP: 4200, 980
Received: Whirlwind Scroll, Adventure Book

Since I spent all my money on Armors, instead of Weapons, I rely on 
Magic/Skill a lot on this fight.  After Millenia's Fallen Wings, it is easier 
to destroy the two Troglodytes first so that you can concentrate on Durham 


Return to Agear Town.  Recover and save using one of the Save Points along 
the way.


Buy equipments/items if needed.  Otherwise, go to the other side of the town 
(south) and exit.


Items: 200G x 4, Seed of Running, 600G x 3, Dash Shoes, Seed of Psyche,
       Seed of Power, Seed of Defense, Healing Herb, North Wind Cape,
       Poison Charm, Poff Nut, Seed of Swift, Seed of Magic, Swiftness Nut, 
       Shell Armor
Enemies: Giant Mantis (420), Dodo (230), Sandman (340)

Follow the path until you reach Baked Plains 2.

There are steams coming out from the ground.  On a small cliff surrounded by 
steams is a big treasure chest.  Other than that, just kill those monsters 
and get items before go into next area.  

[Note: You get to control whom to talk.]

HP: 4800

His usual attack can cause 100+ damages, and he attacks twice every turn.  
Occasionally, he does a severe damage of 300+.  Just try to keep all party 
members' HP high.  By the way, strangely, this boss mainly focuses his 
attacks on Ryudo.


There are still items and monsters after the boss fight.  Afterward, leave 
this area.


          8 C                 E. Entry of the Town
              5               C. Liligue Cave
        4       6             D. Locked Door on Arrival
     S                        S. Skyway Station
        7                     1. Liligue General Store
                3             2. Liligue Inn          6. House 3
    -------DDD-------         3. Engineer's House     7. House 4
        1       2             4. House 1              8. Gadan's House
            E                 5. House 2              9. Church


There is nothing to do, except buying equipments in the Store.  When you are 
done, spend a night at the Inn.

[Note: You get to control whom to talk.]

In the next morning, the locked door is open so that you can enter the town.


Go to Gadan's House, which is located further inside the town.


The Church is located at the end of the blue path, on a hill.  Enter and talk 
to the Father.  After the conversation, follow him to upstairs and talk to 
him again.  When the conversation and the town viewing are done, exit and 
meet Mareg.


After Mareg joins you, investigate the hole [covered with a door on the 
ground] near Gadan's House.


Items: 400G, Healing Herb, Mogay Bomb x 2, Purifying Herb, 1200G x 2,
       Reflection Ring, 400G, Confusion Charm, Bounds of Trust, Poff Nut, 
       Holy Wound Salve, Fire Pendant, Flamberge, Smelling Salts, 
       Burning Bow, Flare Dress
Enemies: Crag Snake (280), Giant Mantis (420), Frost Frog (400), 
         Gargoyle (380), Ghoul (670)

The surrounding of Liligue Cave 1 is like a mountain cave.  You can light up 
torches by standing below them.  It is okay to explore all the paths.  If one 
does not lead to the next area, then it leads to items.  Eventually, you will 
get to Liligue Cave 2.

The second part of the cave is small, and the surrounding is more like a 
stone cave.  Beat the enemies if you want and collect the 1200G.  Otherwise, 
enter the other doorway to the next area.

You are back to Liligue Cave 1.  Just follow the path to the next part.

The fourth part is similar as the second part.  However, as you follow the 
path (and beat monsters along the way), you find a monument and three balls 
that you need to light on.  After stepping onto the button on the floor, new 
doors are open.  One of them leads to the switch for the blue ball, and the 
other leads to the switch for the green ball.  After getting the green ball, 
take the other direction to reach the third door that leads to the switch of 
the red ball.  For this particular part, you need to move the box so that you 
can cross over to reach the switch.  Do not forget to garb the Poff Nut 
before returning to the monument.  There, you see a new ball.  After you 
light up this yellow one, another doorway is open, and you are in Liligue 
Cave 3.

Save because a boss fight is coming up.


Get the items in the chest, and then enter the Temple Ruins.

Valmar's Tongue, Head, Right Hand, Left Hand
HP: 8000, 5000, 4000, 4000
Received: Ancient Cuirass, Revival Gem, Book of Wizards

This is one of the toughest battles I have met.  The easier way is to defeat 
the weaker part first and then leave the Tongue for the last.  I really do 
not know what else to do, except fighting and keeping everyone's HP high.  Of 
course, Skill/Magic is more useful than physical attacks sometimes.


Your party should be back in the town already and should be ready to leave 
using the Skyway.  Thus, go to the Skyway Station and get onboard.

[Note: You get to control whom to talk.]


Items: Lumir Flower x 2, 400G x 5, Insecticide Bomb x 2, 1200G x 2,
       Oracle's Staff, Blueberry, Icefang Stone, Arctic Cape, Ice Pick 
Enemies: Big Foot (750), Giant Crab (560), Huge Caterpillar (630)

Follow the path to leave this area.  However, there is some covered in snow, 
which you can still get across.  One leads to an item, which you saw earlier 
when you were still in the Skyway.  After you reach Lumir Forest, save at the 
Save Point, which is the only place to save in this whole forest.  Then 
search for the cave for the next area.

Inside Lumir Cavern 1, try to cut the vine when you see one.  Most of them 
lead to items, and one eventually leads to the exit.  Back in the Lumir 
Forest, explore the same way as in previous forest area and search for the 
entry to the second cavern.

The difference in Lumir Cavern 2 from Lumir Cavern 1 is the stems coming out 
of the water.  Cutting one reveals a new door.  It is better to cut them all 
because some leads to useful equipments for the party members.  Afterward, 
use similar strategy as in Lumir Cavern 1 to get out of here.  Once outside 
in the forest again, investigate carefully because there is a big treasure 
chest hidden in snows.  Else, follow the path to the Garden of Dream.



After the scene, return to Lumir Forest and see another conversation 
exchanged.  If you try to enter the Garden of Dream again, you will find the 
road blocked.  Instead, another road nearby leads to the exit and East 


               F              E. Entry of the Town
        9                     F. Mysterious Fissure
       4    5   6             1. Mirumu Inn           7. Chief's House
                              2. Mirumu General Store 8. Bridge
      7        3              3. Mirumu Town Hall     9. Sandra's House
      ----   ----             4. House 1                 (Shed)
        2     1               5. House 2
           E                  6. House 3


After entering the Inn, another scene follows.


You can still recover and save when you talk to the Innkeeper, Irina.  
Afterward, cross the Bridge and talk to Aira.  Then, follow Sandra and Aira 
into their house.


Leave Sandra's house and return to the Inn.

[Note: Talk to Selena again to trigger another scene sequence.]

Enter the Inn and spend a night there.

[Note: You get to control whom to talk.]

When Ryudo is awake from the nightmare, check the window.  This triggers 
another sequence.  Afterward, go into the Manager's room in the Inn and check 
Irina.  Then, follow those Eyeballs into the fissure.


Items: Raincoat, 500G, Wind Boots, Bone Harp, 1500G, Purifying Herb,
Enemies: Giant Crab (560), Twin Ogre (680), Hammerhead (830)

Navigate this area to get items.  After some turns and a spiral area, you see 
columns with a Save Point nearby.  Save before you enter the next area.  
Approach the center of the circular floor and triggers the fight sequence.

Eyeball Bat x 4
HP: 3000
Received: Book of Warriors

Those monsters focus attacks mainly on Elena, so try to keep her HP high.  
This is not too difficult if you equip Mana Eggs to your members, so that 
they can heal themselves when necessary.  Also, again, trying to kill of one 
by one is easier.


As you are back in the town, go to the Town Hall, and Selena enters.  After 
the conversation, reinvestigate the Fissure.  There, you will meet Aira.  
Follow her to the shed and jump into the hole.


Return to Mirumu to see another scene.


Return to Mysterious Fissure, Depths.  [Note: You can do so through the 
Fissure entrance, Shred behind Sandra's House, or the Garden of Dream.]  
There, a new entrance appears, which you can use to enter Aira's soul.


Items: Silver Feather, 500G x 3, Yomi's Elixir, 1500G x 2, Battle Manicure, 
       Illusion Clothes, Mirage Earring, Bonds of Trust, Moebius Ring
Enemies: Star Mirage (720), Twin Ogre (680), Hammerhead (830),
         Huge Caterpillar (630), Hellhound (580)

Seemly you are in a cloud environment in Aira's Space 1.  Just grab the items 
and fight the monsters along the way.  If your HP is low, you can go back to 
the starting point and recover.  At the end of the area, ring the bell, and a 
whale appears.  Use it to continue, and you are in a brown area.  At the end, 
you will reach a glowing globe, which brings you to Aira's Space 2.

You will see eyeballs all over.  Reach the bridge with an eyeball, and get to 
the next island.  Do not forget to grab the items in a chest nearby.  When 
you see other bridges, make the eyeballs disappear as well so that you can 
get items on the other side.  Eventually, you will reach a ladder.  After 
climbing up and then down, you will see a Save Point at the end of the road.  
After you save, enter the Room of Solitude and confront Aira.

Valmar's Eye, Right Tendril, Left Tendril, Eyeball Bat x 4
HP: ????, 6000, 6000, 3000
Received: Gravity Egg, Warp Knife, Demon's Tears

Use Magic/Skill that can cause damages on All Foes.  Eyeball Bats can be 
killed off easily, and then you just need to concentrate on the Eye and its 


When you are ready, leave the town and encounter Selene.  After the 
conversation, depart for St. Heim Mountains.


[Note: The other part of the Mountain, Pilgrim Road, is after you visit St. 
Heim Papal State.  Because it is a part of the St. Heim Mountains, I am 
listing in this section.]


Items: Guard Mushroom, 500G x 6, Scattering Stone, Mogay Bomb, Seed of Life, 
       Scroll of Alheal, Lion Field Garb, 1500G x 3, Battle Manicure, 
       Silver Feather, Godspeed Ring, Yomi's Elixir, Mach Boots, 
       Dragonslayer Axe, Holy Wound Salve, Seed of Spells,
Enemies: Chameleon (780),  Hammerhead (830), Big Foot (750), Giant Crab (560)

Follow the path and get items along the way.  At the end, you can enter the 
St. Heim Mountains, Caverns.

Use the exit on the right side from where you just came in, and it leads to 
an item outside the cavern.  After returning inside the cavern, use the other 
exit out of here.

Outside, use the first entrance into the cavern again [Note: The one under 
the waterfall].  Use the exit at the other side of the area to get an item.  
When you get everything, return to the waterfall and take the last entrance 
into the cavern.

[Note: You get to control whom to talk.]

First, you should go to St. Heim Mountains, Waterfall to get items from a 
treasure chest.  Then use the other exit near the Save Point to St. Heim 
Mountains, Base.   At the end of the road, re-enter into the cavern for more 

After getting the Yomi's Elixir, push the rock nearby so that you can get to 
the lower level and the Mach Boots.  Then, continue the path and reach St. 
Heim Mountains, Halfway Up.

[Note: You get to control whom to talk.]

After you spent the night, take the path toward the top of the waterfall when 
you see one.  Push the rock so that you can get the Dragonslayer Axe in the 
water.  Continue to St. Heim Mountains Base and then Waterfall.

Keep following the path.  When you are in the Halfway Up area, be aware of 
the steams that come out from sidewalk.  Afterward, exit to East Silesia.


Items: Poisoned Knife, 1500G, Holy Wound Salve, 500G x 3, Seed of Moves, 
       Poff Nut, Bravery Bandana
Enemies: Big Foot (750), Twin Ogre (680), Chameleon (780)

Do not keep going toward East Silesia.  There are items in this area if you 
climb down the ladders.  Of course, you will encounter some monsters, as 
well.  Then, exit to Raul Hills [Note: section L].


          | C |               E. Entrance of the Town
          |   |               C. Granas Cathedral
      --       ----
     |   8         |          1. St. Heim General Store
     |             |          2. St. Heim Inn
     |  5          |          3. St. Heim Bakery
     | 6       4   |          4. St. Heim Library
     |             |          5. House 1
     \  3        7/           6. House 2
      ----     ---            7. House 3
         1     2              8. House 4


Go to the Granas Cathedral and enter the Cathedral Lobby.  To the right is 
the Cathedral Balcony, and to the left are the Library and a Guestroom.  Talk 
to the Priest in front of the center room.  Only Ryudo can enter at this 


After the conversation with Pope Zera in his room, you will talk with Oro in 
the Audience Chamber.  Afterward, meet the others in the Library.


Read books in desired.  Or, go to the next room, and a scene is triggered.


Head over to the Cathedral Balcony and talk to Millenia.


Return to the Audience Chamber.  Pope Zera and Elena are there to talk to 


Purchase for better equipments/items if desired.  When you are ready, leave 
the town and head to the Kingdom of Cyrum.

[Note: The next area is St. Heim Mountains, Pilgrim Road.  Because it is a 
part of St. Heim Mountains, I am listing in section "J. St. Heim Mountains".]


Items: Thunder Ring, 500G x 2, Earthen Cuirass, Buster Flail, 1500G x 2, 
       BlackQuartz Helm, Golden Nut x 5, Weakness Nut, Seed of Psyche, 
       Revival Gem, Seed of Power, Myriad Power Nut, Seed of Life x 2, 
       Seed of Defense, Quake Stone, Patience Nut, Scroll of Alheal, 
       Rage Ring, Exhaustion Nut, Seed of Magic
Enemies: Dragonold (960), Land Cougar (1000), Chameleon (780), 
         Twin Ogre (680)

In Raul Hill, you not only can walk the path but also the grass.  Fight the 
enemies and get items.  Then, you have to pass through some ruined walls to 
the next area.  The ruined walls are like a maze.  Do not ignore dead ends 
because some lead to items.

Raul Hill 2 is similar, except that you will see pink plants growing as you 
approach them.  Do not get too close when they are growing because they can 
hit you.  Some of them contain items after you cut them.  Then, pass the Save 
Point and cross the bridge.  Before boarding the boat at the end of the road, 
take the other direction and go to Raul Hil1 for more items.  Then, return to 
Raul Hill 2 and take the boat.  When you arrive at the other port, go left 
first for more pink plants.  Afterward, go to the other direction and exit.


      ________    ____        E. Entrance of the Town
     |        |__|6    |      C. Cyrum Castle
    _| 7 8      __     |      P. Cyrum Kingdom, Port
   C___ ______|  |     |_     
      ___        |      _P    1. Cyrum Kingdom Inn
                 |     |      2. Cyrum Kingdom General Store
                 |5   4|      3. House 1              7. Castle Square 
                      3|      4. House 2              8. Hemble's Tent
                 |     |      5. House 3
                 |2   1|      6. House 4
                    E         7. Castle Square


Spend a night in the Inn to trigger another scene.


In the next morning, go to the Square and talk to Hemble in his tent. Then, 
you have to play arm wrestle with him.  [Note: The game will teach you how to 
play.]  After you win, you are back in the Square.  


Go to the stand near Hemble's tent and get a drink for Elena.  [Note: The 
fourth one is the refreshing juice of the Cyrum Palm, which is a regular 
one.]  When you go back to Elena, you see Millenia instead.


With Millenia, leave the Square and head to the Inn.  This triggers another 
scene at the tent with a dancing boy, Mau.


Afterward, follow Roan's direction and use the boat to the back of the 
castle.  Then, talk to the guards here and enter the Secret Passage.


Items: Move Blessing, Lightning Tiara, 2100G, Electrum Stone, Silver Feather, 
       700G, Magical Brace
Enemies: Dragonoide (960), Chameleon (780), Skull Snail (920)

You will see Carro here [Note: I do not know what to do with it right now].  
Then, you need to push a box to move further.  [Note: From now on, when you 
see a box with red border, you can push it.]  Before going further, use the 
ladder on the right to get an item.  Then, continue the path until you reach 
a lever.

Move the lever and cross the bridge.  Repeat for the second bridge.  Then 
climb up the ladder.  At the crossroad, one direction leads to a level that 
opens the door.  The other opens a shortcut that you can use to return to the 
Save Point.  Use the door to the next area.  Follow the path to reach the 
last room.  There is a place you need to stand on so that you can open a 
secret door to Downstairs Hall.  Here, enter the Room of Demon and talk to 


After the conversation, return to the Hall and go to Downstairs Lobby.  
There, enter the Audience Chamber, which is the big door in the center of the 
room, and go to the King's Office.


Go to downstairs, and check the Gate of Darkness.  Enter.


Items: Icefang Stone, 700G x 6, Paralysis Salve x 2, 2100G x 4, Soul Easter, 
       Mana Harp, Move Blessing, Dynamite, Revival Gem, Forbear Necklace, 
       Flame Stone, Miracle Elixir, Holy Wound Salve, Warp Shoes,
Enemies: Skull Snail (920), Dragonoid (960), Warp Warrior (850),
         Vein Brain (800)

This place is filled with machinery.  There is a Save Point near the 
entrance.  Follow the path and kill off monsters.  After you come down to the 
lower level using the stair, you will see a terminal nearby.  Use it to open 
a new way further into the area.  Do not forget to kill the monsters nearby 
and grab the item before continue.  Eventually, you enter Underground Plant 

Go left to get an item.  Then, come back to the beginning of this area and 
head straight.  Follow the direction of pipes.  After you receive "Revival 
Gem", use the other pipe to get gold before use the one near the Save Point.  
Afterward, continue down the path, and you will reach the Save Point along 
the way.  Here, use the pipe near the stair first to get an item before use 
the other.  After moving the lever, continue down the path.  After a couple 
more pipes, move the third lever to continue.  When you see two pipes, use 
the one on the left first to retrieve a new weapon for Ryudo.  Finally, you 
reach a platform to Underground Plant 3.

Fight monsters and get items as you walk along the path.  At the end, you see 
a Save Point.  Save before heading to the Control Room.  After the 
conversation, walk straight to encounter the boss.

Valmar's Claw, Right Arm, Left Arm
HP: 14000, 8000, 9000
Received: Mana Insignia, Book of Gales

This boss can severely damage your party members and then heal itself.  Plus, 
its movement is faster than yours.  Hence, this is going to be a long fight.  
Try to keep all members' HP high while you attack.

[Note: The reason the HP is ???? is because it is above 9999.  From now on, I 
will list HP based on the boss' HP bar, instead of "????" as listed on the 
screen.  Thus, it is only an approximation.]


You are in the Downstairs Hall.  Go to King's Office upstairs and then King's 


Melfice, Sword, Regenerator
HP: ????, ????, ???? 

This battle is IMPOSSIBLE.  No matter what you do, you cannot cause any 
damage.  So, just keep using physical attacks so that you can finish the 
fight sooner.


Enter the Castle and use the Front Gate.  Roan comes out and talks to you.  
Afterward, leave the castle and meet Tio.  Then, go to Port.  A ship is there 
waiting for you.  Talk to Captain Bakala to board the ship.

-- BOAT --

In the boat, talk to Tio three times to get more information.  Afterward, 
talk to Bakala on the deck.


Items: Dragonfly Slayer, Gale Stone, 1000G x 2, Scroll of Alheal, 
       Healing Fruit, 3000G, Lullaby Staff, Coral Necklace, Electrum Stone, 
       Mermaid Harp, 
Enemies: Crimson Claw (1230), Flame Toad (940), Scaly Warrior (1160)


Follow the path and see pearl-like objects on the ground.  Eventually, you 
reach an area that the part decides to spend a night.

[Note: You get to control whom to talk.]

You are awake to face a few monsters.  Afterward, take the other direction 
and enter Cecile Reef 1.  Follow the path.  Later, jump over two cliffs to 
continue.  Eventually, you reach Cecile Reef 2.  Explore this area similarly 
as previous one.  Then, jump across the stones to reach the other side.  
Explore thoroughly, including the stony coastline.  You, at last, will see 
two giant Crimson Tails.

HP: 9800
Received: Soul Egg

This battle is actually a simple one.  The monsters do not cause many 
damages, except decreasing your defense by 1 or occasionally using Scissor 
Form attack to cause 700+ damages to one particular member at a time. From 
your party members, Howlnado and Zap All are most useful, which cause 1000+ 
damages to each monster.  You can defeat them after a few turns.

Return to the Save Point to recover if necessary.  Otherwise, head to Cecile 
Reef, Point.  After jumping off from the cliff, you meet Bakala.



              V   ___         E. Ship 
             | |_| 7 |        V. Island of Garlan and Vicinity
        ____ |_   ___|        
       | 9  |__|   5 \        1. Garlan Inn
       |     __   4   |       2. Garlan General Store
       |__8_|  |__    |       3. House 1
               ___|3  |       4. House 2
              |7__  __|       5. House 3
             _____|   |       6. House 4
            | 2 __  1_|       7. Tombs
            |__|  | |         8. Village Chief's House
                   E          9. Ryudo's House

Upon your arrival, you meet people who do not welcome Ryudo's return.  After 
the conversation, go to Ryudo's house.


Afterward, go to the Inn and stay for tonight.


Leave the town and head to Grail Mountains.


Items: 1000G x 4, Makibishi, 3000G x 2, Double Moon, Face Paint, 
       Potion of Azure, Mars Talisman, Grail Fruit x 2, Healing Fruit,
       Dark Armor, Move Blessing, Bonds of Trust, Earthen Axe, Dynamite, 
       Fairy Ribbon, Gold Feather
Enemies: Crimson Claw (1230), Clay Bird (1800), Man-Eating Tree (1340),
         Pit Viper (1080), Flame Toad (940)


Walk further into the area, until you reach three tombstones.  Move the 
middle one to reveal the way to get across.  Then, you will have a long to 
fight if you want to get all items.  Otherwise, continue the path to reach 
another set of tombstones.  After moving one of the tombstone and crossing 
the broken bridge, you will reach Grail Mountain Road 2 after a couple of 

In this particular area, you need to cross purple mud to continue.  Then, you 
need to cross a few purple ropes.  Eventually, you see a Save Point and reach 
the Shrine Square.  There is no items or monsters here, so you can just go 
ahead and enter the Shrine.  After seeing the seal, return to the Square, 
since there is nothing else to do.  You will meet Melfice.  Follow him to 
Grail Mountain Road 3.

Grab the item in the chest before going downhill.  Then, continue down the 
path to get more items before you save and enter the Plateau of Memories.  Go 
straight and face Melfice.

Melfice, Sword, Regenerator
HP: 17000, 18000, 13000
Received: Book of Swords, Waken Valborg, Soul of Asura

Melfice can be really, really tough.  He can injure one character about 1200, 
and then his sword easily kills off this character if he or she has not died 
yet.  If you are lucky [like my second time fighting him], you can kill off 
the Regenerator before he does any of this attack.  Since the Sword only take 
damages from Ice and Wind Magic, attack simultaneously between casting magic 
on the Sword and using skills on Melfice.  If all your characters have one of 
their skills reaching five stars, keep use that particular skills because of 
faster speed and severer attacks.  When only Melfice is left, the battle will 
be easier.


Save in the Inn, and then head to the boat to depart.



[Note: The second part of the Forest, Ghoss Forest East, is after you visit 
Nanan Village.  Because it is a part of the Ghoss Forest, I am listing in 
this section.]


Items: 3000G, Healing Incense, Sylph's Robe, 1000G, Divine Talisman,
       Quake Stone, Baobab Fruit, Super Mogay Bomb
Enemies: Flame Toad (940), Scaly Warrior (1160), Giga Mantis (1460)

Upon arrival, you are in the West part of the Ghoss Forest.  First of all, 
you see one giant flower.  Wait until it lowers its head so that you can get 
across.  Then, simply follow the path to continue.  Beware of the plant, 
which blows out poisonous gas.  After the second poisonous-gas plant, you 
will find the way to West 2.

At the second intersection [Note: the first leads to a dead-end], get close 
to the giant flower to reveals a way to continue.  Near the end of the path, 
you see conversations exchanges among party members.  Afterward, exit to the 
Great Cleft Island of Arachna and then to the Nanan Village.


Items: Revival Gem, 1000G x 3, Wolf Boots, 3000G x 3, Smelling Salt, 
       Yomi's Elixir, Baobab Fruit, Seed of Spells, Red Goblin Toad,
       Dragon Scales, Seed of Running, Runner Mushroom, Vaccine, 
       Speed Mushroom, Black Belt
Enemies: Pit Viper (1080), Fenny Bird (1570), Man-Eating Tree (1340),
         Giga Mantis (1460)

You will meet many monsters at once.  Since you can go back to the Save Point 
nearby, there should be no problems to beat them all.  After that, you reach 
a giant tree along the way.  One of the branches leads to 3000G.  Then, exit 
to East 2.

In this area, cut the first set of mushrooms because some of them contain 
items.  The middle one of the second set reveals three monsters.  For the 
next set, the mushroom on the right of the back row reveals another monster 
when you cut it.  Later, cut the five mushrooms in a row to get an item, and 
then head to the other way to continue.  When you see another set of 
mushrooms, the one stands alone reveals monsters nearby.  Then, near the 
trunk of another giant tree, search items.  Eventually, you reach the end and 
exit to Island of Arachna [Note: section S].


               S              E. Entrance of the Town
            __| |___          S. Nanan Spring
         __| 8    3 \__
        /6           _4|      1. Nanan General Store  7. House 1
       |    |7  __9_|         2. Nanan Inn            8. House 2
       |_5__|    1|           3. Elder's House        9. House 3
            |2__  |           4. Mareg's House        
                | |           5. Weaving Nut
                 E            6. Hut of Trials

Someone greets you upon your arrival.  Afterward, go directly to the Elder's 
House and talk to the Elder standing outside.


Enter the Hut of Trials.


Items: Nut of Light

After you reach the bottom, read the monument to start the mini-game.  
Afterward, the door to the exit is open.  Collect the Nut of Light, and then 
you are dropped again onto moss.  Then, you can exit using the platform 
ahead.  The guy outside will give you a reward.  [Note: You can keep playing 
the mini-game to receive items.  I don't know whether the outcome of the item 
you get later is based on the number of nuts you collect or the number of 
times you win.  The following lists the items I received.  I tried to play 
the sixth time, but the game has become more difficult, in which I need to 
collect more than 20 nuts while more pink balls are dropped from the sky.]

          Times | Nuts    | Item Received
           1    | 13      | Ring of Guarding
           2    | 18      | Bloody Saucer
           3    | 14      | Miracle Scales
           4    | 15      | Platinum Feather
           5    | 19      | Book of War

After you are done, talk to the Elder in the center of the town and join the 
townspeople for the festival.


When it is your turn to control the game, head to the Nanan Spring.  


Check out the place where Elena was, and then return to the area you were 


The next day, leave the town.

[Note: The next area is Ghoss Forest, East.  Because it is a part of Ghoss 
Forest, I am listing in section "Q. Ghoss Forest".]


Items: Healing Fruit x 2, Seed of Moves, Man's Iron Clogs, Man's Headband, 
       3600G, Magic Blessing, Vaccine, Healing incense, Demon's Tears, 
       Seed of Swift, 1200G x 3, Discus, Blessing Scroll, Energy Ring, 
Enemies: Giga Mantis (1460), Fenny Bird (1570), Desert Diver (1300)


Go down the hill.  Before you use the ladder down, jump over to the other 
cliff to get an item.  Ignore the next ladder.  Instead, use the one at the 
end to go up and then enter the cave to get items.  Next, jump over to the 
next ledge.  Continue to do so until you reach the bottom.  Then, move right 
to use a ladder up and get some gold.  Otherwise, head left and move a rock 
above to continue.  After that, keep going down.  Then, you will face choices 
of ladders.  One on the most right leads to a rock that you need to remove, 
and the one on the most left leads to a second rock above.  After removing 
it, get across the path.  Explore every path you see.  After a short while, 
you reach to the Great Rift 2.

Among the three directions, two lead to items.  Choose the third to continue.  
After a long way, you face three choices again.  The middle one leads to the 
end while the others lead to items.  Save before heading to the Great Rift 3.  
There, at the end of this area, is a wall of clouds.


Afterward, grab all items and then enter the Demon's Law.


Items: 3600G, Red Bird Stone, Panacea, Phoenix Hat, Hero's Elixir, 1200G, 
       Halo Armor, Mystic Potion

Get gold inside the door before continue using the other side.  There are 
also items in a chest inside the door on the right.  Then, continue the path 
until you reach a boss monster.

Leck Guarder, Snow Leopard x 2
HP: 16000, 4600
Received: Inferno Battleax

The two Snow Leopards can be killed easily first using level 5 Skills.  After 
that, just concentrate on the last boss.

To continue, access three columns, one of which is located in front of the 
main door.  One is located in the room on the right side, which also contains 
a weapon for Mareg.  The last one is located in the room on the other side.

Naga Queen x 2
HP: 14000
Received: Star Egg

Keep using level 5 Skills and then Magics.

Go to the rooms on the sides first before you enter the Control Room.


Tio Clone
HP: 24000
Received: Balor

Use similar techniques as previous battles.  Also, try to keep all your 
members' HP high.

After the battle, destroy the machine as Tio suggests.  Afterward, return to 
Great Rift 3.


Continue and enter Great Rift 4.



Items: Golden Potion, Potion of Azure, Resist Dress, 1500G x 2, Thor Stone, 
       4500G, Panacea, Pretty Bracelet x 5, Revival Gem, Ninja Clothes, 
       Adamantine Helm, Fire Charm, Silence Lute, Magical Medicine, 
       Gold Feather, Bonds, of Trust, Rainbow Hi-Heels,
Enemies: Venomous Larva (1620), Tarantula (1270), Immune Cell (1540),
         Brain Bat (1480), Dino Freezer (1830)

Save, and then enter the Tentacle Passage.  Continue the path until you reach 
an eye-thing.  Touch it to reveal a new way.  Before using the new way, head 
the other direction to get gold.  Then, move the blue ball to continue.  Go 
left to retrieve an item before moving the next blue ball.  Get gold and then 
move the third ball.  Then, after getting another item, walk up the hill and 
jump down to the lower level.  There you enter the Vein Passage.

An item is located at the end of the right path.  When you are done with 
that, return and use the left path.  Before you touch the switch, head to the 
other way to get an item first.  From now on, when you reach a new switch, 
head the open doorway first to get items (if any exist) before touching the 
switch.  Eventually, you reach the final switch.  The right leads to an item 
while the left leads to the Spherical Room.

There is nothing else to do, except touch the center circle.  Then, leave and 
enter the Artery Passage.

Explore this area the same as in the Vein Passage.  At the end, you reach a 
switch, which opens two doors.  One leads to an item, and the other leads to 
the Tentacle Passage.

Follow the way to reach another eye-thing.  Then, remove a couple more of the 
blue balls to continue.  After a few jumps, you find a Save Point.  Then, 
exit to the Core.


Valmar's Body, Right Tentacle, Left Tentacle
HP: 21000, 13000, 12000
Received: Angel Circle, Relief Tag

Keep your characters' HP high above 1000 so that you do not need to worry if 
anyone dies.  Other than that, just continuously cast your Magic and Skills.


== U. St. Heim Papal State 2 ==

Enemies: Granas Knight (2430)

After the long sequence, you are back in St. Heim Papal State.  [Note: Refer 
to Section K for map.]  The first thing you encounter is a group of Granas 
Knights, which you have to destroy.  Afterward, go to Granas Cathedral.


Valmar's Heart, Right Eye, Left Eye
HP: 20000, 12000, 12000
Received: Goddess Hi-Heels, Holy Clothes

Nothing is special.  Just beat the two eyes before you face the heart.

Follow Elena into the Lobby.  You can save using the Save Point in the 
Guestroom Corridor.  Otherwise, you can enter the Audience Chamber and talk 
to Oro lying on the ground.  Follow Mareg's direction and enter the door 
behind into the Holy Room.  Access the platform to upper floor.


Enter the Forbidden Room to trigger another scene.


Return to the Granasaber in the Pastures and fly to the moon.


Items: Lion Harp, Lion Boots, Leo Rex Battleax, Potion of Azure, 6000G x 2, 
       Thor Stone, Silver Feather x 2, 2000G x 3, Demon Ash, Miracle Elixir, 
       Mystic Veil, Indigo Potion, Panacea, Moonstone Armor, Reflect Helm, 
       Scarlet Potion x 2, Golden Potion, Scattering Stone, Meteor Scroll, 
       Moonlight Tiara
Enemies: Nyarmot (1670), Salamadile (1500), Evil Maneuver (1950),
         Dragon Knight (2130), Valmar Fly (4800), Valmar Young (7200)

Follow the path into Valmar's Moon 1.

Go down the path.  At the first intersection, the right road leads to a 
treasure chest.  Then, use the left road to continue.  At the next 
intersection, turn left to get an item before heading right.  Do not miss the 
path to get gold.  Then, at the next intersection, unless you want to fight 
monsters, head to left.  Then, head right for an item and left to continue.  
Next, go to the two devices on the side rooms to get across the new bridge.

Cut the orange connection to open the first door.  Then, you will see two 
similar doors next.  The right one leads to monsters while the left one leads 
to gold. The back direction of the place you are right now also leads to an 
item.  When you are done collecting all, head straight.  Turn right at the 
next intersection to collect an item.  Then, turning left next at an 
intersection gets you an item.  After a few turns here and there, cut the 
orange connection and then exit.

In this area, Valmar's Moon 3, you will see pink tiles on the floor.  You can 
step onto them to lower them.  There is one near a pink column, which gives 
you armor after you click the tile.  Then, after you click all tiles in this 
area, another pink column is lowered so that you can get across.  Nearby, 
another pink column that you can lower gives a helm.  Repeat to do so for the 
next few pink tiles.  Then, a pink column is raised so that you can cross to 
the other side.  The next pink column you see lowers a monster.  Nearby, you 
can get gold.  Then, head straight for more pink tiles to click, and a 
boulder will be moved.  After one more jump and two more pink tiles, get 
ready for a boss fight in the Valmar's Womb.


Egg Guardian, Bit x 3 
HP: 25000, 4800 
Received: Angel's Robe

Concentrate your attacks on the Egg Guardian.  Once in awhile, it will summon 
Bits so you do not need to kill all Bits.  Plus, as soon as you destroy the 
Egg Guardian, all Bits are dead.


Leave the place.  Then, you face 4 Valmar Flies, which you must kill off.  
After that, Valmar Young and two Valmar Flies are next.  Lastly, you exit 
after fighting two more Valmar Youngs.



Items: Missanga
Enemies: Valmar Young (7200)

You are back in Cyrum Kingdom, South.


Return to Cyrum Kingdom and search for Roan near the Castle.  [Note: Refer to 
Section M for map.]  You will find Roan with two Valmar Youngs.  Join him.


After the conversation, enter the King's Chamber and talk to Roan.


Leave the Castle and then the town.  Townspeople and guards will talk to you 
as you walk by.  Something then happens when you are about to exit the town.  
After killing the monsters and seeing a short scene, exit.

Now, you have choices.  One is the Raul Hills, where you can get some useful 
items.  Also, you may want to level up (or earn SP and MP) by fighting 
monsters here.  [Note: The walkthrough for this part in Raul Hills is listed 
in the next Section, X.]  Otherwise, go to Cyrum Kingdom, South.


Enter the Cyrum Royal Mausoleum next for another scene.


Then leave and enter the Birthplace of God.


Items: 7500, Hero's Cuirass, 2500G x 2, Flame Stone, Quake Stone, 
       Scarlet Potion, Valkyrie Dress, Angel's Ring, Indigo Potion, 
       Gale Stone, Scarlet Potion, Panacea, Mystic Potion, Sun Robe, 
       Holy Crown, Gold Feather, Hero's Elixir, Dragon Egg, Book of Sages,
       Ethereal Miracle, Super Mogay Bomb, Hyper Mogay Bomb, Kojin Charm,
       Illusion Bandana
Enemies: Death Doberman (1790), Yeti (2130), Emerald Bird (1860),
         Ancient Warrior (2040)

First of all, take the path on the left.  After a few turns, grab the gold 
before continue.  Then, you can actually reach the door to Birthplace of the 
Gods 2, but the door is locked at the moment.  Taking the path opposite of 
the door to reach a switch (blue ball).  Use the switch to open and close 
doors.  Stand before the two newly open doors, and take the one on the left.  
This reaches to a switch that lowers a new armor for you.  Otherwise, the 
other direction leads to the beginning place.  Now, take the path on the 
right.  Later, grab an item before return to the originally locked door.  

Before use the stair, go the other direction and grab the item first.  Then, 
at the next fork, take the item before heading straight.  After awhile, you 
reach the stair down to Birthplace of the Gods 3.

After the first battle, turn left at the fork because the path on the right 
leads to a locked door.

Dual Fist x 2
HP: 18000
Received: Elf King's Boots

Ba-Boom! and Howlnado are useful because it can cause 2000+ damages to each 
when it is cast.  Other than that, just kill them off with level 5 Skills.  
This is not a difficult battle.

Before touch the switch, go opposite into a room and get gold.  After 
maneuver the switch (yellow ball), head to the door beside the one where you 
fought the boss monster and get an item.  Also, enter the last door that you 
have not entered yet.  Push the box and touch the switch you see in the next 
room.  You can enter a new place for four chests.  When you are done, return 
to upstairs, Birthplace of the Gods 2.

Guardian x 2
HP: 18000
Received: Phoenix Ring

You encounter these two bosses as you follow the path.  It seems like they 
are Lightning-element monsters, so Lightning Magic does not work as 
effective.  Plus, you can go back to the Save Point for recover afterward, so 
you can just use all those powerful Skills or Magic on the monsters to win.

Continue the path and reach a switch (red ball).  Stand in front of the two 
newly open doors.  The right one leads to the exit to Birthplace of the Gods 
1.  If you choose to go left, then, at the next fork, the right path leads to 
an item and a switch, which opens a new door nearby, while the left leads to 
a potion.   The previous switch (red ball) also opens a door on the floor of 
Birthplace of the Gods 3 that leads to a big chest.  However, return to 
Birthplace of the Gods 1 for the moment.  Trace your steps to the switch 
(blue ball).  Touch it so that you can enter a new area.  Then, move the 
center box in the new area once and also the other box.  After touch the 
switch in the end of the path, a giant chest is lowered that contains Dragon 
Egg and Book of Sages.  Afterward, re-touch the switch (blue ball).  Then go 
to Birthplace of the Gods 3 and enter the new area with a previously locked 
red door.  Also, go to the switch (yellow ball) and turn the yellow light 
off.  Then, return to the exit to Birthplace of the Gods 1.  Instead, you go 
to Birthplace of the Gods 3.

Follow either direction of the fork.  This leads to a Save Point and a door.  
Try to enter and trigger a scene.


Go to the center of the room.


Go down the only road.  You stop at a green fire.  Answer "No, this I do not 
desire!" and advance.  At the next green fire, answer "No, that's not it!".  
Then, at the last green fire, answer "No... that's not it!" and reach the 
end.  [Note: I have not tried other choices, so I do not know if the ending 
will be affected.]


Talk one of the townspeople to buy items/equipments if desired.  Otherwise, 
stand on the blue seal and be transported into New Valmar.


Items: 3000G, All-Around Seed, Scarlet Potion, Gold Feather, Loving Ribbon, 
       Potion of Azure, Yomi's Elixir x 2, Holy Sword Armor, God of War Helm, 
       Indigo Potion, 9000G, 3000G, Meteor Scroll, Face Paint, 
       Priestess' Robe, Omnipotent Seed, Mystic Potion x 2, Golden Potion, 
       Battle Manicure, Ogre Shoes
Enemies: Killer Tree (2310), Dragon Knight (2130), Evil Maneuver (1950), 
         Valmar Moth (3200), Mind Eater (2200)

At the first fork, turn left and use the platform to go down.  Collect the 
gold and use the next platform to go up.  After two more platforms, you face 
three choices of green vines to cross.  The left one leads to an item, and 
the right one leads to a big chest.  The center choice leads to a room with 
six buttons on the ground.  The next one, counterclockwise, opens the 
monster.  The one beside that leads to a potion further inside a room.  The 
one near a weapon opens the door so that you can get the Dirk.  The fourth 
one opens a way, which you should choose, while the last one opens a monster 
nearby, as well.

Valmar Magna, Valmar Moth x 2
HP: 19000, 3200

Valmar Moths are easy to beat.  Afterward, just use Ryudo's Flying Tenseiken 
(level 5) and Roan's Ice Prison (level 5) to kill Valmar Magna with no 
difficulty.  Afterward, enter New Valmar 2.


When you see the Save Point, head left to reach a room full of eggs.  There, 
you encounter several Valmar Moths, but explore this area first for items.  
At the end, you get a new armor so you can return to the Save Point after.  
Now, enter the room on the right to reach another room with six buttons.  
With the button on the entrance side as one (counterclockwise), the second 
and the last buttons open doors of monsters.  The fourth and fifth buttons 
lead to items.  The third one reveals a door that you choose to continue.  
Then, after pushing the two more buttons, the main area changes.  You not 
only open the entrance to New Valmar 3 but also are able to save.

Go through a corridor and reach a red tunnel.  Go to the end and turn right.  
Turn left next to reach a giant chest at the end.  Then, return to the red 
tunnel to reach the other side, where you can get into a purple tunnel.  
Follow the way and go straight to reach a room where you get an item.  Then 
head to the other direction and switch to use the red tunnel.  At the fork, 
turn right to get items and then head the other direction to continue.  Save 
and use the purple tunnel.

Valmar Magna x 2
HP: 19000

Use similar techniques as the previous battle.  Afterward, enter New Valmar, 

Save or recover using the previous Save Point if desired.  Otherwise walk 
either direction to the center.


Valmar Core, Right Head, Middle Head, Left Head
HP: 30000, 25000, 25000, 25000

This boss is hard.  It not only causes damages to all party members at once, 
but also can heal itself.  Try the most powerful Magic, Skills, and Moves so 
that you can kill it as soon as possible.  From what I had seen, the Right 
Head does the healing stuff so that is the first thing I destroyed.  Then, I 
tried to kill the Left Head next because it is doing the magic-casting job.  
After killing off the Middle Head, the Valmar is easier to handle.

HP: 23000
Received: Black Angel Bow

Well, there is no chance to get recovery.  If your party members still have 
enough MP and SP left, use them!  Or else, try to use some attack items.  
Compared to the previous battle with the Valmar Core, this battle is much 


Rearrange your characters' equipments and skills, for now you have different 
members.  Then, stand on the green portal.  Save and advance.

Valmar's Tongue, Head, Right Hand, Left Hand
HP: ????, 9000, 19000, 19000
Received: Golden Potion, Potion of Azure, Indigo Potion, Starlight Tiara

This battle is nothing special.  Since I did not pay much attention, I forgot 
to count the HP for Valmar's Tougue and therefore I list it as "????".

Return to the Save Point for recovery if necessary.  Otherwise, use the next 
portal to continue.

Valmar's Eye, Right Tendril, Left Tendril, Eyeball Bat x 4
HP: 18000, 18000, 18000, 15000
Received: Indigo Potion, Potion of Azure x 4, Queen Heels, Scarlet Potion

After continuously casting and attacking, you can easily beat all monsters 
after a few turns.

Recover and save if desired.  Else, continue to the next area.

Valmar's Heart, Right Eye, Left Eye
HP: 25000, 16000, 16000
Received: Mystic Potion, Potion of Azure, Tenma's Dress

Thunder Magic does no effect on Valmar's Heart.  Otherwise, use similar 
techniques to kill it off.

Recover one last time if you want.  Otherwise, use the next portal and face 
the final boss.


Zera Valmar
HP: 36000

This battle is considered easy if all your Skills, Magic, and Moves are level 


A year later, as Roan, you are to visit the rest of your friends.  Leave the 
town toward East Silesia and meet Tio.


Next, in Liligue, meet Millenia near the Church.


You are then in Mareg's village.


In Mirumu, go to Sandra's House.  After the conversation, head to the tent 
and meet Elena. 




Items: Rusty Hoop, Zero Broadsword, Useless Staff, Dull Knife, Lore of Magic, 
       Platinum Feather, Energy Charm, Demon Necklace, Sonic Belt, 
       Astral Miracle, Soul of a Hero, Fairy Egg
Enemies: Chameleon (780), Dragon Knight (2130), Nyarmot (1670), 
         Snow Leopard (4600), Devil (5800)

After using the boat and before crossing the bridge, go to Raul Hills 1 first 
to get four useless weapons.  When completed, return to Raul Hills 2 and 
continue.  When you are in the ruined walls in Raul Hills 1 later, search 
thoroughly for useful items.  After you collect all, return to Raul Hills 2 
and leave this place.


All Moves have max level of 5.

== RYUDO ==

      MOVES                    SP
      Tenseiken Slash          24
      Flying Tenseiken         40
      Purple Lightning         32
      Sky Dragon Slash         99

== ELENA ==

      MOVES                    SP
      Impact Bomb              25
      Nightmare Ball           18
      Droplets of Life         90
      White Apocalypse         80


      MOVES                    SP
      Arrow Shot               25
      Heel Crush 	             20
      Fallen Wings             75
      Starving Tongue          55
      Spell Binging Eye        60
      Grudging Claws           42

== ROAN ==

      MOVES                    SP
      Golden Hammer            22
      Dragon Rise (Note1)      38
      Snowball Fight (Note2)   40
      Vitality March           20

   Note 1: This Move changes to True Dragon Rise (42 SP) after Roan becomes a 
   Note 2: This Move changes to Ice Prison (30 SP) after Roan becomes a 

== MAREG ==

      MOVES                    SP
      Beast Fang Cut           26
      Beast King Smash         44
      Beast King Blast 		 52
      Lion's Roar              18

== TIO ==

      MOVES                    SP
      Lotus Flower             28
      Fast Dance-Whirl         38
      Tornado                  48
      Whisper to Stars         36

*** V. MAGIC & SKILLS ***

== MAGIC ==

All Magic has max level of 5.

All Magic can be purchased by Magic Coins.

      Crackle     One Foe        Attack enemy with icicle knives
      Crackling   All Foes       Attack enemies with diamond dust
      Fiora       Some Foes      Magic symbol blocks enemy moves
      Cold        One Foe        Drops action with soul-chilling cold
      Freeze!     All Foes       Drops movement with bone-chilling cold

      Tremor      Some Foes      Call up earth energy and attack
      Quake       All Foes       Attack all enemies with earth rage
      Gravity     Some Foes      Use gravity to gather enemies
      Diggin'     All Allies     Ups defense with the power of earth
      Def-Loss    All Foes       Drops defense with the power of earth

      BOOM!       Some Foes      Attack with an explosion
      BA-BOOM!    All Foes       Attack with a huge explosion
      Meteor      One Foe        Meteor attack from the sky
      WOW!        One Ally       Ups attack power

      Burn!       One Foe        Attack enemy with fireballs
      Burnflame   Some Foes      Attack with a huge pillar of fire
      Burnstrike  One Foe        Attack enemy with countless firebirds
      Hellburner  All Foes       Burn up enemy with hellfire

      Poizn       Some Foes      Covers a range with a poisonous gel
      Craze       Some Foes      Confuse enemy by dropping spores
      Cure        One Ally       Green power cures poison and paralysis
      Refresh     One Ally       Unblocks magic/moves
      Halvah      One Ally       Cures all status abnormalities
      Speedy      All Allies     Forest life-force ups action ability

      Zap!        Some Foes      Attack by shooting balls of lightning
      Zap All     All Foes       Lightning attack burns all enemies
      GadZap      One Foe        Attack with holy lightning from heaven
      DragonZap   Enemy Line     Attack with dragon lightning
      Stram       One Foe        Robs strength and drops enemy defense

      Heal        One Ally       Restores a little HP
      Healer      One Ally       Restores a lot of HP
      Healer+     One Ally       Restores a whole lot of HP
      Alhealer    All Allies     Restores a lot of HP
      Snooze      All Foes       Puts enemies to sleep with bubbles
      Resurrect   One Ally       Revives a fallen character

      Howl        Some Foes      Attack with tornado energy
      Howlslash   Enemy Line     Attack with sharp wind blades
      Howlnado    All Foes       Tornado attack that engulfs all enemies
      Shhh!       Some Foes      Blocks magic with a vacuum
      Runner      All Allies     Boosts movement with a tailwind

  -- Holy Egg --

  Magic 1                 Magic 2                 Magic 3
  Heal        6 MP        Crackle    16 MP        Cure        4 MP
  Healer     12 MP        Crackling  52 MP        Refresh    12 MP
  Healer+    24 MP        Snooze      5 MP        WOW!        5 MP
  Alhealer   18 MP        Shhh!      10 MP        Diggin'     4 MP
  Tremor     15 MP        Fiora      12 MP        Speedy      7 MP
  Quake      40 MP        Gravity     8 MP        Runner      3 MP

  -- Chaos Egg --

  Magic 1                 Magic 2                 Magic 3
  Heal        6 MP        Howl        9 MP        Snooze      5 MP
  Healer     12 MP        Howlslash  14 MP        Fiora      12 MP
  Burn!       6 MP        Howlnado   45 MP        Runner      3 MP
  Burnflame  16 MP        Sap!       24 MP        Stram       6 MP
  Burnstrike 20 MP        Zap All    36 MP        Cold        7 MP
  Hellburner 42 MP        DragonZap  58 MP        Freeze!     5 MP

  -- Mist Egg --

  Magic 1                 Magic 2                 Magic 3
  Heal        6 MP        Crackle    16 MP        Refresh    12 MP
  Healer     12 MP        Crackling  52 MP        Resurrect  40 MP
  Healer+    24 MP        Poizn      15 MP        Diggin'     4 MP
  Howl        9 MP        Shhh!      10 MP        Speedy      7 MP
  Howlslash  14 MP        Gravity     8 MP        Runner      3 MP
  Howlnado   45 MP        Cure        4 MP        Def-Loss    5 MP

  -- Gravity Egg --

  Magic 1                 Magic 2                 Magic 3
  Heal        6 MP        Quake      40 MP        Fiora      12 MP
  Alhealer   18 MP        BOOM!      22 MP        Halvah     24 MP
  Burn!       6 MP        BA-BOOM!   75 MP        WOW!        5 MP
  Burnflame  16 MP        Snooze      5 MP        Def-Loss    5 MP
  Hellburner 42 MP        Poizn      15 MP        Cold        7 MP
  Tremor     15 MP        Craze      10 MP        Freeze!     5 MP

  -- Soul Egg --

  Magic 1                 Magic 2                 Magic 3
  Heal        6 MP        Zap!       24 MP        Halvah     24 MP
  Healer     12 MP        Zap All    36 MP        Resurrect  40 MP
  Alhealer   18 MP        GadZap     55 MP        Stram       6 MP
  Howl        9 MP        Poizn      15 MP        Def-Loss    5 MP
  Howlslash  14 MP        Craze      10 MP        Cold        7 MP
  Howlnado   45 MP        Shhh!      10 MP        Freeze!     5 MP

  -- Star Egg --

  Magic 1                 Magic 2                 Magic 3
  Burn!       6 MP        BOOM!      22 MP        Cure        4 MP
  Burnflame  16 MP        Meteor St. 50 MP        Resurrect  40 MP
  Burnstrike 20 MP        Zap!       24 MP        WOW!        5 MP
  Hellburner 42 MP        Zap All    36 MP        Diggin'     4 MP
  Tremor     15 MP        Snooze      5 MP        Speedy      7 MP
  Quake      40 MP        Craze      10 MP        Stram       6 MP

  -- Fairy Egg --

  Magic 1                 Magic 2                 Magic 3
  Heal        6 MP        Cure        4 MP        Speedy      7 MP
  Healer     12 MP        Refresh    12 MP        Runner      3 MP
  Healer+    24 MP        Halvah     24 MP        Stram       6 MP
  Alhealer   18 MP        Resurrect  40 MP        Def-Loss    5 MP
  Craze      10 MP        WOW!        5 MP        Cold        7 MP
  Gravity     8 MP        Diggin'     4 MP        Freeze!     5 MP

  -- Dragon Egg --

  Magic 1                 Magic 2                 Magic 3
  Burn!       6 MP        Howl        9 MP        Zap!       24 MP
  Burnflame  16 MP        Howlslash  14 MP        Zap All    36 MP
  Burnstrike 20 MP        Howlnado   45 MP        GadZap     55 MP
  Hellburner 42 MP        BOOM!      22 MP        DragonZap  58 MP
  Tremor     15 MP        BA-BOOM!   75 MP        Crackle    16 MP
  Quake      40 MP        Meteor St. 50 MP        Crackling  52 MP

== SKILLS ==

All Skills have max level of 5.  When all of the first five skills in a book 
reach level 3, the last skill appears for purchase.

SP: purchased by Special Coins
MP: purchased by Magic Coins

  -- Adventure Book --

  (SP) Life Up                +50 to +800 Maximum HP
  (SP) Strength               +10 to +50 STR
  (SP) Toughness              +10 to +50 VIT
  (SP) Dash                   +10 to +50 SPD
  (SP) Skilled Item Use       Cuts execution times for item commands
  (SP) Pirate's Ring          Ups chances to get items after combat

  -- Book of Wizards --

  (MP) Magic Power            +10 to +50 Maximum MP
  (MP) Intelligence           +10 to +50 MAG
  (MP) Zapfire Chant          Ups fire/lightning spell power by 10-50%
  (MP) Boomflame Chant        Ups fire/explosion spell power by 10-50%
  (MP) Quakeblast Chant       Ups earth/explosion spell power by 10-50%
  (MP) Magic Recover          Cuts IP recovery time after using magic

  -- Book of Warriors --

  (SP) Life Up                +50 to +800 Maximum HP
  (SP) Toughness              +10 to +50 VIT
  (SP) Speed                  +10 to +50 AGI
  (SP) Abandonment            Ups chance of evading enemy attack
  (SP) Defensive              Slows reduction in IP
  (SP) Item Recover           Cuts IP recovery time after using items

  -- Book of Priests --

  (SP) Life Up                +50 to +800 Maximum HP
  (MP) Mentality              +10 to +50 MEN
  (MP) Leafwater Chant        Ups water/forest spell power by 10-50%
  (MP) Glacier Chant          Ups water/blizzard spell power by 10-50%
  (MP) Woodland Chant         Ups earth/forest spell power by 10-50%
  (MP) Absorb Magic           Makes magic damage restore MP

  -- Book of Gales --

  (SP) Dash                   +10 to +50 SPD
  (MP) Stormcloud Chant       Ups wind/lightning spell power by 10-50%
  (MP) Northwind Chant        Ups wind/blizzard spell power by 10-50%
  (SP) Aim for Counter        Lets you sometimes counter after evasion
  (SP) Skilled Item Use       Cuts execution times for item commands
  (SP) Decoy                  Ups chances to be target of enemy attack

  -- Book of Swords --

  (SP) Special Power          +10 to +50 Maximum SP
  (SP) Strength               +10 to +50 STR
  (SP) Abandonment            Ups chances of evading enemy attack
  (SP) Defensive              Slows reduction in IP
  (SP) Fighting Spirit        Increases SP recovery from damage
  (SP) Move Recover           Cuts IP recovery time after using moves

  -- Book of War --

  (SP) Life Up                +50 to +800 Maximum HP
  (SP) Special Power          +10 to +50 Maximum SP
  (SP) Speed                  +10 to +50 AGI
  (SP) Aim for Counter        Lets you sometimes counter after evasion
  (SP) Fighting Spirit        Increase SP recovery from damage
  (SP) Full-Body Blow         Ups IP damage from critical attack

  -- Book of Sages --

  (MP) Magic Power            +10 to +50 Maximum MP
  (MP) Intelligence           +10 to +50 MAG
  (MP) Mentality              +10 to +50 MEN
  (MP) Wizardry Chant         Ups fire/wind/lightn./explo. spell power
  (MP) Mystic Chant           Ups water/earth/forest/bliz. spell power
  (MP) Magica Esoterica       Adds cancel effect to some attack spells

*** VI OTHERS ***

== LEGAL ==

This document is copyright H. Chen 2002 and cannot be reproduced for profit 
in any form.  If you want to use the whole or any part of the document, 
please email me for inquiry. 


-- Thanks to Game ArtS and Ubi Soft for creating this game.  All names for 
Characters, Items, Skills, Magic, and Moves are from the game, including the 
descriptions of Skills and Magic.

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