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                                                            \    /
                                                             |  |
   ___     ______          _         ___   ___          _____|  |_____
  |   |   |     /         / \     __|   | |   |        |              |
  |   |   |    /_  ___    \_/   /  __   | |   | ____   | ____    ____ |
  |   |  /       |/   \   ___  |  |  |  | |   |/    \  |/    |  |    \|
  |   |_/   /|         | |   | |  |__|  | |    ___   |       |  |
  |        / |    /|   | |   |  \___    | |   |   |  |       |  |
  |    __  \ |   | |   | |   |      |   | |   |  /   |       |  |
  |   | /   \|   | |___| |   |      |   | |   | |    |       |  |
  |   | |    |__/        |   |      |   | |___| |____|       |  |
  |   | |     |          |   |  ___/   /                     |  |
  |___| |_    |   ___    |   | |      /                      |  |
          \  /   /   \   |___| |_____/                       |  |
           \/   |  _  |                                      |  |
                | |_| | ___                                  \  /
   ______        \    \/  /    ____         ______            \/
  |      \      /        /    |    |       |      |       ______
  |   _   \    /  /\     \    |    |       |      |      |      |
  |  |_|   |  |   \/      \   |    |       |      |      |      |
  |        |   \      /\  /   |    |  _____|      |      |      |
  |       /     \____/  \/    |    | /            |      |      |
  |       \       ________    |    |/             |______|      |
  |        \     |        |   |                                 |
  |         \    |_____   |   |         _                      / 
  |    _     |     ____|  |   |        |_|     ___        ____/   
  |   | |    |    /       |   |               |   |      |             
  |   |_|    |   /   _    |   |               /   |      |       
  |         /   |   |_|   |   |    |\        /    |      |       
  |        /     \        |   |    | \______/     |      |       
  |_______/       \___/|__|   |____|              |______|     TM
  |                                                             |    
  |    /     /      |             /\  //    /     | /  //       |
  |  -/-    /|      |\      &    /  \      /|     |/      ----  |
  |  /       |      |                \      |     |__           |

     G  U  A  R  D  I  A  N  '  S          C  R  U  S  A  D  E

                 A Walkthrough by Henry LaPierre
                       [email protected]
                             Version 2

              Revised for the North American release
                        February 28th 1999
                 Copyright (c) 1999 Henry LaPierre

                 Written for the Japanese release
                        November 29th 1998
                 Copyright (c) 1998 Henry LaPierre

Table of Contents:

  Menus and Controls
  The Walkthrough
  Shop Listings
  Items Listing
  Weapons Listing
  Armor Listing
  Helmets Listing
  Shields Listing
  Rings Listing
  Living Toy Listing
  Living Toy Ability Listing
  Living Toy Location Listing
  Monster/Enemy Listing
  Important Items Listing
  Character Statistic Screen
  Level UP Listing
  Baby's Forms
  Game Section Titles
  Random Notes
  Ascii Art Field Map
  Differences Between Japanese and North American Releases
  Credits and Thanks
  Copyright Notice and Disclaimer
  Random Thought

Section 1, The Controls

Title Screen Menu:

  Start new game


      Analog Controller:           on/off
      Dual Shock:                  on/off
      Fast Battle Mode:            on/off
      Auto Camera Mode:            on/off*
      Map Rotation:                on/off**
      Sound:                       Stereo/Mono
      Controller Configuration
      Default Settings

        *Auto camera mode causes the view to rotate according to the 
           direction the player is facing.
        **Map rotation mode, set to "on", allows the corner map to 
           rotate as your character does.


      Choose the memory card slot you wish to search, 1/2
      Choose the file you wish to load, Yes/No
      Exit to game

Controller setup(at default setting):

  Directional pad/Left analog stick: Movement of character
  Start/Circle: Brings up menu screen
  X:            Accept/Talk
  Square:       Tells what the current objective is(same as Nehani on 
                  non-battle menu)
  Triangle:     Run/Cancel
  L1/R2:    Rotate screen clockwise
  R1/L2:    Rotate screen counter clockwise
  Select:   Map on/off

Non-battle menu(once menu is up, push left or right to see either
  character's statistics. At the bottom left you will see the game
  section's title. At the bottom right you will see the amount of
  rubies you have currently collected):

  1. Items
  2. Equipment
  3. Living Toys
  4. Baby
  5. Nehani
  6. Settings
    1. Items:
      Choose character: Knight/Baby/Junk(Important) Objects
      Choose item(note, with Baby, you can only give or throw away)
      Choose one of the following:

        Use       Give
        Equip     Throw Away

    2. Equipment:
      Choose the type of object you wish to equip from the following


      Choose item to equip(lower statistic shown in red, higher in yellow)

    3. Living Toys

      Choose the living toy you wish to use. Not all living toys are
        available for use outside of battle.

    4. Baby

      Give Snack             Transformations
      Go Fetch(search)       Fly

        Give Snack: Baby can only eat from the items in the main 
                      character's pack. What you feed Baby dictates his 
                      growth and performance.
        Go Fetch:   When Baby returns from searching, you are asked if 
                      you'll take the item that he brought back(Yes/No),
                      then you'll need to praise/scold, or say nothing 
                      to Baby. Praising Baby for returning a good item 
                      makes him feel proud, whereas scolding Baby makes 
                      him mad at you. Saying nothing to Baby disappoints
                      him. If Baby refuses to search for items, you'll 
                      need to rest for the night, as it's due to him 
                      being tired from being sent out too much. How you 
                      treat Baby dictates his attitude.
        Transformations:  This is a listing of the forms Baby has learned
                      so far, and can use in battle. Baby learns the 
                      forms by battling specific types of enemies.
        Fly:        Once this option appears, you will have the ability
                      to fly on Baby's back.

          Controls for flying:

            Directional pad/Left analog stick: Turn/Fly forward
            L1/R2:            Bank left
            R1/L2:            Bank right
            Square/Triangle:  Fly forward
            X:                Land(only over safe ground)

    5. Nehani:

      Nehani is a small fairie that travels with your party. She
        tells you(sometimes in the form of hints) what the current 
        objective in your journey is.

    6. Settings:

      Analog Controller:           on/off
      Dual Shock:                  on/off
      Fast Battle Mode:            on/off
      Auto Camera Mode:            on/off*
      Map Rotation:                on/off**
      Sound:                       Stereo/Mono
      Controller Configuration
      Default Settings

        *Auto camera mode causes the view to rotate according to the 
           direction the player is facing.
        **Map rotation mode, set to "on", allows the corner map to 
           rotate as your character does.

Battle Menu(note, the Baby and Living Toys selections appear once you
  reach certain points in the game):

  1. Fight(choose target)
  2. Living Toys(choose living toy, then choose target)
  3. Items(choose item, then choose target)
  4. Defend
  5. Baby(choose from Attack, Defend, Help(protect Knight), Run, and
       Transform. Note, the Transform command will only be available
       based on Baby's luck and your keeping him happy. If either is
       off, the command may not be available)
  6. Run(escape)

Section 2, The Walkthrough

                           Chapter One
                           Labor Pains

    The game opens with a cinema of a stork on it's way to deliver a baby
dragon to it's new parents during a thunderstorm. Suddenly, a group of
blue dragon creatures attacks the stork. To make matters even worse, 
while trying to evade the creatures, lightning strikes the stork, causing
it to drop the bundle containing the baby dragon.
                           Chapter Two
                    Little Lady's Wake Up Call

    The scene then cuts to show Nehani trying to rouse someone from a
deep slumber. The person Nehani is trying to wake is you. While Nehani
is trying to wake you, you will be asked to name your character(note,
the default name is Knight). The right-hand sidebar selections are as


After entering a name for yourself, Nehani is finally successful in 
waking you. Now that you're awake, Nehani tells you that the Mayor of 
your small village(Orgo) is looking for you. At this point, leave your
house and proceed to the house Northeast of your own(the house with the
red roof, to the East of the woman hanging clothes), and speak to the
man inside. This is the Mayor of Orgo, and he will give you two items,
one of which is a letter that needs to be delivered to the Mayor of the
Village of San Claria, which is to the Northwest. This letter will then
go into your Junk category in your items sub-menu. After receiving the
two items from the Mayor(the second being an Angel's Tear), you will be
able to leave your village(if you had tried to leave prior to acquiring
the letter, you would have been blocked by another woman standing on the
bridge leading out of town). Before leaving Orgo, search the area and
houses for items(note, there is a key item in the mill, as well as two
more important objects in the house with the dark porch), as well as
gathering information from talking with the other townsfolk. Once you've
explored enough, leave Orgo, and proceed Northwest to the Village of 
San Claria.

                           Chapter Three
                    Thirty Minutes, Or It's Free

    Upon reaching San Claria, locate the Mayor(he's on the second floor
of the house at the top of the hill in the Northwest corner of the 
village) and give him the letter you were asked to deliver. The Mayor
then tells you to return to your hometown of Orgo and tell your Mayor
not to worry about the food shortages. Before returning to Orgo, you may
want to take a look around San Claria, as there is a shop in which you 
can purchase items here(note, there is a key item in the house on the
beach, next to the strung up fishing nets). After you've purchased
whatever supplies you need, and have adequately searched the village, 
leave San Claria and return towards Orgo.

                           Chapter Four
                The Beginning Of A Great Friendship

    Just before you reach Orgo, you will find a baby dragon wandering in
the road. Upon attempting to speak to it, a spirit appears on the bridge
between you and your home town of Orgo. The spirit asks that you help
this lost baby dragon return to it's mother. After a few more brief 
words, including the fact that you will find what you seek in God's 
Tower, and that the world's fate now rests in your hands, the spirit
leaves. Once the spirit has left, attempt to cross the bridge to enter 
Orgo. As soon as you walk onto the bridge, you are brought to the house
of the Mayor of Orgo(the man who gave you the letter to bring to San
Claria), the baby dragon(Baby) following along. The Mayor tells you to
bring Baby to the Cave of Fear tomorrow, as he believes it to be a 
cursed monster. He thinks that bringing it to the Cave of Fear should
get rid of it. After speaking with the Mayor, you are sent to your house
to get some rest. After all this running around you must be tired. 

                           Chapter Five
                      The Right Thing To Do?

    Upon waking up from your nap, leave Orgo and head to the Cave of
Fear, located to the Northeast of San Claria(next to a broken bridge).
Once you reach the Cave of Fear, Baby(in his native tongue) thanks you
for bringing him this far, bids you farewell, and then runs into the
cave. If you try to follow Baby, you will find that you cannot enter
the Cave of Fear.

                           Chapter Six
                           Good Knight

    Now that you've safely escorted Baby to the Cave of Fear, you feel
tired. At this point, return to either the inn at San Claria, or your
home in Orgo to get some rest. 

                           Chapter Seven
                          Guilty Feelings

    Once you fall asleep, you dream of the spirit that appeared to you 
earlier, and how he asked you to help the baby dragon(Baby). When you
awake, return to the Cave of Fear(Northeast of San Claria) and you will
find that you can now enter it.

                           Chapter Eight
                          Looking For Baby

    Once inside, proceed through the caves, finding items in chests as you
make your way through(note, there are two important items in the caves).
Inside the caves, you will encounter three creatures guarding an entrance.
The monsters tell you that the pink monster(they are referring to Baby)
came this way earlier. They then escort you into their city(Kell), to
speak with their elder about Baby's whereabouts. 

                           Chapter Nine
                   The City Within The Mountains

    After a few words with the city's elder, in which you learn that they
are being terrorized by a monster(Mushmare), leave the elder's chamber 
and head to the storage room to the Northeast. There you will find the 
Mushmare that was spoken about(note, you must answer yes when you come
to the door of this room in order to enter it). Once inside the room, the
Mushmare will attack you. After defeating the Mushmare, speak to the 
creature in the doorway, and he will bring you back to see the Elder. For
your help in getting rid of the Mushmare that was causing the problems,
the elder reveals a hidden passage to you. He then tells you that the 
pink monster(Baby) that you are seeking, went through this passage
earlier. After showing you the hidden passage, the elder gives you
something as a symbol of their gratitude. You are then introduced to 
Mr. O'Neal, the first of many "Living Toys" that will accompany you in
your travels. Now that Mr. O'Neal has joined you, the "Living Toys" 
selection is now available to you in both the Non-Battle and Battle menu
screens. Upon checking your living toys category, you'll find that along
with Mr. O'Neal, you also have received six other living toys. Cupid, 
Dark Postle, Nurse, Viper, Pyro and Jupiter have also sided with 
you(note, these six other living toys were created from six of the
"junk items" in your inventory. If you did not find all six important
items, you will be missing some of the above living toys). After looking
around the City of Kell(note, there is now a chest containing the living
toy, "Da Bomb", in the room where you defeated the Mushmare), proceed
through the now open hidden passage that the elder revealed to you. 

                           Chapter Ten
                          There You Are

    Once through the doorway, and in the passage it leads to, you will 
come to a room with what appears to be a locked door. This locked
doorway is actually one of the eight teleportation gates that you will
open later in the game. For now, pass through the hole in the Western wall
to enter the inner cave passages and continue your search for Baby. 
Throughout the next passages, you will find chests containing items and
living toys. After searching the caves, you eventually find a giant bird's
nest. You see that Baby is hiding behind a cracked eggshell inside the 
nest, but before going to him, proceed past the nest and into the next 
entrance. By passing by Baby, you are then able to find a chest containing
bronze mail in the next chamber. After receiving the bronze mail, return 
to the nest and find Baby. While talking to Baby, the owner of the nest 
returns, and she's not happy with what she finds, as it seems Baby has
eaten her eggs. You are now faced with battling an enormous six winged
golden bird(Galestork). After seemingly defeating the bird, you find a 
living toy and a heavy stone(goes into your junk item category). As you
are talking to Baby, the bird stirs. Fearing for your lives, you and 
Baby make a run for it. You run through the chamber where you found the
bronze mail, and from there, out onto a dead end ledge. Rather than face
certain death at the hands of the golden bird, you decide to try flying
from the ledge by holding onto Nehani. Unfortunately the combined weight
of you and Baby is too much for her, and you instead fall off the ledge.
Luckily for you, there was a river below to break your fall.

                           Chapter Eleven
                         A Kindly Old Couple

    You awake in an inn(the Coastal Inn) run by an old couple(Amos and
Martha). Baby is still with you. As you are talking to the old couple,
who mention that they pulled you from the river this morning, a merchant
named Bonik comes into the room. Bonik leaves shortly after he's 
introduced, as do the old couple. Once everyone has left, go and see 
Bonik in the room next to yours. Bonik offers to sell you some items(or
buy some of yours), but if you do try to buy something, he'll give you
the following for free(note, if you exit his item selection screen, or
choose not to buy any items from him, Bonik will give you the items free
of charge anyway), Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Bubble Gum and a Terror 
Seed. He is holding the AFM324 for another customer, so he cannot give
that to you. He tells you that he will soon be departing for Isten, 
then the scene fades and you are asked if you'd like to save your 
game(yes/no). When you awake(you had taken a nap upon the last scene 
fading), you find that Bonik has already left for Isten. Make your way
downstairs and speak to the old couple. Upon first speaking to the old
woman(Martha), you will be able to rename Baby(note, the sidebar choices
are the same as when you renamed your character at the beginning of the
game. Also, the default name is Baby). After renaming Baby(if you choose
to), speak to the old man(Amos) and he will give you the living toy, 
"Mapster". Using "Mapster" while not in battle, will bring up a 
field map of the known world(note, if you speak to the old woman(Martha)
again after renaming Baby, she will act as the innkeeper and offer you a
room for the night). After receiving Mapster, leave the Coastal Inn, and
begin the next part of your journey by traveling to the town of 
Isten(note, from this point on, Baby will become a true party member and
join in during the battles. You will also now be able to choose the
"Baby" selection on the Non-Battle and Battle menu screens, in order to
make Baby do specific things).

                           Chapter Twelve
                         Traveling Salesman

    Once outside the inn, travel Northeast until you come to a small 
wooden bridge. After crossing the bridge, proceed Southeast, and you will
soon run into Bonik, the merchant who gave you the free items at the
Coastal Inn(he is near the crossroads sign that points towards Isten to
the South, and the Denime Plains to the West). Bonik is with three
men from Isten, and upon your arrival, you overhear that a man from Isten
was injured while using a weapon purchased from Bonik, and as such, will
not be able to compete in a tournament that they are having. Due to this,
the men from Isten demand that Bonik find them a stand-in for the injured
man. Upon approaching the group, Bonik is led into Isten by two of the
men. The third man then speaks to you, and let's you know that if you
don't act as his stand-in in the tournament, that they will kill Bonik.
After hearing this, you are brought into Isten as well. 

                           Chapter Thirteen
                           First Impressions

    When you appear in Isten, you are inside Richten's house. Speak to 
Richten, then seek out a man named Marco in the house next to the Western
gate(green roof). After speaking with Marco, proceed to the large house 
at the Southern end of town(green roof). Inside, you will find a young
woman named Carmen in the bedroom on the second floor, and her father
downstairs in the dining room. Speak to both of them, and you will find
that the winner of the upcoming tournament(fight) not only gets to be
the town's new Mayor, but they also get to marry Carmen. Carmen hopes 
that Marco's stand-in wins, as she loves Marco. Next, make your way to
the meeting room(cafe) next door(building to the West). Inside this 
establishment, you'll find a fellow Dragon Knight(Dark Beat) having a 
drink at the bar(dressed in brown, and carrying a large sword on his
back). Speak to Dark Beat, who introduces himself as the chosen one, 
then head to the inn for a night's rest(note, there is a piece of armor
and a living toy in chests behind the cafe, at the Southern end of town).

                           Chapter Fourteen
                         Knight Against Knight

    Once you come downstairs after a good night's sleep, you will find
Richten waiting for you in the lobby of the inn. He leads you to the town
square, where you are forced to battle another Dragon Knight(Dark Beat)
and his dragon(Ibkee) to decide who will become the town's next Mayor. 
With the word from Carmen's father, the current Mayor, the battle begins.
After you are defeated(note, you cannot win this battle, so don't waste
any items. Also, during this battle, Baby will acquire the ability to
mimic certain enemy's forms while in battle, starting with Ibkee's. The
option, "Transform" will then appear in his battle command menu), Carmen
and the innkeeper bring you to your room at the inn to rest.

                           Chapter Fifteen
                              Moving On

    When you finally come to, Nehani tells you that Bonik got away 
safely, and that he has gone ahead to the port town of Zed Harbor. Now
that the battle between you and the other Dragon Knight has ended, you
are able to leave Isten if you'd like. Before you leave, visit Richten's
house(next to the Eastern gate, the house with the woman looking in the
window). You will find that Richten is not home, but inside the bedroom
you will find a chest containing another living toy. Next, go and talk
to Marco(in the house with the green roof, near the Western gate). He
will give you five hundred rubies, as well as directions to Zed Harbor,
which Nehani mentioned earlier). After talking to Marco, leave Isten by
the Eastern gate, and head Southeast towards the port town of Zed Harbor.
                           Chapter Sixteen

    Upon nearing Zed Harbor, you will come to a crossroads sign that 
reads, South to Zed Harbor, West to the Desert. Instead of proceeding to
Zed Harbor, turn here and enter the desert. Continue through the desert
until you reach the cave at it's Southwestern corner. Inside the cave,
you will find a man who is trying to break through a wall of dirt and

ock in order to complete a tunnel that will allow free passage through
the mountain range, from the desert to the lands South. After speaking
with the man(Rogo), leave the cave, and make your way back through the
desert to the port town of Zed Harbor.

                           Chapter Seventeen
                               Sold Out

    Upon reaching Zed Harbor, enter it and make your way to the ticket
agency(near the rear dock, next to the man tending the cannon). Inside 
the ticket agency you will find Bonik buying a ticket to the ship that
sails from Zed Harbor, to his hometown of Jungo. Bonik tells you that
he sold jewels to the town's Governor for enough money to start his own
business. With that said, he sings a song about himself as he walks out
the door of the shop. At this point, speak to the ticket agent. He will
regrettably tell you that there are no more tickets available. Apparently
Bonik had just bought the last ticket. Your next task will be to find a
way to get a ticket so that you can seek passage on the ship heading
towards Jungo. Make your way to the Zed Harbor Cafe, and once inside,
talk to the two patrons at the table next to the door(note, you can find
items if you inspect the piano multiple times, as Knight will try to play
it, and the patrons will throw apples at him). You will overhear them
talking about how the Governor of Zed Harbor will give anything for an
emerald that is hidden in a temple(Kuldo Temple) at the end of a bog far
to the South, and protected by a ferocious beast.

                           Chapter Eighteen
                           Let's Make A Deal

    After hearing this, make your way to the house across from the ticket
agency(the one with the large open door at the top of the steps). Once 
inside the house, enter the door across from the one you just entered by,
and you will find a man standing next to a display cabinet. This man is
the Governor of Zed Harbor, and a collector of valuable and precious.
Upon hearing about the emerald(Beast Emerald), he offers you a trade.
If you can get the emerald for him, he will give you a ticket for the
ship in exchange. After making the deal, leave the house(note, there is
a chest upstairs that contains the living toy, "Baron". The lid is 
stuck, so to open the chest, you must try four times. On the fourth 
try, the chest will open), and proceed to the rear dock. There you will
run into three people. A knight(Kalkanor), a priest(Ramal) and a 
wizard(Gwinladin). They are also in search of the emerald, and scoff at
the likes of someone like you even carrying their bags. After they
depart, leave the port town of Zed Harbor and make your way back across
the desert to the West, to the cave where you saw the man(Rogo) digging
a tunnel earlier(note, before leaving Zed Harbor, you may want to
explore the town, as hidden about are living toys, weapons, armor and
many items).

                           Chapter Nineteen
                      The Old Man In The Mountain

    Once you enter the cave, you will see that the man(Rogo) has not
only completed the tunnel through the mountain range, but he has built 
himself a house inside it as well. Rogo mistakes you for someone else,
and demands that you deliver an item to a man named Galik, who lives in
a house on the cliffs just behind the Village of Carmarthen. You are
then given a stone slate(note, the stone slate goes into your junk items
category). After receiving the stone slate, proceed South and exit
through the other end of the finished tunnel(note, there are a few items
hidden in the tunnel, as well as a merchant upstairs in Rogo's house if
you need to purchase or sell anything). 

                           Chapter Twenty
                           No Turning Back

    Once through the tunnel(note, if you try to go back towards Zed
Harbor at this point, you will find that you can't get back through the
tunnel, as Rogo is working on it again), head Southeast to the Village
of Carmarthen.

                           Chapter Twenty One
                             Nobody's Home

    Once you reach Carmarthen, proceed to the house on the cliff just
behind the main section of the village(down the path at the Southern end
of the village). Upon knocking at the door, you find that Galik is not
currently at home. Rather than wait around for him, take this opportunity
to explore the Village of Carmarthen, and speak to it's citizens(note,
inside a chest in the mine, you will find the living toy, "Miner". With
it, you can search for buried treasure while not in battle. There is also
a Bone Shield in the mine cart that you can find). After exploring 
Carmarthen, Galik has still not returned to his home, so head out of
Carmarthen and make your way to the swamp to the West. You'll have to
deliver the item to Galik after you've obtained the emerald that you 
originally came this way to find.

                           Chapter Twenty Two
                              Swamp Fever

    Once at the swamp, navigate your way through the maze of rotted,
fallen logs and small islands, until you reach the Kuldo Temple at the
Southwestern corner of it. Standing at the left side of the stairs that
lead inside the temple is the merchant you met upstairs in Rogo's 
house(note, the merchant will only be here if you first met him in 
Rogo's house, then knocked on Galik's door in an attempt to deliver the
item to him before reaching the temple). Instead of selling and buying
items, the merchant will now act as a rest and save spot, should you feel
either option is necessary. After resting and saving your game(if 
necessary), proceed into the Kuldo Temple.

                           Chapter Twenty Three
                       A Day Late, And A Ruby Short

    Inside the temple, you will find stairs leading to both higher and 
lower levels. Search through the higher level first, and you will find 
numerous chests containing items and living toys. After finding all the 
chests on the upper level, make your way downstairs to the temple's lower
level(note, there are two chests in the dividing hallway on the ground
level as well). In the lower level, you will find more chests containing
a living toy, some healing items and a Sword of Might. At the Westernmost
chamber on the lower level, you will witness the three people you met in
Zed Harbor(the knight, the priest and the wizard) attempt to slay a giant
winged lion. After seemingly killing it, the trio begin to leave, taking 
time to stop to stop and inform you that you are too late. Once they 
leave, inspect the body of the lion and you will get quite a surprise.
It's not only still alive, but very angry as well. At this point the beast
attacks you. After defeating the winged lion(you will receive a White
Shield as your reward), leave the temple and make your way back to the 
Village of Carmarthen.

                           Chapter Twenty Four
                                Sign Here

    Once in Carmarthen, return to Galik's house on the cliff path. Upon
trying his door, you find that he's now home. Talk to Galik and give him
the stone slate from Rogo(it's automatically removed from your junk items
category and given to him upon speaking to him). He then tells you about
the warp gates(note, there is one in his basement), and the key needed
to use them. After talking to Galik, explore his house, then leave 
Carmarthen and make your way back through Rogo's tunnel(Rogo has finished
his touch-up work on it, and it is now reopened for passage through the
mountain range) to the port town of Zed Harbor.

                           Chapter Twenty Five
                An All Expense Paid Trip To Jungo Island

    Once back in Zed Harbor, return to the Governor, whose hobby it is
to collect valuable and precious items(the house at the top of the steps
next to the ticket agency). Once you enter the room where the Governor
is, you see that the knight(Kalkanor), the priest(Ramal) and the
wizard(Gwinladin) are already there. They have once again beaten you to
the punch, and have already obtained tickets to the coming ship. To your
surprise, it seems that you have an item that interests them(the heavy
stone you received from the bird's nest earlier). So much so, that they
offer to trade you the tickets for it. With that offer, you take them up
on the trade, and the tickets go into your junk item category in place
of the heavy stone. 

                           Chapter Twenty Six
                             Ticket Please

    Now that you have a ticket, proceed to the rear dock, and present
it to the sailor who is there. The sailor takes the ticket from you,
and allows you to proceed down the dock towards the awaiting ship, the 

                           Chapter Twenty Seven
                     Won't You Take Me On A Sea Cruise

    At the end of the dock you will find the Zephyr. Board the ship and
head to the lower decks. Once below deck, you will automatically go to
your cabin and rest(you will be asked if you'd like to save your game, 
yes/no). After resting, leave your cabin and explore the ship. In the 
cabin next to yours, you will find Dark Beat and Ibkee(his dragon, 
although Dark Beat hints that this is actually his sister, she's just
in this form due to a curse brought forth by Karmine). After being 
reintroduced to Dark Beat and Ibkee, enter the ship's galley(the room
on the other side of your cabin), and speak to the man and woman who are
there. Next, make your way above deck(note, you can find a few items in
the ship's storage hold on the lowest deck), and speak to the men that 
you'll find there, including the Captain in his quarters, and Bonik, who
is wandering about on deck. After speaking to everyone(note, you must
speak with everyone onboard the ship in order to progress the game), 
return to your cabin to await the ship's arrival in Jungo.

                           Chapter Twenty Eight
                 So Many Toys You'd Think It Was Christmas

    Nehani wakes you once the ship arrives in Jungo. At this point, leave
the ship and seek out the Jungo inn. Upon nearing the inn(located in the
Western section of the town), you observe a husband and wife talking, 
they are obviously very much in love. Once they finish, speak to the
innkeeper(woman standing outside the inn), and she will return inside.
Follow her inside, and you will be able to rent a room for the night if
you'd like. After resting and saving your game(if necessary), enter the
house of the couple who you saw talking earlier(next to the inn, but down
the walkway a bit). Inside you will find the couple. Talk to the man, and
you will find out that he and his wife are expecting a baby. They then
ask if you can suggest a good name for a boy(answer yes). You will then
be asked to input a name(note, the sidebar has the same selections as
when you named both your character, and Baby). After inputting a name(any
name), you will be given a living toy(note, you can find another living
toy if you talk to the yellow penguin creature that is walking around on
the town's upper level). After receiving the living toy, leave the house
and proceed to Bonik's shop at the Eastern corner of the town's upper
level(green roof). You will find Bonik standing outside. Talk to Bonik
and he will go inside, locking the door behind him so that he can get
ready for his shop's grand opening sale. After talking to Bonik, walk
down the steps to the town's lower level, and enter the house closest to
the dock(the house that the little girl is standing next to). Once
inside, you will see Ibkee playing with some of the children who now
live on the island. Proceed downstairs and you will find Dark Beat
reading up on several topics, including the Church of Artema, and someone
called Karmine. After speaking with Dark Beat, leave the house and make
your way out of the town of Jungo by way of the exit on the upper level
to the South. Follow the path that leads to the Southeast, and you will
come to a lighthouse. Climb the lighthouse, and atop it, you will find a
chest containing another living toy. Once you've received the living toy,
return to the town of Jungo and talk to the sailor on the dock. The
sailor will ask if you'd now like to return aboard the ship, yes/no(note,
attempting to re-board the ship before getting the living toys from both
the lighthouse and the couple, as well as speaking to Dark Beat and 
Bonik, will result in the sailor telling you that the ship is not quite
ready to set sail). After telling him yes, you will return below deck, to
your cabin onboard the ship.

                           Chapter Twenty Nine

    Once the ship sets sail again(this happens as soon as you are in your
cabin), make your way above deck, and you will find that the ship has been
caught in a storm. Open the chest at the bow of the ship to receive 
another living toy. After receiving the living toy(you may talk to the
ship's Captain and crew if you'd like, but it's not necessary), return 
below deck and speak to the three passengers who are there(a seasick man
in the cabin that Dark Beat was in during the last voyage, and a man and
woman in the ship's galley). Once you've spoken to all three people, 
attempt to go back above deck. Upon trying to climb the stairs that lead
above deck, the boat rocks violently, causing Baby to become seasick. 
After helping Baby to his feet, you make your way above deck. As soon as
you are(above deck), you realize what made the ship lurch so badly... a
giant sea monster has just swum past it. Between it's wake, and the raging
storm, the rocking of the ship proves to be too much to handle, and you
and Baby are swept overboard into the turbulent waters of the sea.

                           Chapter Thirty
                      The Natives Are Restless

    You come to on an island beach, Nehani by your side. Baby is nowhere
in sight. Your task is now to find Baby. Hopefully he too survived being
thrown overboard. Make your way to the Village of Kerple, located at the
center of the island you are now on. Once there, you will see Baby being
held captive by spear wielding natives. You now need to speak to three of
the natives in order to find out what they want in return for Baby's 
release. Speak to the native in the hut directly across(to the East) from
where Baby is on the altar, then talk to the native(Chief) in the central
hut to the South(note, there is another living toy for you to find inside
the chest in this hut). Finally, speak to the taller of the two natives in
the top-most Western hut. From speaking to these three natives, you find
that they are being terrorized by a monster that resides in the Serpent's
Head Shrine at the Northern end of their village(up the steps). They tell
you that they will release Baby if you rid them of the monster. With 
that, you are now able to enter the Serpent's Head Shrine. At this point,
proceed up the steps at the Northern end of the village, and you will
find the Serpent's Head Shrine entrance. Enter the shrine, and make your
way through the caves(note, the caves contain items, living toys and 
armor hidden in chests throughout), until you reach the rear chambers.
Here you will find the monster that the natives fear so much. It is a
giant devil plant called Yugonga. Once the plant spots you, it attacks.
After defeating Yugonga(it casts Dream Rain, which can cause confusion),
you may return to the village(note, there are two rooms in the cavern
that are accessible now that the plant is gone. One room has two chests
that contain a living toy and a shield, while the other has a blue
energy spire, that upon nearing, you find that you do not have the key
necessary to reveal it's true purpose). Once back at the village, the
natives meet you at the entrance to the shrine, and praise you with many
thanks. They then release Baby, who runs to you. Next, they show you
their gratitude by performing a dance in your honor. As if that's not
enough, you are then invited to the Chief's hut to receive another gift
of thanks. This next gift will help you get off the island. The Chief
then gives you the Chester Flute. He tells you that if you play the
flute at any seashore beach, it will call forth a large waterbug, on
which you and Baby can travel across large bodies of water. After
receiving the flute, enter the hut that was previously blocked by
natives(the hut at the Northeast corner of the village, where two
natives are now standing out in front), and open the chest inside to
receive the living toy, "Samurai"(note, there is an apple hidden in one
of the boxes in this hut as well). After receiving the Samurai, leave
the Village of Kerple, and proceed to either the beach to the 
North(preferred), or the beach to the East. 

                           Chapter Thirty One
                        A Little Traveling Music

    Once at the beach of your choice, use the flute(one of the items you
were given back at the village) as the natives directed. A giant waterbug
will then skim across the water to the shore and allow you and Baby to
travel across the water on it's back.

                           Chapter Thirty Two
                           Thanks For The Ride

    Once you've gotten the control of the waterbug down, proceed to the
Southern coast of the continent directly North of Kerple Island(the island
that you are currently leaving), and steer the waterbug towards one of the
beaches that are there(note, there encounters to be had at sea). Once you
get to the beach, the waterbug asks if you would like to disembark, 
yes/no(note, the waterbug will ask you this whenever you steer it to 
any beach). Upon disembarking from the waterbug, proceed to the town of
Den Heldar, a short distance to the Northwest. 

                           Chapter Thirty Three
                              Not All There

    Once in Den Heldar(the buildings of the town form a square with an
open area in the center), enter the door at the top left(Northwest).
Inside, you will find a woman(Gamella) at a table in one of the rooms.
Speak to Gamella, and she will tell you that Ibkee came through the 
town recently, and that he went to the tower to the North(North Tower,
note, a lot of the townsfolk of Den Heldar talk of Ibkee and Dark Beat
going to the North Tower). It seems that some of the townsfolk from 
Den Heldar are being held captive at the tower(Gamella's father, the
Mayor, included), and Dark Beat and Ibkee have gone there to see what
they could do to help release them. At this point leave the town of 
Den Heldar(note, there is a living toy that will be given to you if you
try to enter the door next to the weapons and items shop), and head up
the road to the tower to the North(North Tower, to get there from 
Den Heldar, follow the road East a short distance, then at the fork,
travel North to the tower). 

                           Chapter Thirty Four
                          The Tower To The North

    Upon reaching the North Tower, enter it and make your way up to 
it's roof(note, the stairs leading up are at the rear. There are also
many items, armors, weapons and living toys for you to find in chests
located throughout the tower). Once you've reached the roof(and opened
the chests that are there), turn around and make your way back down the
stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, you will see a blue dragon type 
creature(gargoyle) enter a previously hidden doorway. Follow the 
gargoyle(note, once through the doorway, there is only one way to go),
and he will lead you to the tower's underground level. In the underground
level, you will again meet up with Dark Beat and Ibkee. The duo are
listening at a door to find out what's going on in the next chamber. 
You startle them by calling out to them. With the surprise spoiled, as
whoever is beyond the door must have heard the commotion you and Dark
Beat have just made, they proceed through the door to follow the gargoyle
further. Follow them through the door to help them find out what has
become of the missing citizens of Den Heldar. Upon following Dark Beat
and Ibkee through the door, you are confronted by two demons. These two
demons work for Karmine, someone who Dark Beat considers an enemy. While
Dark Beat and Ibkee battle one of the demons, you and Baby attack the
other. After defeating your demon opponent, you find that the others
have also defeated their adversary. With the demons out of the picture,
there is no-one left to hold the townsfolk captive, so they emerge from
the room they were being held in, to thank you. Once the townsfolk have
been released, Dark Beat heads back to Den Heldar with Ibkee to collect
the reward that was offered. The remaining townsfolk then step forward
to thank you, the last one mentioning that there is still a man from
Trisken not accounted for. After telling you this, the man runs away to
freedom. At this point, enter the room that the townsfolk came out 
of(the room in front of you), and walk into the blue glowing energy
spire at the end of the corridor it leads to.

                           Chapter Thirty Five
                            The Solomon Ring

    Once through the energy spire(warp), you will find the man from 
Trisken lying on the ground in front of a very technical looking 
device(a guardian). As the man tells you he cannot move, the machine
comes online and attacks you. After defeating the guardian device, a
chest is revealed in it's place. Open the chest to receive an item called
the Solomon Ring(note, you are then automatically given the Solomon Ring,
which goes into your junk items category). After receiving the Solomon
Ring, and hearing of Kalkanor, from the man from Trisken, return back
through the energy spire to the North Tower, then from there, return to
Den Heldar.

                           Chapter Thirty Six
                            A Gift Of Thanks

    Once back in Den Heldar, return to Gamella's house(Northwest corner
door), and speak to her father, the Mayor, whom you just freed from the
North Tower. For your part in helping the people of Den Heldar, the 
Mayor gives you a living toy. After receiving the living toy, leave 
Den Heldar, and make your way to one of the nearby beaches. 

                           Chapter Thirty Seven
                              Across The Bay

    Upon arriving at the beach, use your flute to call the waterbug so
that you can again travel across the water. When the waterbug arrives, 
instead of heading directly towards Trisken, there are a few places you
should go to beforehand. The first being the island off the Western
coast of the continent you are currently on.

                           Chapter Thirty Eight
                        Someday I'll Be A Real Boy

    Once on the island(Zeppetto Island), you will find a small house at
the Northern end of it(note, there is a giant wind-up device on it's
roof). Enter the house and make your way upstairs. There you will find
the owner of the house, the inventor who created the living toys that
you've been acquiring throughout your travels(note, there is a helmet in
the drawer behind him). Upon speaking to him, Mr. O'Neal(one of your
living toys) leaps forth and introduces you to his maker, Zeppetto Jr.
He is the third generation(he is named after his grandfather, not his
father) in a family of inventors. After speaking to Zeppetto(and 
acquiring the helmet), return to the beach and summon the waterbug once

                           Chapter Thirty Nine
                   Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Piece

    When the waterbug arrives, ride him back to a beach near Isten(the
town located towards the Northeast section of the continent you were just
on), then make your way into the town(Isten). Next, enter the house at the
Northeast corner of town, and speak to the woman inside who is standing 
near the door(in the blue dress). The woman tells you that Marco is being 
held captive in the church(building in the Southeast corner of town with
the dark blue roof). Upon learning this, leave the house and proceed to
the church. Speak to the follower who is standing in front of the door to
the church, and she will tell you that non-believers are not allowed 
inside the church during services. At this point, you shove the follower
aside, and enter the church. Inside you will see a gargoyle similar to
the one you followed to the lower levels of the North Tower near Den
Heldar. As you approach the gargoyle, it attacks you. Once you defeat
the gargoyle, Marco will be freed. This comes as a great delight to his
fiancee' Carmen, who then bursts into the room. When Marco tells Carmen
what you did, she shows her gratitude by inviting you and Baby(Nehani
too) to their wedding. The wedding is held the next day in the town
square, with the reception being held at the Cafe in town. Once the
wedding festivities are over, leave Isten and return to the nearest
beach(to the Southeast. Note, if you speak to Carmen, or Marco, at
their house just below the Western gate, she/he will give you a living
toy. Also, if you return to the Coastal Inn before going back to the
beach, you can find another living toy in a chest in the back room that
was previously blocked by a cat).

                           Chapter Forty
                         Skimming The Pool

    Once back on the beach, use the flute to call the waterbug. Your next
destination will be the large continent at the Southeast(curve shaped 
continent). Proceed across the sea on the back of the waterbug, towards 
the capitol city of Trisken(located at the central Southern location on
the map, the city in the mountain range with its Southern side surrounded
by water).

                           Chapter Forty One
                           Heading To Trisken

    When you arrive on the Southern continent(dock at one of the beaches
to the Southwest, so that you can reach Trisken by foot), proceed to the
city of Trisken(note, there is a watchtower towards the Southwest corner
of the continent, as well as an abandoned house to the South of that,
where you can find another living toy hidden in a chest outside).

                           Chapter Forty Two
                           To Catch A Crook

    Once in Trisken, make your way to Trisken Castle, which is located at
the Southern end of the city. Upon entering, you will see Kalkanor,
Ramal and Gwinladin are there, and are being addressed by the King. Talk
to the three of them(the knight, the priest and the wizard), as well as
the Noblewoman and the blonde man(Nobleman) standing in the castle's 
entry hall next to the guard. The Noblewoman then exclaims that her 
purse has been stolen from her. Apparently there is a thief loose in
the castle. After the exit has been sealed off, talk to the blonde 
man(Nobleman) waiting in the entry hall once more. He'll get nervous and
run off as Kalkanor walks over. After he runs off(it seems you've found
your thief), look for him upstairs. As you approach him, he realizes
coming upstairs was a bad idea, as there is no way to escape from the
castle here, so he then runs back downstairs. Chase him back downstairs,
and once you and the others have cornered him, he will turn and attack
you. After you defeat the thief, baby runs off. Before chasing after
Baby, talk to the Noblewoman, and she will give you a Water Ring in
appreciation of your good deed. After receiving the Water Ring from the
Noblewoman, leave the castle and begin your next task... finding Baby.

                           Chapter Forty Three
                        With The King's Permission

    To find Baby, leave Trisken by the Eastern gate, and proceed to the
Northeast(note, there are many items to find within the city of Trisken.
You may want to fully explore the city before leaving if you haven't done
so already. The recruiter by the Western gate will test you in battle if
you answer yes to his question, then if you win, you will receive another
living toy. There is a living toy in a chest in the bell tower, and you
can find yet another living toy by talking to the watchmaker, the man you
rescued from the North Tower, who lives with his wife in the house next
to the bell tower. The man walking around the fountain gives you a wallet
if you speak to him, it then goes into your junk items category. If you
bring the wallet to the man walking near the Western side of the city,
near the old man, he will give you one thousand rubies for returning it
to him. The training building allows you to train Baby against six 
different enemies, one of each different elemental alignment. Winning at
these battles makes Baby perform better in combat. You must have Baby
with you to compete in these battles). You will soon find Baby at the
now-closed gates to the Trisken Eastern Pass that leads to Garam. Upon
catching up with Baby and speaking with him, the King arrives and gives
you permission to use the Eastern Pass. With the King's approval, the
guards step aside, and you are allowed free passage through the gates.

                           Chapter Forty Four
                        The Guardian Of The Tomb

    Once through the gates, make your way North, then East to the Village
of Garam. After arriving in Garam, head up the path at the Eastern edge
of the village(speak to the man at the head of the path, and you will
find out that the recent earthquake has knocked a piece of the cliff into
the sea, revealing a cave. Apparently a giant had been living in the
cave, and in their haste to seal it, the villagers mistakenly sealed a
little girl named Ann into the cave with the giant as well. This man is
Ann's father, and he then asks if you will rescue Ann for him from the
cave. Upon answering yes, you will be able to use the path), and it will
lead you to the cave that Ann is supposedly trapped in. Upon entering the
cave, you realize that it is actually a tomb. At it's rear(note, there is
a living toy in a chest at the front of the tomb), you will find the
guardian of the tomb, a giant mechanical druid-like creature(Ruval).
Inspect the guardian(Ruval) and he will come online. Due to not
recognizing you, the guardian(Ruval) perceives you as a threat and
attacks you. After defeating the guardian(Ruval), it falls over, and a
small girl(Ann, the girl everyone in the village is worried about) runs
forth to stop you from totally destroying it. After hearing her out,
start to make your way out of the tomb. Towards the entrance, you will
see Kalkanor, Ramal and Gwinladin enter the tomb. They confront the
guardian(Ruval), and when it starts to move again, Gwinladin(the Wizard)
engages it in battle. Once the wizard defeats the guardian(Ruval), the
trio turn to leave. You rush at them, angry for the unnecessary act that
they have just performed, but when you reach them, Kalkanor attacks you.
After Kalkanor defeats you(note, you cannot win this battle, so don't
waste any items), the trio turn and leave the tomb, but not before
telling you that they are working to bring world peace, and that their
next destination is God's Tower so that they can stop Karmine and the
Artema Cult forever. After they depart, leave the tomb, and talk to 
Ann's father on the path leading back to the village again. He will
then run to the tomb to find his daughter Ann(note, if you return
towards the tomb and speak to them there, they will return to the

                           Chapter Forty Five
                           Winter Wonderland

    Your next task is to head North through the next mountain pass, to
the snowy Village of Denvrado. Although Denvrado is just a village that
you need to pass through, there are a few items that you can acquire
while you're here. First, talk to the man(Shawn) on the cliff's edge at
the Northeastern corner of the village. If you answer yes to his
question, he will point out a giant tower in the distance, composed
partly of glowing energy. This tower holds the key to the mystery of
where Baby came from, and so desperately wishes to return, for this is
the infamous God's Tower. Next, talk to the man and woman(in the pink
coat) in the center of the village. Upon answering yes to the man's
questions, he will sing for you. When he is finished singing, the man
will ask if you'd like to buy a record of the song for one thousand
rubies. As an added bonus, if you buy the record from him, you will be
given another living toy as well. Once you've explored Denvrado
thoroughly(note, most of the villagers tell you of Aruvin, the Wiseman
who dwells in the shrine to the Northwest), leave by the Western exit. 

                           Chapter Forty Six
                       The Church Among The Ruins

    Once outside the Western exit, make your way through the next mountain
pass, until you find a church(holy shrine) to the Northwest amongst some
ruins. Inside the church(holy shrine), you will be able to rest and save
your game if you talk to the tall green disciple in the seat next to the
door. After resting and saving your game(if necessary), enter the back
room of the shrine, and you will find an old man levitating a few feet
off the ground, fast asleep. This is Aruvin, the Wiseman that the
villagers of Denvrado spoke of. Attempt to wake Aruvin up, and you find
that he's too tired right now to converse with you. Rather than wait
around for Aruvin to wake up, leave the shrine and head towards the tower
that the man in Denvrado pointed out earlier(God's Tower). God's Tower is
towards the Northeast, and to get there, you'll need to pass through the
Dark Bog.

                           Chapter Forty Seven
                           Stabbed In The Back

    After traveling Northeast through the Dark Bog, you will come to a
break in the mountains that leads up a path to a long bridge. Once on the
bridge, you spot Kalkanor, Ramal and Gwinladin at the opposite end. They
are speaking to none other than Karmine. Apparently thinking that they
have the upper hand, Kalkanor orders Gwinladin to use his magic to entrap
Karmine. Instead of doing what Kalkanor ordered, Gwinladin instead hands
the jewels the trio had been collecting over to Karmine. It seems that
Gwinladin has been working for Karmine all along, and has now shown his
true face. He is actually Karmine's faithful servant Glor. Karmine then
transforms Glor into an enormous bone dragon, and orders him to dispose
of the two(the knight and the priest). Once the orders are given, Karmine
turns and enters the tower, leaving the wizard to do his dirty work. Once
the wizard, in the form of the bone dragon, defeats his two former
allies, you step forward and engage him in battle(the wizard, while still
in bone dragon form). After defeating the wizard, you go to Ramal's side.
She mentions Trisken before losing consciousness. At this point, attempt
to re-enter the tower, and you will be stopped by an energy barrier.
Nehani thinks that Aruvin, the Wiseman at the shrine you recently
visited, may know a way to get past the barrier, and help Kalkanor and
Ramal. So leave the bridge and make your way back through the Dark Bog,
to the church(holy shrine) amongst the ruins.

                           Chapter Forty Eight
                            Some Good Advice

    Once back at the shrine, speak to Aruvin in his back room, and he
will not only help you with your problem(he sends an assistant to carry
Kalkanor and Ramal back to Trisken), but he will give you another living
toy as well. Aruvin also speaks of a grave danger occurring at God's 
Tower. At this, Baby attempts to leave for the tower by himself. You let
Baby know that you are all in this together, and that where one goes, we
all go.

                           Chapter Forty Nine
                            Very Bad Things

    After receiving the living toy from Aruvin, return to God's Tower
and you will find that the energy barrier has been removed. Enter the
tower doorway, and proceed up the right-hand stairs(note, there are
chests that contain items, armors and a weapon in the surrounding rooms,
as well as up the left-hand stairs). On your way up the tower stairs,
you will come across an opening in the wall(blue blocks form a bridge
leading towards it, allowing you to reach it). You may use this opening
in the wall to rest and save your game if you'd like to. After resting
and saving your game(if necessary), proceed to the top of the set of
stairs that you are currently on(note, there is a Fire Ring in a chest
towards the top of the stairs). Once at the top, you will come to another
mechanical device(Anzo), similar to the one you fought in the North 
Tower, near Den Heldar. Upon inspecting it, it comes online and attacks
you. After defeating the device, you will be given another living toy.
Behind where the device was, you will now find a ramp leading to a
platform with an energy ring pulsating on it. Walk into the energy
ring(warp) on the platform, and you will be brought to another set of
stairs that spiral upwards. Continue up this next series of stairs, and
at the top of these, you will come to yet another mechanical device(this
device seems to have two names, as when you first see it, it is called
Lanzo, yet when you battle it, it is called Ranzi). As before, this
device comes online when you inspect it. Once online, the device sees you
as a threat and attacks you. After defeating this device, you are given
another living toy. After receiving the living toy, walk into the next
energy ring(behind where the device was), to be brought to the top of the
tower. Walk forward into the next chamber to see Karmine standing next to
a fatally wounded dragon. Baby reacts very badly to this. You soon find
out why, as Baby begins to cry out... Mama!!! Baby attempts to run to his
mother's side, but Karmine knocks him away, the impact of the blow
rendering him unconscious. Just as Karmine is preparing to do away with
you, by way of awakening an ancient evil known as Xizan, Dark Beat and
Ibkee appear. They try their best, but at this point they are no match
for Karmine, and are quickly defeated. Seeing this, you become enraged,
and run at Karmine. The battle between you and Karmine then begins(Baby
is still unconscious). Upon besting Karmine in battle, he disappears,
but not before telling you that you were too late, the evil has already
been awoken. After Karmine is gone, go to Baby and see if he's still
alive. Upon your checking on him, Baby's mother(Celestia) cries out to
her child, obviously more upset over his condition than her own. At this
point, Celestia uses her magic to revive Baby. Upon regaining 
consciousness, Baby runs to his dying mother's side. Baby's mother then
starts to die, as she had spent her last bit of energy reviving Baby.
Dark Beat and Ibkee then begin to stir, as the whole tower starts to
shake violently. You call to Baby, and the two of you make your escape.
As you are leaving the tower's top chamber, a spirit(the one who
entrusted Baby's care to you at the game's beginning) appears and calms
Baby's dying mother. Outside on a high ledge, Dark Beat climbs onto
Ibkee's back, as do you with Baby. You then all take flight, Nehani 
flying along behind, in an attempt to escape the shaking tower. As you
fly away to safety, the tower crumbles, and in it's place, appears a
giant tentacled creature. This creature is Xizan, the evil the Karmine
has awoken. The creature(Xizan) then sprouts immense wings and flies off.

                           Chapter Fifty

    You are brought to a place called Picard. You are all alone, Baby and
Nehani are not with you. Your first task is to find them(note, there is a
living toy in the room you appear in). You will find Baby and Nehani in
the room with the light green door(the third room to the right from where
you started). After Baby and Nehani have rejoined your party, enter the
library(pink door). Once in the library, you will need to read all the 
material that is pertinent to your task at hand, before you will be 
allowed to leave. The books that you are required to look at are as 

  On a rack on the lower section, rear wall, shelf to the right:

    This book tells the locations of the four legendary holy 
    items(sword, armor, helmet, and shield).
  On a rack on the lower section, rear wall, shelf to the left(up steps):
    This book tells, in the form of a cinema, how Xizan was defeated
    during his first reign of terror.
  On a rack on the right-hand raised area, rear rack, center shelf:
    This book tells of sealing the evil that is Xizan.
  On a rack on the right raised area, front rack, first shelf, face door:
    This book tells of the Solomon Ring.

From reading these books, and seeing the cinema, you realize that Karmine
and his henchmen had been eliminating the five guardians that had a hand
in entrapping Xizan in the energy prism, and who together were what was
keeping him(Xizan) imprisoned. With their deaths, Karmine had seemingly
not only released Xizan, but ensured his freedom forever. After finishing
in the library, enter Dark Beat's room(purple door). Speak with Dark Beat
and he will give you the key to the warp gates, so that you may have an
easier time finding the legendary holy items. After receiving the key to
the gates, make your way to the warp gate hub(yellow door), and you will
find that the barrier that had previously prevented you from entering
this room, has now been lowered(note, before entering the hub, you may
want to explore the upper level of Picard, as there are more weapons and
armor to be found). Once you enter the warp gate hub, you will see eight
doors, each represented by a different colored door. Upon walking through
any of the eight doors here, you will be warped to another set location
on the world map. The location that each door corresponds to are as
follows(clockwise from the starting point. Note, once through each
gate, you must use the key that Dark Beat gave you in order to re-open
them for a return trip to the hub. Also, on the field map, the warp
gates are represented by small white circles):

  White:       Picard
  Pink:        Galik's house, on cliff path outside of Carmarthen
  Red:         Other side of the mountains to the West of Denvrado
  Orange:      Mountains near Aruvin's holy shrine
  Yellow:      Southern side of Jungo Island
  Light Green: Southeast of Den Heldar
  Dark Green:  Mountains West of Trisken
  Purple:      Kell caverns

Now that you have access to the warp gates, enter the gate of your
choosing(dark green would be closest), and return to Trisken(note, after
leaving God's Tower, Baby will now have the command, "Fly", in his
non-battle command list for use while traveling).

                           Chapter Fifty One
                           Trouble In Trisken

    Once you arrive at Trisken, you find that it is overrun with the same
blue gargoyle creatures that you encountered earlier. After defeating all
the gargoyles(there are eight of them, inspect them to enter into battle
with them), confront the wizard(Org, dressed in green) standing outside
the inn. Once confronted, the wizard will attack you. After defeating the
wizard(and what he summons during the battle), make your way into Trisken
Castle(the guard who was blocking your entrance will have moved aside),
and speak to the King. The King then gives you another living toy. After
receiving the living toy, head upstairs and enter the castle's bedroom.
There you will find Kalkanor and Ramal recuperating after their bout with
the traitorous wizard Glor.

                           Chapter Fifty Two
                        Liberating The Port Town

    After liberating Trisken, make your way back to Zed Harbor(note,
remember that you can now fly from location to location on Baby's back).
Once in Zed Harbor, you see that the blue gargoyle creatures have also
infested the port town. Proceed to the rear dock, and there you will
encounter the leader of the gargoyle creatures, Bosmie. After a few
brief words, he will leave(note, he actually jumps onto the stack of
crates nearby), and you are then faced with the task of ridding the town
of the gargoyle menace. After defeating all the gargoyles, return to the
rear dock and confront the leader(Bosmie) again(he will have come down
off the crates at this point). After defeating Bosmie, the leader of the
gargoyles, and thereby liberating the port town of Zed Harbor, leave the
town and begin your quest for the four legendary holy items(note, if you
speak to the Governor at his house, he will give you another living 

                           Chapter Fifty Three
                            The First Of Four

    To find the first of the legendary holy items, the legendary holy 
helmet(note, the locations of the legendary holy items are represented
on the field map by small white circles with red dots inside of them),
begin by returning to the island of Kerple(where Baby was held captive
by the natives). Once on the island, return to the native village(Kerple
Village), and from there, enter the Serpent's Head Shrine. Make your way
to the rear of the shrine caverns(towards where you fought the Yugonga
plant), and once there, enter the chamber with the energy spire in it.
Now that you have the warp gate key from Dark Beat, the energy spire,
upon your walking into it, will take you to a corridor leading to the
guardian of the holy helmet. Approach the guardian(inspect it) and it
will do battle with you. After defeating the guardian, a chest will
appear in it's place that contains the legendary holy helmet. Once
you've obtained the helmet, return through the energy spire and leave
the Serpent's Head Shrine so that you can start your journey to your
next destination... Castle Ryan.

                           Chapter Fifty Four
                           The Haunted Castle

    Castle Ryan is an abandoned castle located on the Western 
continent(on the field map, it's East of Den Heldar, nestled between the
Northern side of the mountain range and the Southern side of the lake).
Enter the castle, and in the rear you will find the stairs that lead down
to the lower levels(note, there are items to be found throughout the
castle, including six living toys). In the basement of the castle, you
will find an owl. The owl will tell you of the four switches(there is one
switch in each corner of the uppermost level of the castle, each one
accessible by the stairs in the rooms off the main room at the center of
the castle). After talking to the owl, he will then act as a rest and save
spot should you talk to him again. After learning of the switches from the
owl(as well as resting and saving your game, if necessary), head to the
upper level of the castle, and trigger all four switches(note, you will be
asked if you wish to push each switch, yes/no, when you inspect them).
After pushing all four switches, the ground will begin to rumble and
shake. What has just happened, is that you have just revealed the entrance
to another of the energy spires that leads to one of the legendary holy
items. This new energy spire can be found in the room to the South of the 
castle's main central room. Proceed to the entrance that you have just
revealed, and walk into the energy spire(note, you must still possess the
key given to you by Dark Beat). You will then be brought to a corridor
that leads to the guardian of the legendary holy sword. Approach the
guardian and it will come online(after you inspect it) and attack you.
After you have defeated this guardian, a chest containing the legendary
holy sword will appear in it's place. After receiving the sword, return
through the energy spire, and leave Castle Ryan.

                           Chapter Fifty Five

    Your next challenge awaits you in the Denime Plains(on the field
map, these are located towards the upper Northern section of the Western
continent, slightly Southwest of the town of Isten). Once you arrive at
the Denime Plains, you will notice that there are many large trees that
have fallen, and have been hollowed out like small tunnels. At the 
Southern tip of these grasslands, you will find a large tree stump with
an entrance at the base of it. Enter the tree and make your way through
it's passages, to it's lowest level(note, there are chests containing
armor, a shield and a living toy in the tree). There you will find an
entrance which leads to a chamber containing a chest and a glowing pool
of energy. After opening the chest and receiving the sword from inside
it, walk into the pool of energy(note, you must still possess the key
given to you by Dark Beat in order to access the energy pool), and you
will be brought to a corridor leading to the guardian of the legendary
holy armor. Approach the guardian and do battle with it(inspect it to
trigger it to attack you). After defeating the guardian, a chest
containing the legendary holy armor appears in it's place. After
obtaining the armor, return by way of the energy pool to the tree stump,
and from there, make your way back outside. Once outside, ride Baby(or
use other means of travel) to the icy continent at the Northeast.

                           Chapter Fifty Six
                       I Can Walk Like A Penguin

    Once you are on the icy continent, make your way to the igloo Village
of Penguii(the village at the Western side of the continent). Once there,
talk to the blue penguin who is ice fishing(answer yes to his questions)
to receive another living toy. While still in Penguii, inspect the giant
snowman to receive yet another living toy. Once you've received both
living toys, and have explored to your liking, leave Penguii, and travel
to the ice cave(Nord Temple) to the Northeast.

                           Chapter Fifty Seven

    Once you arrive at the ice cave(Nord Temple), enter it to begin your
quest for the final legendary holy item, the legendary holy shield. Just
inside the ice cave(Nord Temple, note, the passage to the Southwest leads
to a chamber containing a living toy, as well as the other passages
leading to many other items), head to the passage to the East, as it will
lead you to the upper levels of the cave. Upon reaching the chamber
containing the ice slides, run down the following slides in this order so
that you can find the cave containing the energy spire that will take you
to your desired destination:

  Far West
  Only one that is available

Once you reach the cave that contains the energy spire(note, there are
other items that can be found by exploring the other slides), walk into
it(note, you must still possess the key given to you by Dark Beat in
order to access the energy spire) to be brought to the final guardian,
the guardian of the legendary holy shield. Travel the short corridor
the energy spire brought you to, and engage the final guardian in
combat. After defeating the guardian, a chest containing the legendary
holy shield will appear in it's place. After receiving the shield, return
through the energy spire to the ice cave(Nord Temple), and from there,
make your way back outside. Once outside, return to Picard by way of the
warp gates(note, you must use the key given to you by Dark Beat in order
to open the gates for a return trip to Picard. 

                           Chapter Fifty Eight
                           Unfinished Business

    Before returning to Picard, there are a few more living toys you can
gather if you stop by the following places... First, Rogo will give you
a toy that he has found while digging if you speak to him in his tunnel
at this point in the game. A miner in the right-hand mine shaft in
Carmarthen will give you a toy if you speak to him. The detective in the
Den Heldar common will give you a toy if you speak to him now. Next, if
you return to Garam, you will now be able to enter the Artema Church that
was previously locked. Once inside, speak to the follower that is there,
and you will have to engage him in battle. After defeating the gargoyle
that he mutates into, and saying no to taking the spinach that was left
on the altar, you will be able to receive the living toy from the sealed
chest in the other room. There is also a new dungeon you can explore
before returning to Picard as well(in the demo at the beginning of the
game there is an area that looks like your characters are running through
empty riverbeds, this is that area). This dungeon is located at the
Westernmost point of the mountain range that surrounds God's Tower. To
get to it, either fly directly there on Baby's back, or take the waterbug
to the Northern tip of the Southeastern continent, then follow the road
to it's end at the Western tip of the mountain range(you will need to
cross back and forth over log bridges to cross the rivers that break up
this section of the continent. The entrance to the dungeon is a cave.
Once inside the cave, you'll see that the dungeon is composed of drying
out riverbeds. Follow the riverbeds to the West(you'll need to pass
through several entrances), and eventually you will come to a cave
entrance. Inside the cave you will find a chest beneath a small waterfall
containing the living toy, Ninja, as well as the boss of this dungeon in
the rear chamber of the cave. The boss of this dungeon is the Holy
Dragon, and upon waking him, he believes you to be a part of Kalkanor's
group who had come here before and stolen his precious stone(one of the
stones that Kalkanor and the others were collecting, to, as they thought,
keep Xizan sealed away forever. At this, the Holy Dragon attacks your
party. Upon his defeat, you find the living toy, D' Artagnan. After
receiving the toy, and thoroughly exploring the riverbed dungeon, leave
it and return to the world map so that you may continue with the more
important matter at hand. Once back on the world map, take to the sky on
Baby's back and fly to Zeppetto's Island. Once there, enter his house and
speak to him upstairs in his bedroom. If you've found all the living
toys by this point, he will give you his finest creation, the living toy,
Legend. After giving you the toy, he disappears. It seems that Zeppetto
wasn't really the grandchild of the original Zeppetto, but rather the
ghost of Zeppetto himself. Once you've received the living toy from 
Zeppetto, return to your hometown of Orgo. Once there, go to your house
and take a nap. After awaking, you will notice a new living toy on your
desk(a dirty toy, that upon cleaning, resembles a living toy). Mr. O'Neal
is against your taking the toy, as Zeppetto warned that it was dangerous.
You then must decide(yes/no, note, if you choose not to take it, you can
re-inspect the desk later to take him if you'd like) whether or not you'd
like to take the toy with you. Before heading after Xizan, you may want
to stop by Jungo Island, as Bonik has finally opened his shop there. You
may wish to stop there before heading to Picard, as he has many useful
items for sale).

                           Chapter Fifty Nine
                          A Very Important Test

    Once you've finished collecting all of the legendary holy items(and
have stopped by Bonik's if necessary), and have returned to Picard, seek
out Dark Beat(in the room with the purple door). Upon speaking to Dark
Beat, he will attempt to put the holy armor on, but it won't let him.
When you try putting the armor on, Dark Beat realizes that you are in
fact the chosen one, the legendary knight, and not him as he had 
previously thought. With the armor on, you disappear, sent on a test.
You are then warped to the small island at the Southeast corner of the
map. Here you must battle Darwin, the spirit of the previous legendary
knight, to see if you are worthy of undertaking the task of destroying
Xizan. Upon besting Darwin in Battle, and thereby passing the test,
he(Darwin) asks if you are ready to fulfill your destiny, and confront
the evil Xizan, yes/no(note, if you answer no, you will be able to leave
and do more level raising, or buy more equipment. To continue with the
game's plot after answering no, just return to the small island and speak
to Darwin. He will again ask you if you are ready to confront Xizan,
yes/no). After answering yes, you, Baby and Nehani take to the sky and
rocket towards Xizan's location. Unfortunately, Karmine has other plans,
and attempts to stop you by blocking your path. At this point, Dark Beat
arrives riding on Ibkee, and tells you to go on ahead and deal with the
more important matter at hand, Xizan, and that he will take care of this
nuisance himself. With that, you fly ahead, leaving Dark Beat to face
Karmine. The two then battle it out high above the clouds.

                           Chapter Sixty
                        Flying Into History

    As Dark Beat and Karmine are fighting, the scene cuts to show you
and Baby riding towards the shadowy figure of Xizan on the horizon.
After a heartfelt speech by Nehani, you close in on Xizan, and the
battle between good and evil begins.

                           Chapter Sixty One
             The Fight Of Your Life... And Everyone Else's

    During the battle with Xizan(after inflicting a set amount of damage
upon Xizan), Baby will tell you that he(Xizan) has been weakened, and that
you should attempt to recapture him in the energy prism, as the previous
legendary knight and dragon did. In order to do this, you must command
Baby to transform into a full size dragon(to do this, go to "Baby" on the
battle menu, then choose "Guardian", the bottom choice. Note, once Baby
transforms, he will summon the energy prism on his next turn), so that he
can use his magic to summon the energy prism. After encasing Xizan in the
energy prism, you will need to continue damaging him in order to further
weaken him, so that the prism will be able to shrink him(Xizan) down to a
size that will be totally encased inside it(the prism), Once this task is
accomplished, to your horror, Xizan proves too strong for the prism, and
breaks free. At this point, not only is Xizan free of the prism, but now
you must battle him in an even more powerful form than that of the giant
tentacled beast he was before(note, any living toys that were tossed out
of the previous battle with Xizan, will now be reusable). After even more
fierce battling, Xizan proves to be too powerful for your party to defeat,
and launches a devastating attack(Armageddon) that kills both you and
Baby. Luckily, due to your having the Solomon Ring(you found this earlier
in the game, it's located in your junk items category), Nehani is able to
use it to bring both you and Baby back to life, and at full health and
magic strength levels as well(note, you will again have a full living toy
inventory at your disposal). At this point, the fate of the world is in
your hands, as you must now battle Xizan in his most powerful and true

                           Chapter Sixty Two
                           Destiny Fulfilled

    After defeating Xizan, you are heralded as a hero, and have lived out
the prophecy of the legendary knight and his dragon. You are then treated
to a slow pan over many of the characters and locations that you met and
visited throughout the game as the credits roll.

Section 3, The Lists


  San Claria

    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost
      Candy Bar              HP 30                              10rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Angel's Tear           Cures Poison                       10rb
      Mind Berry             Cures Confusion                    15rb
      Freedom Root           Cures Paralysis                    20rb
      Sick Weed              Casts Poison                       10rb
      Rotten Weed            Casts Confusion                    15rb
      Toadstool              Casts Paralyze                     20rb


    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost
      Candy Bar              HP 30                              10rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Angel's Tear           Cures Poison                       10rb
      Mind Berry             Cures Confusion                    15rb
      Freedom Root           Cures Paralysis                    20rb
      Sick Weed              Casts Poison                       10rb
      Rotten Weed            Casts Confusion                    15rb
      Toadstool              Casts Paralyze                     20rb

  Bonik(at the Coastal Inn)

    Item salesman:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost

      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Bubble Gum             Cures Terror                       20rb
      Terror Seed            Casts Terror                       20rb
      AFM324                 Alexander-Fire-Magnum 324          0rb


    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost
      Candy Bar              HP 30                              10rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Angel's Tear           Cures Poison                       10rb
      Mind Berry             Cures Confusion                    15rb
      Freedom Root           Cures Paralysis                    20rb
      Sick Weed              Casts Poison                       10rb
      Rotten Weed            Casts Confusion                    15rb
      Toadstool              Casts Paralyze                     20rb

    Weapons/Armor Shop:

      Weapon/Armor           Element Attribute Base             Cost

      Short Sword            None                               100rb
      Long Sword             None                               110rb
      Copper Sword           None                               150rb
      Iron Sword             None                               200rb
      Leather Armor          None                               100rb
      Padded Armor           None                               110rb
      Studded Armor          None                               150rb
      Iron Armor             None                               200rb
      Wooden Helmet          None                               100rb
      Iron Helmet            None                               1050rb
      Wood Shield            None                               100rb
      Wicker Shield          None                               110rb
      Copper Shield          None                               150rb
      Iron Shield            None                               200rb
      Ring of Calm           Protection against Confusion       9980rb
      Freedom Ring           Protection against Paralysis       9980rb

  Zed Harbor

    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost
      Candy Bar              HP 30                              10rb
      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Bubble Gum             Cures Terror                       20rb
      Terror Seed            Casts Terror                       20rb
      Go Go Bean             Cures Sleep                        25rb
      Snoozeweed             Casts Sleep                        25rb

    Weapons/Armor Shop #1, Western side of town:

      Weapon/Armor           Element Attribute Base             Cost

      Steel Sword            None                               300rb
      Pirates Sword          Water                              400rb
      Sage Sword             None                               500rb
      Viking Sword           Earth                              600rb
      Laminated Armor        None                               300rb
      Brigand Armor          Water                              400rb
      Studded Armor*         None                               500rb
      Viking Armor           Earth                              600rb
      Wooden Helmet          None                               100rb
      Iron Helmet            None                               1050rb
      Full Shield            None                               300rb
      Pirate Shield          Water                              400rb
      Studded Shield         None                               500rb
      Viking Shield          Earth                              600rb
      Brave Ring             Protection against Fear            9980rb
      Wake Ring              Protection against Sleep           9980rb

        *Note, the Studded Armor sold at this shop should actually be
         called "Sage" Armor, but due to poor translation, it was
         mislabeled. It does have different statistics than the Studded
         Armor sold at the Isten Weapons/Armor shop, as well as a higher
         price. If you give it to Baby, it will also go into a separate
         slot than the Isten Studded Armor in his inventory listing. 

    Weapons/Armor Shop #2, Eastern side of town:

      Weapon/Armor           Element Attribute Base             Cost    

      Mystical Sword         Water                              750rb
      Smash Sword            Earth                              900rb
      Raid Sword             Water                              1050rb
      Elven Sword            Light                              1250rb
      Eelskin Armor          Water                              750rb
      Rock Plate             Earth                              900rb
      Neptune's Armor        Water                              1050rb
      Elven Armor            Light                              1250rb
      Viking Helmet          None                               1250rb
      Viking Shield          Earth                              600rb
      Eelskin Shield         Water                              750rb
      Marble Shield          Earth                              900rb
      Oyster Shield          Water                              1050rb
      Elven Shield           Light                              1250rb
      Cobra Ring             Protection against Poison          9980rb
      Heat Ring              Protection against Freezing        9980rb

  Rogo's House inside tunnel merchant

    Item salesman:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost

      Candy Bar              HP 30                              10rb
      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Bubble Gum             Cures Terror                       20rb
      Terror Seed            Casts Terror                       20rb
      Go Go Bean             Cures Sleep                        25rb
      Snoozeweed             Casts Sleep                        25rb


    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost

      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Spinach Snack          HP 250                             800rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Sick Weed              Casts Poison                       10rb
      Rotten Weed            Casts Confusion                    15rb
      Toadstool              Casts Paralyze                     20rb
      Wooden Cross           ???                                1000rb

    Weapons/Armor Shop:

      Weapon/Armor           Element Attribute Base             Cost

      Elven Sword            Light                              1250rb
      Dragon Sword           Darkness                           1450rb
      Scorpion Sword         None                               1650rb
      Dwarf Sword            None                               1900rb
      Dragon Armor           Darkness                           1450rb
      Scorpion Plate         Darkness                           1650rb
      Dwarven Mail           None                               1900rb
      Roman Armor            None                               2150rb
      Wooden Helmet          None                               100rb
      Iron Helmet            None                               1050rb
      Dragon Shield          Darkness                           1450rb
      Scorpion Shield        None                               1650rb
      Dwarven Shield         None                               1900rb
      Zeus' Shield           None                               2150rb
      Ring of Calm           Protection against Confusion       9980rb
      Freedom Ring           Protection against Paralysis       9980rb


    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost

      Candy Bar              HP 30                              10rb
      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Bubble Gum             Cures Terror                       20rb
      Terror Seed            Casts Terror                       20rb
      Go Go Bean             Cures Sleep                        25rb
      Snoozeweed             Casts Sleep                        25rb

    Weapons/Armor Shop:

      Weapon/Armor           Element Attribute Base             Cost

      White Sword            Light                              2400rb
      Broad Sword            None                               2700rb
      Thunder Sword          Wing                               3000rb
      Fire Sword             Fire                               3300rb
      White Armor            Light                              2400rb
      Bone Plate             None                               2700rb
      Thunder Plate          Wind                               3000rb
      Fire Armor             Fire                               3300rb
      Wooden Helmet          None                               100rb
      Iron Helmet            None                               1050rb
      White Shield           Light                              2400rb
      Bone Shield            None                               2700rb
      Thunder Shield         Wind                               3000rb
      Fire Shield            Fire                               3300rb
      Brave Ring             Protection against Fear            9980rb
      Wake Ring              Protection against Sleep           9980rb

  Kerple Island

    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost

      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Spinach Snack          HP 250                             800rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Sick Weed              Casts Poison                       10rb
      Rotten Weed            Casts Confusion                    15rb
      Toadstool              Casts Paralyze                     20rb
      Wooden Cross           ???                                1000rb

  Den Heldar

    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost

      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Spinach Snack          HP 250                             800rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Sick Weed              Casts Poison                       10rb
      Rotten Weed            Casts Confusion                    15rb
      Toadstool              Casts Paralyze                     20rb
      Wooden Cross           ???                                1000rb

    Weapons/Armor Shop:

      Weapon/Armor           Element Attribute Base             Cost

      Jousting Sword         Wind                               3600rb
      Cobra Sword            Darkness                           3950rb
      Sword of Ra            None                               4350rb
      Kuldian Sword          None                               4700rb
      Jousting Armor         Wind                               3600rb
      Cobra Armor            Darkness                           3950rb
      Armor of Ra            None                               4350rb
      Kuldian Armor          Darkness                           4700rb
      Iron Helmet            None                               1050rb
      Viking Helmet          None                               1250rb
      Jousting Shield        Wind                               3600rb
      Cobra Shield           Darkness                           3950rb
      Shield of Ra           None                               4350rb
      Kuldian Shield         Darkness                           4700rb
      Cobra Ring             Protection against Poison          9980rb
      Heat Ring              Protection against Freezing        9980rb


    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost

      Candy Bar              HP 30                              10rb
      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Bubble Gum             Cures Terror                       20rb
      Terror Seed            Casts Terror                       20rb
      Go Go Bean             Cures Sleep                        25rb
      Snoozeweed             Casts Sleep                        25rb

    Weapons/Armor shop #1, Southwest corner of town:

      Weapon/Armor           Element Attribute Base             Cost

      Eagle Sword            None                               5100rb
      Crusader Sword         None                               5500rb
      Hawk Sword             Wind                               5950rb
      Crusher Sword          None                               6350rb
      Eagle Plate            None                               5100rb
      Crusader Armor         None                               5500rb
      Hawk Armor             Wind                               5950rb
      Chain Mail             None                               6350rb
      Wooden Helmet          None                               100rb
      Iron Helmet            None                               1050rb
      Eagle Shield           None                               5100rb
      Crusader Shield        None                               5500rb
      Hawk Shield            Wind                               5950rb
      Granite Shield         None                               6350rb
      Ring of Calm           Protection against Confusion       9980rb
      Freedom Ring           Protection against Paralysis       9980rb

    Weapons/Armor Shop #2, Near bridge to Trisken Castle:

      Weapon/Armor           Element Attribute Base             Cost

      Cleaver Sword          None                               6800rb
      Black Sword            Darkness                           7300rb
      Celtic Sword           Light                              7800rb
      Demon Sword            Darkness                           8300rb
      Bar Mail               None                               6800rb
      Black Plate            Darkness                           7300rb
      Celtic Plate           Light                              7800rb
      Leopard Armor          Darkness                           8300rb
      Iron Helmet            None                               1050rb
      Viking Helmet          None                               1250rb
      Marble Shield          None                               6800rb
      Black Shield           Darkness                           7300rb
      Celtic Shield          None                               7800rb
      Leopard Shield         Darkness                           8300rb
      Brave Ring             Protection against Fear            9980rb
      Wake Ring              Protection against Sleep           9980rb


    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost

      Candy Bar              HP 30                              10rb
      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Bubble Gum             Cures Terror                       20rb
      Terror Seed            Casts Terror                       20rb
      Go Go Bean             Cures Sleep                        25rb
      Snoozeweed             Casts Sleep                        25rb

    Weapons/Armor Shop:

      Weapon/Armor           Element Attribute Base             Cost

      Demon Sword            Darkness                           8300rb
      Royal Sword            None                               8800rb
      Artesian Sword         None                               9350rb
      Onyx Sword             None                               9900rb
      Leopard Armor          Darkness                           8300rb
      Royal Armor            None                               8800rb
      Artesian Armor         None                               9900rb
      Onyx Armor             None                               10450rb
      Iron Helmet            None                               1050rb
      Viking Helmet          None                               1250rb
      Leopard Shield         Darkness                           8300rb
      Royal Shield           None                               8800rb
      Artesian Shield        None                               9900rb
      Onyx Shield            None                               10450rb
      Cobra Ring             Protection against Poison          9980rb
      Heat Ring              Protection against Freezing        9980rb


    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost

      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Spinach Snack          HP 250                             800rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Sick Weed              Casts Poison                       10rb
      Rotten Weed            Casts Confusion                    15rb
      Toadstool              Casts Paralyze                     20rb
      Wooden Cross           ???                                1000rb


    Items Shop:

      Item                   Effect                             Cost

      Candy Bar              HP 30                              10rb
      Hamburger              HP 80                              100rb
      Cheeseburger           HP 150                             500rb
      Peach Potion           PP 20                              10rb
      Bubble Gum             Cures Terror                       20rb
      Terror Seed            Casts Terror                       20rb
      Go Go Bean             Cures Sleep                        25rb
      Snoozeweed             Casts Sleep                        25rb

  Bonik's Shop, Jungo Island

    Weapons/Armor Shop:

      Weapon/Armor           Element Attribute Base             Cost

      Flame Sword            Fire                               9980rb
      Water Sword            Water                              9980rb
      Gaian Sword            Earth                              9980rb
      Avian Sword            Wind                               9980rb
      Sword of Chaos         Darkness                           9980rb
      Sword of Order         Light                              9980rb
      Platinum Sword         None                               62000rb
      Platinum Plate         None                               62000rb
      Platinum Helmet        None                               62000rb
      Platinum Shield        None                               62000rb
      Ring of Calm           Protection against Confusion       9980rb
      Freedom Ring           Protection against Paralysis       9980rb
      Brave Ring             Protection against Fear            9980rb
      Wake Ring              Protection against Sleep           9980rb
      Cobra Ring             Protection against Poison          9980rb
      Heat Ring              Protection against Freezing        9980rb

Items Listing:

  Item                Use                          Where Found

  Candy Bar           Restores 30 HP               Common
  Hamburger           Restores 80 HP               Common
  Cheeseburger        Restores 150 HP              Common
  Spinach Snack       Restores 250 HP              Common
  Peach Potion        Restores 20 PP               Common
  Apple               Restores 1 PP                Zed Harbor Cafe
  Angel's Tear        Cures Poison                 Common
  Mind Berry          Cures Confusion              Common
  Go Go Bean          Cures Sleep                  Common
  Bubble Gum          Cures Terror                 Common
  Freedom Root        Cures Paralysis              Common
  Sick Weed           Casts Poison                 Common
  Rotten Weed         Casts Confusion              Common
  Snoozeweed          Casts Sleep                  Common
  Terror Seed         Casts Terror                 Common
  Toadstool           Casts Paralyze               Common
  Wooden Cross        ???                          Common
  Cute Toy            Becomes Living Toy           Orgo Mill
  Dusty Toy           Becomes Living Toy           House in Orgo
  Rusted Toy          Becomes Living Toy           House in Orgo
  Wind Up Toy         Becomes Living Toy           Shack in San Claria
  Mysterious Toy      Becomes Living Toy           Cave of Fear
  Cool Toy            Becomes Living Toy           Cave of Fear
  Warp Gate Key       Allows use of warp gates     Picard
  Record              A record                     Man in Denvrado
  Rose                A sensual rose               Flower girl in Trisken
  Lily                A dried lily                 Flower girl in Trisken
  Sad Letter          Makes you feel sad           Go Fetch
  Happy Letter        Makes you feel happy         Go Fetch
  Seashell            A pretty seashell            Go Fetch
  Bug                 This bug has wings           Various locations
  Strange Bug         An odd little creature       Rogo's Tunnel
  Spring              A metal spring               Go Fetch

Weapons Listing:

  Attack    Name                 Base Element    Where Found

     0      Short Sword          None            Start game with
    +1      Long Sword           None            Common
    +2      Bronze Sword         None            Cave of Fear
    +3      Copper Sword         None            Common
    +4      Iron Sword           None            Common
    +5      Steel Sword          None            Common
    +6      Pirates Sword        Water           Common
    +6      Buccaneer Sword      Earth           Zed Harbor Governor's
    +7      Sage Sword           None            Common
    +7      Sword of Might       None            Kuldo Temple
    +8      Viking Sword         Earth           Common
    +8      Crystal Sword        None            North Tower
    +9      Attack Sword         None            Riverbed Dungeon
    +9      Mystical Sword       Water           Common
    +10     Smash Sword          Earth           Common
    +11     Raid Sword           Water           Common
    +12     Elven Sword          Light           Common
    +12     Twisted Sword        None            Denime Plains
    +13     Aztec Sword          None            Nord Temple
    +13     Dragon Sword         Darkness        Common
    +14     Scorpion Sword       None            Common
    +15     Dwarf Sword          None            Common
    +17     White Sword          Light           Common
    +18     Broad Sword          None            Common
    +19     Thunder Sword        Wind            Common
    +20     Fire Sword           Fire            Common
    +21     Jousting Sword       Wind            Common
    +22     Cobra Sword          Darkness        Common
    +23     Sword of Ra          None            Common
    +24     Kuldian Sword        None            Common
    +25     Eagle Sword          None            Common
    +26     Crusader Sword       None            Common
    +27     Hawk Sword           Wind            Common
    +28     Crusher Sword        None            Common
    +29     Cleaver Sword        None            Common
    +30     Black Sword          Darkness        Common
    +30     Dark Sword           Darkness        Castle Ryan
    +30     Holy Sword           None            Castle Ryan
    +31     Celtic Sword         Light           Common
    +32     Demon Sword          Darkness        Common
    +33     Royal Sword          None            Common
    +34     Artesian Sword       None            Common
    +35     Onyx Sword           None            Common
    +35     Flame Sword          Fire            Bonik's
    +35     Water Sword          Water           Bonik's
    +35     Gaian Sword          Earth           Bonik's
    +35     Avian Sword          Wind            Bonik's
    +35     Sword of Chaos       Darkness        Bonik's
    +35     Sword of Order       Light           Bonik's
    +40     Miracle Sword        None            God's Tower
    +41     Great Sword          None            Picard
    +70     Platinum Sword       None            Bonik's

Armor Listing:

  Defense   Name                 Base Element    Where Found

     0      Leather Armor        None            Start game with
    +1      Padded Armor         None            Common
    +2      Bronze Mail          None            Kell inner caves
    +3      Buccaneer Mail       Light           Isten
    +3      Studded Armor*       None            Common(Isten*)
    +4      Iron Armor           None            Common
    +5      Laminated Armor      None            Common
    +6      Brigand Armor        Water           Common
    +7      Studded Armor*       None            Common(Zed Harbor*)
    +7      Kuldian Armor        None            Common
    +8      Viking Armor         Earth           Common
    +8      Crystal Armor        None            Serpent's Head Shrine
    +9      Eelskin Armor        Water           Common
    +10     Rock Plate           Earth           Common
    +11     Neptune's Armor      Water           Common
    +12     Elven Armor          Light           Common
    +12     Quilted Armor        None            Denime Plains
    +13     Obro Armor           None            Nord Temple
    +13     Dragon Armor         Darkness        Common
    +14     Scorpion Plate       Darkness        Common
    +15     Dwarven Mail         None            Common
    +16     Roman Armor          None            Common
    +17     White Armor          Light           Common
    +18     Bone Plate           None            Common
    +19     Thunder Plate        Wind            Common
    +20     Fire Armor           Fire            Common
    +20     Splint Mail          None            North Tower
    +21     Jousting Armor       Wind            Common
    +22     Cobra Armor          Darkness        Common
    +23     Armor of Ra          None            Common
    +25     Eagle Plate          None            Common
    +26     Crusader Armor       None            Common
    +27     Hawk Armor           Wind            Common
    +28     Chain Mail           None            Common
    +29     Bar Mail             None            Common
    +30     Black Plate          Darkness        Common
    +30     Dark Plate           Darkness        Castle Ryan
    +30     Holy Armor           None            Denime Plains
    +31     Celtic Plate         Light           Common
    +32     Leopard Armor        Darkness        Common
    +33     Royal Armor          None            Common
    +35     Artesian Armor       None            Common
    +36     Onyx Armor           None            Common
    +40     Miracle Armor        None            God's Tower
    +41     Full Plate           None            Picard
    +70     Platinum Plate       None            Bonik's

Helmet Listing:

  Defense   Name                 Base Element    Where Found

     0      Wooden Helmet        None            Start game with
    +10     Iron Helmet          None            Common
    +11     Viking Helmet        None            Common
    +29     Holy Helmet          None            Serpent's Head Shrine
    +49     Zeppetto Helmet      None            Zeppetto Island
    +69     Platinum Helmet      None            Bonik's

Shield Listing:

  Defense   Name                 Base Element    Where Found

     0      Wood Shield          None            Start game with
    +1      Wicker Shield        None            Common
    +2      Bronze Shield        None            Cave of Fear
    +3      Copper Shield        None            Common
    +4      Iron Shield          None            Common
    +5      Tower Shield         Wind            Zed Harbor cannon
    +5      Full Shield          None            Common
    +6      Pirate Shield        Water           Common
    +6      Bone Shield          None            Common
    +7      Studded Shield       None            Common
    +7      Crystal Shield       None            Serpent's Head Shrine
    +8      Viking Shield        Earth           Common
    +9      Eelskin Shield       Water           Common
    +10     Marble Shield        Earth           Common
    +11     Oyster Shield        Water           Common
    +11     Twisted Shield       None            Denime Plains
    +12     Elven Shield         Light           Common
    +12     Obro Shield          None            Nord Temple
    +13     Dragon Shield        Darkness        Common
    +14     Scorpion Shield      None            Common
    +15     Dwarven Shield       None            Common
    +16     Zeus' Shield         None            Common
    +17     White Shield         Light           Common
    +19     Thunder Shield       Wind            Common
    +20     Devil's Shield       Darkness        North Tower
    +20     Fire Shield          Fire            Common 
    +21     Jousting Shield      Wind            Common
    +22     Cobra Shield         Darkness        Common
    +23     Shield of Ra         None            Common
    +24     Kuldian Shield       Darkness        Common
    +25     Eagle Shield         None            Common
    +26     Crusader Shield      None            Common
    +27     Hawk Shield          Wind            Common
    +28     Granite Shield       None            Common
    +29     Marble Shield        None            Common
    +30     Holy Shield          None            Nord Temple
    +30     Dark Shield          Darkness        Castle Ryan
    +30     Black Shield         Darkness        Common
    +31     Celtic Shield        None            Common
    +32     Leopard Shield       Darkness        Common
    +33     Royal Shield         None            Common
    +35     Artesian Shield      None            Common
    +36     Onyx Shield          None            Common
    +40     Miracle Shield       None            God's Tower
    +41     Steel Shield         None            Picard
    +70     Platinum Shield      None            Bonik's

Ring Listing:

  Name            Element   Purpose                        Where Found

  Ring of Calm    None      Protection against Confusion   Common
  Freedom Ring    None      Protection against Paralysis   Common
  Brave Ring      None      Protection against Fear        Common
  Wake Ring       None      Protection against Sleep       Common
  Cobra Ring      None      Protection against Poison      Common
  Heat Ring       None      Protection against Freezing    Common
  Water Ring      Water     Protection against Fire        Trisken woman
  Fire Ring       Fire      Protection against Water       God's Tower
  Earth Ring      Earth     Protection against Wind        Castle Ryan
  Wind Ring       Wind      Protection against Earth       Nord Temple

Living Toys:

  Living Toys are small robotic helpers that you will find throughout your
    travels in the game. These little helpers are mainly used during
    battle(although a few, such as Mapster, can be used outside of battle)
    as extra party members or ways to replenish your HP/PP levels. To use
    them, just choose "Living Toys" from your battle menu, then choose
    which living toy you'd like to call upon from the list provided. Any
    living toy that is knocked out of battle(usually due to extreme
    damage, although there are no hit points noted for any of the living
    toys) will be usable again during the next battle. You may only use
    three living toys at a time. Here is a listing of the known living 
    toys in the order that they appear on the non-battle living toy list:
    C = Continuous, stays out for duration of the battle
    M = Multiple, can be used more than once, but must be re-summoned
    S = Single, can only be used once per battle

      Toy            Usage         Toy            Usage

      Angel            M           Assassin         C
      Avalanche        C           Baron            C
      Championo        S           Cheergirl        M
      Classique        S           Clericy          C
      Confuso          S           Contributor      C
      Cupid            M           D' Artagnan      C
      Da Bomb          C           Dark Cross       S
      Dark Postle      C           Ditchmobile      M
      Douwner          M           Dr. Gas          S
      Dr. Snooze       M           Draken           S
      Earshot          C           Foreman          C
      Freakz           S           Freud            M
      Frooze           M           Frostall         S
      Gabriel          M           Generosity       C
      Heal Bat         C           Hobo Joe         C
      Holy Cross       S           Hornet           M
      Insectorfly      M           Jupiter          C
      Kimoni           M           Legend           C
      Mapster          C           Marilyn          M
      Mermaid          C           Mi Armour        M
      Miner            C           Minicar          C
      Mossman          M           Mr. O'Neal       C
      Mudsy            M           Ninja            C
      Nurse            M           Peacemaker       S
      Phoenix          M           Pippanic         M
      Psychodoc        M           Pyro             C
      Resetter         M           Ringsider        C
      Sacribat         C           Samurai          C
      Sermone          C           Stare            C
      Sumode           S           Tarantula        M
      Terroroid        M           Timeout          C
      Toughwall        C           Vampire          C
      Vegas            C           Verseus          C
      Viper            M           Voodoodoll       S
      Walkbomb         S           Whyme            C
      Windmeister      C

  Living Toy Ability Listing(in order of appearance on battle menu):

    PP  Name                 Spell/Ability

    20  Angel                Heal all(large)
    2   Assassin             After three turns it fires machine gun
    2   Avalanche            Attacks with Earth spells
    2   Baron                Turns 10% of your damage to rubies
    ??  Championo            Uses half your available PP to attack
    2   Cheergirl            Boosts offensive power
    2   Classique            Casts Sleep on all
    3   Clericy              Heal(small)
    2   Confuso              Casts Confusion on all
    5   Contributor          Throws 20 rubies at enemy(large attack)
    10  Cupid                Heal all(medium)
    20  D' Artagnan          Causes major damage with his lance
    2   Da Bomb              Bomb all(explodes) after three turns
    2   Dark Cross           Casts Darkness on all
    2   Dark Postle          Damage to all(Darkness, small)
    2   Ditchmobile          Casts Speed up
    2   Douwner              Enemy offense and defense down
    2   Dr. Gas              Casts Poison Gas on all
    4   Dr. Snooze           Casts Sleep on all enemies
    4   Draken               Takes half of everyone's HP
    5   Earshot              Listens to enemy, finds weakness
    2   Foreman              Attack, exit dungeon non-battle
    2   Freakz               Casts Terror on all
    2   Freud                Casts Sleep
    15  Frooze               Casts ice attack
    2   Frostall             Casts ice on all
    50  Gabriel              Heals entire party to maximum
    2   Generosity           Gives a random reward if you win battle
    10  Heal Bat             Attack(small) same HP in return
    2   Hobo Joe             Steals item from enemy
    2   Holy Cross           Eliminates all darkness
    2   Hornet               Poison attack
    2   Insectorfly          Enemy defense down
    2   Jupiter              Damage to all(Light)
    10  Kimoni               Heal(medium)
    50  Legend               Massive damage
    2   Mapster              Attack(small), map in non-battle
    20  Marilyn              Fully restores one party member's HP
    2   Mermaid              Casts water attack
    2   Mi Armour            Defense up
    2   Miner                Attack, dig treasure non-battle
    2   Minicar              Casts Powerful Attack(almost always misses)
    2   Mossman              Enemy offensive power lowered
    2   Mr. O'Neal           Attack(small)
    2   Mudsy                Enemy speed down
    2   Ninja                Casts ninja-like attack spells
    5   Nurse                Heal(small)
    0   Peacemaker           Random attacks, knocks party to one HP/0 PP
    2   Phoenix              Returns all to normal condition
    2   Pippanic             Casts Confusion
    2   Psychodoc            Takes 20 HP, gives 10 PP
    5   Pyro                 Attack(Fire, medium)
    20  Resetter             Restarts battle
    2   Ringsider            Tells what is going on in battle
    20  Sacribat             Attack, sacrifices one living toy per use
    10  Samurai              Attack(medium), causes return of other toys
    50  Sermone              Revives you if knocked out
    2   Stare                Attack, overhead view in towns
    2   Sumode               Casts a powerful strike(mostly misses)
    2   Tarantula            Casts Poison against all enemies
    2   Terroroid            Casts Terror
    5   Timeout              No damage to either side for three turns
    4   Toughwall            Creates shield to cover character
    5   Vampire              Attack all enemies, lose 10% HP
    2   Vegas                Cast Games of Chance(can harm you)
    2   Verseus              Causes double damage
    5   Viper                Paralyze enemy
    4   Voodoodoll           Casts spell one out of four trys
    2   Walkbomb             Attack, based on distance you've walked
    4   Whyme                Draws enemies attention
    2   Windmeister          Casts Wind(attack large)

  Living Toys Location Listing(in order of finding):

    Mr. O'Neal         Received after defeating Mushmare in Kell
    Cupid              Received with Mr. O'Neal if you have correct item
    Dark Postle        Received with Mr. O'Neal if you have correct item
    Jupiter            Received with Mr. O'Neal if you have correct item
    Nurse              Received with Mr. O'Neal if you have correct item
    Viper              Received with Mr. O'Neal if you have correct item
    Pyro               Received with Mr. O'Neal if you have correct item
    Da Bomb            Found in Kell storage room
    Phoenix            Found in Kell inner caves
    Walkbomb           Found in Kell inner caves
    Timeout            Found in nest after defeating bird in Kell caves
    Mapster            Received from the owners of the Coastal Inn
    Kimoni             Found in Isten
    Contributor        Found in Richten's house in Isten
    Baron              Found in Governor's house in Zed Harbor
    Minicar            Found in Zed Harbor, near rear dock
    Heal Bat           Found in church library in Zed Harbor
    Vampire            Received from nun upstairs in Zed Harbor church
    Miner              Found in Carmarthen mine
    Psychodoc          Found in Kuldo Temple
    Foreman            Found in Kuldo Temple
    Clericy            Found in Kuldo Temple
    Freud              Found in Kuldo Temple
    Angel              Found in Kuldo Temple
    Ditchmobile        Received from couple in Jungo after entering name
    Ringsider          Received from yellow penguin creature in Jungo
    Mi Armour          Found in lighthouse on Jungo Island
    Terroroid          Found in chest on bow of ship after leaving Jungo
    Mudsy              Found in hut on Kerple Island
    Pippanic           Found in Serpent's Head Shrine on Kerple Island
    Hobo Joe           Found in Serpent's Head Shrine on Kerple Island
    Samurai            In hut on Kerple Island, after defeating Yugonga
    Insectorfly        Found in Den Heldar
    Douwner            Found in North Tower
    Tough Wall         Found in North Tower
    Vegas              Found on the roof of North Tower
    Mossman            Found in the lower level of North Tower
    Windmeister        Received from Gamella's father after freeing him
    Whyme              In chest at Coastal Inn, blocked early by cat
    Marilyn            Received from Carmen, after she marries Marco
    Stare              Found at house to the Southwest of Trisken
    Dr. Snooze         Received from Trisken recruiter, pass test
    Tarantula          Received from watchmaker, in house in Trisken
    Sacribat           Found in Trisken bell tower
    Sumode             Found in Garam Tomb
    Hornet             Given by man singing in Denvrado, buy record
    Gabriel            Given by Aruvin, after coming from God's Tower
    Dark Cross         Given after defeating first God's Tower guard
    Holy Cross         Given after defeating second God's Tower guard
    Verseus            Found in chest in Picard
    Generosity         Received by King of Trisken after liberation
    Cheergirl          Given by Zed Harbor Governor after liberation
    Assassin           Found in Castle Ryan basement
    Dr. Gas            Found in chest in upper level of Castle Ryan
    Classique          Found in chest in upper level of Castle Ryan
    Freakz             Found in chest in upper level of Castle Ryan
    Confuso            Found in chest in upper level of Castle Ryan
    Earshot            Found in Denime Plains
    Resetter           Found in large tree stump in Denime Plains
    Mermaid            Given by fishing penguin in Penguii, say yes
    Frooze             Found on giant snowman in Penguii
    Draken             Found in Nord Temple Northeast of Penguii
    Frostall           Found in Nord Temple Northeast of Penguii
    Avalanche          Given to you by Rogo in tunnel later in game
    Voodoodoll         Given to you by Carmarthen miner later in game
    Sermone            Received from Den Heldar detective later in game
    Championo          Found in chest in Artema Church later in game
    Ninja              Found in chest in riverbed dungeon
    D' Artagnan        Found after defeating Holy Dragon, riverbed dungeon
    Legend             Given by Zeppetto after collecting all living toys
    Peacemaker         Found in your house in Orgo after sleeping

Monster/Enemy Listing:

  Name            Where 1st Found     Attacks               Main Item

  Lil' Worm       Near Orgo           Body Smash            Candy Bar
                                      Body Whip

  Knoygn          Near Orgo           Spike Wheel           Candy Bar
  Monkeytail      Near Orgo           Tail Whip             Candy Bar

  Jelfishman      Beach near Orgo     Electric Air          Freedom Root
                                      Limb Grab

  Jester          Near Cave of Fear   Green Magic(t)        Spinach Snack
                                      Whip Attack

  Bonefly         Near Cave of Fear   Ring Shot             Padded Armor
                                      Poison Dart(x)

  Dino            Near Cave of Fear   Tail Whip             Hamburger

  Bearaphant      Cave of Fear        Nails                 Hamburger

  Snakera         Cave of Fear        Poison Spew(x)        Mind Berry

  Fat Bat         Cave of Fear        Body Hurl             Mind Berry

  Thorntaus       Cave of Fear        Needle Screw          Rotten Weed

  Blue Boy        Cave of Fear        Power Blast           Spinach Snack

  Mushmare        Kell Storage Room   Tongue                Iron Sword
                                      Blood Suck(takes HP)

  Galestork       Kell Inner Caves    Diving Beak           Living Toy
                                      Power Gale

  Giant Ant       Near Coastal Inn    Chin Attack           Hamburger
                                      Moth Spew(x)

  Oger            Near Coastal Inn    Bludgeon              Candy Bar
                                      Wave Beam

  Dark Beat       Isten Competition   Hyper Punch           None
                                      Horizon Beam

  Ibkee           Isten Competition   Tail Whip             None
                                      Wave Cannon

  Snap Dragon     East of Isten       Chin Attack           Angel's Tear
                                      Blood Suck(takes HP)

  Giant Flea      Desert              Nails                 Hamburger
                                      Blood Suck(takes HP)

  Sand Ghost      Desert              Sand Breath           Angel's Tear

  Sand Worm       Desert              Bite                  Hamburger
                                      Under Bite

  Tao Tao         Desert              Tornado               Angel's Tear

  Psycho Cat      Near Carmarthen     Cat Mirage            Snoozeweed

  Mantis          Near Carmarthen     Magic Cut             Rotten Weed
                                      Tail Whip

  Fatal Frog      Swamp               Tongue                Sick Weed
                                      Poison Spew(x)

  Treead          Swamp               Punch                 Bubble Gum
                                      Bats Attack(t)

  Fang Fish       Swamp               Bite                  Angel's Tear
                                      Poison Spew(x)

  Doorface        Kuldo Temple        Squash                Wicker Shield

  Knightless      Kuldo Temple        Robo Blade            Iron Armor
                                      Flying Sword

  Mimick          Kuldo Temple        Nails                 Freedom Root
                                      Lock Darts(p)

  Boomda          Kuldo Temple        Nails                 Cheeseburger

  Krimshaw        Kuldo Temple        Microwave             Hamburger

  Zenia           Kuldo Temple        Fire Breath           Go Go Bean
                                      Drill Attack

  Winged Lion     Kuldo Temple        Meteo                 White Shield
                                      Fang Attack

  Zakra           Jungo Island        Evil Pollen(x)        Sick Weed
                                      Split Attack(divides)

  Dino Rex        Jungo Island        Tail Whip             Hamburger

  Sting Bird      Jungo Island        Beak Attack           Go Go Bean

  Crabeira        Jungo Island Beach  Claw Punch            Terror Seed
                                      Sea Bubbles(c)

  Wasp            Kerple Island       Laser Attack          Angel's Tear
                                      Poison Dart(x)

  Rose Devil      Kerple Island       Evil Pollen(x)        Angel's Tear
                                      Stem Bash

  Flower Eye      Kerple Island       Bite                  Angel's Tear
                                      Poison Gas(x)

  Kersey          Serpent Shrine      Crystal               Candy Bar
                                      Kersey Magic(c)

  Death           Serpent Shrine      Reaping Hook          Spinach Snack
                                      Sucking Life(takes HP)

  Yugonga         Serpent Shrine      Dream Rain(c)         None
                                      Limb Grab

  Serpentine      Sea Encounter       Bite                  Freedom Root

  Anemione        Sea Encounter       Bite                  Angel's Tear
                                      Phantom Spew

  Hog Fish        Sea Encounter       Bite                  Bubble Gum

  Shelliod        Sea Encounter       Violent Jam           Freedom Root

  Coacher         Near Den Heldar     Punch                 Wicker Shield
                                      Hit and Run(leaves)

  Rambull         Near Den Heldar     Horn Attack           Hamburger
                                      Poison Milk(x)

  Cockatrice      Near Den Heldar     Beak Attack           Toadstool
                                      Paral Gas(p)

  Buffoo          North Tower         Electric Air          Ring of Calm

  Big Roach       North Tower         Bite                  Sick Weed
                                      Poison Spew

  Blue Monster    North Tower         Jet Punch             None
                                      Missile Gun
                                      Gas Missile

  Guardian        North Tower Warp    Prism Drill           Solomon Ring
                                      Burst Shot

  Gargoyle        Isten Church        Nails                 None

  Crabby Fish     Near Trisken        Claw Punch            Candy Bar

  Bobo Dragon     Near Trisken        Tail Attack           Hamburger
                                      Magma Attack

  Thedeon         Near Trisken        Bite                  Hamburger
                                      Poison Spew(x)

  Toy Knight      Trisken Recruiter   Robo Blade            None
                                      Giant Sword

  Thief           Trisken Castle      Mud Attack            None
                                      Steal(steals item)

  Tortaurus       Eastern Pass        Bite                  Peach Potion
                                      Land Attack

  Kabra           Near Garam          Bite                  Rotten Weed
                                      Viper Rush(x)

  Shrenrider      Near Garam          Hammer Punch          Spinach Snack

  Ruval           Garam Tomb          Blaster               None

  Kalkanor        Garam Tomb          Combo Attack          None
                                      Robo Blade

  Rock Viper      Mountain Pass       Volcanic Hit          Hamburger

  Liobird         Near Holy Shrine    Fang Attack           Bubble Gum
                                      Rage Tornado

  Octagug         Dark Bog            Body Hurl             Leopard Shield
                                      Limb Grab

  Glor            God's Tower         Death Breath          None
                                      Nail Blade

  Hangry          God's Tower         Hip Press             Go Go Bean

  Anzo            God's Tower         Laser Cannon          Living Toy
                                      Mind Rings(c)

  Ranzi           God's Tower         Laser Cannon          Living Toy
                                      Mind Rings(c)

  Karmine         God's Tower         Robo Blade            None
                                      Phoenix Dive
                                      Horizon Beam

  Org             Trisken             Dark Force            None

  Velmine         Trisken             Fire Breath           None
                                      Heavy Stomp

  Bosmie          Zed Harbor          Horizon Beam          None
                                      Nose Blow
                                      Combo Hack

  Guardian #1     Serpent Shrine      Hand Cannon           None
                                      Delta Shock

  Cyclops         Near Castle Ryan    Blaster               Go Go Bean
                                      Chain Attack

  Iron Golem      Castle Ryan         Hatchet               White Shield

  Dark Demon      Castle Ryan         Nails                 Rotten Weed

  Feghradragon    Castle Ryan         Bite                  Peach Potion
                                      Laser Attack

  Swordster       Castle Ryan         Slicing Attack        Demon Sword
                                      Skull Spell(c)

  Guardian #2     Castle Ryan         Hand Cannon           None
                                      Delta Shock

  Pythore         Denime Plains       Closing Attack        Toadstool
                                      Rocky Road

  Guardian #3     Denime Plains       Hand Cannon           None
                                      Delta Shock

  Whip Neck       Icy Continent       Fire Breath           Peach Potion
                                      Tail Whip

  Crytis          Icy Continent       Limb Grab             Hamburger

  Tentaclite      Icy Continent       Poison Spurt(x)       Freedom Root
                                      Blood Suck(takes HP)

  Hydra           Nord Temple         Fire Breath           Cheeseburger
                                      Poison Gasp(x)
                                      Ice Breath(f)

  Eyevee          Nord Temple         Limb Grab             Spinach Snack
                                      Hypno Eyes(s)

  Mad Dragon      Nord Temple         Fire Breath           Bubble Gum
                                      Ice Breath(f)

  Guardian #4     Nord Temple         Hand Cannon           None
                                      Delta Shock

  Zain            Riverbed Dungeon    Tail Whip             Peach Potion
                                      Water Breath

  Lizard Man      Riverbed Dungeon    Bubble Bomb           Cobra Ring
                                      Screw Dive

  Holy Dragon     Riverbed Dungeon    Ice Breath(f)         Living Toy
                                      Super Sound(c)
                                      Blue Swoosh

  Darwin          Island Sanctuary    Tech Sword            None
                                      Robo Blade
                                      Bloody Cross

  Xizan Form #1   Storm Cloud         Haven's Wall          None
                                      Dark Whip

  Xizan Form #2   Storm Cloud         Hypnos Claw(s)        None
                                      Blood Suck(takes HP)
                                      Black Hole

  Xizan Form #3   Storm Cloud         Hell's Wind(can fail) None

    Key: (t)=casts Terror    (c)=casts Confusion    (f)=casts Freezing
         (x)=casts Poison    (s)=casts Sleep        (p)=casts Paralyze

Important Items:

  1.  Courage                     Start game with
  2.  Smile                       Start game with
  3.  Letter for San Claria Mayor Received from Mayor of Orgo
  4.  Cute Toy                    Found in chest in mill in Orgo
  5.  Dusty Toy                   Found in house in Orgo(dark porch)
  6.  Rusted Toy                  Found in house in Orgo(dark porch)
  7.  Wind Up Toy                 Found in shack on beach in San Claria
  8.  Mysterious Toy              Found in Cave of Fear
  9.  Cool Toy                    Found in Cave of Fear
  10. Heavy Stone                 Received after finding Baby in bird nest
  11. Stone Slate                 Received from Rogo in his tunnel
  12. Tickets                     Trade heavy stone for them in Zed Harbor
  13. Solomon Ring                Found in North Tower
  14. Wallet                      Given by man near fountain in Trisken

Character Statistic Screen:

  Current Level
  Maximum HP(hit points)
  Maximum PP(psychic points)
  Experience(total experience gained)
  Next Level(experience needed to raise a level)

Level UP Listing:
  These are Knight's Level up increments(Note, Baby needs the
  same amounts of experience to raise levels, but his statistic
  increments may vary depending on how you've raised him):

    Level    Max HP    Experience      Level    Max HP    Experience
                         Needed                             Needed  

      1       18        0                51      840       616,688
      2       26        15               52      866       649,455
      3       33        33               53      892       682,222
      4       41        55               54      919       714,989
      5       48        82               55      946       747,756
      6       54        115              56      974       780,523
      7       61        156              57      1,002     813,290
      8       69        207              58      1,031     846,057
      9       78        270              59      1,060     878,824
      10      88        348              60      1,090     911,591
      11      99        445              61      1,120     944,358
      12      111       566              62      1,151     977,125
      13      124       717              63      1,182     1,009,892
      14      138       905              64      1,214     1,042,659
      15      153       1,140            65      1,246     1,075,426
      16      169       1,433            66      1,279     1,108,193
      17      186       1,799            67      1,312     1,140,960
      18      204       2,256            68      1,346     1,173,727
      19      223       2,827            69      1,380     1,206,494
      20      243       3,540            70      1,415     1,239,261
      21      264       4,431            71      1,450     1,272,028
      22      286       5,544            72                1,304,795
      23      309       6,935            73
      24      321       8,673            74
      25      346       10,845           75
      26      359       13,560           76
      27      372       16,953           77
      28      386       21,194           78
      29      400       26,495           79
      30      415       33,121           80
      31      430       41,403           81
      32      446       51,755           82
      33      462       64,695           83
      34      479       80,870           84
      35      496       101,088          85
      36      514       126,360          86
      37      532       157,950          87
      38      551       190,717          88
      39      570       223,484          89
      40      590       256,251          90
      41      610       289,018          91
      42      631       321,785          92
      43      652       354,552          93
      44      674       387,319          94
      45      696       420,086          95
      46      719       452,853          96
      47      742       485,620          97
      48      766       518,387          98
      49      790       551,154          99
      50      815       583,921          100

Baby's Forms and Attacks:

  Chomp:              Standard attack
  Hammer(attack):     Happens randomly
  Headbutt:           Happens randomly, causes Baby to become dizzy
  Hammer:             Happens randomly, can cast Confusion
  Glove:              Happens randomly, can cast Sleep
  Sword:              Happens randomly, can cast Paralyze
  Ibkee:              Received after fighting Dark Beat and Ibkee in Isten
  Knoygn:             Received from monster of the same name
  Psycho Cat:         Received from monster of the same name
  Treead:             Received from monster of the same name
  Fatal Frog:         Received from monster of the same name
  Zakra:              Received from monster of the same name
  Jelfishman:         Received from monster of the same name
  Crabby Fish:        Received from monster of the same name
  Bobo Dragon:        Received from monster of the same name
  Dino:               Received from monster of the same name
  Snakera:            Received from monster of the same name
  Buffoo:             Received from monster of the same name
  Eyevee:             Received from monster of the same name
  Guardian:           Received while battling Xizan

Game Section Titles:

  Departure =    Game's beginning(chapters 1-12)
  The Journey =  Upon leaving the Coastal Inn(chapters 13-30)
  Wider Worlds = Upon acquiring the waterbug(chapters 31-47)
  The Destiny =  After reaching God's Tower(chapters 48-57)
  Last Battle =  After collecting the four holy items(chapters 58-End)

Section 4, Random Notes

    Baby acts like extra storage space in terms of items. If you fill
your main character's inventory, any further items(except those won after
a battle) will give you the option of giving them to Baby(thereby going
into storage). 

    Baby can carry up to one hundred of each item in the game.

    If you receive an item after winning a battle, but your main 
character's inventory if full, you will be asked if you would like to
exchange it for one of the items already in your inventory, and if so,

    Certain spells cast upon your character(such as confusion, terror or
sleep), during a battle, will be removed if you are hit with a physical

    Baby's "Transform" command in his battle menu is available based on
how you are treating/feeding him. If he is happy, you stand a better
chance of him being able to transform. Candy bars are a good item to
feed Baby if you want to keep him happy. He also enjoys bugs.

    If Baby's "Transform" command disappears(this usually occurs after
leaving Trisken for a short time), it may still return. Even if it does
not, Baby still has the ability to transform randomly, you just can't
order him to do it specifically.

    Baby's HP level depends on how well you're raising him(keeping him
fed well, happy, not overexerting him, and not letting him get hit
constantly while in battle).

    Some things that change Baby's attitude and luck are, hitting him(in
battle), scolding him, disappointing him, running from battles too 
often, letting him stay hurt(in battle, not healing him), making him
angry(feeding him things that you would cast on an enemy), ignoring
him(not talking to him in battle every once in a while), overexerting
him(too many games of Go Fetch without resting in-between), doing things
out of order, or taking an overly long time to do a certain area of the
game(drawing it out). Avoid these things and feed him well(always use
the "Give Snack" option in Baby's non-battle menu, rather than just
giving him items by way of the "Use" option in the "Items" menu) and you
should raise a happy and healthy Baby.

    Any living toy that is knocked out of battle, or only usable once(per
battle), will be usable again in the next battle. They cannot be 
permanently destroyed.

    Nehani will randomly cast a heal spell(Pixie Dust) on your characters
during battle. If Baby has been killed prior to this in the battle, he
will be resurrected.

    Nehani will randomly attack the enemies with a face slap(low damage). 

    If Baby is killed during a battle, upon your winning the battle, Baby
will return with one hit point. 

    Enemies below your character's current level are represented onscreen
as small white ghosts that try to avoid you if you approach them.

    Enemies above your character's current level are represented onscreen
as larger pink horned ghosts that come after you if they spot you.

    Throughout most of the game(up till around level 23), the amount of
hit points you receive per level raised, is equal to the level you are
currently attaining(for example, at level thirteen, you will receive
thirteen hit points).

    At some point in the game(around level 23), the amount of hit points
that your character receives upon leveling up will reduce to half the 
attained level(for example, at level forty, you will only receive twenty
hit points).

    The amount of experience and rubies you earn from each battle is

    The amount your statistics(other than HP) raise at each level up
is random.

    The amount of rubies you can carry stops at 999,999

    There is a sunken ship off the Western Coast of the Southern 
Continent. It's just for show, it does nothing. 

    There are a number of(for lack of a better word) pits that contain
extremely high level versions of the game's normal monsters. The level
that the monsters in these pits are, is based on what level your 
character is at. They will always be higher leveled than you are. They
also carry different items than their normal counterparts, mostly
valuable weapons, armors, rings and shields(for example, Treead has 
a Celtic Shield, Fat Bat has a Bone Shield, Octagug has a Steel Sword, 
Shelliod has a Brave Ring, Bonefly has Bar Mail, Dino Rex has a Dwarf
Sword, and the Fatal Frog has a Thunder Plate... and so on). All of
these pits are only accessible by flying. Some of these pits are in the
following locations:

  Across the river, West of Rogo's Tunnel. Small grassy clearing between
    river and mountain.

  West of Rogo's Tunnel. Small grassy clearing between mountain and 

  West of Isten(near San Claria). Small grassy clearing in the center
    of a mountain range.
  Above Trisken. Small grassy clearing in the center of the mountain 

  Northeast of Castle Ryan. Small grassy clearing in center of lake. 

    The best line in the game occurs if you leave Knight's name as the
default name(Knight). Upon talking to Carmen after her wedding to Marco,
she says, "Thank you for participating in our wedding Knight". :)

    The battle between Dark Beat and Karmine at the game's end doesn't
make much sense. They are fighting way up in the air, high above the
clouds. With only Ibkee's ability to fly keeping Dark Beat from falling.
Keep in mind Karmine's new form allows him to fly. If Dark Beat and 
Ibkee defeat Karmine, won't Ibkee then turn back into a little girl?
That's what they claimed earlier in the game. Won't the two of them(Dark
Beat and Ibkee) then fall to their deaths? Just something to think about.

Section 5, the Field Map

                                                          _/      |___
                                                         /            |
                                                        /         4   |
               ___________                             |             /
              /           \                          _/ 3          _/
            _/   D         \_                       |             /
          _/              E  \                      \         ___/
         /    C       F       \                      \       /
        / B                    \                      |     /
   ___  \           J           \                     |    /
  /   \  \  A                    |                    |___/
 /  Q  \  |                      |
|       | |              H    G  |                        ______
 \     /  |             I      _/                        /      \
  \___/  /                    /                         /        \
        /      M             /                         |          \___
       |                  K /                          |              \
        \              L   /                           |               \
         |                |           _____       ____/  6              \
         \ P              |          /     \     /             2         |
          |         N     |         /   R   \   |                        |
          \              /         |         |   \___                   /
           | O          |          |         |    ___|                 |
           \            |          |         |   /     1              /
            \          /            \       /   |                    |
             \_       /              \_____/     \__                /
               \     /                              \              |
                \___/                               |            Z |
                                                    |              |
                                     ________       |              |
                                  __/        \_____/               |
            ________            _/                                 |
           /        \         _/              V                   _|
          /          \       /  T                                /
         |            |     /                             W   Y /
         |      S     |    /     U                         ____/
          \          /    |____________                ___/
           \        /                  \______________/
            \      /                                            ___
             \____/                                            /   \
                                                              /     \
                                                             |   5   |
                                                              \     /

A. Orgo                 K. Carmarthen               U. Abandoned House
B. San Claria           L. Galik's House            V. Trisken
C. Kell                 M. Kuldo Temple             W. Garam
D. Coastal Inn          N. Castle Ryan              Y. Tomb
E. Isten                O. Den Heldar               Z. Denvrado
F. Tent                 P. North Tower              1. Aruvin's Shrine
G. Zed Harbor           Q. Zeppetto's House         2. God's Tower
H. Desert               R. Jungo                    3. Penguii
I. Rogo's Tunnel        S. Kerple                   4. Nord Temple
J. Denime Plains        T. Watchtower               5. Darwin
                                                    6. Riverbed Dungeon

Section 6, the Differences

Differences between the Japanese and American releases:

  1. There is some different music. The American version has heavier,
       more rock type music in the opening and cinema sequences.

  2. The American version has a different title screen. In my opinion
       it doesn't look that good. It looks like badly cut out photos
       were pasted up. The Japanese title screen was similiar to my
       ascii art title.

  3. There is a new absolutely terrible looking video demo of in-game
       play that follows the title screen if you don't immediately
       begin playing.

  4. The American version has removed the second Tamsoft intro cinema,
       in which Knight repairs the cord to the neon sign that Baby 
       broke in the first cinema. When he's finished repairing the 
       cord, Nehani relights the sign and Knight gives her a thumbs
       up, as Baby looks relieved that he's no longer in trouble.

  5. The American version has removed the opening prologue to the game.
       This prologue appeared in the form of text overlain onscreen,
       while Nehani flew over many of the game's locations on her way
       to your character's house before the game begins. The American
       version begins with Nehani already at your character's house.

  6. New very annoying "X=Select/Triangle=Return" blinking/alternating
       with menu selections writing on status/menu screens.

  7. Holding Start+Select+L1+L2+R1+R2 to reset game removed.

  8. Added controller configure.

  9. Very rough translation, many grammatical errors(missing words,
       wrong form of word used, doubling up of same words, same term
       for two different items).

  10. Removed "Time Played" feature from in game settings screen.

  11. Names changed.

  12. Clock now goes past forty hours.

  13. Removal of the living toy "Rust Bucket". This toy cast a spell
        called "Russian Roulette", in which he pointed a gun randomly
        at one of any of the characters in the battle, then fired.

Section 7, the Credits

  Thanks to Tamsoft for this extremely captivating game
  Thanks to John Stapleton for his reading recommendations
  Thanks to Greg Hawkes for being the nice guy he always is
  Thanks to Pup for snuggling Bandit to keep him warm while he was sick
  Thanks to Bandit for making it through his nasty cold :)
  Thanks to Phyllis, Flo, Dan and Rob for putting up with my e-mails :)
  Thanks to the parking lot guy at the corner of Baxter and Bayard :)
  Thanks to Trunkten for no particular reason 0_o
  And you...

Please do not use this faq on your website without asking me for
permission first. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in 
a for-profit magazine or publication without my prior consent. Nor is it
granted for this document to be used as any type of "source material" for
for-profit magazines to use in any way, be it basing their own articles
from, reading prior to get ideas, or outright copying. I do not write
these walkthroughs so some hack writers can sit back and get paid for it.
I also forbid this, or any of my walkthroughs to be used as, or turned
into issues or mailings for RPG or other newsletters, be they free or
for profit. In no way do I wish this faq to be cut up into sections or
altered in any way. Nor do I wish for import game dealers to use this or
any of my works to sway people into buying the game from them, when
without a walkthrough or translation, they wouldn't have purchased the
game(ring any bells Game cave? I heard you try to charge extra for faqs,
and I don't write them to make you money). It is to remain in it's
original state and in one piece if used on websites. Permission is not
granted for anyone to "update" or "alter" any of my work, be it changing
names so an import walkthrough better fits an American release(if I
write an import walkthrough, I will update it myself), or add things to
an already existing walkthrough. That should cover just about everything.
I realize it seems like a lot, but you'd be surprised how many people
who are out there just to screw you over.

A specific note to Game cave, I adamantly deny your use of this faq in 
any way. Do not give it away free, do not sell it, do not give it away as
a "free" gift to those who buy your smaller guides, do not give it to 
those who buy the game from you, do not tell people that you will give it
to them if they purchase the game from you, do not put it on your 
website................................................. Get the picture? 
You are not authorized to use this faq in any way, shape or form...PERIOD!

This walkthrough was written by Henry LaPierre,
[email protected] Feel free to E-mail me with any questions you may
have on the game, and I'll do my best to try and help you out :)
Thanks for reading :)

This faq is copyright (c) 1998/1999, Henry LaPierre
All rights reserved

Random thought:

  Wasn't the cover of the new Rolling Stones live album the absolute
  worst? I had to flip it over in the jewel case so instead all I 
  see is the yellow and black stripes. And to Dave Matthews(guest
  vocalist on Memory Motel), if you're going to guest on a live
  Stones song, especially one that's being taped, at least learn the
  lyrics first. :) 

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