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Backyard Monstersis a Facebook game developed by Casual Collective that is 
strategy based in which players can construct resource gathering, research, 
defensive and offensive buildings plus hatch monsters that act as soldiers to defend 
your base. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started 
playingBackyard Monsters.
Construct and Upgrade Resource Buildings
There are 5 buildings that need to be constructed at the beginning of the game. 
These are the following:
Twig Snapper
Pebble Shiner
Putty Squisher
Goo Factory
Storage Silo

The priority is to build the first two since most of the buildings that need to be 
constructed rely more on twigs and pebbles. Focus on upgrading these buildings as 
you progress through the game. You will need as many as you can to upgrade your 
Town Hall, which will then allow you to construct more of the same buildings. Take 
note that while you are upgrading, your building will stop producing.
The next building to have is the Storage Silo. As you upgrade, the number you can 
produce and holding capacity of each building will increase. Since each building has a 
maximum limit, you will need to store them. That’s where the Storage Silo comes in. 
Upgrading them will also allow you to hold more so that you can construct other 
The Putty Squisher and Goo Factory will then be the next to be prioritized when 
storage, twigs and pebbles reach an optimal level.
Focus on resource gathering while in Player Protection mode.
Banking your Resources
You can’t build, research or deploy your monsters if you don’t bank or store your 
resources. The resource buildings can temporarily hold them for you but it will stop 
producing them if you don’t transfer (bank) them. The rate and number produced 
every hour will dictate how often you need to check on the game to ensure all 
buildings are continuously running.

Adding Workers
A worker will help you build, upgrade and repair your buildings. You start off with 1 
worker during the tutorial. As soon as you level up and the store is available for 
purchase, go hire another worker and keep it at 2 for now. Each monster worker is 
rather expensive so there is no pressing need to add more than that. They will be 
enough while you upgrade, build your defenses and save more of your resources.

Clicking on the worker icon will point you to where the worker is at.
Build Defense Towers
You can start building at least 1 of Snipe and 1 Splash. Place them at corners outside 
of your resource buildings and town hall so they can protect them during an attack. 
If you can put them far enough from them but at least still within range, the better. 
It can then start to attack wild monsters before they reach your buildings. This will 
minimize damage and save you from using up your resources just to repair them. 
There is no need to upgrade them early in the game but should start midway through 
the protection mode.
Player Protection Mode
After the tutorial, you will be entered into Player Protection mode. This normally 
takes about 14 days for you to prepare your base for future attacks from other 
players. The countdown is shown at the right upper left corner of the gaming screen.

Take advantage of this and build your army and upgrade buildings. If you get to build 
your map room at any point in the game, don’t be tempted to attack anyone until you 
are out of this mode. If you’re not ready, you don’t stand a chance. It will be hard to 
rebuild your base and hatch your army of monsters.
Fulfilling Quests
The list of quests is your guide to know what you need to do. What’s great is that it 
lists them in order of importance. Follow it while you are in protection mode. It helps 
you add to your resources as fulfilling each will give you a bonus to add to your 

The window is divided into 3 columns. The first being the category, second showing 
the quest and lastly the description of the quest plus the resources you gain after 
completing it. New quests are available as you level up. You will see the quests tab 
turn orange to notify you that the quest has been completed. It’s recommended that 
you collect when you are in need of resources or if you want to start building the rest 
of your base. If you can manage to hold on to it as long as you can, this will be good 
in the long run, in case you need to repair due to an attack.

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