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            Brave Fencer Musashi - walkthrough Guide - v1.0
		Made by *Leitaum* [[email protected]]
	          (Feel free to contribute anything)


I.    Introduction
II.   Basic tutorial guide
III.  Walkthrough
IV.   advanced tutorial guide
V.    Secret
VI.   Gameshark codes
VII.  Translation
VIII. Contributions
IX.   Version info
X.    Disclaimer/Copyright


The storyline is beautifully written, revolving a young hero, Musashi and the 
Allucaneet Kingdom, call upon to collect the five scrolls and save the princess and 
the kingdom. The story will definitely keep you engrossed for weeks.

The graphics are really awesome, smooth with an ever-changing polygonal colorful, 
bright environment even though they are not as glorious as Zelda. Everything is 
rendered in textured polygons and Gouraud shaded.  Enviroment changes to morning, 
afternoon, evening and night as time passes. Due to the 24-hour clock, the 
lightening effects can be a visual. Look at the clear river in 
Twin peak Mt, you swear you will see a very cool reflection. At first, I thought we 
only see deformed characters in FF7, but I didn't expect Musashi is even more 
deformed. Fair enough, I have nothing against that; the details still look amazing.  
However, there is one problem with the polygonal graphics. There are too many 
polygonal pop-up and tearing, which could sometimes be annoying but still doesn't 
affect the gameplay. Zelda doesn't have too much of that but polygon pop-up can be 
forgiveable as the Playstation is quite capable of that.  After all, the Playstation 
has flaws too.

The voice actors has done much done. Remember, Zelda doesn't have voice actor. The 
game packs quite an enormous amount of voice-overs and the result is humor, that's 
the best. Some of the dialogues are really humorous and they sure have done very 
well. All I could say is that the voice is really good.
At first glance, in chapter 1, it plays similar to Crash Bandicoot, except your hero 
now is a two-sworded Fencer, Musashi, not Crash and the voice really looks childish 
and thought that this game is for Kid, however it isn't.

As you proceed to new Chapter, it gets more and more difficult, with plenty of jumps 
and puzzles to solve. The voice and dialogue may seem childish to you and as I 
mention above, the result is humor and that's what Zelda is lacking of. The game is 
very challenging and at the same time, deliver 'humor' to the game, which can be 
enjoyed by all ages.

Well done, Square! The levels are simply well designed, with many hidden paths and 
secrets that are waiting for you. The musics are good, even though there wasn't as 
many, compared to Xenogears and Final Fantasy 7;less than 6,i 
suppose.Nevertheless,Square's musics have still lived up to expected.
Everyone knows that square concentrated a lot of effort on orchestrated 
musics.You know when you played games like Xenogears,Final Fantasy 7 and 
even the intro music theme of the FF8 really looks great.Plus,the music in 
Brave Fencer is fully orchestra.The ending song are surely the best in this 
game.Effects like raining,day-changing are really a cool-visual.

Sound effect are up to Squaresoft's quality.You can hear the clanking of 
sword fighting,running water,birds chirping in the morning and swear that it 
sounds like real.After all,the PlayStation has a very advanced sound chip 
and is quite capable of that.Square has began to master sound effect.

Here comes the gameplay.The dual shock controller adds vibration to the 
game,furthur adds more in-depth experience to the game,provided you have a 
dual shock controller.

The gameplay is a lot different from Zelda and Square doesn't want to copy 
the direct gameplay from zelda (remember,alundra).Alundra is a good game but 
too direct gameplay to a link to the past,except a change of storyline with 
more bigger maps.I prefer a link to the past compared to Alundra.Brave 
Fencer Musashiden really reminds me of how awesome a Link to the Past look 
during the 16-bit SNES.I am glad to say that it has lived up to expectation.
Not only the graphics are better than a link to the past,it in fact offers 
more varied gameplay,more action than the Link and a better storyline than 
link to the past.The different is that Link can make use of tools like 
arrows,hammer he find to help him in his quest and in Musashi,he has to 
assimilate ability from enemy to help him in his quest.Even like in link 
finding hearts to increase max HP are now replaced by finding Minkus and 
Bincho Fields that are scattered throughout the game in Musashi to increase 
HP and BP,making more challenging gameplay.In link to the past,you temper 
your sword to increase sword level,gain new ability but in Musashi,you can 
attach scrolls to your Lumina sword to learn 5 different elemental attacks 
and even learn 6 sword techniques to help you in your quest.Great Job!The 
concept is cool,isn't it?You haven't play of such action-packed game before, 
do you?Zelda doesn't pack so much jumps like that.

If Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best 3-D action-RPG in the 64-bit game, then Brave 
Fencer Musashiden is the best 32-bit action-RPG, ranking slighly above 
Zelda:A link to the past and truly the best in the 32-bit game,much more 
better than Working Design's Alundra.I am not biased because SquareSoft is 
my favourite company but the Brave Fencer definitely proves to be a much 
better game than Alundra and don't forget that Brave Fencer is the first 
action-RPG made by Square.Brave Fencer Musashi just reminds me of secret of 
mana and evermore,best RPG/Action game.

Of course,one can argue that the efforts and time spent to create Zelda that 
took nearly three years in development and represent the next-generation 3-D 
games.Sure enough,Brave Fencer Musashiden has some weak points like polygon 
pop-up but the gameplay is definitely as good as Zelda 64.On the other 
hand,it does really have some cool elements that can really rival against 
Zelda in some ways.Square has introduced several gameplay that probably 
zelda should take note.The Fusion steal-enemy technique,the action figures 
collection,saving people,riding a raft,being chased down by a huge head are 
all welcome additions that adds to the gameplay.

As during the adventure,Musashi gets to run,jumps,fights,solves puzzles and 
challenge fearsome monsters in the game or use the game's unique assimilate 
system to master enemy's techniques.Also,Square has tried several ways to 
make the game fights different from Zelda by adding a bar gauge,when filled 
and unleash super powers.There is also a 24-hour clock that keeps track of 
time.You will notice that after a certain period of time,the clock on the 
bottom-right screen will increase by 15 min.As time passes,you character 
will begin to grow tired so you will have to sleep.Whenever you sleep,time 
will move superfast at about twice the normal speed,i guess.Along the 
way,you collect legendary armor to learn new abilities,different techniques,
five different legendary scrolls that gives you a special attack of that 
element,defeating the crest guardians.Also,after you have completed the 
game,you can save again to do all those unfinished business such as collect 
action figure and rescue people which you have not saved.you will first 
begin with the fusion sword and later on you will obtain the Lumina sword.
The Lumina sword enables you to attach scrolls to it to gain new power 
whereas fusion sword enables you to assimilate enemy's ability which is by 
far the best feature of all in this game.There are lots of hidden paths to 

The most disappointing is there isn't much exploration in villages and there 
is the only one village here.It doesn't has an open 3-D open world map like 
Zelda:Ocarina of Time or riding a horse as a vehicle.Perhaps Square should 
take note of that.The camera angle wasn't as keen as i would have expected 
and not as good as xenogears.While some camera angle has been quite well 
done, except in some area like the village,the camera angle really sucks but 
not that bad at all.You can only zoom in/out and is fixed during exploring 
while the camera can be rotated in the village.Even though the village can 
be rotatable,it makes getting from one place to another place difficult.It 
would really be appreciated if Squaresoft could make an overhead camera 
angle from the village.

Also,another good point is that this game has little or no loading.Because 
of the game constant playing,the little load time will not cause any 
fustrations to anyone who playing it.As far as RPG elements are concerned,
there are plenty of interactions in the village and in the castle too,
whether it is talking to a villager,buying things,appraise items,action 
figures or talking to palace members in the castle etc.Unlike Final Fantasy 
7 or Xenogears,it doesn't has any FMVs or anime for you to watch.However,
that doesn't make the game worse.In fact,this is even better as it saves up 
a lot of CD spaces,no load time for videos/anime for other things like level 
designs.If not,it could really be a two-CD action-RPG and would cost even 
more money.After all,you wouldn't want to buy a game packed with videos and 
anime and doesn't has good gameplay.Still,i have to say that those poly-
gonal cutscenes are silky-smooth and amazing.

Unlike Zelda,this game requires a lot of jumping,especially when you got 
double jumps and it begins to get harder from chapter 3 onwards.From one 
look,the gap there,seems impossible to jump over but it can be done.Just be 
patient.Some also requires you to jump diagonally across,jumps on rotating 
drums,poles and more.And if you don't master double jumps,there is no other 
alternative ways.This game tends to focus its gameplay more on action and 
exploring an area,and more unlike the Final Fantasy series.With the Final 
Fantasy 8 demo packed with the Brave Fencer Musashi,it makes the game even a 
MUST.Because of the demo disc packed with Brave Fencer Musashiden,it has 
sold over 300,000 in Japan.Even if without the demo,Brave Fencer Musashiden 
will still sell very well due to its quality.It's quite unfair for those who  
purchase the game,mainly for FFVIII's demo.In fact,the demo was nowhere half 
as good as BFM-no main menu,no switching and changing of parties etc.

And for those who purchased the Japanese version of Brave Fencer 
Musashiden,you are lucky because the demo disk is packed with two more 
games,one fighting game made by Squaresoft and Namco with Cloud being one of 
the fighters in the game and another one non-playable demo.

Despite not having the best graphics for an action-RPG,things like having a 
24-hour clock,assimilated ability,collect action figure,a two-sworded 
fencer(I don't see Zelda holding two-swords and best of all,with these two 
swords, fusion and lumina, Musashi can learn 6 different techniques to create 
combos.)makes up far more than anyone has expected. Square has created another 
worthy beautiful gem. With gameplay that last between 12 to 24 hours.

Graphics      :8.0/10.0
Music         :8.5/10.0
Sound         :9.0/10.0
Gameplay      :10.0/10.0 
Replay value  :9.0/10.0 
Innovation    :9.5/10.0
Valve Tilt    :8.0/10.0
Overall       :9.0/10.0
Difficulty    :Easy to hard
Learning curve:15min to 1hr30min

Now, you know how this game rates.

Graphics    :How beautiful it is?
Music       :Is the music good or bad?
Sound       :The sound effects like clanking of sword fighting
Gameplay    :The most important element of all.Is it fun?
Replay value:How good is it to make you play the game over again?
Innovation  :The elements that make up the game.Original?
Valve Tilt  :Would you still care about the game after a certain month of 
             its release.About six months?

You may ask why diffculty ranges from easy to hard.It's simple,because it 
may seem hard to you for the first few times but after some practises,it 
becomes so natural that it is so easy.After all,practise makes perfect.
Warning:Do not read below as this is a brief summary of the game's
        story. Reading it may ruin surprises!!!

160 years ago,a giant monster suddenly appeared in Thirstquencher
Empire, Allucaneet Kingdom's neighbouring country. After destroying
Thirstquencher Empire, it headed toward Allucaneet, which had a
plentiful supply of Binchotite buried beneath the ground. Everything
in the monster's path was destroyed, and it is said that many
monsters were created by the strange effects the Wizard of Darkness
had on the land. Brave Fencer Musashi was called upon by King
Allucaneet to stop the evil wizard of darkness,a huge creature
composed of pure Binchotite,a mystical mineral with mysterious
properties from doing destruction to the world and is the only raw
material for making Bincholon, a source for fuel and other household,
industrial applications. Handed down from generation to generation
to the princess of Allucaneet, the Hero Summon spell is a special
power used only as a last resort when the kingdom is faced with
great danger. It grants the user the ability to summon hero through
incantations made over specially prepared chunk of Binchotite. The
battle between Musashi and the Wizard of Darkness raged on and on.
The Wizard of Darkness was a formidable foe, even for a hero like
Musashi. With the sword of Luminescence and the help of five
legendary armour that Musashi collected, Brave Fencer Musashi could
only seal the Dark lumina, the wizard of darkness inside the sword
and divided its power into five legendary scrolls, Earth, Water,
Fire, Wind and Sky and then sealed them within the crest. It's said
that once the five scrolls are absorbed by lumina once again, the
spell that seal the wizard of darkness will be released once again.
In order to stop the wizard of darkness from doing any harm to the
world, Brave Fencer called upon the five crest guardians to protect
the five scrolls. The legendary Brave Fencer Musashi once again
returned to his own world. As years passed, people have forgotten
about the wizard of Darkness. Then once again, the Thirstquencher
Empire has been continuing to expand its territories and threaten
the Allucaneet Kingdom while the King and Queen of Allucaneet
Kingdom is away on a vacation. The princess of Allucaneet kingdom 
possesses the power to summon a hero and summon the legendary Brave
Fencer Musashi. However, Musashi turns out to be a kid and has no
idea about the battle with the wizard of darkness. With the sword
of fusion to assimilate ability, Musashi went to the spiralling
tower to obtain the sword of Lumina. The princess was captured by
the Thirstquencher Empire on his way. He went on his journey to
collect the five scrolls and rescue the princess, not knowing
anything about the battle before. And now the journey continues...
Would the seal of the Wizard of Darkness be broken once again? I
can't tell you now. Meanwhile, the King and Queen of Allucaneet
Kingdom were on a vacation...

Source:The information above is taken from www.Squaresoft.com and
       are edited by me.


These are the awards that i will give to Brave Fencer Musashi. Note
that all these are based on my opinion only. It has nothing to do
with any game magazine or game site.

Though Brave Fencer Musashi may not have the best graphics for an
action-RPG, it certainly has some other great fighting elements that
can easily rival zelda.

Good Award
-The First action-RPG character, Musashi holding two swords like the 
 japanese samurai.
-The first action-RPG with 24-hour clock, days, and time.
-The ability to assimilate enemies' abilities.
-Great storyline, with humourous dialogues.
-The first real action-RPG with real voice overs during certain
 important scenes.
-Most Innovative Boss: When fighting Topo. It's like Parappa meets
-Most Innovative Mission: Rescuing 35 palace members and finding 13
-Most strangest boss fight: Tower of Death
-Best feature: Action Figures and fusion abilities.
-2nd runner up feature: Shops opened and closed at different times.
-3rd runner up feature: sleep, eat, swing, climb.
-4th runner up feature: Bread and milk will spoil after 5 days.
-The most humourous game.
Bad Award
-Not having the best graphics action-RPG and has too many polygon
-It does not have many tunes.
-Unable to rotate camera angles when exploring during adventure;
 camera is fixed.
-Only one village in the game.
-This game that has so many jumps and swings. More action than
-Too many chasing like being chased down from the statue head; chased
 by Dark Lumina etc.Could it be a good or bad thing? 

What a waste of Kojiro? [Spoiler!!! Do not read!!!]

What happened to Kojiro after he is being absorbed by Wizard of
Darkness? The final boss is Dark Lumina but i think Square should
let Kojiro have a serious duel with Musashi. Don't count the fight
at Island of Dragon since Kojiro purposely lose to Musashi, just to
let Topo disguise as the princess to destroy steamwood. I mean have
a long, true fight with Kojiro,not just with Dark Lumina.

Basic tutorial guide

Welcome to the basic tutorial guide. In this section, it will provide you with the 
required knowledge needed to master the game, and some general concepts and 
information of the game that I think you should know. It will be an excellent 
tutorial guide for beginners to learn.
Thanks for reading it!


The legendary hero summoned by princess fillet to help her kingdom to break free 
from Thirstquencher empire. With Fusion and Luminaswords in his hands, Musashi is 
the only person capable of saving the princess and the people. Musashi embarks on 
his journey to retrieve the five legendary scrolls, in order to defeat the Wizard of 
Darkness. Remains me of a Japanese samurai.

Wizard of Darkness

The ultimate destruction??? The only creature composed of pure
Binchotite??? Can't tell you now.

Princess Fillet

The tomboyish Princess of the Kingdom of Allucaneet, the Princess summons Musashi, 
using the Hero summon spell, to save her Kingdom. She is sometimes impatience and is 
quite a rebellious child. At the end of chapter 1, the Princess gets kidnapped by 

Steward Ribson and the Palace members

Ribson and his group of palace members are a source of information
for Musashi. He will told you that 35 people were missing and you
will have to rescue them from the Bincho field. Visit him and he
will tell you how many people you have saved. Dedicated to the
plight and safely of the princess and Allucaneet, Steward Ribson
is a loyal member to the Kingdom and will help Musashi in any way
if possible.

Scribe Shanky

The man in charge of the library. He will read valuable information
about the five legendary scrolls, five legendary armours to you.
Later, during the game to find the directions of the meandering
forest, you will need to read the Shogi to find clues for the


Kojiro is a mysterious swordsman summoned by Princess Fillet's
second hero summon spell. He will do anything to settle with
Musashi, Musashi's arch rivary. He joins the thirstquencher empire
to fight Musashi. Not much is known about him. He's kind hearted
in nature, that's what i feel about him. Perhaps Square should make
another new event starring Kojiro and Musashi and explain where did
they come from? Probably, the next Brave Fencer 2 should make a hero 
starring Kojiro. kojiro looks so much handsome than Musashi.

Leader's Force

Topo, Ed and Ben are members of the Leader's Force, an organisation
commanded by Capriciola who has only one aim- To obtain Lumina sword
from Musashi. All claim themselves to be the leader of this force but
who's the real leader anyway. Anyway, who cares?


Topo is a mouse dancer. Dancing is her favourite past time. She's
not that bad after all, even though she disguises as the princess
and steals the villagers' profit, and worst of all, causes the
Steamwood Reactor to go berserk.


He carries a blade in his hand, looks big and fat with a huge belly.


He may look small but he is rather powerful. [Actually not that powerful] Plus, he 
stammers when he talks. I don't understand why? Is he afraid of Musashi?


The second Lieutenant in the army, he is rather stupid, annoying and
is easy to defeat. His connections within the army enable him to be
the lieutenant. He is a dumb fellow that never does things properly
when he is told to do so.

Colonel Cappriciola

He serves as Fuhrer Flatski's right-hand man. Much more methodical
and intelligent than his boss, Cappriciola is a dangerous enemy.
Well, anyway, who is he? Can't disclose his true identity if not,
it will really ruin the game.

Former Thirstquencher King and Queen

The former Thirstquencher King and Queen were thought to be killed by
Fuhrer Flatski. It's also thought that the prince of Thirstquencher
also dies along with his parents. Damn! Can't disclose the real
identity of the prince. You will know it later on.

The King and Queen of Allucaneet Kingdom

When the princess was captured by the thirstquencher empire, the King
and Queen were on their vacation. They did not know about the battle
with the thirstquencher empire and were shocked to return to find out
that Princess Fillet has messed up the entire castle.


Jon is a wandering treasure hunter, travelling round the world with
his dog, Leno. He knows a lot of things about the legendary armour
and scrolls. And who is this mysterious man? Why does he know so


Leno is a loyal dog, belonging to Jon. It wanders around with Jon
to search for treasure round the world. 

Bubbles and Ginderelle

They are sisters within the Thirstquencher army's spy network.
Ginderelle is Bubble's elder sister. While they are not carrying
out their duties, they participate in some beauty contests. It'
said that Ginderelle won the first and Bubbles, the second during
the contest. Bubbles and Ginderelle are loggerheads and often
disagree with each other.


The first Lieutenant in the Thirstquencher Army.


Ginderelle is the Captain of the Thirstquencher Army.

Mayor McGovern

Grillin' Village's leader, the mayor. He always has a favour to ask Musashi such as 
getting Aqualin and Misteria and always putting Musashi on danger but his care for 
the village is genuine.

Mrs Govern

Mrs Govern is the Mayor's wife. Like Mr Govern, her care for the
village is also genuine.

Fuhrer Flatski

The king of thirstquencher empire. It has been said that he killed
the former King and Queen of the Thirstquencher empire and seized
over their throne. His ambitions and dreams to gain powers and
expand the thirstquencher empire causes him to lose his life in
the end. Why does he want to seize Lumina from Musashi?

Father White

The father who lives in the church and can cure poison for you.


The son of Hilda, the owner of village grocery shop. Tim is a rather
rude boy with a lot of ambitions and dreams to go on a adventure.
Later on, during Chapter 3, Tim will contact a disease and is on a
verge of turning into a vambee.


The daughter of Hotelo, the inn shop owner. Mint is Tim's loyal


He is in charge of the steamwood adminstration works however he
does nothing to help steamwood when steamwood is in trouble.


He is the old man living in the windmill. He will give you the mine
key. His personalities are more towards indoor and doesn't like to
go out in the village so he stays inside the windmill very often.


He hangs around in the restaurant and will play cards with you.
During chapter 2, he will stop you from going to Twinpeak mt until
you have rescue Guard Lumpwood.

For more information, please read Macho's secret at Mannick
restaurant at the secret section.


The restaurant owner. Think about it. Why does Mannick want to come
to this small village to set up a restaurant?


The Pawn shop owner. You can appraise items at his shop.


The inn owner, Mint's father.


Hotelo's brother and Mint's uncle. During that time, when Hotelo
went to Twinpeak mt to get Aqualin, Motelo will replace Hotelo at
the inn. He will replace Hotelo in the inn all the time if you
fail to give Aqualin to Hotelo within 12 hours [that is 12 minutes]
to save Tim. Hotelo will leave the village feeling guilty for not
being able to save Tim. Before he left, he left the inn and Mint
under the care of Motelo.


The toy shop owner. You can buy action figure from his shop.


The grocery shop owner.


The bread shop owner.

Baker Towst

Jam's Dad has a habit of going to restaurant to eat pork chop.


The restaurant waitress. Looks more like a slut to me than a waitress.


Just a tourist that hangs around at the restaurant because he
admires Wanda for her beauty.

Farmer Lacter, Farmer McRice, Farmer Grange

All of them are farmers. Nothing special about them except that
Farmer Grange is an action figure collector.

Mr Land

The man in charge of the Gondola Ride.

Mrs Lacter

The wife of Farmer Lacter. She is an old woman who believes that
Musashi is her grandson. Later, during Chapter 6, Mrs Lacter will
pass the Kojiro action figure to Mr lacter to pass it to Musashi.
A very kind, old woman, indeed!!!

Mrs land and Mrs Grange

Mrs Land and Mrs Grange are wives of Mr land and Grange respectively.
Not much about them is known, except that both visit the well everyday
in the morning to chat.


This animal is on the verge of being extinct. There are a total of 13
such animals in the world only. They carry longevity berries which
can increase Musashi's max HP by 25 and fully recover HP. These
creatures inhabit various areas in the game. These animals are active
at the night and will only come out after 2300. Plus, you will notice
an animal dung during the day.

Mother Minku

Mother Minku appears in the meandering forest only after you have
got 13 minkus in the meandering forest. She is a giant mega-sized 
Minku, about 5 times bigger and is much stronger than any other
normal minku.

*Steam Knight*

Steam knight is a giant four-legged machine summoned by Rootrick to
defeat Musashi. It carries an iron ball in his hand.

Elemental Attack: None


Skullpion is the Earth crest guardian who protects the Earth scroll.
Defeating it will enable you to liberate the Earth Crest.

Elemental Attack: Earth attacks

*Relic keeper*

Relic keeper is the water crest guardian who protects the water
scroll. Defeating it will enable you to liberate the Earth

Elemental Attack: Fire attacks

*Frost Dragon*

Frost Dragon is the fire crest guadian who protects the fire scroll.
Defeating it will enable you to liberate the Fire Crest.

Elemental Attack: Ice attacks [Even though there's no ice scroll.]

*Queen Ant*

Queen Ant is the wind crest guardian who protects the wind crest.
Defeating it will enable you to liberate the wind crest.

Elemental Attack: Some wind attacks like whirlwind

*Tower of Death*

Tower of Death is the last sky crest guardian who protects the sky
crest. Defeating it will enable you to liberate the sky crest.

Elemental Attack: None

*Dark Lumina 1*

Dark Lumina's initial form.


*Dark Lumina 2*

The second transformation of the wizard of Darkness after absorbing

Elemental Attack: Fire [shockwaves, homing fireball.] 

*Dark Lumina 3*

The last transformation of the wizard of Darkness. The only way to
defeat it is to use fusion to assimilate it when it turns white.

Elemental Attack: All [Fire, Wind, Water, Sword Waves, Dark Clones.]


The table below illustrates a brief description for Fusion and Lumina
|Fusion|A light-weighted special sword with the ability to assimilate|
|      |enemies' abilities. Fusion is shorter than Lumina and cause  |
|      |lesser damage than Lumina. However, it allowed quick swipes  |
|      |continuously possible by tapping square button.              |
|Lumina|A powerful, yet heavier sword than the Fusion sword. You can |
|      |attach scrolls to the sword to gain new abilities. It is the |
|      |only sword that can break the bincho field. It causes nearly |
|      |twice the damage of fusion. However, the Lumina sword cannot |
|      |perform quick swipes continuously like the Fusion sword.     |


'Fusion' is a special 'steal' technique used by Musashi. In this game, you need to 
learn to steal enemy's techniques in order to advance so try to absorb enemy skills 
when you are stuck during the game. Also, there are lots of hidden paths which 
require you to learn enemy skills. Some skills like hop are immediately executed 
when you absorb but these skills are only temporary whereas some
skills like gunshots are permanent and can be used by pressing the
Circle button. Of course, BP will be consumed. There will be a bar
on the left side and a word 'Fusion' on the right side. First, look
in the direction of your enemy, hold R1 and the gauge on the bottom
left-hand side bar will rise up. Once it's full, press Square button
and a green beam will shoot up. If this green beam hits the enemy,
repeatedly press the Square button. You will notice that the left bar
will be emptied again but will rise up as you keep on tapping Square
button. When it's full, you will learn the skill. For example, if
you assimilate gunshot, the word 'fusion' will disappear and change
into gunshot, indicating you have successfully learned the skill. In
short, the word, 'fusion' means that you do not have an enemy skill
yet. However, note that you are only allowed to have one enemy skill
each time. For example, if you have already learned gunshot and you
assimilate 'hop', your previous skill, gunshot will be lost.
Assimilating your enemy skill will instantly kill your enemy and
cause them to disappear but they does not left behind items like
money, BP, HP. Note that you can't steal techniques from bosses.
And when you are fighting against bosses, your assimilated ability
immediately disappear and change to fusion.

For more information, please read the assimilated abilities.


On your bottom right hand side, you should notice a record of the
number of days and time. Your enviroment will change as time goes on.
When it's mid-night, the sky will grow darker. Sometimes, you will
need to go inside the shops to buy things. The shops will not opened
until the official opening hours of the shop is reached. For example,
shops like bakery shop, pawn shop will close when it is at night,
except the inn. So, you may have to sleep and wait until daytime. As
Brave Fencer Musashi incorporates a real-time clock within the game,
the clock runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The days in the
game are determined in this order: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Skyday, Saturday and finally, Sunday.

Do some thinking:

Why isn't it known as Friday, but Skyday? You figure it out yourself.


To sleep, press select. If done correctly, the left hand side picture
should change to a 'moon' or sleep mode. Then hold R1 and release it
when it's full. Musashi will lie on the ground and the bottom middle
of the screen will show your tiredness. For example, 100% tiredness
shows that you are very tired. During quest, it's best to have around
20% to 40%, if not you might fall asleep sometime. To wake up, press
X. When Musashi sleep, time will continue to pass and your BP will
decrease and HP will rise. You can also use an H-mint or mint item
to cure tiredness. When Musashi's tired percentage is over 50%, the
small, circular portrait window in the right-hand side of the screen
will begin to close. When it's completely close, Musashi is 100%
completely tired.

Tips:If you are really tired, feed yourself with H-mint or mint.


Musashi moves faster when he is fully awoke. If Musashi is very tired
or poisoned, or zero BP, he will not be able to run as fast as usual.
Hmm... I suppose you will know what to do, huh? [The secret lies in


Memory Box looks just like any other ordinary chest. When open up,
it will ask you whether you want to leave your memory inside here
or not. If you leave your memory here,you can continue from here
when you die, however you will lose 50% of your money. Also, the
most important thing is if you leave your memory in the memory box
and switch off your machine,your memory will be eased and you have
to start from the inn. Saving in a memory box may be costly, should
you die and is more unreliable. You should rely more on the inn.


You can only save your game in an inn or after you have completed a chapter which 
will prompt you to save or in Chapter 6 after beating the sub-bosses like Topo, Ben, 
Ed etc. Don't know what I mean? Never mind, you will know it when the time comes.


Minkus look more like bunnies and you will see them very often in
the game. There are a total of 13 minkus. They come out only after
2300, which is at night hours. During the day, there will be a spot
with animal dung. Simply visit these spots [with animal dung] at
2300 and you should see the minkus. These minku moves very fast and
you have to try to catch and then carry them by pressing Square
button or Triangle button when you are near to them. Throw them away
and they will give you one longevity berry each, which will boast
your HP by 25. It's very important that you find all minkus. Once
you have found all the 13 minkus, you will find mother minku in the
meandering forest. Defeat her and you will be able to buy mother
minku action figure.


There are 5 lengendary scrolls, each with an elemental power, naming
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Sky. You will eventually need to find
and obtain all the five scrolls. Once you have defeated the
corresponding Crest Guardian and get that particular scroll for that
specific element, the crest for that element will glow. Activate the
glowing crest by using the elemental power and normally, a hidden
path will be revealed. For more information on crest, please read
the advanced tactics on crest location.

The effects are:
|Scroll      |Abilities            |Effects                          |
|Normal      |Circular Sweep       |-1)Extinguishes some flames.     |
|            |                     |_________________________________|
|            |                     |-2)Break hard/Large objects.     |
|Earth       |Earthquake           |-1)Moves most large boulders.    |
|            |                     |_________________________________|
|            |                     |-2)Stun surrounding enemies      |
|            |                     |   temporary.                    |
|            |                     |_________________________________|
|            |                     |-3)Activates switches.           |
|Water       |#Water Shield        |-1)Creates a water shield, thus  |
|            |                     |   acting as a barrier to with-  |
|            |                     |   stand one fire elemental      |
|            |                     |   attack only and the shield    |
|            |                     |   disappears after that.        |
|            |                     |_________________________________|
|            |                     |-2)Floats on water temporary.    |
|            |                     |_________________________________|
|            |                     |-3)Extinguishes flames by shoot- |
|            |                     |   ing water bubbles.            |
|Fire        |#Fire Shield         |-1)Creates a fire shield and     |
|            |                     |   harms surrounding enemies who |
|            |                     |   come near you.                |
|            |                     |_________________________________|
|            |                     |-2)Lights up torches.            |
|            |                     |_________________________________|
|            |                     |-3)Shoot fireballs.              |
|Wind        |#Cyclone             |-1)Passes through strong winds   |
|            |                     |   and poisonous clouds.         |
|            |                     |_________________________________|
|            |                     |-2)Drills or digs holes.         |
|Sky         |#Float               |-1)Temporarily floats a few feet |
|            |                     |   above the ground level.       |

To perform the special abilities, go to the sub-menu, choose the
type of scrolls that you want, for example Earth or Normal. Taking
the Earth ability, just hold R1 until the left side gauge bar is
full, then press the Triangle button to perform the ability. As for
special scrolls marked with #, like Water, Fire and Wind, repeat
the same procedure just like Earth, and then you will notice that
the left-hand side gauge bar is beginning to be depleted. Before
the bar is emptied, you can hold Triangle or Square button to
perform another ability. For example, if you use Water scroll,
press Triangle or Square button to shoot water bubbles; shoot
fireballs if you are using Fire scroll and create cyclone if you are
using the Wind scroll. As for the Sky scroll, it is rather special.
The concept is still the same as the Water, Fire and Wind scrolls,
but instead of holding Square or Triangle button, you hold X to


Legend says that Brave Fencer Musashi seals the wizard of darkness
with the help of five legendary armour. However in actual fact,
there are 7 legendary armour if you count the L-Glove and L-Quilt.
With the L-cloth, you can choose to make either L-Glove or L-Quilt.
However, you cannot have both the L-Glove and L-Quilt. That will
make 6 legendary armour instead of 7. Each Legendary armour will
be automatically equipped and each gives you a special ability.
For example, L-belt lets you to perform double jump, which can be
done by pressing X twice and L-brace lets you climb up a cliff with
your two swords, Fusion and Lumina swords.

For more information, please read the secret section on the

- HP & BP              

Your BP will decrease periodically regardless whether Musashi is
sleeping or not while your HP will rise only if Musashi is taking
a nap. Be sure to have tons of recovering BP items. Recovering HP
items are also very important. The best recovery item of all, in
my personal opinion, is the cheese. It costs around 300 and is
much more cheaper than S-revive. It recovers both Musashis' HP
and BP. The longer you keep the cheese before using, the more HP
and BP you will recover. Sometimes, cheese might recover all HP
and BP. Who knows??? Defeating an enemy will also give you items.
Some gives you money and some recovers HP or BP like hearts or
bincholon. Note that the maximum HP and BP you can go is 500.


There are 6 specialised techniques which Musashi can learn. I don't
really think there are anymore techniques other than these six ones.
Each technique is a special attack skill. For example, the Dashing
Pierce allows you to to charge at your enemies whereas Rumparoni-SP
is an aerial attack using your Lumina sword by pressing triangle
when you double jump. Master these techniques well as each of these
6 techniques will come in handy and is very useful, especially when
dealing with some bosses and enemies. Believe me! These techniques
are really destructive, in the sense that these attacks do more
damages than your usual one-hit normal attack.

For more information on techniques, please read the secret section
on techniques as it will include all the 6 listed techniques and
the moves, and how to master.

- BINCHO FIELD         

Bincho Field is a restraining weapon developed by Thirstquencher army that is able 
to seal solid objects up in a green crystal with 
concentrated bincho energy. The Thirstquencher empire uses this
weapon to trap the palace members of Allucaneet and terriorise the
Kingdom. There are a total of 35 people who is trapped inside a
bincho field. Some are found in hidden paths and cannot be located
easily. Some will even teach your techniques in return. While
playing, you should notice a 'green crystal', which is glowing.
Hit triangle using the lumina sword and the person who is trapped
inside that bincho field will be freed. After having a short
conversation with the person whom you rescue, he or she will
teleport back to the castle. [Of course, you don't teleport back
to the castle.] You can also visit them at the castle. Also,
everytime, you rescue from someone in the Bincho field, your max
BP will increase by 5 and with BP, completely restored. So it's 
best to use up nearly all your BP and hit the bincho field to
regain all your BP rather than just a few. It's a good bargain.
Lastly, you can detect the bincho field by your sensor watch
that Butler Livers gives you.

- VILLAGE              

Here is a list of shops that you can find in the village. I have
also listed out the types of items that you can expect them to
sell from various types of shop. Just a brief list and not
complete. If you want a complete list of items, please refer to
the advanced tutorial guide. The shops' opening hours are also
listed as well.

For more information, i strongly urge you to read the advanced
tutorial guide.
|Bakery     |Items include bread, milk etc. Bread and milk lasts only |
|Shop       |5 days after which will cause them to rotten and become  |
|           |uneatable. Don't really need to waste the money to buy   |
|           |items like bread, milk etc. Will only buy items from you |
|           |that is from the shop, meaning items like action figures,|
|           |grocery items etc cannot be sold here. Take note that    |
|           |foods that are rotten will most likely to be sold at a   |
|           |cheaper price in the bakery shop.                        |
|           |_________________________________________________________|
|           |Hours Open: 7am to 7pm. Closed: Thursday.                |
|Grocery    |Items include Oranges, S-revive etc. Will only buy items |
|Shop       |from you that is from the shop, meaning items like       |
|           |action figures, bakery items etc cannot be sold here.    |
|           |_________________________________________________________|
|           |Open daily from 10am to 8pm.                             |
|Pawn       |Allows items to be appraise. Eg. Old Cloth to L-Cloth.   |
|Shop       |Only buy appraised items from you.                       |
|           |_________________________________________________________|
|           |Hours open: 11am to 4pm. Closed: Monday.                 |
|Toy        |The idea of being able to buy and collect action figures |
|Store      |is an interesting feature in Brave Fencer Musashi. Once  |
|           |you have defeated a new enemy, you can buy his or her    |
|           |action figure from the shop. The game is divided into    |
|           |chapters and series 1 refers to all the enemies that you |
|           |have fought in chapter 1; series 2 refers to the enemies |
|           |found in chapter 2 and so on. Simple, right? If an       |
|           |action figure is missing from a particular series, this  |
|           |means that you have not fought that enemy yet and a ???  |
|           |will be shown. It's great to have a whole collection of  |
|           |action figure. [Hmm... any reward after completing the   |
|           |action figure collection??? What do you think?] The last |
|           |action figure of a particular series usually refers to   |
|           |the last boss of that chapter. So don't panic if you     |
|           |have not gotten the figure yet. The last group is some   |
|           |sort of a special edition of action figure which has 7   |
|           |slots instead of 6 slots like the first six series.      |
|           |Instead of defeating enemies like the first six series,  |
|           |you will have to unlock the special action figures       |
|           |yourself. My only advice to you is, the sooner you buy a |
|           |new action figure that has just been available, the      |
|           |cheaper the action figure will be. The longer you buy    |
|           |the new action figure, the price will be higher. Get it? |
|           |Now, here's a simple trick to help you to make some      |
|           |money. If you have decided to sell your action figure,   |
|           |it's best to sell it as late as possible as the selling  |
|           |price will be higher. Thus, you can earn a profit.       |
|           |However, if you regret and want to buy back the action   |
|           |figure again, the cost price will definitely be much     |
|           |higher. Well, my advice is, don't sell the action        |
|           |figures as you need them later on. Earn as many Drans as |
|           |possible to buy and collect as many action figures as    |
|           |possible.                                                |
|           |_________________________________________________________|
|           |Take note that Kurt will not buy any action figure that  |
|           |is opened. Well, this makes sense, right? Once opened,   |
|           |cannot be refunded. Reasonable???                        |
|           |_________________________________________________________|
|           |Hours Open: 12pm to 8pm. Closed: Wednesday.              |
|           |_________________________________________________________|
|           |Refer to the secrets section to learn more about special |
|           |action figures.                                          |

|Inn        |The inn allows you to save your journey for free.        |
|           |However, sleeping in an inn needs money. The better the  |
|           |room that you choose, meaning that more money will be    |
|           |needed, will mean that more HP and BP will be recovered. |
|           |For example, taking a nap for 80 Drans only heals your   |
|           |BP completely but not HP and nap also requires 3 hours.  |
|           |Note that time do pass by when you sleep. My advice is   |
|           |sleep in your room at the castle since it's free of      |
|           |charge and that it will fully recover all your HP and BP |
|           |the next day. After that, go to the inn to save your     |
|           |journey. For me, i don't really rely much on the inn,    |
|           |other than saving my record. Get that?                   |
|           |_________________________________________________________|
|           |Hours Open: Almost every time. [Or open all the time.]   |
|Restaurant |Lets you eat and chat with others. By eating some food,  |
|           |part of your HP and BP will be recovered. There is also  |
|           |a man named Macho in the restaurant who can gamble with  |
|           |you if you approach him. 1 bet 100 Drans.                |
|           |_________________________________________________________|
|           |Hours Open: 6pm to 2am. Closed: Sunday.                  |

- PALACE         

Below is a table that gives a brief description of what you can do in
the different places of the palace.
|Visit   |Allows you to visit Steward Ribson and other people that   |
|        |you have saved. Some of the palace members that you have   |
|        |saved will provide you some vital information to help you  |
|        |in your quest or teach you new techniques. Of course,      |
|        |certain conditions need to be fulfilled first before you   |
|        |can find out something or learn some new techniques.       |
|Library |Allows Scribe Shanky to read books to you. You can learn   |
|        |information about the legendary scrolls, legendary armours |
|        |and so on.                                                 |
|Room    |Allows you to sleep in your room to regain HP and BP or    |
|        |plays with your action figure. You will spent 8 hours      |
|        |sleeping in your room.                                     |
|Sub-menu|View the sub-menu to find out about techniques, rescue     |
|        |list, items, config, scrolls etc. Refer to the main menu   |
|        |section below for more details.                            |
|Village |Allows you to return to the village. Simple, right?        |
|Gondola |The Gondola ride is not available until the Gondola is     |
|        |repaired, that is during Chapter 5 and onwards. The Gondola|
|        |allows you to return to the village from the palace or vice|
|        |versa.                                                     |

- BINCHOTITE          

Binchotite is the supreme from of energy which is mined mainly in the
vicinity of Allucaneet. When underground, it exists in a liquid form,
however, when exposed to air, becomes crystalizes. Binchotite is also
the raw material of Bincholon. Bincholon is a source of fuel and
energy for the Grillin' citizens. The steamwood is built to pump this 
Bincholon into the village to benefit the villagers. However,
Binchotite is toxic and there have been reported cases of plants and
animals mutating after being exposed to it. This is one of the reasons
why you will become poisoned after you fall into a binchotite mine.

- STATUS          

|Body|Musashi's strength. Exp increases as he defeats enemies.       |
|Mind|Reduces damage by force of will. Exp increases as you travel   |
|    |more, meaning walking.                                         |
|Fus |Fusion's attacking power. Exp increases as you use more Fusion |
|    |sword to attack.                                               |
|Lum |Lumina's attacking power. Exp increases as you use more Lumina |
|    |sword to attack.                                               |

Note:The maximum level that you can have for Body, Mind, Fus and
     Lum, is only up to Lv 30. When it says limit, it means that
     this is the highest level that you can go for a particular
     chapter. [Read below for more details.]


As mentioned before, if you use more Fusion sword to attack, your
fusion level attack will increase. The same applies to the Lumina
sword as well. The number on the left of each bar shows the level
of the Body, Mind, Fusion and Lumina. The number on the right of
each bar shows its strength. The higher the number, the stronger
it is. For example, 52 on the right side of lumina bar shows that
lumina attack is 52. When it comes to a certain level, it will 
reach its limit. For example, in chapter 2, you can train your
Body, Mind, Fusion, Lumina up to Lv 8. After completing each
chapter, your limit will extent further and you will be able to
train more than level 8. And, in Chapter 6, the maximum level that
you can reach is level 30.

Below shows a table, telling the function of the options found in
the main menu.
|View List  |View the rescue list.                                  |
|Sword      |View and select the type of sword. They are: Normal,   |
|           |Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Sky.                      |
|Armor      |View all the legendary armors. [Legendary Armour]      |
|[Armour]   |                                                       |
|Item       |Use and select item.                                   |
|Techniques |View all the techniques that you have learn.           |
|Rescue List|View the number and names of the people that have to   |
|           |be rescued by Musashi.                                 |
|Time       |Found in the bottom-left corner. It records how many   |
|           |hours and minutes you have spent playing the game.     |
|Level      |View your Body, Mind, Fusion and Lumina level.         |
|Mission Log|Is actually a small dialogue box on the bottom-right.  |
|Config-1)Vibr |Turns the vibration ON/OFF.                         |
|       2)VE   |Turns the visual effects during assimilation ON/OFF.|
|       3)BGM  |Sets the background music volume from 1 to 7.       |
|       4)SE   |Sets the sound volume.                              |
|       5)Sound|Stereo or Monaural.                                 |


|Button   |Function                                              |
|Square   |Use Fusion sword to attack.                           |
|Triangle |Use Lumina sword to attack.                           |
|X        |Jump. [Press twice to perform double jump.]           |
|         |To perform a quick backflip while holding R1.         |
|Circle   |Uses selected assimilated ability.                    |
|L1       |When hold, lets you walk instead of run.              |
|R1       |Fills up the bar gauge in the bottom left side of the |
|         |screen. While filling up the bar gauge, Musashi can   |
|         |block incoming frontal attack.                        |
|L2       |Rotates camera angle anti-clockwise; sometimes zoom   |
|         |in/out the enviroment.                                |
|R2       |Rotates camera angle clockwise; sometimes zoom in/out |
|         |the enviroment.                                       |
|Select   |Switch between battle and sleep mode.                 |
|Start    |View the main menu.                                   |
|D-pad    |Moves in a specific direction. When hold, runs in     |
|         |that direction.                                       |

Note:You can only rotate camera in the village only. And during
     exploring in field screen, you cannot rotate the camera
     angles but you can zoom in and out the enviroment.


By holding R1, Musashi can block any frontal attack. The only
disadvantage is that you can't run or jump while Musashi is
blocking and can't defend any attack coming from the sides,
back or from the top. You can use this action when you get
confronted with a room full of enemies and you need some time
to correctly position yourself for the attack. If Musashi finds
himself in a hairy situation, press X button while defending by
holding R1 to perform a quick backflip.


The Gondola ride provides transportation to and from the palace like
a cable ride. It will not be available until the Gondola is repaired,
that is during chapter 5. It is opened daily from 7 am to 10 pm. You
can take the Gondola lift from the palace to the village by choosing
the Gondola at the last option or from the village to the palace by
talking to Mr Lands sitting at the Gondola.

Depending on your average level of Body, Mind, Fusion and Lumina, it
will determine which rank you are in. A name is given to each rank
and without any doubt, the higher your level is, you will be in a
higher rank. Simple, right?
|Level             |Name of your Ranking |
|01-03             |Little Turd          |
|04-05             |Apprentice           |
|06-09             |Ordinary Joe         |
|10-12             |Talked About         |
|13-15             |Pretty Good          |
|16-20             |Duellist             |
|21-22             |Reputable            |
|23-27             |Mastership           |
|28-29             |Brave Fencer         |
|30                |Hero                 |



1)Appraise any item that you have found. Without appraising them,
  they are almost completely useless.
2)Sell items that have been appraised like Crystal, Long Tube,
  Goldcoins etc for Drans. They are totally useless.
3)After appraising certain items, you might get legendary armours.
  For example, Goggles to L-Goggles after appraised. Also, remember
  not to sell L-Cloth, which can be gotten by appraising Old Cloth.
  With the L-Cloth, you can choose to get either L-Glove or L-Quilt.
4)Don't buy items like breads, oranges, riceball, milk etc because
  these foods will rotten after some time and become less effective.
  Bread will become Ol' bread and then rot bread. Milk will change
  into sour milk after five days, making it worthless. However,
  several days later, it will change into yogurt.
5)Buy items like W-gel, C-drink and at least one S-revive in your
6)Buy two to three cheeses and keep them as long as possible. When
  keep for a longer period, it will recover more HP and BP, or
  perhaps completely. Furthermore, cheese is much cheaper than
  C-Drink, S-revive etc and does not rot. Save it as long as
  possible and use it during boss fight.

During adventure

1)Look out for hidden paths and treasures. You might not be able
  to reach there initially, but come back later.
2)keep a look out for minkus. They are a source of HP boasters. You
  should notice an animal dung in the day. Visit these spots after
  2300 and you should find the minkus.
3)Look out for Bincho field. Not only are they a source of BP, the
  palace members that you rescue will teach you valuable new
  techniques and give you some information to help you. Some of
  the Bincho fields are hidden and cannot be accessed right away.
  Some are less accessible but hard to see than others. Also, some
  jumping and climbing may be needed. Be sure to explore the entire
  area first before leaving.
4)Master the Fusion to assimilate techniques. Sometimes, you need to
  assimilate an enemy and learn a skill in order to advance the game.
5)When your HP is low, try sleeping instead. You will notice that
  your HP will rise by 4 for every 1 BP decrease. If you have
  obtained the legendary quilt, your HP will increase by 10 and BP
  by 8 each time. Furthermore, it's twice the time more faster.
  However,if you don't have legendary quilt, and you are poisoned.
  My advice is don't sleep because your HP will decrease by 8 eac
  time your BP drops. In the end, you will lose 4 HP periodically
  because 8 - 4 = 4 HP. If you have the legendary quilt, your HP 
  will increase by 2 instead of 10 each time because 10 - 8 = 2 HP.
  Try using antidotes to cure poison.
6)Collect heart tablets [restore HP] and bincholons [restores BP].
7)Pick up Drans too. Drans is the currency of money in this game.

When jumping

As i have mentioned before, mastering jump is an important skill for
surviving. Many of the time, there are many obstacles which require
you to jump to overcome. Sometimes, it seems nearly impossible to
jump over. You can expect to swing along protruding pole and then
perform a jump, jump diagonally from a platform to another, climb
up a long pole and then jump from the top and so on. 

Normal Jump
1)Be patient if you cannot jump over.
2)Choose from a good position to jump.
3)Make sure you are not poisoned or very tired. If you are tired,
  then go to sleep.
4)Do not force yourself if you are unable to jump across from a
  platform. Try adjusting your position.
5)Run as fast as possible and then perform a double jump.
5)Try to jump from a higher position to a lower position.

1)Swing as long as posible to gain more kinetic energy to join
  higher. Simple enough! The law of Physics.
2)Look at the direction that you are facing before pressing X
  to jump higher.

1)There isn't much to say about jumping from pole to pole. Climb
  up to the peak of the pole and then jump.


1)You can only climb once you have the L-brace. Press Square and
  Triangle consecutively to climb up the cliff.


1)Do not rely too much on memory box.
2)Save at least more than 2 different datas.

Techniques for Double Jumps

There isn't really much to say. It all depends on practise. You can
jump more higher and furthur if you press X the second time while
doing a spin in the air, instead of pressing too fast when your
feet has just lifted up from the ground. In conclusion, not too
fast and not too slow. Right timing.

The trick is:
1)Choose from a good position.
2)Press X to jump once while holding the directional button.
3)Hold directional button but release the X button for a second.
  Now you should be in air.
3)Quicky, press the X button while holding the directional button.
4)You should be able to jump slightly more furthur and higher if you
  press X the second time at the right timing.
5)In short, press X the second time at the peak of your jump.

Techniques for boss

1)Look out for a way to hit the boss and follow a distinct
  pattern. Refer to the walkthrough section for strategies
  on how to defeat bosses.


Welcome to the most comprehensive walkthrough guide for your Brave
Fencer Musashi. You will find many valuable tips and information
that will help you in your quest. However, the walkthrough can turn
out to be a spoiler if you overuse it. Use the walkthrough only when
you are stuck. Hopefully, this walkthrough will be of some use to
you. Feel free to comment anything!!!

Chapter 1


Enemies: Bee Plants, Blue Soldier 1, Red Soldier 1.

After the introduction, the hero, Musashi sets out to recover Lumina,
a magical sword. The first part is very easy. Just kill your enemy
along the way and try your Fusion sword to steal or assimilate enemy's
technique. You will have to make a series of jumps while getting rid
of those Bee Plants, Gun Soldiers and Sword Soldiers. You can also
throw them away by pressing Square or Triangle button when you are
very near to them. Collect as many Drans, Heart Tablets and Bincholons
as possible. Musashi's initial weapon, Fusion sword is rather weak
and causes very little damage to most enemies as most of the enemies
require several hits to be eliminated. These enemies wander around
aimlessly and when they spot Musashi, an exclamation mark will appear
on top of their head and they will start to attack Musashi. Run up
the path, jump across the river and make your way to the three rocks.
Push the middle rock and it will start to roll. Watch out for the
Red Soldier 1, whom will try to push the log on top of you. Avoid
the incoming log to prevent any damage. You will eventually arrive
at a small stream. If Musashi falls into the water, Musashi's HP
will be reduced. Why? Because Musashi is afraid of water. You will
need to find a Blue Gun soldier and use Fusion sword to assimilate
him to learn the Gunshot technique. Each shot consumes 1 BP. Shoot
the logs down at the far end to form a bridge for you to cross the
river by pressing circle.

Question:How do 1 assimilate or steal enemy's technique?
Answer  :Read the general strategy on fusion.

At the Entrance

Enemies: Stone Head.

Start off by heading left or right along the circular path. Along
the way, you should notice many statues and in the middle is a
stone head. The stone head will bombard you with exploding red
spiral beams. The middle stone head will generate some sort of
electrical field. Destroy the four statues by hitting it using
your Fusion sword and an emblem will appear for every statue
that you destroy. Step on the four emblems. You don't need to step
on all four emblems at the same time. Just one time and it will do.
Once the four emblems are stepped, a path will be revealed.

Tips:While you are busy hacking the statues, you should notice that
     the middle stone head will generate some sort of spiral
     electrical field on you. If you come into contact with these
     beams, you will get hurt. The bad thing is that these beams
     will keep on be produced to chase after you. The best way
     to do is to run around in a random manner.

Follow the new path that has just been revealed. You are now at the
base of the spiral path and you have to ascend to the tower. The
door to get in the spiral tower is at the top. Avoid the spiked
logs and giant wheels that are being rolled down along the path by
jumping over them. These obstacles roll down in a set of pattern and
is quite easy to avoid. The first stone wheel rolls down the inner
part of the path while the second stone wheel rolls down the ouside
path and then followed by a rolling log which you can jump over to
avoid getting hit by the rolling spiked log. You will eventually
reach the top and come across a door. Enter to get inside the spiral

Inside the Spiral Tower

Enemies: Blue Soldier 1, Red Soldier 1, Sphere Bat.

Make your way up the spiral staircase. Halfway through the spiral
staircase, Musashi will stop and comment on a big bell hanging
over a fiery pit. It says, "A secret path will reveal until complete
darkness." Continue your way and up the spiral staircase.

Along the way, there will be some guards there to stop you, as well
as blue bats flying towards you. These blue bats, known as Sphere
Bats, attack you in a group of three and can cause quite a decent
damage. However, they are quite easy to kill. When they are flying
toward you, stop for a while and keep attacking using Fusion sword
to produce quick swipes by pressing Square button continously. The
bats will be killed. You can also dodge the bats by making a jump.
However, i suggest that you kill them because these bats will often
leave behind heart tablets when being killed. These heart tablets
can help recover part of your HP.

You will come across a door that is locked at the dead end. Remember
the clue just now? Only when there is completely darkness, a secret
path will then be revealed. Notice the huge flame below the bell?
If the bell falls down, will the light be extinguished?

Question:How to make the bell fall?
Answer  :Use gunshot to shoot at the rope. The bell will then fall.

Question:What if i absorb stun and lost my gunshot techniques?
Answer  :There will be a blue guard there. So assimilate his shot

When the bell falls, the light is extinguished and the door is
opened. Enter the door to get to the roof.

To Get Lumina Sword on the Roof

Enemies: Blue Soldier 1, Red Soldier 1.

You are now on the roof and you should see a big head stone statue.
Of course, there are guards around too. And... then, there's the
legendary lumina sword. You cannot get the sword because the stone
head will generate a protective shield which looks like a red
crystal around the sword. There is a panel on the ground and when
you step on it, the force field that surrounds the sword will be
removed. If you don't step on the panel, the force field will then
appear. But, if you step on the panel, you cannot reach the sword
because the sword is too far from you. The problem is how to get
the sword when the panel is being stepped. Now, do some thinking
before you continue to read furthur.

Question:How do i get the sword?
Answer  :Try to lure some guards to the panel so that you can pick
         up the sword when the panel is being stepped on. This
         requires timing.

Question:Is there another alternative way?
Answer  :The second method is slightly more reliable but the concept
         behind both methods is still the same. Get someone to step
         on the panel, while you attempt to get the Lumina sword.
         First, find the Red Soldier 1 and assimilate the 'Stun'
         technique from him. By using the 'Stun' technique, it will
         paralyse your enemy temporary. First, lure a guard over and
         when he steps on the panel, use 'Stun' on him by pressing
         the Circle button. This will prevent him from going back.
         Now, reach for the Lumina sword.


The stone statue head will destroy the tower when the Lumina sword
is being removed from its initial position. The tower is about to
collide and Musashi has to run fast. Behind you, is the huge stone
statue head, which is chasing after you. If you are not fast enough,
the statue head will crush you like 'roti prata' and then, it's
game over for you. Hmm... what can i say about this stage? Anyway,
keep on practising. Never mind if your first attempt to escape is
a futile because you have unlimited continues. The bad thing is,
the time still goes on.

1)When Musashi yells 'jump', get ready to jump across the river.
2)If possible, run in a straight line, rather than adjusting left
  and right, as this will save more time. Hmm... get what i mean?
3)Jump over small boulders to save time, rather than moving left
  or right to avoid it. Of course, if the boulder is very big,
  then forget about this idea. This is because it is very likely
  that your attempt to jump over the large boulder is futile and
  as a result, you waste valuable time and may get crushed by the
  statue head, that is following closely behind you. 
4)Try to remain in the centre path while trying to dodge the
  obstactles along the way. Ignore all enemies that you see. Just 
  concentrate on overcoming rocks, logs and other obstacles etc.


How can a chapter end without a boss to fight, am i right? Upon
reaching the castle, Princess Fillet will be captured by a bad
guy called Rootrick. After a short conversation, Rootrick will
trap you in a ring of fires. The princess will then ask Musashi
to use the Lumina sword. Hold R1 until the gauge bar in the bottom
left of the screen is full. Then press the Triangle button and
Musashi will spin his lumina sword. This is called 'Lumina Rotation.'
[remember, something! Ah, Zelda!] This will extinguish the flames
that surrounds Musashi and Musashi is now freed. Rootrick gets
angry and he will kidnap the princess. To end this chapter, Rootrick
gives you a small present by ordering a Steam Knight to fight you.

*Steam Knight*

Steam Knight has a large steel ball, which he will use it to hit you.
When he's spinning the ball, you will know that he is ready to shoot at
you. The trick is to run around or jump around to dodge the ball. Watch
out for the steam, which is emitting out from his legs as it will hurt
you. Remember, when he's spinning the ball, do not hold R1 as this will
cause Musashi to move very slowly and unable to dodge the ball. Move
closer to his heads, hold R1 and when the gauge bar is full, press
triangle to do a lumina rotation. Repeat these and damage his legs
and he will be unconsious. At this moment, attack the torso spot in
the mid-section, which the arrow points to. This will do him damage.
He will wake out after some time. Repeat the same strategy. When his
HP runs out, go near him and throw him by pressing triangle towards
the wall. His HP will then be refilled again and he will start
throwing pillars at you. You can't attack his leg anymore. The only way
is to let him jump high up the air and when he lands, his torso will
be exposed. Try to stand a distance from him when he lands as it will
hurt you. Just as he lands, quickly go and hit his torso by pressing
triangle. This will inflict him damage. Repeat this procedure and when
his HP is completely gone, you will get a chance to toss him out of
time. Exhausted after battle, Musashi decides to take a rest.

Tips:When Steam knight is ready to throw his steelball at you, you
     can jump to avoid it.

Congradulations!!! You have completed chapter 1. The real journey
now begins.

Chapter 2

Important Reminder!!!:

Please read the basic tactics on village shops, how to let Musashi
sleep, the 24-hour clock and so on before proceeding because i
won't be repeating everything again in the walkthrough.

Grillin' Village

As you begin Chapter 2, Musashi found himself awaken in a room
within the Allucaneet Palace. He is being greeted by Steward
Ribson and Butler Livers. Butler Livers will ask you to recover
five scrolls and rescue the 35 palace members that are being
trapped inside a bincho field by the Thirstquencher Empire.
Butler Liver will give you a rescue list which you can view the
names of the people that you have rescued and have not rescued
through the sub-menu. Furthermore, Butler Liver will also give
you the sensor watch which will help you to detect nearby bincho
field. The small rings in the bottom corners of the screen will
begin to flash reddish in colour when a bincho field is nearby.
Although it is difficult to be seen on screen, this is the sensor
watch.The faster the sensor watch flashes, the nearer you are to
the bincho field. Get that?

After a briefing from Butler Liver, visit the library. After that,
be prepared to enter the village. At this point of time, you can
also talk to Steward Ribson to talk to the people in the Allucaneet
Palace. You can also visit your room to have a sleep. At this point
of time, you don't have an action figure yet. Never mind. When you
are ready, choose village.

Because the Gondola ride is out of service, Musashi will use his
two swords to ride the Gondola's rope to the village. You can
return to the palace through the entrance near the Father White's
church. When you first enter Grillin' village, it's best to speak
to the Mayor first. He lives in a big house near the bottom of
the trail that you come down and can be identified by a windvane
on the top of the roof. Knock on the door by pressing the Square
button. What time you knock on the door is very important! If
you knock on the door very early in the morning, the door is
most likely not to open because the mayor and his wife are
sleeping. Wait until when most people has waken up. Around
10.30am, i suppose. The Mayor will open the door and he will
mention about the lost dog. The name of the lost dog is Leno. Tell
the Mayor that you can help him to find the dog. The mayor says
that he may consider Musashi as part of Grillin' citizens and
provide him with information about the five legendary scrolls,
only if he agrees to bring the dog back. However, you can't
enter the mountain without Macho's permission, who is guarding
at the entrance. You will have to figure a way out yourself.
Take some time to familiarise with the layout of the village
and to know some Grillin' citizens. Also, buy some items from
the shops.

Tips:There are two ways to enter the Twinpeak mt.

1)Wait until Macho visits the restaurant at six and go in by
  the entrance.
2)Rescue Guard Lumpwood.

To avoid wasting time, it's best to save Guard Lumpwood. Of
course, I don't mind if you use the first method. But, you
will still need to rescue Guard Lumpwood in the end because
he's one of the 35 palace members that is trapped inside a
bincho field. It doesn't harm to save him in the early part
of the game.

Going into Somnolent Forest

Bincho Field: Guard Lumpwood,   [Somnolent forest]
              Hawker Steakwood. [Dead End]
Enemies     : Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Hopper, Magician,

But before you go, make sure that you buy some recovery items like
Gel etc from the shops. Also, try visiting the toy store to buy
series 1 action figures. Now, here we go.

Take the path that is right of the church. Cross the bridge to go
across the small stream. Remember not to fall into the river because
Musashi cannot swim. Read the sign board. It should say 'Dead End'.
Follow the path down and you will enter into a forest. You should
see a green crystal and this green crystal is known as the bincho
field. Break the bincho field [Hawker Steakwood] by using the
Lumina sword to hit it once, that is by pressing the Triangle button.
You have rescued your first person from the bincho field.

Go back to the village again to the other end and enter the forest.
The sign should read Somnolent Forest. You can't enter the bottom
path because there is steam blocking the path. You should also
notice a bincho field in the bottom path also. Note that you will
get hurt if you are too near to the steam. Come back after the
explosion of the Steam Reactor Part I to break this bincho field.
Now, go up the path and you should see another bincho field. Break 
the bincho field [Guard Lumpwood], just like the previous. Yes, use
Lumina sword to hit it by pressing the Triangle button. Now, head
back to the village and get ready to embark on the Twinpeak

Twinpeak Mountain [Rescuing Leno]

Bincho Field: Soldier Lardwick.
Minku       : Left path of the Twinpeak entrance.
Enemies     : Magician, Maneater, King Maneater.

Go back up the path, back to where the Gondola is. You should notice
a guard standing at an entrance. The guard is Lumpwood whom you have
just rescued earlier. Talk to him and he will let you pass through
the Twinpeak Mountain entrance. If you did not rescue Lumpwood,
Macho will be at the entrance to stop you from entering. Then you
will have to wait until 6pm when he visits the restaurant to eat.
Before entering Twinpeak Mountain, let's get the minku first.

At the Gondola, keep going to the left. Do not go down the path
as this will lead you back to the village. Just continue walking
to the left until you see an animal dung. During any time of the
game between 2300 to 2400, visit the same spot again to find a
minku roaming about. For that, you might want to sleep first while
waiting for the minku to appear, if not, go straight to Twinpeak
Mountain now and remember to come back here later. Chase after the
minku, lift it up and throw it and you will obtain longevity berry,
which will boost your maximum HP up by 25. Now, enter the Twinpeak

Upon entering, go left and you should see the Magician who will keep
following you. It seems like the Magician has the ability to teleport
to places. Once the Magician sees you, he will teleport and appear
in front of you. Fear not, since the Magician is a very easy enemy.
The only thing that you need to take note of is that the Magician
has the ability to shrink his enemy. Run around and avoid his spell
and you should be all right. Hold R1 and press Square to assimilate
his 'Shrink' technique. Press the Circle button to use the 'Shrink'
technique. Anyone who gets shrunk become defendless and can be easily
stomped. Break the bincho field [Soldier Lardwick] which you will
first see. Jump on the lilly pad and use the 'Shrink' technique on
the King Maneater. When the King Maneater has been shrunk, you can
continue the path now. Jump over and you should see Leno, the dog
on the other side.

Note:If you did not see the Mayor, Leno will not be there and
     instead, you will see a bone that is being left behind.

Pick up Leno and throw him over to the other side. The idea is to
carry Leno back to the village. Should Leno fall into the water, he
will return to where the bone is. Remember, don't toss leno into
the exit or he will reappear on the same spot, that is where the
bone is, at Twinpeak Mountain again. To pick the dog, Leno up,
simply press Square or Triangle button and then Square to toss the
dog. When you return, talk to the Mayor. He will ask you to speak
to Jon if you want to know more information about the five legendary
scrolls. Just in case you do not know, Jon is the prisoner whom is
locked up near the entrances to the Dead End and Somnolent Forest

Finding Bread and Water

Talk to the prisoner, Jon. He will thank you for saving Leno, his
dog. However, he has not eaten and drunk for days and he wishes to
eat some bread and drink some water. Agree to his request. Go to
the grocery shop and buy some Rye bread from the store. You can
obtain water from the well near the church. However, if the two
women, Mrs Grange and Mrs Lands, are there, you will have to wait
until they are gone. For your information, they are at the well
between 10 a.m to 4 p.m. To get the water, simply go near the well
and press Square. Once you get the water, WellH20, take it to Jon.
Jon gulps down the food and tells you that he is a "Treasure
Hunter". He says that he will tell you a secret if you agree to
free him. To free him, you have to get the key from the Meandering
Forest, with the help of his dog. Agree to this deal!


Minku  : A hidden path near the second bridge.
Enemies: Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Hopper, Magician,
         Maneater, Sleepie.

Before you cross the second bridge to the Sleepie [those mushrooms]
at Somnolent Forest, keep a lookout for a secret hidden path and
you will eventually see another Minku.

Meandering Forest

Bincho Field: Seer Bevealy. [Up the slope in Somnolent Forest]
Treasures   : Old Crown.    [Up the slope in Somnolent Forest]
Enemies     : Bee Plant, Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Magician,
              Maneater, Red Soldier 1, Sleepie, Thorny Bushes.

Go inside the Somnolent forest until you have reached the sign
'meandering forest'. You cannot go forward any more because there
are spikes around. Assimilate the 'Hop' technique from the Hopper
[looks like a red flower] and you will be able to hop and overcome
the thorny bushes. Before that, there is a slope on the right side
of the screen and you can go up the slope by hopping. There is a
bincho field [Seer Bevealy] and a chest [Old Crown]. To break the
Bincho field and the chest, you have to stop hopping. You can stop
hopping by pressing the Circle button or wait for a while. However,
once you stop hopping, you have to assimilate the 'Hop' technique
again from the Hopper to overcome the thorny bushes.

Enter the meandering forest. You should see Leno. Follow Leno. Along
the way, there are many enemies and you need to kill them in order
to protect Leno. If you get lost, simply enter the exit in the south
and then enter again to start all over again. You will eventually
arrive at the graveyard. Yeah, dog has a sensitive nose. Examine the
top left tomb in the graveyard to retrieve the key. Now, return back
to the village to free Jon.

If it's not midnight, Jon will ask you to come after midnight, so as
to prevent arousing any suspicion. [Hey, you are freeing a prisoner.
You can't do that in broad daylight, right?] Come back after midnight
to rescue him. After rescuing Jon, he asks you to collect 4 logs and
meet him in Twinpeak Mountain.

Collecting the First Legendary Armour, L-Brace

Bincho Field: Mercenary Meitlofe, [Left of the three poles is]
              Shepherd Buffalo,   [Under the bridge]
              Knight Lardwick,    [Beneath the pole after log#1]
              Carpenter Carvey.   [Where log#2 is]
Minku       : Left of the memory box on a cliff.
Treasures   : 200 Drans, [Left of the memory box]
              Old Book,  [At the waterfall]
              Dagger.    [Near where you save Shepherd Beefalo]
Enemies     : Blue Soldier 1, Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Magician,
              Maneater, Red Soldier 1, Sleepie.

Enter Twinpeak Mountain. Past the lilypads and continue up the
path. There are Drans at the top of the 2 poles. Jump and climb
up to the peak of the poles to get the Drans. Continue up the path
and the path will turn left. You should also see the irritating
Magician. Continue walking and you should see a bincho field. Break
the bincho field [Mercenary Meitlofe]. Continue walking and you
should see three poles. Jump from pole to pole to get to other side.
Remember to climb up to the peak of the poles to get bincholons to
restore your BP. Walk left and open the chest to find out that it
is actually a 'Memory Box'. Choose the first option to leave your
memory. Note that a minku is found on the far left end of the cliff
of the memory box. You will need to jump from a great height to
reach cliff. Come back at night to get the minku. Or you will have
to wait until you get the L-Brace to climb the cliff. There is also
another treasure chest [200 Drans] if you continue walking left
from the memory box. Go right and up the slope. As you continue
walking, you should see a treasure box behind the waterfall. Get
the treasure chest [Old Book] behind the waterfall by jumping
over. Be careful! Don't fall into the water. Now, return and go up
the path and into the cave. Inside the cave, you need to perform a
series of jumps to make your way through to the exit. You should eventually arrive 
at a bridge.

There is a bincho field [Shepherd Beefalo] and a treasure [Dagger]
below. Climb down the vine. Note that the vines are electrified.
If you come into contact with electricity, you will hurt yourself.
The treasure chest [Dagger] is located somewhere just below the
bridge, that is the end of the bridge where you first come out
while the bincho field [Shepherd Beefalo] is located at the
very far end of the bridge at the bottom. Be careful not to fall
into the water as you will get hurt. Search around and you will
eventually find the bincho field [Shepherd Beefalo] and the treasure
[Dagger]. Now, make your way to the other side and enter the entrance.

Continue heading to the right, up the slope. When you see a tree,
do a Lumina Rotation to chop off the tree. Then, go to the fallen
tree to recieve log. Repeat this for four times for every tree you
come across. Just in case, you have forgetten how to perform a
Lumina Rotation, hold R1 until the gauge bar is full and press the
Triangle button to perform.

Keep on going. Notice the 'reddish' walls? It means that the walls
here can be climbed. These can be done if you have the L-Brace.
Anyway, you will get it sooner or later. Don't worry about this.
Continue walking until you see the first tree. Chop down the tree
and collect your first log. From where the first log is, there is
a pole. Just climb down the pole and beneath it, you should see a
bincho field [Knight Lardwick]. Need i say more? Break the bincho
field and free Knight Lardwick using your Lumina sword by pressing
the Triangle button. Continue walking until you see the second tree.
Near the second tree, you should see a bincho field [Carpenter
Carvey]. Rescue Carpenter Carvey by breaking the bincho field and
chop off the second tree to get your second log. Now, continue
walking up and eventually, you will see the third tree. Now,
remember this spot. Chop the third tree first and get the third
log. Okay, you should see a pole nearby, right? Climb up the pole
to the peak and look right. You should see a bincho field [Weaver
Dineretta]. Well, you can't break the bincho field now because
it's very far away from you. It is very likely that you will fall
into the waters and get hurt. In order to jump across, you need
to have the L-Belt so that you can perform a double jump. Now,
keep going left until you see the fourth and the last tree.
Chop off the tree and recieve the fourth log. Continue to make
your way up until you see Jon.

Jon says that he does not know much about the legendary scroll.
Upon hearing this, Musashi blames Jon for asking him yet. However,
Jon then says that he has heard about the legendary armour that
exists somewhere here in this Twinpeak Mountain. To help Musashi
to find the legendary armour, Jon builds a raft for Musashi. Now,
be prepare for the exciting and thrilling raft ride.

Note:Knight Lardwick will not teach you Crosswise Cut until you
     have defeated the Skullpion, that is the crest guardian
     and the boss for Chapter 1.

Raft Ride

Bincho Field: Doctor Tung.
Treasures   : 200 Drans, [On a cliff after the raft ride]
              Bracelet.  [On a cliff after the raft ride]

Forget about collecting Drans. You have to ride a raft downstream
against the strong current. Along the way, there are many huge and
small boulders and they act as obstacles. Towards the end of the
path, there will be some soldiers fishing, throwing rods at you.
Never mind about this first. In this raft ride mini-game, you have
to avoid obstacles by jumping, dodging and so on. If you hit any
obstactle four times, it's KO for you and the game will end. However,
just like the first chapter when you are being chased by a statue
head, you have unlimited continues if you fail but take note that
time still goes on. My advice is keep on practising!

The first part is pretty straightforward. I won't say it's really
easy but with a few practises, you should have no problem. You
will eventually ride the raft down the waterfall. Now, there are
two different routes for you to take. The left route takes you to
a bincho field [Doctor Tung], while the right route takes you to
a cliff.

If you take the left route, you can break the bincho field and rescue
Doctor Tung. Once Doctor Tung is rescued, you can talk to him in the
castle and he will heal you completely by recovering your HP and BP
fully. After rescuing Doctor Tung, you have to make your way up the
Twinpeak Mountain all over again and take the raft again and then
take the right route this time. However, even if you don't save
Doctor Tung, there is another easier way. When you get the water
scroll in Chapter 3, you can create a water shield and float in
water to break the bincho field and rescue Doctor Tung at Twinpeak
Mountain. Either way, it's fine. If you want to challenge yourself,
try taking the left route during the raft ride to save Doctor Tung.

Now, assuming you are taking the right route, after a while, you will
come to a part whereby you will see soldiers fishing, throwing rods
at you. If that's so, good luck because just a little bit more and
that's the end. The current will eventually take you to a cliff. 

After anchoring, go up the stairs and open the treasure chest
[Bracelet]. Don't jump down from the cliff first. Walk furthur
down the screen and you should see a treasure chest [200 Drans].
Then jump down and head back to the village as there will be
nothing for you to explore.

Steamwood Reactor Part 1

Minku    : On a cliff to the right of the Gondola ride.
Treasures: Manual,    [Given by Fores]
           Aged Coin. [Left path before entering Steamwood]

Go to the pawn shop to appraise everything you found, including the
Bracelet that you have just found. You also discover that once the
Bracelet is appraised, it changes to L-Brace, one of the legendary
armour. Once you have L-Brace, you can climb up a cliff by pressing
the Square and Triangle button alternatively. When you exit from
the shop, the Mayor will appear and talk to you. He says that the
Steamwood Reactor is having a big problem. He wants you to help
him. Agree to his request. The Mayor will ask you to talk to Fores,
the steamwood administrator. Before that, go and save your journey
in the inn.

At the Gondola, to the left and right are cliffs. First, climb up
the right cliff. You should notice an animal dung if it is in the
daytime. Wait until 2300 and get another longevity berry from the
minku. If not, you can get it later, probably after stopping the
Steamwood Reactor from exploding. Now, climb the cliff to the left
of the Gondola. Upon climbing up, you should see a man running
about, panicking [and a house too]. That man is Fores.

Talk to Fores, the Steamwood administrator and he will tell you that
the Steamwood Reactor is about to be exploded. He will give you the
manual and request you to go to Steamwood and close the eight valves.
If the valves are not closed within 24 hours, Steamwood will explode.
Well, even though, it says 24 hours, it actually mean 24 minutes
in actual time. After having a short conversation with Fores, the
timer will start to appear. Hurry to Steamwood now. You do not have
the time to waste now. Forget about treasures for the time being.
You can collect it later.

Go to the village and go to where the windmill is. Follow the path
up. Did you notice that there isn't any steam gushing out? Never
mind. Continue walking to the end and climb up the cliff. You
should notice a path to the left, which will lead you to another
treasure [Aged Coin]. Well, ignore that first since time is more
precious. You can collect it later. Enter the upper path and you
will reach Steamwood Reactor.

The entrance to Steamwood Reactor is locked. To open it, Musashi
has to close the valve. Now, do some warm-up first before the real
test begins. Musashi will read the manual that Fores, the Steamwood
administrator has given you earlier. This is what you should do.

Gauges will appear. Once it reaches the OK zone, press X and the
pressure in the valve will rise up. Keep doing that until the
pressure has reached its maximum. Also, note that if you do not
press X at the OK zone, the pressure will descrease. You have to
make the pressure rise. When this is done, the door will be opened
and you have to get ready to enter Steamwood Reactor to begin the
real test.

Basically, the idea is about the same. However, this time, there
are 8 valves for you to shut down and they must be shut down first
from numerical order, meaning that you have to shut down valve #1
first, before you can shut down valve #2. Is that clear? If done
correctly, the red door will turn to green door. What adds to the
challenge is the introducing of the valve timer. Once valve #1 is
successfully closed, you have to run to valve #2 as quickly as
possible before the valve timer runs out. Once the valve timer
runs out, you have to start all over from valve #1 again. Each
time you successfully close a valve, more time will be added to
the valve timer. Get it! Furthurmore, some walls are electrified,
thus preventing you from getting to the valve that you want as soon
as possible. Not just that alone, the gauge rises up more and more
faster for each new valve. Thus, timing is very important.

When you have successfully stopped Steamwood Reactor from exploding,
Fores will open a path from Steamwood that links back to his house.
Yes, a shortcut, actually. By the way, if you fail to stop Steamwood
Reactor from exploding within the 24 hour [24 minutes] time limit,
then you will see a special scene, following that the game will end.
This time, there's no continues.

Note:Try it yourself before you read below for the solution.


When you first enter Steamwood at the first floor, take the elevator
up, then run to the right and shut down valve #1. Then, go to valve
#2. To reach valve #3, you must make a tricky jump onto one of the
orange-coloured pipes next to the walkway, and then hop over to the
valve. Be very careful. Take the elevator up to the second level,
then hop onto an orange-coloured pipe next to the elevator and jump
onto the main walkway. Run to the left, past valve #6 to locate
valve #4. Shutdown valve #4 and go to the left to shut down valve
#5, then all the way right to valve #6. Take the elevator up the
last floor and run to the left to shutdown valve #7. Lastly, finish
off valve #8.

Note:For more information on Steamwood Reactor, you might want to
     read Steamwood Reactor Part 2.


There are quite a number of things which you can do, including
getting a longevity berry from the minku, opening a treasure
chest and breaking bincho fields and so on. You need not do this
things in order. But, just remember to do these things.

Minku    : On a cliff to the right of the Gondola ride.
Treasures: Aged Coin. [Left path before entering Steamwood]

Get the minku on a cliff to the right of the Gondola ride if you
have not done so. Take back the path that you just came from and
on your way, take the treasure chest [Aged Coin] if you have not
done so.

For more information about getting the minku and the treasure
[Aged Coin], please read Steamwood Reactor Part 1 for more
details. I have explained how to get the minku and the treasure
chest earlier, so i won't spend too much time explaining.

Bincho Field: Musician Pianissimeat, [Near Earth Crest]
              Acrobat Sausages.      [Right pipe of Steamwood]

You can go back through the shortcut that Fores has just created
to Fores' house or go back through the same way that you have
just come in. If you have not broken the two bincho fields
[Musician Pianissimeat] [Acrobat Sausages], take back the path
that you have just taken. After climbing down the cliff again
[near where you get the treasure chest, Aged Coin], you should
notice many pipes around. Near the Earth Crest, to the left,
is a pipe. Follow where the pipe leads and you will find a bincho
field [Musician Pianissimeat]. After that, return and go down
the path. Somewhere along here, to the right side of the screen,
is a pipe. Follow where the pipe leads and you will find a bincho
field [Acrobat Sausages]. If you continue to search here, you
should find Drans here. [Not inside treasure chest] Once you
have both the Clown and his partner, Acrobat Sausages, they
will be able to perform a stunt for you.

Note:Just in case, you have difficulties finding Acrobat Sausages,
     at the title screen, wait for a while and a demo will be
     shown. Sometimes, the demo shows you how to get Acrobat

Bincho Field: Maid Loinette.  [South of Somnolent, previously block
                               by steam]
Treasures   : 500 Drans.      [Near where you save the maid]
Technique   : Dashing Pierce. [Learn from Maid Loinette]

Remember that there's a bincho field in Somnolent Forest, whereby
the path is being blocked by steam and because of that, you cannot
reach it. Now, go there and break that bincho field [Maid Loinette].
Near where you save Maid Loinette is another treasure chest [500
Drans]. Visit the Allucaneet Palace and talk to Maid Loinette, the
9th person and she should teach you the Dashing Pierce technique.
Talk to Acrobat and he will say that he can perform a stunt for
you but Clown has the final say. Oh, Acrobat Sausages cannot decide
for himself. So talk to the Clown, the 3rd person. Clown will say
that he needs an orange, in order to perform a stunt. However, orange
is not available now at the moment. You can only buy an orange
from the grocery shop until chapter 3. Therefore, you have to wait
until chapter 3 to learn the Shish kebab technique.

Now, when all these sidequests are done, return to the village
and talk to the Mayor. Be prepare to get your first scroll.

Searching for the Earth Scroll at Twinpeak Mountain

Minku    : Left of the memory box on a cliff.
           [If you have not gotten yet]
Treasures: Longevity Berry.
Enemies  : Maneater, Magician.

Once you have saved Steamwood, return to the village and talk to
the Mayor. In return, he will give you a Longevity Berry to boast
your maximum HP up by 25. After that, the Mayor explains to you
why Steamwood went berserk. That's because a man with a cape did
it. Also, some villagers have claimed to see the man with a cape
entering Twinpeak Mountain. So, did you realise anything fishy?
Enter Twinpeak Mountain. First, go to where the memory box is
and save your memory there. Remember the minku on a cliff at the
far end left side of the memory box, which i have told you earlier?
You can use L-Brace to climb up the cliff and get the minku. You
can choose to get it later if you wish. Now, from where the memory
box is, walk a little left and then go up. You should see Rootrick,
the man who has kidnapped Princess Fillet.

Climbing Competition

What can i say here? Rootrick accidentally leaks the information to
you that a legendary scroll is found at the peak of this mountain.
Is there a conspiracy...? Rootrick will challenge you to the top
of the mountain and whoever can reach the peak of the mountain will
be able to grab the legendary scroll first. Well, it's very easy
actually. Rootrick is so clumsy and perhaps fat. How can he climb
faster than Musashi? Once Musashi has reached the peak of the
mountain, Musashi is up to his usual evil trick. Found a big rock,
aim at Rootrick and throw the rock down. Musashi then laughs at
Rootrick. Too bad, Rootrick! Who ask you to climb so slow? [Did
anyone mention about the Steam Knight?]

Finding The Crest Guardian

Now, go and get your first legendary scroll, the Earth scroll. The
scroll will tell you to kill the Earth Crest Guardian, in order to
liberate the Earth Crest. Congradulations for obtaining your first
legendary scroll!!!

Question:How do I go down now? There is a big boulder there blocking
         my way.
Answer  :You have to somehow make the big boulder fall. That is
         when the first use of the Earth scroll comes in handy.
         Go to the main menu and you should see the word, sword.
         Choose Earth instead of Normal. After that, you should
         notice that the symbol on the bottom left screen changes
         to that of an Earth symbol, instead of the normal Sword
         symbol. Fill up the gauge bar on the bottom left side of
         the screen by pressing R1, then press the Triangle button
         to create an Earthquake. The boulder will break and fall.
         Now, jump down from here.

Note:Please read the basic tactics section about legendary scroll
     for more details.

Bincho Field: Doctor Tung. [If you have not saved yet]
Treasures   : Rock.        [At the peak of the Twinpeak Mt]
Enemies     : Blue Soldier 1, Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Magician,
              Maneater, Red Soldier 1, Sleepie.

If you have not gotten Doctor Tung yet, go to where the raft is. The
raft is found at the usual place, which is where you have gotten it.
Note that if you don't get Doctor Tung now, you will have to wait
until Chapter 3, when you get the Water scroll.

Go to where you first meet Jon in Twinpeak Mountain. When you reach
there, you should see a hovering boulder. Use the power of the Earth
scroll to shake loose the suspended boulder. Now, swing across the
large gap by using jutting pegs in the mountain wall and eventually,
you will climb up to the mountain top. Be careful not to fall because
it's very likely that you will fall into waters or have to start all
over again. When you reach the peak of the mountain, get the treasure
chest [Rock]. Now, it's time to leave Twinpeak Mountain. Head for
Allucaneet Palace. You can go all the way back from where you come
or simply jump down from a spot whereby you will land.

When you return to the village, Jon, the treasure hunter will appear
and talk to you. [Hmm... Where's the Crest Guardian?] Before you
enter Allucaneet Palace, go to the pawn shop and appraise all the
items that you have found. For example, when Rock is appraised, it
will change into Crystal. Sell Crystal for 2500 Drans. Also, buy
any action figure, recovery item from the grocery shop. Now, head
for Allucaneet Palace.

At Allucaneet Palace

Go to the palace and immediately talk to Steward Ribson. He will
tell you about the presence of the Crest Guardian in Hell's Valley.
He wants you to defeat the Crest Guardian and liberate the Earth
crest. To help you to defeat the Crest Guardian, Steward Ribson
will send more people to assist you. The four people are Carpenter
Carvey, Mercenary Meitlofe, Knight Lardwick and Soldier Lardwick.

Note:If you have not saved all four people, you will not be able
     to enter Hell's Valley to fight with the Crest Guardian.
     This is because the gate to Hell's Valley is locked and you
     need them to open the gate for you. If you have missed out
     anyone of them, go and find them now.

Now, be prepare to fight the Crest Guardian, skullpion, the final
boss in Chapter 2. Make sure that you have lots of items like
cheese [keep them as long as possible], W-Gel and so on. Take all
the minkus and break all the bincho fields if you have not done
so as these are sources of HP and BP boosters respectively. After
that, go to sleep, and then save in your inn. Make your way to
Hell's Valley.

Note:Just in case, you do not know where Hell's Valley is, enter
     Twinpeak Mountain entrance and then head all the way to the

Along the way, you will come across a bincho field [Knitter Lunchetta]
After rescuing Knitter Lunchetta, she will first tell you about the
existence of the legendary cloth. Also, you need to use the power of
the Earth scroll to create earthquakes to cause the boulders above
you to fall into the pits, so as to act as stepping stones for you.
Your friends are waiting for you at the dead end. Now, be prepare to
fight the Crest Guardian, Skullpion, the final boss for chapter 2.

Crest Guardian: *Skullpion*

Below shows the description of the various attacks that Crest
Guardian: Skullpion will use on you. There are five main attacks.

Spewing Sand

You can avoid this by outrunning the stream and and staying behind it.
This is a great time to charge your gauge bar, provided you are far
away from the sand stream.


He will ram at you sometimes. Just move around the area to dodge his

Tail Sweep

It will swing its tail. Hop over it to avoid.

Attack Comrades

It will attack your comrades, causing your comrades unable to assist
you. Before he gets the chance to attack your comrades, use earth
scroll to create earthquake.

Ground Sweep

This attack consists of him sticking his tail into the ground and
making it pop out under Musashi's feet. Keep on moving once you see
it stuck its tail into the dirt. If you get hit, you will not only
recieve damage but be poisoned also. Thanksfully, you can use the
antidote that you bought from the store or using earth scroll to
create Earthquake to make the antidote in the basket to topple and
land on the ground, then use it to heal yourself.

Here's the Strategy

Skullpion is smarter than average boss and will occasionally attempt
to climb the wall to attack one of your comrades. If any of them is
hurt or injured, they won't be able to assist you in transporting
loads. Your comrades will transport loads like bombs, antidotes,
stones. Each bomb that hits the crest guardian, Skullpion, takes
away 10 HP from him and each large stone takes away 100 HP from him.
Use the power of the Earth scroll ability to create Earthquake to
cause the item in the basket to trip over and land on him, especially
items like bombs and large stones. Do this repeatedly, and Skullpion
will eventually become unconsious. When Skullpion is unconsious, his
core will be exposed. Use your Lumina sword to attack his core by
pressing the Triangle button. This will do him damage. Repeat this
procedure until the Crest Guardian, Skullpion dies.

Tips:You can also pick up the large stone on the ground and throw
     the large stone at him to damage him.

Once you have defeated the Crest Guardian, Skullpion, head to the
village and you will complete Chapter 2.

Congradulations!!! You have completed chapter 2. Remember to buy the
last action figure for the series 2, that is Skullpion, of course.

Chapter 3


Minku    : The same place where you fought skullpion,
           On a cliff near the Earth crest.
Technique: Crosswise Cut.

After you have defeated the Crest Guardian, Skullpion, come back
after 2300 to the same spot where you just fought it, there should
be a minku.

Remember that there is an Earth crest near where you rescue Musician
Pianissimeat in Somnolent Forest when you are on your way to save
Steamwood? Go to the Earth crest. You should notice that the Earth
crest is glowing. That is because you have defeated the Crest
Guardian, Skullpion. Liberate the Earth crest by using the power of
the Earth scroll. For your information, to liberate a crest, it's
actually the same thing by holding R1 until the gauge bar is full
and then press the Triangle button when using a particular scroll for
a particular crest. Once the Earth crest is liberated, part of the
cliff will collapse, revealing the inner rocks. Now, you can climb
up the cliff. You should see another Minku also.

When you visit Knight Lardwick in the Allucaneet Palace, he will now
teach you a new technique, Crosswise Cut.

Vambees Roaming the Village

Once the Crest Guardian, Skullpion has been defeated, return to the
Grillin' village. On your way back to the village, you will see the
Mayor and Hotelo standing outside the general store. Their faces
seems to look rather worried. Notice that all doors are closed in
the village? Heard the chilling music? Does it create an ominous
feeling? Something horrendous must have happened.

If you happen to return to the village at night time, you may see
vambees roaming around the village but rest assured that they can't
hurt you. Ignore them for the time being! It appears that these
creatures are being set freed because the Earth Crest Guardian,
Skullpion is being defeated.

After having a short conversation with the Mayor and Hotelo, you
should learn that Tim has contacted a disease and is on the verge
of turning into a vambee. To cure his sickness, Tim needs a special
medicine called Remedy. The two ingredients that are needed to
make Remedy are Misteria and Aqualin. Misteria is a flower that
blooms in the underground mine tunnel between 3.00 a.m to 7.00 a.m
and Aqualin is actually the water found in a spring at the peak of
the Twinpeak Mountain. [Remember where you get the item, Rock?]

On seeing that retrieving the Misteria is a much more tougher job,
the Mayor decided to send you to the underground lake to find
Misteria while Hotelo will go to Twinpeak Mountain to get Aqualin.
Anyway, who knows what's going to be inside the underground lake?
Mutated creatures...??? Overexplosure to Binchotite...??? Anyway,
agree to the Mayor's requests. After all, saving a life is more
important. In order to enter the mine, you need to obtain the key
from Wig, the man living in the windmill.

Note:Vambees are half-vampire, half zombie, whom are developed by
     the Thirstquencher Empire. Anyone who gets bitten by a vambee
     will be turned into a vambee after some time. The only way to
     save a person from turning into a vambee is to let the person
     swallow Grillin's traditional Remedy. The ingredients to make
     Remedy are Misteria and Aqualin.

Note:Since your task is to collect Misteria in the underground
     lake, you will definitely come across Binchotite, a toxic
     poison found in mines, which has the ability to mutate a
     creature. If you happen to fall into a binchotite in the
     mines, you will be poison. So, make sure that you have
     bought some antidotes. Also, it is quite tedious to make
     your way through the mines to the underground lake and it
     takes a reasonably quite long period of time. So, make
     sure you have some Mints or H-Mints with you, just in
     case, Musashi gets tired.

Note:During this time, when Hotelo is out at Twinpeak Mountain to
     find Aqualin, visit the inn and choose the second option to
     talk to Motelo. Motelo is Hotelo's brother and he will help
     his brother to look after the inn temporary when Hotelo is
     away. Well, it's nothing much important but just to inform
     you that Hotelo has a brother.

Note:Before you go and get the Mine Key from Wid, who is living
     in the windmill, make sure that you have completed all the
     sidequests that i have listed above. That includes finding
     the minkus and learning the Crosswise technique from Knight
     Lardwick. [Refer to above for more details.]

Getting the Mine Key

Treasure: Mine key [From Wid, the man living inside the windmill]

Wid does know something about Misteria. Unfortunately, Wid is a
late sleeper and he only wakes up at odd times of the day. He
will open the door very late at night, usually around midnight
and open the door until the late morning. When the door is not
opened, what can you conclude from here? Yes, he is sleeping. Wid
will open the door until 2300 or at 11 p.m. For your information,
you can find him in the windmill between 11pm to 11am. Knock on
the door by pressing the Square button and he should come out
of the house. After having a short conversation with him and
explaining to him about Tim's condition, Wid will give you the
Mine key. Remember the door that is sealed near the restaurant???
As the underground mine was very dangerous [Rumoured to have
mutated creatures roaming about], the door was sealed to forbid
people from entering. Now, with the Mine Key, open the door and
enter the mines.

Inside the Mines

Bincho Field: Carpenter Dicey, [Bottom middle of the conveyor belt
              Knight Brisket.  [Top-left of conveyor belt room]
Enemies     : B-Eater, Sphere Bat, Toad Stool.

Turn right at the intersection of the wooden sign, follow it and
then climb the pole past the wooden Toad Stool. In the next area,
it leads you to wooden walkways and spinning contraptions whereby
you have to cross the ferris wheels. It requires some timing and
generally, it's quite easy. Hop onto one of the passing platforms,
time yourself well. Then, jump if you think you are able to land 
safely. If you happen to miss the platform, Musashi will fall and
be sent tumbling onto the black void below, causing some damage.
Eventually, you will come across a big fan. Do not go to the other
end if you have not collected Misteria. This is the way to the
exit. Hover above the fan and slip through the blades when the fan
stops spinning. Don't worry, the blades will not cause any damage.
Jump down the fan to the underground. Save your memory on the
memory box. Take the left path and not the right path. When you
enter the room, you will see many conveyor belts and some wooden
platform. Note that there are two bincho fields in this room, one
on the top left of the screen [Knight Brisket] and another one on
the bottom middle [Carpenter Dicey]. Break these two bincho
fields to save them. After saving Knight Brisket and Carpenter
Dicey, continue your path to reach to the underground lake.

Tips:If Musashi is tired, he will have an extremely difficult
     time moving, especially having to deal with those fast-moving
     conveyor belt. It's best to relieve himself by giving him
     some mint or Hi-mint. If you don't have these items, give
     Musashi a short nap. Don't force yourself too much or you
     will end up wasting your HP. Trust me, it will be much more
     easy after taking a nap than when you are very tired. Be
     careful! Don't fall! Musashi can't fly!!!

Collecting Misteria

Bincho Field: Chief Gravie,   [One of the surrounding four islands]
              Cook Mary-Nade. [In the centre big island]
Minku       : One of the surrounding four islands.
Treasures   : Old Glove,      [One of the surrounding four islands]
              Misteria.       [In the centre big island]

You are now at the underground lake. In the middle of the screen
is a big island and surrounding the middle big island will be four
small islands. Use the lilly pad to get to the middle island and
eventually make your way to the top. You will then find a flower
at the top. Yes, it's Misteria. Sleep until the flower blooms
between 3.00 a.m to 7.00 a.m. When the flower is blooming, you
can obtain Misteria. Also, note that if you are poisoned, use an
antidote first before you sleep. After getting Misteria, it's time
to head back but first, let's break the bincho fields, get the
minku and the treasure.

If you look carefully, in the middle of the island, there is a
bincho field. [Cook Mary-Nade] You have to use the lilly pad to
get to it. Four islands surround the middle island. Just use the
lilly pad and check out the four islands. There is a treasure
chest [Old Glove] on one of the four islands, one bincho field
[Chief Gravie] on another one of the four islands, and a minku
on another one of the four islands. Basically, the treasure
chest, bincho field and minku are found on each separate islands.
Get what i mean? My advice is get the minku and the bincho field
last because that's when your HP and BP will be very low. That's
why i say get the Misteria first. Break the bincho field [Chief
Gravie] to regain your BP and get the longevity berry from the
minku to regain your HP. 

Exit the underground lake and you are back to the conveyer belts.
If you have not found all the bincho fields and minku, please save
them now. Make your way back until where you first see the memory
box is. Leave your memory here. There will be a spot for you to
climb up to the fan. Next, take the right path with the help of
the fan blowing. As i have mentioned before, this is the exit. The
final part here is quite easy. You will eventually reach a part
whereby there will be some sort of elevators everywhere and below
you is full of binchotite. Now, don't fall into the binchotite
because you will be poisoned. Slowly, make your way up. The exit
is at the top-left of the screen. Finally, you are back at the
village. Hand the misteria over to the Mayor. The Mayor then
says that Hotelo has not returned to the village yet. Something
undesirable must have happened to him. The Mayor now wants you to
go to Twinpeak Mountain to find Hotelo, as well as, go and get


Technique: Tenderize

Go to Allucaneet Palace castle and talk to the 21st person, Knight
Brisket. He will teach you a new technique called Tenderize. Doctor
Tung is the 37th person. Talk to him if you want to restore your
health. He will then give you SP-recover.

Finding Hotelo and Collecting Aqualin

Treasures: Aqualin, [Peak of the Twinpeak mt],
           Rock.    [If not collected]
Enemies  : Blue Soldier 1, Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Magician,
           Maneater, Red Soldier 1, Sleepie.

Go to Twinpeak Mountain. Make your way up as usual and you should
find Hotelo inside a cave. He looks despair and says that Tim has
only 12 hours left before he turns into the vampire. In the game,
12 hours mean 12 minutes so you will have to move fast. Hotelo is 
very disappointed with himself for not being able to save Tim. He
says that it is too dangerous to go forward and it is fated that
Tim will be turned into a vambee soon.

Now, in response to Hotelo's desperation, you are given two options.
Choose the first option and the 12 minutes time will appear on the
top-right side of the screen. Follow the same route which takes you
to meet Jon. You will see a boulder and use your Earth scroll to
shake loose the suspended boulder if you haven't. Then swing across
the large gap by using the jutting pegs and climb up to the top of
the mountain. Remember where you get the treasure chest, Rock here
at the peak of the Twinpeak Mountain? For your information, Aqualin
is actually the water taken from a spring at Twinpeak Mountain.
You will eventually come to a pole after doing all the swinging
stuffs. Climb up the pole and reach for the spring to get Aqualin.
Then, climb down the pole again. Notice that there are ledges on
the other side again? Now, jump onto these ledges and eventually
make your way up to get the treasure chest [Rock] if you have not
done so. If you have already opened the treasure chest, now head
back to where Hotelo is. Note that time is very precious. A life
is at stake and whether Tim will be saved or not, will depend on
you. If you manage to give Aqualin to Hotelo within 12 hours [12
minutes], good luck because Tim will be saved. If not, read below
for more details. Whether you manage to give Aqualin in time to
Hotelo, return to the village.

Tips:You will notice a cliff just before you meet the sleepie
     [the red mushroom] is. Climb up there to reach to the top
     to save time. When you get Aqualin, you can also jump down
     from the same spot at the cliff to save time.

If you manage to give Aqualin on time to Hotelo, you will speak
to the Mayor and Hilda at the grocery shop. They thank you for
saving Tim. To show their appreciation, you will get a free
orange from him. Not just that, the grocery shop will be opened
for the rest of chapter 3.

If you failed to give Aqualin to Hotelo within 12 hours [12 minutes],
you can still take Aqualin and return to the village. However, the
Mayor will tell you that it is too late but he will also try to make
use of the Aqualin and Misteria to make remedy and save Tim. However,
you won't receive an orange for free and the grocery shop will not
be opened until the next chapter, that is at chapter 4. You will have
to wait until Chapter 4 to buy an orange to learn Shish kebab from
Clown and Acrobat. Fear not, Tim will be saved in chapter 4 because
by that time, the Crest Guardian, Relic Keeper has been defeated and
everything, by right, should have returned to the normal. However,
Hotelo will blame himself [At chapter 3] for not being able to save
Tim. Feeling guilty, he decided to leave the village and the inn.
His daughter, Mint will be taken under the care of his brother,
Motelo. Noone knows where Hotelo has gone to. Motelo will say
something like "It is a shame that Mint's father left the village".
Everytime you enter the inn, you will see Motelo instead of Hotelo.
If you managed to give Aqualin to Hotelo within 12 minutes, Motelo
will not appeared at the inn. Instead, it will be Hotelo. However,
this doesn't affect the game's ending.


If you can give Aqualin to Hotelo within 12 hours [12 minutes], it's
a great for you. Don't bother to purposely not give Aqualin to Hotelo
within 12 hours [12 minutes]. Of course, you can try it if you wish
but don't save this data. Getting a free orange might not be a big
deal, but think about this! The grocery shop will be closed for the
rest of chapter 3 until chapter 4. Later on, you are going to face 
many tough monsters in the restaurant basement. You will definitely
need many healing HP items like C-Drinks, S-revive, Mints which are
extremely useful and can only be sold in the grocery shop. Okay,
though the bakery shop does sell healing items but most of the
items that you bought there, will spoil after several days and most
doesn't heal a lot of HP and BP. Besides, you can get a free orange
to learn Shish Kebab technique earlier from Clown and Acrobat, which 
will definitely be of some use to you. The only difference is that
if you fail to give Aqualin, the inn will be replaced by Motelo
instead of Hotelo. There isn't much difference and it's sad to see
poor Mint having to lose her father at an early age. Do you bear to
see her so sad? And, even if you have Yogurt, it only heals 50 BP
and what's more, it removes 50 HP. Not to mention other items like
bread etc. Get what i mean? Obviously, it will be more tedious later on.


Technique: Shish Kebab.

Now, you have an orange in your inventory, right? That happens if you
manage to give Aqualin to Hotelo within 12 hours [12 minutes]. Go to
Allucaneet Palace and talk to Clown, the 3rd person in the list.
Note that you should have rescued Acrobat Sausages by now. Give the
orange to Clown. Clown and Acrobat Sausages will perform a stunt for
you. And, from their stunt, you will learn a new technique called
Shish Kebab.

The Vambees

Now, your job is to investigate the source of the vambees like
where they come from and if possible, destroy them. First, talk
to the girl, Jam in the bakery shop. To chat with her, choose
the second option and she will talk about her father, Baker Towst.
Her father, Baker Towst had the habit of going to the bar at 1800,
that is at 6 p.m. Buy your items, then save and finally take a
nap until 6 p.m. Next, wait outside the restaurant and you should
see Jam's father, Baker Towst arrived shortly. Baker Towst then
mentions that he misses the pork chop in the restaurant. He also
mentions that the restaurant is closed because the shop owner is
missing. The waitress of the restaurant, Wanda is now at the inn.
Go to the inn and talk to Wanda, the waitress in room 205 and
Macho in room 206. They will tell you that there are ghosts in
the restaurant and they come out of the restaurant when the time
is 2300. They will also tell you that the restaurant owner,
Mannick is missing. Now, go to the restaurant and wait until
2300. You should see ghosts [actually, it's vambee... but never
mind!] coming out from the restaurant. The door is now opened
for the vambees to get out of the restaurant. Now, while the
door is opened, run inside. You are now at the restaurant.
Check the counter and be prepare to enter the underground
basement. [Hmm... are you surprised that there's a basement
in the restaurant...?]

Inside the Underground Basement

You are now at the underground basement of the restaurant. You will
notice many soda bottles that are scattered around on the floor.
[Hmm... someone must have been to here but who?] Continue to move
furthur and to your surprise, you will see Mannick, the restaurant
owner. He says that he is here to find out why the vambees are
coming out from his restaurant and what have happened. [But, do
you believe him? A normal person won't dare to come to this
basement and probably run away like the others. Of course, Musashi
is an exception because he's the legendary brave fencer. There
must be a motive behind it.] He will tell you that the door, which
is inscribed with four eyes, will lead you to some sort of boss
inside. [Hey, treasures actually.] You will have to find a way to
open this door. Notice that there are four other doors, each
inscribed with a different eye. Yes, enter all four doors and get
the eye from each door. Once you have collected all four doors,
you can open the door that is inscribed with four eyes.

Take note that Mannick can restore your health by giving you a
cake. Just talk to him and he will give the cake to you. There
is also a memory box so be sure to leave your memory. I will
first explain the first room from his left. Of course, you can
choose to enter the rooms in any order you like. It's fine with

Note:Even if Mannick's cake can take care of your low HP and BP 
     but it doesn't have any effect on Musashi's tiredness. You
     will still need to have some Mints or H-mints.

Bowler Plant Maze [To the left of Mannick]

Bincho Field: Mercenary Potrowst. [Crackled wall]
Treasures   : Shield,             [Crackled wall]
              Odd Hat.            [Crackled wall]
Enemies     : Bowler, Fire Vambee, Vambee.

Dodge the huge bowling seeds that are coming from the Bowlers
and make your way to the end of the path. Note that there are
pits around and you can hide inside these pits to dodge the
incoming bowling ball. Assimilate the 'Bowling' technique from
the Bowler. Note that each time you use 'Bowling' technique,
it will consume away 10BP. There is a crackled room behind the
bowler. The wall next to the crackled room can be climbed.
First, use the 'bowling' technique and bowl towards the crackled
wall. This will reveal a room instead. Take the treasure chest
[Shield] inside this crackled wall. Remember the wall that i
say you can climb up? Yes, climb the wall. Eventually, you will
reach room with a bowler, break the wall to the right with a
bowling ball. Go and stand on the platform and bowl the vambees
away. The floor is very hot and after you have bowled the vambees
away, the floor become cold [mysteriously] and now, you can
advance your way. Make your way along the path and enter the
door at the end. You should notice a bincho field [Mercenary
Potrowst]. Bowl the crackled wall to your right to reveal a
room. Enter and take the treasure chest [Odd Hat]. Then, come
out of the room and take the elevator up. You will reach a room
whereby you will see an eye who will spit fire at you. Use
Lumina Rotation by holding the R1 button and when the gauge bar
is full, press the Triangle button to smash it to pieces. Note
that do not use Lumina Rotation face-to-face with the eye as it
is very likely that you will get hurt. Try attacking it using
Lumina Rotation from the sides. Once the eye is being destroyed,
a door will be revealed. Enter the door now to find another
bincho field [Mercenary Stue]. After that, take the eye orb. Now,
you have the first eye. Now, go back and talk to Mannick and
ask him to restore your health by asking him to give you a cake.
Be prepare for the next one.

Tips:The bowl ability can be quite fustrating to use. Not only it
     consumes a lot of BP, 10 BP per bowl, there is also a chance
     of missing your target. Isn't 10 BP quite a lot? So, how do
     you ensure that your bowling balls will hit the correct target
     that you want? All right! You should notice a meter on the far
     right side of the ball. The pointer will keep on moving from
     left to right. If you press the Circle button when the pointer
     is on the right side of the meter, the ball will curve to the
     right. The same concept applies if the pointer is on the left
     side, and the ball will curve to the left. It is best to press
     the Circle button when the pointer is at the centre of the
     meter to ensure that every shot is a straight.


Treasures: Old Sword, [Crackled wall]
           500 Drans, [Crackled wall]
           Old Cloth. [Crackled wall]

Once you have assimilated the 'Bowling' technique, go to other
side whereby you should see the third and fourth room. Don't
enter any of these rooms yet. Look around and you will see a
crackled wall. Bowl the wall and you will find three hidden
treasure chests [Old Sword] [500 Drans] [Old Cloth] inside.
Whenever you return to the village, be sure to appraise all
the items that you have found so far, especially Old Cloth.
This is because when Old Cloth is appraised, it will change
into L-Cloth, which is the legendary cloth that Knitter
Lunchetta has told you before. You probably wonder what is
the use of the L-Cloth. Well, don't sell the L-Cloth. You can
sell any appraised items away, as long as it is not L-Cloth.
Just keep the L-Cloth for the time being. You will need it
to find another legendary armour. Now, proceed to the second

Teleporter Maze [To the right of Mannick]

Bincho Field: Bailiff Jerky. [Take the right path]
Enemies     : Lamp Bat, Ooze, Vambee, Wisp.

You should notice some moving platform. Take the right path.
You have to jump and make your way through. Well, this is
pretty easy, right? Keep jumping and don't fall down, if not,
you will have to restart again. kill the vambees along the
way or you avoid it. Note that you should not come too near
to the vambees because it would suck up your blood. Use your
Lumina sword to attack the vambees by pressing the Triangle
button. It will do up to about 40 to 90 damage, depending on
which sword you use and your level(s). Go down and exit. You
should notice yourself walking in the darkness. Avoid touching
the glowing blue ball, Wisp but use it as a source of light
to guide you. Use the poles to advance. Take the right path
first. You should also notice a bincho field [Bailiff Jerky].
After rescuing Bailiff Jerky, exit and return back to the
beginning and take the left path instead. Kill the vambees
and enter the room. Instead of coming to a room with poles,
you will have missing floor panels. Each panel that you step
on, will teleport you to a new place or take you back to the
beginning. Take the right warp point. Make your way through
and you will eventually reach another similar room. There are
two warp points. This time, take the left one. After that,
walk furthur and you will come to another room, again with
two warp points. Take the left one and make your way up to
get the eye orb. Also, remember to take the treasure chest
[Powder] found here.

Warp Points: Right, Left, Left.

Note:Taking the alternate warp point will teleport you back
     to the exit.

Tips:You can also assimilate the Lamp Bat to learn the 'Firefly'
     technique to lighten up your darkened path. But, take note
     that it is not as easy as you think it is to assimilate a
     Lamp Bat. Also, if you have assimilated the 'B.O' from the
     vambees, the bats and lamp bats will not attack you temporary.
     Your priority should be avoiding the enemies in the darkened
     room as the darkness will put you to a very disadvantage

Fire Maze [Left side of the other end]

Bincho Field: Librarian Brisketta,  [In the second room]
              Soldier Hanky-Flanky. [At the fire maze in
                                     the bottom screen]
Treasures   : Old Pipe.             [At the fire maze]
Enemies     : CurseFire, Fire Vambee, Flying Vambee, Vambee.

One of the greatest challenges in the maze is to cross the rotating
blocks. The first two rooms are pretty easy but it gets more and
more tougher in the later rooms. Practise to cross the rotating
block in the first two rooms so that you are prepared for the later
rooms. Jump across the rotating blocks in the first two rooms. You
should find the bincho field [Librarian Brisketta] in the second
room. You will need to go through a couple of more rooms with
rotating blocks. There will also be a room with swinging blades.
Avoid getting hit by the swinging blades. The next room will have
the blades, rotating blocks and a vambee. You will come to a series
of planks. Go far right to get a bincholon to restore your BP. Go
back and left to another one and go to the stone landing. Follow it
around to the rotating block and keep going down and get the bincho
field [Hanky-Flanky] and a heart tablet. Jump on the block and go
right to get the treasure chest [Old Pipe]. Go down and get another
heart tablet and then exit. The next room will have smaller landings,
some swinging blades, and CurseFires. Jump carefully! Good luck! The
eye orb is found just in the next room.

Tips:The rotating blocks can be fairly easy to hop across by jumping
     against the direction that they are turning. You won't fall off
     a block that is turning sideways if you try to hop across in
     the opposite direction. Common sense, right? Just remain steady
     and jump onto the side facing upwards whenever the block is
     turning over. Nevertheless, practise makes perfect.

Ghost Maze [Right side of the other end]

Bincho Field: Carpenter Cubey, [In one of the maze)
              Knight Chucks.   [The secret path beneath the circle]
Treasures   : Helmet.          [In one of the maze]
Enemies     : Lone Mist.

Phew!!! This is the final room. Restore your HP and BP by talking
to Mannick and he will give you a cake. Now, enter the last room.
Jump across, go up and get pass the vambees. Run straight through
the next two rooms and avoid the enemies. The door will remain
shut until you can move the blocks to the squares. Hmm... some
simple puzzle-solving time! The first one is pretty easy and i'll
leave this to you. In the second room, you need to shift the blocks
from top to top right square, middle block to bottom left square
and bottom block to top left square. Do this in order. Exit back
and enter again if you wish to restart everything again by entering
the door in the south, that is where you just come from. Once the
puzzle is solved, the door, to the north, is opened. Enter that
door. You will enter a room with falling and sliding blocks. Be
careful! You will also see a Lone Mist. Actually, Lone Mist looks
like a ghost or a soul. Use fusion to assimilate Lone Mist to
learn the 'Sublime' technique. 'Sublime' will consume away 8 BP.
Your soul can float around temporary around and search the place
so you know what you can expect later on. However, if any enemy
attacks you, while your soul is away, your soul will return back
to your body. Later on, you will reach a place whereby the room
will turn into complete darkness if you attempt to walk over it.
Furthermore, you won't know whether below you is a floor or just
a pit. Assimilate the 'Sublime' technique to keep a look out of
the place. Try to follow a certain pattern. Do the same in the
next few rooms and you will eventually find a treasure chest
[Helmet] and a bincho field [Carpenter Cubey]. If you fall, then
you will get hurt and have to start again. That's why it is
important to assimilate the 'Sublime' technique. Now, you will
come to the end. You will see a circle symbol somewhere. Jump
from this circle symbol to the bottom path. You will reach a
hidden room and you will find another bincho field [Knight
Chucks]. Use the warp point near you to return to where the
circle symbol is. Now, enter the final door and you should be
able to find the last eye orb.

Collecting the Second Legendary Armour, L-Belt

Treasures: Old Belt

Go to the door with the four eyes symbol inscribed on it. You
should see Mannick missing. Open the door and you will find
Mannick inside. Go to him and he will say that he bought this
restaurant because he has heard about the treasure here. When
he opened the chest, he found an Old Belt instead. Mannick
thought that he would strike rich with the treasure found here.
However, it turned out to be a disappointment. Mannick decides
to give the Old Belt to Musashi since he thinks that it is
useless for him. When you return to the village, appraise the
Old Belt, and it will change into the legendary belt, L-Belt.
The legendary belt, L-Belt grants user the ability to perform
a double jump. To perform a double jump, you need to press the
X button the second time when you are at the peak of your jump.
The double jump will enable you to jump higher and furthur.

About The Well

After you come out of the pawn shop, the restaurant owner, Mannick,
says that he is very ashamed of what he has done and will like to
make up to the villagers by opening his restaurant. He says that
he will do his best to make the restaurant the best in the village.
[Hey!!! There's only one restaurant in the village. Of course, his
restaurant is the best in the village, right? No competition...!!!]
He then mentions that whn he went to the well to collect water, he
found out that the well is completely dried up. Mannick requests
you to find a rope and climb down to the well to find out why?
Agree to his requests!!! But, first, there are some other things
which you need to complete first. Read below!!!


Bincho Field: Weaver Dineretta [from the third log]
Treasures   : L-Glove/L-Quilt.
Technique   : Desperado Attack.
Enemies     : Blue Soldier 1, Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Magician,
              Maneater, Red Soldier 1, Sleepie.

Remember i told you about the third log in the Twinpeak mountain.
There is a bincho field [Weaver Dineretta] on the right side of
the pole which can only be accessed after you have gotten the
L-Belt to perform a double jump. Now,go there, climb up to the
top of the pole and jump to the right. You should see the bincho
field [Weaver Dineretta] as you jump. Don't panic if you cannot
jump to the other side for the first time. If Musashi is tired,
just let him rest until tiredness reaches 20%. Musashi will jump
slightly better if he is not tired compared to when he is very
tired. Jump over to the other side, break the bincho field and
save Weaver Dineretta. At this point of time, you should have
gotten the legendary cloth by appraising the Old Cloth, which
you have gotten from, in the restaurant basement.

Talk to Weaver Dineretta, the 19th person in Allucaneet Palace
and she will give you two options to choose. Either make a
legendary quilt, L-Quilt for you or legendary glove, L-Glove.
I chose Quilt instead of Glove and i got the legendary Quilt,
another legendary armour.

If you choose the Quilt instead of the Glove and get the L-Quilt,
whenever you sleep in the open, your HP and BP will increase at
twice of your normal speed. Now, BP don't get reduced. Furthermore,
you can reduce your tiredness to a minimum of 0%. Without L-Quilt,
the minimum tiredness can only be reduced up to 20%. And, if i
remember correctly, your HP will increase by 10 and BP will
increase by 8 periodically instead of having your HP to increase
by 5 and lose your BP by 5.

If you choose glove, you will get the L-Glove, which will increase
your critical attack %. Pretty useful since chances of performing
a critical attack has increased.

As for me, i find the L-Quilt to be more useful than the L-Glove.
Perhaps, that's because i didn't really go and try to get L-Glove.
The L-Quilt will help you in a lot of ways. Furthermore, with the
L-Quilt, you won't need to have many Mints and H-Mints. Whenever
you are tired, just sleep and your tiredness can be reduced at
a much faster rate and eventually reached 0%. However, the L-Quilt
has one downside. That is, the L-Quilt is pretty useless when you
reach Soda Fountain at chapter 6, which is the last chapter. This
is because at the last chapter, which is chapter 6, neither HP nor
BP will rise or decrease. You can't sleep in the Soda Fountain.
And, tiredness will never decrease. Anyway, i have listed out the
pros and cons of each legendary armour. It's up to you to decide
which legendary armour you want.

Note:It will take Weaver Dineretta three days to make the legendary
     Quilt or legendary Glove. Talk to Weaver Dineretta after three
     days to collect your legendary Quilt or legendary Glove.

Visit the Allucaneet Palace. Talk to Knight Chucks, the 36th person
in the castle. Knight Chucks will teach you a new technique called
Desperado Attack.

Getting a Rope

The rope can be obtained from the church by talking to Father White. 
However, the rope is inside the church and the gate to the church
is locked and therefore, you will need to climb over the fences.
You should see Father White sleeping outside. He says that the church
is locked and he, himself also can't get in. Also, the church bell
is lost. Father White will then requests you to find it. He cannot
leave the church because he is afraid that ghosts will come into the
church, therefore, he has to lock the gate. He also says that he has
heard noises coming out from the church at 2 a.m. So come back at
2am. He will let you climb on his back to reach the roof. From the
roof, you will have to jump down to get inside the church.

Inside the Church

Enemies: Vambee Soldier.

Once you are inside the church, you should see Bubbles. After
having a short conversation with Bubbles, she will send tons
of vambee soldiers inside the church to kill you. Survive the
battle until sunrise. Note that the vambee soldiers cannot be
easily killed by normal attacks. They are only afraid of light.
This should be an easy battle for you. Just don't get hurt and
try to delay the time. Remember that you just jumped down from
the roof? Now, there is a big hole there. Sunlight can now
penetrate in. Get what i mean?

Here are some tips to help you:
1)Consider using the power of the Earth Scroll to create
  Earthquakes to stun the vambee soldiers temporary.
2)Use Lumina sword to attack as it is your most powerful
  sword, therefore does the most damage.
3)Try to carry them and throw them out to the outer ring.
  Do not let too many vambee soldiers to come into the
  inner ring and let them come near you. These will trap
4)Take this opportunity to perfect your Crosswise technique
  that Knight Lardwick has taught you.

With these tips given to you, i suppose you can manage these yourself, right? Once 
all these vambee soldiers are defeated, Bubbles will run away and Father White will 
give you the rope.

Inside the Well

Treasures: Angel-Shaped Statue

After you have gotten the rope, go to the well and prepare to use
the rope to climb down to get inside the well. Hmm... i never
expect the underground is so big. Anyway, never mind! The first
thing that you should do is to get the Water scroll. After you
have gotten the Water scroll, you can try and create a shield of
bubbles to protect you from fires, just float on water temporary,
or simply just shoot bubbles by pressing the Square or Triangle
button. Have fun playing with the Water scroll.

Now, search around and eventually, you will see the bell. keep
tossing the bell and bring the bell to the exit at the northern 
reservoir. You will notice that it leads to the mine. Also,
take note that you cannot climb up the rope while carrying the
bell because it is too heavy. You will also notice a minku in
the underground tunnel. You can't get it now for the time being.
Get it later. Take the exit in the north as i have mentioned.
The rest is pretty straightforward again and you will eventually
make your way out of the mine to the village. Bring the bell to
Father White now.

Note:Actually, the concept of bringing the bell back is quite
     similar to bringing Leno back from Twinpeak Mountain in
     chapter 1. Make sure that you don't toss the bell into
     the water or toss it too close to the exit. If Musashi
     leaves the exit without holding the church's bell,
     everything will be resetted and the bell will be back
     in its original starting position.

To express his gratitude for bringing back the church bell, Father
White decided to give you an Angel-Shaped statue. He says that the
Angel-Shaped statue is the key to the fire god. Anyway, just accept
the gift from Father White. Who knows? The statue may lead to some
demon, or be more specifically another Crest Guardian. Before that,
let's do some other things first.


Bincho Field: Doctor Tung. [If you still don't have it yet]
Minku       : Between the first and second wooden bridge in
              Somnolent Forest.
              Left of where Doctor Tung is.
Treasures   : 200 Drans.   [If not collected]
Enemies     : Blue Soldier 1, Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Magician,
              Maneater, Red Soldier 1, Sleepie.

If you still don't have Doctor Tung yet, this is the shortcut way
to get him without riding the raft. Go to Twinpeak Mountain until
you have reached the three poles. Don't JUMP. Create a Water shield
to allow you to float on the water. Keep going left from the three
poles and you should be able to see a bincho field. Break the bincho
field and you will save Doctor Tung.

From where you save Doctor Tung, go furthur left again by floating
in the water. You need to create a water scroll. Eventually, you
should see a Minku. I suppose you know what to do now.

Go to Somnolent Forest. When you arrive at the second bridge, use
the power of the Water scroll ability to create a Water shield.
Keep on floating and follow the stream until you reach onshore.
You should be able to find a minku somewhere onshore between the
first bridge and the second bridge.

If you have not collected the 200 Drans in Hell's valley near where
you collect the Bracelet, when you reached the entrance of Twinpeak
Mountain, simply use the Water scroll create a Water shield and keep
floating right. Then, climb up the staircase to the cliff. Don't jump
down from the cliff. Instead, go right and you should see yourself
in Hell's Valley. Now, go and open the treasure chest [200 Drans].

Tips:Once you have the water scroll, take some time to float on
     the waters in Twinpeak Mountain to explore the place. Once
     you have the water scroll, there are quite a few shortcuts
     which you can take. I don't want to tell you now. Explore
     it yourself!!!

Finding the use of the Statue

Before you enter the restaurant, make sure that you have a plenty
supply of recovery items such as Cheese and so on. Buy a few
S-revive also. Also, sell away any unwanted items, especially
those items that have been appraised so that you can put in more
recovery items in your item inventory.

Wait until midnight. You should notice that the vambees are coming
out from the restaurant again. Enter the restaurant and immediately
head for the restaurant basement. You are now at the basement. Walk
straight down. You will notice that there is a door and in between
you and the door, is a big gap. Now that you have the L-Belt, you
can perform double jump and make it to the other end. Before you
jump, remember to leave your memory in the memory box. Go back up
to the entrance but don't go out. Run straight down. Keep dashing
and then perform a double jump. Does that make sense? Whatever it
is, it tests you on your double jump technique. If you still have
not mastered double jump yet, keep on practising.

Of all the levels up to now, the jumps here are the most difficult.
There's lots more. Remember to watch your tiredness %. If lucky,
with a few tries, you may be able to jump over. If not, keep
trying. Good luck! Now, when you reach to the other end, use the
Angel-Shaped statue that Father White has given to you and the
door will immediately open. Enter the door now.

Finding The Crest Guardian

First Room

The first room is the easiest of all. Use the Water scroll to create
water shield and float on the water. Make your way and eventually,
you will reach the door.

Second Room

The second room is where the challenge really starts. Just jump.
But there are two things to take note. Remember to watch your
tiredness %. If your tiredness % is high, you may not be able to
jump farther than you normally will. The second note is to always
create a Water shield around you, just before you jump. This is
to ensure you that just in case, you fall into the fire pits, the
Water shield will still be able to protect you temporary and that
you will not get hurt. Note that if you fail to jump over without
the water shield, you will immediately receive over 20 HP of
damage. Note that the Water shield only protects you from the
fire, the bats will still be able to hurt you. Jump and reach for
the exit. Sounds easy? Wait till you really go and try it and see
how it feels like.

Third Room

Bincho Field: Taster Salmonelli.
Enemies     : CurseFire, Vambee.

This is more challenging and of course, the most toughest. Without
doubts, there are lots of jumps to take. Also, remember that
there is also a bincho field [Taster Salmonelli]. Be sure to save
Taster Salmonelli before you leave. I suppose you wouldn't want
to waste time to come back here again to save Taster Salmonelli,
right? Me, definitely not!

Hints and Tips

1)Be sure to have the water shield with you all the time to protect
  you from fire.
2)Along the way, you will have to jump from block-to-block. The
  block will sink when you jump onto them. This is because of
  the pressure that you exert on the block. Common sense, right?
  So quickly jump to the other block.
3)Along the way, you will see cursefire coming towards you. Run away
  to a good position and shoot bubbles rapidly to extinguish the
  fires.It can cause quite a decent damage. And, let me warn you,
  they are really very annoying as they will keep following you.
  My advice is avoid them as much as possible.
4)You should see a rotating blocks with pits. Avoid getting too
  close. Watch the pattern.
5)There are two pit holes here. If you jump onto them and it will
  do around 20 HP of damage on you. Use double jump to jump over.
  over these pit holes. Be careful.

Fourth Room

Finally, you are about to meet the Crest Guardian. The fourth room
is pretty easy. You will notice that there are four lighted flames
in the room. Use the Water scroll ability and shoot bubbles to
extinguish all the four flames. Once each flame is extinguish, the
room gets darker. Once the four flames are completely extinguished,
a door will be opened. It leads you to the second Crest Guardian,
The Relic Keeper. Are you prepare to fight him now? Anyway, there's
no turning back now. Either you fight him and win him or you will
die and have to restart the whole thing again. By the time when
you reach here, you probably have wasted quite a lot of recovery

Crest Guardian: The *Relic keeper*

Musashi will start laughing at The Relic Keeper because the ceilings
have started to collapse and knock on it. Musashi will also call The
Relic Keeper a loser. Now, the real battle has just started.

Use the water scroll to create a shield and keep on shooting bubbles
at him. Keep running from side to side while shooting rapid bubbles.
When it turns blue, he will keep attacking you, which does quite
severe damage. Many hits on the Relic Keeper will cause the ceiling to
collapse and eventually knock Relic Keeper unconsious. During this
time, his blue torso will be exposed. Quickly, go to the menu, choose
normal and performs a jump to use lumina rotation. Hold R1 first, then
jump and press Triangle to hit the torso for a lumina rotation. This
should inflict him some damage. Remember to attack fast because he
will wake up very soon. Repeat the procedure over again and three hits
in the torso will end the fight.

Congradulations!!! You have completed chapter 3. Three more chapters
to go!!!

Chapter 4

Note:Tim will be saved by now, even if you fail to give Aqualin to
     Hotelo within 12 hours [12 minutes] because you have defeated
     the vambees and Relic Keeper at Chapter 3.


Technique: Shish kebab

If you failed to give Aqualin to Hotelo within 12 hours [12 minutes],
you can now buy an orange from the grocery store now. Go to Allucaneet
Palace and talk to Clown, the 3rd person in the list. Note that you
should have rescued Acrobat Sausages by now. Give the orange to Clown.
Clown and Acrobat Sausages will perform a stunt for you. And, from
their stunt, you will learn a new technique called Shish Kebab.

First Task

When you first returned to town, knock on the door at the Mayor's
house. Mrs Govern, the Mayor wife will come out. Talk to her and
she will then tell you that the Mayor has a cold, and therefore,
the Mayor, himself, can't come out of his house. Lastly, she wants
you to check out the well.

Note:You can also check out the well first before talking to Mrs
     Govern, the Mayor wife. If you check out the well first, you
     will miss the above part that Mrs Govern, the Mayor wife tells
     you. Anyway, this doesn't really mean much! It doesn't affect
     the final ending. Save time, actually! It's up to you. Before,
     you enter the well, make sure that you have appraised all the
     items that you have found so far and sold it if these items
     are useless. Also, be sure to visit the toy store and buy some
     new action figures. Buy some recovery items from the grocery
     store or bakery store also.

Inside the Well

Minku    : Inside the well on a ledge.
Treasures: Used Boots, [Inside the well]
           Old Shirt,  [Inside the well]
           Armor.      [Inside the tunnel] [Armour]

The rope is still there. New, climb down and enter the well. You
should notice that the Water crest is now glowing. Go there and
liberate the Water crest by using the Water scroll. Just in case,
you have forgotten how to liberate a crest, i will repeat it once
more and the final time. In the menu, select the Water scroll and
at the bottom-left hand side of the screen, it will change into the
Water symbol. Now, hold R1 until the gauge bar is full and then
press the Triangle button while standing on the glowing Water crest.
That's how you liberate a crest. The same goes for other crest. Get
it? If you are liberating a Water crest, then use the Water scroll
and if you are liberating an Earth crest, then use the Earth scroll.
Does that make sense? So, i won't repeat this anymore.

After the Water crest is liberated, you notice that the water to the
cave will be emptied [to the north, that is where the exit is] while
the other side [where the rope is], the water level will rise. On
your way to exit the underground tunnel, that is about to enter the
mine, you notice two suspicious men. They are Ed and Ben. There will
be a short conversation between Ed and Ben and Musashi overhears
their conversation. So, they are the thieves behind the stolen bell
in the church. Eventually, Ed and Ben will leave.

After they have left

1)Go and get the treasure chest [Used Boots] on the right side of
  the reservoir.
2)Go back, pass the water crest and then, use the power of the Water
  scroll to float on the waters to get the other treasure chest [Old
  Shirt]. Note that when Old Shirt is appraised, it becomes L-Vest,
  one of the legendary armour. The L-Vest has the ability to increase
  your attack speed by allowing you to charge the gauge bar at twice
  your normal speed.
3)Remember the minku that you can't reach previously? Now, you can
  get it. I hope you still remember where the minku is. The minku
  is found somewhere on a ledge in the top corner of the screen.
  Just search around and you will eventually see it.
4)Remember that there is a tunnel? You can't enter it previously.
  Now, enter the tunnel and make your way along the path. When you
  reach the end of the path, open the treasure chest [Armor]. Notice
  that there is a Fire crest nearby? Remember this spot! You have
  to come back again after you have gotten Fire scroll and defeat
  the next Crest Guardian, Froze Dragon.

When all these are done, make your way through the exit that leads
to the mines and return back to the village.


Treasures: Glasses. [Underwater chest near the water crest in
                     Somnolent Forest]
Enemies  : Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Hopper, Magician,

Go into the Somnolent Forest. Do you remember that there is a Water
crest there and that there is a treasure chest [Glasses] inside the
pond. The treasure chest [Glasses] cannot be opened at that time.
However, you can open it now. Use the power of the Water scroll to
liberate the Water crest while standing on the Water crest. The
water level in the pond should completely dry up. Now, you can go
down and open the treasure chest [Glasses]. Go to the pawn shop and
appraise Glasses. Suprisingly, it turns out to be the next legendary
armour, the L-Goggles. The L-Goggles has the ability to appraise
items on the spot. So, when you recieve an item that can be appraised,
L-Goggle will immediately appraise the item for you. Therefore, you
need not visit the pawn shop to appraise items anymore. Yes, save
time, right? However, you still need to visit the pawn shop to sell
away appraised items.

Second Task

This time, you must talked to the Mayor's wife, Mrs Govern. Talk
to her and she should mention about Mr lands who wants the Gondola
to be repaired. First, you will need three carpenters. Next, you
need to go into the scrap depository to obtain the Gondola Gizmo.
After talking to the Mayor's wife, Mrs Govern, talk to the Wid,
the man living in the windmill. After that, go to Allucaneet Palace
and talk to the three carpenters, CarpentA, CarpentB and CarpentC.
They should be the 13th, 18th and 27th person. The carpenters are
also called Carpenter Carvey, Carpenter Cubey and Carpenter Dicey.
Make sure that by now, you should have already saved them. If not,
you have to look for them in order to advance. You need to talk to
every single carpenter because if you miss one, you can't get the
real Gondola Gizmo at the scrap depository. You will know what i
mean later on.

Every single carpenter will then give you a short description of
how the Gondola Gizmo actually looks like, if you talk to them.
The people are Carpenter Carvey, Carpenter Cubey and Carpenter

The descriptions are:

First : Gold-rimmed and refining.
Second: Looks like a wheel.
Third : Has four calculation holes.

After reading the descriptions given by these three carpenters,
enter the mine again.

Scrap Depository

Treasures : Gondola Gizmo.
Enemies   : B-Eater, Cure Worm, Sphere Bat, Toadstool.

Once you are inside the mine, go to where the fan is. I hope you
still remember where it is. From the fan, jump down to where the
memory box is. Leave your memory in the box. Remember that you
take the left path to the underground lake to get Misteria? Now,
instead of taking the left path, take the right path. Go furthur.
You will eventually reach the end whereby you need to jump across
to reach to the other end. Since you have gotten the L-Belt now,
you can perform a double jump. You should be able to make it across
to the other side. Don't panic if you can't jump over the first
time. Keep trying! Make sure that you have a few antidotes with
you because if you fall down or comes too close in contact with
the blue toadstool, you will be poisoned. When you are poisoned,
you can't jump better than usual. Continue your path and you
will eventually come into a room. There are a total of four
similar Gondola Gizmo in the room but which one is it? Choose
one from the three clues given by the three carpenters and take
the suspected Gondola Gizmo back to the village and then return
to Allucaneet Palace and talk to any of the three carpenters.
Note that the Gondola Gizmo looks pretty much like a wheel. One
note to remember. Because the Gondola Gizmo is quite heavy for
Musashi to carry, Musashi can only carry one. If you take the
wrong one, you have to come back here over again and then carry
back the suspected one until it is the right Gondola Gizmo that
the carpenters want. Before you look at the answers below, please
do some thinking first.

Tips:Notice that there are worms who kept rolling down from the
     cliff? These worms are called Cure Worms. Assimilate the Cure
     Worm to learn the 'Antidote' technique. It costs 6 BP. Press
     the Circle button to cure poison.

Question:Which wheel is it?
Answer  :Many may think that it is either the first left or the last
         left because there are four holes from the middle. But in
         actual fact, if you count the middle, they should have five 
         holes. Eliminate these two choices. Now, look at the other
         description. Gold-rimmed and refining. The only choices
         left are the second and third ones from the left. Look
         closely! Which one looks more gold-rimmed or refined? The
         answer is the third one from the left. Take the third one
         from the left and return back to the village.

Grillin' Village is in Fire

Treasures: Calender,
Enemies  : Flame.

After returning to Allucaneet Palace with the Gondola Gizmo, talk
to any of the carpenters. If the one you bring back is what the
three carpenters need, great for you as they will now go and repair
the Gondola. Now, you will go to your room to sleep automatically.
When you wake up, you discover that you have overslept and you
immediately rush out of your room to the village. The moment you
step into the village, you smell something burning and see Mrs
Govern, the Mayor wife standing there panicking. Surprisingly, the
whole village is in fire. Now, use the power of your Water scroll
to extinguish the eight flames. Create a Water shield around you
and hold the Square button to shoot bubbles rapidly at the flames.
The flames should get smaller and then slowly get extinguished.
Remember that fire can spread very quickly. Unless you keep on
shooting bubbles, the flames can get bigger, therefore, you must
act fast. The good thing about it is that there is no time limit.
Once you have extingushed the flames, Mrs Govern will come and
talk to you. She said that someone saw two thieves on the roof
of the church. And after a while, a fire started on the roof of
the church. Hmm... who are the main prime suspect? Naturally,
you will suspect that they are Ed and Ben again. They must have
come to steal the church bell again and then accidentally set up
a fire. Well, there's still not enough evidences yet to prove
that they are the culprits for the time being. In the next
morning, talk to the Mayor and his wife by knocking on the door
at their house, they should come out. To show their appreciation,
they give you the Thirstquencher's Calender and Rock Salt. Hmm...
what's the use of these items?

Here are the location of the 8 flames.

Farmer McRice's house. [x1]
Bakery Store.          [x2]
Father White's Church. [x2]
Farmer Lacter's house. [x2]
Mayor's house.         [x1]

There is no time limit, so don't worry! Relax!

Tips:Hold Square to fire bubbles rapidly to put out the flames
     more quickly.

Saving Princess Fillet and Defeating Kojiro

Bincho Field: Artisan Teebone, [Island of Dragon]
              Seer Bevealy.    [If you have not saved yet]
Minku       : Float left from the bridge.
Treasure    : 500 Drans,       [Island of Dragon]
              Old Crown.       [If you have not gotten yet]
Enemies     : Bee Plant, Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Magician,
              Maneater, Red Soldier 1, Sleepie, Slug Rock,
              Thorny Bushes.

Go to Somnolent Forest. Assimilate the 'hop' technique from the hopper
and hop across those thorny bushes. On your way, stop near the bridge
If you go furthur by crossing the bridge, you should see the "Sleepy"
mushrooms. Now, at the bridge, create a Water shield and float left
on the stream. You will eventually come onshore, whereby there is a
minku there.

After getting the minku, go to the forest where there is a sign, which
says 'meandering forest' but don't enter. Do you remember where you
get Seer Bevealy and the treasure chest, Old Crown? Yes, it's there.
Break the bincho field [Seer Bevealy] and open the treasure chest
[Old Crown] if you have not done so now. [Refer to chapter 2 for more

Remember that there is a giant snail somewhere nearby? The giant snail
has blocked the path to the Island of Dragon. Now, use rock salt to
shrink the giant snail. Now, the path is cleared. Enter Island of
Dragon now.

Upon entering the Island of Dragon, you should see a bincho field
[Artisan Teebone]. After rescuing Artisan Teebone, the blacksmith,
he agrees to temper your Fusion sword when you return back to the

Take note that there are high and low tides in this area. If the
tide is high, you won't be able to go anywhere. For your information,
high tide occurs between 7 p.m to 7 a.m. Don't come to Island of
Dragon during this period of time. Wait for low tide and then, the
Water crest will reappear on the surface in the centre of the lake.
When low tides occur, use the power of the Water scroll to create
a Water shield to cross over the lake. Next, use the Water scroll
to liberate the Water crest. I hope you know how to liberate a crest.
I won't repeat this anymore. The water level will start to decrease.
Obtain the Fire scroll, which is just beneath the Water crest.
There's a treasure chest [500 Drans] somewhere on the left side.

Kojiro will appear once you have gotten the Fire scroll. He will use 
Princess Fillet as a hostage to make Musashi fight with him. Defeat
Kojiro and you will save Princess Fillet. Well, Kojiro is very easy
to defeat. Just use your normal attacks while dodging his attack.
Also, use whatever techniques like Crosswise, Tenderize, Dashing
Pierce and so on that you have learn so far to inflict great damage
on him.

Tips:You can also assimilate kojiro to learn the 'Fence' technique.

Before you continue reading furthur, please do some thinking and ask
yourself these few questions.

1)Will the Thirstquencher Empire return Princess Fillet to you so
2)Is there going to be a trap? A conspiracy?
3)How come your arch-enemy, Kojiro is so easy to defeat?

I am not going to tell you. When the time comes, you will know.
Just to let you be prepared of what may happen later on. After
you have defeated Kojiro and saved Princess Fillet, be sure to
open the treasure chest [500 Drans] before you leave for the

At the Castle

Back at Allucaneet Palace, you will be asked to investigate the
thefts. Steward Ribson then suggests that you talk to the three
mercenaries for clues. They are Mercen A, B, C and are the 31st,
24th and 12th person respectively from the list of palace members.
The names of the three mercenaries are also Mercenary Potrowst,
Mercenary Stue and Mercenary Meitlofe respectively. If you haven't
rescued all three mercenaries, please do so now. They are very
important as each of them provides you a very vital clue.

The thieves' hideout is at the Frozen Palace and to reach there,
you need to find your way through the Meandering Forest. However,
you have been to meandering forest once in chapter 2, when you
are finding the key to free Jon, the prisoner. At that time, you
still have Leno, the dog to help you to find the directions to
the key. But now, you have to figure out the directions yourself.
It's very easy to get lost in Meandering Forest. Indeed, getting
there is a big problem. Below shows the clues given by these three

Mercenary Potrowst

The coded message is, "Mercenary Forest- 4 way path- Gold,
Knight, Knight, Knight, Bishop."

Mercenary Stue

"Left, Right, Right, Left, Straight ahead..." 

Mercenary Meitlofe

The hideout is in meandering forest. The clue is "Duh... About
the knight... don't worry about the direction you're facing.
Go straight(up)."

Question:What do all these directions mean?
Answer  :Mercenary Potrowst suggests that you go to the library
         and read more about the Shogi to find out what the clues
         actually mean. Remember Librarian Brisketta whom you
         rescued in the restaurant basement in chapter 3? Librarian
         Brisketta will help Scribe Shanky to translate texts and
         thus, allow Scribe Shanky to read it to you. Shogi refers
         to certain movements like a chess.

What is Shogi?

Shogi is a favourite pastime of this realm, similar chess. Each
player has one King, Rock and a Bishop, and two each of Gold,
Silver, knight, Lance and Nine Pawns for a total of 20 pieces.
Each player uses strategic methods to outwit his opponent in
order to win the game.

The Gold  : It can move one space in any direction, except diagonally.
The Knight: It can move two spaces up and one space right or left.
The Lance : Can be moved any number of spaces up.

All right, i have typed out everything that you will need to know
about Shogi by extracting the entire information from the library.
You might want to go to the library and look for a clue first before
you really attempt to read the directions below to the thieves'
hideout. It can really be a spoiler and the clues become meaningless
if you already look at the directions. Challenge yourself. Can you
really figure out the clues yourself? The fun of gaming lies in your
own exploration and discovering new things on your own. It's up to
you to decide. Anyway, for those lazybums, i have saved you quite
a lot of time by giving you the directions. Read below for the

Enemies: Bee Plant, Green Soldier 3, Herb Plant, Magician,
         Maneater, Red Soldier 1, Sleepie, Thorny Bushes.

Go to Meandering forest. I hope you still remember how to go there.
You should come to a wooden sign. Just follow these directions as
listed below. From there, just follow the directions as listed below.
Be sure you save at the inn before you head for the village. Make
sure that you have enough recovery items. It will be quite tough
later on.
1)Take the left path and you will see a huge rock.
2)Take the upper path two times.
3)You should see two rocks, one big at the top and one small to
  the right. Take the right path by the smaller rock.
4)There should be four trees. Now, take the upper path two times.
5)It will start to snow. Then take the right path.
6)There will be a huge rock and a tree. Take the upper path two
  more times.
7)Then take the left path.
8)You should see a huge rock and a tree which looks exactly like
  the previous one. Take the upper path four more times.
Congradulations for those who has been figuring out how to pass
the forest, without looking at the directions. You should now
reached the Frozen Palace. Enter the Frozen Palace.

Tips:If you are lost, take the exit in the south to return to
     the beginning and start all over again.


Just in case, you are confused, below shows a short summary of the
directions. Up x2 means take the upper path for two times, while
Up x4 means take the upper path for four times.

Left, Up x2, Right, Up x2, Right, Up x2, Left, Up x4.

Inside the Frozen Palace

Enemies: Cool Plant, Copycat, Haya wolf, Mapper, Penguin, Slowguy,
         Stomp Golem.

The first person that you will see, when you enter Frozen Palace
is Ginderelle. Later, you will find out that Ginderelle is actually
Bubble's sister. Ginderelle will say that she does not belong to
the Leader's Force and after having a short conversation with her,
she will leave. The enemies in the main hall are only the Cool

Below shows an ASCII art of the main hall of the Frozen Palace. I
know that the ASCII art below really sucks! But... i hope it will
of some use to you. And, by introducing the legend, it makes my
explanations more easier later on.


S   - Staircase.
L1  - First Left Room.
L2  - Second Left Room.
R1  - First Right Room.
R2  - Second Left Room.
LUD - Left Upper Storey Door.
RUD - Right Upper Storey Door. 
B   - Door to the Crest Guardian.
LM  - Memory Box on the First Floor.
C   - Bincho Field.   [On the second floor]
T   - Treasure Chest. [On the second floor]

         LUD     L1                  R1
                                       C RUD
                 L2                  R2
                     Main Hallway

*Note:This is the main hall, the place that you come in first. It
      does not include the interior rooms.

S - You cannot go up the stairs now because it is very slippery due
    to frozen ice. You will be able to go up the stairs when you
    have found the legendary shoes, L-Shoes later on.
B - A door that leads to the Crest Guardian and the door is inscribed 
    with red, blue and green eyes. You need to have the three eyes to
    open the door. 
L1- The first door that you must enter. Upon entering, you will see
    a door inscribed with a Blue Eye and another door which you can
L2- Inscribed with Red Eye. You cannot enter it right now until you
    have the Red Eye.
R1- There is a bincho field there but how do i reach it?
R2- There are two poles, each on the other side. But how do i jump
    over to the other side to take the treasure chest?

Remember to leave your memory in the memory box when you first come
in to Frozen Palace.

Below shows a list of enemies that you can expect to encounter
later on in the Frozen Palace. I have also listed down all the
weaknesses and strong points of each and every single enemy
and explains the differences between the enemies here and the
enemies you normally encounter in Somnolent Forest, Twinpeak
Mountain and so on. Well, have a quick glance of the list
before the real stuff really starts.

Cool Plant

Shoot frozen bullets at you, thus causing you to freeze. Use your
normal attacks that you use to attack the plants in the forest.
Just beware of Cool Plant's 3-way shots, which does more damage
than the normal plants in the forest. When you get hit by Cool
Plant's 3-way shots, you will be frozen and unable to move

Tips:If you shoot some fireballs using the Fire scroll at it, you
     can temporary paralyse it, thus causing the Cool Plant not
     being able to shoot Frozen 3-way shot at you. If you are
     caught by his Frozen 3-way shot, press any button repeatedly
     to warm yourself and prevent freezing.


Use the same way that you attack a hopper. The Mapper looks almost
the same as the Hopper, other than colour differences. Of course,
the Mapper is slightly more powerful than the Hopper. This time,
you must be more careful. If you go near it, not only you will get
hurt, but you will also be poisoned. Use the Fire scroll to shoot
fireballs at the Mapper.


Even though, they look small, don't be deceived by its appearance.
They are very agile. I think they also wear a knight suit, i
suppose. Use your normal attacks or Fire scroll to shoot fireballs
at it.

Haya Wolf

It looks like wolf, of course. And, Haya Wolf is well versed in
karate. Beware of his D-Kick also, which can do quite a lot of
damage. Use your normal attacks or Fire scroll to shoot fireballs
at it.

Slow Guy

Because of his emormous size, Slow Guy is slow, of course. However,
he has very high HP. Simply stand a distance away from him and keep
attacking him using your Lumina sword by pressing the Triangle
button. When you are too close to him, he can toss you away. However,
his tossing technique is very 'vital' in a way that you need to be
tossed by him later on. You will know why when the time comes.


Copycat actually resembles Musashi in a lot of ways. Not only are
their size nearly the same, their hairstyle, body gesture etc looks
very identical. The only difference is the skin colour. Copycat
will generate an electric field around him. So, don't stay too near
to him or you will get hurt. Furthurmore, Copycat has the ability
to mimic your every single move. [Did anyone mention Gogo?] If you
move back a step, Copycat will move back a step too. If you jump,
he will also jump. One of the best way to defeat him is to use long
range attack such as shooting fireballs at him with the help of the
Fire scroll. [Yes, that's right! Copycat still can't mimic the power
of the scrolls.] Stay a distance away from him and don't move while
shooting fireballs at him with the help of the Fire scroll. If you
are not moving, he will also not move.

Stomp Golem

Stomp Golem cannot be defeated. It looks like a big bell or whatever
it is, and will fall from the ceilings, hurting you in a surprise.
Before a Stomp Golem appears, look at the ground to see if there is
any shadow. Quickly, move away from the shadow as the Stomp Golem
is about to fall on you. When you are out of the region that the
shadow covers, the Stomp Golem will return back. If you are within
the region, Stomp Golem will fall from the ceilings. As simple as
that, get it? If you are unable to avoid the incoming Stomp Golem,
70 HP will be gone.

Note:Please refer to the bestiary section for more details about
     the enemies.
|Enemies     |Assimilated Ability |Description                  |
|Cool Plant  |Mint                |Reduces tiredness percentage |
|            |                    |to 0% and regains to full    |
|            |                    |strength.                    |
|Copycat     |Clone               |A decoy time bomb.           |
|Haya Wolf   |D-Kick              |A very powerful karate kick. |
|Penguin     |Nil                 |Nil.                         |
|Stomp Golem |Steel               |Creates a very strong armour |           
|            |                    |to protect you from spikes.  |
|Mapper      |Map                 |Maps the entire place.       |
|Slowguy     |Hurl                |Ability to toss.             |

The real stuff now beings! Are you ready?

Getting the Red Eye

Bincho Field: Chef Julienne. [R1 side room]
Treasures   : Red Eye.
Enemies     : Mapper, Penguin.

Tips:You might want to assimilate Mappers in the main hall of the
     Frozen Palace to learn the 'Map' ability. It costs only 8 BP
     but is very helpful, if you happen to lose your way.

Enter the first left door, L1. After entering the door, you should
also notice that there are two doors, one of which is inscribed
with a blue eye to your left. You cannot enter that door yet. Enter
the other door. You should see two penguins and two falling ice
blocks. Don't bother to attack the two penguins. If you kill both
penguins, there won't be anymore ice blocks coming down. When the
blocks fall down, quickly jump over to to any of the block and the
block will carry you to the other side. However, halfway through
before you reach the other side, the block will fall into the big
hole and you will have to jump over to the other side as quickly
as possible. Take note that you are standing on ice blocks and
therefore, the floor is very slippery. Too much movement is likely
to make you slip and then fall. Therefore, positioning is important
too. By now, i will assume that you have already mastered double
jump, if not at least near-perfecting. Notice the penguin on the
other side who are also doing the same thing? I suppose you know
what to do. Just like the case previously. Eventually, you will
come to a door. Enter the door and you will then see two more
doors. The right door will lead you to the bincho field [Chef
Julienne], which is the R1 door shown in the ASCII art.

After saving Chef Julienne, don't jump down now. Instead, return
and enter the other door, which is the left door. Once you are
inside here, you will see many Penguin. Continue following the
path and you will eventually come to a signboard. Read what is
said in the sign. It says, "May the lonely have victory!"

Question:What does that mean?
Answer  :It means that you have to be alone in this room, so kill
         all the penguins in the room. Once all the penguins in
         the room are killed, a treasure chest will mysteriously
         appear. Open the treasure chest. The treasure turns out
         to be the Red Eye.

Getting the Blue Eye

Bincho Field: Alchemist Leanman,
              Butcher Chops.
Treasures   : Long Tube,
              Blue Eye.
Enemies     : Cool Plant, Copycat, Haya Wolf, Slow Guy, Spikes,
              Stomp Golem.

Once you have the Red Eye, exit and go to the main hall. You can
also jump down from R1, that is the place where you rescue Chef
Julienne, straight to the main hall. This is to avoid the facing
the slippery ice blocks again that you have faced it just now.

You are now back to the mainhall. Enter the second left door, L2,
which is the door inscribed with the Red Eye. Along the way, you
will face enemies like Copycat, Cool Plants and Slow Guy. There
are icicles on the floor that can hurt you if you come too close
but you can also melt them by using the power of the Fire scroll
to shoot fireballs at them. Note that you will also find a treasure
chest [Long Tube] here. Continue the path and you will eventually
come to a dead end, whereby you will only see a Cool Plant and a
Slow Guy. Remember to take the Heart Tablet there to regain some
of your HP. Kill the Cool Plant first, but DON'T kill the Slowguy.

Question:Help me!!! I am stuck. Where should i go now? I can't
         reach the stairs up there and there seems to be no other
         path that i can take now.
Answer  :There is a way to reach the stairs up there. First, kill
         the Cool Plant. Next, lure the Slow Guy to a corner near
         the staircase and let him come near to you. If you are
         very new to him, Slow Guy will start to grab you and then
         toss you high up in the air. While in the air, perform a
         double jump to jump to the staircase. Now, you finally
         know why i say Slow Guy's tossing technique is very

Note:If you happen to kill the Slowguy by accident, never mind!
     Simply exit the room again and enter to find a Cool Plant
     and a Slowguy.

Now, go into door and enter the next room. Make your way along the
path. You will eventually enter into a maze. The enemies that you
encounter here are only mainly Haya Wolves and Stomp Golems. Explore
the maze and you will eventually find a bincho field [Alchemist
Leanman]. Note that Stomp Golems may appear out of nowhere and if
you happen to notice a shadow growing bigger in the ground, be sure
to avoid it because Stomp Golem is about to fall from the ceiling.
When the Stomp Golem falls to the ground from the ceiling, get ready
to assimilate it to learn the 'Steel' technique. By learning the
'Steel' technique, you will be able to destroy spikes along the way.
Follow the walls to your left and head south. Eventually, you will
find a door. Enter it.

After entering the door, keep going right and you should eventually
run into a barricade of spikes. Remember that i ask you to assimilate
the Stomp Golem to learn the 'Steel' technique earlier? If you have
not done so, please return back to the maze and assimilate the Stomp
Golem now to learn the 'Steel' technique. Now, activate the 'Steel'
technique by pressing the Circle button. Now, you will be able to
run over to the other side, without being obstructed by a barricade
of spikes. Upon reaching the other side, enter the door and you will
find a bincho field [Butcher Chops]. After saving Butcher Chop, you
should return back to the maze just now. If not, you can jump down
from here and return back to the main hall of the Frozen Palace,
provided that you want to return back to the village.

You are back in the maze. Follow the path and continue north. You
should find a door. Enter the door and you should find a signboard.
Read the sign and it should say, "May the unhurt have victory!"
Therefore, you should kill all the Copycats that you can find here
in the maze, without getting hurt. Use the power of the Fire scroll
to shoot fireballs at them. [Remember to read the enemy list, which
i have typed out as above, for more details on how to beat Copycats,
as well as other enemies.] Once you have beaten all Copycats without
being hurt, a treasure chest will mysteriously appear, just like the
previous situation. Open the treasure chest and you will find the
Blue Eye.

Getting the Green Eye

Bincho Field: Janitor Sloppy-Joe, [Stacked ice],
              Musician Al Forte,  [In the maze]
Treasures   : Red Shoes,          [LUD]
              Wh-Cloth,           [Stairs]
              Red Cloth,          [In the maze]
              Green Eye.

Go to L1. When you enter the door, you should see a door, inscribed
with Blue Eye. Enter the door, inscribed with a Blue Eye. You should
see a bincho field [Janitor Sloppy-Joe]. There are two ice blocks,
one bigger and the other one smaller and a staircase. Jump from the
smaller block to the bigger block, then to the staircase. Be careful!
The ice block is very slippery. You will have to jump very carefully!
Go up and you should see a Cool Plant there. kill the Cool Plant and
enter the door. You should see a Copycat and a few Slowguys. Kill
the Copycat and jump over to the other side. Remember, don't go near
the Slowguy as they can toss you and you will have to travel all the
way back to here again. Go out and you should reach LUD. Open the
treasure chest and it turned out to be a Red Shoes. Go back to the
town and appraise the Red Shoes. It becomes the legendary shoes,
L-Shoes. You can now walk on slippery ice block without falling down.
Note that if you already have the Legendary Goggles, L-Goggles, your
red shoes will immediately be appraised to become legendary shoes,
thus saving you the trip from going back to the village.

Next, enter R2. With the Legendary Shoes, you can now walk up the
slippery staircase. Take the treasure chest on the other side
[Wh-Cloth]. Go into the door and you will come to a maze with lots
of big ice blocks. There is a bincho field [Musician Al Forte] in
the upper-left hand side of the screen, as well as another treasure
chest [Red Cloth]. Go to the top left of the screen and you should
see a small ice block with a heart tablet on it. Jump onto it.
Continue the path. In the middle, is a door, that is inscribed with
the Green Eye. You cannot enter it as you do not have the Green Eye
now. Once you head to the farthest right, be sure to assimilate the
Copycat to learn the 'Clone' technique. Now, go into the room and
you will see slowguy. Lure Slowguy on the 'circle' symbol on the
floor. When he tosses you up into the air, quickly use the 'Clone' 
technique. Run away from the 'circle' symbol on the floor. And press
the Circle button to activate the 'Clone' technique. An explosion
will occur, which will then immediately kill the Slowguy, who is
standing on the 'circle' symbol. A treasure chest will mysteriously
appear, just like the previous two cases. Open the treasure chest
and you will get the Green Eye. Now, return back and climb the
block to make your way to the middle door, inscribed with the Green
Eye. Enter the door. Well, there isn't anything in this room but
it leads to the door, inscribed with the Blue Eye, which is the L1.

Now that, Musashi has gotten all three eyes and the legendary shoes,
L-Shoes, go up the staircase, S in the main hall. Remember the door
that is inscribed with three eyes, naming the Red, Blue and Green
Eyes? However, the door is so frozen that the door cannot be opened.
So, use the power of the Fire scroll to shoot fireballs at the door.
Musashi will also use the three eyes that he has found earlier to
open the door.


Now that, you have saved Chef Julienne, when you return to Allucaneet
Palace anytime, be sure to talk to cook A, whom is Cook Mary-Nade.
She should mention that they have already harvested the rice. Now,
you can buy Riceball, which will recover 150 HP and 150 BP at the
grocery store. Also, once you have the Butcher Chops, talk to Cook B,
whom is Cook Chiffonado. Now, you can buy Neatball from the grocery
shop too. Neatball helps to recover 300 HP and 300 BP, which is twice
more than a Riceball. However, the downside is that both the Riceball
and Neatball will become spoilt after a few days, thus making them

Note:After spending quite a considerable amount of time here in the
     Frozen Palace, i suppose you probably have run out of recovery
     items. I suggest you return to the village, take a rest, buy
     recovery items first. This is because the door that you are
     going to open, will lead to a Crest Guardian, Froze Dragon and
     it is not going to be quite easy to defeat it. Also, be sure
     to talk to Cook A, whom is Cook Mary-Nade and Cook B, whom is
     Cook Chiffonado. Try buying some Riceballs or Neatballs from
     the grocery shop. It's quite useful, in my opinion.

Finding The Crest Guardian

Treasures: Bl-Cloth.

At the back of the staircase, you should also find a treasure chest
[Bl-Cloth]. After opening the treasure chest [Bl-Cloth], proceed up
the stairs until you arrive at a door, a memory box and two torches.
Leave your memory here in the memory box. Light up the two torches
using the Fire scroll and the door will open up. Upon entering the
door, continue walking and you will see a statue, which looks like
a dragon. Use your Lumina sword and hit the glowing spot by pressing
the Triangle button. You will fall to the lower level. Upon arriving
at the lower level, you should see some icicles in your path. Use
your Fire scroll to melt them and proceed. You should notice the
Frost Dragon. Well, the battle hasn't started yet but very soon.
After some time, Frost Dragon will knock off the right part of the
wall and the left wall will then start to collapse. Move as fast
as you can to the right. You will be notified of the collapse by a
right arrow, with the dragon screaming. Now, move as fast as you
can. If you fall down, it's finished and you will have to start
from the memory box again and half of your hard-earned Drans will
be missing. As you run, Frost Dragon will keep knocking down the
bridge behind you. Along the way, there are icicles. Use the power
of the Fire scroll to melt these icicles. Eventually, you are safe
and the Dragon will dive into a hole. Now, it's time to pay back.
The battle now begins.

Crest Guardian: *Frost Dragon*

Below shows the description of the various attacks that Crest
Guardian: Frost Dragon will use on you. There are four main

Ice Ball

You can avoid his ice balls by doing a double jump. When hit by it,
it will take away 15 HP to 20 HP damage per ball.

Ice Beam

There is only one way to avoid. When it shoots the beam from left to
right, immediately, run up to the top-right hand corner. Similarly,
if the beam comes from right to left, run to the top-left corner.
Each beam costs about 70 HP damage, which is quite devastating.
After shooting the beam, he will lay his head down and this is your
chance to use the power of the Fire scroll to shoot fireballs at his

Sweeping its Body

This attack is swift and fast, and is one of the hardest to dodge.
But, there is a way. Go to the top screen and you should be able
to avoid it.

Attacking Directly

It attacks you directly, when you are very near him. You should be
able to dodge his attacks very easily.

Here's the Strategy

Avoid all his attacks and concentrate on shooting fireballs at Froze
Dragon. The best way to shoot rapid fireballs at Froze Dragon is when
he is exhausted, especially after shooting the ice beam. Repeat this
procedure and Froze Dragon will become unconscious and his torso will
be exposed. Then, immediately use your Lumina sword to attack his
torso by pressing the Triangle button. Follow this pattern and a few
hits on his torso should eventually end the fight.

Note:Remember not to come near him or you will be frozen, which will
     take away about 20 HP from you.

Congradulations!!! You have completed chapter 4. There's only two
more chapters to go. Keep it up!!!

Chapter 5

Steamwood Reactor Part 2

Treasures: Profits,  [Steamwood]
           Handle#0, [Steamwood]
           Handle#1, [Steamwood]
           Handle#4, [Steamwood]
           Handle#8. [Steamwood]

Don't bother to go to the mine [through the underground well] to
liberate the Fire crest since there is a steam leak going on and
you cannot advance furthur. When you return back to the village,
the Mayor will then tell you a bad news about Princess Fillet. He
says that there's something wrong with the Princess that you have
brought back earlier. He will also ask you to talk to the shop
owners in Grillin' village to find out more details about what has
happened. Simply talk to any shop owner, be it the owner from inn,
grocery, pawn, bakery or whatever. They will say that the Princess
is not herself today. Not only she has taken away all of their
hard-earned profits, she has gone to Steamwood Reactor and caused
the Steamwood Reactor to become berserk.

Next, visit Allucaneet Palace and you will then be told that the
princess is missing. She was fine last night during the dinner but
was missing this morning. After that, return to Grillin' village.
Note that you can also take the Gondola ride now. First, don't go
to the Steamwood Reactor. Save your game in the inn before you go.
It is going to be like the last time but this time, more tougher
and challenging. Go through the shortcut, that Fores, the Steamwood
administrator has created the last time, that connects Steamwood
to his house.

Upon entering, you should see the Steamwood administrator, Fores
lying on the ground. Talk to him and he will say that the princess
has asked him to bring her here. The princess then knocked him
unconsious and cause the Steamwood Reactor to go berserk again,
just like the last time. Desperately, the Steamwood administrator,
Fores locked the princess inside and removed the handle away.


1)Why did the princess take all the profits from the shop owners?
2)Why did she knocked him unconsious?
3)What is her purpose for destroying the Steamwood Reactor?
4)Can she be a disguise?

Take the handle #0 from Fores, the Steamwood administrator and then
attempt to open the door to Steamwood. Choose the second option
to close the valve, so as to open the door. If you have forgotten
how to close the valves, choose the first option to read the
manual once again. [Well, who can forget it?] Go inside and you
will be surprised to see the princess talking about the Leader's
Force. And how on earth did she get a tail? Oh, you should have
guessed it earlier- that princess is fake. She is actually Topo,
one of the members of the leader's force in disguise. After you
have found out about her evil plot, she will vanish and leave
the profits that she has taken from the shop owners in Grillin'

Now, what's the similarities and differences between now and the
last time you tried to save Steamwood Reactor? You still have 24
hours to shut down Steamwood and each hour in the game actually
represents one minute in our time. So, hurry out.
The differences are:
1)The location where you talk to the Steamwood administrator, Fores
  is different.
2)There are 3 valves with lost handle and you will have to find them. 
  Thus, it requires more time and therefore, more harder and more
3)There are more steam leaks now than the first time. Therefore, it's
  more harder than the first time. For example, the only way to get
  to valve no. 5 is to go up one more level to valve no. 8 and then
  jump down to 5.

There are two different approach that you can take.

First Approach

Collect the three handles one at a time as you move along to close
down the valves.

The first approach is more harder than the second approach, in
my personal opinion.


You will have more time left in the clock to retry, just in case the
valve timer goes off and you have to restart all over again.


There is a chance that your valve timer may reach 0 as you move along
to collect the handle and close down the valves. Yes, the time taken
to find the handles are all counted in, in the valve timer.

Second Approach

You must have at least 4 empty spaces in your item inventory before
you enter Steamwood Reactor. These four empty spaces are used to
collect the profits and the 3 handles. Collect all three handles at
one go and then close down the valves one by one. By the way, just
to inform you. The valves that have missing handles are 1, 4 and 8.

I prefer the second approach more than the first as i find it more


You need not waste time to search for the handles later on and thus,
the time you take to find all the handles are not counted in, in the
valve timer. After all, the valve timer will then start to appear
after you have shut down valve no. 1. So, collect all handles first
and then shut down valve no. 1 and later on, you need not have to
find the handles again like the first approach. Therefore, there is
a lesser chance of the valve timer reaching zero. After all, the
ultimate race is against the valve timer time, not the explosion
time. 24 hours [24 minutes, in real time] is long enough for you
to restart at least two times.


It will take you about 2 to 5 minutes to find the three missing
handles. But if you can really find the three handles between 2
to 3 minutes, you should have more than enough time to restart
it the second time, just in case, the valve timer reaches zero.

Note:If you fail to stop Steamwood Reactor from exploding within 24
     hours [24 minutes], then you will see a special scene, following
     that the game will end. This time, there's no continues. And
     also, the scene is identical to the first one in chapter 2.

Main Strategy

You will also notice that the handles for valves #1, #4 and #8 are
missing. The handle for valve #1 can be found on the ground floor
by walking straight to your right after you have talked to the Topo,
the fake princess. Without the #1 handle, you cannot shut down the
valve #1, let alone other valves. #4 handle can be found quite near
to the valve #4. Be careful, don't fall down while collecting the
handle. If not,... The #8 handle can be found further right to the
#8 valve. You cannoot walk directly to collect the handle because
of steam leaks. You have to jump diagonally across using your
double jump. And should you fall during the #8 valve, it's very
likely that you have to start all over again. So, i personally
recommend that you should try out the second approach if you can't
try it after several times.

Damn!!! I took nearly 15 minutes turning on and off my Playstation
until i managed to figure out the way, finding the handles and
shortcuts. So, don't panic if you can't do it for the first time.
During your first try, you may not know where the the three missing
handles are and which are the shortest routes. So this is the best
and most efficent way i have found. Also, it requires luck and it
depends a lot also on the elevator. And, you must use double jumps 
efficently to jump over steam. I hope the diagram below do help
you. Note that below shows all the steps that i have done to save
Steamwood. There may be a more better method.

  Floor No. 3                   -7       E          8  H8-

  Floor No. 2              -6          4 E          5-

  Floor No. 1            -3             E         1      2-
  Ground floor                          E           H1

This is based on my memory.

Note:Try and see if you can prevent Steamwood Reactor from exploding
     before you look anymore furthur. Also, keep a lookout for the
     three missing handles.


1 to 8     : Stands for the numerical values.
E          : Elevator
G          : Ground floor
H1, H4, H8 : Stands for the corresponding valves no. handles.
-          : Link together.

All right, you can choose which approach to take. But remember to
take the handles.
1)Go right immediately to collect the handle #1 after the conversation
  ended with Topo.
2)Take elevator and go to Floor No. 2
3)Keep going right until you cannot walk furthur anymore. That is
  because there are steam leaks there, thus blocking your path.
4)From there, jump down towards your right to reach valve #1. Use
  the handle #1 and try to attempt to shut down valve #1.
5)After that, keep going right and shut down valve #2 and valve #3
  in numerical order. [After closing down valve #3, there is one
  way to save time and you should notice that your valve timer is
  resetted to 60 secs again. Now, continue walking right and do you
  see the elevator? Time yourself and make sure that after you shut
  down valve #3, you have time to reach the elevator and that the
  elevator is going up and not going down.] In this way, you will
  be able to save the time from going down to the ground floor,
  about 10 more seconds.
6)Take the elevator and go to floor No.2 and then, keep going left
  to reach valve #4. Take handle #4 if you have not taken yet.
  Now, try and shut down valve #4. 
7)This is the most critical part now. You will have 35 seconds
  to shut down valve #5. You cannot go left or right from valve
  #4 to reach valve #5 because there are steam leaks. And, it
  appears that there is no way to jump over the steam leaks to
  reach valve #5. Immediately, go right and take the elevator
  up to floor No.3. Wait for the elevator to come up and if the                 
  elevator is going down, it is very unlikely that you will have
  enough time. In floor No.3, keep going right to valve #8. Then,
  jump down from valve #8. Valve #5 is directly below valve #8.
  Shut down valve #5. After that, head right to go to valve #6.
  After valve #6 is shut down, the valve timer will be resetted
  to 60 secs. Now, there are two more valves to go.
8)Take the elevator and go up to floor No.3 and then shut down
  valve #7, then valve #8. Remember to take handle #8.

Congradulations!!! You have stopped Steamwood Reactor from exploding.
Indeed, it's a tough job. Luckily, this is the second and the last
time. Don't worry! Steamwood Reactor won't go berserk again!!!

|Max valve timer will reached after being shut down |  Timer    |
|1, 2, 3, 6                                         |    60     |
|4, 5, 7                                            |    35     |

For more information, please read Steamwood Reactor Part 1.

Tips:There is a shorter way to reach valve #1 but more risky. On
     the first floor, double jump off the pipe to clear the steam
     to reach valve #1.

Tips:There is also another way of getting to valve #5. It is slightly
     quicker but more risky. Immediately after valve #4, go to the
     left pillar and jump across to the right pillar of valve #5 and
     then to the main platform to valve #5. Still, there is a chance
     of falling down.

Tips:You can use double jump to get to valve #5. You must jump off
     the ledge and then jump again and you should land on the ledge
     where valve #5 is.

Important Notice

Please read the action figure and the elusive special action figure
sections first before proceeding about leaving one chest theory. I
hate to spoil the game now. Anyway, just remember to collect all
the treasure chests that you have found so far. You need to find all
treasure chests, in order to collect all action figures, including
Jon and Leno figure and Dlumina 3 figure.

Getting the Wind Scroll

Treasures: 600 Drans, [From Mayor]
           Armor.     [If not collected] [Armour]
Minku    : Near where the wind scroll is.

Once you have successfully stopped Steamwood Reactor from exploding,
return to Grillin' village and talk to the Mayor and the Steamwood 
adminstrator, Fores. After knowing that the princess is fake, the
Mayor will give you 600 Drans to show his appreciation for helping
the shop owners to retrieve back their profits. Save your journey
at the inn.

Once the steam leak problem is fixed, you can go to the mine that
leads to the inside well, where a small tunnel is, then go to the
Fire crest. Remember to take the treasure chest [Armor] if you
have not done so yet. Use the power of the Fire scroll to liberate
the Fire crest. [Do i need to tell you how to liberate a crest? I
suppose no, right? Great!] After liberating the Fire crest, a cliff
is being revealed. Climb up the cliff. Take a nap until 2300 and
you should see a Minku roaming about. Go furthur up and you should
see the Wind Scroll. Now, collect the Wind scroll. Now, you have
only one more scroll, the Sky scroll to collect. Use the power of
the Wind scroll to perform a cyclone to drill a large hole. Then,
jump down from the large hole that you have just drilled. Upon
falling down, you will become unconsious. You should see Ginderelle
and Bubbles, the two sisters. They will try to seize your Lumina
sword while you are unconsious. Luckily, Musashi wakes up, just
in time. Fear arises and Bubbles accidentally seal Musashi inside
a bincho field. Their chance of getting Lumina is now gone. Why?
Only the Lumina sword can break a bincho field. Ginderelle will
then report back to Thirstquencher Empire and Bubbles beg Ginderelle
not to tell.

Question:How do i break myself free?
Answer  :Only the lumina can break the Bincho field. Therefore, all
         you need to do is to press the Triangle button to use the
         Lumina sword. You will then be able to free yourself. Your
         max BP also increases by 50 BP.

Question:Why do the normal people that Musashi has rescued from
         bincho field, only let Musashi gains 5 BP? How come,
         Musashi alone, whom is trapped in a bincho field, will
         let him gain 50 BP when Musashi tries to free himself.
         Does that mean that Musashi is 10 times stronger or has
         10 times more bincho energy than normal people?
Answer  :Possible.

Next, return back to Grillin' village.

Giant Ants

When you first return to the village, the first thing that you will
notice is the background music. Pretty ominous, huh? As you can
easily guess, something must have happened to the town. Go to the
trail where you come down from the Gondola. If it is daytime, you
should see Tim and Mint. Talk to them and they should say something
about the giant ant eating the Gondola. If it is night time, the
two kids will not be there but don't worry as you can still proceed
the game and head up for the Gondola. When you reach the Gondola,
you should see a giant ant. Mr Lands will then tell you that the
ant is looking for some sort of syrup or something else. Now, head
back to Allucaneet Palace and take the Gondola ride down. HaHa!!!
You will crush the Giant Ant and the Giant Ant will then escape and
make a hole on a cliff to return to his hiding place. Now, do you
know what to do? As of expected, chase after that Giant Ant to find
out what has happened. So, enter that big hole that the Giant Ant
has created.

Note:For more information on the Gondola ride, please read the
     basics tactics.

Note:Before you jump into the hole to find the hiding place of the
     Ants, please visit the shops in Grillin' village to buy some
     recovery items if you have not done so yet. Later on, when you
     are inside the hiding place, you will be expected to face many
     tough enemies, as well as, to perform tons of double jumps. In
     my opinion, it's not that easy as before. It's definitely one
     of the most challenging and hardest part of the game.

The Great Ants Hunt

Bincho Field:Cook Chiffonade,  [Near where the toadstool is]
             Conductor Scores, [Inside the tunnel]
             Knight Rumparoni. [Before you drill hole and return
                                to beginning]
Treasures   :Lrg Tool,         [Near where the toadstool is]
             Odd Bone.         [Bottom left of the elevator]
Minku       :On the left path once you see the dead ant in the
             upper mine,
             Below the fan in the upper mine.
Enemies     :Cure Worm, GiAnt, Hopper, NeedlAnt, Sphere Bat,

Go to the right side of the Gondola and then climb up the cliff. You
know how to climb, right? After climbing up the cliff, jump into that
hole created by that Ant just now. After you have jumped down the
hole, you should notice a dead giant Ant lying on the floor. Well,
it's the Ant that has been to the Gondola just now.

Take the left path and you should see a Minku. Well, i suppose, you
know what to do with the minku, right? Next, be careful and don't
jump down as this is the exit. Now, return back to where the dead
Ant is and take the right path. You should see poisonous gases. It
is in purple colour. Be careful!!! These are gases which can cause
poison if you come into contact with them. Use the power of your
Wind scroll to create a cyclone to bypass the poisonous gas and
then follow the path. Once inside, you should see some Toadstools.
Keep following the path and perform numerous jumps. You should
eventually see a treasure chest [Lrg Tool] on the middle right side
and a bincho field [Cook Chiffonado] on the top left side of the
screen near the toadstool. Then go to the top right of the screen
after you have taken the treasure chest [Lrg Tool] and broken the
bincho field to save Cook Chiffonado. You should see a big gap
between the two platforms and there are spikes on the ground, in
between these two platforms. Use the power of your Earth scroll to
create an earthquake to stomp the ground, causing the rocks to
slide down. Now, you can reach the other end. Make your way to the

In the next room, cross over the top of the lift. The lifts aren't
working so you will have to jump to each one to get to the top
right corner of the screen. There is a treasure chest [Odd Bone]
on the bottom left side of the screen. After taking the treasure
chest [Odd Bone] and enter the top right exit, you should experience
strong winds coming towards you. Use the power of your Wind scroll
to create a cyclone to bypass the strong winds. You are expected to
at least, charge your gauge bar twice to create a cyclone, while you
are using your wind scroll. Now, enter the other side.

Keep following the path and you will eventually come to a slope as
you go along. Assimilate the 'Hop' technique from the Hopper to go
up the slope. Walk further to the end and you should see another
Hopper. In between two cliffs, is a big gap. And, did you notice
that on the right side of the cliff, there is also a slope. Even
if you manage to use double jump to jump over, you cannot go up
the slope without the 'Hop' technique. But if you assimilate the
'Hop' technique here from the Hopper, it is very difficult for you
to jump over and chances of falling into the binchotite mine is
extremely high. If you happen to fall into the binchotite mine, you
will be poisoned immediately. Don't bother to cure yourself using
antidote as there will be a Cure Worm at the end after you have
hopped up the slope to the cliff on the right side. Now, you must
really use your brain.

Strategy 1

1)Stand at the edge of the cliff, while facing the Hopper.
2)Assimilate it and then double jump over to your right to
  reach to the other side. You should notice that the Fusion
  sword has hit the Hopper, but has not returned back to
  you. Therefore, you have not learnt the 'Hop' technique
3)After you have successfully jumped over, keep tapping the Square
  button. Once the gauge bar is full, the fusion sword will return
  back to you and you will learn the 'Hop' technique to go up the


Assimilate the Hopper. Then, quickly jump to the other side of the
cliff and by now, the fusion sword should reach the Hopper. Quickly,
tap the Square button and when it's full, the fusion sword returns
back and you will learn 'Hop' technique.

If timed just correctly. you should be just about to land on the
right side of the cliff when the explanation box appears. If you
happen to fall into the sludge but has already assimilate Hopper,
such that the Fusion sword is returning back to you, just press
the Circle button to stop hopper and then try again.

Requires Skills and Timing.

Strategy 2

1)First, lure the Hopper and it will start hopping around.
2)Next, use double jump to jump over to the other side of
  the cliff.
3)Then, stand near the edge, facing the left side of the
4)If correct, just wait patiently for the Hopper to hop over
  to the edge. Then quicky use your fusion sword to assimilate
  the Hopper.


Lure the Hopper, then jump over to the other side. Stand on the
edge and thn assimilate it to learn the 'Hop' technique.

Requires Luck and Timing.

Tips:You can use a little bit of Water scroll on the Hopper, causing
     it to grow in size, thus making you more easy to assimilate the
     Hopper to learn the 'Hop' technique. But, do not use too much
     of the Water scroll as this will kill the Hopper.

Note:Just in case, you kill the Hopper by chance, don't worry too
     much! The Hopper will keep generating.

After a tedious jump, you finally make it over to the other side of
the cliff and then use the 'Hop' technique to go up the slope. Well,
i have lost quite a lot of HP and BP here. However, this is not the
end yet. Expect more tougher enemies and difficult jumps later on.
Assimilate the Cure Worm to learn the 'Antidote' technique to cure
yourself from poison. Keep going and you should see a minku there.
You know what to do next, right? After that, climb up the wall and
activate the fan. The fan will blow strong winds to send you over
to the left side. Follow the path and you will eventually come into
a new area.

You cannot attack the Needlants, the red colour giant ants. However,
they will not attack you. But do not come too near them. The only
way to kill them is to assimilate the GiAnt, the purple ant to learn
the 'Acid' technique. The 'Acid' technique will enable you to shoot
acid balls at them. The purple ants, GiAnt on the other hand, can be
attacked and they also shoot acid balls at you. Kill these purple

Tips:Musashi can assimilate the 'Depress' technique from the red,
     spiny Needlant. At first, this may seem useless by slowing
     down Musashi but from another point, the purple GiAnts will
     not attack Musashi even if Musashi comes too close to them.
     On the other hand, the 'Acid' technique can be assimilated
     from the purple ants and then used to melt the red ants.
     When the red ants are melted, it leaves behind a pool of
     toxin and when Musashi comes into contact with the pool of
     toxin, Musashi can also get hurt. Also, the 'Acid' technique
     proves to be quite useful against ground creatures like Cure
     Worms. 'Depress' or 'Acid' technique? I will leave you to
     decide it for yourself.

Continue moving until you reach the end of the wall. Then you must
jump diagonally across from the corner. When you get to the next
one, there will be a pole. Double jump over and break the bincho
field [Conductor Score]. When you come to the next end wall again,
you have to double jump diagonally from the corner. It seems to
look quite impossible. Still, there's no other way out. You have
to make it to there. You should also see many red ants, Needlants
marching and climbing up a cliff. It's a dead end here. Go to the
far left and you will have to jump diagonally around from a corner
again. Continue your way and eventually, you should see two poles
that are being protruded out horizontally. Without any doubt, make
use of the two poles to swing and perform double jump to make it
to the other end to get the bincho field [Knight Rumparoni]. Next,
drill a hole by using the power of the Wind scroll to create a
cyclone. You are now back to the caverns. Now, go to the bottom

Note:You might want to return to the village to stock up all of your 
     supplies. The hole that you drill will take you back to the


Technique: Rumparoni-Sp

If you happen to return back to the village, be sure to talk to Knight
Rumparoni in Allucaneet Palace and you will learn the last technique,

Continue your way. Note that the path leads you to fight the Crest
Guardian. Notice that the lifts now work. Make use of that. In the
next area, you have to perform a numerous double jumps. Eventually,
you should reach a mine cart. Choose the first option to ride the
mine cart. Now, the mine cart ride begin. Anyway, don't worry too
much as you have unlimited continues in the mine cart ride.

There are five different positions that you can move. The main
objective here is to avoid as many obstacles as possible that are
spreaded along three different sections of the tunnel. You can
only hit an obstacle for four times before the cart will burst. If
this happens, you have to start all over again. The bonus is that
if you are crashed in the second or third section, you only restart
from the beginning of that specific section. All i can say is use
the directional button and avoid as much collisions as possible.

Tips:For Dual Shock owners, I found it easier to use the D-pad to
     control the cart rather than using the analog becasue it
     provided more precise control of the cart.

Good luck!!! Once the mine cart ride ends, you will be taken to a
new area. You should see a memory box and many heart tablets that
are scattered around here. Take the heart tablets to restore all
of your HP. Leave your memory in the memory box and drill a hole
in the centre. Jump down the hole and be prepare to fight the Crest

Crest Guardian: *Queen Ant*

Below shows the description of the various attacks that Crest
Guardian: Queen Ant will use on you. There are four main

1)Single Claw Sweep.
2)Pink Clouds.
3)Belly Spikes.
4)Acid Rain.

Avoid getting near her tail unless you have the Wind scroll in
effect. The pink cloud will poison Musashi. The fighting area is
somehow narrow and restricted. Don't get too close to her belly
as there are spikes. Dodge her acid rain by standing in between
the different sections. This will then be followed by her single
claw sweep. Do not let her grab you as it will cause about 50 to
90 HP damage. Press any button repeatedly to free yourself. Use
double jump to jump over the claw. That's the best way to avoid
it. Sometimes, you will see maggot burst. Kill them as some may
give you antidote to cure your poison. When a section of her body
starts to shake, she's ready to spike Musashi. Jump over to the
next cross section. The queen ant's core is lodged in her tail
and is hidden and will only appear when she goes crazy.

Here's the Strategy

Keep on attacking the Queen Ant's eye with your Wind scroll by 
creating a cyclone. After a few hits like this, she will bow
her head. Immediately, use your Lumina sword to attack her eye
by pressing the Triangle button. She will go crazy and cover
her face temporary. During this moment, her core will appear,
which is at the back near the cloud of poison gas. Because there
is poison, you need to use the power of your wind scroll to
create a cyclone to get near it. Keep moving to the right and
you should hit the core and cause her damage. Repeat the procedure
several times and she will be KO very soon.

Congradulations!!! You have completed chapter 4. One more chapter
to go. Take note that the last chapter is going to be the longest
and toughest of all and unlike the previous chapters, you will
have to face many bosses and sub-bosses.

Chapter 6

You should see Jon and his dog, Leno on your way back. They will give
you a 'Note' about the Sky scroll. Save your game now.


Technique: Rumparoni-Sp

Talk to Knight Rumparoni in Allucaneet Palace, if you have not done
so, and you will learn the last technique, Rumparoni-SP.

Note:By the time now, if you have follow the walkthrough correctly,
     you should have already collected all the 13 minku, rescue 35
     all people from the bincho field and learn all the 6 different

Tips:You might really want to spend some time to practise all the
     6 techniques that you have learned so far, and at the same
     time, try and increase your levels. Most enemies in the later
     game at Soda Fountain Part 3 will have very high HP, strong
     defense and so on. It's best to master these techniques first
     and later inflict huge damage on them.

Note:For more information on techniques, please read the the secret
     section to find out more how to master these 6 techniques.

Important Notice!!!

Please read the secret section to find out more about the seven
special action figures. Also, do read up the elusive special
action figures section!!! This is very important, if you want to
unlock the 7 special action figures,especially Jon and Leno and
DLumina 3.


Action Figures: Kojiro,
                Mom Minku,
                Princess Fillet.

Knock on the door at Farmer Lacter's house. Farmer Lacter will come
out of his house. He will then say that Mrs Lactor thought you were
her grandson, therefore, Mrs Lactor asked him to pass this Kojiro
action figure to you.

After you have gotten all 13 minkus, visit Allucaneet Palace and then
talk to Shepherd Beefalo. He should say that he is very angry with
that person for hurting the minkus. [That person is none other than
you. But, you have to seal up your mouth. Hey, can't tell him you are
the one who has been hurting the minkus, right?] He also mentions that
mom minku is very upset now because she has lost her children. And
she is probably now in the Meandering Forest. So, head to Meandering
Forest now. Once you enter, you will see a giant size minku. That's
mom minku. Defeat her by using attacks like techniques, Lumina sword
and so on. She's not that tough and you should be able to defeat her
quite easily. The only thing you need to be careful is her stomps,
which can cause up to 30 HP of damage. Notice her shadows? Try using
double jumps to dodge her stomps. When mom minku is defeated, she
will throw down plenty of heart tablets, bincholon and about a few
thousand Drans. Now, visit the toy store to buy Mom Minku action
figure now.

After you have rescued all the 35 people from the bincho fields, go
to the toy store to buy Princess Fillet action figure.


Soda Fountain is your final part of the quest. And, it's one of the
most hardest part in game, if not the most difficult. You can expect
to encounter many tough enemies, several sub-bosses and bosses,
puzzles to solve and so on. You can expect many surprises to await
you. Once you enter Soda Fountain, you will not be able to come back
to Grillin' village. By now, make sure that you have gotten all the
13 minkus and rescue all 35 people from the bincho fields first. If
you have gotten all the 13 Minkus and rescue 35 people from the bincho
fields, you should have 500 HP and 475 BP now. [Note that you should
have 500 BP in the end after you have defeated Tower Of Death, the
last Crest Guardian or you replay chapter 6 again.] Please buy plenty
of Cheese, S-revive, and Ex drink. And don't buy any mint or Hi-mint
as your tiredness will not decrease nor increase. And, there's no
sleeping for you. Time will not pass. The legendary quilt, L-Quilt
is completely worthless here. Be sure to appraise all the items that
you have found so far and then sell it away for Drans. Use these
Drans to buy recovery items. Just buy whatever you have and don't be
stingy with Drans.

Getting the Sky Scroll

First,go and speak to Farmer McRice. He will then tell you that
on every Skyday, it mysteriously rains in Steamwood Forest in the
morning. Look at the note that Jon has given you earlier. Do you
remember that there's an Earth crest there? And, after you have
liberated the Earth crest, there will be a hidden path which leds
you to the Wind crest. You will not be able to liberate the Wind
crest until when it is a rainy day on Sky day. Call it Friday, if
you wish. Steamwood Forest will rain from 7 a.m to 12 p.m every
Skyday in the morning. Now, wait until Skyday between 7 a.m to
12 p.m and then go to where the Wind crest is. If it is skyday and
it is raining, you will be able to liberate the Wind crest. After
you have liberated the Wind crest, you will be teleported to a
platform in the sky. Note that, once you come here, there will be
no turning back. Make sure that you have already saved and have at
least 2 files, one in the village and the other one here.

Once you have landed on the platform, you will need to liberate the
three Earth crest on each three platforms surrounding the tower.
Double jump from the circular pathway onto the earth platform and
use the Earth scroll two times on each of these. Remember to use
the Water scroll to create a water shield, just in case you fall.
After liberating, a door will open up in the water ramp. Use the
power of the Water scroll to create a water shield and then go
inside the door.

This takes you to the second floor of the tower. Now, hop onto the
outer walkway. Equip the Fire scroll and double jump onto the inner
platforms. Stand in front of each of the unlit torches and use the
power of the Fire scroll to shoot fireballs to light them up. Once
every torch is lighted, you will be carried to the highest level
of the tower to collect the sky Scroll. Pick up the Sky scroll. The
Sky scroll grants user the ability to float in the air temporary.

At this point of time, Colonel Capricciola comes into the picture
and says that the real Princess Fillet is inside and he wants to
exchange the Princess's life for the Lumina sword. Now, be prepare
to enter the final stage. Inside, you will be expected to meet many
sub-bosses and much tougher enemies that you have never seen. So
avoid using up too much of your items.

Soda Fountain Part I

Treasures: C-Drink,
Enemies  : Pigloter.

When you first enter Soda Fountain, leave your memory in the memory
box. Now, you will need to use the power of your new scroll, the Sky
scroll. The Sky scroll allows you to float temporary in the air. The
area consists of long corridors lined with electrical wiring and
carpented with lethal sludge. If you happen to come too near to the
electrical walls, you will get electrocuted and you will most likely
to fall into the sludge and has to start all over again.

Hold the R1 button until the gauge bar is fulled. After that, press
the Triangle button to use the Sky scroll. Next, hold the X button
to hover in the air. The corridors are very narrow and doesn't have
much space for you to move. The only tip that i can give you is,
while holding the X button, press the directional button one at a
time and not too fast or there is a possibility of coming into
contact with the electrical walls.

After navigating, you will eventually come to a similar area but
there are spikes that turned in the centre of the corridor. Carry
on moving. Timed yourself well so that you can pass the spiked
turnstiles. Make sure that you pick up the treasure chest [C-Drink].
There are two strategies to get through the large spiked tunnel but
before you go, be sure to pick up the treasure chest [W-Gel] to
your left.

Strategy #1

Hover through the tunnel and land in a safe area, while using the
Sky scroll.

Strategy #2

Simply run or double jump across the spikes and holes.

Tips:Ignore the enemies that are found inside the tunnel. Make your
     way along the path and eventually, you will reach the end of
     the tunnel. Enter the door and be prepare to fight Ben, one of
     the mini-boss and one of the members of Leader's Force.

Soda Fountain Part I: Ben

Ben is strong. However, it is quite easy to rule out his pattern.
In fact, i personally think that he is the toughest boss in the
entire members of the Leader's Force. Well, there's only Ben, Ed
and Topo in the Leader's Force. He will start the fight by tossing
bombs onto the ground. After each bomb has exploded, he will start
to throw shurikens, followed by axes at you. Be careful! Try not
to use any recovery items here, if not, at least one. More tougher
bosses await you so you must be stingy with your items.

Here are his attacks and how you should defend against these


Use the power of the Sky scroll to hover in the air, but make sure
that you stay away from the 'about-to-explode' bombs to prevent
getting hit.

Throwing Shurikens

It is much harder to avoid it but you can stand between them or
double jump over it.

Throwing Axes

Similar to throwing Shurikens. Double jump over them carefully.

Here's the Strategy

After Ben has thrown the bombs, then shurikens and finally axes,
this is your chance to counterattack him. However, it is also
quite risky as he will also counterattack you back with his weapon.
This can be avoided by performing double jump out of the way. The
safer way is to use Rumparoni-SP that Knight Rumparoni has taught
you earlier to attack him when his propeller blades rises out. As
long as the propeller is on its way up, he is defenseless and cannot
counterattack you.

Soda Fountain Part II

After defeating Ben, enter the door and you will be prompted to save
your game. After that, you will enter into a new area. However, if 
you look carefully in this area, this is a dead end. But, you should
be able to notice a transparent wall somewhere in the screen. Enter
the transparent wall and strange enough, you will return back to the
same place. However, you will hear a sound and a symbol will appear
on the door that you have just come in through it. Enter the same
door once again. And, you should notice that you have come to a new
place. And, did you notice that the doors here are inscribed with a
certain symbol. Now, do you remember the calender that Mr Govern or
the mayor has given you earlier? If you click on the calender at the
item inventory menu, you should see many symbols. Go through the
doors with the symbols that correspond to the calender, starting
from the left in order all the way to the right.

Note:If you happen to enter the wrong door, you will be transported
     back to the beginning area and you will have to start all over
     again. Well, there aren't any enemies here, so don't waste your


You might want to give it a try before you continue reading the faq.
Below is a spoiler and you might want to explore Soda Fountain Part
II on your own. There is one thing which i have forgotten to mention
it to you. There are lot of hidden paths that led to the correct door
that you want to go. So search carefully for the door that matches
the correct symbols. If you are stuck, then read below for more

First Room

Head to the far right and you will be able to see a door inscribed
with the Earth symbol. Enter that door.

Second Room

While standing on the switch, equip the Earth scroll and then use
the power of the Earth scrool to stomp on the switch. It will then
trigger out a platform that covers the pit, thus enable you to
cross. Keep walking to your right until you reach the furthest end
and you will see a door inscribed with the Wind symbol. Well, Don't
enter that door. It is not the correct door. The correct door is at
the far right. Use the power of the Earth scroll and stomp on the
switch four times. The platform on the right will come down, thus
enabling you to go to the right path, which will lead to a door.
Enter the door.

Third Room

In the third room, you need to use the Sky scroll. You should see
many spikes on the ground. Use the power of the Sky scroll to let
yourself hover above the spikes, so that you can reach the other
side, without getting hurt by the spikes. There will be a door at
the farthest right. Well, don't enter that door. It is there to
trick you. You should notice that there are spikes, just below you.
Well, this is what you should do. Just use the power of the Sky
scroll to hover above the spikes and the spikes will start to slide
in. Then, stop pressing X and you will fall down. Once you fall
down, you should see a door, that is inscribed with a "D" shaped

Fourth Room

You must put your swinging ability to the test. You should see three
poles that are protruded out of the wall. Swing from the lowest pole
to the highest pole and then jump to the highest platform to your
right. The door is on the top-right hand side of the screen and is
inscribed with the Fire symbol. If you fall down while swinging, you
will have to take the exit on the bottom right and then start all
over again from the first room.

Tips:You will have to depend on yourself as it is designed to test
     your swinging and jumping skills. There isn't any advice that
     i can give to guide you. The technique is to swing as high as
     possible, so as to let you jump higher. Note that you should
     have mastered double jump by now. Also, watch out for the
     direction where you are swinging.

Fifth Room

Use the power of the Fire scroll to shoot fireballs to light up the
two posts. Once the two posts are lighted, this causes the platform
to cover the pit and the large block across the pit will start to
move up and down, like an elevator. Go right. You should also see a
door. Well, don't enter that door. The correct door is actually found
on the top-left hand corner of the screen and it is inscribed with
the Water symbol. Make use of the movable block to carry you up to
the top-left platform. Note that if you use the Sky scroll to hover
over the pit, the block will remain stationary and you will not be
able to reach the correct door.

Sixth Room

Use the power of the Water scroll to extinguish the flames on the
four post. Don't enter the door on the top-left hand corner of the
screen. After you have extingushed the four posts, the platform will
retact. Use the power of the Water scroll and jump down to the river
and then quickly land on the platform to your right. Next, head right
to enter the door, that is inscribed with the Water symbol.

Seventh Room

Upon entering the seventh room, simply enter the door to your left.
Notice that this area looks quite similar to the first room? After
that, enter the door again and you will come to a new area. Note
that there will also be a fan on your left side to prevent you from
reaching. And, there's a wide gap between two platforms. Don't get
knocked off the platform or you will have to start all over again
from the first room. Instead, use the power of the Wind scroll to
create a cyclone and head left. When you are near the edge, press
the X button to jump over the gap to the other side. Make sure you
keep pressing the Square or Triangle button to continue to create
a cyclone, while you press the X button to jump. Once you reach the
other side, you should find a door. Enter it.

Eighth Room

This is the most tricky part of all. Luckily, this is the last room.
I wonder how am i going to show you without the map. Anyway, the
exit is on the lowest right of the screen. You should see spikes
below. Jump down and be prepare to use the power of the Sky scroll.
And then, hover right across the spikes. Hover down again and then
go left. There will be a door that will lead you to Ed.

Soda Fountain Part II: Ed

Ed is by far the easiest boss that you will ever encounter in Soda
Fountain. It is possible to defeat him unhurt. He will first start
to power up and then shoot a laser beam. You cannot attack Ed when
the beam is activated as there is a shield protecting him. However,
you can easily double jump over the beam to avoid it or use the
power of the Water scroll to create a shield to absorb a single hit
of the laser beam. Just jump in circular manner around Ed as he
powers up the beam. Ed can teleport and when that happens, it is
impossible to hit him. Instead, after firing the laser beam, he
will be exhausted and this is the chance for you to attack you. Use
your normal attacks or Crosswise technique to attack him. This will
cause him to teleport around the arena and then drop fire bombs,
which will then explode into large fireballs. Don't worry! The fire
bombs are easy to dodge. Repeat this strategy and you should defeat
him very soon. If possible, don't use a single item.

Soda Fountain Part III

Treasure: C-Drinks x2,
Enemies : Big Walker, Blue Bincholoid Soldier 2H, Green Bincholoid
          Soldier 4H, Laser Turret, Orange Bincholoid Soldier 3H,
          Pigloter, Red Bincholoid Soldier 1H, Steel Door.

Note:At this point of time in the game, your BP will then start to
     decrease, but your HP will not rise. I wonder why?

Now, here comes the tougher enemies.

Tips:There are two abilities that you should consider assimilated.
     One is the 3-way ability from the Blue Bincholoid Soldier 2H
     and another is the Homing ability from an Orange Bincholoid
     Soldier 3H. Both abilities will come in handy as long range
     attacks. These assimilated ability can be a source of help,
     especially when your HP is running low. The enemies here,
     have very strong attacks here and high HP. The bad thing
     is that most enemies here use long range attack and can be
     quite hard to avoid sometimes. The good thing is that most
     enemies are very slow, not ALL.

Homing Ability

It has an auto lock-on feature and will target the nearest enemy.
Besides, the enemies here, are mostly quite slow and cannot dodge
well. Besides, it inflicts greater damage than the 3-way ability.
The disadvantage is that Homing ability consumes 10 BP for a shot,
twice that of the 3-way ability.

3-way Ability

3-way ability consumes 5 BP, which is twice less than that of the
Homing ability. Besides, each shot will fire three bullets in three
different directions at one go. The disadvantage is that the 3-way
ability doesn't have an auto lock-on, and therefore, doesn't target
enemy automatically. You will have to aim at your enemies yourself.
Another disadvantage is that the 3-way ability inflicts slightly
lesser damage than the Homing ability.

Choose Homing ability over 3-way ability. I find the Homing ability
much more useful than the 3-way ability, especially when you fight
the cone-shaped mechanism later on. Well, you will know what i mean
later on.

First Courtyard

Tips:As you know, you need to defeat the enemy at least once, in
     order to buy its action figure. Since the enemies here are
     quite tough and do a great deal of damage, you might want to
     defeat each type of enemies once and then avoid them so that
     after you have completed the game, you can save and replay
     to buy all the action figures that you have missed. The good
     thing about these enemies, is that most enemies leave behind
     plenty of heart tablets, bincholons or both, after they have
     been defeated.

Now, are you ready? You are now in a courtyard. Follow the path
and keep going up the screen. Make sure that you assimilate 
either the Blue Bincholoid Soldier 2H for 3-way ability or the
Orange Bincholoid Soldier 3H for the Homing ability. Eventually,
you will see two statues. Defeat those statues for extra heart
tablets and bincholons. Take note that while you are attacking
the statues, the enemies will also attack you using their long
range attacks. Next, keep moving up until you eventually reach
the security gates. You should see two laser turrets on each
side of the gate door. These two laser turrets will target you
with a beam and then damaging you with a ray at that spot. You
can avoid getting hurt by just performing double jump from side
to side. All i can tell you is that the targetting looks a bit
like the stinger missiles used in Metal Gear Solid. Simply use
your swords and keep attacking the gate. Eventually, the gate
will be destroyed and you can then advance furthur. Also, please
refrain from getting hurt too much. Preferably, not using a single
item here.

Tips:Try using the Desperado technique to attack the gate door.
     This is a good time to master this technique. If not, try
     using the Lumina sword by pressing the Triangle button to

Second Courtyard

In the second courtyard, immediately head to the left to find a
new courtyard. This is the first time that you will encounter Big
Walker. For your information, Big Walker actually looks like a
red mechanical robot, which can split flames at you. Furthermore,
Big Walker is very agile as it can move very fast. The best way
to attack Big Walker is from behind it. Try using Lumina sword to
attack by pressing the Triangle button. Should you get hit, the
flame thrower will instantly cause you over 70 HP. Once you have
defeated the Big Walker, the Big Walker will explode and leave
plenty of heart tablets and bincholons. Eventually, you will come
across the a gate again. Use the same strategy as just now to
destroy the gate, in order to advance.

Garden Maze

After destroying the gate, you should eventually find yourself
inside a garden maze. The maze isn't that hard. Should i make
an ASCII map? Well, i think you should be able to handle it
yourself but there are certain things, which i think you must
remember here. There are quite a number of heart tablets and
bincholons, that are scattered almost everywhere. Be sure to
take all of them before you go. This is the time to replenish
all of your health without using any items. The enemies here
range from easy to difficult. Most of the soldiers here, are
the Red Bincholoid Soldiers 1H that carry a sword each as
weapon. So, use long range attacks. The assimilated abilities
such as the 3-way and Homing abilities are very useful here.
The rest are mainly the Blue Bincholoid Soldiers 2H. Next,
there is a treasure chest [Ex-Drink] in the middle-right hand
corner of the screen. Make sure that you open the treasure
chest. The exit to the Garden Maze is at the top of the screen.
Easy, right?

Back To Courtyard

Once you make it through the maze, you will find yourself in
another courtyard. This time, there are laser turrets hidden
in the trees. The two hidden turrets are found in the first
two trees that you will come across when you go left from the
entrance. Find the gate in the upper-left hand corner and use
the same strategy to advance. It gets more and more harder as
the number of enemies tend to increase. Advance to the next
courtyard and you will see beam generators on both sides of
the fence. They can sometimes be quite helpful because they,
not only damage you, but also damage your enemies as well.
Don't forget that!!! In other words, they hit anyone at random.
Just don't go too close to it and you will be all right. Wait
untill it has destroy some of your enemies, then kill the beam
generators. Destroy the security gates and then continue your
way up.

In the next courtyard, the statues will start to target at you.
Destroy these two statues and they will leave behind plenty of
heart tablets and bincholons. After destroying these two statues,
advance your way through two more security gates. After you have
destroyed the second security gate, you should then see a Blue
Bincholoid Soldier 2H. Kill it and continue your way up the path.
Eventually, you will come to a cliff. Climb your way up the cliff.
Be careful because while you are climbing up the cliff, you might
be targeted. When this happens, try climbing from side to side to
avoid getting hurt.

After you have climbed up the cliff, you should see four laser
turrets, which will target at you and a fountain in the centre
of the screen. Now, DO NOT DESTROY the fountain if you have not
destroyed all the four laser turrets. What you should do is,
destroy the four laser turrets one by one. Whatever order is
actually fine. Destroying these laser turrets will leave behind
some heart tablets and bincholons. Next, go to the centre of the
screen and destroy the fountain to reveal an elevator. After the
fountain has been destroyed, wait for a while and the elevator
will then start to carry two Big Walkers up one by one. Kill the
two Big Walkers. Try not to get hurt. Kill each one for a heart
tablet, which will then regain 50 HP each. Finally, take the
elevator to descend down into a new area.

In The Interior

You should find yourself in a new area now. You must cross a bridge
and make your way up, if not, the quickest way is to use the power
of the Sky scroll to allow you to float temporary to the far side
towards a bridge that connects to the two sides of the room. Land
yourself on the bridge and then use the Sky scroll to hover to the
far side of the room. If you fall into one of the narrow pathways
below, you will have to double jump to grab the pole and then swing
the pole, and double jump to the higher platform. You will also
need to avoid the steam geysers and enemies along the way. Take note 
that there is only one heart tablet and one Bincholon here. Be sure
to take them. Be prepare to enter into the next area.

In the next area, you will find yourself in a room, that is filled
with cylinders. Destroy those cylinders to either reveal enemies
or powers up like heart tablets or Bincholons. There aren't actually
many enemies here, that are hidden inside the cylinders. The only
enemies here, that are hidden inside the cylinders, are the Red
Bincholoid Soldiers 1H. Take all the neccessary power ups and stop
destroying the cylinders once your HP and BP are both fulled. You
might want to save these powers-ups later to replenish your health
after you have destroyed the steel door later on. Upon reaching the
farthest end, climb the stairs and eventually, you will come to a
steel door. The steel door will be locked and is equipped with
powerful machine guns. It's hard to avoid the bullets but you can
defend against it by holding the R1 button. Destroy the steel door
by using the Lumina Rotation. After destroying the steel door, enter
the door into the next area and you will encounter something similar.
Destroy the steel door and you will come into a new area.

Tips:Since you know that furthur up in front, is a steel door that
     is equipped with powerful machines guns, first destroy some
     of the enemies there using long range attacks like the Homing
     ability or 3-way ability. So that when you move forward to
     fight the steel door, there will be lesser enemies and the
     chances of getting hurt more often will be lesser.

Notice that there is an elevator there? The elevator at the next
end will not move until you have destroyed the cone-shaped machine
in the circular platform. Did you notice that the cone-shaped
machine fires a laser beam in a circular manner? Avoid the lasers
by performing a double jump when the laser is coming towards you.
Use a long range attack to attack the black panel, that is in front
of the machine such as shooting fireballs using the Fire scroll or
the Homing ability. The best attack, in my opinion, is actually the
Homing ability. Simply fire a few shots when you have the Homing
ability and the cone-shaped machine will be destroyed very soon.
Once the cone-shaped machine is destroyed, you can take the elevator
that is to your left. Upon taking the elevator to the top, you will
meet another steel door. Use the same technique and after passing
this door, it's time to meet Topo, one of the members of Leader's

Soda Fountain Part III: Topo

The fight with Topo is considered one of the most innovative boss
fight that i have ever seen in Brave Fencer Musashi. It is much
like Musashi meets Parappa. [Perhaps, i exaggerate too much!!!]
Topo decides to challenge you to a dance. After all, Topo is a
girl. For those who has played Parappa the Rapper before, this
shouldn't be quite hard for you. All you need is to follow what
Topo does and if you manage to follow Topo correctly, without
making any mistake in three dances, you will win. The good thing
is you only repeat the dance that you make a mistake in. For
example, if you make a mistake in dance number 2, you only start
from dance number 2, and not dance number 1. However, the control
and the style are slightly different from Parappa the Rapper.

Topo will first begin by performing a button pattern dance using
the symbols on the controller. If Topo steps on X symbol, you will
then have to press the X button. She will demonstrate only once
and the second time will be your turn to follow her. If you press
a wrong button/ too fast/ too slow, the dance will stop immediately
and she will open up the three small fans on the walls, which will
blow you back into an electric field, thus costing you 36 HP of
damage. You will then have to start all over again. The damage is 
unavoidable, so try not to make any mistake, if possible. There are
a total of three songs. So, here's the control for you to rap.

S: Square Button.
T: Triangle Button.
O: Circle Button.
X: X Button.

The three songs are:
|Dance Number |Control                                            |
|     1       |S, T, O, X, S, T, X, O, S, T, O, X, S, T, O, X, S. |
|     2       |X, O, T, S, X, O, T, O, X, O, T, S, X, X, O, O, S. |
|     3       |X, T, O, S, X, T, O, X, X, T, O, S, X, X, T, T, S. |

Wow! So many to r...ra..rap!

Actually, each song gets more harder as the rhythm is faster. It's
no use looking at the buttons here and press the buttons. You have
to follow Topo step by step. If you are good, you may be able to
complete three dances without getting hurt. Who knows? "YOU GOTTA
BELIEVE!"- Parappa the Rappa's famous quotation.

After you have defeated Topo, Topo will then reveal to you that you
were lured to here by the Leader's Force to help them beat the final
Crest Guardian. Thanks to Musashi for beating the Crest Guardian.
And... And the journey continues. Sense something amiss? After you
have left, you heard Topo mumbling about Captain Capricciola.

After successfully completing three songs, you will get to continue
your quest. Hop onto the elevator and you will be taken to a new
area. Pick up the two C-Drinks from the two treasure chests. After
that, enter the door and you will be prompted to save your journey
on a memory card. After that, you will find yourself on a long
spiral staircase. Capricciola appears in front of you as he holds
the real Princess Fillet as hostage. No matter what, you must save
Princess Fillet. Continue your way up the spiral staircase and you
will come to some sort of a warp portal. Enter it and you will find
yourself in a new area. In here, the final Crest Guardian, The Tower
Of Death awaits you. Hold on there. Just a few more to go now.

Crest Guardian: *Tower Of Death*

The fight with the final Crest Guardian, Tower Of Death is another 
innovative and perhaps the most strangest boss fight that you will
ever have. Upon entering the tower, the Sky scroll will mysteriously
activate itself automatically, in order to keep Musashi floating in
the air. The meter, as shown by the gauge bar on the left side of
the screen will not drop at all, meaning that you can float as long
as you want in the air until the Crest Guardian, Tower Of Death is
defeated. You can also press the X button and release the X button
to adjust your altitude. The eye or torso, which is blue in colour
will appear randomly at different levels of the tower. You have to
search for this blue torso and hit it using your Lumina sword by
pressing the Triangle button. It may sound easy but just watch
out!!! It's not as easy as you think.

Below shows the description of the various attacks that Crest
Guardian: Tower Of Death will use on you. There are three main

Spinning Walls

The walls will spin around the tower in a circular manner. Some
levels spin in opposite directions of another. Avoid coming into
contact with the walls as it will take away 20 HP. You think it's
easy? Not really!!!

Electric Beams

The tower will change shape first and then to start to emit electric
beams from some protruding walls after being inflicting some damage.
This can be easily avoided by floating in the same direction as the
walls or dropping down levels when cleared.


Occasionally, the tower will eventually stop spinning for a while
and then, you should notice that several eyes are revealed. After
that, the eye will then be closed again. And, few moments later,
all the eyes that are opened just now, will be opened again, with
the exception of one that is being closed. The opened eye will
start to emit large red fields and when come into contact, can
take away around 32 HP and cause Musashi to confuse. When confused,
Musashi will mess up his direction. For example, if you press the
Left button, Musashi will move right instead and if you try to make
Musashi ascend, Musashi will descend. Basically, all the commands
will be reversed. But, do not fear! This is just temporary. What
you have to do is to find the eye that is close and stay near it
and you will be able to avoid the large red fields. However, it
depends on luck also.

Here's the Strategy

The tower will first use the spinning walls attack pattern, follow
by electric beams. When his HP is low, he will then use the eyes
attack and after that use any randomly selected attack. Try not to
use any recovery items, if not, use at least once. Now, your main
objective is to avoid getting hurt as possible, while searching for
the blue torso and hit it using your Lumina sword by pressing the
Triangle button as soon as possible. Note that once you hit the blue
torso, it will disappear again and will change to another position.
Therefore, you have to look for the blue torso again. Also, take note
that if you take too long to hit the blue torso using your Lumina
sword by pressing the Triangle button, the blue torso may disappear
and shift to another position. A few hits using your Lumina sword on
the blue torso and the Crest Guardian, Tower Of Death will be K.O.
Once you have defeated the Crest Guardian, Tower Of Death, your HP
and BP will be completely restored. Now, you have two more bosses
to go. Keep it up!!!


Do not read below if you have not reached here yet. It is a spoiler
as below will reveal all the major developments in the plot. Avoid
reading it!!! I have warned you. Assuming you have just reached this
part for the first time after you have defeated the Crest Guardian,
Tower Of Death, my advice is don't read below. Discover everything

After you have defeated the final Crest Guardian, Tower Of Death,
your HP and BP will be completely restored and your max BP will
increase by 25. Note that the maximum HP and BP can only be up to
500. By now, you should have 500 HP and 500 BP if you have saved
everyone from the bincho field and found all the minkus.

Once the Crest Guardian, Tower Of Death is defeated, the Sky crest
will be revealed and you can liberate the Sky crest now. Just as
you are about to liberate the Sky crest, Colonel Cappriciola, Fuhrer
Flatski and Princess Fillet enters the scene. Fuhrer Flatski orders
Colonel Cappriciola to get the Lumina sword from Musashi but he
refuses to do so. To everyone's surprise, Cappriciola turns up to
be Jon, the treasure hunter. Cappriciola then reveals that he has
been waiting for a chance to kill Fuhrer Flatski to revenge his
parents. That's it! Jon is the prince of the Thirstquencher Empire.
Fuhrer Flatski killed his parents to seize the throne.

Rootrick suddenly attacks Jon from behind. And, Princess Fillet
is then being held as hostage to threaten Musashi to give Fuhrer
Flatski his Lumina sword. On seeing that Princess Fillet is in
danger, Musashi has no choice but to submit to their request.

After Fuhrer Flatski has gotten the Lumina sword, he then starts to
liberate the Sky crest. To everyone's surprise, the seal to the Dark 
Lumina is then broken and a gigantic creature appears. Jon then tells
Musashi that the legendary Brave Fencer Musashi once sealed the Dark
Lumina into a sword and divided its power into five legendary scrolls
and summoned five Crest Guardians to protect the scrolls. Now that
the seal is broken, Dark lumina is back again to destruction.

Fuhrer Flatski thought that he could use the power of the Dark Lumina
to dominate the world but to his surprise, the Dark Lumina does not
obey him, and instead stomp Furher Flatski and later, Jon to death.
Before Jon dies, he asked Musashi to take care of his beloved dog,

Now, only one man can stop this world crisis and he is Musashi. Just
as Musashi is about to leave the place, Lumina sword appears in front
of him and Musashi takes the sword with him. Now, do you know why you
were lured to Soda Fountain here to fight the Crest Guardian, Tower
Of Death? Because Fuhrer Flatski knew that noone couldn't defeat the
Crest Guardians, except Musashi. Therefore, it was no use getting the
Lumina sword, without having all the Crest Guardians defeated as he
could not set the Dark Lumina freed to help him dominate the world.
However, an evil person like him would receive his retribution.

Now, Dark Lumina is chasing after Musashi.

Dark Lumina Part I: Wizard Of Darkness

Well, don't worry! This part is not a boss fight. However, Dark
Lumina: Wizard Of Darkness will keep chasing behind you, destroying
buildings that obstruct his path. If you don't run fast, you might
fall and you have to start all over again. Don't worry! There are
unlimited continues but you waste time if you start all over again.
Get that? Well, i really don't know why SquareSoft loves this sort
of chasing event. Never mind about this now!

The first part of the chasing is pretty simple. Simply keep running
left and make sure that you keep performing a double jump. This is
because the walkway will be destroyed by Dark Lumina: Wizard Of
Darkness, whom is chasing behind you. If you don't perform a double
jump onto a higher platform, there's a possibility of falling and
as a result, you have to start all over again. Eventually, you will
come into an arena. To your surprise, Princess Fillet is being held
as hostage by Kojiro.

Kojiro threatens Musashi to a duel, if not, he will not let Princess
Fillet off. But, this is really not the time now for a duel. Dark
Lumina: Wizard Of Darkness is on his way here. They should run away
as soon as possible. Unfortuately, stubborn Kojiro won't change his

Just then, Dark Lumina: Wizard Of Darkness comes into the picture.
He absorbed Kojiro [don't know why?] and he transforms into his
second form, Dark Lumina Part II. [He looks like a gigantic green
lizard now.] Princess Fillet is then blown away to a tower. Now,
the second part of the chase begins. This time, it's more harder
and of course, more challenging. You can't afford to slow down at

Keep running and don't wait. The good news is at this point of time,
you only restart from the second part of the chase if you happen to
fall. At the base of the tower, remember to use double jump and keep
jumping to your right to get onto the ledge. Maintain this way. Well,
I don't have any tips to give you. But, if you maintain consistency
this way, you should be able to reach the top of the tower. Just a
ledge before you reach the top of the tower, you should see Princess
Fillet. She asks you to defeat the Dark Lumina, if not, peace will
never return. Once you reach the peak of the tower, the fight with
Dark Lumina Part II begins. Without any doubt, i feel that this is
one of the hardest fight, if not, the hardest of all.

Dark Lumina Part II

In my opinion, Dark Lumina Part II is the hardest boss i have ever
fought in this entire game. Well, you only have him and one more
boss to defeat. So, keep it up!!! Before that, here are some of the
things that you should take note of before you fight.

1)Always stay to Dark Lumina Part II left side, which is to your
  right side.
2)Don't go behind Dark Lumina Part II.
3)Work out a fighting pattern.

Dark Lumina Part II has some very distinct way of attacking you,
which is very hard to avoid. It will grab you with his right arm
and toss you onto the ground for about 13 HP, which is most likely
to make you fall off the platform for more further damage. That
is why i say that you must stay to Dark Lumina Part II left side,
which is to your right side. You don't want him to grab you, right?
If Dark Lumina Part II fails to grab you, good for you as he will
remain in that position for a few seconds, making him defenseless.
However, if you still stand too close to his right arm, chances of
him grabbing you is still quite high. Dark Lumina Part II also has
a tail that sweeps over a large area for about 45 HP to 60 HP of
damage. Typically, it will use this attack if you stand too close
to him for too long. Try to double jump to avoid it.

Here's the Strategy

Hit the blue orb on his forehead. Each time you attack, it changes
colour from blue, then pink, and finally red. When it turns red,
attack the orb on his forehead for one more time and he will either
send shockwaves or splits fireballs at you.  If Dark Lumina Part II
uses shockwaves, he will jump and when he lands down, he will send
two powerful shockwaves. Avoid these two powerful shockwaves by
performing double jump. If you get injured by the shockwaves, it is
very likely that you will fall off the platform and you will have to
start all over again and hit the orb on his forehead. Avoid sending
too close to him if Dark Lumina Part II splits fireball at you. What
you should do is wait at one corner. Once Dark Lumina Part II has
finished using either one of these attacks, attack the orb on his
forehead and this should inflict some damage on him. His life bar
will decrease and the orb on his forehead will turn blue, so that
you have to hit the orb again four times to inflict another damage.
Repeat this strategy until Dark Lumina Part II dies.

Question:How do i attack the orb in the forehead?

First Strategy

Stay away from Dark Lumina Part II a reasonable distance from you
until he charges at you. When Dark Lumina Part II fails to grab
you with his right arm, jump from his left, which is to your right
to hit the orb or use the power of the Sky scroll to float and hit
the orb.

Second Strategy

Keep to Dark Lumina Part II's left side, which is to your right
side. When Dark Lumina Part II charges at you, do a quick jump
and make sure that you hit the orb on his forehead. It is either
you hit his orb or he grabs you. Get what i mean? This strategy
is more risker than the first.

Third Strategy

First, use the Sky scroll to float. Note that you can still perform
a double jump, even if you are using a sky scroll. Double jumo and
float to hit his forehead without taking damage. If you are very
quick, you might be able to hit his orb up to a maximum of four
times with just only one scroll charge. To avoid his firewaves,
just carefully time yourself and perform double jump. When he is
about to charge up to split fireballs at you, run straight towards
him. When he starts to shoot, run left and then in a circular manner
back to his head inside the arc of the fireballs. However, you must
really act fast, if not, you might get hit by the fireballs. That
way, you don't get hit that easily and you are perfectly positioned
to hit him when he drops his head to the ground.

Once I discovered this strategy, I didn't take another hit in the
whole battle.

Tips:To dodge his fireballs, go right beside his head when he is
     shooting it. The fireballs shoots out in front and goes to
     the side only, so it can't get you

Once you have defeated Dark Lumina Part 2, you will fight the final
boss, Dark Lumina Part III: Finale.

Dark Lumina Part III: Finale

Dark Lumina Part III: Finale, in my opinion, is easier than fighting
Dark Lumina Part II. Simply attack Dark Lumina Part III: Finale when
his body turns white by using Fusion. It is the same way that you
assimilate an enemy. Hold R1 until the gauge bar is fulled and then
press the Square button to send out the Fusion sword. If the Fusion
sword hits Dark Lumina Part III: Finale when his body is white in
colour, keep tapping the Square button to fill the gauge bar and you
should notice that Dark Lumina Part III: Finale is shrinking and
eventually turned into a small orb. Attack this orb and this will
cause him damage. His lifebar will decrease. After that, it will
create whirlwind and lure you to the orb, causing you damage. To
avoid being hurt, use the Wind scroll to create a cyclone to avoid
it. After that, Dark Lumina Part III: Finale will regain to normal
self. It will start changing colour. It will first begin with Fire
Rain, Sword Waves, Hurricane Winds, Dark Clones, Fire Shockwaves,
Big Rain and back to Fire Rain. When his body is not white in colour,
you cannot assimilate him. The strategy is avoid all his attacks and
be prepare to assimilate him when his body turns white. After that,
Dark Lumina Part III: Finale will turn into an orb. Attack the orb
to cause him damage and immediately switch to Wind scroll to avoid
being sucked into the orb. Then, repeat the same procedure until
Dark Lumina Part III: Finale dies. Meanwhile, read below to see
what attacks that Dark Lumina Part III: Finale will use.

Red         Fire Rain
It is quite easy to dodge. Watch the ground for shadows. Dodge and
then get ready to attack when he turns white.

Purple      Sword Waves
You can dodge the sword waves by performing double jumps. Sword
Waves cause quite a lot of damage.

Green       Hurricane Winds
The Hurricane Winds don't attack Musashi directly. Instead, it will
try to blow Musashi off the platform. Use your Wind scroll to create
a cyclone to avoid being blown off the platform.

Light Blue  Dark Clones
This is much harder to dodge. When Dark Lumina Part III: Finale
spits into many clone-forms, they will charge at you in straight
lines through the centre of the circle. Avoid by double jump. Each
hit cost around 40 HP of damage and is by far one of the most severe

Yellow      Fire Shockwaves
It resembles the Dark Lumina Part II's Fire Shockwave, if not, they
are the same. Double jump over it. If Musashi gets hit, he will fall
over the platform.

Dark Blue   Big Rain
The Big Rain attack is slightly harder to dodge than the Fire Rain
attack. When large drops of water droplets fall onto ground, they
splits into several smaller drops of rain.

Congratulations!!!! You have completed the game. Watch and enjoy the
game ending and credits as you will see Musashi seal the Dark Lumina
into the sword. When the Squaresoft Logo appears, be sure to press
the X button to save. You will then restart from chapter 6 again but
all your saved record will be changed to Fin instead. You will be
able to buy series 6 action figures and special action figures that
you have missed earlier. Rescue all 35 palace members and find all
13 minkus if you have not done so. Be sure to read up the section
on elusive action figure to find out how you should unlock certain
special action figures.

Note:Everytime you complete the game and reload from FIN save, be
     sure to visit the Grocery shop because during this time at
     1900 on skyday, the Grocery shop will be having a sale. Make
     full use of that to stock up your item inventory.

Note:Please read the elusive action figure section and the three
     endings secret if you have not done so. I have already gotten
     all action figures, including Jon and Leno and Dlumina 3.
Phew!!!! I never thought that this Brave Fencer Musashi faqs will take
me so long to type. I need a long break after this. Feel free to give
me comments and contribute anything. Credits will be given. I guess i
have covered all the areas that you need to know about Brave Fencer
Musashi. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at this
address, [email protected]

advanced tutorial guide

Village shops
Open from 7am to 7pm,closed Thursday
|Item                |Cost/Sale             |Description                 |
|Rye Bread           |  80/50               |Restores 25 BP.             |
|Bagel               | 120/90               |Restores 50BP.              |
|Scone               | 150/120              |Restores 150BP.             |
|Milk                |  70/40               |Restores 10 BP and 10 HP.   |
|Biscuit             | 300/270              |Restores 100 BP,won't spoil.|
|Jam bread           | 450/420              |Restores 300BP.             |

Each day the bakery is open,they will have a sale from 6pm to 7pm.
Make full use of that.

Note:All bread and milk(except the biscuit will spoil after three to five 
     days in your inventory.Milk will become spoiled milk after five days 
     and become yogurt after several days later.The same goes to bread 
     become Ol'bread and then Rot Bread after several days.As these items 
     rot,it will become less and less effective.
Grocery Store
Open daily from 10am to 8pm.

|Item                |Cost/sale             |Description                   |
|Gel                 | 150/120              |Restores 80HP.                |
|W-gel               | 250/200              |Restores 150HP.               |
|C-Drink             | 500/400              |Restores 250HP and 5BP.       |
|S-revive            |3000/2400             |Automatically revives Musashi | 
|                    |                      |and fully recover HP and BP.  |
|Mint                | 120/90               |Reduces tiredness by 50%,and  |
|                    |                      |restores 5BP.                 |
|Antidote            | 250/200              |Removes poison and restores   |
|                    |                      |5BP.                          |
|Cheese              | 390/310              |Restores HP and BP;more       |
|                    |                      |effective if kept long.       |
|H-mint              | 200/160              |Reduces tiredness by 90%      |
|Ex-Drink            | 500/640              |Fully recover HP and 5 BP     |
|Orange              | 300/240              |Restores 30HP and 10 BP       |
|Riceball            | 320/250              |Restores 150 HP and BP        |
|Neatball            | 520/410              |Restores 300 HP and BP        |

*Sometimes,the shop will have sale.Make full use of that.

Note:All items sold in the grocery will not spoil,except orange changes to   
     Sporange,Riceball changes to Sour ball and Neatball changes to Mold
     ball after three to five days.
Open everyday in 24 hours
|Room            |Cost           |Description                              |
|201             |210            |8 hours rest,fully restores BP and 100HP.|
|202             |390            |8 hours rest,fully restores BP and 250HP.|
|203             |550            |8 hours rest,fully restores BP,HP;Cures  | 
|                |               |poison.                                  |

The inn is always available all the time. You are welcomed to rest
anytime but beware that each sleep will take away 8 hours of your time.
Open from 6pm to 2am,closed on Sunday
|Meal           |Cost             |Description                   |
|Juice          | 300             |5 HP restore.                 |
|Pea Soup       | 450             |100HP and 50BP restore.       |
|cake           | 600             |150HP and 100BP restore.      |
|Gravy          | 800             |150HP and 200BP restore.      |
|Salad          | 800             |200HP and 150BP restore.      |
|Lasagna        |1000             |250HP and 300BP restore.      |
|Pork chops     |1200             |Completely restores HP and BP.|

#The restaurant is mainly used for earning extra Dran by playing cards 
with Macho.It's also used for reentering the basement by talking to
Mannick after Chapter 3.
Open from 12pm to 8pm,closed Wednesday

Series1     Series2    Series3   Series4  Series5    Series6    Special
Musashi     Soldier3   R-Vambie  Penguin  GiAnt      Soldier1H  Fillet
Bee Plant  Herb Plant V-Soldier Haya wolf Toad stool Soldier2H  Jon and Leno
Soldier 1  KManeater   Bowler    Slowguy  Ed & Ben   Soldier3H  Mom Minku
Soldier 2   Magician  Cure Worm  S-Golem  Topo       Big walker Kojiro
Rootrick    Sleepie    Bubbles  Ginger-E  Col-Capri  Flatski    Dlumina1
Stknight   Skullpion  R-keeper  F-Dragon  Queen Ant  T.O.D      Dlumina2

Note:The price of the toy varies depending on when you purchase the toy.The 
     longer the time,you buy the figure when it is available,the more Drans 
     you would have to spent.
Treasure List

Unappraised       Appraised           Value         Location
Old Crown         Cakepan              150          Somnolent Forest 
Old Book          Comic                400          Twinpeak Mt
Dagger            Penknife             800          Twinpeak Mt
Bracelet          L-Brace              n/A          Hell's Valley
Aged Coin         Gold Coin            10           Steamwood
Rock              Crystal             2500       at the peak of Twinpeak Mt
Old Glove         A-glove              700          Underground Lake
Shield            Frisbee              120          Restaurant Basement
Cloth             L-Cloth              N/A          Restaurant Basement
Old Sword         Shovel               780          Restaurant Basement
Old Pipe          Flute                 10          Restaurant Basement
Helmet            Bedpan                70          Restaurant Basement
Powder            Soap                  50          Restaurant Basement
Odd Hat           Pie Plate            350          Restaurant Basement
Ugly-Belt         L-Belt               N/A          Restaurant Basement
Used Boot         A-Boots             1200          Inside the Well
Old Shirt         L-Vest               N/A          Inside the Well
Armor             Large Pot            470          Inside the Well
Glasses           L-Goggles            N/A          Somnolent Forest
Long Tube         Big Straw           4500          Frozen Palace
Red Shoes         L-Shoes              N/A          Frozen Palace
Red Cloth         E-Undies             10           Frozen Palace
Wh-Cloth          B-Undies             10           Frozen Palace
Bl-Cloth          T-Hanky             2000          Frozen Palace
Lrg Tool          Pickaxe              750          Upper Mine
Odd Bone          Baton                200          Upper Mine

*Note the value may change depend on Conner's mood.

Other Chest

|Treasure     |Location                                                  |
|Memory Box   |Mine,below the first fan.                                 |
|Memory Box   |Restaurant Basement.                                      |
|Memory Box   |At Twinpeak Mt after crossing the river with three poles. |
|Memory Box   |Entrance of Frozen Palace.                                |
|Memory Box   |Right before you fought with Froze Dragon.                |
|Memory Box   |Right before you fought with Queen Ant.                   |
|Memory Box   |Entrance of Soda Fountain Part I.                         |
|500 Dran     |Chest in forest south of town (after Steamwood).          |
|500 Dran     |Island of Dragons, near Fire Scroll.                      |
|300 Dran     |Restaurant Basement, bowl wall on right path.             |
|200 Dran     |Twinpeak Mt. just before where you climb with Rootrick.   |
|200 Dran     |Left ledge on way to Hell's Valley (raft or Water Scroll).|
|C-Drink      |Soda Fountain Part I.                                     |
|W-Gel        |Soda Fountain Part I.                                     |
|Ex-Drink     |Soda Fountain Part III.                                   |
|C-Drinkx2    |Soda Fountain Part III.                                   |


Item name/Where?      Description                                  Cost/Sell
Gel/Grocery           80HP                                           150/120
W-gel/Grocery         150HP                                          250/200
C-Drink/Grocery       250HP and 5BP                                  500/400
Ex-Drink/Grocery      Fully restores HP and BP                       800/640
S-revive/Grocery      Auto revives and restore HP and BP           3000/2400 
Mint/Grocery          Reduces tiredness by 50% and recover 5BP       100/90
H-mint/Grocery        Reduces tiredness by 90% and recover 5BP       200/160
Antidote/Grocery      Cures poison and restores 5BP                  250/200
Cheese/Grocery        More effectivly if kept long;restore HP and BP 390/310
Rye Bread/Breadshop   25BP                                           120/90
Bagel/Breadshop       50BP                                           150/120
Scone/Breadshop       80BP                                           240/210
Gr-bread/Breadshop    150BP                                          240/210
Jam bread/Breadshop   300BP                                          450/420
Biscuit/Breadshop     100BP;does not spoil                           300/270
Ol'bread/Nil          Restores 10BP and removes 5HP                  N/A
Rot Bread/Nil         Restores 10BP and removes 10HP                 N/A
Milk/Breadshop        Restores 70BP                                  N/A
Sour Milk/Nil         Restores 5BP and removes 5HP                   N/A
Yogurt/Nil            Restores 50BP and removes 50HP                 N/A
Longevity Berry/Minku Increases max HP by 25;HP fully restored       N/A
Orange/Grocery        Restores 30HP and 10BP                         300/240
Sporange/Nil          Restores 2BP and removes 5HP                   N/A
Rice ball/Grocery     Restores 150 HP and BP                         320/250
Neat ball/Grocery     Restores 300 HP and BP                         520/410
Mold ball/Nil         Restores 25BP and removes 5HP                  N/A
Juice/Restaurant      Restores 5HP                                   300
Pea Soup              Restores 100HP and 50BP                        450
Cake/Restaurant*      Restores 150HP and 100BP                       600
Gravy/Restaurant      Restores 150HP and 200BP                       800
Salad/Restaurant      Restores 200HP and 150BP                       800
Lasagna/Restaurant    Restores 250HP and 300BP                       1000
Pork Chops/Restaurant Completely restores HP and BP                  1200
Aqualin/Twinpeak Mt   Removes poison and restores 10HP;also save Tim N/A
Alchemic Tart/Castle  Restores 10BP                                  N/A
SP-Recover/Castle     Restores HP and BP fully;cures poison          N/A
H2O/Well              Restores 5HP                                   N/A
Bincho Field/Varies#  Fully recovers BP and increases max 5BP        N/A

Note:Those foods without location are rotten foods.

Note:All of the above list belongs to Food Catagory,except bincho field      
     marked with an #.

Note:The foods with restaurant as location doesn't has a selling price.You 
     cannot sell restaurant foods back to them again because once you buy  
     the food,you will eat there immediately. 

Note:The cakes are marked with an * because if you are in the basement,you 
     will receive free cakes from Mannick and your HP and BP are automatic
Assimilated abilities

Here are some of the most common assimilated abilities

Enemy:Blue Bincholoid Soldier 2H
Description:Press circle to shoot spreading bullets

Enemy:GiAnt/Purple Ant
Description:Shoot acidic balls to liquefy enemies;instantly kills red ants

Enemy:Cure Worm
Description:Press circle to cure poison

Enemy:Vambee,Vambee Soldier,Fire Vambee,Flying Vambee
Description:A rotten stench emits from the body;prevents attacks from bats

Description:Bowl through crackled walls or enemies.

Description:Create clone.Time-decoy clone.Kills nearby enemies when explode.

Enemy:NeedlAnt/Red Ant
Description:Temporarily depressed and prevents attacks from giant ants

Enemy:Haya Wolf
Description:Powerful,flying kick

Enemy:Kojiro,Red Bincholoid Soldier 1H
Description:Emit a semi-homing crescent wave from fusion

Enemy:Lamp Bat
Description:Temporarily a source of light

Enemy:Green Bincholoid Soldier 4H
Description:Throw powerful telekinetic grenades

Enemy:Blue Soldier 1
Description:Shoot telekinetic bullets

Enemy:Orange Bincholoid Soldier 3H
Description:Lock onto enemy closest to you and shoot telekinetic rockets

Description:Hop over thorny bushes or climb steep slopes and cliffs

Enemy:Slow Guy
Description:A splendid throwing technique

Enemy:Green Soldier 3
Description:Shoot telekinetic javelin.


Description:Shows map in frozen palace at that area.

Enemy:Herb Plant,Cool Plant
Description:Reduces tiredness percentage to 0% and regains full strength.

Enemy:Bee Plant
Description:An aromatic barrier reduces damage

Description:BP increases by 10 every time you receive damage.

Enemy:Maneater,King Maneater
Descriptions:BP increases temporary

Description:Shrink enemies

Description:Tiredness increases.

Enemy:Stomp Golem
Description:Become "metal man" and destroy spikes

Enemy:Red Soldier 1
Description:Temporary paralyzes enemies

Enemy:Lone Mist
Description:Leave your soul,enabling exploration with the surrounding.

Enemy:Toad Stool
Description:Becomes poison and loses HP.

If you find that,i am missing something,feel free 
to e-mail me, [email protected]
Quest Item

Item Name                 Descriptions                Requirements
Rescue list       List of 35 people trapped        Beginning of chapter 2
                  in Bincho fields                (given by butler Livers)
Sensor Watch      Detects nearby Bincho            Beginning of Chapter 2 
                  fields                          (Given by butler livers)
Jon's key         Free Jon                       Key is in meandering 
Log               Build a raft                     Cut down four trees
Manuel            Save Steamwood                   By steamwood admistrator
Earth Scroll      Earth ability                    Twinpeak Mt 
                                                   climbing with Rootrick
Water Scroll      Water ability                    Church well
Fire Scroll       Fire ability                     Island of Dragon
Wind Scroll       Wind ability                     Church Well
Sky Scroll        Sky ability                      ???in the sky
key               Unlock mine                      Talk to Wid
Misteria          Cure Tim                         Underground Lake
Aqualin           Cure Tim                         Peak of twinpeak Mt
Rope              Enter the well                   From Father White
Statue            Unlock door in restaurant        From Father white
Gondola Gizmo     Fix the Gondola                  Mine after you speak to     
                                                   Mrs Govern in chapter 4
Calender          Guide you through Soda           From Mr Govern after       
                  Fountain Part 2                  after returning profits
Rock Salt         Remove 'slug rock'               From Mrs Govern after 
                                                   returning the profits.
Red Eye           Unlock red door in               Frozen Palace
                  frozen palace               
Blue Eye          Unlock blue door in              Frozen Palace
                  frozen palace
Green Eye         Unlock green eye in              Frozen Palace
                  in frozen palace
Eye Orb           Open the door to L-Belt        Restaurant Basement
                  in restaurant basement
Handle #0         Shut off the valve #0            Steamwood
Handle #1         Shut off the valve #1            Steamwood
Handle #4         Shut off the valve #4            Steamwood
Handle #8         Shut off the valve #8            Steamwood
Profits           Stolen Profits from              From Topo in
                  Village Stores                   Steamwood
Jon's Note        Clues for Sky Scroll             From Jon;beginning of 
                                                   chapter 6 
Leno              Save Leno                        Twinpeak mt
Church Bell       Return to Father                 Church Well
Remedy            Made from Aqualin and Misteria;  Gave to the Mayor
                  save Tim from becoming a vambee.

Here is what i have observed of different people about the various movement 
during different time.

Mayor Govern                        Mrs Govern
8am to 10am        At home          10am to 11.15am  At home
10am to 11.15am    Village          11.15am to 3pm   Unavailable
11.15 to 3pm       At home          3pm to 4.15pm    At home     
3pm to 4.15pm      Village          4.15pm to 10am   Unavailable
4.15pm to 8pm      At home          
8pm to 8 am        Unavailable

Tim                                 Mint
9am to 6pm         Village          9am to 5.30pm    Village
6pm to 9am         Unavailable      5.30pm to 9am    Unavailable

Father white                        Wid
10am to 8pm        In the Church    11pm to 11am     Windmill
8pm to 10am        Unavailable      11am to 11pm     Unavailable

5am to 6.30am      Roaming Steamwood Office
6.30am to 9pm      Inside Steamwood Office
9pm to 5am         Unavailable

Mrs Grange                          Mrs Lands 
10am to 4pm        Near well        10am to 4pm       Standing near well
4.30pm to 9pm      At home          4pm to 10pm       At home
9pm to 10am        Unavailable      10pm to 1o am     Unavailable

Mgr.Mannick                         Mr Towst
6pm to 2am         Restaurant       6pm to 2am        Restaurant
2am to 6pm         Unavailable      2pm to 6pm        Unavailable
Sunday             Unavailable      Sunday            Unavailable

Tourist                             Macho
6pm to 2am         Restaurant       6pm to 2am        Restaurant
2am to 6pm         Unavailable      2am to 6pm        Unavailable
Sunday             Unavailable      Sunday            Unavailable
                                    2am to 6pm        Guarding Twinpeak  
                                                      entrance;only if guard 
                                                      Lumpwood is not saved.

Farmer McRice                       Farmer Grange
6am to 8am         Village          9am to 3.15pm     In the fields
8am to 4pm         At home          3.15pm to 5pm     Unavailable
4pm to 6pm         Village          5pm to 6.45pm     Visits the toy store
6pm to 8pm         At home          6.45pm to 9am     Unavailable
8pm to 6am         Unavailable      

Farmer Lacter                       Mrs Lacter
7am to 8pm         In the fields    7am to 10am       At home
8pm to 7am         Unavailable      10am to 12.45am   Goes for walk
                                    12.45am to 8pm    At home
                                    8pm tp 7am        Unavailable

Jam                                 Hilda
7am to 7pm         In Breadshop     10am to 8pm       Grocery shop
7pm to 7am         Unavailable      8pm to 10am       Unavailable
Thursday           Unavailable

Hotelo/Motelo                       Kurt
24 hours daily     In Inn           12pm to 8pm       Toy Store
                                    8pm to 12pm       unavailable
                                    Wednesday         unavailable

Conner                              Wanda
11am to 4pm        Pawn Shop        6pm to 2am        Restaurant
4pm to 11am        Unavailable      2am to 6pm        Unavailable
                                    Sunday            Unavailable

*sign represents boss.

Beginning of chapter 1

Blue Soldier 1
Assimilated ability:Gunshot
Strategy:These soldiers are slighier more danger than Red soldiers,simply they 
have a projectile attack.It's easy to avoid the blue soldier's gunshot by 
determining the direction where they are shooting.A few hits using lumina will 

Red Soldier 1
Attacks:Running charge
Assimilated ability:stun
Strategy:Easy to defeat by cutting down or thrown.It will charge at you when you 
are too close to one.You can anticipate an attack when an exclamation point 
appears over its head.

Bee Plant
Assimilated ability:Perfume
Strategy:Easy to defeat because they are immobile.Don't come too close or they 
will stretch out and poke you.Low defence makes them vulnerable to ant type of 

Stone Head
Attacks:Red Circle Beams
Assimilated abilities:None
Strategy:Destroy the four statues and step on the emblems to destroy the stone 
head in the centre.Run around to avoid the beam.

Sphere Bat
Assimilated ability:None
Strategy:Sphere bats don't cause much damage but they often move in groups and 
are very fast.Just attack using fusion or lumina when they are approaching you.

*Steam knight

Somnolent Forest

Green Soldier 3
Attacks:Running Charge
Assimilated ability:Javelin
Strategy:Similar to the red soldier,they won't attack you until it notices 
you.An exclamation mark appears over it head.This is similar to the dashing 
pierce except it carries a spear.It isn't hard to defeat and is easy to avoid.

Herb Plant
Attacks:Head Poke,Three-way projectile.
Assimilated ability:Mint
Strategy:similar to the bee plant but has an additional attack called the three-
way projectiles.An exclamation mark will appear when they notices you.The three-
way projectiles is easy to dodge and isn't hard to defeat at all.

Assimilated ability:Hop
Stratgey:Getting too close to a hopper will cause it to bloom and begins to hop 
around.It is more active in the night than in the day.They are extremely weak 
and is easy to defeat.Keep in mind that they regenerate from the starting area 
very quicky. 

Assimilated ability:Shrink
Strategy:They are very weak.Do not stay too close to them for a long time as 
they must shrink you,which makes you unable to defend and attack.The shrink 
attack is very easy dodge.Magician will immediately teleport to the front after 
seeing Musashi,which makes them easy to kill.Just wait for them to teleport to 
the front and use your sword to attack.

#Red Soldier 1

Assimilated ability:Satiate
Strategy:You can't inflict any damage to these creatures.The best strategy is to 
throw them back into the woods or waters or use fusion to assimilate 
satiate.It's a good bet to assimilate satiate when you are running low on BP.

Attacks:Sleeping gas,Head Whack
Assimilated ability:Sleepy
Strategy:Getting too close to a sleepie will result a bonk on the head or a shot 
of sleeping gas,which makes you fell asleep.You can use lumina to deliver a huge 
damage directly to its head and spit the enemy in half without putting yourself 
in danger of falling asleep.

Thorny Bushes
Assimilated ability:None
Strategy:These thorny bushes really block your way.Getting too close will only 
cause your some damage.You can not jump over these thorny bushes.The only way is 
to assimilate the hop ability from the hopper to cross over these bushes.

Twinpeak Mountain

#Green Soldier 3

#Blue Soldier 1

#Herb Plant



#Red Soldier 1


King Maneater
Assimilated ability:Satiate
Strategy:Although the King Maneater is immobile,it is nearly impossible to 
pass.The only strategy is to use shrink on the enemy and then crush it to bits.

Meandering Forest

#Bee Plant

#Green Soldier 3


*Mother Minku

Restaurant Basement

Attacks:Giant Seed
Assimilated ability:Bowl
Strategy:It serves as a useful purpose for assimilate the bowl ability to bowl 
through crackled walls and defeat enemies.To avoid them,simply find a safe spot 
to dodge.They are large and is extremly easy to attack.

Attacks:Burning Bounce
Assimilated ability:None
Strategy:These enemies pop out of fire pits.They burn Musashi.You can extinguish 
the flames by using water scroll ability.

Fire Vambee
Attacks:Grab and Bite
Assimilated ability:B.O.
Strategy:Fire vambees are even tougher than normal vambees because you can't go 
too near them.It's possible to attack them using lumina from a distance but not 
recommend.the best way is to avoid them.

Flying Vambee
Attacks:Grab and Bite
Assimilated ability:B.O.
Strategy:These vambees would hover over Musashi and attacks Musashi when the 
time is right.Stay in one area and lure them down to counter attack them.

Lamp Bat
Attacks:Swoop,Fire Bombs
Assimilated ability:Firefly
Strategy:Their main purpose is to serve as light through darkened paths,so it's 
best not to destroy them.Unfortunately,they are difficult to evade when they 
swoop down or when they drop their lanterns.When you encounter lamp bat,it's 
best to avoid their attacks or assimilate the firefly ability to
light your path.

Lone Mist
Assimilated ability:Sublime
Strategy:These are easily defeated ghost.They can float anywhere.They rarely 
attack and 'sublime' serves as a useful ability to assimilate.
Assimilated ability:None
Strategy:They drop from the ceiling.They are slow and easy to avoid and they 
cause poison when you touch them.They leave behind antidotes when they die.

Assimilated ability:B.O.
Strategy:it's best to avoid them whenever possible.They are slow but if you get 
too close,they can grab Musashi up to drain Musashi's HP.Even if you cut them 
into half,its torso will continue to chase after you.The shish Kebab technique 
causes lots of damage to a vambee so much that the vambee won't
have time to spit into two.

Assimilated ability:None
Strategy:Wisps can light up darkened rooms and unlit paths.They can still infict 
damage to Msashi if get too close.Avoid them.

*Relic Keeper


Vambee Soldier
Attacks:Grab and Bite,Paralyzing gas
Assimilated ability:B.O
Strategy:You will only encounter these enemies when you  first saw bubbles in 
the church.It cannot be kill.Its only weakness is sunlight.So wait till 

Frozen Palace

Cool Plant
Attacks:Frozen 3-way
Assimilated ability:Mint
Strategy:This seems to be the modification of the herb plant with the 3-way 
projectile now able to frozen people and causes lots more damage.Use the same 
strategy.If you shoot some flames using the fire scroll at it,you will temporary 
paralyse it,causing it not able to shoot frozen 3-way shot at you.
Now's here the chance to attack back.If you are caught in his frozen 3-way 
shot,press any button repeatedly to warm yourself and prevent freezing.

Assimilated ability:Clone
Strategy:Copycats are one of the most difficult enemies in the palace because 
they can mimic all Musashi's moves,plus if you get too close to them you will 
get an electric shock.The best way to kill is to use long range attack like fire 
scrolls to kill it while keeping away from them.

Haya Wolf
Assimilated ability:D-Kick
Strategy:Haya wolves are quick creatures with every powerful kick.It's best to 
corner them and hack them with lumina.

Assimilated ability:Map
Strategy:Again,this one is like a modification of the hopper.Now,you can't get 
too close to them or you will get poison.

Assimilated ability:None
Strategy:When spotted,they will dive in a straight line.They are rather 
difficult to defeat as they are small.Once their heads explode,their bodies can 
still attack you.

Metal Spikes
Attacks:Spike Hit
Assimilated ability:None
Strategy:You cannot destroy these metal spikes nor crossed over.(it's possible 
with the sky scroll but ...)You need to assimiate the steel ability form the 
stomp Golem.this will enables you to destroy those metal spikes and reach the 
other end.

*Frost Dragon

Island of Dragon

Slug Rock
Assimilated ability:None
Strategy:Use rocksalt.It is harmless but does prevent Musashi from reaching the 
island of Dragons.



Assimilated ability:Rip-off
Strategy:They are hard to deal with and in addition,they travel in groups.They 
will cause you to lost 5BP(not HP) when comes into contact.

Cure Worm
Assimilated ability:Antidote
Strategy:They are very slow creatures and at times may be difficult to hit 
because of their constant movement.When travelling in mines,it's best to absorb 
antidote from them.

#Sphere Bat

Toad Stool
Attacks:Poison Gas,Head Whack
Assimilated ability:Toxin
Strategy:Again,this is another modification of the sleepie.Instead of making you 
asleep,it makes you poison and could be more nasty then sleepie.

Upper Mine


#Cure Worm


#Sphere Bat

GiAnt(Purple ant)
Attacks:Acid shoot
Assimilated ability:Acid
Strategy:These ants are rather powerful and they throw acid at you.These acids 
can kill the red ants(needlants).Use lumina to deliver a good shot on them.

NeedlAnt(red ant)
Assimilated attacks:Depress
Strategy:These ants are invulnerable to any attacks.The only way to kill them is 
to use acids absorbed from the purple ants.The acids will cause them to 
melt,forming a pool of green toxin,however,when musashi comes into contact with 
this pool,you can get hurt too.If you absorb the depress,you will not be able to 
move fast but those ants won't be able to attack you.

*Queen Ant

Soda Fountain Part 1

Attacks:Machine gun
Assimilated ability:None
Strategy:These pigloters hover around areas,firing machines gun at Musashi,that 
cause about 20HP.They are airborne and you will have to wait for them to come 
down for a brief moment to jump and attack them.Avoid them.often,once 
killed,they will leave behind 10BP for you to regain.


Soda Fountain Part 2


Soda Fountain Part 3

Big Walker
Attacks:Flame Thrower
Assimilated ability:None
Strategy:These mobile machine robots are considered quite fast and will use 
flame throwers on you which can cause up to 70HP and above.The best way is to go 
behind it and attack.

Blue Bincholoid Soldier 2H
Assimilated ability:3-way
Strategy:These could considered be the modification fo the 3-way projectiles 
used by the plants.These cuases more damage.These soldiers are tough but there 
are slow and can't turn around quickly.take them down by lumina or throw them 
away.When throwing away,he may drop his 3-way projectiles weapon.
This is the best chance to attack.Don't let him pick up his weapon.Without his 
weapons,he won't attack you.Keep in mind that they have lots of HP.

Green Bincholoid Solider 4H
Attacks:Big Bomb
Assimilated ability:Grenade
Strategy:These enemies are easy but don't follow them behind.They wander around 
amimlessly dropping time bombs behind them on the ground.Stay away from the 
bombs and you won't get hurt.They have a fairly high HP.

Orange Bincholoid Soldier 3H
Attacks:Homing Rocket Missles
Assimilated abilities:Homing
Strategy:The homing rockets are easy to dodge but these attacks causes twice 
(about 42HP to 65HP) or more than that of the 3-way ability that the blue 
bincholoid soldier uses.These soldiers aren't quick but has high HP.

Red Bincholoid Soldier 1H
Attacks:Sword Slash
Assimilated ability:Fence
Strategy:These guys has high HP,plus moves much faster than other bincholoid 
soldiers.When they notices you,they will charge at you like the dashing pierce 
with their sword which can cause 40HP or more.An exclamation mark will be 
shown.The only difference is that unlike all the enemies you have encountered 
here,this is the only one that uses short range attack.Use a long range attack 
like homing to attack it from a distance and t should be much easy.


Laser Turret
Attacks:Targetting Beams
Assimilated abilities:None
Strategy:There are always two laser turrets guarding the security gate or each 
of them will either hide in the statue or the tree.They will first target 
you,and then shoot a beam.Run and jump around to prevent getting hit.Repeatedly 
attacking the door will destroy them. If they are guarding the security 
gate,simply attack the middle of the gate using normal Lumina  attack(by holding 
R1,the same for below.)or use skills like Desperado attack to inflict damage on 
both laser turrets at one go.

Steel Door
Assimilated abilities:None
Strategy:There are also 2 steel machines placed on each steel door.They fired in 
a semi-circle manner towards you.You can defend by holding R1.Use normal Lumina 
attack or skills like Desperado Attack to destroy it.

Cone-Shaped Machine
Attacks:Lasers in a Circle,Dropping Bombs
Assimilated abilities:None
Strategy:The door will closed onced you stepped onto the circular platform.
It will target you and use laser beams that travel in circles which can be very 
deadly.The only way is to time yourself and double jump over it.Be careful,these 
lasers are very fast.Attack the black panel in front of the machine by using 
long range attack like homing and fire scroll.


*Crest Guardian:Tower of Death

*Dark Lumina 1(need not fight with him but being chased.)

*Dark Lumina 2 

*Dark Lumina 3
Crest locations
These are the various crest locations.There are only one crest for each type of 
these elements,with the exception of water crest which have three.You can only 
activate the crest only after you have defeat the crest guardian for that 
element.Below is a list of all the crest location and what are the effects after 

Earth Crest
1)Location:Steamwood forest
  Effects :Create a new path where you can climb up the cliff to the 
  Crest and a minku.Huge boulders fall.

Water Crest
1)Location:Inside the church well
  Effects :Cause the water level in the southern part of the reservoir 
  rise and the northern part of the reservoir to dry out.Allows access to a         
  Minku,Old shirt(L-vest) and used boot(A-boot).Able to enter the tunnel      
  that was once covered with water in the northern reservoir that leads to a       
  fire crest and furthur leads to the wind scroll.
2)Location:Somnolent Forest 
  Effects :Causes the water in the pond to dry and able to obtain 
  underwater chest,Glasses(L-Goggles.)
3)Location:Island of Dragon
  Effects :Causes the beach to dry out completely and enables you to 
  the fire scroll.

Fire  Crest
1)Location:Inside a small tunnel in the well
  Effects :Creates a hidden path that you can climb up to obtain the 
  scroll and a Minku.  

Wind  Crest
  Effects:Allows you to reach the sky scroll

Sky   Crest
1)Location:Soda Fountain
  Effects:Release the seal of the Wizard of Darkness
List of Action Figure

Series 1

Toy           Description                   Explanation

Musashi    Two types of action moves!  A young fencer summoned to
           A collector's item!!        save Allucaneet Kingdom. 
           Lumina and Fusion included.

Bee Plant  Poking action figure!       A mutant plant living in the
           Two Sphere Bats included!   surroundings of Allucaneet. 

Soldier 1  Quick action figure!        Thirstquencher's Bincholoid.
           A collector's item!!        Fencing skills are 3rd rate. 
           Sword and rod included!

Soldier 2  Quick action figure!        Thirstquencher's Bincholoid.
           A collector's item!!        Aim is 2nd rate! 
           Rifle and cartridge included

Rootrick   Laughs!Talks!Cape included. Second Lieutenant of the 
                                       Thirstquencher Empire.

St-Knight# Twirls pillars!             Steam Knight.Nearly destroyed
           Pillar included.            Allucaneet Empire. 

Series 2

Soldier3   Quick action figure!        Thirstquencher's Bincoloid.
           A collector's item!         Uses a sharp spear
           Spear and Axe included      

Herb Plant Shooting action figure!     Exists in the the surrounding
           A collector's item!         areas of Allucaneet.
           Hopper included. 

KManeater  Large jaws move!            A large man-eating Bincho Monster. 
           A collector's item!
           ManEater included! 

Magician   Performs magic!Very         Uses magic to shrink its enemies.
           Musashi included

Sleepie    Crumbles into pieces with   A mushroom that gives off sleeping
           the touch of a button!      powder.
           A collector's item! 

Skullpion# Howling action figure!      The CREST GUARDIAN that protects the 
           A collector's item!         Earth Scroll.
           Boulders and bombs included.

Series 3

R-Vambee   Grabs and attacks!Wisp      Blood-sucking Zombie that exists in  
           and LoneMist included       the dungeon.

V-Soldier  Breaks with the touch of a  Powerful Bincholoid Vambee Soldier. 
           button! A spectacular
           breaking action figure! 

Bowler     Spits out gigantic seeds!!  A plant which grows in the dungeon
           Two oozes included          beneath the village.

Cure Worm  Flexible action figure!B-   A mutant worm which carries
           Eater and LampBat included  anti-venom. 

Bubbles    Shooting action figure!     Beautiful First Lieutenant of the 
           A collector's item!         the Thirstquencher Empire. 
           Bincho Field Gun included   

R-Keeper#  Punching action figure!     Relic Keeper.Protects the Water
           Flames included.            Scroll in the dungeon. 

Series 4

Penguin    Two interchangable heads    Robot soldier made by Thirstquencher 
           Two ice cubes included.     Empire.

HayaWolf   Drop-Kicking action figure. A bincholoid wolf.Superb karate 
           Mapper included.            attack.

SlowGuy    Powerful throwing movements A bincholodi abominable snowman.
           with a touch of a button.    

S-Golem    Intensely explosive superby Thirstquencher's guard.Will squash
           falling action.1 copycat    enemies.
Ginger-E   Two types of action moves!  Captain of Thirstquencher Empire.
           Attractive kicking motion!  Bubbles' elder sister.
           Fencing action figure!       

F-Dragon#  Flexible action figure!     Frost Dragon.Protects the fire scroll 
           Growls with the touch of a  frozen palace

Series 5

GiAnt      Lifelike!NeedlAnt included. Binchotite mutants.

Toad Stool Breaks into two with the    Poisonous mushroom living in Grillin'
           touch of a button!          mine.
           A collector's item!

Ed and Ben Both Ed and Ben!Ed's        Members of Leader's Force.Both think
           special ki-Canon!           they are the boss.
           Ben's propeller moves!

Topo       Dancing action figure.Music Leader of Leader's Force?Nasty
           and speakers included.      personality.

Col-Capri  Aiming action figure!       Thirstquencher's Colonel.Promoted 
           Beloved gun and cape        early in his career.

Queen Ant# Moves its scythe arms with  The CREST GUARDIAN that protects the
           the touch of a button!      wind scroll.
           Larvae included.
Series 6   
Soldier 1H Fencing action figure!A     Latest Bincholoid Soldier.Five times 
           collector's item!Shield     more powerful.
           and sword included.

Soldier 2H Holds a large gun!A         Latest Bincholoid Soldier.Five times 
           collector's item!Large gun  more powerful.

Soldier 3H Holds a large bazooka!A     Latest Bincholoid Soldier.Five times 
           collector's item!Bazooka    more powerful.

Big Walker A truely realistic super    Thirstquencher's walking weapon.
           action figure!Pigloter      Attacks with a laser. 

Flatski    Speaking action figure!     Thirstquencher's Fuhrer.A ruthlessly     
           Armor included.             ambitious guy.

T.O.D.#    Rotates with the touch of a Tower of Death.Excavated by 
           button!Electric panels pop  Thirstquencher Empire.


Fillet    Speaking action figure!      Princess of Allucaneet.Kidnapped
          Binchotite included.         by Thirstquencher. 

Jon       Feed him from his stocks!    Mysterious treasure hunter.
 &        Stocks and Leno the dog      Leno is the town sweetheart! 
Leno      included.

MomMinku  A family of them!            Endangered species.
          Longevity Berry included.    Lives on Longevity Berries. 

Kojiro    Two types of action moves!   Musashi's rival.Would give his life 

          A collector's item!          to battle Musashi.
          Swallow Wave included. 

DLumina 1 Powerfully built figure with The Wizard of Darkness.Will use the 
          two types of action moves!   Five Scrolls to... 

DLumina 2 Re-experience the final      The Wizard of Darkness.Will use the 
          battle!Shakes its tail!!     Five Scrolls 
DLumina 3 Interchangable parts gives 3 The Wizard of Darkness.Will use the
          types of action moves!!!     Five Scrolls to... 

All toys marked with an #sign are action figures of the Crest Guardians,with the 
exception of Steam Knight.

Source:Descriptions and explanations are taken directly from the game.

Some of the secrets listed down could be a spoiler.Take note of that.Also,
you may like to refer to the techniques,armour secret cheats.
Special Reward

After watching the ending and the credits,press X button when the SquareSoft 
logo comes up to save your game.You can restart your game to discover yet more 

Tips:At any time of the ending,you can also press X to save,provided you 
     don't want to watch the Ending.
Mother Minku
After getting 13 minku,go to the castle and talk to Shepherd Beefalo,he should 
tell you that the mother minku is upset and is probably in the meandering 
forest.Go to the meandering forest and you will see her.use normal attack and be 
careful of her stomps which can do up to 30 damage.It's hard to avoid.You will 
noticed her shadows.Use double jumps to jump away from her shadows.When she's 
defeated,she will throw down lots of hearts, Bincholite,and a few thousand 
Drans.Go into the toy store and you can buy mother minku action figure.A 
surprise from Square!Well done!
Getting all Special Figures

Fillet    :Rescue all 35 palace members
Jon & Leno:See below for complete info
Mon Minku :Refer to the above
Kojiro    :Visit Farmer Lacter during chapter 6
Dlumina1  :Finish the game once and reload from Fin save.Complete the  game 
           first to second time.
Dlumina2  :Finish the game and then reload from the latest Fin 
           randomly.Complete the game with all your stats trained to Lv30.
Dlumina3  :See below for complete info
Credits:Thanks to [email protected] for telling me about completing the game  
        with Lv 30 to get Dlumina 2.
The Elusive Special Action Figures

There has been many arguements and questions a lot about these 7 special action 
figure,especially the 2nd and the 7th figure.I'll start with the easy one first.

Dlumina1:Although i'll not sure about the exact method,it seems that          
         completing the first time will enable you to buy the figure.if          
         not,try the second time.

Dlumina2:It has been say that this figure has random availability like the          
         2nd and 7th figure but there's actually been a way to get it.Train          
         all your stats(Mind,Body,Fusion,Lumina)to Lv 30,complete the game          
         to earn the "HERO" rank.But it's strange.I get it the first time i          
         complete the game and i think my Lv was also 30.

Credits:Thanks to [email protected] for telling me about completing the game  
        with Lv 30 to get Dlumina 2.

As for Fillet,Kojiro,MomMinku,i don't need to explain more.


There has been many questions asked regarding Jon and Leno and Dlumina3.
There are many theories suggesting to unlock these figures but most has proven 
unsuccessful.It's has been said you need to play the game multiple times whereas 
some said you can't have continues during Chapter 6.Some even claim that it's 
got to do with how fast you complete the game.Another theory suggested that you 
cannot dying or restarting from memory box and saved data but proves 

Here are some of the ways to get these two figures,however,i'll not sure that it 
will work,however,i will write down all the method,including the chances rating 
in %,so that you can choose the right method yourself.The % chances were based 
on estimated no of people who got these figures using these methods and is in 
range.Look for the best way.

Note:All these chances are not accurate and is based on estimation.


Info   :Complete the game 3 to 5 times.Then reload from FIN save and it 
        appear randomly.  
About  :However,i find it very unreliable since i complete the game 7 
        and yet unable to get Dlumina3 through this way.Besides,there 
        been many reports that some got Dlumina3 only complete the game 
        one to two times whereas some completed more than 5 times yet 
        to get it.Another guy at PSM said that he got the figure during 
        third time.
Chances:20% to 55%

Credits:Thanks to John Huang([email protected])for telling me 
        this method above even though it doesn't work for me.
Info   :Randomly selected.From a guy at PSM.He said that the figure 
        appear only perhaps on certain day,certain time or have 
        obscure factor that influence it.
About  :It doesn't work for me either and basically no clue to it.
Chances:0.1% to 10%

Info   :Depends on how fast you complete Chapter 6
About  :What an unreasonable conclusion and an unreliable way!
Chances:2% to 4%

Jon and Leno

Info   :Enter the toy store at the same time when Farmer Grange enter.
About  :This method seems to prove unsuccessful but definitely possible.
        As you know,Farmer Grange is an action figure collector and 
        visit the toy store everyday in the evening.Read the schedule in 
        advanced tactics for the actual time he visit the store.His 
        hates doll and if you talk to her when she's at home by knocking 
        the door,she would say something like "i wonder which doll i 
        sell next," and she sold away her husband's collection behind 
        back.Remember during a period when Farmer Grange was so depressed?
        However,i found something very strange.You know that the toy 
        is closed on Wednesday.There's actually a way to enter the store 
        Wednesday but you will have to wait for Farmer Grange to come 
        open the door.When the door is opened,immediately enter the 
        before the door is closed.You have to be fast.I wonder what Kurt 
        Farmer Grange is secretly talking about on every wednesday.However,
        the sad thing is i entered the store on Wednesday but still 
        work but that doesn't mean it is not possible. 
Chances:25% to 65%

Info   :Randomly selected.This could mean that they only appear at a 
        time or on a certain day, or perhaps have some other obscure factor
        governing their appearance. Or, they could just be 
        would be irritating.
About  :Like the above,it doesn't work for me.
Chances:0.01% to 10%

Bad News

Most of the official guide,player guide,other guide books and other sources all 
claim that these two action figures were randomly selected,which seems as if 
they are not taking the responsible to solve the mystery for us.What a 
shame and how can they call themselves professional strategy guide writer!
But still i don't believe in randomly selected.You will know why later on.

Chest Theory

What is this chest theory?All right!You must have guessed it,it is somehow 
related to the chests that you collected.Here's how to get them.

First,you must remember two conditions.I tried using this method over four times 
under the same conditions using the same data and work successfully,
however,all these conditions must be meet before it can work.

Make sure you picked out every chest, and including memory box at least once
in your game.

Note:For chest list,please refer to the advanced tactics section.
First condition:Before you go and collect sky scroll,make sure you leave ONE 
                empty chest,any one including old shirt,goggles etc but 
                memory box since it is always close.Not more than one chest
                ,if not it will work.Then complete the chapter 6 and opened 
                every single chest in Soda Fountain,which means you are only 
                short of one.

2nd   condition:When you complete the game,reload it from FIN save and 
                will start at 1900 at SKYDAY once you complete the 
                go and collect the remaining ONE chest.After collecting 
                chest,go back to the toy store and wait until the next day,
                which is Saturday since it's impossible to return to the 
                store again on skyday before it closes at 2000.In 
                collecting the last remaining chest,you can enter the 
                any time of the day.You will see Jon and leno action figure.
                Buy the figure,exit and then enter and you will see 
                3 figure appeared and now you have all the action 
                and is ready to discover the third ending.In fact,i 
                not to buy both Jon and Leno and Dlumina 3 figure and 
                till the next day to see if these figures would 

                ,but thanks it didn't so i guessed there wasn't 
                randomly.You got to buy Jon and Leno figure first 
                Dlumina 3 would appear.

Very Important!!!

1.Make sure it's not more than one chest,not two,excluding memory box.If you       
  have got more than one chests,i suggests that you opened every chest and       
  leave any one you like,complete the game again and get the remaining         
  chest.Do not take more than one as it will not work.
2.Make sure you start at 1900 at skyday immediately you load after you         
  complete the game.And you must remember that after you reload,you will         
  start at 1900,right,but you cannot like wait until let say 2000 at skyday,
  then save the game,switched off the Playstation and reload again,start at       
  2000 again,take the remaining one chest and it will not work.  

Note:If these 2 conditions are meet,you will be able to buy Jon and 
     action figure,including Dlumina 3.If you can't meet any one of 
     conditions above,it will not work.This is very important.
Note:Any treasure chest will do but not memory box.Memory box must be opened 
     at least once.

Important notice!!!:Have you collected all the chests?Too bad for you.This 
                    method won't work if all your treasure chests are 
                    opened.For example,i am still short of two chests.When i 
                    opened any one of the chests,complete the game and come 
                    back to collect the last remaining chest,the method 
                    works but if you opened all the two remaining chest,
                    complete the game,that means when you reload,all the 
                    treasures are opened and goodbye to you because you will 
                    have no more treasure chest to open and Jon and Leno 
                    figure will not appear.These sounds a bit bad because i 
                    once tried and collect all the chest without leaving one 
                    and complete the game but didn't get it.You need to 
                    leave only one chest before you complete the game and 
                    then collect the only one remaining chest that you leave 
                    after you complete and reload.I have not yet been able 
                    to come out with another way for those who have 
                    collected all the treasure chests.You will have to think 
                    of other ways which i mentioned above.If you have any 
                    enquires,feel free to mail me at [email protected]

You may ask how do i come out with these conclusion?The reason is simple.I have 
multiple saves and i tried each and every save until i succeeded.I have four 
saves and only one fulfill the two conditions whereas the other three got only 
one of these conditions meet or none at all.It seems that the whole document 
took up over 280KB of space in your computer and i didn't want to waste up your 

If you are interested in how i arrive with this conclusion,pls e-mail me at 
[email protected] and i'll be gladly to answer your questions.

For more info on these Jon and Leno and Dlumina 3,visit 
This brave fencer site is created by Thorfinn Tait 
6 Specialised Techniques

Name             Moves Description              How to learn?

Dashing Pierce   Press Square while dashing  Talk to the Maid in the castle.

Shish Kebab      Lift up enemy and press     Talk to Clown to perform stunt 
                 triangle twice              after you have rescue acrobat.

Crosswise cut    Press square,triangle       Talk to the 14th person.
                 button for a cool attack    (Knight Lardwick)
                 using fusion and lumina

Tenderize        Press square,square,        Talk to the 21st person
                 triangle for an elegant     (Knight Brisket)

Desperado attack Press square,triangle,      Talk to the 36th person
                 square,triangle for an      (Knight Chucks)
                 explosive attack. 

Rumparoni-sp     An aerial attack achieved   Talk to the 38th person.
                 by pressing triangle button (knight Rumparoni)
                 while using double jumping

How to master these 6 specialised techniques!!!

You may have have learned all the 6 specialise techniques but do you know how to 
use its properly.Techniques are special powerful combos that will help you in 
your game.Now,i will explain each and every techniques and how do you recognise 
them.These signs appeared only when all the combos hit your enemy,even if you 
press the buttons correctly,missing any hit on your enemy will cause it to be 
failure.For example,crosswise cut is made up of Square,
followed by triangle.If you press Square,you will see Musashi raising his fusion 
sword.Don't wait until the fusion sword hits the enemy and then press 
triangle.Before the fusion sword hits the enemy,press Triangle.If done 
correctly,you will see a cross.Quick,fast and sharp!That's all i have to tell 
you.The same goes for Tenderize and Desperado Attack.Once master,they can be 
very useful,especially you reach an area with new,tougher enemies.
Each technique can actually inflict your enemy over 150 to a maximum of  over 
400 damage,provided the higher the level your Fusion and lumina level are,you 
cause more damage.Look at the list.Take around 10 minutes to learn. 

Tips:While you are performing each of these techniques,it's best that you zoom 
in an area while performing the techniques to see the effects more clearly.

Note:Words that are in capital letters are keywords.


Techniques         Combos                  Description

Shish Kebab Press T,T when throwing 1)THROW your enemy into the AIR by 
            up your enemy             pressing S or T when near them.
                                    2)WHILE the enemy is in the AIR,press
                                      T TWICE.
                                    3)You will see Musashi raises his lumina
                                      sword VERTICALLY UP and PIERCE through
                                      the enemy.

Dashing     S,while dashing         1)HOLD DIRECTIONAL button to dash
Pierce                              2)Then press S
                                    3)You will see Musashi KICKING UP DUST 
                                      while he CHARGES his FUSION SWORD.

Crosswise   S,T                     1)Press S,followed by T quickly
  Cut                               2)If both hits hit the enemy and is fast
                                      you will see a RED CROSS

Tenderize   S,S,T                   1)Tap S twice,followed by T quickly
                                    2)If done correctly,the last hit,you 
                                      will see Musashi JUMPS up in the AIR
                                      and hit with his LUMINA SWORD,follow
                                      by a SMALL EXPLOSION.

Desperado   S,T,S,T                 1)Press S,T,S,T quickly 
 Attack                             2)If all hits hit the enemy,you will see
                                      the last hit with Musashi HOLDING his 
                                      FUSION sword on his left hand and 
                                      LUMINA sword on his DASH toward his 
                                      enemy,sending him flying BACKWARDS
                                      with a large EXPLOSION.

Rumparoni   T,when double jump      1)First,stay away from your enemy from
-SP                                   a DISTANCE FACING your enemy.
                                    2)Double jump and then press T
                                    3)Musashi will DIVE toward his enemy 
                                      over a very LONG DISTANCE with his 
                                      Fusion and Lumina

Important Note!!!

Tenderize       :Sometimes,you will see Musashi raising his sword but 
                 without any explosion.That's because you missed the last     
                 hit or your enemy dies during the 2nd hit.Try again on 
                 another enemy and make sure all hits hit on your enemy.

Desperado Attack:Sometimes,you will noticed Musashi gets ready by holding 
                 his Fusion and Lumina sword,however,he did not dash toward 
                 your enemy.That means your technique is incomplete and 
                 mainly because either you missed the last hit or the enemy 
                 dies during the 3 hit.Too bad!It's the most cool technique 
                 that you will learn among the 6 technique.Try again.

Rumparoni-SP    :Rumparoni-SP looks similar to Desperado Attack,except now 
                 it is an aerial attack and causes more damages than 
                 Desperado Attack.Instead of charging up with fusion and 
                 lumina,Rumparoni-SP enables Musashi to dive down towards 
                 your enemy,making it more devastating.The disadvantage is 
                 you have stay away from your enemy and timed yourself.

*For techniques like Crosswise Cut,Tenderize,Desperado Attack,make sure all    
the hits hit the enemy,if not you won't see the full effects.
Legendary Armor REVEALED and its location

Name      Description                       Location        Requirements

L-Brace   Grip onto the wall alternately Hell's valley After the raft ride  
          press triangle,square buttons                through the right 
          to climb.                                    segment.

L-Belt    Double jump by pressing X       Restaurant   After the four 
          twice.Guard and press X          Basement    orb is obtained 
          to back Jump.                                activated the door.

L-Vest    Made with special cloth.        Church Well  When the water crest 
          Attack speed is increased.                   inside the well is
          (Charge gauge bar at twice                   liberated. 
          normal speed.)

L-Goggles Appraise items by yourself       Somnolent   When the water crest 
          on the spot.                     forest      is liberated.Get 
                                                       underground chest.

L-Shoes   Walk over frozen surfaces        Frozen      Go through the blue 
          without slipping.Reduces         Palace      eye door.

L-Quilt   Reduces tiredness to 0%,twice    Castle      After saving weaver 
          the speed of normal.Restore                  and have the L-cloth
          HP and BP                                    with you          

L-Glove   Increases critical attack %      Castle      After saving weaver         
                                                       and have the L-cloth 
                                                       with you.

L-Cloth#  Legendary Cloth for making      Restaurant   Hidden crackled door 
          L-Glove or L-Quilt.              Basement    that requires you to 

Note:All the Legendary armor are automatically equiped except L-cloth marked  
     with an #.
Getting the 6th Legendary Armor(L-quilt or L-glove)

After you have save Weaver in the Twinpeak mountain and have the 
legendary cloth,go to the castle and she will agree to make something 
for you from the cloth.There are two options;if you choose quilt,you 
get an L-quilt.If you choose glove,you get the L-glove.

Refer to the Armor in the top-section.

For info on how to save Weaver,refer to the list below.
Just in case you left out any minku or bincho field,read below.

All 13 Minkus

For every minku you find,you will be able to obtain Longevity Berry.Note that 
the 14th longevity berry can be obtained after saving Steam Reactor Part 1 by 
talking to the Mayor.

   Location:Near tree to the left of Twinpeak Mountain and below the cliff 
   of Fore's house.
   Location:On the cliff above the Gondola lift,near the upper mine
   Requirements:Climbing,L-brace required
03)Area:Reservoir inside the Church
   Location:Inside the cave walls near the church bell
   Requirements:Water Scroll;after water crest is activated.
04)Area:Somnolent Forest
   Location:Through a hidden path in the trees above the wooden sign that   
   point to steamwood and meandering forest;near second bridge
05)Area:Somnolent Forest
   Location:Between the two Wooden Bridges where the secret path to minku 
   is.At the second bridge,just run down the river.
   Requirements:Water Scroll
06)Area:Somnolent Forest
   Location:At the foot of the Wind Scroll Statue
   Requirements:Fire scroll;after fire crest is activated and you climb 
   the cliff
07)Area:Steamwood Forest
   Location:Near Wind Crest on a cliff above the Earth Crest
   Requirements:Earth scroll and Climbing;only after Earth crest is 
   activated or liberated.
08)Area:Twinpeak Mountain:
   Location:On a ledge across the river from the very far left of the 
   Requirements:Water Scroll to float over the water to the left
09)Area:Twinpeak Mountain
   Location:On a high cliff to the very left of the area where the 
   box is and where the climbing competition is with Rootrick.
10)Area:Hell's Valley
   Location:Inside where you fight the Earth Crest Guardian.
   Requirements:Only after defeating Skullpion;Chapter 2
11)Area:Underground Lake
   Location:On a small ledge where you collect the misteria is
   Requirements:Mine key
12)Area:Upper Binchotite Mine
   Location:Down left path from the upper mine and where you saw the 
   red ant is.
   Requirements:Entrance to Upper Mine 
13)Area:Upper Binchotite Mine
   Location:Below the inactive fan after the windy tunnel where the two cure 
   worms is.
   Requirements:Entrance to upper mine
5 Remaining  Palace members

1)Name:Steward Ribson
  About:Tell you how many people you have saved.
2)Name:Butler Livers
  About:Always ask you have you save many people?Gives you the sensor watch 
  and rescue list in the beginning of Chapter 2.
3)Name:Clown Weinee
  About:Teach you the Shish kebab technique only when you have saved Acrobat 
  and have an orange in your inventory.
4)Name:Scribe Shanky
  About:Read books to you
5)Name:Musician Beef-clef
  Group:Musician A
  About:Provides background music while you are visiting your friends.The   
  background music will build as you save additional orchestra member.
Save all locked 35 palace members
01)Name:Hawker Steakwood
   Place:Dead End
   Location:Dead End Forest
   About:Provides you with info about Minkus and longevity berries
02)Name:Guard Lumpwood
   Place:Somnolent Forest
   Location:Locate near the Water Crest Pond there.
   About:Allow you to pass the Twinpeak Mountain.
03)Name:Seer Bevealy
   Place:Somnolent Forest
   Location:Just before the meandering forest is.You will have to absorb hop 
   to climb up a steep slope on the right.
   About:Gives you clue to the location of Five Scrolls and Bincho Field
04)Name:Maid Loinette
   Place:Somnolent Forest
   Location:On the other side of the steam pipe arch near the south entrance 
   to the forest;steamwood must be fixed.
   About:She will teach you the a new technique,Dashing Pierce
05)Name:Musician Pianissimeat
   Place:Steamwood Forest
   Location:Located near the Earth crest in Steamwood forest.
   Group:Musician B
   About:Provides background music by adding flute to the score
06)Name:Soldier Lardwick
   Place:Twinpeak Mountain
   Location:The first bincho field you will see upon inside the Twinpeak mt.
   Group:Soldier A
   About: Help you to fight Skullpion
07)Name:Mercenary Meitlofe
   Place:Twinpeak Mountain
   Location:Trapped at the end of the path along the edge of Twinpeak mt.
   Group:Mercen C
   About:Help you to fight Skullpion and provides clue to Frozen Palace
08)Name:Carpenter Carvey
   Place:Twinpeak Mountain
   Location:On a small ledge that lies below a pole past the first log.
   Group:Carpent A
   About:Help you to fight Skullpion and provides clue to Gondola Gizmo.
   Repair Gondola lift.
09)Name:Knight Lardwick
   Place:Twinpeak Mountain
   Location:On a small ledge that lies below a pole near second log.
   Group:Knight B
   About:Help you to fight Skullpion and teach you Crosswise Cut.
10)Name:Shepherd Beefalo
   Place:Twinpeak Mountain
   Location:Below the bridge in the Twinpeak Mountain
   About:Tell you how many Minku you have caught and later provide you with 
   info about mother minku when you have got all 13 minkus.
11)Name:Bailiff Jerky
   Place:Restaurant Basement
   Location:Trapped in the teleporter maze in the basement by taking the 
   right path.
   About:He will plant and harvest rice.Later,you will be able to purchase 
   riceballs in the grocery.Refer to the secrets section on riceball.
12)Name:Taster Salmonelli
   Place:Restaurant Basement
   Location:Located near floating block leading up to R-Keeper.
   About:Serves no purpose
13)Carpenter Cubey
   Place:Restaurant Basement
   Location:Find in the ghost maze
   Group:Carpent B
   About:Give you clues to Gondola Gizmo and repair the Gondola lift.
14)Name:Weaver Dineretta
   Place:Twinpeak Mountain
   Location:On a small ledge across the waterfall from the #3log.You must 
   have double jump to jump to that side.Climb up the pole to the top and          
   then double jump right to the ledge on the right side.If you fail,you    
   will fall into the water and have to jump again.
   About:Make L-quilt or L-glove for you when you give her L-cloth.
15)Name:Soldier Hanky Flanky
   Place:Restaurant Basement
   Location:In the fire maze within the restaurant basement
   Group:Soldier B
   About:Serves no purpose in the game.
16)Name:Knight Brisket
   Location:Near the conveyor belt before the underground lake.
   Group:Knight A
   About:Teach you Tenderize
17)Name:Cook Mary-Nade
   Place:Underground Lake
   Location:At the foot of the island with the misteria flower in a ledge.
   Group:Cook A
   About:Harvest rice so that you can purchase Riceball.Refer to secret.
18)Name:Acrobat Sausages
   Place:Steamwood Forest
   Location:On a pipe that leads to the hidden path.
   About:Will help clown to teach you Shish kebab technique
19)Name:Mercenary Stue
   Place:Restaurant Basement
   Location:located in the bowler plant maze
   Group:Mercen B
   About:Provides clue to Frozen Palace.
20)Name:Janitor Sloppy-Joe
   Place:Frozen Palace
   Location:Inside the blue eye door.
   About:Serves no purpose in the game.
21)Name:Artisan Teebone
   Place:Island of Dragon
   Location:At the beach before you first fought Kojiro.
   About:Tempers your fusion sword to increase the damage ability of fusion.
22)Name:Carpenter Dicey
   Location:Near the conveyor belt just before Underground Lake.
   Group:Carpenter C
   About:Provides clue to Gondola Gizmo and help to repair Gondola Lift.
23)Name:Musician Al Forte
   Place:Frozen Palace
   Location:In the ice block maze inside the palace.
   Group:Musician C
   About:help provide background music by adding drums to the score.
24)Name:Knitter Lunchetta
   Place:Hell's Valley
   Location:Outside the hell's valley past the first set of boulders.
   About:She will tell you about the existence of the L-cloth.
25)Name:Chief Julienne
   Place:Frozen Palace
   Location:On top of a stairs through R1 door.You will have to rescue it 
   through the L1 door.
   About:Will help in harvesting riceball.Refer to secret.
26)Name:Mercenary Potrowst
   Place:Restaurant Basement
   Location:In the bowler plant maze
   Group:Mercen A
   About:Provides clue to Frozen Palace
27)Name:Chief Gravie
   Place:Underground Lake 
   Location:On a small side along the Underground Lake.
   About:Serves no purpose in the game.
28)Name:Cook Chiffonade
   Place:Upper Mine
   Location:To the left of the dead GiAnt below the Upper mine's entrance.
   Group:Cook B
   About:Make Neatball for you in grocery when you rescued Butcher Chops
29)Name:Conductor Scores
   Place:Upper Mine
   Location:Located after the inactive fan.
   About:Provides background music by adding violins to your score.
30)Name:Butcher Chops
   Place:Frozen Palace
   Location:On second floor balcony in the main entrance of Frozen Palace.
   About:Cut meat for Cook Chiffonade to make Neatballs,which can 
   purchased in Grocery.Refer to secret section.
31)Name:Knight Chucks
   Place:Restaurant Basement
   Location:In the Ghost maze
   Group:Knight C
   About:Teach you Desperado Technique.
32)Name:Doctor Tung
   Place:Twinpeak Mountain
   Location:On a cliff left of the three poles.You can either choose the             
   alternate segment during the raft ride,wait until you have the water          
   scroll to float to the left of the water from the 3 poles or travel up to 
   part of the peak above and to the right of the huge pipes,perform a 
   double jump onto the first pipe then to the second.Now, walk down the 
   second pipe and double jump onto the ledge where the Bincho Field is. 
   About:Restores all your health and cure poison when you talk to him 
   the castle by giving you SP-Recover.
   Requirement:Water scroll ability or nil.
33)Name:Knight Rumparoni
   Place:Upper Mine
   Location:In a room past the GiAnt-ridden walkway.
   Group:Knight D
   About:Teach you the last technique,Ramparoni-SP 
34)Name:Alchemist Leanman
   Place:Frozen Palace
   Location:On top of the first ice block maze.
   About:Offer Alchemic tart which restores 10BP when you talk to him.
35)Name:Librarian Brisketta
   Place:Restaurant Basement
   Location:In the second room of the fire maze.
   About:Translates text for Scribe Shanky to read to you in the library.
Riceball Secret

Make sure you have cook A,(Cook Mary-Nade)Bailiff Jerky and Chef Julienne.
Then talk to Cook A(Cook Mary-Nade) and you can buy riceball from the grocery 
Neatball Secret

Talk to the Cook B(Cook Chiffonade)when you have the Butcher Chops.You will be 
able to buy neatball from the grocery shop. 
Orange Secret

Once you have got Misteria and Aqualin to save Tim,you will be able to get a 
free orange(if you managed to give Aqualin to Hotelo on time)and be able to buy 
orange from the grocery(once Tim is saved from Chapter 3 if you give Aqualin to 
Hotelo on time,if not beginning of Chapter 4)anytime.

Shortcut to Doctor Tung

There are two ways to get Doctor Tung.The first way is to ride the raft.the 
second way,which is the shortcut way only applies when you have got the water 
scroll where the 3 poles is and float to the left on the water.You should be 
able to save Doctor Tung now.Don't climb the 3 poles.

For more info,refer to the bincho list above.

This is another way to get to Doctor Tung

First you need to have the L-Belt.Travel up to part of the peak above and to the 
right of the huge pipes.Then, perform a double jump onto the first pipe then to 
the second.Now, walk down the second pipe and double jump onto the ledge where 
the Bincho Field is. 

Macho's Secret

You can play a game of cards against Macho at the restaurant.It's easy.Macho 
will choose a card.The game consists of guessing whether the next card picked 
will be higher or lower than the original card picked by macho.Simple 
concept!Each costs 100 Drans and each time,you guess correctly,you will double 
your winning.However,if you guessed wrongly,all your earnings will be lost.If 
you manage to defeat Macho 10 times in a row within a single game,
you will earn 102,400 Drans.That's a lot and consider how much enemy will you 
need to be defeat in order to 102,400 Drans.If you win the 10th game,
Macho will longer be playing cards with you.So,if you win till the 9th game,
that is 51,200,it's best to take back your winnings and then try again,if not 
you won't be able to play the cards for the rest of the game.Good luck on your 
guessing.May the god of fortune be with you.
Musician's Secret:Full Scale Orchestra

Did you know that with each musician you rescue,his particular instrument,
such as flute is added to the background music of the castle?Once you've rescued 
them all,the music turns into a full-scale orchestra score - useless to the 
game, but is in fact a welcome addition. 
Easy Drans

There are many ways to earn Drans.
1)Remember the 500Drans in Steamwood near where you saved Acrobat Sausages.
  Simply take the Drans,exit Steamwood and go in to get the Drans again.

2)Play against Macho,provided you are lucky.
  Refer to Macho secret at Mannick's restaurant above.

3)Go to the mines and find one of the places where Cure Worm fall down.For 
  your info,there's one there on your way to getting Gondola Gizmo.If you 
  stand in the right place,you can stand hitting them with Lumina as they 
  fall,only moving to collect money.In this way,you can make tons of cash as 
  well as experience in very little time.

  Credits:Thanks to for telling me about ways to earn drans. 

4)Go to the underground temple underneath the restaurant.In the bowler 
  plant door,near to the entrance, there is a platform with two plants 
  facing each others on it.You can kill one, run to the other,kill it, and 
  by that time the first has regenerated.This method gives you money,but 
  also experience for all your stats. 

  Credits:Thanks to Thorfinn Taitfor easy drans. 

5)By far,the best place to earn your experience and Drans is at Somnolent 
  Forest before the Meandering Forest.The enemies like Hopper keeps 
  regenerating very fast and besides it is very easy to defeat.

6)Remember the 2 poles near where you find Leno is at Twinpeak Mt.There 
  100 Drans on top of each pole.take the drans,exit and return to get the         
  Drans and repeat the procedure over again.Besides,magician regenerate 
  fast and teleport in front of you and is a good place to max your stats. 

7)After entering the cave(where you meet Hotelo at Chapter 3) and come  
  out,as you go up,you will see 100Drans scattered around.Take the Drans,
  enter the cave,and exit to collect the Drans again.Repeat the procedure     
  again.The disadvantage is that there isn't any enemies but you get to earn     
  many mind exp.
Three Endings

First Ending:Complete the game anytime.After talking to the King and Queen         
             of Allucaneet,you will be shown the credits and later a scene 
             showing Musashi seals Lumina back in the spiral tower.

Second Ending:Complete the game any days after one year,to be shown another 
              different ending.

Tips:You may have not reached one year,so go to your room at the castle 
     sleep.Each time you sleep,8 hours will past and finally one year will           
     come soon.

Note:I haven't tried it before so tried it yourself!

Note:There are quite a number of people who have told me that the second 
     ending doesn't work.Try it at your own RISK!!!
Credit:Thanks to Carlos for telling me about the second ending.

Third Ending:This is by far the hardest ending to get because not many 
             you can get Jon and Leno and DLumina 3 action 
             collecting all action figure,including special edition
             course,that includes finding all Minkus to get Mon Minku 
             finding 35 Bincho Field to get Princess Fillet.),complete 
             game again.The ending will resume to normal,showing the 
             and after the Squaresoft Logo,you will be shown a special 
             ART PICS containing all the characters in the game,with 
             word "PERFECT!!!Thanks for playing!".Save the game and 
             'FIN' save will turn pink.

Refer to secrets section for info on unlocking Special Action Figures.

Gameshark codes
Note that you should not use gameshark as much as possible as it simply ruin the 
fun of the game.Avoid using.
GameShark Codes(US) For Brave Fencer Musashi

Infinite HP                              80078eb20172
Infinite BP                              80078eb60172

Infinite Drans                           80078e8e0001

Quick Level Gain                         80078f08ffff

All Rescues Complete (1)                 800ba1f80101

All Rescues Complete (2)                 800ba2100101

Time 00:00:00                            80078E7C0000

Tired at 0%                              80078EA600A0

Stop Village Rescue Timer                80078E90BE2A
  (Getting Aqualin)                      80078E92041B

Stop Valve Reset Timer                   801204A80700
  (Saving Steamwood) 

All Legendary Armor Pieces               300AE64B00FF

Learned all 6 Techniques                 800AE658FFFF

Invincible                               30126C004115

Infinite Double Jumps                    80126D980000
Once having the L-Belt
That's all the codes i can get.But remember don't use these codes too often.
Look at the japanese ones.
Gameshark Codes(Japan)For Brave Fencer Musashiden

Max HP                                   8007801201F4

Max MP                                   8007801801F4

Infinite money                           80077FEC423F

Invincible                               30127670000F

Fast attack                              8007801E8000

Turbo attack                             80077F2A0008

Max attack bar                           8014A8D40001

Max status                               80078044001D

Can stay in air (press X button)         D0077F220040

All recover items                        300B93470001

All weapons (Set 1)                      300B9353000D


All weapons (Set 2)                      800B936A2524

All weapons (Set 3)                      300B93830047

All weapons (Set 4)                      800B939C6160

Never tired                              80078004FFFF

Shock code(Fusion)                       D0077F220080

Shock code(Lumina)                       D0077F220010

Tiredness 0%                             80078006009F

Weapon Level Up                          80078068FFFF

All these codes,including both japanese and American were taken from 
GameBuster's Paradise site.


Here are the some of the japanese names

Japanese                                 English
Musashi                                  Musashi
Kojiro                                   Kojiro
Fiere                                    Fillet
John#                                    Jon
Reno#                                    Leno
Priest Harchinose#/Greezer               Steward Ribson
Butler Yukkeru#                          Butler Livers
Brandy                                   Bubbles
Rikuyuru/Rikyuru                         Ginderelle
Raygund Sword/Regant Sword               Lumina Sword
Dark Raygund 1/Dark Regant 1             Dark Lumina 1
Dark Raygund 2/Dark Regant 2             Dark Lumina 2
Dark Raygund:Finale/Dark Regant:Finale   Dark Lumina:Finale
Minka#                                   Minku
Ed#                                      Ed
Ben#                                     Ben 
Topo#                                    Topo
Tim#                                     Tim
Mint#                                    Mint
Fores#                                   Fores#
Wig#                                     Wid
Cappriciola#/Wokka#                      Cappriciola
Fuhrer Flatski#                          Fuhrer Flatski
Examiner Reban#                          Scribe Shanky
Mega Minka#                              Mother Minku
Roderick#/Boldor#                        Rootrick
LeCoir Empire#/Ru-Coarlu Empire#         Thirstquencher Empire
Yaquinik Kingdom#/Yakuinikku castle#     Allucaneet Kingdom
Raikoumaru                               Fusion sword
Get-in ability                           Assimilate ability/Fusion ability
Amiyakui Village#                        Grillin' village
Devil of darkness#                       Wizard of darkness
Book of Five wheels#                     Five scrolls
Dolan#                                   Dran
Binchoron#                               Bincholons
Heart Tablet#                            Heart Tablet
Any japanese names marked with a # are not confirmed yet or not sure.The # 
indicates the japanese names used from some of the sources and other site that 
may or may not represent the actual japanese names.
These japanese names represents the most reliable sources that i have got.


Well... nome....

Version info

v1.00 (18-JUN-03)   -- First Release.


This FAQ can be freely distributed, however ONLY in its entirety and 
with due credit to its author. It has taken me ALOT of time and effort 
to do this. If you wish to use this information for your own FAQ or web-
page, etc. PLEASE give credit I don't mind sharing this information, 
otherwise I would not have sent it to Cheatcodes.com.  I give credit to 
ANY contributions, and I only expect of others what I expect of myself.

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