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                 ,,,,,,,,,,,,               ,,:,,,,,,      ,,,:      ,,,,   
             ,,:::~~~~~~~~~~:::,,          ::=~::~~~:::::,,:~~+    ,:::~:,
          ,,::~~=+++++++++++==~~:,        ,~+==========~~~~=++?,  ,:=+++=:
          ,:~=??I+,,,,,,,,:?7II?=~,      :+7,:~,,,,,,~II?II,:,==:,~??:,,:+:,
        ,:~+I?                  II=:    :+?   ~           I   :?==?I    I+:,
    ,,:~=?~                      ~?+:  :=I    ~            ,  :?+?I    ,?=,
        ,:~=+++???III   IIIII?    :?~,:=?     ~   I?+?I?   :  :7II    +I+:
          ,::~~~~=+I7   7?+=+II,   I+~++~     ~   ?+==?7    , :77    =I?:
          ,,,,,,::=?I   7+=~~=??    ?+?+   +  ~   ?+==+7    , :7I    I?~,
                 ,~?I   I=: ,:=?~   ??=   I+  ~   ?===I7      ,~    I+~,
                 ,~+I   I=:  ,:?I   II   II+  ~   IIII,    ~  ~   ,I?~,
                 ,~+I   I=:   :+I   I    I?+  ~           I       I7?:
                 ,~+I   I=:  ,:+?  ,    I?++  ~         ?7I        7?~,
                 ,~+I   I=:  :~+, :        =  ~   II    77I        ,I?~,
                 ,~+I   I+~::~+?         :  : ~   ??I    7I    II    I?~,
                  :+I   I?===+?, =  I   ,I : +~   ++?+    I   ,77I , ~I?:
                  :=7+? ?II??+ ,~   +~,,,:~?,:~   =:=?: , ?   ,II77 ,I:I+~
                  :+I+~?:    I~?    ~:, ,,:= +~   =::=?    =  ,?=+I7   ,I?:,
                  :~I~::??: ?II?: +=,    ,,=, :   =:,:=? :  : ++~:=??   =I=:
                   ,~??IIII?+?+?++~,       =??~   =,  :=??IIIII~, ,=?I    ?=,
                    ,~~+===~~~::~:,        :~+~   =:   ,~~==~==,   ,~+?I=,++:,
                     ,::::::=,,,,,,        ,:=~  ,=:    ::::::,     ,:~=++?=,,
                          ,:                ,~=?+:+:                  ,::~:,:,
                                            ,~?,7 +:                    ,,, ,,
 Written by                                  :+ I +:                      
 Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade      ,~+I =,
 Copyright 2013                               :=+7=:    

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                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

01. Introduction and Controls
02. Walkthrough
Chapter 0
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
03. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Eric Bane is a newly born vampire. Master his abilities to sneak your way 
through each chapter of DARK as Eric works to become a full-fledged vampire!

LT (hold) - Cover
LB (hold) - Drag Corpse
Left Stick - Walk/Run
Left Stick (press) - Crouch
D-pad - Skill Quick Select
Back - Skill Menu
Start - System Menu
RT (hold) - Vampire Vision
RB (hold) - Shadow Leap
Y - Skill Select
X - Use Skill
B - Skip Cutscene
A - Interact
Right Stick - Camera
Right Stick (press) - Zoom

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Walkthrough
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What a terrible night to have a curse. You're Bane. Eric Bane. Okay. So, 
anyway, move down the stairs toward the objective marker. A short scene will 
play, and then you can move down the stairs further.

Eric will realize he has no idea what's going on. He's amnesiac and can't 
remember anything about himself, except for his name. Go to the bouncer and 
speak with him. Eric will have a freaky flashback, and then be instructed to 
seek out Tom, the head of security, for more information.

Of course, before doing that, go to the bar, like any good amnesiac would do. 
There you'll meet Rose. After talking with her for a minute, you can go 
upstairs and speak with Tom. Follow Tom to Rose's office and speak with her 
again, where they will convince Eric that he is a vampire by forcing him to 
instinctively use his fancy new abilities.

Rose suggests you seek out Tom for more training. Three different objective 
markers will pop up on the screen now. You can go speak with April, the blonde 
bartender, or you can go to Tom and do the Tutorial. If you'd rather skip the 
Tutorial, I believe you can simply return to Rose and jump straight into the 
first chapter of the game.

However, if you've never played this game before, I highly recommend hitting up
Tom about that tutorial. Basically, there are thugs outside that are going to 
serve as the fodder for Eric to learn how to use his new vampire powers. 
In the alley outside of the sanctuary, approach the thugs that are using the 
barrel for warmth.

The large circle in the center of the screen indicates when Eric is in the 
line of sight of enemies. When the circle turns red, that means the enemies are
about to become aggressive. Don't worry about that now. Just let them get 
aggressive because Eric will teleport behind one of them. Hold down the A 
button to drain him of his juices.

The other thug will flee. Smart guy. Click in the left analog stick when 
instructed by the game to enter sneak mode. Move over to the cover. Hold LT to 
stay behind cover. An enemy nearby will have his back to you. Sneak over to him
and tap A to kill him. If you kill an enemy this way without holding A to drain
their blood, you won't get as much of an XP bonus or the other perks that 
come with draining blood, but you will be able to kill the enemy without making
much noise.

Move to the next area as instructed by the game. Use your teleportation Shadow 
Leap ability to zoom over to the next piece of cover. To use this, aim the 
cursor at the designated area and then press RB to perform the Shadow Leap. 
This makes noise, so it's not always smart, for now the thug here won't be able
to find you. Sneak up behind him and suck his blood.

The third thug will be down the next alley. He will get a few shots into 
Eric. The game then explains the ability wheel and how to use abilities. The 
only ability that you need to be concerned with right now is Regeneration. Open
up the wheel, select it, and then press X to heal yourself. Eric's health will 
regenerate naturally over time, but this will result in instant-healing, so it 
is useful for when you get yourself into sticky situations.

Just rush the thugh and press A when you get close and Eric will wallop him. 
Now you have to be taught how to move bodies. Hold LB to pick up the thug's 
body. The game will then transition into a first-person perspective. Drag the 
body to the highlighted area on the ground and drop it. The other thug on the 
other side of the fence will then not be able to see the body and alert the 
others to your presence.

Once he's gone, aim the cursor at the top right portion of the fence. Use the 
Shadow Leap ability to get on the other side of the fence. Next up, the game 
will teach you how to detect enemies through walls by sensing the blood running
through their veins and such. Do this by holding RT. You'll see that there is a
grand total of three enemies in this area.

The first enemy is an easy kill. Take him out silently and then drag him out of
view. Now there's an enemy to your right, facing your direction, and to your 
left. Run and take out the guy on the right first and then retreat behind 
cover. You should now be able to make it to the guy on your left and take him 
out as well. Next you will be taught how to purchase upgrades. Do so as you 

With the tutorial completed, you'll automatically return to the Sanctuary. Go 
speak with Rose and then you can choose the difficulty of the game. Your 
choices are Easy, Medium, or Hard. Pick whichever one you feel comfortable 
with (the tutorial and this entire chapter is defaulted as "Normal" difficulty,
just for reference), and then the game truly begins!

Approach the first guard. Kill him. Drain him of his blood if you wish, because
there is no one within ear-shot. Then move on to the next guard. There is some 
trash behind him. If you walk through the trash, this will make noise and alert
nearby enemies. Approach him from the side to kill him. Don't suck his blood 
because the noise will alert the nearest enemy.

Go up the stairs slowly. There will be an enemy up here walking back and forth.
When he turns his back on you, get up behind him and take him out. Then go to 
the next objective marker to initiate a scene. There will be a group of 
enemies just ahead. Watch their pattern and then when you get an opening, 
rush and silently take out one of them. Then just keep picking them off one by 
one and you'll be fine.

Go inside the building and go upstairs. There shouldn't be any enemies in 
here if you took them all out outside, so feel free to stand up and run. Eric 
will come to a door with lasers that can't be opened yet. Go back downstairs 
and you'll reach be led to an area with a guard standing amongst computer 
monitors. Take him out and then return to the door to find it opened. Wait in 
the next hall for the other door to open.

There will be a lone enemy in these halls, to the immediate right just beyond 
the wooden crate. When he's done, the next room is a large room with multlipe 
enemies. The vending machine is overturned with glass on the ground. If you 
touch the glass, enemies will be alerted to your presence, but that's fine. 
You can slowly take out each enemy, but I present to you a much more viable 
strategy in this room.

Alert them to your presence and then treat before the glass. Take cover behind 
a display case and their bullets won't be able to hit you. When they walk by, 
take them out. Keep baiting them by doing this until they've all been killed. 
There should be some stragglers at the bottom floor, so get rid of them as 
well and then continue into the next room.

The next room introduces the idea of motion sensing displays that can alert 
enemies to your presence. There are two enemies on the bottom floor and one 
enemy on the top floor with you, messing with a panel on the wall. Take him 
out first and cautiously make your way down the stairs. The enemy and his 
captain will chat a bit before walking their separate ways, so wait for their 
conversation to be over.

Then you can sneak down and take them both out. A third guard will be walking 
around the display cases. He is easy to sneak up behind and kill. Then proceed 
through to the large exhibit room. Get ready, because this room takes a very 
long time.

You basically have to take each enemy out one by one to progress here. There 
is no other alternative. Lead each enemy away from the others and silently 
take them out. The room is filled with enemies, so you can try to sneak past 
them, but good luck with that.

Clear the room to the best of your abilities. The door you need is on the 
bottom floor, so make your way there now. Go through the door to enter another 
hallway and then you'll reach a cellar area after riding down an elevator. The 
cellar introduces the ghoul enemies that are feeding on a corpse.

Ignore them and take out the guards in the room. The ghouls may attack, so just
mash on the A button if they get too close to take them out. There will be 
more enemies in the next room, but you can actually use the glass crunched 
up here to lead them around the large crate in the center and then make a 
break for it.

Next you will meet Blooming. He will send two guards after you. Kill them and 
then continue into the next room. There will be more guards and ghouls, but 
they are easy to take care of. Fight your way through the rooms until you've 
finally cornered Blooming. He will take shots at you, but just run up to him 
and hold in the A button to drain him.

Of course, this didn't solve Eric's little blood issue. Back at the Sanctuary, 
go speak with Rose. She will suggest that you go talk to Tom first. Tom can be 
found chilling out at the bar. Speak with him and he will tell you about the 
possibility of another vampire having the cure. Return to Rose when you're 
ready to start the next mission.

Right off the bat, you'll be introduced to a new gameplay concept. Basically, 
you can't kill civilians, which will be the unarmed security guards in this 
case. There's only one of them right now, hanging out behind a computer 
terminal clear at the back of the room, so he is pretty much a non-factor at 
this point.

To your left, there will be a lone guard. Kill him. Use him to replenish your 
abilities if needed, then start moving up. Hold RT. There is another guard 
that is just standing and he's pretty close, plus a guard that walks back and 
forth. When the walking guard starts moving away from the non-moving guard, 
kill the non-moving guard and drag his body behind some planters or a couch 
or something.

Then deal with the moving guard. As soon as he turns around, take him out. Now 
you have a pretty clear path down the left side of the room. Make your way to 
the back, by the terminals, and there will be a couple of guards here. Take 
them out and watch the civilian. When he's not looking, dart through the open 

Immediately kill the guard at the vending machine and drag his body behind the 
boxes. A few more guards will come in here, so bounce between the cubicles and 
very quickly take them all out. After killing all of them, you can move 
unopposed into the computer room. Approach the terminal and activate it so 
that Rose has access to the elevators.

Backtrack to the elevators. The guards now only have communication between each
other when they are in close range. A lone guard will be standing around 
complaining about this. Take him out and then enter the elevator. The civ 
should not even be around to give you any grief.

The elevator ride is short. In this hall, avoid the large terminals as they 
will go off if someone walks by them. Namely you. One guard will walk through 
here, so let him walk around the corner, stalk him, then take him out. Go 
through the door he came through and then duck behind the counters.

Two more guards enter the room. They will chat a bit and then one will go use 
the vending machine while the other walks off. Kill the guard at the vending 
machine first, and then go finish off the guy that walked away. Go to the 
door as designated by the objective marker. Unfortunately, you need a keycard 
to continue. Luckily Rose knows where the keycard is and your objective marker 
switches to lead you to some office elsewhere in the building.

You'll be led to a stairwell that leads into a large office. There's quite a 
few enemies here, but this is actually very easy. There will be one guy walking
around the cubicles to the immediate left. Take him out for the XP and then go 
up the stairs. There will be a guy walking around the pool table to the left. 
He can be ignored. Another guy will have his back to you as you round the 
corner, and the final guard up here will be walking back and forth. When he 
turns his back, kill the stationary guard, then quickly walk up behind the 
patroling guard and take him out. The door you need is then to your immediate 

In the office room, there will be two guards standing at the window talking 
about the weather. Stay crouched, ignore them, and make your way to the back 
of the room to find the keycard. Snag it and then exit the room. Be mindful of 
the terminal in here, as it will start blaring noise if you venture too close 
to it.

Back out in the larger room, the alarms will go off and now even MORE enemies 
will be here to stop you. Only one enemy will be on the top floor with you. He 
will walk around in the room up here. Kill him and then look out over the 
floor. As soon as the two enemies to the north move back behind the cubicles, 
go down there quickly and hide behind the closest cubicle. Wait for the guard 
to pass and then you can actually get all the way to the door without being 
seen. If needed, you can just sneak through the cubicles and silently take 
out each guard one by one, which is very easy to do, but remember that one 
guard that walked by when you were hiding behind the cubicle, or else he can 
come back and bite you later when he's done checking out the offices.

The guards will come down in the elevator, three to be exact. They will walk 
around, but rarely look at each other. Take one out, drag him away, take out 
the next, drag him away, and repeat. Through the next door will be two more 
guards, but they are easily dispatched as well, and even if you get caught with
these guys, there are no consequences.

Upon arriving at the stairwell, you can stop sneaking and just run up each 
flight of stairs until you reach the gardens. Kill the first guard up here, and
then the guard at the bottom of the stairs. Now move through the bushes and 
use them to bypass all the other guards and make your way to the far stairs. 
You can kill the enemies along the way if you want, but as long as you are 
patient and stick to the bushes, you should be able to get by most of them.

Up the stairs, you'll find a tunnel that is blocked by UV light. This light 
will damage you. You have the option to just run through it or you can go down 
the stairs and destroy the fuse box. You might as well go break the fuse box 
to turn off the UV light. Then it's pretty much a straight shot to the next 

Check out Vlad's creepy rooms. When you go to leave, hang tight for the wall to
move to reveal the exit. Then you can dash down the stairs and dive into the 
elevator before getting seen by the guards that arrived here. Move through 
the facility-like area. Fight or avoid the ghouls and keep going until you 
reach another foliage area. Use the bushes to get by and then make your way to 
the elevator.

Ride the elevator up. Vlad is here. The UV light is used to keep you back. 
Get through the light quickly. Let enemies come to you before moving through 
the UV tunnels so you can keep the damage taken down to a minimum. Next it's 
just a matter of getting to Vlad and biting on his neck. You'll then be taken 
back to the Sanctuary.

Speak with Tom. Then talk with all the other people that are designated by 
objective markers. After doing so, Rose will be back in her office. Head there 
now and speak with Rose so Eric can begin his next mission!

Welcome to Atlantis! Unfortunately, Eric has zero access to his vampire powers 
at this point because you have to place the bombs in the place first. Another 
new gameplay element are cameras with green lasers that will alert enemies to 
your presence if they detect you.

Get behind cover to avoid detection from the lasers. There are a few enemies 
in here as well. You need to wait for them to have their back turned, and 
then hang a sharp left when the lasers are moved. Get behind cover at the top 
of the stairs and wait for the guard to show up. He will stand at the bottom of
the stairs and watch.

He will start moving. Go down the stairs quickly. Kill him if you want the XP 
and then head into the next room. A very brief cut-scene will play. Now you 
have to make your way to all the different trash cans in the room and place 
bombs inside of them. Avoid being detected by the civilians or the enemy 

Once all the bombs have been placed, go to the safe area as designated by the 
objective marker. The bombs will go off. Now make your way to the next 
objective marker area. AVOID DETECTION AT ALL COSTS. Don't bother trying to 
kill anyone. Through the next room, avoid the lasers and continue down the 

Enemies with assault rifles will be patroling here. You can weave in and out 
behind the little cubicle areas and avoid being detected by them very easily, 
or you can take the time to slowly take them out one by one to build up some 
XP. At any rate, make your way to the double doors at the end of the hall and 
also be sure to avoid being seen by those damn green laser beams.

In the next room, there are plenty of enemies. Make your way to the second 
floor, killing as many as possible. A short scene will play and then ghouls 
and armored enemies will be introduced to the situation. Go down the stairs 
and I recommend just bolting it to the next door. Unless you are highly 
upgraded at this point, there's virtually no hope of getting by this situation 
without being detected.

Through the next hallway, you'll enter a warehouse area. Wait for the enemy to 
get near and look the other way, then take him out. More armored enemies are 
in here, so be careful. The warehouse area is sort of long, but luckily almost 
every single enemy can be avoided without too much of hassle.

Next you'll go through a room with more guards and a series of metal detectors 
that can get them all to flock to your position. Yet again, the advantage here 
is actually yours because the enemies are spaced out far enough that it is 
pretty easy to silently take out each one as you move forward to the next 

A cut-scene will end this mission.

A few enemies will be standing around here and there, talking, patroling, doing
whatever. The guys talking are a bit deeper in the warehouse, and all of them 
are equipped with guns. Kill the closest guy and drag his body out of sight. 
You should then be able to move in on the guys having the conversation. When 
they are done talking, they will shuffle around a bit, allowing you to kill 
them or bypass them and continue.

These new enemies are Vampire Hunters. They are supposedly smarter and stronger
than the enemies you've battled with so far. Make your way up the street. In 
the little area to your left you can find a PDA. I haven't been mentioning 
them much because my main concern with this game is getting you from the 
beginning to the end, but they are like the standard collectible item you are 
supposed to collect in most games with a similar mission structure.

A lone Vampire Hunter will be at the end of this road. Kill him and then start 
through the alley. The gameplay will be interrupted to show you yet another new
hazard for Eric to be aware of...sensors. These thing will make noise if you 
walk through them. There's also green lasers here, and a few enemies. The 
enemies are moving in such a way that you can sprint through the middle of 
the area and avoid having to fight them. Wait for that opening and then take 

A short cut-scene will play and then you will be in a dark area with ghouls. 
The ghouls you'll encounter will always have their backs to you for now, 
munching on some nummy stuff. Or not so nummy. Kill them for the XP. When you
reach the stairs, Vampire Hunters will enter the area.

Stay at the top of the stairs. Get behind the crate and hang tight because one 
of the Vampire Hunters will make his way up the stairs, followed closely by 
his buddy. Wait for the first one to move down the hallway and then take out 
the other enemy. You should then be able to sneak up on the VH before he turns 
around to catch you. Now you can move downstairs unopposed.

Walk back out into the alleyway to get a glimpse of the Sanctuary, as well as 
a new gameplay element being introduced. It seems that the ever so clever 
Vampire Hunters have produced new technology that is basically a UV light 
turret. Get too close to it and it will charge up, damaging you and attracting 
a lot of attention to your area, which is never a good situation for this game.

The first one is dodged is easily. Use the dumpsters for cover and to avoid 
being caught by the guards and continue through the alley. You'll find a 
Vampire Hunter being mean to a homeless guy. Take out the VH and then continue 
down the alley. The hobo will do nothing except cower in fear. Right around the
corner will be another Vampire Hunter so be cautious if you want to get those 
extra points for stealth kills.

The area will open up a bit. Be careful about getting cover here because there 
are sensors. A couple of Vampire Hunters will be walking around, and there will
be a camera to deal with as well. First let the hunters separate. Then Shadow 
Leap behind the nearby dumpster and stealth kill the first hunter. Drag his 
body out of sight into the shadows.

Next you should be able to take out both of the Vampire Hunters that are next 
if you are quick enough. Don't try to feed on them because they tend to walk 
really close to sensors and cameras. Kill them and then go into the abandoned 
building. Kill the guard at the bottom fo the stairs and continue through the 
building back outside. Eric will suffer another one of his crazy visions.

Continue through to the elevator. The staircase has been destroyed, but you 
can use Shadow Leap to get to the top. Go down the hall to find a dead friend. 
Go back down the hall and you can continue up farther. Just follow the 
objective marker and remember to use Shadow Leap. This will allow you to get to
Rose's office.

Seems the Vampire Hunters aren't done causing you trouble. Take them all out, 
but you had better be stealthy about it because they will demolish you if you 
are seen. I recommend using Shadow Leap a lot. Leap near one, kill them, 
quickly leap away. Repeat the process until they are all dead.

Use your RT ability to take notice of all the different enemies. They will be 
highlighted in red like always. Just keep track of them and you can easily get 
through this courtyard area. You have a long way to go, but that doesn't really
matter because the enemies are spread out so far apart that you can kill them 
one at a time or just ignore them and keep going until you reach the front 
doors of the building. I recommend killing them for the XP, especially if you 
can do so without being caught.

Try to use the elevator. It's down. Now there will be enemies in that main 
lobby area you've already passed through. Your goal is the computer clear back 
at the front doors. There will be a lot of enemies in here, and you really 
need to clear them out to make getting to and using the computer safe. Clear 
out the top floor of enemies, or at least the ones that can see the computer on
their patrols, then kill all the enemies on the bottom floor that are actually 
near the computer.

Approach the computer and use it. If the enemy sight reticule pops up on the 
screen, quickly retreat somewhere, kill the person that can see you, and then 
return to the computer and use it to activate the elevator. It should pretty 
much be a clear shot back to the elevator now, but still exercise caution in 
case there's an enemy you forgot to kill.

At the end of the elevator ride, use the computer in this room to gather more 
information about this facility. Down the next hall will be cameras and a lone 
enemy that is patroling. When he steps out into the hall, you can get up behind
him and kill him, but watch it for the monitor on the left side of the wall 
that will make noise if you get too close. Hug the right side of the hall (when
facing down it) to avoid making noise with that, take out the guard, and then 
get behind cover and turn your attention to the top of the stairs.

Wait for the guard at the top of the stairs to turn around and then kill him. 
Now use your Shadow Leap to bypass the cameras and the guard here and get into 
the next room. Move through the computer room and then wait for the guard to 
walk by in the next hall before opening the door. Remember, pull RT To see 
enemies through walls. After he's moved, you can move out there yourself and 
kill him.

Make your way to the next stairs. A guard will be hanging out in the light of 
the camera lasers. Wait for him to be looking the other way and then make a 
break for the next door. Go to the next door in this hall as designated by 
the objective marker and try to open it. It will be locked. Now your goal is to
reach the manager's office.

Head back out into the hall. Kill any straggling enemies you see that are not 
by any friends so you can get XP and replenish your Vitae if necessary. Follow 
the objective marker to get to the manager's office. Kill anyone that gets in 
the way and then grab the key ring off the desk.

Return to the locked door and open it up. You'll now be in the warehouse area 
of this building. Kill the enemies in here. The large crates provide perfect 
cover if you do happen to get caught, though. Continue into the next room to 
the labs and silently kill the enemies in this first room.

The second room is very tricky. There is a camera that is blocking the door, 
so you need to Shadow Leap through. Then you will need to Shadow Leap again to 
avoid being seen by the multitude of guards in this room. The next hallway will
have another guard. Kill him silently. Watch out for the UV turrets and the 
camera in here.

Shadow Leap beyond the camera to reach your next objective marker. The doors 
open up automatically. Walk forward a little bit so Eric can have another one 
of his headache-induced hallucination episodes. Then go to the next door that 
will slide open automatically. Explore the cyro room a bit...

What a COLD reception. Bahaha.

After a few shocking cut-scenes, kill the guard in the hall. A scene will play 
once you enter the larger room. Avoid contact with enemies and make your way 
to the stairs. Avoid the sensors on the walls. There will be one enemy up here 
so kill him and then check out the elevators.

Poor Eric. He never has any luck when it comes to elevators. Yet again, another
elevator is shut down. Go down the stairs on the opposite side and duck into 
the hall with the computer you need to use. Wait for the enemy to walk by and 
then kill him. More enemies will show up, but you can rush past them to the 
elevator and get inside.

When it comes to a stop, you just need to get up the stairs and go through the 
door. Then you are in a situation where you have to move from objective marker 
to objective marker, room to room, either bypassing or killing the enemies. 
There are other hazards such as cameras and the like, but they are easily 
avoided in this section.

Rose will finally get ahold of Eric again. After this happens, follow her 
instructions to keep following the objective markers. Tom has been captured and
bad things are happening to him. Avoid the enemies in the room where Tom is 
being injected with UV. Make your way up the stairs, kill any enemies in the 
upstairs room, and then use the computer to shut down the power. This will 
free Tom, but it will also free the Ghouls.

Avoid detection from the Ghouls and go to Tom's cell. Interact with Tom to 
release him from the table. Now go to the new area that Rose asks for you to go
to. Watch the scene, and then sneak your way to the computer. Upload Rose's 
virus into the computer. Leave this room and kill the lone guard, avoiding 
detection by the cameras in the process.

In the next room, you can sit tight and listen to the guards argue. This will 
result in one of them being shot and killed. A third guard will come up and 
see what's going on, and then leave. Once he leaves, kill the remaining guard 
and continue through the door that is marked by the objective marker.

A guard will be facing the wall as you go down the stairs. Drain him of his 
blood if you need the Vitae, otherwise just kill him. In the next room, more 
Vampire hunters will enter. Quickly move into the center and get behind cover 
to avoid being seen. You should be pretty easily be able to kill the enemies on
the bottom floor from here.

Then move up the stairs. Avoid the camera, kill the enemy, and continue through
to the next area. Get inside the elevator to net a pretty sizable achievement. 
Watch the scene. Go up the stairs and take out the two enemies that are 
guarding Rose. After talking with her, go into the center area to confront the 

Run around and avoid the monster/Steiner. When Rose announces that she has 
turned on a terminal, go up to it and mess with the controls to damage Steiner.
Keep doing this until Steiner is defeated. He will become more aggressive 
after every time you deal damage to him, but he is still easily avoided since 
his area of attack is spelled out across the floor and all over the screen.

Keep repeating the process until the monster is defeated...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you beat DARK for Xbox 360 and PC!

Feel free to check out all my other content on Cheat Masters and GameFAQs!

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