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By Lathander (Michael Berg)

+ Contents +

- Legal Stuff
- Version History
- About this walkthrough
- Walkthrough
    Prologue: Rock Fall
    1. The Adventure Begins
      1 - 1. Virescent Village
      1 - 2. Lift Ride
      1 - 3. Virescent Mines
      1 - 4. Seismech Force
    2. Saving Chess
      2 - 1. Moonhauler Escape
      2 - 2. Darkwater Station
      2 - 3. Darkwater Village
      2 - 4. Darkwater Village - Extinguishing the flames
      2 - 5. Darkwater Lake
      2 - 6. Darkwater Lake - Jump and Run
      2 - 7. Darkwater Castle
      2 - 8. Face the Overlord
    3. The path to Hero's Island
      3 - 1. Quad Challenge
      3 - 2. Danger Zone
      3 - 3. Clearwater Bay
      3 - 4. Cutwater Ferry
    4. Hero's Island
      4 - 1. Island of Heroes (1) A race
      4 - 2. Island of Heroes (2) Cubwheels
      4 - 3. The Chamber of Destruction
      4 - 4. Island of Heroes (3) The Aqueduct
      4 - 5. High Arena
      4 - 6. Island of Heroes (4) Feathers
      4 - 7. Clouded Hill
      4 - 8. Clouded Hill - Runestone Challenge
      4 - 9. Island of Heroes (5) Finding the Elder's House
    5. Into Space
      5 - 1. Find Mount Firash
      5 - 2. Into Firash Chasm
      5 - 3. Firash lives!
      5 - 4. Sylex Cells
    6. Exarco
      6 - 1. Exarco Crossing
      6 - 2. Hatching Grounds
      6 - 3. Cargo Defender
      6 - 4. Xeno Encounter
      6 - 5. The Xeno Queen
      6 - 6. Escape from the Queen
      6 - 7. Sun Surfer Rising
    7. The Holy Bell
      7 - 1. Search for Auria
      7 - 2. Find the Mountain
      7 - 3. The Mountain Base
      7 - 4. Security Breach
    8. Chess
      8 - 1. Shield Disruption
      8 - 2. Finding Chess
      8 - 3. Rescue Chess
    9. The Final
      9 - 1. Finding Catana
      9 - 2. Refinery Dropzone
      9 - 3. Lavacore Wastes
      9 - 4. Finding Vetch

- The Runetowers (not started yet)
- Special Thanks

+ Legal Stuff +

This walkthrough is copyright 2003 by Michael Berg. It may not 
be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any other web site 
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+ Version History +

Version 0.1 - 07.01.2003
Just the launch. There is not much in this walkthrough. Just 
legal stuff and a walkthrough through the first two levels of 
the game. This version was created in about two hours. There 
will come more, much more.

Version 0.2 - 08.01.2003
Completed walkthrough through the first two chapters of the 
game. Got through four of the big levels and found three 
runes. I did some minor corrections in spelling. More to come 
in the next days.

Version 0.5 - 14.01.2003
Big, big update. Completed walkthrough until the beginning of 
Xeno Encounter. I found 9 out of 10 runestones. Only that one 
from the Volcano is missing. Exactly: Only one key there is 
I changed my paragraph format, added spare lines after every 
paragraph. This makes the walkthrough better readable, I 
I also did update the Special Thanks section. Sorry to the 
people I forgot here.
The next update will be next week, I think. I will complete 
the simple walkthrough until that time. The updates after that 
will contain some more positions of keys and perhaps the 
positions of all rune towers. Maybe there will be even a 
spellcheck. Let's see...

Version 0.8 - 21.01.2003
Phew. Finished walkthrough. Got through the whole game 
finally. Described everything. This will be the last update 
with new facts collected by me. Sorry, time is running away. 
Now other people have to complete this, if anything is still 
Okay, the complete Runetower section is missing. But Mythril4 
(I hope the spelling is correct, I am writing with my laptop) 
already offered a spellcheck to me and he offered me to add 
the runetower section. I will email this walkthrough to him 
today. I hope he will help me making a Version 1.0 of this 
Well, I hope you like my walkthrough and I hope you think it 
is helpful. If not, you know: E-Mail me ([email protected]) 
and I might change something.
Thank you to everybody who supported me with this walkthrough. 
There are many kind people visiting www.gamefaqs.com. I am 
very happy that I met all of you. You were a big reason for me 
writing this walkthrough.

+ About this walkthrough +

This is my second walkthrough for www.gamefaqs.com. My first 
was for Icewind Dale II (under the name Mberg).

I know that this might not be a perfect walkthrough for this 
game. If you don't like it please give me some advice per e-
mail about what to improve. My e-mail is [email protected] 
As you may see I am from Germany so my spelling could be bad 
sometimes since English is not my mother tongue. But I hope 
this will not create problems at all.

One word about the content of this file: I will post a 
complete walkthrough and I will try to post all the secrets 
(all locations of keys and runes). But for that I might need 
your help as well. I will post requests at the message board. 
Everybody who posts info will be quoted in this FAQ, of 

And now: I hope this will help you to get through the game 
since some of the later levels are quite difficult and tricky. 
Enjoy this great game!

+ Walkthrough +

Prologue: Rock Fall

You have to get through a collapsing cave. There is nothing to 
worry about, just keep running and double-jump over the holes. 
Collect some of the Catana on the floor.


1 - 1. Virescent Village

It is your first job to find three COGWHEELS. But first turn 
right. Behind a rock you will find the first KEY. Destroy the 
barrel with an energy attack.

Recharge and take out the two guards. Go to the river and step 
on the plate before the bridge. You will be taken to the other 
side where you will find the first WHEEL.

Walk around and take out the guards. They have the second KEY. 
Near the town's well you find four red barrels and an energy 
barrel. Carefully destroy the red ones, then the energy barrel 
with an energy jump (it is a little difficult but manageable). 
KEY 3 is yours!

For the final two keys you need the shield dragon. Destroy the 
red barrels in town. One of these should look different: The 
flame at the opening is not constantly red, it changes the 
colour all the time. Inside is a shield dragon. Make sure that 
you have some shield energy left. Then press the shield button 
in order to make the dragon follow you. Guide him to the tree 
burning barrels. If you are near enough the dragon will 
destroy them - KEY 4.

Now take the dragon to the river canyon. There is a cage. 
Imprison him and get on the cage. You see the KEY flying in 
the air. Navigate the cage to the KEY and take it.

Now with you having all the KEYS return to the bridge. Stand 
under the energy field you used to cross the canyon, jump and 
press attack. You will now be taken to the other side again. 
Now walk past the houses, you will find another transport 
field. Use it to get to the locked barrel. Destroy it with a 
jumping attack and you will get the first RUNESTONE.

Return to town. Go to the well, turn left. You will see a 
strange mechanism. It must be filled with shield energy in 
order to make it working. Energy balls are placed around the 
hill nearby. Or simply jump into the lila barrel and jump out 
again (without making a huge jump which makes you loose all 
your energy again). 

Once you have put 5 energy balls inside the machine it starts 
working. Use it to be taken to the second WHEEL.

Return to the well area and take the next path (left). You 
will find an area with a shooting artefact. But destroy the 
barrels here, first. They contain much nicer artefacts. Go to 
first-person-perspective and shoot all the barrels and mines 
on the other side off the valley. Once you have finished you 
should get the third WHEEL.

Return to the well area and take the last passage you did not 
use before. It leads to the mine. Inside, use the COGWHEELS in 
order to enable the lift. Enter it.

1 - 2. Lift Ride

I will just write down where you can get hurt:
- left: Water
- left: Fire
- right: Water
- right: Fire
- left: Water
- right: Fire
- right. Water
- right: Big boulder

1 - 3. Virescent Mines

Get down. Kill the big monster near the lava waterfall to get 
the first KEY. In order to kill it get behind the monster.

Now walk along the lava river. You have to cross it using the 
platforms on the river. With some timing, this should be 
possible. Jump over the second river as well and carefully 
take out the red barrels around the WHEEL. Pick it up. Then 
explore the area with all the machines, it should not be a 
problem to find the second WHEEL.

You noticed the big platform always rising and sinking? Use it 
as an elevator and make your way to the green barrel. The last 
jump requires some timing, but it should not be that problem. 
Use the two COGWHEELS in order to make the cart operating. 
Jump into it and push the buttons displayed on the screen. 
Take your time and since there are only two different buttons 
you should soon get used to it.

Jump until you find a blinking barrel. Destroy it and the 
others. In one barrel there should be a shield dragon. Guide 
it to the very edge of the last platform (the right corner) 
and jump over the gap. Now go to the very edge of the platform 
you are standing now and use your shield. Hopefully the shield 
dragon will come to you. Use it to destroy the burning barrel. 
You will get KEY 2.

Now you have to pass two machines throwing boulders on your 
path. A good method avoiding being hit is that: Wait until the 
first machine stops. Then run.

Pick up the artefact. Now simply cross the room but watch out 
not to get into the light of the robot in the center of the 

In the next passageway you will find more robots. This time 
just wait until they stop hitting around with their arms and 
pass them.

In the next room take out all the guards on the floor. You get 
KEY 3. Now pick up the green artifact and quickly shoot the 
monsters with the shields to receive KEY 4. Now get around the 
big machine. On the other side there is a path to the reactor. 
In order to take it out simply hit all the four red energy 
cells in the corners.

A new path will appear. Take it to arrive in a cave. Take out 
the guards here and jump in the water in order to pass it 

You are in a big hall now. The bridge will collapse and you 
will have the opportunity to swim. It is a strange experience 
in this game since Haven wants to dive all the time. You have 
to use the X-button in order to get to the surface again.

On one of the platforms there is a strange mechanism. You need 
5 energy units in order to make it working. Energy cells are 
on another platform. Go and fetch them. Once the mechanism 
works use it to get to the other side of the bridge.

NOTE: If you want to get the rune in this level, read on. If 
not, skip the next paragraphs.

A lightning bolt will block your path. Wait until it is gone, 
then move on. Look around and you will notice some barrels on 
the other side of the room. Jump onto the construction in the 
center of the room, then to the barrels. Use an energy jump to 
get the last KEY. Return to the place where the lightning 
bolts are. Now pick up five energy balls, pass the lightning 
bolt and jump to the central platform once more. Now turn left 
and you will see a construction which uses lightning bolts. 
Jump around the column to reach it. Once this item will 
operate you will be able to return to the side of the bridge 
where you came from.

Return to the room which was completely dark. Pick up a light 
artefact. You now have to find 5 RED FEATHERS. Two of them are 
in barrels in the dark room (make a jump attack to destroy 
them). Two are in the air (use the purple barrels to reach 
them). The last one is in the passageway you didn't explore so 
far (there are three exits in the dark room). This passage 
leads to some kind of bell. Hit it with square button.

Now there is a little flying passage. Avoid all the floaating 
mines, they are deadly! Once the flight is over explore the 
platform and you will find the locked pot. Destroy it and you 
will find the second ARTEFACT! Congratulations! Fall into the 
lava and return to the area with the lightning bolt.

REGULAR WALKTHROUGH (continued): Pick up the shooting item and 
pass the lightning bolt. Turn right and shoot all the 
monsters. Then pass the tunnel.

In the next room quickly jump from pillar to pillar. Be fast 
since they will collapse! Jump into the hole on the top 

1 - 4. Seismech Force

Oh no, more action: Run through the tunnel. Don't stop or you 
will be buried under the lava. Double-Jump over the hot 
barrels. Don't worry: This passage looks more dangerous than 
it actually is. After several tries you will get through it 
only in order to fight a ...

Ooooh, this guy is huge! You are standing on one of the 
platforms in the lava. Seismech will have two attacks: First 
he will hit a platform and make it temporarily disappear. Then 
he will try to hit Haven. Then he will repeat the first 
attack, and so on. It is quite simple to avoid death. Just 
keep moving and collect some of the missle items. When he 
attacks you have to get behind the robot and shoot this 
blinking round spot at his back. If you hit there will be an 
explosion. In order to defeat him you have to hit him five 
times. You will manage to do this after several tries, believe 

After the fight you have to leave the area. Get up some kind 
of a halfpipe. Watch where the crystal balls are and try to 
avoid them. The hearts on the way should prevent that you die.


2 - 1. Moonhauler Escape

Aaaah. Finally. I love these areas. You find yourself on a 
train using a big machine gun.

Soon the train will stop and you have to shoot two rocket 
launchers (one to the left, one to the right). You can only 
hit them when they shoot a missle. So hit them several times, 
then destroy the missle. It splits into many pieces, make sure 
to get all the pieces in a short time. You will get used to 
this kind of enemy soon.

Sometimes there are towers to the left or to the right. There 
are minethrowers on them. Take them out but don't forget to 
shoot the mines as well.

There are also some annoying fighters coming from the front. 
They shoot with electric shocks. Take them out immediately!
This passage is not too long, you will pass it quite easily.

2 - 2. Darkwater Station

Another boss fight. First you have to take out the two rocket 
launchers. You have done that before.
But then four rockets appear. They are your next target. You 
can - as usual - hit only the rocket which is marked. Watch 
the missles! The boss will start moving which makes it very 
hard to hit him. Be patient.
Once the rockets are down you are able to hit the core. After 
some time it should explode and you win the fight. Hooray!

2 - 3. Darkwater Village

Oooooops, I fear we have caused some trouble. Your next job is 
it to collect five blue FEATHERS.

Okay, let's try to do this systimatically. First turn right. 
After a while you will find a couple of red barrels. Destroy 
them. In one barrel you will find the first FEATHER, in the 
other one there is a shield dragon. Leave it here for now. We 
will find a place to use it later on.

Nearby you will find some stairs leading to a house. There are 
more of these red barrels but you will also find a second 

Go to the pier. There are some red barrels. In the last barrel 
there is a FEATHER. 3 down, 2 to go.

Near the wreck there is a house. On the balcony you will find 
an energy barrel with a KEY inside. Turn around and go to 
another house (there is a stairway which leads to a higher 

Now go to the frightened fisherman's house (it is this house 
on the island. Here you will find the last FEATHER.

NOTE: If you want to find keys, don't use the feathers right 
now. This would end the mission!

Still four keys to find. Difficult, huh? You remember the 
shield dragon? Take it to town. On the left the floor rises a 
little. Jump on that and behind a house you will find a 
burning barrel. KEY 2 is yours.

You can reach the other keys only by using the helipack.
Now go to the pier and hit the blue ballon. Talon will arrive 
and help you.

2 - 4. Darkwater Village - Extinguishing the flames

First fly around and find the KEYS. One is on the roof of the 
fisherman's house. One other you will find very high in the 
air on the roof of a house at the edge of the town (not the 
edge where the wreck is, the other side).

And, of course, the final KEY is on the roof of the town 
chief's house.

But how do you open the locked pot near the pier? Once you get 
the idea it is rather simple: Land next to the pot, fly up 
some meters and fall down right onto the pot. Try it out and 
it should break. The RUNESTONE of this passage is yours!

Once you got all the keys use the rest of your power to 
exercise extinguishing flames. Use the radar to locate them. 
Then aim for the flames and once your crosshair becomes red 

Your energy will not be enough for killing all the flames so 
die first. Once your energy is full again fly around and 
extinguish all the 38 flames. This is fun!

2 - 5. Darkwater Lake

This may be the easiest level of the game: Just cruise around 
and destroy the five structures. There are cubwheels inside. 
After that drive to the castle (the green spot on the radar.

2 - 6. Darkwater Lake - Jump and Run

This is a little tricky: You have to collect five red 
FEATHERS. Jump to the left platform, then to the center one 
(this one does not sink). Turn around and pick up the second 
FEATHER. Quickly jump back to the safe platform. Now the real 
fun begins: You have to get the final three FEATHERS in ony 
try. Watch how the platforms move, then make the four jumps 
necessary to reach the shore. Be patient, this passage is 
short. Now hit the red bell.

The next passage is a little annoying. You have to make the 
platform swing. This requires perfect timing. Walk to the left 
and before reaching the end of the platform press the attack 
button. Now walk to the right and press attack. Once the 
platform swings a little time your walks so that you will hit 
the wall at that moment when the platform reaches the lowest 
point. It will take a while until you get the timing but just 
don't break your controler. This passage is managable!

Enter Darkwater Castle!

2 - 7. Darkwater Castle

So this is the Overlord's castle. This is a strange place 

Get through the first room and kill the flying guard (hit its 
head to get the first KEY. Now load up your shield energy and 
use it at the device next to the green barrel. Recharge your 
shield energy and use the device. Run through the room with 
all these cannons at the walls and collect shield energy in 
order to keep the shield up. Hurry through the next room and 
press the switch. Now return to the first room (there is a 
shield device right before the passageway with all the 

Now take the other exit. You are in a passageway with many 
flames coming out of the floor. Make sure to check at every 
corner that the further way is safe. There are guards at two 
points. Only enter the passage when they do not see you!

You arrive in an interesting room. Use the purple ceiling to 
get on the other side. Push the red button, then run to the 
right exit. Here you find three barrels and a shooting item. 
Pick it up, jump on the button and hurry straight through the 
room. The forcefield will be activated soon so double-jump the 
last few meters. Now quickly shoot the three guards and the 
cannon above the passageway.

You arrive in the room with the generator towers. Here you 
have to do some pretty long jumps to reach the exit. Good 

Once you get through, take out the guard. Fill up your shield 
energy and use it at the device. Pick up some more shield 
energy. Then use the platforms to get to the next part of the 
room. A lightning bolt blocks your way. It will vanish for 
some moments after a while, hurry through it. Use the platform 
on the left to pass the mines and break the shielded barrel. 
If you need shield energy, hit the green spinning top. Now use 
the platform to get down. Jump to another platform and exit 
the room.

Careful here, it is hot. But no sweat, just a little timing to 
get through this room. Don't waste your time with the guard, 
concentrate on the path with all these fireballs flying 
around. Try to find out where the fireballs are landing and 
avoid them.

In the next room first turn left. Behind this fat ugly monster 
(I think it is invincible) there is a shielded barrel 
containing a KEY.

Now go to the platform with the lots of mines. There is an 
elevator platform behind. Use it and use the next one as well. 
Jump to the next room.

This one is actually easier than it looks. Don't touch the 
poisonous water, jump from platform to platform. If the water 
is gone you can use the ground as well. Take your time and you 
should be safe.

Now you are in a ventilation chamber. Jump on the rotating 
ventilation platforms and use the platforms at the wall to 
climb up. When you do so the second time it becomes more 
difficult: The barrels on the platforms are time bombs! Hurry 
up! An easy level will follow, then it is the final store. Hit 
the barrel on the very last platform and you will get a KEY.

Proceed, you will pass the locked barrel. Don't worry, you 
will find the last two KEYS very soon...

Fall down the next room. You will find a yellow barrel with a 
shooting item in it. If you want to get the last two KEYS you 
have to shoot all the guards in the next room. This is a lot 
of fun, believe me. Once you have done that collect the last 
two KEYS and use them with the locked barrel you saw before. 

Your next job is easy: If your shield energy is full, cross 
the giant room and load up the device behind the giant hall. 
Not enough engergy, huh? No problem. Return to the room where 
you found the shooting item. Press the red button and hurry 
upstairs. Enter the purple barrel and simply JUMP outside. You 
are full of energy now and now you can load up the device 
completely. Then step on the glowing plate.

Yeah! Super Monkey Ball! I love this passage. First follow the 
path and get used to the controls. Collect the energy cells, 
you need them in order to survive. When the path splits up 
turn right, it is easier. You will return to the main path 
after a while. Follow it down and you should fall into water 
eventually. Find the four COGWHEELS here! Two are on the 
botton of the water, the third one is in the next room on the 
surface. When you enter the room after that one turn left to 
see the last one. No sweat. Follow the path and you will enter 
the prison area of the castle.

2 - 8. Face the Overlord

Yes, another boss. I love them. But that you have to fight the 
Overlord that early in the game is strange...
First of all: Hit all the machines filled with energy in order 
to destroy all the barriers. Once they are all down go to the 
Overlord. When he lowers his platform you are able to hit him. 
Do this four times.
Gosh! The central barrier fell. Now there are red energy rays 
as well. First exit the inner area and check the devices which 
store the power supply of the barriers. Hit them all again. 
Then go to the Overlord and hit him when he is down. Do this 
The next phase is easy. Jump on the new platforms and chase 
the Overlord. Try to hit him four times.
The final phase: First check the devices outside the center. 
Then jump on the platforms again and chase the boss. But take 
care of the red energy rays. Hit him four times to finally 
finish him off!


3 - 1. Quad Challenge

Just go along the path, collect the antidotes and the hearts 
in the barrels. Then talk to the mechanic.

For the race, I can not give you too many tips. Just 
accelerate and sometimes break at the sharp "corners" in order 
not to hit the walls. It should be easy to finish the race 
being second or third position.

3 - 2. Danger Zone

The job is clear: You have to destroy five rocket launchers. 
How do you do this? Well, collect one of the blue flashlights 
moving around on the floor. This is the tricky part of this 
level. It is very difficult to catch them. Be patient and try 
again and again. Once you have a blue aura around your quad, 
look for the yellow rocket launchers. Hit one and it will 
explode. Once they do so they will loose a CUBWHEEL. You will 
find three rocket launchers on the ground level.

You noticed the two big towers on the field. There are ramps 
around them leading up. Use them. Once you are upstairs take 
the path to the central area where you hopefully will find a 
flashlight. Pick it up and destroy the final two rocket 
launchers. They are on the top of the two towers. Pick up the 
CUBWHEELS and have a look at your radar. Drive to the blinking 
green point and you are finished with this area. This one is 

3 - 3. Clearwater Bay

Finally, a jump-and-run-passage again. There is a lot to do 

First use the purple barrel to your right to get the first 

Continue your way to the right and you will pass some burning 
barrels. Now where is the shield dragon? You will find it if 
you go a stairway up to the right, near the ocean. There is a 
purple barrel and a burning barrel nearby. Now destroy all the 
burning barrels you saw on your way to receive a FEATHER and a 

In front of the big ship there are some guards. Get rid of 
them in order to receive a KEY. A little left of that you will 
be able to jump on the roof of a house (there are some 
antidotes on it. Between four explosive barrels there is a 
shielded barrel with a FEATHER inside.

Near the passageway being full of mines you will find another 
accessable roof. You will find a KEY in the barrel.

You noticed the mass of guards walking along a balcony in the 
middle of the town? Take them out to receive the final two 
KEYS. Yes, got em all. Now examine the balcony. You will find 
a shielded barrel containing a FEATHER.

For the last FEATHER, go to the place where you found the 
shield dragon (you know, this stairway in the right part of 
the town. Use the purple barrel to jump high up.

Now for the RUNESTONE: You notice the device nearby, don't 
you? You need energy in order to make it operate. Pick up the 
shooting item and shoot the purple barrel you just used. Shoot 
it many times and you will get shield energy. Now use it at 
the device and you will be taken to the locked barrel. Found 

But we are not here in order to collect RUNESTONES, we have to 
get a ship to Hero's Island. So go to the harbor and talk to 
the captain of the ship. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to 
get rid of the mines. Pick up the shooting item left of the 
ship and shoot them. The captain will tell you what to do.

First, ring the bell on the town square. Talon will help you.
Now cut the three chains holding the ship. This is easy: One 
chain is to the left of the ship, one in front of it and one 
to the captain's right.

The last job takes some time. Go onto the ship and you will 
find some kind of trapdoor. You will see some energy devices 
down here. Your job is it to run around and use your shield 
energy in order to load the four devices. You will need much 
energy for that. Once you run out of that simply leave the 
ship, take the stairway ahead of you and jump into the purple 
barrel. Then return to the ship and continue loading up the 

One more thing: Pick up so many antidotes until you have 79. 
Believe me, you will need them in the next mission...

3 - 4. Cutwater Ferry

Oh no, a pirate attack! Many people hate this mission. 
Actually, I love it.

Go straight ahead, collect some antidotes if you need them and 
enter the ship cannon.

The first two ships just shoot some bombs and torpedos. Piece 
of cake, just shoot the marked targets. The other two ships 
have some annoying big bombs, once you see them try to take 
them out at once.

After you defeated all four ships, immediately leave the 
cannon and run through the ship. Pick up as many antidotes as 
possible and use the cannon on the other side of the ship 
(where the red spot on your radar is).

At first, the Katamaran only shoots some water bombs. It is 
not too difficult to get rid of them. Take out the bomb 

Now there are three floating bomb rocket launchers. Shoot the 
marked launchers, but don't forget getting rid of the bombs! 
Once all three launchers are history, do the same on the other 
side of the ship and it will sink. This was not too difficult, 
was it?
Again, immediately leave the cannon and get through the ship. 
Pick up antidotes, you will need them! Once the next red spot 
appears, enter the cannon.

The hovercraft is big. First you have to take out the two 
torpedo lauchers in front of the ship. Since there is one on 
the left and one on the right side concentrate on one first. 
The torpedos are not a big problem since they are very slow.

After that three rocket launchers. Do the same thing you did 
at the katamaran.

The other side of the ship is a little more difficult: Mines 
are thrown at your cannon. To get rid of them simply shoot a 
little higher. Once all cannons are defeated the ship will 

Hurry through the ship and collect antidotes. Now you will 
face the last ship: The pirate's flaggship! The first phase is 
pretty usual: Two torpedo launchers, concentrate on one first. 
This time it is a little more difficult because the ship is 
moving around a lot.

Once this is done you should be able to hit the two cannons in 
front of the pirate's ship high above. Once they are no longer 
marked as targets concentrate on the side of the ship. There 
is pretty much to shoot here! Once you the ship is turning 
around concentrate on the two cannons in front of the ship 

If you manage to take out a whole side of the ship you will 
notice several ships or planes will attack you. Find out where 
they will come for you and shoot them all.

Once both sides of the ship are completely destroyed the next 
phase of the battle will begin: To the upper rear of the ship 
there are four big rocket launchers, to the side there are two 
big doors which will open eventually. If they do, shoot at 
them. Many planes or ships will appear, destroy them all 
before they can damage your ship. The pirate's flaggship will 
turn around so long until you destroy all six targets.

If you do the final phase will begin: Destroy several water 
bombs until two targets will be marked: One to the left and 
one to the right. Destroy them and you will finally win this 
long and dangerous battle. This final fight is a piece of 
cake. Now the flaggship will finally sink. I had 22 antidotes 
left after this fight (I started with 79). Collect some of 
them if you want to or simply watch the ship sinking. 

Congratulations! You have completed the most annoying level of 
the game according to some players (not me).


4 - 1. Island of Heroes (1) A race

The good news first: There are no KEYS on the island! This is 
great since it is very big. But the bad news is that there are 
two RUNESTONES on this island. And that it is very, very 
difficult to get them...

I think it is a good idea to take care of one of them first. 
Go to the island and take care of the fishes. Once you are on 
the island you will notice some places looking - strange. If 
you come near them a cannon will appear. Take it out 
immediately! Pass this fat guy. On your left you will soon see 
a strange machine. Use it! You will now cross the ocean. Your 
job is to avoid all obstacles. It is not that difficult.

After finishing this passage don't waste your time with these 
monsters. Hurry straight ahead and you will cross a bridge. 
There is an octopus in one of the holes, take care!

By the way: If you find shielded barrels and you don't have 
shield energy just hit the devices nearby.

Finally, you will find a crane transporting a platform. Use it 
to get to the boatsman. Talk to him and jump on the boat to 
participate on the race.

Now your job is it to finish the race as third at least. 
Follow the purple line and pass all marked positions. The race 
takes three rounds. It will take several times, but it is not 
that difficult to finish it being third position.

Now, I promised you a RUNESTONE, didn't I? In order to get 
this stone finish the race being first. How to do this? Look 
for shortcuts. I found two of these. One is where pass the 
pier where you started on Hero's Island. The purple line goes 
around it but it is shorter to drive under it. The other one 
is where the boatsman is standing. If you use these shortcuts 
and if you don't make too many mistakes it is possible to get 
this RUNESTONE. Look at me: I did it after my second try.

Now return to the main island.

4 - 2. Island of Heroes (2) Cubwheels

Once you arrive at the main shore again it is time to collect 
some CUBWHEELS. The first one is straight ahead, a little to 
the left. Use the purple barrel, turn right and pick up the 
shooting item. Now shoot all the flying creatures here and 
pick up the next CUBWHEEL. Pick up a new shooting item and 
return to the place where you got the second WHEEL. Jump down 
to collect the third one, turn left and shoot the flying enemy 
and the mines. Pick up the fourth WHEEL. Hmmm - four down, one 
to go.

To the left of the machine you used to travel to the boat race 
you will see a passageway away from the island. Here you will 
find the last CUBWHEEL. Follow the path and after some easy 
jumps (one one bridge there are some piranhas, watch out!) you 
will reach the machine where you have to use the CUBWHEELS.

Now press the square-button and keep it pressed to get up. 
There are some obstacles, release the square-button to avoid 
them. It is not very difficult.

Once you are on the top of the mountain explore the area. You 
will find several hearts. Then go to the cave entrance and 
talk to the man. Enter the dungeon...

4 - 3. The Chamber of Destruction

Surprise: This is a complete level with many quests to solve. 
But there are no keys here, be happy.

Great, let's go. After a while you will arrive in a room with 
a fireplace. Exit it, but don't pick up the red FEATHER right 
now. Turn right instead, jump over the lava pit and push the 

Ah, now get the FEATHER and exit the hole, thanks to the 
stairs this is possible.

In the next room jump onto the block. Now two new blocks will 
appear. The trick is that you have to jump only onto the 
blocks with the red symbol. If you did everything right you 
will arrive at the next exit. Just jump into the room and pick 
up the FEATHER.

I knew it! This had to be a trap! Quickly leave the room and 
use the purple transport material in order to cross the room 
from now on.

From the entrance take the right exit first. Jump through the 
room, you will automatically collect the final three FEATHERS. 
In the next room destroy the barrels. You will see the gong. 
But it is too high up, you can't reach it.

So what to do now? Do you see the four platforms with the 
symbols on them right before the gong? Step onto the upper 
left one, then the lower right one, then lower left and 
finally the upper right one (look at the symbols carefully: 
The first one has one line, the second two lines and so on). 
Hit the gong and Talon will appear.

Now return to the room where you found the second FEATHER. 
Take the right exit (the only one you didn't take so far) and 
you will arrive in the arrow labyrinth. I draw a map of this:


Simple, isn't it?

In the next room you need Talon (good that you fetched him 
already) to burn the fireplace. Jump to the exit and you will 
be in a passageway. To avoid the spiders falling down, 
approach them and once they fall down take a step back. Now 
wait until they are high enough so you can pass them.

Defeating the guardians is not that tough, it is just a little 
difficult to explain. But I will try nevertheless: If you jump 
on a platform, the platforms around your platform will arise 
or sink. Now you have to make the platforms the guardians are 
on sink. It will only take some attempts. The main problem is 
that the guardians are moving as well. 

Pick up the hero's stone. Now you have to run. This passage is 
another example of great level design. Quite difficult jump-
and-run-passages, much action, variety. Well, I like this 
whole level very much.

Despite of the ground shaking, take your time when you cross 
the first room. The path you are walking on is not too broad. 
Carefully navigate through this room and you should be safe. 
Then you will experience one of the nicest passages, enjoy it. 
If you get through it you will break into the room where you 
jumped from blocks to blocks.

Now return to the very first room of the level. This time, 
turn right and take the stairway made of big rocks up. This 
room works the same way as the ventilation shafts in the 
Overlord's castle. At the very top you will leave it. Jump 
over the gap and you will soon be back on Hero's Island. Make 
your way back to the main island.

4 - 4. Island of Heroes (3) The Aqueduct

Since I don't want to pick up FEATHERS again go to the house 
of the Elder. I know, you can't enter it right now. But left 
of it you will find a path leading to the aqueduct. Look 
around and after a while you will find it.

Cross the aqueduct. Make sure to avoid mines and water leaks 
which is not really difficult.

Once you are on the other side take the lift down. You have to 
reach the cage-looking elevator. The path to this elevator is 
full of mines so take care. If you are low on health look 
around. There are several barrels with hearts in them.

Step into the elevator.

4 - 5. High Arena

Round 1:
This is the warming - up. Pick up one of the shooting items 
(in the barrels you will find more and better ones of these) 
and shoot all the enemies. Since some of your opponents are 
loosing hearts once they die you should not run out of health.

Round 2:
More enemies, more fun! That's all.

Round 3:
This is the interesting round. Your main targets are the big 
monsters. But they are invincible by now. What to do? Fill up 
your shield energy and use one of the three elevators in the 
arena. You will be taken to a shield generator. Use it and 
once you are in a big shield ram one of the huge monsters. It 
will burn for a short while and it will loose its shield 
forever! Now pick up a shooting item and shoot at the monster 
until it dies (if you did everything right it will burn after 
every hit). Now load up your shield energy again and go for 
the roof of the area again. You have to take out the other two 
enemies the same way. Once they are dead simply shoot the last 
few machines and you will get the Hero's Stone.

Leave the arena.

4 - 6. Island of Heroes (4) Feathers

Leave the cave (there is a natural stairway, you will see it 
easily, there is an antidote on each of the stairs). Cross the 
aqueduct again (to get the ride, jump and press attack 

Your next job is to go for the blue FEATHERS. So turn left.
You will see a big shining round field eventually. A little to 
the right of this position you will be able to jump on the 
hills. Turn left and you will find the first FEATHER in a 
barrel above. Use the platforms to the left to reach a 
platform with several barrels. One of these contains a 
shooting item. Shoot all the mines in this area (believe me, 
you will thank me for this advice).

Fill up your shield energy and return to the platform next to 
the glowing round field. There is a fat guy here. Look for a 
mechanism. Load it up with your energy and use it. Aha, now 
that the mines are gone you should savely reach the second 
FEATHER. Return to the place where you found the blue shooting 
item. Pick it up again, cross the wooden bridge and turn 
right. There are lots of monsters, shoot them and you will 
find the next FEATHER. Jump up to get FEATHER no. 4. Jump over 
the four moving platforms and you will find the final FEATHER 
and the gong. Talon will come and you will be taken to a far 
away island.

4 - 7. Clouded Hill

I will tell you this right away: I hate this level. 

Paragliding is no fun, you will see this soon. Talk to the 
person living on the hill. Then enter the paraglider. Your job 
seems simple: Fly through all the rings. Of course, it is no 
trouble if you miss some of them and since the path is pretty 
linear you will get most of them. Make sure not to miss any of 
the blue rings since these speed you up.

Okay, you are happy that you got to the end of the flight but 
then comes the landing. This is very, very tricky! Once you 
come near the landing field press the R1 button and keep it 
pressed. You will slow down and hopefully Haven will show his 
legs to make a good landing possible. Yes, you will crash 
several times, but it is possible to end this passage. Even I 
did that.

If you want to become mad, read on. If you just want to get 
through the game proceed at 4 - 9.

4 - 8. Clouded Hill - Runestone-Challenge (optional)

Aaaaaaaargh, this passage made me nearly break my controller. 
You want the RUNESTONE anyway? Then return to the gong and hit 
it once again. Enter the paraglider and have much fun!

Fly through the first 12 rings, then TURN RIGHT and skip the 
rings to your left (actually it is possible to get all rings 
here, you need to take the very shortest route, you need to 
practice). Fly high through the thin boulder passage. If you 
did well, you should reach the blue ring with your last 
reserves of speed. Pick up three more blue rings, then turn 
right, five green rings. Next is the very right blue ring at 
the bridge. Immediately turn left, through the ring. Turn 
right, get through the ring and turn left. The idea is to get 
both of them. After several tries you will get the timing. You 
need to fly a sharp left curve, then it goes up. Two more blue 
rings (very important) and one green one (not too important). 
Now TURN RIGHT and fly a little away from the rings! Once most 
of them have left the radar turn around and look for the next 
green rings leading down. Fly there and while flying down 
press the break button! There is a sharp turn to the right, 
get past the crane (don't hit the rope!) then follow the 
route. If you pass the crane the most difficult part is over! 
Finally, land at the marked area (break before you land!). It 
took me about 100 tries, but I finally got the RUNESTONE. I 
got 63/70 rings.

REQUEST: If anybody has a better description of this passage, 
please mail it to me: [email protected]

4 - 9. Island of Heroes (5) Finding the Elder's house

The rest of this is a piece of cake. Just go near the 
aqueduct. You will find the elder's house here. Talk to the 
man before it.


5 - 1. Find Mount Firash

Okay, this passage is not difficult, it is simply very, very 
boring. Here is what you have to do. Look at your radar, fly 
to the yellow spot. Shoot all the flaks around it, then the 
big ship will loose its shield. Shoot it. Fly to the next 
yellow spot, shoot all the flaks and shoot the big ship. And 
so on. This will happen about 6-8 times. Yawn.

5 - 2. Into Firash Chasm

Jump over the lava. There are platforms all over, not too 
difficult. Isn't this a beautiful statue over there? I don't 
think you will guess what creature you will fight later on.
Once inside the mountain make your way to the big lava hall. 
You see, it is very important to reach all the barrels if you 
want to get KEYS. So make your way through the hall to the big 
platform. Turn left and jump onto the platform with the three 
barrels. Right of them there is a barrel with spikes on it. 
Inside there is a KEY. Back to the main platform. Continue 
crossing this hall. In the next room jump to the platform.

You will not find KEYS in the next room unfortunately. There 
is a gate and there are three pillars. There is a symbol on 
the gate. You need to fill up your shild energy and load up 
the devices at the pillar. The sparks will lower the pillars. 
The sign on the door has to be the ground symbol of each 
pillar. If you did something wrong, simply hit the energy 
device. Now let's go:

First gate: 3 sparks left, 1 in the middle, 2 right.
Second gate:  1 spark left, 2 in the middle, 0 right.
Third gate: 2 sparks left, 0 in the middle, 1 right.

In the next few rooms you will eventually see a blinking 
barrel: Hit it and QUICKLY hit the only "normal" barrel before 
it explodes. If you are fast enough you will receive the 
second KEY. You will only find several hearts. Take the 

Wow - this room is huge. To the right you find the first 

Use the purple barrel. Pick up the shooting item, then shoot 
the purple barrel on the other platform. Shoot it until your 
shild energy is full. Then load up one of the devices here, 
shoot the purple barrel again, then load up the second device. 
Use the device to reach the other platform and to get the 
second FEATHER.

Follow the path until you see some burning barrels. Left of 
the bridge there is a shield dragon. Use it to destroy the 
burning barrels. Cross the bridge, then turn LEFT. Pass the 
locked barrel, then turn right. There will be two fire 
barrels. Destroy the first one and the shield dragon will get 
over the gap. Let him destroy the burning barrel to get a KEY. 
Now use the purple barrel to get the FEATHER over the pot. 

Then die.

Fetch the shield dragon again, cross the bridge and turn RIGHT 
this time. Lock him into the cage, step on it and you should 
be able to reach the FEATHER now.

Now proceed. To the left of the entrance to the big building 
you see some platforms with shield energy on them. On the last 
platform there is a shielded pot with the last FEATHER inside. 
Enter the building.

Use the elevator platforms to get up. There are four exits. 
Each of them leads to a CUBWHEEL.

First exit: You have to load up two devices. To get energy, 
hit the green "Kreisel" spinning pot several times. It will 
shoot energy sparks. Collect them, then load up the devices. 
Load up your energy once more and let's play another round of 
Monkey ball. This passage is not difficult, carefully navigate 
through it and pick up the energy cells. Finally you will get 
the first WHEEL.

Now don't use the purple por right now, there is an unexplored 
passage to your left! You will find a KEY here. Use the purple 
pot now, then the other to get to the top bridge once again. 
Enter the building and choose another exit.

Second exit: A broken bridge, the CUBWHEEL is high above, not 
reachable. Proceed. You will enter a water area. Swim down, 
then turn left. You will find a lever, use it. Proceed, after 
a while you will arrive at a stairway leading to another 
lever. Push it, leave the room, go straight ahead and leave 
the water to push one third lever. Finally, the water level 
sinks. Pick up the CUBWHEEL, leave the room, go left. The 
shooting item should help you to get rid of all these flame 
barrels blocking the exit. Go to the central building.

Third exit: Here you will find the gong. Hit it and Talon will 
fly you to the next CUBWHEEL.

Fourth exit: Just a jump-and-run-passage. The CUBWHEEL is on 
the top platform. Destroy the blinking barrel, then jump to 
the dragon's skeleton in order to find a barrel containing the 
final KEY. Now go to the RUNESTONE you saw near the area where 
the cage was and get it!

Then return to the building and use the CUBWHEELS. Jump into 
the hole.

5 - 3. Firash lives!

Your job here is simple. Just jump up and hit the green 
barrel. Use the machine. Scroll with the left analog stick. If 
there are red arrows on the screen make them disappear by 
using the right analog stick. After a while it will 
automatically scroll back. There will be a cutscene and you 
will have a jetpack.

Fly through the cave and enter a big room. Finally! Another

The idea is simple: You have to hit the dragon's head with 
your water cannon six times. You will see on the radar where 
he appears. Fly there and shoot (shoot only when your target 
system is red). Then get out of its way. When the dragon 
stopps for a while it is another opportunity to hit him. 
The first three hits will be easy. Unfortunately it will not 
remain this way. I just experienced that the final hit is 
very, very difficult. This is because the targetting system is 
not that great. Be patient, you will finish this boss after a 

5 - 4. Sylex Cells
Special Thanks to Michelle Ashworth ([email protected]) 
for mailing the walkthrough of this chapter to me.

Oh no! Something went terribly wrong! Haven is trapped in a 
cell but smashes the floor and escapes. His first job is to 
find his MAG BALL, which was taken from him when he was 

Run down the corridor jumping over pipes avoiding flame 
spurts. Smash pots for health. Jump over pipes avoiding force 
field and smash pots for health and catana. Jump up onto the 
platform and through the round door.

You enter a green room with floating platforms. Collect energy 
from the right and walk over to shielded pots. Stand in the 
middle and shield smash all three at the same time for 2 
health and catana. 

Collect more energy and drop down off the edge (avoiding the 
whirling blades below each platform). Run to the far end of 
the room where you will find a shield dragon pot. Smash it and 
use the shield to walk the shield dragon to the gap between 
the last platform and the wall. Run back over to where you 
entered the room using a platform going up and down. Fill up 
you shield again and then jump over to each floating platform 
to the far end of the room. At the last platform walk to the 
edge as if to jump over, but wait until it goes down and put 
on your shield. This will attract the shield dragon. Keep the 
shield on and the dragon will follow it up and go into a fire 
pot near the exit. Jump over to the fire pots and smash them 
to release the dragon. Exit through round door bringing the 
dragon with you.

You enter a room with a purple and grey plasma floor, large 
thistle shaped electricity things (difficult to describe but 
you'll know what I mean when you get there), and circular 
purple platforms with golden 'force fields'. These 'force 
fields' allow you to fly!! Use the shield dragon to break the 
flame pot for the first KEY. Jump over to the first platform 
and you hover over it moving up and down.  Make sure you are 
in the middle of the platform and just as you have started to 
go up move to the next platform. You should 'fly' across. If 
you don't get it quite right you may land on the plasma floor 
which will take a health but quickly jump onto the nearest 
platform and try again.

In the next room you have a pool surrounded by mines. Up above 
are three hanging platforms with plants, (you will be up there 
is just a bit). To the right are 2 acid pots and one pot that 
contains health. Swim round to smash the pot without setting 
off the acid pots. On the right there is a platform with 3 
pots. Get into the middle and shield smash all 3. The shield 
pot contains the second KEY; the other two contain health and 

The next room splits into two corridors. One is barred by blue 
lasers. The second has two moving red lasers and a force 
field. The pot on right contains health. The trick with the 
red lasers is to wait until the laser that comes really close 
is moving towards you, jump over before the force field, run 
under it and you should be able to run to the left to avoid 
the second red laser. There is now a moving red laser wall. 
Follow it up the corridor and run to the right. Pots contain 
catana and health. Run to the lever on the wall. This removes 
the blue lasers. Go back down the corridor avoiding the red 
lasers and force field, and go up the previously barred 
corridor onto a circular lift.

After a nice short cutscene you find yourself in a large room 
with acid pots and mines so be careful. Directly in front of 
you is a robot pot. To the left behind two red tubes are 3 
pots. The shield pot contains health and the other two health 
and catana. In front of these two pipes are another robot pot 
and another pot containing health. To the right of where you 
enter, behind another red tube are an acid pot and another pot 
containing health. The exit is to the right. There is also a 
power stick to the left of the exit which you should jump on 
for shield energy.

The next room is the platforms above the swimming room you 
were in before. Jump over to the second platform where you 
will find a glass shield pad. Once you become transparent jump 
over to the exit and run...

This next room contains electrical domes which zap you. Run 
across the room collecting energy to keep the shield working. 
You could now run up the ramp and through the next room with 
the glass shield or wait until the glass shield has run out 
and then stand by the closest energy until full.

The next room contains 3 guards (you need to kill them for the 
third KEY, wait until you have your mag ball), laser guns, 
nasty pots, including a robot pot, and flame vents. When you 
enter you are at the top of a ramp (to the right) with 5 pots 
to the left; 3 exploders, one health pot and one catana pot, 
and a column straight ahead. 

If you have run in with the glass shield jump over the 
railings to the left of the column and run over to the left 
between the wall and a column.  Then run diagonally over to 
the right (be careful as the pot in the middle is a robot), 
between the window and the column.  Leave through the round 

If you have waited for the glass shield to wear off and have a 
full shield you could smash the pots before you jump over the 
railings and follow the same pathway as above, using the 
shield for protection and a weapon.

The next room is the prison room you escaped from at the 
beginning of the level. There are 7 green prison pods and 
laser guns on the wall. Each has a power stick. The floor has 
some grills across with purple plasma. Jump over these as they 
hurt. Go to the last pod on the left and power jump the power 
stick. This releases the energy which you gain and releases 
the pods force field (Use this process to open the other 
pods). Inside is the MAG BALL. The pod next to this contains a 
blue weapon and opposite this pod, up in the wall, is the 
exit. Use this to destroy the laser guns. You can then help 
yourself to the goodies (health and catana) in the remaining 4 
pods. Your next job is to find 5 COGS. Make sure you have some 
shield energy before you exit through the corridor using the 
mag ball grind.  

You now enter a huge room. There is a central column, 
platforms around the side and moving platforms connecting them 
together. On the left is a health pot and to the right is a 
fire dragon pot. 

NOTE: If you don't get the clue with the shield dragon (I 
didn't), leave him in his pot. You don't need him in order to 
find all the KEYS.

Release the dragon by hitting the pot. You can now going to 
take the dragon on a little journey along the moving 
platforms. The trick is to move right to the edge of a 
platform and press O for the shield. As the platform moves the 
dragon will follow. But, sometimes it will turn into what 
looks like an 'energy ball'. When the platform cannot move any 
further, switch off the shield. This will leave the dragon 
hanging between platforms as an 'energy ball'. Jump over to 
the next platform and again stand as close to the edge as 
possible and turn on you shield. The dragon should be 
attracted to the shield. Repeat this as you go from platform 
to platform.

Work your way around the room. First across to the central 
column and then up and across to the wall. The first platform 
has a health pot to the left and exploding pots to the right.  
Destroy the pots to get at an energy spinner which can be hit 
to produce shield energy. Along to the second platform where 
there are 2 exploding pots and one acid pot. They are in front 
of a flame pot, which contains a yellow weapon power up (laser 
shot), and 2 pots containing health and catana. Use the yellow 
weapon to destroy the mines below to the left. This will make 
it easier when you get down there. You only get one weapon.  
It does not replenish so use is quickly and accurately. Go 
across to the middle (only bring the shield dragon if you need 
health and catana as the remaining flame pots only contain 
these) and down. The next platform has 2 flame pots containing 
catana. Go across to the next platform where there are more 
fire pots and a catana pot. Go across to the middle and up.  
The next platform has lots of mines to the left so jump over 
to the right. There is one pot containing catana. Go across to 
the next platform where there are 3 flame pots containing 2 
health and one catana. The exit is the corridor to the left.  
If you are low on health you could go across to the middle and 
down to a platform where there is one shield pot and a flame 
pot, both containing health.

Exit along the mag ball grind corridor.

You land in a room with an electric grill floor and 5 electric 
globes from the ceiling. You need to run under each globe in 
turn.  The globes start to spark and when all 5 are sparking 
the door on the far wall will open. You need to keep running 
on the electrical floor or you get zapped.

The next room is a green room containing columns and 3 guards.  
You need to kill all three for the fourth KEY. Exit through 
the next door.

The next room has a pathway of platforms. You should follow it 
round avoiding or destroying the nasty pots. There are two 
shield men to avoid or kill. At the end there are two pots 
containing health and catana.

Exit through mag ball grind corridor.

Turn right and walk over to the lever. This removes the red 
lasers from the door below. Drop down and enter.

This room is misty and full of nasty pots and big crates. Run 
through avoiding the pots and exit.

You now enter a red misty room with large columns. From where 
you enter turn right where there are 2 exploding pots and a 
health pot. Go back and round to the right. Around the corner 
are 4 pots, one exploding, one health, one catana and the KEY 
POT. Go back and round to the right where there is a line of 
exploding pots. Attack to remove. Around to the left are 3 
steam vent - to avoid, and the first COGWHEEL. Behind the cog 
are a health pot and a catana pot. Continue round to the exit.

When you enter this room there is a circular flying force 
field platform and to the left is a large hall full of flying 
robots. Go UP to the next room. To the right are 2 acid pots 
to destroy, a health pot, a catana pot and another pot which 
when hit gives up a purple weapon (five-way shot). This supply 
of weapon is endless. To the left is a platform path. First 
use the purple weapon to destroy all the pots on the path.  
Then follow the path round to a gap. To the left is a round 
vat. The second COGWHEEL is in the middle. Jump over to the 
middle and then back again. Jump over to the nice pots on the 
platform by the exit. 2 pots contain health and catana. 
Another pot contains a purple weapon which you can use to 
destroy any nasty pots in the way of you and the exit.

The next room is the ESCAPE POD hangar. The third COGWHEEL is 
here. Go back through the last room. Before you leave power up 
the purple weapon to attack the flying robots in the room 
below. (Don't bother trying to fire from up high as there is a 
force field in the way).

Enter the next room. Jump down and run to the left. Use the 
purple weapon to kill the flying robots. You can return up to 
the pot to replenish the purple weapon. There is also a blue 
weapon (rapid fire cannon) in the far right hand corner of the 
main hall. You need to kill all the flying robots for the 
fifth KEY (You now need to return to the red misty room where 
the KEY POT is for the RUNESTONE). Keep to the left of the 
room and go around the corner where you will find the fourth 
COGWHEEL and the exit.

This room is the ground level of the escape pod hanger.  
Straight ahead is a flashing pot. DO NOT HIT IT. To the left 
are wire pots and the fifth COGWHEEL. Jump over to collect it 
and then go to the control panel and press square. Follow the 
sequence of buttons to fuel the escape pod. As soon as this is 
complete the Auto destruct starts up and you have 60 seconds 
to escape. 

Run back out, following the floor lights, and up the flying 
field, through the vat room to the shuttle to escape.

5 - 5. Fire Flight

Pilot the shuttle through falling and exploding space station 
debris.  The debris falls in this order:  

- Right
- Left 
- Right
- Right 
- Left 
- Right

+ 6. EXARCO +

6 - 1. Exarco Crossing

This is mainly the same level principle as that one in the 
beginning of the game. You are at a train board cannon and you 
have to shoot enemies - just this time they are insects. The 
only difficult place in this area is when you encounter two 
giant Xenos simultanously. Try to dodge the rockts (this is 
rather difficult) or simply try to kill one of them 
immediately. This might save some trouble.

6 - 2. Hatching Grounds

Quickly enter the hovercraft-plane in the middle of the area. 
Exit the mountain ring and collect one of the eggs (fly over 
them, they are displayed on the radar. Return into the 
mountain ring and place the egg into one of the eight water 
basins. Repeat this seven times so that all eight basins are 
filled with eggs. Then immediately land your plane and run 
around to collect as many catana as possible. Collect them as 
long until the first purple points will appear on your radar. 
You will need at least 50 catana. Now quickly enter one of the 
Shoot the two birds who want to steal the eggs. Then leave the 
cannon again and collect catana. Once the next wave appears 
enter the cannon. Now there will not be any time anymore to 
leave the cannon again. There are three kinds of attacks: The 
purple spots on your radar are the birds who want to steal the 
eggs. Take them out in time else you might loose your 
RUNESTONE. The second kind of attacks are waves of insects 
attacking your cannon. Just shoot them. Finally, late at 
night, some insects on the floor will appear. Take them out 
before they can destroy your cannon!
In order to receive a RUNESTONE, you have to protect all eggs 
for a whole night. That is not that difficult, you will manage 
to do that.

6 - 3. Cargo Defender

This episode is quite easy. You are on the train again. Your 
first objective is to protect the cargo. Sometimes the display 
of the number of the wagons will blink. If it does, watch out 
and quickly defeat the Xeno who will land on your cargo. The 
other enemies are all well-known from the first train episode. 
Big Xenos who shoot poison, little Xenos who fly around. As I 
say, this episode should not be too difficult.

6 - 4. Xeno Encounter

This is a very dark level. It is full of spiders and other 
disgusting creatures. But it is fun, really.

First pick up a shooting item. Then enter the swamp. Spiders 
will fall down. Take all of them out (the shooting items all 
around should help you). Cross the swamp and you will find a 
shield dragon. Take him to the entrance where he will destroy 
a burning barrel containing the first KEY.

Leave the shield dragon here and proceed. In the next corridor 
there are a lot of huge eggs. If you approach them they will 
explode. Jump back once they do so and you should be fine.

Pick up the shooting item and kill the spiders. Proceed until 
you reach a swamp with green passages. Avoid them at any cost! 
They are deadly! Once you got through this passage, use the 
purple barrel to pick up a purple shooting item. You have to 
kill all the spiders in the next corridor in order to receive 
the second KEY. But beware of the falling eggs! Take your time 
and you should get through this passage.

Now use your mag ball twice to cross the room. Take the shield 
dragon to the burning barrels, they contain 3 hearts and 
catana. Cross the room again. Use the purple barrel, then jump 
and press attack to use your mag ball.

You will reach a room which made me almost cracy until I got 
the clue (it did take some time here). Once you enter a dark 
place in this room you will die. But there are shield dragons 
all around! Wait for a shield dragon to arrive at the entrance 
and follow him to the center of the room. Then turn right to 
get the first CUBWHEEL. Turn right again to find CUBWHEEL 2. 
Beware: The shield dragon will not wait here, return to the 
postion where you found the first WHEEL. Straight ahead you 
will find another dragon lead you to the third WHEEL. After 
getting this one return to the central area. Turn right and 
wait for the shield dragon. He will take you to the last 
WHEEL. If you are collecting KEYS turn left and wait for the 
shield dragon. He will take you to several barrels. Quickly 
destroy the barrel with the spikes on it to receive KEY 3. 
Return with the shield dragon to the position where you found 
the last WHEEL. Turn left and eventually a shield dragon will 
take you to the exit. Yes, once you get the idea, this room is 
no longer difficult at all.

Use the CUBWHEELS to activate the elevator.

Another shield dragon, huh? Collect some shield energy and 
take him to the next room if you want to get the fourth KEY.

Oh no, it is full of nasty spiders! It seems impossible to 
pass the room. But there is a simple way, of course. Pick up 
the shooting item and shoot into a direction (where spiders 
are, of course). Don't use first-person, just shoot. You will 
notice that the spiders in the line you shot will die. They 
will create a path you can use. Make the shield dragon follow 
you. Experiment a little with the shooting device and you will 
soon find out how to proceed. 

The first room was easy, the second room is a little tricky. 
First look around and you will see a burning barrel. Shoot 
your way to this barrel to finally lay your hand on the fourth 

There is a gate, but it is closed by now. What to do now? 
Examine the floor of this room and you will see four yellow 
buttons. You have to push all of them in order to open the 
gate. To push them simply shoot an accessable path to them and 
step on them. Once all four buttons are pressed the gate will 

This was fun. Use your mag ball to proceed to the next area.

Another room with green water. Avoid the places where bubbles 
are! Collect some catana if you want to and get through this 
room. You will pass the LOCKED BARREL, but you can't open it 
right now. Get through the next room and pick up the green 
shooting item at the end. Now hurry through the dark passage, 
don't waste your time killing all these creatures. More and 
more of them will appear. Pick up the light at the end.

The next room is a labyrinth. Quickly navigate through it. 
Avoid being hit by the green shots at any costs, this will 
confuse you and you will most certainly die! Before entering 
the exit turn right and jump to the shielded barrel. It 
contains KEY 5, the last KEY. Now look around. You will see an 
exit below you. Enter it and you will get into the room with 
the LOCKED BARREL. Open it and the last but one RUNESTONE will 
be yours. Hoooray!

Get through the labyrinth again, this time exit it through the 
regular exit. Pass the next room and pick up the light. In 
First-person find the two eyes left and right of the gate and 
blind them. The gate will open. The next gate is a little more 
difficult: One eye left, one above the gate, one to the right. 
If the gate does not open once you blinded the third eye 
simply blind the first one again. You have to be very fast. 
The third gate has one eye left of it and two above the gate. 
The fourth gate is difficult: Find a place where you can blind 
all four eyes. Then try so long until it works. You have to be 
very, very fast. Jump into the next room. 

Don't waste too much time on killing the spiders. Just find 
the entrance to the center of the room.

6 - 5. The Xeno Queen

This battle is not difficult. Just move slowly to avoid 
running into the eggs. You have to hit the queen's back. Move 
around her and you will eventually have the chance to do so. 
The more often you hit her the more eggs will fall down. Move 
carefully and you should not take to much damage.
Hit her four times and the next episode will begin...

6 - 6. Escape from the Queen!!!

This episode is quite difficult. First advice: RUN! Once you 
enter water jump all the time to be faster.

Avoid the queen's shots at any cost! Once you are hit your 
controls will be confused making it quite difficult to move 
around in a controlled way.

It will take several tries but you will complete this episode 
since you have come that far!

6 - 7. Sun Surfer Rising

Another of these flying around episodes. The idea is simple: 
Shoot everything marked as a target. Once you have destroyed 
all the small fighters you will be able to damage the queen. 
Shoot her tails. Once one of them explodes you have to defeat 
some fighters again. This procedure will repeat several times. 
Finally you will be able to destroy the queen. 


7 - 1. Search for Auria

Now it has become time to find this mountain from Haven's 
dreams. Unfortunately he needs some fuel. Simply shoot all 
enemies. There will be three waves, not too difficult.

Next wave: You now have to destroy three frighters. This can 
be tricky. You have to shoot all the cannons of a frighter. 
Once the last of them is destroyed you may proceed. Destroy 
all three and follow the purple arrow.

7 - 2. Find the Mountain

Follow the yellow arrow to reach your first target. Destroy 
all the flaks. Then destroy some of the fighters. Pick up the 
items they loose. You need plasma-rockets (big, green rockets 
displayed on the screen). Now shoot the big shield generator 
marked on the map. After several hits it should explode. 
Repeat this three more times and this mission will end.

7 - 3. The Mountain Base

Enter the quad to the right and cross the bridge. You will 
find the five CUBWHEELS on your radar (blue spots). You have 
to collect all five of them without falling down. Good luck, 
you will need some tries in order to achieve this.

Once this is done drive to the big green spot on your map.

7 - 4. Security Breach

Okay, you will either love or hate this level. You remember 
the arena on the Island of Heroes? This is nearby the same.

Let's go. First load up the energy cells ahead of you. Use 
your shield energy, collect some more of it. Load it 
completely up and use the device. You will be in this big 
ball. Roll to a big monster and hit it. Defeat it by shooting 
at it until it falls down and looses a FEATHER.

POWERED UP! This could cause serious trouble!

Of course, get rid of the monsters around you sometimes. Some 
of them loose hearts, they should keep you alive.

Kill all five big monsters that way, collect all FEATHERS.

But don't use them by now! You want to get all the KEYS, don't 
you? You will find five burning barrels in the arena. Return 
to the entrance. In a barrel you will find the shield dragon. 
Take it to the three burning barrels (one is at the inside 
wall, two are at the outside wall) - 3 KEYS.

Return to the entrance. Walk a little to the right and you 
will be able to jump into the ledge. Here you find the gong 
(DON'T USE IT NOW!) and a burning barrel containing KEY 4.

A little left of the entrance there is another ledge 
containing a burning barrel with KEY 5 and the LOCKED BARREL. 
Open it and pick up the final RUNESTONE! Yessss, got em all!

Ring the gong now to end this level.

+ 8. Chess +

8 - 1. Shield Disruption

This level is very easy if you know what to do. You see the 
six blue energy beams? Where they begin, there are rings. Fly 
through all six rings and you will destroy the shield.

Once the shield is down fly to your space ship and land on the 
marked spot. You don't know how to land? Simply use the X-
button to slow down. Then carefully land. It is not that hard, 

Finally, destroy all ships which are approaching. This should 
be easy as well.

8 - 2. Finding Chess

Simply destroy three waves of ships.

Destroy the first wave. Now ships with shields will appear. 
They are invulnerable to your rockets. Now, did you notice 
that the asteroids here do have two different colors? Some of 
them are brown. You didn't notice? Well, I didn't either. 
Somebody had to tell me. You have to shoot the brown ones. 
They will explode and you will get special bombs with which 
you will be able to destroy the shieleded ships.

After destroying the two waves follow the red arrow. Don't 
waste your time on the ships attacking you.

8 - 3. Rescue Chess

One of the shortest episodes of the game. Simply follow the 
pink arrow.

Once you found Chess you simply have to take out the attacking 
ships. Destroy the ships down in the screen first because you 
will not be able to get them after a while. Very easy.

+ 9. THE FINAL +

9 - 1. Finding Catana

Another space level. You should know by now what to do here. 
Destroy three waves of ships.

Next stop: The Communication Center. This one is huge. Destroy 
all ships around here to get the plasma rockets. Now fly to 
the Communtication Center and look for the core (yellow and 
red shining area). Shoot all your plasma rockets at the core. 
Once you have run out of them destroy the next wave of ships 
and repeat the procedure. After a while the Center will be 

Now simply follow the pink arrow.

9 - 2. Refinery Dropzone

Yaaaaaaaawn! You will never guess what kind of level this is. 
Okay, you know the procedure. Follow the yellow arrow, destroy 
the flaks. Then destroy one of these ships in order to get 
plasma rockets. Use the rockets to destroy the shield 
generator. There are three shield generators. Nothing to worry 

9 - 3. Lavacore Wastes

Hooooray, some variety. This level is fun again. You have to 
collect five CUBWHEELS with your boat. They are marked as blue 
spots on your radar. The WHEELS are in rocket launchers. You 
have to ram them in order to get the WHEELS. Avoid the 
rockets. Sometimes you will be followed by a rocket, in order 
to get rid of that jump over rocks in the water.

Four CUBWHEELS are being found easily, the last WHEEL is a 
little tricky. You have to find a big ramp in the green area. 
There is catana on the ramp. Use it to reach a higher area. 
There you will find the last CUBWHEEL. Return to the lower 
area and go to the big green spot.

The next passage is very difficult. Luckily it is very short 
as well. You have to race through a tunnel, you must avoid the 
bombs, you don't have to hit the walls too often and you have 
to drive over some special boulders in order to jump over 
gaps. This is very difficult, but I succeeded with my third 

And finally: A Jump-and-run-passage. Just jump from platform 
to platform, then use the swimming platforms to reach the 

New jobs to complete: This one is a monkey ball passage. Yes, 
I like these. Follow the passage to a crossroad. Take the 
right passage first and push the button. Now choose the other 
way and push the other button. Enter the new path and follow 
the path.

After several nice and difficult passageways (good graphics 
here!) you will get to another big room with crossings. I 
choose the left passage all the time and soon reached a room 
with a locked door (the same as in the first room). Take the 
left and the right passage to push buttons and to open the 
door. If you go right you have to jump over a gap. Just be 
sure to be fast enough.

Thank you very much to the creators of the game for this 
monkey ball passage. It is very much fun. The passage which 
will await you after opening the door isn't. Hell, it really 
is no fun. Use all the speed-ups. You need them to get 
through. Good luck. I did this passage after about 30 tries.

The next area is much more fun again. You will eventually 
reach a room with a locked door again. Same procedure as the 
last time. You have to find the two switches and push them.

The door opens and another difficult passage will start. It is 
a little annoying, but not too difficult at all. Finally enter 
the lift.

9 - 4. Finding Vetch

NOTE: If you have collected all 12 RUNESTONES you are now able 
to travel to all the planets you visited so far. There you can 
find RUNETOWERS. But I do not know too much about that. See 
the next update - Mythril4 offered a RUNETOWER update to me. 

After many interesting cutscenes Flying around again. Destroy 
the three waves of fighters, then choose Auria.

After the cutsenes you will have to fight Vetch. The strategy 
is quite simple. "Just" press the correct buttons. But the 
difficulty level is that incredibly high, I did not defeat 
Vetch until now. Perhaps I will never do. But I think I guided 
you well to the end of this great game. 

+ The Runetowers +

... coming soon, I hope!

+ Special Thanks +

Special thanks to Traveller Tales for developing this great 
game. It really deserves more attention than it actually gets. 
I did not often play a game with so much variety before. Thank 
you very much to you guys, you really know how to create a 
great jump-and-run.

Very special thanks to Michelle Ashworth 
([email protected]) for sending her walkthrough of Sylex 
Cells to me. I just had to copy-and-paste it. And I adapted it 
a little. Thank you very much for telling me where to find the 
final key in the volcano level. I don't think I might have 
ever gotten the idea. Thank you for telling me where all the 
keys in Xeno Encounter are. And thank you for telling me where 
all the keys in Security Breach are (I would have found these 
on my own but never mind thank you very much).

Very special thanks as well to Gary Sliker 
([email protected]) for offering a spellcheck to me and for 
offering to post the rune tower section into my walkthrough. 
This will save a lot of time. If there will be a Version 1.0, 
it is because of him!

Special Thanks to Dimon for posting the locations of the keys 
of the first two levels (although I found them out already). 
For the info about how to get the runestone on the Hatching 

Special Thanks to [email protected] for giving me a list of 
all English names of the locations. Now you do no longer have 
to read my bad translations ;-) And thank you for telling me 
where to find the last key in the Volcano area.

Special Thanks to Dimon and Olivier Lefroit for telling me how 
to break the locked barrel in the Burning Village.

Finally special thanks to everybody who offered his help to me 
and to everybody who offered a spellcheck to me. And to 
everybody who will give me hints on how to improve my 

End of FAQ

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