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Table of Contents
1. Introduction and Version History
2. Contact Details and Copyright Stuff
3. Walkthrough [WLKT]
3a. Introduction [WLKT1]
3b. Traverse Town Sora - Visit 1 [WLKT2A]
3c. Traverse Town Riku - Visit 1 [WLKT2B]
4. Reports [RPRT]
4a. Glossary [GLOS]
4b. Character Files [CHAR]
4c. Dream Eaters [DEAT]
4d. Treasures [TREA]
5. Closing/Thanks

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-1. Introduction and Version History-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Hi there, and welcome to my Walkthrough/FAQ for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop
Distance! I haven't written anything like this before (I'm sure it shows!) but
I'm hoping this guide turns out okay. If you have any comments on this FAQ or
suggestions on how to improve it, please let me know (contact details are in
the next section). Currently, this walkthrough is written during a Proud play-

Once this guide is fully finished, it should help you 100% the entire game.
However, there are some things that I currently don't know and could use some
help with. Particularly the following;

- The exact HP numbers for bosses, rather than my own estimations
- Confirming the elemental attributes of enemy attacks, like those of the first
- The point borders for achieving an "A" Rank in the Dive sections
- What abilities are unlocked on the Link Ability grids through affection etc.
- Helping me fully complete the Link Ability grids

If you can help with these at all it will be greatly appreciated and you will
be rightly credited.

Version History
V0.05 (31/07/2012)
- Completed the first parts of Traverse Town. Also added all of the reports,
  Spirit data and treasure locations availiable at that point.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=2. Contact Details and Copyright Stuff-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Author - Daniel "Adoboros" Amos
Email - [email protected]

This document is copyright of me, Daniel Amos and cannot be reproduced in any
way, shape or form. You cannot take anything from this guide without my express
permission. Also, you cannot try to make any kind of financial profit from this

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders. Notably, Disney and Square-Enix.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-3. Walkthrough [WLKT]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-          I   N   T   R   O   D   U   C   T   I   O   N          -=-=-=-
-=-=-=-                  S        O        R        A                   -=-=-=-
-=-=-=-  Recommended level - 1  -=-   Treasures - 32    -=-  [WLKT1AB]  -=-=-=-

After the opening scenes featuring familiar places, you'll find yourself facing
an old enemy! At this point, you'll be given the option of viewing your first 
Mementos. For more about the Mementos, see the corresponding section. With the 
basics out of the way, you'll be thrust straight into a boss battle!

-=-=-=-=          B  O  S  S                B  A  T  T  L  E           =-=-=-=-
-=-=-=-=      P  H  A  N  T  O  M            U  R  S  U  L  A          =-=-=-=-
-=-=-=-=  HP - 1 and 1/6 bars     -=-  Rewards                         =-=-=-=-
-=-=-=-=  Recommended Level - 1   -=-  Bonus level - Max HP Up (Sora)  =-=-=-=-
-=-=-=-=  Difficulty - 1/10       -=-                                  =-=-=-=-

Despite this being the first boss and the first fight of the game, don't take 
this lightly - dying will mean game over! As boss fights go, this is pretty
easy but still be cautious if you are playing on Proud! Riku will be fighting 
alongside you here, but not as a party member and he doesn't contribute too 
much, so you'll be doing most of the work. Phantom Ursula has a few attacks at
her disposal, but none of them are that threatening if you know how to avoid 

1. Grab
I find that Ursula generally opens with this attack, but not all the time. She
leans back before she does this and the attack can be avoided if you get to the
back of the raft fast enough. She always uses this attack when coming in close
after using the Bubbles attack. If you are grabbed, you'll be stuck for a few
seconds until Riku saves you. If she misses, she'll pause for a second, giving
you an opening to attack!

2. Ursula's Revenge
You'll be able to see this attack coming a mile away as Ursula always says 
"Time for my revenge!" before she attacks, causing a couple of thunderbolts to 
hit where you are standing. This is best avoided by air dashing or rolling 

3. Fire Beam
When Ursula uses this attack, you'll see an orange glow in her mouth as it 
charges up before she attacks one side and strafes across. As far as I can
tell you can't jump over this, but you can avoid it by moving to the opposite
side and it can also be blocked. (I've always seen her use this from left to 
right, if you've seen her use it the other way, let me know!)

4. Bubbles
Ursula moves off into the distance and shouts "To the depths with you!" before
firing 8 bubbles towards you. These move fairly slowy and you can easily
roll away from them or block them.

Use this information to avoid and attack. If you do get hurt, don't be afraid
to use a potion. Don't rely on Riku here - his damage output is minimal, but 
keep on chipping away at Ursula's health and you'll eventually win! 

After a cutscene and a flashback memento, you'll gain some glossary pages. 
After that, you are thrown straight into a Dive!

MISSION - Rack up 600 prize points before you reach the goal!
Difficulty - 1/10
Points needed for "A" Rank - Possibly over 700,000?
A Rank Reward - Spark Dive

Welcome to the your first "Dive"! As the help messages explain, the objective
of this mode is to accomplish a set objective before reaching the goal ring!

Compared to some of the Dive levels, this is pretty easy to "A" rank. Use the
Diving Strike and Dodging Deflect commands to gather prize points and avoid
obstacles. Keep using the Diving Strike to speed through the course whenever
you aren't doing anything else. You shouldn't need to use the Aerial Brake here
so keep charging ahead until you hit the goal ring, where you will end up in...

-=-=-=-     T   R   A   V   E   R   S   E             T   O   W   N     -=-=-=-
-=-=-=-                  S        O        R        A                   -=-=-=-
-=-=-=-  Recommended level - 1  -=-   Treasures - 34    -=-   [WLKT2A]  -=-=-=-

Sora lands in familiar world of Traverse Town with some new clothes, but 
where's Riku? After a stranger interrupts you, you'll get another tutorial, 
this time to introduce Flowmotion. Now then, after that guy!

Anyone who has played the first Kindgom Hearts game will know their way around
here instantly. You can't go into the buildings in this game unfortunately but
you can still scout around for treasures!

If you head up the stairs and into the alley on the west side you'll find your
first chest, this one containing a POTION [1/34] and a help message on item
usage. Use Flowmotion to Super Jump onto the wooden roof that is slightly to 
your north-east to claim an ICE DREAM CONE [2/34]. That's all for this area, 
but take some time to mess around with the Flowmotion system here if you need 
the practice whilst there are no enemies around! When ready, head towards the 
north exit to learn about Save Points, then head through the exit.

Upon entering, you'll get another tutorial, this time for the Reality Shift
mechanic. Mess around with it using the barrels if you need the practice before 
heading north for another cutscene.

Whilst Neku deals with some of the Dream Eaters, you'll have your own taste of
combat and a tutorial on Flowmotion Combat. The battle will be the same whether 
you do the tutorial or not, so don't worry about losing any EXP. The Meow Wows 
and the Komory Bats aren't too bad, but be wary of the attacks from the Kooma 
Pandas, particularly the rock throw which will stun you if you get caught up in

Once the battle is over, you'll get another cutscene, a flashback, another 
glossary entry and a MEOW WOW RECIPE. At this point, you'll have to take part 
in a mandatory tutorial on Spirit creation, playing with your Spirits and the 
Ability Link board. Personally, I would save resources and create low rank Meow 
Wow for now and save up for a higher rank later, but the choice is yours.

At this point, you'll be free to wander again. You'll also now have access to
the Spirits and Command Deck options in the menu. If you have AR Cards, I'd
recommend summoning those Spirits and adding them to your party now. If you
have the Mark of Mastery edition AR Cards, you'll have more Spirits than slots
in your party. I'd suggest keeping Meow Wow around, at least long enough to get
the Cure ability and if you were lucky enough to get Meowjesty, working towards 
Second Chance could help you out in the long run. Also, consider putting Spark 
Dive in your deck if you managed to get it since it hits a fairly large area.

Anyway, time to go after Neku! Before that though, time for some more treasure
hunting. To the north you'll see the Gizmo Shop, a familiar sight to KH1
players. Super Jump up to the roof and you'll find a chest containing a 
HI-POTION [3/34]. If you fall off the roof on the eastern side you'll land on a
ledge with another chest containing some CONFETTI CANDY [4/34]. Finally, make
your way to the roof of the southwest building to find a chest holding a
BALLOON [5/34].

If you want to practice more with your new Spirits, feel like farming for items
or just want to gain a few levels, Nightmares can now be found in the First
District. If playing on Proud, you might find the next section a bit easier if 
you have the Cure spell. Keep switching between the two Districts until you are 
satisfied, then head towards the south-east exit in the Second District.

You'll get a cutscene as soon as you enter. After the cutscene you'll find
yourself playing as...

MISSION - Rack up 300 prize points before you reach the goal!
Difficulty - 2/10
Points needed for "A" Rank - Possibly over 400,000?
A Rank Reward - Spark Dive (Only if you DIDN'T get it with Sora)

I find this one slightly harder to "A" rank than Sora's dive, but it isn't too 
bad. You'll be finding yourself dealing with a few more enemies here, but
it isn't anything you can't handle. Use magic when needed and when you find
obstacles with prize points on them, get as close as you can and dodge out of
the way to safely nab the points. When you clear the goal, you will find 
yourself in...

-=-=-=-     T   R   A   V   E   R   S   E             T   O   W   N     -=-=-=-
-=-=-=-                  R        I        K        U                   -=-=-=-
-=-=-=-  Recommended level - 1  -=-   Treasures - 32    -=-   [WLKT2B]  -=-=-=-

Having landed in Traverse Town, you'll quickly discover that this isn't the
same one that we've just left Sora in thanks to the help of the rather annoying
Joshua. At this point you'll also unlock the ability to use Link Portals. Most 
areas have a random portal and it's hard to tell if it'll be a battle one or a 
friend one. I recommend fighting in all the battle portals even if you can't 
meet some of the objectives. 

As usual, explore the area and take on the Nightmares. Riku doesn't have any
Spirits at this point so you'll have to fight solo. Unless you can get used to
it, I'd highly recommend switching out the Sliding Dash command for something
else, but the choice is yours. If you managed to get Cure as suggested, use
that from now on in place of Potions, which might be running low at this point.

As for treasures, check the alley to the east to find a chest containing some
CONFETTI CANDY [1/32]. Opposite the alley you'll find a mural of some houses
and a moon. Super Jump up this wall and you'll see a chest on a platform to
your right, this one holding an ICE DREAM CONE [2/32]. When you are finished,
head out into the Second District.

After another cutscene, you'll recieve the KOMORY BAT RECIPE and you'll have
a shorter but still mandatory Spirit creation session. Following this you'll be
introduced to Beat and you'll have another tutorial, this time on Linking 
Spirits. You'll fight the same battle either way but with a slight
difference - if you go ahead with the link tutorial but don't use the Spirit
Link, the battle will carry on (presumably indefinitely?) until you do, which
could be a potential source of EXP and items if you want to grind. Following
the battle, Riku will black out like Sora did...

At this point, you'll be introduced to the Drop System and can switch between
Sora and Riku freely or alternatively you'll be forced to "drop" after a set
period of time. See the Drop System section for more details. From now on, I
will cover each world one at a time, with Sora first and Riku afterwards. Use
the contents so find the world and character you want to go through. 

Also, you'll be able to find Special Link Portals from this point on - more on
this in the next update.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4. Reports [RPRT]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4a. Glossary [GLOS]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

A key-shaped weapon forged by man during the age of fairy tales. Any other
origins have yet to be revealed.

All Keyblades have one of three natures: light, darkness or heart. These last
two are exceptional; most documented Keyblades, including Sora's and Riku's,
are Keyblades of light.

The heart must be proven before a Keyblade will appear in its master's hand. No
lock can withstand a Keyblade, nor can any non-agent of light.

Special Keychains allow the Keyblade's appearance and performance to be 

=-=-=Keyblade Masters=-=-=
Guardians of the balance between light and darkness. Through the "Bequeathing,"
they choose the next generation of Keyblade wielders, training their bodies
and tempering their hearts so that they, too, might one day be Keyblade 

While the word "master" might be tossed around, only an existing Keyblade 
Master can pass on the title and its associated powers. They often elect to
test candidates for the Mark of Mastery.

Among the Keyblade Masters is one true "Successor" who is tasked with 
protecting a hallowed ground known as the Land of Departure.

=-=-=Master Xehanort=-=-=
Arguably the most powerful Keyblade Master in history, and a staunch advocate
for a world where light and darkness are equal. In his thirst for knowledge, he
allowed his heart to succumb to the darkness.

While attempting to reproduce the Keyblade War, he was thwarted by three young 
Keyblade wielders, and his body was seemingly destroyed.

However, Keyblade Masters have the power to remove hearts and transfer them to
other "vessels." Master Xehanort has leveraged this power of recombination and
clashed with Sora under a number of identites.

=-=-=The Keyblade War=-=-=
An ancient and epic war that lives on in fairy tales. It erupted over a sacred
place known as "Kingdom Hearts"-the source of all light.

Keyblade wielders from the legions of light and darkness vied to control
Kingdom Hearts, and wiped out all the World's light as a result.

Legend has it that the fragmented worlds we know today survived from the last
glimmers of light within the hearts of children.

Living embodiments of the darkness living within our hearts, and therfore the
darkness that has been in the world since its inception. Although they
originate in our hearts, they have no hearts of their own, hence their name.

They instinctively hunt for hearts, and survive and reproduce by stealing them.
They have no leaders or heirarchy, least of all the chaotic "Purebloods" which
arise spontaeneoously.

"Emblem Heartless"-those created artificially by Xehanort's "Ansem"-behave in
much the same way.

=-=-=Kingdom Hearts=-=-=
According to legend, the source of all true light is known as "Kingdom Hearts."

We know Xehanort has created two Kingdom Hearts now, both artificially, by
amassing enough hearts. One was made from the hearts of worlds, and the other
from the hearts of people.

The Kingdom Hearts made from the hearts of worlds had a door that led to the
realm of darkness; its depths were never fully charted.

The Kingdom Hearts made from the hearts of people was believed to have the 
power to recomplete someone whose heart had been lost.

If Kingdom Hearts is a lock, then this blade from the age of fairy tales was
the key.

It could be argued that without the X-blade, the Keyblade War might never have
been waged; after all, you cannot possess what you cannot find or unlock.

It is clear the blade was the inspiration for the human-wrought Keyblades. The
letter X can be pronounced both "key" or "kye" (leading to some confusion) and
symbolizes the perfect crossing of light and darkness. The X-blade can be
forged via a high-dimensional clash between those two poles.

It is believed that the Recusant's Sigil also derives from X.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4b. Character Files [CHAR]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

A boy who wields a Keyblade. He has used its power to save the worlds from
crisis more than once.

Now, he has agreed to take the Mark of Mastery examination in order to retrieve
a new power.

A boy who wields a Keyblade. His battles to save the worlds have often pitted
him against the darkness in his own heart.

Now, he is braving the Mark of Mastery examination to find out if he is still 
worthy of the Keyblade.

=-=-=ROBED FIGURE=-=-=
A mysterious man whose identity is masked by a brown robe.
Sora encountered him in the Destiny Islands right before his first journey
began. Riku has seen him as well, though neither of them ever found out for
certain who he was.

The human form of Xigbar, one of Organization XIII's members. He became a
Nobody during a certain experiment.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4c. Dream Deaters [DEAT]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

S - Starting Point
? - Mystery
A - Ability
C - Command
LNK - Link Panel
LVL - Level Panel
ITM - Item Panel
-/= - Connection/Affinity connection
Number = LP needed

=-=-=Meow Wow=-=-=
Report entry:
Cat or dog? Boy or girl? Friend or fiend? One thing's for sure: this Dream
Eater is adorable. Warning: fire freaks it out.

                 ___     ___     ___
                ¦A7 ¦ - ¦A8 ¦ - ¦A9 ¦
                ¦30 ¦   ¦20 ¦   ¦100¦
                 ---     ---     ---
 ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___
¦ S ¦ - ¦A1 ¦ - ¦C1 ¦ - ¦LVL¦ - ¦C2 ¦ - ¦A2 ¦ - ¦LVL¦ - ¦C3 ¦
¦   ¦   ¦10 ¦   ¦50 ¦   ¦10 ¦   ¦100¦   ¦300¦   ¦25 ¦   ¦150¦
 ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---
                 ___     ___     ___     ___     ___
                ¦A3 ¦ - ¦C4 ¦ - ¦A4 ¦ = ¦A5 ¦ = ¦A6 ¦
                ¦30 ¦   ¦50 ¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦100¦
                 ---     ---     ---     ---     ---
                                ¦C5 ¦
                                ¦50 ¦

C1 - Cure
C2 - Cura
C3 - Curaga
C4 - Slow
C5 - Spark
A1 - Link Critical
A2 - Leaf Bracer
A3 - Item Boost
A4 - Poison Block
A5 - Attack Haste
A6 - Magic Boost
A7 - Magic Haste
A8 - Light Screen
A9 - Defense Boost

=-=-=Komory Bat=-=-=
Report entry:
These noctilione nuisances boast quite the repertoire. Supersonic confusion
waves? Yep. Vampiric drain attack? Just vunderful...
         ___     ___
        ¦LNK¦ - ¦C3 ¦
        ¦ 2 ¦   ¦100¦
         ---     ---
         ___     ___     ___
        ¦C2 ¦ - ¦A3 ¦   ¦A6 ¦
        ¦50 ¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦100¦
         ---     ---     ---
          -       -       -
 ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___
¦ S ¦ - ¦A1 ¦ - ¦C1 ¦ - ¦C4 ¦ - ¦A5 ¦ - ¦A7 ¦ - ¦LNK¦ - ¦C5 ¦
¦   ¦   ¦10 ¦   ¦50 ¦   ¦50 ¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦40 ¦   ¦ 2 ¦   ¦100¦
 ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---
          -       -
         ___     ___     ___     ___
        ¦A2 ¦ - ¦A4 ¦ = ¦A8 ¦ = ¦A9 ¦
        ¦20 ¦   ¦100¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦50 ¦
         ---     ---     ---     ---

C1 - Confuse
C2 - Zero Gravity
C3 - Zero Gravira
C4 - Drain Dive
C5 - Confusing Strike
A1 - Waking Dream
A2 - Dark Screen
A3 - Confusion Block
A4 - Magic Boost
A5 - Magic Haste
A6 - Attack Boost
A7 - Dark Screen
A8 - Attack Haste
A9 - Attack Haste

=-=-=Ursa Circus=-=-=
Report entry:
 ___     ___     ___
¦A1 ¦ - ¦LNK¦ - ¦ S ¦
¦300¦   ¦ 5 ¦   ¦   ¦
 ---     ---     ---
                 ___     ___
                ¦C1 ¦ - ¦A4 ¦
                ¦10 ¦   ¦30 ¦
                 ---     ---
                  -       -
         ___     ___     ___     ___     ___
        ¦???¦ - ¦A2 ¦   ¦A5 ¦ - ¦A7 ¦ - ¦A8 ¦
        ¦10 ¦   ¦100¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦50 ¦   ¦200¦
         ---     ---     ---     ---     ---
                  -       -       -
                 ___     ___     ___     ___
                ¦A3 ¦   ¦A6 ¦   ¦A9 ¦ - ¦LVL¦
                ¦30 ¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦50 ¦   ¦20 ¦
                 ---     ---     ---     ---
                                        ¦C2 ¦

C1 - Aerial Slam
C2 - Blitz
A1 - Damage Syphon
A2 - Attack Boost
A3 - Blindness Block
A4 - Item Boost
A5 - Sleep Block
A6 - Attack Haste
A7 - Attack Haste
A8 - Attack Boost
A9 - Item Boost

=-=-=Sudo Neku=-=-=
Report entry:
         ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___
        ¦A1 ¦ - ¦A3 ¦   ¦A7 ¦ - ¦A8 ¦   ¦A12¦ - ¦A13¦
        ¦100¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦200¦   ¦50 ¦   ¦300¦
         ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---
          -       -       -       -       -       -
 ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___
¦ S ¦ - ¦C1 ¦   ¦A5 ¦ - ¦A6 ¦   ¦A9 ¦   ¦A11¦   ¦LVL¦
¦   ¦   ¦10 ¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦100¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦150¦   ¦20 ¦
 ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---
          -       -               -       -       -
         ___     ___             ___     ___     ___
        ¦A2 ¦ - ¦A4 ¦           ¦C2 ¦ - ¦A10¦   ¦C3 ¦
        ¦30 ¦   ¦50 ¦           ¦150¦   ¦150¦   ¦200¦
         ---     ---             ---     ---     ---

C1 - Fira
C2 - Circle Raid
C3 - Slot Edge
A1 - Magic Boost
A2 - Magic Haste
A3 - Fire Boost
A4 - Magic Haste
A5 - Blizzard Boost
A6 - Magic Haste
A7 - Thunder Boost
A8 - Magic Boost
A9 - Slow Block
A10 - Reload Boost
A11 - Magic Haste
A12 - Thunder Boost
A13 - Magic Boost

Report entry:

 ___     ___     ___     ___     ___
¦A4 ¦ - ¦A3 ¦ - ¦A2 ¦ - ¦A5 ¦ - ¦C2 ¦
¦200¦   ¦50 ¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦20 ¦   ¦100¦
 ---     ---     ---     ---     ---
                ¦A1 ¦
                ¦30 ¦
         ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___     ___
        ¦ S ¦ - ¦C1 ¦ - ¦LVL¦ - ¦C3 ¦ - ¦LVL¦ - ¦C4 ¦ - ¦A5 ¦
        ¦   ¦   ¦10 ¦   ¦10 ¦   ¦50 ¦   ¦25 ¦   ¦150¦   ¦300¦
         ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---
 ___             ___
¦C5 ¦           ¦A6 ¦
¦150¦           ¦100¦
 ---             ---
  -               -
 ___     ___     ___     ___     ___
¦LVL¦ - ¦A8 ¦ - ¦A7 ¦ - ¦A9 ¦ - ¦A10¦
¦15 ¦   ¦50 ¦   ¦100¦   ¦30 ¦   ¦20 ¦
 ---     ---     ---     ---     ---

C1 - Spark
C2 - Thunder Dash
C3 - Cura
C4 - Curaga
C5 - Sparkra
A1 - Attack Haste
A2 - Bind Block
A3 - Attack Haste
A4 - Defense Boost
A5 - Dark Screen
A6 - Defense Boost
A7 - Magic Boost
A8 - Magic Haste
A9 - Magic Haste
A10 - Light Screen

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4c. Dream Deaters [TREA]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

=-=-=Traverse Town (Sora)=-=-=
1. Ice Dream Cone - On the wooden roof, northwest side of the First District
2. Potion - Alleyway in the First District
3. Confetti Candy - On a ledge on the east side of the Gizmo Shop (By the 
4. Balloon - Southwest rooftop in the Second District
5. Hi-Potion - Roof of Gizmo Shop in the Second District

=-=-=Traverse Town (Riku)=-=-=
6. Ice Dream Cone - On the balcony in the north-west corner of the Third 
7. Confetti Candy - Eastern alleyway in the Third District

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-5. Closing/Thanks-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Thank you for reading my guide! I will be updating this a lot more very soon.
If you can help me in any way, please feel free to e-mail me!

Big thanks to Disney and Square-Enix for continuing to make this awesome

Also huge thanks for GameFAQs for giving me chance to try out this little
project of mine. 

Also, thank you for reading! Peace out. :D

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