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Welcome to the world of MapleStory.
This game is an online MMORPG, where you can train, interact with others, and most
importantly, have fun.
This game is suitable only for PC.


INDEX: Use 'Ctrl' + F to quickly move to certain topics. You MUST copy and paste
the [XX] box, or else you will not be able to find the certain section.

[XI] Basic layout of the game
[ZZI] ~Different Types of Sins~
[XXI] The Path of an Assassin-Rogue
    [Z1] Job Instructions for level 10
    [Z2] Point Distribution-Level 10-30
    [Z3] Training Spots Until Level 30
[XXII] The Path of an Assassin-Sin
    [Y1] Job Instructions for level 30
    [Y2] Point distribution
        [Y22] Tank Sin
        [Y23] Speed Sin
    [Y3] Training spots until level 70
[XXIII] The Path of an Assassin-Hermit
    [W1] Job Instructions for level 70
    [W2] Point distribution
    [W3] Training spots until level 120
[XXX] Night Lord is still unavailable
[Maple] Credits


[XI] Basic layout of the game

If you do not know how to play, here is the basic layout: *~*
-You start in MapleIsland
-There will be some hints [MapleTips] that will help you throughout the game when
you begin.
**Some main tips are..**
-How to move: Use the arrow keys located below the "End" button on your keyboard.
-How to fight: The default key to fight is to use "Ctrl".
-How to jump: The default key to jump is "Alt".
-How to change the keys around: Press "\" on your keyboard to change the buttons
around. Simply
drag and drop each command. This button is located above the 'Enter' key.

*~*Note: In-game instructions are also given.


[ZZI] ~Different types of sins~

The Normal:
Normal dex sins have a base dex that is twice their level (until level 40). After
level 40, you add one dex each time you
level. Yes, normal dex sins cap (or should cap) their dex sometime, probably at
around 100+ dex. 

Pros- Look great, have cooler weapons
        - Never looks typical like other sins
        - Decent damage
        - Great defense against monsters
        - No need for great funding (Better for 1st time players) 

Cons- "Low" damage group of sins
         - Are picked on for their low damage (But that's not always true)


The Lowdex: 
Lowdex sins have a base dex that is pretty random. Basically, the player chooses
when they want to cap, or stop adding,
their dex. With that amount of base dex, the player must buy dex equipment like
sauna robes, capes, or shoes, which help them equip
the weapon of their choice. 

Pros- Great damage
        - Can equip better weapons
        - Usually look cooler than others
        - Average defense, not too weak, not too good

Cons- You HAVE to be rich to fund a low dex character
         - Another typical sin?! Wow >.>


The Dexless: Dexless sins... where to begin? Basically, you NEVER add dex after
level 10... only luk is added. 

Pros- "Godly"  damage with the right equips
        - Yeah, you're just godly <3

Cons- No defense
         - All look the same -- PaC, Sauna, Bamboo hat, BSS, Kandayo, Earrings --
Seriously, they all look the same
         - MUST be properly funded or else it's useless to make a dexless sin.
(Properly funded means 100+ mil!)


[XXI] The Path of an Assassin-Rogue

Congratulations! You have just chosen to become an rogue. They are probably the
most versatile character in all of MapleStory.
Equiped with speed, and great DPS (Damage per Second), they "own" all other classes.

~Your jobs available~
Rogue (Level 10) --> Assassin (Level 30) --> Hermit (Level 70) --> Night Lord
(Level 120)


[Z1] Job Instructions for level 10

To get your job:
1.) Level yourself to level 10.
2.)Have a base dex of 25. (All other points go into Luk)
3.)Head over to Kerning City in Victoria Island. Talk to the Dark Lord who is
located inside the Bar.


[Z2] Point Distribution-Level 10-30:

(This is just a suggestion, you are free to do what you'd like, but this is
probably one of the best point distributions to train with)

Level 10: Lucky seven
Level 11: Nimble body (3)
Level 12:Keen eyes (2), lucky seven
Level 13:Keen eyes (2), lucky seven
Level 14:Keen eyes (2), lucky seven
Level 15:Keen eyes (2, maxed), lucky seven
Level 16:Lucky seven (3)
Level 17:Lucky seven (3)
Level 18:Lucky seven (3)
Level 19:Lucky seven (3)
Level 20:Lucky seven (3, maxed)
Level 21:Nimble body(3)
Level 22:Nimble body(3)
Level 23:Nimble body(3)
Level 24:Nimble body(3)
Level 25:Nimble body(3)
Level 26:Nimble body(2), Disorder
Level 27:Disorder (2), Dark sight
Level 28:Dark sight (3)
Level 29:Dark sight (3)
Level 30:Dark sight (3)

In the end, you should have:
Lucky Seven: 20, maxed ~ Nimble body:20, maxed ~ Keen eyes: 8, maxed ~ Disorder: 3
~ Dark sight: 10 ~ Double stab:0


[Z3] Training Spots Until Level 30:

1-10: Snails  (It would be best if you'd stay on Maple Island, but you are free to
leave there at level 8)
11-15: Slimes are great training. Training at the Slime Tree located in Ellinia is
16-20: Some may go to Pig Beach, but you can also train at orange mushrooms. A
great spawn of those are in Henesys Hunting Ground,
but that may be crowded.
21-30: Ant Tunnel 1. At levels 21-25, stay at Horny Mushrooms. After, head down
the map to the mix of both.


[XXII] The Path of an Assassin-Sin

Now, you're level 30. It's time to get the job advancement.


[Y1] Job Instructions for level 30:

1.)Head over to the Dark Lord and talk to him. He'll ask you to go to the 2nd job
instructor located in Kerning City (2 maps to the right
of Kerning). He is located at the top right of the map.  
If you still need help, kindly ask one of your fellow maplers to direct you to
where he is.
2.)The 2nd job instructer will lead you to a second map.
3.)Kill enough monsters to obtain 30 dark marbles. 
4.)Click on the job instructor again. He'll give you a document.
5.)Talk to the Dark Lord; he'll promote you to an assassin! =)


[Y2] Point distribution: There are different ways to distribute your points, I
will show you 2 of them.

[Y22] Tank Sin

Level 30-Level 39: Critical Throw
Level 40: Critical Throw (2, maxed), Mastery 
Level 41-Level 46: Mastery
Level 47-Level 70: Drain, Haste (should become maxed), Claw Booster

You should have:
Critical Throw: 30, Maxed
Mastery: 19
Haste: 20, Maxed
Drain or Claw Booster..

*Note* Only one of drain or claw booster shall be maxed, choose which one you
think is more useful.


[Y23] Speed sin

Level 30-Level 36: Haste
Level 37: Haste (1, maxed), Critical (2)
Level 38-Level 46: Critical
Level 47: Critical (1, maxed), Mastery (2)
Level 48-52: Mastery
Level 53-70: Drain or Claw Booster

You should have:
Critical Throw: 30, Maxed
Mastery: 19
Haste: 20, Maxed
Drain or Claw Booster..

*Note* Only one of drain or claw booster shall be maxed, choose which one you
think is more useful.


 [Y3] Training spots until level 70:

31-35: Head over to Ludibrium (Ludi for short) to train on teddy bears
36-45: Train on pink teddies until level 38-ish, go Ludi Party Quest (lpq) You
should be able to get into a party easily enough and get 
decent experience. If ludi pqing isn't that great, pink teddys or ducks/trojans
are decent experience too.
For levels 40+, retz in Helios tower are great, also flyeyes.
46-50: Straw Target Dummies (STD's), flyeyes, robots, platoon chronos. MCPQ is
also a great way to gain experience now. Just talk to
Speiglemann to get started.
51-55: You can Ludi Maze PQ now! Or Orbis PQ, train at flyeyes or STD's
56-60: STD's, lmpq, opq
61-65: STD's, voodo/hoodo, lmpq, opq, coolies, golems
66-70: STD's, coolies, voodo/hoodo, lmpq, opq, golems, grupins


[XXIII] The Path of an Assassin-Hermit

Congratulations~! If you think getting to level 70 was hard, think again. The road
towards the Night Lord advancement is extremely


[W1] Job Instructions for level 70:

1.) Go to El Nath - Chief Residence - and speak to Arec. 
2.) After talking to Arec, head back to Victoria Island and talk to Dark Lord who
is located in Kerning City. 
3.) After, find the Door of Dimension located at Monkey Swamp II and it'll bring
you to "The Path of the Glittering Crystal".
4.) Then defeat the Dark Lord's clone for a Black charm.

5.) Return to Dark Lord and exchange the Black Charm for a Necklace of Strength.
6.) Go back to El Nath after that and give the item to Arec.
7.) Head on to the Holy Ground at the Snowfield, which is located at Sharp Cliff II.
**You will need a dark crystal to answer 5 questions so you can obtain the
Necklace of Wisdom.**
8.) Then head back to arec and give the necklace to him.
9.) Now, you're a hermit! :D


[W2] Point distribution: Can vary on what you decide to max first, this is what i
did for my hermit.

FJ first build:
Level 70: Avenger
Level 71: Avenger (3)
Level 72: Avenger (1), FJ(1), SP (1)
Level 73-82: Shadow Partner until maxed


SP first build:
Level 70: Avenger
Level 71-79: Shadow Partner (3)
Level 80: Shadow Partner (1, maxed) Your choice! (2)

Now, it's up to you. Choose what you'd like to max next.
Avenger**, Flash Jump*, Alchemest, Meso Up, Shadow Web, Shadow Meso

**Highly Recommended


 [W3] Training spots until level 120

7x-8x: STD's, voodo/hoodo, coolies until lvl 75, soul teddies, grupins, DT's
8x-9x: DT's, MTD's, Dual Ghosts, Viking Ships, Kentaurs
9x-1xx+:Have not experienced these levels yet, but is open to suggestions.
	Useful places are probably: Himes (Dreamy Ghosts), Wyryns, Skelegons, etc.

[XXX] Night Lord is still unavailable

Because I have not reached the status of Night Lord, I will not add anything about it.
But, you can get the job advancement through the job instructor located in Leafre. :D

I hope this guide was of some use for you sins. Happy Mapling. =)

[Maple] Credits

Credits to:
-Nexon, the creator of this game
-The gaming community

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through email
[email protected]

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