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Mario Golf Advance Tour Guide

Hi.This is my first walkthrough so it probably won't be very good.Oh well.I love 
this game and not many people write anything for this game,so I decided to write a 
walkthrough about this game.Enjoy!(Warning!There may be a few spoilers in this 

III.Story mode
IV.Quick Game

*Fun characters*

212yd drive(straight)
The most popular character in Mushroom Kingdom.He hits his shots quite high,but has 
good distance.

203yd drive(straight)
The famous Princess Toadstool from the Mushroom Kingdom.She hits her shots around 
the middle and has fair distance.

208yd drive(straight)
Mario's loyal pet and closest friend.He hits his shots around the middle like 
Peach,but his distance is a little bit further.

Donkey Kong(DK)
215yd(far left curve)
Dk is one of Mario's rivals,mostly from a long time ago.He hits his shots low and 
has nice distance,but his ball curves,which can complicate things.

*Unlockable Characters*

206yd drive(left curve)
Luigi is Mario's younger and less famous brother.He hits his shots low,and has fair 

209yd drive(right curve)
Luigi's rival and supposedly Wario's younger brother.He hits around the middle and 
has good distance.

210yd drive(far left curve)
Another one of Mario's rivals and supposedly Waluigi's older brother.He hits low 
and has a nice distance.

217yd drive(far right curve)
Bowser is Mario's most popular rival,and probably the worst.He hits his shots 
around the middle and easily has the best distance of the Nintendo characters.

*To unlock these characters,transfer them from Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour.

*Story Mode Characters*
???yd drive(???)
Neil is a story mode character whose stats are determined by you.

???yd drive(???)
Ella is a story mode character whose stats are determined by you.

270yd drive(right curve)
Kid is your teacher in the game.He lost his golfing abilities in an accident.He 
hits his shots high and has the best distance in the game.

215yd drive(right curve)
Putts hits his shots low and has a good distance.

220yd drive(right curve)
Joe hits his shots high and has a pretty good distance.

225yd drive(straight)
Grace hits low and has a good distance.

230yd drive(straight)
Sherry hits the ball low and has a really good distance.

260yd drive(far right curve)
Tiny hits his shots high and has the second best distance in the game.

240yd drive(left curve)
Azalea hits high and has great distance.

250yd drive(far left curve)
Gene hits his shots low and has great distance.

*To get these characters,you must defeat them in either a singles or doubles match.


The controls for this game are pretty simple.

*Story mode*

Dpad-walk around,make selections
A button-talk to people,make selections,look at something
B button-cancel 
Start-Pause menu

*In the game*

Before swing

Left/right on dpad-move shot left/right
Up/down on dpad-change clubs
Select-camera mode
Start-Pause menu
B button-change shot type
A button-start swing

After starting backswing

A button-auto shot
B button-start manual swing

After starting manual swing

A button-regular swing
B button-regular swing
A+B-super topspin
B+A-super backspin

III.Story mode

Getting Started

To get started,you have to pick whether you want to be a girl or a boy.Then you 
pick your character's name.Afterwards,the game will start and you will hear lots of 
talking.You will eventually get to move.Go outside and explore where you are.Then 
head to the Marion Club.

*Marion Club*

This is where your clubhouse is.This is also the beginner's courses.You can choose 
between practicing the holes,playing in a tournament,or practicing 
techniques.Choose one.


This is just a little tournament where you have to get the best score.If you do,you 
will get a gold cup,become able to challenge Joe,and are eligible for the next 
cup.Beat Joe so you can now play as him in the other modes.Afterwards,go out and 
about and head to the next place,Palms Club.

*Palms Club*

This place is a little more difficult than the Marion.You can't go to this 
clubhouse though.You can choose to practice,play tournament,or practice 
techniques.If you don't play well with water,I suggest you practice these 
holes,since most of them have water and sand.Afterwards,head to tournament.


This one is a bit harder,but still easy to win.When you get the gold cup,you can 
then challenge Sherry and unlock her in other play by beating her.Anyways,now you 
qualify for the Dunes Cup.

*Dunes Cup*

This place is different.Its mostly bunkers and waste areas.I suggest going to 
practice before entering the tournament.As usual,you can't go to the 
clubhouse.After practicing the holes,you can head to the tournament.


This one is kinda hard.Almost all around is bunkers and waste areas.Waste areas are 
worse because they take longer to get out of.This place is hard,but winnable.After 
winning,you can challenge Azalea,beat her,and unlock her.You qualify for the Links 
Tourney,so head there.

*Links Tourney*

This place is for the really good players.I absolutely suggest practicing here.Its 
hard.This place has a mix of water,bunkers,and waste areas,with a ton of trees to 
get your ball stuck.Head to tournament.


This place is really hard.Its not impossible,just really frustrating.Watch where 
you hit the ball because one shot can ruin your chances of winning.After 
winning,you can challenge your teacher Kid.Even though he lost all golfing 
abilities,you can challenge him.Weird.Well,now you're lucky because you qualify for 
the Mushroom Tournament.Go to the clubhouse and in the middle of the room there 
should be a yellow ball.Go up to it and Toad should pop out and take you to Peach's 

*Mushroom Tournament*

Yes,its true.You got here.You get to see all the Mario characters arguing and 
sayign stupid stuff.Well,this place is different.There is no place to practice,so 
you're on your own.


This place will test every ability yuo possess.In addition to the usual things,it 
also has warp pipes,which move your ball,play panels,which alter the course,and 
chain chomps,which give you out of bounds and trouble.There are also fast 
zones.This place is almost impossible.It is winnable,but the biggest pain in the 
butt.After you win,you can watch the credits and enjoy life.

IV.Quick Play

This is a break from story mode.You can play against a computer player and just 
have fun.You can be any character you have unlocked here.Its very fun.

V.Multi-player Game

Here is where you can link up with your friends and have a good old time playing 
and crushing your friends.But you can also play by yourself as multiple 
characters.Its fun and a good way to level up you and your partner for story mode.

Well,that's about it.I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough and I hope you enjoy this 
game.Thanks for reading this.

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