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   IIII     NNNNN     NNNN
   IIII     NNNN N    NNNN
   IIII     NNNN  N   NNNN
   IIII     NNNN   N  NNNN
   IIII     NNNN    N NNNN
   IIII     NNNN     NNNNN

B  B   LLL       AAA    AAA  CCC        KKK  KK     !
B   B  LLL       AAA    AAA  CCC        KKK KK      !
B  B   LLL       AAAAAAAAAA  CCC        KKKKK       !
BBB    LLL       AAA    AAA  CCC        KKKKK       !
B  B   LLL       AAA    AAA  CCC        KKK KK      !
B   B  LLL       AAA    AAA  CCC        KKK  KK
B  B   LLL       AAA    AAA  CCC        KKK   KK   !!!


It's bad wolf, Version 47.0! Um...yeah, whatever. That's mean's it's FAQ 
number 42, whoopie! 
Remember if you wanna publish this faq to some another  site contact me don’t even 
dare to make an attempt of copying.

Table Of Contents

Don't ask me why I'm doing this, since it's a pretty small FAQ (smallest ever 
for me? Can it dethrone B&B?), but I did it anyways.

1. Crappy Title (2. Introduction (Huh?)!
4. The Walkthough 
5. Weapons
6. Cheat Codes
7. Legal Stuff (8. My goodbyes .


Level One- New York City

Well, first of all, walk forward so that the gate shuts behind you. There is 
a slightly ajar door that you can open, but try to open the other two. One 
door gets a lady yelling at you, and the other a very angry doggie. Now, 
enter the ajar door, and hang a left. You'll see a thug standing there. Use 
your Pistol to take him out. Search the flashing red thingie on the wall, and 
(suprise) it's a bomb. Disconnect it by clicking the wire when the largest 
button is lit red. Confused me for a while.

Now, go a room back wards and you'll see another thug, who runs at you. He 
might also be using a gun. Use the Pistol to take care of him, or just 
dispose of him with punches and kicks. Go a room to the right, and someone 
will be shooting at you. Use the Pistol once again to kill him, and then 
search his body for some Pistol rounds. From now on, search every body you 
kill. Look at the window, and step close to the shadow you see. He'll run 
away, and Jay has something to say to him. Snag the MedKit in the room, and 
jump out the window.

Alright, now walk down one flight of stairs. You'll be taking fire now, so 
hide behind the stairs. If you want, you can fire back. It won't hit them, 
but oocasionally it holds them up for a second. Take a running leap off the 
platform you're on, and you should land in a dumpster. Use the Pistol to take 
out both guys (pretty tough) and then kick your way out of the dumpster. Walk 
around the car, and when the screen changes a guy will be coming at you. Kill 
him, then keep on walking. Another guy is here to kill, but watch out when 
he's dead. You'll get jumped from behind by somebody.

Kick down the fence, and walk through. Shoot the idiot hanging out on the 
other side, and then jump onto one of the crates. Jump up to the top of the 
crates, and grab onto the ladder. You're now on the rooftops. Run to the edge 
of the rooftop, slowly advance until you're on the ledge, and then jump. Save 
here, I advise you strongly. Take out both punks with the Pistol before they 
slice you up, and use a MedKit if necessary. This next rooftop jump is real 
hard, so I suggest getting WAY on the ledge before jumping.

Boss of New York: Alien Disguised As A Human

Remember him from the movie? Well, he's back, and he's REALLY pissed off this 
time. The gun has almost no effect on him, so just fire until you're out of 
ammo. You won't need that gun again anyways. Run from him, cutting in to take 
a jab at him every now and then. When he finally dies, search him for the 
Idol. Kay will appear and show you the flashy thingie that I can't remember 
the name of. You're now taken to...

Area Between Levels- Men In Black HQ

You have to listen to Zeb's boring speech, and then you get to choose your 
character. Well, Jay is funny, Elle has a nice fighting style, and Kay is the 
median. Choose wisely. Now, walk around until you get to the firing range. 
Choose a gun (you're already got the Standard Sidearm), and I suggest the 
Seies 4 Deatomizer for now. You can enter the firing range if you'd like, 
that's covered later. Eventually, you go get briefed about the mission, and 
exit MIB HQ. Now it's on to...

Level Two- The Arctic

Look out in the distance, on the left. See the dogs running by? One of them 
isn't a dog. Man, that's funnier than it should be. Enter the building in 
front of you, and go through the brown door. The computer has no power, so 
don't bother. There's a cabonet below though, and opening it will earn you a 
Flare. This will save you some time later. Now, leave the room and head left. 
Now you're outside, and your character will whine about the cold, LoL. Walk 
into the building you see, and pick up the Keycard B inside on the ground. 
Exit the building and go upward, into the next building. Go enter the brown 
door on the right, and grab the Ice Axe from inside. Look at the poster on 
the wall as well, hehe.

Go back out of that room, and go through the hallway upwards. Open the door 
at the end of the hallway, and reach inside the locker you see. Grab the bag 
you see, and a Health Kit will fall out pick it up. Proceed through this 
room, and check the medicine cabinet over the sink for a Shotgun (You can't 
even get this with the all weapons code!). It's pretty powerful, so save it 
for right now. Get back out, and get the Standard Sidearm ready for action. 
Go into the brown door on the left, and walk to the end of this room. A man 
charges, saying "You won't take me!" If you're fast, you can use the Sidearm 
before he gets to you. If not, karate always works. Search him for some 
Shotgun ammo, and prepare the Shotgun.

Open up the hatch on the floor from the left and jump down. Use the Ice Axe 
on the swinging sack of beef to recieve a Piece Of Beef. Go out the door, and 
shoot the man you see trying to open up the door with your Shotgun. Search 
him for some more ammo. Now, open the door he was trying to open, and search 
the switch on the wall. Try to switch it to the "On" position, and it won't 
quite work. Do it again though, and it will. The computer is now activated. 
Now, retrace your steps until you're outside again. Go downward on the path 
until you come to two doors. Enter the door on the left, and drop the Beef 
next to the bowls. The dog will go to eat it, and you can grab the items he 
was standing next to. I believe this can also be accomplished by shooting the 
dog, but this is nicer. Use the radio to send out a distress signal. Now, go 
back outside and go through the right door. This one has to be kicked down, 
since it's jammed. Walk to the top of this room, and a psycho doctor will 
give chase. A blast or two from the Shotgun should solve this problem :) Get 
the Injector from him, and use it on yourself. Now you won't freeze to death 
later. You can also pick up a Vile in this room, but I don't think it serves 
any purpose.

Try to go back to the main room, and you will notice an Alien following you. 
His appearance is awesome, if the camera view is right. Use a gun on him, 
since the kicks will miss. Now, go back into the first room, and go to the 
computer. The password is Daisy, as anyone who read the stuff in this room 
could find out. You only have access to the surveilance, so turn it on. Go to 
the security TV at the bottom of the main room, and flip to Channel 3. You 
see the aliens secret hideout now. It's by where you turned the power on. 
Rush back there and fall down the ice.

Go forward, taking two right turns along the way. Open the door after picking 
up the ammo in front of it. Go straight down this next hall, taking yet 
another right. I believe you find a big, fat alien around here. Just use the 
Sidearm, no biggie. Again, open the strange alien door at the end. Proceed 
through the third hallway, and when you enter the door you'll finally get 
some real action! There's 4 probes of the jellyfish kind. Kill them with the 
weapon you selected at the MIB shooting gallery. Look at the tubes. I see the 
Arctic crew, and an MIB Agent with a strange head. Uh-oh, a spare tube. I 
wonder who that's for. Go to the right until the screen changes and whip out 
your flare. The tentacles retrect, allowing you to go through the door. 

In this next room, you have to deal with one more probe, and another of those 
tiny caffeine-loving aliens. Wait, the instruction manual refers to these 
guys as Newts. Anyway, kill them, and go left through the door at the end of 
the hallway. You're in a room with four doors. Kill the probe first off, and 
enter the far left door. Usethe Shotgun on this guy, because he'll put up one 
heckuva fight if he gets close range. You'll notice the ticking of a bomb, 
but don't worry- you've got plenty of time. Search him for a Red Key, and 
then go back into the main room. Go into the upper-left door now, and kill 
the alien you see there. Search him for the Blue Key, and go back out. Enter 
the top-right door, and kill the last alien. Search the monitor he was 
working on, and click the circle at the top left of the screen. Go back into 
the main room, tak the right door, and go back until the screen changes. 
Activate the console on the right of the platform, and a scene will play with 
the helicopter rescuing you. Mission Completed!

Level Three- The Amazon

Start by going forward. Don't shoot at the guards, or invincible guards will 
be shooting you the whole level. Just let them search you, then go through 
the gate. Go all the way straight through this screen, killing the two thugs 
who come after you. Go into the church, and show the priest the little Relic 
you have. He turns out to be an alien, but a helpful one. He whines about 
stuff, then disappears. He leaves you two things: A Reverberating Carbonizer 
and the ability to make one impossible jump in this level. Go back outside, 
and go to the right to enter the Hospital. Of course, the doctor jumps you, 
but he can be killed easily. Search him for a Credit Card, and then go back 
to the beginning of the level. Go under the overhang to find an ATM Machine. 
insert the card by clicking on the card slot with the mouse. Print yourself 
out a ticket, and go back into town. This time, take a left and go into the 
tavern. Walk up behind one of the men, who will just tell you to go away, and 
use something powerful (NOT the Carbonizer) on him. Take out the other guy, 
who reacts adversly to you killing his pal. Now, search them and go upstairs. 
Pick up the MedKit and use the Ticket on the door farthest from the stairs. 
You'll talk to some dude, who tells you where the entrance to the mine is. Go 
into the main area, and go back to the hospital. Look on the wall right of 
the hospital, and you'll see a door where there once was none. Right on the 
graffiti. Go inside and pick off the guard before he draws his gun. Go up the 
stairs and jump across the gap. This is the jump that you needed the alien's 
help for. Trust me, I've tried without it. Get up on to the roof, and kill 
the guard you see there. Search him for the Roof Key, and use it to open the 
hatch. Good boy. Read the Note on the desk and the Relief Plate Puzzle. Then 
rick up the Face Relief (I think) off the floor. The Mine Entrance Key is 
also on the floor somewhere. My it's big. Get all the way back into the main 
area and take a left between the church and the tavern. Kill the two guys in 
this next area, and pick up their ammo. Now, in this next area, you've gotta 
avoid spotlighs or you'll be shot. If you have a little life to spare, run 
along the left wall. You'll get hit once probably, but no more than twice. 
Anyway, you can open up the big door at the end now because you have the Mine 
Entrance Key. Hooray for you!

Now, run across the bridge, and you'll see a miner running out. Kill the 
alien that chases him and enter the mine he came from. Pick up the Figre 
Relief next to the unconscious (dead?) miner on the ground. Exit, and go 
through the mine shaft on the right. Walk until you get to a huge gap with 
many moving pillars and an alien no the far side. First off, dispatch of him, 
and then save your game. Make some tricky jumps to the other side, which will 
no doubt take a few tries. Once the screen changes, pick up the Panther 
Relief on the bottom. 

Now, you've gotta put the Reliefs in their proper places in this room. It's 
not very complicated, but here are the directions. First place face relief in 
the center slot. Now  go clockwise from the stone at the upper left corner 
around to the 3:00 position.  Any mistakes will cause the Reliefs to pop out 
of their places, and force you to start over. Then place the Panther Relief 
in the center of the puzzle, resetting the stones.  Start at the upper right 
stone and walk clockwise.  Place the Figure Relief in the center and walk 
clockwise from the 9:00 stone. This opens up the door, so go through it.

Go down the stairs and you'll see a big circle. Stepping in there will cause 
the game to screw up and freeze, so don't do that. Go backwards and pull out 
a gun. You can get your crosshairs on an invisible alien. Blast it! Kill it, 
and go through the door that opens up between the staircases. Kill the frog 
and pick up the Olmec Idol from him. Go to the back and look at the idols. 
Place the Olmec Idol in the center, and leave the room. Go back to the area 
with the Circle Of Death (LoL) and pick up the idols in there. Put the five 
idols where they belong. They go in the same spots as on the mini model in 
the hidden room. Place the Black Idol next to the picture, and going 
clockwise, use the Blue, Red, White, and Green Idols.

Now, step into the center of the circle and it will go down. Shoot the bug 
for a while, then run until you're near the ground. Turn around and give it 
everything you have until it dies or you die.

Level 4- Frale's Island

Here we are, at the final level. Big bad Frale's Island. To start, kill the 
guard and take out the dog as well, if you wanna. Search the guard, and 
everybody else in this level as well. Go up the steps and press the blue 
button on the wall, then run to the lift and ride it up. Repeat this 
procedure three more times, killing a guard on each floor. Kill the little 
alien up top and walk towards the center of the wall. Open it, and go to the 
main floor. Kill everybody in here, and you'll get to an area with four 
mirrors, and four buttons to turn them. Play around long enough, and you'll 
get them all facing each other. Walk to the center of the room, and they 
light up. Cool, a new way to go has been opened. Go through, and kill the 
drones. Keep going, and kill the Type 2 Drones. Nasty little things, those.

Keep going, and you'll get on a path, and eventually find a pair of aliens at 
controls. The large, robot-looking one will shoot at you, so take him down 
first. Kill the other one, and search their bodies for a key. Go around and 
kill the other four aliens, and you'll come to a black wall. Open it (it 
requires the key), and move on. In this next room, take out the first drone, 
and flicker the red switch to green. On the next screen, kill the other drone 
and flicker the other switch to green. Now you can open the door. There's 
another room like the one before, with a big batch of ammo in the first 
screen. Once through there, you'll meet a robot alien and a normal alien. Use 
a semi-powerful gun to make sure they don't get near you. 

Now, you'll find four security lasers. Don't wanna touch those. From certain 
spots you can get cross hairs on them, so just shoot them to turn 'em off. 
Once at the bottom, you'll see another guard. Kill him, and he morphs into 
the big bad-ass bug!!!!! You should have some ammo for the Revererating 
Carbonizer, so unload it on him. A few shtos, and he's dead. If you don't 
have that ammo, use up all you ammo from weaker guns, then stick and move. 
Once killed, walk over to the ladder where an MIB Agent is hanging, and 
you'll fall down the floor. It's the game's boss, Skip Frales. Just pour 
eveyrthing you've got left into him while strafing, and when you run out, do 
some sticking and SERIOUS ASS MOVING!!! If you get past this battle, you win 
the game. Yay!


Key? Why not!?!

Amount of Ammo: 
Comments (Read: Inane Bullshit):

Power: 3 
Speed: 8
Usage: 10, I guess (only found on Level 1)
Amount of Ammo: 10
Comments: It's found on level one, so use it a lot. It'll be your only gun. 
Absolutely useless against the boss, but a good weapon for the early thugs.

Standard SideArm
Power: 5
Speed: 8
Usage: 7
Amount of Ammo: 9
Comments: Ammo can be found everywhere for the Pistol upgrade. Use it to fend 
off the weaker enemies, but discard it in favor of something stronger for the 
big boys. Still, a neat weapon.

Series 4 DeAtomizer
Power: 6
Speed: 6
Usage: 6
Amount of Ammo: 4
Comments: Three sixes? Heh, heh, heh. Awesome all-around weapon, my main 
choice for weapon to bring with me. Fires quickly, and can tear the average 
human to shreds in an instant.

Noisy Cricket
Power: 8
Speed: 5
Usage: 3
Amount of Ammo: 3
Comments: Really a useless gun because of the lack of ammo. But whatever 
floats your boat. Knocks you backwards slightly, but not like in the movie. 
Good firing rate for this little guy.

Pulse Cannon
Power: 8.5
Speed: 2
Usage: 1
Amount of Ammo: 1
Comments: Never use this thing. It's worthless. The Noisy Cricket packs about 
the same punch, but is faster, doesn't throw you back as far, and has more 
available ammo. All this goes for the other Pulse weapon as well. Only good 
for show.

Reverberating Carbonizer
Power: 10
Speed: 4.5
Usage: 10
Amount of Ammo: 3
Comments: YEAH BABY!!! This takes out all thugs and most aliens in one hit 
when it's operating at max. power. The only problem is, like it says at MIB 
Headquarters, this puppy sometimes has an odd power failure. Keep in mind, 
this is _extremly_ rare and may only happen eveyr dozen times you play or so. 
My favorite weapon, wish there was more ammo.

Power: 9
Speed: 4
Usage: 10
Amount of Ammo: .5
Comments: Ah yes, the elusive Shotgun. Can't be accessed by the all weapons 
cheat, only found in the Arctic Level. GREAT weapon, especially since you've 
get enough when you pick it up to last a while. Why can't you get this with 
the cheat? It isn't _too_ hard to find.

Cheat Codes

At any point during the game, hit Escape to bring up the menu and type in 
"DOUGMATIC" no capitalization needed. Then, any time, bring up the menu and 
type in these codes. Keep in mind they need to be reentered if you change 

Code                        Effect

AGENTJ             Changes your agent
AGENTK             Changes your agent
AGENTL             Changes your agent
AGENTX             Changes your agent
GIVEME                    All weapons
LOADME                  Infinite ammo
HEALME                    Full health
  PROTECTME                  Invulnerable
KILLEM              Kills all enemies
HQ                     Back to MiB HQ
ARTIC                     Artic Level
 AMAZON                   Amazone Level
TEMPLE                   Temple Level
      FRALES                   Skip to Last Level
            MOVE ME        Creates saved games of all levels

Legal Stuff

This FAQ is copyright of bad wolf[[email protected]], and is protected by the 
International Copyright Law. ANy reproduction of this FAQ would be very mean, 
and will result in a thousand rabid weasels being jammed up your ass. So, 
don't do it,without my permission
It's Time To Say Goodbye

But not without some special thanks! Thanks go out to the following:

Game Sages, for the codes

And that's about it. Not much help there, eh? Well, I hope you enjoyed 
reading it . All questions, comments, death 
threats, bomb threats, confessions, guilty pleas, ten dollar bills, and such 
can be directed towards me,bad wolf [[email protected]].cya’’    

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