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Messiah and all related material is Copyright '98, '99, 2000. 
Shiny Entertainment, Inc.  This walkthru is by akiraZ (Chris Hall,
[email protected]), I really don't care who you give it to, 
or what you do with it, as long as it remains unedited, after 
all, itz published as soon as itz written, ergo, itz copyrighted =].

Okay ppl, you wanted a walkthru? Well here you go. Do note however,
that this is a fairly massive game from the standpoint of what you can do.
This walkthru is a quick and dirty route thru the game, it contains things you
dont need to do, as well as missing things that you CAN do, but are
unneccesary.  I am only making this, as ppl seem to be having great difficulties
with the gameplay/puzzles, this has NOTHING to do with tech problems, and/or
compatibility issues, if you are having problems with these such things, email
[email protected] or check http://www.messiah.com/f-troubleshooting.htm,
the team responsible for Messiah are doing an OUTSTANDING job of replying 
to ppls trouble, and trying to help them out.

NOTE: This walkthru contains no information on cutscenes, or the messages from
god/satan, it is to help you, not tell you the story of the game, and TRY to
figure the stuff out for yourself first, this is a guideline, the game is very 
enjoyable -- mainly due to figuring out the puzzles.

Okay, without further adue, we begin =]


---=====Shipping Sector=====---

You begin in a cop, run up the ramp, and place your hand on the box, blowing it up.
Go thru the door, jump over the gap, deposes, sending the cop to his death, and posess
the next cop you see.  Go up the stairs, and take out all the cops (note: this is
not neccesary, but i tend to take out everyone with a weapon, to not cause me trouble
later =p). Shoot the boxes to blow the circut, and open the room with the scientist.
Use the panel to unlock Gate 4, then procede into the barraks, where you can get
a flame thrower from the weapon dispencer (and flame the cops in there with it =p --
also notice the nice lil MDK 400 ad displaying on the monitors, nice shiny =p). 
procede down to the bottom level, posessing the scientist, and causing the alarms to
go off, opening the gate, take out the 2 cops that come at you.  Procede in, thru the
decontamination.  Once thru, climb the boxes, and get the machine gun if you wish,
and jump from the top box over the laser wall.  Continue on till you get to the next 
cop, take him out however you wish, and jump from the ledge, deposessing in mid air.
This will allow you to skip half the climbing -- flap your wings to the highest ledge
on the left that you can reach, then climb the rest of the way to the top.

Jump down to the bottom of the next room, and go to the 3rd fan from the left, to the 
button under it, and move the fan up twice.  Then go to the 2nd fan from the left,
and move it up once.  Finally, climb back up the ledges, and glide from fan to fan, 
till you reach the top.  Once up there, posess a Radiation werker, and procede to active 
all the consoles around the room (dont bother with the red button, it resets them. Then
enter the elevator thru the exit door, and go down. Use the rad-werker to continue thru
the radiation without taking damage, and enter the next room.  Posses the welder, and then
the commander behind the glass.  The commander has access to the Chot area.  Leave that
room thru the garage door, and back back where you came from, thru gates 3, then 2,
respectively, after 2, you will be attacked by Chots.  Take out the misc ones first, then
the one with the speargun (simply continue to strafe at all times to avoid the spears).
After him, there are a number of other Chots that drop into the room, so just take em out,
there is alot of combat in the game, the sooner you get good at jumpin from body to 
body, the better =]. Finally, grab the rocket launcher behind the far box from the
entrance, and exit thru the large door that you did not enter from, area 1 done, nice


---=====Old Town=====---

Use the bazooka to shoot the laser wall to the left, and across, then procede to 
take out the enemies that emerge.  Run up the ramp, and enter the door.  Drop 3 
bodies into the grinder in this room.  In order to reach the scientists, simply 
fly bob to the left edge, pull yourself up, and crawl under the lasers, the 
panel will open the floor.  Once the machine is full of blood, operate the lower
panel, which will bring the barrel up, and push it along to the top. Go up there, 
and jump on top of the barrel, then fly to the ledge, pull yourself, operate the 
panel (gettin the hang of things now? =p).  Go thru the door to the incinerater.

This is VERY difficult until you really have the jumping controlls down.  Remember
to flap at the top of your jump to get extra height out of the jump. You need to 
climb the barrel, onto the pipe, then fly from pipe to pipe to the top (they spiral 
around the wall).  Once over the wall, enter the next door. Kill everyone in the room,
use the lift in the center, and enter the door.  Then posses a rat you see running
around, and go thru the tunnel, maze, tunnel. Posess a chot there, and blow up
the boxes, procede the only way you can go, untill you come out of the tunnel, 
where the cops and chots are having a stand off.  Go to the right, killing whoever
you need to, and break the glass on the left part of the cops area. Deactivate the 
Laser Wall.  Then run over to the Chots side, and enter the area that waz 
previously blocked by the laser wall, going up some stairs.

Operate the panel in the back of the room atop the stairs, and grab the bazooka
from the weapon dispencer, then make your way (running like a madman =p) to
the lift, near where you came out of the tunnel. Operate the lift, and enter
the next door. Once inside, shoot the box on the 'mantle', blowing open the pipe.
Enter the pipe, jump to the platform, and shoot the grate open, droping in. Grab
the chot weapon, and use it to float safely down below the giant pipe (thru the
windows, just blow em open) and enter the window near the girl showering.  Kill
the person your in by repeatedly running into the laser wall, then posses the 
commander.  Enter the next room (with 3 other commanders) and go to the door on 
your right, up the stairs, and back into a room from a short time ago. You can now
operate the computers, the left one will give you a defensive bot, the right an 
offensive bot, pick whichever you like (i like offensive), they will help in the 
next fight.  Go back down to the commander room, and out the opposite direction,
and procede to kill all the chots, WITHOUT dying, you'll need that commander, and
if you go back to the commander room, you'll have to deal with the other 2 you don't
posses, b4 moving on.  Once you kill them all, use the commander to open the door, and
and enter the gun pod, by operating the panel.  Use the gun pod to shoot the bottoms
of the platforms of the ppl shooting at you, this will open up the laser wall by

Enter the next room, with 2 other cops, and operate the panel on the right
side of the room, then open the gate in front of the cops. Kill who you have to
and then open the gate behind all the stocks of the boxes. blast your way thru the
room, to the far side, and open up the garage door, to enter the warzone again.
use a cop, on the green 'target' on the ground, and let it scan him, this will open
the door to the garage areas.  Procede to the elevator, and operate it, when it
breaks down, deposes, and go thru the opening, posess a welder, and fix the 
elevator from underneath, get back in, and go up. Work your way thru the garages,
until you are in a large circular room, with a circular post in the middle, and 
enter the garage to the right of the hallway, up the elevator, to the left, and up 
the stairs, leading into the sewer.

Continue down the sewer, via the slops.  Keep going until you find a door surrounded
by green bars (the locked ones have red bars), and enter it, kill who you have to
and go right, across the grated bridge. Once you get to the pistons, ditch 
the body you are in, and use the barrels/pistons to cross the water, and get
onto the other side of the bridge. Go down to the end of it, and turn right, 
you will see a body blocking the bottom laser, crawl under it. Use the 
panel to kill the lasers, then go posses the man in the back of the room, 
and operate the computer, giving power back to the outskirts.

Go back where the lasers once were, and use the door straight across, then follow the 
path back to where you already were, using the green door again, this time however,
go straight and go UNDER the stairs, for a really cool cut scene of a Beast, or up
the stairs to continue on. Once up the stairs, your back in the warzone, go left, and
continue ALL the way back till you get to the rocket launcher cop. Kill him, and go
under the giant door, be prepared for some battle. Your back in that Circular room 
again, this time, take the garage to the Left of the Hall, go to the red wiggly
laser wall. Back behind the wall, you can see a strange shape, no doubt the power
=]. Use a weapon to shoot it, disabling the lasers. Continue forward, and use the 
elevator up. Crawl under the door, your now in the lab. Posess a scientist, and go 
operate the console that is flashing, this will initialize Bohemoth (if it says
something about a generator, you didnt turn the outskirts power back on, look up
=]). Now go let him out (the door with LABORATORY plastered on it, he'll break thru
the 2nd door (with the target).  Now you need to either get to high ground, or do like
I did, and lead him to some inocent victems, and while he's taking care of them, jump
flap, and enter his shoulder blades =p (you have to posses him high, high back, or
head). Go stand on the Pressure plate, wash, rinse, repeat.



Posess the first cop you see, and kill the other walking around, then go forward
to the next room. Go across the room, and operate the control panels in the small
room, leave the small room, and enter the door to the left. Upon enter, go to the
door on the right (cops to either side, an elevator). Go up the elevator, and 
operate the the panel (note: if your still the cop, you will set off an alarm, so 
grab the flame thrower from the despencer, and despence of the 'arresting officers'.
Go back on down the the elevator, across the room, and up the next elevator, in the
next room, go across and up yet another elevator. Kill all the cops in the room,
leaving the workers. Posess a worker, and operate the rad-bot panel. Go down the 
elevator once, and yet again, clear out the cops and use a werker to operate
the panel. After this, enter the elevator, and go down TWO levels, to the 
basement, kill all cops, operate panel, blah blah =p. Now enter the door labeled
B.S. and go down the elevator, use a rad-werker to operate the core.

Go up the elevator, up the next elevator once (so you are at ground level -- 
garage floor). Go straight to the big door, then thru the door with the circled 
A on it (the annex). Go right, follow the left wall, go up the stairs, into the
room with 2 cops, operate the panel, go back, follow the left wall again, till 
you see the down area. Then go back to the garage, get a werker, and come back
to the down area, and operate the panel there, powering up a door.

Climb out of the down area, and go back to the stairs. Go up them, then climb on 
a box, then pipe, and jump from the end of the pipe, to the horizontal pipe ahead.
Walk down this pipe, avoiding the fire, untill you see another pipe to jump to,
do so, and to the little pads with vertical flames coming out. Once you get to 
the third one, jump to the pipe on your left, and open the door.

Once thru the door, posess a shot there, and shoot the boxes behind the enemies
across the gap. Procede to the bottom, and work your way to the side with
the panel (of course, you should know this by now =p), operate it, ditch your host,
climb up on the rail, and jump to the platform, it will swing forward, jump to
the next platform, which will do the same, and finally, jump thru the door. 
Don't worry about time, 30 seconds is PLENTY to do this. Exit the next door, climb
up the boxes, go to the left, past the Annex door, and open the door at the 
end of the hallway.



Your already being shot at, so watch out. Run immediatly to your right, to the door
with the happy face, and go thru it. Climb up the boxes, and jump from the top,
and flap like crazy, posessing a cop on the bridge, kill the other one, and jump off
the bridge. Operate the panel, enter the door, ignore the other cops, and jump
onto the pipes, then to the platforms moving up, then to the conveyor belt. Use
the boxes on the conveyor belt to jump over 2 sets of lasers, then climb onto the 
ledge on the left, and operate the lift. Operate the Flame panel, then the door, then
the lift, jump to the next lift, and operate it (small white buttons).


---=====Weapons Factory=====---

Suicide your cop into the grinders or incenerator, and use a scientist to operate
the panel by the big screen. Enter the door next to it and posess the cop, killing
the other cops. Exit thru the door opposite the weapons dispencer. Operate
the gun, making it go psycho, jump off in front of it, and operate the panel, then
leave the room using the newly powered elevator. Operate the panel to your left in
the next room, creating the maser, operate the lower panel, and collect the maser.

Enter the elevator, and go up, exit to your right, and enter the elevator in the
middle of the hall, go down, to the basement. Continue around, until a 
Scientist drops the bridge, and puts lasers up, then set the maser down, and jump
off and go thru the door on the right, about halfway down. Here you need to jump
from platform to platform, dont worry, it's rather easy. Once thru, operate the 
panel, bringing the bridge back up, and go across it, and collect your maser from
before, take it back across the bridge, and charge it up. Go back across the 
bridge again, and go back to the elevator, taking it up one level, you will exit
by the begining of this place, so go up the stairs, and into the door you unlocked
at the begining, now you can use the door labeled EXIT.

Go down the stairs, and out the door on the left, run thru the area, to the
elevator on the left, go up, run to the end of the hallway, operate the panel, go
back down the elevator, and use the airlock behind the abusive cops. Shoot the 
Armored Bohemoth (A.B.) on the other side of the door with the maser. Run straight
across, and thru the tunnel. Take out 4 more A.B.s, by taking advantage of your
surroundings, strafing out from behind walls right b4 the shot goes off, and
sniping from behind the cab/truck. Then go thru the far door, ditch your body, and
procede back into jump land. Now you need to go thru yet again another series of
jumps, once done, a door will close behind you.  Now open the door, it will half
fail, enter, enter the next door that will open, and posess the worker, go 
back to the room you entered in, and open the door to the left of where you entered.


---=====Waste Plant=====---

Ride down one of the platforms until you see an entrance on the opposite side
you came thru. Go thru it (between the blue electrical ends), and go around to the 
opposite side, a section of it will fall to a lower area. From here, look to your 
left, and you will see a barrel come down, and a platform flip over, jump onto it. Ride it
to the corner, and bail from it, taking to flight, to the end of the hallway, staying
above the dangers =p, and go in the entrance below the laser wall.

From here you simply ride a bunch of very easy platforms. Note that the ones at the
end of the wall go up, so at the top of them, jump, so that you can reach the next
one. Once at the top, posess the rad-werker, and enter the door, go up the 
elevator. At the far end of the conveyor belt, go behind the truck, and posess the
commander, use her to operate the console, loading the truck bed, then go get
in the truck.


---=====Red Light District=====---

Go to the left, and take out the two cops and the subgirl. Climb onto the curb
and jump to the ledge. Once there, procede along the ledge, jumping over 2
yellow lasers, until you reach bar like grinders. Hang from the edge of the left 
ledge, and hand over hand under the grinders, pull yourself up, and jump some 
more lasers, untill you see solid ground, then jump for that. Posess the cop, and
take out all the other cops around, then go up a flight of stairs, past the
condemed door, and take out all the cops up to the barracade (make extensive use
of snipering here =p -- go for heads and kneecaps =). Once they are dead, go back
to the stairs, and continue to the top level, enter the door, and go to the 
very last peep booth (around the corner), go inside, and posses the dweller, then 
procede back to the barracades. Go thru the decontamination behind the barracade,
then proced thru the subgirls, they wont shoot at your dweller unless provoked.

Go down the stairs past the subgirls, and enter the door. Procede to the bottom
of this room, however you see fit. Once there, operate the panel on the wall, 
turning on the piston, then take the elevator up to the highest level it will go
to. Now jump on top of the piston when it is in itz down position, and when it 
is in itz up position, jump from it, to the ledge. Kill the subgirl that is not 
behind the bars, and posess a rat running around, using it to run thru the 
tunnel. Once you come out, poses the remaining subgirl, operate the panel, suicide
her off the edge, and enter the door. Posess Pimp, get the VIP card from his 
save, behind the panels, and then operate the panels twice.

Use the VIP card to enter the club perimeter. Jump off to your left, and posess
the worker working there, operate the panel as per usual, then ditch your body, and
jump/fly your way to the newly powered up panel, and operate that one. Then
hurredly jump/fly thru the door, before it closes. After entering the door, 
jump to the turning platform to the left. Get to the 3rd platform (the 2nd
turning one), at the height of itz turn, jump to the ledge on the right, then 
look back at the platform, wait till it goes to the bottom of itz turn, and jump
back on it, once at the top, jump off to another platform on the right again, and
wait for it to go back down, then jump on top of it. From here, jump/fly/posses
the cop on the bridge, and suicide him off it. Now crawl thru the tunnel on the
right side of the bridge, and break thru the floor. Operate the panel 2ce, so
that it surges, and leave the way you came thru, including crawling thru the
tunnel. Use the fans to propel yourself forward (fan, fan, door, fan, fan, fan,
platform). Now jump on top of the elevator as it goes up, and look to your left,
once high enuff, jump thru the broken grate.

Go thru the door, and avoid the rotating 'doors', open the next door, and it
will shut behind you. Operate the hand panel, and posses the cripple, making him
crawl over, and use the hand panel, returning things to normal. Now you can
operate it again, opening the door to the elevator, once it comes, get it, and
posses the dweller in it. At the top, exit the elevator, operate the panel,
and do as it says, putting your gun in the dispencer. Enter club Kyd.


---=====Club Kyd=====---

Go thru a set of curtains, and around 2 corners, and go into the broom closet (if
it is locked, you are at the wrong door, find another that looks like it). Once
inside, posses the nun-slut werker, and go to the other door, it is labeld Bar 2.
Go up the stairs, thru the curtains (straight), posses the dancer on the table, and
enter the middle curtain, go upstairs, thru another curtain, and dance. Once finished,
go up the elevator, thru 2 curtains, kill a cop, posses a commander, and go thru
the door.


---=====Military Zone=====---

Jump off the left, kill the cops, and go thru the door witht he yellow target on
it. Continue thru the next door, operate the panel, and posses the commander
when she comes down, and go back up where she came from. Operate the panel
there, and use the gun turret to kill anything/everything that moves.  Once 
done, go down the elevator, thru the next set of target doors, into the red room,
and posses another rat, and go thru the tunnel, taking the first left you see.
Continue out, and after the bird drops you off, get off the ledge it dropped you
on, and operate a red panel on the side of the room, to activate an Armored
Bohemoth. Jump on in it, and go out the door, thru the target doors, and kill
who you must (beware of the masers, if you lose your A.B., you can go back and 
get another). Use the A.B. to active the pressure plate, and open the large,
central door, kill the A.B. and maser guy inside, and continue on to the next
door. Use the scientist to operate the panel, and enter the teleporter.



Operate the X-24 panel to the right of where you landed, and go the opposite
direction of it, and around the corner to the right. Operate the X-24 panel with
the pictures, then the one without, and open the door directly in front of 
the teleporter, and operate the X-24 in there as well. Procede back to the door
with the Bloody upside down pentastar, and enter it, and teleport.


---=====Outpost (SATAN)=====---

Jump down the pilars, to the island. Run around the island, and grab the first cop
you see, and use it to kill any other cops, possesed or not, then deposses the
cop, and posses a werker, so that you can pick up a gun from one of the killed
cops, now using the werker, make it your top priority to kill any cops, and your
second priority to get the Valves turned off. Once they are all off, simply
deposses a few characters in the direction of satan, and your good to go =].



I want to thank Shiny/Team EGO for making such an extrodinary game, it
really pushes your imagination, and is VERY innovative.

I want to thank the team again, also, for their OUTSTANDING tech support, I've 
never seen anything like it before.

I want to thank Torgeir, because he has been VERY outspoken in helping people, and 
well, he's just a really nice guy (and quite possibly the most patient man I've 
ever encountered in my life).

I want to thank everyone on the messiah.com msg board that wasn't a whiny punk =p.

And I wanna give shout outs (lol) to Torgeir, Palpy, Exorcist-, and everyone
from #shiny on efnet.

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