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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Trial version walkthru
Intro: In this trial version, the voice acting is dubbed in Japanese although
the subtitles are in English. The actual game will have everything in English.
This is a very short walkthru for the demo version because the game itself is
short. When you play it for the first time, the duration will be slightly over
an hour as you will be seeing all the cutscenes. However, if you skip all of
them, the game can actually last around 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how well
you play or how many items you are neglecting. The replay value is very high
because you will find yourself learning new tricks and moves everytime you
play. Be warned that there are some spoilers and read it on your own risk.
There are many small details and many of you will definitely see something or
did something which I did not. Experiment around. I do not intend to make this
a very comprehensive one and will not talk about the various moves. You can see
and learn them yourself if you choose the 'Special' in the title screen. Snake
can perform a lot of new moves. E.g. threaten soldier for item at gun point,
peek over corners and hang and strafe on railings and even jump down on guards
to knock them unconscious.

L2: Item select/ peek
L1: Lock on to enemy (with weapon held)
R2: Weapon select/ peek
R1: First person view
Right Analog stick: run
Directional pad: walk
Square: shoot
'O': use item
'X': crouch down

Walkthru: (Note: different modes will have different items scattered around and
the enemies will be tougher. This is based on the 'Very Easy Mode' in order to
let you be familiarised with the gameplay).

- Beginning: Snake is walking in the rain and smoking along George Washington
Bridge. After a while, he breaks into a run and bungee jumps over the bridge.
He sort of turns invisible and lands on a ship. Octacon (frequency 141.12 if I
remembered correctly) calls and after briefing, shows you your equipment and
how to use them. It seems like some elite soldiers have taken over the ship.
Snake's objective is to determine the existence of the new Metal Gear weapon.
The Russians are involved.
- You are equipped with a 'M9' (tranquilizer gun) with a silencer attached.
Note: where you aim will affect how fast the enemy soldier will be knocked out.
If you shoot the head, the enemy will fall unconscious immediately, while areas
like the legs or arms will take a longer time for the tranquilizer to work.
- When you gain control, go to the back and take 'ration'.
- Go to the right inner side to get 'Diazepam'.
- The door on the left (next to stairs) is locked.
- Go to left inner hull to get 'ration'.
- At the left door (next to stairs), Octacon will call you and ask you to go
through that door into the ship's interior. Press and hold 'triangle' or press
it repeatedly to open the door faster if you are being attacked by soldiers.
- If you prefer to explore around first, you will discover that the door on the
second floor is 'locked'.
- If you go to the third floor, you can get 'wet cupboard'.
- If you sneak up and knock the soldier unconscious with 'square' button and
drag him around, drop him and drag him again, he will drop items, e.g. ration,
bullets and diazepam.
- Alternately, you can enter the ship's interior from the right door on the
second floor.
- Deck A, Crew's quarters' port.
- Call Octacon.
- The handle on a door is spoilt. It is quite a funny scene.
- Come down and enter locker room. Search the locker by pressing 'Triangle'
button. If you press and hold either left/right (depending on which direction
the locker is facing), you can hide in the locker. Press R1 to peek from the
locker slits in first person mode. Note: you can destroy the lockers (even for
those that are locked) by punching/kicking them. Now, the first complain about
this game, when you come back here, the lockers are new again!
- Take 'USP' (handgun). Note: with the hand gun, you risk being heard if you
shoot them near soldiers. It is also not very good because the soldiers are
wearing protective vests and carrying shields, so if you really want to shoot
them, aim for their legs or other places that are not protected.
- Call Octacon. Search lockers and get 'M9' bullets.
- Get past the single guard. Try to do the sneak attack where Snake steps out
quickly from the wall and shoots him. Cool! Otherwise, simply shoot the guard
when his back is turned. Note: when he is unconscious, you can actually drag
him into the locker room and dump him in the empty locker! Try waiting for him
to regain consciousness!
- Anyway, let's proceed to Deck A, Crew's lounge, starboard.
- Take out the guards, get bullets behind the bar counter.
- Get 'ration' on the left side (next to sofas).
- If you go down the left stairs, you can get 'USP bullets x 15.
- If you go down the right stairs, you can get 'Stun Grenade'
- Go up the stairs (where the two soldiers were patrolling) and enter right
door (the left door is locked).
- Deck B, Crew Quarters, Starboard.
- Head along down the corridors.
- Get 'USP bullets' from locker.
- Go to Deck C, Crew's quarters, Port. There is a surveillance camera. Call
- You can lean against the wall and sneak pass right under the camera's nose,
use 'Chaft Grenade' if you have some or shoot it with the 'USP'. The
tranquilizer gun will not work.
- Take 'Chaft. G' from locker.
- Go up the stairs.
- Deck D, Crew's quarters.
- Go to left door. You are in the canteen and the crew members are lying dead.
- There is a surveillance camera.
- Get 'ration' behind counter.
- Crawl underneath the tables to get 'USP bullets' (left table) and 'M9
bullets' (right table).
- Get 'USP bullets' in front of the camera. Do it fast without running too much
forward and you will not be spotted.
- Go out, then receive call from Octacon. There are infrared sensors and they
are linked to explosives. If you rig them, it is game over immediately. Let's
explore and have some fun first.
- Go up into the room and get 'Cupboard Dry'.
- A guard will automatically come into the room and take a nap.
- Go past the sleeping guard and out of the door. It's time to get past the
- Before the sensors, shoot the fire extinguisher behind. The coolants will
spray wildly and reveal the trip lasers.
- Crawl past the sensors, get rid of the guard.
- Go up the stairs.
- Deck E, the Bridge.
- Cutscene. The crew members' throat are slitted. Snake sees several Russian
choppers and soldiers landing on the ship.
- Octacon calls and ask you where the ship is headed.
- Cutscene. Spoilers! Olga!
- Get 'USP bullets' on the right side of the bridge and 'ration' on the left.
- Go out of the left door. Press 'triangle' button.
- Cutscene. Olga talks to her father (the Russian general Snake saw earlier on)
through the radio. She is pregnant and is being ordered to return.
- Snake confronts her and a fight breaks out eventually.
- First boss fight: Olga. Strategy: Change weapon to "USP' (handgun). Shoot out
the spot light behind her if you want. Go to the left side and take cover
behind some crates. This spot offers one of the best views. Aim and get ready
to fire. When Olga peers out behind the crates, shoot her. Repeat and after a
while, she will shoot the tarmac and it will fly about wildly and affect your
view. However, remain where you are as this is still the best spot to see her
clearly (at least to me). Continue to aim and shoot her when she peers out. Run
away when she throws grenade over, then go back to the same spot after they
explode. You can forget about throwing grenades at her as she is too far back.
- Cutscene, Olga lies on the deck and we are not sure whether she is dead or
unconscious. If she is dead, Snake has just killed her baby as well. There goes
his image! Olga's father will also want to take revenge. When the actual game
is released, you might want to change your weapon to 'M9' (tranquilizer gun)
for the finishing shot. We just have to wait and see what difference it will
make. Lastly, a hovering robot appears and seems to capture everything,
including Snake's face on video. It is from Cypher. More will be revealed in
the actual game. It flies off, leaving Snake in the background…
- To be continued in MGS 2! See you there!

After completing the game, you will receive a 'clear code'. At Konami's
website, you can key in this code and see your ranking.

1) To Gamefaq, as always. Thanks to CJAYC for this great site.
2) ADK, who encouraged me to send this walkthru. ADK is one of the few FAQ
writers whom I admire because of the diverse walkthrus produced. Check them
3) To you, my readers, for whom this walkthru is for. Enjoy!

Note to other websites:
If you want to post this, please drop me a mail. I would want to know where
this walkthru is being posted.

Comments, criticisms and questions can be posted to me at
'[email protected]' However, I am extremely caught up with my work (I
never even update my 'Onimusha' walkthru), so please do not send me any mails
asking me about the game specifics (e.g. will the enemy disappear if you kill
them?), or telling me 'Did you see that/know that…?' If you want to contact me,
please wait til 20th Mar as I would have submitted my work then. Thanks, I
really appreciate it.

Urgent plea to diversify: As stated in my 'Aconcagua' walkthru (Urgent plea to
diversify), it is my vision to see both present (and especially) aspiring FAQ
writers to write about lesser know games if you are able to. There is no point
in having tons of walkthrus for the same particular game. Look at FF9 for
instance, count the number of them! There is no breakthrough at all. It is my
dream for all gamers to be able to find a guide for the games that they are
looking for. How many times have you wished that someone out there has written
a guide to the game that you are stuck in or no one else seems to play? I am
sure someone out there wants to have some guides for these games. Let me start
with the DC games first. For example, Vermillion Desert, Imperial Fighter Zero
(not 'Iron Aces' as there are some differences), Panzer Front, Advanced War
World, TriColor Crisis, Rune Caster, Rune Jade, Despiria, Socerian, Sunrise
Heroes…For PS2, Ring of Red, Velvet File … For PS1, Season of Twilight, Witch
of Salzburg, Blade Arts, Khamrai, Bealphareth, Growlanser…more on this the next
time…if anyone is bothered at all.

Parting Note:
I have said most of what I had in mind and thus, do not intend to update this
walkthru. Let's look forward to the actual MGS 2! Til then, take care!

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