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Ka: Yamada-ke No Natsu 
(Mosquito: The Summer at Yamada Residence) FAQ ver. 1.00 from 3.7.2001
by oak

Visit the official Mosquito website: http://www.scei.co.jp/sd2/ka/

OK so you've decided to buy this game, become a virtualbug and try to suck all 
the blood from the poor japanese Yamada family. 
Well - have fun! Now I haven't played this game to much yet (don't know if ever I 
will) but this little guide should be enough 
to start you of and get you through the first few stages.

| Contents |

Stage Walkthrough (Stages 1-8)
Extras / Bonus Items
Mosquito Colors
Contact Information
Legal Stuff

| Controls |

  Controls:                             Action: 

 Left Analog Stick..................turn mosquito
 Right Analog Stick................move mosquito up, down, left, right  (camera 
is fixed) / when skin is pierced turn
			           Clockwise to suck blood
 Triangle Button.....................change view
 Cross Button.........................discontinue blood-sucking action
 Square Button.......................discontinue blood-sucking action
 Circle Button......................... strike / hit object
 L1 Button...............................brake; hold down to move backwards
 L2 Button...............................back view
 R1 Button...............................move forward, hold down to speed-up
 R2 Button............................... speedy 180° turn around
 L3 Button...............................
 R3 Button.............................. pierce skin
 Start Button...........................pause
 Direction Buttons.................

| Stage Walkthrough |

Stage 1

This one is simple. You have the daughter of the house lying on her bed trying to 
First thing you got to do is make her drowsey, so turn off the lightswitch or 
turn on her 
stereo otherwise you can’t sting her. The lightswitch it’s located beside the 
door, the 
stereo is under the window. Hit one of them. She’ll get up and turn off the 
stereo or turn 
on the light (for sleeping?!?), lie back down and dowse of.  Now is your 
oppertunity to sting 
her left thigh - if you waste to much time she’ll turn on her side and you won’t 
be able to 
get her anymore (if that happens wake here up again). Fill two kegs and the stage 
is finished.  
But beware incase her pulse turns to red discontinue your “operation” and move 
out - if  you 
don’t you’ll have to battle her or worse get squashed right away; meaning game 
over for you.

Incase you have to/want (see “colors” further down for details) to battle her, 
you just have 
to hit her stomach and she’ll be relaxed again.

Btw if you decide to really get her annoyed turn on the stereo three times and 
prepare for 
immediate battle.  

Stage 2
We meet mom for the first time. She’s in a storage room of some kind and you have 
to sting 
her in the backside of her left calf. She’ll move about in the room, she starts 
out in the 
back and then moves toward the front near the door. You can only sting her when 
she is in 
the back, so fly down towards the floor and position yourself behind her and go 
for your goal. 
Incase you were to slow and she already has started moving towards the door just 
wait until 
she comes back again. Also don’t get curious and fly into the purpleish clouds 
you see in the 
room - they don’t do your health any good. Again don’t over do it and move out 
when her pulse 
rises to critical color to prevent from being splatted by her.

Battle time - hit her stomach and forehead to make her lose her temper.

Stage 3

Meet dad! Now dad is a little more hot tempered than the two women, so try not to 
fool around 
to much when you are close to him. He’s lying on the floor watching TV and you 
have to sting 
him in his almost-bald head (more to the front of his head than to the back) and 
fill three kegs 
of blood. Since you’ll be coming from behind, fly to the far right side of the 
room, find the 
landing spot on his head and get him. As soon as his pulse turns red discontinue 
your vampireism 
and get out of there. Don’t start thinking “Ah, I can stay a few seconds longer” 
because you’ll 
probably end up being squashed - better to be on the safe side. Fly to the 
backside of the room 
and wait for him to relax, then approach him the same way as before.

Incase you messed up (or purposly annoyed him to unlock the colors) and have to 
battle him, 
you’ll now have to hit three spots to cool him down again. His right thigh (just 
above the kneecap), 
the frontside of his right shoulder and the backside of his right calf. He’s not 
real fast with 
his hands (not yet) so he probably won’t smack you, but he good with his feet so 
watch out that 
he doesn’t stomp you.

Besides annoying dad with your stinger you can turn off the TV for him (with a 
remote control) 
or call him to the phone. You’ll find the remote control on the sofa at the back 
of the room, 
the phone is also in the back located on the table beside the sofa. But beware if 
you turn of 
the TV four times you’ll immediately have to battle dad. So it’s better not to 
fool around with 
the remote control. Similar thing with the phone, immediate battle commences 
after the third 
time you switch on the phone.   

Stage 4

It’s you and the daughter in the bathroom. She’s in the bathtub which doesn’t 
leave to much area
 exposed for you to strike at - get her left breast (well not quite, a little 
higher, this is not
 a hentai game after all) and fill three kegs.  Best way to get her is to start 
flying in from the
 far side of the tub (alternatly you can fly in diagonally - up to you), come in 
low over the water
 and zero in - easy stage, shouldn’t be a problem. Two things to watch out for 
though: first, the 
timelimit - you only have 3:30 minutes to complete the stage, and second, you can 
only get her if 
she is dowsing. When she is awake the strikezone is below the waterline and you 
can’t get her there. 
Also she won’t be dowsing for to long (she’s in the bathtub after all, and we all 
know what mommy 
told us about sleeping in the bathtub ;-)), so try to be fast. 

If you want / have to battle her (no, she won’t get out of the tub - pervert ;-
)), she’ll start 
spraying you with water. You’re not a waterbug so stay clear and hit her forehead 
to relax her again.

I am not so sure what the soapbubbles do, could be that if you hit 3 bubbles you 
wake the daughter. 
But since she eventually wakes up anyway and because it’s harder to hit a bubble 
than to stay clear 
they’re not a problem. They definatly don’t hurt you, so feel free to pop a few 
(if you have the time)!

Stage 5

It’s mom again (seems like characters always come in a certain pattern), she’s in 
the kitchen doing 
some strange cooking (you’ll see what I mean in the cut scene). Anyway this is 
the first two-part stage: 
You have to suck blood from her small toe on the right foot - 2 kegs, and from 
the bottom of her left 
foot - also 2 kegs. Now watch the pattern of her movement. She’ll start off 
roughly in the center of her 
kitchencounter, she’ll slightly lift her left foot for a short while, put it back 
down and then move of 
to the right (to the cooking plate where the pot is) and fidget around for a bit. 
Then the cycle starts 
anew. The only time when you can get her is when she is at the center of the 
counter (for obvious reasons: 
she doesn’t expose the bottom of her left foot when she stands to the right, 
although her little right 
foot toe is exposed all the time you can’t get it there either). 

Right, let’s get to work: She’ll only expose the bottom of her left foot for a 
short while, so be fast. 
Come from near the table behind her and strike. As soon as her pulse switches to 
red move out, if you 
don’t she’ll put her foot down and you’ll end as a red dot on the kitchenfloor.  
So don’t over do it. 
When that is finished get to her toe. There is a little shelter under the 
kitchencounter. You can safely 
hide under it and wait for the right moment to strike. You can get real close to 
her, she won’t see or hear 
you so that’s not a problem. Again don’t be to greedy and move out as soon as her 
temper is heating up.

OK, you were greedy and just barely escaped from being trampled on (or you just 
want to unlock the extra 
color). So it’s battle time. You’ll have to strike at her right palm, her right 
knee and at her stomach. 
The kitchen is large and mom is slow so you have eenough manouvering space to 
make her back off again, 
just stay clear of the steam rising from the pot and from the heater on the 
kitchen table.

Stage 6

Back in the daughters room (not a pattern after all ;-)). She’s dried off and 
recoverd from her bathroom
encounter practicing some karate. This is probably the first level where you’ll 
have some probs. Since
the daughter is moving very fast and jumping around in her room she doesn’t give 
you a target.  
So you’ll have to distract her. Either you switch off her stereo (it’s below the 
window), which 
isn’t any use since the distraction is to short; you won’t get a target (atleast 
I didn’t find one).
Or you turn off the light (no use eighter). Or you switch on her cellular which 
is on the far side 
of the bed. So fly on over and turn on her phone. She’ll come over, pick it up 
and start talking 
(to who ?!?!). She’s standing still so this gives you the opportunity to hit the 
left side of
her neck and to fill up your 3 kegs. You’re gonna gave to be fast to do this 
since she’ll only be
distracted for a very short time. Come from the near side of the bed (were the 
feet usually lie), 
hit the phone, turn around immidiately (the daughter will already be at the bed 
reaching for the phone)
and pull back on the right and left analog stick until you see your little target 
and press C to strike (don't waste to much time on trying to be to accurate). If 
you did it correctly you’ll now
be sitting on her neck ready for some red juice.
*tapemashine on* As always, get off as soon as the pulse turns red (you know the 
routine)*tapemashine off* ;-).

Battle sequence: The little twerp is getting nasty now, she gets out her 
insectspray to get after you - so
watch out! Hit her soloar plexus, the back of her left thigh and and the back of 
her right upper arm to get
her to lay off.

Annoy her to provoke an instant battle: Turn on the stereo four times or switch 
of the light four times 
(hehe - she’ll actually fit you in darkness, and after that even continue her 
karate in darkness to). 

Btw stay clear from the top of the daughters cupboard or you might get grilled up 
their (she’s placed 
on of them insect burning mashines there).

Stage 7

This level can be a real bitch. You have dad sitting in the center of a circle of 
heat plates, their hot air
almost rising to the ceiling and occasionally wind spreading the heat through the 
room -- so it's hard to 
manoeuver making it difficult to get to him. As we remember dad is pretty easy to 
piss off. He gets annoyed 
pretty fast so don't get to close.

This level has two parts to it: You have to fill three blood kegs sucking from 
his left palm, and three kegs
sucking from his lip. Which you do first is up to you. (For the pros: do it 
alternatly to finish the level 
faster - ie. Palm, lip,palm,lip, etc.)

Lets start doing his left palm. The best way to get him is by hovering diagonally 
to his left hand (between
the large plate infront of him and the first heat plate to his left), stay at a 
safe distance to not get his 
pulse rising and watch his motions. Make sure that you are about on the same 
height as his resting hand is. 
He'll fiddle with the flower, eventually he'll lift his left hand and scratch his 
chin/mouth and replace the
hand on his thigh. Notice he won't show you his palm yet so you'll have to be 
patiant. He'll continue to fiddle
with the flower and start scratching his chin a second time, he'll replace his 
hand on his thigh then he'll briefly
expose his palm. Best thing is to start flying (not to fast) as soon as he places 
his hand on is left thigh for 
the second time so you'll already be in striking distance as soon as he shows you 
his palm. As soon as he does, 
home-in and start sucking. Now don't get to greedy, as soon as his pulse changes 
to red stop sucking and get out 
of there, 'cause you don't want to battle him. Quickly return to your starting 
point, wait for dad to cool off and 
repeat the process. Depending on your speed and dads temper you'll have to do 
this 2-6 times until all three kegs 
are filled up (if you’re real good with the right analog stick maybe you can do 
it in one - but then you won’t be 
reading this FAQ anyway ;-)).

Now on to his lip. Basicly you do the dame thing as you did with his palm. But 
this time you hover a little more 
to dads center - not quite opposite and at the same height as his lip. The time 
his lip will be exposed is even 
shorter than his palm was, so there is hardly any time left to fly in as before 
(remember you want to stay at a 
safe distance to him), so try to be zeroed  on the target already and as soon as 
the lip is exposed press circle 
to strike. You might get the feeling that you are a little to far away to strike, 
but you're not. You can stay at 
a safe distance and easily strike him as soon as his lip is exposed. Again, as 
soon as his pulse turns red move out
and quickly return to your starting point. As with his palm repeat the procedure 
a couple of times and the level is 

Incase you were to greedy (once again) or made to much noise while close to dad 
you'll have to battle him. You'll 
have to hit three different spots to relax him: His solar plexus, the back of his 
left calf and the side of his 
right upper-arm. Hitting the first two spots isn't that hard, but the right arm 
can give you some problems. Dad is 
turning/moving pretty fast trying to slug you (he is not using insectspray or 
anything of the likes) making it hard 
to hit the side of his arm, also your manoeuvering space is quite limited due to 
the hot air . I haven't found a 
perfect method for hitting his right arm, you need a little luck for him to be 
turning in a certain direction so that
you can strike. I can just tell you to use your speedy turnaround move (R2) to 
try to outmanoeuver him, also stay to
the back of the room as the wind doesn't blow the hot air in that direction. To 
much hot air is going to get you 
killed pretty fast.
| Extras / Bonus items |

I can't read the manual, but it seems that you can find different items 
throughout the stages. Melons, bananas, 
piece of cake, etc. I haven't found any of those items yet (haven't been looking 
either), so if anyone has any 
info about them (or could translate this part of the manual) please drop me line, 
you will be given the proper 

| Mosquito Colors |

As you progress through the game you will be able to change your mosquitos color. 
Colors are obtained after you
beat a certain time in the battle time attack. Note: If you missed out on the 
battle sequence in a previous level
and therefore didn’t unlock a new color just go back to that level and play the 
battle. You don’t have to complete
a level to unlock the new color, just do the battle sequence and then quit the 
game and you’ll get the color anyway.
I am not sure if the different colors have a specific effect (camouflage ?!?) or 
if their’re just for fun. You start
out with orange.

After Stage 1: white
After Stage 2: green
After Stage 3: purple
After Stage 4: red
After Stage 5: yellow
After Stage 6: blue
After Stage 7:
After Stage 8:

| Translation |

I don't speak japanese so I can't translate the manual or the story of the game.
If anyone is up to it and willing to translate certain sections of the manual or 
story please drop me a line, 
you will be given proper credit. Thank you.

| Contact Information |

Since there is still a lot missing from this document please feel free to 
contribute in any way, as always you
will be given the proper credit.  I will accept any type of mail including 
criticism, add-ons, corrections, tips,
suggestions, translations, etc. Please make sure that your email contains a 
proper subject header, if not I will 
delete it immediatly. Please don't spam, threat, insult or annoy me in any way. 
If you don't get an answer immediatly
please be patiant as I don't check my mail very regularly (maybe once a week). 
Send all mails to [email protected]

| Legal Stuff |

This document is (c) 2001 oak.

All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and in part
in any form. Playstation 2 and Playstation 2 logos are registered trademarks
of SCEI. Mosquito is a registered trademark of SCEI.

You may download the file through a web browser onto a single computer for
your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not permit anyone else to
modify the file or use it for any commercial purpose, display, performance,
sale or rental. It absolutely cannot be decompiled, disassembled, modified,
or create derivative works based on the documentation in whole or in part.
Do not remove any copyrights.

Information on this document is copyrighted to proprietary material to oak
and may not be reproduced, published, modified, copied, uploaded,
transmitted, or distributed in any way, without the author's prior written
permission. The author does grant any express or implied right to you under
any patents, copyrights, or trademarks. Entire contents of this document may
not be reproduced in any form.

If you have any errors or inaccuracies to report, contact the author.

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