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   |Ninja Boy 2 (GB) Walkthrough v0.1         |
   |By:StingX (MegamanX on the Message Boards)|
   |Mail:[email protected]           |
   |Last Updated:3/23/03                      |
   |Copyright 2003, StingX                    |

Welcome to my Ninja Boy 2 Walkthrough. This is one cool game that I got by pure
accident. Still a great Rpg and with platformer style (Read:Mystical Ninja)
battling this game is great. Though I felt Culture Brain really should have
made the plot not contradict itself.

Item List
Spell List
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V0.1-(3/23/03):Walkthrough finished upto the end of Dungeon 1

*Taken from Game Intro*

It Has Been a Few months since Jack and Ryu, The Ninja Boys, Had left their
country chinaland.

*Game Shows picture of the Heroes and other people in space*

Here they are in the Marco Polo Clusters far away from the Earth. Jack and Ryu
are enjoing a space trip with their friends.


*Game Shows Warship appearing with the ship the ninja Boys are on in the back.*

A Monstrous Battle Ship came into sight!

"We're the warriors of the galaxy. You'll be removed from our way with Force!"
-The Warship Sounded

"Get into a Life Capsule and get out! Quick!" -Ninja Boys ship crew said

*Game shows a missle hitting the ninja Boys ship they were riding on and then
part of the ship sticking out of the ground on a desert area.*

Jack:"Where are we now?"
Ryu:"I don't know some odd planet I guess."
Jack:"Oh No! Mommy!"
Ryu:"Knock that Off!"
Jack:"I'm Sorry."
Jack:"Darn it! The Galands!"
Ryu:"I wonder where the rest of the people went."
Jack:"They must be somewhere around, lets go find them."
Ryu:"All right."

The controls in this game depend of curse if your battling or not.

A:Talk, Activate object


If you ever played a Mystical Ninja Game this is a pretty good clone if not
better. The way to win a fight is told before the fight starts when it gives
you a choice if you want to fight (bout) or run. At the top it tells you the
monsters level and next to it how many you must topple.

*Now for the arenas their are a bunch of them. Some are simply arenas other are
2 leveled dungeon esque levels.

*There will be boxes in some arenas, punching these will either...
A.Make it slide across the ground in the way
B.Break into pieces

*The only way to get enough magic for a spell is to punch boxes and little ?
Balloons will pop out. Punching these will either give you or take away Magic


It began like a movie
After the beginning story Jack will be standing near the crashed rocket. In the
opening sequence Ryu suggests you guys goto the nearest town to look for your

About 3 feet from your crash is a town, head there by moving right 3 blocks.

Village of Sandstar
Items:Normal Uniform (40SEN)
As the basic RPG rule is, talk to everyone. After talking to a few people
you'll realise your on a different planet as no one has heard of Chinaland. You
get your first idea of where to go too, as the kids tell you all the adults
have been captured and now are in Egymid. Another person tells of a piece of
spaceship crashing somewhere. Finally take note of the blatant advertising for
the SNES and oddly the bashing of the Gameboy (?!).

Before we head out take note of the 3 stores grouped together that we'll see
alot. The Item Shop, Convience Store, and the Inn are always grouped in that

*You can heal if you want at the inn for free.

*The convience store provides you 2p mode, character revive, and your password
to continue

*The item shop contains healing items and equipment

Head to the item shop and buy a Normal Uniform for 40 and a few healing Buns.
Once you have that its time to head out to Egymid, but we'll take a small
detour on our way.

Samurais Hut
From Sandstar head northwest until you see a small bridge, at which point head
north to the little hut. Here is where the Samurai lives. You'll play a little
mini-game and your reward for winning it is the spell T-Star.

If you fought a battle on your way here you'll know the sidescroller or
Mystical Ninja style of combat this mini-game is dealt with. Your objective is
to find the Samurais Fan in 30 seconds. This is a very easy task as you simply
kick the boxes until you find it.

I'm not entirely sure if its random as It was in the same place the few times I
tired it. I found it on the upper right hand corner of the area, but if i'm
wrong a little email note to me would help. =)

Once you complete this you'll get the T-Star, so with that in hand we can
continue to Egymid. Head northeast till you see a town and a pyramid. Head into
the town of Egymid.

Egymid, The Capital of Planet Desert Star
Items:Space Helmet (50SEN), Escape Leaf

So it was true! All the adults are here being treated as slaves. Oddly enough
there are no Galand's around. By talking to the towns folk you'll find out...

*Theres a tomb in the town and the Galands are trying to dig up the libra ring.

*Theres a resistance to the southeast that might need help fighting off the

*There are 7 Marco Polo treasures located in clustars, when they are all
collected 'Super Powers' are recieved.

Well the 1st and 3rd options don't have any leads for you, especially since #3
seems to general. The only thing we can do is for #2 which is to first head to
the northmost building in town and head in. Princess Lelia asks us to help the
resistance that are located to the southeast in a Sphinx. Apparently Galland's
are trying to wipe the resistance out, so of course thats where we are headed
but as a bonus she gives us the spell of Escape Leaf.

Now for the Item shop go and buy a Capsule if you want but defenitly buy a
Space Helmet for 50SEN.

Leave Egymet and now we have quite a hike to the resistance. Start by heading
east through the mountains and keep going until you reach a point with a
building containing the leter 'S' on its roof. From here go south and just wind
Jack through the maze eventually going east again. After a long hike with alot
of battles you'll reach the Resistance (its the Sphinx location).

Note:Or you could just ride a camel for 100SEN

Inside the Mighty Stone Beast

Its our first dungeon, lets all clap!......... um anywho its pretty
straightforward in total. The first room just wind yourself to the left side.
Continuing with common sense just keep following the path, which ends as we
come to a fork.

NOTE:(Oh and take notice of the new battle arena, it has multiple floors! But
now theres no Boxes to get magic from which kinda sucks.
Then again some battles have one floor, but still no boxes! Blast you Culture
Brain. Then again you can stick to the ceiling now which is really cool so
maybe they aren't THAT bad.)

Well I kinda lied as this fork is nonexistant =), so head to the northeast
passage. Then head up and left, is this getting complicated yet? =)

Head south once your dead end going west occurs. Here we come to a pot that I
can't get it to do anything so pass it and head east. Head into the blinking

Room 2
NOTE: (The only thing interesting about this room is the introduction of a new
Galland. This rhino Galland is very big and takes alot of work to beat. Not
only does he have a mace but a bubble attack and an attack where he turns into
a rocket and races across the ground.)

Oh joy more mindless travel. I'll let you guys use your brains or you could
just follow the main path. On the way you'll encounter some background
heiroglyphics, which looks pretty good for a GB game. After you pass those head
south as far as you can as the little halls are dead ends except for the bottom
one. So then once again wind around and head into the semi-important looking

Here you'll meet Blu Boltar who apparently has been wandering in space since he
lost a fight in Chinaland (Apparently a boss fight in Ninja Boy 1). Hes now the
resistance leader and wants to be friends. He gives you the Vitalizer and Boo
Bomb. Which will let you enter the royal tomb in Egymet.

***Author NOTE***:Wait a second. Weren't we supposed to help the resistance?
Culture Brain is forgetting their own storyline here. Bad Brain! Bad!

Item List

Coming Soon...

Spell list

Coming Soon...

My email is [email protected]

I will not accept:Hate mail, viruses, blackmail, etc
I will Accept:Praise (don't lie), questions, corrections to errors i made

CjayC-If he puts this Up
Culture Brain-For making this great game
Dekar TKB-For being one of the coolest people on Gfaqs
Gnome0303-for being a moron
SushimanX-For making it impossible for anyone to catch upto him on my beaten
games list ;^)
Me-For doing something
You-For reading this garbage

Copyright Info
Ninja Boy 2, Blu Boltar and everything in this game are trademarks and
copyrights contained in this document are not owned by me but their respective
trademark and copyright holders. Most Presumably Culture Brain the creator of
this Game.

The Walkthrough itself is a copyrighted work of me and is only allowed on the
following websites.


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