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Ninjabread Man FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.2
By kirbyparufo  

1. Introduction
2. Updates
3. Controls
4. Basics
5. Enemies
6. Walkthrough
7. Extra Modes
8. Contact

1.	Introduction

Ninjabread Man is a bad game that is virtually identical to
two other games made by the same company that made this game
(Anubis II and Rock 'N' Roll Adventures). This game is short
and easy, but there are some hard parts, so I decided to make
a FAQ for this game. Read on, unless you are hungry.

2.	Updates

Version 1.2- Finished the Lollipop Forest section of the Walkthrough

Version 1.1- Corrected many typos

Version 1- Finished the Training Dough-Jo section of the Walkthrough

3.	Controls

Here are the Controls for the game.

Nunchuk control stick - Move Ninjabread Man

Fling Nunchuk upwards - Jump (perform the motion twice to 
                              double jump)

Z button - Jump (press twice to double jump)

Swing the Wii Remote right to left - Ninjabread Man swings
                                     his sword normally

Swing the Wii Remote left to right - Ninjabread Man does a
                                     backhanded sword swing

Down on the Wii Remote directional pad - Reset camera

A Button - Confirm selection on menus
         - Exit Shuriken Mode
         - Talk to Dough-Jo Masters
         - Skip the animation that occurs after collecting
           a blue vial

B Button - Enter Shuriken Mode
         - Lock on to an enemy in Shuriken Mode and throw a
         - Throw a Shuriken (Shuriken Mode only)

+ Button - Pause the game (in-game only)

4.	Basics

Important things about the game.

At the top-left corner of the screen is Ninjabread Man's current
health. Ninjabread Man starts every level off with 5 hearts of
health. Every time he is hurt, Ninjabread Man will lose one heart.
Run out of hearts, and you will lose a life (you automatically
lose a life if you fall into a bottomless pit). However, after
defeating an enemy (excluding the bee), a winged heart will 
appear. Catch it to add an additional heart to Ninjabread Man's
current health. After you reach ten hearts and collect one more,
Ninjabread Man will gain an extra life (in some game modes,
collecting an extra heart while you have ten hearts does nothing).

At the top-right corner of the screen you will see the current
amount of blue vials you have in a level. Collect eight blue vials
and enter the teleporter to complete a level in normal mode. In
other game modes, this will show other information.

At the very top of the screen is your current score. The score is
just for show, so ignore it.

At the bottom-left corner of the screen is the shuriken power 
meter. For every enemy Ninjabread Man kills with the shuriken 
attack without taking damage, the power level of Ninjabread Man's 
shurikens increases by one level, until it reaches level nine. 
Every time Ninjabread Man takes damage, the power level will go
down by one level, but never below level one.

The bottom-right corner has an arrow which points to the blue vial
nearest to Ninjabread Man. The arrow is generally unreliable, so
use it only if you are lost.

In general, the shuriken attack is safer than the sword attack.
The shuriken attack will eventually become stronger than the
sword attack, and while in shuriken mode, you can also control the 
camera by moving the targeting reticule to any edge of the screen, 
so you should use the shuriken attack as much as possible. 

5.	Enemies

Here are the enemies Ninjabread Man will encounter (None of these
names are official, I just made them up).

Cupcake Target

Not really an enemy, just a target Ninjabread Man has to slash up
with his sword at the Training Dough-Jo.

Mobile Cupcake Target

A Cupcake Target that can move and attack, but is found only in the
Training Dough-Jo, where Ninjabread Man is invincible.


A cute little cupcake with a cherry on top. They can only attack up
close, and they move slowly.

Slice of Cake

Pieces of cake (pun intended) that are usually immobile. They can spit
strawberries at you from a distance.

Strawberry Shortcake

Not to be confused with that little girl. They are just like cupcakes,
but move a bit faster.


An annoying enemy that attacks from the sky. They are pretty quick.


Not really an enemy, but doesn't have another section to go to.
When Ninjabread Man approaches a mine, it will damage him and any
nearby enemy, as well as knocking him back a bit.

6.	Walkthrough

Here's the part most of you are here for. This section covers how to
beat Normal Mode (due to the fact you must beat a level on Normal Mode 
to unlock the extra modes). There is usually more than one path through
a level, but I will explain the path that I find the most efficient for
completing a level.

6.1	Training Dough-Jo

Not really a level (no blue vial collecting here, but you do need 3
scrolls), but you have to complete this to access the normal levels.
First off, when you start the level, a little animation will appear
showing you how to move. After watching it, press A and go through 
the visible door (If you want to watch an animation again, go up to 
the Dough-Jo Master nearest to where the animation originally occurred 
and press A).

After exiting the Dough-Jo, look/run around until you find a big
gate with the number 1 above it. Go through the gate and run down
the path until you see an animation show you how to jump (don't
listen to the instructions. Use the Z button to jump and save
yourself the frustration of using the Nunchuk). Press A and 
continue down the path until you reach a ledge. Jump onto it, and
you will see another animation showing you how to double-jump
(again, don't listen to the instructions. Use the Z button to 
double-jump and save yourself the frustration of using the Nunchuk).

After pressing A to close out the animation, double jump onto the
next ledge, jump onto the one after that, and double-jump onto the
final ledge. Go a really short distance down the path, and you will
reach some floating (and one moving) platform(s). Jump/double-jump
across them until you reach the path in between two candy canes (if
you fall, you will have to jump onto a path, run up, and try again).

Run down the path and collect the scroll. An animation will
occur, and the second gate will open. Retrace you steps back to the
training Dough-Jo, and look around for and enter the gate with the
2 above it. Run down the path until you reach some stairs. Jump up
the stairs and you will see an animation showing how to use your 
sword attack. Press A and continue jumping up the stairs, and stop 
when you see the top.

Go forward and down the next set of stairs. Kill all 6 of the cupcake
targets and mobile cupcake targets here (they cannot hurt you). You 
MUST use your sword to do this (this is all that affects them). The 
second scroll will appear after they have all been killed. Collect
it and an animation will occur, and the third gate will open. Retrace 
you steps back to the training Dough-Jo, and look around for and enter 
the gate with the 3 above it.

Run down the path and jump up the stairs. An animation will start
showing how to use shurikens. After closing it out, jump to the top
of the stairs and destroy the 8 targets with shuriken. After all of
the targets are destroyed, the scroll will appear. Collect it and an 
animation will occur, and the final gate will open. Retrace you steps 
back to the training Dough-Jo, and look around for and enter the gate 
with nothing above it. Run down the path to complete the level.

6.2	Lollipop Forest

Move forward, just falling out of the small cave you start in. Continue 
to run forward and jump on the platform you will reach. Jump up the next 
two platforms ahead of you, and collect the blue vial (1/8). Enter 
shuriken mode and kill one of the enemies you see with shuriken. Collect 
its winged heart, and continue killing any enemies you can find on the 
ground with shurikens (don't leave the room), and be sure to be careful 
of the mine in here. After you do this, your shuriken power meter should 
be at level 7, and your live count at 4 (unless you took damage).

Look around using shuriken mode, until you see the blue vial on a big
cookie platform. Use the series of platforms on either side of the giant 
cookie platform to get up there and collect the blue vial (2/8). Run 
around on the ground until you find an entrance to an area where you can 
see Strawberry Shortcakes. Jump into the alcove separating your current
area with the new one. Kill the Strawberry Shortcake directly in front of 
and below you and collect its winged heart (if any additional Strawberry
Shortcakes of Cupcakes attack you, kill them, but don't collect their
winged hearts).

Using shuriken mode, turn the camera right so you can see a Slice of 
Cake. Kill it with shuriken and collect its winged heart. Run around in
this room and kill any enemies you find (collect their winged hearts).
Now look around in shuriken mode until you see two blue vials. Collect
them both by jumping up a small set of platforms for each one (4/8). Now,
approach each alcove and listen carefully. Enter the alcove with the
mechanicalish noise (not the quiet or buzzing one).

Kill all of the enemies in the room on the ground and collect their 
winged hearts. Beware, because there is a well-hidden mine, and a few 
Slices of Cake here. Look around in shuriken mode to find the blue vial
in here, and jump up a few platforms to reach and collect it (5/8).
Now look around for the checkpoint marker (a circle surrounded by a few
arrows). Jump up to it and activate it (it will make a nonstop annoying
sound). Find the alcove in here with the mechanicalish noise and go
through it. Run straight ahead and enter the nearby alcove.

Kill all of the enemies in this room (there are bees in here, so you may 
have to look into the sky). Look around in shuriken mode for the blue
vial, and jump a series of platforms to reach and collect it (6/8). Now,
look around for the checkpoint marker and run into it. Go near the
alcove with the visible mine and purple-dotted floor inside. Quickly
approach and run away from the mine. Kill the two cupcakes and single
bee and collect their winged hearts.

Run around the room to find a "cookie sandwich" platform, with a
taller cookie/lollipop platform nearby. Jump onto the cookie/lollipop
platform. From here, using the nearby moving cookie platforms, reach and
collect the nearby blue vial (7/8). Exit this room through the only
alcove, and then enter the alcove directly to the right.

Kill all of the enemies in here, collecting their winged hearts. Look
around for the blue vial in shuriken mode. Jump up of either set of the
surrounding platforms, and collect the final blue vial. Enter the
teleporter (you may have to move around the camera and jump inside) to
complete the mission.

6.3	Candy Cliffs

Walkthrough coming next update.

7.	Extra Modes

This section covers the Extra Modes of each level.  You can unlock
the Extra Modes for each level by beating a level normally (NOT including
the training Dough-Jo) Here is a basic breakdown of each mode:

Time Attack: To complete Time Attack Mode, simply follow my
main walkthrough for each level, but defeat only Slices of Cake and Bees.
The area that shows how many blue vials you collected as shows how many
seconds of time you have left in a level.

Score Pickups: To beat Score Pickups, collect the set amount of pickups,
which you can see in the area that shows how many blue vials you've
collected. You must collect all eight blue vials as normal, but the
teleporter won't appear until you've collected the set amount of pickups.
There are three difficulty levels in this mode. The harder the 
difficulty, the more pickups must be collected. For those interested, the
pickups are chocolate bars, tiny wrapped candies, candy canes, and...
egg rolls? (I can't tell what they are supposed to be)

Hidden Pickups: To beat Hidden Pickups, collect the 20 candy canes hidden
in the level and enter the teleporter (blue vials don't appear in this

I haven't included specific item placement for Score Pickups and Hidden 
Pickups (I couldn't possibly describe them). Hidden Pickups will not be
covered here, as it presents the same scenario every level (collect 20
hidden candy canes).

7.1	Lollipop Forest Extra Modes

Time Attack

250 seconds to complete (4 minutes, 10 seconds)

Score Pickups

272 Pickups are needed to beat the Easy level
408 Pickups are needed to beat the Medium level
516 Pickups are needed to beat the Hard level

7.2	Candy Cliffs Extra Modes

Time Attack

300 seconds to complete (5 minutes)

Score Pickups

346 Pickups are needed to beat the Easy level
519 Pickups are needed to beat the Medium level
658 Pickups are needed to beat the Hard level

7.3	Cookie Caves Extra Modes

Time Attack

350 seconds to complete (5 minutes, 50 seconds)

Score Pickups

359 Pickups are needed to beat the Easy level
538 Pickups are needed to beat the Medium level
682 Pickups are needed to beat the Hard level

8.	Contact

You can email me at [email protected] with alternate strategies, 
major typos, or any general info you may have found. Please do not send 
hate mail.

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