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Onimusha Walkthrough.
This walkthrough is for both the 'Special Mode' (gotten after completing the
game once) and 'Normal Mode' based on 'Normal' setting.

Note: I try to keep this a spoiler free walkthrough as far as possible. In
trying to describe certain situations to make it clear to the reader, I may
accidentally reveal some events. This walkthrough is also based on the 'Special
Mode' game, but everything is the same, with the exception that Samanosuke is
wearing secret costumes and a very special gauntlet. See 'Secrets' Section if
you want to know it now!

5/2/01 Updated walkthru and added 'Dark Realm' Guide. Added parts here and
7/2/01 Updated walkthru, added 'speed guide' to the end of the game, added
"Last Boss'   Guide. Bits and pieces.

Characters (Spoilers)
- Samanosuke: the protagonist
- Kaede: Samanosuke's travelling companion
- Princess Yuki: Friend of Samanosuke's. Summons him when funny things happen
in the castle
- Yunemaru: son of a peasant who was killed. Taken in by Princess Yuki and
treated like a younger brother

L1: Guard
R1 + Left/Right: Move left or Right quickly around the enemy
R1 + Triangle: Sword special attack
Square: Attack
X: absorb souls
O: Action (examine etc).

Advice for killing enemies/Dark Realm Advice
- Guard often. You will not get injured whenever you guard against enemies,
with the exception of a few bigger and stronger ones (the red samurai and
ogres). This is especially useful against arrows.
- However, do not guard unnecessarily. If the enemies are still far away and
they will take some time to reach you, kill them first instead of guarding.
Kill them before they can kill you. This is especially so in the dark realm
where you need to clear the enemies fast before too many are generated.
- Absorb souls at a safe distance. If the souls are dissipating but there are
still enemies near you, back off first and then absorb the souls.
- Go for the finishing blow when the enemy is lying down. Go near the body and
press 'Square' multiple times for Samanosuke to stab his sword into the body
for the finishing blow. However, be careful of enemies who will attack you when
you are stabbing the enemy as you are vulnerable then. Stab only when enemies
are still some distance away from you.
- The key to killing bigger and stronger enemies, as well as surviving in the
Dark Realm, is to know how to use your weapons effectively. When surrounded by
multiple enemies, use the 'Wind Spear' special attack. When a single enemy
appears, change back to either the 'Thunder Sword' or 'Fire Sword'. Conserve
your sword special attacks. Use them only on the ogres or big red/blue
samurais. Switch swords often to utilise the special attacks. For example, it
is pointless using the 'Thunder Sword' when it is low on special attack gauge
even though you think (and I think as well) the 'Fire Sword' (which is full on
special attack gauge) is weaker. When tough enemies appear, change to the 'fire
sword' so that you can use its special attack just to kill them. Then change
back to 'Thunder sword' to kill smaller enemies.
- Note: Regardless of any weapons you are currently equipped with, as long as
you absorb souls, the rest of the weapons will also recover their special
attack gauge. Therefore, check your weapons' status, you might not know that
either one is already full on the special attack gauge. An awareness of your
other weapons' (that are not equipped) gauge is a good way to manipulate the
use of your weapons effectively.
- The trick is to use special attack for a particular weapon, absorb souls
after the attack and repeat. When the weapon is low, change to another weapon
and use special attack. Repeat procedure. After a while, the first weapon's
special attack gauge would be refilled partially, if not totally.

In the game, after defeating enemies, you can absorb their souls and use these
to enhance your weapons or items.
Herb--> Medicine
Normal Arrows--> Fire Arrows
Normal Bullets--> Burst Bullets
Thunder Sword Level 1--> Thunder Sword Level 2--> Thunder Sword Level 3 (Max)
Thunder Orb Level 1--> Thunder Orb Level 3 (Max)
Fire Sword Level 1--> Fire Sword Level 3 (Max)
Fire Orb Level 1--> Fire Sword Level 3 (Max)
Wind Spear Level 1--> Wind Spear Level 3 (Max)
Wind Orb Level 1--> Wind Orb Level 3 (Max)

Note: Certain doors can only be opened by these Orbs. You need to level up your
Orbs in order to open a higher level door, e.g. a door that is locked by two
red Orbs require your fire Orb to be at level two. So, try to level up your
Orbs whenever possible in order to proceed ahead. To do this, kill more enemies
and absorb more souls.

- Go to Northern path. Kill off either one of the purple ninjas. Cutscene.
- After receiving gauntlet, you will also receive 'Instructions'.
- Save point is at the glowing light inside the stand (next to the door).
- Go thru the door and across the bridge. Cutscene. Kill the zombie warriors.
- Enter house and thru the door. Cutscene. Kill off the zombie warriors.
- Go out of the door. Cutscene and apologies.
- Take short-cut to keep, go thru the forest.
- Pick up 'herb' at the right side of the cave entrance.
- Go down the hole.
- Open treasure box to get 'Und. Temple Map'.
- Go up the steps and examine the mummified monk.
- Take 'Green Scroll' to get 'Sougen Note'.
- Go thru the door behind the monk.
- Kill zombie at right. Before you turn left, examine the floor to get
- Turn left the corner and examine the cupboard to get 'Seiryu' (Vol. 1).
- Go to the other end and enter the door.
- Destroy the giant pots to reveal a treasure box. Get 'Journal #1'.
- Examine the blue orb to get 'Thunder Orb' and 'Thunder Sword'.
- Examine the Trick treasure box. The characters Chinese numerals. You need to
arrange them from left to right in order. That is, No.1 to 3 from the top, No.
4 to 6 at the bottom.
- Note: For those who do not recognise the Chinese numerals, I will try to
describe them to you.
- One is represented by the single horizontal stroke.
- Two is written as two horizontal strokes across.
- Three is written as three horizontal strokes across.
- Four is written like a box, with two curving strokes inside the box.
- Five is written as a stroke across at the top, followed by a slanting
vertical slash down, a short horizontal stroke across and slash down again.
This is completed by a horizontal stroke across at the base.
- Six is written as a small dot on the top, a horizontal slash across, and two
dots at the bottom.
- Seven is written as a slash across a hook.
- Eight is written as two slashes outwards.
- Solution for box: Move 3 and 2, move 6 and 4, move 1 and 2. Get 'Rope
- At the exit, look out for 'Magic Jewel' inside a partially hidden treasure
box. Use it whenever you get it to increase your sword magic.
- Examine the Puzzle box #1. From right to left, enter 6,3,1 to get 'Power
Jewel'. Use it to lengthen your life.
- Examine the door and your Thunder Orb will dispel the blocking mechanisms.
- Destroy the stand and get the treasure box behind it to get 'South Area Map'.
- The door on the right is 'closed tightly and will not open'.
- Enter the other gate near the red (fire) orb as you do not have the fire orb
yet. Kill the zombies warriors and get 'Herb' left by the soldier.
- The door is marked by red ink. It is locked and you need the red key. Later.
- Go down the moat and use the 'rope ladder'. Press start to select it under
- Answer to puzzle box #2 (next to save point). Enter from right to left 4,1,6
to get 'Power Jewel'.
- Destroy stand to get 'Medicine'.
- Save before you enter the door. Fight first boss.
- Strategy: Never attack him in front. His attacks are too powerful. Kill him
from behind. To do this, allow him to get up close to you and let him swing his
mace. Do not face him directly, but position yourself to run forward when he is
about to swing his mace. Just before he does so, run forward and around him to
attack him from behind. Back away quickly and repeat this again. When the boss
charges at you, he will stay 'frozen' for a while. Avoid his charge and quickly
kill him when he stays still to recover from his charge. Absorb souls at all
times possible (at a safe distance) to refill your special sword attack and
life. Use your sword special attack to kill him whenever possible. It is ok for
him to destroy the concrete slab in the middle as it will provide more space
for you to maneuver.
- Enter the door the boss broke when he died. Open treasure box to get 'Journal
- Go thru the door. Cutscene (demon). Kill the tentacle monster.
- Examine the left fire stand to get 'fire orb' and 'Fire Sword'.
- Go all the way back to the 'fire orb' door and equip the 'Fire Sword' to open
it. Ignore the blue skulls for now. They will steal the souls from your kills.
Go up the moat and back to the main door and open it by equipping the 'fire
- Enter the second door on your left (Save place).
- Refill your magic power by pressing 'X'. Open treasure box to get 'Keep Map'.
Enhance your orbs or swords as you deem fit. I suggest the orbs first for those
who want to proceed with the story, while those who want to get more powerful,
level up the swords first.
- Go out and enter the main door next to the save room. Cutscene (Yunemaru).
- Open treasure box to get 'Normal arrows'.
- Enter the normal (brown) door, go thru it and open treasure box to get
'Journal #3'.
- Go thru the red orb door. Cutscene. (Yunemaru and Kaede).
- Open treasure box to near the staircase to get 'Herb'. Examine the shelves
behind it to get 'Flourite'
- Enter the door next to staircase.
- Trick treasure box. Move 5 and 6, 2 and 4, 6 and 1, 5 and 2, then 6 and 5.
Get 'bow'.
- Go to the shelves to get 'Suzaku'.
- Slash the rope dangling in the middle. There is something shiny at the
bottom. Later.
- Come out and go up the stairs.
- There is no need to go to the door on your right as you have already slashed
the rope one floor below it earlier on.
- Enter double red orbs door. You need to level up your fire orb to level 2.
- Get 'Red book' on the table.
- Open treasure box to get 'R. Crest Piece' (right side).
- Come out and go thru the grey door opposite it. Go thru the single red orb
door, where zombie warriors are crawling up.
- Go thru the door, destroy crates to get 'Normal arrow'.
- Behind the treasure box, get 'Flourite'.
- Go up the stairs. Get 'Byakko' next to treasure box.
- Open treasure box to get 'Normal Arrow'
- Save point.
- Equip 'Fire sword' and enter the double red orb door. Cutscene (Kaede).
- As Samanosuke, pull the lever. Press 'O'.
- As Kaede, pull the right lever in the set of two.
- As Samanosuke, pull the left lever next to Kaede.
- As Kaede, pull the left lever of the 3 set. The middle is a trap.
- As Samanosuke, pull the right lever of the set of 3.
- As Kaede, pull the last lever next to the door (to open the gate for the
treasure box).
- As Samanosuke, pull the same lever again (right of the set of 3).
- As Kaede, pull the left level of the set of 3.
- As Samanosuke, go all the way back to get 'Holy Armor' from the treasure box.
Go back and pull the right lever of the set of 3.
- As Kaede, enter the door.
- In the dark room, absorb magic powers. Equip 'fire sword' and use sword
special attack (R1 + Triangle). The flames from the sword will light up the
candles. Proceed.
- There are Chinese characters on the floor. The darkened word means 'corner'
while the lighter-coloured word means 'fly'. Step only on the darkened word.
E.g. Samanosuke steps on it, then he will be immobilised. Kaede steps on any
similar darkened character and she will be immobilised next while Samanosuke
can now move. You can step on any (even the same panel) until one of you reach
the only panel whose word is different. The word just before the door is
'king'. Enter and Cutscene.
- Water Trap Puzzle: You need to shift the 2 pieces of the Saito Crest
together. I think they need not meet at the middle bottom, but this is what I
usually do. The crests need to "move" on the 4 separate pieces to meet up. You
need to select the darkened spaces to indicate where the pieces will shift to
- Solution: Shift the 4 pieces to the middle center level. (Shift them piece by
piece to the center middle level).
- Shift all 4 pieces to the left and swap place with the left crest. Now the
left crest is in the center middle position.
- Shift all 4 pieces down and right to occupy the bottom middle and bottom
right spaces. Shift the left crest down so that it touches bottom.
- Shift the middle 2 pieces to the top right (above the right crest).
- Now, 2 pieces should be at the top right of the crest while the other 2
pieces should be at the bottom right of the right crest.
- Shift the top right pieces down to center middle.
- Shift the bottom right pieces left to center middle.
- Shift the right crest to middle where both crests can finally be joined.
- Proceed. Investigate the table and pull the tab.
- Go up the ladder.
- The door is locked, you need to put the 2 pieces of crest. Put the 'R. Crest
Piece' for now.
- Go down the ladder next to the door. Turn around (180 degrees) and go down
the same ladder again.
- Open the treasure box to get 'L. Crest Piece'.
- Go up and back to insert the 'L. Crest Piece'. Enter door. Cutscene.
- Slash the partitions. Examine the left stand where there is a box to get
'Flourite' and table for 'Seiryu'.
- Enter door. Pick up 'Suzaku' lying on the floor.
- Open treasure box next to stairs to get 'Normal arrows'.
- Go up stairs and enter door. You cannot enter the green orb door yet.
- Pick up 'Seiryu' on the floor, 'medicine' in the treasure box, and another
'Seiryu' in the middle of the room. Slash both partitions on the left and right
- Absorb souls from the left stand.
- Go thru the door on the right. Save point. Save before you proceed as it is
the second boss fight.
- Go up ladder. Fight second boss. (Rooftop).
- Strategy: Same like the first boss. Stay away from him. If you are trapped,
guard against his first slash, but guards against his second slash will not
work. After deflecting his strike the first time, back off or run in another
direction. When he slashes, run to his back to attack him. Use special attacks
and switch weapons often as when you absorb souls, weapons not equipped will
fill up on the special attack gauge. It is possible not to use any herbs here.
- Get 'Wind Orb' and 'Wind Spear'.
- Go down the ladder.
- Use 'Wind Orb' to unlock the green orb door. Cutscene. (Everyone and Nui).
- (Optional for those who wants to get 'Burst Bullets'). Go back to the green
Orb door earlier on. In case you are disoriented, you need to go out of the
room and thru the red orb door. Proceed past the blue part on the door. Go up
the ladder, carry on past the pulling levers…Go up the ladder where you pulled
the tab formerly. In the room where you save Yunemaru, open treasure box to get
'Burst bullets'. Head back.
- Outside the left/right crest door, go down the ladder next to it.
- Instead of going down one more level, move along and go down another ladder.
Open treasure box to get 'Power Jewel'.
- Unlatch the door to go out from the trick door. Come out of this room.
- Go down the stairs and head to the first floor.
- Go to the other door next to the save room. Enter the double blue orb door
(Thunder Orb need to be at level 2).
- Enter door, pick up 'Blue Book'. Examine the 3 orbs on the stand.
- Equip the 'Thunder Sword' and examine it and the blue orb will move away.
- Equip the 'Fire Sword' and examine it and the fire orb will move away.
- Equip the 'Wind Spear' and examine it and the green orb will move away.
- Go down the stairs.
- A door is blocked by souls. Later.
- Go left and enter door. Save point.
- Open treasure box to get 'Herb'. Proceed.
- Examine shelves to get 'Green Book', 'Orange Book', and 'Byakko'. Enter door.
- Enter iron doors. Open treasure box to get 'Keep Und. Map'.
- Slash the rope and run to the other side to get 'Rosary of Com' which allows
you to hear the deceased.
- Come out, enter the other door. Open treasure box to get 'Purifier Bell'.
Avoid the blades. Stay on one side instead of the middle and dash across when
the blade swings past you.
- Go to the door where it is blocked by souls. Use 'Purifier Bell' to cure the
cursed. Enter door. Turn right before entering another door. At the end of the
left wall, examine the floor to get 'flourite'. It is near the glass tanks of
samurais where the door is indicated by blue ink.
- Now, enter the other door.
- Equip 'Wind Spear' and enter double green orb door. Pick up 'Apocalypse #1'
on the floor and 'Byakko' next to the corpse.
- Trick treasure box. Solution: Move 4 and 6, 8 and 7, 1 and 2, to get 'Blue
- Examine the torture iron box in this room to get 'Flourite'.
- Come out and enter door on your left.
- Pick up 'White book' on the floor next to treasure box.
- Open treasure box to get 'Herb'.
- Go to the door marked by blue ink and examine it. The 'Blue key' will be used
automatically. Cutscene.
- As Kaede, go out of the room. Cutscene.
- Pick up 'Red key' on the floor from the dead soldier.
- Kaede is pretty weak and you will not want to waste your herbs, so avoid
fighting the enemies and just run ahead whenever possible.
- Go down stairs and out into the courtyard.
- Head past the moat (but do not go down) and examine the door marked by red
ink. The 'Red key' will be used automatically.
- Get 'Herb' from treasure box. Run on. When you see the red samurai, use your
kunai (R1 and Triangle) and attack from a safe distance. Don't waste them on
the zombie warriors.
- You will run past a well, but there's no need to go down yet.
- Enter door next to well. Take cover behind the partition stands to avoid
getting hit by the arrows. If you save the soldier (by killing the zombie
warriors), you can get the 'Soul Absorber'.
- Go up the ladder and kill the zombie warriors shooting the arrows.
- Enter door, go down ladder.
- Open treasure box to get 'West Area Map'. Save point.
- Examine the door next to the save point and Kaede will use the Shinobi Kit to
unlock it automatically. Go along.
- Enter door on your right to the furnace.
- Pull the tab and dash across. Do it fast and avoid the flames. There is a
timing and the door on the other side will close of you are too slow.
- Destroy boxes to get 'Herb'.
- Examine shiny object to get 'Gold Plate'.
- Pull tab and run back across.
- Go out and enter the door straight ahead.
- When you just step in, face to Kaede's left to get 'herb' from a hidden
treasure box.
- Open treasure box to get 'Journal #5'. Get 'Suzaku' from the top shelf. You
cannot solve the trick shelf yet (without the gear), so go back to the place
where you took cover behind the three partition stands where the zombie
warriors shot at you with arrows. When you go down the ladder, turn right and
enter the door just next to it.
- There are fireflies here. Run past the bushes and pick up shiny object
('Kunai') on the ground. Examine door and 'Shinobi Kit' will be used
- Enter. Save point.
- Puzzle box #3: Enter 5,7,2 (right to left) to get 'Magic Jewel'.
- Go out and pick up 'Gear' on the floor next to corpse.
- Examine the left hole next to the door and insert 'Gold Plate' by using it.
- Go back to the trick shelf room (next to furnace room) and insert 'gear'.
- Pull string and go into the secret room.
- Examine the statues facing the treasure box to get 'Flourite'.
- Pick up 'Byakko', open treasure box to get 'Silver Plate'.
- Run back to insert 'Silver Plate' on the right hole.
- Enter door into burning room. Do not touch the fires.
- Enter door on Kaede's left, examine barrels (next to stairs) on Kaede's right
for 'Flourite'
- Go up stairs.
- Trick treasure box: Move 4 and 1, 7 and 3, 8 and 7, 6 and 2, 2 and 1 to get
'Sacred Knife'.
- Equip it and go downstairs into the burning room.
- Do not go down into the basement yet, kill the zombie warriors and enter the
room with pots. Destroy them. Get 'Genbu' and 'Kunai' from treasure box.
- Go down the stairs into the basement.
- Enter the door into the prison room. Examine the bars. Cutscene. (Princess
- Kill the disappearing ninja. Guard when he disappears and is about to
reappear for the attack. After his boomerang, sword or chain attack, run
forward to kill him. Repeat.
- Back to Samanosuke. Get 'medicine' from treasure box. Save. Boss fight coming
- Strategy: This is a fight against your doppelganger (double). He will guard
often and so must you. Keep guarding until when he is about to use his sword
special attack, dash forward and kill him first. Then guard again and repeat
this pattern. Be patient and you will not waste a herb/medicine. Make sure you
can see him using his special attack as he may be 'outside' of the TV screen.
He will use the special attack when he starts to back away, so move in then or
you will be too far away. By the way, I find the 'Wind Spear' 's range to be
more effective.
- Proceed. Open treasure box to get 'Evil Plate' and box to get 'ladder'. Pick
up 'Power Jewel'. So this is what it was.
- Use the ladder at the wooden platform.
- Go up. Home sweet home. Note: Do not use the 'Evil Plate' on the blue thing
on the door yet.
- Go down to the first floor save point. It's time to go down to the Dark
Realm. The weird man will talk to you and tell you about the Dark Realm, which
is a place full of enemies, but also wondrous treasures. Say 'no' first in
order to save before going. My advice is to enhance your weapons to the max
(level 3) and make sure you have quite a full life bar before attempting to do
- If you want to go now, refill your magic powers. You should also have used
all your 'Power' and 'Magic' jewels earlier on. Save, go out of the room and
enter again and press 'O' where the old man is. Talk to him.
- Say 'yes' and off we go. Refer to 'Dark Realm' Section.
- When you are back, enhance your items and equipment.
- If you are not ready to go yet, carry on. Go out of the courtyard and thru
the door marked by blue ink. If you save the soldier, you can pick up the
'burst bullets'.
- Go along until you reach the door locked by 3 blue orbs. Equip 'Thunder
sword' to unlock it (Thunder orb at level 3).
- Enter. You are in the 'Statue of the West' room.
- Absorb souls from the stand.
- Pick up 'Genbu' and 'Vision Staff' from the treasure box. With the 'Vision
Staff', you can now see the 'flourites' clearly! They will appear as shiny
objects scattered around.
- Examine the headless statue. You need to find the head.
- The other way is blocked by gates. Go out of this room. Outside the door, you
can see the 'flourite' shining on the floor. Pick it up.
- Go past the well and enter the door. Note: If you go down the well, you will
see the weird old man. You can go to the Dark Realm if you have not been there
yet, or if you want to again to pick up items like 'herbs' or to absorb
souls/life. But I do not think it is worthwhile to go back there a second time.
You are better off killing enemies elsewhere. There is not enough space for you
to maneuver in the Dark Realm and you might end up losing more life.
- Hide behind the partitions from the arrows. Go up the ladder and enter door.
- Go down ladder. Equip 'Fire sword' to enter the 3 red orbs door.
- Go along, open treasure box to get 'medicine'.
- Slash the rope securing the catapult and pick up 'flourite' which is hidden
under it.
- Enter door. Cutscene (Ogres).
- Open treasure boxes to get 'Statue Head', 'bullets' and pick up the
'Decorated sword'.
- Go back to the headless statue and use the 'Statue Head'.
- The gate is now pulled back. Get 'Matchlock' from treasure box. You can shoot
bullets now.
- Head back to the courtyard. On your way there, pick up 'flourite' on the
floor. You can see it shining (there are zombies warriors shooting arrows at
you from the rooftop here. There is also a giant blue samurai).

For those who cannot wait for the more detailed walkthru, (which might be
updated in a while) here is a quick guide to the end of the game. I am skipping
some parts. Read it at your own risks!
- Use the 'Evil Plate' on the blue metal part on the door. (Cutscene).
- Note that when you use it, certain parts of the castle will be destroyed and
you cannot go to these places to pick up any 'flourites' which you might have
missed. I am still trying to ascertain the number of 'flourites' you should
have just before using the 'Evil Plate'. A useful aid would be the 'Vision
Staff'. Run around the castle and revisit places to see whether you have missed
out any. I am trying to compile a list of their locations. There is a list on
the 'Onimusha' message board which is good. For those who are eager to see the
ending, yet still want to get the 'mini-game', I suggest you save on another
record to beat the boss, and replay the former record again to get all twenty
- With the demon gate blocking you, you need to find a way to break the seal.
- Go to the courtyard and a scene will occur. The door which is tightly barred
will break. Use your 'Decorated Sword' on the panel and the door will open.
- Get the 'Great Armor' in the trick treasure box hidden behind the waterfall.
- 'Queen Bee' boss strategy: Use your 'burst bullets' or 'Fire arrows' on the
Queen bee and scorpions. Keep shooting the bee until the scorpions get really
close to you and use 'Wind Spear' special attack to kill off the scorpions who
have gathered around you. Change back to either the 'matchlock' or 'bow' again.
- After you get the 'Great Bow' and 'Great Arrow', go back and shoot the seal
floating in front of the Demon Gate.
- Enter Demon Realm and fight Marcellus.
- Marcellus boss strategy: Do not use 'Fire arrows' or 'burst bullets' when he
is still carrying his shields. Use your weapons special attacks, guard, absorb
souls and keep slashing until his shields break. Then use the arrows and
bullets and shoot him from a distance until he dies. If he dashes forward and
slash you, quickly recover, run away from him and continue to shoot again.
- Enter the door and save for the last time. If you have the Bisha. O, now is
the time to use it.
- Run along the spiral and pick up the two medicines at the end. Enter final
door. Cutscene.

Last Boss Fortinbras Guide
When you fight Fortinbras, keep slashing him, when he drops his head, use the
special attacks. Note that arrows and bullets seem to have no effect on him. If
you have some soul absorbers, use it now so that they will absorb souls for you
automatically. When he is about to summon the lighting attack on you, back away
quickly. This is crucial and will save you some life. You cannot block against
his flame attacks, so try to anticipate his attacks and strafe left/right to
avoid his flames or lighting balls attack. E.g. he is facing left, then strafe
to the right. Keep switching weapons to utilise your special attacks fully. I
personally used the 'Wind Spear' and kept slashing at him after all my other
weapons' special attacks were depleted.
I am in the midst of replaying it so that I can describe it better. You can
always go to 'GameFaq''s Onimusha message board, where other people have gave
their comments (more detailed and better than mine) on how to fight Fortinbras.
I first won the game without the Bishamon sword. I simply kept slashing at him
and kept using medicine. Luckily, I killed him first when I was down to my last
medicine. It would also be good if you have the Talisman as it will resurrect
you when you die. With good preparations, e.g. several medicines, 1 talisman,
enhancing your weapons to the max, and having the Bishamon sword, Fortinbras
will be easy. If you still have an old record and have not visited the Dark
Realm, I suggest you go back to get the Bisha O. However, this must not be at
the expense of all your herbs/medicines. Always enhance your herbs to medicine
so as not to waste their potential.

Dark Realm Guide
Note: Try to have a full life bar and full magic powers before attempting to go
down into the dark realm. Go around and kill enemies and absorb life in order
to do so and not to waste herbs. I normally do this around the main courtyard
areas. You can refill your magic powers at the nearby save room on the first
floor and then talk to the weird man in this same room after saving first.
Enhance not just your weapons, but 'bullets' and 'arrows' as well so that you
can use them in the Dark Realm when desperate. Hence, you need to have the
'Matchlock' and 'Bow' first.

Level 1: Zombie warriors
- Use Wind Spear special attack to kill off the enemies when surrounded. Absorb
souls. Do not be afraid to use the special attacks because it is better to use
them and kill the enemies fast to avoid getting hit. When the enemies are dead,
you can absorb their souls and regain some special attack gauge. The idea is to
have a healthy life bar for the next round.

Level 2: Purple ninjas
- Use wind spear special attacks whenever surrounded or necessary.

Level 3: Zombie warriors and red samurais
- Use 'Thunder Sword' special attack on red samurai and just slash the zombie
warriors. When your sword locks with the samurai's, guard immediately when the
sword is pulled back to avoid getting slashed. Use 'Fire Sword' special attacks
if the 'Thunder Sword' is depleted.

Level 4: Red Samurais
- By this time, your 'Thunder Sword' power should be low. Change to 'Fire
Sword' or 'Wind Spear' if necessary. Switch weapons often! Note: You can always
use your 'Bullets' or 'Arrows' (provided you have the 'bow' and 'matchlock') if
you are desperate and is low on special attacks. When you have absorbed enough
powers, change back to your weapons so as not to waste your ammunitions.

Level 5: Red Samurais and Purple Ninjas
- Once again, your special attacks should be running low, so, guard often but
also aim for first strike. Absorb souls and check your weapons' special attack
guages (whether they have replenished enough to be used even once). You might
be thinking that I have wasted them for the first few levels, but the point is
to keep your life (and weapons' gauge if possible by absorbing souls) at a
healthy level for the next round. Get rid of the ninjas first and absorb their
souls. With this souls to replenish your weapons, use special attacks (Thunder
or Fire preferably) on the samurais.

Level 6: Small Ogres
- Pretty simple, use either weapons' normal slashes. Absorb souls to replenish
your weapons' special attacks.
- Open treasure box to get 'Flourite'.

Level 7: Scorpion-like monsters
- Use 'Wind Spear' special attacks, then keep slashing.

Level 8: Small Ogres and Soul stealing blue skulls
- Note: If you equip 'Holy Armor', you can absorb the souls before the blue
skulls steal them.
- Be careful of ogres' attacks when you kill the blue skulls. You might want to
kill the blue skulls last.

Level 9: Giant Ogres and Small Ogres
- Use special attacks (preferably the 'Thunder Sword') on the giant ogres, then
go in for the finishing blow when he is down. You might still want to do this
even though it means getting hit by nearby smaller ogres as it is better to
kill the giant ogre first. He is simply too powerful.
- Open treasure box to get 'Medicine'.

Level 10: Giant Ogres and Soul stealing blue skulls
- Make sure you do not waste the 'Thunder Sword' special attacks on the blue
skulls. Aim correctly! Use 'Wind Spear' special attack if necessary (to get rid
of the blue skulls which will distract your slashing on the ogres).
- Open treasure box to get 'Flourite'.

Level 11: Tentacles monsters
- Use 'Wind Spear' special attacks if you still are able to. Otherwise, slash
and guard. Note: you cannot guard against the tentacles that emerge from the
ground and grab your ankles. Back away from them when you know that they are
going to appear from the ground, then slash them if possible.
- Go for finishing blows.
- Open treasure box to get 'Soul Absorber'.

Level 12: Tentacles monsters and blue skulls
- Use 'Wind Spear' special attacks.

Level 13: Tentacles monsters and scorpions
- Use 'Wind Spear' special attacks.
- Open treasure box to get 'Talisman'.

Level 14: Disappearing ninjas
- Guard when they disappear and reappears to attack. Kill them after they have
used either their boomerang, sword or chain attacks. Repeat. You can always try
to run to where they are appearing next and try to slash them when they
resurface, but watch out for the second ninja.
- Open treasure box to get 'Herb'.

Level 15: Tentacles monsters and disappearing ninjas
- Remember to change your weapons as they might be at full bars now (depending
on whether you have been absorbing souls).
- Guard and alternate between weapons. Use 'Thunder Sword' attack on ninjas,
but 'Wind Spear' for everybody.
- Open treasure box to get 'Flourite'.

Level 16: Black ninjas with kunais (throwing knifes)
- Keep slashing fast.
- Open treasure box to get 'Herb'.

Level 17: Blue giant samurais and Red giant samurais
- Use 'Thunder' or 'Fire' swords special attacks. Wait until several of them
come together, then use the flames special attack.

Level 18: Disappearing ninjas and black ninjas with kunais
- When the ninja reappears and he does not do the chain attack, dash forward to
kill him first before he has a chance to attack you.
- Open treasure box to get 'Herb'.

Level 19: Blue giant samurais and black ninjas with kunais
- Absorb souls and use special attacks.
Level 20: Giant Ogres and disappearing ninjas
- Guard often! Keep slashing!
- Open treasure box to get 'Bishamon O..' (Ocarina).
- Teleport back. Well done, you made it! But I hope that you still have some
herbs/medicines left.

Dark Realm (Second and subsequent attempts):
- If you go back to the Dark Realm the second time (regardless of whether you
talked to the weird man in the well or room, you will get the following items:
medicine, Soul Absorber, Talisman, Herb, Herb and Herb. Personally I do not
think it is not worth it to go back a second time to get these items or absorb
souls. Of course you can always go down just for the first level, teleport back
and repeat. Still, it is pretty troublesome.

To be updated soon. Bear with me please.

FAQ Section
Q: What does 'Onimusha' means?
Ans: 'Oni' means devil or demon. 'Musha' refers to soldiers/warriors.  After
seeing the ending, I am convinced that it means 'Demon Warrior'. For those who
have completed it, think about what happens to Samanosuke… I cannot say too
much lest I reveal some spoilers. This interpretation definitely makes sense to

Q: Is the Japanese version 'Import Friendly'?
Ans: Yes, definitely. You can change the settings and languages to 'English',
just like 'The Bouncer'. Let's just hope more companies will do this.

Q: What is the Dark Realm?
Ans: It is a place divided into twenty levels where you kill many enemies on
each level. Apart from getting herbs, you can get special items here, such as
the 'Talisman' which will resurrect you once when you die. This is used
automatically when you die. You can also the 'Soul Absorber'. When used, it
will absorb all souls for you at that particular place where you used it.
Discard after one use. More importantly, you can get 'Bisha O' which is the
Bishamon Ocarina'

Q: What is the 'Bisha. O' for?
Ans: The "Bisha O' is used for unlocking a special door which will grant you
access to the most powerful sword, the 'Bishamon Sword'. It is a sword which
combines all the three orbs (Thunder, Fire and Wind) into one. You can still
use your other weapons separately. The 'Bishamon Sword' do not use up any souls
when executing the special attack and will kill enemies in one blow.
Unfortunately, at this point in time, you cannot go back to the castle to take
pleasure or revenge in killing the other enemies. It's ok, save it for the last

Q: Where do I use the 'Bisha. O'?
Ans: After defeating Marcellus, enter the demon gate. You will see a door that
is dark brown in colour and it is made of a different material. Use the 'Bisha.
O' here and the "door" will open.

Q: What are the Flourites for? How many are there?
Ans: You need to get twenty of them to open up a mini-game after completing the

Q: How do I solve the 'Water Puzzle'?
Ans: If you do not understand what I have described above, you can refer to
this website:

Q: What are the solutions to the Puzzle Boxes?
Ans: Enter all numbers from right to left.
Box #1 (next to save point before the entrance to the castle): 6,3,1
Box #2 (at the bottom of the moat after using the 'Rope ladder'): 4,1,6
Box #3 (next to save point before inserting the 'Gold' and 'Silver' plates):
Box #4 (next to save point in the room with the boat): 3,6 (Yes, two numbers

Note: after completing the game, you will be asked to save a new record. This
will erase all your former records and start the game with a blank record. If
you want to fight the last boss and see the nice FMV ending without starting
the game all over again, you might want to save this data in a new memory card.
- After completing the game, you will get your ranking and game details, e.g.
time taken, enemies killed. You will also get the 'Special Report' mode which
shows a trailer for…Onimusha 2!
- You will also open up the 'Special Mode'. In this mode, Samanosuke will be
wearing a Panda suit, with a flower as his gauntlet. As for Kaede… I will
update it soon.
- If you collect twenty flourites after the game, you can access the mini game.
More on the location of the flourites and the mini game later. Give me time to
update this. Meanwhile, check the 'Onimusha' message board. There is a list
there which is good.

Mini Game
-You need to destroy the stated number of pots to release their souls. There is
timing and also zombie warriors who will destroy the pots against you. Your
life will also be gradually depleting.

Other walkthroughs I have written.
1) Juggernaut (PS)
2) Covert Ops's Scenario A guide (PS)
3) Aconcagua (PS) Too few people are playing this game.
4) D2 (DC)
5) Onimusha (PS2)

1) Firstly, to Gamefaq and its excellent massage boards. Thanks to CJAYC for
this great site.
2) To all the 'Onimusha' message board writers. This couldn't have been done
without your discussion. You know who you are. Til 'Devil May Cry', keep the
board alive!
3) To all you readers, whom this walkthru is for. Thanks for reading!

Comments, criticisms and questions can be posted to me at
'[email protected]' I will try to answer you as best as I can. Do check
out the 'Onimusha' message board first before you ask me as there might be
answers to the questions you are asking. Besides, their answers can be better
than mine.

Note to other websites:
If you want to post this, please drop me a mail. I would want to know where
this walkthru is being posted. Hmm, it's been pretty quiet. Video game
strategies, if you are reading this, you can post this straightaway.

Parting Note:
- Help needed: Can anyone tell me how to send it the list of walkthrus you have
written in order to let it get compiled into the 'Contributors' section? ADK
told me once, but I deleted the mail accidentally. Hello? Is there anybody
- As stated in my 'Aconcagua' walkthru (Urgent plea to diversify), it is my
vision to see both present (and especially) aspiring FAQ writers to write about
lesser know games if you are able to. There is no point in having tons of
walkthrus for the same particular game. Look at FF9 for instance, count the
number of them! There is no breakthrough at all. It is my dream for all gamers
to be able to find a guide for the games that they are looking for. How many
times have you wished that someone out there has written a guide to the game
that you are stuck in or no one else seems to play? I am sure someone out there
wants to have some guides for these games. Let me start with the DC games
first. For example, Vermillion Desert, Imperial Fighter Zero, Panzer Front,
Advanced War World, TriColor Crisis, Rune Caster, Rune Jade, Despiria,
Socerian, Sunrise Heroes…For PS2, Ring of Red, Velvet File … For PS1, Season of
Twilight, Witch of Salzburg, Blade Arts, Khamrai, Bealphareth, Growlanser…more
on this the next time…if anyone is bothered at all.
- Noteworthy: Z.O.E is coming out with MGS 2 demo! Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Complete is coming out with 'Devil May Cry' demo! 'Shadow of Memories' is
coming out with 'Silent Hill 2' preview! The months ahead look sweet!
Extermination, Phase Paradox, Illbleed, FF X, Popolocrois 3, Shenmue 2…This is
THE year for gamers! Please do not ask me any questions about these games!
- Lastly, I am trying my best to update this as quickly as possible. I got to
juggle with my thesis which is due next month and there are so many other games
which I want to play: Gundam, PSO, Lodoss war…

Til next update, keep slashing and take care!

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