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Scion of Sorcery

Version: 1.0 - 3 June 2001
By: Mizura ([email protected])

-Notes about the Walkthrough
*The Beginning
*Sephy's Quest
*Zeus' Quest
*Mar's Quest
*The Ending

Orphen is copyrighted by its founders and original owners, not by me.  
(Specifically ActiVision, etc.) 
Oh yeah, while I'm at it, this walkthrough is copyrighted by me :P so 
don't take it without my permission.  (Well, of course you can read it, 

A few notes about the Walkthrough:
* Okay, so this is my first walkthrough so it might be a little out of 
* The information about the Picture Book may be a little different 
depending on each time you replay it, so this is just what I got. 
* I might have missed some of the treasure chests in the game, so if 
anyone notices one I missed, send me an e-mail...please? :)
* If a part of the walkthrough is a unclear, feel free to ask me about 
* I won't be going into much detail for the "scenes" 'cause they're 
mostly self-explanatory. 

* The Beginning *

It all starts out with an anime sequence and then a pretty long ship 
scene which introduces most of the characters.  When you're finally able 
to move Orphen, Cleo, and Magnus, the only thing you can do is go 
outside the door. When you do that, you'll see a short scene that has 
Zeus being attacked by little flying insect-monsters. Cleo says for you 
to help but the hallway gets blocked...nothing else to do but turn 
around. When you face the opposite direction of where you saw Zeus, 
there should be 3 doors: one to the right, one to the left, and one in 
front. The right door should already be open. If you go there (Orphen's 
room), you'll get a short talking scene and nothing else. If you go to 
the room on the left, (Cleo/Magnus' room), you'll get another scene and 
there's a treasure box you can open that has "Emerald Incense." If you 
go to the door straight forward, you'll see three treasure chests 
(change the view, or walk towards the left).  The left one holds 
"Emerald Incense," the right one has "Blue Incense," and the middle one 
will get you another cut scene with the whole place filling up with 
water. You will be asked to SAVE. Do so, unless you wanna hear that 
whole beginning thing all over again. By the way, it doesn't matter if 
you accidentally open the middle ones before the other two, you will 
still be able to get the other treasure.

Okay, now when you leave the room, the once blocked hall is open. Yipee! 
Now after the broken opening, there's 2 doors to the right and 2 to the 
left. If you go to the first door on the right, you'll see a scene with 
Sephy climbing out of the window; she has nothing in her room. In the 
first door to the left, Cleo will say something about the guy from 
before (Zeus). There you will find "Sleeping Chimes." If you keep going, 
before you can enter either of the 2 last doors, Cleo will say that the 
hall is blocked ahead (AGAIN!?). If you go to the second door to the 
left, they'll say that whoever was here (Mar) is gone now. There's 
nothing in the room. Finally, the second door to the right is Dortin and 
Volcan's room. You'll see another cut scene and they'll close the door 
in your face. Soon after that, you'll get your first boss fight...a 
giant crab?! 

This guy is pretty easy, just block when it starts coming towards you 
and when it starts a bubble (?) attack. You'll see when its coming. The 
boss is incredibly slow, so you shouldn't have many problems. Just 
attack with the elemental attack (Bite of Lightning) and it'll be short-
lived. But after you've disposed of this monster, its little bug-like 
friends will come after you. Again, not much of a challenge, just block 
when you see the bugs about to jump for you. Remember that the shield 
WILL take a tiny bit more time than it should when you press it and you 
can't use it when you're in the middle of an attack. If you have any 
problems with your health, turn and aim for the glowing green thingy 
next to you (the healing elemental) and you should be fine. Use the 
elemental attack to waste more than one of those stupid little bugs at a 
time or you'll be sitting there pressing the same button for an endless 
amount of time. (The things only take one blow to die, but there's a lot 
of them.) After this (hopefully) short battle, Orphen will learn the 
"Shield of Immunity," which will reflect poison attacks. Don't worry 
about equipping that too early in the game though.

After the boss is gone, you'll see another scene and be in a slightly 
darkened room. Look for the stairs leading up and then go up them. Now 
you should be in a screen with a staircase on the left and a window 
towards the bottom. Go to the door on the right to get the "Blue 
Incense" and "Emerald Incense." When you go to the left, you'll get 
another scene. Magnus and Cleo will argue which way to go, Magnus goes 
right and Cleo goes left. It doesn't matter which way you choose because 
they both end up in the same place. ^.^; (It'll just affect the 
conversation you have with them later..) As soon as you choose which way 
to go, you will be asked to SAVE. Do so, unless you wanna waste that 
five minutes on the boss all over again. ^.-

There's another scene and then you'll have to face a few (4) insect-
monsters (they look like the ones that Zeus was fighting) in story mode. 
Just stay where you are and let them come to you, then use your sword to 
wipe them out quickly. Then keep going forward until you can see Sephy 
talking to Magnus and Cleo with Zeus. Now you can choose which quest you 
want to start with. I'll be starting with Sephy's because I think it may 
be the longest but easier out of the two..and she's the closest to you 
in the start anyway. 

* Sephy's Quest *

When you go over to Sephy and Magnus (talk to them) you'll get another 
scene. You'll also fight a boss soon after recruiting her. (Get used to 
this boss, you'll get to fight him 2 more times after this...) The first 
time it may seem a little confusing, but after you get the pattern, it's 
an easy boss. Hit it once with the elemental attack when it comes up, 
guard as soon as you do (it'll start glowing and then try to electrocute 
you), then hit it when it goes back down. Be ready to guard when it 
comes up as well, though, because sometimes you will see a small scene 
that will show the monster starting off with the electrocuting attack. 
You probably won't be able to attack it at all after that, because it 
will disappear in the water quickly. Also, there will be some times when 
it will shoot up into the air, don't bother blocking because it won't 
hit you. It'll break the mast under your feet though, which is 
impossible to avoid...you only have 3 masts and when it breaks all 3, 
well...you die. Not to worry though, it's an easy boss so there 
shouldn't be much trouble beating it before it breaks two. (Though I've 
never been able to beat it without it breaking at least one of those 

Anyway, after you beat the boss, you'll see the scene where it falls and 
dies or whatever and then Orphen'll learn the "Bolt of Thunder." You'll 
see a scene where the ship sinks, a short anime scene that may be a 
little confusing unless you understand the storyline and then another 
scene (URGH). You will be asked to SAVE. And you want to now, don't you? 

Okay, now for the fun part...yeah right. Be careful of falling into the 
water, it'll chip off your health (very slowly, but it will). Keep going 
straight on the pathway, avoiding any places to turn. You'll see a big 
tree and Magnus will talk about it blocking the way. Burn it down with 
your projectile and wait for it to extinguish. Then go to the right to 
get the "Ball of Shadow." Now turn around and go to the first place you 
can turn left from where you're facing now. Keep walking until you see 
two statues on either side of you and you'll get another scene. After 
the scene, you'll be able to control Sephy. Jump on the crates like she 
says to and then go on the vine. Once on the vine go up until you can go 
to the left. When you can go left, keep going left until you can go up. 
Go up until you can go right, go up and then right again to the end. If 
you see a ledge on the bottom of the screen, jump down. You'll get 
another scene and then Sephy will have to fight three Lizardmen. They're 
easy, so just shoot them down with the projectile, since it's faster 
than everything else. You will get a picture of Lizardmen in your 
picturebook (like you want them?) and you'll see a scene with a 
drawbridge and them talking for a while. Now you can control Orphen 
again. After that, you'll enter the Tower of Mercy. You will be asked if 
you want to SAVE.

When you go forward, you'll get a short scene where Orphen says he'll go 
on ahead. (You'll see a lot of similar scenes as the game 
progresses...It usually means that there's traps around.) You'll see a 
few traps ahead of you. Beware of the axe heads. Just run as soon as you 
see the axeheads go toward and up away from you. It'll be easy as long 
as you don't stall. Make sure to change your view so that you don't go 
into the traps by mistake. There'll be three of them and then a broken 
elevator...past the elevator you can get an "Emerald Lantern." Then go 
to the forth one and get the other "Emerald Lantern" next to the working 
elevator. You'll see your group catch up now and you can get on the 

After the elevator scene, you'll see a trap with spines and the places 
that are safe to step on are spinning. Make sure to note which direction 
they're going and time your movements accordingly. The spines don't hurt 
too much so don't worry if you get hit one or two times. Before getting 
on the elevator, grab the "Emerald Incense." Get on the elevator and 
when you get off, grab the "Emerald Lantern" next to you. There's also a 
"Summoning Bell" somewhere around you. Here you have to get on these 
slow moving areas in order to get to the elevator above you. It doesn't 
matter if you fall, so don't worry about this place, since you won't 
die. (Well, you might die of boredom if you choose the slowest places..) 
Get on the next elevator when you reach it and then when you get off, 
you will be asked to SAVE.

The next area you'll be in has a few gears and another spinning area. 
Nothing will kill you here but if you fall off, you'll go back down to 
the "slow moving cog" floor. It's easy as long as you don't rush. Don't 
forget to grab the "Perfume Scented Bag." As soon as you get up the 
elevator, you'll have a short scene and then a fight. There will be 
three Lizardmen, but when you start attacking them, there'll be another 
scene with a Beholder coming out of the elevator as well. You'll have to 
fight all four of them. Take out the Beholder first, because it is 
quicker, with the projectile and then use the elemental attack to get 
rid of the three Lizardmen. They might block for a while so choose one 
that isn't blocking. After that, there'll be another scene. Get the 
"Emerald Lantern" which is to the right. Across from the elevator (go 
around to get there), there's a lever. Push it in order to stop the 
moving things in the middle and you'll get another scene and an 
explanation on the "Crystal Egg." 

Now you re-enter the Abandoned Pathways. You'll get another scene and 
SAVE. If you want to, get the treasure scattered around: "Emerald 
Lantern," "Sleeping Chimes," and "Emerald Lantern" (another one), then 
go back to the drawbridge. Turn around so you're facing the way you 
started off and just go straight until you get another scene. There'll 
be more treasure here: "Blue Lantern," "Summoning Bell," and "Emerald 
Lantern." If you just want to continue forward, go straight and then to 
the right. You'll get a battle with a few Maneaters and Knifefish on the 
way. (And then you get them in your picturebook...yay.) Just shoot them 
down and you'll be fine. (There should be a healing elemental nearby, 
too.) Keep going and you'll step on a piece of the egg and get another 
scene. You'll then be transported to a wintery-like Abandoned Pathway. 
You'll have to split up again (uh-oh), and then you can SAVE.

Open the map with the left directional button. If you move the map 
enough, you should be able to see a big tree in one of the corners of 
the map. There's a pathway underneath it, which is your next 
destination. There's a lot of icicles around here that will hurt if you 
ram into them and the floor of the area can be slippery. Try to avoid 
the icicles (hit them whenever possible using the sword or projectile or 
just jump) and get the treasure around there. There's a "Blue Lantern" 
hidden behind a bunch of icicles. As soon as you get to the pathway 
under the tree, there's a ledge. Jump down and your group will join you. 
You'll see a scene and then you'll get a battle. It's not a boss fight 
so there's no real worrying. Watch for the Hugger, because it will do 
more damage than the other monsters. After you beat them, the Hugger 
will be added into the picture book. Now just keep going straight until 
you see another scene and are back to the other Abandoned Pathway 
(without snow). Now you can SAVE.

Go in the direction that you're facing and you'll come across two 
monsters very far away. Shoot them with your projectile attack and then 
get the "Sleeping Chimes." Then go back to where you started until you 
see a scene. You'll have to control Sephy now. Pull the lever to raise 
the steps. Beware that the steps will rise or fall when you land on 
them. If you go to the left, you'll be able to get the "Dance of 
Darkness" before going to the tree. Pull the lever next to the tree 
after she comments on it. You'll see a short scene. Now you're Orphen 
again. Go straight and they'll point out which path is the newly made 
one. Follow that new path to the Entrance of the Aerial Pathway. Go 
straight once more and grab the "Perfume Scented Bag" along with the 
"Emerald Lantern" before going to the first bridge. Go on three more 
bridges and you'll get another scene. Go up one more bridge, grab the 
"Summoning Bell" and then go up three more. Finally, you can enter the 
Aerial Pathway and SAVE. 

Go straight and get the "Emerald Lantern," then keep going until you see 
a discolored wall. You'll get a scene if you examine it and the door 
will open. Go in it and you'll have to jump off of the ledge. Now onto 
one of my least favorite places up until this area. (The first time I 
played it, I died here a few times...>.< And had to hear that long 
conversation...) Your group will split up again here. The traps this 
time don't look too scary, but if you get hit twice, you're dead. 
There's two ways you can pass the first part of this trap. You can jump 
from where you are (a little past where you are now, actually) and hope 
you make it across the bottom one, without triggering the top one to 
come up (very hard..I only did this once..) or you can jump on top of 
the bottom one and hope you land without hitting the top one (also very 
hard...). Well, whichever way, once you get across there, the rest of it 
is easy. The last spiked log thing will fall, but all you have to do is 
jump over it, no catch there. After that, get the "Emerald Lantern" and 
jump down (or you can use the vine). Get on the other vine and get up on 
the small ledge and go straight until your group rejoins you. Go 
straight again (since there's nowhere else to go) and climb up a long 
vine. After this, keep going again until you find a ledge (towards the 
right) and jump down. You'll get a scene and then when you walk forward 
you can SAVE.

Under one of the three statues, you'll see something that resembles a 
demon's head. Examine it to get another scene. The head will give you a 
riddle. Go back, since the group can't solve it. You'll get another 
scene with Volcan and Dortin. Now you have to get back up while Volcan 
throws some bombs at you. They don't hurt much, but they can throw you 
off if you're not careful. Also, you can't change the view, so it might 
not be as easy as it looks. Once you get up and they run off, go to the 
left to find them. After getting the answer to the riddle from them, go 
back to the statues to get another scene. Now there's a path beneath 
you, and they'll automatically go there for you. Turn around to get the 
"Bug Attractor" and then go forward. You can get a "Purple Incense" here 
and then once you're going in the right direction, you'll get a battle 
with a few Airus' and two Groks. (You'll get the Groks in your picture 
book after it.) Keep going until you enter someplace where you can hear 
a few clanging type of noises. Yay, there seems to be more 
traps...they'll separate. But before you go on, SAVE.

Before doing anything else, grab the "Sleeping Chimes" in front of you, 
then stay next to the wall to get to the door. Go up a-ways until you 
get to another room. Stay towards the left wall and go forward. An iron 
ball will be there. Go into the corner to heal if need be, cause it 
can't fit there. Go up once more. Lookie, there's a trap that has one 
thing going up and down that can't crush you cause it's far away...so 
this place is a cinch, right? Wrong. Stay near the walls because there 
are hidden ones around there that will only trigger if you're underneath 
them. One word of advise: hurry. Go up again. More axes and a "Purple 
Incense." Your group will rejoin you. Go straight and up the path. Jump 
when the ledge comes and head towards the middle waterfall. You'll have 
to jump to get there. When you go down, you'll get a scene and then 
you'll have to fight another boss..

This boss is probably the hardest in Sephy's quest, the Minotaur. You 
can only use sword attacks on this guy and he loves to push you...you 
can't avoid it unless you can hit him before he gets to you. Timing is 
crucial. Also, he'll do his scorching attack first thing, so guard when 
you first see Orphen appear on the screen. If you fall off of the area, 
it's game over, so you'll have to kill the monster as quickly as 
possible. Make sure to guard when it does its scorch attack, especially 
when it's almost dead. It'll do it a few times and then attack, scorch, 
attack, etc. After you're done with that (long and horrid) battle, 
Orphen will learn the "Pinnacle of the Sun" and you'll see a scene and 
then an anime sequence. 

You'll enter Gaia's Tomb...and get another scene. Go straight, then to 
the right, then go across the bridge. You can now SAVE. After the scene 
in the Rest House, go up the stairs. There, talk to Cleo, Sephy, Zeus, 
and Mar. They should all leave. (If you don't talk to Sephy before the 
others, they will NOT leave.) Talk to Magnus until he keeps repeating 
the same thing. Then go back outside. You'll see a scene, then go down 
to talk to Sephy. Recruit her once again and then go to the door that 
Sephy pointed out. Open it and you'll see some possessed treasure boxes. 
Just shoot them with your projectile and use your sword when they come 
close or if you're lazy, run through without bothering with them. Either 
way, you'll get another scene after you keep going. After it, you can 

Now you have to control Magnus. The floor is crumbling near Orphen, so 
jump on it until you fall through. There'll be some flying insects 
around here, but since you're Magnus, you can't do anything about it. 
Jump to avoid them if need be, but they're usually too high up to hurt. 
Hit the switch nearby and go on. Go right, then left until you see the 
switch. Go over there and hit it. Now go back and grab the treasure 
chest holding an "Emerald Lantern." Go back to where you started, then 
turn around (so you're facing the direction you were facing when you 
fell in) and go left, left, and then right until you see another switch. 
Hit that one. Go back to where you started again, turn to face the other 
direction. Now go to the right again, left, left, and to the final 
switch. Go to the middle of the circular area and jump through again. 
There's another scene. As you go on, look toward the right to find a 
wall that looks a little different from the others (there's a mark on 
the floor as well) and push it to get a short conversation. You now 
control Orphen again. Grab the "Summoning Bell" and "Emerald Incense" on 
the left and then go down, jump on the broken piece once more. Keep 
going and you'll get yet another scene. After that, you can SAVE.

When you go down, you'll see some traps that look like hands. Of course, 
you'll have to leave the group behind. The traps aren't too dangerous, 
but they're just a _little_ bit freaky. In one area you can get the 
"Sleeping Chimes" and in another, "Blue Incense." If you need to heal, 
go ahead, but you shouldn't have to, unless you've been hit by the same 
trap more than once. Jump and hope that you don't land on the traps, 
just to be safe. After a while of these traps and going down, you'll get 
a battle with a few Huggers and Maneaters. (You'll get Maneater in your 
picture book as well.) Your group will join you for this battle and then 
leave. After this, keep going down and there'll be another battle. (This 
time with Huggers and Lizardmen). Again, your group will join and leave. 
Keep going down until you finally get them to join you in story mode. 
You can now enter the Underground Labyrinth. There's a scene, you 
separate from your party again and then SAVE.

Stay on the side to avoid the axes, like usual, and enter the hallway. 
Continue on until more you see more traps. These will try to pin you 
down with spikes. Hurry through these and grab the "Emerald Incense." 
Now keep going until you get to a room with lava. Here, you can get a 
"Perfume Scented Bag." Step on the switch to activate it. Now the door's 
open so you can go through it. Go past the spikes again and get the 
"Blue Lantern." You'll see another axe ahead, so hurry past that too. 
Keep on going until you end up having to activate a switch to go on. 
When you hear a loud noise, be careful because a ball with spikes is 
coming up. Stay close to the wall to avoid it. After all of that stuff, 
you'll get into a battle with a Killer Bee and a few Maneaters as well. 
(You'll get the Killer Bee in the picture book.) Go on until you see a 
square pit. Jump in and SAVE.

You should now be in a room with a cage. There's two ways you can go. 
One way will lead you to Magnus and Sephy and the other to a room with 
two treasure chests. You want to get to the room with the treasure 
chests (2 "Emerald Incenses"). If you go the wrong way, you'll see 
somewhere to go on the left.. When you get to the place with the 
treasure, push the statue out of the cage. Go back to the room you 
started in and go to the other door. There should be a room to the left. 
Ignore it, you'll be back later, and go straight. You'll find the others 
and have a conversation with them. Walk into the cage like they say. Now 
go back to the room you ignored before. You should see many cages. Jump 
on the last three and you should get a video that will show an area 
uncovering stairs. Now go back to Magnus and Sephy. There should be 
another way out of there, go that way and get the treasure ("Dance of 
Wind"). You can then go down the stairs and SAVE.

You'll see some statues shooting arrows at you and each other. You can't 
do anything about them so don't bother. If you want to, you can jump to 
avoid them...but they don't hurt much and they don't hit much either, as 
long as you keep moving. In the first room you come to, get the "Emerald 
Lantern." In the second room you can get "Smelly Bag," the third room 
"Blue Lantern." You'll get a scene soon afterwards and will have to 
fight a Hellfire and Killer Bees with Sephy. (Hellfire will be added to 
your picture book.) After this simple fight, you will get another scene. 

Go down the stairs and enter the Underground Temple. There, you'll get 
another scene. Go down and walk around until Magnus points out a statue 
that has a head. Push this statue into the corner and a staircase should 
form. When it does, go down and find another statue and try the same 
thing. (Not all of them work, there will be some duds on the next two 
floors.) Keep trying and you'll eventually get the right one. You can 
also get "Sleeping Chimes" on one of the floors. When you're finally on 
the bottom floor, walk around until you see a picture of a sun on the 
left wall (there should be no dent on the ground nearby). You'll now 
control Sephy. Push the wall in and there will be a "Purple Incense" 
inside. The object of this room is to get to the other side, push the 
opposite "sun-wall" through until it falls, and then get back to your 
starting place without getting stuck. If you mess up, press one of the 
switches to restart. When you're back with the others, go around to the 
other side of the temple. Use the sun-wall to jump onto the second 
floor. There should be a small hole somewhere. Enter it and SAVE.

As soon as you walk in, go forward until you get on a section of ground 
that moves up. (Hopefully it is not too large, because if it is, you 
went on the wrong one..) Change the view so you can see the sun-block 
above you. Jump over to it and push it off of the ledge, onto the higher 
ground, then push it again until it is on ground level. There, when you 
face the way you were facing when you first got in, push the block 
forward and to the right until the ground raises again. Push the block 
so you can reach the space above you. Go inside of there and jump up to 
get to the third floor. Now run around until the others catch up and 
you'll see another scene. Sephy will open the wall for you.

Now for the next boss fight. You'll have to fight a few skeletons and a 
statue. Aim for the statue, because as soon as it dies, the skeletons 
will as well. Don't bother with the skeletons themselves, they'll just 
come back to life. There's no real other strategy for this fight, is 
there? After this short fight, Orphen will learn the "Hail of Heavens." 
Of course, there'll be another scene, then an anime sequence. 

Back to Gaia's Tomb. You'll get to see another scene. Whoo-hoo. Go into 
the Rest House and talk to Cleo, Sephy, Zeus, and Mar, so they all leave 
again. Don't forget to talk to Sephy before Zeus and Mar or they won't 
leave...unless you want to hear what else they have to say for 
themselves. Then talk to Magnus. He won't leave...but you will. Go back 
across the bridge, etc., and go down to recruit Sephy a third time. 
You'll get another one of those talking scenes. Go to the new purple 
door and SAVE.

You have exactly three minutes to get out of this place. Push the wall 
block things to create a path for yourself. There's a "Herb" to the left 
and an "Emerald Lantern" towards the direction you should take. If you 
have any problems, look at the map. After you get out of there, you'll 
enter the Tower of Mercy again. Sephy will take her sweet time 
transporting you all back again... Now you can SAVE.

In the next area, you will be controlling Magnus. Make him go to the 
elevator. In the first area, there's nothing but weird looking statues. 
Go to the next elevator. This time, if you fall, you'll still be on the 
same level, so don't bother. ^.^ Get the "Emerald Lantern" and "Blue 
Incense" and continue to the next elevator. Here, you can get the 
"Sleeping Chimes" and if you fall to the bottom, "Purple Lantern." Go to 
the elevator and get the "Smelly Bag." Now the spikes with spinning 
stepping areas have axeheads above them. Time it so that you don't get 
hit by them...stay toward the side to make it easier. The axeheads 
usually hurt more than the spikes, so be careful of them (not only that, 
but they'll make you fall into the dumb spikes..) There's a "Blue 
Lantern" next to the elevator. Go down that elevator and now you're back 
to the place with spinning axeheads. This should be easier now that it's 
going in the opposite direction. Just follow the axeheads after they 
pass you by. Get the "Emerald Lantern" after the first. Now you can 
either get on the elevator or keep going in order to get the "Purple 
Lantern." Whichever way, you'll eventually have to get on that same 
elevator. (Is a "Purple Lantern" really worth it?) After the elevator, 
Magnus will say that he found the switches. Hit them all like he says 
to, but before that, get the "Perfume Scented Bag." After activating all 
four switches, you'll see a scene. Orphen will end up leaving Sephy 
behind. You can now SAVE.

Now that you control Orphen, go down the elevator and you'll have to 
fight a few monsters (Hellfires, a Beholder, and Lizardmen). Sephy will 
come to assist you. Just continue in the same path as Magnus and grab 
any treasure you may have missed. Once you get down, you'll get a battle 
without Sephy's help (Landoss and Killer Bees). Sephy will join you in 
story mode when you walk towards the door. After the scene, you'll get 
another battle, this time with only Sephy (Killer Bees and Sandworms). 
If you do well enough, you may get Sephy in your picture book. After 
this, you can SAVE.

You control Orphen once again. Go straight and then down a ladder. Down 
in the sand, there will be pesky critters, so try to avoid them. Away 
from Magnus, there are three treasure chests: "Summoning Bells" and two 
"Blue Incenses." After getting that, approach Magnus. You'll 
automatically get a scene. As soon as the scene ends, you'll be put into 
a battle with Killer Bees, Sandworms, and a Beholder. There is a healing 
element nearby if you really need it. (Remember that elements will 
recharge and return if you wait long enough.) When it is over, go up the 
ladder and to the right. When you go into the hallway, you'll get 
another scene. After it, you'll get the last boss fight in this quest.

This boss is similar to the first boss, but it will protect itself with 
bubbles. In order to get the bubbles to leave it, you will have to hit 
one of the floating pieces near it. If it hits the monster, the bubbles 
will leave for a few seconds. Take care to aim towards its head or body 
because it won't do so automatically. You only have a small moment to 
hit it when it's uncovered, so hurry. It usually will not hit you, it 
goes after floating debris most of the time. Don't forget to guard when 
its glowing though, just in case, unless you know that it's not going 
for you. If you can't seem to hit the pieces when the monster passes by, 
just wait and the bubbles will disappear on its own for a while. This 
method will take longer, though, and you don't have much time... Yep, 
you have footholds on this one too. And the monster will break them. 
(Grr!) If you run out, you'll fall. After you beat the boss, Orphen will 
learn the "Shield of Inferno," which can reflect ice attacks. Don't 
bother equipping this one yet, either. 

You'll be able to see a pretty long scene now. (Heart-breaking, eh? Wah. 
No, really.) No time for crying though. After that scene, you'll see 
Orphen approached by a mysterious girl (who looks like Rani...) who will 
say something about Orphen being the only person who can help her. What 
does she mean? Hopefully we'll find out soon....oh yeah, you can SAVE 

***End of Sephy's Quest***

You will be asked if you want to "Play again to fulfill your destiny." 
If you choose no, you'll get a really dumb ending. If you choose yes, 
you'll get back onto the ship. Orphen'll say something about remembering 
that this happened already, blah blah. Before you leave the area, grab 
the "Sword of Justice." If you'd like to, you can talk to Magnus, who is 
crouching below the area you started off in. It's not mandatory though, 
so I suggest going to Cleo and Zeus, just to avoid any unnecessary 
conversation. Of course, if you like listening to everyone, go ahead and 
speak to him though. He'll tell you about flute playing...wonder who 
that is?

* Zeus' Quest*

Anyway, when you talk to Zeus, you can recruit him. After you do so, 
there'll be a scene that looks similar to the one you saw before. You'll 
have to fight the same boss as you did in the very beginning in Sephy's 
story, so use the same technique and he'll be finished quickly. Once 
it's over, you'll see it die (?) again and the ship will sink. There's a 
long scene and then you can SAVE.

Jump over the pile of rubble and grab the "Bow of Ice" and two "Bug 
Attracters." Now go to the teleporter that Cleo pointed out. As you walk 
around here, there will be some annoying bugs so if you get sick of 
them, chop them down with your sword. After you get into the teleporting 
device, you can SAVE...again.

Now you should be in a place with a ton of bookshelves. (A library?) Get 
the "Smelly Bag" and "Emerald Lantern" and then go on. You'll end up in 
a dead end. Once you're there, examine a bookcase with book on the 
bottom. You'll get a scene. Go on a little ways and you'll get another 
scene. Zeus will automatically go into the next teleporter. You'll get a 
random battle with him alone, so you can test out his skills now (two 
Lizardmen and a Maneater). After this battle, you can SAVE.

Okay, simply put, this area can be a little confusing. If you go to the 
right, you'll keep getting Cleo warning you about moving walls with 
eyes. If you keep going to the right, you'll run into a dead end where 
the walls will stop you from going further. After a while of that, 
you'll get sent back to the beginning of this section. If you do the 
same thing over and over again, Cleo will give you a clue on what to do 
now... But if you want to avoid that huge fuss, just follow the left 
wall and you'll be out. When you get to the teleporter, go inside. 
There'll be a scene and a battle with a few Lizardmen and Groks. 
There'll be a healing element nearby when needed... After Cleo speaks, 
go over to the middle of the room. Push the "x" button when you want the 
places to stop spinning. You'll hear a ringing sound if you get it 
right. The treasure chest on the left has "Sleeping Chimes" and the one 
on the right has "Blue Incense." Go to the teleporter and you'll get a 
scene. After it, you can SAVE.

Now you control Cleo. Jump on the brown "step-stones" and don't fall 
unless you want to start over... Push the lever and now you can get out 
of this place. You'll be able to enter the ship graveyard and SAVE.

You're back as Orphen. Be wary of this place because it has a lot of 
loose floorboards that you can fall through. Climb up the first ladder, 
walk down the next one and go to the right to jump onto the second boat. 
Here, you can get an "Emerald Lantern." Climb up the ladder near the 
treasure chest and walk across the next. Fall off of the next ladder 
that you can walk across (there should only be one). Enter the cabin to 
get the "Smelly Bag." Now go back to the deck and climb up the ladder 
next to the cabin you just exited (change the view). Climb up another 
two ladders, now go forward until you see a long ladder below you. Jump 
down and go to the right. Make sure to jump over the spaces. When you 
walk far enough, you'll get into a battle with some Knifefish and Sea 
Pigs. Beware the Knifefish, they will hurt, and they are hard to hit 
with projectiles or elements. After a while, Zeus will leave the battle. 
Keep fighting until he says that you can leave (before he does that, 
he'll say something like, "A little more.."). When you automatically 
leave, you'll get a scene and SAVE.

Go straight and then through the left door. Go into the next door, go up 
and then through another door. Go into the next door and up again, 
another door and go straight to get a scene. You'll fall through the 
boards and get another battle, this time with Votorus, Killer Bees, and 
a Beholder. There's a healing element nearby. You'll get the same thing 
with Zeus as before. After you finish this battle, you have to control 
Zeus. There'll be a "Bug Attractor," so get that and chop down the pole 
in the middle with his sword. (The second swing is the only one that'll 
hit it.) Now you're Orphen, follow the path that Zeus opened up for you 
and go up. When you jump off, Zeus'll join and you can get two "Emerald 
Incenses." Go up the stairs and you'll get a scene. Now you have to go 
up and enter the Aerial Pathway--Graveyard. You'll get another scene and 
then SAVE.

Go left and through the hallway and you'll get another scene. Get the 
"Hammer of Rending." Go into the door where you can go up, move the 
statue out of the way to the "Emerald Lantern." Go out and to the right 
of where you're facing now. Go down, move statue to get another "Emerald 
Lantern." Cleo will make comments about the place at times. Move any 
statues that you can and eventually you'll go underneath the place. 
(It's in the right room from the direction you start off from facing...) 
Go straight and you'll see a scene. SAVE.

Go up the stairs until you're on the second floor and enter the next 
room. The floor isn't steady so be ready to jump. You'll get to a really 
long flight of stairs. Go up and straight until you reach a place with 
brown fence-like things. Use your sword to chop those down. While you're 
at it, get the "Perfume Scented Bag" and the "Emerald Lantern" while 
you're at it. When you go up some short stairs, there will be some 
traps. Run through, since they don't do much damage anyway. Try to avoid 
the spikes underneath you by jumping over them. (Duh!) Once you get far 
enough, you'll get a battle with Groks and Votorus. There's a healing 
element someplace near there, as well. (You get the Votoru in the 
picture book.) Go up some more stairs and you'll get a scene. Go up and 
into the tunnel for another scene.

Now you get a FUN boss battle...really. First of all, you'll see two 
tube-like monsters which will drop smaller monsters. Ignore the small 
bug-like monsters that they drop and focus on the two. After they're 
done, use your elemental attack to wipe them all out at once. Don't 
forget to guard when the little bugs try to attack you because you'll 
need as much health as possible. After you're done with this short 
fight, you'll encounter the real boss. A giant spider. @[email protected]; Of course, 
you can't hit it when it has its web up so use your projectile to rip up 
the web. When the web breaks apart, use the elemental attack to hit the 
spider. You'll only get a few seconds to hit it, so hurry. Don't bother 
with the sword. Its attacks will hurt a lot, not separately, but it may 
hit you six times in a row... And its attack can make you defense-less 
for a while...not good. When you see its eyes pop out (you'll be able to 
tell) GUARD! It may either hit once or six times. If it starts hitting 
more than once, recharge your shield after the third attack or you'll 
run out. The spider also has a scorching attack that will be 
obvious...it will turn around to do it and you'll see a gun like thing 
facing you. Guard then as well... It may also do it after its shooting 
attacks so be wary of that. The more you chip off the spider's health, 
the more it will do its scorch attack. This may be one of the most 
longest fights, but don't get frustrated. If you restart the battle, 
you'll have to restart the first tube-monsters as well. 

After you're done with that battle, congratulate yourself. Orphen'll 
learn the "Armor of Purity" which you will need later and you'll see an 
anime sequence. Enter Gaia's Hidden Room and go to the side to see a 
scene. When you enter the Rest House once more, you can SAVE.

Again, talk to everyone, this time speaking to Zeus first. Zeus, Mar, 
and Sephy will all leave. Magnus and Cleo will just say the same thing 
over and over. After talking to them, leave the Rest House and go down 
to recruit Zeus once more. You'll see a scene and then enter the Boat to 
Pathway. You'll get another scene and then get to SAVE.

Now you have to get to the lever. Jump up and over the spinning wheels 
when there's an opening. Push the lever and you'll get a scene. Next, 
you have to use Zeus. Follow Orphen's advice to progress...but before 
you do, you will get a battle with Sea Pigs and Knifefish with him 
alone. After you do that, you'll go on and have to flip another lever 
using Orphen. This time the places to step on are spinning... You'll get 
another battle (this time with Orphen, Magnus, and Zeus) with Knifefish 
and Airus. Follow Rani into the Tower of Mercy. You'll get another 
scene. After that, go and get the "Emerald Lantern" and "Sleeping 
Chimes." You can also get a "Great Sword" from the higher treasure 
chest. Keep going after that one and you'll enter the Maze. You can SAVE 

Go straight until you see another scene. You'll get another battle with 
Zeus alone (Groks and Killer Bees). Keep going straight into the Tower 
of Wisdom. Run around for a while and you'll get a scene. After it, walk 
near the bed and look at the inner wall to get in. Fall into the pit and 
go straight to enter the Underground Labyrinth. You'll get a scene, 
split up, and SAVE.

The traps here are self-explanatory. Just avoid the iron balls. You will 
NOT be able to use the wall strategy, so don't try. ^.^;; In the next 
room you'll see some spikes moving up and down and a moving wall next to 
them. Hurry past them so you don't get pushed into the lava. While 
you're at it, get the "Blue Incense." After those traps, you'll see 
swinging axes again. Stay close to the wall to avoid them. You can get a 
"Purple Lantern" and a "Smelly Bag" as well. Soon you'll get to a place 
where there's a large hole in the center of the room. An spiked iron 
ball will roll down and fall in it every couple of seconds. Just run as 
soon as you see it pass you. When you're done with that bunch of traps, 
your group will return. Now's the harder part. You'll have to control 
Zeus, who is considerably slower than Orphen. Grab the two "Emerald 
Lanterns" while avoiding the ball. (They're in the small places that the 
ball can't reach.) Jump on the switch to trigger it. It's the same thing 
in the next section, without the treasure. In the third part there will 
be a "Blue Lantern." After it, your group will catch up. Finally, you'll 
be Orphen. Take a few steps forward and you'll split up again, though, 
and you'll be stuck as Zeus. @[email protected]; At least you can SAVE.

There's falling spiky balls again! Get the "Emerald Incense" and "Purple 
Incense." Jump onto the two switches opposite from each other and go 
into the newly opened door. You'll get a scene. 

Now for the next boss fight. It's a Doppleganger! Make sure not to hit 
it when it's Orphen or you'll die. If you're lazy, just shoot the guy 
when it's Magnus or Zeus or in its original form, guarding when it's 
Orphen. None of the other members of the group will attack. (Thank 
goodness...) An easier way is to equip the "Armor of Purity" that you 
got a few battles ago (put it in place of your sword) and reflect the 
darkness attack back to the boss. It will change back to its normal form 
(Lizardman?) and you can hit it...just make sure you watch out for it 
changing back to Orphen. If you do it right, it'll be one of the easiest 
boss battles in the game. After it, Orphen will learn the "Smoke of 
Pain" which is like what the Doppleganger tried to use on you. (And you 
reflected it, right?) Don't forget to re-equip your sword after the 

You'll return to Gaia's Tomb and get a scene, then an anime sequence. 
Talk to Zeus, Sephy, Mar (so they leave), Cleo and Magnus (they 
won't...). Go back outside and talk to Zeus so you can recruit him 
again. After the next scene, you can SAVE.

Before going into the quicksand, get the "Emerald Incense," "Bug 
Attractor," and the "Sleeping Chimes." Then go ahead and enter to get a 
battle with Killer Bees and Sandworms. The next area has those annoying 
bugs in the sand again. Ignore them and go to the next sandpit (look at 
the map for help). Then you can SAVE.

Next is a place that looks empty with the exception of a monster-that-
looks-like-a-tree in the middle of the place. Use the sword to quickly 
break all four sides of it to get to the next area. You'll get a battle 
with Killer Bees. Open the map in the next area to see where you need to 
go. The circles of sand will start rising and falling. When they start 
falling, get onto them and jump to the higher area you need to reach. Be 
careful because when the sand begins to rise, it will drop sand on you 
to give some damage. Go down the sand to get another scene and SAVE.

Run straight and you'll get into a battle with Votorus and Dexs. Keep 
going until you get a scene and you'll be separated from your group. 
You'll have to go around to get to them. Be careful of the falling 
molten lava. Grab the "Summoning Bell" on your way. If you need to heal, 
go ahead. You'll soon get a scene, go down and get the "Blue Lantern" 
and then go back up and around the other way. Now you'll be able to 
enter the Mountain Summit and get a scene. You'll then get a battle with 
Hellfire, Beholder, and Dex. There'll be a healing element this time so 
this one won't be as hard as the last one. (Dex will be added in the 
picture book.) You can now SAVE.

Now you're Zeus. Chop down the loose pillars to make a pathway for 
yourself to the stairs. You can get an "Emerald Lantern" on the way 
there. As soon as you reach the stairs, you'll get a scene. 

This is the last boss battle for this quest. It's a...seamonster? When 
the floor starts shaking, one of its tentacles (?) will hit you. Just 
guard in the start because you can't hurt the monster. After a while, 
Zeus will slice open the shell so you can hit it. Sometimes the 
tentacles will charge up to hit you even more, and since there's a lot 
of them, this might be a confusing fight. Also, when the claw is 
blocking the core, it won't take damage unless you use elemental 
attacks. (Be wary of the time it takes to do one when you're getting hit 
by all of the tentacles as well...) When it's almost dead, you'll get 
another scene with Zeus. Orphen'll learn the "Falcon of Death" when the 
fight's over. 

You'll see another heart-warming scene soon after...and then you're back 
at the ship. The mystery girl will repeat what she said last time (you'd 
think she'd think of something better to say by now) and then you can 

***End of Zeus' Quest***

Yay, it will ask you if you want to "Fulfill your destiny" once more. 
Same as before, choose no and you'll get a dumb ending, yes and you'll 
continue. This time you'll have to talk to Cleo and Magnus and then 
you'll see that lovely beginning boss all over again. Use the same 
technique to finish it off for the last time. After you beat it, you'll 
see it die again and then an anime sequence. After yet another scene, 
you can SAVE.

* Mar's Quest *

Go to the door and see the scene. Now you control Cleo, so go up the 
stairs and up the vine. Get the "Cymbals of Fire" nearby, then go up 
some more vines. You'll see a short scene, then you can go up more 
vines. You'll see another short scene. Now go left and up more vines. Go 
down the steps to find Mar. You'll get a scene here. After it, open the 
door behind him and go down until you see another door. Open it and 
you'll get a scene. You can now control Orphen. Go back into the door 
and up, out of the second door and up the stairs. As soon as you reach 
the waterfall, you'll get a scene. You'll be able to enter the 
Watercourse Labyrinth and SAVE.

Go to the right and up some stairs. Pull the lever. Keep going and 
you'll get a scene. Mar will leave...follow him. After a while you'll 
have to fight Sea Pigs and Knifefish using him. Be forewarned that his 
attacks can be a bit slow compared to others. After the fight, continue 
following him. There'll be an "Emerald Lantern" the opposite way he's 
going. You'll have to pull another lever to go on. Soon you'll get 
another scene and another battle with Landoss and Knifefish. Go back and 
open the last closed door with a lever and get the "Sleeping Chimes" and 
"Blue Lantern." After this, go and pull the lever to the right. Follow 
the top path and continue pressing levers until you get to a bright 
light. Walk into it and SAVE.

Walk down and to the left. You'll get a battle with Votorus and Huggers. 
After you walk further in, you'll get a scene. Go even further and 
battle with a Dex and more Huggers. (There's a healing element in this 
fight.) Go down for another scene. Now you control Mar. Wait for the 
logs and jump onto them to reach first the brown area in the middle, 
three green step looking things to the right, one big green step left 
and then another big green step right (use the green log to get there). 
Do NOT overestimate his jumping abilities... Go up and examine the plant 
under the boulder to get a scene. After this you'll go back to being 
Orphen. You will enter the Endless Stairs and get a scene. Finally, 

Get the "Flute of the Wind" and go down to examine the egg. You'll get a 
scene. Go down the stairs, straight, then up the steps to find the next 
piece. You know you're on the right track when you hear Cleo say that 
you're close to it. Grab the "Bug Attractor" and go to the steps to get 
a scene. Go straight through and then down and up some steps (ignore the 
stairs). Go across the bridge, then enter the Chapel Hill. Go straight 
and across the bridge to get another scene and SAVE.

You now control Mar once again. Go towards the left and get the two 
"Emerald Lanterns." You know you're on the right path when you find one. 
The group will rejoin you there and go up the stairs. Now you'll be 
Orphen. You'll get a scene, and then a battle.

This boss battle isn't very hard as long as you get used to his pattern. 
(Then again, no boss battle is hard when you understand what's going 
on.) It's a flying monster...hit it when it lands, but be careful of its 
breath attack and throwing attack. Sometimes, you'll have an option of 
aiming either right or left, with nothing on either side. Guess where it 
will land and hopefully you'll get in a shot or two. Don't bother with 
projectiles unless its on the ground, since they'll often miss. Use 
elemental. It will also doing a attack while it's flying around above 
you. Even though you can aim at it, don't try to hit it, since it will 
repeatedly attack you. Orphen's not quick enough to recover from his 
attack and guard before it hits. Just guard when it does that. After 
this boss, Orphen will learn "Feathers of the Hurricane" and you'll see 
an anime sequence. 

You'll get to enter Gaia's Tomb. Go to the Rest House to SAVE. This time 
talk to Mar first thing to get everyone except for Cleo and Magnus to 
leave. Cleo is NOT at the staircase this time. Change the view to see 
her. Go outside and down to recruit Mar. You'll get a scene, enter the 
purple door and SAVE.

Use Mar to jump on the gears to get across and snag the "Blue Incense" 
while you're there. Enter the Frozen Wasteland. You'll go back to being 
Orphen. (Now that was hard.) And you can SAVE. (Wonder why there's so 
much saving so close together here...not complaining though. ^.-)

You can get "Summoning Bells" here. Go forward and you'll get a battle 
with Huggers, a Beholder, and Aegists. Get the "Blue Incense" and 
"Emerald Incense" as well. Keep going (follow the map) and get to a 
place with a completely blue floor. Slide on it and sometime soon, 
you'll get to a place that has a rumbling sound. Walk around and you'll 
get a scene and be able to SAVE.

Now you control Mar (AGAIN?!). Jump from place to place to get to a 
smaller walkway. You can get a "Emerald Incense" and "Smelly Bag" here. 
(Most of the water around here is shallow, but beware the deeper/darker 
areas.) Follow the map and you'll end up getting a battle with Groks and 
an Aegist. (You'll get the Aegist in the picture book.) After it, keep 
going up and hop down to get a "Blue Lantern." Continue on to see a 
scene. You'll be back as Orphen. Go up the stairs to get another scene 
and SAVE.

Now go up to the frog in the middle of the room and press the notes in 
the order the tune went. In other words: Dark Green, Dark Purple (or 
Blue), Orange, Light Green, and White. Go up the stairs and you'll get a 
battle with Airus and Maneater. Keep going up and you can SAVE. In the 
next room, follow the frog. You can see it in the map. Also, WALK, don't 
run. (>.< Unlike what I did.) After you get to the frog, a new pathway 
should open up. Go up the stairs and you'll see a scene. Again, SAVE.

Now follow the frog's pattern. If you fall, you'll go back to the last 
floor... Just go on the gold, silver, gold, second silver away, silver, 
silver, gold, gold, and gold, and you should make it to the area next to 
the treasure chest. (It has the "Harp of Darkness.") Get that and go up 
the stairs. You'll get a battle with Hellfire and Maneaters. Go up some 
more and get "Blue Lantern," "Perfume Scented Bag," and "Summoning 
Bells." Then you get a scene. When you go out, SAVE.

You can now get a "Smelly Bag" and then you'll get a scene. Now for the 
next boss battle!

It's a giant...snake-lady? (Brisgar) and icicles (Aegists). Ignore the 
icicles even though they might hurt a lot, since they'll keep coming 
back. The fight is self-explanatory, just hit it when you can aim at it. 
Hopefully it won't be hard, and it's the only boss battle where you 
won't have to do much over again if you die and restart. (Just have to 
listen to a scene..urgh. Not too bad compared to the parts before 
Minotaur and the spider, though.) After this battle, Orphen will learn 
the "Coldness of Destruction." 

Get the "Purple Lantern" afterward. Enter the Tower of Mercy, and go 
upstairs to see a scene. You'll get an anime sequence as well. Now 
you'll enter Gaia's Tomb. Like always, you'll see a scene, go to the 
Rest House, and SAVE.

Talk to everyone until they say the same thing over and over. (Mar and 
Cleo are not there.) Go outside and down to recruit Mar once more. Go 
into the golden door that Jado went into and SAVE.

You'll control Mar soon. Be careful not to fall off of the moving boards 
and get the "Blue Lantern." Once you get across, you'll get to go to the 
Watercourse Labyrinth. You'll get a scene. You can either walk slowly 
here and blow a few notes out with Mar's flute every two steps or so and 
hope you can get through, or you can use all of those "Bug Attracters" 
you got before. (Mar's flute notes take FOREVER to get out...) Hurry by 
while the bugs are distracted...though you'll have to make sure that 
Jado doesn't get killed by the bugs. If she gets hit too many times, 
you'll have to start over (>.<) Also, Jado is REALLY slow. Run on ahead 
and place a few bug attracters right before she gets there so the bugs 
won't attack her. After a long long long continuation of this, you'll 
get a battle against Votorus, and then a scene. You'll get another 
battle with Landoss and Votorus, and another scene. Control Orphen and 
go down the pit into the Underground Labyrinth and SAVE.

Yay, there's a trap that will try and squash you again!  Get past that 
and go straight forward (and not to the right), and you should be at an 
area with yellowish arrows flying around the room. (Yep, it's the 
statues going at it again.) Activate the switch here and now you can go 
back to the hallway you skipped before.  Go back to that place and this 
time go to the right.  The switch will activate that ball waiting in 
front of you, so step into that convenient spot in the wall to the left.  
In the next area, you can get "Sleeping Chimes." In order to reach the 
switch here, you have to jump in the little areas between the lava.  Be 
careful of the swinging axes.  You shouldn't have too much problem here 
because if you're standing close enough to the edge (unlike [email protected]@), 
you would be able to jump over the axes without too much trouble.  After 
you get back, stay to the side to avoid the other axe (again).  

In the next area, go far enough as to activate the switch and then go 
into the left (not the way the ball came from).  Keep going straight to 
get the "Blue Lantern," then return to go to the area you skipped.  
There'll be an axe blocking your way in, so be careful of it.  Heal if 
you need to because you need to get past an axe in order to continue on.  
After you get through this room, you'll get a scene and a battle.  
(Votoru, Dex, and Maneater; there's a healing element.)  Go to the next 
area and you'll fight Hellfire, Beholders, and Lizardmen. (Again, 
there's a healing element.  Don't you wish you could have one of those 
in the boss fights instead?)  Jump down the pit and you will get another 
scene.  Then you can SAVE. (Finally!)

This new place is all dark, so be careful not to fall.  Use the map to 
find the exit, it's toward the edge.  Just go to the edge and run all 
the way around.  There's a little step missing where the exit is and 
where you would be walking, so keep your eyes peeled for it.  You can 
get some treasure by stepping on the switches scattered around near the 
torches so you can light your way around.  (There's two "Purple 
Lanterns" and one "Blue Lantern."  By this point in the game, you'll 
find them useless...:P)  After you get to the exit, you'll get a scene 
and you'll have to control Mar.  Put the blocks into the holes and 
you'll call out the boss.

The last boss in Mar's storyline is erm...giant blocks?  You'll find 
that you can't hurt it.  After a short while (use this time to figure 
out its pattern), Mar will help you out.  When he does, hit the block 
with the eyeball on it.  This boss usually makes it obvious when it's 
going to attack, so don't forget to block.  Mar might collapse in the 
middle of the fight, but if you wait a while, he'll get back up.  You 
CAN'T hit it when Mar's not playing his music.  When the boss is almost 
dead, you'll hear Mar's music in the background and the eyeball will 
separate from the blocks.  After this not-so-very-hard battle, Orphen'll 
learn the "Hammer of Evil."  You'll get a scene (of course, another sad 
one) and they're back on the ship yet again.  Orphen'll see the 
mysterious girl along with Sephy, Zeus, and Mar.  Now he can "unlock the 
truth."  You'll get another scene...and now everything makes sense!  

***End of Mar's Quest***

* The Ending *

You'll get a horribly long scene and then the last boss fight of the 
entire game.  It's a robot that looks a little like the Hellfires you 
fought before.  Unfortunately, it has the same annoying habit of 
blocking everything you do to it.  This boss has five parts...I advise 
not bothering to take care of anything but the head.  The other parts 
may get a little annoying after a while, but unless you have good luck 
(which I don't), it'll take a long time to get rid of them, and you 
won't have much health left in the long run.  Another problem is that 
you don't get to see its health crystals.  So, you don't know when it's 
almost dead.  You'll know when you hit it when it turns red, though.  
Again, this darn monster loves to block.  The only way I was able to hit 
it was by charging up a projectile and shooting at the blocking arm.  If 
you're lucky enough, the arm will go down and the projectile will 
(barely) hit the monster.  If you continue to do this, it will start 
sending some (it starts with 3, then gradually increases) littler 
monsters to attack you.  Use your elemental attack to hit more than one.  
They only take two hits, but they get annoying after a while, especially 
when there's a billion of them...it's like they know when you put down 
your guard and they shoot then.  Make sure that you block when they 
shoot at you, it only hurts a little, but they add up quickly.  When 
it's almost finished, you'll be able to attack the head without it 
guarding.  It will probably counter attack every time after this with 
its missile (?) type attack that hurts around as much as the arms did.  
Don't forget to block.  (Okay, so I wasn't able to, because I have slow 
timing, but maybe you all will have better luck than me.) 

After you're done with this final boss, you'll see the final scene.  
Enjoy the ending and congratulate yourself for finishing. ^.-

:) Thanks to everyone who actually bothered to read my walkthrough, and 
thanks to Ifrit (okay, fine, Nicole) for letting me borrow the game. :)
No Thanks:
To people who try and copy my walkthrough without giving me credit, and 
no thanks to myself because I could have done a better job at 

**Feel free to e-mail me with questions/comments and I'll get back to 
you ASAP. 

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