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Written by Negakon
Published by Negakon
Tested by Negakon
Everything else by random people who's name I never bothered to find out.
Now, I'm done taking all the credits!
Note: As I travel into the game, I will post this walkthrough into parts, so it'll be easier to read and get help on wherever you're stuck on.

Professor Birch, the Pokemon Professor of the Hoenn Region, will welcome you as he explain about the Pokemons. As Birch does, you'll have a chance to name your character.

It's a boy!:

It's a girl!:

With that over with, your Pokemon adventure is about to begin! And it begins in the back of a moving truck. 

Welcome to Littleroot Rown!

Anyway, hop out and follow Mom into the house, go set the clock and get the potion out of the computer then go back down. Your Mom will call you over as Dad is on tv, but you being as slow as Slowpoke, you missed it. Oh well, let's just mosey outside and go visit the neighbors. Upon entering, you'll be redirected upstair to meet your future rival, (If you're a boy) May. (If you're a girl) Brendan. After the short chat Rival will take off so you just leave the house and go toward the edge of Littleroot Town.

Route 101~

A little guy can be seen worrying. Apparently, the Pokemon Professor isn't as friendly as the wild Poochyena thinks, after all the cute pokemon's just playing around, not trying to sink his sharp teeth into some....no buts! Heh

Well, as you move closer, Birch will ask you to save his endangered butt by choosing one of the three Pokeballs that have, oh conviently, fallen out of his bag.

Choosing the Starter Pokemon:

Treecko - The Grass Starter
Evolve into Grovyle at Lv.16 and Secpile at Lv.36
Advantages: Very fast, some good moves, and good at the start of the game.

Mudkip - The Water Pokemon
Evolve into Marshtomp at Lv.16 and Swampert at Lv.36
Advantages: Good Starter too. Solid stats and okay moves. Also has Ground Type, effective against Electric types.

Torchic - The Fire Pokemon
Evolve into Combusken at Lv.16 and Blaziken at Lv.36
Advantages: Powerful against the Elite Four, great moves that are effective against so many types. Solid Stats too. 

In my opinion, Torchic is the best starter in all of the Pokemon Games, allow me to explain. Once Torchic's on level 16, evolved to Combusken, and learned Peck and Double Kick, you are set! Why again? If you took the  time and the patience to train one pokemon all the way to level 16. before taking on the first gym, Then Ember will destroy bug and plant pokemon, while Double Kick takes care of rock and normal pokemon, and Peck'll help a lot with the second gym, as well as with any pokemon weak against flying moves. Basically, you got yourself a powerhouse at the beginning. 

Anyway, beat the Poochyena, then you'll be at the Lab, where Birch will send you to meet up with Rival after letting you keep your Starter. Make your way back to Route 101 and all the way to...

Oakdale Town~

First off, talk to the man standing by the house in front of the Pokemart to get a free potion. Then go on north to find Rival, but before talking to Rival, train your starter to level 10, so it'll be a piece of cake. When you're done, go back to the Lab with Rival to talk to Birch again. You get the Pokedex and the Pokeballs in addition to your two Potions unless you wasted them. Go back to Route 108, where Rival was. Here's is an effective way of raising a solid team early on. Capture a Poochyena, it's Dark moves and its Intimidate should be very useful. A Zigzagoose or 2 will be very helpful, not for battling, but to use them as Item Thieves as you battle pokemon and trainers. They'll pick up useful stuff like Full Restore and Rare Candies to stock up on, while getting nice stuff like Super Potions and Revive for challenges ahead, and of course, practical stuff like Nugget for more money. 

Head west of Oakdale Town and battle the four trainers with Poochyena to build him up. By the time you're out of Petalbush Forest, he should be at level 12. Anyway, I would suggest capturing a Ralts, they're dead useful against Dewford Gym, of course, they'll be awesome to use to confound Trainers when the moment calls for Speed, and I'm talking about using it against Rival's Grovyle if you chose Mudkip. Go speak to Norman, your Dad, and help Wally get a pokemon. When everything's done with, buy up to 10 Pokeballs (Get a permier ball free) and as much Potions as possible. Then go outside Petalbush Town and capture a Taillow, because of them being useful against Dewford Gym, as well as any fighting types, including That Combusken your Rival has if you got Treecko. Fight the two Trainers and get into Petalbush Forest. Like I said, train your Poochyena to Lv.12, your starter to Lv.14, Taillow to Level 12. And any other pokemon you wanted to respectable levels. If you still have the Zigzags, then keep them around for the Items. 

Note: Don't ever use Rare Candies on your pokemon, just on pokemon you need to level up fast, like Wailmer into Wailord for the Regi, or whatever. They will give lousy stats. Think of them as Steroids, use too much and the famiy jewels will shrivel up. Same is true for Pokemons and Candies. 

Anyway, By the time you've exited Petalbush Forest, your Team should have the following:

Level 14+ Starter (Fire)
Level 12+ Poochyena (Dark)
Level 12+ Taillow (Flying)
Level 10+ Shroomish (Grass)
Two Lv.??? Zigzagooses.

See, already a good team is beginning to form, as well as a nice stock of items from all that battling. Go to the nearby guy to get a TM, Bullet Seed, and teach it to Shroomish. Then behind the Flower Shop to get the  pokeball and a hidden Super Potion. Now, go battle the two nearby Trainers then for the 2.vs.2 battle, I suggest Taillow and Starter. If You have Torchic as Starter, then it'll be easy. Mudkip may have a problem, and Treecko won't.

Then fight the Fisherman with Torchic, and go through Rustboro City to the route before the Rock Tunnel, there's a lot of Trainers to get your Starter to level 16, especially Torchic. If your Starter is 16, then train your Taillow and Poochyena to Level 14 and your Shroomish to 12. You won't need a Whismur or a Nicada, since they're really useless. Go battle the Gym Trainers and Gym Leader Roxanne. It should be easy with any Lv.16 Starters. Very easy. You should go back to Petalbush and hop the Ship to Dewford. Save and heal then tackle the Granite Cavern, capture a Mahuita and an Abra. Mahuita should provide to be a powerful fighting type, while Abra is a powerful psychic type once trained up good. Train them both to level 14 if possible, along with Shroomish. Aron would be a good pokemon too, with its sturdy defense and moves, and later having an Aggron would be awesome, and very helpful against the Twins and some other Trainers. You only need the first level of the Cavern to do that all, not the darker levels. Once your team is ready:

Lv.18+ Starter
Lv.16+ Poochyena/Lv.18 Mighthyena
Lv.14+ Taillow
Lv.14+ Shroomish
Lv.14+ Abra
Lv.12+ Mahuita

I recommend Sending in Abra against the Gym trainers so he can level up some more, or Taillow too. When you're facing Brawly, send Taillow against his Machop first, since its much faster. His Mahuita is a bit stronger, and loves using Bulk Up, so send Combusken if you have him, or Abra/Taillow. Don't let Mahuita get too strong, or use Marshstomp's Mudslap to reduce accuracy.

When you're all done in Dewford, move on to Slateport. That's it for now, but Part.2 will be here soon. Hope my walkthrough/Strategy was helpful! It should give you a chance to get a powerful group of pokemon early on. I myself like the game better with this interesting combination of group.

Lv.20 Combusken
Lv.20 Mighthyena
Lv.18 Taillow
Lv.18 Aron
Lv.16 Ralts
Lv.16 Shroomish

Mighthyena's moves and ability really helped a lot against some trainers, and Aron does have some promise against many trainers, because more usualy use normal/grass/water types, and Aron's resistances help. Steel types are one of the best pokemons ever. I know there's no water type in my Team, but I'm waiting for  a Wailmer or a Gyarados. Peace!

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