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                -- G Y A K U T E N  S A I B A N  2 --
           _                  _                  _      _   _   
      _ __| |_  ___  ___ _ _ (_)_ __ __ __ ___ _(_)__ _| |_| |_ 
     | '_ \ ' \/ _ \/ -_) ' \| \ \ / \ V  V / '_| / _` | ' \  _|
     | .__/_||_\___/\___|_||_|_/_\_\  \_/\_/|_| |_\__, |_||_\__|
     |_|                                          |___/         

                 -- J U S T I C E  F O R  A L L --

        Gyakuten Saiban 2/ Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)
                        FAQ/ WALKTHROUGH v. 1.1
                             By: neeker


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Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:


In fact, it's extremely spoiler heavy due to the nature of the game. 
I can't do a spoiler free guide because I just have to explain it all, 
so that I can feel good. If you're likely to get offended by spoilers, 
please don't use a guide.



1. Contact Information
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Getting Started
5. Characters

6. Episode 1: The Lost Turnabout                           [ PW2600 ]

   - Case File                                             [ PW26CF ]

   - Part 1-1: Trial                                       [ PW2611 ]
     Gumshoe: Decisive Evidence                            [ PW26G1 ]
     Gumshoe: Dustin and Maggey                            [ PW26G2 ]
     Gumshoe: Writing on the Ground                        [ PW26G3 ]

   - Part 1-2: Trial                                       [ PW2612 ]
     Wellington: What I saw that Day                       [ PW26W1 ]
     Wellington: What Happened Next                        [ PW26W2 ]

7. Episode 2: Reunion, and Turnabout                       [ PW2700 ]

   - Case File                                             [ PW27CF ]

   - Part 1: Investigation                                 [ PW2710 ]
   - Part 2-1: Trial                                       [ PW2721 ]
     Gumshoe: Cause of Death                               [ PW27G1 ]
     Gumshoe: Incriminating Evidence                       [ PW27G2 ]
     Gumshoe: What Transpired                              [ PW27G3 ]

   - Part 2-2: Trial                                       [ PW2722 ]
     Lotta: Witness's Account                              [ PW27L1 ]
     Lotta: Witness's Account, Pt.2                        [ PW27L2 ]

   - Part 3: Investigation                                 [ PW2730 ]

   - Part 4-1: Trial                                       [ PW2741 ]
     Morgan: Maya's Escape                                 [ PW27M1 ]
     Ini: After the Murder                                 [ PW27I1 ]
     Ini: After the Murder, Pt.2                           [ PW27I2 ]

   - Part 4-2: Trial                                       [ PW2742 ]
     Ini: Last Year's Accident                             [ PW27I3 ]
     Ini: I wouldn't be allowed                            [ PW27I4 ]

8. Episode 3: Turnabout Big Top                            [ PW2800 ]

   - Case File                                             [ PW28CF ]

   - Part 1: Investigation                                 [ PW2810 ]

   - Part 2-1: Trial                                       [ PW2821 ]
     Gumshoe: Details of the Events                        [ PW28G1 ]
     Ben/ Trilo: What you Witnessed                        [ PW28B1 ]
     Ben/ Trilo: About the Proposal                        [ PW28B2 ]
     Ben/ Trilo: Witnessing Max                            [ PW28B3 ]

   - Part 2-2: Trial                                       [ PW2822 ]
     Moe: What you Witnessed                               [ PW28M1 ]
     Moe: The Silhoutte                                    [ PW28M2 ]
     Moe: The Silhoutte, Pt.2                              [ PW28M3 ]
     Moe: The Truth                                        [ PW28M4 ]

   - Part 3: Investigation                                 [ PW2830 ]

   - Part 4-1: Trial                                       [ PW2841 ]
     Acro: What you Witnessed                              [ PW28A1 ]
     Acro: Acro's Physical State                           [ PW28A2 ]

   - Part 4-2: Trial                                       [ PW2842 ]
     Acro: About the Ringmaster                            [ PW28A3 ]

9. Episode 4: Farewell, my Turnabout                       [ PW2900 ]

   - Case File                                             [ PW29CF ]

   - Part 1-1: Investigation                               [ PW2911 ]

   - Part 1-2: Investigation                               [ PW2912 ]

   - Part 2-1: Trial                                       [ PW2921 ]
     Gumshoe: Bare Facts of the Case                       [ PW29G1 ]
     Gumshoe: Why arrest Engarde?                          [ PW29G2 ]
     Oldbag: What you Witnessed                            [ PW29W1 ]
     Oldbag: Who I saw                                     [ PW29W2 ]
     Oldbag: Secret Information                            [ PW29W3 ]

   - Part 2-2: Trial                                       [ PW2922 ]
     Andrews: When I found the Body                        [ PW29A1 ]
     Andrews: The Guitar Case                              [ PW29A2 ]
     Andrews: Protecting Matt                              [ PW29A3 ]
     Andrews: When I found the Body                        [ PW29A4 ]
     Andrews: My "Crime"                                   [ PW29A5 ]

   - Part 3-1: Investigation                               [ PW2931 ]

   - Part 3-2: Investigation                               [ PW2932 ]

   - Part 4-1: Trial                                       [ PW2941 ]
     Powers: Visit to Matt's Room                          [ PW29P1 ]
     Powers: The Second Time                               [ PW29P2 ]
     Powers: Their Second Meeting                          [ PW29P3 ]
     Andrews: The Bear Figurine                            [ PW29A6 ]

   - Part 4-2: Trial                                       [ PW2942 ]
     de Killer: About my Client                            [ PW29D1 ]
     de Killer: About my Client, Pt.2                      [ PW29D2 ]
     de Killer: Request Taking                             [ PW29D3 ]
     de Killer: Request Taking, Pt.2                       [ PW29D4 ]
     Bad Ending Requirements                               [ PW29BE ]
     Good Ending Requirements                              [ PW29GE ]

10. Conclusion

Appendix 1: Version history
Appendix 2: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix 3: Credits 


Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
username "neeker". Feedback for this document can be directed to 
lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other 
works here:



Gyakuten Saiban 2 is the sequel to last year's Gyakuten Saiban: 
Yomigaeru Gyakuten, otherwise known as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in 
the US. It's an adventure game featuring the misadventures of a 
rookie defense attorney, and how he somehow manages to win court cases 
while under adverse situations. 

Like the game from last year, the US version of the game hasn't been 
released at the time of writing, but the Japanese version of the game 
has a fully translated English version. If the first game is an 
indication, the translation will be exactly what the US version will 
get when it gets released. Anyhow, this guide is written based on this 
translated game. As such, you'll get the rather corny localised names 
(eg. Phoenix Wright) instead of the equally corny, but a little more 
cool-sounding Japanese ones (eg. Naruhodou) in this document. 

You may have noticed that the first version of this guide was created 
as early as 10.3.06, which is a full 23 days before the official 
release of the game in Japan. Basically, what I did was create the 
primary structure of this guide, and also to add in the basic info 
regarding to mundane stuff like introduction, controls, etc. The 
reason I did these so early is due to my upcoming wedding in 
November - well-wishing donations can be PayPal-ed to my email 
address, by the way - so that I can go straight into the walkthrough 
when the game gets released. 

Fans who have played the first game may also find me familiar. That 
is, if you've used my "award-winning guide" (really) for that game. If 
you're one of those who contributed to the 100,000+ (and possibly 
more - I stopped checking after that) pageviews to that article, I 
welcome you back to the world of Phoenix Wright. If you're new, don't 
worry. I'll try to be nice.

With the above nonsense done and dusted, let's begin.

UPDATE: This guide has won November 2006's FAQ of the Month on 
GameFAQs.com. Woohoo!


I could have given this section a miss, really, but I'm trying to be 
nice, remember? So, I copied and pasted the following from the previous 

There're primarily two sets of controls for this game:

A: Next page/ confirm an action.
B: Back page/ cancel an action.
X: Present an evidence during a cross-examination (without using the 
Y: Present an evidence by shouting a command into the mic when 
pressing Y, during cross-examination.
L: Press during a cross-examination.
R: Go to Court Record.
D-Pad: Toggling between items in the Court Record.
Start: Save game. You can save at anytime, and the game will restart 
from where you saved.
Select: --

A: Next page/ confirm an action.
B: Back page/ cancel an action.
X: --
Y: --
L: Move the screen from left to right, and vice versa, if the screen 
is too long.
R: Go to Court Record.
D-Pad: Move the examine marker during an examination.
Start: Save game. You can save at anytime, and the game will restart 
from where you saved.
Select: --

You can also play this game by using the stylus extensively. Just 
tap onto the options on the touch screen when they appear, and you 
should be fine.


Another section of copying and pasting, except for the last few 
description of some new features that are unique to this game,

These are the various screens you can access in this game, but the 
first thing you should do when you start-up the game for the first 
time should be to click the brown box that says "English" (ok, it's in
Chinese, but it basically means "English") to go into the English 
version of the game. From now on, everything will be in English. 

This is found on the bottom half of your Nintendo DS. You make 
decisions pertaining to the game on this screen. Clicking this screen 
when it has a large white arrow pointing towards the right will 
advance the plot on the Dialogue/ Movie Screen. During a testimony, 
clicking it will advance the witness's comments. During a cross-
examination, clicking the relevant arrows will allow you to toggle 
between the different sentences that the witness has said. Basically, 
you do everything on this screen.

This is found on the top half of your DS. Conversations that you 
conduct with people will appear as textboxes on this screen. People 
you talk to will appear on this screen when you talk to them. Places
you need to examine will also appear on this screen.

The button to access the Court Record is found on the top right corner 
of the Decision Screen. The Court Record basically holds everything 
that are of importance to the current case. It consists of both the 
Evidence Screen and the Profiles Screen. You can refer to the Court 
Record at any time.

The Evidence Screen shows all evidences pertaining to the current 
case, as well as a short description for them. When you need to 
present an evidence to contradict a witness's testimony during a 
cross-examination, you'll need to do it from this screen.

The Profiles Sceeen shows all the relevant personnel involved in the
current case, as well as a short description for them.

Investigation is an important part of this game. You'll be spending a
lot of time finding clues to solve a case, and this involves examining 
items and moving around.

An important segment of investigation. When you're given the option to
examine an area, click on the word "Examine" on the Decision Screen, 
and the lower screen of your DS will show a picture of the area. A 
pointer will be shown on the screen, and moving it around the area 
with your stylus will point it to different objects in the same area.
When an item of interest appears, an option to "Examine" this object 
will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click it, and 
you'll get a closer look at the object. If it turns out to be of 
importance, it'll be added to the Court Record, under Evidence.

Another important element of investigation. When you're given the 
option to move to a new area, click on the word "Move" on the Decision 
Screen, and the lower screen of your DS will show the places you can 
move to. Click on any of them, and you'll find yourself reaching that 
place in no time. 

A witness will give testimony during a trial. You can't do anything 
during the testimony, but you take this opportunity to jot down any 
contradicting statements, which could be used in your favor during the 

During a cross-examination, you can press your witness for more 
details, and at times even force them to add to their testimony. 
When you find a contradicting statement, you can also present an 
evidence from your Evidence Screen to counter them. Cross-examination 
is one of the most important aspects of the game, as this will be the 
time that you make or break a trial. 

The Press button appears on the top-left corner of your Decision 
Screen during a cross-examination. You can press the witness for more 
details or clarifications if you find that he or she isn't very 
truthful. Doing so will lead to you shouting "HOLD IT!" on the screen.
At times, your pressing could be objected by the prosecutor, so try to 
press only when necessary.

The Present button appears on the top-right corner of your Decision 
Screen during a cross-examination. You can present an evidence to 
counter a contradicting statement from a witness. Presenting a 
contradicting evidence is the best way to expose a witness's lies. Use 
it to turn cases into your favor. You must be absolutely sure though 
when you present, because if the judge doesn't agree with you, you'll 
lose "health".

Unlike the previous game, which uses "exclamation marks" to represent 
health, this game uses a green "health bar", much like what you'd 
normally see in an action game. This health bar will also be carried 
over between the investigation and court parts of the game, which 
reduces the possibilty of cheating. You'll lose health when you 
present the wrong evidences during court sessions, as well as the new 
"Psyche-Lock" sequences. The tricky thing here is that different 
mistakes carry different degree of punishment - some takes away a 
small amount of health, some a large chunk. Thankfully, you will 
regain health when you successful unlock a "Psyche-Lock".

So, what the hell is a "Psyche-Lock"? Well, it's a new feature to make 
things more difficult for you. This comes into play in the second 
case of this game. Basically, each witness will have secrets that they 
guard, and these are all guarded by an invisble "lock". After gaining 
the key to unlock them, you'll be able to see these guarded secrets. 
To open these locks, you'd need to present the correct evidence, much 
like what you usually do in the previous game. Failure to unlock a 
Psyche-Lock will reduce your health. Go figure!


These are the key personnel who appear in this game. Some are familiar 
faces, some are not. One of them even has relations to an old nemesis. 
You've been warned.

Phoenix is the defendant of truth, and guardian of proof... oh wait, 
that's the Blue Badger. Anyhow, Phoenix is the hero of this game (and 
the previous one). The once rookie defense attorney has risen from 
the ashes to become one of the best in the business. He has the 
uncanny ability to turn the tide in the most adverse situations. 
Needless to say, you'll be controlling him throughout the game.

Edgeworth is Phoenix's childhood friend... and arch-rival. Traumatised 
by a childhood incident, Edgeworth betrayed his dream of becoming a 
defense attorney, and became a prosecutor instead. He's known to be 
willing to "do everything just to get a guilty sentence for the 
defendant". In the final episodes of the first game, Edgeworth 
resigned from his post. His story, however, isn't entirely over.

Mia was Phoenix's mentor, and a real looker too. Unfortunately, 
she was brutally murdered in the previous game. Her strong spiritual 
strengths, however, tend to manifest through her sister, Maya, and 
her "presence" has helped turn the tide for Phoenix on many occasions. 
In this game, however, Mia also manifests herself through the body of 
her cousin, Pearl. 

Forever Phoenix's sidekick, Maya gets herself into trouble again in 
this game. If you didn't already know, she was accused of murdering 
Mia in the previous game. This time round, she was arrested for 
murder (what else?) yet again, and it's up to Phoenix and Pearl to 
save her, er, something.

The Fey family has a knack of producing mediums, and Pearl is one of 
its "products". Pearl is Maya's cousin, and with her strengths in the 
mystical, she will eventually grant Phoenix the power to peep into the 
dark secrets of the various witnesses. She's never in the league of 
Maya when it comes to being your typical anime babe, though.

Franziska is a talented prosecutor, who handles cases from the tender 
age of 13. The ruthless Franziska also has a score to settle with 
Phoenix, who destroyed her father's career by solving a 15-year-old 
murder that he committed in the previous game. Expect fireworks when 
these two meet in court.

No one knows his name, but this funny old man continues to rule the 
courts with an alarming degree of clueless-ness - the usually 
righteous Judge is sometimes swayed by pretty female witnesses and 
nasty prosecutors. His favorite past time is pounding his gravel.

Detective Gumshoe is a long-serving police officer who, despite his 
lack of detective skills, makes up with diligence and loyalty. He 
has proven to be a valuable ally to Phoenix in the past, especially 
in the "Rise of the Ashes" case from the first game, and will continue 
to provide great assistance in this game.

Popularly known as the "Rookie Crusher", Payne takes on Phoenix (who 
gave him a good beating the last time they met) again in the first 
case of this game. Despite being generally useless, you've gotta love 
the hair.

6. EPISODE 1: THE LOST TURNABOUT                            [ PW2600 ]
This is an introductory chapter, so like the previous game, you will 
go straight into the court session. This case is rather straight-
forward, but it still has its share of tricky moments. You will get to 
know the identity of the murderer during the introduction, though.

CASE FILE                                                   [ PW26CF ]

Defendant: Maggey Byrde                                          
Victim: Dustin Prince                                            
Prosecutor: Winston Payne                                        
Other Characters: Judge, Dick Gumshoe, Richard Wellington        
Background: The intro begins with Phoenix having a nightmare. In the
dream, he's facing the Judge, who says that he's not worthy of being
a defense attorney. A preview of things to come, perhaps?  

From now on, I will use "you" to refer to Phoenix - it's really 
easier to spell "you" than "Phoenix", you know. :)

PART 1-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW2611 ]

Date: 9/8
Time: 9:08am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

After the dream sequence, you will wake up outside the court room, 
fiddling with a cell phone. Unknown to you, a shady figure appears, 
and proceeds to sneak up on you. A single blow with a fire hydrant is
enough to render you unconcious.


Date: 9/8
Time: A few minutes later...
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

When you wake up (again), you will be greeted immediately by a girl in 
police uniform. Her identity is masked by a "???" at the moment, but 
you will soon find out that she's, in fact, your defendant, Maggey 
Byrde. Unfortunately, you're suffering from amnesia due to the knock 
to your head earlier by the unknown assailant. Apparently, you have 
promised Maggey that you will get a "Not Guilty" verdict for her, but 
you don't remember a thing about it. In fact, you don't even remember 
who you are!

Thankfully, the trusty Court Record will fill in some details for you. 
Check the records to find that Maggey is actually on trial for 
murdering her boyfriend, Dustin Prince. Check also the Evidence list 
to find the following:

  - Your good old Attorney's Badge.
  - A Cell Phone that you don't remember what it means and how it got 
  - A pair of broken Glasses, which are found under the victim's body,
    body, with pieces of near-sighted lenses found nearby.

Dustin's Autopsy Report is also in the Evidence list. It states the 

  - Time of Death: 9/6 at 6:28pm
  - Cause of Death: Broken neck. Body covered in bruises.


Date: 9/8
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 2

Your good friends, the Judge, and prosecutor Winston Payne are present. 
The Judge will ask whether you are ready. Regardless of your answer, he
will show no mercy - looks like you're defending this case, whether you 
like it or not.

During Payne's opening statement, he reveals that Dustin is also a 
policeman. This comes as a shock to you, but before you can recover, 
Payne has called forth the first witness of this trial, Detective Dick 

Now, Gumshoe is another old friend of yours, but that doesn't mean that 
you should be kind to him. He reveals that Maggey is his subordinate, 
which comes as a shock to me personally. I mean, Gumshoe? A supervisor? 
Anyway, after the mundane intro, the detective will provide more info 
on the case.

The murder happens at the Expose Park. Dustin was pushed down from the 
benches on the upper path of the park. The landing beat the body up 
badly, and snapped his neck in the process as well. Gumshoe also adds 
that the time of death was determined by Dustin's watch, which stopped 
after the impact from the landing.

During Gumshoe's explanation, he showed a photograph of the crime 
scene. It shows the victim's body lying face down, with a phone booth 
nearby. Payne will ask for this photograph to be added to the Evidence 
list. Crime Photo 1 added.

Now, the Judge will test your knowledge of this case. He talks about a 
crucial piece of evidence, found under the victim's body. If you've 
checked the Court Record as I mentioned earlier, you should have no 
problems answering the Judge's question. Just click "Glasses" for the 
correct answer. 

Gumshoe adds that Dustin held on to the murderer's glasses as he fell. 
Maggey then explains that she is wearing a spare pair of glasses, but 
swears that the glasses found at the crime scene are not hers. 
Apparently, she "accidentally" stepped on her own glasses on the day 
of crime. Hmm.

Payne adds that there's another evidence after this, one which he 
claims to decisive. This is when Gumshoe's testimony finally begins.


Gumshoe claims that there's something more incriminating than the 
glasses. Dustin was allegedly pushed from the bench area, but he 
managed to leave a dying message on the ground where he landed - the 
culprit's name. Gumshoe then shows another crime photo, which shows 
this message that says "Maggie". 

Crime Photo 2 added to Court Record.


This should be easy, no? Wait till Gumshoe say that the name on the 
ground is clearly the defendant's name, and present Maggey's profile 
from the Court Record. You will be amazed at your out-burst, but the 
sense of familarity is difficult to explain. You will then resume your 
usual brilliance by cornering Gumshoe and Payne - the defendant's name 
is spelled as "Maggey", not "Maggie"!

Payne argues that perhaps Dustin didn't know how to spell the name 
correctly, but come on, they are lovers, aren't they? The Judge will 
then ask Gumshoe to testify about the relationship between Dustin and 

GUMSHOE'S TESTIMONY: DUSTIN AND MAGGEY                      [ PW26G2 ]

Dustin and Maggey had been going out for about six months. They were 
even considering marriage. The date of crime also happened to be 
Dustin's birthday. Maggey has gotten a present for Dustin for the 
occasion, whom she consulted Gumshoe before buying.


Just for fun's sake, press Gumshoe when he said that Maggey had bought 
a present for Dustin, and find out that Gumshoe could be having a crush 
on Maggey! 

When Gumshoe said that Maggey bought the present two months ago, press 
the statement. This leads to the revelation that she has bought a 
baseball glove for Dustin. When given the chance to press further, do 
so. Gumshoe then reveals that Maggey actually ordered the glove two 
months ago, as it was a custom-made glove. Payne then retorts that the 
glove is of no relevance to the case. When the Judge asks your opinion, 
bluff that the glove is of relevance.

Gumshoe will present the glove now. It's rather yellow, and looks like 
a bunch of bananas (hey, this comment is decisive). Baseball Glove 
added to Court Record.

It is then revealed that Dustin really loves the color yellow, which 
is why the glove has to be custom-made. Maggey then comments that 
there's another reason why the glove is custom-made, but before she 
can further explain, the Judge cuts her off and talks about "Maggie" 
on the ground again. More testimony.


The police couldn't confirm that the writing on the ground was Dustin's. 
They also checked the victim's index finger, and found that there was 
sand trapped under the fingernail. There were scratches on the skin, 
presumably caused by him writing on the ground. Based on these facts, 
the police concluded that Dustin did write the name "Maggie" on the 


Present the Baseball Glove at Gumshoe's last statement. It's REALLY 
yellow, yes, but the important fact here is that it's  made specially 
for a left-hander - it's made to be worn on the right hand, and if you 
understand a little about baseball, you will know that the "gloved 
hand" is not the throwing hand. This is another reason why the glove 
has to be custom-made, which Maggey was trying to tell you earlier - a 
REALLY yellow, left-hander's baseball glove? What are the odds of 
finding it in the mall?

Now, if Dustin is left-handed, he couldn't possibly write the name on 
the ground with his right hand (actually, I can write with both hands, 
but let's just stick to the game...). As such, there can be only one 
conclusion from this: the person who wrote "Maggie" on the ground 
could not have been Dustin.

The Judge is rather convinced, and is willing to call for a "Not 
Guilty" verdict right away, but Payne still has some fight in him. It 
seems that there's a witness to the crime! The Judge will then call 
for a recess before you find out what exactly the witness, er, 
witnessed. Save your game now.


Date: 9/8
Time: 11:43am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

Maggey finally realizes that you're suffering from amnesia. She tries 
to give you a "Maggey Kick" to bring you back to your senses, but you 
promptly decline. She then chooses the more subtle way of presenting 
your business card to you. On the back of the card is your cell phone 

Phoenix's Business Card added to Court Record.

Maggey continues to fill you with information about a cell phone that 
she picked up on the day of the crime, before 6pm, while taking a walk 
with Dustin. This phone has the same ring tone as the one you were 
fiddling with at the start of this case. The owner of the phone called, 
and arranged to meet up with Maggey to recover the phone. He also 
asked for Maggey's name, of which she obliged. The owner, however, 
never turned up. Maggey eventually passed the phone to you yesterday. 
You searched your pockets and found the phone

NOTE: Check out what Maggey is wearing in the flashback... the Blue 

This is when Maya Fey returns! Yes, THAT Maya! She brings you a ultra-
decisive, super-important evidence - a list of about 20 people's names 
and phone numbers written on it. Maya explains that there's a group of 
con artists that the police are investigating, and the names on this 
list are the members of the group. She also adds that these numbers 
were in the memory of the phone that Maggey found. 

Names List added to Court Record.
Recess is over - back to court now.

PART 1-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW2612 ]

Date: 9/8
Time: 11:54am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 2

Payne's next witness is Richard Wellington, a drifter who was taking a 
walk in the park on the day of the murder. Wellington went on to do a 
Wendy Oldbag before properly introducing himself. Noticeably, he 
mentions about glasses, even though he wasn't wearing any.

Anyway, testimony time.


Wellington was at the Expose Park that day all afternoon. At about 6pm, 
a police officer fell from right above, right in front of his eyes. He 
looked up, and saw Maggey from above. He also noticed a bunch of 
bananas that fell together with the police officer.


You're pretty sure that Wellington is lying, and true enough, his 
testimony has a really obvious contradiction. When he talks about the 
bananas, present the bananas... I mean, the Baseball Glove. When given 
the option, tell the Judge that Wellington "has bad eyesight". The 
Judge agrees that it's not easy to mistake a Baseball Glove for a 
bunch of bananas, and asks why Wellington isn't wearing his glasses 
today. Wellington replies that he "lost them recently". Hmm.

Wellington eventually admits that he wasn't wearing his glasses when 
he "witnessed" the crime. The Judge then orders him to be more 
accurate with his testimony. 


Wellington claims that the girl on the upper path ran away as soon as 
she realized that he was there. He immediately called the police to 
report the crime after that. It was about 6:45pm when he made the call. 
The police arrived within 10 minutes.


Press him when he says that he called the police immediately. He 
estimated that he made the call within a minute of discovering the body. 
Maya then reminds you to take a look at the Court Record - remember 
the Autopsy Report? It states that the time of death is 6:28pm.

When he mentions that it was about 6:45pm when he made the call, show 
the Autopsy Report. If the time of death is 6:28pm, why did he take 
more than 15 minutes to call the police? 6:45pm is definitely not 

Wellington tries to explain that he was looking for a phone booth 
during this 15 minutes gap, since he lost his cell phone recently. This 
guy is unbelievable - he lost his glasses, now he lost his cell phone 
as well. Anyway, you should notice the contradiction in his explanation
by now. Choose to "Question Further" when given the prompt.

Wellington comments that he has since found his cell phone, and he 
shows it to you right away. No luck here at the moment. The Judge will 
then ask whether you have any further questions. Select "There is 
something...", and then present Crime Photo 1 when asked to - the photo 
clearly shows a phone booth RIGHT BESIDE the victim's body! There was 
no need for Wellington to spend 15 minutes "searching for a phone 
booth", when all he could do was to simply walk a few steps. 

Now, if he wasn't searching for a phone booth, what was he really doing 
during this 15 minutes gap? This is the question that the Judge will 
ask you. Reply "Yes, I have an idea", and present the Glasses. 
Wellington stupidly admits that the broken glasses belong to him. You 
will then explain that Dustin must have pulled the glasses off him 
during the melee. When he realized that his glasses were gone, he spent
some time searching for them, therefore resulting in his late call to 
the police. You also confidently accuse Wellington as being the real 

Your old self is coming back to you as you progress. This is the moment 
you have been waiting for. Wellington gives a feeble attempt to rebute 
your claim by using the "Maggie" on the ground evidence again. The 
Judge will now ask you to prove whether Wellington knew the name 
"Maggie" or "Maggey" beforehand. Select "There was a way", and then 
present the Cell Phone - remember what Maggey told you during the 
recess? The owner of the cell phone asked for her name! It seems that 
Wellington (the owner ofthe cell phone, obviously) has mistook "Maggie" 
for "Maggey", based on how the name sounded.

Payne now argues that Wellington has no motive to kill. Present the 
Names List when asked to identify the motive. The list has names and 
phone numbers of several con artists belonging to a syndicate. If 
Wellington wants the phone so badly, it's obvious that he's "a member 
of that group" - choose this option when prompted.

Payne throws a final attempt to turn the tide for him - Maggey has 
already arranged to return the phone to Wellington, so there wasn't 
really a need for Wellington to kill Dustin. You deduce that he must 
have seen something at the crime scene that made him commit murder. When 
asked to explain what was this "something", present Dustin's profile - 
Dustin has gone on his date with Maggey right after his shift, and was 
wearing his uniform. Upon seeing a man in police uniform, Wellington 
panicked, and was afraid that Dustin would ask questions before 
returning the phone. In his haste, he committed the murder.

Wellington will now ask you to prove that the Cell Phone in your 
possession is his, especially when he has already found "his phone". 
Choose to check the "fingerprints on the phone", but Maya then reminds 
you that you've personally wiped off the prints when you first got the 
phone from Maggey, because there was "sand all over it". 

It's not over yet though. You will now ask Wellington where he found 
his phone. He refuses to answer, but suddenly! You remember! The fire 
hydrant attack on you! Wellington must have knocked you out just so 
that he can recover his phone. You can't prove this though, so the 
Judge concludes the cross-examination.

Raise an objection now, and the Judge will give you one last chance to 
prove that Wellington is the killer. Present your Business Card, the 
evidence that will "explain everything". The Judge will give you his 
Business Card in return, ha ha.  Judge's Business Card added to Court 
Record. There's no meaning to this card though - it's just funny. :)

Now, select "the back of the card" when given the opportunity. You will 
then instruct Maya to call the number on the back of the card - your 
cell phone number. The familiar ringtone of the Steel Samurai returns! 
Surprisingly, the phone that rings is the one in Wellington's 
possession. Obviously, the fool, after knocking you out with the fire 
hydrant, has stolen the wrong cell phone from you!

Game over, yes?


Date: 9/8
Time: 2:16am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

Wellington is subsequently arrested, and Maggey has gotten her "Not 
Guilty" verdict, finally. Go through the rest of the conversation, 
which ends with you regaining your memory, and remembering a case that 
began on one rainy afternoon, two months ago - one that sees you 
reunite with Maya. 

                                               THE LOST TURNABOUT: END


7. EPISODE TWO: REUNION, AND TURNABOUT                      [ PW2700 ]
This case happens two months before Maggey's case. It also introduces 
the new "Psyche-Lock" feature.

CASE FILE                                                   [ PW27CF ]

Defendant: Maya Fey
Victim: Turner Grey
Prosecutor: Franziska von Karma
Other Characters: Judge, Pearl Fey, Morgan Fey, Lotta Hart, Dick
Gumshoe, Mia Fey, Ini Miney, Mimi Miney, Ami Fey, Misty Fey, Director 
Background: The intro begins a car accident. It then moves on to you 
visiting Maya at the Detention Center. She has been arrested for 
murder, again. This time, she's adamant that she did it. Can you prove 
her innocence again?


It all begins on a gloomy day.

PART 1: INVESTIGATION                                       [ PW2710 ]

Date: 6/16
Time: 3:34pm
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

The man at your office is a certain Dr. Turner Grey. He has a major 
problem - no one is visiting his clinic anymore, and it's all because 
of a malpractice case that took the lives of 14 patients at his clinic 
one year ago. The perpetuator was a nurse from his clinic. Before she 
could confess to her mistakes, however, she was killed in a car 
accident. Grey, through his contacts, found Maya, and requested her to 
channel the spirit of this dead nurse to reveal the truth. As this is 
Maya's first "official" channeling - even though she has, on so many 
occasions, channelled her sister's spirit to help you in cases - she 
has requested YOUR presence. This is what Grey is here for.

While you ponder about the incident, the upper screen shows the 
accident scene, with a survivor from that car crash. Rumors were that 
Grey orchestrated the accident to hide the person behind the medical 
malpractice. Nevertheless, you reckon there's no harm visiting an old 
friend, so you agreed to Grey's request. 


Date: 6/19
Time: 1:25pm
Location: Kurain Village

You will be greeted by an odd-looking girl as you enter the village. 
She runs away when you try to talk to her though. Soon after, Maya 
appears. Talk to her about all the options available: "Today's 
channeling", "Kurain Village" and "The girl earlier". You will find out
more about the case, as well as the identity of the girl you saw 
earlier - she's Pearl Fey, Maya's little cousin. Pearl, despite her 
tender age, is also a spirit medium.

Examine this area if you want. When you're done, follow Maya to the 
Meditation Room.


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Meditation Room

Go through the conversation with Grey here, and he will pass you the 
Guidemap for Fey Manor eventually. This will be added to the Court 
Record. A rough sketch of this map is as follow: 

         --------                        ------------------
         |      |                        |                |
        CHANNELING                       |                |
        CHAMBER |                        |   SIDE ROOM    |
         |      |                        |                |
         |      |                        |                |
         |      |                        |   |-------------
         |      |                        |   |
     -----      --------------------------   |
     |                            WINDING WAY|
     |                           |------------
     |                           |
     |                           |
     |      MEDITATION ROOM      |
     |                           |
     |                           |
     |                           |
     |                           |

Talk to Grey about "today's channeling" and "Maya". He says that when 
Maya successfully channels the nurse's spirit, he will get her (the 
spirit, not Maya!) to sign a confession to the malpractice. You will 
find that the incident happened one year ago, on 5/2, and the accident 
that took the life of the nurse happened soon after on 5/24. When 
talking about Maya, he will explain how he got to know about Maya's, 
er, powers.

Examine the door to the Channeling Chamber to find that the iron in 
this door is extremely solid. There's also a strong lock on the door 
to provide additional security. You should now go to the Channeling 
Chamber.                                          |


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Channeling Chamber

You will meet Morgan Fey, "Mystic Maya's" aunt, here. She's not too 
keen of your constant reliance of Maya's powers to win cases, but talk 
to her anyway about the options available: "Maya", "Today's Channeling" 
and "Channeling Chamber". Morgan reveals that Maya is the last in the 
bloodline of the rightful heirs of the Kurain Channeling Technique - 
those who have played the previous game will know why this is so. 
Morgan, despite being a spirit medium herself, is only a member of the 
branch family, and can never become the Master of the Kurain School. 
Not unless, something happens to Maya, I presume.

Morgan also explains that during a channeling session, only the client 
and the medium can be present in the chamber. The door you examined 
earlier will also be locked during a session. Hmm, sounds like a recipe 
for disaster. Morgan will also reveal that Pearl is her daughter. She's 
adamant that you shouldn't get affliated to Pearl, in case you corrupt 
her young mind. Damn.

Examine the chamber if you want. There are some points of interest 
here, especially behind the Folding Screen. Leave now for the 
Meditation Room, followed by the Winding Way. 


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Winding Way

You will notice an incinerator in the garden here. It looks a little 
out of place. Examine it if you want. You can also check the lamp in 
the garden, and an urn right ahead. Nothing really interesting here 
now though, so move on to the Side Room. 


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Side Room

"Examinable" stuff here: A bear souvenir, an alcove near the wall,the
sliding door to the right, and the bed spreads on the ground. Looks 
like someone is sleeping here. You feel that you shouldn't wake the 
person up, so return to the Winding Way.


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Winding Way

Ah, Lotta Hart! If you've played the first game, you will know this 
lady. She's a "paranormal photographer" always eager for a scoop. In 
your previous encounter with her, you exposed her lies in court. She's 
not really a bad person, only one who's too eager to prove a point 
when it comes to sensationalizing things. Anyway, when asked to 
identify her, select "Lotta Hart" to get a good impression from her.

After talking to Lotta, she reminds you that the channeling is about 
to start, and then runs off. Go back to the Meditation Room now.


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Meditation Room

Morgan informs you that the channeling session begins now. Just go 
through the conversation with her, Grey and Maya. Maya will show you a
key to the Channeling Chamber. As expected, this is a one-of-a-kind key 
that cannot be duplicated. Grey and Maya begin their session soon 

Go through the conversation again when the session is in progress. 
Some time into it, you will hear a loud bang from inside the chamber. 
Would that be a GUNSHOT, perhaps? Before you can gather your thoughts, 
a second gunshot (ok, it is) occurs. When given the chance, break into 
the chamber.


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Channeling Chamber

After some attempts, the door breaks. The scene in the chamber is 
horrifying - Grey is dead, and Lotta promptly takes some photos. But 
the thing that concerns you more is Maya, whose costume is soaked in 
blood. She appears to be still channeling the spirit of the nurse, and 
says that she has killed Grey as he was responsible for her murder. 
More photo-taking by Lotta - even though it's not a wise thing to do 
now, you will thank her for the photos later.

NOTE: Maya doesn't look exactly like herself. This is because when she 
channels a spirit, she will end up taking the form of the spirit. If 
you have played the previous game, you will find this familiar.

Morgan steps in, and instructs you to call the police, while she offers 
to take charge of the situation in the chamber. You will find yourself 
back at the entrance to the village after this.

NOTE: Something about Morgan seems weird, but we will come back to 
this later.


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Kurain Village

You use the phone booth here to call the police, as there was no 
reception on your cell phone. Talk to Lotta now on "what you witnessed" 
and "Dr. Grey". You will find out more about Maya's change in form 
during a channeling, and some information about the good doctor from 

Go back to the Meditation Room.


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Meditation Room

Morgan greets you here. She informs you that Maya is back to her
"human" form, but is still unconscious at the moment. This is when 
Detective Gumshoe arrives at the scene. He will proceed to the chamber. 

Follow him.


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Channeling Chamber

Talk to Gumshoe, and you will find out some facts for the case,
particularly, the cause of death. Grey was shot in the forehead, but 
surprisingly, his chest was also stabbed with a knife. The shot to the 
forehead, however, remains the killer blow.

Try examining the chamber, but Gumshoe will stop you. Looks like you 
may have to come back later. Go to the Side Room instead.  


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Side Room

A cheery girl greets you at the Side Room. Talk to her, and she seems 
to be oblivious to the fact that a murder has just occured at the 
manor. She introduces herself as Ini Miney, a "parapsychology" student. 
Talk to her, and you will find that she's the one who told Grey about 
this place. She has been, like, sleeping in the Side Room all the 
while, as she was, like, feeling sick. As a result, she doesn't know 
anything about the case.

NOTE: Pardon the "like"s, but that's how she, like, talks.

Continue talking to her about "the victim", and she suddenly turns 
defensive, and denies knowing Grey. She then sheepishly claims that 
she has been a patient of Grey, like, a long, long time ago. Seems 
like she's hiding something.

There's nothing you can do here now though, so return to the Winding 


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Winding Way

You will find Pearl here. She shows you a key - it looks like the one 
that Maya was holding before she entered the chamber with Grey. Try 
talking to her, however, and she will run away. Again.

You should go to the Kurain Village now.


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Kurain Village

Lotta is here, and you can now ask her about "any ideas". She mentions 
about some "hot pictures" that she took, but runs away soon after. Too 
many people are running away from you today, you know.

Go to the Meditation Room now.


Date: 6/19
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Meditation Room

Morgan, Ini and Gumshoe are all here. Gumshoe explains that the 
investigation may take some time, so Morgan proposes to host you guys 
at the Fey Manor tonight. Maya, on the other hand, has been arrested 
and taken away by the police. 


Date: 6/20
Time: 8:02am
Location: Fey Manor, Meditation Room

You manage to catch some sleep despite your concern for Maya. Your 
next destination should be the Detention Center-  you will go there 


Date: 6/20
Time: 10:34am
Location: Detention Center, Visitors' Room

The Detention Center is a place that you will be visiting for quite 
many times. In fact, finding Maya in the Detention Center isn't 
something new for you. You managed to prove her innocence the last
time, and you're determined to do so again.

Talk to Maya about the available options: "channeling" and "what 
happened". She confirms that her now deceased mother, Misty Fey, is 
the master of the Kurain School of Channeling. The title is usually 
passed on from mother to daughter. With Maya being Misty's only heir, 
she will inevitably become the master in future. As for the case, she 
doesn't really remember a lot - the last thing she remembers was 
closing her eyes. Apparently, when a spirit enters her body, she will 
lose her own consciousness. She does, however, remembers about a dream.

Ask about this dream, and she will describe it to you - it's one of 
her being dead and buried in the ground. She also mentions about a 
familiar scent, but she can't remember why she had smelled it before.

You will offer to be Maya's defense attorney. She's grateful for the 
offer, and in return, will give you the Magatama. It's a magical charm 
of hers that is shaped like the number "9". Maya says that by giving 
to this Pearl, she will lend you her spiritual powers.

NOTE: The Magatama is the key to using the new "Psyche-Lock" feature 
of this game.

You should return to the Channeling Chamber in Kurain Village now.


Date: 6/20
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Channeling Chamber

You will find Morgan here. Take the opportunity to ask her "what
happened". She explains that she performed the Spirit Severing
Technique on Maya to get her detached from the nurse's spirit. Ask 
about "Chanelling Chamber" now, and she will provide some information 
about channeling a spirit, and about the important heirlooms of the 
Kurain Village. The Folding Screen in the room, and the Kurain Sacred 
Urn (of which you saw at the Winding Way), are apparently the treasures 
of the village.

Ask about "Pearl" now. Morgan will explain that despite Pearl's age, 
she's already a powerful spirit medium. In fact, her powers could even 
rival that of the main family. Unfortunately, being from the branch 
family, she will never get the chance to become a master. Hmm, this 
sounds like a MOTIVE.

You can now examine the crime scene, especially when Gumshoe isn't 
around. The most important thing here is the sacred folding screen. 
Examine it, and you will find that it has a small hole on it, about 8 
inches off the ground. It seems like a bullet hole. 

Folding Screen added to Court Record.

Once you examine the screen, Morgan will take her leave. There's 
nothing to do here now, so go to the Side Room to find Ini.


Date: 6/20
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Side Room

Talk to Ini, and she continues to deny knowing Grey. Examine the room 
now, and you should find a box near the bed. It looks like a clothing 
box. This wasn't here yesterday. Strange. 

Go back to the Winding Way.


Date: 6/20
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Winding Way

Pearl finally appears. She's still holding the key, and she's still not 
talking. Present the Magatama to her, and she will finally talk to you. 
She seems to not know much of the outside world, but she will offer to 
give you the key. Accept it when you're given the chance to. 

Black Key added to Court Record.

Pearl then charges up the Magatama with spirtiual energy. With this 
charged-up Magatama, you can now see people's secret. My friends, 
you've now witnessed the birth of the new "Psyche-Lock"feature of this 

She offers to accompany you for a while, so that she can explain how 
to use the Magatama to see people's secrets when you find one.

Go back to the Meditation Room now.


Date: 6/20
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Meditation Room

Gumshoe returns, and he brings some bad news. Lotta Hart will testify 
tomorrow about the pictures she took. This is a concern, especially 
when she had blatantly lied about the photos she took the last time 
you took her on in court. Gumshoe also found a newspaper article for 
you, but he seems to have lost it. You remember Grey showing you an 
article at your office though, so you will have to go back for it 

The real bad news is the identity of the prosecutor for the trial. A 
certain Prosecutor von Karma will be handling the case,and she's none 
other than Manfred von Karma's daughter, Franziska. Franziska began 
her prosecuting career from the age of 13, and hasn't lost a case 
since. She has returned from Germany to avenge her father's defeat by 

NOTE: You will see some flashbacks from the "Turnabout Goodbyes" case 
from the previous game. If you haven't play that game, go buy it, now! 
Also, you won't know about Franziska being a girl at this moment. In 
fact, Gumshoe doesn't even tell you her name. Just bear with me, 
because it's easier to present the facts this way.

Anyhow, you will need the newspaper article at your office, so go 
there now.


Date: 6/20
Time: ???
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

You will automatically find the article. Newspaper Clipping 1 added to 
Court Record. Check it out if you want - it says that one year ago, on 
5/2, 14 patients died from malpractice at the Grey Surgical Clinic.

Return to the Meditation Room now. All this travelling must be killing 
you.                                                     |


Date: 6/20
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Meditation Room

Present Newspaper Clipping 1 to Gumshoe. He has since found the 
missing article that he couldn't find earlier. Newspaper Clipping 2 
added to Court Record. Examine it, and you will find the following 

"Mimi Miney, nurse at Grey Surgical Clinic, died after falling asleep 
at the wheel."

Miney? Where have you heard that name before?

Nothing else here, and you should really be testing out that "Psyche-
Lock" thing. So, go to the person who seems to be hiding something from 
you - Ini.


Date: 6/20
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Side Room

Talk to Ini about "the victim" again, and you will see a Psyche-Lock on 
her. Only you, charged with the power of the Magatama, can see these 
locks. The more secrets someone wants to hide, the more locks you will 
see. Notice now that "the victim" option has a Psyche-Lock on it. You 
should know how to unlock this one

Anyway, present the Magatama to Ini now, and you will get the chance to 
unlock the Psyche-Lock. Ini will ask you to prove that she actually 
knows Grey. Present Newspaper Clipping 2, and you have now established 
the connection - Ini will admit that the nurse involved in the Grey 
Surgical Clinic case is none that than her older sister, Mimi.

Psyche-Lock unlocked successfully! Now, you can FINALLY get to ask her 
about "the victim", and get a truthful answer. Ini's impression of Grey 
isn't very good, but more on that later.

You should now go back to Maya at the Detention Center.


Date: 6/20
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitors' Room

Pearl decides to stay at the village, so you will be visiting Maya 
alone. Amazingly, the one greeting you there is none other than Mia, 
your already-dead mentor! It seems that Mia has taken host on Maya's 
body once again.

Go through the conversation with Mia, She explains that when a medium 
does a channeling, she can't have dreams. It seems that Maya didn't 
successfully channel a spirit during that session. In fact, she may 
have just fallen asleep. It's quite possible that Maya was set-up to 
take the rap for the murder of Grey.

Mia also tells you that the clue to Maya's innocence is already in 
your hands. Present the Black Key to her, and she will explain that 
this key contradict the facts of the case. She refuses to explain why 
though, but if you think deeper, you will know why - if the key is with 
you now, it means that anyone at the Fey Manor could have enter the 
room during the channeling session yesterday.

The day ends with a surprise though - you will find no less than THREE 
Psyche-Locks on Mia. What is she hiding from you? Perhaps, she knows 
something about the real murderer?

This concludes Part 1 of this episode. Save your game now.

PART 2-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW2721 ]

Date: 6/21
Time: 9:48am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Go through the conversation with Maya and Pearl, who somehow turns up 
for the trial anyway, despite having never left Kurain Village. 
Apparently, she ran all the way from the village to the District Court 
by "following a map". Amazing. 

After the brief flashback about the rivalry and friendship with 
Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, court will begin. 


Date: 6/21
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Court Room No. 2

The brief intro, er, introduces Franziska, who carries a whip in court. 
She's determined to prove Maya's guilt. Looks like you're in for a 
hard time. Franziska calls upon Gumshoe to be her first witness.

Gumshoe shows a map of the Channeling Chamber, and explains that the 
room has no windows, and the door was locked during the channeling 
session. He shows the positions of the victim and the defendant in the 
room, and goes to describe the two gunshots that you heard during the 
incident. This Floor Plan (Crime Scene) map will be added to the Court 

GUMSHOE'S TESTIMONY: CAUSE OF DEATH                         [ PW27G1 ]

Gumshoe explains that the cause of death was a pistol shot to Grey's 
forehead. The shot was fired from point-blank range. Grey was also 
stabbed in the chest before he was shot. The stab wound was very 
severe, but was not enough to cause instantaneous death. The murderer 
then used the pistol to finish the victim off after the stabbing.

Dr. Grey's Autopsy Report will be added to your Court Record. 


Press him at the first statement to find out that the pistol belongs to 
Grey, and that it bears both Grey's and Maya's fingerprints.

Press about the point-blank range statement, and you will find that 
"point-blank range" is anywhere between 12 to 20 inches away. The 
gunpowder burn on Grey's forehead confirms that he was shot at point-
blank range.

Next, press the statement about the stabbing. Gumshoe reveals that a 
fruit knife was used for the stabbing, and it bears Maya's prints.

Press about the severity of the stab wound, and Gumshoe says that if 
the stab wound is half an inch more to the right, it would have hit 
Grey's heart.

Press the last statement about finishing off the victim after stabbing, 
and Gumshoe mentions that there's no need to stab the victim after 
shooting him, since the gunshot should result in instant death.

After pressing all statements to no avail, the Judge is all ready to 
pronounce the verdict. Before he attempts to do, the Pistol and Knife 
will be added to the Court Record.

The Judge will now ask whether you will maintain your plea of "Not 
Guilty". Be gung-ho, plead not guilty when given the option.

Gumshoe will now give his second testimony.


The evidence in question is the costume that Maya was wearing at the 
time of the crime. It's covered in blood, and it was obvious that she 
had killed the victim, who hasn't fought back. 

Maya's Costume added to Court Record.


Press the "covered in blood" statement to find out that the blood 
belonged to Grey. Franziska doesn't want you to pursue any further 
about this costume, but choose to "press further" when given the 

Check Maya's Costume again, and you should notice a hole on it, on the 
left sleeve. Select "there is one little thing..." when the Judge gives 
you the chance to, and point to the hole to present it. The Judge 
notices that the hole smells faintly of gunpowder - looks like it's a 
bullet hole!

Anyhow, Franziska will insist that the trial should move on. The Judge
agrees with her, because you would need more proof before you can prove 
your stand. Continue with the cross-examination then.

Present the updated Maya's Costume when Gumshoe says that the victim 
didn't fight back - the bullet hole on the costume means that Grey 
actually fired a shot. Still, even with this being established, it's 
only grounds enough to support a self-defense plea. 

More testimony from Gumshoe to follow.

GUMSHOE'S TESTIMONY: WHAT TRANSPIRED                        [ PW27G3 ]

Gumshoe says that Maya must have seen the chance to stab Grey during 
the session. As a result, Grey fought back by taking a shot, but he 
missed because they were too close. Maya then picked up the pistol and 
ended it.


When Gumshoe says that Grey missed the shot because they were too 
close, present Maya's Costume again. The issue of burn marks were 
discussed earlier - if Grey really missed the shot within point-blank 
range of Maya, the costume should have gunpowder burn on it. Thankfully 
for you, the hole on the costume doesn't seem to have any burn. This 
means that there must be some distance between Grey and Maya when the 
shot hit Maya's costume.

Franziska then argues that Grey could have pushed Maya away during the 
fight, thus creating the distance between them. You reply that this is 
not possible, because Grey was stabbed, and the injury was very severe. 
As such, he would not have had the strength to push Maya away.

Franziska doesn't give up, and retorts that it could be Maya who 
pushed Grey away to create the distance instead. When Maya was about 
to strike again, Grey fired the shot that hit her costume. Reply that 
"something doesn't make sense", and then present the Folding Screen.
The screen has a bullet hole that is about 8 inches off the ground. 
The bullet went through Maya's sleeve first, before hitting the screen. 
It passed through a height of approximately 8 inches off the ground. 
This means that Maya was actually squatting low the ground when the 
shot was fired! This is the only logical explanation, because if she's 
standing, her sleeve area would definitely be taller than 8 inches.

Being in a squatting position removes Franziska's claims that Maya was 
"ready to strike". Watch as you use the Crime Scene Floor Plan to 
explain the situation, and then point to the area to the left of the 
bullet hole on the Folding Screen to explain where Maya was located  
when the shot was fired. The lack of gunpowder burns on her costume 
justifies your reasoning. What does this change, though?

Well, when given the choice, select "it changes everything". The 
prosecution has claimed that Maya was aiming to kill Grey by stabbing. 
If this was true, delivering the killer blow with the knife would be 
ideal. However, Maya was squatting all the way by the Folding Screen 
then, which essentially eliminates her chance to stab Grey from close-
range at all.

Franziska will now call for her second witness. The Judge gives a 
recess, so you can finally take a break. Save your game now.

PART 2-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW2722 ]

Date: 6/21
Time: 11:37am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Quickly run through the conversation and return back to court for more 


Date: 6/21
Time: 11:43am
Location: District Court, Court Room No. 2

As you may have guessed, the second witness is Lotta. Let's go.

LOTTA'S TESTIMONY: WITNESS'S ACCOUNT                        [ PW27L1 ]

Lotta testifies that Grey and Maya were the only ones who went into the 
chamber. She heard the gunshot while waiting outside the chamber. You 
broke the door down eventually, and she found the already dead Grey 
and Maya, who was waving a pistol around, inside. She swears that there 
was no one else in the room.

She also presents a picture of the crime scene that she took after you 
broke the door down. This photo shows a girl holding a pistol, while 
looking at the dead body of Grey. Her face cannot be seen as she's 
facing away from the camera.

Lotta's Photo added to Court Record.


Press Lotta when she says that she saw Maya in the room, waving a 
pistol. Press harder when given the chance, and she will eventually 
admit that the girl who was waving the pistol doesn't look anything 
like Maya. However, Franziska will convince the Judge that since Maya 
and Grey did enter the room together, the girl with the pistol would 
mostly likely be Maya.

Press the next statement when Lotta says she swears that there was no 
one else in the room. Select "behind the folding screen" when given the 
choice. Lotta replies that she's certain that no one else is in the 
room.                                         |

Now, press every statement, regardless of how stupid it feels. There 
will come a point when the Judge decides that enough is enough. He then 
asks whether you have anything to prove that the girl in the photo 
isn't Maya. Unfortunately, you don't. Select "can't present anything 

Just when all seems lost, Mia appears by channeling her spirit through 
Pearl's body! She reminds you that Lotta has taken two pictures. Why 
is she showing only one now? 

NOTE: This portion is really, like, deja vu.

You will request for Lotta to testify again, but the Judge will 
overruled your request. Franziska's pride, however, will not allow 
that. She wants to hear what you have got, so Lotta gets to testify 
once more.

LOTTA'S TESTIMONY: WITNESS'S ACCOUNT, PT.2                  [ PW27L2 ]

When Lotta broke into the room, all she could focus on was Maya. She 
didn't look at the dead body, as she was scared of it. She then took a 
shot of Maya.


Press the statement about taking a shot of Maya. You remember that she 
took TWO shots, but she's claiming only one now. Lotta explains that 
it was Franziska who stopped her from showing the second picture. 
Confront Franziska when given the chance. She then claims that the 
second picture was unimportant, and thus felt no need to submit it. 
She will eventually submit it as evidence. Lotta's Photo 2 added to 
Court Record.

Check this photo now, and you will find that the girl in the photo is 
definitely NOT Maya! When giving the choice, insist that the girl in 
the picture is not Maya. Franziska has more tricks up her sleeves 
though, and she will bring your attention to a picture that was taken 
at the Detention Center yesterday -  what, she caught Mia on photo?

Even though this is illegal evidence, and cannot be submitted to the 
court, the impression of Maya being able to transform into another 
person's appearance during a channeling has left a deep impression in 
the Judge's mind. You will have one more chance to prove that the 
person in Lotta's Photo 2 isn't Maya though, so select "I can prove it" 
when given the choice.

Point to the left sleeve of the person in the photo - it doesn't have 
any bullet hole! It has been established earlier that Maya was shot at 
by Grey, and the bullet left a hole in her costume. So, the person in 
the photo could not have been Maya. This isn't good enough to penalize 
Franziska, but it certainly scores some points for you.

You can now explain this oddity to the Judge. Select "the shooter was 
someone else" when given the option. The Judge then poses two 
questions to you: 1. where did Maya vanish to? 2. where did this other 
person come from? 

Despite being generally shaken, you regain composure, and deduce that 
this third person could have already been in the chamber before you 
broke in. You also consider the possibility of Maya leaving the room 
somehow. You will only need to prove one of these deductions though, 
so click "Maya had left the room" when given the chance.

The Judge will once again ask for proof. Present the Black Key, which 
Lotta confirms as the Channeling Chamber Key, which Maya used to lock 
the door inside out before the channeling session. The key is only 
one-of-its-kind, meaning there would not be a duplicate of it 
elsewhere. Now, if Maya actually locked herself in the room, the key 
would have been with her right now. But she didn't have the key when 
she was arrested. Since the key was given to you by Pearl, who was 
nowhere near the crime scene at that time, you can only conclude that
Maya must have left the chamber some time during the session. 

The Judge will now decide that it's not possible to pass a verdict. 
Court is adjourned.


Date: 6/21
Time: 1:32pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

As usual, go through the conversation to end this session.

PART 3: INVESTIGATION                                       [ PW2730 ]

Date: 6/21
Time: 3:24pm
Location: Kurain Village

Talk to Pearl about "today's trial", which will open up another option 
to discuss about "prosecutors". You will provide some information about 
Edgeworth, who isn't around anymore. Ask about "the murderer" now. This 
will lead to the question of "Pearl's alibi". Ask about it, and you 
will find two Psyche-Locks appearing. More secrets to uncover, yes?

Present the Black Key to her, and she will reply that she found it 
inside the incinerator at the Winding Way. She found it after the 

Nothing else here. Go to the Channeling Chamber now.


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Channeling Chamber

Morgan is here, but she doesn't notice you. Watch as she talks to a 
photograph about finally having the chance to do something. That's a 
photo of Mia's and Maya's mother, Misty, by the way. Morgan notices you 
soon, and regains her composure. Ask her about "the master", and she 
will provide some details on Misty. Misty has disappeared after the 
DL-6 Incident, and in four years' time, her name will be erased forever 
from the village. A new Master will have to be appointed then, and 
Maya, being the sole descandant of Misty, will become the new Master. 
Now, if something is to happen to Maya... 

Go to the Winding Way now.


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Winding Way

Pearl mentioned earlier that she found the Black Key here, which is 
why you're here now. You will find Ini at the incinerator, but she will 
run towards you when she sees you. Ask about the "sacred urn", and she 
will tell you that Ami Fey's spirit is held inside the urn. Ami is the 
founder of the Kurain Channeling Technique, and you feel that the urn 
could give you some clues.

Examine the urn now, and you will see a bunch of cracks on it. More 
importantly, the words "I AM" are written on the urn. Hmm, shouldn't 
it be "AMI" instead? Sacred Urn added to the Court Record. 

Talk to Ini again, this time on "what happened". She insists that she 
has nothing to do with the murder. This will open up an option for 
"traffic accident". Trying asking her that, and she will show you two
Psyche-Locks. This is the SEVENTH Psyche-Lock that you can't unlock at 
the moment (Mia = 3, Pearl = 2, Ini = 2).

Before you leave the village, examine the incinerator (you were here 
for it, remember?) to find a piece of cloth from Maya's costume. Looks 
like someone was trying to burn it away. 

Cloth Scrap added to the Court Record.

Go to the Detention Center now.


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitors' Room

Talk to Maya about "not guilty", and you will explain to her that she 
may have been drugged during the process, and that this is a planned 
murder that uses Maya as a scapegoat. Ask about "Pearl's alibi" as 
well, and Maya will explain that she was playing ball with Pearl on 
that day, before the channeling.

Ask about this "ball" now, and Maya says that Pearl should still be 
playing with the ball when the channeling started. The ball should now 
be in the big clothing box that you saw at the Side Room earlier. You 
must now go to the Side Room to retrieve this ball.


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Kurain Village

Back at Kurain Village, you will find Lotta. However, she will run away 
(damn!) once she sees you. Give chase to the Meditation Room (she's 
here, but she will run away again), through the Winding Way, and then 
to the Side Room. 


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Side Room

Surprisingly, Lotta isn't here. You will find a ball on the floor 
though (ha, Steel Samurai!). Now, if the ball is out of the clothing 
box, it should mean that someone is hiding inside the box. Anyway, 
Pearl's Ball added to the Court Record.

Examine the Clothing Box now, and Lotta will appear - it seems that 
she was hiding in the box. Her reason for doing so is because she 
doesn't dare to face you again after today's trial. Go through the 
conversation with her, and you will suddenly find something 
interesting on the Clothing Box itself - a small hole, about 8 inches 
off the ground! That's the same height as the one found on the Folding 

Clothing Box added to Court Record.

Back to the Meditation Room now.


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Fey Manor, Meditation Room

You will find Pearl here, and you now have the evidence to take on her 
Psyche-Locks. Present the Magatama, and the process will begin. You 
will tell her that you will "guess" what she has been doing during the 
day of the crime. Now, when asked to establish where Pearl was during 
the murder, touch the Winding Way on the map and present it. Present 
Pearl's Ball next when given the chance, and you will crush one of the 

Next, present the Sacred Urn when given the chance. You will now guess 
that Pearl must have accidentally knocked the Sacred Urn while playing 
with the ball, thus causing it to break into pieces. If Morgan finds 
out, she will get really mad, which is why Pearl is keeping mum over 
the incident. Pearl puts up a feeble attempt to fight back by saying 
that the urn is old, and is bound to have some cracks on it. Present 
Ami's profile to her to find out that she doesn't exactly know how to 
spell yet. Ami is spelled "AMI", but the urn now shows "I AM". Someone 
must have broken the urn, and made a mistake in the spelling when 
putting the broken pieces back together. Second Psyche-Lock crushed, 

Finally, you can talk to her about her alibi. She confirms your theory, 
which opens up another option to talk about the urn. Ask about the urn 
now, and Pearl says that she found some glue and brought it to the 
Winding Way to fix the urn there. Since the channeling has already 
started, she didn't think that anyone would walk by. She finished the
"repair" of the urn at about the time after Lotta and you called the 

This new details about the urn will be updated in the Court Record. 
The important thing here is not about the urn though, but the fact 
that Pearl was at the Winding Way all the while on that fateful day.

Go back to the entrance of the village now.


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Kurain Village

Talk to Lotta about "today's trial" and "the murderer". She gets all 
apologetic, as usual, so "forgive her" when you're asked to. To show 
her appreciation, she will share some information with you.

Lotta suggests that Ini is a likely candidate for being the murderer. 
Present Ini's profile to her, and you will open up an option to ask 
about Ini. Do so, and Lotta will reveal that Ini was actually 
hospitalized some six months ago. You will need to find out what has 
happened to her yourself, but Lotta will give you the clinic's 
address.                                        |

You can now go to this "Hotti Clinic" (wa ha ha ha ha!)


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Hotti Clinic, Reception

You will meet Director Hotti of the Hotti Clinic. After some 
discussion, however, you will suspect that he's not exactly a director 
of this place at all. Nevertheless, he's your only hope at the moment, 
so talk to him anyhow on the two options: "Hotti Clinic" and "Ini 

Hotti explains that when the big hospitals can't accomodate the influx 
of patients, they will send some over to Hotti Clinic. He also provides 
a startling revelation: the primary surgery done here is plastic 
surgery. He, however, refuses to divluge the details of Ini's 

Show him your badge now, and he will finally admit that he's not the 
director of Hotti Clinic afterall. He will, however, give you some 
important information. Ask about "Ini Miney" again, and Hotti will 
reveal that when she was transferred to Hotti Clinic, she was badly 
injured - her body was wrapped in bandages, and her arm was in a cast. 
It seems that she was involved in some TRAFFIC ACCIDENT.

NOTE: Thanks to Davorin and Michelle for pointing out that while Ini 
was sent to the hospital one year ago, she only got discharged six 
months ago. 

Ask about "the operation" now, and he replies that Ini's face was 
severly burnt. The surgeons, however, reconstructed her face back 
based on the photo on her driver's license. This License Photo, which 
has been kept in the possession of Hotti till now, will be added to 
the Court Record.

Ask about "the accident" now. Hotti shows you yet another newspaper 
clipping - this one has an interview, in which Ini says that she 
escaped from the door through the right door. This article supercedes 
Newspaper Clipping 2, and will be added to your records.

Check this clipping to read the news report on the accident. It seems 
that there were two women in the car, and only one of them managed to 
escape death. The article confirms that Ini was on the passenger's 
seat when the accident occured. 

You should go back to Kurain Village now.


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Kurain Village

Lotta is still around here, and she tells you that Morgan has called 
the police about "having something to tell them". Ask Lotta about 
"Morgan", and she tells you that Morgan seems hell bent on stealing 
the Master's seat of the Kurain Channeling Technique.

This opens up an option to talk about "the Master". When you do so, 
Lotta explains that the Master of the Kurain clan is usually held by 
the oldest daughter. It turns out that Morgan is actually Misty's 
older sister. Somehow, Morgan lost out in terms of spiritual powers, 
and Misty took over as Master. If Morgan has been stronger than Misty, 
Maya's family would now be considered a "branch family", and Pearl 
would be the next-in-line for becoming Master. 

I hope you can see the motive now.

Ask about Ini if you want, as Lotta will tell you that Ini is still at 
the Winding Way. Go there.


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Winding Way

Time to break those Psyche-Locks of Ini's. Present the Magatama now to 
begin the process. Seems like Ini knows something about another 
person's accident. Present her profile, and she will ask for proof. 
Show her Newspaper Clipping 2, but she will tell you that the "Miss 
Ini" in the article isn't her, and that it's just another person with 
the same name. She will now ask whether you have proof that it's 
REALLY her. Present her License Photo to finally crush one lock.

It's not enough to make her talk though, so present Mimi's profile 
next to establish connection between the accident and the current 
murder - the accident that killed Mimi was, in fact, the same accident 
that severely injured Ini. Second lock crushed!

Talk to Ini now about the "traffic accident". She reveals that she 
fell asleep in the passenger seat. When the accident happened, she 
grabbed her purse, and escaped through the passenger-side door. She 
couldn't do anything to save Mimi.

This conversation opens up an option to talk about "Dr. Grey". Do so, 
and Ini is adamant that Grey has drugged Mimi with sleeping pills. She 
suddenly turns cocky, and more or less admits to killing Grey. She's, 
however, very sure that you can't prove anything.

Go back to the entrance now.


Date: 6/21
Time: ???
Location: Kurain Village

Morgan is leaving with Gumshoe for questioning - it seems like she 
will be testifying in court tomorrow. Talk to Pearl here, who told you 
to visit Maya again. Ok, go to the Detention Center now.


Date: 6/21
Time: 6:38pm
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Mia returns here, and guess what? It's about time to break her Psyche-
Locks. Ask her about "the murderer", and the locks will show again. Do 
the usual with the Magatama, and show Morgan's profile to Mia when she 
asks about who she was trying to protect. One lock crushed - Mia 
wouldn't be protecting anyone else, except her aunt.

Now to the second lock. Mia asks for an evidence that can cast 
suspicion on Morgan. Present the Cloth Strap - it's of the same 
material as Maya's costume, except for the splotch of blood. Someone  
could have changed Maya's clothes after Grey's body was found. The 
only person who could do that is none other than Morgan, who offered 
to look after Maya after the discovery of the body.

Mia will now ask for proof that the Cloth Strap is actually from
Maya's costume. Present the Black Key - the key was with Maya before 
the channeling, but it magically ended up in the incinerator in the 
Winding Way. Maya mentioned earlier that when she was channeling, the 
key was inside her sleeves. Now, since the Black Key and the Cloth 
Strap were both found inside the incinerator, the only logical 
conclusion is that the Cloth Strap is part of Maya's costume. Someone 
changed Maya's clothes, and burned the costume she was wearing at the 
incinerator. Again, the only person who could do this was Morgan. 
Second lock crushed.

Mia then poses one last challenge to you - Morgan has an alibi when 
the murder occured. She could have changed Maya's clothes, but she 
could never have fired the shots. When Mia asks who or what did Morgan 
need to commit this murder, present Ini's profile - Morgan and Ini are 
accomplices in this crime! All locks crushed, woohoo!

You can now talk about "the murderer" again with Mia. She throws the 
issue of "motive" to you - why would Morgan want to kill Grey? If 
you've followed this walkthrough faithfully, you should know the 

Save your game, and prepare for the final battle.

PART 4-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW2741 ]

Date: 6/22
Time: 9:51am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Go through the conversation, as you show the sensitive side of you in 
trying to prevent Pearl from watching today's trial. You will be 
taking on her mother, won't you?


Date: 6/22
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 2

After summarizing the case, Franziska calls for her first witness 
today. Expectedly, it's Morgan. Morgan claims that Maya escaped from 
the room when she was doing the severing technique. Franziska then 
gleefully adds that Maya, while still in a possessed state, managed to 
escape from the chamber. Morgan will now testify about what happened.

MORGAN'S TESTIMONY: MAYA'S ESCAPE                           [ PW27M1 ]

After entering the chamber, Morgan requested Lotta and you to call the 
police. A pistol was hanging from Maya's hand, and she was in a daze. 
Suddenly, Maya thrusted Morgan away, and escaped from the room. With 
great strength, Maya hit the base of her neck, and she fainted for a 
short while. She has no idea where Maya went after that. 


Press Morgan when she says that she requested Lotta and you to call 
the police. She replies that she was a little confused then. Press 
further, and she will reply that she doesn't want to have more victims. 
Wow, so she chased both of you out of the chamber to protect your 

Press the next statement about Maya being in a daze, and she admit 
that she has lied about knocking Maya unconscious. She did this to 
protect Maya. Question further if you want, but nothing comes out of 
it as well.

Press the last statement about Morgan having no idea where Maya went. 
Question further, and you will throw in the possibility that Maya might 
not have leave the chamber at all. This will allow Franziska to 
introduce her second witness for today - Ini. Apparently, after 
leaving the chamber, Maya went to talk to Ini. Let's see what she's up
to now.

INI'S TESTIMONY: AFTER THE MURDER                           [ PW27I1 ]

When the channeling started, Ini was sleeping in the Side Room. 
Someone came into the room later, and the person looks exactly like 
her sister, Mimi. Mimi told Ini something really terrible. 

Franziska also tells the Judge that the "Mimi" that Ini saw was 
actually Maya, channeling Mimi's spirit.

Ini continues her testimony, and says that Mimi told her that she has 
taken her revenge. 


Ini's lies are well constructed, and it's difficult to find a 
contradiction. Press her when she says that the person looked like her 
sister. Question further when given the chance, and the Judge will ask 
whether this is really important. Reply "it is very important" - this 
will cause Ini to amend her testimony. 

Finally, a contradiction! Ini will add that she wasn't scared when she 
saw "Mimi", and the costume she was wearing looked totally normal. 
Present Maya's Costume now - how could it be "normal", when it was 
covered in blood?

This will cause Ini to snap, but she quickly regains composure, and 
will testify again

INI'S TESTIMONY: AFTER THE MURDER, PT.2                     [ PW27I2 ]

Ini claims that the Side Room was kinda dark, which was why she didn't 
notice the blood. She persuaded "her sister" that it wasn't right to 
murder, and she took her to the chamber eventually.


Press when Ini says that she persuaded her sister. Listen to the 
nonsense, and then press again when she says that she took her sister 
to the chamber. When given the chance, ask whether she saw anything 
unusual or out of place when she was "going to the crime scene". She 
replies no, which you can press harder. Do so, and the Judge will once 
again ask whether this is important. Say that "it's very important".

This will force Ini to include her reply into the testimony. She will 
say that she didn't see anyone on the way to the chamber. A chance! 
Present Pearls' profile to her, and you will explain why she's lying - 
Pearl was at the Winding Way at that time, "repairing" the sacred urn! 
How could Ini not seen her then?

Franziska argues that Ini could have missed Pearl because she was, 
like, "leading her sister" to the chamber. Present the Sacred Urn now 
- Pearl broke the urn around the time that the channeling started, and 
she spent the rest of the time gluing it back, until slightly before 
Lotta and you returned after calling the police. And, she was gluing 
the urn right in the middle of the Winding Way. With the Winding Way 
being the only path that leads to the chamber, it was impossible for 
Ini to miss Pearl.

Under pressure from you, Ini replies once again that she has been 
sleeping in the Side Room. Can you believe her? Select "there is no 
way!". There's a clear contradiction here.

Select "it's in her testimony just now" when the Judge asks you to 
point out the contradiction - Ini has earlier mentioned that Morgan 
was the only one in chamber, but she couldn't have known that if she 
was sleeping in the Side Room! So, it seems that Ini did go to the 
chamber, but how did she miss Pearl?

You continue to pressure Ini into confirming her location at the time 
of the crime. Franziska then throws the ball back to your court. No 
problem though, just point to the Channeling Chamber on the map when 
the Judge asks where was Ini when the murder took place.

You will now have to prove that Ini was indeed hiding at the crime 
scene. Now, point to the area behind the Folding Screen (where the 
bullet hole was shown in an earlier cross-examination). Franziska then 
recalls Lotta's testimony that no one could have hide in the room. Ini 
will finally show her true colors now, so present the Clothing Box -  
Lotta has proven yesterday that a adult could easily hide inside the 
box, so it's not impossible for Ini to hide inside as well!

Franziska will throw in her obligatory objection, and the Judge will 
then ask you whether you can prove where the Clothing Box was at the 
time of the crime. Tell him "yes, I can with some evidence", and 
present the Folding Screen - the box has a similar bullet hole as the 
one found on the screen, 8 inches off the ground. This proves that 
that this box was indeed sitting behind where the Folding Screen was 
"shot" during the crime!

Franziska valiantly fights again with Lotta's Photo 2, but you reply 
that the person in that photo is, in fact, Ini who was wearing a 
medium's costume to masquerade as Maya.

Franziska continues to try by telling you that it's impossible for Ini 
to do all these things alone. Reply "correct, it's not possible", and 
then present Morgan's profile to pin her as the accomplice. She's the 
only one who could provide the box and the costume for Ini.

Now, watch your explanation of how it happened. The murderer had 
planted herself at the crime scene long beforehand. Dressed in a 
medium's costume and wearing a wig, she pretended to be Maya. After 
the channeling starts, the murderer crept silently towards both Grey 
and Maya. Both of them have their eyes closed, and wouldn't notice the 
murderer. She then drugged Maya with a strong sleeping agent, before 
stabbing Grey with the knife. She hid Maya inside the Clothing Box, so 
that she could take Maya's place. Something unexpected happened then, 
because Grey wasn't exactly dead yet. He fired a shot in a crouching 
position, which explains why the bullet holes on the screen and box 
were so low to the ground. The murderer then took the gun from Grey, 
and fired the killer blow. 

To prevent Lotta and you from seeing through the disguise, Morgan 
chased both of you out of the chamber. This, is basically what 
transpired in the chamber on the day of the crime. 

NOTE: This is basically the truth, but it's full of plot holes as 
well - Maya's sleeve was shot, so if Morgan changed her clothes, the 
one with the bullet hole would not have gone to the police. I may have 
interpret this wrongly, but feel free to feedback, and I will provide 
a credit for the most convincing explanation.


NOTE2: Wow, I didn't expect so many theories on this one! Anyway, the 
most convincing one I got was this: Maya was hidden in the box when 
the first shot was fired. The shot missed Mimi, and hit the Folding 
Screen, the Clothing Box AND Maya's sleeve. The costume that was 
burnt away was the one on Mimi. I think this is the most logical 
explanation, even though I don't know how Maya could escape being 
shot. :P  -- Thanks to Davorin, Michelle Rochon, akaisakura and Frank 
Goodman (and a few others who suggested other theories) for this.

NOTE3: Fellow gamefaqs writer Action has his own theory about what 
happened, and here it goes:

I agree that Mimi was already hiding behind the folding
screen before the channeling began.  I also agree that after the
channeling began, Mimi crept out, drugged Maya with a sleeping agent
and proceeded to stab Grey with the knife.

After that, Mimi proceeds to place Maya within the clothing box. That
is when Grey fires his gun. This is shown in Exhibit A. The trajectory
of the bullet can be seen to hit the screen, and the clothing box. It
also shows where Grey fired from.

However, in your note (NOTE2 actually), you state that the shot missed
Mimi and then hit the folding screen, the clothing box and Maya's
sleeve.  I think it's a given that the bullet missed Mimi and hit all
three objects, however I don't think they hit the objects in that
specific order.

Let's say, for example, that Mimi is in the process of putting Maya in
the clothing box (instead of having Maya already in the clothing box).
The bullet would pierce the folding screen, then Maya's sleeve and
lastly the clothing box. If you look at Exhibit B, you can see a rough
drawing of what I'm talking about. Maya's arm isn't struck by the
bullet because it's out of the way, but her sleeve is hit because it's
loose enough to be in the way.

Now then, immediately after the first shot is fired, Mimi will jump in
surprise (because she thinks Grey is dead), which will result in her
pushing Maya into the box with some extra force. What I'm getting at
is this: Mimi will take slightly less time to put Maya in the box,
which means that she can return around the folding screen and see Grey
in less time. Perhaps this entire point is moot and extraneous, but I
think it's a definite possibility.

With Maya inside of the box, she proceeds to take Grey's gun and shoot
him in the forehead. Not long after that, Phoenix busts down the door
and he and Lotta enter the room. Lotta snaps her pictures, etc. etc.
The scene is shown anyways since Phoenix experiences it.

Morgan then enters the room and sees Mimi. She (being a fellow
conspirator) knows exactly what is going on and proceeds to shoo
Phoenix and Lotta away from the room. After they leave, Morgan helps
Mimi plant Maya's fingerprints on the gun and knife (Mimi's prints
would be all over them since she wasn't wearing gloves) and Morgan
also helps Mimi put Grey's blood on Maya's clothing (or perhaps it's
possible that Mimi had blood on her clothing and then some of if
smeared onto Maya's clothes).

At any rate, that is what I believe transpired.

Floor plans enclosed:

Exhibit A: The Floor Plan -

Exhibit B: The Close Up -


Franziska *still* doesn't give up. She says that your deduction is 
flawed in one crucial area - Ini has no motive. Present Mimi's profile 
to explain that Ini's motive was to avenge the death of Mimi. Ini, 
however, argued that no one has proof that Grey drugged Mimi, so the 
motive of revenge is really weak. Moreover, it has been over half a 
year now that she has been discharged. If she wants revenge, she 
wouldn't have waited this long. 

Incredibly, the Judge agrees, and is about to end this cross-
examination. This is when Mia stops him, and asks for a minute of time. 
The Judge obliges, and you can now discuss with Mia about the case. 
She agrees that there must be a reason for why Ini wanted to kill Grey, 
and it must be a reason that gives her no choice but to kill him in 
such a complicated fashion. 

The Judge will now ask whether you can provide the reason why Ini has 
to kill Grey in this manner. Say "yes, I can", and Franziska, in her 
quest for perfection, will gracefully allow you one more chance.

The Judge will call for a recess now. Save your game.

PART 4-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW2742 ]

Date: 6/22
Time: 12:04pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

As usual, go through the motion here until court resumes.


Date: 6/22
Time: 12:10pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 2

You will request Ini to testify about the car accident from last year. 
Let's do this.

INI'S TESTIMONY: LAST YEAR'S ACCIDENT                       [ PW27I3 ]

The accident happened in May last year. Something bad has happened at 
Mimi's clinic around then. On the night of the accident, Mimi was 
really tired while she was driving. Ini was tired too, so she fell 
asleep in the passenger's seat. She woke up due to the jolt when the 
accident happened, and she opened the door to escape. 


Press the statement about Mimi being really tired. After some generic 
answers, press harder to ask why Ini didn't consider taking over the 
driver's seat if Mimi was tired. Ini replies that she doesn't have a 
driver's license, and will add this to her testimony.

Present the License Photo now to object her claims when she says that 
she doesn't have a license. She then replies that even she has passed 
her driving test, but she received the license until after the event. 
You object by saying that Director Hotti has earlier said that Ini has 
her license during the accident, which was how he got the License Photo 

Franziska will interrupt and ask when Ini received her license. Ini 
replies that it was "last November", which is half a year's lapse in 
time from the accident. Damn.

You know that's a lie, but you can't prove it now. The Judge will then 
require more testimony from Ini when she says that even if she has her 
license, Mimi wouldn't allow her to drive.

INI'S TESTIMONY: I WOULDN'T BE ALLOWED                      [ PW27I4 ]

When Ini was close to getting her license, Mimi has just gotten a 
really shiny, bright red sports car. Therefore, she wouldn't have 
allowed a new driver to drive that car, and has to stay in the 
passenger's seat.


Press her about the new sports car, and Ini will reveal that Mimi has 
imported the car from the UK. Press harder, and the Judge will ask Ini 
to include this information into her testimony.

Present Newspaper Clipping 2 when she talks about ending up in the 
passenger's seat - in the article, Ini talked about escaping through 
the right door of the car after the accident. But, unlike American 
cars, British cars are RIGHT-HAND DRIVEN. If Ini was really in the 
passenger's seat, she would have escaped from the LEFT DOOR instead. 
The only conclusion from this is that Ini was actually in the driver's 
seat when the accident happened!

After some arguments with Franziska, you will offer to explain your 
thoughts. You would ask the court who was really driving that night. 
Select "Mimi Miney" - she's the only person in the car who could 
legally drive, according to Ini's testimony. 

Which leads to the next question: who is the person standing on the 
witness stand right now? Present Mimi's profile, and explain  that the 
"Ini Miney" in the witness stand now is none other than Mimi!

Everything is falling into place for you now. When Franziska objects 
about Mimi's current appearance, you will explain that she has 
undergone facial reconstruction to make herself look like Ini. 
Therefore, the person who died in the car crash was really Ini, and not 
Mimi. With Ini's appearance, Mimi successfully erased the existence of 

Now, Grey has specifically wanted Maya to call back the spirit Mimi, 
but if Mimi wasn't dead, Maya would have noticed it during the 
channeling. This was why Grey has to die, and the channeling has to be 

Mimi will finally admit her real identity. When the Judge asks why 
she was so eager to throw away her past life, present Newspaper 
Clipping 1. It's finally revealed that the malpractice was indeed due 
to negligence on the part of the NURSE. Becoming Ini was the only way
she could get away from all the unwanted negative attention.

This concludes the cross-examination, but you won't be around to watch 
Maya's verdict of "not guilty", because Franziska has decided to whip 
you into unconsciousness.


Date: 6/22
Time: 3:13pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Watch as Maya reunites with Mia. The "familiar scent" that Maya 
mentioned earlier will be revealed - the Cloth Box belonged to Mia 
before she died, so when Maya was "buried" in the box, she smelled 
Mia's scent.

You wake up soon after, so go through the conversation again. Maya 
will ask you why Morgan has agreed to help Mimi on her plan to murder 
Grey. Present Pearl's profile - Morgan has wanted Pearl to take over 
as the next master. She helped Mimi so that Maya could be framed for 
the murder, thus removing Maya from her rightful mantle.

But that's not all...


Date: ???
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Solitary Confinement Cell 13

Watch the epilogue of this case, as Morgan declares that she will wait 
for another chance to strike again...                  |

                                           REUNION, AND TURNABOUT: END


8. EPISODE THREE: TURNABOUT BIG TOP                         [ PW2800 ]
Phoenix Wright goes to the circus. I feel like watching an episode of 
Monk already.

CASE FILE                                                   [ PW28CF ]

Defendant: Billy Bob Johns (aka Maximillion Galactica, or Max)
Victim: Russell Berry
Prosecutor: Franziska von Karma
Other Characters: Judge, Dick Gumshoe, Regina Berry, Benjamin Woodman
(aka Ben)/ Trilo Quist, Lawrence Curls (aka Moe), Ken Dingling (aka 
Acro), Sean Dingling (aka Bat), Miles Edgeworth
Background: The game introduces the magician, Maximillion Galactica. 
See him fly through the air before disappearing in a "bamf" (copyright 
Marvel Comics). Needless to say, this dude will have a major role to 
play in this episode.

PART 1: INVESTIGATION                                       [ PW2810 ]

Date: 12/26
Time: 8:12pm
Location: Berry Big Circus, Circus Entrance

You're at the circus with Maya and Pearl. As usual, go through the 
conversation (very long), and then catch the last train home. 


Date: 12/28
Time: 9:12am
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

Maya brings you the news that the Berry Big Circus has became the 
center of a sensational murder, and the police have arrested the one 
and only Max Galactica as a suspect. Since Maya is a huge fan of Max 
(not. again.), she wants you to go to the Detention Center to visit 
him. You know what this means. 


Date: 12/28
Time: 11:19am
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Go through the conversation, as Max makes a suave appearance by 
performing a card trick to Maya. Talk to him about all the options 
available: "Max Galactica", "Berry Big Circus" and "What happened".
You will find that Max has recently won an award for being the best 
magician in the world, and that he's currently tied to an exclusive 
contract with the Berry Big Circus. He claims to have revived the 
fortunes of the circus after signing the contract. He also explains 
that Russell Berry, the Ringmaster of the circus, was murdered. Being 
the last person see the Ringmaster before he was murdered, Max was 
subsequently "invited for questioning". 

You can now ask about his "meeting with Russell". Apparently, Max was 
negotiating about his salary with the Ringmaster. However, you will 
soon see three Psyche-Locks on him, which you have nothing to unlock 
at the moment. 

Present your badge to Max, and he will eventually beg you to help 
him. You will agree to defend him. He will also reveal his real name, 
which is Billy Bob Johns. I think we should stick to calling him Max.
Anyhow, Max has put all his faith in you, so you should start 

Go to the Circus Entrance.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Berry Big Circus, Circus Entrance

Go through the conversation with Maya, and then go to the Lodging 
House - Plaza.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Lodging House, Plaza

You will meet Detective Gumshoe here. Ask about "what happened", and 
he will give you some details of the case. Russell was killed at about 
10pm last night. He died outside in the cold, and the cause of death 
was a blow to his head. There's a strange twist about this case though. 
This opens up an option to talk about "something unusual".

Ask about this, and he will explain that at the crime scene, only 
the victim's footprints are left on the snowed ground. In another 
words, the killer's footprints aren't there. There is also the matter 
of a wooden box that the victim was hunching over - this box is 
currently in the custody of the forensics team. Gumshoe also jokes 
about a flying criminal, which reminds you of Max's performance the 
other night.

In any case, the Crime Photo will be added to the Court Record.

You can ask him about "tomorrow's trial" as well if you want. Nothing 
really important here, unless you're a Franziska or Edgeworth fan.

You can also examine this area. Nothing really major for now, but 
don't worry about it.

Before you go, present Max's profile to Gumshoe. This opens up an 
option to ask about Max. Gumshoe says that the police has found Max's 
incredibly well-made silk hat at the crime scene. This hat is one of 
Max's magician's trademark. Gumshoe also explains that Max uses the 
hat, a cloak and white roses as his signature symbols, which you find 
to be pretty mundane. Gumshoe then mentions about an eyewitness to 
the crime, but he won't reveal the identity of this person even if 
you ask him about it. 

He ends by saying that you are banned from entering the lodging house,
which means that the eyewitness must be in one of those halls. He 
can't stop you though, so go into Moe's Room next. 


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Lodging Hall, 1st Floor, Moe's Room

Moe is actually the clown of the circus, but he isn't around at the 
moment, so go back to the circus entrance. From there, go to the Big 


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Berry Big Circus, Big Top

Upon entering the Big Top, a tiger attacks you. Before he finishes 
you, however, someone stops him. Turns out that his owner, Regina 
Berry, is here. She's the animal tamer of the circus. She also happens 
to be daughter of the Ringmaster. Talk to her to find out more about 
herself. Take special note on her comments about Leon the Lion, and 
how the lion was killed by the Ringmaster.

Present Max's profile to her now. This will open up an option to ask 
about "what's on your mind". Talk about this, and Regina reveals that 
Max has professed his love to her recently. However, on the same day 
of his profession, another colleague called Trilo approached her about 
the same matter. She isn't very forthcoming with regards to Trilo's 
identity, but mentions that he's a tenor singer.

Regina also shows you the direction to the Ringmaster's Room, so you 
should go there now.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Big Top, Ringmaster's Room

This place is an evidence galore. Examine the envelope on the desk to 
find the Ringmaster's Papers. These are documents related to Max's 
salary negotiations. Amazingly, they show that Max have already gotten 
an enormous raise just a week ago.

Examine the posters on the walls, and you will find Max G. Promo 
Poster. It's emblazoned with Max's three famous symbols - the cloak, 
the silk hat and the white roses. 

Both the Ringmaster's Papers and the Max G. Promo Poster will be 
added to the Court Record.

Check the tailcoat as well to find that a scrap of white paper is 
sticking out of its pocket. You can't take this at the moment though. 
So, go back to the circus entrance.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Berry Big Circus, Circus Entrance

You will find Benjamin Woodman, the ventriloquist of the circus here. 
You can talk to Ben about all the options available, but he can't 
seems to converse well without his p-p-p-puppet. Looks like you will 
need to retrieve the puppet for him before he opens up.

Go back to Moe's Room.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Lodging Hall, 1st Floor, Moe's Room

Moe is finally here. Plough through his foolishly foolish jokes, and 
talk to him about "Berry Big Circus". He gives you a brief history of 
the circus, which will also open an option to talk about "Russell 
Berry". Ask about this, and he will tell you more about Russell, and 
how he always take care of his employees even when the circus has no 
customers. Moe also reveals his hatred towards Max, but seems to be 
hiding something about the magician. 

Now, ask "what happened". Moe confirms that the murder took place at 
about 10pm last night. He was tired after the rehearsals then, and was 
about to go to bed when he caught a peek of the crime. Looks like Moe 
is the eyewitness that Gumshoe was talking about. 

Ask "what you witnessed", and Moe will remain tight-lipped. He wants 
you to tell him a joke before revealing details, and you obliged. Laugh 
if you can, but the joke falls flat. Moe will fulfil the part of this 
bargain though, and will tell you what he saw that night. After going 
to bed last night, he heard an loud noise that sounded like a giant 
"THUMP!". He jumped out of bed, and saw Max standing in front of the 
body of the Ringmaster. 

NOTE: Take note of the illustration here, as it shows only a man in a 
magician costume, and not the face. 

You can now show him Max's profile now. Moe will reveal that on the 
morning of the crime, Max hit the head of Ben real hard. Moe will 
show you the direction to the cafeteria. He also gives you the Circus 
Map as well, which will be added to the Court Record. If you check the 
map, you will find that the cafeteria is just to the right of the 
Ringmaster's Room in the Big Top. So, head to the Big Top first before 
going to the cafeteria.

NOTE: By the way, if you check Moe's profile, you will find that his 
real name is Lawrence Curls. That's The Three Stooges for you. :)


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Big Top, Cafeteria

Many "examinable" points here, but the one of immediate attention is 
the broken orange juice bottle on the floor. Looks like this is the 
weapon that Max used to "clonk" Ben in the head earlier. 

Broken Bottle added to Court Record.

You have found all the ingredients... I mean, clues, to unlock Max's 
Psyche-Locks. Go back to the Detention Center now.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Present the Magatama to begin the Psyche-Lock sequence. Max is adamant 
that he was negotiating his salary with the Ringmaster last night, but 
show him the Ringmaster's Papers to crush one lock - Max's salary has 
already been concluded last week. 

Max will now admit that the Ringmaster called him to his room last 
night. He refuses to tell you why, but you can present the Broken 
Bottle to crush the second lock - it must have something to do with 
the "clonking" incident that happened that morning.

Max appears shocked at your discovery of this bottle, but he remains 
silent about what happened with this bottle. When given the chance, 
present Ben's profile - Max has used this bottle to "clonk" Ben's 
head earlier, which was why the Ringmaster wanted to talk to him.

All locks crushed! You can finally talk to him about his "meeting with 
Russell". He admits that he had a run in with Ben as they were fighting 
over the affections of Regina. He also reveals that during the talk 
with the Ringmaster, he proposed to marry Regina, and the Ringmaster 

This conversation opens up an option on "shut him up". Ask about it, 
and Max will reveal that to shut Ben up, he hid Trilo Quist, Ben's 
puppet in the Ringmaster's Room. Looks like you will need to go back 
to the circus again.

NOTE: Did you catch the joke? Ben-Trilo-Quist. Ha ha ha.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Berry Big Circus, Circus Entrance

You will find that Ben is no longer here. Head towards the Ring-
master's Room now.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Big Top, Ringmaster's Room

Examine the bookshelf on the left (the one with plenty of trophies on 
it) to find Trilo. 

Trilo Quist added to Court Record.

You will need to find Ben, who is in the cafeteria now.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Big Top, Cafeteria

Present Trilo to Ben, and Ben, I mean, Trilo will start talking. And 
boy, is he a complete opposite of Ben! Talk to Ben/ Trilo, and you 
will find that he actually has more humor than Moe the Clown. Anyway, 
ask about the circus, and Trilo will reveal that he's in love with 
Regina. This opens up an option on "marriage", so ask Trilo about it 
to find out that he has indeed professed his love for Regina with a 
gift of song - ah, that's what Regina meant by "tenor singer" earlier. 

Ask "what happened", and you will open an option to talk about "Flying 
Fraud". Ask about this, and Trilo will reveal that the Ringmaster got 
knocked by the "flying fraud" that is Max. It seems like Ben/ Trilo 
will be testifying in court tomorrow as well.

So, there. You have gotten the identity of the two witnesses that 
you will be facing tomorrow. Go back to the Big Top now.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Berry Big Circus, Big Top

A monkey appears out of no where to steal your badge. Man, if you 
don't get your badge back, how can you flash it? Thankfully, Regina
offers to help you to retrieve it. Talk to her about "Money the 
Monkey" (this is proving to be very difficult to type), and she will 
explain that Money loves shiny objects. She also tells you to talk to 
Moe to find out the location of Money.

Ask about "Ben and Trilo" and "proposal" if you want, but you should 
really go to Moe's room.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Lodging Hall, 1st Floor, Moe's Room

Gumshoe has left the plaza, by the way. When you enter Moe's Room, 
get really for more bad jokes before you can talk to him. Ask about 
Regina if you want, but your main purpose here is to find Money, so 
talk to Moe about the monkey. Moe will offer to take you to Money's 
owner. Choose "Go with Moe" if you're ready to go.


Date: 12/28
Time: ???
Location: Lodging Hall, 3rd Floor, Acro's Room

Moe brings you to the 3rd floor of the lodging hall, which happens to 
be Acro's room. Acro is an acrobat, but neither him nor Money is 
around at the moment - the perfect chance to snatch your badge back!
Before you examine the room, Money the Monkey will be added to the 
Court Record.

Examine the pile of junk right ahead to retrieve your badge. You will 
also find a ring that has something engraved on it: "From T to R". 
Trilo to Regina, perhaps? You will add this Ring to the Court Record.

This concludes the investigation for today. Save your game now.

PART 2-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW2821 ]

Date: 12/29
Time: 9:43am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5

Go through the conversation with Max, as usual. Ditch the idea of a 
"dashing young lawyer flying into court fabulously", and get on with 
your job.


Date: 12/29
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 2

After the introduction, Franziska (yes, she's still your rival this 
time round) calls Gumshoe to the stands. 


Gumshoe says that snow was falling until 9:40pm on the night of the 
crime. All the circus performers were gathered in the Big Top to 
practise their routines. The rehearsal ended at about 10pm, while the 
murder itself took place in the plaza in front of the lodging house at 
10:15pm. The Ringmaster was found bent over a wooden box. The cause of 
death was blunt force trauma that snapped a vertebrae in his neck. 

Gumshoe will also present the Autopsy Report, which will be added to 
the Court Record.


Press the first statement, and Gumshoe will give you more information 
about the snow. Apparently ahout an inch and a half of the snow was 
piled up on the ground till the next morning. You find something amiss 
in this statement, but can't seems to figure it out now. 

Press the statement that talks about the wooden box. Gumshoe will 
reveal that the box was extremely heavy, and it was also locked when 
the police found it. When given the chance, ask "about the contents" 
of the box. Gumshoe replies that upon unlocking the box, the police 
found a little condiment bottle inside. The bottle is filled with 
pepper. One small seasoning bottle, locked in a 20lb box? Something is 
not right here. 

Small seasoning bottle added to Court Record.

NOTE: True to the Phoenix Wright spirit, this insignificant-looking
seasoning bottle will turn out to be quite an evidence later.

Press the next statement about the cause of death. Gumshoe reveals 
that the police has not found the murder weapon yet. He also explains 
that the murderer could have ran off with the weapon. 

Franziska will now call Ben to the stands.


Once the practice was over, Ben/ Trilo left the tent with Moe. Once 
they got to the lodging house, Ben/ Trilo went over to the plaza. 
That's when he saw Max heading towards the scene of the crime. Max 
was the only one heading that way, so how could he not be the killer?
The police then showed up and took Max away.

When pressed by Franziska, Ben/ Trilo adds that he saw the silk hat, 
cloak and the white roses, which are trademarks of Max.

The Judge then asks about the possibility of Moe committing the 
murder. Franziska replies that since the silk hat was found at the 
crime scene, Max would be the likelier candidate for murder.


Press when Ben/ Trilo says that he saw Max heading towards the crime 
scene. He confirms that there was only one person headed towards that 
way that night. Select "Ben only saw Max?" - it's strange that Ben/ 
Trilo only saw Max heading towards the crime scene, so present 
Russell's profile when given the chance. If Ben/ Trilo was really at 
the plaza, he must have seen the Ringmaster as well.

This is not enough to prove anything, so cross-examination continues. 

Press Ben/ Trilo's last statement, and he reveals that the police 
arrived at about 10:30pm. You don't believe he would just stand out-
side in that weather merely to "do some thinking". You suggest, 
instead, that he was waiting for someone. The Judge now asks you to 
show who Ben/ Trilo was waiting. Present Regina's profile. 

Watch Trilo's head flies off, and then miraculously returns in-place. 
Ben/ Trilo then argues that there is no relevance as to who he was 
meeting that night. But you reply that since he was waiting for 
Regina, he might have simply ignored anyone who passed by the plaza 
that night.

Ben/ Trilo then admits that he was indeed waiting for Regina. He was,  
in fact, waiting to propose to her. More testimony. 


Ben/ Trilo had something to give to Regina. He kept it in his pocket, 
and was waiting for the chance to propose and give it to her. He 
didn't get the chance to give it to her on that night, but he still 
has it in his pocket right now.


Press when Ben/ Trilo says that he has something to give to Regina. 
He reveals that it's an engagement ring. When given the chance to ask 
more about this, select "push on anyway". The Judge then requests Ben/ 
Trilo to add this information about the ring into the testimony.

Now, when he says that he wasn't able to give the ring to Regina that 
night, present the Ring - it seems like the ring is NOT in his pocket 
right now, since it's with you! You explain that you found the ring in 
Money the Monkey's room. Money likes to go after shiny object, which 
was why he stole this ring from Ben/ Trilo as well.

You will now ask him when was the ring stolen from him. He replies 
that it happened on the night of the crime. Money stole the ring right 
after Max showed up at the plaza. He then chased after Money, but he 
was unable to catch up with the monkey. 

You can now explain to the Judge that "Ben's testimony has a flaw" - 
he just testified that up until the police arrived, he didn't move 
from the entrance to the plaza. But, if he indeed went off to chase 
the monkey, there would be no one watching the plaza during the time 
that he spent chasing. As such, it was entirely possible for someone 
other than Max to be at the crime scene.

Ben/ Trilo will give one more testimony.

BEN/ TRILO'S TESTIMONY: WITNESSING MAX                      [ PW28B3 ]

Ben/ Trilo insists that he saw Max in the plaza that night. He showed 
up about five minutes after Ben/ Trilo started waiting for Regina. In 
fact, Ben/ Trilo even said "good evening" to Max, but the magician
didn't respond.

Ben/ Trilo also says that he chased Money for about five minutes.


Present the Broken Bottle when he says that he greeted "good evening" 
to Max - Max just "clonked" Ben/ Trilo with the bottle that morning, 
so it would be quite impossible for him to greet Max after the 
assault. The Judge will then ask you to explain your point. Select 
"he saw a different person" - you believe that Ben/ Trilo did see 
someone, but the person wasn't Max. 

Now, the Judge will ask you who exactly did Ben/ Trilo see that 
night. Present Russell's profile again - he's the only possible person 
that Ben/ Trilo will greet other than Regina. After some argument 
about the identity of this other person, you reply that he could have 
been Russell, dressed up as Max with Max's three trademarks. 

Franziska has no clear evidence to prove otherwise. She will then call 
upon her next witness. The Judge, as usual, calls for a recess now. 
Save your game.

PART 2-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW2822 ]

Date: 12/29
Time: 11:54am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5

Do the usual. Max reveals that while in the Ringmaster's Room, 
Russell left midway through the discussion, and told him to wait 
because he would be right back. He also reveals that he went to the 
room with his costume on, but he took it off once he reached the room.
This means that the Ringmaster could have taken Max's costume and went 
out looking like Max. 

Max asks a good question now - they only found the silk hat at the 
crime scene. What about the cloak and the white roses? 


Date: 12/29
Time: 12:06pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 2

Moe tries to make a comedic impression in court to no avail. He will 
soon be asked to testify.

MOE'S TESTIMONY: WHAT YOU WITNESSED                         [ PW28M1 ]

Moe knows that he's not the greatest comedian in the world. In fact, 
he hasn't been able to make people laugh for 10 years. No matter what 
he says, all he gets in return is a vacant stare and polite applause. 
Since no one ever laughs at his jokes, he has taken to laughing at 
himself. He ven tried to come up with jokes just for day... 

Hey, wait a minute! Why is he telling his LIFE STORY?


After practice was over that night, Moe went straight back to his 
room as he was extremely tired. He thought he would go straight to 
sleep, but before he did, he glanced out of the window. That's when he 
saw the two silhouttes. They were slightly far away, but he could tell 
that it was the Ringmaster, and he was with Max, who was wearing his 
cloak. He kept watching them, and all of a sudden, Max clonked the 
Ringmaster over the head. 


Before your cross-examination, the Judge reminds you that if you press 
Moe too hard, it would have a disastrous impact on all who are in the 
courtroom. I thought this was really funny. However, it's not funny 
anymore if you allow Moe to start telling jokes during the cross-
examination, because the Judge WILL take a chunk out of your health 
bar if you do so. You should therefore proceed with caution.

Ignore the first two statements about Moe going back to his room, and 
that he was tired. The second one will definitely net you a penalty. 
If you choose to press the first statement, when asked to change the 
time to 8pm, say "let's not". Otherwise, Moe will tell a joke, and 
you will get it from Franziska and the Judge.

Instead, press the third statement about Moe glancing out of the 
window. When given the chance, keep pressing, and Moe will eventually 
admit that he looked out of this window upon hearing a loud noise. The 
Judge wilk ask Moe to add this into his testimony.

Now, press this revised testimony about a loud noise. Moe will say 
that it sounded like someone getting hit with something very hard. 

Press the next statement about the silhouttes. Moe explains that the 
two figures were about 30 feet from his window. He also adds that it 
was snowing that night, thus reducing visibility.

When Moe says that he saw Max clonking the head of the Ringmaster, 
press him. Upon pressing, Moe will appear confused about whether he 
saw the murder weapon. Franziska warns you about harrassing her 
witness, and asks you for any clear basis to believe that Moe didn't 
see the crime. 

Select "of course I do!", and you will reply that the basis lies in 
Moe's very own testimony. He has earlier mentioned that he heard a 
loud noise that sounded like someone getting hit with something hard. 
If that is true, it's likely that this loud noise would be the time 
when the killer blow was struck. If Moe only glanced out of the 
window after that, he wouldn't have seen the act of murder at all.

Moe will then admit that he didn't see Max "clonk" the head of the 
Ringmaster. In fact, when he looked out of the window, the Ringmaster 
was already dead. The Judge will ask Moe to testify about the other 
silhouette that he saw.

MOE'S TESTIMONY: THE SILHOUETTE                            [ PW28M2 ]

Moe was a bit far away, but the shadow that he saw could only have 
been Max. He was sure because he saw Max's symbols - the silk hat, and 
the black cloak. His face was silhouetted, but there was no doubt that 
it was Max. Moe also adds that since Max's cloak was fluttering in the 
wind, he couldn't really see what he was carrying. 


Present the Max G. Promo Poster when Moe says that he saw the silk hat 
and the black coat - how about the WHITE ROSES? Moe then admits that 
he didn't see any roses on the silhouette. Franziska objects, and says 
that it's too dark to see the roses, but you reply that the roses are 
white, and are hard to miss. She then argues that the roses must have 
fallen off when Max attacked the Ringmaster. You will then reply 
that if that was the case, the police should have found those roses 
by now.

The Judge then asks about the relevance of these roses. You will quote
Ben/ Trilo's testimony earlier about the three symbols, and explain 
that no one could mistake someone for wearing these symbols. Ben/ 
Trilo saw all the symbols, but Moe didn't see the roses. This sounds 
like a contradiction. 

The Judge agrees with you, and will ask Moe to testify again. However, 
he warns that if you fail to find anything substantial, he will issue 
his verdict. 

MOE'S TESTIMONY: THE SILHOUETTE, PT.2                       [ PW28M3 ]

Moe is sure that there were no white roses that night. He's equally 
sure, however, that the other two symbols were there, especially the 
silk hat. In fact, Max was wearing the hat the entire time he was on 
the scene.  


The Judge tells you that you all but ONE chance of getting a 
contradiction. No pressing, no nothing. You will have to present one 
evidence to counter one statement. If you do it wrong, you lose. 

With such a stiff restriction, present the Silk Hat at the last 
statement, when Moe says that he saw Max wearing the hat the entire 
time when he was at the crime scene. You explain that the silk hat 
was found at the crime scene, which means that some time during the 
attack, the hat must have fallen off the killer's head. Moe, however, 
claims that the killer was wearing the hat the entire time. In fact, 
despite you mentioning the contradiction, Moe was still adamant that 
it was Max who have left the crime scene wearing the silk hat. 

You will then find something amiss, and will ask Moe how did the 
murderer leave the crime scene. Moe replies that the murderer, 
obviously, just turned around and walked away. When asked to counter 
Moe's reply, present the Crime Photo - remember the footprints? In 
this photo, you can only see the footprints of the victim, but not 
the murderer's. As such, the murderer couldn't have just "turned and 
walked away".

Moe will then agree to reveal the truth (again). Franziska, however, 
attempts to stop him from doing so. Regardless, the Judge will order 
for one more testimony.

MOE'S TESTIMONY: THE TRUTH                                  [ PW28M4 ]

The majority of this testimony are rubbish. Just note the part where 
Moe says that he saw the murderer flew away through the air, and 
disappeared into the darkness. This explains why there wasn't any 

You won't need to cross-exammine Moe this time, but the Judge will ask 
for your opinion about this flying incident. Reply "he's telling the 
truth". Regardless of your answer, however, the Judge will order for 
more investigation. Looks like you won't get the verdict today.


Date: 12/29
Time: 2:33pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5

Max reveals that he actually used invisible wires to hoist him through 
the air during his show. As such, it's impossible to fly as and when 
he likes. Other than that, nothing of note now. Save the game, take a 

PART 3: INVESTIGATION                                       [ PW2830 ]

Date: 12/29
Time: 3:03pm
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

If you want, talk to Maya. Otherwise, go to the Detention Center.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Talk to Max about the "night of the murder" if you want, but the key 
here is to discuss "today's trial". Max will eventually reveal that he 
has won the International Grand Prix, which is some sort of award for 
people in the show business. This opens up an option for "Grand Prix". 
Talk to Max about it, and he will show you a picture from the event. 
In this picture, Max was holding a trophy, and surrounded by the 

Grand Prix Photo added to Court Record.

Present the Grand Prix Photo back to him, and he will tell you more 
about the award. Apparently, he got a trophy and a bust as a reward 
for this victory. He also tells you that you can find one of this 
awards in the circus' cafeteria - the bust. 

Looks like you should be heading back to the circus now.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Berry Big Circus, Circus Entrance

You will find Ben/ Trilo here. It seems like Trilo is teaching Ben 
to sing. Maya offers to return the Ring to Ben/ Trilo, which removes 
it from the Court Record. Talk to him if you want, but there is 
nothing really major here.

Go to the plaza now.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Lodging House, Plaza

You will find Gumshoe here. He informs you that Franziska is at the 
circus as well, and she's currently examining Acro's room. The reason 
she's doing so is due to Moe's testimony - if the killer really flew 
away from the plaza, he would have passed right by Acro's window. 

You decide that you should avoid Franziska for now, so head towards 
the cafeteria instead.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Big Top, Cafeteria

After tormenting Gumshoe will all his jokes, with compliments from 
Franziska, Moe is back at the circus. Endure through his lame jokes 
once again, and quickly present the Grand Prix Photo to him. This will 
open up an option to talk about "Max's Bust" (it's not what you 

Moe reveals that Max's Bust was supposed to be on one of the small 
tables in the cafeteria. Unfortunately, it sort of went missing about 
five days ago. He will then show you a picture on the bulletin board, 
which Max pinned up for all to see. You will now get to see Max's 
Bust - it's a greenish, shiny piece of statue that looks like all 
those Randy Bowen superheroes busts that I buy all the time.

Max G. Bust (the photo) added to Court Record.

Moe will then tell you something has changed in the cafeteria. Ask him 
"what changed", and he will reply that on the morning of the crime, 
a piece of paper was posted. The paper was torn, so he could only see 
its title - " To The Murderer!". Moe has no idea who posted it, but 
it seems like someone tore the rest of the message away. 

Note added to the Court Record.

Before you go, you may want to talk to Max about what he witnessed, he 
will reassure you that he really saw the killer flying around - no 
Psyche-Locks on him, which means he's telling the truth. Hmm.

You should return to the Detention Center now.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Present the Note to Max. He will reveal that on the day of the crime, 
the Ringmaster and Regina was at the cafeteria. The Ringmaster read 
the note, and became very angry about it. He then tore it off the wall 
and shoved it into the pocket of his tailcoat - remember that scrap 
of paper in his room earlier?

Looks like it's time to pay a visit to the Ringmaster's Room again.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Big Top, Ringmaster's Room

You can now take the scrap of paper from the tailcoat. Maya combines 
it with the note in your possession to form a complete note. 

Note updated in the Court Record. Check your records to read this 
note in its entirety:

"To The Murderer!

     You haven't forgotten what happened six months ago, have you?
     I have conclusive evidence of what took place. 

     Meet at 10:00pm tonight at the lodging house plaza.            "

Ok, so someone posted a message on the bulletin board to get the 
attention of a certain "murderer". Why did the Ringmaster tear it 
away then? Was he a murderer of some sort, or was he protecting 
someone else? 

Time to go back to the plaza.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Lodging House, Plaza

Gumshoe is back here again, after finishing his investigations with 
Acro. Soon enough, you will hear an irritating beep. Apparently, this 
beep means that Franziska is somewhere near. Gumshoe will take the 
opportunity to run away. Before long, Franziska and her whip makes an 

Talk to her about "tomorrow's trial", and she reveals that she has 
found a "conclusive evidence" and a "conclusive witness". Looks like 
Acro will be testifying in court tomorrow - and you haven't even seen 
him yet. 

Ask about her motives for "revenge", and she will reveal that she 
wants revenge not for her father, but for none other than Miles 
Edgeworth. Talk to her about Edgeworth, and she will explain that 
Edgeworth is like a brother to her, as both were trained by her 
father, Manfred von Karma. 

Franziska is blaming you for Edgeworth's death. Ask about his death, 
and you will recall Edgeworth's reaction to the DL-6 Incident. He left 
a note in his office: "Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth choosed death", and 
vanished. Franziska is adamant, however, that Edgeworth is still 
alive. The "death" that she wants revenge for is for the death of 
the "Prosecutor" in Edgeworth.

NOTE: Again, to find out more about the DL-6 Incident, buy the first 
game. As to why this portion here is important, it's because our 
favorite Prosecutor Edgeworth is just about to make an appearance, 

You should now get back to the case. Visit Acro's Room now.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Lodging Hall, 3rd Floor, Acro's Room

Acro will introduce himself. It seems like he's expecting you. After 
the usual banter, ask Acro about the circus, and he will tell you 
that the Ringmaster took him in after his own parents abandoned him. 
He was grateful to the Ringmaster, and was devoted to repaying him in 
any ways possible. Notice his statement about the Ringmaster being too 
kind to his daughter, though. It seems like Acro has a grudge against 

Acro used to performed on the tightrope and flying trapeze, but he's 
now wheelchair-bound. Ask about the wheelchair, and he will explain 
that the nerves in his legs were badly damaged. As a result, he can't 
even stand, or leave the building by himself. When you ask how he 
sustained the injury, however, you will find three Psyche-Locks! 
Something is not right with this seemingly lovable character.

He explains that his injury was sustained six months ago, and adds 
that it was sustained during practice. If "six months" sound familiar 
to you, you're on the right track in this case.

Ask Acro about "what happened". He explains that he wasn't in his 
room yesterday when you visited, because he was at the hospital. He 
then reveal that he "saw something" about the murder. Ask "what he 
witnessed". He will say that he heard a huge sound coming from below 
his window. When he looked out of the window, he saw Max flying 
straight up into the air. 

There's nothing else you can do here at the moment - not until you 
find something to unlock Acro's Psyche-Locks. Go to the Big Top now - 
Regina is probably back. 


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Berry Big Circus, Big Top

Once you enter the Big Top, Regent the Tiger will attack you again, 
until Regina stops him from doing so. She apologizes for the attack, 
and explains that she was actually training Regent to "teach Money the 
Monkey" a lesson.

So, ask about the monkey. She will tell you that Money has stolen her
stage costume. She will ask you to help retrieve it. There's no way 
you could turn down the request, because all three options given to 
you are positive!

You may want to ask her about her father. There's nothing really 
important in this conversation, except maybe the brief mention of the 
death of Leon the Lion again. You may want to take some time to ponder 
the following: if the Ringmaster is really such a nice person, as 
portrayed by every member of the circus, what would make him kill the 

Anyway, present the updated Note to Regina, and she will reveal that 
this note was originally in her pocket on the day of the crime. She's 
responsible for bringing breakfast up to the third floor for Acro. 
On the day, after doing so, she found this note in her pocket. Since 
she wasn't a murderer, she thought that the person who put this in the 
pocket might have made a mistake. As a result, she pinned the note on-
to the bulletin board.

This new revelation will be updated to the Court Record.

It's time to retrieve the stage costume. Go to Moe's Room now.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Lodging Hall, 1st Floor, Moe's Room

Moe isn't here, but Money is. Simply go through the conversation, and 
you will get the chance to confront the monkey. Tell him to "give it 
back, monkey-brain!" You will eventually retrieve the costume for 

Stage Costume added to Court Record.

Return to the Big Top now.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Berry Big Circus, Big Top

Present the Stage Costume to Regina. She's delighted to have it back. 
She then goes on to explain that the costume actually belongs to 
Leon the Lion. You can now ask about "Leon". From this, you will 
finally get some details on the death of the lion. 

Regina explains that one of Leon's tricks went awry during practice. 
This trick involved him opening his mouth, with Regina sticking her 
head inside to stunt the crowd. Unfortunately, during a practice 
session, Leon bit someone. The Ringmaster was furious about this, 
and killed Leon as a result. 

Leon will be added to the Court Record.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Big Top, Cafeteria

Moe is still sticking around here. Ask him about the circus again, 
and he will tell you that Acro was particularly upset after the 
murder. He also reveal his plans to take over the Ringmaster's role, 
since he has no breakthrough in being a clown. Soon, he will also 
mention about getting over "a tragedy". This will open an option to 
ask about "get over it?".

Try asking him about this, and he will eventually show you two 
Psyche-Locks concerning the incident from "six months ago". 
Fortunately, you already have the items to unlock them. So, do the 
usual with the Magatama to begin the process.

You've got an idea what happened back then. When giving the chance, 
present Leon - the incident from six months ago, according to what 
you've gathered so far, must have something to do with the death of 
Leon. One lock crushed.

When you ask Moe the identity of the person who was bitten, but he 
will tell you that he promised someone that he wouldn't say anything. 
Apparently, this person was involved in the incident as well. When 
asked to guess this person, present Acro's profile. Second lock 

You can now ask him about "get over it?". He reveals that the victim 
of Leon's accident was none other than Acro's younger brother, Bat. 
The bite caused Bat to suffer massive brain damage, and he will never 
recover from the coma that he's in. This opens up an option to discuss 
about "Acro's brother".

Moe reveals that Bat fell in love with Regina, and in a bid to win 
her love, he met his doom. During a practice six months, Bat suddenly 
volunteered to perform with Leon. Check the picture on the top screen 
now to see Bat shoving his head into Leon's mouth - take special note 
of the scarf that he was wearing. Anyhow, Moe tells you that the 
accident was rather strange, because Leon has a weird look on his 
face, almost as if he was smiling, before he bit Bat. A day after this 
incident, the Ringmaster shot Leon.

Moe then offers to use the seasoning bottle on his burgers. Maya 
responds with a sneeze. Moe will then add that Bat likes to tease 
Regina with pepper, so as to make her sneeze - this is a vital clue to 
the case, but you haven't notice it yet.

It's now time to unlock Acro's Psyche-Locks. Go to his room again.


Date: 12/29
Time: ???
Location: Lodging Hall, 3rd Floor, Acro's Room

Present the Magatama to initiate the Psyche-Lock process. When given 
the chance, present Leon - Acro was trying to save Bat during that 
accident six months ago, and as a result, he lost the use of his 
legs. One lock crushed.

Acro denies that he fought the lion, but you reply that he had to 
fight to save someone. Present Bat's profile when given the chance - 
second lock crushed.

One more lock to go. Acro is still being evasive, but you suggest 
that his relunctance to talk could be due to something that he doesn't 
seem to like much. When given the chance, present Regina's profile - 
Leon's owner was Regina, and both Acro's and Bat's conditions were 
caused by Leon. Surely, Acro must have harbored some hatred towards 

Acro then replies that Leon was never taught a command to attack 
people, and Regina would never command Leon to kill someone she 
presumably was on good terms with. However, you've proof that Acro 
hates Regina.  Present the Note when given the chance - Acro was the 
one who planted the note into Regina's pocket. Third lock finally 

Talk about the wheelchair now. Acro will finally reveal the truth 
behind the Leon incident. Apparently, Bat had a dare with Regina - 
if he was to put his head into the mouth of Leon successfully, Regina 
would have to go out with him on a movie date. As a result of this 
accident, Bat is still unconscious at the hospital. 

A new option about "Regina and Bat" opens up. Ask Acro about this, and 
he will show you the scarf that Bat was wearing when Leon attacked 
him. It's covered with blood. Apparently, this was a gift from Regina 
to Bat. Acro also confirms Moe's observation that Leon appeared to be 
smiling when he attacked Bat. 

Just when you're about to add this scarf into your records, Franziska 
appears suddenly. You've no choice but to oblige. 

This concludes Part 3 of this episode. Save your game now.

PART 4-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW2841 ]

Date: 12/30
Time: 9:41am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5

Do the usual with the conversation. Seems like everyone from the 
circus except Ben/ Trilo is here. You also reveal that Acro is the 
most likely candidate for killing the Ringmaster. Note also that in 
today's trial, your usual style of incessantly pressing the witness 
will not work anymore. In another words, you can only rely on evidence 
to get past Acro and to the truth. Of course, you can still press when 
you've substantial proof. Otherwise, a wrong move can result in the 
end of the trial, and the conviction of Max.


Date: 12/30
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 2

Do the usual, get ready for lies.

ACRO'S TESTIMONY: WHAT YOU WITNESSED                        [ PW28A1 ]

It was just after 10:00pm, and Acro was resting in bed. Around that 
time, he heard a large "THUMP" noise from outside the window. A few 
moments later, he saw someone flying right by his window. It was 
Max - even though he only saw him from behind, but that's who the 
figure looked to him. Acro thought he was dreaming when he saw that. 


Press when Acro says that he could only see Max from behind. He will 
explain that there was enough light for him to see the silhouette 
outside his window. He also mentions that he saw the silk hat and the 
cloak clearly, but didn't see the white roses as he only saw the 
figure's back.

When given the chance, tell the Judge that "there is a contradiction" 
to Acro's statement. You would need to present the Silk Hat to 
subtantiate your claim - the hat was found at the crime scene, so how 
could Acro have seen it on the flying figure?

The Judge will now ask what would could Acro to commit perjury in 
court. The answer is obvious: "Acro is the real culprit."

Go through the conversation as both Acro and Franziska doubt your 
claims - Acro is wheelchair-bound. How could he do murder in this 
fashion, if he could even murder anyone at all? Franziska even has a 
doctor's note to confirm that Acro is unable to stand on his own!

The Judge will now ask whether Acro has an accomplice. Reply "of 
course he didn't" - you're quite adamant that Acro did this all by 

Map-pointing time now, as the Judge asks you to point out the location 
of Acro during the crime. Point to the room that says "Acro (3F)" - 
it appears that Acro managed to commit the murder without leaving his 

Franziska then points out that Max was clearly spotted at the crime 
scene. Acro also challenges you to explain how he killed the 
Ringmaster. Select "present evidence" when the Judge asks for it. Now, 
you only have one chance, so do this right - present the Max G. Bust 
photo. The bust is rather large, and very very heavy as well - heavy 
enough to guarantee a certain death, especially when dropped from 

Franziska will object, and say that it's impossible for Acro to wheel 
a wheelchair with something so heavy. You reply, however, that Acro 
used to be an acrobat. As such, he should have more than enough upper 
body strength to carry like as heavy as the Max G. Bust. 

Franziska will now argue that the physical health of Acro is of 
importance to the case. As a result, you will face more testimony even 
when you vehemently object to it.

ACRO'S TESTIMONY: ACRO'S PHYSICAL STATE                     [ PW28A2 ]

Acro admits that he could have lifted something the size of that 
bust. He has a strong upper body strength from working as an acrobat, 
and his injured legs would not affect it. However, lifting the bust 
and looking out of the window would have been impossible. There's no 
way he could have exerted that kind of force on his lower body. As 
such, that makes it impossible for him to have known the location of
the Ringmaster.


Present the Wooden Box when Acro says that it would been impossible 
for him to know the location of the Ringmaster - Acro already knows 
the location of the Ringmaster's head beforehand with the help of 
this box. You further explain by showing the Crime Photo to the Judge 
- the victim was found hunced over the box. Who placed the box 
there? When Ben/ Trilo saw the Ringmaster (disguised as Max), 
he didn't see him holding the box. This means that the box was 
already placed there at the crime scene ahead of the meeting time.

The Crime Photo also shows another interesting point - why is the 
Ringmaster hunching over the box? Could it be that he was trying to 
LIFT THE BOX? The moment that the bust was dropped down from above 
was exactly the same moment that the Ringmaster was trying to lift 
the box. In another words, as long as the bust was dropped to the 
designated spot at the designated time, it would almost certainly hit 
the head of the Ringmaster, spot on.

The Judge will, as usual, ask who actually placed the box at the 
crime scene. You will reply that it was Acro. You also add that he 
must have connected the box to a rope, and then lowered it down to 
the scene. 

Franziska then gives you the customary whipping, before arguing that 
the Ringmaster's head could have been anywhere when he lifted the box. 
You will then explain the special quality of this box - "the 
weight". Weighing at 20lb, just to lift it up would have required 
someone to squat down to do so. The box is also very large, and has 
carrying handles on either side. This means that regardless of who is 
liftig the box, his or her head would be in approximately the same 

Acro then throws a question at you - do you remember the original 
location of this bust? Select "I remember". You confirm that it was 
originally found on the table in the cafeteria. Acro then explains 
that he could not have leave the lodging house on his own, which makes 
it impossible for him to get the bust from the cafeteria to his room.

You will now be asked to show how Acro managed to bring the bust up 
to his room. Present Money the Monkey - this bugger loves shiny 
objects of any size, and the bust has some shiny cards on it! Money 
must have stolen the bust back to Acro's room on his own accord. 

Watch now as Franziska tells the Judge that she hasn't found this 
bust yet, as her search for the murder weapon was fruitless. Maya then 
tells you that perhaps this bust was the murder weapon, but it was 
used by accident - Acro may have saw Money's load of stolen items, 
and decided to go ahead with his plan to murder. 

You've now proven that Acro is more than capable of being the killer. 
However, Franziska still doesn't give up. She will then remind you 
of Moe's testimony - he saw Max at the crime scene. The Judge will 
now ask who could be the person that Moe saw? Present the Max G. 
Bust photo again - Moe said that he saw Max's silhouette, but he 
didn't actually see Max himself. It was entirely possible for that 
who he saw wasn't a human-being at all.

Franziska now argues that the silhoutte that Moe saw was wearing a 
cloak. You then reply that it's possible to attach a cloak to a bust. 
Or, most possibly, the cloak actually got tangled onto the bust when 
they come into contact. The Judge then asks you who was the person who 
put the cloak onto the bust. Present Russell's profile - you will 
explain this in a moment.

There's only one possible explanation to this whole mess. Firstly, 
Acro used a rope to lower the wooden box onto the crime scene. Then, 
he attached that rope to the bust, and dangled the bust out of his 
bedroom window, directly above the wooden box. At the same time, the 
Ringmaster left his room, and went to the scene wearing Max's 
disguise - he may have done so to prevent anyone from recognizing him. 
He was spotted at the entrance of the lodging house by Ben/ Trilo, 
however, When he finally arrived at the scene, he bent over to lift 
the box. That's when Acro took the chance, and released the rope. At 
the very instant that the bust hit the Ringmaster, however, his silk 
hat fell to the ground, and his cloak got tangled onto the bust! The 
result was that the body of the bust was covered by the cloak, 
resulting in a silhoutte that looked like Max, which Moe witnessed!
Acro, having completed the crime, naturally went about pulling up the 
murder weapon - he must have no idea that Moe saw the bust being 
raised with the cloak dangling on it, especially when he was in his 
wheelchair. As a result, Moe saw the silhoutte "flew" away. Talk about 
a coincidence!

Franziska will now ask you for proof to substantiate your explantion. 
Present the Silk Hat - Moe was adamant that he saw the silhoutte 
"flew away" with the hat on. If your explanation is true, however, 
what Moe saw must be correct, because the "hat" that he saw on the 
flying silhoutte was none other than the one on the bust!

Franziska still doesn't give up. She brings up Ben/ Trilo's testimony 
about the white roses on "Max's" chest that night, but Moe said that 
there was no white roses. You will then explain that if the cloak was 
snagged onto the front of the bust, the whites roses would end up on 
the back of the bust. As the roses were covered, it's only logical 
that Moe didn't see them.

And yet, Franziska still doesn't give up! She now demands a motive for 
Acro to kill the Ringmaster, whom he has a high level of respect and 
gratitude for. Why would Acro want to kill the Ringmaster?

You will go into this after the recess. Save your game as usual.

PART 4-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW2842 ]

Date: 12/30
Time: 2:17pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5

Gumshoe secretly brings you the last evidence of the game - the scarf 
from yesterday. That's about all during this break, apart from some 
rather suggestive conversations with Gumshoe.

Check the records to find that the scarf is stained with Bat's blood 
and a small amount of pepper.


Date: 12/30
Time: 2:27am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 2

Final battle for this case. Let's go.

ACRO'S TESTIMONY: ABOUT THE RINGMASTER                      [ PW28A3 ]

When Acro and Bat were little, they were abandoned by their parents. 
That's when the Ringmaster took them in. Acro became an acrobat at 
about nine years old. His sole purpose in life is to find a way to 
repay the Ringmaster.


Now, you don't really need to cross-examine Acro, since you believe 
that Acro has no motive to kill the Ringmaster. When asked by the 
Judge, select "no need to question him now". You tell the Judge that 
you already know the answer as to why Acro killed the Ringmaster, 
however, and the Judge will ask whether you can explain Acro's motive. 
Select "I can't provide one" - Acro had no reason to kill the 
Ringmaster at all. In fact, the Ringmaster wasn't his intended target! 

As expected, Franziska will ask you to provide proof of who Acro was 
planning to kill instead. Present Regina's profile - Acro was trying 
to kill Regina all this while. 

Franziska will now ask for evidence to support your claim. Present the 
Note from the bulletin board - Acro put this into Regina's pocket 
while she was serving breakfast to him on the day of the crime. His 
intention was to lure Regina to the crime scene, so that he could 
execute his plan of killing her. Regina didn't believe the note was 
hers though, and pinned it onto the bulletin board. The Ringmaster saw 
that note, and decided to take Regina's place that night instead. 

Acro has earlier mentioned in his testimony that it was impossible for 
him to lift the bust and look down his window at the same time. As 
such, he has mistaken the person arriving at the scene as Regina, and 
released the bust down to kill the Ringmaster instead. It was all a 
very sad turn of events.

Your explanation will eventually lead to the accident from six months 
ago. Select "I know all about it" when asked, and Franziska will ask 
for a conclusive evidence. When the Judge asks you to present this 
evidence, present the Seasoning Bottle - it contains pepper, and it 
was found locked inside the wooden box at the scene. This was the 
conclusive evidence to pin Regina as a "murderer".

The crowd could not believe that a seasoning bottle could be a murder 
weapon. Franziska then asks you to point out who did Regina actually 
"killed". Present Bat's profile - even though he's technically not 
dead, to Acro, he might as well have been. 

The events leading to the "accident" will unfold. Franziska then 
bringsup the point that Leon the Lion was tamed, and even if Regina 
commanded him to attack Bat, he wouldn't. Basically, she's aruging 
that the case was not an attempted murder.

Maya will then ask whether the incident from six months ago is an 
accident. Reply "it was more than that". Soon, you will have to 
present the Scarf to substantiate your claim - pepper was liberally 
applied onto it. Watch now as the Judge sneezes uncontrollably - this 
is when Franziska somehow helps you with your defense by mentioning 
the "smile" on Leon's face during that fateful day. Apparently, Leon 
didn't mean to bite Bat at all. Instead, he was teased by the pepper, 
and he SNEEZED. Since Regina was the one who applied the pepper onto 
the scarf, which eventually led to Bat's incident, Acro would have a 
strong motive for revenge.

Despite your very convincing explanation, Acro is as cool as ever. He 
will now throw you one final challenge - where is the murder weapon? 
When given the chance to search his room for the weapon, decline. 
Instead, choose "see how things work out first" - Franziska has 
earlier mentioned that she has searched Acro's room to no avail, so 
there is no point in doing so again.  

Your decision to see how things work out first will lead to a familiar 
Phoenix Wright moment. The Judge is ready to close the case, etc., and 
suddenly someone throws in a "Hold it!". This time, it's Maya. This 
will eventually lead to a chance for you to tell the Judge where 
exactly is the weapon now. Tell him that it's "somewhere in this 

Ignore the crowd's reaction, and then tell the Judge that, in fact, 
the weapon is right in the "witness chair" when given the chance to 
do so - during Franziska's search, Arco has no choice but to hide the 
bust away quickly, so he left it under his wheelchair in the moment of 

Acro will finally give up, and admit to killing the Ringmaster by 
mistake. It was all a very case, but watch as the usually calm Acro 
goes down in tears for what he has done - he's still a very lovable 
character to me, he's just unfortunate, I think. Regina didn't mean 
to kill Bat. She was just trying to tease Bat, because he has earlier 
teased her into sneezing by pepper. It was all a lovey-dovey kind of 
pranks that you do to people you like. Unfortunately, Bat wore that 
scarf, which was meant as a joke, when he offered to put his mouth 
into Leon's mouth. Very sad.

Anyhow, Max Galactica verdict: "Not Guilty".

NOTE: I wrote the whole of Part 4-2 in the office as I was doing over-
time. Please pardon me if this portion is rather brief.


Date: 12/30
Time: 4:27pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 6

Two more decisions to make here. Watch the ending for this episode, 
and Regina will ask whether Acro will still want to take revenge on 
her. Tell her "I don't think so". She will then ask for proof, so 
present Bat's profile - he wants to wait for Bat to open his eyes 
again. Regina will now promise to stay by Bat's side until he wakes 
up as well (I really hope he does).

As for the fate of the Berry Big Circus, Moe will offer to take over 
the role of Ringmaster. Max, seeing Moe's determination, finally 
clears up their misunderstandings and offers to stay on to help 
fulfil Moe's dream. At least, there is a slightly happier tone to this 

As the episode closes, watch the surprise introduction of prosector 
Miles Edgeworth. He's on the phone with Gumshoe, and, amazingly, he 
seems to be providing Gumshoe will leads as to how to solve this 
case (and perhaps the ones earlier). He is confident that if the 
opportunites created by Gumshoe arise, you will definitely be able to 
capitalize on them to gain victory.

Expect to see Edgeworth very soon in the next episode.

                                                TURNABOUT BIG TOP: END

9. EPISODE FOUR: FAREWELL, MY TURNABOUT                     [ PW2900 ]
This would be one of the most intriguing cases of the entire Phoenix 
Wright series. The ending will come as a shocker for the uninitiated.

CASE FILE                                                   [ PW29CF ]

Defendant: Matt Engarde
Victim: Juan Corrida                                      
Prosecutor: Franziska von Karma (planned), Miles Edgeworth
Other Characters: Judge, Dick Gumshoe, Will Powers, Wendy Oldbag, 
Lotta Hart, Adrian Andrews, Celeste Inpax, Director Hotti, John Doe/ 
Shelly de Killer
Background: The Grand Prix event from the earlier episode makes a 
comeback, as a series of funny-looking characters slug it out to win 
the honor of "Heroes of Heroes". The Steel Samurai theme plays, but 
an improved version of him, namely, the Nickel Samurai, takes the
throne while beating his nearest rival, the Jammin' Ninja.

PART 1-1: INVESTIGATION                                     [ PW2911 ]

Date: 3/20
Time: 7:42pm
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Viola Hall

If you've played the first game, you should be familiar with the 
Gatewater Hotel. You're attending the Grand Prix with Maya and Pearl, 
at the invitation of a certain Will Powers. You may find him familiar 
- he was the actor for the Steel Samurai, predecessor of the Nickel 
Samurai. He was also the defendant of a murder case that you solved 
a year ago, in the previous game.

During the conversation, Maya comments that something is strange, as 
the Jammin' Ninja didn't have his signature bright red guitar with 
him. Nevertheless, this was soon forgotten, as Maya reminds you of the 
imminent post-ceremony show. Powers also mentions about a press 
conference after the show - apparently, the Nickel Samurai has called 
for a press conference to confess about something.

Talk to Powers if you want to find out more about him, and the Nickel 
Samurai. You will come across the name Matt Engarde - he's the current 
actor for the Nickel Samurai. You can also find out more about the 
Jammin' Ninja. Powers explains that the Nickel Samurai and the Jammin' 
Ninja are from Global Studios and Worldwide Studios respectively, and 
there is a fierce competition between them. Apparently, the two actors 
don't get along well with each other.

Go to the Hallway now.


Date: 3/20
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway

There is some time to go before the show begins, so examine this area 
to pass time. Some points of interest: Juan Corrida's room, Matt 
Engarde's Room, the bear, the toilet sign, etc. Nothing major here at 
the moment. Once you're done, go back to the Viola Hall.


Date: 3/20
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Viola Hall

You, or rather, Maya expresses an interest to go to the press 
conference. Powers will pass you the tickets to the conference. This 
will be added to your Court Record. Check the records if you want - 
you will also find a glossy photo of the Nickel Samurai in your 

You can now go to the Hotel Lobby.


Date: 3/20
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby

Just when Maya and Pearl are getting ready for the stage show, the 
PA announces that it will be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. 
The police told you to stay at where you are, so listen to them. It 
seems like something is not right. Powers and you decide to find out 
what's wrong, but you will be stop by a woman.

If you have played the previous game, you will find this woman very, 
very familiar. In fact, you have taken her on in court before during 
the trial of Powers. Yes, she's none other than Ms. Wendy Oldbag. 
However, you won't recognize her immediately though, since she's in 
an astronaut suit. But the non-stop chatter convinces you that it's 
her, and before you know it, she has taken off her, er, head gear.
Check out the cool sequence of her shooting a ray gun towards the end 
of her introduction - it's really funny.

As usual, when you get the prompt, talk to her. Ask about herself to 
find that she has been laid off by Global Studios after the Steel 
Samurai trial from a year ago. She's currently working for the hotel 
as a security personnel.

Ask "what happened", and she will tell you that another one of those 
"incidents" has happened again. This will prompt Maya to suggest to 
use the bathroom as an excuse to check things out. You agree, somewhat 

Examine this area if you want, but you should go back to the Viola 
Hall now.


Date: 3/20
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Viola Hall

You find nothing here, and decide to move on. Before you leave, 
however, a Bellboy appears, and inform Maya that someone is asking for 
her on the phone. She goes off to take the call.

Go to the Hallway now.


Date: 3/20
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway

Oh my God, it's Lotta Hart, again! Looks like she's having some issues 
with Detective Gumshoe, who is doing his usual round of investigation 
here. Gumshoe reveals that a murder has been committed, and he doesn't 
want any one to mess around this area. 

Lotta runs away for her own investigation soon, and you will get the 
chance to talk to Gumshoe. Ask "what happened", and he will reveal 
that the Nickel Samurai is under the suspicion of killing the Jammin' 

Ask about "Lotta Hart", and Gumshoe will say that Lotta has been 
loitering near the room of the Jammin' Ninja, supposedly hot on the 
trail of some scoop. Remember this comment, and it will prove to be 
important later.

Now, ask about "the victim". You will find out that the actor who 
plays the Jammin' Ninja is a certain Juan Corrida. Sounds familiar? 
That's because you've just seen the name on one of the doors in this 
area earlier. Corrida has been enjoying a smooth career, until the 
emergence of Matt Engarde (another name that you saw earlier), who 
plays the Nickel Samurai. 

Show Engarde's profile to Gumshoe, and he will confirm that Engarde 
has just been arrested for the murder of Corrida. This opens up an 
option to ask about "arrested?". Gumshoe refuses to divuldge more 
infomration about this arrest though. 

You should go back to the lobby now.


Date: 3/20
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby

You will Powers here once again. After you tell him about the bad 
news, he gives you a Radio Transceiver. It is, apparently, given to 
him by the Bellboy you met earlier. 

Anyhow, talk to him to find out more about "Matt and Juan". Nothing 
really important, except this cements what you had already know about 
the two of them being at loggerheads. 

Ask about the "press conference", and Powers will reveal that 
Engarde's plan was to wear the Nickel Samurai costume and give the 
press conference. Hmm, why?

Pearl now asks a very good question - where is Maya? She was away to 
take a phone call, but she has been gone, like, forever. This is when 
the transceiver beeps. A mysterious voice on the other end greets, 
and brings you the bad news - Maya has been abducted! With Maya as a 
hostage, the kidknapper demands his ransom - he wants you to take on 
the Engarde case, and become his defense attorney. In fact, he demands 
a complete acquittal of Engarde, because he believes that Engarde was 
set up. 

The kidnapper then throws in an even more difficult request - he wants 
you to get the not guilty verdict in ONE trial day. Well, if you've 
played Phoenix Wright games, you would know that this isn't exactly 
possible. Anyway, the kidnapper signs off as "de Killer", which is, 
in itself, a great clue. 

You decide to inform Gumshoe about this occurence, and he replies with 
some sense, for once - if the kidnapper's request is for a complete 
acquittal of Engarde, this means that he's obviously the killer. 
Gumshoe then reveals that the police have found many evidence for this 
case, so much so that he feels that something is wrong. It's almost 
as if someone planted the evidence there to set up Engarde. 

Anyway, it looks like you've no choice but to adhere to "de Killer's" 


Date: ???
Time: ???
Location: ???

Maya finds herself in some sort of a wine cellar. A man then enters 
the room - damn, it's the Bellboy! He identifies himself as "De 
Killer", and assures Maya that he is not planning to kill her. He 
then makes a call to you...

... and the above was what was happening at Maya's end when your 
transceiver beeped earlier.


Date: 3/21
Time: 8:11am
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

A day has passed, and you should really go to the Detention Center to 
meet up your new client, Engarde.


Date: 3/21
Time: 8:57am
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Engarde mistakes you for an insurance salesman, but you quickly 
explain your purpose here. Talk to him about "Matt Engarde", but he 
replies that his autobiography would be out soon, and his publisher 
has advised him not to reveal any personal matters. 

Ask "what happened", and once again, he turns evasive. He does, 
however, claims his innocence. 

Present the Press Conference Ticket, and he reveals that he has no 
idea about the conference. Huh? 

Anyway, show him the Radio Transceiver. Go through the long 
conversation until he finally agrees to let you represent him in 

Ask about "Matt Engarde" again. this opens an option to talk about 
"the victim'. You would really need to know more about Engarde's 
relationship with Corrida, so ask him that. He explains that he has 
already beaten Corrida in terms of viewership and the Grand Prix 
victory, so he would have no reason to kill him. 

Ask "what happened" now. He replies that after the award presentation, 
he went back to his room. He was still in his costume because he has 
to attend the post-ceremony stage show. When he was about to leave his 
room, he heard some commotion - Corrida was already dead by then. It 
was then that Gumshoe showed up and arrested him.

This opens up another option to talk about "the charge of murder". 
The police found a button from the Jammin' Ninja's costume on 
Engarde, which was caught in the pleats of his samurai pants. He is 
convinced that someone had planted the button there to frame him.

Pearl then asks you to use the Magatama to find out whether Engarde is 
indeed innocent. There is no need to present it, as the process is 
automatic this time. Engarde swears that he didn't kill Corrida, and 
guess what? No Psyche-Lock. 

This concludes Part 1-1 of this episode. Save your game.

PART 1-2: INVESTIGATION                                     [ PW2912 ]

Date: 3/21
Time: 11:34am
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

Nothing to do here, so go back to the hotel lobby.


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby

You will find Oldbag here again. Ask about "the victim", and she will 
tell you her affections for Corrida. She also seems to have an issue 
with Lotta. Not exactly important, but fun to see how she has gotten 
over the death of Jack Hammer from a year ago, especially if you've 
played the previous game.

Ask "what happened", and she will claim that she saw the most 
important moment of the night. This opens up an option to talk about 
"what you witnessed". Unfortunately, this one is guarded by no less 
than FOUR Psyche-Locks. She wants a present from you before she would 

Go to the Hallway now.


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway

Lotta is still snooping around here. It seems that she has lost her 
$700, or rather, $1,600 camera. Ask about this "camera", and she will 
tell you more about it. Most importantly, she reveals that she lost 
the camera after the murder happened last night. She took a lotta 
(sorry, couldn't resist) of shots, but she couldn't remember exactly 
what she took. In any case, she couldn't get anything for her scoop.

Lotta's Camera added to Court Record.

Talk about "what happened" now. She replies that she has been hanging 
around in this area for quite some time because of a big scoop. You 
can now ask about this "big scoop". This is when she will show you a 
series of two Psyche-Locks.

Seriously, why does everyone seem to have something to hide?

Anyhow, you can now enter Engarde's Hotel Room. 


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Engarde's Hotel Room

Babe alert! You will find Adrian Andrews here. Ask about her relation 
to Engarde, and she will reveal that she is, indeed, Engarde's 
manager. Ask about the "night of the murder", and she will tell you 
that she had dinner with Engarde before the award ceremony in this 
very room. When the show was started, she went to the Viola Hall. 
She then went to help with the preparations in the lobby. When it was 
time for the post-ceremony show, she called for Engarde. She then 
visited Corrida, and promptly found his dead body. 

Examine the plate on the table - you will find something weird about 
this plate, but you can't tell now. No worries, you will find out 

Present Corrida's profile to Andrews now. This opens up an option to 
ask about the "motive for murder". When you try to ask about this, 
however, she shoves four Psyche-Locks into your face. Will this ever 

You should now head across to Corrida's Hotel Room.


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Corrida's Hotel Room

Crime scene, so expect to see Gumshoe here. He's very cooperative 
today, because of the Maya situation. He gives you a map of the hotel 
as an opening gift. 

Hotel Guidemap added to Court Record.

Ask Gumshoe about the "cause of death". The autopsy report isn't out 
yet, but he will show you a picture of Corrida, dead on a chair with 
a knife stuck in his chest. There were fingerprints on the knife as 
well, so the police are working hard to match the prints now - they 
are pretty sure they long to Engarde though.

Crime Photo added to Court Record.

Ask about the "reason for arrest". Apparently, Corrida retaliated 
valiantly during the incident, and dropped a button as a result. The 
button was found on Engarde. Moreover, there was a witness who saw 
the incident, and she's none other than Oldbag - looks like you will 
see her in court, real soon.

Gumshoe also mentions about something at the crime scene that was a 
little off. This is the cue for you to examine the room. Pan to the 
right side of the room, and check out the opened guitar case on 
the floor. There wasn't any guitar, but you will get to add the case 
to the Court Record because it's wet, and wet only on top of the lid.

Guitar Case added to Court Record.

Examine the dressing table on the right to find a wine glass with 
tomato juice in it.  It's strange though - everything else is 
scattered all over the floor, but this wine glass is intact. 

Wine Glass added to Court Record.

This glass should be the "off" thing that Gumshoe mentions. Present it 
to Gumshoe. He explains that Franziska noticed about this glass during 
her time here. And then, the familiar beep occurs, and Franziska 
appears out of no where. After some deliberation, which includes her
whipping Gumshoe heavily, she leaves, but not before leaving a piece 
of paper behind on the coffee table. 

Examine this piece of paper to find Corrida's autograph on it. He 
addresses it to a certain "Wendy". Hmm, you may have use for this. 
Autograph added to the Court Record.

Go to the Viola Hall now.


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Viola Hall

Powers is still around. Ask about the Nickel Samurai and Jammin' 
Ninga TV shows if you want - no, I mean, do it, because they are 

Present Andrews profile to him next. He reveals that a rumor is 
circulating about her. Ask him about this "gossip on Adrian", and he 
will hand over a magazine clipping - it seems that Corrida has been 
having a relationship with a rival's manager, who is reported as a
certain Ms. A.A. Adrian Andrews, perhaps?

Magazine Clipping added to Court Record. 

Time to break Lotta's Psyche-Locks. Go back to the Hallway.


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway

With Lotta, you know that you will need something juicy. She is now 
a tabloid photojournalist, isn't she? Go talk to her again, and start 
the Psyche-Lock process with the Magatama on her "Big Scoop". You 
suggest that she was actually looking for a scandal involving Corrida. 
Present Andrews' profile - Ms. A.A. in the magazine clipping is most 
likely to be her. One lock crushed.

Lotta will then ask you to prove your suggestion. Show her the 
Magazine Clipping - this breaks the second lock. You can now talk to 
her about "Big Scoop". 

She admits that she was here to get some real proof that A.A. is 
indeed Adrian Andrews. In fact, she has already written the spicy 
story, but the paper that she wrote the story on was gone - it was 
inside the case of her $1,600 camera. If you remember, the camera was 

This information will be updated to the Camera in your Court Record.

You can also take on Oldbag's Psyche-Locks now. Go to the lobby to 
look for her.


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby

Initiate the Psyche-Lock process as usual. Give Oldbag the Autograph 
when given the chance - with the name "Wendy" on it, Oldbag will think 
that it was signed specially for her. She really wants this, so if you 
give it to her, all FOUR of her Psyche-Locks will break at one go! 
Talk about infactuation!

You can now ask about "what you witnessed". Oldbag claims that she saw 
Engarde coming out of Corrida's room that night. It was about 10 
minutes before the body was found. She was on her way to the toilet 
(remember the toilet sign at the Hallway?) when she witnessed this. 
She has provided this information to the police, and she will be in 
court tomorrow to testify. She seems to have some hatred towards 
Engarde though - this opens up an option to ask about "Engarde's 

Do so, and Oldbag will claim that Engarde created a scandal that 
plagued Corrida - yes, it's that scandal about Andrews. Oldbag is 
convinced that Engarde has purposefully shoved Andrews into the path 
of Corrida, so as to create a scandal that has proved to dragged 
Corrida's reputation through the mud. 

You're curious as to how she got an information like this, but you 
won't get anything now. So, go to the Criminal Affairs Dept to see 
Gumshoe now.


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.

Gumshoe tells you about the "airtight evidence" and "airtight 
testimony". These are not mandatory, but at least they summarize the 
situation pretty well for you. 

Present the Magazine Clipping now. Gumshoe reveals that a woman called 
Celeste Inpax committed suicde two years ago. Inpax was Corrida's 
manager, and was also Andrews' mentor. This opens up an option to ask 
about "Celeste Inpax".

Before Gumshoe can tell you more about Inpax, Franziska arrives at 
the scene. She sacks Gumshoe on the spot for continuously helping 
you. But then, as the situation looks bad for Gumshoe, a familiar 
voice interrupts the proceedings.

Miles Edgeworth!

Looks like Gumshoe is safe, but more importantly, you can talk to 
Edgeworth for more information. Ask about "tomorrow's trial", and he 
will say that you lack a certain truth to win this case alone. He will 
also offer his assistance. 

Ask about the "proof of von Karma's blood", and you will confront him 
about his sudden departure. You feel that he has left because he has 
lost to you, thus losing the creed of "perfection" that runs in the 
von Karma's school of prosecution. 

This opens up an option as Edgeworth asks "why stand in court?". You 
reply that you want to defend, and save the lives of your clients. He 
then replies that you've more to learn - this is a major clue with 
regards to the truth of this case, but you won't know it until later, 
of course.

Anyway, since he offered his assistance, present Inpax's profile to 
him. He will reveal that there is one riddle left unsolved in her 
suicide - her suicide note went missing, and was never found. 

Ask about this "missing suicide note". Edgeworth explains that Inpax's 
death was definitely a suicide, but they just couldn't find the note. 
The police then suspected that someone had hidden it. They also found 
traces of ink on Inpax's right index finger, suggesting that she did 
write something before she died - most likely to be a suicide note.

Edgeworth also reveals that the police suspected Corrida of hiding the 
suicide note, since he was the one who found her body. After this 
conversation, he hands over Inpax's Suicide Report, which promptly 
gets into your Court Record.

Show this report to him, and he will show you another suicide report - 
this one is an "attempted suicide" from none other than Adrian 
Andrews! Edgeworth then says that Andrews has a certain secret that 
she has been trying to hide - her "co-dependency".

Ask about "co-dependency", and Edgeworth will explain that Andrews 
attempted suicide a few days after Inpax's death. Apparently, she has 
been highly dependent on Inpax, and has "lost her will to live" after 
Inpax's suicide. Edgeworth then reveals that Andrews is someone who 
needs to find a pillar of strength to rely on. Without someone to 
guide her, she feels uneasy and cannot go through life herself. 

This conversation nets the Attempted Suicide Report.

You should return to Engarde's Hotel Room for Andrews now.


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Engarde's Hotel Room

Andrews is talking to Franziska at the moment. After the usual banter 
with her, you can initiate the Psyche-Lock process on Andrews to find 
out the "motive for murder".

Andrews claims that she has never been good at being intimate with 
another person. Show her the Magazine Clipping when she says this - 
the article details a relationship between Corrida and her.

She dismisses the article though. But you will get another chance. 
Present Inpax's profile at the next prompt - she must have gotten 
close to Corrida for investigate Inpax's suicide. One lock crushed.

Andrews now argues that there wasn't any thing wrong with the suicide, 
but you've another ace up your sleeve. Present Inpax's Suicide Report 
- the suicide note was never found, so there IS something wrong with 
the suicide after all. The police suspects that Corrida has hidden 
the note, but they don't know why. Second lock crushed.

More lies from Andrews, but when she says that she doesn't care about 
what goes on in other people's lives, show her the Attempted Suicide 
Report. Another lock crushed.

You explain that with these facts in place, it appears that Andrews 
looks more likely to have a motive to kill Corrida than Engarde. This 
will break the last lock. Phew!

Ask about the "motive for murder" now. Andrews will finally admit to 
her insecurities. She also explain that Corrida has hidden Inpax's 
suicide note after her death, so she got close to Corrida in an 
attempt to retrieve the note. She also adds that she would never have 
killed Corrida over the note. At the end of this conversation, you 
promise to keep her attempted suicide a secret.

Before you leave, Pearl notices that Andrews has been playing with a 
card when she talked to you. Andrews explains that this card appeared 
in her handbag suddenly. On the card is a picture of a seashell. 
Nothing comes out of this though, so don't worry about it for now.

You should return to your hallway now.


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway

Lotta is gone. Anyhow, you feel that you've gotten enough evidence 
for today, and decide to go back to the office.


Date: 3/21
Time: ???
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

You explain to Pearl that Andrews has a motive to kill Corrida, 
especially when she was the first to discover the body. Before you 
can go on, the radio transceiver beeps again. It's the kidnapper again 
- looks like he has kept his promise of not going anywhere close to 
Maya, so much so that he didn't even give her any food!

This is when Mia returns through Pearls' body. Apparently, Mia has 
gotten a message from Maya, so quickly talk to her. Seems that Maya 
has channeled Mia's spirit during her stay in the wine cellar, and 
Mia got to find out info about the place. Clever. However, Mia has 
no idea how the kidnapper looks like. 

This brings us back to Maya...


Date: ???
Time: ???
Location: ???

... another "controlling Maya" situation. Examine the white card on 
the ground to find that it is, in fact, a similar card that Andrews 
was playing with when you talked to her - of course, you wouldn't 
know it now. 

Examine the door now, and Maya will unlock the door with the card. 

Will she be able to escape? Stay tune!

Save your game now.

PART 2-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW2921 ]

Date: 3/22
Time: 9:47am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Go through the conversation with Engarde and Mia. The kidnapper will 
call after that. He mentions about giving a present to you, but 
doesn't tell you what it is. Looks like you will find out anyway in 
court later.


Date: 3/22
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 3

Shocking revelation, as the Baliff reveals that Franziska was shot by 
a gunman this morning! So, this is the "present" from the kidnapper! 
This is when Edgeworth shows up, and he offers to take the place of 
Franziska. Finally, Phoenix Wright vs Miles Edgeworth, again. 
Edgeworth promptly calls Gumshoe to the stands.


The murder happened after the Heroes of Heroes award ceremony. Corrida 
was found dead in his hotel room. After looking into the cause of 
death, the police believe he was definitely murdered. At first, they 
thought that there was something suspicious about the empty guitar 
case. However, they later found that the guitar has got nothing to do 
with the murder. 


Press the statement about the cause of death. Gumshoe will bring your 
attention to the banana, er, I mean, bandana around Corrida's neck. It 
seems that the knife, which was previously thought to be the murder 
weapon, was stuck into Corrida's chest only after his death. 

Autopsy Report added to Court Record.

Press about the empty guitar case. Gumshoe reveals that the only 
fingerprints on the case were from Corrida's. This information will be 
updated into the Guitar Case in your Court Record.

Press when Gumshoe says that the guitar has got nothing to do with the 
murder. He reveals that the guitar was eventually found at the TV 
studio. Corrida has taken only the case to the hotel that night. 

Watch now as Edgeworth sums up the facts. This will lead to Gumshoe's 
next testimony.


Engarde and Corrida were huge rivals over each other, which was motive 
enough. As for evidence, there is the Jammin' Ninja button, which was 
ripped off the ninja costume, and was found in Engarde's pants. 
Engarde's fingerprints were also all over the knife. Engarde has bought
the knife for the crime, which makes this a premeditated murder. 

Knife added to Court Record. Check your records to find that this 
knife has the word "Gatewater" engraved on it.

Gumshoe also gives more information about the button, which was 
covered with Corrida's blood. 

Jammin' Ninja's Button added to Court Record.


You can press about the button, but Edgeworth will have this covered. 
Instead, when Gumshoe talks about this being a premeditated murder, 
present the Knife - this knife could never have been purchased by 
Engarde, because it was actually property of the Gatewater Hotel. 
This means that the murder was not premeditated.

Edgeworth is very cool though. He explains that in Corrida's room, 
the knife and fork are still there on the dining table. Instead, in 
Engarde's room, the knife is missing. This was the weird thing about 
the meal plate that you felt earlier in Engarde's room. If Engarde 
has brought this knife was his room to Corrida's, the notion of 
premeditated murder would still stand.

You will soon get a chance to show an evidence to turn the tide back 
into your favor. When the Judge asks whether you have something 
important and necessary to present, reply "actually, I do". Now, if 
you present the wrong evidence here, it's game over - just check out 
that health bar now - it's blinking, full scale! Anyway, present the 
Wine Glass. The crime scene was a mess, as shown in the Crime Photo. 
This was due to a major struggle between killer and victim. The vase 
was broken, stuff were thrown all over the floor - all these items 
were previously located on the dresser. However, the Wine Glass, which 
is still on the dresser now, is mysteriously intact. 

Edgeworth replies that there is no special meaning to this glass, 
however - it could be set there after the crime took place, by, 
for example, Andrews, who discovered the body. She could have easily 
placed the glass on the dresser without thinking when she saw the 

Now, could Andrews really have set the glass down without thinking?
Answer "there's no way". Edgeworth then replies that there were only 
one set of fingerprints on the glass - and, expectedly, they belong to 

Wine Glass information updated in Court Record.

Now, the Judge will want to pass his verdict, but Edgeworth, in his 
bid to "teach" you what it means to be a lawyer, will want the trial 
to continue. The Judge, as usual, obliges. Edgeworth then calls upon 
none other than Oldbag to the stands.

OLDBAG'S TESTIMONY: WHAT YOU WITNESSED                      [ PW29W1 ]

After the ceremony, Oldbag went to pace around the hallway in front of 
the room. There was something she was interested in finding out. Since 
she was on the job, she made sure to keep a good eye out the whole 
time. That;s when a man came out of Corrida's room. It was Engarde, 
trying to sneak away.  


Press the statement about something interesting. This will lead to a 
revelation of a gossip. This is important, but Mia advises you not to 
pursue it at this moment, so listen to her.

Instead, press when Oldbag says that it was Engarde sneaking away from 
Corrida's room. You aren't convinced about her testimony, especially 
after last year's incident - she claimed she saw the Steel Samurai 
heading towards the crime scene then, but all she saw was a man in the 
Steel Samurai costume. This is a clue by itself if you've played the 
previous game. So, when given the chance, ask about "the person's 

Oldbag replies that Engarde was wearing the racing jacket, which you 
remember that he's still wearing now. The Judge will then ask whether 
this is important. Tell him that "it was very important". This will 
force Oldbag to revise her testimony to include this racing costume 

Now, when Oldbag says that Engarde was wearing the racing jacket, 
present the Jammin' Ninja button. Now, this button was found in the 
pleats of the Nickel Samurai pants. If Engarde was indeed wearing the 
racing jacket when he allegedly left Corrida's room, and if he indeed 
killed Corrida, how would this button end up in the samurai pants?

OLDBAG'S TESTIMONY: WHO I SAW                               [ PW29W2 ]

It was the Nickel Samurai that she saw, who could have conveniently 
worn his costume during the murder. He had to go to the post-ceremony 
stage show right after the crime, anyway. He must have worn the 
costume when he was stabbing Corrida. 

OLDBAG'S CROSS-EXAMINATION: WHO I SAW                       [ PW29W2 ]

This one is quite easy. Simply present the Knife when she says that 
Engarde must have worn the costume when he stabbed Corrida - if 
Engarde was really in the Nickel Samurai costume during the time of 
the murder, it would be impossible for him to leave the fingerprints 
on the knife. In fact, he would have wiped off all previous prints on 
the knife as well, since the Nickel Samurai wears gloves!

Edgeworth throws in an objection, and suggests that Engarde could 
have taken off his gloves before the murder. He also suggests that 
Engarde could have entered Corrida's room with no intent to murder. 
This will eventually lead to a chance for you to point out the problem 
in Edgeworth's suggestion. Say "there is a contradiction", and then 
present the Knife again - if Engarde did bring the knife into 
Corrida's room, he couldn't have done so with no intent to murder. 

You will then conclude that this knife was planted by the real killer 
to mislead the investigation. The Judge will now ask why would the 
killer do that. Reply "to frame Matt Engarde". 

Go through the conversation now, until Oldbag admits that she was 
waiting for someone to come out of Corrida's room. In fact, she wasn't 
even waiting for Corrida. When given the chance, present Andrews' 
profile - she was waiting for Ms. A.A.!

With this, Oldbag will finally testify about the "secret information" 
that she has been holding.


Oldbag says that Engarde is an evil man for trying to ruin Corrida by 
causing a huge scandal. To do that, Engarde sent his own manager to 
get close to Corrida. She can't condone this, so she took action. This 
is top secret.


Press the last statement about the top secret thing. If this is indeed 
secret information that no one else knows yet, how did Oldbag know? 
Select "present evidence", and then present Lotta's Camera - Oldbag 
was the one who stole the camera from Lotta! That's how she got 
Lotta's "impressions" on Corrida's relationship with Andrews. Talk 
about being a security personnel!

In retaliation, Oldbag unwittingly throws out a note. Yes, it's 
Lotta's missing note. Now, when given the chance, "pile on more 
pressure". You will eventually get the chance to accuse Oldbag of 
stealing another item on the night of the murder. Present Lotta's 
Camera again - if she has the note, it's only logical that she has 
the camera as well. And, as you may have expected, Lotta's camera 
is always full of interesting photos!

One of these photos will be relevant to this case. It shows a person 
wearing the Nickel Samurai costume while walking out of Corrida's 
room. Lotta's Photo added to the Court Record. 

This looks like decisive evidence. The Judge will give you one last 
chance to appeal. Select "something strange with it (the photo)" 
when given the chance. You will now have to tell the Judge what is 
strange on the photo. Point to the bottom on the samurai pants - the 
pants are dragging on the floor. You will explain that from the 
Nickel Samurai's poster, the samurai's socks can clearly be seen. 
However, in Lotta's photo, the socks cannot be seen. This means that 
the person wearing this costume is clearly much shorter than Engarde!

Edgeworth will now ask you to identify the person in Lotta's photo. 
Present Andrews' profile again - she has all the means to commit the 
murder. You now request the court to issue a subpoena to Andrews for 
the murder of Corrida. The Judge agrees, but then again, this could be 
bad for you because this would mean one more day before this trial 
can conclude. Remember, the kidnapper gave you a one-day requirement. 

"Raise an objection" when given the chance. Edgeworth will join in to 
help you, as usual (he's a good guy, really). Apparently, he has 
expected you to come to this conclusion that Andrews is the killer, 
and have already made arrangements for her to appear in court today. 

This battle is far from over. Save your game now.

PART 2-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW2922 ]

Date: 3/22
Time: 2:14pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Go through the conversation with Engarde and Mia before heading to 


Date: 3/22
Time: 2:25pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 3

Andews immediately admits to her relationship with Corrida, but 
quickly dismisses it as a private matter between Corrida and herself. 
She also insists that she didn't kill Corrida.

Ok, testimony time.


It was time for the show to start, so she went to get Engarde in his
room. She went to Corrida's room after that, and promptly found his 
dead body. She was shocked when she found the body. She was the exact 
same scene as in the crime photo. She felt as though she was about to 
faint, so she poured herself a glass of juice. This was why the wine 
glass bears her fingerprints.


Mia tells you to keep on the offensive before you begin the cross-
examination. This means that you will have to press Andrews' 
statements for loopholes.

Press when Andrews says that she is in shock. Nothing really comes out 
of this, but do so anyway. 

Press about her pouring a glass of juice. She will admit that after 
pouring it, she wasn't feeling great, so she set the glass down 
without drinking it. 

NOTE: If you don't press the earlier statement, whatever describe below 
will not occur. It's one of those "frustrating Phoenix Wright" moments
of this game.

With these, Andrews will accidentally mention about the "one thing" 
(a mistake) that she committed after discovering the body. She quickly 
dismisses it, but when given the chance, choose to "press further". 

She will now admit that when she set the wine glass on the dresser, 
she accidentally knocked the flower vase over. When that happened, the 
vase fell onto the guitar case. This statement will be appended to 
Andrews' testimony.

Now, when she ways that she knocked the vase over, present the Guitar 
Case - the case was only wet on the outside, but if the vase actually 
fell onto the case (which was opened then as shown in the Crime 
Photo), the inside would have been wet as well. 

You further explain that while the broken pieces of the vase are 
scattered on the floor, none were found inside the case. If the vase 
did fall onto the case, the glass shards should be inside!

This means that someone must have touch the guitar case, somehow. 
Andrews has earlier said that she only touched the vase, and nothing 
else. But what if she touched the guitar case as well? The Judge will 
now ask whether you want to hear more details about this guitar case. 
Select "make her testify" to proceed to Andrews' next testimony. 

ANDREWS' TESTIMONY: THE GUITAR CASE                         [ PW29A2 ]

Andrews don't remember too clearly as she was a bit dazed. She suppose 
she must have opened the guitar case after she knocked the vase over. 
It's not a big deal though, since the case was empty after all. As for 
why she opened the case, she doesn't know. 


Present the Guitar Case again when Andrews claims that she opened the 
case after she knocked the vase over - there is no way Andrews could 
have opened the case, because the only fingerprints on it were from 

Andrews replies that she was actually wearing gloves at that time. 
When given the chance, reply "that's strange". Andrews will then ask 
you to prove that she wasn't wearing gloves. Present the Wine Glass - 
it bears HER fingerpints. It would be really strange, even if she took 
off her gloves to pour the juice, that she would put them back on just  
to open the guitar case.

The mystery of the empty guitar case will soon be solved. Continue 
with the conversation until Edgeworth asks you to point out what was 
inside the case on the night of the murder. Present The Nickel Samurai 
poster - the costume was kept in the guitar case then instead of the 
bright red guitar. 

The Judge will then ask why would this costume be hidden in the guitar 
case. Reply "it was a spare costume" - Corrida must have taken this 
spare costume to the ceremony. Why did he do that? Well, present the 
Press Conference Ticket when given the chance - remember Powers talking 
about the Nickel Samurai wanting to confess something IN HIS COSTUME 
earlier? Engarde mentioned to you at the Detention Center that he has 
no idea about this press conference. Which means, this press conference 
could simply be a set up by Corrida to create a scandal for Engarde.

Andrews will then reveal that you're right - the press conference was 
indeed Corrida's idea to publicly disclose something negative on 
Engarde. She assisted in the set up by arranging the conference, and 
getting the spare samurai costume. Apparently, Corrida has a very 
powerful secret about Engarde that could destroy the latter's career 
immediately. Unfortunately, she claims that she doesn't know what this 
secret is.

These relevations will lead to her next testimony.

ANDREWS' TESTIMONY: PROTECTING MATT                         [ PW29A3 ]

From the moment Andrews saw the crime scene, she had a feeling that 
Engarde was the murderer. He had to kill Corrida no matter what, and 
he didn't have an alibi for what he was doing at the time of the 
murder. Andrews' thoughts were confirmed by the evidence: the button 
and the knife. But she felt that she had to protect him as she was his 


Press when Andrews says that her thoughts were confirmed by the 
evidence. This will lead to an addition to her testimony. Now, when 
she says that the button was torn off during Corrida's fight with 
Engarde, present Juan's Autopsy Report - the cause of death is 
strangulation, and the knife stab was done after Corrida's death. If 
you examine the button again, you will find Corrida's blood on it. 
But, when was the button actually torn off Corrida's costume? It must 
be AFTER the knife stab, because strangulation doesn't result in 
bloodshed! As such, it would be impossible that the button was torn 
off during a fight between the two men. 

The Judge will now ask what did the killer want with this button. 
Choose "to pin the crime on Engarde". When given the chance to tell 
the Judge who the real killer is, present Andrews' profile again. 

Watch now as you answer each and every one of Andrews' questions 
with ease. She will eventually exercise her rights by refusing to 
testify any further, since this could incriminate her. It's some kind 
of funny law that can only happen in the world of Phoenix Wright.

Edgeworth joins in the fun now, as he refutes your explanation as 
circumstantial. He challenges you to show a decisive evidence, but 
you've none. With these restrictions, the Judge will prepare to call 
for a halt to today's proceedings. You object immediately, and 
accidentally mention about Maya. Edgeworth hears that, and decides to 
help prolong the trial. He will then reveal his curiosity about one 
issue - why would Andrews pour a glass of juice after discovering the 
body? Usually, when one finds a body, he or she would be shaken up, 
not preparing for a glass of juice.

More testimony. 


Andrews admit that she didn't really pour the glass of juice for 
herself. She was surprised when she walked into the room and saw it in 
a messy state. Corrida was sitting slumped over and tired-looking in 
the corner. She she was him sitting like that, the thought that he was 
dead didn't cross her mind. She thought he had just fainted, so she 
poured the juice for him. When she realized that he was dead, she 
knocked the flower vase over.


Present the Crime Photo when she says that the thought that Corrida 
was dead didn't cross her mind - the knife was sticking out of 
Corrida's chest, so how could Andrews NOT think that he was dead?

The Judge, upon your explanation, is now willing to believe that 
Engarde was innocent. When he was about to declare his verdict, 
Edgeworth objects. He claims that Andrews has yet to speak the truth. 
Andrews will then say that someone told her to refuse to testify if 
she gets into trouble during today's trial.

Mia suggests that it was Franziska who planted this idea into Andrew. 
When given the chance, select "force Andrews to testify". She will 
eventually agree to testify.

ANDREWS' TESTIMONY: MY "CRIME"                              [ PW29A5 ]

When Andrews first saw Corrida, she really thought that he had 
fainted. When she realized he was dead, she formulated her plan. Once 
she made sure that no one was in the hallway, she rushed back to 
Engarde's room. She then stabbed Corrida's body, and ripped off the 
button. Just when he finished, and was returning to Engarde's room. 
she had a bit of an inconvenience. That's why she ended up using the 
Nickel Samurai costume. 

Andrews will now explain that she did all these to implicate Engarde.
What is her motive? She mentions something about the "last time" - 
could it be Engarde was behind Inpax's death...?

ANDREWS' CROSS-EXAMINATION: MY "CRIME"                      [ PW29A5 ]

There's nothing you can do now except to press every sentence she 
says. She reveals that the scarf on Corrida's neck was part of his 
ninja costume. She also couldn't see his face as it was tilted. As 
such, she thought that he has fainted, and poured a glass of juice for 
him. However, when she found him dead, she knew that Engarde has 
killed to silence Corrida, because Corrida was about to expose 
Engarde's greatest secret. She rushed back to Engarde's room to take 
the knife, and ran back to the crime scene to stab Corrida's chest 
with it. She then ripped off the button and prepared to return to 
Engarde's room. This was when Lotta and Oldbag were found loitering in 
the hallway. She has no choice but to wear the Nickel Samurai costume 
before leaving Corrida's room as a result. 

This whole testimony sounds like the truth... which means, Andrews 
couldn't have been the murderer. Once you press the last statement, 
the Judge will extend the trial for another day. Looks like you could 
never get your "not guilty" verdict today. The Judge's gavel pound 
sounds like a crushing end to Maya's life.

As you ponder about Maya's safety, Edgeworth will ask about the card 
that Andrews was playing with - yes, the card with the seashell 
picture on it. Andrews will reveal that she found the card at the 
crime scene that day, and not "in her handbag" as she previously 
mentioned. The card was lying right next to Corrida's body when she 
found the body. 

This card seems to be of importance to Edgeworth. This card, what in 
the world is it? What does it mean? You will find out soon enough.

PART 3-1: INVESTIGATION                                     [ PW2931 ]

Date: 3/22
Time: 5:24pm
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

Gumshoe pays you a visit. Talk to him about "Edgeworth" - this will 
open up an option to ask about "Franziska". She was shot, remember? 
Talk about her, and you will eventually get an option to visit her 
at the... what? Hotti Clinic?

Go to Hotti Clinic now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Hotti Clinic, Reception

Never thought that you would ever come back to this place, eh? 
Amazingly, Director Hotti (the fake one) is still around here. Go
through the conversation with him and Edgeworth. Soon, Franziska will 

Ask her about "the shooting". She explains that she was shot in front 
of the courthouse, in her right shoulder. She wanted to carry on with 
the trial this morning, but Edgeworth dragged her to the hospital. 
Edgeworth then mentions about a "deal" that Franziska made.

NOTE: Franziska was shot in the right shoulder, by the way. If you 
remember from the previous game, her father got shot at the same area 
as well. Poetic?

Ask her about "the deal". This is about the deal she made with Andrews 
yesterday about not testifying. She denies your allegations, and 
claims that whatever the case, the end justifies the means. 

NOTE: Does the end really justify the means? Edgeworth has been 
trying to ask you that. In fact, this entire case is trying to ask you 

She leaves soon after that, but you can still talk to Edgeworth here.
You can ask him about "today's trial", but the important thing here 
is "Adrian's Card" - remember, Edgeworth was rather shaken after 
Andrews mentioned that she found this card at the crime scene earlier 
today. He replies that the information regarding this card is of top 
secret priority, and asks you not to reveal it to anyone else. He 
reveals that a special investigations team has existed for some years.
This rather anonymous group has been tasked to find the owner of the 
card that Andrews was playing with the whole time - a man called 
"Shelly de Killer". de Killer is, in fact, an assassin. Hmm, de Killer?
Where did you hear that name before?

Picture Card added to Court Record.

Ask Edgeworth about "assassin". He explains that "de Killer" is a list 
of long-standing assassins. The name first appeared about 100 years 
ago. "Shelly", the current de Killer, is the professional name of the 
third heir to the de Killer name. He has a habit of leaving a card by 
the body of his victims, most probably as part of his "duty" to his 
clients - he doesn't want to implicate his clients. The card, with 
a shell ("shelly = Shell") on it, is to tell the police that HE is 
the killer, and no one else. de Killer values the trust between his 
clients and himself above all else. It looks like de Killer was 
somehow involved in the murder of Corrida, since his card was found at 
the crime scene.

NOTE: But wait! If that's the case, and he's trying to get the "not 
guilty" verdict for Engarde, does it mean that...? 

Talk about "Maya's situation" now. Edgeworth was quick enough to 
notice your brief mention of "Maya" in court today. You decide to tell 
him about the kidnapping. He offers to prepare a rescue team for you. 
You reject his proposal, and tell him that you want to get an 
acquittal for Engarde so as to end this once and for all.

This is when Edgeworth throws the bombshell at you: Shelly de Killer 
killed Juan Corrida, but the person who ordered the hit was none other 
than your client, Matt Engarde. You refuse to listen though, but 
Edgeworth is patient enough to hand you a Letter of Introduction - 
the police have restricted access to the Gatewarer Hotel, but this 
letter will get you in.

Letter of Introduction added to Court Record.

Edgeworth insists to prepare for a rescue team anyway, and take his 
leave. You still believe that Engarde is innocent, because he has 
no Psyche-Lock when you asked him about the murder earlier at the 
Detention Center. 

NOTE: I mean, that is obvious, man. He didn't physcially kill him, 


Date: ???
Time: ???
Location: ???

... back to controlling Maya now. The last time you were with her, 
she successfully unlocked the door with the picture card. You can now 
move to the next area - "????".


Date: ???
Time: ???
Location: ???

Plenty of stuff to examine here. You will have to check out the 
following items to end this section:

a. the antenna thing on the left on the screen;
b. the coffee table that has a framed picture of a pretty woman 
on it - on its back, it says "with love... Celeste";
c. the sofa that has a bear on it - the bear has lots of cuts and 
slits on it; 
d. the door - it's locked, and it doesn't like the picture card can 
help open it. There is also a small hole at the bottom of it, but 
it's too small for Maya to crawl through.

After examining these four items, de Killer reappears...


Date: 3/22
Time: 7:04pm
Location: Hotti Clinic, Reception

You're still at the clinic, in deep thought about Maya's situation. 
You should go to the Detention Center now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Visiting hours are over today, but the jailer will hand you a note 
from Engarde:

       " To the lawyer dude.
         I've got something really important to tell you."

Just when you thought it's going to be something important, the note 
continues with a request from Engarde to feed his cat, Shoe, at his 
house. His house is pretty near to the Gatewater Hotel, by the way.

Matt's Note added to Court Record.

To go to Engarde's house, you must go to the hotel lobby first.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby

Oldbag is back at work. Ignore her for now, and go to Engarde's 
Living Room.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Engarde's Mansion, Living Room

The cat appears. Just as you're about to feed him, a man who looks 
like the bellboy/ de Killer appears. I can't believe you don't 
remember seeing him, but you don't, really. He introduces himself as 
the butler, John Doe. 

Ask about all the options, but there is really nothing much here at 
the moment because Doe is very evasive in his answers. 

Matt's Note crumpled into a ball and thrown away, since it's pretty 
much useless now.

Examine the place if you want. Take special note of the door on the 
far right. It has a hole for the cat to go through - this must be the 
door that Maya saw earlier, you know?

Return to the lobby.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby

Present Edgeworth's Letter of Introduction to Oldbag to gain access to 
the various areas of the hotel, except Engarde's room.

Letter of Introduction given to Oldbag.

Go to the hallway now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway

Somehow Lotta is still here. Talk to her again if you want, but 
nothing really comes out of the conversation with her. After talking, 
she leaves.

Go to Corrida's room now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Corrida's Hotel Room

Oldbag is mourning over the death of Corrida here. Ask her about 
"night of the murder" again, and she puts the blame of Lotta for 
writing a fake story. Ask about her "memories of Corrida" - this 
opens up an option to talk about "Presents".

Ask about "presents" now, and Oldbag will reveal that when Corrida 
was training, he fought barehanded with a bear, and became friends 
with the bear eventually (huh?). Ever since thenm fans have been 
giving him bears as presents. 

Now, a time-telling bear will growl that it's 8pm. Pearl comments that 
it should be about the same time that the Grand Prix ended on the 
night of the murder. Soon, your transceiver will beep. You plead for 
one more day to get the "not guilty" verdict, and, surprisingly, De 
Killer agrees. Looks like he needs the acquittal more than anything 
else now.

You request to talk to Maya, but some electromagnetic interference 
happens, and the reception goes dead. Is there something in this room 
that causes the reception to go static?

Go back to your office now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices
Present the Radio Transceiver to Gumshoe. This opens up an option to 
talk about "electromagnetic interference". He explains that this is 
what happens when a radio wave gets mixed up with another signal. He 
concludes that there must be something in Corrida's room that is 
sending out very strong radio waves. A listening device, perhaps?

Gumshoe then offers to get you a bug sweeper from his office. You 
should return to Corrida's room now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Corrida's Hotel Room

Gumshoe is FAST - he has already gotten the bug sweeper, and he's 
already here before you! Of course, he couldn't get the one from the 
police department, but he brought you an elementary one that he made 
when he was a kid. Ok, better than nothing, no?

Have fun touching everything in the room and listening to the horrible 
"beep" when trying to find the listening device. The important item 
to check, however, is that very big bear (you can't miss that one, 
really) near the window. After some deliberation, you finally find 
the device - a miniature camera, a transmitter and a timer! 

Talk to Gumshoe about "camera". He explains that it's a pinhole CCD 
camera that is small, but produces high-grade video. It's mostly used 
in security systems. The tape recorder with the tape inside it is 
somewhere else, as the footage taken is changed into radio waves and 
then sent to the recorder.

NOTE: If you remember Maya and the anthenna thing that she saw 

Spy Camera added to Court Record.

Talk about "transmitter". It's attached to a timer, which you can set 
to turn the camera on and record at a certain time. Looks like the 
spy camera was set to start at 8pm and go for one hour. This will lead 
to the revelation that this camera may have just caught the murder on 

Transmitter added to Court Record.

Talk about "stuffed bear". Gumshoe is sure that this bear was in this 
room on the night of the murder, but he comments that there's no way 
to find out where the radio waves were transmitted.

Stuffed Bear added to Court Record.

Gumshoe will then offer to take the Spy Camera and Transmitter, and 
find out who bought them. You've got to respect him for his guts and 

Spy Camera and Transmitter given to Detective Gumshoe.

Edgeworth then appears out of nowhere. He informs you that a rescue 
team has been deployed for finding Maya. He also reveals that the 
maker of the stuffed bear where you found the camera and stuff is an 
expensive brand from overseas. It's completely hand-made, and very 
few of it were exported. By tracking how this bear got into the 
country, it could well tell you who the buyer is. He takes the bear 
from you, and offers to do this tedious bit of work for you.

Stuffed Bear snatched up by Edgeworth.

Before he leaves, however, he asks you a question:

"Who was the person that murdered Juan Corrida?"

He encourages you to find the truth. It's all you can do now.

This conclude Part 3-1 of this episode. Save your game.

PART 3-2: INVESTIGATION                                     [ PW2932 ]

Date: 3/22
Time: 9:14pm
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Corrida's Hotel Room

You're STILL in Corrida's room. Talk to Pearl about "the real killer" 
and "the assassin's client". These are basically a summary of the 
facts that you've gathered so far. Somehow, you're not entirely sure 
now whether Andrews is indeed de Killer's client. 

The conversations will also open up an option to discuss about "was it 
Matt?". You explain that if Engarde really did hire de Killer for the 
hit, he would be guilty of murder as well. You also remember something 
interesting that Andrews mentioned in court today.

Talk about this "something interesting" now. You recall Andrews saying 
about Corrida holding a powerful secret over Engarde that would 
destroy Engarde's career had it been revealed. This may well be a 
motive for Engarde to hire the kill despite his earlier denials.

You would need to go to the Detention Center to talk to Engarde 
again, but you will pass by the Viola Hall first.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Viola Hall

Oldbag is still around here, and she reveals that Edgeworth has 
requested her to do a bug-sweeping exercise on the entire hotel. Looks 
like a good way to keep her busy, eh? Talk to her about "Bug Sweeper" 
if you want - this just reveals that a spy camera was found among 
Corrida's presents, which you already know. I mean, you found it, 
right? Oldbag suggests that the camera was planted by Lotta to catch 
Corrida and Andrews "in the act", but you should know by now that 
this isn't true.

Ask Oldbag about "Juan and Adrian". She will reveal some snippets 
about Celeste Inpax, and her suicide. Apparently, Inpax was supposed to 
get married with Corrida, but she killed herself three days after her 
marriage announcement. 

This opens up the option to discuss about "Celeste's Suicide". Oldbag 
reveals that after throwing a grand announcement on their marriage, 
Corrida suddenly cancelled the marriage three days later. She has no 
idea, however, as to why Corrida made that decision. 

Try going to the Detention Center now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Actually, some of you may realize that this would be a wasted trip - 
you've came here earlier, but visiting hours were already over. 
However, you would definitely need to talk to Engarde tonight. Looks 
like you ought to make a trip to the Criminal Affairs Dept for help.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.

The Police Chief is here. You won't see his face, as usual, but he 
does reveal that they have found a decisive witness. Apparently, it's 
someone that you "know quite well". Who could it be? Well, I'd say 
it's a certain ex-Steel Samurai...

Anyway, continue talking to the Chief, he will eventually grant you 
the permission visit the Detention Center, after hours. So, what are 
you waiting for?


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

You will have a choice of personnel to talk to now - Engarde, or 
Andrews. Well, you know that you would need more information about 
Engarde's secret, so choose "Matt Engarde".

Engarde soon appears. Ask about "Juan and Adrian" first. Engarde seems 
rather evasive, and brushes you off without really answering the
question. Now, try talking to him about "Matt's Secret" - you will see 
FIVE Psyche-Locks on him. Blimey, this guy really has something to 
hide, yes?

There is nothing you can do here now. You will more evidence to tackle 
these locks. 

Return to the Criminal Affairs Dept.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.

Powers is here, and he tells you that he has been roped into this 
mess, somehow. He will have to testify at tomorrow's trial - so, he's 
indeed that "decisive witness" that the Chief was bragging about 

Talk to Powers about "tomorrow's testimony". He reveals that he saw 
"something pretty important", according to the police. He refuses to 
describe what he saw though, especially not to you. Damn! You thought 
he was your friend.

Talk about "Matt Engarde". Powers reveal that Engarde has always been 
kind of a playboy. In fact, he tends to toy with the feelings of 
whichever pretty girl he fancies. However, there is only one girl in 
the world who doesn't get "swoon over" by Engarde, and that's Andrews.

Ask about "gossip" now. This will open up an option to talk about 
"Celeste's Suicide". Powers suggest that something bad about Corrida 
must have been written on Celeste's Suicide Note, which was why he hid 
it. Apparently, before Celeste's death, she has been telling her 
friends that she "may have been caught by an insidious man". This man 
could well be Corrida... or could it be someone else?

You should go back to the Detention Center now. 


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Choose to talk to "Adrian Andrews" now. Ask about "Matt Engarde". She 
seems to bear a lot of resentment towards Engarde. She refuses to 
reveal anything more than that though.

Talk about "Celeste Inpax" instead. She admits that she got close to 
Corrida because she wanted to find Inpax's suicide note. Her purpose 
of doing so is to burn the note away, so that it wouldn't spread like 
another piece of wild gossip. 

The above will open up an option to ask about "why frame him?". She 
claims that Engarde is the real killer, and she what she did for 
revenge. Unfortunately, apart from these, she doesn't reveal anything 
else. Instead, she throws one miserable Psyche-Lock at you.

Nothing else to do now. Go back to your office - maybe someone will be 
there waiting for you now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

Indeed, Detective Gumshoe returns, fresh from his relentless search 
for evidence. He seems to have realize that it would be foolish to go 
asking around with the spy camera, so he did a search on the Stuffed 
Bear instead. He explains that the person who bought that bear was 
none other than Engarde.

Ask about "stuffed bear" now. Gumshoe will give you Engarde's Credit 
Card Receipt to prove that he did buy the bear, for no less than 
$3,800! Gumshoe also explains that the store clerk remembers Engarde, 
and even got an autograph from him.

Ask about the "spy camera" now. He will return the camera to you.

You now have all it takes to crush Engarde's Psyche-Locks, so go back 
to the Detention Center now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

It's already past 10pm, and it's about time this Engarde bugger tells 
you the truth. 

Initiate the Psyche-Lock process as usual. You will tell Engarde that 
you know he paid close attention to Corrida especially on that night 
- present the Spy Camera to proof this. Engarde will then ask where was 
the camera found. Show him the Stuffed Bear - one lock crushed.

Next, when given the chance to tell Engarde who gave this bear to 
Corrida, present Engarde's profile. He will ask for proof, so present 
the Credit Card Receipt - the receipt, and the store clerk's testimony 
will be enough to crush one more lock.

Soon, you will get a chance to explain the reason as to why Engarde 
hid the spy camera in Corrida's room. Show him the Picture Card - he 
will become uneasy, finally. 

Now, the final hurdle. When given the chance to explain why Engarde 
knows de Killer, select "you're his client" - Engarde knews exactly 
what was going to happen in Corrida's room that night, and he set up 
the camera to record de Killer killing Corrida! All remaining locks 

The "real" Matt Engarde finally appears in front of you. Ask about 
"Matt's secret". He explains that he doesn't believe de Killer, which 
was why he was filming him in the act as a form of "insurance" against 
possible blackmail in future. 

Ask about his "motive for murder". As expected, it was because Corrida 
was about to reveal his secret to the world. He also knows about 
Maya's kidnap, and threatens you to give it your all in defending him 

For the first time in your career, you've to defend someone who has 
really committed a crime. Is that what Edgeworth has been asking you 
about all this time - for winning, or for justice?

After the conversation with Engarde, Edgeworth appears. You will 
automatically return to the Criminal Affairs Dept.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.

Edgeworth tells you that you're the only who can decide what you 
should do now. It's your turn to answer the question that Edgeworth 
was facing ago - what is a lawyer? What can you do as one? 

Anyhow, talk to him about "Matt Engarde" - this has a really 
interesting conversation about the true calling of a lawyer. Read it 
yourself and tell me whether you agree. 

Now, ask about "Maya's Situation". Edgeworth encourages you that as a 
lawyer, you can't run away - you can only fight.

This opens up an option to ask "why fight?". You explain that you 
can't fight for a false verdict. Edgeworth will now reveal that he 
didn't leave the Prosecutor's Office last year because you've crushed 
his perfect win record. In fact, you beating him has opened the path 
for him to realize his mistakes. As to why he has returned, he says 
that you will have to find it on your own.

Soon, the radio transceiver beeps again. de Killer is on the other 
line, and he explains that he is doing all these for Engarde as a form 
of "aftercare". His name carries a certain amount of honor and 
dignity. As such, he has to ensure that his client doesn't get 
suspected of ordering a hit from him.

At the end of the conversation, you suddenly hear a cat's meow. Could 
it be that de Killer is currently residing in a place with a cat? 
Engarde's Mansion, perhaps?

Go, go, go!


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Engarde's Mansion, Living Room

The police has this entire area surrounded. Quickly examine the bear 
figurine at the far right door (where the pet door is) to add it to 
your Court Record - this was the bear that Maya examined earlier, the 
one with some cuts and slits on it.

Edgeworth and you will break into the Private Lounge now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Engarde's Mansion, Private Lounge

You will find the antenna here - yes, this was the room where Maya was 
in earlier. The tape deck, however, is already emptied. 

Go to the Wine Cellar now.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Engarde's Mansion, Wine Cellar

Examine the photo at the foot of the staircase to add Celeste's Photo 
to your Court Record.

Now, why would a picture of Inpax be found in Engarde's Mansion? And 
why does it say "with love"?

That's question you need to ask Andrews. Before you go, however, Pearl 
notices a note from Maya at the back of the photoframe - looks like 
Maya has left this as a message for you. She urges you to get a 
"Guilty" verdict for Engarde, or she will never forgive you.

You will automatically return to the Detention Center.


Date: 3/22
Time: ???
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Initiate the Psyche-Lock process. When given the chance to suggest who 
Andrews was trying to get revenge for, present Inpax's profile - she's 
the only person that Andrews will do anything for. And for Andrews to 
take revenge on Engarde for Inpax's sake, there must be some relation 
between them. 

Present Celeste's Photo at the next prompt, and Andrews only lock will 
crush - she has been guarding the secret relationship between Engarde 
and Inpax all this while.

Ask "why frame him?" now. Andrews explain that Inpax was supposed to 
get married to Corrida, but he called off the weddng because of 
Engarde. Inpax was Engarde's manager a long time ago. They had a 
romantic relationship then, but Inpax was merely being toyed with by 
Engarde, and subsequently thrown away. Inpax, while trying to preserve 
Engard's clean-cut image, decided to leave Global Studios. She met 
Corrida there, and developed a relationship that she treasured more 
than the one she had with Engarde. However, it all went sour with the 
calling off of the wedding, and the suicide of Inpax.

Ask about "revenge". Andrews reveals that Engarde has "confessed" to 
Corrida about his past relationship with Inpax. Corrida, blinded by 
pride, called off the wedding because he didn't want to marry the ex-
girlfriend of his fiercest rival. Andrews also believe that Inpax has 
written a suicide note with a detailed account of all of Engarde's 
misdeeds. Corrida hid the note, however - this is to be the powerful 
secret that he has over Engarde. Corrida sought to unleash this secret 
on the night of the awards, but he ended up being killed.

These conclude Part 3-2 on the case. Save your game.

PART 4-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW2941 ]

The nightmare you had from Episode 1 of this game returns. A nice 
touch to link the start and end of the game together, I think.

Date: 3/23
Time: 9:43am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Go through the conversation with Engarde, Gumshoe and Mia (yes, she 
somehow makes an appearance, just in time for court, again) before 
going to court.

Note that Gumshoe is now back with the force, and is in the team to 
hunt down de Killer. He encourages you to drag the trial for as long 
as possible, so that he can have more time to find Maya. A cheap way 
to lengthen an already long case, but what the hell. Let's go!


Date: 3/23
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 3

Edgeworth immediately directs the Judge's attention onto the presence 
of de Killer, and Engarde's involvement in this case. As expected, 
Powers will also take the stands as Edgeworth's first witness today. 
Your aim is to prolong this trial for as long as possible, so let's 
get going.

POWERS' TESTIMONY: VISIT TO MATT'S ROOM                     [ PW29P1 ]

Apparently, after the award ceremony, Powers planned to visit Engarde 
in his room. Engarde was standing in front of his room, still in his 
Nickel Samurai costume. He was talking to someone, whom Powers thought 
to be the Bellboy. He watched the two of them for a while, but then he 
gave up and went back - he had guests with him that night (that would 
be you, by the way!), and couldn't make them wait. 


You may want to press Powers' first sentence just for comedic value. 
However, the important statement to press here is the one where he 
says that he gave up and went back. This will lead to the revelation 
that Engarde actually gave the Bellboy a tip. 

Now, backtrack to the previous statement about Powers thinking that 
Engarde was talking to a Bellboy. Press this statement. Powers will 
reveal that he felt something weird about this tip-giving incident 
itself. The Judge will ask Powers to append his testimony to include 
the tip-giving.

Press when Powers says that Engarde gave the Bellboy a tip. He will 
explain that this incident was weird. Choose to ask about "Engarde's 
tip" - it seems that Engarde has given the Bellboy a really, really 
fat roll of cash.

Edgeworth suggests that a fat roll of cash is hardly considered a 
generous tip". The Judge will now look suspiciously at you. Choose to 
"raise an objection" - remember, you're here to prolong the trial more 
than anything.

Edgeworth will now explain that the roll of cash is actually a form 
of payment from Engarde to the assassin, for the murder of Corrida. 
He will present the Picture Card (and you thought that only you have 
access to YOUR Court Record). This is when Powers reveal that he saw 
the Bellboy again later on that night. This leads to his second 

POWERS' TESTIMONY: THE SECOND TIME                          [ PW29P2 ]

This time, Powers was in the hallway because he had to go to the 
bathroom. That was when the Bellboy came out of Corrida's room. Now
that he thinks about it, the Bellboy did seem kinda out of place. He 
had to be the assassin. 


Press when Powers says that the Bellboy was kinda out of place. Powers 
will explain that the Bellboy was empty-handed when he left Corrida's 
room - he wasn't pushing a cart, or holding a tray. As such, Powers 
felt that the Bellboy was a little strange. 

You will now get a chance to tackle this explanation. Choose "try to 
pull a fast one", and say that there is nothing strange about an 
empty-handed bellboy. Edgeworth then chips in and says that bellboys 
are for room service, and there is no reason for them to be empty-
handed, ever. This will lead to an amendment to Powers' testimony - 
information about this "strange", "empty-handed" bellboy will now be 
available for cross-examination.

Present the Crime Photo when Powers says that it was kinda strange 
for a bellboy to come out of a guest's room empty-handed - (check out 
the funny comparison about man with stitches and a baseball here, by 
the way) a tray with a bottle of tomato juice is clearly seen in the 
bottom right corner of this photo! The Bellboy left empty-handed 
because he had just brought the juice into Corrida's room. Can anyone 
prove that Corrida was already dead at that time?

(What a way to prolong a trial, even though it's all bull****!)

Powers will then reveal that the Bellboy was actually wearing black 
leather gloves that night, which was unusual (check out the funny 
comparison between black leather gloves and a football). This will 
lead to Powers' last testimony.


After leaving Corrida's room, the Bellboy went and knocked on 
Engarde's door. He gave something to the person inside the room. Then 
he just left without even going into the room. After that, Powers went 
to the bathroom, and then back to his seat. 


Press when Powers says that the Bellboy gave something to the person 
inside the room. When given the chance, choose to "ask about the 
person inside". Powers explains that he only saw the person's arm. 

Backtrack to the same statement, and press again. This time, choose to 
"ask about this 'something'". Powers couldn't remember what it was, 
but the Judge then adds that something must have been removed from 
the crime scene. For once, he's on the right track.

The Judge will urge Powers to try and remember this item. Eventually, 
Powers will say that he thinks that it was some sort of wooden 
statue. This will be appended to the testimony. Present the Figurine 
of the bear that you found at Engarde's Mansion once he says about 
this wooden statue - Powers will agree that this bear was the 
"something" that he saw then.

The Judge will, once again, plans to end the trial now. You tell him 
to give you more time. He will then ask which questionable point 
would you want to explore. Select "the person who received the bear" - 
the identity of the person who received the bear is still not proven. 
It may not have been Engarde.

This is when Powers will suddenly let out a great scream. He now 
remembers about the "arm" that he saw - it was the Nickel Samurai's 
arm! Damn, it points back to Engarde again - you know he's the killer 
now, but you have to defend him if Maya is still in the hands of de 
Killer. It sucks!

Mia will ask you to quickly attack the case from another angle. This 
gives you another chance. This time, select "the bear itself". The 
bear was found at Engarde's Mansion, but he was arrested right away at 
the Gatewater Hotel that night - he wouldn't have the chance to bring 
the bear back to his mansion!

Edgeworth then remembers your commment about John Doe, the butler. de
Killer was obviously working with Engarde. Since de Killer has been 
hiding at Engarde's Mansion as its butler, he would still have the 
chance to transport the bear back to the place. 

Once again, the Judge wants to declare the verdict. "Raise an 
objection" when given the chance - it's the only way to drag this 
trial, anyway. You argue that it's possible that this is all the work 
of another person. When asked to identify this person, present Anrdews' 
profile (sorry, Adrian) - you've earlier established that, while 
trying to frame Engarde for the murder, she has worn the Nickel 
Samurai costume. The Nickel Samurai's "arm" that Powers saw could 
well be Andrews in her samurai disguise.

Edgeworth decides to play along to your game, because if the purpose 
of this bear figurine is established, the true killer's identity will 
become crystal clear (I hope you know what's this figurine has been 
hiding by now... ahem... suicide... ahem... note...).

As a result, Andrews' will once again be asked to testify after the 
recess, phew.

NOTE: This was my worst experience in playing Phoenix Wright. Damn 


Date: 3/23
Time: 11:54am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Mia leaves. Pearl explains that a strong power has called Mia away. 
What? At this time? Anyway, you don't have time to think. Gumshoe is 
on the line. Unfortunately, he still doesn't have any leads to the 
location of Maya and de Killer. 

And then, Mia returns. She says that she saw a circus tent. 
Apparently, Maya has been unconscious until just a few minutes ago. 
She called for Mia as soon as she woke up, and Mia managed to find out 
that Maya has been kept in a dusty little room right now. From the 
window, Mia could see a circus tent about 300 feet away. 

So, which is the only circus in town now? The Berry Big Circus, of 

NOTE: I really like how this game links key characters from the main 
cases from the previous, and the current game together. Simply awesome 
story-telling. The Gatewater Hotel from "Turnabout Sisters". Global 
Studios, the samurais, Oldbag and Powers from "Turnabout Samurai". 
Lotta from "Rise from the Ashes". Hotti Clinic. Berry Big Circus. 

Mia also mentions that she saw a mailbox under the window. You pass on 
these information to Gumshoe. These should be good enough clues to 
locate Maya. 

Time to go back to court.


Date: 3/23
Time: 12:05pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 3

The purpose of this testimony is to identify the purpose of the bear 
figurine. Without further ado!

ANDREWS' TESTIMONY: THE BEAR FIGURINE                       [ PW29A6 ]

Andrews says that the bear is an elaborate puzzle. If you know the 
correct order, the bear could be taken apart one piece at a time. At 
its center is a small cavity, with just enough room to store a small 
item. Because of its complexity, if you don't know the order, you 
can't open the bear. You really can't tell that it's a small "jewelry 
box" just by looking at it.


Basically, you will have to press every statement here. You will find 
that Andrews knows all about this bear because she was the one who 
bought it. Only two persons know how to take this figurine apart - 
Corrida and herself. This bear was also from Switzerland, and Andrews 
doubts that many people in this country has the same bear. 

After pressing all her statements, the Figurine will be updated with 
the new information into the Court Record.

Edgeworth will now present his killer blow: What is inside this bear?
Andrews will take it apart to reveal, yes, Inpax's Suicide Note. The 
contents of the note will finally be revealed. Inpax left a record of 
all that had happened to her, of how she was being used and then 
thrown away by Engarde, of her engagement to Corrida, and how Engarde 
destroyed the proposed marriage. In her despair, she decided to end it 

Edgeworth now concludes that a note like this would be motive enough 
for Engarde to want to do away with Corrida, especially when Corrida 
was planning to reveal the contents of it to the public in the press 

Celeste's Suicide Note added to Court Record.

How do you wriggle your way out of these two deadly pieces of evidence 
against Engarde? Well, when given a chance, choose to pursue 
"Celeste's Suicide Note" - the note was hidden by Corrida since 
Inpax's suicide until the night of the murder. As such, Engarde could 
not have known about its contents. No one in their right mind would 
kill for a note without first knowing what it said.

Edgeworth counters by presenting the spy camera - it's not the same 
one in your Court Record, but one that was found in Corrida's house, 
by none other than Gumshoe's bug sweeper (way to go, Gumshoe!). 
Engarde's fingerprints were found on this camera, which means that 
Corrida was definitely being spied on by Engarde. As such, Engarde 
must have learnt the contents of the suicide note through this 

Anyhow, proceed with the conversation, and then choose to "present 
evidence" at the next prompt. Show Celeste's Suicide Note to proof 
your point - sure, this note was found inside the bear, and this bear 
was in your possession until a few moments ago. As such, the 
handwriting on the note has yet to be analyzed! Without confirming 
the "authenticity" of this, the case cannot be closed.

Just when the crowd goes crazy about wanting to hang Engarde, Gumshoe 
calls (hey, what about turning off your cell phone during a court 
session?). He reveals that de Killer managed to get away before the 
police found his hideout. The pressure!

Gumshoe will now request to talk to Edgeworth. You've no choice but 
to do a "take that!", and throw your cell phone across to Edgeworth's 
stand (COOL!). Gumshoe urges Edgeworth to buy more time for you. 
Edgeworth brushes the call aside though, and the Judge will now 
suspend proceedings for another day...

... and then, as usual, a fading screen gets interrupted by an 
"OBJECTION!". It's Edgeworth! He explains that he can perform the 
neceesary tests of the suicide note to asecertain the handwriting, 
and asks for another 30 minutes. The Judge will agree, so you will 
live to fight another, er, 30 minutes.


Date: 3/23
Time: 2:04pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Gumshoe calls again, and this time, Edgeworth will take the call. 
Gumshoe explains that de Killer left a few things behind by accident 
in his rush to escape. Gumshoe has gotten the things he left, and is 
on his way to court - he had to steal the evidence from the crime 
labs guys though, just so that he can do the more important thing.

NOTE: I really like the English translation of this game - Justice for 
All. Very apt title to explain the actions of the heroes of this game. 

Before you get all excited though, Gumshoe gets himself into an 
accident... if you don't get to him right now, you won't get your 
evidence. Is there any way to find out exactly where Gumshoe is 
right now? Is there? 

Sure there is! Select "there is a way", and then present Franziska's 
profile - remaining the irritaing "beep"? The GPS that she planted on 
Gumshoe? Who would have thought that one of your deadliest rivals will 
become your savior today?

Edgeworth gets a call soon, and leaves for it. You can save your game 

On, and by the way, this phone call is actually important, because it 
concerns the next, er, witness.

PART 4-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW2942 ]

Date: 3/23
Time: 2:35pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 3

It looks like something unexpected just happened - the handwriting 
analysis has confirmed that the suicide note IS indeed a forgery! Wow, 
talk about drama! It appears that the handwriting matches that of 
Corrida instead. It seems that Inpax never really left a suicide note 
after all. Edgeworth explains, however, that Engarde couldn't have 
known that the note was fake.

There's something wrong with Edgeworth's explanation though. Choose to 
"present evidence", and then show the Spy Camera - Engarde has been 
spying on Corrida, so it's impossible for him not to have known that 
the note was a fake!

Edgeworth will then ask to call upon another witness - amazingly, it's 
Shelly de Killer! Of course, de Killer wouldn't have stupidly appear 
in court. Instead, his testimony will be given via the, er, radio 

NOTE: In the last game, we had a parrot on the witness stand. Today, 
we've a radio transceiver. Phoenix Wright never fails to make me 
laugh. :)

The Judge will want proof for the identity of the caller on the other 
end. You will finally get to hear Maya's voice, and immediately agree 
that the guy is indeed de Killer.

Testimony begins!

DE KILLER'S TESTIMONY: ABOUT MY CLIENT                      [ PW29D1 ]

de Killer says that to an assassin, nothing is more important than the 
trust between a client and himself. This is exactly the reason why 
he is testifying today. 


Press when de Killer says that nothing is more important than the 
trust. He will explain that while he provides the service, he expects 
his clients to be discreet about his identity. This is the first time 
one of his clients has ever been accused of murder, so he must 
preserve the de Killer name so that his other clients can trust him. 
If a client ever betrays him, however, he will make sure that the 
person will not stay his client for very long...

Now, press when he says that this is the reason he is on the witness 
stand today. This seems a little strange to you - if he's testifying 
now, it would be very bad for his client. de Killer then explains that 
this client has already broken the rules and acted outside his 
prescribed role. This person has tried to implicate another of 
committing the crime in order to save himself, and this is a trespass 
that de Killer cannot forgive. 

Backtrack to the statement about nothing is more important than the 
trust, and press again. de Killer will talk about the same thing, but 
this time, you will interrupt him to ask about his client "breaking 
the rules". He replies that a person who frames another is the worst 
kind of human (hey, he's talking about you too, man), which is why he 
will reveal the identity of this client now. 

When de Killer says that it's time for him to reveal the name of his 
client, press. Amazingly, he reveals that his client is... ADRIAN 
ANDREWS! It looks like de Killer is STILL trying to get Engarde off 
the hook! Edgeworth is furious, but since he was the one who 
summoned de Killer, he could only blame himself for this.

All of a sudden, it seems like you can actually win this case, you 

This comes the moment of truth in your career as an attorney. Can you 
live with yourself if you win this case? Do you take the "not guilty" 
verdict to save Maya? Or do you wait for Gumshoe's new evidence? 

With one last chance to redeem yourself, choose "request the trial to 
continue". Actually, even if you choose to request for the verdict, 
you can't do it.

Watch now as Phoniex Wright and Miles Edgeworth join forces once again 
to take on the bad guys. You've waited three and three quarter cases 
for this moment!


de Killer insists that Andrews is his client. He cannot overlook is 
tampering with the scene of crime. Andrews did it to frame another for 
the crime. While pretending to be the first person to discover the 
body, she knew from the beginning that Corrida was dead. But even more 
appalling was the creation and planting of the knife and button. This 
was what he was referring to as "breaking the rules".


Only one statement to tackle here - the one about Andrews knowing from 
the beginning that Corrida was dead. Press this statement to find out 
more about "from the beginning", and then backtrack to it again to 
present the Wine Glass - Andrews thought that Corrida had only 
fainted, so she poured a glass of juice for him. The glass bears the 
prints of Andrews - if this had been planned, she would never have 
left her prints behind!

Watch now as both Edgeworth and you engage in some fake objections to 
buy time, and then move on to de Killer's next testimony.

DE KILLER'S TESTIMONY: REQUEST TAKING                       [ PW29D3 ]

The request came to de Killer about a week ago. It was for his 
services on the night of the awards ceremony. They met at a certain 
bar to discuss and finalize a few matters. He trusts his memory, and 
be believe this was what occured.


Press the statement about them meeting at a bar to discuss and 
finalize some matters. You want to confirm whether he physically met 
Andrews to discuss the details. After a brief pause, he says yes. 
Choose to "press further", and he will explain that he will never 
take request by phone or mail. He once again stresses the value of 
trust between client and himself, and says that the only way to 
establish trust is to speak to the client while looking them in the 

The Judge will ask if the testimony was of any importance. Reply 
"it was not important" - why he meets his clients is not important, 
and wasn't exactly your point. Your question is "did de Killer really 
meet the client?" instead. de Killer claims that he did, face to face, 
with HIM. 

NOTE: Aha.

The Judge will now ask if this testimony of any importance. Reply 
"it was very important". This forces de Killer to append it into 
his testimony.

Now, when he says that from the moment I saw him, he thought he could 
trust this person as a client, present Andrews' profile - Andrews is 
a "she", not a "he"! The name "Adrian Andrews" just happens to sound 
like a male's name!

(Watch the various damaged states of the transceiver now.)

Prepare for de Killer's final testimony.


Now, de Killer "remembers" that he took this request by mail. There 
were times that he took jobs without meeting his clients. The request 
was for the murder of Corrida and two or three other small things. 
When he saw thw name at the end of the letter, he thought that the 
client is a man. 


Try not to press too much here, as the Judge will put you under heavy 
pressure with your "badger" the witness. Instead, press when de Killer 
says that the request was for the murder of Corrida and two or three 
other small things. He refuses to explain what these "other things" 
are, so choose to "press further". 

He will now "smell a stench of a back-stabber", as you constant 
questioning suggests that you're about to betray Engarde. When given 
another chance, however, choose to "press further" again. He will 
finally reveal that this other thing concerns the bear figurine. 
After killing Corrida, de Killer was to find the figurine - he was 
told that this job was as important as killing the target. He found 
the figurine in Corrida's briefcase, and handed it over to his client 
right away. 

This information will be appended to de Killer's testimony, so when 
he talks about finding the figurine and handing it over to Andrews, 
press again. You found the bear at Engarde's Mansion, if de Killer 
did give the bear to Andrews, why was it doing there? He replies that 
he was waiting for her there. 

The Judge will ask if you have any problems with this testimony. Say 
"there is a contradiction", "present evidence", and then present the 
Figurine - if de Killer had really given the bear to Andrews, the 
fake suicide note should not have been inside the bear anymore. 
Andrews had wanted to burn this note away. She's the only one who 
could take this bear apart, but up till earlier today, the note was 
still inside the figurine! As such, it would be impossible for Andrews 
to be de Killer's client.

de Killer will now threaten to kill Maya (subtlely). While under 
intense pressure, you remember Maya's request to get a "Guilty" 
verdict for Engarde. Do you side with justice, or do you save Maya? 
Do the right thing - tell the Judge that your client is "guilty"...

... before you can do so, however, your savior arrives. And no, it's 
not Gumshoe! Instead, Franziska comes to your rescue with the 
DECISIVE EVIDENCE to save the situation (cool intro pic as well).

NOTE: Thankfully, Gumshoe is not dead. Heh heh.

You declare that the evidence that Franziska brought here is your 
final pieces of evidence. The Judge refuses to accept them, but 
Edgeworth will object his decision. The Judge agrees on one conditon: 
if the evidence does not bring up any new point to the case, they 
will not be accepted.

Time to make a point. de Killer has left three pieces of evidence in 
his hasty escape. The first item is a pistol. Does this pistol has 
anything to do with this case? Select "question for more details". 
Franziska replies that while the pistol has not undergone ballistics 
test, she believes that this was the pistol that fired the shot that 
injured her shoulder yesterday. She kept the bullet as a momento, and 
it will come in useful during a match. This evidence isn't going to 
help very much though, so let's move on.

Pistol added to the Court Record.

The second evidence is a video tape. Question for more details again. 
Franziska explains that she has no time to check the contents on the 
tape, but she's quite sure that it's very important to de Killer 
because he actually went back to the hideout for it. While doing so, 
he injured three officers at the site. Fortunately, the police held 
firm, and didn't allow it to be taken away despite de Killer's 
violent attempt.

Video Tape added to the Court Record.

The third piece of evidence is a bellboy's uniform. Question for more 
details again. Franziska has no doubts that this was what de Killer 
wore during the crime. She even found the black gloves. She also 
noticed that the uniform was missing one of its unique buttons. 

Bellboy's Uniform added to the Court Record. 

The Judge, upon inspecting these items, decides that these three items 
do not tell you anything about the identity of de Killer's client. Mia 
then tells you that there are two ways to solve this problem. The 
first way is to make Engarde wish that he's convicted - if Engarde 
wishes to be convicted, there is no point for de Killer to hold on to 
Maya as a hostage. The second way is to force de Killer to end his 
contract with Engarde. If Engarde is no longer his client, he would 
probably let Maya go.

Can the above be done? Sure it can! The Judge doesn't accept these 
new evidence, but surely, you can make someone else accept? When the 
Judge is about to announce his verdict (for the nth time now), you 
throw in a powerful objection. The Judge will agree to give you one 
final chance to answer some questions.

This is where the game comes to a split path - you can get either a 
good, or a bad ending out of this. I'm sure you want to see them both, 
so I would suggest that you save your game now, and then do the bad 
ending first.

BAD ENDING REQUIRMENTS                                      [ PW29BE ]

The Judge will ask you two questions:

1. Who would you like to show these evidence to?
2. Which piece of evidence would you like to show to this person?

Screw them up as much as you can - as long as you don't present de 
Killer's profile for the first question, you will get the bad ending.

In this ending, you ran away from the court. You never saw Maya again, 
and Andrews was found guilty. A miracle didn't happen, because it 
simply doesn't exist.

The end.

GOOD ENDING REQUIRMENTS                                     [ PW29GE ]

Now, call up your saved file again. This time, answer the following 
questions as, er, follow:

1. Who would you like to show these evidence to?
   - Present de Killer's profile.

2. Which piece of evidence would you like to show to this person?
   - Present the Video Tape

Edgeworth agrees that there is some merit in your choice. The Judge 
will then order the radio transceiver, I mean, de Killer to take the 
stands again.

You will explain about the video tape to de Killer. He replies that he 
fought violently to retrieve this tape based on his client's request. 
He has never seen the contents of this tape, however. You then explain 
that de Killer is featured in this tape. The discovery of the spy 
camera will now be revealed to him, and the only person who could have 
planted the camera would have been his client. The client has specified 
a date and time to commit the crime. This allowed him to set the spy 
camera to record at exactly that timing.

There will be an additional question for the good ending as well, this 
time from de Killer:

3. Why would his client secretly film the crime scene?
   - Answer "wanted blackmail on you".

Your difficult situation will finally come to an end. He decides to 
break the contract, and says that this client will become his next 
target. Even if it takes an eternity, he would follow that person to 
the ends of the earth to exact his punishment. He also agrees to return 
Maya to you, since she's no longer of use. 

de Killer's threats have a powerful impact on Engarde's composure. In 
fact, they shattered him into pieces. When given the chance, you can
choose to "plead guilty" or "plead not guilty". Both options lead to 
the same outcome, but pleading not guilty is funnier, because the 
person who shouts "Hold it!" this time is none other than Engarde!

With this, Engarde is sent to Franziska for a full-course meal of whip 


Date: 3/23
Time: 5:14pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

This is the first time you lose a case, but somehow, you don't feel 
discouraged at all. You've now realize that there is something more 
to just getting a "not guilty" verdict. 

Edgeworth then appears to inform that Maya is now in safe hands. Go 
through the rest of super long conversation (it's 4:30am now in my 
time zone, and I'm getting married in two days' time - I really need 
to go to bed!). 


Date: 3/23
Time: 7:38pm
Location: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby

You automatically move to here for dinner. Watch another super long 
conversation. You will find Franziska's whip in your Court Record 
(from the earlier long conversation). When given the chance, present 
it to Edgeworth.

Now, enjoy paying the bill for the dinner for the whole lot of free-
loaders! Let out your last "Objection" for this game, and watch the 
ending and credits. There is one final ending after the credits, so 
remember to catch it - it has something to do with the FOURTH evidence 
that Gumshoe found at de Killer's hideout. Hmm, you mean, there was a 
fourth evidence? :)

                                           FAREWELL, MY TURNABOUT: END

"The truth will find its way to show itself." - Miles Edgeworth.


As usual, I hope you've enjoyed this game as much as I did. I wrote 
this through two bouts of flu, completing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on 
the X360 and Touch Detective on the DS, and a series of busy days 
working and preparing for my wedding. Pardon me if I make any 
mistakes, and feel free to send me any feedback if you want. 

With this, here's to Gyakuten Saiban 3 DS.


10.3.06: Structure and first draft of basic information completed 
(version 0.1).

10.25.06: Game is released! Walkthroughs for Episode 1 and Characters 
section added (version 0.3).

10.26.06: Walkthrough for Episode 2 added (version 0.5).

10.28.06: Parts 1 and 2 for Episode 3 added (version 0.6).

10.30.06: Parts 3 and 4-1 for Episode 3 added - sorry, I've been 
really busy. Added some explanation on what I thought were plot holes, 
but weren't, thanks to various people (version 0.7).

10.31.06: Walthrough for Episode 3 (finally) completed (version 0.75).

11.3.06: Search system added. Parts 1-1 and 1-2 for Episode 4 added 
(version 0.8).

11.6.06: Parts 2-1, 2-2, 3-1 and 3-2 for Episode 4 added 
(version 0.9).

11.7.06: Walkthrough completed (version 1.0).

11.13.06: Added Frequently Asked Questions (version 1.01).

12.25.06: Was informed that I've spelled the word "Psyche-Lock" as 
"Pysche-Lock" throughout the entire document. Amendments made. Also, 
guide has won November 2006's FAQ of the Month of GameFAQs.com 
(version 1.02).

2.18.07: Added a theory about the Mimi/ Maya incident in the channeling
chamber, thanks to Action (version 1.1).


Some frequently asked questions that I got from the previous game, 
and am still getting for this one. 

Q: I understand that the Japanese version of this game has a fully 
translated English game bundled in. I'd like to know how's the 
translation. Is it good enough for me to complete the game without 
having to rely on further translations?
A: Yes, the translation is more than adequate for you to complete the 
game. Unless you are extremely particularly about grammar, you should 
have no problem enjoying this game with this translation. Chances 
are, the US version of this game will have the exact translation.

Q: I did an "OBJECTION!" during the cross-examination as you 
suggested in the guide, but the judge replied saying that he doesn't 
see anything to object about. Why is it so?
A: You could've objected on the wrong statement that the witness is 
saying. You must object at the actual statement of contradiction. For 
example, object when the witness says "I saw the body at 1:00pm" 
instead of when he/ she says "Yes, that's what I saw", even though the 
second sentence may have come immediately after the first. Anyhow, in 
the guide, I do provide the sentences to press/ object, although they 
may not be in the exact way that was written in the game. If you 
really have issues with this, feel free to mail me on the details - 
I may have made a mistake for all you know.

Q: "I followed every step you wrote, and yet ________________ (insert 
event) didn't happen. WHY???"
A: The MOST popular question I've received so far. I'm pretty sure 
that I've everything covered. Ten times out of ten, a person who asks 
this question will eventually write back and tell me that he/ she 
didn't actually "follow every step I wrote". All I can say is that, if 
you find that an event that is supposed to happen didn't, you *may* 
have have missed a step. The best way to solve the problem is to 
backtrack and find out what it is. 

And some new ones:

Q: I can't find anything to object in a witness' testimony...
A: ... indeed, at times, a witness' testimony could be "flawless". To 
progress, the trick is to simply press every statement until the game 
moves on.

Q: Are talking and pressing compulsory in this game?
A: While this game is text-heavy, not all conversations are compulsory. 
Some conversations are available simply to summarize the events from an 
earlier part of the game. However, if you find that talking about one 
option opens up an option to talk about another, the newly opened option 
is most likely to be important. The same goes for pressing. During 
certain parts of the game, pressing will be even get you penalized, so 
proceed with caution.

Q: You mentioned that you prepared this guide very early, but why 
wasn't it the first one that got posted?
A: The guide was rejected twice. First, for being an "unreleased game" 
(when it was clearly released) and secondly, for "too much space" (I 
was trying to make it look better with boxes and all). Nothing I could 
do about it. Thankfully, I managed to get it done before my wedding, 
which was my main concern. Being first isn't important to me - paying 
tribute to a great game is.

Q: Will you be doing a Gyakuten Saiban 3/ 4 walkthrough?
A: If they get a full English translation, sure.

Have questions? Email me at lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com. 
Please include a subject and try to type in proper English. I 
understand that not all people can type perfect English, I mean, I 
can't. But at least try to make it easier for me to understand what 
you are asking, or I may have no choice but to ignore the mail. I will
try to answer all mails within my means, but I cannot guarantee that 
I can do so all the time. It all depends on my schedule.


Capcom: Without a doubt, my DS game of 2006.
Gamescore: Thanks for the quick shipment of this game.
The lot of you: who wrote to me with words of encouragement during my 
struggle to complete the first guide, and this one.
GameFAQs: For last October's award, and this November's.
Davorin and Michelle Rochon: For clarifying Ini Miney's "one year/ 
six months" hospitalization situation, and the Maya's Costume mess.
akaisakura, Frank Goodman and Action: For clarifying Maya's costume 
mess as well. Action, for one, even drew some pictures to illustrate 
his point!
sasuk3: For the feedback and suggestion on adding a search system.
Aaron Ramsey: For letting me know that I've spelled the word "Psyche" 
wrongly througout the entire document!
ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/): For the 
banner above.

Copyright Lestor Wong 2006-2007.

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