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     *****     *****     *****         **     ******      *****     ******* 
     ** **     ** **     ** **         **     * ****     * ****     *** *** 
     *****     *****     ** **         **     * **       * *          * *   
     **        ****      ** **    **   **     * **       * *          * *   
     **        ** **     ** **    *******     * ****     * ****       * *   
     **        **  **    *****    *******     ******      *****       ***   
     ###############     #########$$$$$$#############     ###############   
      #############     ###########$$$$$####$$$$$####      #############    
      #############     #######$$$$$$$$$####$########      #############    
      #############     ######$$$$$                ##      #############    
      #############     #####$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$     #############    
      #############     #####$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$$$#####      #############    
      #############     #####$$$$$$  $$   ##$$$######      #############    
      #############     #######$$$$       ###########      #############    
      #############     ########$$$       ###########      #############    
     ###############     ########$$$$$$$##### ########    ###############   
      _ | | __  __     _____   _____   _   _   _   _____     _   _   _      
     | | \||  \/  |   |  ___| |  _  | | | | \ | | |  ___|   | | | \ | |     
     | |   | |\/| |   | | __  | | | | | | |  \| | | | __    | | |  \| |     
     | |   | |  | |   | ||_ | | |_| | | | | |\  | | ||_ |   | | | |\  |     
     |_|   |_|  |_|   |_____| |_____| |_| |_| \_| |_____|   |_| |_| \_|     
Title  :                    Project IGI : I'm Going In                      
For    :                         Personal Computer                          
By     :                           Kenny Gunawan                            
E-mail :                       [email protected]                         
Sorry for the late update. I hope you won't mad. It's because I have        
examinations for 1 week. So, I can't write any walkthrough.                 
This is my eight walkthrough, and this walkthrough is my own walkthrough.   
So don't try to COPY IT and submit this walkthrough at another game link and
give it YOUR NAME on it. My walkthrough is personality use.                 
This walkthrough doesn't contain any spoiler (event, movie, etc)            
Oh yeah, don't forget if I'm Indonesian, so please let me know if there     
are a wrong letters, ask me if you don't know my meaning in this            
walkthrough, after that I will answer you at your E-mail address, and don't 
forget to put 'IGI', 'Project IGI', or 'I'm Going In' words as the subject. 
I'm sorry for my bad English.                                               
If you want to use this walkthrough as your own walkthrough, don't try to go
out of my path at this walkthrough.                                         
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T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S                                             
I    Version                                                                
II   Complete Missions                                                      
     II.1  Trainyard                                                        
     II.2  SAM Base                                                         
     II.3  Military Airbase                                                 
     II.4  GOD                                                              
     II.5  Radar Base                                                       
     II.6  Get Priboi                                                       
     II.7  Border Crossing                                                  
     II.8  Re-Supply                                                        
     II.9  Missile Trainyard                                                
     II.10 Defend Priboi                                                    
     II.11 Eagle's Nest I                                                   
     II.12 Eagle's Nest II                                                  
     II.13 Nuclear Infiltration [Half mission]                              
     II.14 Finding the bomb [Under Construction]                            
III  Tips and Tricks                                                        
IV   Important thing                                                        
V    Special Thanks                                                         
This Project IGI: I'm Going In Guide is Copyright © KGunawan 2001           
I. VERSION                                                                  
Version 1.0: First release and contains four missions                       
I make this walkthrough at : 9:05 PM 01/26/01                               
Version 1.1: Add 3 complete missions and 1 uncomplete mission               
I make this update at : 22:25 PM 01/29/01                                   
Version 1.2: Add 1 complete mission, finish the last mission and 1          
             uncomplete mission                                             
I make this update at : 22:55 PM 01/30/01                                   
Version 1.3: Add 2 full missions, finish mission 10 : Defend Priboi and     
             Tips and Tricks section + Important thing section (New section)
I make this update at : 19:13 PM 02/20/01                                   
II. COMPLETE MISSIONS                                                       
II.1 Trainyard                                                              
     Small coastline trainyard                                              
     Objective : 1. Steal the truck near the main entrance                  
     Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3                            
     First of all, turn 90 degrees to right. Go on your way until you see   
a ladder. Climb it. Then, go on up until you see a hole with a ladder. Climb
down that ladder. Take the Uzi and ammo. You can see a door. Equip your     
Glock 17. Open the door and you'll see a guy standing in front of the       
drink machine. Use your Binochular and target his head. Shoot him. He will  
die in 1 shoot if you point it sharply. Otherwise, you can shoot the torso  
(It will take a few bullets). You can kill him with Uzi too. After you kill 
him, quickly equip your knife and step back a little, and wait until another
enemy comes out. Stap his neck and he will die in one stap. Then, take those
AK47 from their bodies. Exit this room through another door. You'll see a   
door on the left. Enter it and use either computer to turn off the security 
cameras for 2 minutes.                                                      
     Quickly run outside and go left to the water tower. Climb the ladder.  
Becareful, there's enemy here. After you are on top of this water tower,    
equip your knife and stap his neck and take the Dragunov. I love this gun.  
It's a sniper. Use your Binochular to see the enemies. Then, push your      
alternate fire to get it in snipe mode. Kill all the enemies here. There are
5 enemies here (1 on watch tower, 1 in a post, 3 at the left area). Then,   
look up until you get another sign at the bottom of your monitor, then push 
your use bouton to slide down the wire to the watch tower. Take AK47 there. 
     Slide down the ladder by pushing the use button once again when you go 
down the ladder. NOTE : If your time limit for the camera is still 1 minute,
you can follow the way to the left. In the other hand, go back to turn off  
the security camera. Go left, follow the path to the left. You don't have to
enter the warehouse. Follow it until you see a fence. Climb it. Then, if the
security camera is on again, destroy the camera at the top right. Then,     
equip the Dragunov again. Wait until you see a guy again across, kill him.  
Now, take the AK47 from him. Go right a little, you'll see a camera on the  
right. Ignore it by walking through the left side of this place. Push the   
button beside the gate to open the gate. Then, go to the truck (It's in the 
garage, at the left). Then, your first mission is completed.                
II.2 SAM Base                                                               
     Small missile defence base                                             
     Objectives : 1. Locate and retreive the C4 charges from the warehouse  
                  2. Place 1 charge on each of the SAM launchers            
                  3. Proceed to the extraction point                        
     Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3                            
     Equip your knive or Mp5 SD3. Go to the right. You'll see a man walking 
alone beside the warehouse. Go there in crouch position, then shoot him. Go 
back at the corner of the warehouse. Go on up a little, there's a guy at    
your left. Kill him. Take AK47 from him. Go straight up pass the left house,
then go left a little. If you don't see the enemy, look your map. There must
be an enemy there. Kill him. Take the AK47, then press alternate fire when  
you equip Mp5 SD3 to zoom in a little. There are 2 enemies near the SAM.    
Kill them (If you see only one, wait until you can see him). Now enter the  
house that I told you to ignore just now. Take M16 A2 and some bullets.     
Exit this house. Enter the warehouse in front of this house (It has         
"Explosiva" text). Take the C4, grenades, flashbang and proximitymine. Ok,  
You've completed objective 1.                                               
     Exit this warehouse. Go to the place where you kill the first enemy.   
You can see an enemy patrols. Kill him with your new weapon (M16 A2). Then, 
go right, you'll see an enemy standing at the post. He has Minimi. So, use  
the alternate fire to him. You can see a SAM from here. There are 2 enemies 
patrol (you can only see 1, because the other one is standing behind). Kill 
them. Ok, now you can place the C4 on each SAM (You've found 2 SAM). Now,   
there are 2 ways to get to the third SAM.                                   
1. Go through the guardian                                                  
2. Turning from the right (go far to the right, then get yourself to it. If 
   you are get lost, look your map)                                         
I suggest you to choose the second option (It's for your safety). Place it  
to the third SAM. Ok, your objective 2 is complete.                         
     Go to the helipad at the right, and it's over!                         
II.3 Military Airbase                                                       
     Rescue Josef from the airbase                                          
     Objectives : 1. Locate and rescue Josef Priboi from inside the security
                  2. Escort Josef Priboi to the extraction point            
                  1. Find Josef Priboi's new location by checking the flight
                     logs in the control tower                              
                  2. Escape by stealing one of the fighter jets             
     Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3                            
     Introduction : This mission is difficult if this is the first time you 
                    play 1st person shooter and you don't know the enemy    
                    position and the strategy to win this mission. So, you  
                    can play for a couple times to win.                     
     Equip your Mp5 SD3. Go on straight to a building. Kill the first guy   
with your gun (Press Alternate Fire to zoom in a little). Take the AK47 from
him. If you want to take more bullets for AK47, you can enter that building 
and kill the guy at 2nd floor. Then, see the boxes behind the fences. Go to 
it's direction. Then, you can see enemy base from here. Go down a little,   
you'll see three trees in this position :                                   
    ____________       o                                                    
   |                       o       = tree                                   
   |       o               | and _ = wall   NB : Becareful for the big hole 
___|*                      *       = your position                          
Go to * and go a little left to see another enemy. Shoot him with your      
Mp5 SD3 to kill him without detected with your next enemy. Then, sneak up   
or crouch to the left. You'll see a guy standing in loneliness. Kill him.   
Continue your way to the gate. Don't enter it. You'll see a guy in a post   
and another guy beside the truck. Shoot the guy in the post first (point his
head). If you kill it in this way, the other guy won't hear it. Then, walk  
in the base, shoot his head. Otherwise, shoot his body for a few shoots.    
After collecting AK47, you'll see a big garage. It's close. Go to the left  
wall to open the garage. Enter it in crouch position. Go to the front wheel 
of the first truck, equip your AK47 (It must be in full bullet). Stand up to
see where the enemies are, then back to crouch until they don't shoot you.  
When they reload their guns, it's your turn to shoot. Kill them. Open the   
door, climb the ladder. Open your Map Computer. Zoom in once, you can see   
where the enemies are. If you use your AK47, there must be another enemy    
standing behind the next door. Open the door and kill him (use your Mp5 SD3)
then, look your map again. Another enemy patrols on top of the water tower. 
Kill him with MP5 SD3. Then, go left a little, use your Binochular. You'll  
see 2 enemies again. 1 on the ground, another one on the balcony (this one  
is sniper). Walk until the distance is about 70-80 meters, then kill him.   
If the enemy on the ground is dissapear, you can wait him or climb up the   
ladder (I suggest you to wait). Climb up the ladder, take the Dragunov.     
First, destroy the camera (1st objective building). Then, kill the rest of  
the enemies. There are 6 enemies (Don't shoot the guy between the watch     
tower and the warehouse). Slide down the ladder. Continue your way,         
then look your map. There must be another guy patrols near the guy on the   
ground just now. You can snipe him or kill him with Mp5 SD3 to kill him     
without any sound. Then, walk a little to the left to see another sniper on 
the balcony (It's at the right). Kill him with sniper, in order to kill him 
in one shoot, because this one is a sniper too. Then, run to the building   
and take those weapons (the entrance at behind). Then, continue your way    
to the first objective building. Enter it. Beware! There are 3 generals     
(it looks like a normal soldier, but he use a red hat) in the house, so     
enter the house, equip AK47, then kill them (they have ShotGun, and Uzi).   
Then, there are 2 enemies come out from the objective house. Kill them.     
Now enter the objective house. Ignore the first door. Enter another room.   
Enter the left room. Descend the stairs and prepare for a fight. Equip your 
AK47. Open the door. If you're unlucky, he is in front of you. Kill him.    
Then, ignore those jail and enter the medical room. Take Medipack. Pass the 
last jail and you'll have contact with Anya. Now exit this base through the 
same way.                                                                   
     After you reach the front gate, equip your Dragunov (it must be have   
20 bullets). Then, use your binochullar to see the enemies cross the border.
Shoot them. Then, the alarm will turn on if you kill them all, but that's   
all right if you have plenty ammo and have a good skill to play this game.  
Then, after you kill all the enemies, after the alarm on, go to the post to 
open the gate. Equip your AK47 or Spas12 (ShotGun). Then, open the door.    
There's a guy guarding the house. Go on the way until you reach a room with 
1 window. Crouch, then go to the window. The enemy outside will see you and 
shoot you. Then, when he reloads, kill him with your gun. Exit this house   
and go to the tower, use the elevator. Beware! There's enemy waits you.     
When the elevator opens, he will starting to shoot. Kill him. Exit the      
elevator, but don't go upstairs. Someone will go down and kill him. Ascend  
the stairs and use the computer.                                            
     Exit this base and go to the jet's place (there must be 2 jets, use    
the right one). Your 3rd mission is complete.                               
II.4 GOD                                                                    
     Defend the friendly troops                                             
     Objective : 1. Secure the village and climb the water tower ready to   
                    cover the friendly troops                               
                 2. Provide cover for the friendly troops until Josef has   
     Weapons you have : Knife, Mp5 SD3, Dragunov, Hand Grenade              
     Introduction : This mission needs a fast game at the beginning. You    
                    must understand this strategy first before playing it.  
     Firstly, equip your Mp5 SD3. Run to the truck in crouch position. If   
you do this, you'll see four feets (2 enemies) behind the truck. Shoot the  
foot to make them come out. Take them out. Then, go to the head of the      
truck in crouch position. Stand up and you'll see a window covered by a tree
at the other side of the truck. There is an enemy there. Kill him (this one 
is rather tough to kill if you don't know the place of the window).         
Sometime the other enemies hear you, so kill those 2 enemies left. Ok, your 
objective 1 is complete, but you must do this as fast as you can.           
     Now, continue your way straight up, until you see a water tower. Climb 
the ladder up. Equip your Dragunov. Now, there are 2 enemies at the bottom  
left, 1 enemy at the bottom right, 1 enemy at the upper left, and 2 enemy at
the upper right. Kill them all. After the troops landing, 2 enemies are     
appear from the warehouse at the bottom left (they appear one by one). After
you kill them, look at the bottom right. There must be 2 enemies appear from
the warehouse. Kill them. Then, 3 enemies are coming out from the office at 
the upper right. Kill them. Now move your pointer at the upper left. There  
is 1 enemy on the balcony. After you kill him, about 3-4 enemies will come  
out from the house. Kill them. Then, when you see that Anya warn you that   
there are enemies sneaking up and shooting you, go back until they can't see
you and wait until you win. If you want to try to kill them (there are 2    
enemies), equip your Hand Grenade and pull the ring (hold your fire button) 
until 4-5 seconds, then throw it to them. It'll kill them instantly.        
Ok then, you win this mission.                                              
II.5 Radar Base                                                             
     Disrupt Jach's communications network                                  
     Objectives : 1. Locate the radar dome keycard                          
                  2. Insert the virus into the radar dome terminal          
                  3. Secure the extraction zone                             
     Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, M16 A2                             
     Introduction : This mission is rather hard for the first time. I think 
                    you'll die for a couple times.                          
    Equip your Glock 17. Continue down, and you'll see a guard standing.    
Shoot his head and quickly strafe right and go behind the post. Equip your  
MK47 and wait at the left side of this post to kill him or stand up and     
shoot him. Then, go to the right and shoot the camera above. Equip your     
M16 A2. When you see an enemy open the gate, kill him (he will stand for    
a few seconds). Now, run along the wall of the building to the right (if you
do this, the enemies don't see you). Enter the building and push the button 
for the elevator. Equip your MK47 and push another button. Beware! there are
2 enemies standing after you exit this elevator. When the elevator stops and
the door is open, there is a guy standing at the right. Then, exit this     
elevator to kill another enemy at the left side. Enter the rooms to get     
Dessert Eagle and Medipack. Go to the elevator and push the button. There is
an enemy patrols. So, wait until you see him or search him. After you kill  
him, go to the left (outside) to kill another enemy. Equip your M16 A2. Use 
your Binochular to see the enemies. Focus on a guy at the watch tower. Kill 
him using your M16 A2. Equip your AK47 again. Go back down through the      
elevator (if you know this place well, you can jump from here, by jumping   
on the hedge, then walk down. This will take your health a little). You can 
turn off the camera in the post just now. Go enter the other area.          
Becareful, the enemy sometimes standing in front of the door to the         
generator. If you see him, don't shoot him, because there's a camera behind 
him (But if you turned off the camera just now, it won't be a problem).     
So, destroy the camera and kill him (if you don't see him, go search him. He
is patroling this generator room). Then, follow your way to the next gate   
(in front of the previous gate). There must be 2 enemies here. But, there is
another enemy patroling the right warehouse. Kill him too. Enter the        
warehouse, take Proximityminne, Minimi , Hand Grenade and Flash Bang (This  
one is to blind the enemy for a while). Exit this warehouse. If you turn off
the camera, you can't see this camera, so it's hard to aim. Destroy the     
camera from here with your AK47 or destroy it later. Enter the house. Enter 
another room and kill the enemy. You can see another enemy outside. He is   
patroling. Continue to the next room. When you enter another room, there's  
an enemy. Kill him. Then, open the door. If you don't destroy the camera    
just now, you don't have to worry, because the camera is on the right wall. 
Destroy it before it finds you. Enter the house. Enter another room and     
prepare yourself for another fight. Equip your Hand Grenade. When you open  
the door, throw your grenade and run back until you are outside and equip   
AK47. Then go back there again and kill the rest. Take the radar dome       
keycard on the left computer table. Ok, your first objective is complete.   
    Exit this house and take your way back at the first gate. Then, you can 
see the third gate at the left. Open it and follow your way until you are   
outside of this base. Kill those 2 enemies and enter the dome. Use the radar
dome keycard at the computer at the second floor (after you climb up the    
ladder, go left). Objective 2 is complete.                                  
    Exit this dome and look your map. You can see your third objective. Go  
there. There are 2 enemies you must kill for the first time. 1 guy is stand 
still, you can kill him easily. The second one is patrolling the houses.    
Wait there and kill him. There are 3 enemies next. 1 at the roof, 1 at the  
second floor, 1 at the ground. Kill them (at the ground and the second      
floor) by using M16 A2's explosive. Kill the last one with your M16 A2 or   
AK47. Then, go to the helipad and wait the helicopter for landing and       
go there. Your mission is complete.                                         
II.6 Get Priboi                                                             
     Kidnap Jach from his base                                              
     Objectives : 1. Obtain explosives from main warehouse                  
                  2. Shutdown generator to disarm electric fence            
                  3. Set charges on fuel dump to make priboi flee the softey
                     of his warehouse                                       
                  4. Search all filling cabinets for eneriminating evidence 
     Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3                            
     First, equip your Mp5 SD3. Strafe left a little and go on straight.    
After you reach the grey land, turn right and go to the camera. Shoot it.   
Then quickly go to the window and kill those two men. Then, enter the room. 
When you open the door, you'll see another guy standing in front of the next
door. Kill him. Enter another room and take the guns from the cropses and   
LAW 80. Open the next door and quickly strafe to the left. When you see the 
guy standing in front of the wall, shoot his head with Mp5 SD3. Another guy 
enter the room. Shoot him. Exit this house and destroy the camera on the    
left wall. Then, turn your view 180 degrees from here to see many green     
boxes. Wait here until you see another enemy comes from the left box. Kill  
him. Continue your way straight.                                            
NOTE : If you turn on the alarm, you'll see a TANK comes from it's hangar.  
       you can destroy it with your LAW 80.                                 
Follow your way straight until you see a camera. Ignore it for now and go   
to the left. There must be a guy patrols here. Kill him. Beware, he will    
turn on the alarm if you don't kill him quickly. Then, take the LAW 80 at   
the farthest box. Now, destroy the camera that I told you to ignore it      
just now, when you hear a gun sound. If you don't do it, those enemies will 
notice you. Also, after you open this door, there must be an enemy. If you  
kill him with a gun, another men inside will hear you. So, you can kill him 
with your knife or with your Mp5 SD3. Take the Medipack inside. Open the    
door and quickly go straight to get cover from their shot. Then, equip your 
Mp5 SD3. Press alternate fire to zoom in and kill them. Here are their      
position :                                                                  
           4                    1,2,3,4,5 = Enemies position                
         3                      G         = Machine Gun                     
     G 2           BBBBBBB      BBBBBB    = Box                             
     G 1         5 BBBBBBB      *         = Your position to get a cover    
           BBBBBBB BBBBBBB                                                  
           BBBBBBB BBBBBBB                                                  
Then, after you kill them, take all items here : C4, ShotGun ammo, some guns
from the dead bodies, proximitymine and other stuff from the truck. Ok, your
first objective is complete.                                                
     Exit this area. Don't forget to turn off the camera from the computer. 
Look your left. There is a house there. Place your proximitymine there.     
Look your map to see where is your objective 2 place. Go there and wait     
until he stands and see the wrong direction. Kill him with your Dragunov to 
kill him without a sound. Open the gate, destroy the camera with AK47. Enter
the generator room, climb down the ladder and push the computer button to   
shut down the electric fence. Objective 3 complete.                         
     Exit this generator room and go to the right place from this area. You 
see an electric tower and a wire. Climb up the ladder, equip your Jackhammer
then slide down the wire.                                                   
NOTE : When I play this game until this moment, there are 3 men exit from   
       the house. So, they'll shoot you. You'll take a little damage. Don't 
       worry. Otherwise, they'll die with your Proximitymine.               
After you arrive at another electric tower, quickly turn right and kill     
the guy before he shoots you. Take the Uzi and slide down the ladder. Don't 
slide the cable again. Equip your Dragunov and kill those 2 enemies you find
at the next area. Slide down the ladder. Turn right and equip your Uzi, then
enter the house. Kill those 2 enemies behind the wall. Exit this house. Go  
to the fence. You'll see 2 cameras there. Go to the right side of those     
cameras, climb up the fence. You can see 2 tubes. Go there and set the bombs
there, then quickly climb up the fence again and run as far as you can.     
When the bombs explode, your 3rd objective is complete.                     
     Then, you'll see a limmo goes out. Enter the area where that car comes 
out (It's at the left side). Then, there are 2 doors. Go to the door. Equip 
your JackHammer. When you open the door, kill the first enemy. Go behind the
box. There's enemy at the second floor. Strafe left a little and shoot him. 
There's another enemy on the ground. Strafe left and shoot him. Go to the   
second floor to check those 3 lockers. Go back down, open the door. There's 
an enemy at the left. Kill him. There are 2 doors on the right. Open the    
left door. When you open the left door, there's enemy standing in front of  
you. Kill him and check those 2 lockers. Your final objective is complete   
and your mission end.                                                       
II.7 Border Crossing                                                        
     Get Jones across the border                                            
     Objective : 1. Infiltrate border crossing                              
                 2. Alarm musn't be raised when you get into truck          
     Weapon you have : Knife                                                
     Introduction : There are many mines here. Don't walk at the snow place 
                    where there's a sign of mine.                           
     Run forward. Kill the guy, take the Dragunov. Go to the left, jump over
the wall. Use your binochular and see to the right (the base). There must be
about 6 enemies. The 2 enemies on the ground at the leftest base is         
patrolling. Becareful, there is a tank behind you. So, if you jump over the 
wall, the tank won't see you. Now collect those 3 guns from the left enemies
and go to the building in front of them. When you open the door, there's an 
enemy runs out. Kill him with your AK47. Take the Spas12. If you want to    
take the Hand Grenade, you must go to the warehouse behind this building.   
There is an enemy there. Take the Spas12 from him. Go back to the building  
and take Dessert Eagle and Dragunov at the second floor. Exit and go to     
the Medical House. Take Medipack there. If you want another bullets for     
Dragunov, enter the farthest house and take it at the second floor. Go back 
to the street and follow your way up. Equip your Dragunov. When you see 2   
enemies (look them with your binochular), kill them with your Dragunov. Take
their guns, then run forward until you see a big hole. Hide there. When the 
helicopter passes you, turn right and run forward until you see another area
for this mission. Kill those enemies (there must be 7 enemies you can kill. 
You'll see only 6 enemies with your binochular. Another enemy is in the     
house and you can kill him by shooting his hand or later from the street).  
Becareful, there's a guy standing behind the house. Kill him with your Uzi. 
After you take those guns, go follow the streets again until you see a      
Medical House again. Equip your Spas12, kill the man inside. Take Medipack  
and LAW 80. Exit and follow the street again. Becareful of mine here. When  
Anya warn you with the Hind, kill those enemies. Then, go to the left       
(a collapse house) in crouch position. Then, kill the man on the second     
floor, and destroy the camera. Then, kill another man patrols on the ground.
Go to the right a little, you'll see a camera and 2 enemies. Destroy the    
camera first, then kill those men. O yeah, just want to make certain that   
this guide is made by Kenny Gunawan. If it isn't my name, please tell me ok?
Ok, back to the guide. Go to the gate and open it. Now go to the truck and  
your mission is complete. Becareful, if the alarm on, you must turn it off, 
then go to the truck.                                                       
II.8 Re-Supply                                                              
     Get Jones' equipment back                                              
     Objectives : 1. Escape from infantry base                              
                  2. Infiltrate tank maintenance yard and gain access to    
                     ammo storage building                                  
                  3. Obtain map computer and homing beacon                  
                  4. Fix and set homing beacon on SAM launcher for airstrike
                  5. Infiltrate listening post and radar                    
                  6. Proceed to the extraction point                        
     Weapons you have : Knife, Dessert Eagle, Dragunov, Hand Grenade        
     Equip your Dragunov, exit the truck and quickly take cover to the left.
You can see a camera and a guard patrols. Destroy the camera first, then    
kill the guard. Run to the right by taking cover with the garage until the  
sniper can't shoot you. Then, kill him. There are 2 cameras at the left. The
left one is moving and another one is stand still. When the moving one is   
moving to the left, destroy the other one and then quickly destroy the      
moving one. Push the button to open the gate, take AK47 from the dead body, 
open the second house door and throw your Hand Grenade. Run back. Take those
guns from them. Enter the second warehouse to take many Hand Grenades. Exit 
through the gate, destroy the only camera, use your binochular to see       
another enemy on the watch tower. Kill him with your Dragunov. Go right a   
little, you can see a guy standing in the house. Kill him with Dragunov.    
NOTE : You can complete the 1st objective by jumping the boxes at the left, 
       but you don't get Spas12 inside the building. Use this short trick   
       if you already known the place of the enemies later, so your gun's   
       bullets don't deplete. If you choose the short way, skip the * below.
**** Unlock the gate. Enter it and run along the wall to the right. Destroy 
     the camera above you, then wait until another enemy comes from the     
     house. Then, jump over the small wall, enter the house, take Spas12.   
     Push the elevator button. If you need more Spas12 ammo, you can get    
     if from the right room by killing another enemy. Go to the second floor
     and kill the enemy outside with your Spas12. Exit this elevator, there 
     is another enemy at the left. Go outside, there's an enemy there. Take 
     those Spas12, push the button for the gate, open the left door and kill
     the enemy. Go back to the elevator, push the button again to go to the 
     basement. Kill the enemy in the left room. Exit this house and go      
     exit from this infantry base ****                                      
Ok, your first objective is complete.                                       
     After you are out of the base, turn right and go straight (Go to the   
watch tower direction). Climb up the ladder to take another Dragunov at     
watch tower. Slide down the ladder. When you're on the ground, you'll face  
to the base. Go to this direction. You'll see another ladder. Climb up that 
ladder. Jump to the barrel first then jump to the roof. Go to the right,    
drop yourself on the top of the box. Ignore the enemy on the tower, just    
go to the right. There's an enemy there. Equip your AK47, kill him before   
he turns on the alarm. Open the door by lockpicking it. Beware! There's a   
camera and an enemy at the left. First, destroy the camera and then the guy.
If the alarm raised up, 2 tanks will comes from their hangar. Don't worry,  
you'll get 2 LAW80 later. Slide down the ladder. There are 2 enemies behind 
the door. Open it and kill them all. Ok, your 2nd objective complete.       
     Now look your right. You'll see 2 chambers. 1 on the left and another  
one on the right. Take 2 LAW80 and homing beacon from the right chamber.    
Take the Map Computer from the left chamber. Your 3rd objective complete.   
     Exit this building. You'll see an empty tank on the left, and an enemy 
patrols there. Kill that guy. Open your map and zoom it once. You'll see    
"Bunker" text in front of you. Go there and you'll see a man standing there.
Equip your Hand Grenade. Push and hold your fire button for a few seconds   
(about 2 seconds) and throw it to the bunker. Then, run as fast as you can. 
Go to the watch tower direction. Go up a little, then to the right. You'll  
see another watch tower. You can see it from the other watch tower too      
(For the first time you kill a sniper). Kill him with your Dragunov. Look   
your Map Computer, you'll see "4" mark. Go there and set the boming beacon. 
Run to the right after a few seconds, look at that SAM again. You'll see    
that the airstrike is destroying that SAM. Your 4th objective is complete.  
     Go to the highest place at the right area. You'll see a dome and a     
house beside it. There are 2 enemies there. Kill them with your Dragunov    
or you can enter that place to kill them. Enter the dome and push the button
to finish the 5th objective.                                                
     Go out from that dome, jump over the boxes and the wall. Go to the     
helicopter and you've completed your mission.                               
II.9 Missile Trainyard                                                      
     Get on the train                                                       
     Objectives : 1. Enter the base and disarm security system              
                  2. Enter high security compound and board train           
                  3. Eliminate all resistance                               
     Weapons you have : Knife, M16 A2, Hand Grenade, FlashBang, Medipack    
     Introduction : This mission is rather tough. Your good shot is needed  
                    here and the place of the alarm button. If the alarm    
                    raised from 30 seconds, the game will over or mission   
     Equip your M16 A2. Slide down the ladder and go to the right. You'll   
see a guy standing at the watch tower. After it's close enough, use your    
explosive from M16 A2 (Alternate Fire). Go to the bridge and when you see   
another enemy at the watch tower, kill him with your M16 A2 gun. Don't let  
him shoot you, because his friend will hear it and raised the alarm. Go on  
a little, there's a man patrols. If you don't see him, wait until he is in  
front of you. Kill him with M16 A2 explosive (Alternate Fire). Use your     
Binochular. There's a man standing on a tower (I don't know the exact name).
Point your binochular at his head and kill him with M16 A2 for a few shoots.
Go on down, go to the left pass the post. Go up the place like a bridge     
beside the post, destroy the barrels beside the enemy. Kill those 2 enemies.
Go on up straight ahead until you reach a machine gun and a truck. There's  
an enemy behind the truck. Kill him. Use your Machine Gun to kill all       
enemies on the ground (About 3 enemies). Use your Binochular. There must be 
another enemy patrols at the train. Kill him too with this machine gun. If  
you can't kill him, there will be no problem, you can kill him with Dragunov
after you get it. Exit this post and climb up the ladder beside the place   
like a bridge (You killed this man from the bridge just now). Take the      
Dragunov. Slide down the ladder and use your Map. You'll see "1" mark. Enter
that house. This time, you need a quick reaction before they raised the     
alarm on. Open the next door, kill the enemy in front of the next door      
quickly. If not, he will raise the alarm. Open the next door, kill those    
2 enemies there. Go back to the previous room. There's 1 enemy again. Kill  
him fast and go back to the previous area where you killed 2 enemies just   
now. Sometimes, he will enter this room to raise the alarm, but sometimes   
he is standing in the next room. Kill him. Use the computer and your 1st    
objective complete.                                                         
     Exit from this house and head to the west (Left of the map). Equip your
Dragunov and kill all your enemies you find on your way. Don't destroy the  
camera. Wait here until the train has passed you and quickly follow it until
it has stopped. Enter the head of this train, kill the enemy with your      
Spas12, then meet Priboi. Ok, you've completed this mission. I don't know   
what to do with objective 3. I think it's nothing.                          
II.10 Defend Priboi                                                         
      Take Jach to the FRN                                                  
      Objectives : 1. Obtain Proximity Mines from storage depot             
                   2. To proceed to highest building in abandoned village   
                      and wait evacuation                                   
      Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, M16 A2                            
      Introduction : You need to practice with this strategy.               
      Equip your Glock 17. Turn left and head to the base. You'll see a man 
running. Kill him with your Glock 17 in running position if you can or wait 
until he is out of the base and let Priboi kills him. Go in front of the    
warehouse to kill another man. Take the Uzi. Equip it and turn left to kill 
those 2 enemies. Equip your Binochular to see where are the barrels. It's   
near the enemy on a place like bridge. Shoot the barrels to kill him, and   
quickly shoot another enemy near him. You'll see a garage. There's an enemy 
inside. Kill him quick before he kills Priboi. Now follow Priboi until he   
tells you to check those warehouse. Equip Glock 17. Open the right warehouse
and kill the enemy inside. Take all Proximity Mines. Objective 1 complete.  
      Exit this warehouse. Look your right, there's a house there. Equip the
knife, then go there. Open the first door, there's nothing there. When you  
open the next door, there's a man standing there and immediately he realize 
you. So, kill him quickly (If he realize you, another man in the next room  
go to this room and try to kill you). Enter the next room and kill another  
man. Continue to the next room and kill the man. Exit this house, you'll see
a post in front of you. Go there and push the button. The gate will be open.
Exit this area, go straight until you see houses at the left. Go there. You 
will see many houses at the left. Go to the highest building at left (don't 
enter it). Then, use your proximity mine beside this house (on the previous 
house's wall) twice. Then, go to where Priboi is and equip your M16 A2.     
There must be a truck coming to you. Wait until the enemies come from behind
the truck then kill them with your explosive. Quickly turn back and go      
straight to the highest building direction. There's another truck and use   
explosive once more (If you are late, the enemies will enter the house      
beside the truck. So you must enter the house and kill them).               
Ok, there are 2 option to win this mission from this moment. I prefer the   
second option.                                                              
1) Go to where Priboi is (Second objective building). Go to the 3rd floor to
   take LAW 80. After you find about 3 enemies, Anya will contact you. So,  
   use your proximity mine on the stairs to make the condition a little     
   safety. Then, exit this building. Equip your M16 A2 and kill all enemies 
   you see (It's about 10-15 enemies). Then, equip your LAW 80 to shoot the 
   tank behind the second objective building. Then, wait until the          
   helicopter landing on the second objective building roof, go to the roof 
   and go to the copter to put an end to this mission.                      
2) Go to the second objective building. Don't ENTER it. You'll see a broken 
   house beside it. Go there and place 2 proximity mines there. Go to the   
   entrance of the second objective building, then go back to the street.   
   Equip your AK47, kill those 3 enemies. Wait there. Anya will contacts you
   and the enemies appear. Kill them. Then, look your right and look the    
   enemies again (The same place). Kill them. Then, quickly enter the second
   objective building, go to the third floor to take 2 LAW80 (You'll hear   
   that the proximity mines are explode). Equip your LAW 80, go back outside
   then turn left. You'll see a tank there. Shoot it. Wait until the        
   helicopter landing on the roof. Go to the roof to put an end to this     
|                                              ========                    |
|                                              ========                    |
|                                              ========                    |
|       _________       __________   __________   __________   __________  |
|      |         |     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |         |     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |_______ _|     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |         |                | |          | |        P | |          | |
|      |_ _ _ _ _|     |*____*_  *| |_  _______| |_  _______| |_  _______| |
|              Y3                                         Y1               |
|                                                                          |
|                                                         ++++++           |
|                                                         ++++++           |
|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |
|  ++                                                                      |
|  ++   _________       _______  _   _______  _   _______  _   _______  _  |
|  ++  |         |     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|    Y2|         |    *|          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |         |     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |         |     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |_________|    *|__________| |__________| |__________| |__________| |
|                                                                          |
History : * = Proximity mines place         Y1 = Your place after put       
          ++++++     ++                          2 proximity mines          
          ++++++  or ++  = Truck            Y2 = Your place after you       
                     ++                          kill those enemies who come
          ========                               from the truck             
          ========  = Tank                  Y3 = Your place after you put   
          ========                               those 3 proximity mines and
                                                 kill enemies from there    
                                                 (Option 2)                 
II.11 Eagle's Nest I                                                        
      The Approach to Ekk's fortress                                        
      Objectives : 1. Locate and retrieve the sniper rifle                  
                   2. Power up the cable car by switching the generator     
                      back on                                               
                   3. Activate the cable car controls                       
      Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3, Hand Grenade             
      Introduction : Those objectives are at different places or bases. So  
                     you need to practice this mission with the strategy.   
      Equip your Mp5 SD3. Go on forward until you see a man patrols at the  
top of water tower (You will see 2 bases or 3 bases if you see through).    
Kill him. You will see another man walking near the water tower on the      
ground. Equip your knife, approach him and kill him in 1 stap. Equip your   
Mp5 SD3 again. Go on straight, you will see a man stands behind the wall.   
Kill him. Go on around the building, you will see a ladder. You will see a  
man patrols. Kill him. Go left a little, you will see a hole at the wall.   
There's a man inside. Kill him. Take Spas12, Hand Grenades, and some ammo   
for Spas12. Go outside (from the same entrnce). Equip your Hand Grenade.    
Push your fire button and hold. Aim to the second floor, then release after 
a few seconds. After it explodes, go up the ladder. If the enemy isn't dead 
yet, go down and use the grenade again. After you are at the second floor,  
kill those 2 enemies left (sometimes 1 enemy left). Go to the roof by       
jumping the boxes. Take the sniper rifle. Objective 1 complete.             
      Go back to the ground. Go to the second base (You can see it from the 
mp or from the roof after take the sniper rifle. When you can see the whole 
base, here are the orders :                                                 
1. Kill the man at the upper left corner watch tower                        
2. Kill the patrol man (Not at the center of the base) after he is standing 
   in front of a building                                                   
3. Destroy the camera                                                       
4. Kill the man standing in a post near the camera                          
5. Kill the man on the watch tower beside number 1                          
6. Kill the man on the watch tower beside number 5                          
7. Kill the man on the watch tower near number 6 (There are 2 watch towers. 
   Kill the left one)                                                       
8. Equip your Mp5 SD3, kill the man on the nearest watch tower              
Ok, after you done it all, you can enter the base clearly. Go to the post   
to take the ammo. Before you enter the base, if the enemy patrols near you, 
kill him with sniper. Enter the bunker in front of this post. Use the       
computer to shut down the cameras for 2 minutes. Then, enter the garage to  
take some Hand Grenades and M16 A2 + some ammo. Go follow the way until you 
are outside again. Use your Binochular. Sometimes, the enemy is near. He    
patrols the generator house. Kill him. Before the camera going back on line,
destroy them (2 cameras). 1 on the house's wall, another on the bunker's    
wall near the fence. Go to the fence. BECAREFUL!! If you just cross it, the 
generals in the house will recognize you. So, walk around and go to the     
camera near the fence. Push the button. Equip the Hand Grenade. Open the    
door, throw the Hand Grenade. Run a little back. After it explode, take     
2 Uzi, and Spas12. Go to the generator room. Slide down the ladder and push 
the button. Objective 2 complete.                                           
      Exit the generator room, exit the base. Go to the third base. This    
objective is rather difficult. You should try it for a couple times may be. 
Use your Dragunov if there's ammo or Mp5 SD3. You can see a man patrols at  
the left. Kill him. If you don't see enemy near the man in a post, kill the 
man in the post. Equip M16 A2. Use your alternate fire to the back of the   
house. There are generals there. Take those guns. Equip Spas12 or M16 A2.   
Go to the post, open the gate. BECAREFUL!! Don't push the wrong button.     
Enter the base, you must destroy the camera first, then kill those 3 men    
left. Go to the cable car generator, activate it, then enter the cable car. 
Ok, you've completed this mission.                                          
II.12 Eagle's Nest II                                                       
      Ekk's hilltop fortress                                                
      Objective : 1. Locate the bomb and disable it. Find Ekk and kill her. 
      Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3, Dragunov                 
      Introduction : Since this mission and so on, the missions are very    
                     HARD at HARD difficulty but at NORMAL or EASY          
                     difficulty isn't that hard. So, the only clue I can    
                     give you who play HARD mission is to know the strategy 
                     first before go                                        
      NB : From this mission, you need two shots for Dragunov. So, aim the  
           head to kill them in 1 shot.                                     
      Equip the Mp5 SD3. Exit this cable car, ascend the stairs. You'll see 
two pillars to the right. Go in front of the first pillar (don't go too far 
or the enemies will see you). Press alternate fire, kill those 2 enemies.   
Reload your gun and take both AK47. If it's on HARD mode, when you pass the 
right entrance, another enemy will shoot you (Don't worry, you won't be     
hit). Next, if this is HARD mode, you should go back a little (be a little  
far from the entrance). Then, equip your AK47. Press strafe (If you are at  
the left side from the entrance, press right strafe and the opposite) then  
jump and shoot. Keep this strategy until he dies. If it's NORMAL mode,      
there's no problem for you. Just look the enemy and shoot. Then, open the   
left door after take another AK47. Run a little far then shoot to any place 
to make the enemy stop walking on. If it's NORMAL mode, just kill him. Then 
after the enemy stops, just pass the left path.                             
NOTE : There's Mp5 SD3 ammo at the left path. If you take it, there's       
       another enemy waiting for you there.                                 
After you find another door, prepare for a fight. Open the door and kill one
enemy at the right. Go right a little, you'll find another man. Kill him.   
Press the button, then take those AK47 and reload it. Press the button in   
the elevator, go to the right side of the elevator and duck. Don't go too   
close with the door. When the door open, there's a man standing at the left 
side of this room. Kill him. Look your map and zoom it once. You'll see that
the nearest enemy is standing still and looking to this room. Wait until he 
back to patrols again or fight him one on one (If you feel that you're a    
pro one). Equip your Dragunov. Go to the North wall from the elevator       
building. You must be see two enemies on the big wall. Kill them. Wait here 
until you see another enemy appears on the ground behind the wall (Use your 
Binochular to see him). Kill him with Dragunov too. Take the Minimi from    
him. Follow the way to the West. There's an entrance to the right. Go there.
Walk a little far, you'll see another enemy on the roof. Kill him with      
Dragunov. Walk a little far again, you'll see two enemies on the big wall.  
Kill them. Then, you'll see a hangar. Go behind it and you'll see many      
boxes. Jump on them then jump to the next area (Where you shoot the enemy   
on the roof). Look your map. Zoom it once and look to the West. There's     
enemy patroling on the big wall and another enemy patrols on the ground.    
Now, here's the trick : Wait until the man on the big wall is going to the  
North and the enemy on the ground is going to the North. Then, kill those   
men with Dragunov. If your ammo is depleted, use your AK7. You'll get       
another ammo later. Then, use your Binochular. You'll see an enemy standing 
in front of the house. Go near him and shoot his head. Go to the building   
near you (Not the building behind this man. The previous one). Take the     
Medipack in it. Go to the building behind the man, take the Dragunov ammo.  
Use your Binochular. You'll see another 2 enemies. One enemy patrols and    
another is standing. Kill both enemies on the big wall. Go to the fence.    
Use your Binochular. There's enemy patroling on the second floor of the     
building. Kill him with Dragunov. Go to the left. You'll see a button.      
Push the button to open the gate. Go right and you'll see another enemy     
on the right area. Kill him. Go left a little and you'll see another enemy. 
Kill him. Go left a little far, you'll see an enemy patrols. Kill him. Go   
up a little, you'll see two enemies on the big wall at your left. Kill them.
Ok, you've done a little far now. There's a building at your left. Go follow
this building until you see a fence and 2 rocks or something. You can jump  
on it twice, then jump to the next area. Go up a little, you'll find a door 
at your left. It's hard to see, but there's a door there. Equip AK47. Open  
the door and kill a man in front of you. Go down the ladder. There's a door.
in front of you. Go to the right side of the door and open it. Kill the man 
at the corner of that room. Then, there's another enemy waiting for you.    
Press strafe left. Go to the corner. You'll see where the next enemy is. Go 
kill him. Then, go on your way until you are outside again. Equip Dragunov. 
Go to the left wall. There are 2 watch tower at the right. You can see them 
with your Map. Go left a little until you can see the enemy. Usually, he can
see you. So, kill him quick. Go left a little, you'll see the next watch    
tower. Kill the enemy quick. Now go to the right side of the wall. You'll   
see an enemy stands there. Kill him. Go West a little, you'll see another   
enemy at your right. Kill him. Now, you can freely enter the elevator area. 
Push the button to open the elevator's door. Push the button in the         
elevator. Go to the left back corner of the elevator. There's an enemy in   
front of this elevator. Kill him. There's another enemy at the left. Kill   
him. Now, open the door. Sometimes, there's enemy here. Kill him if there   
is. You can see a door in front of you, right ? Go there. Open the door and 
there's a ladder at your right. Climb the ladder and open the door. Wait    
until the event end. You've done your HARD mission. Congratulation!!        
There's still 2 missions to go before you see the ending of this game.      
II.13 Nuclear Infiltration                                                  
      Infiltrate the nuclear base                                           
      Objective : 1. Secure deployment zone for Anya and friendly forces.   
      Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, M16 A2, Dragunov                  
      Introduction : This mission is hard at HARD difficulty.               
      Equip your Dragunov. Go left to the hill. Use Binochular to see the   
enemy on watch tower. Kill him. Look a little to the right. There's enemy   
patrols. Kill him too (In 1 shot if you can). Then, take the AK47 from the  
second man you kill. Then, enter the warehouse through the white door.      
Follow the way until you see an exit for this warehouse. You'll see an enemy
walking to the warehouse way. Kill him with AK47. Another man will hear and 
approaches you. Kill him too. Take both AK47. Do you see the warehouse on   
your right? Go there and take 3 explosives for M16 A2 and 3 Hand Grenades.  
Exit this warehouse and go on your way. Look your map. There's a man patrols
near you. Kill him. Then, equip your Hand Grenade. Open the door and throw  
the grenade then run back. Do the same thing at both house. Take those guns 
and ammo at the second house. Go on your way and kill those 2 man who block 
your way. Then, if you fast enough, the man who patrols on the ground is    
near and you can kill him easily with AK47. Do you see a man on the second  
floor? Kill him with Dragunov. Then, enter the house to take the Medipack   
on the table. Use it if you need it. Then, go to the building beside this   
building. Enter the elevator and push the button. Equip your AK47. After    
the door open, go up and turn left. Kill the enemy. Open the next door and  
immediately kill the man who runs to you. Follow to the next door. After    
open the door, quickly crouch and step back when you hear a gun sound.      
Then, they will open the door and you can kill those 2 enemies easily.      
                   I'll give you the rest on my next update, ok?            
                                    Be Patient!! ^_^                        
III. TIPS AND TRICKS                                                        
Here is the tips and tricks to who want to finish the game withough the     
walkthrough :                                                               
1. Reload your weapon often. But, remember one thing. Reload at a safety    
   place, because you'll get hit if you reload it when there's enemy around 
2. Try to shoot with strafe(left or right)+jump. It's very useful to save   
   your health, but it's very hard to do.                                   
3. If there's enemy behind a wall, try to crouch and press strafe (left or  
   right) very slowly. When you see his hand, kill him.                     
4. If you are out of ammo and must reload when there's enemy ahead, go to   
   the safe place. He will shoot you when you run. So, press jump and strafe
   (left or right) when go to the safe place.                               
5. Don't keep your ammo to many, because the ammo and gun will be different 
   in the next mission.                                                     
6. Each weapon has its speciality and useful in a mission.                  
7. Try to shoot enemy head or stap the head to kill him instantly.          
8. Beware to Spetnaz soldiers in HARD mode. I think they wear bulletproof   
   vest, so it's harder to kill (twice harder).                             
Yup, these are my tips and tricks for now. I will update it if there is more
tips and tricks from myself or anyone who E-mail me.                        
IV. IMPORTANT THING                                                         
Ok, this is the important thing :                                           
If you confuse with my walkthrough, feel free to ask me and I will answer it
although I can't answer it. Don't worry about it. But, if I don't answer    
your E-mail within two - three days, please forward your E-mail again.      
May be I don't read your E-mail or something. Don't worry about it anyway.  
V. SPECIAL THANKS                                                           
1. Thanks God for everything                                                
2. Thanks to Eidos for making such an exellent game                         
3. Thanks to my brother, Fleming, who help me for playing                   
   Project IGI: I'm Going In while I make this walkthrough                  
4. Thanks to CJayC for posting this walkthrough at www.gamefaqs.com         
5. Thanks to Al Amaloo for posting this walkthrough at                      
Tell me if there is an error or false grammar in this walkthrough, because  
I make this walkthrough is to increase my grammar English too I want you to 
tell me if you have a new game like this, please tell me and I will make the
walkthrough if I have a good mood that time. ^o^ tee hee.                   
Thanks for read my walkthrough.                                             
Your oppinion and suggestion is very useful for me.                         

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