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                       HQ II Walkthrough - brief

  So, we find ourselves in Shapeir. An oasis in the middle of the vast
  desert. We start in the Katta's Tail Inn, talking to Abdulla. Talk to
  him and he will tell you that you should explore the town. But to do
  this effectively you will need a map of the town layout. The Inn isn't
  the place to look for such a thing, so we decide to leave this place.

  When exiting the Inn, we enter a plaza, and in one corner there is a
  fellow trying to sell some junk, like ashtrays, t-shirts, maps.. Hey
  - did he say map? That's exactly what we need now! But when talking the
  man we soon find out that the money from spielburg isn't accepted here!

  Fortunately, there is a moneychanger in this town, and if you follow
  the instructions Ali Chicha gives you, you will eventually find her.
  After exchanging your money for Shapeir money, return to the stand of
  Ali Chicha. Buy the map and compass from him.

  Now we have taken the first step to exploring the town. During the
  following 12 or so days, all we'll have to do is to defeat several
  elementals attacking the town. But there are other fun things to do,
  as well. 

  The Magic-User will want to become a member of the WIT. To become a such,
  You will first have to find where it's located. There are two magicians
  in this town that you can ask, Keapon Laffin and Aziza. However, none 
  of those will tell you much. Perhaps give a pointer. To find WIT, you
  will have to use the spell Detect magic to locate a certain cul-de-sac.
  When you think you have found the right spot, cast an Open spell to
  enter WIT.

  Once inside WIT you will be asked why you seek admittance (answer some-
  thing like magic), and will be asked to choose a mentor. You can see
  pictures of different persons, among them Aziza. But she says she don't
  know you well enough. Hmm.. Who is it on that painting? Remember ol' 
  Erasmus? Well, he seems to remember you, and despite much moaning from
  other Wizards, he can be chosen your mentor. Then, all you have to do
  is to pass those tests...

  The first test is in a dark room, where you will have to use detect
  magic, fetch and trigger to perform what Erasmus ask you to do. Then
  it's on to the path of Wizardry.

  First to block your way along this path is the element of air, in the
  form of a fan. Make the fan move towards you and then levitate to let 
  it pass under you. Thus, the first obstacle has been negated.

  Next to hinder you is the element of earth. He can be coped with by
  casting several calm spells after casting detect magic (or was it
  trigger?). Just climb over the elemental when he is calm.

  The third element is fire. To get past this one, extinguish the fire
  with a calm spell. (be sure to open the door with a fetch spell first)
  Then, after closing the door (another fetch spell), cast a force bolt
  at the upper half of the door. The door will allow you to cross the hole.

  The last hinder is the element of water. It will have to be melted with
  a flame dart, and then cracked with several well placed force bolts.

  Once you have finished this, you will be accepted as an initiate in WIT.
  You do not want to remain there, however, no matter what the other
  wizards say.

  The Thief should seek out the moneychanger for more than one reason.
  She just happens to be the local thieves' guild, and she will give
  you an assignment if you identify yourself as a thief. Just follow
  her directions, and remember to lift the rug. (if surprised, just hide
  in the closet - but be sure you've oiled the hinges first) As a reward
  for a well done assignment, she will then give you directions as to
  where more money can be found.

  The Fighter will later be given the opportunity to join the EOF (ask
  the adventurers' guild manager about this), but it will take some time
  before this happens. When it does, just follow the instructions you
  get (the letters left at the adventurers' guild) and simply break the
  chains when you're going to be 'executed'.

  The Town of Shapeir :

  In the town there are the following locations of interest.

  The saurus pen.

  Here you can buy your own riding saurus on day 2 or 3.

  The Katta's Tail Inn

  Retire here when it's time to sleep. Also, Omar the prophet will speak
  here on occasion.

  The Alchemist.

  Here you can buy pills and sell differentingredients. You can also buy
  the incense that will be needed do defeat the fire elemental later on.
  Ask Harik on fire, since this is his specialty. He will also be able
  to mix up some dispel potions for you.

  The Magic Shop.

  This shop is run by Keapon Laffin, a person attuned to the element of
  air. He can provide information on the element of air as well as spells
  and a magic rope. If asked for, he will give away fool's earth. (or
  something like that)

  The fountain plaza.

  Here you can fill your waterskins, get dirt from the flourist, buut a 
  brass lamp to contain a fire elemental and buy food.


  The encantress will let you in if you answer her questions. You can then
  then get information about the different elementals and the
  enchanted tree in the desert. While she tells something about all the
  elementals, she is most attuned to the element of water.

  Palace plaza.

  I think this is the place to buy a cloth bag, that will be used to store
  a earth elemental later on. Aside from that the only thing that can be 
  obtained here is a pin that you're given as a gift after defeating the

  Fighter plaza.

  Here you should find Rakeesh, a paladin and a noble warrior. He can lend
  you a magical, flaming sword to defeat the earth elemental. He can also
  tell you 'bout the element of earth.


  This man sells swords and daggers, and also like armwrestling. It's a good
  way to add to your strength. Also, on his sign hangs the bellows that you
  will use to capture the air elemental.

  Adventurers' guild.

  Here you can train, sign your name in the book, and find different quests
  on the board.


  You can get your future told here. If there's anything more to do, I 
  admit I missed it.


  As have been said, you change money here and get assignments if a thief.

  Nest of the griffin.
  Can be found if walking left along the cliffs when entering the desert.
  Scare the griffin away, and then use the magic rope or levitate to get a
  feather. (This can be tricky)

  Enchanted tree.

  Follow the cliffs to the right when entering the desert to get here.

  Oasis of the dervish.

  Ask the guard at the town gate for instructions on how to find this
  place. What you want here is some of the dervish' beard.

  On to the quest

  When you've familiarized yourself with the Town, the elementals should
  start to appear. The first one is the fire elemental, that will ravage
  the gates plaza one day after it's first heard of. To defeat this hot-
  head, get some incense that you spread on the ground. Then lead the 
  elemental into the alley and place the brass lamp on the ground. When
  You run out of incense, use a full waterskin to force the elemental into
  the lamp. Viola, you now have a magic lamp!

  Four days later, an air elemental will appear in the palace plaza. This
  guy really doesn't like dirt, so if you throw some at him, he'll be
  paralyzed for a while. When paralyzed, the elemental fit just nicely in
  the bellows.

  The next challenge is the Earth elemental. It will roam the streets of
  the town an can be encountered anywhere buy in the plazas. To defeat it,
  you'll have to use fire. The two ways to do this is to use either the 
  flame dart spell or Rakeesh's Soulforge. Be sure to collect the remains
  in a cloth bag.

  The last threat to the city is a water elemental appearing in the foun-
  tain. The only thing that can drive it from the fountain is the air
  elemental captured in the bellows. It can then be captured in an empty

  The last important thing to do before leaving with the caravan to Raseir
  is to have Harik make dispel potions. To do this, he needs some ingre-
  dients. All of those you should already have collected, except for one.
  The missing ingredient is the 'Fruit of Compassion'. To obtain this,
  you will need to visit Aziza and ask her on the plant. Then get to the
  tree and give it water, while telling it about yourself. Give it earth
  and tell it about your deeds. Lastly, give it a hug and tell her her name.
  (Julanar) The tree will now bear fruit, and Harik should be able to make 
  the potions.

  (some things are omitted here, but those pose no problems while 
   playing the game)

  On to Raseir

  You will now traver to the town of Raseir, where evil rules. After
  entering the town, enter the Blue Parrot. There you'll find the head
  of the thieves' guild in Raseir - a really slimy guy. He will have you
  steal a statuette of a falcon from the captain of the guard. But first,
  you should meet a lady in distress. She wants your pass, so that she can
  get out of the city. Of course, that means YOU cant get out anymore, but
  we're supposed to be heroes, aren't we? Give her your clothes and pass,
  and then you'll get a mirror in exchange. Now to stealing the statue.
  Enter the central plaza sneaking, and wait 'til the guard disappears.
  (as soon as it gets dark) Then use the magic rope or the levitate spell
  to get to the window on the second floor. Enter the room within and steal
  the statue from the cabinet. (once again you'll have to use oil to make

  sure those hinges doesn't make any sound) Upon returning to the 'Blue 
  Parrot' you will be arrested as soon as you leave the tavern.

  In the prison

  Remember the pin the Katta gave you? Remember what associasions it gave
  you? Well after talking to the Katta in the cell (and showing him the pin)
  You skillfully use the pin to pick the lock to the cell. The Katta then 
  show you a secret passage leading out of here. Don't forget your gear,
  though. At the other end you will part, just to run into Ad Avis. He will
  hypnotize you and you will suddenly find yourself in the lost city.

  The crypt

  Since the prophecy seems unwilling to fulfill itself, you'll have to help
  it a bit. With the help of the mirror, the stars will suddenly be in the
  correct positions and the door to the crypt will open. Ad Avis will then
  urge you to go into the crypt. Again you will fight the elements. This time
  Water is the first to oppose you as an underwater stream block your way.
  Every now and then there floats past a log, could this be of any help?
  On the other side of the stream there's a hole in the wall wich creates
  a strong wind. Use force bolt ore brute foce to block the hole, and you've
  negated the second element. You can then traverse the path to the room
  with boiling lava. Once in there it helps to keep cool - if you find this
  hard, you should pour something on yourself. On the other side of the
  lava you will find a cliff and a door below it. To get down, use the rope
  or the spell levitate. Once you approach the door, it will start asking
  nosy questions. (only one, actually) The answer to the question could be
  discerned from conversation with Abdulla, but why you should think of 
  doing this before you get the question, I don't know. The answer is
  'Suleiman' (Ben Daoud, I think) The only thing now standing between you
  and the statue of Iblis is the treasury. Just don't take any of those 
  goodies, and you'll get through this room without problems. Now you enter
  the room where the staue of Iblis is located.

  The final battle

  Just before you reach the statue, Ad Avis appears out of thin air. He then
  seal the cave and leave you there to die. Fortunately, Ad Avis has mis-
  interpreted the prophecy, and when looking carefully you will find a ring
  on a stalagmite, containing 'He who is left behind'. This being is a djinn,
  and has the power to grant wishes. Since you have three, you can use two
  to improve your chracter, while using the last to teleport back to Raseir.
  Once here, you again meet the Katta from the cell, and he tells you that
  you should sneak into the palace while the Kattas kepp the guards busy.
  sneaking to the palace, you see a handkerchief tied to the battlement.
  Wait until the guard moves away, and then levitate or climb to where the
  hanky is. You now enter the harem. (Wish one could stay there, sigh!)
  After a long scene, you will sneak past the eunucks guarding the harem.
  Now we find ourselves watching how Ad Avis is freeing Iblis. Since this
  is somthing that should be avoided, our task is to stop him, but how? It 
  is essential to stop him from finishing the ritual, and since you cant get
  him from here, you must use the rope to get to the tower. uce there, you
  can throw a dagger at one of the candles and break the spell. However, this
  will upset Ad Avis. He will do his best to kill you, but if you duck, and
  throw daggers at him, you should be able to kill him. (I had a hard time
  doing this, mainly because i never got across the rope fast enough to
  stop Ad Avis from freeing Iblis)

  Now all you have to do is to relax and watch the ending scene - you have
  completed Quest For Glory II : Trial By Fire.

  (This .doc may be incorrect, since I am writing it without being able to
   play the game and confirm that it's correct. It was a while since I com-
   pleted HQ II, so my memory may fail me.)

  /Patrik Manlig

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