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Reign of Fire Walkthrough
By J. Phillips
Last Updated 1/13/03

   I.  Table of Contents

   I.  Table of Contents
  II.  Contact Info
 III.  Version Info and Credits
  IV.  Introduction
   V.  Story/Background
  VI.  Controls
 VII.  Human Missions
VIII.  Dragon Missions

  II.  Contact Info

       Name:  J. Phillips
       E-mail:  [email protected]

       Feel free to e-mail me with any questions and I will do my best
       to reply quickly!  If I can help you, that is.  Just put "Reign
       of Fire FAQ" in the subject line.

 III.  Version Info and Credits

       1/13/03 Version 1.1--Began writing the FAQ.  Got through the
       Table of Contents, Contact Info, Version Info and Credits,
       Introduction, Story/Background, Controls, the first human
       mission, and parts of the second human mission.
       1/14/03 Version 1.2--Finished up the second human mission, as
       well as the third and fourth.
       1/16/03 Version 1.3--Finished the fifth human mission.  Yikes,
       took me a while.
       1/17/03 Version 1.4--Completely finished the human missions.
       Submitted to GameFAQs and will work on dragon missions very
       1/18/03 Version 1.5--Minor changes and corrections.  Started 
       dragon missions and got all the way to Mission 4.
       1/21/03 Version 1.6--Finished the dragon missions (as well as
       the FAQ).  Will not update until I gain all Platinum and
       Devastator medals (to reveal what this accomplishment yields).
       If that ever happens, anyway.

       Thanks to Bam! Entertainment and Spyglass Entertainment for
       making this game.
       Thanks to Nintendo, since GameCube is one of the best systems
       Thanks to my father, who took me to see this excellent movie in
       theaters and inspired me to desire the game.
       Thanks to my mother, who bought me the game for Christmas.
       Thanks to Sharkgrin on the GameFAQ's message board, who
       helped me with one of the dragon missions.

  IV.  Introduction

       This document is copyrighted (c) by J. Phillips and cannot be 
posted on any other site without my permission (since I am J. Phillips, 
obviously).  If I discover that you have taken my FAQ and posted it 
without permission... wow, will I be angry!  First I'll ask you to take 
it off, and I'll probably never let you use any of my FAQ's again.  
Just because I tell you that you may use one FAQ doesn't mean you can 
use ANY or ALL of them.  Be respectful, please!
       Now that I'm done threatening you, I must describe what this FAQ 
is about.  First of all, I've only had this game since Christmas, which 
isn't too long for me.  As of now I know how to survive through the 
missions, but I don't know how to get the best medals in each.  I'm 
extremely sorry if that's what you came looking for.  I'm just not that 
good yet!  Perhaps, if I get good enough, I will go through and label 
all the objectives needed for the medals later in life.  Way later.  So 
don't expect it soon.
      However, the game does let you know what you need to do in order 
to get the next medal.  Just look at the Mission Success screen after 
each mission.
      The last thing I want to do in this FAQ is confuse you.  I know 
how it is to read a FAQ and be in worse shape than you started because 
it's so confusing.  So if I screw up somewhere, let me know.  If I say 
something is there, and it really isn't, e-mail me.
       Also, I don't know of any cheats in this game.  I'm not sure if 
you get anything special for beating every level and acquiring the best 
medals for each.  So don't ask me.  I'm just a loser who sits around 
playing video games and writing FAQ's all day long.  I can't think that 
much, all right?
       This is my first FAQ for a game that is not first-person puzzle, 
so bear with me.  I'll do well.  I promise.  It's been written for 
GameCube, but I'm sure that not much is different for other consoles.  
The only different thing is probably the controls.
       So... I think I'm finally done rambling, so here goes.

   V.  Story/Background

       I suppose I could just say, "Watch the movie!"  But this game is 
much different than the movie.  So I can't do that.  Instead, I'll 
quote several pages out of the instruction manual:

       "Reign of Fire is based on the scorching blockbuster movie of 
the same name.

       In present day London, twelve-year old Quinn watches as his 
mother, a construction engineer, inadvertently awakens an enormous 
fire-breathing beast from its centuries-long slumber.  Twenty years 
later, the world has become scarred and overrun by this massive beast 
and its many offspring...

       The year is now 2024.  In just a few decades the human race has 
found itself on the verge of extinction.  Now only a small number of 
human outposts remain scattered around the globe, and they must defend 
themselves from constant attacks from Earth's new dominant species:  

       Now Quinn, and a few heavily-armed soldiers under the command of 
the dangerous Denton Van Zan, decide to fight back against the beasts.

       It's time to fight fire with fire..."

       In this game, you'll play as one of the Kentucky Irregulars, led 
by Denton Van Zan.

  VI.  Controls

       Humans Simple

       Control Stick - Aim
       R Button - Fire Minigun
       L Button - Fire Primary Weapon
       Z Button - Secondary Weapon
       Y Button - Flip View
       A Button - Accelerate
       B Button - Brake
       Control Pad - Change Camera
       Start/Pause - Pause
       X Button - Horn

       Humans Advanced
       Control Stick - Accelerate/Brake/Steer
       C Stick - Move Weapon
       R Button - Fire Minigun
       L Button - Fire Primary Weapon
       Z Button - Secondary Weapon
       Y Button - Flip View
       Control Pad - Change Camera
       Start/Pause - Pause
       X button - Horn

       Dragons Simple

       Control Stick - Pitch and Roll
       A Button - Accelerate
       A Button (Double Tap and Hold) - Speed Surge
       B Button - Slow
       R Button - Fireball
       L Button - Napalm Breath
       C Stick (Left or Right) - Evade
       C Stick (Down) - 180 Degree Turn
       Y Button - Flip View
       X Button - Pick Up
       Control Pad - Change Camera
       Start/Pause - Pause

       Dragons Alternate

       Control Stick - Pitch and Roll
       A Button - Fireball
       B Button - Napalm
       R Button - Accelerate
       R Button (Double Tap and Hold) - Speed Surge
       L Button - Slow
       C Stick (Left or Right) - Evade
       C Stick (Down) - 180 Degree Turn
       Y Button - Flip View
       X Button - Pick Up
       Control Pad - Change Camera
       Start/Pause - Pause

 VII.  Human Missions

       At the beginning of the game, you'll only be able to play as 
humans.  I believe it is after the mission "Origin of Species" that you 
can play as dragons.  So work on the human missions!

       Mission 1 - Basic Training

       You'll start your "mission" at the fort.  Van Zan will tell you 
to follow him.  He'll explain what you need to do, such as rotating the 
guns and accelerating.  Also, the radar at the top left of the screen 
is explained here.  Blue dots are friendlies, red dots are enemies, and 
yellow dots are objectives.  Pick-ups appear green, and you can also 
identify them easily as they have arrows pointing to them in mid-air. 
Finally, purple dots are water pipes, which will be especially useful 
throughout the game.  Follow the green arrow around the fort, as Van 
Zan says.
       After all this fun stuff, Van Zan will lead you out of the fort.  
Follow him.  The first thing he will have you do is shoot down the 
balloons up above.  It's quite easy.  Put the crosshairs on them and 
press R.
       Van Zan will then lead you to one of the pick-ups.  Rockets!  
Use these to destroy some more balloons by pressing L.  Then follow Van 
Zan to some heat-seeking missiles.  Use these to destroy the remaining 
balloons.  Put your crosshair over a target and it will lock.  Push the 
Z Button and the rocket will home in on the target.  This is especially 
useful against the weaker dragons, as they'll go down in one hit.
       To finish off this level, race Van Zan back to the fort.  He's 
not tough, and I'm not sure what happens if you lose... maybe some 
pitiful soul will tell me one day.  This mission isn't too difficult to 
get a Platinum medal.

       Mission 2 - Into the Breach

       This is the level that actually impressed me.  Rather hectic for 
the beginning of a game.
       When you begin, you'll be in the fort again.  Jakyls are 
attacking the farm trucks, so it's your duty to follow the green arrow 
and shoot them down.  Some more will come over a hill and you must 
protect one of the trucks as the driver attempts to start it.  The 
Jakyls are across the river; don't try to go to them.  Wait for them as 
they begin to swim across, then unleash some lead on 'em.
       Van Zan will command you to escort them back to the fort.  This 
is where the Spitfires come in.  As you reach the fort, some more 
Jakyls will attack and Van Zan will warn you of the Spitfires.  Shoot 
down the Jakyls and keep moving or else the Spitfires will be upon you.  
See that meter up at the top, below your radar?  That's your heat 
meter.  If you get too hot, you'll catch fire.  Shoot a nearby water 
pump to and drive through the water to douse yourself.  Remember, water 
pumps appear purple on the radar.
       Once you get inside the fort, the Spitfires will attack the 
gunners.  Grab the heat-seeking missiles and use those to bring down 
all the Spitfires.  Van Zan will tell you to go to the East Gate.  
Follow your radar.
       Grab some more ammo and then go to the East Gate.  Bring down 
the Spitfires.  A large dragon will come as well.  Take her down with 
the replenishing ammo.  This is all quite easy--just use heat-seeking 
missiles and grab some more if you need to.
       Once the enemies are defeated, you must meet a group of 
engineers at the west gate and escort them to the power relay.
       As you make your way up the hill, Jakyls will increase their 
efforts to take out the engineers.  Use your machine gun to plow 
through them and continue on.  Spitfires will also continue to attack 
with fireballs.  To avoid the fireballs, simply continue moving.  
Dragons aren't too good at leading their targets, so movement easily 
distracts them.  Continue to fight off the Spitfires as the engineers 
repair the power relay.
       Van Zan will then tell you to, "Go!  Go!  Go!" so do so.  Follow 
the green arrow, as usual, and fend off any Jakyls that happen to be in 
your way.
       You will see one of the walls explode, and Jakyls will begin to 
swarm inside.  Now you must go over to the shelter to protect it.  What 
I usually do here is get right in front of the shelter and take down 
the Jakyls as they enter the wall.  This gives you good accuracy and is 
quite easy to keep them from getting into the shelter.
       About halfway into this, Spitfires and larger dragons will 
attack you continually.  Defend yourself as best as you can, but your 
first priority should be that shelter.  Watch your radar and make sure 
that, as you fight off Spitfires, no red dots are approaching you.  If 
they are, concentrate on those, as they are most likely Jakyls.
       If you catch fire, there is a water tower to your right.  Shoot 
it a bit and water will pour out.  Douse yourself and continue 
       After a minute or so of mercilessly slaughtering Jakyls, you 
should be finished with this mission.

       Mission 3 - Fallen Angels

       This mission is a little more difficult.  Make sure to keep 
moving, as there are numerous dragons and tons of fireballs will pelt 
you throughout the mission.
       You have to follow the convoy and rescue Alex.  First, though, I 
want you to scout up ahead.  Go out the gate that the convoy is taking 
and follow the road.  It should turn left and be surrounded by two 
large hills on either side.  Drive through this a bit and you'll be 
able to see the arrows that signal a pick-up off in the distance.  It's 
up a hill.  Don't get it yet.  Instead, wait where you are and watch 
the radar.
       Some Jakyls should appear.  Take them down before the soldier 
tells you that they're approaching.  As soon as the soldier tells you 
of this, the convoy should be coming up to you.  It's a good idea to 
rid the area of Jakyls before the convoy reaches you.  If you can't, it 
doesn't hurt anything.  Just take them down as the convoy continues 
       Go up the hill with the convoy, taking out the rest of the 
Jakyls on the way up.  Before the convoy reaches the top, though, grab 
the pick-up.  Note the water towers and pumps here.  You might need 
them later.  Then go back to the convoy.
       As you reach Outpost 13, dragons will begin their attack.  Make 
sure you're at the top of the hill, or a little ahead of the convoy.  
The dragons will attack from the front.  About three Spitfires and one 
large one.  Take these down with your heat-seeking missiles.  Remember, 
the Spitfires will die with one missile, so don't waste your ammo by 
shooting three or four at them.  The large gray ones, however, take 
three or four shots to bring down.
       You'll approach a road and turn right.  Stay at the front or 
near the front and a few more dragons will appear.  Take them down as 
well.  Use your heat-seeking missiles sparingly, though.  You've only 
got sixteen (less if you used some earlier).  If a dragon is heading 
straight for you or straight away, take aim and use your normal 
rockets.  This is the easiest way to pick off dragons with the rockets.
       This is where it gets a little hectic.  More gray dragons will 
appear.  And you'll probably be low on heat-seeking missiles.  Do your 
best to pick them off with rockets and your minigun.  If you catch fire 
(which is likely), go ahead and turn left, where a water pump awaits.  
If any of the convoy vehicles have caught flame, shoot the pump as they 
pass beneath to save them.
       Even more grays and Jakyls will appear as you pass through the 
pump.  You'll turn left.  KEEP MOVING!  Don't stay still or you'll be 
fried.  A bunch of water towers will come up on the right; use them to 
douse friendlies or yourself.  You're almost to the helicopter.  Once 
you reach that, it'll be a little bit easier.  You'll get more rockets 
and heat-seeking missiles and, best of all, a health pack.  I don't 
know about you, but I almost always need this when I reach this point!
       Don't waste your heat-seeking missiles right now.  Use a few, 
but try to use more of your rockets and minigun.  Many grays appear 
here.  Alex will fix the helicopter and lift off.  But, of course, you 
must escort her back, as the chopper is not combat ready.  Figures, 
doesn't it?
       So start heading back the way you came.  Some friendlies might 
be on fire, so make sure to douse them on the way out.
       Your life will probably severely deplete on your way back.  
Continue moving around and firing at the dragons.  Don't stop unless 
you don't see many dragons around.  If you do stop, make sure to take 
aim and fire quickly, then quickly get moving again.  Otherwise, you're 
       Follow the convoy back through the road.  This will be the most 
hectic part of the level.  Stay toward the front.  At the top of the 
hill are more pick-ups:  some heat-seeking missiles and another health 
pack.  Thank goodness!  Make sure to douse more flames here.  If you 
have the time, anyway.
       You'll come down the hill.  Relax.  Not too many dragons will 
appear here.  No more Jakyls.  Only a few more grays, and not too many 
Spitfires.  Just stay alive.  Continue on in to the fort and you'll 
accomplish this mission.

       Mission 4 - Firefight

       You're a crummy fire truck in this mission.  The only weapon you 
have is the machine gun.  The L Button sprays a stream of water and the 
Z Button releases a water bomb.  Try not to go up steep hills as best 
as you can, since this thing will go no faster than molasses rolling 
uphill on a hot summer day in Montana.
       First, go left.  You'll see a water pump.  Go toward it and to 
its left is a gate.  Go through here and follow the green arrow.  Don't 
follow it too far, however.  You may end up in the lake.  You'll have 
to go around it.  Jakyls will attack you from the front.  With the help 
from a gun turret and a jeep, they should be no problem.  Continue 
following the road.  You'll pass the lake and a right turn will take 
you into some hills.  A pack of Jakyls will attack you here.  Continue 
along the road and engage some more Jakyls.
       The first farm is near.  Go down and put out the flames with 
your water cannon and stop so the farmers can enter your vehicle.  You 
may need to douse them as well before they get in.  Douse the entire 
farm until it is clear of fire and pick up all the farmers.  When 
you're full, you'll need to retrace your steps and head back to the 
fort.  Spitfires and Jakyls will attack you.  Just keep moving and plow 
through the Jakyls ahead of you.
       Take the farmers to the south entrance as Quinn says.  Don't 
grab the health pack unless you absolutely need it.  You shouldn't 
right now.  Drive up near the wall and the farmers will exit.  Go back 
to the farm (and run over some Jakyl bodies while you're at it) using 
the same path as before.  This time you have to pass the farm and head 
to the second one.
       Alex (played by a really awful actor) will notify you of a large 
dragon headed your way.  Don't worry about it now.  Concentrate on 
getting the farmers and that equipment Van Zan told you about.  It's 
near the house on the right as you enter the field.  The huge beast 
will come upon you within seconds, so grab that pick-up!
       It's time to worry about that big dragon.  There is no way to 
bring it down, and it will most likely destroy this entire farm.  Do 
your best to douse the flames as the dragon spews them.  Use the water 
bombs to soak places out of your cannon's reach.  Pick up the farmers 
and follow the arrow.  You'll go through rough terrain, and the dragon 
will be on your tail.  Keep moving.  Grab the health pick-up no matter 
what, as it will reappear each time you arrive.  Drop off the farmers.
       Head to the third farm.  This time you won't have to worry so 
much about dousing the farm.  The dragons won't go after it.  No, this 
time they'll go after you.  Get in there, get the farmers, and get out 
quickly before the large dragon shows up.  The health pick-up is back; 
make sure to grab it before you drop off the farmers, since you'll be 
extremely vulnerable.  Or you can wait until after all the farmers are 
out, then grab the health pack.  This way you'll end the mission with 
lots of health, and more than likely get the health requirement on the 
Mission Success screen.
       This will end the mission. 

       Mission 5 - Storm Front

       Wow, a video from the movie now!  In this mission, you're going 
to search for proof of the single male in Dover, where a defeated port 
turned into a nesting ground lies.  You must lead the convoy to the 
port entrance.
       Van Zan orders you to take the point.  Get up there and one of 
the Irregulars will say, "Targets ahead."  A large gray dragon will 
appear.  You probably won't be able to take her down, but you can try.  
Keep going forward and to the right a bit.  You'll find a road that 
leads up the hill and left.  Follow it.  While it IS a good idea to 
take down that gray, it's not extremely threatening, since it takes so 
long to turn around for another shot.  Continue along this path, 
shooting down Jakyls as you go.  Whatever you do, don't stop unless 
you're letting the convoy catch up.  Stopping will make the convoy stop 
and become vulnerable.  Also, don't be afraid to use your tank cannon.  
You have plenty of rounds in this mission.  Keep moving.  The path will 
turn right a bit and you'll come to a crossroad.  Turn left.
       Continue along this path.  Jakyls and Spitfires will continually 
assault you.  Take them down as you move along.  Use the tank cannon if 
you need to in order to take down the big grays.  As you approach the 
bridge, stop.  Allow the convoy to go through while you take out the 
numerous Spitfires in the air.  Kill off any Jakyls nearby.  Basically, 
you should do your best to clear the sky and ground of any enemies 
before moving on.  It's not likely, but do your best.
       Before the entire convoy crosses, go get the pick-ups on the 
other side of the bridge.  You'll get a new secondary weapon, which 
scatters as you fire.  It doesn't seem to help too much, so I'd stick 
with the primary weapon.
       There is another bridge up ahead.  Keep surviving and make your 
way across.  The big grays will try a new tactic:  lifting small 
tugboats and dropping them in your proximity.  Stay away from a gray 
carrying something, as she is likely to drop it on you.
       This battle gets even more hectic.  More grays will bombard you 
with fire and tugboats.  The Spitfires are even more numerous.  I can't 
help you much here, except to say that the best thing to do is stay 
with the convoy and take the dragons down!  Whenever you hear somebody 
say, "Over here!" it means they've encountered a gray.  Rid your area 
of grays first, as they are the most dangerous.
       Eventually, you come upon a peaceful little trailer home.  
However, it won't stay peaceful for too long as a large beast tramples 
through and attacks you.  An Irregular will shout, "What the HELL is 
that thing?!"  That's your cue to get to the front and blast away at 
the monstrosity with your tank cannon.  It won't take much to bring 
down the beast.  Onward!  But a second one will immediately take the 
place of the first from the right.  Take her down as well.
       This is probably where many of your comrades will die.  Numerous 
grays appear, and there's another beastie.  Spitfires still abound in 
this territory--the only thing you can do is battle the ground beasts, 
then attack the grays.  The ground beasts are the most dangerous now.  
There are about four in this area, and should be your main concern.
       If you catch fire anytime here, look for the helicopter soaring 
in the skies.  It will douse you if you need it to.
       Beware of the ground beasts.  They will come from behind.  Don't 
get in front of them, or else they'll blast you with fire and quickly 
drain your health.
       The road veers to the right, and now you'll begin to see the 
port.  Grab the pick-up before you head down the hill.  As you go down 
the hill, watch for two more ground beasts.  Take them down.  As soon 
as they die, watch the sky for three grays.  Kill them as quickly as 
       You'll approach the fort now.  More ground beasts will attack 
and even more grays will come after you.  Do your best to kill the 
ground beasts, but you can't worry too much about the grays now, 
especially if your life is low.  If your health is rather high, don't 
hesitate about killing those grays.  If it's low, though, get over to 
the weak point in the fort (marked by the arrow) and blast through it 
with your cannon.
       Mission accomplished!

       Mission 6 - Origin of Species

       There is a time limit on this one, so you've got to move fast!  
Also, it can be kind of confusing, so pay special attention to where I 
tell you to go.  It's a miniature maze in this fort, and if you take a 
wrong turn, you could get stuck for a while.  Your mission is to get 
three eggs and bring them back.
       Go forward and down a hill.  A spiked fence should be to your 
left as you come down.  You'll turn left and come around a bend.  Two 
possible paths here, left and right.  To the left you will see a 
dragon.  Approach it, turn left, cross the railroad tracks and nab a 
       Now engage that dragon.  Directly in front of you should be some 
water barrels in case you catch fire.  Shoot them to douse yourself.  
This can be done just about anywhere in the fort.  Your L Button will 
fire a sort of grenade, with short range.  The Z Button fires a 
missile.  Use the grenades for now to take out the dragon.  Once she's 
down, pick up her egg.  Go to the right and you'll go down another 
hill.  The spiked fences will be on either side this time.
       At the bottom are some more missiles.  Pick them up and turn 
right to battle a ground beast.  Use a few missiles if you like, but 
make sure to save plenty of them.  Destroy the ground beast and 
continue forward.
       Turn left and you'll see a health pick-up.  Save it for later if 
your health is good.  Pass it and turn left, onto a broken down bridge.  
On this bridge, turn right.  Don't go forward.  Take that right path 
all the way until it ends and turn left.  Further ahead on this new 
path is a split path.  You can go forward or left.  Turn left.
       Go straight on this path and you'll jump over the water.  
Landing on the other side, turn right.  Here's another health pack and 
a ramp.  Grab the health and jump the ramp.  On the other side of the 
crates lies a dragon.  Take her down using missiles and grenades, then 
steal her egg.
       There's only one exit out of here.  It's to the west (look at 
your radar to see which way is west).   Go across the bridge and turn 
right.  It should look a little familiar.  Cross another bridge and 
turn right at the intersection.  This is the place with that first 
ramp.  Jump that ramp again.  This time, don't ramp to the right.  
Instead, make your way up the hill that's ahead and slightly right.
       As you come up over the hill, you'll see a pick-up.  Dash ahead 
and grab it.  You'll pass a dragon on your left.  After grabbing the 
missiles, turn and fight the dragon.
       This one is tougher than the others.  You'll probably lose a lot 
of health here.  Continue attacking it and avoiding its napalm breath 
until it falls.  Snatch the egg and go back down the way you came.
       Turn right and ramp.  This ramp leads you back toward the 
entrance.  To your left is another ground beast.  Take her down and use 
the ramp behind her.  Turn right.  Yet another ground beast!  Take her 
down and you'll be close to the beginning of the level.  If you saved 
that first health pack, this is where it will be.  Go up the hill to 
the right, then turn around at the top and make your way up the second 
hill (the very first one you came down in the level).  Once you're up 
here, spot the entrance to your left and head toward it.  End of 

       Mission 7 - London's Burning

       Your egg samples prove helpful.  The origin of the species has 
been discovered, and in this mission, you must travel back to London to 
face HIM.  The Bull.
       First thing you should do is turn a little to the left and grab 
the pick-up nearby.  Water grenades.  Now you have to hold your own 
here.  Spray any vehicles or men that have caught on fire with your 
water cannon.  Your army consists of three missile launchers.  Guard 
these at all costs.  They are more important than anything else right 
now.  You might lose one.  If so, that's all right.  Don't lose any 
more.  Also, pay attention to the ammo dump, near where you got the 
pick-up.  That's even more important than the missile launchers, as it 
could destroy everybody.
       Once the triangulators are set up, you have to move along with a 
convoy and hose them down whenever necessary.  A good way to do this is 
to push up on the control pad twice.  Your camera will be high above 
you, giving you a better view of who is on fire.  Don't worry about 
dragons too much here.  Just put fires out.
       You'll go along a road and Van Zan will warn you of an 
approaching enemy.  Stay behind the convoy as they line up.  The dragon 
will swoop down and blast them all, so you need to avoid her napalm 
breath and retaliate with your water cannon.  She may blast them more 
than once, but it's also likely that she'll hit once and then take a 
nasty pounding by Van Zan and his troops.  If she stops attacking, help 
out and shoot at her with your minigun.
       As you pass a bunch of apartments, you may notice a pick-up to 
your right.  You can get it by passing the apartments, turning right, 
and going in an alleyway.  It's a health pick-up and could be useful, 
but I doubt you'd need it right now.
       Another dragon will attack.  Use the same strategy as before.  
This one will attack more than once, though, so be prepared.
       When the dragon goes down, Van Zan will lead you to the right.  
Stay behind the convoy and follow it.  This will allow you to see 
everybody.  You'll approach the downed team now.
       More dragons than before arrive.  Stay near the APC (the six-
wheeled vehicle that will go up a small hill is the APC).  Protect this 
as much as possible!  If you lose this, you lose the mission.
       It shouldn't take long for the men to load up.  Van Zan will 
turn everybody around and you'll start heading back the way you came.  
Use the same tactics as before.  This time, linger around the middle of 
the convoy.  Check behind you every so often to make sure that nobody's 
on fire.
       Very soon this mission will end.  It's probably one of the 
easiest in the game.

       Mission 8 - Bullfight

       Now on to one of the more difficult missions in the game.  You 
have to destroy the females, then bring down the male.  Doesn't sound 
too difficult, but these females are much tougher than the ones you 
encountered in Origin of Species.  It'll take some time to bring these 
ones down.  Countless grays and Spitfires will swarm all over the place 
and Jakyls are very menacing foes on the ground.  It's time to get 
       Grab the pick-up.  Let Van Zan battle the nesting female.  You 
MUST concentrate on the flying females, lest they easily defeat you.  
Destroy them first, then help Van Zan out with the nesting female.  
Don't catch fire, but if you do, there is a water tower far, far to 
your left.  Beware, it is near another of the nesting females.  Get 
back to Van Zan as quickly as possible.
       Once she's down (and it will take a LOT to kill her), you'll 
move on to the next one.  Follow Van Zan.  More pick-ups.  Mercilessly 
attack this one with your rockets (not homing missiles) and she'll fall 
       Third one is more difficult.  The female is heavily guarded by 
other, flying females.  These are the large kind, so don't hesitate 
about launching rocket after rocket on them.  Getting hectic?  Good.  
Just keep pounding them all until all that's left are Jakyls.  Then 
help Van Zan with the nesting female.
       You will most likely be considerably low on health by now.  
Don't worry, a pick-up is very near.  It's near the fourth nesting 
female, so be EXTREMELY cautious.  In other words, quickly go past her 
and nab the pick-up.  This female is deadly.  Her napalm breath will 
drop your life FAST.  Stay far from her and pound her with missiles.
       You're probably low on missiles, now, too.  The female will go 
down in time.  If you haven't grabbed the health, do so now.  Last 
chance.  The Bull is up and he's ready to do battle.
       Actually, the Bull won't attack you.  He is guarded by several 
females.  Use your missiles to take them down, but use them sparingly.  
Once they are down, concentrate EVERYTHING you have on the Bull.  He'll 
circle in and out of the mission area, so keep moving in the general 
area and unload on him.
       After a while, Van Zan will state that he's too strong.  At this 
point, Quinn arrives on horseback, ready to act as bait while you 
attack him.  Quinn will stay in the same spot, running in circles.  
Follow your green arrow and you'll find some pick-ups.  Health and 
rockets!  Just in the nick of time!  Grab the rockets and chase the 
Bull as he chases Quinn.  This is it!  You've got to smash him!  Use 
every single rocket, all the while holding the R Button to pound him 
with lead.
       The Bull's energy will be exhausted and he'll plummet to the 
ground, ending this difficult battle.

       Mission 9 - Ashes to Ashes

       Time to face the Bull.  This is the most difficult (and 
frustrating) of the human missions.
       Go forward and meet up with your men.  You're in command now, so 
take the point and go left.  Jakyls are the first to attack.  Take them 
down and turn left.  Continue on and more Jakyls will attack you.  Take 
them all down as well.  You must kill every single one before your men 
will move forward.  Go forward and you'll pass a destroyed tanker.  Go 
around it and you'll find a small ramp.  Use this to get over the wall.
       And here he is.  From the ramp, go forward until you can turn 
right.  Turn right and go forward a bit until you see the Bull begin to 
charge.  This is a good time to unleash lead and a few tank rounds on 
him.  Aim for his head.  Two hits to the head are good.  Watch for his 
tail.  He likes to slash out with it, and his napalm will easily 
incinerate you.  If you catch fire, there is a small lake nearby.  Use 
it to cool yourself off, but don't go too deep.  You'll die.
       There's a good hiding spot near here.  From the part in which 
you came off the ramp, turn right and continue on past the streets.  
There's a partially destroyed wall that juts out of the wall to your 
right.  This is a very good spot since the Bull can't hit you with his 
napalm breath too well.  However, you are still susceptible to attacks 
by females, so be careful.  And this may not work too well since the 
Bull likes to tower over you and thrash with his tail.  Use this area 
       Another good spot to stick around is near the lake.  Circle 
around this and he'll have a tough time reaching you.
       Your allies on this mission are incredibly stupid and will most 
likely die within the first few minutes.  Don't expect much help.
       Very soon he'll call for help.  Pound him as much as possible 
here.  More dragons will approach, but they're only the smaller 
Spitfires and aren't much of a threat.  Concentrate on the Bull.  He'll 
summon more help, and this time you should beware of the incoming 
swarms.  Try to take down some of the small dragons, but keep an eye on 
the Bull and continue attacking him, too.
       If you attack him enough with tank rounds and lead, he'll 
scamper away.  You've got to chase him across two more ramps (straight 
across from the first one).  Here are some pick-ups.  Grab them 
immediately, then get out of this corner!  It's a nasty spot to get 
caught by the Bull.  He can fling you up with his tail, and with some 
sort of glitch he'll keep you up in the air and pound you.  You'll need 
to go around this area.  Keep moving.  As far as I know, there is only 
one place to douse yourself, so stay away from his napalm!  It's to the 
right of that ramp.  There's a tiny pond far from the ramp.  Like I 
said, keep moving, but don't go too far from this pond, as your tank is 
so slow.
       The strategy I used here is a very time-consuming one.  It took 
me a long time (and numerous attempts) to finally defeat this guy.  
What I did was circle around and around the buildings, getting shots 
off at him whenever I could.  He will summon more grays, and you really 
should take these ones down.  They will harass you until they die, and, 
luckily, there is a limited number of them.  Once you kill them all, it 
makes your job a bit easier because the Bull will still attempt to 
summon them.  Use those times to either catch up with him or pound him 
with bullets.  Hopefully you don't end up like I did and use all your 
tank rounds before Van Zan says, "You've almost got him, boy.  Now 
finish him!"
       This battle is long.  And difficult.  The most I can do now is 
wish you luck.  After a while, the Bull will finally fall.  Human 
missions are over and for all that you get a lousy ending!  But what's 
great about this level is that, once you beat it, you get Platinum!  Or 
so I think.  The first time I beat it, I could have sworn I was not 
going to get any medal, but I got Platinum.  Thank God.
       Now it's on to the dragon missions.

VIII.  Dragon Missions

       Dragons, dragons, everywhere.  These missions are much more easy 
than the human missions.  Your dragon is very tough, can maneuver 
rather well, and has a nice set of unlimited weapons.  It shouldn't 
take long to pass each mission.  A good tactic to use is a slow-down 
attack.  Hold the B Button and fire at a foe.  Once you come upon that 
enemy, push forward so that you begin hovering.  This will make the 
game much easier, especially in missions like Terminus and Apocalypse.

       Mission 1 - Proving Grounds

       Much like the first mission in the human campaign, your first 
dragon mission is training.  This one will help you get familiar with 
the concept of flying a dragon.
       Let me explain a few things about dragons.  Holding the A Button 
accelerates your speed.  You can go faster by pressing A twice and 
holding it.  This is a speed surge.  The B Button slows down.  Hold B 
and push forward to hover over the ground.
       The heads up display is a little different than the humans.  
It's at the top of the screen.  The very bottom bar is health.  It may 
look like a lot, but the bar works a little differently.  You'll find 
out soon enough, once you get hit a few times.  On the left is your 
fire meter.  When you use breath weapons, this bar is drained.  
Hovering and using a speed surge drain the stamina bar, which is on the 
       You'll be commanded to do a few simple tasks at first, such as 
turning left and right, performing a speed surge, etc.  You must follow 
your sister for a bit, use fireballs on the human enemies, and napalm 
some stuff.  Not too difficult.  Next you'll have to pick up a small 
vehicle and drop it.  Again, not tough.
       That's the end of the first dragon mission.

       Mission 2 - The Tower

       Your mission:  destroy the tower.  Sound easy?  Well, there's a 
little more to it than that.  First you must defend the nesting female.
       Turn right and follow your green arrow.  You'll see the nesting 
female and you are commanded to destroy the nearby humans.  They are 
red on your senses, so engage them and bombard them with fireballs.  
Won't take long to completely wipe them out.
       Next you have to destroy the warship.  Follow the green arrow.  
This is just as easy as that patrol.  Continually bombard the warship 
with your fireballs and give it a little napalm.  Aim for the gun 
turrets first.  Come back for another pass if you need to, and it 
should be defeated.
       This will leave the tower vulnerable.  Destroy the turrets along 
the wall of the tower and the vehicles patrolling outside.  Once again, 
shouldn't take too long.
       Now you must pick up the fuel containers and drop them on the 
tower.  Stay in front of the fuel containers and head toward them.  
You'll see an "X" close over any one of them.  When you see the "X", 
hold the X Button and you will swoop down and lift the fuel container.  
Make sure to hold X.  Once you've got the truck, carry it back to the 
tower.  Your camera angle is now higher so that you can see what you're 
bombing.  When you're above the tower, release the X Button and you'll 
drop the container.  If it lands on the tower, you'll be commanded to 
do it again.  So do it again.  You'll have to do it a third time.  If 
any enemies try to attack you, make sure to wipe them out before 
attempting to lift a container.
       Once you've done it three times, the mission will be complete.  
Not too difficult, eh?  Wait until Terminus.

       Mission 3 - Terminus

       In this level, you've got to rescue your sisters and destroy the 
train.  Don't be fooled by the way the commands are worded.  It will 
sound like you have to free them, THEN destroy the train.  However, it 
is MUCH easier (and not so frustrating) if you destroy the train first, 
then release your sisters.
       Head toward the train.  Destroy the two helicopters nearby, then 
the vehicles on the train itself.  Be careful not to hit your sisters.  
Once this is done, you'll probably be near one of the local gun 
turrets.  Destroy any of them nearby.
       Once things have calmed down a little bit, focus all your 
firepower on the rear engine.  It's the very back of the train, and it 
seems invincible.  It's not.  Continue slamming it.  Make sure this 
thing is down before the train enters the tunnel.
       The train will enter a tunnel and three Harrier jets will 
appear.  Do battle with these guys and, once they've fallen, go on 
ahead to the tunnel exit before the train reappears.  There are some 
gun turrets here.  Destroy them and the vehicles nearby.  While 
battling these, the train will probably appear.  Finish off your rivals 
and then turn your attention to the train.
       Time to cripple it.  Concentrate everything you have on the 
engine, the very front of the train.  Blast it into oblivion without 
hitting your sisters and the train will stop, thankfully.
       Now you should have little or no resistance at all.  Snatch the 
cages off your sisters until this command appears:  "The sisters are 
grateful.  Now smash the humans."  Actually, there will be one more 
dragon still encaged.  Free her, then finish off the train.
       This level is actually quite easy.  You just have to go about it 
in the right way.

       Mission 4 - Retribution

       Quite an easy mission.
       Go forward and defeat two gun turrets.  Continue onward and 
destroy three more.  Now you not only get to destroy the others... you 
must annihilate them!  This will be fun!  Rampage around and knock out 
all the other ones nearby.  Destroy the jets and helicopters and small 
ships as well.
       Next you must defeat the enemy jets.  Take them down and you 
will be commanded to destroy the super guns.  Go on ahead and destroy 
some of the enemies surrounding one of the guns.  Once you cleanse a 
particular area, destroy one of the super guns.  They are tough 
compared to the other vehicles and stuff, but no tougher than the 
engines on Terminus.  They will fall quickly.
       Continue to do so.  Cleanse an area, then destroy a super gun.  
By the way, are you recognizing this place yet?  That's right, it's the 
old seaport in Dover, where you found all the eggs in the human 
campaign.  The reason you are here, as a dragon, is to cleanse this 
place and use it as a nest.
       The humans will flee soon enough, once you destroy all the super 
guns.  Like I said, an easy mission.

       Mission 5 - Slipping the Net

       The humans are now attempting to capture you in a radar net, and 
you've got to stop them.  Also, you must destroy all the mobile missile 
bases.  This mission, too, is really easy.  It's not too tough being a 
dragon, is it?
       Your first objective is to take out the missile launcher over 
the hill.  Not difficult.  Follow the green arrow, then engage the 
launcher.  It's pretty weak and has no escorts, so it should fall 
extremely quickly.  Your senses will then direct you over to another 
missile launcher, but first you'll see a human riding a motorcycle.  
You've got to stop him.  Follow your green arrow and get to this guy as 
quickly as possible, as he is trying to set up a triangulator.  Using a 
speed burst works well here.  Make sure to go around the fort.  If you 
don't kill the guy, don't worry about it.  You'll get more chances.
       Now you have to continue taking out the missile launchers.  
Follow your senses again.  This one is in a field, and you'll most 
likely encounter a biplane or two on the way.  They aren't much of a 
threat.  One fireball will take them down.  Destroy this missile 
launcher and continue on to the next one.
       Very soon you'll see another human on a motorcycle (or on a 
horse if you happened to kill the first one).  Track him down and kill 
       After the next missile launcher, which is on the road, Quinn 
will come out with his horse.  Final triangulator.  Sometimes I miss 
this one since the triangulator is set up so close to the fort, but do 
your best to get him.
       There should be only a few missile launchers remaining.  The 
final one is coming down a hill with a bunch of heavily armed escorts.  
It may appear ruthless, but in reality it will be quite easy to 
penetrate through the guards and destroy the launcher.  Just unleash a 
torrent of fireballs in their direction and you'll soon defeat the 
missile launcher.
       Mission accomplished.

       Mission 6 - Bitter Harvest

       Starve out the fort!  Sweet!  Won't this be fun?  Sometimes it 
will seem that you have totally annihilated a crop, but you will not be 
allowed to continue.  If this happens, just keep blasting the crops 
until your senses tell you to go elsewhere.  The crops will eventually 
       The first crop is really easy.  Give it a little napalm and it 
will be down in no time.  The second one is a little tougher.  Make 
sure to wipe out any helicopters nearby, as they pour water on the 
crops.  Also, destroy any nearby vehicles, as they either attack you 
(and prevent you from nuking the crops) or put out the fires.  So 
destroy the humans first, then napalm the crops.  More helicopters will 
come to the aid, so make sure to destroy them before continuing your 
       Wipe out the crop completely.  Burn every single plant.  Then 
continue on to the next one.  This one is as easy as the first.  
Destroy the missile launcher in the sandbags, destroy the sentry gun 
atop the tower, then napalm the crops.  Move on.
       After the next crop, you'll see a truck trying to escape.  While 
you are not given any specific directions, go destroy that truck.  
Really simple.  Then you have to go and burn the flocks.  On the way 
there, you will encounter a missile launcher.  Destroy it and continue 
forward, where one of your sisters is hovering about.  Engage the 
biplanes and the missile launchers, then focus on burning the 
livestock.  After a few seconds' worth of smashing, you'll be commanded 
to destroy another truck as it attempts to escape.  Simple.  Burn, 
baby, burn.
       Continue scorching the livestock and this mission will be 

       Mission 7 - Apocalypse

       You might notice that the music on the mission select screen has 
       This level rocks!  Finally, the ultimate showdown with the 
humans in the fort, and your ally is none other than the Bull!  That's 
right, your most feared enemy in the human missions is now your most 
important ally.
       First, destroy the outpost.  Extremely easy.  Use the slowing 
down attacking strategy, and you'll quickly knock them out.  
Concentrate on the guard towers as you approach, then slice your way 
through the missile launchers.
       Here he is, the Bull himself!  You've got to continue destroying 
that outpost.  He will totally annihilate some enemies, and you've got 
to work on protecting him.  Just destroy all the humans who are nearby.
       Now you've got to stay close to the Bull.  He will pull away; 
follow him and engage the human air units.  Some of these planes are 
tough, and will take several hits to die.  Stay near the Bull as you 
crush the enemies.
       Cutscene.  Dragons have weakened the east side.  Follow the Bull 
and engage the east side of the fort.  Destroy all the guns, tanks, and 
air units.  Watch for those planes, though.  They like to sneak up 
behind you and pound you with lead.  Don't stray too far from this 
side, or you'll be an easy target for the stronger sides of the fort.
       Once the east side is crippled, you've got to advance to the 
north.  Be very careful here.  If you get caught in a maelstrom of 
bullets, you'll lose health quickly.  Pick off one or two turrets at a 
time, turn around, and come back for another pass.  Flame and repeat.  
Eventually the north side will fall as well.  Be patient.
       West side is actually the easiest.  This one will fall within a 
minute, maybe even less.  Not too many turrets here.  Pay special 
attention to the missile launcher atop a tower outside of the fort.  It 
could do damage, so destroy it first, then work your way to the fort.  
Like I said, this one is easy.
       Now it's time to finish off the fort.  Tons of air units will 
attack now, so beware of those.  This is a nice time to get lots of 
kills if you're striving for a medal.  The fort is rather weak, so pelt 
it with fireball after fireball and it will soon fall.
       Dragon missions have been accomplished!  You have finished this 
game.  Make sure to check out my other FAQ's.

       This document Copyright (c) 2001 J. Phillips and can be in no 
way reprinted, posted on any other web site, or used for anything else 
other than personal use whatsoever.

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