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REVIVE.... Walkthrough   v 1.0
By Red_Bejelit 2000

Version history:
1.0 Started to write walkthrough......14-9-2000


REVIVE is a static Adventure Game, where you must examine every room you find
searching for useful object, that will help you during the game.
The characters you will meet are beautiful girls,  excluding for two male
Sometime you will be give a time limit to execute an action. You fail the time
limit, and it is game over.



After the long sequence, you found you in front of a palace.
Move to the right  (first option).
You will be behind the palace, where you see a barrel, some tubes, and a grate.
The grate is your way inside the palace, but when you try to move the barrel,
it is too heavy.
Examine the middle tube for a pump, and pick up the crowbar.( left of the
Now, How could you move the barrel and go inside with these two object

Examine the top of the barrel for a zoom.
Click on the Barrel Opening it.
Select the now open barrel and use the pump on it.
Doing so, you will be able to make fall some oil under the barrel, making it
easy to move.
After moving the barrel, use the crowbar on the grate.
Now you can go inside the palace.

You are now in a Garage, but the door is closed.
How can I open The door?
Examining the room, you see that there is some oil on the floor, three lockers,
a water basin, a controller for the fire alarm.
After examining everything, examine the electric panel, push the left switch.
A short-circuit will cause the oil to ignite.
Now there is the first time event.

5.00 minutes to dome the fire.
Look the fire alarm, open it, and press the button.
Now you are in trouble, cause the fire alarm device  spray Co2.
Open the third locker, use the air.

Now, the door will be open.

Exit thought it, and you will find yourself in a corridor.
Walk down all the corridor, as all doors are closed, and you will find  a girl
trapped under a shutter.
After the brief talk, go inside the first door near the garage.
You will meet another girl, and Nao will decide to stay here with her.
Return to the girl who' s trapped under the shutter and examine her between the
jacket and the skirt.
You will get a credit card level 1.
Now you can open the door before the corridor, that is a storage room.
Examine the black thing in front of you, and you will get a magnet.
Take the lamp on the left side of the room, on the shelves.
Exit room, go to garage, use the magnet on the locker without the handle
Open it, take the crick, use it on the car.
Get the awl, and the crick.
Return to the blocked shutter, and use the crick on it.
Now you could access the other zone of the basement.
Go up the stairs, and examine the floor.
Go in the room that seems a computer office, look the case, examine the name
Remember the name Yoda Nanami.
Go to the door near the stairs, and you will hear some voices.
Push the numeric pad.
Go up the stairs.
Enter the only open door, you found you in an office like room.
Open the middle "armadio" and you will found a note with a photo, a name, Yoda
Note her birthday date.
Examine the plant for a coin.
Go back to the storage room, use the coin on the big wooden case, and take the
Go to the third floor, examine the right vent to open it.
Use the harpoon on the cable with the "door" printing to open it.
You will found you in a computer room, open the first drawer to get a cd-rom
Examine the golden lines, to find one broken.
Go to the computer room on the first floor, look the case, examine the
combination lock, and put
 Yoda Nanami Birthday date  as combination .
Look the note to read it.
Put the cdrom on the computer, and look the  numeric pad on the left.
Insert the number indicated on the note (Beta-5454) as combination, and you
will have a new level 2 card key.
Go to the closed shutter, use the card key to open it.
Go to the sleeping room, examine under the tv, to get an hexagonal key.
Go to the security room, use the hexagonal Key on the control panel to get a
Write it down.
Return to the door on near the stairs that won' t open,  and use the code key
you just get.
You will meet a man and a blonde woman.
After the conversation, go to the sleeping quarters an you will hear a scream.
You find the girl with the green ribbon inside the sleeping quarters, scared
cause a piece of ceiling felled and a man died cause the fall.
After that, go to the basement, and use the card key level 2 on the door that
would not open before.
Enter a lab, examine all to get computer disk, a pill , a water container.
Go to the storage room, to get the computer frame near the left monitor.
Return to the third room mainframe room, examine the golden lines, use the
computer frame on the damaged one and you will repair the mainframe.
 Go to the elevator zone, use it and go to second floor.
You will be now in the second floor zone you could not access before, Enter the
room on the left of the first corridor.
You will be in an experiment lab. Push on the leg that come out near the floor,
and have a cut scene.
You will save a man with long hair.
After the cut scene, return to the experiment room.
Take the violet lamp, and the screwdriver.
Return to the security room on the first floor, use the screwdriver on the
decom control panel to get a screw. Take the Q key.
Go to the sleeping quarters, use the screw on the stair, and go up through the
You are now in a devastated lab, Try to exit from the hole two times, and you
will meet the blue hair girl.
Then you will meet a strange girl.
Go down to the first floor and you will meet a white kitten.
Go to the room with the aquariums, where you will meet the old man that
recognizes the girl, and   embraces her.

It is all for now.....

Copyright Red_Bejelit 2000

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