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 \--------------------------------Start Date:9/25/12-------------------------/
  \-------------------------------end Date:10/28/12------------------------- /
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--------------------------------Table Of Contents------------------------------

-(LI)= Legendary Item Quest/Location
-Multiple codes = The quests progresses at multiple parts. Left is the
Beginning; right the end.
-Some codes go to the same entry. This is, most likely, not an error, it just
means that several quests are completed at the same time.
-Many of the larger questions have many sub quests. I didn't list many of
the sub quests, only the over arching quests are in the table of contents.
-There are still about a dozen of the side quests missing still. (All the main
quests are here)

Table of Contents-----------------------------------You're looking at it genius


Tips and Advice----------------------------------------------------------[TAA2]



---Meet the Commandant---------------------------------------------------[MTC1]

---Search the Beach------------------------------------------------------[STB2]

---Rescue Patty----------------------------------------------------------[RPA3]

---Talk to Carlos--------------------------------------------------------[TCT4]

---To Tacarigua----------------------------------------------------------[TTG5]



---In Town Quests--------------------------------------------------------[IT11]

------Find the Pirates Den-----------------------------------------------[FPD8]

------Quest Retrieval Time-----------------------------------------------[RTR8]

------Sturdy Clothes-----------------------------------------------------[SCS9]

------A Map of Tacarigua-------------------------------------------------[MO10]


------The Clothes of a Pirate-------------------------------------[TCP1] [FL13]

------Kitchen Help-------------------------------------------------------[KH11]

------Grog For the Guards------------------------------------------------[GG12]

------Freeing Largo-----------------------------------------------[FL13] [FL28]

------Let Thompkins know-------------------------------------------------[LT13]

------A Fat Roast--------------------------------------------------------[AF14]

------Meat For The Cook--------------------------------------------------[MF15]

------A Hungry Slave-----------------------------------------------------[HS16]

---The Southeastern Jungle-----------------------------------------------[SJ23]

------(LI) The Peg Leg---------------------------------------------------[PL41]


------Termite Plaque-----------------------------------------------------[TP18]

------The Hidden Temple--------------------------------------------------[TP22]

------Pete's Treasure Map------------------------------------------------[PM20]

------(LI) Meerschaum Pipe-----------------------------------------------[MP21]

---The Eastern Half------------------------------------------------------[EH24]

------Pirate Post--------------------------------------------------------[PP25]

------Settling the Score with Hank---------------------------------------[ST26]

------Crab Slapping With Blake-------------------------------------------[CB27]

------The Sugar Trade----------------------------------------------------[ST29]

------Freeing Largo------------------------------------------------------[FL28]

------Follow Largo-------------------------------------------------------[FL30]

------Largos Clothes-----------------------------------------------------[LC30]

------(LI) The Hand Mirror-----------------------------------------------[HM31]

------Night-Time Pursuit-------------------------------------------------[NT32]

------The Traitor and The Beast------------------------------------------[TB33]

------Fight For The Hat--------------------------------------------------[FH34]

------The Water Carriers-------------------------------------------------[WC35]

------Fight Foster-------------------------------------------------------[WC35]

------Fight Doggs--------------------------------------------------------[WC35]

------The Sugar Shipment-------------------------------------------[SS19][SS36]

------The Pirate Garb----------------------------------------------------[PG38]

------The Rum's Got To Come----------------------------------------------[RR40]

The Sword Coast----------------------------------------------------------[SC41]

------Talk To The Pirates At The Tower-----------------------------------[TT42]

------To Puerto Isabella-------------------------------------------------[PI43]

------Firebird Hunt------------------------------------------------------[FH44]

------Over The Bridge----------------------------------------------------[OB45]

------Further South------------------------------------------------------[FS46]

------Through The Rat Cave-----------------------------------------------[RC47]

------A Terrible Feeling-------------------------------------------------[TF48]

------Back to The Beginning----------------------------------------------[BB49]

------Farther Toward the Coast-------------------------------------------[TC50]

------The City Gate Is Not Far Off---------------------------------------[NO51]

---Puerto Isabella-------------------------------------------------------[PI52]

-----(LI) Cargo Crates For Miguel (Powder Bag)---------------------------[FM53]

-----(SQ) The Treasure on Puerto Isabella Beach--------------------------[IB54]

-----Free Hawkins!-------------------------------------------------------[CW69]

-----The Lookout's Report------------------------------------------------[LR56]


-----Among Savages-------------------------------------------------------[As58]

-----(LI) The Bottle Of Memories-----------------------------------------[M129]

-----A Dangerous Beast---------------------------------------------------[DB60]

-----The Shipment For Crow-----------------------------------------------[FC61]

-----Four Offerings For Kanadiktu----------------------------------------[FK62]

-----The Treasure in the Natives' Graveyard------------------------------[NG23]

-----(LI) The Shrunken Head----------------------------------------------[SH64]

-----Three Cutthroats----------------------------------------------------[TC61]

---A Important Decision--------------------------------------------------[II59]


------4 Muskets Against Crow---------------------------------------------[MA60]

------The Shotgun--------------------------------------------------------[TS62]

------Eusebio's Debt-----------------------------------------------------[ED63]

------Dance With Tito----------------------------------------------------[DT63]

------Forward March/Assasult On The Temple-------------------------------[AT62]

------Fight Against Crow-------------------------------------------------[AC62]

------Earth Titan--------------------------------------------------------[ET63]

------Talk to The Commandant---------------------------------------------[TC64]

---Let's Get Us a Ship!--------------------------------------------------[LU65]


------A Few Barrels Of Water---------------------------------------------[BW67]

------The Third Crew Member----------------------------------------------[CW68]

------The Fourth Crew Member---------------------------------------------[CW69]

------Liberate The Ship--------------------------------------------------[LS70]

The Open Seas------------------------------------------------------------[OS71]

------(LI) The Comb With One Tooth---------------------------------------[EW72]


---Town Quests-----------------------------------------------------------[TQ73]

------Gibson's Grave-----------------------------------------------------[GG75]

------(LI) The Silver Mask-----------------------------------------------[GG75]

------(LI) The Voodoo Needle---------------------------------------------[V128]

------(LI) The Hangman's Noose-------------------------------------------[H129]

------Powder Kegs--------------------------------------------------------[PK74]

------The Cannon---------------------------------------------------------[TC76]

------An Old Friend------------------------------------------------------[OF77]

------The Brood----------------------------------------------------------[BM78]

------Winged Monsters----------------------------------------------------[BM78]

------(LI) The Left Boot-------------------------------------------------[LB79]

------Procure Fresh Supplies From Tacarigua------------------------------[PT80]

------Find Captain Slayne------------------------------------------------[CS80]

------Steelbeards Notes--------------------------------------------------[SN81]

------The Helmsman-------------------------------------------------------[TH81]

------Fresh Fish---------------------------------------------------------[FF83]

------The Hobgoblin------------------------------------------------------[FF83]

------The Treasure On A Rocky Plateau on Antigua-------------------------[FF83]

The Isle of Thieves------------------------------------------------------[IO84]

------Treasure Cave------------------------------------------------------[TC85]

------A Way Out of The cave----------------------------------------------[AC86]

------(LI) The Parrot Wing-----------------------------------------------[P133]




---------The Lost Gnome--------------------------------------------------[LG88]

---------The Treasure In The Valley of The Gnome Eater-------------------[TR89]

---------Lost In Translation---------------------------------------------[IT90]

---------(LI) Gnome Eater (The Flask)------------------------------------[LI91]

----------The Thief Has Been Robbed--------------------------------------[BR92]

-------Where's My Ship Now?----------------------------------------------[SN93]

Antigua (2)--------------------------------------------------------------[AA94]

---Meet Slayne-----------------------------------------------------------[CC95]

---Showdown With Slayne--------------------------------------------------[OS96]

Storm Island-------------------------------------------------------------[SI97]

---The Air Temple--------------------------------------------------------[AT98]

---The Treasure on Storm ISland Plateau----------------------------------[IP99]

---A chest Full of Eggs--------------------------------------------------[C100]

---Magical Geysers/The Barrie--------------------------------------------[G101]

The Search For Garcia----------------------------------------------------[S102]

---(LI) The Snuffbox-----------------------------------------------------[T103]

---Three New Recruits----------------------------------------------------[N104]

---The Signet Ring-------------------------------------------------------[R105]

---Errand Boy------------------------------------------------------------[E106]

---Scrolls, Books, and Shelves-------------------------------------------[S107]

Maracai Bay--------------------------------------------------------------[M108]

---Storage Barrels From The Wreck----------------------------------------[T109]

---(LI) The Cannonball---------------------------------------------------[T121]

---Habib's Meat----------------------------------------------------------[H110]

---The Sleazy Cook-------------------------------------------------------[H110]

---Gargoyles At Maracai Bay----------------------------------------------[G111]

---The Brood At Maracai Bay----------------------------------------------[G111]

---The Treasure in The Panther Cave--------------------------------------[P112]

---The Beast In The Lake-------------------------------------------------[L113]

---Plunderers At The Ancestral Grave-------------------------------------[P114]

---(LI) The Graves Of The Ancestors (Broken Rattle)----------------------[G115]

---(LI) The Jaguar Paw---------------------------------------------------[J122]

---Nice and Spicy--------------------------------------------------------[S116]

---The Deserter----------------------------------------------------------[D117]

---Garcia's Ship---------------------------------------------------------[G118]

---(LI) Chaka Datu's Legacy (Skull Of Death)-----------------------------[D119]

---The Treasure On The Pirate's Coast------------------------------------[T120]

---The Treasure On The Hunting Grounds-----------------------------------[H121]

---The Treasure In The Hidden Valley-------------------------------------[V122]

---Black Dog-------------------------------------------------------------[B123]

---Unwanted Sermon-------------------------------------------------------[S124]

---The Hidden Valley-----------------------------------------------------[H125]

---Maracai Bay (Final Battle)--------------------------------------------[B126]

SteelBeard's Artifact----------------------------------------------------[A127]

---Garcia's Treasure-----------------------------------------------------[G120]

The Isle of The Dead-----------------------------------------------------[T200]

---The Potion Of False Death---------------------------------------------[D201]

---(LI) The Treasure in The TOmb (The Hook Hand)-------------------[G202][G203]

---(LI) The Old Coin-----------------------------------------------------[C204]

---The Skull Sceptre-----------------------------------------------------[S205]

---The Hunter's Curse----------------------------------------------------[H206]

---A Message From The World Of The Living--------------------------------[L207]

---The Thief's Curse-----------------------------------------------------[C208]

---The Warriors Curse----------------------------------------------------[W209]

The Water Temple---------------------------------------------------------[W210]

---Defeat The Kraken-----------------------------------------------------[K211]

---Kill Mara-------------------------------------------------------------[M212]

---Something For Jaffer--------------------------------------------------[J213]

My Other Guides----------------------------------------------------------[MOG4]



/                                                                             \
--------------------------------Introduction [It01]----------------------------
Guten tag and welcome to my twenty-seventh guide. This has definitely been
one of the most interesting games I have played all year (Keep in mind I
haven't played through too many games this year). The story is fairly good and
the characters and voice acting are above average (Probably the high point of
this game).

Unfortunately the combat system is very stale and little variety in the enemies
makes the game get rather repetitive. There is no shortage in quests, although
at least thirty percent of the quests consist of running around and talking
to people or going on a scavenger hunt for items. To add along with this, the
protaganist (the man you control) is nameless and hard to get attached to. They
never explain how he got the eye patch or give any incite into his past. This
game also has it's share of graphical bugs. During conversations the camera
will sometimes go behind a bush or tree, inhibiting your view of the people

All in all, this is a very good game and is definitely worth getting (Probably
not for 60$, Maybe 30$). The characters, the story, and the different locations
was more then enough to keep me playing the game.

If you have any question or comments, send me an e-mail at [email protected]

/                                                                             \
------------------------------Tips and Advice [TAA2]---------------------------

1. Explore. Travel to every corner of every area. I won't give the location
of chests mainly because there are way to many to list. If you explore, you
will find more enemies, get more glory, and find more loot.

2. Loot. Make sure to put your weapon away and loot the bodies of anything
you kill.

3. Try not to travel alone. once you get a crew, you can have one member
join your party and go ashore with you. They won't deal to much damage, but
at least they'll sponge some damage for you.

4. Always bring a gun. If your character is magic or sword based, you should
always bring at least the starter musket (The "Shotgun") with you. The reason
for this is that many of the larger enemies can't be easily beaten with a

5. When talking to people you should go through all the dialogue options.
Only three or four of the conversations in the game will have serious
consequences. This way you'll get more quests and information.

6. Kite. Kiting the process of shooting an enemy, running away and then
shooting him again and running away. This is particularly useful for taking
out the larger enemies that have large amounts of health.

7.Kick and shove. When using a musket or shotgun you shove enemies away by
pressing X. You can also kick enemies while using a sword (You need to learn
this ability from a trainer).

8. Idols, masks, plates, and candle sticks are some of things, not all, that
do not craft into anything and are only there for you to sell.

9. Save often. Self Explanatory.

10. Try to do all the side quests before you move on with the main story line.
Some quests will be canceled if you advance the plot before doing them.

11. If the musket has a bayonet, you can stab enemies by holding down X.

12.Some muskets have two barrels. You can also reload a single barrel before
firing the second. Since it take 5 seconds to reload one barrel, and 15 to
reload 2, you cane fire one barrel, reload, fire, and reload. This way you can
can dramatically increase your rate of fire.

13. Make sure you can see the red health bar of the enemy before firing you
pistol. If you don't see the red bar your character won't aim at the enemy.

14. Legendary items apply permanent stat boosts. You do not need to equip
them and you will get the boost as soon as you pick it up.

15. Herbs such as Swordthorn, Jesters Cap, Grave Root, and Hero's Crown apply
permanent stat boosts to your character. Go into yout inventory to consume them
and get the stat boost.

16. Pick up all the herbs that you see on the ground. They essentially serve
as free provisions. If you are diligent about picking them up, then you should
never have to buy provisions.

17. People are liable to attack you if you steal their stuff when they're
standing in front of you.Wait till night time to loot their houses.

18. Watch for traps. In temples and sometimes the jungle, you can step on traps
that will instantly kill you. If you trigger a trap, quickly press Y (on
xbox) and you will avoid the trap. Enemies don't trigger traps and traps can
only be triggered once.

19. Most pirates who appear with swords, also come with pistols. If you run
away from a sword bearing enemy, he will likely shoot you with a pistol. So,
even if you use a musket, it is in your best interest to stay in at least
medium range of your enemy.

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------Walkthrough [WKH3]------------------------------

Just a few more things I need to mention before we continue on.

1. Use your head. I may say "head northwest" but that doesn't necessarily
mean EXACTLY northwest. Use your head and your eyes to find your objective.

2. Use Quest Markers. When you go into your logbook you can select a quest
and then set a Quest Marker. This will sometimes, not always, place red
markers on your map that will indicate where you need to go. If you can do
this, then I will not give directions.

3. This is written while playing normal difficulty.

4. I am playing PC but I am using a Xbox controller.

/                                                                             \
--------------------------------Prologue [CP00]--------------------------------

Let's start off this journey by grabbing the provisions that are scattered
around your room. Make sure to grab the sword on the desk to the left. Also go
to the chest next to the bed and grab the money that is inside. Head outside
once you have everything.

---New Quest: Meet the Commandant [MTC1]---
Head up the stairs to the right of your room and talk to the man at the top.

***Quest Success: Meet the Commandant***

---New Quest: Search the Beach [STB2]---
Head back down the stairs and turn right at your room. If you haven't already,
grab the sword from the desk in your room. Equip it along with your pistol.
The guard won't let you out until you equip both. Talk to the guard and head
outside. Head down the stairs to the right and walk down to the beach. Head
towards the water for a cutscene.

***Quest Success: Search the Beach***

---New Quest: Rescue Patty [RPA3]---
Draw your weapon and head towards the Sand Devils. Press RT to fire your Gun
and then charge in and press X repetitively. Hold LT to block there attacks.
Once all three are dead the quest will end and you will see some cutscenes.

***Quest Success: Rescue Patty***

---New Quest: Talk to Carlos [TCT4]---
Head outside and turn left at the bottom of the stairs. Head into the large
doorway. You can ask him as many questions as you like and then leave once
you're done.

***Quest Success: Talk to Carlos***

You will recieve the quest "To Tacarigua.

Before we move on with the main quest we're going to do some exploration. First
thing is that if you go to the northeastern corner of the fort you will find a
prisoner that will teach you how to sneak. Its not essential to get, but it
definitely helps. I am going to assume you paid him.

Head outside the fort and go down the stairs to the left. Talk to the man in
the doorway and he'll give you a quest. You have to go go down to the beach and
grab some crates.

---New Side Quest: Flotsam [FLT6]---
Head down to the beach and clear out the chest to the left of the stairs. Your
objective for this quest are six hollow wooden crates that are on the edge of
the water and the sand. Start from the the north end of the beach and then
head south. Stay where the water meets the sand and you'll find all six.
While there, make sure to loot the three sand devils from earlier. When you
grab the sixth crate, two sand devils will attack you.

If you want, you can head into the cave to the north for some extra goodies.
Inside the cave are two sand devils. Take them out and move across the east
wall. You should find an item called the "Hero's Crown". This little herb will
increase permanently increase three of your stats. Use to gain the boosts.

Head back to the Storehouse Master and turn in the Quest for your reward of
200 gold.

***Side Quest Completed: Flotsam***

If you paid the prisoner you can sneak into the storehouse by pressing L3 and
hugging the edge of the doorway. While in the Storehouse, do not stop sneaking
or attack the rats. Clear out the chest and then head upstairs. Clean out the
shelves and then exit while continuing to sneak. If the Storehouse Master does
spot you, then just run away and he'll reset when you enter the area again.
That is just about it for this area.

---Quest: To Tacarigua [TTG5]---

Once you're ready head onto the Boat in the Harbor and talk to Sebastiano.

***Quest Success: To Tacarigua***

/                                                                             \
--------------------------------Tacarigua [TAC7]-------------------------------

/                                                                             \
------------------------------In Town Quests [IT11]----------------------------

---New Quest: Find the Pirates Den [FPD8]---

Head down the ramp off the ship and talk to the guard outside of the town.
Answer his question and then head inside the town. Start by going to the left
and grabbing all the provisions on the table. The locals don't seem to care
too much.

---Quest Retrieval Time [RTR8]---

Now talk to the Pedro who is in the center of town walking around near the
crates. He'll give you some quests so just select all of the dialogue
options. He'll give you the quests "A Map fo Tacarigua", "Sturdy Clothes", and

Head over to Roquefort near the barracks and ask about pirates. He will give
you a quest "Pirate Post". Roguefort can also train your sword skills, for some
gold. At this point you should have enough glory to increase one of your stats.

Head to the north of the square and turn right at the second road. Head over
to the towaer and talk to the Man named Largo in the tower. He'll give you
the quest "Freeing Largo" and "The Clothes of a Pirate". Largo can also train
your theif skills, for some gold.

Go to the Southeast corner of the square and talk to Osorio. Ask for work and
he will give you the quest "Kitchen Help". Unfortunately, your stats aren't
high enough to do this quest.

---Sturdy Clothes [SCS9]---
We need to find a shirt. Head up the road to the north of the square. Turn left
at the first road and enter the building. Find the chest on the far right wall
and grab the shirt inside. Equip it. This shirt is good enough to allow you to
speak to the governor. You will need to speak to carter next to the
prison tower in order to complete the quest, although you don't need to buy
anything from him if you already have a shirt. You can sell the old shirt you
found and use the money to buy largos shirt, which has some better stats. Make
sure to sell any Goblets, Decanters, Shells, Sand Devil parts, or any other
items that don't do anything. All in all, just make sure you have a shirt.

***Quest Success: Sturdy Clothes***

---Provisions [PS10]---
Head to the building at the southeast corner of the square. Talk to Osorio and
ask about provisions. YOu should have plenty if you have been following the

***Quest Success: Provisions***

---A Map of Tacarigua [MO10]---
Enter the Large Building to the west of the square. Don't grab anything or else
you'll come under attack. Enter the first room on the left and go to the stand
to the right of the bed. Read the book "The Masked Man". This will give you
the quest "The Silver Mask". Head upstairs and listen to the convosation. Talk
to Del Feugo. Ask for a map and pay him the 100 gold.

***Quest Success: A Map of Tacarigua***

You can buy some items from him if you ask for supplies. They are expensive
but are quite nice and give some nifty stat boosts.

Ask him about the escaped slaves and offer to hunt them. He will give you the
quest "Bounty".

---The Clothes of a Pirate (Progress: Boots/Pearl) [TCP1]---
Find a bed and sleep till midnight. Wait a few seconds and then enter the
barracks to the northeast of the square. Sneak in and grab the boots by the
locked chest.

To get the pearl you're going to have to pay Largo 1000 gold to teach you how
to pickpocket. Then you have to pickpocket the guard.

---Quest: Kitchen Help [KH11]---
In order to complete this quest you will need to have at least 10 in your
"silver Tongue" stat. You can do this by spending 1000 glory on increasing
your cunning Attribute or you can by a item from Del Feugo that increases
your Silver Tongue by 5. This isn't a vital quest so don't feel bad you can't
do it right now, just skip it and move on. Talk to Osorio in the kitchen and
then talk to Patty, select the option that says silver tongue next to it.
Now talk to Osorio and tell him Patty will help. Patty will leave the group
temporarily. You will also receive the quest "Grog For The Guards".

***Quest Success: Kitchen Help***

---Quest Grog For the Guards [GG12]---
Head north of town and follow the road. Turn west where the road splits for
the second time and you should find a sugar field. You can find Gilles to
the northeast of the fields, sitting on a bench next to a shack. Tell him
there's Grog. When he asks you to get one of his friends say "I can do that"
to get the quest "Let Thompkins Know!".

***Quest Success: Grog For the Guards***

---Quest: The Clothes Of a Pirate (Progress:Bandanna)/ Freeing Largo Progress
This is also found in the sugar fields to the north of the main town. Riley
will be in the center of the sugar fields. If you have 10 intimidate then you
can get the Bandanna without fighting. Otherwise, you're going to have to
fight. Ask him if they make the Bandanna for men and he'll attack you. Draw
your sword and attack. Strike him three to four times and then block and
step backwards. Fire your gun whenever he's not attacking you. Remember, you
can use provisions in the middle of a battle to recover HP. just use the items
and then back off for a few moments. Defeating him will grant you Largos

---Quest: Let Thompkins Know [LT13]---
All you need to do is talk to Thompkins. You can find him a bit to the
Northeast of the Sugar field. Tell him about Gilles and you will recieve a
new quest.

***Quest Success: Let Thompkins Know***

Now that we're talking to Thompkins we might as well get another quest. Ask
whats the trick to kill hogs, then ask where to get a gun, and then ask about
his weapons. This will allow you to access his shop. You might want to get some
bullets. You can also by another gun, but I doubt you have the money. Ask
him to go hunting and you will get the quest "A Fat Roast".

---Quest: A Fat Roast [AF14]---
If you got the help of Thompkins, then let him take the first shot and then
shoot him, and hit him a few times. If you didn't get his help then, fire a
shot and then jump out the way and hack it to death. Don't forget to loot the

***Quest Success: A Fat Roast***

---Quest: Meat For The Cook [MF15]---
Simply head back to Osorio (The cook in the corner of the square) and bring
him the meat Thompkins gave you. Patty will not rejoin your group. Patty will
now talk to you. You can give her gold and gain 5 provisions, or not pay her
and not get the provisions.

***Quest Success: Meat For the Cook***

---Quest: A Hungry Slave [HS16]---
This quest can be obtained by talking to a slave named "Asad" in the sugar
field. TO complete the quest you just need to give him one provision.

***Quest Success: A Hungry Slave***

Now lets do a bit of exploration. Head to the northern area of the sugar
fields. There you can find hogs, monkeys, and a Jaguar. The Jaguar will net
you a nice 105 Glory. Make sure that Patty is back in your party before you
try to take on the jaguar. Clear out all of the mobs and try to pick up as
many berries (Provisions) as possible. Go from east to west and you should
come by Vasco's tower. (Head east of the prison tower.)

To the left of the tower is a tunnel that will reach the other side of the
island and the main quest objective. To the right of the tower is a path
through the jungle that is much more dangerous. If you want to finish the side
quests your're going to need to take the path to the right.

/                                                                             \
-----------------------------Southeastern Jungle [SJ23]------------------------

---Quest: The Peg Leg [PL41]

Head through the tunnel to the left of Vascos Tower. Follow the path all the
way north (Ignore the Bridge). Search in the plants at the dead end near the
the cave entrance. You should find a skeleton with a Peg Leg. Pick it up to
finish the quest.

If you want, you can enter the Cave at the top. A giant cave spider
will burst out of the ground. This is one stuff arachnid. The best way to beat
him is to run back towards the entrance of the cave. This should cause the
spider to get stuck on the wall. From there you can just shoot it to death.
Loot its body for a "Gold head". Insert the head into the slot on the right
side of the cave. Head down the stairs. Kill the guard and then head
through the next two rooms. Grab the Idol and then leave. Be prepared to press
Y once you pass through the next room in order to avoid the trap.

---Quest: Bounty [BO17]---
To complete this quest you're going to have to go down the path to the right
of Vasco's tower. Kill the first couple of monkeys you come by and then
you'll come by three "Savages". Run up and agrro them and then back off. This
way, Patty will engage one of the Savages leaving you to deal with the other
two. Do a short combo, fire your gun and then start blocking. Wait for him
to strike and then hit him. Once all three are dead, loot there bodies for one
head each. If you don't loot the bodies, you won' be able to collect the
reward. Head back to Di Fuego to collect your reward.

***Quest Success: Bounty***

You can explore around the jungle area if you want. If you move along the
SOutheastern you can find a giant grab that grants a nice 100 Glory. Make your
way to the northwestern corner and you should find a light house (YOu can see
it on the map). Enter the Light House and read the book on the desk. You
will get the quest "The Hand Mirror". Talk to the light house keeper. Ask about
the Termites. You Will recieve the Quests "The Termite Plague" and "The Sugar
Plague". Head outside and fry any raw food you have in the fire.

---Quest: The Termite Plaque [TP18]---
For this quest we need to kill 10 workers and 3 warriors. The nest can be found
to the west of the light house on the lower cliff. You can kill the 10 workers
and 1 Warrior. To get the final warriors you're going to have to enter the
cave. Return to Jack for your reward.

***Quest Success: The Termite Plaque***

---Quest: 7 Sacks Of Sugar [SS19]---
This can be found in the same cave as the Termite Plague. Head to the left of
the cave entrance and you will find a cavern full of crates. All 7 sacks can
be found on the ground around the crates. This quest can be completed later
once we reach the Pirate's Den.

---Hidden Temple [HT22]---

Now for some more exploration. Head north under the northern most bridge. Dead
center of the island Watch for traps, they will kill in one shot. Make sure to
save often. After you pass through the two pillars you will find a dead body
with the name pete. Loot his body for some nice loot. Clear out the mobs and
had towards the temple. Grab the shovel and dig up the dirt around the x in the

---Quest: Pete's Treasure Map [PM20]---
---Legendary Item: Meerschaum Pipe [MP21]---
Open up the chest for some VERY nice Loot. One of these items is the legendary
item "Meerschaum Pipe".

Head into the temple. Clear out the Sarcophagus. Climb up onto the bridge to
the left. Grab the idol on the stand and then head back out. Keep your finger
on the Y button and be ready to press it once the trap activates. Afterwards,
jump back down and jump up onto the other side. Head up the stairs and you'll
run into a ghoul. He is quite strong so try to get Patty to tank it if you can.
Head up the stairs and clear out the Sarcophagus. Head down the hallway and
grab the idol at the end. Save your game. You will trigger another trap when
you exit. Make sure to press Y or else you'll end up in a room with a very
angry guardian. Fast travel back to town and sell some loot and/or resupply.

/                                                                             \
--------------------------------The Eastern Half [EH24]-------------=----------

Head back to Vasco's tower, but this time head into the cave to the left
of the tower. Follow the path and kill anyone that gets in your way. You'll
eventually reach a gate. Talk to Fence. If you successfully intimidate him
you'll have to duel him. You can also use Silver Tongue to get inside. Welcome
to the Pirates Den. Hold off on talking to SteelBeard (The guy on the Boat
for now)

***Quest Complete: Find the Pirates Den***

The first guy on the right before the bridge is Barney. You can buy pistols
and ammo from him. You can buy supplies from the man on the other side of
the bridge. Head down the stairs to the right and head to the dock. Go down
the right and talk to the man by the fire. Pay him for his plan and you will
receive the quest "Distract Alistor". Now enter the building to the left.

---Quest: Pirate Post [PP25]---
Enter the tavern at the pirates den and talk to the man behind the counter
(Booze). Give him the letter to complete the quest.

***Quest Success: Pirate Post***

Tell him you can take his letter and he will give you the quest "The Sugar
trade". Now talk to O'Brian in the Tavern. Keep talking to him and he'll give
you the quest "O'Brians Treasure Map". If you go to the second floor of the
Tavern and read the book on the desk you will receive the quest "The Left
Boot". Talk to Boozen and go through all of the dialogue and will receive
the quests: "Night-Time Pursuit" and "The Water Carriers".

---Quest: Settling The Score With Hank [ST26]---
Now if you want to do a really short
quest then you can talk to Holly in the Tavern, exit the conversation and
then head outside. Hank will demand 100 gold from you. Refuse to pay twice
and then you'll fight him. Beat him and you'll finish the quest.

***Quest Success: Settling The Score With Hank***

Head all the way down the beach to the right. All the way to the top right
corner of the map. There you should find a man names blake. He can teach
skills involving toughness. I do advice learning kick as it is very helpful.
Tell him you want to kill some crabs and you will get the quest "Crab Slapping
With Blake".

---Quest: Crab Slapping With Blake [CB27]---
Simply kill all five of the giant crabs. The crabs do do a lot of damage so
make sure to not get swarmed and use your gun when possible.

***Quest Success: Crab Slapping With Blake***

---Quest Progress: Freeing Largo [FL28]---
Head further down to the right and you'll find the blacksmith stone. Tell him
about Largo and then show him your Bandanna. Now tell him that he's owes him
money. That way you'll get the pick for free.

Now let's fast travel back too town. Head over to the Prison Tower and speak
with Largo. Give him the pick and he'll open the door. THe guard will now
attack you take him out and the quest will end.

***Quest Success: Freeing Largo***

Now head over and speak to the newly freed Largo. Tell him you'll follow him
and you'll recieve the quest: Follow Largo. f

---Quest: Follow Largo [FL30]---
now just follow Largo back to the den. If you've been following this guide,
the the path should be clear of enemies. The Quest will be complete once you
reach the Den.

***Quest Success: Follow Largo***

---Quest: The Sugar Trade [ST29]---
Head Back to Town, head over and speak to Di Fuego. Pay him 100 and
the quest will end.

***Quest Success: The Sugar Trade***

---Quest: Largo's Clothes [LC30]---
If you obtained all of Largos clothes and you freed him, you can find him
in the tavern and give it all back. He'll pay you 1000 gold for your trouble.
Then again we paid like 200 for the shirt and 1000 for the pickpocketing so
this isn't a very good return. Well, at least the glory is good.

***Quest Success: Largo's Clothes***

---Quest: Distract Alistar---
Head to the second floor of the Tavern and talk to Lola. Tell her Alistar
needs company and then pay her 100 gold. Now sleep in a bed till midnight.
Wait a few minutes for the other guy to get into the bed and then you can
get into the third floor of the tavern. Now you can loot both rooms without
being harassed.

***Quest Success: Distract Alistar***

---Quest: The Hand Mirror---
You can buy this legendary item from Booze in the Tavern for 2000 gold. It
isn't necessary at the moment and can be obtained at a later time.

---Quest: Night-Time Pursuit [NT32]---
Now we need to follow Meeks without be noticed. (You need to talk to Booze
in the tavern to start the quest.) Stay in a good 10 meter radius. once he
reaches the beach, you will trigger a cutscene. As soon as the cutscene ends,
you will be thrown in a fight.

---The Traitor and The Beast [TB33]---
TIme to Kill this traitor. Focus down meeks and try not to fight them both
at the same time. Hit Meeks a few times and then run away. This isn't to
difficult since the The SUnken One Moves very slowly. I would advice picking
at the sunken one from long range since his comb hurts quite a bit. Loot both
bodies for some nice stuff. Ead back to Booze for your reward. Now go talk
with SteelBeard about these events.

***Quest Success: The Traitor and The Beast***

---Fight for the Hat [FH34]---]
From the Merchant in the pirates then head down the bridge. In the outisde
corner of the tavern by the bridge you should find a hat. Equip the hat and
then walk down to the bottom floor of the Tavern. Walk in front of Morris (guy
by the fire). The Quest will be triggered i you choose to fight him for the
hat. All you need to do is beat him in a fight to finish the quest.

***Quest Success: Fight for the Hat***

---Quest: The Water Carriers [WC35] (This is also the Fight Foster/Doggs)---
Head the quest markers on your map. It's located down to the left of the
den entrance. Talk to Colby and then talk to the men that are fighting. Now
you have options you can either fight Doggs or fight Foster, or choose COlby
and fight both of them. You can only get 50 Glory if you choose to fight only
one of them, so the best option is to choose Colby and fight both. Talk to
one of them to start the fight. Take them both out and then talk to Colby
to complete the quest.

You can get some additional awards by talking to Fences and Curtiss.

***Quest Success Water Carriers***

---Quest: Sugar Shipment [SS36]---
This is a continuation of the quest with the 7 bags of sugar we go earlier.
Talk to Booze and then head to the second floor of the Tavern and talk to
Alister. Give him the Sugar to end the quest.

***Quest Success: Sugar Shipment***

Now let's advance the story, shall we? Head onto the ship and talk to
SteelBeard. Go through all of the dialogue options EXCEPT taking the oath;
We have things to do first. YOu should have recieved the quest: The Rum's Got
To Come".

---Quest The Rum's Got To Come [RR40]---
If you've been following this guide, all you need to do is talk to Booze. He
will then go talk with SteelBeard. Once the conversation is done, talk to
steelBeard to Complete the quest.

***Quest Success: The Rum's Got To Come***

Now talk to Steel and accept the Oath. Do Note that any non side quests you
have yet to complete will be concelled once you accept the Oath.

***Quest Success: Become a Pirate***

Now that you're a pirate you can now equip the Pirate clothes you've had laying

***Quest Success: The Pirate Garb [PG38]***

Once you're ready, talk to SteelBeard to Cast off.
/                                                                             \
-------------------------------The Sword Coast [SC41]--------------------------

I'm going to hold off on all exploration until we get a map off this place.
If you want, you can check out a cave off to the left next to the river. It
has some nice loot and some new enemies. For now, let's get up to that tower.

---Quest: Talk To The Pirates At The Tower [TT42]---
Head right down the trail and take a left at the first stone pillar. You should
come up to the tower and a cutscene. Now we have to kill both pirates and the
Savages. The important part here is to let your party members tank much of the
damage. When the battle starts, back of and run off to the left. Let the
enemies engage your allies and then move in on the enemies that are
preoccupied. Once your finished with them, don't forget to loot all of the
***Quest COmplete: Talk To THe Pirates At The Tower***

Head inside the tower and loot it. Cook the raw meet in the fire at the back
and then take a nice nap in the bed of the men you just killed.

Head back outside and speak with SteelBeard. Go thorugh all of the dialogue
options and you will receive the quests: To Puerto Isabella and Help against
Crow. Once you tell him "let's go" To Puerto Isabella will start.

---Quest: To Puerto Isabella [PI43]---
Just follow SteelBeard and engage enemies that he engages. After about 75
meters he will stop.

***Quest Success: TO Puerto Isabella***

---Quest: Firebird Hunt [FH44]---
Now we have to kill three Firebirds that look more like Raptors to me. Let
SteelBeard make the first attack and then draw one of them away from the
rest of the group. Take him out and then help your allies with the other
two. Now talk to The Captain to complete the quest.

***Quest Success Firebird Hunt***
Now loot the bodies and continue to follow SteelBeard.

---Quest: Over The Bridge [OB45]---
Simply head over the bridge and talk to The Captain.

***Quest Success: Over The Bridge***

---Quest: Further South [FS46]---
Simply follow the Captain for another couple dozen meters.

***Quest Success: Further South***

Now you have a choice to make either head into the cave or follow the path
outside. I personally chose to head into the cave.

---Quest: Through The Rat Cave [RC47]---
Simply head into the cave.

***Quest Success: Through The Rat Cave***

Now you can either choose to continue into the cave or head back outside and
take the other path. Again, I choose to continue on.

---Quest: A Terrible Feeling [TF48]---
Head deeper into the cave and you'll come by "Cave Bats" Stay behind your
allies and pick at them from behind. COntinue down the cave and you'll
encounter two more of them. Take them out and head outside. Oh well, we took
the wrong path. Choose to head backwards.
***Quest: A Terrible Feeling***

---Quest: Back to The Beginning [BB49]---
Head back to the cave entrance.
***Quest Success : Back to The Beginning***

---Quest: Farther Toward the Coast [TC50]---
Follow SteelBeard to the Bridge.
***Quest Success: Farther Toward the Coast***

---Quest: The City Gate Is Not Far Off [NO51]---
Now head across the bridge and defeat the Firebirds and the monkeys on the
other side.
***Quest Success: The City Gate is Not Far off***
***Quest Success: Crow's Ship***

Now we're going to loose Patty and SteelBeard for a while. Head towards the
gates and talk to the guard. Offer him some Rum and he should let you in.
/                                                                             \
------------------------------Puerto Isabella [PI52]---------------------------

Before we advance the story we need to do some talking/exploring. The First
person you should talk to is Sophia at the Bar, Go through all the dialogue
options and you'll be able to buy stuff from her. You should definitely buy
the treasure map at the bottom. Now head up the stairs to the left of Sophia
and talk to Miguel. Go Through all the dialogue options for a side quest and
info on crow.

***Quest Success: Where is Crow's Ship?***

If head south up the hill you'll find the blacksmith who will teach you along
with sell you swords. Past him is Webster, who will do the same things, but
with guns. If you want to buy a musket you're going to have to talk to
Sebastiono. Head up the hill towards the Mansion. Try to head inside. Tell
the guard you want to fight Crow, and he'll let you pass.

Talk to Sebastiono. Go through all the dialogue options and you should get
the quests: "The Lookout's Report" and "Interrogate Hawkins". Also make sure
to ask him about the muskets if you want to buy some later (you can't buy
muskets till the end of the island). Head to the second floor and make your way
to the western most room. Read the book on the desk to get the "The Comb With
One Tooth" Quest.

---Quest: Cargo Crates For Miguel [FM53]---
The ten crates are scattered amongst the beaches of the coast. Basically all
10 will be found on the sand area of the island. Start from the beach in the
far south (Below the town) and then make your way north. The crates will only
be found on sand areas, so don't move to far in land. Takes the crates to
Miguel to receive your reward.

***Quest Success: Cargo Crates For Miguel***

---Quest: The Treasure on Puerto Isabella Beach [IB54]---
The Treasure in buried in the beach in lower right corner of the map.
directly south of Puerto Isabella. The chest contains 600 gold and a load of
expensive loot.

***Quest Success: The Treasure on Puerto Isabella Beach***

---Quest: Interrogate Hawkins [IH55]---
make your way to the prison tower near the mansion. Talk to Hawkin and offer
to free if he answers the questios. Go through all the questions BEFORE you
ask for a escape plan. Once he answers enough questions, the quest will be

***Quest Success: Interrogate Hawkins***

---The Lookout's Report [LR56]---

Head up to the mansion and head west across the bridge Follow trail west. You
should come by a guard named Torres. Go through all the dialogue and you get
the Bartering quest. Head further up the trail into the inquisition tower.
Go up the stairs to the left and read the book at the top for "The Cannonball"

Head back down to the main trail and continue to follow it west. Go north at
the first fork in the road and then turn left towards the blue area on the
map. Go to your Logbook and press set Map Marker. Now we have to do a bit
of a tracking job. Head north along the stream towards the main river. You
should find another friendly soldier in the bushes at the top of the stream.

---Among Savages [AS58]---
Head northeast into the village. When the guard stops you, tell him crow
sent you. Then say you were spying on the inquisition. Now you're free to
roam in the camp.

---Quest: The Bottle Of Memories [M129]---

This can be bought from Kapua in the northern village for 2000 gold.

Start off by talking to Ranapiri. Go through all the dialogue options for the
"A Dangerous Beast" quest and "Chani, Daughter of the Chieftain". Badriya will
sell you potions and herbs. Nakutu will teach you some toughness skills.
Hikoko will give a very crappy amulet for 50 gold. Kapua will tell you how man
men Crow has. This bit of information will finish the quest. If go through all
the dialogue options with Slck, you will the quest "The Shipment for Crow".

Head back outside and talk to the soldier. Give him the information and then
head back to town. Talk to Sebastiano and give him the report.

---Quest: Bartering [BG57]---
Head back to town and talk to the butcher in town. Ask for one meat and 50
gold. (He won't except anything more) Now bring it back to the guard.

***Quest Complete: The Lookout's report***

---A Important Decision [II59]---
Now you have a very important decision to make. You can either side with the
Inquisition or do a series of quest that will allow you to side with the
Moliccas. Siding with the Moliccas will allow you to use Vodoo while the
inquisition will give you access to better guns.

For this portion of the guide I will be assumming you sided with th Inquisition
the Moliccas portion will come in a later update. Talk to Sebastiano and
say you will help the Inquisition.(Note: This will cancel the quests that
help the Moliccas.) This will give you the quest "4 Muskets Against Crow". Now
Head down to webster and ask about weapons. You can now buy rifles and shotguns
from him. He can also teach you firearm skills. I highly Recommend The Seaman's
Shotgun and the faster pistol reload (If you're building a ranged character).

***Quest Success: Help against Crow***

Now I'll go over the last of the side quests on the island.

---Quest: A Dangerous Beast [DB60]--- (You can still do this quest no matter
who you side with)

Fast travel to the village and head to the northern tip of the river. Follow
the Quest marker and you will find a Alligator This is one of the toughest
enemies in the game. The best way to take this guy down is with a musket.
Fire a shot and then jump away. Wait for the Alligator to lunge and then
turn around and shoot him. Then continue to jump away. Rinse and repeat.

***Quest Success: A Dangerous Beast***

---Quest: The Shipment For Crow [FC61] (YOu can still do this quest no matter
who you side with) ---

Head to the northern most part of the river and talk to all three of the
villagers. Two will give you the supplies but one lost theirs. Now you have
to find 3 bags of plants. The bags can be found at the waters edge only a
couple meters to the north of the person who lost them. Now you need to talk
to Kapua in the village. Now we need to get some jade. If you don't have any,
then head into the temple at the back of the village. Take out the guard and
then climb up onto the ledges on either side of the room. Clear out all of
the tombs and you should find some jade. Head back to Kapua. Once your
ready, tell her to go.

Follow her to the cave and then head inside. You need to find four pieces of
jade. There's only a couple of enemies so it shouldn't be to hard. The jade
can be found on the ground along the walls. Head back to the village and
then talk with Kapua. Talk back with Slick to finish the quest.

***Quest Success: The Shipments For Crow***

---Quest: Four Offerings For Kanadiktu [FK62]---

To get this quest you need to talk to Badriya in Shaganumbi. Now Speak to
Ranapiri, Chani, Nakutu, and Samir (He's in the temple at the back of the
vilage). Head back to Quest giver for your reward.

***Quest Success: Four Offerings For Kanadiktu****

---Quest: The Treasure In The Natives' Graveyard [NG23]---
Directly to the southwest of the town is a small patch of green inside the
mountains. Head down the path to the west, past the tower and then turn south
at the fork in the road. Follow the way into the mountain. You will have to
fight 4 tribal warriors to access the grave. The Grave will be to the left
of the temple entrance.

---Quest: The Shrunken Head [SH64]---
This will be found on a pedestal next to the area described in the above

---Quest: 4 Muskets Against Crow [Ma60]---

Head outside the mansion in town. Talk to Alcazar. Now we have to find all
four of our men. Bartolo is in the room in the Mansion to the left of the
entrance. Turns out he lost his Gun. We'll find it a bit later. He can also
teach you how to use muskets and shotguns.

---Quest: The Shotgun [TS62]---
Talk to Eusebio under the bridge leading out of town. If you don't have
enough intimidate he won't answer your questions. If this is the case, you'll
have to do the quest "Eusebio's Debt" [ED63]. Head over and talk with Tito.
Tell him about the debt and then ask to bargain. Now offer to pay 100 and then
pay 100. Head back to Eusebio to complete the quest.

Now we have a new lead. Now talk to Tito once. Tell him what you know. If you
have a high enough silver tongue, then you can get it peacefully, otherwise
you'll have to fight him. Dance with Tito [DT63]. RUn out into the open area
and shoot him to death; Easy enough. Talk with him one more time, retrieve the
rifle and then shake him down for some money. Head back to Bartolo to finish
the quest.

***Quest Success: The SHotgun****

Venturio can be found drinking at the bar in town. He'll come without any

To find Martinez we're going to have to talk with Tito the butcher. He'll
tell you he's out hunting in the valley. Simply exit the town from the
west, walk ten feet, and you'll find him. Go through all the dialogue and
he'll join you.

Sancho can be found to the east of the Inquisition's Tower. He'll be directly
at the base of the cliff of the tower. If you wan, you can do a short side
quest by entering the cave next to him.

---Quest: Three Cutthroats [TC61]---
Simply enter the cave to the east of the tower and kill the three guys inside.
***Quest: Three Cutthroats***

Head back to town and talk to Sebastiano.

***Quest Success: 4 Muskets Against Crow***

***Quest Success: Support From The Inquisition***

Talk to the men and they'll join your party.

---New Quest: Forward March/Assasult On The Temple [AT62]---
Head towards the temple that is located in the lower left corner of the map.
In front of the entrance are 8 native warriors. Stay back and make sure the
bulk of them engage your party members. Also make sure that you only engage
a few of them at a time.

***Quest Complete: The Warriors In Front of the temple***

Once they're gone, head inside the outer wall. Once you enter, you'll trigger
a short cutscene.

***Quest Success: Forward March/Assault on the Temple***

---New Quest: Fight Against Crow [AC62]---

First things first, save your game. Now head off to the left and stay away
from the golem. Your party can take out the grunts, you should focus all your
efforts on fighting crow. If you have a musket then you can just around and
shoot him while dodging his spears. He should go down after five or so musket

***Quest Success: Fight Against Crow***

---New Quest: Earth Titan [ET63]---
Now for this giant golem thing. You will be equipped with the Titan Harpoon.
You can only damage the golem when the rock on his chest moves. Jump when he
throws a rock at you and then throw a spear into his chest. It seems to open
right after he throws a rock or moves backwards. After three times he'll start
to charge at you (Very slowly). Just continue running and jumping away while
throwing spears. After 8 consecutive spears in the chest, you'll trigger a
cutscene. Press the button that appears on the screen to end the fight.
***Quest Success: Earth Titan***

Make sure to go around and loot the dead bodies. Afterwards, head inside
the temple. Interact the lock and then head down the stairs. Loot all the
coffins and you will get two idols. Go to the room in between the two
coffin rooms and place the idols on the two pedestals. Loot the room, retrieve
your two idols and then attempt to leave the temple. Doing so will trigger a
conversation and a cutscene.

You will receive the quests "Find Captain Slayne", "SteelBeard's Artifact",
and "Talk to The Commandant".

---Talk to The Commandant [TC64]---
Head back to town and talk to Sebastiano. Answer any way you want.
***Quest Success: Talk to The Commandant***

---Quest: Talk to Patty---
Talk to her and choose the option about Mara.
***Quest Success***

---Quest: Follow Patty---
Follow her down to the harbor and speak with her again.

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------Let's Get Us a Ship! [LU65]---------------------

---Quest: Sabotage [SO66]---
Talk to Patty and ask how to disable the cannons. Shell give some nails for
the job. Sleep till midnight and then head up the first set of stairs. You're
going to have to knock out the store-house keeper and the armory guard.
Afterwards you can sabotage the three cannons. The final cannon is located
in the tower of the mansion.

***Quest Success: Sabotage***

---Quest: A Few Barrels of Water [BW67]---
Talk to Venturo near the bar. Ask him about the water. Now talk to Sophia at
the bar. Offer to help her out. She'll issue you the mission to grab three
golden masks from the garrison. Head up the hill to the Garrison. One mask
can be found at the top of the stairs just to the right. Another is found in
the tower with the cannon we sabotaged earlier. The final mask is found in
the room to the right of the main entrance. It's on a table next to the bed.
Give the masks to Sophia to finish the quest.

***Quest Success: A few Barrels of Water***

---Quest: The Third Crew Member [CW68]---
If you haven't already talk to Venturo by the bar. He'll join your crew if
you just ask.
***Quest Success: The Third Crew Member***

---Quest: The Fourth Crew Member/Free Hawkins! [CW69]---
This one kind of blows seeing as you have to have your thievery at 35 to
complete this. If you don't have the proper stats, then you're going to have
to get grinding in the jungle. Also make sure that you equip any items that
may increase your thievery. Talk to Sebastian, take the key, and then head
over to the prison tower. After being freed, Hawkins can be found to the left
of the northern town gate. Talk to Patty to finish the quest.
***Quest Success: The Fourth Crew Member***

Make sure that you're at full HP and then tell Patty you're ready to go.

---Quest: Liberate The Ship [LS70]---
Their are four guards on the ship that need to be taken care of. Don't even
bother talking to them, just start shooting. If you see an enemy aiming a
rifle at you, jump to try to throw off their aim. Run back to make sure they
engage your allies and then take out the stragglers. Head onto the ship.

***Quest Success: Liberate The Ship***
/                                                                             \
-------------------------------The Open Seas [OS71]----------------------------
You can now travel to any location you have previously been to. Just talk
to Patty whenever you want to sail.

---Quest: The Comb With One Tooth [EW72]---
This is completely optional and can only be done if you have thievery of 60
higher. Return to The crystal fortress (). Enter the main building and enter
the first room to the left. Pick the lock and grab the treasure map inside.
Head down to the beach at enter the cave at the end. Dig up the X inside the
cave and you will find the legendary item inside the chest.

You can also go and get chests that you may have not been able to open before.
You can also talk to Carlos at the Crystal Fortress for some semi useful

Additionally you can also finish any quests you started on the previous

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------Antigua [AA72]----------------------------------

Head off to Antigua and make sure to talk to Patty on the ship for several
quests. Head off the ship and talk to rick. Go through all the dialogue for
some quests. If you head off to the right of the ship you can talk to Quinn
and buy two items for some additional quests. Next up you should enter the
tavern. Talk Morgan for a quest.Talk to Spencer for another quest. Talk to
both the gun and black smith for some quests.

If you head to the northeast of town you can find some pirates who will give
you some quets.

Now that we have some quests
built up, lets do some.

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------Town Quests [TQ73]------------------------------

---Quest: Powder Kegs [PK74]---
Simply talk to rick and then head off to the east side of town and head onto
the beach. Talk to Quinn and pay him some gold for a "Special item". Head
back to Rick to finish the quest.
***Quest Success: Powder Kegs***

---Quest: Gibson's Grave/The Silver Mask [GG75]---
Simply head to the grave to the northwest of town. Dig at the x and open up
the chest. Inside is the Legendary item "The Silver Mask".

***Quest Success***

---Quest: The Voodoo Needle [V128]---
This can be bought from the vodoo shop at the east end of town. It costs
2000 gold.

---Quest: The Hangman's Noose [H129]---
This one is a bit harder to get. You will need to have cunning of at least 6.
You will also need to know the "Monkey trainer" skill which can be taught to
you by Quinn at the eastern end of town (He's a bit outside the town near
the water.) Now head to the storehouse through the stairs in the back. Release
the monkey and move it through the window onto the roof. Move up a bit and
enter the hole in the roof. On one of the crates you will find the Hangman's

---Quest: The Cannon [TC76]---
You get this quest by talking to The black smith. Ask him what he does for
fun and you'll receive the quest: "Pure Luxury". Head up to the captains
house and talk to the women outside. You're going to have to pay her 1000 gold
or 500 if your silver tongue is high enough. Pay her and then head down to
Wilson. Tell him what happened to finish the quest.

***Quest Success: The Cannon***

---Quest: The Treasure On a Rocky Platue on Antigua [TT77]---
You should have received the map from Quinn to the east of town.
Simply set the map marker and then head towards the X on your map. You have
to jump up several large "Steps" to reach it.
***Quest Success: The Treasure On a Rocky Platue on Antigua***

---Quest: An Old Friend [OF77]---
Set the map marker and then head towards the X. There you should find a
man standing by a fire. Talk to him and go through all the dialogue options.
You will receive the quests: The Brood and Winged Monsters.

---Quest: The Brood/winged Monsters [BM78]---
Set the map marker in your logbook. Head south from your current location
and you should find three gargoyles and three of their eggs. Two more gargs are
found the east of the quest giver. The final 7 gargs can will found to the
north of Eldric. The final two eggs are also found in two separate nests
to the north. Refer to your map for more accurate info.

Return the quests to Eldric for some more Glory. Eldric will now join your
***Quest Success: The Brood/Winged Monsters***

If you head back to the ship and talk to Patty, you should get Storm Island
added to your map.

---Quest: The Left Boot [LB79]---
Head over to the island northwestern beaches. Look at your map. You should
see a small sandy island that is separated from the rest of the island. Go
there. The boot is on the ground on the east side of the island.

---Quest: Procure Fresh Supplies From Tacarigua [PT80]---
Board your ship and set sail for Tacarigua. Talk to Booze in tavern. While
your their, ask about Steelbeard and he'll give some additional quests. Now we
have to take the Rum back. Talk to Spencer for your reward of 1000 gold.
***Quest Success: Procure Fresh Supplies From Tacarigua***

---Quest: Steelbeards Notes [SN81]---
Head to Tacarigua. Head to the second floor of the tavern through the side
stairs. Turn left before the second stairs and move through the rooms. Open
the chest at the end. (The chest will say "SteelBeard's Chest). Now we have
page 4 from this chest and page 2 from patty.

Now talk to Patty for info on the final two pages.
***Quest Success: SteelBeards Notes***

---Quest: The Pirate Grave [PG82]---
Head back to Antigua and go to the tavern. Talk to the Barman and ask about
Nasir. Head the the grave to the northwest of town. Fig up the X for a chest
containing the page. Wait what's this? A bone? How strange...
***Quest Success: The Pirate Grave***

---Quest: The Temple Ruins [TR83]---
Head to The sword COast. Set the map marker and then head to the tower. Follow
your map to the X and dig into the ground. Head back to Patty and tell her
about it.
***Quest Success: The Temple Ruins***

---Quest: Find Captain Slayne [CS80]---
Head to the captains house at the north end of town. First things first, lets
loot the place. Head into the room to the back right. Read the book for some
info on a legendary item and open up the chest for a treasure map. Their
is also a map on the second floor.

Talk to Slayne when you're done. Ask him about the knife and then follow him
to his ship. Go through all the dialogue options.

***Quest Success: Find Captain Slayne***

---Quest: The Helmsman [TH81]---
Head to the local tavern and talk to the man named Morgon. Go through the
dialogue and Morgon will challenge you to a contest in exchange for him
joining the crew. The first challenge is a duel. He's like any other pirate
and he has no pistol/range weapon. Kicking his ass should be pretty easy.

Next up is a drinking contest. Just move the cursor over the center of the
bottle to drink it. If you grab while your cursors not on the center, then
the bottle will fall over and you will lose time.

Next up is shooting. You have seven shots. You need to shoot the objects as
they fly across your screen. If you fail to shoot after he throws the third
object, then you automatically fail.

You only have to win two of the challenges to finish the quest.

***Quest Success: The Helmsman***

---Quest: Water Barrels [WB82]---
Head down the road to the northeast of town. You should find a group of people
around a camp fire. Talk to the two men and go through the dialogue options.
After talking to Butch, talk to Miles and ask how to get rid of Butch. This
will give you a quest to lead him to a near by cave. Lead him to the cave and
once told to, beat the crap out of him. Now return to miles and resume the

***Quest Success: Water Barrels***

If you have been following this guide in order, then you should have the
cannon, powder kegs, a Helmsman, and water. Talk to Slayne and report your
progress to him.

The final quest requires you to go to the far eastern beach. You should see
a small wooden dock on your map. Head there. Talk to the man inside the shack
and go through all the dialogue options.

---Fresh Fish/The HobGolblin/The Treasure On A Rocky Plateau on Antigua
Go into your logbook and set the quest marker for "The Missing Fisherman".
Head towards the X at the northeastern corner of the island. You can enter
the cave from the cove at the southern side of the mountain. If you enter from
here you should find a cave entrance. Follow the cave and will reach a open
cavern where the Hobgoblin is located. Wait for him to charge you and then
run back into the cave you entered from. Pick at him from there until he is

With the monster dead, head down the northen cave and you should find a man
named Duncan. Talk to him and you will receive a treasure map. While we're
here we might as well grab the treasure. Head back to the main cavern and
go down the cave to the west. The cave will be a dead end, but there is a
x on the ground. Dig it up for some loot.

Head back to the Fisherman shack to finish off the quest.
***Quest Success: Fresh Fish***

Head back to town and talk to Slayne. The admiral will stop you, jut talk to
him and move on. Talk to Slayne and Tell him you're ready to go. Head back to
your shhip and talk to Patty. Tell her you're ready and then set a heading
for the Isle Of Thieves.

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------Isle Of Thieves [IO84]--------------------------

Get onto your Row Boat and head ashore. Talk to Slayne and go through all the
dialogue options.

---Quest: Treasure Cave [TC85]---
Our first job is to follow Slayne around. Watch for Sand Devils while following
along the beach. As you head inland you'll face a couple of termites. Just let
Slayne tank them as much as possible. After a few more Termites, you'll reach
the cave.

Head inside. Walk to the end and open up the chest. Watch the cutscene and
the quest will be completed.
***Quest Success: Treasure Cave***

---Quest: A Way Out of The cave [AC86]---
Head down the cave to the left of the chest. Where the path splits, go down
the right path. There you will find, a potion, a book on a LI, a bed, and
a locked chest. Take a nap and then head back up the cave. Head down the
other path.

The cave will split again. To the left are some Termites and a few items.
The right path will lead to our objective. Jump down and you'll be out of
the cave. A sunken One will come at you so be careful. Be careful as you leave
the cave as a Leviathan will come out of the ground and attack you. Fight your
way through the enemies and head off to the Southwest.

You should find a "Message in a bottle" on the beach. Open it up for a map of
the area. If you want, you can head back into the cave and find the treasure
described on the map. The chest contains the legendary item "The Parrot's
Wing" [P133]. Now you can head inland.
***Quest Success: A Way Out of The cave***

---Quest Marooned [MO87]---
 Head of down to the west. There you should find a very short..Gnome? Talk to
him. Go through the dialogue options and ask if he can help you. He will then
give a list of parts needed for a raft. Now just follow him into the forest.
Don't forget to open the chest along the way as it contains a map of the

Follow him all the way to the village. Don't forget to ask where to find the
parts for some info on their location.

---Quest: Vines [VS90]---
One vine can be found next to the entrance to Jaffar's cave (Vine 1/5). Head
to the southeast of Jaffar's house and you should find a Gnome named Zeki.
Go through all the dialogue options for a quest that will help us obtain
some of the raft parts. You can find another vine to the left of the entrance
to Zeki's cave (Vine 2/5). From Zeki's house head to the northeast. Enter the
first cave on the right. Another vine can be found to the right of the cave
entrance (Vine 3/5). Talk to the Gnome name Ulvi for another quest. Head down
the raod to the west and talk the Gnome Nuri for another quest. Another vine
can be found to the left of Nuri's cave (Vine 4/5). Head to the Northeast
of Nuri and talk to the Gnome Kaan. Ask him what a "Daka Balla" is. You can
also find the final vine next to Kaan (Vine 5/5).
***QUest Success: Vines ***

---Quest: Driftwood [BW89]---
Next up let's grab some drift wood. Start by heading to the beach area to
the north of Jaffar's house. There you will find five wooden planks (Wood 5/10)
Head further down the beach to the west and should anoter one next to a
Sand Devil (Wood 6/10). Head Further west and you will find the rest of the
driftwood (Wood 10/10).
***QUest Success: Driftwood ***

Now let's do some of those quests for some old shirts.

---Quest: The Lost Gnome [LG88]---
Head to the beach North of Jaffar's hosue. Head to the East and should find
several large crabs. Kill them all and then head a bit further east. You
should find a gnome. Talk to him and tell him to return home. Head back to Ulvi
in the village. He will give a Black Pearl as a reward. Ask him about the
shirts. He will give you two shirts (Shirts 2/6). He will also trade with you.
(You can buy a treasure map from him [TR89])
***Quest Success: The Lost Gnome***

---Quest: Lost In Translation [IT90]---
Now that we have the pearl from Ulvi, head over to Nuri and give it to him.
In return you will receive a shirt (Shirt 3/6).
***Quest Success: Lost In Translation***

---Quest: Gnome Eater [LI91]---
Head to the east of the village and you should eventually find a
large beast by the name of Granne Gozzo. Don't wait for it to stand up, start
attacking as soon as possible. I advice using a musket to fight him. Shoot him
and then run away. Run into the Gnome village to try to get help from the
Gnomes. Once you kill it, head over to Kaan for your reward of the Legendary
item "The Flask".
***Quest Success: Gnome Eater***

---Quest: The Thief Has Been Robbed [BR92]---
Head to the Northern edge of the island on the northwest corner of the
mountain that contains the quest marker. There you should find a cave entrance.
Head to the end of the cave and grab all of the gold/loot found on the rocks.
Head back to the village once you have it. Talk to Zeki to complete the quest.
As a reward you will receive the final 3 shirts (shirt 6/6).
***Quest Success: The Thief Has Been Robbed***
***Quest Complete: Shirts***

Talk to Jaffar and have him build the Raft.

***Quest Success: Build a Raft***

Head to the western beach and Talk to Jaffar again and then interact with the
raft to leave.

***Quest SUccess: Marooned***

---Quest: Where's My Ship Now? [SN93]---
Talk to Jaffar and he will join your party. Now fast travel to the Pirate's
Den. Would you look at that, it's our ship in the Harbor! Head on board and
talk to Patty. Aftterwards, restock on supplies in the local shops and then
head back to Antigua.
***Quest Success: Where's My Ship Now?***

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------Antigua [AA94]----------------------------------

---Quest: Meet Slayne [CC95]---
Head ashore. Head towards the Captains house. You'll get a very nice
conversation once you enter.

---Quest: Showdown with Slayne [OS96]---
If you haven't already, sleep up and restock on supplies. Once you're ready,
head over to the square at the norhteastern corner of town. Talk to him
to start the duel. NOthing special about him, just kite him if you have
a musket or stab him to death with a sword. Once you kill him, loot his body
for some goodies.
***Quest Success: Showdown with Slayne***
***Quest Success: The Cunning Captain***

And with that we have two of the four artifacts.

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------Storm Island [SI97]-----------------------------
If you talked to Patty after recruiting Eldric, then Storm island will be a
destination on your map.

---Quest: The Air Temple [AT98]---
Start by looting the chest to west. Afterwards, head down the trail to the
east. The one covered in Sunken ones. Now this next part is very important.
Once the trails open into a open beach area, take a right turn. There you
should see Three Sunken Ones next to the water. Kill them and then head near
the water. There you should find a message in a bottle. Open it up in your
inventory for a treasure map [IP99].

Head to the far end of the beach and you will find a man named Crouse. Go
through all the dialogue options for some additional info/quests. If you head
to the southeast you will reach a small storage shack. There you will find some
supplies and a map of the island on top of a barrel.

---Quest: A chest Full of Eggs [C100]---
Head east down the beach and follow the small stream. Set a map marker for
better information. Open up the chest and grab the three eggs. Head back to
Crouse and tell him you can give him a ride.
***Quest Success: A Chest Full of Eggs***

With that out of the way, let's head in land. There are 16 Gargs on this
island, So I you brough a whole lot of bullets. There is only a single path
on this island, so there isn't much for me to say. Just try not to engage more
then one Garg at a time. Don't forget to grab any eggs you may find along
the way.

---Quest: Magical Geysers/The Barrier [G101]---
Now that you reach the temple, of course, the door is sealed. Talk to Eldric
and then head back down the hill. Remember the Geysers we passed on the way
up here? Well we have to seal them in order to gain entry. Examine one of
the Geysers lower on the mountain and then talk to Eldric. He will give you
a potion to seal the geysers. Interact with the geyser to seal it. Now
Eldric needs five eggs to make one more potion. Since there are two more
geysers, we need 10 eggs. If you collected all of them on the way up, then
you should have more then enough. Talk to him and have him make two potions.
Seal up the last two Geysers and then fast travel back to the temple.
***Quest Success: Magical Geysers/The Barrier***

Head inside the temple. Head down the stairs. There will be an enemy named
"The General". He is simply a powerful "Sunken One". You will find the final
two Gargs in the last room of the Temple. Kill them and then take there eggs.
If you have been following this guide, then you should have exactly enough
eggs to make another potion. Have Eldric make it and then seal the geyser.
Talk to Eldric Once more and tell him of your work.
***Quest Success: The Air temple****

Return to the ship and then talk to Eldric. Now for Crouse. Set Sail for
Antigua. Talk to him and he'll get onto the island. This concludes our
adventures on storm island.

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------The Search For Garcia [S102]--------------------

If you have been following this guide since the beginning, you should know that
Garcia has been spotted in Caldera. Head there. Talk to Carlos and tell him
that you're searching for Garcia. Talk to the Bridge Gate Guard and head across
the bridge.

---Quest: The Snuffbox [T103]---
This can be bought from the merchant Possodino for 2000 gold.

You can buy clothes from Pantaleo in the hotel. You can buy magical items
from the man on the second floor. Ask the people in the hotel about where
Garcia is. Once you head outside a servant will try to talk to you. Follow
him. Head up the Stairs to the left and talk to "Azuro". Go Through all the
dialogue options for some quests. Talk to Lopez to the west of the port for
another quest. You can buy guns from Fernando at the far western end of the

---Quest: Three New Recruits [N104]---
Simply Talk to the Two Citizens next to the Recruiting table and then one
of the Crate workers. If one rejects you, then move onto the next. Once three
decide to join, head back to Lopez.
***Quest Success: Three New Recruits***

---Quest: The Signet Ring [R105]---
Next up it Mauregato's House. Head inside and enter the room at the top of
the stairs on the right. He will, of course, reject ypu. We need to get that
ring. A key is located in the room on the bottom floor on the right. Enter
the room and the guard and the servant will attack you. Take them both out
and then grab the key on the desk. Head upstairs to the left. Open the door
with the key. The ring is on the stand in between the two beds.
Head back to Azuro.
***Quest Success: The Signet ring***

---Quest: Errand Boy [E106]---
Talk to Pantaleo in the Hotel and buy the messenger outfit off him for 500
gold. Now head to the council building (The big one with the two statues in
front of it.) Talk to Custodio. Find Cassandra in one of the rooms to the left.

---Quest: Scrolls, Books, and Shelves [S107]---
Holy Crap, the last thing I wanted to do on my Sunday is a math problem. Very
well then Since 250 divided by 5 is 50, and 1000 divided by 5 is 200, a case
can hold 50 books and 200 scrolls. So we need two cases, that will hold 400
scrolls and 100 books. This leaves 25 additional slots in the case and we need
to find room for 20 more scrolls. Each scroll needs half a slot, leaving
15 unused slots. The answer is two bookcases and 15 unused slots.
***Quest Success: Scrolls, Books, and Shelves***

Whether you get the answer right or wrong, you'll have to pay the Lady 500
gold for the key. Now you can the office which outside to the left. Read the
notes on the desk and then loot the chest.

Now we must gain access to the archives. Head into the doorway to the right of
the main hall. Turn right again and talk to the man named Godin. He can teach
some very high level firearm skills. Head back into the hall ways and talk to
the guard in front of the archives. Threaten to beat the crap out of him and
you'll be in for a fight. Take him out and then head inside. Make sure to
loot as many things possible, but your objective is the book in the corner
called "High Council Rulings". You should now be able to travel to Maracai Bay.
Take the evidence back to Azuro for some gold. Head back to your ship and
head to "Maracai Bay".

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------Maracai Bay [M108]------------------------------

Grab a Crew member and the talk to Eldric. He'll give you some wonderful info
about Gargs. Head ashore and talk to the men. Go through all the dialogue
options and you should receive some quests. If you talked to eldric, and then
ask Valdez about the Gargs, you should get a free map.

Head into the temple (I really hope you don't need directions). Head to the
far side and talk to the man "Mercutio". Ask about trade and he'll give you
the quest "Storage Barrels From The Wreck".

---Quest: Storage Barrels From The Wreck [T109]---
All the barrels can be found on the beach right next to your ship, to the
southeast. Head back to Mercutio for your reward. He will also allow you to
trade with him if you have a silver tongue of 65.
***Quest Success: Storage Barrels From The Wreck***

---Quest: The Cannonball [T121]---
This can be bought from Mercutio for 2000 gold.

Talk to the man by the fire to the right of the ship for some basic toughness

Head down the path to the east of the temple. You will quickly come by one
of the natives. Don't shoot him. Talk to him and he'll give you a quest to
retrieve his meat.

---Quest: Habib's Meat/The Sleazy Cook [H110]---
From where habib is, head down the path on the left. Cross the Rope bridge.
Turn to the right and then take the path on the left. Three pirates will attack
you. Take them out and then talk the last man. He'll give you some quests
and some info on how to find Steelbeard's artifact. Open up the chest for
10 pieces of raw meat. Return to Habib for your reward.
***Quest Success: Habib's Meat/The Sleazy Cook***

Head down the path you have not yet taken. Go left at the next split in the
road and you will find 3 gargs and 3 of their eggs. Take them and head back
to the fork. Take the path on the right and you will find a recently used camp.
cook up some foot and take a nap in the bed. [G111]

Head northeast from the camp and you will find another Garg. Take the first
trail on the right. There you will find the last two Gargs. In the corner
directly after you took the right turn is the last three eggs.

Continue down the trail to the northeast and you will come by an old tomb
to the north (in the side of a mountain). Attempt to take the mask at the
end of the tomb and a spirit will appear. I would recommend accepting his
offer. If you refuse to gather the masks, he will attack you. He is very
powerful and will likely kill you. It is possible to kill him (i have done
it before) but all you really get is 110 glory and a few extra pieces of loot;
really not worth it. Its up to you though.

Continue east, past the temple, and you'll reach another camp. Loot the place.
Now the road splits once more. The left path leads to the beach. The only
thing to be found there are some chests and a message in a bottle. The message
is a treasure map. (The bottle can be found at the far eastern tip of the
sandy area on the beach; it will be next to a chest [P112]).

Once you're done, head down the path leading to the south. Talk to the native
and ask about the Inquisition and the beast in the lake.

---Quest: The Beast In The Lake [L113]---
The "beast" is actually really easy to kill. Head to the middle of the lake
and attack him. Run back to the natives and they will start to attack the
beast. Now just pick at the beast from afar to kill it. Talk with the natives
to end the quest. You will also receive another treasure map [H121].
***Quest Success: The Beast In The Lake***

Head down the left side of the lake to the village. Once past the lake, head
south to reach the village. To the east of the village you can kill some more
mobs and get another quest.

Some of these quests include:

---Quest: Plunderers at the Ancestral Grave--- Simply kill the three pirates
at the far eastern temple and then talk to the native there. [P114]

---Quest: The Graves Of The Ancestors [G115]---
For this one we have to gather four masks from the temples around the island.
one of these temples is the one on the far eastern side described in the above
quest. Head inside and jump down the hole. Kill the mob and then head further
down the hall. When you turn the corner you will see a dead body. Around the
corner to the right of the body is a guardian. Note that the hallway on the
other side of the body is rigged with a trap! You can kill the guardian the
same way you killed the alligator and other large mobs. Loot the body of the
pirate for one of the masks. Dodge the the trap and head up the stairs, Pull
the lever on the wall and then place the mask onto the alter. Now jump across
the Gap and exit.

The next mask is found in the temple just west of the previously mentioned
temple. There is a trap at the end of the second hallway. Loot the Dead Pirate
for the mask and then place it onto the altar. The body you looted also
contained a legendary item called "Jaguar Paw" [J122].

The next one is obtained not in the temple to the north of the village, but
through a later quest. Search "Black Dog" and you will find it in this guide.
With the Mask from Black Dog's body, place on the altar in the northen temple.
To obtain our reward we need to find the Shaman Osamu. He is found at the
souteast corner of the map at the end of the small sliver of a trail.
***Quest Success: The Graves Of The Ancestors.


Now let's head into the village. Talk to Malaika, Hakeke, Jamila, and then
Datu to the south. They should all give you quests if you go through all the
dialogue options. Now talk to Corrientes next to the fire. Go through all
the dialogue options for some quests and info. Now talk to Palomo and Egas.
YOu can also buy a treasure map from Malaika [V122].
Let's do some.

---Quest: Nice and Spicy [S116]---
Set a quest marker on your map and head to the X. Talk to the native there and
she will give you one of the four peppers. The other three are found just in
the area around Ezana (You don't have to walk to far away to get them).
Head back to Jamila for your reward.
***Quest Success: Nice and Spicy***

---Quest: The Deserter [D117]---
Remember that camp we came by that had been attacked by pirates? The one before
the road split into tow paths, one leading to the beach the other leading to
the village. Ya, go there. Head up the trail that leads to the beach. There you
will find a man standing by a fire. Blow his brains out and then head back to
the village.
***Quest Success: The Deserter***

---Quest: Garcia's Ship [G118]
Head to the northeastern beach of the island. Head to the east tip of the
sandy area and you will find a rowboat. Get inside and head to the ship.
As soon as you board the ship you will come under attack from four men.
head into one of the cabins on either side of the ship and fight them there.
Once all four are dead, loot the bodies and loot the ship. Once thing that you
MUST DO is read the book titled "Garcia's Logbook in the captain's quarters
at the aft of the boat. Also grab the map on the desk for the location of
some treasure [T120]. Talk to Cordobar for your reward.
***Quest Success: Garcia's Ship***

--Quest: Chaka Datu's Legacy [D119]---
If you joined the Inquistion back at the sword coast, you will support Hakeke.
If you supported the natives, you will support Zaalu. Talk to your the native
you spport and then talk to Datu. Now talk to the opponent of whoever you
are supporting (Daiki for Hakeke or Potaka for Zaalu). Follow them to the
battle site and take them out. Talk to him once more. Now head back to your
patron and then talk to the chief. Now we have to find some paws. Talk to your
patron and follow him into the jungle (This part is the same for both natives).
Head inside the cave he leads you to and kill the animal inside. (You can't
lure it outside the cave). Don't forget to loot the body for the paws. Now head
back to Datu (The Chief).

Now this next challenge depends on who you sided with. With Hakeke you need
to seek four feathers around the jungle. Start by talking to Hakeke . Now folow
him outside of the village. Now we have to find the feathers.

The first is just to the north of where Hakeke stops. (It's Black)

One of the feathers is to the Northwest of where Hakeke leaves you (it's Blue).

One of the feathers is located next the fishermen next to the lake (The one's
that gave us the alligator quest.) The feather is yellow and points north.

The final feather is found to the north of the yellow feather; next to the
destroyed camp. (White)

Now head to the northwest. There you will find Kenan at the end of the road.
Now return to Hakeke.

If you are with Zaalu, you have to posses his body and answer the chiefs
questions. The answers are Darkness, Time, and nothing.

The final test is the same for both men. Head to the chief to find what it is.
Oh crap, I should have seen this one coming. Now head over to your patron and
talk to him. Now talk to the other man's halmak and follow them to the ritual

If you have the marksmen skill "Nuff said!" you can kill him instantly without
a fight. If not you can just fight him; he's not that difficult, just another

Once he's down, talk to Datu to finish the quest. If you sided with Hakeke you
can talk to him to receive "Corrientes' Thunderstick". If you sided with Zaalu
you will receive "Tek Shaballa".
***Quest Success: Chaka Datu's Legacy***

---Quest: Black Dog [B123]---
Set a quest marker and look at your map. you will see that the X is to the
west of the village. Go there and you will find a camp of pirates. Kill them
all. Don't forget to loot Black Dogs body for a quest item. Return to Palomo
to finish the quest. He is willing to buy Black Dog's dagger for 1000 gold.
Sell it to him. Don't worry, you'll get it back for free later on :).
***Quest Success: Black Dog***

I almost forgot, talk to Bones once he starts up his crazy sermon and go
through all the dialogue options. He will then give you several quests and
join your crew as the doctor. (You need the item from the "Nice and Spicy"
quest to shut him up). [S124]

Now let's advance the story.

---Quest: The Hidden Valley [H125]---

Move along the area to the south of the village. There you should find a cave
to the southwest, along the outer mountain side. Inside the cave will TONS
of giant spiders. Don't forget that the spiders will come out of the ground!
Head directly southwest through the cave. Head up the ramp and follow the cave
to the other side. Examine the fire wall at the end of the cave. Now head back
to the village.

Talk to Corrientes. Now we must find the Shaman. He is located at the southeast
corner of the map. Holy moly that is a heck of a plot twist. All we can do now
is head to the fire wall and get some revenge. Two men are guarding it. Kill
them and loot there bodies. If you sold Palomo the dagger, then you can get it
back off his body. Head through the wall of flames.

---Quest: Maracai Bay [B126]---
Follow the cave to the end. Head to the temple to the norhtwest. Inside we'll
meet the Captain. After the dialogue, we will have to fight him. Start off by
killing the sand devils. Now deal with the captain. He has a sword and a
pistol, nothing special. If you have a gun, then you can just kite him around
the room and kill him. Loot his body for a special pistol. With that, we're
done with the fire temple and this island.

Head back to your ship. You can tell Valdez off the bad news for some
additional gold. If you have been following this guide, then you should have
already boarded Garcia's ship, gotten his log book, and know the password.
If not, scroll up and find the section "Garcia's Ship". With that, head to

/                                                                             \
------------------------------SteelBeard's Artifact [A127]---------------------

---Quest: Garcia's Treasure [G120]---
Head to the waterfall at the northern end of the island. GO behind the
waterfall going up the trail to the left of the waterfall. Follow the trial
behind the waterfall and you will encounter a gate. Say the password "ALL
HAIL GARCIA. Head through the cave all the outside. Once outside, walk
ahead and find a X in the ground. Dig it up and grab the contains. One of the
items is, of course, Steelbeard's Artifact.

Now that we have all four of the artifacts, we can head to Antigua and talk to
Admiral Alvarez. Now we have to go to the isle of the dead. Head back aboard
and set a course for the isle of the dead,

/                                                                             \
------------------------------The Isle of The Dead [T200]----------------------

Of course we have to go alone. Get on the rowboat and head ashore. Go up
the beach and to the gates. Talk to the man at the entrance and go through all
the dialogue options. He will open the door afterwards.

---Quest: The Potion Of False Death [D201]---
Head through the gates and move through the temple to the valley.Head down
the stairs and go to the right. This area is "the arena". Go into the shack
to the northeast and grab Grave Dust off the table (1/6). There is a Black
Lotus next to the grave to the south (1/5). Then a treasure map in the shack
to the west [G203].

Head back to the center of the valley. Directly in front of the stairs leading
into the valley are two Black Lotus (3/5).

Now enter the tomb to the north. The first room splits into two paths.
Jump up onto the ledge to the left. Head forward a bit and grab the grave dust
off the shelf on the left side of the cave (2/6). Continue goind down the
cave to outside. Grab the Black Lotus on the shrub directly in front of the
cave exit (4/5). Turn to the right and grab the Black Lotus near the
shrub (5/5). Head directly north from the cave exit and grab the Grave Dust
next to the grave (3/6). Now go up the slope to the right of the cave exit.
Enter the first building on the right and grab the Grave Dust inside (4/6).
Head to the top of the hill and turn right. There you should find a X on the
ground. Dig it up for the Legendary item "Hook Hand" [G202].

Now head back to the beginning of the first cave where the path split. This
time we're going down the right path. After the cave opens into a open area,
go into the first building on the left. Grab the Dust on the shelf (5/6).
Enter the building to the east and grab the last of the Grave Dust (6/6).

Now that we have all the supplies, head into the temple at the far eastern side
of the valley. Talk to the Native and then lay on the Altar.
***Quest Success: The Potion Of False Death***

---Quest: The Old Coin [C204]---
Go to the table in THE UNDERWORLD and grab the coin. This is in the same room
as the altar.

---Quest: The Skull Sceptre [S205]---
Head down the stairs and talk to Nahele to the right of the stairs. Go to the
building to the left of the stairs and talk to Motega.

---Quest: The Hunter's Curse [H206]---
Talk to him and offer to kill the silverback. Follow him to the cave. Head
up the cave and engage the Silverback. If he's not attacking you, then just
run around and let Motega attack it. Once it attacks Motega, start attacking
***Quest Success: The Hunter's Curse***

---A Message From The World Of The Living [L207]---
You will find a ghost that looks lik Bones standing in the area where you found
the Hook item. (Set a map marker if you're having trouble finding him). Go
through all the dialogue to set him free.
***Quest Success***

Now head up the slope to the right and talk to Akando.

---Quest: The Thief's Curse [C208]---
That's a new one, someone WANTS ME to steal from them. The chest is located
in the building next to him. You can either open the chest by having a thievery
of 60 or higher and lockpicking it OR you can talk to Nahele (The first woman
we talked to) and she'll make a key for 300 gold. Anyhow, loot the chest and
talk to Akando to free him.

Now go to the arena (The area to the south of the main gate) and talk to Kusko.

---Quest: The Warriors Curse [W209]---
Now you just have defeat Kusko in battle. He is just a stronger native. Once
you beat him, talk to him. With him free, we can return to Nahele. Give her
all three items and something that belonged to SteelBeard (his hat). If you
sold his hat, you better go get it! WIth that, the final spirit is free, and
we have the staff.
***Quest Success: The Warriors Curse***
***Quest Success: The Skull Sceptre***

Now head to the main entrance to the valley (The beach side) and talk to Tao.
Give him the Sceptre. Now that we have our intel, head back to the temple and
lay on the alter. Now that we're alive, return to the ship.

We can now lay in a course for The Water temple. I advise stocking up on any
necessary supplies first. When you're ready, head to the temple.

/                                                                             \
-------------------------------The Water Temple [W210]-------------------------

---Quest: Defeat The Kraken [K211]---
The kraken will pop up on either side of the ship and take swings at you.
You need to throw the Harpoon into it's mouth before it swings. Remember you
can heal during this fight. Remember to aim a bit higher then your actual
target. If it doesn't open its mouth, then just try your best to dodge it's
attack. IT will take Seven successful hit's in the mouth to kill it.
***Quest Success: Defeat The Kraken***

---Quest: Kill Mara [M212]---
Grab a crew member and start the fight to the entrance. Shoot one of the
enemies from the boat, and this will cause your entire crew to attack. After
that, you'll only have to kill one or two more Leviathans. Head up those stairs
and meet Mara.

For the first part of the fight she will just chase after you with her knife.
If you have a gun, then you can shoot her, run away, then shoot her again and
run away again. You can also fight her in melee combat. Pull out all your
tricks (sand throwing, salt throwing). Every so often she'll go up in the air
and summon some Sand Devils. Kill them before reengaging Mara. She's not to
difficult, I was able to kill her without her hitting me once.
***Quest Success: Kill Mara***

---Quest: Something For Jaffer [J213]---
Wait! The games not over just quite yet! We have a little friend that needs
something. Head over to Jaffar. Talk to him and give him Steelbeard's Hat.

Now talk to the rest of your crew before you go. Talk to Patty once more and
sail off into the sunset. You can't continue the game after you fight the
Kraken and kill Mara. You will have to reload an earlier save if you wan to
continue playing after the credits.

Congradulations! You have beaten Risen 2 Dark waters. You can reply the game
and join the Natives/Inquisition or Find more of the Legendary Items or go
around and kill people like the mad man you are :).

In case your interested, My Character's end game stats:

Corriente's Thunderstick/ Magnificent Sword
Silver Iron
Pirate Hat
Old Raincoat
Leather Trousers
Pirate Boots
Sailor's Earring
Pirate's Pendant
Master Scholar's ring

(These include the Legendary item boosts/ item boosts)
Blades 5
Firearms 11
Toughness 8
Cunning 6
Voodoo 2

Slashing Weapons 44
Piercing Weapons 39
Throwing Weapons 39

Muskets 91
Shotguns 66
Pistols 111

Bladeproof 94
Bulletproof 89
Intimidate 55

Dirty tricks 65
Thievery 60
Silver Tongue 65

Black Magic 23
Death Cult 23
Ritual 23

/                                                                             \
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1. Gamefaqs.com for making such a great site.

2. the makers of this game, keep making these great games.
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