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Table of Contents
-I. Chapter 1
-II. Chapter 2
-III. Chapter 3
-IV. Chapter 4
-V. Chapter 5
-VI. Chapter 6
-VII. Chapter 7

--- Getting Started
Get acquainted with your surroundings. Talk to everyone and look around. It might be 
valuable to look at the stained glass windows. The patients might not talk to you 
with that alarm blaring away. Turn the alarm off at the bottom left by using the 

--- Leaving the Tower Cells
This is intended to be brief, since all of it is covered in the manual's walk-thru 
section. Did you look at the base of the angel statue? Find the Ancient Key. 
Use the key on the bottom of the angel statue.

--- Chapter 2 Bug
There is a bug in Sanitarium causing some people problems (including me).  You 
should be able to go in and out of all the buildings at any time, even if you have 
finished exploring it.  If you are not able to enter a building or other area during 
Chapter 2, you probably need the patch released by the game manufacturer, ASC Games.
Download the patch from ASC Games' Internet web site at this address:  
No instructions come with the patch. Copy the file  SCR.006  into the directory
C:\Program Files\ASC Games\Sanitarium\Data
(assuming you used the default installation directory).
Once you have applied the patch, start Chapter 2 from the beginning.  I had to 
restore a game from Chapter 1 and go forward.

--- Why won't the children talk to me?
They have been instructed not to talk to strangers.
Do you know your own name yet?
Attempt to talk to several children until you experience three visions.
Talk to them again after you know your name. You're not a stranger anymore.
Win Tic Tac Toe and more conversation options will open up.

--- Getting into the school house
The doors and windows are boarded up to keep prying eyes from seeing what is inside.
Force the boards loose.
Have you explored the cemetery yet?
Search the shed.
Use the crowbar on the boards.

--- Ringing the Bell
Throw something at it.
Find what you need on the ground in front of the church.
Throw the rock at the bell while standing near the sermon sign.

--- The key to the General Store
Have you talked to all of the children in the cemetery?
Seek out one of the children sitting on a bench.
Then talk to Dennis.
Win Hide and Seek to get the key.

--- Where are the children hiding?
Their hiding places are pretty obvious if you play close attention.
Find all five children in and around the town.
One is hiding in the house near the barn.
Another is in the trees near the Town Hall.
Look in the church in front of a pew.
Check a barrel beside the house with the red fish painted on its roof.
Dennis seems to be smarter than the others.  He has learned a different hiding place.
Find Dennis in the Schoolhouse.

--- Where is Carol?
Read her tombstone in the graveyard.
To prove to Dennis that you have found her, you must dig up her body!
Talk to the children about the Secret Weapon.
One of the girls is planting pumpkin seeds near the angel statue.
At her feet is a shovel.  Pick it up.
Return to the cemetery and use the shovel on Carol's grave.

--- Retrieving the metallic cross
Go fishing!

Someone else is fishing nearby.
Talk to Timothy O'Toole, who is sitting on a rock to the south.
Call Timmy to Mass.
Ring the church bell.
Watch as he runs into the church.  Then return to his previous fishing spot.
Stand on the bridge and use his fishing pole on the cross.

--- What do I need to use on the hose?
Since you can't get it with your bare hands, there must be a tool around somewhere.
Have you talked to Mother?
Once Mother kicks you out, look on the threshold of the barn door.
Pick up the wrench and use it to fetch the hose.

--- Where is the path to the barn door?
Have you explored all of the areas of the town?
You can only get to the barn through the Pumpkin Patch.
Near the scarecrow's area, open the gate.
Once through, make a shortcut back by pushing the plank at the water's edge.

--- Is there a way across the broken bridge?
The spring rains have flooded out the bridge.
Spring across the broken bridge!
You are a bit heavy for it, but play with some of the yard toys anyway.
One of them will break and yield a spring pig.
Use the spring pig at the stream to jump over.

--- What combination opens the Pumpkin Patch gate?
There have only been a few numbers in the game so far.
If you won Tic-Tac-Toe and talked with the children more, remember the number of 
times each person won the game - including yourself.
Another clue refers to some gates.
Read the church sermon sign.
The combination is 451.

--- If your having trouble in the Pumpkin Patch………..
When a crow flies near to you, attack it with your scythe. (To attack, click your 
left mouse button.)
If you die, don't worry.  Each time you regenerate, the crows you killed in previous 
passes will still be dead.
Once all of the crows are dead, kill the Scarecrow.

--- Where is Mother?
Mother is resting in one of the buildings.
She is inside the Barn.
Look at the vegetation and talk to it.
--- How can I destroy Mother?
Electrocute her!
Zap her with enough electricity and she will become a crispy critter.
Power up the generator.
Flip the switch!

--- Where can I find the stolen item?
Vera really likes the music the Doctor is playing now.
Getting the others to dance would be revealing.
Do some musical experimentation of your own.
Pick up all of the records, including the one that is now playing.
Play each one and talk to the person affected by each record.
Play "Belladonna in A Flat".
Look on Skippy's bench.

--- What will pry open the Control Box?
Have you talked to the preacher yet?
Preacher Bob will give you a reward if you find what was stolen.
Use a broom on the Control Box.

--- Can I get the fountain running again?
Open the Control Box on the wall outside of the Observation Room.
Look at the panel.
Fix the pipes.

--- When will Chapter 3 end?
After you fix the fountain, look in the water.
Talk to the figure in the water.

--- Where can I get more tickets?
Win some games and you will get more tickets.
Antonio Baldini gave you a pass to play one of the games.
Play Squid Squash to get a good start.
To get more, play again.

--- What fuel do I need?
Inferno's reference to fuel does not mean the many bottles of Vodka lying about.
The tattoo parlor has some alcohol which should do nicely.
Once you have talked to Inferno, just ask Wilbur for it.

--- How can I free the dog man?
Something thin and sharp will pick the lock on his cage.
Have you visited the tattoo parlor?
A Needle will do the trick.

--- Can I ride the merry-go-round?
The lever is rusted. It simply needs a bit of lubrication.
The man and wife must need oil to fuel their fire drum.
Find an oil can to the right of the Big Top.
Oil the lever and pull it.
Climb on.

--- I’m too short to go in the House of Horror!
Trick the sign into thinking you are taller.
The sign is missing the clown's nose.  Find a replacement nose.
One of the performers has a good substitute.
Challenge the juggler.
Use the red ball on Sparky's sign.

--- How can I leave this island?
Did you free the Dog Man?
Where did he go?
The Dog Man ran north and dug a deep hole.
Go ahead!  Peer inside.
Now you know you need three items before you enter there.
Have you learned how to breathe fire?
Then you should have two of the items:  the wand and the flask.
Get the reflection from the House of Horror.
Once you have all three items, look down again and jump in.

PART 2: Cave
--- How do I get started in the cave?
Remember that Iggy is afraid of fire, so start one.
Reflect some sunlight onto the twigs with your mirror.
Transfer some flames to your baton.
Once in the water, wade toward the top of the pool and to the left.

--- How do I kill Iggy?
Breathe fire by clicking your left mouse.
Like in the earlier combats, get rid of as many of the tentacles as you can during 
each pass.
Once you reach Iggy, notice where his shots are aimed.
His vulnerable spot is the eye on his stomach.  Fire there.
Walk to his right side (your left) and get up as close to him as possible.
Fire at the eye at close range three times.

PART 3:Mansion
--- How do I unlock the study door?
The father will be in the study until the evening meal.
He will leave the door open when he leaves.
What time is supper supposed to be ready?
Set the time on the Clock to 6 o'clock.

--- What does the gold key open?
 This attic was the little girl's secret hiding place.
Looks like she built a fort up here out of boxes.
All sorts of things are behind that wall of boxes.
What is inside that trunk over there?
Open the trunk with the gold key.

--- How can I open the little girl’s bedroom door?
Someone else must open it for you.
Concentrate on some of the other rooms first.
Have you been inside the Attic yet?
Have you used the Gold Key?
Follow him.

--- How do I power up the strange device?
In the dark, you may have missed the obscure hole at the end of the upstairs landing.
Max calls it a "hexagonal hole at the pipe junction."
To find the piece that fits, make sure you have looked at everything in the 
downstairs study.
Especially look at the wall portrait.
There's something behind the portrait!
Insert the pipe valve in the hexagonal hole.

--- How does the strange device work?
The hand wheel controls the dial above it.  The switch on the right locks the 
positions of the dial. Pulling the chain resets everything.
To the left is a large round cover with locking clips.
Your objective is to open all of the clips. Each time you pull the switch, a set of 
clips reverses.  (Any which were open, close; and any which were closed now open.)
Naturally, there is a specific order in which to set the dial.
What else has a dial?
Look at the clock in the study.
Turn the hand wheel to the first position and pull the switch to set.
Continue with the next setting and repeat the process.
When it works, there will be no doubt.

--- What code opens the back lab door?
Have you looked at the desk?
Listen carefully to the tape recorder.
The answer is written in the chalk boards.
Look at each of the chalk boards again.
Pass your hand across the words.  You can grab some of the letters!
Each time you grab a letter, it drops down to the bottom.
Only capital letters are used.  None of the letters are lower case.
Unscramble the letters to form a word (or words) for the code.
Once you have unscrambled all three chalk boards, click on the control box on the 
left side of the lab door.
Make a sort of Sentence with the words you unscrambled.

--- How do I get started in the hive?
This bizarre atmosphere takes a little getting used to.
You just killed a bug.  Examine it.
Now that you have a pseudo-identity, you can explore the rest of the hive.

--- What opens the pod doors?
Push the colored buttons on the outside of the globs to find out what is needed to 
There is one work area you can enter in the beginning.  The entry has a purple color 
to it.
A drone has limited access within the hive.
Upgrade your status to gain entry to more sensitive areas.

--- How can I obtain an upgrade?
Have you talked to the technician?  Grimwall will require proper Authorization.
Once authorization is given, the technician requires verification of your identity.  
Use the scanner.
If you put your own arm into the scanner, your true identity will be discovered!
Insert the Mechanized Arm into the scanner.

--- How can I turn off the furnace?
The furnace will be shut off if it is in danger of overheating.
A nearby pipe has been fixed recently, though not very well.
Break that pipe again.
Use the Sledgehammer on the pipe.
While the workers attend to the broken pipe, the other equipment is left unattended.
Use the bellows and then the other mechanism to which a bug is attached.
To shut the system down, solve the Heater Puzzle.

--- What proof does Gravin need?
He needs proof that cyclops children are being sacrificed.
One of the capsules in the Queen's Chambers can be removed.
Something sharp will cut it down.
Use the Insectoid Pincer to get an encapsulated baby.
Talk to Gravin again once you have it.

--- How do I open the locked cabinet?
Unlock the cabinet with a key.
Gromna hid the key in his quarters.
There are only a few places you can search there.
Look under his pillow.

--- Where are the two missing equipment pieces?
The Queen's Chambers consist of several levels. 
Get into the upper levels by way of the Worm Transport Tube.
The left door on the second level has a locking device.
Solve the Sound Puzzle to unlock that door.
Use Gravin's tools on the machinery to get the first piece of equipment.
Take this piece to Gravin, who is working on the great machine.
Return to the Queen's Chambers and get to the Top Level.
Grab the device attached to cables behind the stage.

--- I'm having trouble with the morgue door!
Your objective is to get the left gears to join up.  Once they are connected, 
turning the center hand wheel will open the door.
The top right wheel moves the gear in the arched window.  The arrows indicate which 
one you are working with -- the top or bottom gear.  The little switches under each 
saw-toothed mechanism reset it.
Once you have set the direction (left for top; right for bottom), turn the top right 
wheel three times.  Watch what happens to the gears at the very left side.
Repeat this step for the other gear.
Turn the center hand wheel.

--- How does the oven work?
The controls are located on the right side of the furnace.
If using the controls doesn't work, there must be something else wrong.
Does the furnace have fuel?
Turn on the gas!
Try using the controls again.  This time you should be able to open the oven door.

--- Is it possible to read the fallen grave marker?
Rub soot on the markings.
The Oven is a crematory.  There should be some ashes in there.
If not, burn one of the hanging corpses.
Get the ashes.
Rub the ashes on the grave marker.

--- Can I defrost the morgue?
A little air redirection is necessary.  Change cold to warm.
Look at the pipes in the foyer and where they go.
One is cold.  Swap the cold pipe with a new pipe u-joint.
Use a pipe wrench first.  Then use the u-joint on the same spot.
There is a great heat source nearby.
If you haven't done so already, Turn on the oven.

--- What should I say to the tree?
He will respond only to a special phrase.
Have you read all of the grave markers?
Read the grave with the fallen stones.
Approach the tree again.  Name his creator, Stark.
Claim your prize.

--- How does the domed crypt open?
Something must be done with the angel and the indian statues.
The two figures direct light.  Find a source of light.
Have you met a Guardian of the Light?
Talk to the Tree with the blinking eyes.
Direct the sunlight into the two statues.
Use the prism on the beam of sunlight.

--- How can I follow Morgan?
The five loose pages scattered around the complex give strong clues about this 
Pages 2, 3 and 4 are in the office. The final pages are here in this room.
Did you look at the wall next to the calendar?
In sequence, display the correct symbols from pages 1 through 5 from left to right.
Set the order correctly to solve the Aztec Calendar Puzzle.

Thank you for reading this walkthrough. I’m sorry Chapter 8 and 9 aren’t there but 
I’ll get them here ASAP.

Any Troubles? Just e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you and have a good 

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