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|| **NOTE: Contains some S-JIS characters.** ||

Title:         ÇVÅ`ÉÇÅ[ÉãÉÇÅ[ÉXÇÃãRï†ëýÅ`
               7 -Mourumousu no Kiheitai-
               (7: The Cavalry of Molmorth)
Genre:         RPG
Publisher:     Namco (Japan)
Platform:      Sony PlayStation 2
Media:         PlayStation 2 DVD-ROM
Release Date:  2000.12.21 (Japan)
Catalog #:     SLPS-25025 (Japan)
Price:         7800yen (Japan)
Players:       1
Peripherals:   8MB Memory Card (1500k)


Document Title:  7: The Cavalry of Molmorth Walkthrough Guide
       Version:  0.10
          Date:  Wednesday, 3 January 2001 (Tokyo Time)
        Author:  Joe Monson

NOTE: This walkthrough contains S-JIS code. You will need a Japanese
      text viewer in order to view the Japanese characters.

A complete archive list is in Appendix W. The first two URLs will always 
have the most recent copy. If you find a copy of this walkthrough on 
the net someplace other than the archives listed in Appendix W, please 
let me know. Thank you for your help. 

I welcome suggestions, comments, criticism, etc., about this 
walkthrough. If you notice any errors or have suggestions on ways you
think this walkthrough could be improved, please contact me. My 
contact info is at the end of this walkthrough in Appendix Z.


Copyright Information

Copyright 2000 Joe Monson. Except as specified below, All Rights 
Reserved. See Appendix Y for full copyright information.

=== Main Index =================================================================

Section   Title
-------   --------------------------------------------------------


INTRODUCTION (from the manual)
     i    Controller
    ii    How to Start
   iii    Naming
    iv    Option
     v    Game Contents
    vi    Field Map
   vii    World Map
  viii    Formation     (NOT COMPLETE YET)
    ix    Enemy Data    (NOT COMPLETE YET)
     x    Item          (NOT COMPLETE YET)
    xi    Reference     (NOT COMPLETE YET)
   xii    Rule/Option   (NOT COMPLETE YET)
  xiii    Reporter      (NOT COMPLETE YET)
   xiv    Battle System (NOT COMPLETE YET)
    xv    Occupation    (NOT COMPLETE YET)
   xvi    Characters
  xvii    New Adventure (NOT COMPLETE YET)


Chapter   Title
-------   -------------------------------------------------------------------
     1    Opening Movie
     2    The Village of Molmorth

     A    Monster List   (NO MONSTERS LISTED YET)
     B    Item List      (NO ITEMS LISTED YET)
     C    Weapon List    (NO WEAPONS LISTED YET)
     Q    Questions That Need Answers
     S    Silly Stats
     U    Useful Tips
     V    Version History
     W    Where Is It Archived?
     X    Acknowledgements
     Y    Copyright Information
     Z    Contact Info 

=== NOTES ======================================================================

Read this section first. It contains important information! :-)

     **SPECIAL NOTE **: This walkthrough assumes you have *some*
                        Japanese ability. If you don't know at least
                        hiragana and katakana you will have a hard 
                        time playing this game. You don't need to be 
                        able to view the Japanese in this walkthrough 
                        for the walkthrough to be helpful to you, but 
                        it will enhance your ability to play the 
     1. View this file using a fixed-width font such as Courier or
        Helvetica. To view the Japanese, use a Japanese fixed-width 
        font such as Osaka Fixed Width. Use a program such as BBEdit, 
        Notepad, or any other plain text viewer.
     2. This is literally a walkthrough, so there are spoilers. I try
        to cover everything I can, and I don't miss much (if anything).
        You've been warned. :-)
     3. The translations are rough translations. There are no 
        guarantees of 100% accuracy.
     4. Because there is no default name for the main character, I 
        sometimes refer to him as "**you**" in the walkthrough.
     5. Any comments surrounded by square brackets are comments to help
        clarify something. You'll see this occasionally throughout the
        walkthrough [especially if it will make things easier to 
     6. Please send all questions, comments, criticism, and concerns
        to the address below in Appendix Z. I won't answer if your 
        question is answered here, but I do welcome feedback.

=== INTRODUCTION ===============================================================

The Introduction is just a translation of the manual. 

     i    Controller
    ii    How to Start
   iii    Naming
    iv    Option
     v    Game Contents
    vi    Field Map
   vii    World Map
  viii    Formation     (NOT COMPLETE YET)
    ix    Enemy Data    (NOT COMPLETE YET)
     x    Item          (NOT COMPLETE YET)
    xi    Reference     (NOT COMPLETE YET)
   xii    Rule/Option   (NOT COMPLETE YET)
  xiii    Reporter      (NOT COMPLETE YET)
   xiv    Battle System (NOT COMPLETE YET)
    xv    Occupation    (NOT COMPLETE YET)
   xvi    Characters
  xvii    New Adventure (NOT COMPLETE YET)


-=|| SECTION i: Controller ||=-

Below is an explantion of how to use the controller. The corresponding 
controllers are the Analog Controller (DualShock 2) and the [basic 
PlayStation] controller. 

[NOTE: "..." means that no explantion was given for the control.]

  Analog Controller (DualShock 2)

     Below is an explanation of how to use the Analog Controller.
     L2 - ...
     L1 - ...
     Direction Keypad - [Used to move your character and the cursor on 
                        the screen.]
     Select - Used to access Help Mode on certain screens (see Game 
              Contents).[email protected] ljÉwÉãÉvÇÃï\é¶Åj
     Right Stick - ...
     Analog Mode Switch - Used to switch between Analog and Digital 
                          modes. In Analog Mode, the Right Stick acts as 
                          the Direction Keypad on the screen, in menus, 
                          and when moving the cursor around.
     R2 - Rotate forward one row in the Formation Screen.
         ÅiëOÇ÷àÍóÒÉçÅ[ÉeÅ[ÉVÉáÉìÅiï³ê¨âÊñ éûÅjÅj
     R1 - Rotate back one row in the Formation Screen.
         Åiå“ÇÎÇ÷àÍóÒÉçÅ[ÉeÅ[ÉVÉáÉìÅiï³ê¨âÊñ éûÅjÅj
     Triangle - Cancel when in the Status Menu.
     Circle - Menu [email protected][ÇÃåàíËÅj
              Rotation (during battles)[email protected][ÉeÅ[ÉVÉáÉìÅiêÌì¨éûÅjÅj
              [email protected]
              Continue, when [email protected]\é¶ÅAêÊëóÇËÅj
              Open [email protected]•äJÇØÇÈÅj
              Read [email protected]‰î¬Ç•ì«ÇÞÅj
     X - Cancel on menus / Stay (during battles)
     Square - Select a Group (in the Formation Screen)
              Select a Leader (during battles)
     Start - ...

  [PlayStation] Controller

     The controls are the same as those for the Analog Cotroller.


-=|| SECTION ii: How to Start ||=-

On the Title Screen, are the following choices: New Game, Continue, and 
Option. Use the Direction Keypad to highlight your choice, then press 
the Circle button to confirm it.

     New Game     [email protected] this menu, you can start the a new 
                  game. Using the Direction Keypad, higlight "New Game" 
                  and press the Circle button to confirm your choice. 
                  This will take you to the Naming screen.
     Continue     ǬLjǴÇÐÇ…[email protected] you want to use game save data stored 
                  on a PlayStation 2 8MB Memory Card, select "Continue", 
                  use the Direction Keypad to highlight the saved game 
                  file you want to use (you can have up to five 
                  different files), then press the Circle button to 
                  confirm your choice. The memory card must be in the 
                  first memory card slot. See section xvii, "Reporter", 
                  for more information about saving games.
     Option       [email protected] can change different game settings 
                  here, such as adjusting the screen and changing the 
                  game volume settings. For more detailed information, 
                  see section iv, "Option".


-=|| SECTION iii: Naming ||=-

Here you name the player character. Select the characters using the 
Direction Keypad and press the Circle button to confirm your choice. 
Enter your first and last names.

  Character [email protected]
      You can enter your name using three different character sets: 
      hiragana ÅiÇ­ÇÁǁǻÅj, katakana ÅiÉJÉ^ÉJÉiÅj, and the 
      alphabet/symbols ÅiÇ`ÇaÇbÅEãLçÜÅj. Choose the character set you 
      want to use and press the Circle button to make your choice. 
  First and Last [email protected]
      When you start, you enter the player character's first name 
      ÅiñºÅj. Once you've entered the name you want, choose Finished 
      ÅiåàíËÅjand press the Circle button. 
      Next, enter the last name Åiê©Åjand choose Finished when you're 
      done. You'll be asked if the name you chose is okay 
      ÅiDZÇÃñºëOljÇÊÇÎǵǢljDžǩÅHÅj. If the name is correct, then 
      choose "Yes" ÅiÇÕÇ¢Åjand press the Circle button to confirm your 


-=|| SECTION iv: Option ||=-

The Option screen allows you to change game settings. The Option menu is 
available through the Status Menu.

Below are explanations on how to change the settings in the Option menu.

  Screen Location Adjustment ÅiâÊñ à íuÇÃí¾êÆÅj
      This is the Screen Location Adjustment screen [there's a picture to 
      the right of this paragraph]. Choose "Screen Location Adjustment" 
      ÅiâÊñ à íuÇÃí¾êÆÅjand press the Circle button. Use the Direction 
      Keypad to adjust the screen and press the Circle button to save 
      the new setting. The Triangle button resets the screen to the 
      previously saved setting, and the X button cancels them.
  Movie Subtitles ÅiÉÄÅ[ÉrÅ[ÇÃéöñãÅj
      Allows you to choose whether or not in-game movies have subtitles. 
      Use the Direction Keypad to choose No ÅiǻǵÅjor Yes ÅiÇÝÇËÅj.
  BGM and SF/X Volume Åiã»Çå¯â â¼ÇÃâ¼ó Åj
      Change the volume of background music and SF/X. Use the Direction 
      Keypad to adjust the bar to the left or right.

  System Sounds Volume ÅiÉVÉXÉeÉÄâ¼ÇÃâ¼ó Åj
      Change the volume of the sounds made by the cursor and other system 
      sounds. Use the Direction Keypad to adjust the bar left or right.

  Save and End ÅiêðíËÇÃèIó¼Åj
      When you are finished adjusting the options, select "Save and End" 
      and press the Circle button to confirm your choice.

  Reset Åièâä™èÛëŒÇŠñþÇ…Åj
      Resets all the options to their previously-saved state. If you 
      want to reset all the options, highlight this option and press the 
      Circle button.

  Cancel ÅiÉLÉÉÉìÉZÉãÅj
      Use this option to cancel anything you've done in this menu and 


-=|| SECTION v: Game Contents ||=-

Please familiarize yourself with all the various game screens. You will 
find a detailed explanation of each screen on the following pages.

  Game Progression ÅiÉPÅ[ÉÄÇÃó¨ÇÍÅj
      You play through the game's story as a squire in the capital guard. 
      Let's complete the game by moving around on the Field Map, talking 
      with people you meet, and collecting information. You can change 
      your group formation by adding more members to your party. In order 
      to effectively defeat your enemies, you should combine your forces 
      with those in the cavalry when you are adventuring.
  Field Map ÅiÉtÉBÅ[ÉãÉhÅj
      The Field Map [detail map] comes up when you enter towns, villages, 
      etc., and your character will appear in middle of town. You can 
      gather information by talking to people, and you can enter 
      buildings as well. For more detailed information, please see 
      section vi, "Field".
  World Map ÅiÉ}ÉbÉvÅj
      When you leave villages and towns, you will change from the Field 
      Map to the World Map. Routes to different locations will appear, 
      and you can follow them to other places. For more detailed 
      information, see section vii, "World Map".
  Status ÅiÉXÉeÅ[É^ÉXÅj
      When you press the Triangle button while in the Filed Map, the 
      Status Menu will appear. From this menu, you can choose from 
      various sub-menu items such as "Formation" and "Reference". For 
      more detailed information, see sections viii through xii.
  Battle Screen ÅiêÌì¨Åj
      When walking around on the Field Map, during events, etc., you 
      may encounter random battle with enemies. This is the Battle 
      Screen. A chart will appear showing your party member's individual 
      HP and the HP of your enemies. For more information, see section 
  Help Mode ÅiÉwÉãÉvÉÇÅ[ÉhÅj
      On some specific screens, pressing the Select button will cuase you 
      to enter Help Mode, and an arrow cursor will appear. Use the 
      Direction Keypad to move the cursor around, and when you point to a 
      specific item and explanation will appear. You can jump directly to 
      the Reference screen from here. When you have questions about how 
      things work, use the Help Mode. To cancel out of Help Mode, press 
      the Select button a second time.  


-=|| SECTION vi: Field Map ||=-

When you're in a town, a cave, etc., your character will walk around on 
the Filed Map. On this screen, you can talk to various people, enter 
buildings, etc.

  Field Map View ÅiÉtÉBÅ[ÉãÉhâÊñ ÇÃå©ïšÅj
      When you press the Triangle button while on the Field Map, the 
      Status Menu will appear (see sections viii through xii). When you 
      exit a town, a village, etc., the view will be changed to the 
      World Map. 
      When you are in a dungeon, if you press the Start button or try to 
      exit the dungeon, you will be given the option to "Give Up" 
      ÅiGIVE UPÇ…ÇÈÅjor "Don't Give Up"ÅiGIVE UPǵǻǢÅj. If you want to 
      redo the dungeon from the beginning, choose "Give Up" and press 
      the Circle button.
      [NOTE: To the right of the picture are three lines. They are (from 
      the top): 
           Player Character ÅiéÂêlå–Åj
           Building Entrance Åiåöï®ÇÃì¸ÇËåšÅj
           Continue Conversation Mark ÅiâÔòbÇÃêÊëóÇËÉ}Å[ÉNÅj

  Moving on the Field Map ÅiÉtÉBÅ[ÉãÉhâÊñ ljÇÃàŽìÆÅj
      While on the Field Map, use the Direction Keypad to move the player 
      character. To open doors, stand in front of the door and press the 
      Circle button.
  Talking with People ÅiêlǐÇÃâÔòbÅj
      To talk to a person on the Field Map, move close to the selected 
      person and press the Circle button. When talking, press the Circle 
      button when the Continue Conversation Mark appears and the next 
      screen will come up.


-=|| SECTION vii: World Map ||=-

When you exit a town, a castle, etc., you will be on the World Map. You 
can move the player character freely along the travel routes on the map.

  World Map View ÅiÉ}ÉbÉvâÊñ ÇÃå©ïšÅj
      At the top of the World Map, you'll find the main character, the 
      route so far, and the name of the land.

      [NOTE: To the right of the picture are three lines. They are (from 
      the top): 
           Player Character ÅiéÂêlå–Åj
           Place Name ÅièÍèäñºÅj
           Route ÅiÉãÅ[ÉgÅj

  Moving on the World Map ÅiÉ}ÉbÉvâÊñ ljÇÃàŽìÆÅj
      Depending on how far into the game you are, routes will open up to 
      different locations on the map, you will select your route, and 
      the player character will move automatically to the destination. 
      When you reach your destination, the screen will change to the 
      Field Map.


-=|| SECTION viii: Formation ||=-

While on the Field Map you can press the Triangle Button to pull up the 
Status Menu. Depending on how far you've progressed in the game, the 
options on this menu will change. The "Formation" submenu is explained 
below. [covers pages 10-15]

  Formation Screen Åiï³ê¨âÊñ Åj
      The "Formation Screen" is explained below. 

                        ||***MORE TO COME***||


-=|| SECTION ix: Enemy Data ||=-

                        ||***MORE TO COME***||


-=|| SECTION x: Item ||=-

                        ||***MORE TO COME***||


-=|| SECTION xi: Reference ||=-

                        ||***MORE TO COME***||


-=|| SECTION xii: Rule/Option ||=-

                        ||***MORE TO COME***||


-=|| SECTION xiii: Reporter ||=-

                        ||***MORE TO COME***||


-=|| SECTION xiv: Battle System ||=-

                        ||***MORE TO COME***||


-=|| SECTION xv: Occupation ||=-

                        ||***MORE TO COME***||


-=|| SECTION xvi: Characters ||=-

A variety of characters will be introduced throughout the course of the 
game. How will your hero meet them during the course of the adventure, 
and how will you complete the adventure?

Player Character ÅiéÂêlå–Åj

     A squire in the knights of the Kingdom of Almathera, stationed at 
     the capital city of Vihm ÅiÉîÉBÉÄÅj. He's been assigned to lowly 
     tasks, but knight's blood courses through his veins.

Bal ÅiÉnÉãÅj

     His full name is Baldebal Boar. He's a young man living in the 
     frontier village of Molmorth, situated on the western border of 
     the Kingdom of Almathera. Having inherited the blood of warriors, 
     he hates anything dishonest.

The Knights of the Kingdom of Almathera ÅiÉAÉãÉÅÉZÉââ§çëãRémícÅj

     Possessing finely-honed skills, these knights comprise the finest 
     army in all of Almathera. They look down on others, and many people 
     are dubious as to whether they will actually fight monsters and 
     other enemies.

Dalgaar Al'mwinen ÅiÉ_ÉãÉKÅ[ÉãÅEÉAÉãÉÄÉCÉlÉìÅj

     The Captain of the Knights of the Kingdom of Almathera. To all 
     outward appearances, and in his own eyes, he's a model knight. 
     Having received too much praise from his subordinates, he has 
     become a conceited fop.

Firhulia FellelinÅiÉtÉBÉãÉäÉAÅEÉtÉFÉãÉãÉCÉìÅj

     The mysterious girl met under troubling circumstances. Without 
     thinking of the boys, she embarks on an adventure. This quickly 
     gets her in a lot of trouble.

Borga MohrgaÅiÉ{ÉãÉKÅEÉÇÅ[ÉKÅj

     A young man who lives in MolthagarthaÅiÉÇÉãÉTÉKÉãÉTÅj. Born into 
     the Blade Warrior Clan, he has a large, powerful body. Unlike the 
     rest of his clan, Borga has tender feelings and a kind heart.


     The leader of the LuderonÅiÉãÉfÉçÉìÅjChurch, Almathera's most wide 
     spread and influential religion. To go with his stern countenance, 
     he has a suitably stubborn personality, and he pays no attention 
     to the opinions of strangers.

Limlit ShadaoerinÅiÉäÉÄÉäÉbÉgÅEÉVÉÉÉ_ÉEÉFÉäÉìÅj

     Bearing strange setups, the likes of which have never been seen in 
     Almathera, she is the witch of Molthagartha. She's always fighting 
     with her father, who is trapped in an ancient weir. 

Melreyn Byrdalyk ÅiÉÅÉãÉåÅ[ÉìÅEÉrÉãÇæÉäÉNÅj

     Encased in beautiful, shining white armor, she is a cold, but 
     graceful young woman. It's hard to get to know her, but she's very 
     earnest and pure at heart. 


     He is always at Kreydon's side. With features you wouldn't expect 
     to find on a monk, he's always inquiring about Leydon's mood. He's 
     the guy everyone loves to hate.


-=|| SECTION xvii: New Adventure ||=-

                        ||***MORE TO COME***||

=== THE GAME ===================================================================


Chapter   Title
-------   -------------------------------------------------------------------
     1    Opening Movie
     2    The Village of Molmorth


-=|| Chapter 1: Opening Movie ||=-

[NOTE: I'm only translating the spoken parts.]

That's a very, very long story. Perhaps, it continues even now. A very, long

Everything's a key to opening the door of adventure.

For example, there's the first meeting.

For example, there's fear. Then courage.

...and all of these link to form a story.

7: The Cavalry of Molmorth.


-=|| Chapter 2: The Village of Molmorth ||=-

Monsters:  none
Items:  none
Reporters:  one
People You Meet: Arzel, Bal, 

Once you've entered your name, the story begins with narration:

     "Seven: The Cavalry of Molmorth."
     "Produced by Namco, Ltd."
     "Narration: Maki NOMIYA"
     "Our story begins."
     "In this story, the heavens and the earth were closer together than 
     they are now."
     "The story begins in that age."
     "It started then, and still continues,"
     "so let's talk about the most important part of the story."
     "The land of Aclarind was ruled by the kingdom of Almathera."
     "In a village not far from the capital city of Vhim,"
     "Next to a dense forest,"
     "there was a small village."
     "The name of the village was 'Molmorth',"
     "and a regiment of the royal knights were visiting at the time."
     "Among them was a young squire,"
     "and this tale follows his adventures."

The screen fades out and goes to a shot of the village of Molmorth 
ÅiÉÇÅ[ÉãÉÇÅ[ÉXÇÃë†Åj. A large-boned boy is running through the town 
during an evening rainstorm. He pauses, looks around, then goes off to 
the right.

The screen fades, and you see a bunch of knights running around working 
on a large tent. One of them is talking to a young boy on the right:

     "You're not done yet, squire?!"
     "Unless you work quickly, you won't be finished by tomorrow, and 
     with the rain we won't be able to drill!"
     "Dancing mudhens! There's only one way to set up this tent, and if 
     you can't do something as simple as this without taking your sweet 
The knight turns and walks toward the tent opening. Someone calls out:

The knight stops, then continues into the tent. Again, someone calls 

     "Hey, mister knight! Over here!"

The knights stops and turns around as the large-boned boy from the 
village runs up.

     "Ya gotta come, mister knight. In the forest near the village, 
     someone said he heard some really strange voice!"
     "Who're you? As you know, I am the leader of this corps of knights, 
     Dalgaar Al'mwinen ÅiÉ_ÉãÉKÅ[ÉãÅEÉAÉãÉÄÉCÉlÉìÅj."
     "Me, I'm Bal ÅiÉoÉãÅj. It's about the village, see? I can tell 
     you're the head honcho around here just by lookin' atcha."
     "But ya gotta hurry and come with me, 'kay?"

Dalgaar replies:

     "Can't you see it's the middle of the night and it's raining!? And 
     what's all this about a strange voice?"

Bal replies:

     "But there might be monsters, y'know, so you should go wipe them 
     out to protect the village."

Dalgaar says:

     "Maybe you just mistook the sound of the wind for that? In fact, 
     that must be it! I can't go chasing every little thing that comes 
     "Even if there are monsters, it's none of our business"

Dalgaar turns to leave, but Bal starts making a fuss:

     "But that's not right, mister knight! The knights are supposed to 
     protect the village!"

Dalgaar turns back toward Bal, and shouts:

     "Watch your mouth, you impertinent wag! They aren't attacking the 
     village, are they? We're extremely busy right now, so get outta 
     here! Now!"

Bal, not liking that reply, says:

     "Wait a minute, boss-guy! Y'came all the way from the capital, so 
     y'may as well check out, right?"

Dalgaar turns and shoves Bal out of the tent entrance.

     "You're rude and impertinent! Don't you get it? Why should we, the 
     knights of the realm, have anything to do with someone like you..."

Dalgaar turns toward the squire:

     "Why are _you_ taking a break!?!"

All the knights, including the squire, jump up and go back to work. 
Dalgaar continues:

     "Horse feathers! All of 'em are slackers...That's why you'll always 
     be a squire!"
     "Wait a minute...kid, maybe we should send someone, since you're 
     so persistent."

He looks around at the different knights working on the tent, then says:

     "Hmmm...who to send...Aha! You'll do. **you**! **you**!"

**You** turns around and Dalgaar continues:

     "Yes, this will work out nicely! Come over here!"
**You** walks over to where Dalgaar and Bal are standing. Dalgaar 

     "To you, the squire, I give a new mission."
     "You listen to what this boy has to say, and do what's necessary 
     to finish the job. Got it?"
     "Let me impress upon you the one thing that all knights of the 
     realm have in common: courage! Do you understand?"

**You** nods and Dalgaar continues:

     "Okay, he'll take care of you. Got any problems with that?"
     "Good. Hurry up and be on your way. One last thing: don't cause 
     me any trouble!"

He turns and heads back into the tent. Bal looks at you, then back 
at the tent while scratching his head.

     "Thanks..I think..."

He turns toward **you**, and you do likewise.

     "So, you're a squire, huh?"

**You** nods, and Bal continues:

     "Not much t'look at, are ya?"
     "We might be fighting monsters, y'know. Are y'okay with that?"

**You** nods, and Bal continues:

     "Ah, well, we'll just figure it out as we go."
     "You might've heard about it, but in in the forest near the 
     village, some people say they've heard a strange voice."
     "It'd be really bad if there was a strange monster, so we should 
     go and check it out."
     "I guess a party of villagers woulda worked, too, but I figured 
     a group of knights woulda won no matter what!"
     "I'm Bal. Baldebal Boar ÅiÉoÉãÉfÉBÉoÉãÅEÉ{ÉAÉãÅj, and I'm the 
     toughest fighter in Molmorth!"
     "How 'bout you? What's yer name?"

**You** tells Bal his name.

     "...**you**, huh?"
     "That's kinda strange-sounding. Does everyone in the capital 
     have names like that?"

**You** nods and Bal continues:

     "That really is a strange name, but oh well..."

Bal looks up into the sky:

     "Sure wish the rain'd stop, but there's not much I can do about 
     it, y'know?"

Bal turns to leave and says:

     "Well, let's go."

He then turns back and says:

     "What's wrong? Aren'tcha comin' with me?"

He walks back as **you** turns toward the tent.

     "Ah, I get it."
     "You gotta get permission from the boss-guy, right?"

**You** nods and Bal continues:

     "Bein' a squire is kinda rough, isn't it?"

Bal scratches his head, and then says:

     "Gotcha. I'll go ahead and wait in the village, so hurry up and 
     come, okay?"

**You** nods and Bal turns and walks off toward the village, singing:


[NOTE: I'll get a translation of this song soon.]

Now you can control **you**, so wander around and talk to all the 
knights. The three outside say (in no particular order):

     "I'm hungry. I'm, tired, too. Just plain worn out."
     "It's getting late and the rain won't stop. What am I doing here? 
     I wish I could hurry and get promoted."
     "This squire business is just no fun. You don't like being out in 
     this awful rain either, do you?"

If you go inside the tent, you'll see three knights standing near the 
door, three standing near the Captain, three off to the right, two off 
to the left, and one off to the left looking at maps and parchments. You 
can tell which knight is the Captain because his armor has a slight gold 
sheen to it. Talk to the two off to the left first, then the guy looking 
at the parchment.

     "Back so soon, squire? Did you accomplish your mission?"
     "Got the data, got the maps, and..."

The parchment-reading knight says:

     "I'm examining this region's topography."

Now talk to the three near the door:

     "Fighting monsters, getting wounded, doing stupid things like that 
     doesn't amount to anything."
     "Are you really going to take seriously everything these villagers 
     "Hey, the squires are supposed to be working outside. What are you 
     doing in here?"

Now the three on the right:

     "Monsters, you say? What's all this silly nonsense?"
     "I didn't think we'd come this far into the countryside."
     "There's nothing to do because of all the rain. I'm bored."

Now talk to the three near the Captain.

     "What are you wandering around for? If you don't have anything to 
     do, go back outside!"
     "Shall we review basic fighting techniques, or learn how to apply 
     "I need to talk with the Captain regarding the tomorrow's 

Now talk to the Captain:

     "What is it, squire? Did the boy go home?"

**You** explains the situation.

     "What? You want to go to the forest with him? You know, that 
     might be just the right job for a squire."
     "Do whatever you want. However, don't let it get in the way of 
     tomorrow's drills."

You nod in agreement, and he stops talking. If you talk to him again, 
he says:

      "What? I'm busy right now so be on your way."

If you talk to him again he keeps repeating himself, so leave the 
tent and head into the village.

When you enter the village, you'll see four people. If you walk up to 
the top, you'll encounter a guard by the gate. He says:

     "{grumble, grumble} Of course, when it's my turn for watch duty 
     it rains."

If you try to go out through the gate, Bal says:

     "Hey, don't go without me. You don't know the road."

Talk to the three villagers other than Bal and the guard. The 
green-hooded one says:

     "So yer one o'the knights, huh? How long're ya gonna stay here?"
     "You don't need t'come this far into the countryside t'do yer 
     practicing, do ya?"
     "How 'bout ya go back to the capital soon, huh?"

The red-hooded one says:

     "A while back I helped ya'll, and no one said a word o' thanks. 
     You knights're pretty noble, huh?"
     "We just want them to show us what they do."

The yellow-hooded one says:

     "So you're gonna go alone into the forest with Bal, huh? The 
     Captain sure doesn't think much of us, does he?"

     "Take care and don't go dyin' on us, y'hear? We don't have 
     enough graves for strangers, too, around these parts."

Go and talk to Bal next:

     "So, didja talk with yer boss?"

You can answer either "Yes" ÅiÇÕÇ¢Åj, or "No" ÅiǢǢǶÅj. "No" is 
the default choice. You should answer "Yes" if you've done 
everything I suggested. If you do, then you and Bal walk toward the 
center of the square. Bal says:

     "Once we're past the Fish Gate, we're outside the village. Just 
     a little past that is the forest, where we heard that voice."
Bal looks up as the rain stops:

     "Hey, it's let up. Let's get goin'!"

He leads you off toward the Fish Gate, a large flock of birds flies 
past, and some sad, peaceful music starts playing. You and Bal 
continue down the path and enter the forest. Bal says:

     "Here we are, **you**."
     "The spot where we heard the strange voice is just past here."
     "This is an easy road, so you don't have to worry about getting 
     lost. Let's go."
He walks a little ways and says:
     "...I'll tell you now."
     "Actually, I tried to get a party of villagers, but nobody wanted 
     to come."
     "They figured whatever it was wouldn't attack the village. Same 
     with the knights. They gave up. But not us! Our warrior's blood 
     cries out!"
He walks a little ways and says:
     "...I like this forest a lot!"
     "Can't you just smell all the plants and trees?"
     "They're smell really good tonight. Betcha don't have anything 
     like this in the capital, do ya?"
     "This place just feels good, so I don't think any monsters would 
     come out here."
He walks a little ways and says:
     "It's just a little bit further to where we heard the voice. Let's 
He walks a little farther, and a sudden harsh rustling sound goes by, 
surprising both you and Bal.
     "What was that?"
     "Let's go and see!"
You both walk forward and the screen fades to a short video clip. The 
narrator says:

     "Within the silent forest,"
     "two budding young warriors were walking."
     "They were somewhat uneasy, but they knew they couldn't turn back 
     "'What's that?' They heard the sound of something big falling 
     "They rushed toward the sound and,"
     "what do you suppose they saw?"
     "On top of several layers of broken branches,"
     "'isn't that a young girl lying there!'"
     "'Who is she? What's she doing here?'"
     "It looked like they were going to have to think about this."
     "Together, they carried the girl,"
     "and hurried back to the village."
     "The cloak of night graciously hid their flight."
     "They weren't able to find the owner of the strange voice."
     "But their adventure doesn't end here."
     "Quite the opposite."

The movie ends and Bal says:

     "How is she? Does it look like she'll be okay?"
     "What do ya think, sis?"

You're now inside Bal's house ÅiÉoÉãÇÃâÅj. Arzel, Bal's older sister, 

     "Other than a few scratches, she doesn't have any injuries. She's 
     just unconscious and she should wake up soon."

Bal says:

     "All right! She's okay. It's all because we did our best bringing 
     her back here!"

Bal turns to you and you nod to each others. Then Arzel continues:

     "You did the right thing in bringing her here."
     "It was rainging in the forest, so if she had stayed there, she 
     swould have gotten all wet and caught a cold."
     "Hey, little knight boy." [This is said in a cute way, not mean]
     "It's **you**, right? You and Bal did a great thing, you know."

Bal laughs:

     "Heh-heh, receiving praise from my sis is kinda strange."

Arzel replies:

     "Don't get carried away there, Bal!"

     "Don't you know how dangerous it is for two little kids to go 
     into the forest alone at night?"

Bal says:

     "Sorry 'bout that, sis."

Arzel says:

     "Ah, what's the use? Since you helped this girl, I'll let it 
     go this time."

     "Still, I can't help thinking I've seen clothes like her's 
     somewhere before."
     "Hmmm...I wonder where?"

Bal walks up to the bed and says:

     "Well, if she's just sleepin', when's she gonna get up? When 
     she wakes up you should get me right away."

Arzel replies:

     "While we're waiting for her to wake up, let's clean up a bit."
     "You two be quiet, okay?"

Arzel walks over to the sink and starts her cleaning. Bal turns to you 
and says:

     "**you**, come and see. Shee's sleepin' like a baby."

Walk over to the sleeping girl and press the Circle button. Bal says:

     "I wonder where this girl came from..."
     "I wonder what she was doing there. I wonder if there's any 
     connection to that strange voice."

Talk to him again, and he says:

     "I wonder what kinda story she'll tell when she wakes up? I'm 
     lookin' forward to it. I wish she'd hurry and wake up."

Arzel then looks out the window and says:

     "......boy, it's really getting late now."

She walks over to the side of the bed and says:

     "It doesn't look like she's going to wake up very soon, either. We 
     can tell other people tomorrow, but for tonight let's just let her 
     rest here."
     "**you**, you better go home, too. Don't worry, though, I'll look 
     after the girl."

Bal turns to you and says:

     "My sis is famous in this town for her home remedies. Her medicines 
     work the best!

Arzel says:

     "Bal, you're not supposed to talk like that to people."

     "See you later, **you**, and thanks for all your help. You can 
     come check on her again tomorrow."

Bal turns to you and says:

     "Yeah, see ya, **you**. I'm glad you cam with me."
You nod and Arzel goes back to her cleaning. Bal just watches the girl, 
and you stand there. If you talk to Bal again, he says:

     "Don't worry. My sis will watch her, okay?"
     "Y'better go back before the boss-guy misses ya."

If you go talk to Arzel, she says:

     "Take care, okay. Good night."

Go ahead and leave the house. As soon as you walk out of the house, 
someone will call out to you:

     "Hey, young'un over there!"

You turn and look around. It turns out to be a villager you haven't 
seen before. He's wearing a hooded brown cape, and there's some small 
black creature on his head. He continues:

     "Yes, you there."
     "It looks like you don't know me. That just won't do. Everyone 
     should hear my story at least once."
     "Yes, yes, come right over here. Don't worry, I don't bite."

You walk over to where he's standing and he continues:

     "I'm a Reporter. It is my duty to write a record of everything 
     that happens."
     "I'll make a record for you, if you'd like. Of course, it's only 
     when you want me to."

A large yellow box pops up, which says: 

    "When you talk to the Reporter and choose to make an "Adventure 
    Record", you can save your game."

The yellow box disappears and his normal dialog comes up (what you'll 
see whenever you talk to him from now on). He says:

     "So, what do you want?"

Above the top right corner of his dialog box is another box containing 
two options: "Record Adventure" Åiñ`åØÇ•ãLò^Ç…ÇÈÅj, and "Do Nothing" 
ÅiǻNJÇýǵǻǢÅj. "Do Nothing" is the default choice. See Introduction 
Section xiii for more information on the Reporter and saving games.

When you are done saving (or cancelling out of it), the reporter will 

     "It's still a very short story, but if you're wondering what happens 
     later, well, that's up to you. Since you've come all this way, let 
     me tell you about this. So listen up."

Another yellow box appears, and this one says:

     "If you press the Circle button while in front of a door, the door 
     will open."

The Reporter appears again and says:

     "...is that something you already knew?"
     "Well, how about this one?"

A yellow box appears, which tells you:

     "When you press the Triangle button, a menu will open. Under 
     'Option', you can change the game settings."

The Reporter appears again, and says:

     "Maybe you knew about this, too?"
     "Well, I guess that's okay. You never know, though, I might find 
     something else useful to you! ...but let's save that for next time, 
     shall we?"
     "However, just hearing things once, you might not remember them 
     all. How abouts we do this! The things you want to remember, you 
     can record here."
     "If you're worried about something, just open it up and look. Well 
     then, I bid you a gracious farewell. Good night!"

A large yellow box then appears on the screen as the mysterious music 
fades. the box says:

     "The menu has been supplemented with the addition of 'Reference' 
     [email protected] You can use it to refer to the game controls and 
     rules. In addition, it will be supplemented with the new 
     information and rules that you find."
     "'Basic Controls' ÅiäÓñ{ëÄçÏÅj, 'Reporter Saves' ÅièÓïÒâÆÇÃÉZÅ[ÉuÅj, 
     and 'About the Options' ÅiÉIÉvÉVÉáÉìNJǬǢǟÅjare all supplements to 
     the 'Reference' menu."

Control then reverts back to you. If you talk to the Reporter again, 
he'll say:

     "Welcome to the Molmorth Reporter. Whaddya want?"

You can then choose to record your adventure or do nothing, as explained 
above. When you're done or if you cancel, he'll say:

     "Well, then, I bid you a gracious farewell."

If you talk to the other villagers, they will say:

     "Wow, this is the first time I've seen one of you knights being 
     useful." (villager with the brown hat)
     "Actually going into the forest in the middle of the night...you 
     really are brave, aren't you? Are all the knights actually like 
     that?" (villager with the olive-drab hat)

If you try to go out the Fish Gate, the guard says:

     "I keep tryin' to tell folks to not be goin' out at all hours."

If you just talk to him, he says:

     "So you helped someone in the forest, didja? Good fer you. I've 
     changed my opinion of you...a little."

No one else to talk to, so time to head back to the big tent. Exit the 
village at the bottom right. You'll be back on the village common 
Åië†ÇÃçLèÍÅjwhere the knight's tent is located. As you walk toward the 
tent the knight on watch at the entrance to the tent calls out to you:

     "How long you plan on walking around?! It's 'lights out'! Hurry up 
     and get in here!"

You quickly walk to the entrance, and the watch knight says:

     "You're pretty late, you know. What on earth was happening way out 
     here, anyway?"

You describe the night's happenings. The knight continues:

     "Ah, forget it, I don't even want to hear it. It's always one 
     thing or another with you, isn't it?"

     "We'll be leaving this area in time, so once you've taken care of 
     the matter, be done with it."
     "What, you have a problem with that? You just don't get it, do you? 
     That's why you'll always be a squire."
     "Hurry and get in there! Barnacle buns, don't just stand there 
     waiting for me to close up!"

The watch knight stands aside and you walk into the tent, with him 
following you. A short narration follows:

[NOTE: I will have a translation for this later.]






The next scene shows all the knights at the morning meeting with 
Dalgaar, where he says:

     "The current expedition's goal, by continuing persistently with 
     our drills, will measure the strength and unity of the knights."
     "But, since none of us will be able to do drills today, I want you
     to pay special attention to strengthening our troop's unity."

The Captain walks to the left side of the screen and starts talking 

     "Next, for this expedition, there are two things you should be
     careful of."
     "First, don't get excessively involved with the locals."
     "As you know, in the world of Aclarind, there are more than ten 
     types of employment." [speaking of soldier job types]

The Captain walks back to the center front of the knights, then continues 

     "Here in Molmorth there are many of the warrior's profession, and in
     this vicinity, I've heard there are some who adhere to the sorcerer's
     "But, in the organization of knights, we the knights of the realm 
     occupy a position to be proud of, far above that of others."

He walks over to the right side and continues his discourse:
     "Having stopped briefly in this village, we the knights must put forth
     an heroic demeanor."

     "Don't engage indiscriminately with people of other professions; rather,
     as a knight, I hope every one of you will concentrate on honing your 
     own skills."
He then walks back to the center front of the knights and says:

     "Next, let's review what to do when fighting monsters. In borderlands
     such as this, who knows what kinds of hazards lie in wait?"
     "I shouldn't need to tell you this, but if monsters attack you, it's 
     best to fight quickly in rotation."
     "You can have a maximum of seven people at once in the three rows. 
     The first row is for fighting, the second row is for assisting, and 
     the last row is for healing. Then you prepare them to fight again."
     "When those in the front row get injured, move them to the back row, 
     and move the middle row to the front. If you rotate each turn and 
     continue to support each other, this method of fighting will allow you
     to overcome enemies and monsters."

     "Listen up, if the monsters defeat you and you drag the name of the 
     knights of the realm through the mud, that's unforgivable. So I order
     you to take courage! That's all."

The Captain then turns to the other knight standing at the front and 
nods. That knight then says:

     "Okay, about the schedule for today..."

Outside the tent you hear a commotion:
     "So, call him, will you?"

     "What's the matter with you? Right now in the tent, we're in the 
     middle of giving instructions. There's no reason for you to be in

     "Well, never mind that. That will do."

You suddenly hear a voice calling from outside:

     "Hey! Helloooo, are you in there!? **you**!"

You jump and someone says:

     "Hey, who's yelling like that?"

You turn toward the door ofthe tent and slump. The knight at the front 
(not the Captain) says:

     "...Ahem, ah, except for the squires you are dismissed. Be sure to 
     check the duties chart."

All the knights begin filing out, and the charge knight says:

     "Squires, front and center!"

You and the other squires line up near the front and the charge knight 

     "You will continue your work from last night--fixing the tent. 
     Successive generations of knights have kept this tent in good 
     repair because it is so important for our expeditions. Treat it 
     with respect."

A yellow box appears telling you that you have a new entry in your 
reference, titled "Occupation" ÅiêEéÌÅj, and control of the player 
character returns to you. If you talk to the remaining three knights in 
the tent, they will say:

     "If you're asking about your duties, they've already been assigned. 
     Get to work!" (charge knight)
     "If you've mastered rotation, you can conquer any enemy."
     "Rotation is the knights method of waging battle. It's definitely 
     the fighting method of the chosen!"

When you walk outside the tent, Bal is there talking to Dalgaar. He 

     "Look, I'm not here to talk to you!"

Dalgaar replies:

     "I'm busy planning. I can't go sending out my knights with just 
     "The knights are not a maid service!"

Bal replies:

     "Never mind that! Just let me see him."

**You** comes walking out of the tent. Bal turns and says:

     "Hey, **you**! I was wanting to see you. I was wondering if you 
     could lend me a hand again."
     "It's about that girl we helped yesterday. There's kind of a 

**You** looks at the Captain a couple times, as does Bal. Then Bal says:

     "What? You're letting that boss-guy tell you what to do? Who's more 
     important--him or that girl?"

The Captain pushes Bal out of the way, and speaks to you:

     "What's this? Have you taken a liking to this kid?"
     "Your duties ought to be above that. If you cast aside your duties 
     and go with this wag, well...I'd think twice about that if I were 
     "So, how about it? Will you go, even with that warning?"

There's a small dialog box on the bottom left of his comments. The first 
choice is "Yes" ÅiÇÕÇ¢Åj, and the second is "No" ÅiǢǢǶÅj. "No" is the 
default choice. If you choose "No", Bal will will argue with you and the 
Captain, who will pose the same question again. Eventually, you have to 
choose "Yes" for the game to continue.

When you choose "Yes", the Captain says:

     "What!? Werent' you listening to me, squire?"

Bal pipes up:

     "I knew you'd see it my way! I'll tell you the details at my place, 
     so hurry up and come."

Bal backs up a bit and says:

     "Well, I'll go ahaed and wait for you, okay?"

Bal then walks off toward the village, singing:

     "Strike the iron and turn it to steel, pound the steel to make a 
     sword, polish the sword to make it shine, hone the edge and off to 

The Captain then tells you:

     "How dare someone of your standing defy my me! So, you are not one 
     with the knights, eh?!"
     "Fine. I'll let you go this time. When you return I'l mete out your 
     punishment! And don't think I'll make it any lighter for you, 
     either "

He then brushes past you and enters the tent. If you talk to the three 
knights working on the tent, they say:

     "Boy, offending the Captain. What are you thinking?"
     "While we're working, where are you going off to?"
     "Making the Captain that mad...I don't know..."

Head into the village proper and talk to the villagers (including the 
Recorder if you want to save your game). They say:

     "The days are pretty peaceful. So if the knights would just go 
     away, things would be back to normal." (villager in brown hat)
     "Hey, you. You're the one who was gallavanting about with Bal the 
     other night, huh? Guess there are different types of knights, eh?" 
     (villager in olive-drab hat)
     "You're a knight, aren'tcha? My mommy told me that knights are 
     people who protect everybody." (girl in red scarf)
     "You say scary monsters have appeared in the forest? I hope the 
     village doesn't get overrun, y'know?" (girl in lavendar scarf)
     "If the monsters come out, we should be just fine with the knights 
     here." (guard by the gate)

If you try to go out the Fish Gate, the guard says:

     "Hey, even though it's the middle of the day, since you don't know 
     the road, you shouldn't go wandering around all by yourself."

If you go into the house across the street from Bal's, you'll find one 
person there. If you talk to him, he says:

     "What do you think you're doing? This is my house!"

When you go back over to Bal's house and enter, Bal greets you:

     "Hey, he came back."

Arzel turns around and walks over toward you. She says:

     I heard from Bal that you got in a bit of a fight with the 

Bal torns toward his sister and says:

     "You didn't hear the things that guy was saying. He was so full of 
     himself he wouldn't do anything."

     "He wanted to more than just come visit, though. He wanted to check 
     up on how the girl was doing." [NOTE: no romantic implications here; 
     just concern.]

Arzel says:

     "Don't say that. Aren't you usually at the root of the problem?"

Bal scratches his head and Arzel continues:

     "**you*'s situation has gotten worse because of you, Bal. Aren't 
     you going to take responsibility for that?"
     "You've been like this ever since you were little. You always focus 
     on one thing to the exclusion of everything else."

     "Have you forgotten how many times your behavior has led to 
Bal slumps down, then says:

     "I'm sorry for being so bad all the time."
     "But anyway, tell him about the medicine. Since he came all this 
     way, tell him all about it."

Bal turns and walks toward you, saying:

     "You want to know too, huh?"

Arzel then explains:

     "...Crumbs alive, boy!  Well anyway, about that girl you two 

Ball walks over to the sleeping girl, then says:

     "She just keeps sleeping and doesn't wake up, so sis said maybe we 
     should giver her some medicine."

You both turn and face Arzel, who says:

     "This is just in case, but if she doesn't get up soon she'll get 
     even weaker and that would be really bad. But I don't have enough 
     of some of the ingredients."

Bal says:

     "So, since she doesn't have all the ingredients, let's go get them.
     Ummm, melbug ÅiÉÅÉãÉoÉOÅj, bebubob ÅiÉxÉuÉ{ÉuÅj, bebubo..."

Arzel says:

     "That's 'melbug', 'berubog', 'orlot' and 'pebrot'. These are four 
     types of mushrooms Åië˜Åjthat grow in the Forest of Twilight 
     "Of the necessary seven ingredients, I have three. I still need 
     those four, though."
     "In all honesty, I can't approve of your going into the forest 
     right now, but..."

Bal says:

     "It's okay! Molmorth's greatest warrior, Bal, and **you**, a royal 
     knight, are here! If any monsters come out, we'll beat 'em up!"
     "Right, **you**? We're gonna help this little girl, huh?"

You nod and Bal continues:

     "It's up to you to decide. Hurry, let's go! Come on!"

Bal runs out the door excitedly, and Arzel says:

     "That Bal! He left before I even got halfway through my explanation. 
     However many times I tell him, he's always like that."

Arzel walks over to you and continues:

     "Sorry about that, **you*. He's not really a bad kid, but..."
     "Still, I think he really like you. It's odd to see him enjoying 
     himself so much."
     "Please find a way to be nice him, okay?"

You nod, and she continues:

     "Thanks, **you**. Anyway, could you please collect the ingredients? 
     I'd really appreciate it. I'll stay here and make the necessary 
She then walks over to the stove and gets to work. If you look carefully 
at the rafter above the light, you'll see mice running across it. :-)

When you walk outside, Bal will greet you:

     "Why so slow, **you**?"
     "Did my sis' tell you anything else? She's a worrywart."
     "We'll need to go deeper into the forest than we did yesterday."
     "Okay, let's go!"

=== Appendices =================================================================

     A    Monster List
     B    Item List
     C    Weapon List
     Q    Questions That Need Answers
     S    Silly Stats
     U    Useful Tips
     V    Version History
     W    Where Is It Archived?
     X    Acknowledgements
     Y    Copyright Information
     Z    Contact Info 


-=|| Appendix A: Monster List ||=-

This is a list of the baddies found in the game. 

     Legend:  HP..........Hit Points
              MPr.........Magic Points Recovered by player

Monster Name (Mana area)
 HP, MPr, Weakness
 (Possible Items)


-=|| Appendix B : Item List||=-

Many of these items can be found after dispatching monsters, so be sure 
to check the ground after the tussle. :-)

Item Name               Description
-------------------     -----------------------------------------------


-=|| Appendix C: Weapon List ||=-

There aren't very many weapons in this game, but here's the list. They
are listed alphabetically.

Weapon Name
 Attack Speed, Range
 (Status effects)


-=|| Appendix Q: Questions That Need Answers ||=-

The following are questions that need answers. They are mostly about 
information I don't have yet or rumors about items I can't find. If you 
have information on any of these questions, please contact me (see 
Appendix Z).

     none yet

-=|| Appendix S: Silly Stats ||=-

Just in case you're interested, this document contains:

     Characters:   64,268
          Words:    9,248
          Lines:    1,989
          Pages:       30

-=|| Appendix U: Useful Tips ||=-

This is a random list of general tips I thought you might find useful. If 
you have any tips you think would be good to add here, contact me (see 
Appendix Z).

     - Watch for words in RED when people are talking. These are very 
       important, and I will always include them in the walkthrough in 
       English and in Japanese.

-=|| Appendix V: Version History ||=-

Version 0.??  - Complete Introduction Sections viii through xvii.

Version 0.10  - Created place-holders for all Introduction Sections.
              - Uploaded to pazu.net and GameFAQs.
Version 0.09  - Removed Appendix P.
              - Completed Introduction Section xvi.
Version 0.08  - Completed Chapter 2 except for one movie clip.
Version 0.07  - Completed about half of Chapter 2.
Version 0.06  - Completed Chapter 1.
Version 0.05  - Completed Introduction Sections i through vii.
Version 0.04  - Created Appendices A, B, C, and P.
Version 0.03  - Created Appendices Q, S, and U.
              - Created Notes section.
Version 0.02  - Created Appendices V, W, X, Y, and Z.
Version 0.01  - Basic outline created.
              - Title info and introduction outline created.


-=|| Appendix W: Where Is It Archived? ||=-

Look for this walkthrough at the following locations. The first two 
sites will always have the most recent copy:

 http://gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/ ---page doesn't exist yet.

The following sites do NOT keep a current copy of this file, so don't 
bother visiting them until they update:

 none yet

If you want to archive this walkthrough, please read Appendix Y for 
details on what you need to do. If you find this walkthrough somewhere
on the net other than the places listed above, please let me know.



-=|| Appendix X: Acknowledgements ||=-

Thanks to Namco for making the first really great RPG on the PlayStation 
2 platform! The graphics are awesome and the characters are interesting. 
The characters and settings remind me of something from the mind of Tim 
Burton. :-)

These people have helped with corrections and with making sure all the 
info is correct. Email addresses have been modified to avoid spambot 

     My beautiful wife, Heather, for helping with translation and 
     buying this game for me. No, you can't have her email address. 
     Bare Bones Software, Inc., for BBEdit 6.0. Thanks for the best 
     text/HTML editor on the planet! http://www.barebones.com/

Since email address change all the time, I take no responsibility for
maintaining an accurate listing of email address. If your email address
is listed here and is incorrect, please let me know and I will correct 
the error.



-=|| Appendix Y: Copyright Information ||=-

Translation Copyright 2000 Joe Monson. You may duplicate this work on 
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     1. This work must remain intact in its entirety.
     2. Proper credit must be given to me. 
     3. You must ask me and get permission BEFORE it is published. 
     4. You must provide the URL to where this work is stored on your 
     5. You must keep this work updated on your site.
     6. This Copyright Information section must remain with any copies.

Individuals have permission to keep one electronic copy and one printed
copy of this work for personal use only. 

This translation is provided for informational use ONLY, and no 
monetary or other material gain should be obtained by anyone using this 
work. In other words, don't use this work in any for-profit magazines, 
on any for-profit websites, etc. Wholesalers and retailers of any and 
all types are expressly forbidden to use, give away, or sell this work 
in any manner or form. This includes using it as an incentive to 
potential buyers.

"ÇVÅ`ÉÇÅ[ÉãÉÇÅ[ÉXÇÃãRï†ëýÅ`" Copyright 2000 Namco, Ltd.

"PlayStation" and "PlayStation 2" are trademarks owned by Sony Computer 
Entertainment, Inc.


-=|| Appendix Z: Contact Info ||=-

Joe Monson
nihon at pazu dot net



146-8655 Tokyo-to, Ohta-ku
Yaguchi 2-1-21
Namco, Ltd.

Phone: 03-3375-7656 (Japanese only)
Hours: 09:30-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (Weekdays, closed on weekends and holidays)

Service Center: 045-542-8761 (Japanese only)
Hours: 09:30-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (Weekdays, closed on weekends and holidays)

URL: http://www.namco.co.jp/

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