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       Simon The Sorcerer (PC) Walkthrough By Loopy ([email protected])
                                  Version V1.1

This walkthru will detail in some depth the steps you need to take to clock
the game. Be warned, I have been known to write in great detail so that this
walkthru will be fairly long.


Watch the intro. If you've seen it already, you can skip to the next scene by
pressing on the Right Mouse Button (RMB.)

You're in Fleur Deli. When you come in, you'll automatically read the Letter.
The Dog falls asleep on a Cushion nearby. Simon picks up the Letter, Postcard
and Map and adds it to inventory. Use the Postcard to Save, Load, Continue or
Quit the game. As for the Map, well, once you've been to a particular place,
it will show up on the map and rather than trekking all the way there, just
open up the Map, click on the place you want to go, and POOF! you're already
there. Easy!

Anyway, back to the story. Open up the Chest of Drawers (the Letter was on
top of it) and you'll find a pair of Scissors. Take the Scissors and go to
the Fridge. There's a Magnet attached. Take the Magnet. Note that you can't
open the fridge. Now, exit out of the room and head east.

You're at the Blacksmith's. He'll always be hammering away at the anvil and
will not talk to you. Take the Rope (left of screen) and Clapper (on the
shelf by the locked door) and then leave east again. You'll see a guy selling
wares. "Dodgy Geezer" the game calls him. Ignore him for now. If he attracts
your attention, just end the conversation ASAP. Head west and take the Ladder
that's leaning against the wall. Enter the house (the entrance is to the
left of the screen) and pick up the Cold Remedy (table at the bottom of the
stairs.) Climb up the stairs and pick up the Specimen Jar from the table at
the top of the stairs. Now head out of the building. Go east twice. You'll
find a shop here (incorrectly spelt as "Shoppe.") Nothing to do here yet. Go
east again and you'll find the Drunken Druid pub. Enter it and pick up the
Matches on the top of the Fruit Machine. Head east again and you'll find a
group of Wizards. Talk to them and say "I'll do anything to become a wizard."
They'll tell you about a Magic Staff and if you bring it to them, you'll
become a Wizard. Why do you need to become a Wizard? To use the Spell Book of
course! Only Wizards are allowed to use the Spell Book.

Okay, next step. Head west back into the main bar and walk up to the Sleeping
Dwarf. Use the Scissors and cut his Beard (poor guy!) Simon will take the 
Scissors and Beard. Exit the pub and head west twice. You're in the forest

    *NOTE: Bear in mind, the following actions can be done in any order*

Head to the Woodworm Stump by going east, southeast, east. Talk to the Stump
and you'll find out that the Woodworm are in need of wood, Mahogany to be
exact. Promise to help out and then go southwest, west, west. Here, wind the
Handle of the Well and take the Bucket of Water that comes up. Next go into
the house by opening the door (Simon will say there's no-one in, but go in
anyway.) Try to take the Broom and you'll meet the Witch. Talk and you'll
leave. Now, head east, east, west, west, northeast. Here, you'll find the
Barbarian. Pull the Thorn from his foot and you'll get the Barbarian Whistle.
Head back to the Stump by going west, southeast, east, east.

Next stop, the Owl Tree. From the stump, go west, west, northeast, east,
west, west. Talk to the Owl and he'll drop a Feather. Pick it up and talk to
the Owl a few times to get some hints about the game -- he'll give you a
different hint each time you talk to him. When you're done, leave.

Okay, now, go east, east and northeast to find a Hole. Talk to it (no, you're
not insane -- at least not yet!) You'll find Dr. Von Jones and you'll learn
that he's a paleontologist and is looking for fossils, so if Simon finds any,
make sure you let him know. Go east. This is the Centre of the Forest. Go to
the Cave Entrance in the centre of the screen and look on the floor outside.
There's a Rock here. Pick it up and you'll find the word "BEER" written on
it. Remember the Beard you snipped off the Dwarf in the Pub? Well, wear it
and enter the cave. You'll be asked for the password. Use "BEER" as the
password and you'll be allowed in. The guard won't let you down the left
steps yet (although we'll sort this out later on...) Go down the right steps
and you'll see two stoned dwarves. Use the Feather on the one lying on the
ground to find the Key. Pick it up and leave the mine (you can take off the
beard now...)

To the northwest of the centre of the forest is a big double-doored building.
Near the door is a Rock (it says "Paper" when you pass your pointer over it.)
It's a Shopping List for the Shop in town. Pick up the Shopping List and head
into town. Give the Shopping List to the shopkeeper and leave when they say
that they'll leave it outside. Use the map and head back to the Centre of the
Forest when you're done. Now, go southeast and east to find the Woodcutter.
He's in a dilemma. He can't find any trees to cut as they've all been
magically protected and the only way he's going to be able to cut them is to
use a metal called milrith and it's super-rare. He gives Simon a Metal
Detector to see if he can find any. After all, he can't really make things
any worse, can he?

*From hereon, you must have done the actions in the previous few paragraphs*

Return to the centre of the forest (west, west) and go northeast, east, east
and east. Go into the door up north and do the poor Swamp Guy a favour and
eat some of his stew. When you can't manage any more, use the Specimen Jar to
hold some of the stew -- you'll be using it later. When the Swamp Guy leaves,
make sure you do too (yeah, I know it's rude, but we've got a mission to
perform, right?) And head back to the Centre of the Forest by going west,
west and west. Now, go west, west, south, west, southeast, east, east and
east. You'll see the Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Troll. Talk to the Troll
and after a while, he'll show an interest in your Whistle. Let him blow it
and watch the scene.

Once the troll has been disposed of, continue over the bridge (picking up
the Placard on the way) and go northeast and east. Here, you'll meet an Oaf
who's dumb enough not the realise that his beans need watering. Use the
Bucket of Water and you'll leave. Head back and pick up the Beans. Now, head
back to the village using the Map.

Back in the village, go north, north, west and head behind the Cottage. Here,
use the Beans with the Compost to get the Melon. Pick it up and use the Map
to head back to the Troll Bridge. Here, go northwest to find the tone-deaf
Sousaphone. Use the Melon with the Sousaphone and you'll clog it up. The Bard
will give you the Sousaphone for repair. Great! No more noise!

Use the Map again to get to the Crossroads. From here, go northeast to find
the Gorge. Use the Vines to the bottom-left of the screen to climb down.
Here, you'll meet a Golum fishing. Talk to him and give him the Swamp Stew
when prompted. You'll be allowed to use the Fishing Rod in return. After some
time, Simon finds the Ring of Invisibility and tests it. Yep, seems to work!

Climb back up the Vines, head west and then southeast to reach the front of
the Castle. The bell's busted, so use the Clapper on the Bell and then use
the Bell itself. A massive plait of hair comes down. After Simon's recovered,
climb up it and you'll automatically talk to Rapunzel. Kiss her when prompted
and she'll turn into a Repulser. Use the Map again and head back to the
village. You should, by now, see the Box outside the shop. We'll pick this up
later. Head north, west and west. Use the freshly-obtained Repulser on the
Door of the house and she'll eat all the way through. Go inside and pick up
the Beekeeper's Hat and Smoke Can. The Repulser is now too big to fit inside
Simon's hat, so leave her here. Go outside and use the Smoke Can on the Bee
Hive (Simon will wear the Hat automatically.) Take some Wax from the Hive and
head to the Pub by going east, east, east and east again. Once there, talk to
the Barman and ask for a drink (any one, it doesn't matter which on you
choose.) Whilst he's searching under the counter for the ingredients, plug the
Beer Barrel with the Wax. The barkeep will give you a Leaflet and Voucher.
Head outside and pick up the Beer Barrel.

Now, use the Map to head back to the Dwarf Mine (wear the beard and give the
password again.) Give the Barrel to the Guard on the left and he'll go down
to the beer cellar with you. Head back up and then down the other steps. Pick
up the Hook at the end of the platform. Talk to the Dwarf in the middle of
the screen and then use the Key in the door. This is the Dwarf Treasury. Give
the Leaflet and Voucher about the Drunken Druid's Happy Hour to the Treasurer
and take a Gem in return. Use the Map to head back to the village and go
north. Talk to the Dodgy Geezer and sell the Gem. Make sure you get no less
than 20GPs for it!

Go to the Shop (east) and head inside. Buy the Hammer and White Spirit (try
to pick it up to buy it.) Outside, open the Box. You'll be abducted by the
Gobbos and taken to their lair. Simon will use the Ring automatically. Open
the Box and pick up the Rat Bone from the floor and Spell Book from the box
at the back of the room. Open the Spell Book to find a loose piece of paper.
Use the Piece of Paper with the Door and the Rat Bone with the Lock. Pick up
the Paper and the Key with it. Use the new Key with the Lock to open the
door. Pick up the Bucket here. The guard blocks your way out so we'll need a
different way out.

Go downstairs and pick up the Mints here. Talk to the Druid. Remove the Ring
and talk again. Keep talking until the Druid explains that he can turn into a
Frog, but only when he sees a Full Moon. Take the Bucket you picked up and
place it on the Druid's head, pick up the Flaming Brand and use it on the
Druid (don't worry, we're not going to torture him -- although the thought
_had_ crossed my mind.) He'll turn into a Frog and leave. The Gobbos are
coming so open the Iron Maiden and get inside. When the Frog reappears, open
the Maiden, close it again, pick up the hack saw the frog has and use it to
escape. Recognise the place? You should do, this is the place where we picked
up the Shopping List.

Now, head to the Swamp Guy's house again by going east, northeast, east,
east, north. Move the Box and open the Trap Door it reveals. Climb down and
try to cross, you'll find a loose plank. Use the Hammer you bought from the
shop on the loose board and Simon will secure it down. Head east and pick up
the Frogsbane from the top of the skull. Head west, up, west, east, east and
east. Use the Metal Detector and leave it where you get a (strong) signal.
Head east to the Sleeping Giant. Play the Sousaphone and he'll knock over the
nearby tree to make a bridge for you. Head east, east and east into the cave.
This poor Dragon has got one helluva cold and sneezes you out of the cave. Go
back inside and give him the Cold Medicine you picked up near the start of
the game. You need to be quick to do this or you'll get sneezed outside
again. Once this is done, go back inside and pick up the Fire Extinguisher.
Leave the cave and use the Hook on the Boulder above the Cave Entrance and
climb up the mountain. Combine the Rope and the Magnet and lower it down the
Hole. Keep pumping up your money until you can't get any more.

Climb down the rope and go round the back of the cave. Pick up the Rock you
see there and continue east. You'll find a set of Climbing Pins. There's one
missing, so we can't climb up yet. Use the map to get back to the village.
Here, head north and north again. Give the Rock you picked up to the
Blacksmith and he'll smash it to reveal a Fossil. Use the Map to head back to
the Centre of the Forest and head west to find Dr. Von Jones (inside the
hole.) Give him the Fossil and he says he'll go there and dig. Use the Map
and head for the Sleeping Giant. Go west and you'll find Von Jones digging.
Look at the dirt and pick up the milrith. Use the Map and head back to the
Town Centre and then head for the Blacksmith (north, north.) Give him the
milrith and ask him to make you an Axe Head.

Now, head to the Centre of the Forest again (use the map) and go east twice.
The Woodcutter is still here. Give him the axe head and he'll leave. Go
inside his house. Pick up the Climbing Pin from the table next to the door
and use the Fire Extinguisher on the fire place. Move the Hook and enter the
fireplace. Pick up the wood (make sure it's mahogany) and leave. Go west,
west, west, west, south, west, southeast and east. The Woodworm Stump is
here. Talk to them and they'll jump into Simon's hat and start munching on
the mahogany whilst it's still in Simon's hat.

Next step, Rapunzel's castle. Go to the Crossroads and head southeast. Climb
the hair again and use the Woodworms to eat through the floor. You'll lose
the Woodworms, but they've done their job now. Use the Ladder with the Hole
and climb down. Here, open the Tomb and talk to the Mummy inside. You'll get
a Wedge and end up outside the castle. Enter the castle again (via the door,
this time) and climb down the Ladder again. Pick up the Loose Bandage (it's
at the butt end of the Mummy and you have to be pretty quick.) Presto! The
Staff! Pick up the Staff and head back to the village using the Map. Go east,
into the Pub and east again to meet the Wizards. Talk to them, give them the
staff and 30GPs and you'll become a Wizard. Take the opportunity to ask them
a few questions while you're here.

Next stop, the Druid. Go west, out the door, west again, north, west and
enter the house. Talk to the Druid. He explains that he needs some Frogsbane
to control his polymorphism and before he finishes, turns into a Frog. Give
the Frogsbane to the Frog and he'll turn back into the Druid and will give
you the potion.

Next stop, the Talking Tree. Head for the Dragon's Cave, go round back and
head east. Remember last time? We couldn't go up because there was a missing
climbing pin. We picked up the missing pin from the Woodcutter's house. Use
this pin with the hole left by the missing pin and Simon will automatically
climb up the rest of the way. You can't continue past the Snowman yet, so
climb back down the pins. Next to the ledge is an "Icy Ledge" walk to this
ledge and Simon will leap frog across the gap. Continue east until you find
the Talking Tree. Talk to him (it?) and he'll tell you that, in return for
removing the paint from his bark, he'll tell you some magic words. Use the
White Spirit on the paint stain and talk to the tree again. You'll learn some
magic words.

Now we're ready for the witch. Use the Map to get there, enter the house and
accept the duel challenge. The duel is a weird match. Using the magic words
taught to you by the tree, you morph into various animals. If your form is
stronger than the witch's you get a point. If hers is stronger, she gets a
point. It depends on luck which form she chooses. Use "Sausages" constantly.
When you win, she turns into a Dragon, breaking her own rules. Use the word
"Abracadabra" (I think it's abracadabra. If it isn't try the others until you
do find the right one. Let me know if I'm wrong.) Simon will turn into a
mouse and you'll escape (after a while) through a mouse hole.

Use the map to return to the Dragon's Hole and go behind it. Head east and
up. You'll meet the Snowman with a bad attitude. Eat the Mints (hmm... must
be extra stong) and continue onwards. Go east, east and try to cross. The
bridge will collapse. Use the Broom to get to the Door. The Door is magically
and physically sealed so you can't get in. Use the Potion the Druid gave you
and you'll shrink down to squeeze through a crack in the door. Here, you'll
find your dog who helps you to the garden, giving you a hairball in the
process (yuk.) (BTW, you'll drop everything you have apart from the postcard
when you shrink. You won't need any of the old items now, anyway.) Pick up
the Leaf and Stone you find here and enter the Bucket. You'll up the
Matchstick. Head west and pick up the Lily Leaf (you won't pick it up, but
you'll move it towards the edge of the puddle.) Use the Match with the Lily
Leaf and the Leaf (not the Lily, the first one you picked up) with the Match.
You've now got your own mini-boat. Sail to the top-left of the screen to
reach the seeds. Pick one up and sail back to the edge. Here, use the Rock
you picked up and the Seed to get some oil.

Use the Oil with the Tap and then use the Hair to open it. Now you'll be able
to cross the puddle (if you don't open the tap, you'll run aground half way
across.) Approach the Frog. He'll nearly swallow you, but spits you out and
your clothes separately. Simon will hide behind a tree whilst he gets his
clothes back on. Look at the puddle and you'll catch a Tadpole. Talk to the
Frog and threaten the Tadpole. The frog will jump away and Simon will release
the Tadpole. Pick and eat one of the Mushrooms the Frog leaves behind.

Snap off one of the Branches from the nearby tree and open the Door. Go
inside, and you'll run out. Go back in again and jam the chest's mouth with
the branch (it shuts him up) and pick up the Spear (hanging from the ceiling)
and Shield (next to the chest.) Go down to the Torture Chamber. Here, pick up
the Chest which is on the right of the screen, across the bridge. Go back
across the bridge and move the Lever. Put the Chest in the Block and move the
Lever twice. Pick up the Candles. Use the Spear on the Skull just above your
head to make it fall. Pick up the Skull.

Go up twice into Sordid's bedroom. Pick up the Wand, Pouch, Book and the
Sock. Combine the Pouch and the Sock and use it on the Mouse Hole (it's
between the two candles.) You'll catch a Mouse. Go up again and talk with the
Demons here. Take the Chemicals and the Books -- both on the same shelf.

Read the Book you just picked up and then use the Chemicals with the Shield
you picked up. Hang the Shield on the Hook near the steps. Go back down to
Sordid's bedroom and talk to the Mirror. Ask it to spy on Gerald and Max. Go
back upstairs and talk to the Demons until they give you some Chalk. Simon
will use it and the rest of the items to send them home. Before they go, they
will tell Simon how to use the Teleporter. Use it and ask to be taken to the
Fiery Pits.

Here, pick up the Pebble and Sapling from the floor and talk to the Attendant
to get a Brochure. Look at the Brochure to find the Rubber Band. Combine the
Band with the Sapling to get a Catapult. Use this with the Fire Alarm,
setting it off. Take the Souvenir Matches and enter the pit. Cross the bridge
and pick up the Floor Wax. Go east and you'll see Sordid. Use the Wand on him
and turn him to stone. Use the Matches on the Pits to relight them and toss
the Wand in. At this moment, Sordid revives and wants to kill you. Just then,
someone calls you -- Calypso. He tells you to try and stall Sordid for a bit.
Let Sordid hit you the first time and then go up to him again. Use the Floor
Wax on him. He'll slip and Simon will push him into the lava, destroying him.

That's it, that's the end. Watch the dancing demons and then get ready for
Simon 2. Walkthrough coming your way soon.... :)

               TT    HH  HH  EE        EE      NNNN  NN   DD  DD
               TT    HHHHHH  EEEEEE    EEEEEE  NN NN NN   DD   DD
               TT    HH  HH  EE        EE      NN  NNNN   DD  DD
               TT    HH  HH  EEEEEE    EEEEEE  NN   NNN   DDDDD

   FAQ (C) Loopy ([email protected]) All other (C) Copyrights Acknowledged

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