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Written by Frank C. Kool, aka "anavriN"
Rotterdam, Holland


  4a.	The weapons
   b.	Extra equipment
5a.  Mission #1: Rescue and protect
  b.	Mission #2: Nuke retrieval
  c.	The Armory
  d.	Mission #3: Queen bee
  e.	Mission #4: Nest egg
  f.	Mission #5: Lightfoot
6a.	The controls
  b.  The enemy
  c.	Equipment
7a.	Things to do during the awful loading times
  b.  A more psychological look on Soldier of Fortune
  c.	Xploder/GameShark codes


Welcome, and thank you for reading my walkthrough for Soldier of Fortune.

My name is Frank Kool, registered GameFAQs user since Sept. 2000, first 
my real name, and now registered as "anavriN".

First of all, this document is MINE! I wrote everything in here, with a few
acceptions when people have giving information, their names are in the 
(section 9).
You may use this document on your/another websites, but you'll have to get 
permission for it, and give me full credit.

My e-mail adres is: [email protected]

There are probably many words that aren't spelled correct, since English is 
my first language. However, I am confident that everything in this document 
clear and understandable, so please do not pay to much attention to small

This document deals with the characters, the weapons and the walkthrough.


I'll give the scenario for every mission at the beginning of that 
but I will not tell anything story-related that happens during the mission.
There is also a summary of the storyline at the end of this document 
(section 7)
This one does contain spoilers, but I've marked it with warnings.

Nothing else reveals anything about the story or spoil your fun in any way.
However, if you want to find out everything yourself, than I recommend
skipping the part about the weapons & equipment (section 4) and Tactics and
tips during combat (section 6).



Soldier of Fortune has followed the new trend in 3D-shooters: a story-line.
The missions begin and and with in-game cut-scenes and are sometimes
interrupted for a little story progression.

Here are some of the characters that you'll encounter during the game:

John Mullins actually excists. Mullins served three tours in Vietnam, and 
earned three Purple Hearts. As a matter of fact, several missions in Soldier
of Fortune 2 are based on some of the missions that he was involved in.
In SoF, Mullins is a member of a secret anti-terrorist organisation called
The Shop.
Jonh Mullins is the playable character in SoF and has also worked on it as

Hawk is considered one of the Army's best demolitions specialist and has
fought in Desert Storm. Hawk will show up in the game in most misions giving
advice and valuable information to Mullins.

A 62-year old Vietnam veteran who now owns a bookstore named Lasky's Used
Books. He is a part-time employee of The Shop and will handle your briefing
for some missions.

You'll encounter this freak in the opening sequence. He has tatoes all over 
body, and this ruthless gangleader seems to stop at nothing to reach his 

While playing SoF, you will encounter many NCP who are not the enemy. These
are civilians, military personal and police officers. Some of them can give 
important or even vital information needed to complete the mission.
Sabre isn't the only bad guy in the game, you'll encouter more baddies as 
progress through the missions.


In the old days, shooting an enemy in an 3D-shooter meant either a
hit or a miss. The first 3D-shooter to change this (as far as I know) was
Goldeneye (N64), which divided an enemies' body in 7 different areas: legs,
arms, chest, head, throat, and... ass (remember, legs and arms count as 
Kingpin: A life of crime (PC) was the first game to introduce the term 'gore
zones', and divided an enemies' body into 16 different parts.

Soldier of Fortune was the next game to use and improve the 'gore zones', or
'pain zones.'
SoF increased the number to 26 and created a big hype around it.
The GHOUL system, as SoF calls it, does have an impact on the gameplay, but
is not as important as many think it is. Shooting a baddie in the leg will
mean that he will hop around for a while, whether you hit him in his foot,
knee or any where else in his legs.

Although the GHOUL is not impressive as Raven wants you to believe, it still
impacts the gameplay. Shooting an unarmored baddie in the head is always a
one-hit kill. Some weapons kill a enemy by a hit in their legs, others 
You will also encounter heavely armored enemies that need to be hit in 
areas for a kill.
This is futher explained in TACTICS AND TIPS DURING COMBAT (section 6).

Go to this link to see all the gore zones (the picture at the bottom):



Soldier of Fortune has 12 weapons and several equipment gear. At the 
of every mission you'll be able to gear up. But you're only allowed to use 5
weapon slots (knife is standard, no slots taken) and 3 slots for equipment.
But you can still pick up other weapons during the missions, so you can 
carry 12 different weapons at the same time as long as you find them.


Here is a small perscription for all the weapons:
Some of them have alternate functions (L+R).

- "Pig Sticker" Combat Knife
WEAPON SLOTS: 0 (standard)
PERSCRIPTION: Most 3D shooters leave you with a useless weapon once you run
out of ammo, but the Combat Knife is actually very usefull.
The perfect weapon when stealth is required.

- "Black Panther" 9mm
AMMO USE: 9mm/ 18 round magazine
PERSCRIPTION: Build in 1983, this Glock styled weapon quickly dominated the
handgun market. In my opinion the coolest looking weapon in the game, but
it's low fire power makes it a pretty useless weapon in the later missions.

- The Silver Talon .44 Handgun
AMMO USE: .44/ 9 round magazine
PERSCRIPTION: A gun to fit Dirty "Make my day" Harry. This gun is powerful
enough to blow is a man's head of and can kill most enemies in one hit,
regardless were you hit him.

- B-42 (Berseker) 12 gauge shotgun
AMMO USE: 12 gauge, 8 round magazine
PERSCRIPTION: A very powerful one, but also noisy. The sound coming from 
weapon can easily attract more soldiers. Keep in mind that it's very 
on baddies without armor, but won't work well on those who do wear 

- "Eagle Eye" Sniper Rifle
AMMO USE: 5.56mm/ 6 round magazine
PERSCRIPTION: Shown on the disc cover with a Fidel Castro look-a-like in the
scope. This weapon is a lot of fun to use, and sometimes vital to solve
certain problems during the mission. It is equiped with a sound and flash
supressor barrel to maintain stealth.

- "Raptor" SubMachineGun
AMMO USE: 5.56mm/ 40 round magazine
PERSCRIPTION: This weapon blurs the line between Assualt rifles and
SubMachineGuns. Eventhough it's small and compact, it fires 5.56mm rounds.

- "Bulldog" T-31 Surpressed SubMachineGun
AMMO USE: 9mm/ 32 round magazine
PERSCRIPTION: Simple, yet durable. The high fire makes it difficult to
control, although short burst fires are very effective.

- M-75 "Guardian" Heavy Machinegun
AMMO USE: 5.56mm/ 40 round magazine
ALTERNATE FUNCTION: Phophorus grenade
PERSCRIPTION: The high fire rate and strong impact makes this one of the
most usefull weapons in the game. Caution required when firing phophorus

- "Heavy Hitter" H-24 Slugthrower
AMMO USE: Gyrojet Special ammunition/ 10 round magazine
ALTERNATE FUNCTION: Ejected grenade system
PERSCRIPTION: One of the most powerful man portable weapons using the latest
gyrojet technology. The revolving magazine and bullpup firing design however
brings the accuracy down.

- M343D Flamegun
AMMO USE: Liquid fuel system/ 60 round magazine
ALTERNATE FUNCTION: Mortarlike globule
PERSCRIPTION: Originally created during World War 2, this weapon can spread 
great deal of destruction in a short amount of time.
Be careful, the burning remains of the enemy are still dangerous.

- M202A2 Flash Rocket Launcher
AMMO USE: 66mm explosive rocket/ 4 round magazine
ALTERNATE FUNCTION: Multiple fire (accuracy loss)
PERSCRIPTION: Designed to replace the flamethrower. It can place a single
rocket up to 750m distance. There is no recoil because of the open rocket
tube, this causes a dangeroud blackbast area (15x15m) at the base of the

- R-22 Microwave Pulse Emitter
AMMO USE: Battery pack/ 30 round battery
PERSCRIPTION: This is cutting edge technology, and still under development
by several government and terrorists. It had been officialy outlawwed by the
UN because of the extremly painful wounds. A single shot can litteraly cook
the flesh of a target.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that some weapons share the same amount of ammo,
unlike most 3D-shooters. Here is a list of all the weapons that share ammo:

* Black Panther, Surpressed SMG: 9mm
* Raptor SMG, Sniper Rifle, Heavy Machinegun: 5.56mm


There are three slots available to bring extra equipment.
They all take only one slot each:

- Ballistic Armour:
Originally worn by police and SWAT units, it has achieved a world-wide 
when it became more flexible and lightweight while still remaining a high
amount of stopping power. You'll find it throughout all the levels, but I
still recommend that you equip them before you start a mission.

- HE-36 Fragmentation:
Standard fragmentation handgrenade with a 3-5 second timer. It has a throw
range of 30m, and an explosion casualty range of 15m.

- Flash Pak
Also called stun grenades. It emits a broad-band light array and loud 
explosion which causes anyone looking at it to lose sight and orientation 
a short amount of time. Be careful not to stand close when it goes of.

- Angel R-43 Light Amplification Goggles
These new night vision goggles cause no damage by bright light or flash, 
the older ones. This units automatically adjusts.

- C-4 with timer:
Has a world-wide reputation as a terrorists favorite toy. The plastic is 
stable, but still highly explosive. It comes with a 5-second timer.

- Field Medical Kit:
Standard issue for the US Army, it's the perfect accessory for medical
treatment in field operations. It contains bandages, pain killers and 
tools. You'll find these a lot through out the levels.

- The Noise detector:
This device measures the amount of noise that you make while using your
weapons. Noisy weapons like the shotgun can attract more enemy troops.
This device is only available under Challeging difficulty.



* Here is it, the full walkthrough for Soldier of Fortune (DC). I've set the
* dificulty on 'Easy' to keep things as simple as possible.
* Because it is sometimes very difficult to explain how to go through the
* missions properly, I've only included to route through the levels, with 
* warnings when you'll encounter a large group of enemies and locations for
* armor. I have NOT included surprises, story-related information or 
* I did gave the location and scenario for every mission. But if you only 
* the walkthrough for the mission you're playing now, you won't come across 
* spoilers.

5a.	Mission #1: Rescue and protect

DATE: 9/22/00
LOCATION: New York City
SCENARIO: Sabre and his streetgang have overtaken a NY subway station and 
killing several hostages. The SWAT teams are unable to stop this threat, and
Mullins and Hawk are send in for action...

1-1	Run down the steps and take a left. You'll see a SWAT member fighting
till the death (poor guy). Kill all the enemies, some hiding behind the
vending machine. Walk forward, but watch out, a baddie will open the door
and try to sneak up behind you. Keep going and quickly kill the terrorist to
save the hostage who is about to be executed. You now have two choices:
go left, or go straith ahead.

GO LEFT: 	Enter the room to the left with ammo and a security camera. Three
bad guys will move in, so be prepared. Exit the room and take a left at the 
of the hall. Quickly kill another baddie to save a hostage. Continue and 
walking till you reach the Ticket Booth. Three baddies will appear, kill 
and then walk to the hall on the right. Quickly kill 2 baddies who are about
to execute a hostage.
Return to the Ticket Booth, and jump-and-chrouch to enter. Take the ammo and
push the switch to open the shutter. Exit through the door, and go through 
shutter you've just opened.

GO STRAIGTH:	Quickly kill two bad guys to save a hostage. Go left and
keep walking till you reach the Ticket Booth. Kill the baddies inside and
jump and crouch to enter the Ticket Booth. Pick up all the ammo and use the
switch to open the shutter. Exit through the door and walk pass the shutter.

1-2	Go down the steps, keep going until you reach the platform. Jump down
on the tracks and go left. There are several homeless bums walking around, 
watch your fire. Follow the tracks till the end and enter the shutter at 

1-3	Keep walking until you see a SWAT member rushing in and get killed. Kill
all the bad guys and pick up the Armor from the dead SWAT member. Go up the
stairs. You'll see 2 SWAT members who have arrested 2 bad guys. You can kill
them, but you don't have to. Walk to the balcony where Hawk is standing, and
jump down on the train, which will start moving. Another train will pass you
by, carrying three bad guys. Jump of the train and kill all the other bad 
to finish the mission.

5b.	Mission #2: Nuke retrieval

DATE: 9/24/00
LOCATION: Soroti, Uganda
SCENARIO: Four nukes have been stolen from a underprotected base in Siberia.
Intelligence indicate that a train driving through Southern Africa carries

Carefully watch the intro-sequence to see enemy positions. This mission is a
very simple one, but there are two big threats:

1)	Falling of the train. Although it's harder to fall the train in the DC
	version than in the PC version, it still means instant death.
2)	The chopper. Not very lethal, but can still deliver quiet some damage and
	shoot you of the train if you're not careful.

Climb up the ladder, jump down at the end and kill the bad guy. Continue and
climb up the next ladder. Two bad guys will attack you. Kill them and keep
walking and jump unto the boxes and kill the three bad guys. Walk to the 
of boxes, you're not able to jump over them, but walking towards them 
the chopper to come in and fire at them. The following explosion allows you 
continue. But watch out, the chopper will attack you and can shoot you of 
the train.
Ignore the chopper's pitiful firing and walk pass the charcoal car. Kill the
three bad guys in the next car and pick up the Sniper Rifle. Walk to the end 
of the
car and stand on the edge. The chopper will fly next to the train and starts 
at you. Carefully use your Sniper Rifle and aim for one of the pilots to 
make the
chopper crash. Fire at the barrel next to the boxes, jump over them and go 
up the
ladder. Continue to the car before the last one, and search the side for a 
Kill the two guards and shoot the numeral pad to unlock the door.

5c.	The Armory

This isn't an actual mission, consider it as an real-time briefing.
Enter Lasky's Used Books, and make contact with Sam the shopowner. Follow 
he will take care of your briefing. Now equip yourself for the next mission.

5d.	Mission #3: Queen bee

DATE: 10/01/00
LOCATION: Gracanica, Kosovo
SCENARIO: The train only carried one nuke. The search for the other three
takes you to Kosovo, where a Serb fraction is fighting again despite the
NATO's embargo.

1-1	Walk and take a left, and then a right. Go through the small opening at
the end and follow the tunnel to the left. Watch out for the enemies above
you. Keep walking, there is only one route possible, until a dead end. Turn
around and go up along the collapsed path. Enter the tunnel and then go left
and climb up the ladder. You'll see a friendly soldier get killed, take his
armor. Kill the bad guy and turn the valve handle.
Take the ladder down, and enter the tunnel on the right. Keep walking until
you reach a large room. Keep walking forwards and walk through the passage
that was opened in the cut-scene. Keep going and you will see a pillar fall
down. Two bad guys will appear above you, watch out cause they throw 
at you. Continue through the opening on the right and go up the ladder.
Watch out for the bad guys below you, kill them and go to the left.

1-2	Follow the hall and take the ladder down. Go left, then right and jump
down the hole. Continue through the tunnel and go up the ladder. You'll find
grenades, C-4 and a Medkit near the boxes. Go around the corner to the left,
go up the ladder and turn the handle. Go down the ladder, take a right,
climb up the fallen tube and go to the right. Continue through the tunnel.
Watch out for the fortified bad guys. Kill them and then enter the tunnel.
Keep walking and kill the bad guys in the large room. Exit the room to the
left and fall down the tunnel.

1-3	Fire at the bars to open the exit. Jump down and go left into the
tunnel. Keep going until you reach another large room and exit to the right.
Keep walking and climb up the ladder. Fire at the gas cloud to open the tube
and enter. Keep going and jump forward to land on the right side of the tube
lying on the floor. Keep walking until you reach a ladder and climb up.
Kill all the bad guys to finish this part.

2-1	Exit the tunnel, then go up the ladder on the left. Continue through the
collapsed passage. You'll end up in the middle of a warzone. The city is 
fire, bombs are flying everywere and enemy soldier roam the streets.
Several soldiers will attack you. Kill them, while a big explosion opens up 
large building. With till the fire has stopped and enter. Walk through the
building, go to the left and kill 3 bad guys (one hiding inside a building).
Go to the right and climb up the destroyed appartment on your right.
Go to the left and walk to the end. Enter the tunnel.

2-2	Follow the tunnel and kill the bad guys. Go through the door on the
right. Go down the steps, then walk you see in front of you. Jump to the
passage on the left and go through the door. Walk down the hall and go up 
ladder. Keep going and go through the door. Watch out, 3 baddies will start
shooting from inside a building. Take them out with your Sniper Rifle.
Continue untill the end of the bridge. You'll see a tank on your right, it
will blow up the gate next to you. Jump onto the tube sticking out the wall
and crouch to enter. Keep going and then go up the ladder. Keep walking till
the screen fades out.

2-3	Follow the hall, and then go left and through the door. Kill all the
bad guys and go down the ladder. Walk till the hole in the wall and enter.
Go left at the end of the hall, over the jeep. Shoot out the window and
crouch through. Kill the bad guys.

5e.	Mission # 4: Nest Egg

DATE: 10/21/00
LOCATION: Uedineniya, Siberia
SCENARIO: The third nuke is in a terrorist camp in Siberia. Hawk is sent to
Iraq to pinpoint the location of the fourth nuke while Mullins must destroy
the third.

IMPORTANT: The Sniper Rifle is a VERY usefull weapon in this mission, 
of many outside areas where enemies will start shooting from a distance.

1-1	Walk forward, go left and use the Sniper Rifle to kill 2 bad guys. Keep
walking untill the end of the bridge and use the Sniper Rifle to take out 
Gun Turret. Keep walking, kill 2 more bad guys and the Gun Turrets on the 
of the hill. Go up the steps and jump down.

1-2	Crouch through and kill 2 bad guys. Go to the right and walk down untill
you reach a Armored Vehicle. Kill 3 bad guys and use the Sniper Rifle to 
out another Gun Turret on both sides of the tunnel entrance. Enter the 
and keep walking till you reach a big door.

1-3	Push the switch to open the door. Watch out, there will be heavy
resistence in this room. Kill all the bad guys and go through the door on
your left. Gp up the ladder and through the door. Push the switch to open 
submarine hatch. This works on a 45 second timer, this should be more than
enough. Exit through the same door and go up the ladder. Kill the bad guys,
push the switch to open the door and kill all the baddies in this room. Exit
the room and go the right into the submarine.

1-4	Fire at the small opening to break the submarine. Kill the bad guy and
keep walking untill you reach an armored vehicle. Kill the baddies, use the
Sniper Rifle on the ones who are firing from a distance. Keep walking and go
up the ladder on the right. Kill the bad guy and the Gun Turret. Go down and
walk forward untill you see a hole in the floor. Use the Sniper Rifle to 
3 bad guys. Jump down into the tube and shoot at the crack to open the exit.

1-5	Follow the tunnel, then go to the left at the end. Go up the steps and
through the door. Watch out, there are many bad guys above you. Climb up the
ladder and quickly kill everyone. Go throught the door and push the switch.
This opens the bars that closed the tube downstairs. Jump down and enter the

2-1	Follow the tunnel, go to the right and up the stairs. Kill three bad
guys and go through the door at the end. Walk over the grid and kill the 
below you. Go through the door, watch out, there is a Gun Turret hanging on
the ceiling. Go through the door, kill all the bad guys and take a left down
the stairs. Keep walking and go through the door. Go left, you'll see a
chopper crash and the explosion will open the gate. Walk past the Helipad 
enter the hall.

2-2	Follow the hall into the large room and kill all the bad guys. Push the
switch on the control pannel to open the passage down. Watch out, there is a
Gun Turret hanging on the ceiling. Follow the hall and go to the right when
you see the ladder on the wall. Fire at the grid over the hole in the floor.
Jump down and crouch to go through. Follow the tunnel and take the ladder
down. Keep walking and go up another ladder. Keep walking, push the switch 
open the door on the left.

2-3	Open the door, kill all the bad guys and go to the left. Keep following
the path untill you see a door that is blown up. Follow the hall untill you
reach a big door. You'll need to start the generators. Jump down and go
through the door, through the hall and another door. Kill all the bad guys
here and exit through the door on your left. Follow the hall, go through
another door and kill the bad guys standing around. Push D-Pad up at the two
lighthened computers in this room and exit through the other door. Follow 
hall, go through another door and go left. Keep walking and push the switch 
open the door. Go right and keep walking all the way to the end of the level
(only one route possible).

3-1	Push the switch to open the door. Go left and walk to the end. Enter the
door on your right and kill all the bad guys. Enter the control room and 
the switch to open another door. Several baddies will move in, so be 
Go through the door you've just opened and go left. Watch out for the 
in the room on your right. Go through the door ahead of you, go left at the
end and push the switch. Exit the room and go right through the door you've
just opened. Exit throught the door.

3-2	Use the computer to open the door. Look at you left, and you'll see a
soldier die in an explosion. Go to the right and open the door. Jump down
the hole. Crouch through the passage and follow the hall into a large room
with lots of bad guys. Kill them, then exit through the door agead of you.
Go left at the end and turn the valve on your left. Go around the corner and
jump onto the boxes and enter the ventilation tunnels. Keep following the 
untill you can jump down.

3-3	Keep walking (only one route possible), go left into the elevator. Push
the switch to start it. Keep walking untill you reach a large room with a
large missile. A 60-second timer is started! Use the small elevator and 
the yellow door. Kill the two guards and push the switch to stop the
countdown. Return to the missile room and enter the brown door. Use the
elevator and kill two bad guys.

5f.	Mission #5: Lightfoot

DATE: 11/03/00
LOCATION: Baghdad outskirts
SCENARIO: The fourth nuke is located near Baghdad. Hawk and Mullins must
destroy it before it is used by terrorists.

1-2	DON'T draw your weapons! The first part of this mission is undercover.
You can just walk around without anyone attacking you upto a certain point.
Go through the door, exit the room on the right. Walk through the door and 
up the ladder on the right. Jump to the building on the right and go through
the door on your left, and go through another door. Go right and follow the
hall into a large room. Go right, and keep walking, then go up the steps.
Keep walking untill you see 2 soldiers and a civilian. Go to the right, 
outside now. Keep walking, then go through the large opened doors on your
right. Go through another door. A soldier will ask for your ID. Your cover 
blown right now. Kill all the soldiers and fire at the boxes on the far left
to expose the entrance to the building. Crouch to enter, then




* This sections contains no huge spoilers, however it does reveal 
* about weapons, enemies, level locations and tactics. If you want to fully
* explore and enjoy the game by yourself, then I advice you to skip this
* section if you haven't finished Soldier of Fortune yet.

This section will give you some (hopefully) usefull advice for combat
situations during the game.

6a.	The controls

Soldier of Fortune is one the few console 3D-shooters that allows you to 
much like 3D-shooters on PC. Most console shooters don't allow you to run 
aim at the same time, but SoF has used the advanced DC controller to change
this. You use the X, A, B, and Y button walk forward, backwards and strafe
left/right, and the Analog stick to aim. All the keyboard functions are used
with the L and R trigger and the D-pad.

Aiming with the analog stick means that you can aim while running around.
This maintains one of the most important parts of SoF: the GHOUL system.
Because of the controls, you can still aim for head shots while moving 

A very usefull technique is strafing: Moving to the left or right while 
facing the same direction. This allows you to avoid enemy fire while still
being able to shoot back. It also increases to changes that you see an enemy
before he sees you when you walk around a corner.

Another usefull technique is leaning around the corner (L+X and L+B). This
allows you to shoot a bad guy while only exposing a small part of your body.

6b.	The Enemy

Soldier of Fortune will take you all over the world, you'll meet a huge
diversity of enemies, with all the races, genders, and backgrounds you could
ever ask for.
The AI improves as the game takes you from puck-ass streetgangs to well
trained soldiers and terrorists. These enemies also come with a wide
assortiment of weapons and gear. Some of them require a special strategy for 

The enemies in the first levels are truly pathethic. The AI is awfull (even 
a low-life, punk-ass streetgang member) and their equipment is also a laugh.
Almost every weapon will kill them in one or two hits, and don't expect to
much resistence from them. You can easily kill everyone with the knife 
ever getting in serious danger.

But, once you get futher into the game, everything starts to change. The
enemies will come up to in groups more frequently, and try take shelter
behind obstacles. They still suck at close-combat, since they stand around
and shoot every once and a while.

Enemies continue to improve until you get to the final mission, where 
will run for cover when attacked, and try to ambush you while working
together. I was very pleased to finally see some realistic AI.

The GHOUL system has an impact on the gameplay, armored bad guys require 
strategy than in most 3D shooters. The shotgun will do much damage to an
unarmored enemy, but isn't as effective when he is wearing protective suits.
Especially in the latter missions will you meet with enemies who come well
equiped for an meeting with Mullins. Enemies will carry armor more often,
with the climax being the soldiers you'll first encounter in Iraq.
They are completely covered with heavy armor and carry a Rocket Launcher.
Keep shooting at there helmet until in breaks.
You can will also frequently come across armor, but remember that this 
mean you can't get hurt. Some bad guys will use armor piercing bullets (the
Sniper Rifle, for example). Wearing armor still means that your health will
drop if you get hit by these weapons.
Enemies who wear armor all require another strategy. I've already mentioned
the completely armored bad guys with rocket launchers, but you will also 
across bad guys who only wear a armored vest. Fire at the limbs, or use
more powerfull weapons like the Slugthrower.

You will also come across a few tanks. These can be very dangerous, but
nothing a few Rockets can't handle.


6c.	Equipment

Carefully choosing the right equipment for the right mission is also
important. Here is (IMHO) the prefered equipment:


You can basically choose between two options: Firepower or Stealth.
If you want to go for firepower, than choose weapons like the Shotgun,
Talon .44, grenades and the Heavy Hitter.
If you want stealth, than take the Black Panther, Surpressed SMG,
Sniper Rifle and flaspacks. Also use your knifes whenever possible when
practicing stealth methods. But be carefull, 9mm ammo is relatively
rare in this game.


The armor is very usefull, especially in the later missions. Field Medkits
are also usefull, but you'll find plenty of them during the missions. You
ay want to take them with you in the later missions though.
I also recommand never to take the Nightvision Goggles with you. There are
only a few parts of the game where you'll actually need them, and then they
can be picked up during the mission.


This section is dedicated to all the small things that I wanted to put in 
walkthrough, but aren't important enough to deserve their own section.

7a.	Things to do during the awful loading times

The awful long and very frequent loadings in Soldier of Fortune have 
many DC owners. But that's the price to pay for the incredible graphics.
Here are some things to do during these AWFUL loading times:

- Change the channel and watch TV for one minute
- Carefully study the STATISTICS if available
- Read your favorite comics or magazines.
- Thinking about all the usefull things you could've done instead of looking
  at a clip slowly filling with bullets.
- Just sit there and wait until the loading is over...
- Ask this to the people on the Life, Universe & Everything board and watch
  how many weird replies and moderated messages you see.

7b.	A more psychological look on Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune has shocked the world with it's ultra-violent gameplay.
Look at the game more carefully, and see how many stereotyped things you 

Soldier of Fortune, as many B-action-movies, gives you the idea that the
human race can be devided into two different people: Good guys and Bad guys.
All the bad guys in SoF are (with the exception of the mobsters in Tokyo)
pretty ugly, kinda dumb (crappy AI) or even German.
SoF also seems another socially excepted way of proclaiming your hate 
certain countries. You'll fight soldiers from Kosovo, Iraq, Sudan and German
terrorist. Most Americans bare a slight disgust for these counties.
Also notice, that you'll encounter Saddam Hussein in a cut-scene, and the 
seen through the Sniper scope on the disc cover looks a lot like Fidel 

Most people see these type of games as disturbing, violent and the cause of
todays lack of morals in society. I must disagree with that. Tragedies like
the Littleton shooting and other eruptions of violent made people point 
finger at violent videgames and Hard rock music.
These people need to know that watching violence is something that humans 
done through the ages. The Romans liked to watch slaves fight eachother to 
death ot getting eating by wild animals (remember Gladiator?). In Medieval
Times, it was commen to take your family to the village square and watch how
'criminals' were executed. However, old writen sources from Ancient Rome and
Medieval Europe tell us that their society was no more violent than ours.
The people who started shooting at there schools are simply disturbed, crazy
if you may. Pointing your finger at music and videogames isn't going to 

7.c	Xploder/GameShark codes

These are codes that you can only use with a Xploder or a GameShark.


Infinite Armor 010E46E6 00000009
Infinite Ammo (Shotgun) 010E81E8 00000009
Infinite Ammo (9mm Pistol) 010EA076 00000009


Must Be First  9C5D88F8
Inf Armor  F564BD3200000009
Inf Shells/Bullets  E9086C93 00000009 8C9C7E31 00000009
Must Be Last  245EECA9



* This sections deal with the story-lin in Soldier of Fortune, and therefor
* contains a huge amount of SPOILERS. Don't read this if you haven't 
* the game yet.

Soldier of Fortune is one of the few 3D-shooters that has a real story going
on during the game. Here is a summary to the plot:


BACKGROUND: John Mullins and Aaron "Hawk" Persons are members of The Shop, 
American undercover anti-terrorists orginazation. They both work as a team 
fight terrorsits all over the world.

The game starts when Mullins and Hawk are talking to a SWAT leader. A
New York's subway station has been overtaken by a group of streetpunks who 
started to waste hostages one by one. All they know is the name of the 
Sabre. The SWAT leader doesn't want to let Mullins and Hawk get involved, 
knows that he has no choice. He agrees, and Mullins and Hawk move in. All of
the gang members are killed in the battle that follows, but Sabre gets away.
Mullins realises that something much bigger than this gangwar is going on.

Then intelligence have received information that an unknown organisation has
stolen four nukes from an underprotected base in Russia. If fallen into the
wrong hands, they could cause a world-wide catastroph. A train drving 
Uganda seems to carry the nukes.

Mullins moves in alone and eleminates the terrorist on the train, including 
battle chopper. When he reaches the last guarded car, he finds out that 
is only one nuke on board.

He returns to the US, and goes to Lasky's Used Books, a cover for the
headquarters of the The Shop. The owner of the shop, Sam, gives Mullins and
Hawk a briefing and tells them that one of the nukes is in Kosovo, where a
Serb fraction is fighting again.

Mullins and Hawk operate underground in Kosovo and fight their way to an 
base were there are many supplies stored. The symbols on the crates indicate
that this isn't the property of a Serb group. Mullins and Hawk are looking 
the nuke, but then a soldier tells them that a group has stolen a US Stealth
bomber. They now realize that the second nuke must be on board this bomber.
Mullins takes out an artillery that threatens the city, and Hawk manages to
find the missing Stealth with the nuke, but their problems are far from 

The third nuke is located in an terrorist camp in Siberia. Mullins goes in
alone, as Hawk is sent to Iraq to pinpoint the exact location of the fourth
nuke. Mullins fights his way into the underground base and finds the nuke,
in a rocket that it about to take of for a one-way flight to New York.
Mullins manages to prevend the launch seconds before it's due.



This sections is here to give credit to those who gave me valuable 
for this document and to reveal the internet-sources I used.

Information giving by people:

While working on this document, I frequently went to the GameFAQs forum to 
for information. The following people have contributed to the construction 
this walkthrough:

LiMpBiZkitFaN (also for making the ASC II title)
Dan Cole (also for sending me the codes for Xploder and GameShark)


Other information found on web-sites:


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