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By tarbandu

Version 1.00, July 2012

After protracted stops and starts at finding a publisher and defining a release
date (cause in large part by financial difficulties on the part of JoWood, 
publisher of the original Spellforce series) ‘Spellforce 2:  Faith in Destiny’
was released as a downloadable game from Valve’s Steam service in June 2012.

‘Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny’ was created / produced by ‘Mind Over Matter 
Games’, and the Swedish company Nordic Games.
[Phenomic, the creator of the original Spellforce series, was not involved. 
Phenomic (as of July 2012) continues to operate as a studio of Electronic Arts,
and their latest product was the 2010 release of ‘Lord of Ultima’, an online, 
free-to-play strategy game. ‘Battleforge’, the title Phenomic created when 
first purchased by EA Games, also is available as a free-to-play online MMO 

This walkthrough is purely the creation of its author, tarbandu, and was not 
endorsed or commissioned by Mind Over Matter Games / Nordic Games / JoWood.

This walkthrough doesn’t provide in-depth information on all the weapons and 
armor and quest items present in the game, or where they can be found in each 
map. Answers to questions regarding these things can be posted to the
Spellforce: Faith in Destiny Forum at:


I’m always willing to incorporate additional gameplay strategies and tips into
newer versions of this walkthrough, so email your contribution and the 
username or real name you’d like to have used for attribution purposes.

The walkthrough was played on the 'normal' dificulty setting.

General Tips and Tricks

-The Nameless rely heavily on defensive towers called ‘Soulscreamer’ towers 
(upgraded versions include the SoulBender and Offender towers). These not only
fire punishing magic bolts at attackers (one bolt is sufficient to kill a Real
m infantryman or archer), but they can also heal nearby Nameless troops and 
spawn new troops, sometimes batches of 7 to 8 Nameless at a time. Eliminating 
the Soulscreamer towers is a major factor when assaulting a Nameless base. For
this reason, I recommend training one of your party members (preferably your 
avatar) in magic or weapons that are effective against structures. Earth magic,
and the ‘eruptions’ spell, are good for this purpose. Also, later in the game,
when you can select a race to represent your army, I recommend the Pact, 
mainly because their Ravage units are invisible (useful for sneaking them into
Nameless bases) and they are effective at destroying buildings.


This is basically a tutorial. Your character, the latest incarnation of the 
Shaikan hero from previous Spellforce games, is suffering from amnesia. You 
are greeted by your Hero, Antara. Set off down the path to the village; you 
will encounter some Nameless (that is, the demons that are the main enemy in 
the game), and get instructions on fighting. When you arrive at the village 
there will be some cutscenes with the Realm army commander, Garrett, and a 
distressed villager. Gather the three weapons caches, and outfit your 
character and Antara with upgraded weapons and armor.
The next quest will require you to journey to the Realm Headquarters south of 
the village. Deal with the Nameless troops, and the lizards, on the way. When 
you reach the Headquarters, you’ll go through a tutorial on acquiring raw 
materials (stone and silver), creating new structures (blacksmith and farm), 
and creating soldiers (5) and crossbowmen (5). Feel free to create additional 
troops if you desire. When you’re ready to take on the Nameless, head further 
south. One path will lead to a small Nameless camp, with some loot and dragon 
eggs (that you really can’t do anything with). The other path will lead to a 
Soulscream Tower. Take down the surrounding Spike and Damned guards and 
reinforcements, and destroy the Tower. The level ends with a cutscene featuring
the chainmail bikini-wearing elf chick Nightsong, from the previous Spellforce

Iron Fields: Ur Mountain

You and Antara will spawn in the island of the Iron Fields, amid the ruins of 
an old castle atop Ur Mountain. Check the nearby chests for some loot and 
activate the Ur Mountain Journey Stone. Proceed down the hill to the nearby 
village and check in with the merchant about buying and swelling equipment 
(although most of his inventory will be of too high a level for you to use at 
the moment).

In the village, you’ll be able to speak with a young man named Teflis, who asks
you to find his runaway bride; this is the ‘Demira’ side quest.

You can also speak with Ellacru Vilde, a rather unpleasant woman who wants you
to find her runaway nephew, Symon; this is ‘The Lost Heir’ side quest.

Venture further into the village to trigger a cutscene with Commander Garrett’s
wife Nadira, who pleads with you to assist the Commander in his fight to repel
an attack at the camp outside the village gates. This starts the main quest 
‘An Unexpected Attack’.

Also in the outer portion of the village you will find Spellforce’s resident 
con artist, Flink McWinter. After a humorous exchange of dialogue you can 
either turn Flink in to the Realm troops for a reward, or, if you choose to let
him go free, he will provide you with the recipe for a helmet of magical power,
the Titan Cap. I elected to let him go free and got the recipe for the 4 
ingredients of the Titan Cap: Wolves’ Leather, Ogre Teeth, a Fairy Stool, and 
an Arcane Connector. These ingredients will need to be assembled by a skilled 
smith. The ingredients for the Titan Cap all are located in the Iron Fields 
map, and their locations are provided below.

Iron Fields: An Unexpected Attack

Head down the streets to the Realm Camp at the base of the village and assist 
Commander Garrett in repelling the Nameless attack. This will trigger a cut 
scene, after which you are given a new main quest: take a detachment of troops,
and destroy the Nameless Towers blocking access to a Realm Outpost and access 
to badly-needed supplies.
Before you set off on that quest, examine the Burning Village; activate the 
nearby Journey Stone, and grab some artifacts from the ruins. Speak to Grunt 
Rockhammer, the dwarven smith, who will craft a large variety of powerful 
weapons and armor for you provided you find the right ingredients. These 
ingredients are all lying around the levels and maps you will be visiting in 
the course of the game, and when you pick them up, you’ll get a popup message 
that they are associated with the Rockhammer side quests. Note that Rockhammer
is the smith who can create the Titan Cap for you, when you provide him with 
all four ingredients.
Also examine the corpse of a civilian here in the Burning Village to get some 
documents associated with the new side quest, ‘A Scholar’.

Head down the trail south from the Burning Village and a cutscene will play, 
after which you will gain the Summon Heroes ability. Proceed down the trail and
fight some Nameless and some wild animals. When you arrive at the Outpost you 
will find it under siege from the Nameless; help in the defense.

Iron Fields: Stop the Nameless Invasion

A new segment of the main quest now starts: you are to build a farm, create 10
soldiers, and destroy the Nameless headquarters. Get to work on these tasks, 
as well as activating the nearby Outpost journey stone. A merchant named Jasper
will arrive at the Outpost to trade with you. Since the cap for troops in this
level is 30, and you will indeed need every one of those troops, I suggest 
creating a force of 25 bowmen and soldiers to accompany your avatar. Leave a 
detachment of 5 soldiers / bowmen behind at your Outpost base, because wolves,
and Nameless, will regularly launch annoying raids on it.

There are additional loot, wolves, and panthers in the vicinity of the Outpost,
and one of the wolves will drop the Wolves’ Leather needed for the Titan Cap 
side quest. You can explore these areas near the Outpost now (or later, when 
it’s a bit easier).

When my avatar was at level 13, and I had a force of 25 soldiers and 
crossbowmen at my command, I set off to destroy the Nameless Tower at the Gate
down the road south from the Outpost.
Stop and activate the Nameless Base Journey Stone, then try to draw the
Nameless troops away from the Soulbender Tower and deal with them. Then heal 
up with Benefactions and other healing spells, and go for the Tower. This is a
very tough fortification, and its blasts will instantly kill a soldier or 
bowman, so you may want to destroy the tower in a series of attacks. Keep an 
eye out for several Nameless that will regularly emerge from the entrance to 
the main Nameless base to the east of the Tower.

Once the Tower is down, a super-size Nameless unit, called the Doombringer, 
will spawn and attack your force. Retreat if necessary, and take down the 

Now it’s time to take on the main Nameless base. This is not easy. I recommend
bringing some craftsmen down to the vicinity of the former Tower, just outside
the entrance to the grounds of the main Nameless base, and erecting a new 
headquarters, and smeltery, to take advantage of the silver ore here. Having a
new headquarters located here will shorten the distance replacement troops 
have to travel to join your force.

When you’ve built up to 25 troops again, carefully head east and onto the 
grounds of the main Nameless base. There are a lot of powerful Nameless units 
here, as well as two Soulbender Towers, so if you charge in, you’ll be 
decimated. Instead, use your avatar to lure smaller groups of Nameless into 
combat with your force, and keep replacement troops continuously spawning from
your headquarters. Don’t feel shy about retreating back to your base if the 
Nameless onslaught gets too intense.

(While all this is going on, be ready to shift your attention to the Outpost 
base, as bands of wolves will regularly attack your craftsmen, and the 
detachment of troops you left behind will ignore the wolves unless you take 
control of them and order them to attack).

Gradually whittle away the force defending the main Nameless base, and then, 
with the enemy troops eliminated, concentrate on taking down the Soulbender 
Towers, and then the other structures. When the base is demolished the quest 
will end. Grab the Eye of the Mentalist artifact from the dead level 18 
Soulbender magician, and be sure to loot the chest here for the Arcane 
Connector needed for the Titan Cap side quest.

Iron Fields: Destroy the Blockade

Replenish your force, and now head back north again to the set of six 
Soulbender Towers that block the road. It’s a good idea to set up a new 
headquarters, and an Altar of Life, just west of the Towers. The ability to 
spawn new troops right at this location is helpful; also, if your avatar or 
hero dies within the range of the Towers, you can use the Altar to revive them
safely (reviving the hero Antara costs 250 lenya, and your avatar, 500 lenya).
Patiently destroy the six Towers, regrouping with new troops as needed. When 
the Towers are destroyed, you are directed to see Commander Garrett up in the 
Burning Village. However, I recommend that before you do this, you finish 
exploring the Iron Fields map, complete some side quests, gain gold, experience
and levels, and some good loot.

Iron Fields: Side Quests

It’s a good idea to bring 20 to 25 soldiers with your avatar and Antara as you
explore the rest of the Iron Fields map, as there are some groups of tough 
enemies that you will encounter. If you go south, you’ll come across a troll 
lair, and win the use of a fire catapult. Elsewhere in the south are groups of
wild animals, ogres, fire golems, renegades, and spiders. Activate the Eastern
Woodlands and Southern Hills journey stones.

In the northeast section of the map, you’ll come across two ogres; kill them 
and retrieve the Ogre’s Teeth needed for the Titan Cap. Also in the northeast 
is the house where the runaway bride, Demira, is located; however, the path 
leading to the house is blocked by a stone deposit. Have a group of craftsmen 
patiently harvest the stone and remove it from the path, then proceed up to 
Demira. After a humorous conversation, I elected to keep her secret safe, 
albeit for a price, and got the ‘A Shoe for Teflis’ side quest. Going back to 
the village to talk with Teflis solved the ‘Shoe’ side quest and gave 5000 XP.
Exploring the west portion of the Iron Fields map will reveal a spider lair, 
where you can find the Fairy Stool ingredient for the Titan Cap. On a side 
trail here in the west you’ll find a group of bandits fighting among themselves
; kill them and then speak to Symon, who stands nearby, enjoying the spectacle.
Symon is the object of ‘The Runaway Heir’ side quest. I elected to deceive 
Symon’s aunt Ella, and got the ‘Back to Aunt Ella’ side quest. I returned to 
the village with Symon’s signet ring and spoke with Ella. She was provoked and
attacked my avatar; she summons two elementals to help her, so it’s a good idea
to have Antara beside you for this fight.
When Ella dies, Symon will appear in the village. Negotiate with him and get 
the combination to his personal safe (the chest located nearby on the village 
street) in exchange for 100 gold. The combination he gave me was: 2 turns right
, one turn left; 2 turns right, 2 turns left. The chest contains two high to 
level rings, Deimos and Phobos.

Now you’re ready to finish the Iron Fields map. Go to the Burning Village and 
present Grunt Rockhammer, the dwarven smith, with the four items for the Titan
Cap and he will make it for you. Then go speak to Commander Garrett and after 
the cut scene he’ll reward you with a suit of armor. Now return to Ur Mountain
and trigger a cutscene featuring your old friend Professor Twiddle, and a team
of dragons. After the cut scene, speak with Twiddle to complete the ‘A Scholar
’ side quest, and begin a new side quest, the ‘Prism of Magic’ quest.

The dragon Surian has been tasked with flying you and your party around the 
various islands of Eo. Speak to Surian to be transported to Malanger Green, 
the next segment of the game.

Malanger Green: The Depressed Elves

When you arrive on Malanger Green you’ll observe a lengthy cut scene, and your
companion Caine, from previous Spellforce games, will join you, along with 
Sariel, who works best as a Healer. You’ll receive the ‘To the Elves’ main 
quest, so set out to the east. You’ll encounter various wild beasts, monsters,
and giant hornets on the way to the elf camp. As you enter the camp, a large 
force of Nameless will attack. The elves, as with previous Spellforce 2 games,
are suicidally depressed over the loss of their homeland, and put up no 
resistance against their attackers.
Destroy the Nameless, and speak to Twiddle for information about the ‘Twiddlium
Compensator’ quest. Then talk to the Druid priestess, who tells you that Io, 
now the leader of the elves, has gone missing and must be found before the 
clan will take any action against the Nameless.

Head to the eastern portion of the map; Io is standing next to a (groan) lever
puzzle. Speak to her to discover that she will not participate in the war 
the Nameless unless she can enter the nearby Necropolis, and receive absolution
from a magical tree located there (the quest of ‘The Rite of Cleansing’). You 
will have to manipulate the levers of the puzzle and extinguish all seven 
torches to open the gate to the Necropolis. I fiddled with the levers for 
several minutes until I succeeded in extinguishing all of the torches.

A cut scene will reveal that the gates to the Necropolis are now open, but 
unfortunately, a band of high-level demons is stationed in the path leading to
the graveyard. The ‘Sword or Spirit’ quest begins; you can choose to battle 
the demons, or use the lever puzzle to eliminate them. 

I spent another few minutes manipulating the levers again, to have just the 
torch in the center of the puzzle lit, and this caused the demon force to 
vanish  (note that you will not get any on-screen messages that the demons have
disappeared, you will have to shift the camera to their location to confirm 
their absence).

With Io in tow, enter the Necropolis.

Malanger Green: The Necropolis

You’ll want to activate the nearby journey stone and take on the bands of 
skeletons and spirits in the outer courtyard. Make your way into the graveyard
proper, dealing with more bands of skeletons and spirits. In one corner of the
graveyard is a circle inscribed on the ground, guarded by a large force of 
frenzies and skeletons. If you fight them, this will start that beloved 
Spellforce side quest, The Mosaic; more on this below in the ‘Malanger Green: 
The Mosaic Quest’ section of this walkthrough.

To complete the ‘Rite of Cleansing’ quest for Io, speak to the tree here in the
graveyard; it will demand a life in exchange for absolution for Io, for her 
role in the death of the elf queen. Agree to shed your dragon blood for Io’s 
sake. When the cut scene ends, Io will die, and you will revive her with your 
dragon blood ability, and now Io will join your party. She is primarily an 
archer, so equip her accordingly.

To complete the ‘twiddlium Compensator’ quest, you will have to examine the 
grave that has an exclamation mark (!) above it. Examining the grave will 
trigger the spawning of monsters, such as level 16 and level 18 Spirits. Once 
you eliminate the spawned monsters, another grave elsewhere in the Necropolis 
will now have an exclamation mark associated with it. Examine that grave, 
trigger the spawning of monsters, kill them, and then move on to the next 

There are 5 graves in total that you will have to disturb to complete the 
twiddlium quest. The final grave in the sequence will spawn two level 22 
demons. This will be a tough fight, but when you kill the two demons, one will
drop the twiddlium Compensator. Killing the demons also will trigger a cut 
scene in which you and your party witness the marching of a sizeable Nameless 
army outside the Necropolis. After the cut scene plays, you’ll receive the 
‘Know Your Enemy’ and ‘Return to Twiddle’ quests.

Chests here in the Necropolis contain many ingredients needed for the special 
weapons and armor that Grunt Rockhammer, in the Iron Fields map, can fashion 
for you, so be sure to loot all the chests in the Necropolis.

When you’re finished with the Necropolis, I suggest returning to Twiddle at the
elf camp.

Malanger Green: The Prism of Magic, and Twiddle’s Ingredients

Speak to Professor Twiddle and he’ll announce that he needs two additional 
parts for his device, and a dwarven smith to fabricate them; these can be found
in the Southern Part of the map.  Note that this is not an ‘official’ quest 
entered into your log, but will become an official quest later in the Malanger
Green level.

Note also that a number of treants have now joined the Druids in the elf camp.

At this time I had recovered all the ingredients for the ‘Prism of Magic’ side
quest originally awarded by Professor Twiddle as part of the completion of the
‘A Scholar’ side quest at Ur Mountain. If you talk to the Professor and tell 
him you have the necessary ingredients he will make the Prism for you. 
Immediately after this happens, a cut scene will play in which Hirin, an 
ancient mage, appears and demands you return the Prism to him.
If you elect to keep it, after the cut scene ends, he will attack you. Hirin is
level 21 and will put up a tough fight. The Prism is a powerful amulet with 
many bonuses so I elected to keep the Prism. After you defeat Hirin, he will 
warn you that possession of the Prism will haunt your dreams.

If you instead decide to give Hirin the Prism, he will reward you with 8000 XP
and the Ring of Archmage.

Malanger Green: Know Your Enemy

The ‘Know Your Enemy’ quest requires you to travel to the village in northeast
corner of the map, that has been attacked by the Nameless, and look for 
survivors. Along with some good loot scattered around the village grounds, 
there is a merchant named Elif located here, who will give you a side quest 
(‘The Everwhite Silk Robe’) to retrieve his four packages, stolen by the 
Nameless; you can retrieve these packages in the course of destroying the 
Nameless base later in this level.

Also in the village is a formidable force of Nameless. You will want to 
carefully lure small groups of them away from the main force, so that you can 
gradually whittle them away. Don’t be surprised if you have to retreat, or 
resurrect several fallen Heroes, in the course of this battle; making regular 
Quicksaves is recommended. 

Make sure you explore the trails around the lake adjacent to the village and 
eliminate any Nameless patrols in that area, otherwise, the ‘Know Your Enemy’ 
quest will not be complete.

When you’ve destroyed all the Nameless in the area of the village, the game 
will auto-save and you can return to the village. A farmer will now be Active;
speak to him and learn via the cut scene that some villagers have been abducted
by the Nameless and taken to a slave pen in the southern area of the map. 
You’ll now get the quest ‘Free the Slaves’.

Malanger Green: Free the Slaves

Head south, around the walls of the Necropolis. You’ll encounter a variety of 
adversaries on the trail, including beast men, wild animals, and even some 
drakelings (it’s a good idea to have some of your party members equipped with 
ranged spells and weapons). When you reach the area where the slave pen is 
located you’ll get a cut scene in which your avatar acquires a new spell, the 
Invisibility spell.

Stop your party just outside the visual range of the Nameless force guarding 
the slave pen and have your avatar cast the invisibility spell on himself. Then
send him into the slave pen. This will trigger the notice of the Nameless 
guards, so get your party running up to help in the fight. Some of the slaves 
will help you out, too.

When the Nameless are defeated you’ll have an opportunity to talk with the 
slaves and tell them they are free to go. In gratitude, each slave - who 
represents one of the races in the Spellforce games - will offer to provide 
your base for your army for the upcoming attack on the large Nameless camp in 
the southern area of the map. You’ll also receive a piece of malachite from 
each slave that you speak to.

In the end I decided to accept the offer of help from the Skerg, or Pact, 
representative, and the placement of a Pact base in the southeastern part of 
the map. [My rationale for choosing the Pact: the Skerg slave will explicitly 
state that the magical offenses of the Pact will be effective against the 
Nameless; also, remember that many Pact units, such as the arachnis, can 
summon additional units that will do a lot of the fighting for you. Also, 
the ability to create Ravages will become very useful when you are looking to 
destroy Nameless troop-spawning structures].

Whatever race you choose, the decision will trigger a number of successive cut
scenes in which your avatar and party are transported back to the elf camp in 
the northern portion of the map.

Malanger Green: Building Your Base

The cut scenes in the elf camp will establish that Io, now restored to glory, 
will recruit the elves from their depression and get them involved in the war 
on the Nameless. You’ll also learn from Twiddle that repair of the machinery 
needed for his portal device can still be accomplished, however, it will 
require the services of a dwarf smith, who can only be accessed after the 
defeat of the Nameless army. This starts the ‘Repair’ quest. You’ll learn that
Nightsong, the dark elf woman from previous Spellforce games, has apparently 
been abducted by the Nameless; this starts the ‘Nightsong’ quest.  

And, of course, you are expected to create an army and eliminate the Nameless 
base in the south of the map, this is the ‘Counter-attack’ quest.

Once all the cut scenes finish playing, Surian the dragon will be available to
fly your avatar around the map, and a text message will appear on the playing 
screen telling you to click the proper button on the top-panel toolbar to mount

Place your avatar on Surian and immediately send him flying to your base in the

Also, return your camera to the Slave Pen and be sure to select the three 
fighters present there - a necromancer, a berserker, and a veteran - and get
them moving to your new base as well; they can help with the defense.
[Sooner rather than later, a sizeable force of Nameless is going to assault 
your base, and you want to be ready.]

This part of the Malanger Green mission isn't too difficult, but you will need 
to move quickly and efficiently: 

Get two stonemasons up and running, as well as a semltery and an alchemist (or
their equivalents for the other races in the game). When your avatar arrives on
Surian, drop him off at the narrow passage that leads from your base to the 
trail network and summon your heroes. Don't step too far out onto the trail or
you will draw the attention of passing Nameless patrols.

Once you have the necessary stone available, start building 5 - 6 defensive
towers at the narrow passage. Spend the stone, lenya, and silver to upgrade 

Once the towers are in place you can turn to creating troop-spawning structures
as well as farms.

By the time the first wave of Nameless attackers arrived at my base, I had 80
troop slots in place, six upgraded towers, and upgraded troops in my force, 
such as stone gargoyles and arachnis. 

My towers easily soaked up the Nameless attacks and my troops picked off the 
attackers while they struggled against the towers. The Pact arachnis and 
necromancers, who summon little spiders and skeletons, respectively, were 
particularly effective.

More waves of Nameless will periodically come at the entrance to your base, but
just keep your towers repaired, and your troops participating in the defense, 
and you shouldn’t have any problems.

When you’re ready to counter-attack the Nameless base, gather your army into 
one group, and also create a separate group of 10 - 15 craftsmen to accompany 

Malanger Green: Counter-attack

The fight to eliminate the Nameless base is going to be a long, hard slog. And
there may be easier ways to do it, but this is what I did:

If you have the silver and lenya available, and you are playing as the Pact, 
create suicide teams of three Ravages, and send them sneaking into the 
Nameless camp. Have the Ravages attack the Bastion, and  troop-spawning 
structures, like the Soulscreamer towers. The Ravages will be killed almost 
instantly after destroying the buildings, but the ability of the Nameless to 
spawn new troops will be curtailed.

If you don’t happen to be playing as the Pact, then have your avatar mount 
Surian and carefully fly along the outer edges of the Nameless base until you 
reach the cliff that forms the back wall of the base; don’t go too far north 
or east, or you’ll run into fire dragons that are hiding here, invisible. When
you approach them they will materialize and easily kill Surian.

Carefully dismount your avatar into the area of the Nameless camp, back behind
the two forges and the bastion. There shouldn’t be any Nameless troops in this
vicinity. Immediately summon your party members, and get to work destroying the
two nearby forges. Next, go for the Soulscreamer towers. These are a pain to 
take down, because they spawn Nameless, so be ready to resurrect fallen party 
members and retreat and heal up as you go about this.

With the towers eliminated you can destroy the bastion; if you maneuver your 
party with care, you shouldn’t alert the large mobs of Nameless elsewhere in 
the base as to what you are doing. With the bastion gone, the Nameless will 
still span the large mobs of troops that are sent down the trails to your own 
base, but they won’t be able to create any more troops other than those 
periodic spawns. So the task of eliminating their base is a little easier.

Use the fast travel / journey stone option to send your avatar back to your 
own base; summon your heroes; gather your own army; and now, set out up the 
trails to the main Nameless base. En route you may run into a Nameless force 
on its way to harass your base; just crush it.

When you near the approach to the main Nameless base it’s a good idea to pause
and have your group of 10 - 15 craftsmen come up and establish a troop-spawning
building (such as a fortress) in the vicinity, so your reinforcements won’t 
have far to travel.

Carefully edge your party forward into the Nameless camp and provoke some of 
their troops into running to attack you, then use your own army to destroy 
these attackers. Then edge forward some more and concentrate on eliminating the
towers (the ‘Counter-attack’ quest will not be successful unless you destroy 
all the structures in the Nameless base).

Keep repeating this gradual approach. It’s going to be a slog. It can help to 
have your craftsmen erect your own line of towers as you encroach further into 
the base, and just let the Nameless expend themselves on attacking your towers,
then clean up the survivors. Again, if you have the ability to create Ravages, 
use them to destroy the Soulscreamer towers.
The Nameless will employ ‘Eruptions’, powerful melee units, of their own, so 
have a steady stream of reinforcements fed into your army. Sooner or later 
your supplies of silver, stone, and lenya will start to get depleted, so be 
ready to have your idle craftsmen establish gathering stations where the silver,
stone, and lenya deposits are located on the trail.

Loot the corpses of fallen Nameless as you grind through their base; these will
drop the packages for the side quest for Elif the merchant back in the village.

When the last building in the Nameless camp goes down, the ‘Counter-attack’ 
quest will be complete. 

With your army tagging along with you, explore the areas to the west behind 
the Nameless base; there are beast men here guarding chests with arms and armor
belonging to the ‘Dreamstalker’ set, as well as other higher-level items, 
including artifacts for Grunt Rockhammer. In one glade you’ll find a statue 
that is guarded by a force of invisible gargoyles; these will materialize to 
attack your force, so have ranged weapons ready.
When you exit the gate to the Nameless base, a cut scene will play in which a 
surly dwarf admonishes you for taking too long to eliminate the Nameless. He 
will agree to deliver the adamantium to Professor Twiddle up at the elf camp in
the north. He will also give you the next portion of the ‘Nightsong’ quest: 
‘Into the Depths’, in which you will have to enter the nearby mines in search 
of the dark elf woman.

Malanger Green: Visiting Grunt Rockhammer

At this point of the game I had quite a collection of artifacts required for 
the crafting of magic weapons and armor by Grunt Rockhammer back at the 
Burning Village in the Iron Fields map. If you open your World Map, click on 
the text header for the Iron Fields, you can activate that map, and in turn 
you can select the Burning Village journey stone and travel there. Having 
Grunt make a weapon for you earns 500 XP. The items Grunt makes are all in 
the lower 20 or so level, and by this time your avatar and party should be 
qualified to use them. When you’re done with Grunt, open the World Map and 
return to Malanger Green.

Malanger Green: The Dugout

Take your army with you as you explore the mining trails here in the southwest
portion of the map; there will be groups of dark kraulers, and Nameless, 
guarding the passages, and some chests with good loot in them. Having your 
army participate in the attacks will make life easier.

You’ll eventually come to a trail that dead-ends in a glowing force-field. 
Only your avatar and your party can enter the mines, so step into the 
force-field, and the next level will load.

You’ll now be within the mines, or specifically ‘The Dugout’. Needless to say,
there are groups of Nameless, dark kraulers, and other monsters stationed all 
around this area. Take a bit of care and strategy when fighting the Nameless 
and, while you may lose one or two party members in every fight, you should do
OK. I found it helpful to arm at least one of my party with cold spells; these
will often freeze enemies in place for several seconds, and thus allow your 
party to deliver some blows without immediate retaliation. Also, with some 
care, you can sometimes lure the Nameless away from their posts and get them 
involved in fight with the other creatures here in the mines.

Not far from your entry point you’ll have to fight a squad of Nameless; when 
the fight is over, a dwarf will come running up to your party, and a cut scene
will reveal that the Nameless are searching the mines for some precious 
artifact, and they have slaughtered most of the miners, although some dwarves 
are still alive and in hiding. You’ll get the main quest ‘Into the Heart of the
Mine’ and the side quest ‘Survivors’, in which all you have to do is clear the
mines of the Nameless; this will allow dwarven survivors to leave their hiding
places and flee to the surface. (The game will display an on-screen message and
provide XP when the ‘Survivors’ quest is completed).

Make sure you methodically explore and clean out every passage and tunnel here
 in the mines, because you will need to collect several items in order to 
complete ‘The Heart of the Fire’ quest later on in this level. These items are:

Three bars of moonsilver

A bottle of Royal Water

A pair of protective gloves

The Dugout: Sarok’s Artifact

A little farther on you’ll come to a large chamber with an Altar of Life, and a
dwarf named Sarok; he gives a side quest involving an artifact he covets. This
is in the northwestern area of the mine. Make your way there, en route you’ll 
have to take on Nameless, as well as other demons like The King of Pain, and 
the Witchking (level 29). When you clear the Nameless from the northwest area 
of the map there is a chest you can take Savok’s artifact from (it was never 
really indicated in the Quest Log as to exactly what the artifact is).

[Interestingly, although you have no lenya, it’s possible to use the Altar of 
Life in Sarok’s chamber to resurrect fallen party members.]

Return to speak with Sarok, and the resulting cut scene will give you two 
choices. If you give the artifact to Sarok he’ll provide you with the choice 
of a demonic staff, or a demonic sword. If you decide to keep the artifact 
he’ll get angry and attack you; at level 29, Sarok is a tough fight. His corpse
drops two powerful weapons, a staff and sword named Hatred and Spinechiller; 
these are both level 24 weapons with many bonuses.

The Dugout: Eternal Peace

Make your way through the passages towards the west-central area of the map and
you’ll come across a crystal cave, with a nearby journey stone, and the spirit
of a child. Speak with the spirit to receive the side quest ‘Eternal Peace’. 
Then make your way to the large chamber in the far western portion of map; 
there is a sizeable force of Nameless and dark craulers here. Eliminate them 
and the spirit of the child will appear; speak to the spirit and complete the 
quest. One of the corpses or chests in this area also will provide the Royal 
Water needed for the ‘Heart of the Fire’ quest later on in this level.

The Dugout: Into the Heart of the Fire

Eventually you’ll make your way to the southwest corner of the mine and a 
chamber containing an altar occupied by a large monster named Raznak the 
Burrower. Raznak is level 25 and a tough fight; also, he will spawn a pair of 
dark craulers once his health gets around 50%. Grind out a victory against 
Raznak and you’ll complete the ‘Into the Heart of the Mine’ quest. 

You’ll then receive the ‘Huldik the Smith’ quest. Make your way through 
Raznak’s area, eliminating any Nameless lurking in the vicinity, and you’ll 
come to a forge and an associated journey stone. Standing near the forge is a 
dwarf named Huldik, speak to him to trigger a cut scene. It turns out Huldik 
can re-forge the gear needed for Professor Twiddle’s device, but he needs the 
three bars of moonsilver, the bottle of Royal Water, and the protective gloves
to do so. These will appear as side quests. If you don’t have all these items,
go back into the Dugout and poke around until you retrieve them. Once you have
all the items, it will start ‘The Heart of the Fire’ quest.

Speak to Huldik and you’ll get that staple of the Spellforce games, the forge 
and levers puzzle....aghh. If the ‘Spellforce: Faith in Destiny’ forum message
boards are any indication, this puzzle is frustrating many players.

The dwarf will tell you that in the first phase of his smithing, the three 
fires of the forge must all be turned to green. In the second phase, the fires
must be blue, green, and red (going left to right). In the third phase, the 
fires must be red, yellow, and green.

Thankfully, Spellforce player Mig1968 came up with the resolution to this 

The levers are labeled going left-to-right as levers 1, 2, and 3.

To generate all green flames for phase one: 

move lever 1:  4 X

lever 2: 2X

lever 3: 1X

For the second phase, move

lever 1: 3X

lever 2: 1X

then for the third phase, move

lever 2: 7X

lever 3: 1X

This completes the ‘Heart of the Fire’ quest and provides you with the repaired
gear for the Professor’s inter-portal transportation device, as well as 10,000

Return to the entrance to the Dugout and step into the blue force field to 
return to the Malanger Green map.

Malanger Green: The Mosaic Quest

After the lengthy cut scene plays, you complete the quest ‘Perfection’, and 
you can now turn your attention to completing the various side quests here in 
Malanger Green.

With your party and avatar leveled up from the fights in the mines, it’s as 
good a time as any to address the ‘Mosaic’ side quest. Your army should still 
be here on the Malanger Green map, so move it to the Necropolis. Also send a 
party of 10 craftsmen to the Necropolis, too.

If you are low on materials, get some craftsmen busy collecting stone, silver,
and lenya. You may have to move them to new areas of the map to do this; if 
so, make sure you eliminate the groups of wild animals and monsters who might 
abuse your craftsmen.

Erect some troop-spawning buildings at the Necropolis, and if you don’t have 
one built already, make an Altar of Life, and make sure you have at least 500 
lenya collected.

Station your party and army near the Mosaic, and insert the first fragment. A 
batch of monsters at level 26, and the Keeper of the Second Fragment at level 
30, will spawn. Cut them down. Heal up and replace lost troops and then insert
the second fragment. An even larger force of undead will spawn, including 
skeletons at levels 29 and 30. The Keeper of the Third Fragment will drop the 
next piece of the mosaic.

Heal up, replace lost troops, and then insert the final Fragment. The largest 
force yet of undead will spawn and you’ll have a tough fight on your hands; 
don’t be surprised if a good portion of your army is destroyed, and you lose 
3 -4 party members. If you lose your avatar, respawn him at your Altar of Life.

This completes the Mosaic quest; you’ll get some high-level armor and weapons 
and 5,500 XP.

Malanger Green: The Everwhite Silken Robe

By now you should have the four packages that Elif in the village lost to the 
Nameless, so go speak to Elif to complete this quest. You’ll receive the robe 
and 5,500 XP. Elif will also buy and sell items from you.

Malanger Green: The Forest Spirits

This quest is annoying, and in fact I never completed it. But:

Make sure your craftsmen have collected at least 500 lenya and head to the tree
in the far northwest corner of the map. Speak with the tree, offer the 500 
lenya, and a treant will spawn. Speak with the treant to receive an artifact 
called The Heart of Wood. 

Note that one of the ingredients needed for a Grunt Rockhammer item, is here 
in this area of the Malanger Green map. Look for the dead tree located down 
the hill from the ‘talking tree’ and the treant; carefully search it to find 
the ‘transparent wood’.

The idea is that you can now return to the elf camp in the northeast and speak
with the druid, who is now activated. However, if any enemy remains on the map
somewhere, the druid will not spawn. This means that in order to complete the
quest you must scour the Malanger Green map for any troll or Nameless or spider
or panther that still survives. Most likely these enemies are stationed on 
hilltops or other areas that are not accessible on foot, so you will have to 
recruit Surian drop you off. I found Trolls on the hilltop near the center of 
the map, and another batch near the south central area of the map. Then there 
was a group of ice elementals stationed on a little island in the lake east of
the village. Even after eliminating these motley remnants of evil I still 
couldn’t get the druid to spawn, and I was not all that excited about 
subjecting the map to an even more intense search. 

If you were successful in completing this quest, email me and let me know what

When you’ve completed all you want to do at Malanger Green, check if you want 
to return to Grunt Rockhammer for some more item crafting ( you won’t be able 
to see him again, once you move on to the next level in the game).
When you’re ready to continue to the next level of the game, go to the 
Godstone in the west, near where you first started on the map, and speak with 
Professor Twiddle. After the cutscene you’ll get the quest ‘Start Button’, and
you’ll need to activate the nearby Portal machine. As you do this you’ll get a
warning note that from now until the game’s end, you will not be able to visit
other maps, as the upcoming map, The Wastelands of Sorrows, is the last map in
the game. So once you’re sure that you’ve completed all the quests associated 
with the Iron Fields and Malanger Green maps, proceed to travel to the 

The Wastelands of Sorrows: Arrival

You will view a lengthy cut scene and get some revelations about one of your 
party members. After the cut scene, go and assist the nearby Shadows in their 
fight against the Nameless. This will trigger a new cut scene revealing that 
Nightsong is being held captive in the east portion of the map, in the middle 
of an enormous Nameless installation. You will get the ‘Destiny’ and ‘Liberty’

It helps to know a bit about the layout of this map, which is the last one in 
the game:
The Wastelands are divided by a massive lava-filled fissure into a western, 
and eastern, half. Resources are not concentrated in locations, like they were
in previous maps, but are scattered about the trails in the western portion of
the map.

You are going to have to assemble an army and eliminate not only a sizeable 
number of Nameless forces here in the western map, but, in order obtain needed
materials, an Undead camp as well.

Once you clean out the western half of the map, you will need to find a way to
bring your troops over to the eastern half, and then assault and destroy a 
sizeable Nameless ‘dragon egg’ camp, as well as the main Nameless base.

Further east is the area where Nightsong is being held captive by a formidable
force of monsters.

Start the whole process by travelling from your spawn point, west to the Pact 
camp (the Pact are the race I selected to serve as my army). Some Shadow 
warriors are there and can join your party, as well as some other Pact troops.

You’ll notice that the Pact camp (or whatever race you chose to enlist in your
army) is devoid of lenya; although you start the map with a bit of lenya (300),
since this is an important ingredient for creating upper-level units, you’re 
going to need to get your hands on much more lenya.

Needless to say, the Wastelands map is chock-full of Nameless bases and you’re
going to have to build an army and methodically grind your way east in order to
free Nightsong and prevent the evil design of the Nameless.

First, patiently gather stone and silver and erect some defensive towers at the
narrow portion of the path leading to your base; periodically, small forces of
Nameless ravagers will come to attack, and the towers, along with the 
selectable Pact members present in the camp, will help stop them.

Take your avatar and party, and head down the trail to the cul-de-sac directly
south of your base; some undead were holding some Pact sorcerers captive. I 
eliminated the undead, and the sorcerers were freed to join my force. Get some
craftsmen down to this cul-de-sac to harvest the abundant silver.

The Wastelands of Sorrows: The Undead Camp

Further south from your base is a sizeable camp of undead, filled with frenzies
, skeletons, and flying gryphons. A little ways west of this camp is a small 
plateau with some lenya and some fire golems. The trail leading south from your
own base to the undead camp is lined with towers, and this makes a frontal 
assault costly, especially if, in the absence of lenya, you can only create 
lower-ranking combat units.

Using Surian, I carefully flew my avatar up to the plateau west of the undead 
camp, where the fire golems are located, and dropped him off. [Somewhat 
strangely, the golems did not attack my avatar; however, later in the game, 
when I tried to set an alchemist’s hut here to gather the lenya, the golems 
attacked it.] 

I then summoned my heroes, and used my party to whittle down the forces at the
undead camp. This often left several party members in need of reviving, but I 
gradually eliminated the camp. Then I went and destroyed the towers and 
skeletons guarding the main trail into the camp. With the undead camp 
eliminated, I then brought craftsmen up to the area and began harvesting the 

The Wastelands of Sorrows: The Captured Dragon

When you have all 80 of your troop slots filled, it’s time to exit your base 
and head north, up to the entrance to the narrow bridge of terrain that 
crosses a lava field. Use your avatar or a party member to lure the Nameless 
ravagers on the other side of this natural bridge, to cross and attack you. 
Wipe them out, and then cross the bridge yourself.

The Nameless camp here in the north-central portion of the map is sizeable, 
so patiently lure batches of them towards your army and whittle them down. I 
found that the ‘eruption’ spell was very helpful in taking down the annoying 
Soulscreamer towers; two or three casts of ‘eruption’ would usually destroy a 
tower. Alternately, if the Pact is your army of choice, trios of Ravagers can 
be useful in mounting sneak attacks to destroy the buildings.

As you move into the Nameless camp you’ll see a large arena, and a dragon 
bound and helpless within it.

Once you have eliminated all the Nameless in this area, a cut scene will play 
regarding the dragon, a level 21 character named Sharandal. According to 
Sharandal, the Nameless have been experimenting on him as part of an effort to
create a sinister race of ‘demon dragons’. Sharandal will ask that your avatar
kill him to end his misery and shame, but you can instead ask the dragon to 
join your force, which, of course, is recommended.

Loot the chests in this area and then return south towards your base. By this 
time, your stone supplies may well be exhausted. I sent my army further south 
to where one of the trails dead-ended in a stone deposit; this stone deposit is
occupied by some Nameless and dark craulers, so send your party in first to 
clean it out, and then send some craftsmen there to mine the stone.
The Wastelands of Sorrows: Western Nameless Base

Once I got stone supplies renewed it was time to deal with the large Nameless 
base in the center of the western half of the map; this base is located behind
a large wall that runs in a north-south orientation. Station your army just 
within the entrance and lure the Nameless troops away from their towers to 
their doom at your hands. There is a fire golem Titan, level 34, here in the 
base, who is a merchant; since the nameless on the eastern half of the map will
not drop any weapons or armor, and there are no chests located there either, 
this is the time to buy the best stuff you can afford. The items sold by the 
fire golem Titan include high-end products, like an ‘Elric’ armor set that is 
very expensive.

Once you’re eliminated the central Nameless base a cut scene will play 
revealing the presence of a massive fissure in the terrain that blocks access 
to the eastern portion of the map. However, your avatar will conveniently 
learn the new ‘teleport’ spell, which allows you to teleport yourself and 
40 adjacent units, at a time, to another location, instantly.

Take a look at the Nameless ‘dragon egg’ camp in the center of the map; that’s
your next target.

The Wastelands of Sorrows: The Dragon Egg Camp Assault, Part One

This part of the game can be difficult. Here’s what I did, and although it’s 
slow and a real grind, it worked:

Note that you can only teleport units of your army onto the narrow promontory 
that is located just east of the ‘dragon egg’ Nameless camp; other areas are 
not useable. Also, units that you intend to teleport over, must be situated 
just on the other side of the chasm from this promontory, i.e., near the 
location where you first learn the teleport spell. This places restraints on 
how many units you can cram onto the promontory, before provoking an attack by
the Nameless.

Note also that the dragon egg camp not only has a sizeable force of Nameless 
units protecting it, but periodically, the Soulscreamer / Soulbender towers 
further to the east, out of the visual range of the egg camp, will spawn a new
detachment of Nameless who will run up to the center of the dragon egg camp. 
They will station themselves there, and attack if you come too close to them.
So you not only will have to defeat the Nameless troops protecting the dragon 
egg camp, but you will also have to deal with a steady stream of spawned 
Nameless coming into the camp after this.

So, for my strategy, I focused on destroying the structures in the dragon egg 
camp and the main Nameless base, and thus turned off the creation of most of 
their units. To do this I employed Ravages. They are expensive units at 100 
silver and 60 lenya each, and they are not very powerful melee fighters, but 
they are of course invisible (until they attack, even the Nameless can’t detect
them) and best of all, they have strong attacks against buildings.

Accordingly, I used my avatar to teleport sets of Ravages over to the 
promontory. Then I sent these Ravages out on suicide missions to destroy the 
Nameless structures. Three Ravages were enough to immediately destroy a 

There are at least three Soulscreamer towers in the vicinity of the dragon egg
camp and the main Nameless base, as well as, further east, some forges and 
other structures.

Use your Ravages to take down all the buildings, and then turn to creating 
combat-centered fighting units for your main assault.

Note that, if you elected to select a race other than the Pact, this strategy 
obviously isn’t going to be available for you. You can substitute your avatar 
for the Ravages if you’ve given your avatar a strong anti-building capability,
like the ‘eruptions’ spell, and you have created an Altar of Life. You can 
then use the Invisibility spell to send your avatar on solo suicide missions 
up to Nameless structures. Have him cast two, perhaps three, eruption spells 
and that will bring down the structure. You avatar will of course be killed 
very quickly by the Nameless hordes around the structures, but then you just 
revive him at the Altar of Life (the cost is 500 lenya for each revival) and 
teleport him back over to the Nameless camp to start the procedure all over 

With the Nameless structures removed, I embarked on the attack on the Nameless

The Wastelands of Sorrows: The Dragon Egg Camp Assault, Part Two

I started by gathering 15 craftsmen and teleporting them onto the promontory.

[Save the game frequently from this point on !]

Carefully edge the craftsmen down the promontory until they are just short of 
the two rock spires marking the outer edge of the dragon egg camp. Have the 
craftsmen erect 5 or more defensive towers at this location and if you have 
the excess materials, upgrade the towers, too. Have the craftsmen retreat back
along the promontory and now use your avatar to teleport over a good chunk of 
your troops. Summon your heroes and the Shadow warrior (or equivalent, based 
on your selection of race), Sharandal the dragon, and place them all just short
of the towers.

Use your avatar to provoke the Nameless guarding the dragon egg camp to attack,
and let them expend themselves on the towers while your army cuts them down. 
Send your avatar out to lure any other remaining defenders to their deaths; 
you shouldn’t lose more than two or three troops in this stage of the attack.

Note that you may, or may not, see that a band of spawned Nameless will now 
come running up to the center of the dragon egg camp and form a huddle, and 
stare at the ground. [I couldn’t figure out if these reinforcements were 
automatically spammed by the game engine even with all the Nameless structures
destroyed or not.]

DON’T attack these reinforcements ! 

Concentrate on consolidating the area first.

Send your avatar and heroes out onto the eastern portion of the dragon egg camp
, along the rim of the plateau. Methodically destroy the dragon eggs there. 
Save the game often, and do not provoke the spawned Nameless reinforcements 
huddled in the center of the camp.

When you’ve got a nice area cleared out here on the eastern portion of the camp
, bring up your craftsmen and get them busy erecting troop-spawning structures,
and then, a smeltery and a stonemason, to collect the minerals here. As long 
as you do not situate these buildings too close to the center area of the 
dragon egg camp, the Nameless will ignore them.

While this is going on have your avatar and party destroy more dragon eggs 
(destroying all the eggs competes the ‘Guinea Pig’ quest). Again, avoid 
provoking the spawned Nameless lurking in the center of the egg field.

With abundant supplies of stone and silver, and troop-spawning structures 
erected, and my force here at the dragon egg camp at a full 80 slots, I moved 
to use the tower - and - army method to eliminate the spawned Nameless. Then I
moved my army into the center of the dragon egg camp. Some Nameless units may 
still trickle up to attack you, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble 
eliminating them.

Destroy all the dragon eggs to complete the ‘Guinea Pig’ quest. Now you can 
send some craftsmen over to the lenya fields here at the egg camp and get 
started harvesting them.

The Wastelands of Sorrows: The Main Nameless Base

Even with their Soulscreamer towers and other structures destroyed, there is 
still a major Nameless force east of the dragon egg camp, and if you send your
army charging in to attack, all 80 slots will get cut down very quickly. There
are level 30 Eruptions wandering around here, as well as the Doombringer, the 
Nameless equivalent of a Titan. There are several bazun in the area, who will 
lob missiles at your forces from long range.

So, patiently lure batches of Nameless to come at your army and grind them down
piecemeal. Keep the healing spells going and keep new units steadily spawning 
from your own fortresses and other structures.

As you move into the Nameless base avoid going too far east, towards the 
location of Nightsong and her captors; you don’t want to trigger the cut scene
just yet.

Once the Nameless base is destroyed, heal up your army and replace lost units 
and then approach Nightsong’s location and the last act in the game.

The Wastelands of Sorrows: The Ending

After the cut scene prepare for a final battle with the Nameless and their 
leader, a giant, level-30 Titan called the Weaver of Dreams. The Weaver is a 
tough opponent and will take a while to kill.

Once she dies you’ll witness another cut scene and a somewhat confusing (?) 

Obviously, the story will be continued in the next installment of the 
‘Spellforce’ franchise. 

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