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This is a strategy for the Airbase Espionage level on Perfect Agent.

Once you start go around the corner and shoot the first three guards in the area and 
get their guns.  Go through the tunnel where the Flight attendant comes up in the  
rail car.  Shoot the 2 guards that are with her and sedate her with the arrows (DO 

After that go through the tunnel all the way and you'll come to where they got off 
the rail car.  Turn left right when you come out of the tunnel and you'll find a 
proximity mine.

Get on unarmed and put on the disguise that the flight attendant picks up.
Go in and gain access to the rest of the airbase from the lady in the red dress.  
Next turn around and find the elevator on your right side and go up.  Once you get 
to the top go find the 2 guys sitting down. Knock them out and Get the white 
suitcase on the floor by the table.  

Go back down the elevator and go through the brown door by the 2 white guards. Go 
down the hallway and turn left go say hi to the white guy by the escalators and then 
go behind him and knock him out with your fists.  Go down the escalator that the 
guard you knocked out was by and knock the guy that is walking around out and get 
his gun.  Don't go through the hallway because they'll detect your guns through the 
metal detectors and you'll fail the mission. Go back up the escalator you came down 
and go down the other escalator and shoot the guy in black and the guy in white with 
the crossbow on sedate but don't pick up the dragon that the white guard drops.  
Shoot the two tiny little hoverbots that are flying around near the ground (I'll 
explain about this later) When you came down the escalator there were hallways on 
both sides so go to the hallway that was on your right. Shoot the guy that's 
patrolling but don't get his gun.  find the stairs.   Get out your drugspy and go up 
the stairs with it and drug them.  Don't get the K7 Avenger that the guy drops and 
leave the computer alone.  

Now go back to the last escalator you came down and go up it.  Turn right and go 
down the other escalator.  Turn right again and go over to the little platform pully 
thing and get your suitcase out and either push b or z (OK NOW ITS TIME TO USE 
SPEED)  Turn right and go through the tunnel go straight go through the other tunnel 
and and get all the guns that you didn't pick up.  go up the stairs that you sent 
your drugspy up and push b or z next to the computer now get your dragon or K7 
Avenger and kill the guys in black go back to the area with the escalator and go 
through the brown door that you never went through.  Kill anyone that's there and 
keep going until you have a choice between a brown door or and open room.  Go 
through the open room but beware of the 3 black guards waiting for you.  Kill them 
and shoot the remote mine that's on the door.  Duck all the way down and go through 
the window that the explosion blew up and find the glass panel with a code panel.  
Push it and goto the safe that is in the room and the safe door is now open so get 
the briefcase and go back through the window but watch out for more badguys in 
black.  Now go straight out into the hall and turn left and go through the silver 
door (Its an elevator)  Go down it and knock out the guy on the left then the guy on 
the right.  Go left but beware at you left there are guards by some pillars so shoot 
them and continue your way left.  Turn left again and you'll find some stairs.  
There are guards up the stairs so just inch your way forward and shoot them in the 
legs until they die.  When they are all dead go up the stairs and keep going 
straight (Don't go through the elevator)  And turn left then turn right and there is 
a guy guarding the entrance to the AIRFORCE 1!!!! kill him and go in.

Now remember that badguys always wear black.  Only sedate or knock out the guys that 
are in white.

And try to save your ammo.

And be careful.  Dont rush.

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