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       Army Men: Sarge's Heroes
      Walkthrough/Strategy Guide 
       written exclusively for 
        *Cheat Code Central*

           Matthew Veide
       ([email protected])



You begin in your barracks. A flashing 'X' marks
Grimm's location on the battle map. You must get to
him in one piece. Grab the two ammo packs and then
exit the back of the barracks. 

Turn left and rush to the next structure. Two Tan
soldiers hide behind some boxes just beyond the
barracks. Strafe to the side and hit them both. Run
behind the hangar-like structure ahead. Take out the
sniper atop the next structure as fast as possible.
You can hit him using first-person view, or run
forward and let Sarge autoaim. 

Collect the grenades and health. Kill the two Tans who
charge as you grab the health. Head toward the middle
of the structure and storage hangar ahead. Pick up
some health, if you need it. Turn into the structure
and grab a flamethrower. Then pull yourself atop the

Grab the bazooka and health and then drop back down
between the two structures. Make your way north. Stay
close to the hills to the right to avoid random
explosions from the left. When you get about halfway
across the battlemap, you see a Tan tank patrolling to
the west. Blast it to smithereens with a couple of
bazooka shells. Then take out the Tan soldiers nearby.

Continue keeping close to the eastern hills as you
proceed north. Turn left and snipe a couple more Tans.
Grab the items you'll find around the trees near the
river. Three Tan soldiers wait in a small gorge in the
east hills. Hit them fast and hard! Now enter the
gorge yourself: proceed with caution. 

As you enter the gorge, you must engage a pair of Tans
in close-range combat. Be careful! When you reach the
Tan ammo cache, take out the three guards
systematically. Grenade the rightmost guard first. Now
snipe the middle guard. Finally, grenade the left
guard. Collect all of the deadly goodies (including a
sniper rifle) and make your way back out. 

Pull yourself atop a low wall. Take out all three
unsuspecting guards with precise head shots. Follow
the riverbank west. Two Tan soldiers in sandbag
circles guard the bridge. Kill both to rescue Grimm.
Cross the bridge and talk to Grimm to complete your
first objective. 

Pick up the weapon and ammo to the right and then
carefully make your way north. 

The Tan soldiers charge at you recklessly—easy
targets. Pick off the Tan in the distance. Then get
both Tans who rush from the east. 

Collect your fill of the weapons and health packs
lying around the boxes here and don't miss the mine
detector. Before you enter the minefield, blow up the
tank patrolling the far side of it. 

Cross the minefield slowly, using the mine detector.
Before going out too far past the minefield, use a
grenade to melt the two Tan soldiers to the left. Now
run in and clean house. 

Snipe the distant Tans to ensure Grimm's safety as you
both run to the helicopter. Once Grimm enters the
helicopter, you're finished. 


Blue Spy 

Travel along this main road toward the secluded town.
Your first task is to stock up on some carelessly
placed ammo. 

Halt just before you reach the ammo and pick off three
Tan soldiers ahead—one stationary Tan on either side
of the road and one pacing back and forth across it.
Now it's safe to add that ammunition to your

Arm the bazooka you just acquired and run across the
road. Kneel behind the green box there. Hide behind
the box as a Tan tank patrols on its rounds. When the
tank heads away, spring from your hiding place and
blast it to bits! 

With that danger out of the way, you can get closer to
the town. You'll find a medkit and ammo where the two
stationary Tan soldiers were. The medkit's on the left
and the ammo pack's on the right. Break away from the
road and enter the small gorge ahead. 

Two Tans come out to greet you—with hot lead. Blast
them both immediately. Arm a grenade and aim it in
front of the large wooden box. Release the grenade to
reveal a medkit in the box. Next, position yourself at
the corner toward the end of the gorge. Aim a grenade
in front of the green box. Now let it fly—and say
good-bye to the Tan soldier who was waiting to melt

Raid the very nice weapon stash concealed there.
Having observed that the guards here are now Tan goo,
a Tan soldier rushes into the gorge to investigate.
Pop his coconut with a few rounds from your trusty
M-16. Return to the road. 

Tanks and soldiers patrol both sides of the road. Use
your bazooka and grenade launcher to destroy the tank
on the left. Then snipe the soldiers on that side.
Continue the long-range killing, sniping soldiers on
the right side of the road. 

Now it's safe to proceed to the wall. The tank can't
hit you at this range, but you can kill the tank with
grenades. (It takes quite a few, though.) Use one of
your remaining grenades to take out a soldier guarding
a Green ammo cache. 

You can snipe a soldier on the hill to the south. Run
up the hill to find some stockpiled ammunition and
health. Pick off the soldier behind the structure to
the north. The abandoned building has a couple of nice
weapons on its roof. Follow the uneven path to a
sniper rifle. 

Another soldier takes up a position behind the
abandoned structure. He's armed with a bazooka, but
you're safe. Hit him with a few rounds and then head
toward the building. 

Pull yourself onto the roof using a green box near the
building. Collect the weapons, drop down the way you
came, and then run west. Pull yourself onto the raised
road and collect some ammo. 

Take a shortcut through the hills ahead. Pick off two
Tan soldiers protecting the east side of town. Follow
the path on the hill to the left and snipe a few more

If you need health, simply follow the same path east
as far as it goes. Descend the hill and head north
toward the road. Watch for an ambush triggered as you
approach the road. 

Carefully avoiding tank shells down the throat, use
your bazooka to destroy both tanks at the end of the
road. The Blue tank looks harmless, but blow it
anyway. If you need health, run around the pink
building to get a medkit. 

A sniper rifle lies above the boxes, but you don't
need it—and you don't need to go to the roof. If you
go anyway, be ready to fight three Tan soldiers. 

When you're ready to continue, clear the area behind
the buildings across the road. Three Tan soldiers wait
back there. Keep moving and keep firing until they all

You find a bazooka above a green box. Use it if the
tanks are still operational; otherwise, continue in
this direction to the corner. 

Pull up onto the low roof to the south. Continue to
the roof next to it. Drop to the ground and chase the
spy into the portal! 



The bathtub, littered with toys and hair care
products, provides the setting for your first foray
into the land of the giants. 

Your target—the weasely Blue Spy—is on the rim at the
far end of the tub. You can't jump there, so prepare
to follow the long way around. Do not touch the water.
The suds are safe, but they can be slippery. 

Two Tan targets are positioned right in front of
you—one low, one high. Dash toward the wall and fire a
quick barrage toward the low Tan soldier. You also may
autoaim at the high soldier. If autoaim won't
recognize him, take out the high soldier manually. 

Now jog forward a bit and pick up a health pack (if
you need it) and an ammo pack. Before going much
farther, you should pick off the teetering Tan in a
toy boat on the water. 

A shotgun lies on a boat nearby. You could jump to the
boat and then run across the suds to dry ground. It's
not worth the risk, however: consider yourself warned.

Pull yourself to the top of the Mr. Sudz box. Blast
the Tan on the faucet into the deadly bubble bath
below. Leap to the stacked blocks; then jump to the
soap well for a health pack and a weapon. 

Drop back to the blocks. From there your target is
visible across the tub. Waste no time putting away the
clueless Tan. Drop off of the blocks toward the orange
shampoo bottle. Be ready for a fight with a Tan who
hops out from behind it. 

If you run forward, two Tans jump you—a tough
predicament, even for Sarge. Before running forward,
place a grenade beside the stacked soaps. Then run
forward far enough to trigger the enemy soldiers and
boom! There is one more. He's hard to find, lying
prone on the back of the large rubber ducky. Get him

Make your way around the first corner. Grab the weapon
over the box. Now run down the short side of the tub.
Several objects ahead provide good cover as you go, so
protect your plastic. A Tan appears behind the mousse.
Take him out. 

Run around the corner and halt behind the block that
separates you from two Tan soldiers. Launch a grenade
to clear the air. This will get rid of at least one of
them. It's easy to snipe the other. 

Push forward along the back rim of the tub. Another
ambush lies behind the third Super Duper Hair
container. Round the corner and collect the goodies
before capturing the Blue Spy. 

Simply touch the Blue Spy to capture him. The Blue Spy
stays out of your way, for the most part, only moving
forward after you've cleared the way of Tans. His life
is in danger now, because he has information vital to
the Tan army. Expect trouble from behind every
obstacle. Also, expect to get hit. Retain a few health
packs for emergencies. 

Continue fighting your way around the rim. One Tan
waits on the short side of the tub and another behind
Super Duper Hair Canister Number One. Be careful
now—it's been easy so far, but that's about to change.

A flamethrower-armed Tan soldier lurks above the
stacks of blocks. Inch forward to lure him out. Aim at
the center of the flame stream and snipe him to sleep.
Now just lead the Blue spy into the portal. Mission



Don't take the word "sneak" too literally here. You
still must put down every Tan you see. Start with the
two along the road ahead. Watch out for the tank
that's on that road, as well! Back away a bit to get
beyond its targeting range. 

Once the tank leaves, pick up the weapons and
ammunition ahead. Turn around and stock up on more
ammo. Two depressions in the hills conceal ammo and
health. Now head toward the rock formation to the

A gap there allows you to use these rock walls as a
defense against incoming fire. Take out the three Tan
soldiers east of this wall. Use your sniper rifle to
kill the two bazooka-toting Tans at the far-eastern
wall. One Tan stands on either side of the road—very
deadly if you get too close. 

Follow the south range to a cache of mines and
weapons. Grab the machine gun from the road. Also,
note the locations of two medkits for use in the

It's time to bust that annoying Tan bucket of bolts.
Make a line of mines (close to each other) across the
path of a tank tread. Run back to safety and watch the
results. When the tank is immobilized, finish it off
with grenades. 

Climb the rock wall you used for cover near the end of
the road to find a crate of grenades. The helipad area
is clear, so it's time to work your way west.
Carefully pop all of the Tan soldiers from long range.

Near where the road curves, you must fight three Tan
soldiers. You may want to find some cover for this
battle. To the south, near the tower, is an area with
ammunition. Use a grenade to thin out the guard
contingent. Collect everything in this area. 

Run toward the gate and snipe the guard. You can't
open the gate, but a shotgun lies hidden in the
guardhouse. Run back and scale the rocks so you can
access the base. Grab the grenade launcher and health.
Hit the two Tan soldiers before dropping down. 

Tank busting, part 2: place a line of mines between
the conveniently placed series of petrol barrels.
Again, retreat far enough that the tank doesn't shoot
at you and then watch the results. Once it's
immobilized, finish off the tank with the help of the

Pick up the items from in front of the boxes. Then
head east. Near the next gate you must fight a couple
of Tan soldiers. A structure across the road holds a
nice selection of goodies. Beware: a sniper will try
to pierce your plastic if you exit the other side. If
you kill the sniper, you can collect the weapon and
ammo from in front of the tower. Watch your back,
though! The enemy will try to get you from behind as
you return. 

When you're ready—and when you don't hear a tank on
the other side—open the gate. The mines lying on the
road are a clue to the best way to destroy that tank.
Locate the ammo packs and a health pack to the north.
Save the health for when you need it. 

Lay the mines and then take cover somewhere safe. You
know the routine. Run east, staying close to the wall,
until you reach the prison gate. Snipe the tower guard
before you approach the gate. Open the gate, but do
not go in. 

>From outside, shoot the Tan MPs. If you enter, a time
bomb near Riff will start counting down. Be smart and
take out some of the opposition first. Now rush in and
collect every bazooka you pass. Kill one last guard
and then set Riff free. 

When the talking is over, grab the nearby bazooka and
ammo and head out. Keep accumulating bazookas as you
and Riff run for your lives. Exit quickly! The clock
will be close to zero by now. 

A tank waits outside of each gate, so keep your
bazooka ready. Run along the wall the way you came,
stopping only to kill any Tan soldiers who may
threaten. Another gate, another tank. Destroy and

Again, follow the south wall, but beware of the more
aggressive Tan soldiers in this area. Get them before
they come close. Open the last gate and disintegrate
the next-to-last tank. Where's the last? Next to the
helipad, of course! You should have more than enough
bazooka ammo to silence this last whisper of Tan


Take in the forest layout. Then charge forward and
remove the Tan soldier behind a log to the east. This
is your first lesson in wilderness hunting: beware of
fallen trees. Turn back and acquire the ammo on the
side of a northern hill. Pick up more ammunition near
the helipad. Then take out another Tan "treehugger" to
the southeast. 

Proceed with caution. A Tan on the hill ahead wields
some heavy firepower, but get a good angle on him and
he's history. Another Tan soldier waits on the far
hill. You'll rarely find an earthbound Tan soldier in
an obvious place. Grab the weapon from where the
bazooka soldier was. 

Make your way north, strafing as you go. Farther
north, a Tan hides behind a log to the left of a
central mound. Pop him and then run around the right
side of the mound. Another concealed Tan lurks in the
distance. Deal with him and then run back to the left
side of the mound for an ammo pack and a medkit. 

When you pass the mound, a group of Tans appears on
the battle map. Throw grenades at them. Tan number
three hides on the mountain. Tan number four waits on
the hill to the right. A cache of ammunition lies to
the left. Use a grenade to open all of the boxes. 

Snipe another sniper before you check the hills for
ammo packs. Now check the hill where Tan number four
met his demise. You'll find a couple of ammo crates
and a weapon. Run north and take out the Tan soldier
near the river as you run. 

You'll spot another soldier to the left. Using the
small mound as cover, win the firefight with the Tan
across the river. One last Tan soldier lies in the
high hills to the west. Climb the hill to the west
before you cross the river. 

At the top discover a secret passage. Well, not that
secret: a pair of Tans guard this path across the
river. Jump carefully to the other side of the river
via the large boulder. Before you drop down and raid
the camp, shoot the hillside Tan across the way. Now
raid the camp. 

Looking back at the hills you just came from, it is
apparent that there is a place to climb up it. Climb
to the top and execute a surprise attack on the Tan
army beyond. Their explosive weapons are useless
against you. 

Knock off the machine gunner below before returning to
ground level. Around the hill, battle more Tans
concealed behind logs. Luckily, the hill to the north
has a medkit on it. 

In the area to the west, explosive-armed enemy
soldiers are well-hidden. Logs lie to the southwest.
Go southwest. As you run with the M-16 or the machine
gun, mow down the shoddy resistance, Rambo-style. 

Be sure to take out the Tans on the left, right, and
far right. There's even a sneaky one in the hills to
the north. All that remains is to cross the bridge. 



This mission features more of the same, but the fights
are more difficult. Begin by restocking on armaments.
You'll find a couple of boxes of ammunition to the
left. Head south a few steps to spot a prone Tan
soldier in the distance and a more reckless enemy
soldier to his right. 

You're dreadfully low on weapons, so climb the hill to
the right. Snag a medkit, grenades, and a weapon. To
the south lies an arrangement of fallen trees—a cue to
a trap. Run south, guns blazing. Another Tan guards
some items to the left. Collect the war supplies he

Notice the medkit behind the small green box and a
passage east. Take the passage to reach the river.
Jump to the ledge visible on the hill to your left.
Pull up to the top to find a flamethrower! It's a
great weapon to wield among trees and plastic. 

Jump south and slide down the hillside to descend
safely. Proceed to the next Tan challenge: four enemy
soldiers wait in this area, so don't charge in
blindly. Don't use the boxes to the left for cover.
It's a trick that puts you in the sights of a bazooka
soldier offscreen to the right. 

Fight in the middle or near cover of the tree and
hillside to the right. When the first three Tans are
down, strafe out and pick off the bazooka soldier.
Scan the area clockwise (along the left wall),
collecting usable leftover ammo. Don't miss the medkit
near the northern hill. 

You'll spot a trio of Tan soldiers to the west. Your
best bet is to charge toward them, shooting. Run in
and pick off the middle soldier. Then run and shoot
the soldier to the right. Take out the left soldier
last. Check the mound in the center of the passage for
items, then follow the path on the right (east) side
of the mound. As the path turns west, you'll spot a
machine gun in front of a climbable portion of hill. 

Climb up to the top of the hill to reach an
advantageous position on the Tan's camp defense! Snipe
the treacherous Tans one by one. Save the hillside and
across-the-river Tan soldiers for last. Collect the
weapon up there and then slide downhill into the camp.

If you need it, you'll find a medkit to the south and
another in the two southernmost large tents. Walk
north to the third large tent. From there, take out
the hillside soldiers across the river. Use the sniper
rifle to hit the Tan directly north of you. 

There are two barrels and a Tan adversary near the
tent. The situation is dangerous only if you run near
the barrels and the Tan soldier detonates them with
his rifle. Stay back and you should be fine. 

A mortar lies on a hillside, but you should pass it
by. Crossing the river can be tricky. You don't want
to fall in and then have to repeat the mission to this
point. Instead, pass the barrels and head northwest
until you find Tans to kill. 

Use the zoom view and your sniper rifle or M-16 to pop
the Tan soldier west of Hoover. Another enemy lurks
around the hill to your left. The sneakiest foe waits
on the hill to the right. A well-placed grenade will
show him who's smarter. 

Your final enemy in this area hugs the right-hand
hill. Strafe west and shoot him. Now rescue Hoover and
collect the mine detector. 

Pick up the machine gun from where you dispatched the
last soldier. Now bring out the mine detector and
enter the minefield. It doesn't take long to find a
mine. You'll follow the right-hand hillside, but first
you must snipe a Tan protecting some items you want. 

In the area that soldier defended, you'll find a
medkit and a bazooka. Acquire what you need and then
follow the right-hand wall out of the minefield. Run
forward to find the enemy camp. 

The portal's in sight, but it's not easy to reach. As
soon as you can move, retreat, or the tank will shoot
you. Now blow up the tank. Take advantage of the Tans'
poorly chosen fuel sites and throw a grenade at the
petrol barrels. 

Use your sniper rifle to clear out the remaining
soldiers. Now descend into the camp, wary of a trap to
your right. Two bazooka soldiers appear when you enter
the base. If you're looking toward the portal, they'll
hit you in the back before you can react. Strafe back
and forth, firing and dodging, until they both drop.
If you need health at any time, grab a medkit from the
middle of the camp. 

You may work your way slowly to the portal along the
south wall, or just charge the portal directly. Either
route works, but the careful choice allows you to toss
grenades at Tan reinforcements as they emerge from the
portal. The brash choice forces you to fight as you
run. And the "running" part of that tactic is
important! You don't want to fight a bazooka soldier
at close range! Enter the portal quickly. 



You begin in a planter. Broken Green soldiers lie
about nearby. Disgusted but determined, take aim at
the Tan soldiers ahead. Kill them from afar to reduce
return fire. When all three are trash, collect ammo
and the weapon resting in the foliage. 

Next, leap to the dense bush and pick off Tan snipers
outside the planter. Three again. Try to save the
medkit in this area for the end of the mission, when
you'll need it more. Step carefully from the planter.
Two tanks patrol beyond it and you're poorly armed to
take them on. 

When it's safe to do so, run north. Battle enemy
soldiers as you run to the right around the planter.
Nail the Tans hiding behind a blockade down the path.
Return to the stone step for a weapon and a medkit. 

Now continue east down the path, taking out more Tan
soldiers as you go. Take the mine detector from the
stone step. Be wary of the small tufts of grass ahead.
Prone Tan soldiers concealed behind them would love to
rip you to shreds. 

Continue working your way to around the planter to
your right. A prone Tan hides, lying, behind the
easternmost stone step. A grenade launcher lies on the
other side of the planter. Pick it up when the tank is
far enough away. 

Having taken cover as the tank approached, pound the
tank with grenades as it rolls away. After you destroy
the tank, hop onto the block to the right. Then pull
atop the planter you just circled. 

This is a tough fight. You have no cover and only a
thin plank to walk on. You can't step into the
planter: it's mined! The bazooka soldier on the plank
to the northwest poses the greatest threat. If you
survive, your next target is a slow-moving ant in the

When the coast is clear, put away your trusty firearm
and break out the mine detector. Collect all of the
weapons in the planter—carefully. You may take shots
from the north as you collect the medkit in that
direction. If so, just pick off the enemy soldiers
across the plank. Another medkit lies to the west. 

At the southwest corner, obliterate the second Tan
tank from your high position. Now cross the plank
suspended from the middle of the planter. You'll need
to remove a few soldiers from within these
brick-walled sections. Work your way east on the
bricks; then drop down and collect the weapons there.
Two bazookas and a medkit lie in the easternmost

Arm your bazooka for the enemy helicopter that comes
at you as you leave. You can get a better shot from
the bush near the west wall. This bush is also the
easiest way to exit this segment. Leap to the wall

Collect the weapons in the middle and west segments.
Don't overlook the treats on the western segment's
north wall. Exit and return to where you busted the
first tank. Put any Tan resistance there to sleep and
then pull up the planter to the south. Quickly
eliminate the bazooka soldier to the southeast. Then
take out the passing helicopter. 

Before you use the mine detector to collect planter
items safely, you must remove another Tan danger. Jump
down on the far side of this planter and head east.
Fight your way past any Tans in your path. On the way,
you'll find a mortar that comes in handy later. 

The grass maze—and the enemy soldiers within—is your
next challenge. Use a grenade to get the Tan behind a
tuft of grass. Then hit the prone flamethrower soldier
from beyond his weapon's range. 

Exit the maze. You must fight on the run to the other
side of this path. Your strafing technique will be a
lifesaver during the battle at the other side. Climb
the blocks to access the next area. When you reach the
top of the brick wall to the west, you must battle a
few hidden soldiers. 

Make your way south along the wall, picking off the
Tans on the daisy leaves, to another grass maze.
Before dropping to the maze entrance, use your bazooka
to destroy the tank below. The maze is littered with
enemies, so be careful. Two medkits—one guarded, one
not—lie along the north wall, should you get into

Use your mortar to destroy the tank in front of Riff.
He's pretty much rescued now: only a few Tans lie
between you. 

As soon as you finish conversing with Thick, you'll
have to run and fight some enemy soldiers. Kill the
bug guarding the blocks and then climb the blocks to
reach the top of the southernmost planter. Fight your
way across the planter and show those worthless Tans
why Sarge is the sarge! 

As you cross the plank, watch for a particularly
deadly Tan soldier in the planter opposite. Now kill
the ant in your path. Continue straight toward the
final objective as you cross the planter. Pick up the
last medkit you're likely to see (unless you left the
one near the portal). Then throw a grenade to put away
a pesky Tan gunner. 

Bazooka the ants preparing to block your exit.
Everything's in place for you to make a run for the
portal! Run without stopping to the first area.
Inside, fire your gun as you run. A couple of soldiers
wait to catch you as you try to escape. Enter the
portal and you'll have yet another mission under your



Waste no time: start busting some Tan butt. Run north
and grab the items near the crates. Give the Tans
below a warm greeting. Don't forget the Tans across
the river. Drop down and check the camp for items;
then pull back up to the starting area. 

Exit the hills to the west. Watch for the soldier who
comes from the right. Go to the right around the mound
ahead. Use your sniper rifle or M-16 to take out the
three soldiers over the ridge. Walk a bit farther to
snipe two more Tans along the south hillside. 

Run around to the other side of the mound. A Tan
soldier there guards a few items you want. From this
vantage, you can put away a camping soldier below the
ridge. Jump down and raid the camp. Look for a
mountainside soldier southwest of your position. Then
climb up the low ridges to the left. 

Stay on the mountainside to the south. You must fight
occasionally, but remain aboveground. Try to take out
any soldiers on your radar. Find the source of the
blips and then pick 'em off! 

Make your way west across the mountaintop, fighting as
you go. At the next-to-last soldier's camp, you'll
find a bazooka and a medkit. The last soldier guards a

For fun, aim toward the far west end of the
mountaintop path and blow a barrel next to a
snow-covered barracks. Now run all the way back down
the mountain path. Take out your mine detector and
cross the minefield. Stay along the left wall to find
a medkit. Before you cross the bridge, you must remove
some enemies. Use the bazooka on the tank, then snipe
all of the two-legged opposition. Grab any visible
items and then cross the bridge. On the other side,
run and shoot to the left. 

Place a few careful shots to detonate the petrol
barrels beside the barracks and blow up the building
(along with the Tan soldiers inside). Enter the burnt
structure and salvage any items not destroyed in the
explosion. Outside again, work your way carefully to
the east. A dangerous bazooka soldier lurks near where
the fence turns north. Keep moving as you fire and he
should be no match for you. 

Again, follow the river east. Snipe another bazooka
soldier north of where your path along the river
halts. Now you must fight your way north. Hike to a
point, on an incline, to the north. Arm a grenade and
throw it as far as you can. 

That clears away the dangerous soldiers so you can
jump across safely. A little farther north you must
make one of the most dangerous jumps in this mission:
if you miss, you die! Jump late and aim your leap of
faith across the right side of the pit. 

Without missing a beat, start fighting on the other
side. Stay to the east as you head north. Don't get
too curious about what lies to the left or you may be
spotted. This adds to the number of soldiers you must
contend with. 

Take out the soldier on the ridge and then pull atop
it. Jump to the other ridge to the north and then turn
east to find a secret cave. Within lies a medkit—and a
couple of enemies. Exit and continue north. 

An opening to the east near the end of this path leads
to a second secret area. You're close to your goal
now, so ignore it. Leap across another perilous pit.
Then wreak havoc on the Tan forces! When you've dealt
with most of the blips on your battle map, it's safe
to descend. Run to the power switch and turn off the
fence. Now you need only pull atop a set of stacked
boxes just to the south. 


This mission has you blowing away all of the Tan
soldiers in a section, checking it for items and Gray
soldiers, and then going on to the next section. Begin
by hitting the sleepyhead in the back. Go west along
the north wall. Hit any soldiers you see from long

Enemy forces spot you when you reach the west end. You
go here first to take out the dangerous bazooka
soldier in this area. Return to the middle of this
section and mow down your agitated enemies. 

Now enter each cell house and check its contents. When
you spot something you want in a cell, simply pull the
switch to open it. If you find a Gray soldier, release
him. Pull the switch and acquire an ally. Use caution
when you come to a cell with a medkit. It almost
always comes with a Tan guard. 

To enter the next area, you must open two gates. The
second leads to a new area. Always begin by putting
any and all Tan soldiers out to pasture. Protect your
Gray teammates when you can, but remember: they're
expendable; you aren't! 

Carefully and confidently, clear the area with
multiple cell houses. Now check the arched tents for
items of value. When you finish, enter the next area
to the south. 

Go in firing and don't let the alarm scare you.
Instead, use the adrenaline to put down enemy soldiers
even faster! The tower guards always make easy

Grab all of the items, as usual, but note the
helicopter pad: you must return here with Shrap. From
now on you must conserve medkits, or you may not have
any on the way back, and that would be bad. Now exit
to the west. Again, go in firing at anything that's
Tan and moving. 

When you set off the alarm, reinforcements enter via
the west gate. Try to get them from behind. When the
fun is over, check the cell houses for items and
survivors. But watch out for guards! Get a couple of
pals and exit to the west. 

The next area is so wide-open that you may want to
snipe a few Tans first before entering. Save the
watchtower guards for last. (They never have

Before exiting to the north, blow up the barrels in
front of the next gate (if they're still there). Make
any guards pay dearly for their Tan affiliation. Grab
a couple of Gray comrades for the final section. 

When you open the final gate, a sick animated sequence
unfolds. Enraged by what you've witnessed, come in
with your trigger finger glued all the way back! Rush
up the ramp to Shrap. He's shaken but all right. 

Check the cell house and tent, then exit through the
south gate. Run wild with your machine gun until the
tip turns red-hot. The Tan soldiers are playing for
keeps! Continue south. Protect Shrap as you fight
against the odds. 

Then move east. These sections have been restocked
with enemies. Never let your guard down! The final
area has few structures to use as cover. Stick and
move until the helipad is secure. Another Bravo Team
member rescued! Well done! 


Fort Plasto 

After you land, take a look around. Plastro's base
will be well-defended, so the ammo ahead will come in
handy. A little farther north, look northeast for a
tower guard to eliminate. 

Strafe into the shallow alcove to the left and melt
the Tan there. Grab the items and then exit the beach
to the east. Pick off the soldier in the corner, then
collect items. Now you must head north through the

Trash the soldier in the tent for some nice items
(most important, a mine detector). Then approach the
minefield—armed. Tans look to attack you when you put
away your weapon, so simply take them out first. Enter
the minefield and follow the left hill. Climb the low
ridge when you come to it. 

Grab the sniper rifle and have fun with any Tan
soldiers on your battle map. Climb higher to take out
a hidden soldier guarding a Tan weapons and medkit
cache. Use this vantage point to pick off a few Tan
snipers behind the fence. Use the hill for cover from
return fire. 

Drop down beyond the minefield. Hit the soldiers ahead
from as far away as you can. Grenades work well. Now
inch forward as you watch the battle map to locate
your next target. 

The M-16 in first-person view makes a powerful
alternative to the sniper rifle. Watch for items on
the west hill as you progress north. Always take out
the watchtower soldiers from long range. Just before
the fence turns east, a prone soldier begs for a
grenade. A bazooka soldier at the corner is unhappy to
see you. Again, watch for opportunities to hit enemies
before they can spot you. 

The mounded area forces you either to hit the Tan
soldiers early, or run in strafing and swerving. If
you're moving slowly when a bazooka soldier draws a
bead on you, you can kiss your plastic behind
good-bye. The crates to the left conceal a soldier;
two more Tans guard the power switch near the tent.
Another soldier waits inside the tent. Disable the
fence when you're ready, then climb over it. 

Before climbing the green crates to enter the base,
collect items from behind them. As soon as you reach
the top, the enemy attacks! Take out Tan soldiers,
starting with the nearest. Head east and employ your
grenade arm. Once the Tan is a goner, use a grenade to
open the crates. 

Watch your battle map and try to get to every enemy
soldier first. Use a grenade to splatter the Tan
behind a box above. Be ready for the enemy soldiers
who rush you. 

Use your grenade launcher to turn a hiding soldier
into Tan goo. Don't use a hand grenade; it will hit
the roof above (not good for your health). 

Strafe in, firing, to get the Tan guard. A bazooka
soldier waits down the main path. Let him clear away
the crates and then rush him! Two more soldiers wait
on either side of the path. 

Toss some grenades into the area before you enter. One
on each side is fine. Now enter and pull the switch.
This opens the wall to your left (east). Run back to
the west wall. Now you may snipe at your leisure. 

Enter the east area and then turn north toward the
portal. Pick up the grenade launcher. Then halt. Meet
the vicious V-Bots. Each sports double chainguns and a
flamethrower. There are two. Good luck. You'll need

Use the central structure for cover. Position yourself
there and launch grenades at the nearest V-Bot. A
direct hit makes a noticeably larger explosion. Once
both chainguns break off, the V-Bot is
helpless—unless, that is, you get close to it. Do the
same for the other V-Bot. 

Enter the structure and grab the bazooka for
assistance in finishing off the giant robots. Destroy
both. Then enter the portal. 



Begin this mission by investigating the path to your
left. Cross over and enter the opposite path. This
gives you a weapon. Make a short left and enter the
block-sealed path. Turn around and follow the left
wall to another "blocked" tunnel. Now follow the path
you ignored to the south. 

Pick up the flamethrower and continue working your way
east. This is the cave's final area. Collect the ammo
and then exit to the south. Make a right. You could go
left, but if you do, brace yourself: it's far more
difficult and you'll have to go west eventually,

As you head west, look down paths to the south and
pick off any patrolling soldiers. Work your way to the
green bucket in the southwest. A spider guards the
grass-maze path to the green bucket. Enter the area
around the green bucket ready for battle. (Get the
Tans as they run in, before they can settle and fire.)
Collect the items around the bucket. Exit the way you
entered (north). 

Resume your trek west. A few Tan soldiers will attack
from behind the grass. Be thorough when you dispatch
these enemies. Now follow the west wall to an open
area on the west side of the map. Quickly take out the
bazooka soldier atop the bricks. 

Enter this area and collect the items. Have your
shotgun cocked and ready: a spider dwells in the
northwest corner. That isn't the worst of it. A
flamethrower soldier and a bazooka soldier try to
catch you as you leave. If you're near the south wall,
the bazooka shells tend to miss you. Use this to your

Blast both soldiers and then make your way south along
the brick wall. Employ a block to pull yourself atop
the lower of two gigantic steps. Jump onto the step as
fast as you can. Two enemy soldiers have a better
firing angle than you as long as you're on the brick

>From up there, your autoaim will make short work of
these two. But the enemy has an ace up its sleeve! A
third Tan hides behind the block closest to you. Stay
calm and keep moving and you should be all right. 

Pull atop the highest step. The enemy surrounds you
immediately, so begin moving and firing right away.
Get the Tans behind you, too. Grab the medkit from the
northwest corner of the step, if you need it. 

Run east, past the huge door, to enter another heated
battle. This mission puts your strafe-and-dodge
ability to the test! After the Tans bite the dust, you
can replenish your supplies and health from atop the
stack of blocks. Continue east. Drop back to the lower
step and run north. Then run west to the lone block. 

Throw a few blind grenades over the side to clear away
the Tans on the ground. Then position yourself on the
edge of the step and throw a grenade toward the
soldiers in the east. Drop to the ground, ready to
fight any Tans you may have missed. Blast the
flamethrower soldier from beyond his range and then
enter the doghouse to the east. 

Inside, you'll find a medkit as well as Scorch, a
flamethrower, an ammo crate, and a spider(!). Blast
the spider before it wraps you in its web. Talk to
Scorch to complete Objective 1. 

The trip to the portal is much easier than the trip to
Scorch was, so don't worry. Before you take Scorch to
the portal, collect the items in the southeast map
corner. To reach the portal, hug the eastern wall as
close as you can. Head north through this area,
staying to the right. 

Watch your radar for Tans to the west as you go. A
couple of guards stand near the green pot. Pick up the
items and continue north. 

Run through this space to stay on the east side. Also,
notice the enemy blips on your battle map and get
ready to fight! 

Strafe to dodge incoming fire until you hit the three
Tans guarding the portal entrance. Direct a grenade at
his hiding place to splatter the soldier. As you enter
the final area, a couple of soldiers run past. Catch
them if you can. But prepare to fight, just in case.
When they're all damaged goods, enter the portal. 



It's never good strategy to repeat yourself. This time
Sarge assaults from the east side of the base. Begin
by running north. Take out the watchtower guard. You
don't need enemy eyes following you as you sneak in. 

Penetrate farther north; you'll encounter this Tan
around the mountain to the right. Follow the electric
fence north to reach an area with several soldiers.
Put them to sleep from long range—even the one on the
cliff. Run in and collect items from around the tower.

The power switch to the fence lies to the left—in a
minefield. You must find a mine detector pronto! Climb
the mountain to the right. Pop the visible Tan and
then strafe into the cave with your gun blazing.
Collect the weapons, ammo, and health (if you need it)
in this cave before moving deeper to the north. 

A couple of soldiers come in to stop you. At the other
end of the cave, use your rifle to pick off the two
Tans near the exit. A bazooka soldier waits to the
west, so be careful and don't stand still too long. 

Pick up the items from near the crate. Run out and
shoot the bazooka soldier and the soldier to the
right. (Melt them if you feel like it.) Roast the last
few Tans near the mine detector. Acquire the mine
detector and return to the minefield. The trip back is
pleasantly uneventful. Put the detector to use. Hit
the switch. 

Hop to the stack of green boxes. Use your sniper rifle
to remove the Tan soldier in the tower to the north.
It's now safe to proceed north. When the path turns
west, you must contend with a few enemy gunners. 

Collect the items and then climb the stack of green
boxes. Eliminate as many Tans as you can before
hopping into the base. 

The bazooka soldier to the left is especially
annoying. A grenade throw-of-faith is your best bet to
take him out and stay unscathed. Jump down. Stay alert
as you collect items and cap Tans. 

The central structure is a dangerous place to battle,
but the top floor has a few good items. Check the
central structure and the narrow platform on the east
wall. Then leave via the south passage. Two Tan
soldiers rush in as you exit. Put them away and head
south. Two more soldiers run past, heading east. Hit
them, if you can. 

They want to lure you east toward a bazooka soldier.
Fight your way out of that tight predicament. Then
raid the area for items. You may have to put a few
bullets into the tower guards here, first. Pull the
gate switch to the west when you're finished. 

A couple of (easily dispatched) Tans walk in front of
you as you walk north—and then the path widens. You'll
have a Tan on each side of you here. Run fast and
shoot straight, Sarge! 

Where the path turns north, spot a watch-house that
holds bazooka soldiers. Use your sniper rifle to end
this very deadly threat. 

March west down this section, taking your time. You
can stifle most Tan threats from long range.
Long-range weapons include the sniper rifle and
well-placed grenades. 

Check the narrow platform to the right for extra items
and good vantage points for taking out the soldiers
ahead. Collect the weapons where you turn (unless you
want to fight two helicopters to the west), and then
head east down the southern path. 

Fight the first Tans you see. A helicopter comes to
investigate. Fry that birdie before it wears your
plastic physique too thin. 

Snipe your way to the far west end of this section.
Collect the weapon near the turn, but save the medkit.
You may need it very soon. Shoot the first Tans you
see, but don't walk too far west. 

A bazooka soldier waits to send you to the plastic
graveyard. Give him a little present—right between his
Tan eyes. 

Make your way south. As always, watch your battle map
for unseen soldiers waiting in ambush behind
structures. Pull the switch at the dead end. Charge in
shooting: fighting from beyond the gate isn't
effective here. 

Pull the next gate switch to the south. Again, enter
shooting. (You'll notice the Tan encounter rate has
jumped considerably since your first infiltration
attempt.) Your goal is the switch on the topmost floor
of the central structure. 

Tan commanders have posted two of their best gunners
right behind the switch! Pull the switch to complete
Objective 2. 

The "super weapons" in this objective are two V-Bots
outside of the base—they're doing a great job of
holding the rest of the Green army at bay. Use the
strategy that worked before. Edge out until you can
see one of the V-Bots. (It's firing at you). Then lob
grenades until you've detached both of its guns. 

If your ammo is low, you must blow up the guns with
your best weapons! You may have to finish them off
with hand grenades, but that's much better than
battling a healthy V-Bot with weak weapons. Destroy
both V-Bots to meet Objective 3. 

Walk to the portal and Colonel Grimm will follow. 


You'll be advised to exploit your high position at the
beginning of this level. (Hitting a few Tans standing
on the sandcastle wall now might help you later.) Grab
the items to your right, then follow the left wall
down to the ground. 

Take out two soldiers who run from the corner. Get
another soldier around the corner. Now, staying close
to the left (west) wall, fire and strafe into the open
area to the north. The reason for staying to the left
is obvious. Shoot the two enemies to the east before
the heat rises any higher! 

Enter the cave in the west wall. Without stopping,
shoot the Tan soldiers who rush in after you.
Investigate the area near the green bucket for items.
Then enter the cave to the east. At the end, choose
the path that leads to the right. (The left path leads
to a V-Bot!) 

This open area makes the V-Bot look like a rag doll,
but the weapons and ammo here make the effort
worthwhile. First, blast apart the bazooka soldier to
the left. Collect the bazooka from near the downed
soldier (or skip this until after the skirmish). 

Turn around, strafe to the right, and then charge the
bazooka soldier on the other side of the red bucket.
If this doesn't work for you, use the red bucket for
cover (beware of the soldier positioned near it). Once
the battle winds down, pick up the weapons, ammo, and
medkits in this area. Return to the cave. 

Go left to return to the green bucket section. When
you get there, turn right. Follow the north wall to
the V-Bot. Snipe the Tan atop the sand structure. Lob
grenades at your leisure. Destroy the V-Bot and then
run down the incline and shoot the soldiers at the
bottom. Avoid being spotted by the enemies on the
other side of the portal. 

The next section requires a patience and skill. You
must contend with a distant bazooka soldier and
several snipers. Strafing back and forth might remove
an enemy or two. Try to edge your way out to get a
bead on a sniper or two. Finally, run in to get the
bazooka soldier. 

Run around the corner to the right. Keep running and
firing until you've eliminated the last Tans on this
lower level. Spot the pair of snipers atop the sand
wall. Now climb to the top of the sand wall. (Use the
stack of blocks and a ladder to get there.) 

A good-sized battle awaits you at the top. Pick off
the nearest Tans first. Then quickly arm your bazooka
for the helicopter that's sure to come. Finally, snipe
all of the distant soldiers on the wall. 

Pull up to the top of the junction to the north. From
there you can snipe a few more despicable Tans. Run
south and pull atop the junction there. Dash east to
another circular junction. Take out any enemies in the

Follow the east wall south to find a duo of dangerous
V-Bots. The usual grenade launcher techniques apply.
Pitch a volley of explosive spitballs at both V-Bots. 

Run south to where an incline to the right leads down
into the "V-Bowl." Take a deep breath and then begin a
long (and, if you fall, deadly) climb to the
skyrocket. The goal line for this mission is the
bright shovel at the top. 



You begin this mission in a precarious position. Take
a look around the kitchen—don't fall off the
faucet—and then run and jump straight ahead. If
everything works out, you land on the counter in front
of the sink. 

Turn right and watch for a Tan helicopter to come
toward you. Use first person view and the M-16 to take
it down. Next, pick off the soldier atop a distant
box. Another soldier waits to the east (use your
battle map to locate him). Walk to the east side of
the sink and drop onto the cans and, from there to the
sink bottom. 

Acquire the shotgun on the plate. Turn around and
climb back up to the counter. Don't fall down the
drain in the process! Be careful not to get cut by the
knife. At the top, run east. 

A couple of Tans hide behind the boxes. Eliminate them
both, then hop up the path of boxes. Take the sniper
rifle from the top. When you pick up the gun, a few
soldiers rush from the sink. Hit them quickly before
you eat too much lead. 

Drop down and look for a helicopter to come from the
south. Bust it and then run west a bit. Look toward
the objective: notice two Tans bullying poor Vikki.
Don't wait: kill them now with the sniper rifle. Run
west. A couple of enemy soldiers are positioned near
the first few boxes after the sink. 

You encounter more as you fight your way west. A Tan
defends a medkit in the northwest corner. Begin
climbing the boxes up to the tall blue cereal box.
(Look in the open cupboard for a sniper as you climb.)

Run across the cereal box and jump to the green box.
If you miss, use this Blue Ribbon box to get atop the
green box. From the green box, climb onto the blue box
to the south. 

Pick off the Tan soldiers on the counter. Now drop
down to the counter. Begin strafing as soon as you
land. (A bazooka soldier hides behind a dish.) Run
between the boxes to the south, ready to fire at the
first sign of anything Tan. Go back and heal to full
capacity: the next area is tough. 

Come into the southern open-area firing. The bazooka
soldier atop the green can is your greatest threat. As
you run farther south, a team of Tan soldiers pops out
of the toaster. Have faith in Sarge's autoaim; it will
pull you through. It can be a tough fight. 

The bazooka soldier on the opposite counter is your
next greatest threat—so keep running until you're
behind the toaster (west side). From there you can hit
the helicopter that shows up around this time. 

Edge out carefully until you can snipe the bazooka
soldier safely. Next comes a long trip down to the
kitchen floor. Move forward with small movements and
you won't fall far enough to take damage. Drop to the
ground to complete Objective 1. 

Check the corner behind the food bowl for items. A
flamethrower is clearly visible above the dog bed, but
drop the Tan hiding behind the bed before you go for
it. Walk across the floor along the west wall and then
the north wall. Turn east as you begin and snipe the
prone soldier in the southeast corner. 

At the northwest corner, a blip appears to the east.
Use your sniper rifle to remove this threat, then
continue running across the floor. Fight the Tan near
the refrigerator. 

Follow the space on the side of the fridge. Find items
behind the fridge and a soldier on the other side. Now
climb atop the cereal box. Keep jumping and pulling
yourself up onto each open drawer until you reach the
countertop. Roast any Tans between you and Vikki. Run
to Vikki to complete Objective 2. 

When the cutscene ends, Vikki runs toward two Tan
soldiers! But then she takes cover behind a can.
Calmly take out the soldiers and walk west down the
counter. Tans come, Tans go. Keep your trigger finger

As you walk, watch your battle map for early warnings
of enemy threats or you may get hit before you can see
who's shooting at you. These close quarters make this
area a perfect place for a fiery touch. Pass the
smoldering piles of Tan goop and this mission is


Living Room 

Turn left and collect the items behind the gift
wrapped in silver snowflake paper. Keep moving west
and tap a Tan on the back with a few rounds from your
M-16. Collect the weapons against the brown wall to
the west. 

Strafe north and pick off the bazooka soldier around
the corner. Look high and then look higher to spot a
sniper astride a ruler. Hit him between the eyes, then
continue west. 

A few fights occur on the way. They start light, but
build in intensity. A trio of Tans waits to your right
at the green gift. One's a bazooka soldier, so be

Raid the southwest corner before heading toward the
front of the couch. Begin by sniping the Tan guard
there. Run around the flower pot and grab the items.
Now run between the couches. 

A couple of soldiers loiter in front of the stack of
blocks you want to climb. Too bad for them. Climb the
stack of blocks. Use a grenade to remove the soldier
atop the silver snowflake present. Climb a little
higher and then halt here. Turn left and snipe the two
soldiers atop a blue gift. Now climb to the top: the
couch is secured! 

Meeting this objective puts Sarge's athletic skills to
the test. Hop across the ruler "bridge" to the coffee
table. Put away the soldiers here, then search for
items. Make another ruler jump, this time to the

Two soldiers are aiming at you as you land on this
couch. Go after the left Tan first. Run to the east
side of the couch and then snipe the bazooka soldier
on some gifts to the west. Pull yourself onto the
armrest to the west. 

You face a difficult fight now: the enemy soldiers are
just beyond your autoaim range. Stick with it, though,
and they'll eventually fall. Now climb up to the top
of the couch. Two soldiers run across a ruler to the
south. You can either jump onto the highest blocks and
shoot them, or get fancy and throw a grenade onto the

Run across the top of the couch. Drop to the east
armrest. Snipe a Tan on the peach-colored couch. Then
jump to it. Drop and shoot a soldier hidden near the

Run north. The west ruler bridge is a trap: if you
jump over, a group of soldiers attacks you. Instead,
walk to the edge of the first ruler and then back up
and fight. When the Tan soldiers fall, jump across.
Check the coffee table for items. Before dropping down
the stack of presents, snipe the soldier between the
two brown ottomans. 

Now drop down the gifts to the east. Pause on the
beige present and pop two soldiers on the ground. Now
jump to the blue present to the northeast and then to
the brown ottoman. 

If you make the jump, run west across the ottomans.
Jump down to the Nintendo 64 box to satisfy Objective

If you don't make the jump, this objective has just
become far more difficult. Pick up the medkit in the
northeast corner, then run west. Encounters occur
sporadically as you make your way west. Watch the
battle map for the earliest warning of nearby Tan

A bazooka soldier waits at the west wall. A grenade
eliminates that annoyance. Strafe out and fight the
remaining enemies here. Then collect the items from
the blocks. Put away the flamethrower soldier to the
north. Pass him by as you fight your way north. 

Take out the two Tans located on the green presents
from long range. Next, the ground-level Tans must go.
Climb the blocks along the west wall. Now cross the
path of presents leading east to the Nintendo 64 box. 

Use the nearby medkit, then run back across the
ottomans. If you take fire from the north, you may
have to snipe the soldiers under the fireplace logs.
Drop to ground level when you reach the east edge of
the second ottoman. Run east. Snipe the two Tans
hiding near a pair of flowerpots to the north. 

The final battle awaits Sarge around and to the right
of the silver snowflake present. Come out firing, but
take it slow. Too many Tans here for one plastic man
to take on at once. Snipe what you can before going
into the open. When the time is right, run in firing. 

Going too far south triggers a helicopter. Shoot it
fast, but move out of the way as it plummets! You'll
lose a large amount of health if the crashing 'copter
hits you. Pick up the medkit to the left and then
continue south. 

This is the final challenge—two hidden bazooka
soldiers (who can see you a little too clearly). No
time for fancy tactics. Just charge in and fill 'em
with lead. Whew. The door to your left leads to the
bathroom. That completes Objective 3. 


Way Home 

This is one of the game's smallest—and
deadliest—battlefields. You should be skilled enough
by now to handle it, but it may take more than one
try. Begin by running west, firing at the two soldiers
in the blocks. 

Beware—one carries a bazooka. Watch for the
flamethrower soldier next. Another bazooka soldier
hides behind a pair of small crates. Climb the blocks
near him and pull the switch. 

Use a bazooka shell to bust the helicopter that
charges toward you. Search the northwest corner for
items. Give the Tan behind the toilet a taste of

Run all the way around the trash can in the northeast
corner. Take out the machine gun soldier there and
then collect items. Now begin to climb the open
drawers. Stop when you've pulled onto the first. Now
run to the east side of the drawer (your right). Be
fast! This situation is very dangerous. 

Turn southeast as quickly as you can and then use
first-person view to locate the high snipers. They may
have hit you by now: there are two pairs of snipers.
Eliminate the first pair and then wait for the second
pair to show themselves. 

When all four snipers are history, continue climbing
to the sink. Hop onto the sink to complete Objective

Traverse the sink, but strafe to pick off the soldier
on the other side first. Cross behind the sink and
collect the weapons he leaves. Don't stay long near
the edge, however. A bazooka soldier is stationed near
the toilet-paper roll. 

Get him to miss, then quickly snipe a hole in his
chest. Drop to the toilet tank lid. Cross the toilet
to secure it. 

Pull the switch. Slide down the toilet seat lid to the
back rim of the toilet seat. Use the block to reach
the yardstick ruler. Run across the yardstick to the
bathtub. A cutscene ensues. When Plastro is finally
done for, you immediately take a huge amount of fire
from the Tans around the rim of the tub. 

You must run and fight your best here. If you fall
into the tub, all is not lost! Drop the soldier down
there and then hastily climb the block stack to the
rim before the bazooka soldier behind you gets a good

Back at the top, the bazooka soldier is your greatest
threat just now. Shoot him to pieces post-haste! Now
run to better cover. The shampoo bottle will do. Pop
the nearby Tan on the rim, first. Then snipe the
distant Tan. 

Next, use V-Bot procedure: begin by lobbing all the
mortars you have at it. Follow them with grenades from
behind Mr. Sudz. If the V-Bot takes that licking and
keeps on ticking, you should have a few bazooka shells
that will finish the job. 

Once it's rubble, run around the rim. Consume a
nourishing medkit, if you need it. Watch your back
around the corner, where a helicopter comes at you.
It's almost over, now. Simply walk up to the
firecracker. The final sequence plays out.
Congratulations! You saved the Green army from the
terrible Plastro!

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