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            Rainbow Six
     Walkthrough/Strategy Guide 
       written exclusively for 
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If u chose to beat the levels alone do not go any 

M01(1st level)  

        In this level you start in the woods. Walk down the path until you 
come to the end. Kill all the foes. Make a left and walk toward the fence. 
Walk toward the back of the house and into the basement. Go all the way 
upstairs. Make a right and escort the hostage to were you started.

M02(2nd level)

        Go through the front door and kill all the foes in the main room. Go 
up the stairs on the LEFT-hand side of the main room. Don't go through the 
caged area. There will be a door on the right. There will be a foe on the 
right and under you, so be careful and don't get killed. There will be a door 
hostages are in the room with a foe guarding them so walk sideways(c-left) 
your auto-aimer will go to the foe and you can kill him and save the hostage. 
Escort the hostages to the start of the level.

M03(3rd level)

        Follow the path until you reach the big white room. Go through the 
1st door on your left. Then go through the door on your right, down the 
stairs, through the door. Go to the room on your right and escort the workers 
to the starting point. 

M04(4th level)

        When you start go straight through the door your facing and the next. 
Make a right and go down that passage until you come to the stairs. Go up 
them. Go to the big room with the hostages escort them to the start.

M05(5th level)

        Go through the 1st door on the left, make a right, go through the 1st 
door on the left and in to the water. Get the hostages and bring them back to 
the door u came through. IMPORTANT: DO NOT go in any door that you have not 
been through, you will most likely get lost. So just go back the way u came.

M06(6th level)

        This level might take u a while because of how complicated it is. Run 
to the jeep and from there kill the foes u can see. Then turn around and go 
in the cabins. 1 of them has the guy on his knees in it. Kill him and u win.

M07(7th level) 
This level is cool. 1st, turn until you are facing a gray door. Go through it 
and when you get to the split, go up the stairs and just keep going up stairs 
until u get to the top. Then go up those stairs. The next part is the hardest 
part. U might get killed a couple times because of where the foes are. But go 
up the stairs and rescue the hostages.

M08(8th level)

        This is 1 of the hardest levels. 1st u KILL YOUR PARTNER because 
he'll just screw up the mission. Then, go to the door that's facing sideways 
and go down the ladder. Turn around; u should be facing the wall that's 
behind u when u get down the ladder. Fire the rest of your magazine at that 
wall to distract the foes over there. Make sure they went toward where u were 
firing. Then IMEDIATLY: run across the hall, behind the desk, through the 
door, shut the door behind u, and as quickly as u can go over to the security 
system and disarm it. Then there will be a foe by the stairs, kill him, and 
run up the stairs on the left. After you're at the top of the stairs go left 
till u reach the 1st hall. IMEDIATLY ON THE RIGHT there are 2 big doors, go 
through them and over to the computer on the desk to download the files. 
After u have downloaded the files go to the beginning of the level. 

M09(9th level)

        This is an easy level to beat because all you have to do is wait 
until the cars arrive when your at the starting point, kill the guys, and 
escort the hostage to the end of the level (without getting killed of course).

M10(10th level) 

        In this level go up the ladder and own the path until u reach the 
end. Go to the building on the left. The hostage is behind the desk being 
guarded by Foes so be careful. Escort the hostage to the begging. 

M11(11th level)

        When u start this level go through the hall on the left your facing 
when u start the level, go straight, up the 2 flights of stairs, and through 
the door. Go through the door u can see. Go through the hall to your right 
with the wet floor sign. Go to the door in-between the cage and disarm the 
security system. Then go to the room with the bomb and disarm it (It's in the 
middle of the room sticking out of the floor).

M12(12th level)

        This is one of the hardest levels to beat 'cause of all the bastards 
u need to kill. U start in a round room. Go through the only door u can go 
through, walk through the round hall until u come to a door that looks like 
the one u already went through, but it's not. Keep walking straight until u 
get to the room with all the foes u need to kill. Do not, I repeat do not go 
through the door in the room with all the foes and the room with the glass 
window. To your right u will see stairs, go up them. Go through the door. 
Then go up the rock stairs. Keep walking until u come to a big room, go 
through the door in the center of the paths leading to it. Walk until u come 
to a yellow and orange ramp. Go down it and the 1st door you'll see with the 
2 lights above it go through it. Go to the room with the guy on his knees and 
with his hands above his head. The game will direct u over there, so wait 
there until u beat it.

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