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        Virtual Springfield
     Walkthrough/Strategy Guide 
       written exclusively for 
        *Cheat Code Central*

        [email protected]

Virtual Springfield


·	12/1/99- Officially started
·	Between 12/1/99 and 12/19/99- Played the game over again to actually collect info 
        on it.
·	12/19/99- Officially ended the first copy
·	12/21/99- Sent the first copy to "print"
·       4/24/00-  Updated "Where the Poem Is" and a few formatting errors 

Table of Contents
I.	Welcome!
II.	Introduction
III.	Places to Visit
IV.	What You Can Collect
V.	Where to Find Collectables & What They Do
-	Principal Skinner "Spanky's" Keys
-	Bart's Map of the School
-	Bart's Reminder
-	StoneCutter's Ring
-	Krusty's Keys
-	StoneCutter's Book
-	Monty Burns' Key
-	Map of Lisa's Classroom
-	Gerbil Food
-	A Poem  
VI.	Mini Games
-	Apoom
-	Donut Toss
-	Slingshot Game
-	Balloon Toss
-	Bar Game
-	Bear Cracker Toss
VII.	Noiseland Arcade
-	Larry the Looter
-	Smite of the Bumblebee
-	Krusty's Carnival of Kash
-	Super Slugfest
VIII.	All 75 Cards!
IX.	Keyboard Shortcuts
X.	Cheats & Codes
XI.	Thanks!


I) Welcome!

Welcome to Springfield, home of Moe's Tavern, Krustylu Studios, and oh yes, The Simpsons. 
Run loose in the streets and explore every corner of the town in a navigable 3D universe 
with over 50 interactive locations. With hundreds of action sequences, and original cast 
recording and more than 35,000 frames of original animation, Virtual Springfield will make 
Simpsons fans feel right at home.


II) Introduction

Welcome to the Virtual Springfield Strategy Guide.  In this guide, I will try to tell you 
every place you can venture, every item you can pick up and what those items do.  I will 
also cover every mini game, the Noiseland Arcade and the exciting mystery of the 
Springfield deck of cards, which contains 75 cards, one of a kind!  I have tried to make 
this strategy guide as simple to follow as possible.  So, here we go!


III) Places to Visit

Virtual Springfield has many places to visit, and this section tells you every one of them.
-	The Simpson's House
-	The Flanders' House
-	Kwik-E-Mart
-	Noiseland Arcade
-	Springfield Elementary
-	Moe's Tavern
-	Library
-	StoneCutters
-	Aztec Theater
-	Town Hall
-	Town Square
-	Krustylu Studios
-	Retirement Castle
-	Cemetery
-	Church
-	Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
-	Springfield Gorge


IV) What You Can Collect

This section will tell you what are the 10 collectable things in Virtual Springfield.
-	Principal Skinner "Spanky's" Keys
-	Bart's Map of the School
-	Bart's Reminder
-	StoneCutter's Ring
-	Krusty's Keys
-	StoneCutter's Book
-	Monty Burns' Key
-	Map of Lisa's Classroom
-	Gerbil Food
-       A Poem


V) Where to Find Collectables & What They Do

This section may be a little confusing.  Listen, first I will tell you the collectable, 
then where to go to get it, finally what the item does in the game.

-	Principal Skinner "Spanky's" Keys
-	Go to Moe's Tavern.  Click on the Bar.  Click on the pink box.  In there are keys 
        with a tag the says 'SPANKY.'  Click them and they are yours.
-	The keys allow you to go into Principal Skinner's office at the Springfield 
        Elementary School.

-	Bart's Map of the School
-	Go into the Simpson's house.  Then go into Bart's room.  Look under his bead.  
        Notice the piece of paper tucked in the top?  Get it!
-	This allows you to click those inaccessible lockers in the elementary school's 
        hallways.  You should go there.

-	Bart's Reminder
-	Go to the lockers, which you should now be able to open.  (If you got Bart's Map 
        of the School.)  Open the left locker.  On the door should be a pleasant reminder.  
        Why don't you go and take it.  Look around a little, oh, and don't forget to check 
        the right locker too.
-	You can now open the bottom drawer in the drawers in Grandpa's room at the 
        Springfield Retirement Castle.  Doesn't sound like much but you should go there.

-	StoneCutters' Ring
-	Go to the Springfield Retirement Castle.  (Make sure you got Bart's Reminder!)  
        Click on the drawer.  Open the bottom one, which couldn't be opened until now.  
        In there you'll see the StoneCutters' Ring.  Get it!
-	If you have gotten (in order) Bart's Map of the School, Bart's Reminder, and the 
        StoneCutters' Ring, you will now be able to enter the StoneCutter's lair.

-	Krusty's Keys
-	Go into the Town Hall.  Once you're in their click on Mayor Quimby's desk.  In the 
        middle drawer (hmm, the one with all the $money$ with it, yes, how interesting) 
        you'll see some keys pop out of the corner.  Grab 'em.
-	You now have access to Krusty's Dressing Room in Krustylu Studios.

-	StoneCutters' Book
-	Go to the StoneCutter's Lair.  Here you can find two things.  First, click on the 
        desk thing where Homer is.  You get a more zoomed in view.  See that green book?  
        Grab it and keep it!
-	If you go into the Flander's house, the Devil will possess Rod and Todd. Thanks to 
        [email protected] & [email protected]

-	Monty Burns' Keys
-	Still in the StoneCutters' Lair?  If not go there and zoom in on the desk thing 
        Homer is on.  Click the desk a second time for another zoomed in view.  You should 
        see a case on the shelf.  In there you'll find Monty Burns' Keys.  And of course, 
        get 'em!
-	You now have full permission to enter the washroom from Monty Burns' office.

-	Map of Lisa's Classroom
-	Go into Lisa's classroom in Springfield Elementary.  In there click on Miss 
        Hoover's desk.  Open the top right drawer.  Get the piece of paper in there and 
        it's yours!
-	This allows you to go into Miss Hoover's bottom right hand drawer. (hint* hint*)

-	Gerbil Food
-	Go into Miss Hoover's room at the Springfield Elementary and click on her desk.  
        If you got the Map of Lisa's Classroom (above) you can open the bottom right had 
        drawer.  Open it and grab the gerbil food.
-	Once you grab this, you can zoom into the gerbil area in the same room.  
        (Not really that exciting)

-	A Poem
-	Go into the Simpson's house and then in Marge & Homer's Bedroom.  
        Click on the drawer closest to you to zoom in.  Open the right side.  Pick up 
        the "Be-Sharps so that you can see better.  Under the Butterfinger rapper is a 
        piece of paper, that's the poem. Thanks to [email protected] and many others.
-	The poem allows you to click on the lever at Sector 7G in the Nuclear Power 
        Plant.  You have to be able to pull on the lever to play the Donut Toss Game. 
        (see Mini Games)


VI) Mini Games

This section talks about all the mini games.  First will be the game name, then where to 
find it, and finally special information about the game.

-	Apoom
-	Go to the Kwik-E-Mart.  Once inside, click on the door behind Apu and get ready to 
-	In here you try to kill the bullies.  You have three weapons, a broom, a shotgun, 
        and a 'kill gun'.  The only one that actually kills them is the 'kill gun'.    
        You can change weapons by hitting the keypad,   [1]= Broom   [2]= Shotgun 	
        [3]= 'kill gun'   you can also hit the corresponding number on the screen.  

-	Donut Toss
-	Go to the power plant.  Go into Sector 7G.  Click on the handle. (Note: must have 
        gotten the Poem.)  Click on the rope that falls down.  Click on the light that pops 
        out.  Finally click on the donuts.  Play away!
-	All you really do is through the donuts at Homer's station and explode it.

-	Slingshot Game
-	Go into the Simpson's House.  Go into Bart's Room.  Click on his desk.  Open the 
        drawer farthest to the left.  Grab the slingshot to play!
-	You get 25 shots.  Aim and shoot at the picture of Sideshow Bob.

-	Balloon Toss
-	Go into the Simpson's House.  Go to the back yard.  Go up the tree house.  Grab a 
        water balloon and play!
-	Aim at the people (and things!) and drop a water balloon.  Some hits have 
        interesting reactions.

-	Bar Game
-	Go into the Flanders' House.  (No not Moe's Bar!)  Click on the bar.  Then click on 
        the Holy Water and begin!
-	Shake the Holy Water and spray the items on Flanders' shelves.  You have to shake 
        the water or else nothing happens, check this out:
        0 shakes - Gets you NOTHING!
        1 shake - Sprays, but doesn't get you to the bar.
        2 shakes - Is a bottom row hit!
        3 shakes - Is a top row hit!

-	Bear Cracker Toss
-	(Note: this isn't really a mini game, but I consider it one.)  Go into the Aztec 
        Theatre.  Click on the red box that has the yellow bear on it, it's in the trash.
-	Now you have a cracker.  Just click on it to toss it into the audience.  It will 
        randomly hit someone and they will react to it.


VII) Noiseland Arcade

As you know, Noiseland Arcade has four more mini games that you can play.  This is a 
run-through of them.

-	Larry the Looter
-	Okay, this game is just completely impossible.  No matter what, once you steal the 
        three items, you'll get your head blown of by that dude.  No hint, no tips, it's 
        just an impossible game.

-	Smite of the Bumblebee
-	The object is self-explanatory.  Just throw the tomatoes at Bumblebee Man and kill 
        him.  It takes three hits to kill.  A tip would be to get the hand ahead of 
        Bumblebee Man and then throw the tomato.  It makes the game a little simpler.  
        See if you can get a 3 out of 3.

-	Krusty's Carnival of Kash
-	This game is tough.  Your have 4 tries.  What you have to do is drop the coin in 
        Krusty's mouth.  There's not really any tips, its just timing that's the key.  
        Try to get a 4 out of 4; it's not as easy as you think.

-	Super Slugfest
-	Possibly the most fun game Noiseland has, a boxing game.  And if it isn't obvious, 
        the object is to knock the other player down.  You can be either player one or 
        player two.  They both have different controls, here the are:

Player 1 (red trunks)
Main Buttons:      		A, S, D, Z, X
Uppercut:			X, X, W
Punch around the ring:	        X, D, A,
Special:     			D, (wait) D (wait) Z

Player 2 (purple trunks)
Main Buttons:			8, 4, 5, 6, 0, 2
Uppercut:			2, 2, 8
Punch around the ring:	        2, 6, 4
Special:			6, (wait) 6, (wait) 0

Note: Special can only be done when opponent is on last four bars in health


VII) All 75 Cards!

Ok, there is a rare set of Springfield Community Cards lurking around Springfield.  Your 
job is to collect all 75.  You start out with number 1, the title card, then once you 
collect the other 73, you atomically the 75th card.  Sound easy?  There is about one card 
in each of the 17 places to visit.  BUT NOT IN EVERY PLACE!  But there is a little catch 
that makes things easier.  Lets say I collect the card under the foot of Maggie's crib, 
(*hint, *hint) if I leave the Simpson's house and come back later, there will be another 
card there!!!  This doesn't work with all places though.  Later I hope to put up a list of 
where you can find the cards, but for now here is the list of each individual card!

1.	Title Card			
2.	Homer Simpson
3.	Marge Simpson
4.	Bart Simpson
5.	Lisa Simpson
6.	Maggie Simpson
7.	Santa's Little Helper
8.	Snowball II
9.	Abe Simpson
10.	Pattie Bouvier
11.	Selma Bouvier
12.	Ned Flanders
13.	Maude Flanders
14.	Rod Flanders
15.	Todd Flanders
16.	Itchy
17.	Scratchy
18.	Krusty the Clown
19.	Sideshow Mel
20.	Sideshow Bob
21.	Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
22.	Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon
23.	Seymour Skinner
24.	Edna Krabappel
25.	Elizabeth Hoover
26.	Groundskeeper Willy
27.	Otto
28.	Herman
29.	Milhouse Van Houten 
30.	Richard
31.	Lewis
32.	Martin Prince
33.	Sherri
34.	Terri
35.	Wendall
36.	Nelson Muntz
37.	Dolph 
38.	Kearney
39.	Jimbo Jones
40.	Janey
41.	Superintendent Chalmers
42.	Ralph Wiggum
43.	Comic Book Store Guy
44.	Disco Stu
45.	The Van Houten's 
46.	Handsome Pete
47.	Montgomery Burns
48.	Waylon Smithers
49.	Lenny
50.	Carl
51.	Professor John Frink
52.	Moe
53.	Barney Gumble
54.	Sam
55.	Larry
56.	Kent Brockman
57.	Arnie Pye
58.	Reverend Timothy Lovejoy
59.	Helen Lovejoy
60.	Chief Clancy Wiggum
61.	Eddie
62.	Lou
63.	Dr. Julius Hibbert
64.	Dr. Nick Riviera
65.	Mayor Joe Quimby
66.	Jasper
67.	Rainier Wolfcastle
68.	Troy McClure
69.	Snake
70.	Sea Captain
71.	Lionel Hutz
72.	Hans Moleman
73.	Uter
74.	Mrs. Glick
75.	Final Card

Well, there you are!  Those were all 75 cards!  Note that what I wrote is exactly what it 
says on the card.  As I said earlier, hopefully I can get a list on where the cards are 
found.  But until then, HAPPY HUNTIN'!


IX) Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a list of keyboard shortcuts that aren't included in the manual.

	           WINDOWS	MAC
Open	           ALT + F1	COMMAND + O
Save	           ALT + F2	COMMAND + S
Map	           ALT + F3	COMMAND + M
Quit	           ALT + F4	COMMAND + Q
Collect	           ALT + F5	COMMAND + C
Music Toggle	   ALT + M	CTRL + M
Sound Toggle	   ALT + S	CTRL + S


X) Cheats & Codes

Bad news!  There is only 1 cheat/code.  But the good news is that it is very useful.  Here 
it is:
?	Location Select:
?	When you are playing get out the map.  Hold SHIFT + V + S, (to remember it, just 
        remember ALT, plus the first letter of Virtual and Springfield) then double-click 
        on a destination.  You will then atomically go there without the hassle!  That's 
        very useful when you want to go to, oh let's say, Krustylu Studios from, oh, the 
        Power Plant.


XI) Thanks!

This is where I pour my heart out, kind of the, uh, emotional part of me.

·	BIG THANKS!!! To [email protected] for 
              a)  Letting me create this strategy guide and...
              b)  Putting this strategy guide up on Cheat CC
        Thanks a lot man!!!

·	Fox Interactive for creating the game.

·	Matt Groening for such an entertaining show.

·	Fox for putting the show THE SIMPSONS on every night, I must have seen every 
        episodes 50 times and still like them.

·	And finally (for now) myself.  I think that I have all rights to thank myself for 
        doing this.  It's not the longest strategy guide but it's my first one.  Yea!!!  

·	And a BIG THANKS!!! To everyone I know.  (for no big reason)

Any questions, comments, or anything else concerning this strategy guide
should be sent to [email protected]

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